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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 12, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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designer, the husband of full house star lori loughlin can also be released on $1 million bond. that's the latest there. that's "the story" for tonighten this tuesday night. i will see you again tomorrow. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." ever notice how certain people have started to disappear not i have a grants or runaways the usual missing persons but fairly prominent well-educated people with dissenting political opinions. one day you are watching them or reading them online or next time you check gone. can't find their videos they are not showing up on facebook feed. suddenly you can't buy their books on amazon. you google them to find out what happened and discover they have been band. they are being called dangerous extremists nazis. for the public good they have been shut down disappeared. you are a little surprised to hear this they didn't
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seem evil or radical. free thinkers saying something a little different from the party line on cnn. you don't complain about nil of this though. you don't want anyone to know that you were watching forbidden videos there is a penalty for that this is what an authoritarian society looks like. it's a place where the group in charge will tolerate no criticism at all. that's what we're becoming. it was only a matter of time before they came for fox news. of the top dozen news networks in the united states, only fox has an alternative view. the other channels speak with one voice. they are united on every issue every time. they are in almost perfect sync with the priorities of the democratic party. fox news stands apart. the opinion shows on this channel have another perspective. you might consider that valuable diversity. something different in a sea of saneness. we're grateful fox supports that the left does not support that they would like fox news shut down tomorrow. the other news channels agree with that they would like it, too. they are trying to do it
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now. it's worth explaining how the process of banning ideas work. the means by which some voices have already been silenced in this modern era. the first step is defining political disagreement as a mortal threat to the country. something that's dangerous. that is the job of a group called the southern poverty law center. it's an organization whose name intentionally masks its role as an enforcer for the democratic establishment. groups or individuals who challenge the official story on virtually any subject find themselves designated a hate group by the splc. this is handy way to crush your political enemies by definition, hate groups don't have legitimate ideas or positions. they only spew hate. so you don't have to listen to them or debate their claims. you could ignore everything they say. you your only duty is to suppress them and that's the beauty of the splc. once they call the people you disagree with a hate group. can you move immediately to shut them up by force. and that's what they do. that's where media matters
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comes. in media matters is a george soros funded lobbying organization whose sole mission is to punish critics of the democratic party. it often uses propaganda from the southern poverty law center to bully news organizations and tech company into punishing people it doesn't like. not surprisingly the media loves media matters. one former employee described the group's relationship with msnbc this way quote, we were pretty much writing their prime time when media matters issued a press release, msnbc picked it up, quote, investor bay victim. media matters staffers the organization's close relationships with journal lists in the national press corps were vast. here are some quotes. quote: greg sergeant of "the washington post" will write anything you give him ben smith now at biewfd will take stories and bright what you want him to write. the people at huffington post were always egoier to cooperate. jim rainy at the "l.a. times" took a lot of our
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stuff. brian steltzer at the "new york times" was helpful. brian steltzer has left the "new york times" and house munich at cnn announcing prom clacannouncingannouncingp s proclamations from king mark zucker. here is zucker's puppet. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a lot of what fox does in prime time is resentment television making you resent liberals and others who are trying to hurt you. that's the message from fox. i think all of this matters because it's about decency and standards. it's about the corrosive, ugly nasty behavior that sometimes happenings on cable news or off cable news involving some of these hosts. >> tucker: it's about decency, cries the eunuch. we must have decency by which eunuch means less disobeying, more obedience, stop criticizing the program or else. this is the face of state media. why does fox even exist they
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wonder? we have 11 other perfectly good cable channels, all of them approved by management in obedient to the people in charge. how could anybody watch something different? fox can't be legitimate, they must be lying. their viewers must be stupid. listen to done lemon and the governor's brother tell you why fox news shouldn't even be allowed. >> as journalists we have to give you the facts. what happens there is you don't talk about the substance of what you said or if there is -- if it's factual or not, you don't talk about that. what you do is you say everybody's out to get me. everyone is out to get conservatives. you just say oh, there is outrage on the left and they have trump derangement syndrome and they are always out to look without ever addressing the substance. >> they are not about facts. they are about feelings. >> and then their audience just eats it up. yeah, that's right. the left -- not even caring about the facts. >> feel good. >> tucker: don lemon is
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calling you dumb. savor the moment. don lemon doesn't have the power to have you arrested. dana necessary sell does the attorney general of michigan. created a special hate crime unit charter to investigate any organization identified as a hate group by the splc. this is what weaponized politics looks like. criticize the people in charge and the splc will sick men with guns on you. it's terrifying. even worse, you are subsidizing it without knowing it both the splc and media matters are amazingly tax exempt organizations. in its original tax application to the irs, media matters claimed that the american news media were dominated by pro-christian bias that needed them to balance it. despite the on just obvious absurdity it has been violating the terms of that status flagrantly ever since. during the obama
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administration media matters held weekly strategy discussions with the white house about how to hurt its political enemies. media matters kept an enemies list of republicans to destroy, including steve king of iowa. this is a violation of federal tax law. tax exempt nonprofits cannot function as an arm of a political party. media matters clearly does. according to a piece in the new republic a liberal magazine, media matters changed mission during the 2016 democratic primaries to campaign for hillary clinton. we were, quote. running defense for clinton when media matters staff said quote defending hillary from every blogger in their mother's basement. a leaked 2015 memo from inside clinton's campaign staff discussed corroborating, mainstream media to attack republicans and accuse the press of biased coverage of hillary. in an email from january 5th of 2016, hillary staff discussed working with media matters to counter vanity fair piece on huma abedin.
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quote, we have media matters and core surrogates lined up which we can expand on tomorrow. this isn't just unethical, it is illegal. under irs regulations 501 c 3 targets are prohibited from participating in campaigns. the group broke the law. media matters retains its tax exempt status. that means that you and every other taxpayer is subsidizing attacks on our own first amendment. why is this? how can this be happening? maybe someone should call the irs tomorrow morning and find out. dave reuben hosts the reuben report. we don't agree on everything politically but is he a sincere believer in free speech. we wanted to talk to him tonight. dave, thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: a lot of us overestimated the willingness of the democratic establishment to coexist with people who disagree with them and you
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under estimated the real threat, the actual existential threat to speech that we face now. do you think that's right? >> well, i wish i could say that this whole situation is shocking but this is exactly what i have been raising the alarm about on my show for the last five or six years. as you know i come from the left. i was a progressive. i still consider myself a liberal in the best sense of classical liberalism and i believe in the individual and all of that stuff that we have talked about several times. but i want to address a couple things here. first on the way that you have responded to the attacks by not apologizing. i think that was exactly the right thing to do. you know, all of us have joked and made mistakes. all of us have a past. all of us have done things that we're not proud of and a series of other things if you have lived have you done those things including, by the way, the very same media matters people who are going after you and all the media elite who are -- these are people. >> tucker: let me stop you there i agree if i have wounded or wronged someone,
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i will always apologize to that person and ask for forgiveness. i do it every day. >> absolutely. >> tucker: i'm not going to apologize to media matters or soros group. i haven't wronged them they wronged me. i will never bow to them period. excuse me, i couldn't control myself. i'm for apology but not to them. >> well, i couldn't agree more. by the way, that's exactly the message that i think your audience and the average american needs to hear right now. we have watched years now of the mob coming for everybody. and as you just laid out, a lot of this stuff is coordinated between nonprofits and media organizations and the rest of it and it is time that we stopped giving into it. and not only do we have to stop giving into it so that a guy like you isn't taken out and that a network like fox isn't taken out or any network. we are still free here in this country for a little while longer i think and i will continue to fight for. but it's not just that. it's because what they are really trying to do is trying to make the average
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citizen, the average person who is an american fear that whatever they said 20 years ago that someone can dig up on facebook or wherever it is or some old audio recording they goal after them. you were joking around with bubba the love sponge. i'm sure as a shock jock do you know ohio would love to get involved in this fight if howard stern happens to watch your show by any chance. for 30 years he was the number one shock jock in the country. imagine the politicians, actors, medians, authors, that walked through that studio and said completely bananas crazy things, sometimes joking, sometimes partly true. it doesn't even matter. the point is that if we are going to come for everyone's past, guess what? that means everyone and the same people who are coming for you they better watch out. and that idea of mutually assured destruction is not in the -- it's not part of the america that i want to be part of. i want to be part of something that has a little bit of forgiveness that understands we are all imperfect creatures and
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little bit more respectful of our ability to agree to disagree because that's what this country was founded on. >> tucker: exactly. in the last 24 hours i have received, i don't know, dozens of transcripts of prominent progressives saying awful things on this show or that show or attacks from them. we could do a whole show on this. they said it, too. i'm not doing that because i think you ought to be able to say what you think and make jokes and make mistakes and i'm not going to play their game period. i don't think if i benefit from it i'm not doing it tell us you i hope you will come back on to further explain it what county average person who is essentially powerless in the fails of this do to protect his right to his god given rights? >> start speaking up now. you know, this comes up every college i speak at. every public event i speak at. this is what young people are asking about. i am afraid to he can spoo up. i want to get the grade. i want to get out of school. i don't want to get fired from my job. that freezing ability that is silencing god, decent people who usually lean a little bit right. they are usually libertarian or conservative, something
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like that. imagine if everyone started of speaking up. and i don't believe that most people are racist. i don't believe that most people are bigots or want to do harm. >> tucker: of course not. >> good people are afraid to speak. only way we are going to break this thing and theation why they are coming after you because have you been the most vocal in the mainstream fighting. this if more of us start doing it they can't take us all down. if we don't then we will get what we deserve which is something far, far worse than this country that they seem to have some problems with. >> tucker: i hope your words wind up on people's refrigerators bawtsz because you are absolutely right. david rubin. >> i will keep defending you. more people need to do it. you have a lot of support out there. have you support in quarters of the left that you don't even know you do. they are afraid to speak out. i will keep working on those guys, too. >> tucker: i appreciate it dave reuben, thank you. boyton gray is a former white house counsel to george h.w. bush he has filed a complaint seeking to pull media matters tax
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exempt status. thank you for coming on. your complaint in the public toe main make it very clear mainstream media matters has mea matters has violated tax exempt status. >> the irs hasn't reconsidered what it did. it's not entirely legal. but the government has not always entirely fair. and they misused you, they have abused you. and they have abused me in a sense because i'm subsidizing attacks on your program i don't find that fair. if anybody wants to spend his own nickel attacking anybody on television, or what they have said, that's fine. but i don't think it ought to be subsidized by the federal government. that's completely wrong and the government ought to stay out of it. >> tucker: so there is documentary evidence to show, conclusively from both sides of it, that media matters coordinated with the hillary clinton for president campaign in 2016. that is a prima facie.
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and you tell me, you the lawyer who specializes in this. that would appear to be a violation. >> there is no question about it remember that, you know, when the complaint was first filed by me and others. they had declared war on fox news. they had declared war on fox. now that's a violation right there. they were -- they have been in violation for over a decade. and it's really or since their founds. so it's really outrageous. and i don't know how it can be stopped. but i think maybe it's time for someone to speak up at the white house and say, look, the irs is controlled, it's under the control of right-thinking people or better thinking people. and let's see if we can push the irs to treat you fairly. and to treat all people fairly who don't want to subsidize a speech they don't agree with. >> tucker: i mean, there were entirely legitimate
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nonpartisan conservatives who did not receive tax exempt status under lois learner at the irs purely because she didn't like their politics. now you have the irs protecting an openly partisan group in flagrant violation of the law. havhave you got to think that maybe there is something wrong with the irs. >> there is something wrong with the irs. that's not the only agency where there is something wrong. this is-so i keep up your good work as your previous guest said, if people don't speak out we are all lost. that's the big omission people not speaking out. there is nothing more harmful than to keep silent when you shouldn't be defending yourself and others who are exercising their own first amendment rights. >> tucker: amen. i agree with that boyden gray, thank you for coming on. >> my pleasure. good luck to you.
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>> tucker: thank you. democrats find themselves tonight split overth question of impeachment. will party leaders prevail? they are nervous about it. or, the fire breathing freshman who would like to begin impeachment proceedings this evening. who will win? that's next. what happened to the real men of america?
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stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> tucker: house speaker nancy pelosi has this reputation as an iron fist kind of person that's why she is speaker again. all of a sudden she can't seem to keep other own party under control at all. for example, yesterday, anticipating that the mueller report will come soon and there won't be collusion in it pelosi said impeachment would be a bad idea and even adam schiff agreed. but, many of the party's new members newly radicalized members will not be denied their impeachment trial. in open defiance of pelosi, they insist that impeachment remains on their party's agenda. watch. >> i do not believe that an unfit president should be allowed to stay in office. we have to honor article 2 section 4 of the constitution of the united states of america which
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calls for the impeachment of an unfit president. >> i support impeaching president trump. and i think it's important that we talk about impeaching president trump. >> tucker: important that we talk about impeachment. maxine waters has been talking about impeachment for many years now. she says the democrats already have the evidence they need. >> this deplorable despicable human being that occupies the white house should not be there. they say maxine please don't say impeachment anymore. and when they say that, i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [laughter] >> tucker: that's just too amusing. jonathan harris the democratic political commentator we are happy to have him tonight. jonathan, thanks for coming on. i guess the obvious technical legal constitutional question is being a, quote, despicable human being grounds for impeachment would you say? >> it should be but it is not. no, it is not. it is high crimes and misdemeanors. >> tucker: no it's not. okay. just checking.
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>> no. it should be. it's high crimes and misdemeanors. i think that's what nancy pelosi and a lot of the top democrats have been saying we have to wait for the mueller report. we have to wait and find out what is in it. if we find out that any of those things took place then impeachment is something we should look at. right now she is saying no it is not worth it because it's divisive. >> tucker: wait, wait, wait, what you just said contradicts itself. wait for the report and find out what's in it and then decide whether that constitutes a rye crime or misdemeanor. >> right. >> tucker: you also said we have seen the report no we shouldn't impeach. why are they preemptively judging the mueller report? the lie they have been telling us two years is wait and see. why are they not sticking with that lie. >> no what i was saying and maybe -- i will stay again. what they're saying is right now there is no reason for impeachment because we don't have the mueller report. once we get the mueller report if we see that there are high crimes and misdemeanors, then that's something that we should discuss. right now we don't have the information. multiple democratic reps have said the same thing.
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we don't have enough to know right now if there are grounds for impeachment. we have to wait for the mueller report. >> tucker: obviously, colluding with a foreign power to subvert an election would be a high crime dismeesh by anyone's definition. framers included. >> absolutely. >> tucker: they are conceding he is not guilty. shouldn't they apologize. >> they are not conceding. >> tucker: yes, there is let me finish they are conceding they don't have the evidence that their initial claims were true. so they got way out over what they knew to be true to make these reckless claims, scare the hell out of america now two and a half years later they can't prove it shouldn't they just apologize ashes and sack cloth we were wrong. we are were completely irresponse siirrelevant responsd we're sorry, america. >> they are not backing off or conceding. they say right now it's to the worth it we don't have evidence to support that yet. we are waiting for the conclusion of the mueller report. when we get the mueller report then we will know for
5:24 pm
sure. that's not a concession and isn't saying he didn't conspire for w. a foreign power. >> tucker: what i'm going too do when the mueller report comes out i'm sure it will allege all kinds of things but i doubt it will alleged collusion. play 40 minutes of tape not just fringe characters of maxine waters but democratic characters like the speaker of the house and the head of the intel committee saying there was collusion. there was a betrayal of the united states of america. subversion of democracy. they made those claims. they haven't been able to prove them. shouldn't they say i'm sorry we overstated what we knew? >> i think the claims have been that it is their feeling based on the intelligence reports, baled on the intelligence agencies, many multiple of them that say that this is what putin wanted, this is what was going on that that was their feeling based on the information that they had. nobody pretended to be a psychic and knew what the mueller report would be. trump did ask russia to hack hillary clinton's server campaign rally in front of
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the entire country. >> tucker: it was secret communique with the russians at a campaign rally. what you are arguing, what they are arguing is he committed treason but we can't impeach him. >> absolutely not. >> tucker: it is treason but we can't impeach him. you just said he was sending secret messages to the russians. >> you said that i didn't say that. you said that. i did not say that. >> tucker: i'm losing track. i hope you will come back when the report comes out and we can talk it through. i can't wait. >> i would be glad to say it again, thanks, tucker. good to see you. >> tucker: pretty amazing story tonight that confirms every suspicion you have ever had about the scam that is higher education in this country. a college cheating scam. the latest proof that the people in charge live by very different standards from the rest of us. their kids go to harvard. your kids don't. we will tell you exactly how it works after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: in a story that confirms everything. dozens of ceos and actresses have been caught up in a massive cheating and bribery scandal involvin involving admis to the nation's top colleges. narrow road to affluence and prominence to this country. they control the gates to it they are excluding you and letting themselves. in trace gallagher has more on this amazing story. >> tucker, the feds say operation varsity blues began in 2011 and ended last month where 33 parents so far paid anywhere from 200,000 to $6.5 million to get their kids in to an elite college. court records say the parents paid the money to a college and career advisor named william singer. and singer, who has already pled guilty, would, in turn, funnel the money to coaches and college administrators to make kids look like star athletes. singer also bribed testing centers to alter sat and act
5:30 pm
scores or hired proctors to sit with students while they took the tests. here is a prosecutor. watch. >> there can be no separate college admission system for the wealthy and i will add that there will not be a separate criminal justice system either. >> trace: along with prominent law and business professionals actresses lori loughlin and if h felicity. they paid $500,000 to have two daughters recruit to the university of southern california's crew team even though the girls had never rowed and actress felicity huffman allegedly paid 15,000 to do so boost her daughter's sat score and, indeed, it went up 400 points. a judge has now released hoffman on $250,000 bond. her husband, the actor william h. maisie has not been charged many of the suspects are now cooperating including the former yale women's soccer coach who was paid $400,000 for recruiting
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a girl who never played competitive soccer when she got in to yale. her parents paid william singer an additional $1.5 million. tucker? >> tucker: my mind is blown. trace gallagher, thank you. exactly the person we wanted to talk to tonight political science professor at notre dame. professor, thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: sounds like it's not really a meritocracy. >> well, it's a meritocracy that is now taking on all of the features of the old aristocracies. in other words, it's able to perpetuate itself from one generation to the next which is, at least in theory, what a meritocracy came in to being to get rid of. and so what we have now is a new version of the old aristocracies. >> tucker: what i'm confused by is why it took a police sting to unearth this situation. colleges are supported, heavily supported, wouldn't
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exist in many cases without federal subsidies either directly or federally backed stay tuned loans. why isn't the admissions process transparent? >> well, the admissions process has always had features to it that invite gaming, i think we could call it. and i think what we saw today is really just the logical extension of long standing gaming. most of which, in fact, brian the lion's share entirely legal involves assisting your children in taking the standardized tests and enrolling them in enrichment camps and all kinds of service opportunities that end up padding resumes. and for some parents moving into school districts where your public school education is going to get you certain advantages. so we have had a system that has invited this kind of gaming. and i think what we saw today is really just the logical extension into this illegality but, let's face it, this is simply a
5:33 pm
manifestation of what's already been the case the wealthy and powerful are able to game the system and ensure that their children have advantages that most america's children do not have. >> tucker: they are also the same ones very apt to lecture everyone else about diversity and the need for diversity in higher education. that was not a diverse group from what i can tell. i sense there is a connection there. >> i think there is a deep connection. in fact, as it's become more and more difficult for most families to have students admitted these like say increasingly this narrow path to success and achievement in american society, at the same time we have seen these institutions become these centers of claims of elee gal ewokeness am of art. when i taught at princeton i had an article from the "new york times" on my door. it was an interview of the dean of students about the
5:34 pm
selectivity of eating clubs on campus. their version of fraternities. and the dean of students stated without self-consciousness she stated there is no place for selectivity and elitism on the princeton campus. this is the. [laughter] >> kind of viewpoint one encounters at these kinds of institutions where everyone believes they are the very portrait of egal tear tarrenism. unaware of how profoundly elite they really are. >> tucker: do you think they really believe that or just pro-skyrocketing. they know how rotten and corrupt the system is and that spurs to attack everyone else as rotten and corrupt. >> it's probably a bit of a mix. there is certainly awareness of how difficult it is to get into these kinds of institutions. i think there is also a deep almost self-deception that takes place as soon as you are a part of this ruling class. since in a democracy, it's unacceptable to be a kind of aristocrat, these
5:35 pm
institutions cry decry and denounce any sort of inequality except the very one that perpetuates this elite class that occupies these institutions. >> tucker: exactly. professor deneen, one of the few professors i really respect. thanks a lot for coming on tonight. i appreciate it? >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: new harris poll shows that young people in this country are losing faith in preenterprise at a very rapid clip. about half of millennials respond and say they would prefer to live in a socialist country. katie pavlich editor of town hall and she joins us tonight to explain what exactly is going on. hey, katie, if this poll had been taken 20 years ago i think people would have assumed there was something wrong with the way it was weighted. no one would have believed. this what has changed. >> today people do believe it because when you talk to young people on college campuses like i do on a regular basis they do think they believe in socialism. this is a culmination of decades of the left having a
5:36 pm
monopoly on education and through indoctrination not starting at college but k through 12. they are talking about socialist policies, marxist policies and even communism as better ways of economies than capitalism. and they are doing it in a recentful way, turning americans against americans. telling young kids in elementary school the reason why they are worse off is because somebody else is rich. and you and i know that's not the case. they have been very successful at breeding this resentment. the class warfare is coming to fruition. let's not forget this did start really coming to a head under barack obama when he was accused of advocating for socialist policies when he talked about spreading the wealth around but you are a racist if you decided to talk about that type of ideology about socialism, right? so we didn't talk about it and people like bernie sanders now, aoc have taken advantage of that smear and have promoted it as a society that we should be
5:37 pm
embracing while not just venezuela falls apart but states like new york and california fall apart as a result of these kinds of policies. >> tucker: so why didn't the generations of pro-market education sponsored by the affirmative conservative establishment have any effect. >> i think it's had somewhat of an effect but the truth is that conservatives just aren't in the education system, the public education system like we wish they could be. i mean, if you look at the percentage of college professors who are conservative, it's like the white house press corps something like 7% of college professors identify as republicans. of course, professor and administrators all over the country are doing everything they can to squash any kind of dissent to talk about this conservative ideology. students on campus are punished for having a different ideology than, i don't know, the marxist poster that's on the wall of one of their professors in one of their classes such as mine when i was in college.
5:38 pm
and so there is a damaging effect in terms of conservative students not being able to speak up for what they want and then conservative professors being nonexistent in a way that teaches young people something they haven't heard before. you can't blame people for not knowing something they haven't been told. the only thing that they have heard from preschool to college is about how socialism is fine. it's a better system. it's more fair. they play to the emotions here. but i will say there is plenty of organizations like prager u for example does do educational videos that are educating young people on these issues and hopefully can turn the tide when it comes to socialism. it's not good for young people. everybody thinks it allows you more freedom and liberty. the fact is makes every single person the same and limbs your ability to be yourself and individual. i don't know any 18 to 30-year-old who wants to be controlled by anybody else, right? when you tell them there are rules attached and you don't get to make decisions on your own, that severing a one size fits all policy
5:39 pm
mandated by the government and you don't have a choice. telephone tend to change their mind. >> tucker: young people believe their professors. i have never understood it. it never occurred to me. some of the least impressive people in the world. i don't know why you would believe them. katie pavlich. great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> tucker: calling it a birth strike. some young people in great britain refusing to have children for the sake of the planet. is it a sign of something deeper amiss in western civilization? that's next.
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>> tucker: left claims it opposes racism. projecting. what they say you are doing they are doing. and constantly fomenting racial hatred. they do it constantly publishing fake hate crimes or instating racial quota systems and bringing back segregation. mindless coverage of news stories. this headline ran in the "the washington post" and quoting now. whites are mainly to blame for air pollution but blacks and hispanics bear the burden says a new study. it's too funny. let's just be clear though. take three steps back this was designed to attack an entire group based solely on skin color. the headline the leading paragraphs are all meant to attack this enemy racial
5:43 pm
group in our midst and imply they are racist by doing what? it doesn't say. it doesn't matter. they are hurting other people this article doesn't seek to help the environment. they could talk about air pollution levels. by the zay declined dramatically in the last few decades because the factories closed. could have focused on the extra because driven population growth or people jetting to attend climate conferences but they didn't. jeff because zos wouldn't like that he is one of those people. the post knows that because it's his newspaper. in an age of concern about climate change some people have become opposed to the very idea of having children. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is warning that it could be immoral to have kids. >> our planet is going to disaster if we don't turn this ship around and so it's basically like there is scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult
5:44 pm
and it does lead, i think young people to have a legitimate question, you know, should -- is it okay to still have children? >> tucker: some people decided that, no, it is not okay to have children. a co-founder of birth strike a group of people refusing to have children in order to resist climate change. she joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: this story makes me sad. i'm not here to attack you i want to take what you are saying seriously. i'm not sure i understand why you are choosing not to have children. i would be grateful if you would tell us. >> sure. yeah. thank you for asking because a lot of people are getting a little bit confused about what we are trying to do here. birth strike isn't did trying to stop other people from having children. we feel too afraid to have kids because we feel that we are heading towards civilization breakdown as a result of the environmental
5:45 pm
crisis and this sort of mismanagement or political inertia over dealing with it does that make sense? >> tucker: it does make sense. it's a sadder answer even that i imagined. because there are a lot of people who argue nobody should have kids. that's one argument. you are basically saying the piece sayspecies is over. we should a group end it commit suicide. >> well, i think where we are now is incredibly frightening and what i discovered when i made the decision and started talking about it to other young women around me, was that we felt like we had lost faith in the system and the authorities because they weren't really dealing with the situation. they weren't managing the threats properly that we have been told about. so, yes, it is quite sad, but at the same time, birth strike itself is a hopeful act. what we are trying to say come on, we have got two options.
5:46 pm
we either unite collectively behind action on this immediately because we are already heading towards the collapse, or we confine ourselves to, i mean it sounds crazy but it's true, extinction. >> tucker: what makes me so sad it's this is a met for of the will to live so obvious everywhere you turn. i bonnder did it occur to you and i'm not disagreeing with your forecast that there are bumpy times ahead that's obvious. wouldn't it be a mark of defiance maybe part of the solution to have a bunch of smart, decent children who might solve these problems? >> yeah, i totally understand that point of view. and there has been people in my life who are very aware of the severity of what we are heading to. who have made that decision and they have said, you know, it's the kind of most hopeful act that you could
5:47 pm
take is to have a child in these times. and i do respect that. i do respect that. >> tucker: if you were to fly to africa tonight, just do a tour, a lot of tours in africa. pick just five and meet 10 people on the street and explain what you are doing, what do you think their reaction would be? >> i have no idea. >> tucker: do you think people outside the west can understand this? do you think there is any other civilization that has decided things are so hopeless we must all die? >> i really don't know. i wouldn't be able to say. >> tucker: i mean, is this something have you thought for a long time or tell us how you were convinced that things were so bad that you shouldn't reproduce? >> well, yeah, i think that -- i mean, i have been concerned about the environment for a long time
5:48 pm
but you know, i got distracted by my career and just being a young person and living the life that i saw other people on television living that seemed to be the right thing to do, and then the last few years i just kept reading more and more things and last year the ippc report came out and men the met report and things have been corroborated by pretty much 99% of the scientific community if not all sane scientists. it's pretty incontrovert tillable now, i would say. >> tucker: i don't mean this as criticism i mean it sincerely. what you are describing sounds like a religious conversion and life you are living seems like manastic. >> a manastic life? you should come and hang out. >> you are giving up family for the cause. >> lay the children around
5:49 pm
me and i'm fighting for them, really. this is my way of saying come on humanity, we have got two options. we are either going to commit some kind of species suicide by ignoring the issue because we're too afraid of the change of something or we are going to unite together and at least try and manage some of the collapse that's predicted in a sensible and rationable way. i'm not living a manastic life. >> tucker: i think you should have children they solve a lot of problems and put things in perspective. >> we don't have time. >> tucker: yes, we do. there is always time. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: well, there isn't simply a war on children and war on men and war -- there is a lot of wars going on. there is also a war on meat.
5:50 pm
they can take your steaks away. that's next. ♪
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5:53 pm
interviewed a former amazon employee called shannon allen. allen told us how she became homeless after she was injured working at an amazon warehouse and had her workers' comp denied. >> you were injured on the job, you say, and you wound up living your car. >> yes. i started living in my car several months ago because of nonpayment from the workers' comp and from amazon. >> tucker: so amazon reached out to us and said allen's case was very unusual. that never happens. amazon has a lot of happy, satisfied workers. jeff bezos is the richest man.
5:54 pm
that does not mean he treats the people who work for him humanely. he does not. dozens of times over the past five years, 911 dispatchers have received frantic phone calls from amazon warehouses warning that employees, jeff bezos' employees were on the brink of suicide. >> male 34, suicide. >> they have a female associate they believe has overdosed on the scene at the moment with a possible emotional disorder. >> man cut himself three or four times tonight. >> what did he attempt to cut himself with? >> one of our safety box cutters. >> she has very specific plans. she made a threat that she has enough pain pills in her car to -- [ inaudible ] >> said how he would kill himself? >> has he said how he would kill
5:55 pm
himself? blow his brains out. >> tucker: if those were your employees, your people, you'd be very upset. jeff bezos is not very upset. he doesn't need to be. he knows the way out. just donate to a few liberal lifestyle causes. push for gay rights in russia. have his own personal vanity newspaper, the "washington post," run a few more pieces attacking people for the color of their skin, and the left will be placated. republicans in washington, they'll never even notice. frustratingly. democrats don't want you driving cars, flying on planes or having children, all for the sake of the environment, which is an utterly abstract concept to them. they're now coming after your dinner. mayor bill de blasio has announced meatless mondays for the school system. >> thinking about our kids individually, we want them to be as healthy as they can be and we
5:56 pm
want them to learn as well as they can learn. meatless mondays will help. it will create more balance in their lives. we're talking about the climate, the existential threat of global warming. this is something we do to striking more of the balance in our whole society. >> tucker: dumbest politician in america? that's unfair. she's 29 and in congress now. she's also joined the anti-meat cause. the green new deal requires people not to eat so many burgers. >> i'm getting a lot of references about cow fares. that -- farts. >> you got to address factory farming. maybe we shouldn't be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> tucker: mark stein is an author and columnist. do you feel that your diet is threatened by the newly emerging left? >> yeah, i -- as i understand it, every time i have a cheese
5:57 pm
burger, a polar bear dies. i don't want to -- as your previous guest was saying, that nice young lady, we shouldn't be having kids. we should go extinct. if you do make the mistake of having kids, the least you could do is not have your kids eat meat so that cows will go extinct and therefore there won't be the devastation wreaked by bovine flatulence. we're approaching the point at which liberal myths are terrorizing millions of hitherto same people. >> tucker: you had the reaction i did. i felt sorry for her. i wasn't mad at her. she's been told by the religious leaders in her global warming cult that having children is wrong. she's basically joined a monetary and given up her life in service of their weird religion.
5:58 pm
she's the victim. >> actually, modern day climate cultism is rather like the shakers. the shakers, you'll recall, in parts of northern new england, they -- they issued breeding so that tribe would not multiply and they could only win over people, create more shakers by conversion. that's actually modern day liberalism whether by your previous guest or mayor de blasio, hence these -- hence these meatless mondays. which, again, de blasio's point of view, it's just boutique attitude striking narcissistic naval gazing nonsense liberalism. at the sharpened, people like that young lady you talked to, who are terrified because they made the mistake of believing these lunatics. >> tucker: exactly right. jim jones was hilarious until your niece joined him and moved to guyana.
5:59 pm
>> yeah. >> tucker: the shakers did useful things. they had a beautiful aesthetic sense. they were tremendous carpenters and built great boxes. what do progressives create? >> that's shakerism without the attractive furniture. this other big meat -- i mean, i think one of the reasons they don't like meat, about theby th because it's a primal thing. the idea is that that's why the expression red meat is used for particularly raw, bloody rhetoric. >> tucker: exactly. >> hitler had in yorallies and d the red meat to the crowd. it's part ofanesthesizing them
6:00 pm
in a sense. >> tucker: he was a vegetarian. >> that's true. >> tucker: great to see you. >> always a pleasure to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: it is for me. we'll be back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pompocity. >> sean: i have to give you a compliment. tucker was going to be off this week. it's a busy news week and he's not going to take the mob's crap. and he came into work to -- to stand up to this. and i want the great viewers of this channel to know that. >> tucker: i thank you, sean. you've helped me every bit of the way, i have to say. >> sean: i'm an expert at this. they've been trying to kill me for 23 years. i'm like you or -- laura, you, me. it's like never stops. anyway, always great to see you. have a great rest of vacation


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