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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in a sense. >> tucker: he was a vegetarian. >> that's true. >> tucker: great to see you. >> always a pleasure to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: it is for me. we'll be back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pompocity. >> sean: i have to give you a compliment. tucker was going to be off this week. it's a busy news week and he's not going to take the mob's crap. and he came into work to -- to stand up to this. and i want the great viewers of this channel to know that. >> tucker: i thank you, sean. you've helped me every bit of the way, i have to say. >> sean: i'm an expert at this. they've been trying to kill me for 23 years. i'm like you or -- laura, you, me. it's like never stops. anyway, always great to see you. have a great rest of vacation that you were supposed to have. welcome to "hannity."
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we are covering multiple important breaking news stories tonight. buckle up. a fast paced breaking news opening monologue. we begin with this breaking news. cnn is officially being sued for $275 million for their destructive, malicious reporting of covington high school student 16-year-old nicholas sandman. attorney lynn wood. i told you. this guy is great. he is now representing the sandman family. has a great long track record of successfully holding these media outlets for their irresponsible, accountable for their irresponsible reporting. smears, slanders, lies, rush to judgment. this is going to be a slam dunk. we first turn our attention to the arrest tonight. desperate housewives actress
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felicity huffman, lawyori lough accused of participating in an elaborate scheme that's fast tracked their children's admissions into some of america's top schools and universitys. this was coordinated by a man named william rick singer. he set up a fake charity to pay high iq individuals to frequently take s.a.t. tests on behalf of his clients and even had some of the teachers put in the answers. as recruits of the crew team. you got to work at that for years and year to get on the crew team. even though neither daughter ever participated in a sport. in another instance, felicity huffman is accused of paying $15,000 to rig her daughter's
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s.a.t. scores. both actresses are now charged with felonies and just two of 50 people arrested including 33 other participants, two s.a.t./a.c.t. administrators, nine college coaches and one college administrator. as joe lieberman said on this program last night, america is a ladder. you climb and climb. when you get to the top, you help others behind you. what has happened here is they are being accused of doing the exact opposite of that. very serious charges. in other words, trying to use great wealth, power, to hinder those below them. those that worked hard. those that now are trying to rig a system in favor of themselves at the expense of others. they should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. look at this. if convicted, it could be up to 20 years in a federal prison. actor jussie smollett appeared in court. he is still professing his innocence despite what is now an
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overwhelming amount of evidence against him. smollett is charged with 16 felony counts related to allegedly staging a hate crime hoax. we believe in due process. we'll have more later in the show. first, tonight, big breaking news capitol hill, nancy pelosi's speakership is literally tonight on life support. remember, in january she took the gavel, a very narrow majority with just four votes over the necessary 216 needed to win the speakership. and now she is walking on pins and needles to maintain support of some of the most radical elements right inside her own party. as if she's not radical enough. she's speaker in name only. tonight, pelosi is facing a huge backlash daring to say impeaching president trump is "not worth it." congresswoman ocasio-cortez, congress wall tlaib and others
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are now lining up to refute the speaker. tlaib had this to say earlier. take a look. >> do you think that president trump should -- >> i'm so sorry. i have to go. i think i've already made that very clear. >> sean: just in case you forgot, this was tlaib's position from her very first day in congress. you can't forget this. >> when your son is 15 and says, mama, look, you woman. baby, we're going to go in there and we're going to impeach them [ bleep ]. >> sean: those are liberals that say that all together. of course ocasio-cortez also disagrees with the speaker which now puts her very speakership in jeopardy. take a look at this. >> the conversation in the office. and i know a lot of members in the caucus have a different opinion, but that's why we caucus. >> do you have a different
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opinion? >> i -- i happen to, yes. >> sean: also tonight, congressman al green is now planning to force a house vote on donald trump's impeachment. for what, who knows. and pelosi seems to have a real, real thin grasp on her own party. let not your hearts be troubled, though. democrats have attempted to impeach every single republican president since ronald reagan. on the one hand, you have the radical extreme far left democratic socialists demanding donald trump's impeachment for no reason whatsoever. and on the other, nancy pelosi, why the divide. does the speaker think it's a bad move politicly? it will hurt them in 2020? is pelosi trying to obfuscate?
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or does she have some insight perhaps into the mueller investigation that there's actually no trump/russia collusion, no evidence as we've been telling you. make no mistake. speaker pelosi is speaker in name only. ultimately, she will do anything and everything to placate this radical base inside her party and their numbers are dwrgrowin. those radicals also are about to face a major disappointment. mueller's come up empty. there was no trump/russia collusion. instead, a corrupt, biassed, politically motivated two-tiered justice system has been uncovered. and tonight, we have huge breaking news in our hannity watch on the deep state. i'm going to go slowly. lot of information. everything we thought we knew about these deep state actors has now been confirmed, and we have brand-new developments tonight that are about to blow the lid off our entire two-plus
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year investigation. i have been saying hang in there. things are going to happen that will impact many of the lives of these deep state actors that we have exposed night after night on this program. earlier today, georgia congressman occcourageously, do collins, released the full transcript of the lisa page testimony. last week, the bruce orr testimony. those working at the highest levels of the doj and the fbi, not rank and file, unfortunately they are tarred and feathered unfairly over this. they sought, they gave special treatment during the investigation into hillary clinton all while persecuting her opponent, donald trump. for background, it is important to remember lisa page was the fbi deputy director andrew mccabe's general counsel. that was until he was fired for lying and she was forced to
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resign because of her blatant anti-trump biassed uncovered in the series of text messages with peter strzok. according to page's testimony just released earlier today, well, obama's department of justice was unusually intrusive into the fbi's criminal investigation into hillary clinton. in other words, they managed it from the top. . they orchestrated it. they orchestrated her rigged and phony investigation as we have been telling you about. and they made sure hillary clinton never, ever had a chance to be charged as she should have been, as even comey's top lawyer in the fbi, james baker, wanted to charge her with violation of the felony act -- the espionage act, a felony. they even tried to tamper with their interviews. look at this quote from this testimony. as soon as the planning started to begin to interview some of the more high profile witnesses,
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not just mrs. clinton, but cheryl mills, jake sullivan, her sort of core team. the department of justice wanted to change the sort of structure and the number of people who were involved. now, keep in mind, this is the doj of barack obama headed by loretta lynch. it was lynch, just days prior to this decision, well, just happened to meet bill clinton secretly on a tarmac in phoenix, arizona, talked 45 minutes about their grandkids. just before his wife was cleared of all charges. it was loretta lynch who asked james comey to call hillary's criminal investigation, which is what it was, a matter. it was james comey who agreed to go along with loretta lynch and call it a matter. and don't forget, it was lisa page's then fbi boyfriend, peter strzok. he and comey changed the language in clinton's exoneration letter that was
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written in may before they ever interviewed any of the main people involved from the legal standard of grossly negligent, which would be a crime, to extreme carelessness, which it is not. and it was done on purpose. according to page also, by the way we have the entire thing, this is the transcript right here. this is 370-some-odd pages. i've been digging through this thing all day. the fbi knew the doj was trying to rig the investigation, forcing them to break protocol. listen to this quote "we all felt we were more credible in the justice department to closing this investigation out." the whole team really felt the justice department, led by limp lynch, headed by barack obama, led by democrats, would be to an solve a democratic candidate. she's admitting it was rigged.
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now she's implicating loretta lynch's and barack obama's department of justice. change all the rules, all protocol. just think about that. the doj, loretta lynch under barack obama when it came to hillary clinton -- again, the upper echelon, the top people of our justice system were working hand in hand to make sure that she never got charged with what every other american would be charged. "that matter was swept under the rug." but the witch hunt against donald trump, that's a much different story. according to this same transcript we have here, lisa page is admitting after nine months of the fbi's investigation that began right after the exoneration of hillary and in july of 2016, after nine months, they had no evidence of collusion whatsoever. nine steady months of investigation. this is before the appointment of mueller.
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"it still existed in scope of possibility that there would be literally nothing and that their findings could result in not ultimately touching any senior people in the administration or on the campaign." still despite absolutely no evidence that anybody has ever seen of trump/russia collusion, in spite of media hysteria nonstop. hyper ventilating coverage for two years, democrats hoping and praying somehow special council mueller is going to find it owl, mueller is now on day 664 of his additional intensive investigation after nine months beforehand. still zero evidence trump/russia collusion. everyone around the president has been subjected now to literally three years of harassment. people having to pay more for lawyers than they're getting paid working for the government. pre-dawn raids, process crimes,
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lengthy prison sentences for offenses totally, completely unrelated to donald trump, the campaign, or anything russia for that matter. oh, but they did indict russian intelligence agents. they will never be extradited. did the fbi show up at yuma abedin's door in the middle of the night? they didn't. there's so much more of this to come. in a two-tiered justice system. that's all about to change. justice, i can tell you, a report from my sources tonight is on the horizon. stay tuned with us. one lawmaker on capitol hill, well, not interested in anything truthful or any justice, yep, adam schiff who's using my name to raise a lot of money. please, help schiff take on handy. come on the show. we've invited you. he's a known liar, leaker, only
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interested in bogging the trump administration down with six to eight congressional investigations into every single aspect of donald trump's life, probably going back to nursery school. take for example his committee's questioning of michael cohen. prior to cohen's testimony, schiff's staffers briefed and potentially coached cohen for over ten hours. today when schiff was asked about this blatant witness tampering, oh, he did his very best to lie and dodge the question. come on the show, adam. we're prepared. we have everything you've said for two years. watch this. >> i had a brief phone call with my staff, mr. cohen, and his attorneys. to encourage him to come and testify voluntarily. that was the extent of my communication with him, which was on the phone. now, several republicans, mr. meadows, jordan, the president and others have pushed out this false narrative that i spent ten
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hours with mr. cohen. that's not true. it makes for good fox pundit commentary and so they have pushed out this falsehood. >> sean: adam, we never said you spent ten hours alone in a room with michael cohen. we're saying your staff spent ten hours with him. why? and also breaking tonight, get -- guess what. judicial watch has filed an ethics complaint against schiff over this improper contact with cohen along with a secret meeting with glen simpson. just happened to run into each other while simpson was a key witness in this ongoing committee probe. he needs to not only be reduccue recuseed, he needs to be investigated fully. you do have the right to remain silent, but i think we both know that is not going to happen. he is in love. it is rage, compulsive trump
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ba bashing. we have a lot more to get to. joining us now with reaction to this huge -- and i bet he read twice all pages. he's a maniac when it comes to this. the author of "the russian hoax," greg jarrett, sarah carter, and the ranking member of the judiciary committee doug collins from georgia. first of all, congressman, i want to say thank you. all of us and so many others that have been a part of our team that has broken a lot of stories on this program -- and i give all credit to their hard work -- we have been saying, release this, release this. it is to much more to come. 302s, fisa applications, gang of eight. what -- what now can we expect now that you have broken the dam and we're beginning to get more insight than we've had? >> well, you can expect it to continue. we're going to continue to see this. i promised the american people
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as we went through these -- we're going through it in a methodical pattern, we're putting this out there so the people can begin to see what's actually going on here. you made a great statement at the beginning of the show. it is a two-tiered justice system. the president has been unfairly attacked from the moment he was elected on many fronts. now we're beginning to see the vast scope of what most of us do. and that's just wrong. when you have the -- the -- the corrupt of strzok, mccabe and page, they have been involved from day one, from the e-mail controversy to the original russia investigation, to the appointment of mueller. it shows there's a two-tier system. we're going to get this out and put it in ways that people can easily understand. we're going to take it methodically as we go and we're going to get them out to the american people. >> sean: i want to the thank you for doing this. there's many other -- jordan,
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meadows, nunes, gates, all these g guys. sarah, i know you read this today. the interesting thing is, a lot of your early reporting is corroborated. but there's also all this new information. we now got closer to brennan. we now get closer to loretta lynch. which gets us closest to barack obama. what did he know, when did he know it. >> well, i think that you're absolutely right here, sean. one of the things i think i found most fascinating in the testimony, if you actually go back to bruce orr's testimony and compare it to lisa page, they both have different statements as to when lisa page actually knew about christopher steele. this is something i haven't seen out there. lisa page basically says she didn't know anything about the dossier in august 2016. but bruce orr specifically states in his testimony that he went to visit andrew mccabe at
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his office with information that had just been given to him by christopher steele on july 30th. so he goes to the office to meet with andrew mccabe. who's there to meet with him is lisa page. so actually he met with lisa page in august 2016. it was information that was actually given to him by christopher steele. and they're in the office. now, lisa page obviously right now -- we're looking at the testimony, i would say we're seeing a lot of finger pointing. she's pointing at the justice department, you know, they were in charge, they didn't want us to move forward. honestly, i think she's being honest there. but the fbi was also heavily involved and as we have noted in past stories from the top down and the people involved in this in covering up as well for hillary clinton. we see that with james baker's testimony. >> sean: right. exactly. >> yeah. >> sean: greg, one of the things that i picked up here in the orr transcripts last week, now
6:21 pm
these -- this -- by the way, how many times did you read it? i want to know. >> you were right. twice. >> sean: he can't help himself. i watch him in his office. he's like this. >> it's great stuff! >> sean: it's true. you're a maniac. it's okay. nobody said i was sane. here's what i sensed in both the orr testimony and the page testimony. i sense they're telling a lot of truth here. >> oh, yeah. >> sean: they're revealing things -- they understand the stakes are so high. >> just begin with page 20 "every person on the team knew no charges would be brought against hillary clinton." that's an amazing statement. she hadn't even been interviewed. chairman gowdy then says how could you -- how could you know no charges would be brought if you haven't even talked to her yet. well, i'm not an expert on the law -- you know she's a lawyer. it was our impression she didn't intend or have knowledge to have
6:22 pm
classified information on her server, which is of course -- >> sean: doesn't it -- >> -- doesn't require intent for knowledge. >> sean: thank you. they had the right words in there. gross negligence. the fbi knew it and they were pissed because they were being controlled by loretta lynch and her justice department in ways that never happened in any usual case. just like the -- the field agents were ripped out of the equation by the fbi. all right. quick -- my observation congressman, and i applaud you again, as you continue to release things, as other things, 302s and gang of eight and the fisa warrants come out, these people are in deep trouble and there will be accountability. right or wrong? >> there will be. this is what we're finding, the new attorney general has understood this. he heard it and spoke about it at his confirmation hearing. i think what you -- you spoke the truths. it can't be two-tiered.
6:23 pm
>> sean: sarah, my sources are very clear. there are things now -- these people are in trouble. a lot of them. >> they're in big trouble, sean. and the attorney general is an honest, decent man. he's going to do the right thing. he's going to investigate this. the evidence is all here before the public. all they need to do is follow up with questioning people and holding people accountable. they will be. >> sean: last 15 seconds. >> collusion was a political ploy according to lisa page, and they were using it as an insurance policy. >> sean: it was all in your book. perfect title. yet another shocking statement made by congresswoman omar. we're going to tell you what she said and get reaction. and breaking news out of hollywood about s.a.t.s, a.c.t.s and colleges. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body
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>> sean: all right. another day, another shocking statement from congresswoman omar. she was highly critical of president obama in an interview with politico suggesting that obama's policies aren't much different than trump's. well, that's a joke. on monday fox news asked omar about her obama/trump comparison. this was her pretty despicable reaction. take a look. >> do you think -- [ inaudible ] >> do not. that is silly to even think and equate the two. one is two men, the other is really not. >> sean: here with reaction, geraldo rivera. there's certain things that i don't want the republican party dealing with. we've got a world with nuclear weapons. we want to make sure every american has opportunity. and i have no patience for any
6:29 pm
conservative or republican, racism or bigotry or -- i have no patience for this. the democrats couldn't get the votes to even mention the woman's name, and they give the watered down -- we'll just blame everybody for everything. >> you know, if -- if what you're saying, sean, is that their activism and their idealism sometimes leads them to intemperence, i totally agree. there's a reason you call the president mr. president. there's only one of them. there's only been 45 of them in the entire history of the american republic. for her to be so insulting, that is more than scornful. that is insulting. it is beneath any representative. i applaud the fact that this incoming freshmen class in congress more accurately in terms of diversity reflects the
6:30 pm
constituency that they seek to serve. when you hear someone say that, that sounds like an amateur insulting the president of the united states and losing votes. she's pushing the party too far to the left. it will lose. >> sean: van, you put it all together, even during labor, even if the baby's born, as long as it's made comfortable after being delivered, the matter can decide whether it lives or dies. a lot of them supporting the new green deal, almost all of them in unison just hate trump, more than even doing good things for the country. >> this is who the democrats have always been. you know, i can't say this enough. the gift of donald trump has been to -- >> sean: he was -- >> sean, sean, everything that is old is new again. what did fdr talk about, sean. packing the supreme court. what came up this week with eric
6:31 pm
holder and a bunch of -- packing the -- sean, absolutely none of this is new. hillary care, all of this stuff. let me say one more thing in response to representative omar who's become a real embarrassment to the democratic party. what she said was really disgusti disgusting. i'm a conservative. proudly served as a secret service agent of the president obama. he was the president of the united states. and the problem is, liberals, we as conservatives think liberals are people with bad ideas. liberals think conservatives are bad people with ideas. there's a big difference there. >> sean: conservatives are evil inherently. geraldo, i have this big pile of page testimony today and so much more coming. i'm looking at this and i'm thinking, wow, nine months since july before the appointment of mueller? all they did was investigate
6:32 pm
trump/russia collusion and had nothing except the clinton phony bought and paid for dossier with russian lies by a guy that won't even stand by the dossier. all these big people in the doj and fbi bought it hook, line, and sinker because they wanted hillary to win after they helped exonerate her. >> one quick note that will anger my friend and colleague dan. i deplored when joe wilson called president obama a liar during his -- his obamacare address to congress. i think that the president -- >> sean: what did he whisper that night? not true. >> not true, i didn't like that either. but in terms of russia collusion, this has been the biggest canard. this is a phony. this is a fake. there is no russia collusion. it is russia dillusion.
6:33 pm
all these liberals are going to run and scurry. i can't wait for that report. >> sean: how does it end with the media and all these democrats that have been beating up a conspiracy theory a day, like every hour for two years. dan, last one. >> sean, the big bombshell in page's testimony, as of may of 2017, she said it still could have been literally nothing, the case against trump, but they'd already sworn that they verified the information on the fisa. those two things can't possibly be true. >> sean: you can't verify something that the author says i don't think it's true. >> you can't verify -- >> you're right. >> sean: thank you both. we have an important hannity monologue coming up. the real dangers of socialism and victor davis. later, you won't believe who the villain of the day is.
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that's why we're here with free hot breakfast and a warm welcome. book at for our price match guarantee. hampton by hilton. >> sean: all right. tonight's important hannity watch on the rise of socialism in america. let's begin with some good news. the american dream is now alive and well under president trump and his agenda. look at this new economic data that americans are seeing the single best wage growth in a decade. the highest growth among the poorest americans. the democrats want to roll it all back with their far left socialist vision for america's future. which brings us to a short hannity history lesson. china, estimated 65 million people died as part of mao's
6:39 pm
so-called great leap forward, his vision for a socialist china. the former soviet union, resulted in a famine that killed 5 million people. india's first socialist prime minister vowed to end poverty. today's india's we'll disparity, class divide is as stark as anywhere in the world. hugo chavez promising universal health care in venezuela. the country is now collapsing without even the most basic medical supplies. people are eating out of garbage trucks. mass power outages. millions fleeing the country. we know in cuba the castro regime stealing private property, killing their own people, suppressing all descent, still committing vast human rights abuses to this day. bernie sanders, by the way, didn't seem too worried about it. he was singing the praises of cuba and the ussr since the 1980s. the new democratic socialist
6:40 pm
extremists, they can't stop with their wide, big promises and platitudes and bumper stickers, hoping that we'll forget about the past. how did keep your doctor, your plan and save money work out? think of that is thousand times bigger. congresswoman ocasio-cortez claims she's got it all figured out. genius. take a look. >> when people hear the word socialism, they think cuba, venezuela. is that what you have in mind? >> of course not. what we have in mind -- and what -- and my policies most closely resemble what we see in the uk, in norway, in finland, in sweden. >> sean: huge problem with the congresswoman's analysis. those policies don't match these countries. according to the tax foundation, look at sweden, norway, the united kingdom. they have a lower effective corporate tax rate than the u.s. she wants that rate at 90%.
6:41 pm
democrats want to raise it after historic tax cuts. the personal side 70%. that's what they want to increase all of this to. by the way, no business in america can survive in that type of environment. she also says don't worry about robots taking your jobs because it will give you more time for creating art. socialism has been a failure every time it's been tried. and by the way, resulted in some of the biggest atrocities, human suffering in history. so don't fall for the false promises. scare tactics about the world ending in 12 years. it's all part of their plan. gain more control of your life. you give up freedom for dependency and false promises. and by the way, joining us now with reaction, the author of the best selling book "the case for trump" hoover institution senior fellow victor davis hanson. you're and great scholar. i love your writing so much because of it. you could say so much more. what i gave is just a tiny
6:42 pm
slice. i want you to just expand on the dangers of what's being proposed here. >> well, i mean, we've always had socialist, sean. they've never succeeded because we know from history that taking from somebody through government coercion destroys initiative and creates a laxity for the recipient. this is a little bit scarier than socialism. this is more french revolution. what ocasio-cortez and her supporters are talking about is not just a 90% income tax on the top rates or a wealth tax or abolition of student debt. it's more inclusive. i mean, they don't want to just not build the wall. they want to tear the wall down and open the border. they don't just want abortion. they want abortion as permissible infanticide.
6:43 pm
they want felons to vote in florida. they want to abolish the electoral college. it's a war against the very traditions of america. it's not just confederate statutes. where i work at stanford, father sarah, they removed his name from the wall. my gosh. if it wasn't for fdr we wouldn't have had a country for her to come to. he defeated hitler. he was a great leader. >> sean: my father -- >> so did mine. >> sean: -- these are desperate times. most people -- and i lived this way for a big part of my life. i never thought -- i followed radio because it was my heart. ten years of my life in restaurants, ten years labor, construction. i was very blessed and fortunate. most people live in fear. they live -- they have maybe two
6:44 pm
months' salary to survive. this promise of everything free and all your worries taken away, it's appealing. but it's a false promise. and i think -- i don't think people see -- this is totally unattainable or possible, what they're saying. >> it is. and it's also scary because the people who engineer these revolutions always believe they're so morally pure that the ramifications of their own ideology don't apply to themselves. that's why ocasio-cortez has a chief of staff who's a multi-millionaire or mark zuckerberg doesn't want a wall and a border, but he wants one around his estate. same thing with the green deal, it won't be applicable. i think she's thinks, sean, she's going to replay 1972 and go the full mcgovern. this time woodstock nation is going to beat the silent majority. i just don't think that's true. i think people, when they see the totality of this
6:45 pm
revolutionary movement, they're going to say i don't want to give up my lawn mower, i don't want to give up jet travel. i don't think she's going to pull it off. >> sean: i want to bring you back -- just -- i think we need really so many people want to -- those promises are so appealing, you'll never have any fear again, but it won't work, and the danger and the history of it. always love having you. thank you, sir. when we come back, big updates. jussie smollett, a massive, the biggest ever college admission bribery cases, join us. and our villain of the day, by the way, is going to combat climate change. it's interesting. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before.
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>> sean: breaking news tonight. joining us live from our west coast newsroom with the very latest on this scandal unfolding. the largest in history of this alleged college admission scam as well as news from the ongoing jussie smollett case, trace gallagher, wow. that shocked a lot of people. >> it -- yeah, operation varsity blue apparently began back in 2011 and ended last month. 33 parents so far paid up to $6.5 million to get their kids into elite colleges. court records say the parents paid william singer who in turn would bribe coaches, administrators, even testing centers. the goal was to cheat to inflate s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores or make non-athletes into athletes. they say loughlin paid $500,000
6:51 pm
to have their two daughters recruited to the university of south carolina's crew team even though the girls had never rode. huffman paid $15,000 to boost her daughter's s.a.t. score. by cheating, it went up 400 points. huffman is out on a $250,000 bond. they'll face felony mail fraud charges that could get them 20 years. those are the same charges that actor jussie smollett could face, accused of orchestrating a hate crime hoax was back in court. smollett is sticking to his story saying he was attacked by two men who yelled racist and homophobic slurs and shouted this is maga country. during the next court appearance, cameras will be allowed. to which his attorneys said, good, so the public can see the
6:52 pm
evidence and lack thereof. >> sean: here with reaction, judge alex. also, alan dershowitz. professor, let me begin with you. i -- both of my kids are athletes, and they started when they were 7. they traveled the country. they and every one of their friends, they all got recruited to college for their sport. and they all worked very hard. it is a grind. the kids that study that get 15, 1600s on the s.a.t.s, i hear this. they can face 20 years in jail? >> well, look. i think the colleges have some responsibility here. they allowed coaches, unchecked, to decide who comes in.
6:53 pm
it was an invitation to scandal. if you have one person who can make the decision to admit somebody, it's very easy to bribe one person. you know, i think one of the reasons that harvard was not involved -- i'm proud of having been at that institution -- is because admissions are made by a committee. even if you bribe one or two people, no evidence anybody at harvard was ever bribed, you'd have to bribe -- >> they don't give out -- >> -- responsibility. >> sean: i'm pretty sure -- >> they don't, but they still do admit students. look, the harvard basketball team has been doing very well. not only athletically, but also academically. but, you know, they -- they don't give scholarships, but they give preferences to athletes. they give preferences to cello players. one of the problems is that no
6:54 pm
one flunks out of college anymore. therefore, there's no check. you can get students who are unqualified and they'll sail through college with their b or b pluses. >> sean: i'm sure as a professor, you see the difference. it's got to be very transparent. judge, i want to get your thoughts on this. do you think the penalty could be that severe? >> no. i think you're always going to give the maximum because that's a number that gets people's attention. no judge is going to give the moms or the dads 20 years in prison for this, but is it a serious crime? it absolutely. let's make a distinction here for people saying come on, what parent wouldn't go out of their way to get their son or daughter a job or into a university. we're not calling the moms who call the sorority sister and say, can you write a letter of recommendation for my daughter? could you get her an interview? we're talking about serious felony. bribed people to get their children a spot in a school
6:55 pm
which -- which kicked out somebody who really deserved that spot. in order to get the tax break for that, actually paid the money through this front that's supposedly a charity so they could then take a tax deduction for the bribery payments they made, which is absolutely outrageous. >> sean: you're going to know if they played the sport before in two seconds. >> looking for arresting felicity huffman at gunpoint. >> sean: i hate -- >> come on. a little bit of common sense. >> i agree with that. >> sean: all right. thank you both. when we come back, our villain of the day doesn't want you to eat beef. we'll tell you why. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis,
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>> sean: new york city's mayor bill de blasio proposing meatless monday in public schools to fight global warming.
7:00 pm
how did he get in charge? you can't get salt on the table at a restaurant in the arguments or ask for it. we will never be the destroy-trump media mob. we are fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham. ready, big show tonight. >> laura: about coming on your show tomorrow night or what? >> sean: i hope so. >> laura: is really bad when i invite myself on your show? i messaged and said why don't i come on your show. there was too long of a gap. >> sean: are you in new york city tonight? >> laura: yes. and my down or up? we are in the same building. >> sean: i don't know where i am either. >> laura: fantastic. we are going to extend your conversation on lisa page tonight. sean, thank you. teach my night. i am laura ingraham and this is beating from new york city tonight. the radical new democrats are


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