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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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how did he get in charge? you can't get salt on the table at a restaurant in the arguments or ask for it. we will never be the destroy-trump media mob. we are fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham. ready, big show tonight. >> laura: about coming on your show tomorrow night or what? >> sean: i hope so. >> laura: is really bad when i invite myself on your show? i messaged and said why don't i come on your show. there was too long of a gap. >> sean: are you in new york city tonight? >> laura: yes. and my down or up? we are in the same building. >> sean: i don't know where i am either. >> laura: fantastic. we are going to extend your conversation on lisa page tonight. sean, thank you. teach my night. i am laura ingraham and this is beating from new york city tonight. the radical new democrats are out for blood.
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but pelosi is standing in their way. this is getting better and better. congressman devin nunes is here. word tonight i think biden is jumping into the 2020 arrays. i'm so happy. someone should tell the democrats their two front runners are white men with the combined age of 153. it's good if you are a first growth bordeaux. that debate and highlights from today's wacky biden event with the firefighters. and to an "ingraham angle" update. portland state is responding to this show after we covered the anti-free speech tugs at school last week. first, the elites admitting privileges. that's the focus of tonight angle. we have heard a lot about white privilege lately from the social justice crowd. this idea that whiteness itself can be an asset, a proxy for a
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class or other social privilege. but today we saw what the real abusive privilege looks like when elites of different ethnic backgrounds and races use their money to buy status. educational status, that is. for their children. what do manual and recast, ceo of hercules capital, doug college, former chief operating officer of pimco, actresses felicity huffman, lori loughlin, and gordon claflin, powerhouse of the international law firm all have in common? they were among the 33 parents and nine athletic coaches across the country charged in a $25 million bribery scheme to get their kids into top colleges. >> numerous parents paid singer between $15,075,000 to have have someone take the exam for their
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child or correct the answers afterwards. parents paid singer money he used to bribe coaches and administrators to designate their children as recruited athletes for various schools. these parents are a catalog of wealth and privilege. this case is about the widening corruption of elite college admissions through the steady application of wealth combined with fraud. there can be no separate college admissions system for the wealthy and i will add there will not be a separate criminal justice system either. >> laura: dubbed operation varsity blues, a web of fraud, chaos of labs going back to 2011 until just last month. celebs and titans of industry shelled out huge money to university staff's universities who would designate their kids as athletes. athletes applications get considered under lowered standards at many schools. >> every year hundreds of thousands of hardworking,
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talented students strive for admission to elite schools. the students work harder and harder every year in a system that appears to grow more and more competitive every year. that system is a zero-sum game. for every student admitted through fraud, and honest, genuinely talented student was rejected. >> laura: another man at the center of this fraud is the guy you heard referenced earlier, william singer, otherwise known as rick singer, the founder of a college prep firm called the edge college and career network. he pled guilty today and is cooperating. "the sacramento bee" quoting local college admissions counselor, margie amick, a saying singer would tell parents that he could get their child into the college of their choice. professional education consultants don't say i can get you into a specific particular college. part of the singer magic was allegedly having expert testtakers take act and s.a.t.
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tests for his clients. also the added bonus of photo shopping applicants' heads onto random athletic looking bodies. in "the new york times" piece about this, the focus was partly on how today's high-pressure application environment affects this. the charges underscored how college admissions have become so cutthroat and competitive that some have sought to break the rules. well, guess what. the process is been super competitive for decades especially since universities have increased admissions of foreign students. this is no excuse, though, for gaming the system. in this case, that's just breaking the rules but breaking the law. >> something you long believed to be true but realized isn't. >> good behavior is rewarded. >> laura: don't you miss larry king's laugh? that's what i call a "desperate housewives." apparently driven to desperate
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and illegal measures. just a few years earlier, huffman was tweeting this photo of herself demanding respect and equality. you see the hashtag about our daughters. i guess that equality wouldn't apply to the girls applying opposite of her daughters for the same college slot. here's how i see all of this. there was a time when college is used two mostly admit on merit, mainly test scores plus our products and extracurriculars. then they started various legal forms of corruption. legacy admissions, lowered standards for athletes, admission for big donors, and of course affirmative action. but this latest bust takes the corruption to an entirely new level. where the elites played the process, turning what was the partial scam into a full-scale bracket. once college admissions is perceived as a scam, well, guess
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what, it attracts scam artists. the solution is to bus these scammers but also to reconsider the legal schemes the elites have used and abused for years. which only hurts the hardworking qualified kids who deserve admission like the prosecutor s. the reputation of elite colleges was built on merit, and these institutions were envisioned as wrongs for those with the qualifications for those to climb up the ladder. they were not supposed to be clubs for the elites. now we need to return to the principle of merit-based admission again. make the lawbreakers pay in this case but also it's time to look at the institutionalized abuses of the admissions process across the board, especially since a lot of these schools are being subsidized in one way or another by the taxpayers. and that's the angle. all right, joining me now, harmeet dhillon, turning
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republican party official, danley is the cofounder of solomon admissions. christopher hawn is a college as a consultant for college as a mentor. all right, i don't know who this story is more damaging to, universities who've moved far left and obviously this is terrible for them. or the elites who are so desperate to get their kids into what they think are the best schools ever. thinking to myself is it worth going to jail? is it really worth it? what really is going on here? >> i don't think these parents ever thought they were going to get caught. when you look at some of the secretly recorded testimony, it's clear they kind of thought they were going to get away with it and its wink, wink, nudge, nudge. that's one issue. as you mentioned, these kids have this entitlement mentality and everybody gets a reward. everybody's number one. there is no such thing as competition anymore. so if your kids are already spoiled brats, just -- to be
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very frank. parents are waiting, maybe they weren't paying attention. i think it's very bad for these individual parents but you know this is the first shoe that's going to drop. it's probably much bigger scandal. >> laura: christopher, you were quoted in "the new york times" piece written about this today and i know there's a lot of good college consultants out there who are just trying to advise parents who i think right now are very overwhelmed. people are overwhelmed with his process. if i had a dollar for the number of friends of mine -- my kids are young still. friends of mine are like oh, my god, i'm doing this college admissions. it's a nightmare. if you don't know somebody. a friend of mine kids got an 800 s.a.t., 790, incredible kid. didn't get into princeton. got into a couple really good schools but was basically who sagged at the ivs. i'm like good for you. go to great state school. what are your thoughts here? how deep is the corruption? >> well, in terms of
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criminality, think it's pretty shallow. i doubt this guys the only one who has bribed or attempted to make a direct payment, but in terms of how you want to define corruption, in terms of a process, clearly there is something other than merit at work across the board at ivy league schools. perhaps that's even what the harvard lawsuit was getting out. >> laura: we are going to get to that in the moment with the guest was denied a position at harvard because of what they described to be just, trade practices. regarding the criminality, we have tax fraud. bank fraud. we have people making charitable contributions, getting write-offs for charities that didn't exist relates to charity, it existed pass-through. we don't have to debate the legal issues here. this goes right to the heart of this question that a lot of parents today are asking.
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is this really worth it, this struggle to get into these top 50 schools? is it really worth it in the end? >> it can be worth it depending on what your current goals are. for instance a lot of the genes we work with want to go into investment banking. so for investment banking recording, you definitely want to go to a set of target schools. those target schools being the ivy league schools. for a lot of students, we work with them in eighth or ninth grade. we basically plan their activities. >> laura: can i say something about that. we plan. i have a problem with this. we have chatted. we plan their extracurricular activities. how about pick up a rake question like that is my extracurricular activity. go play softball down the street. pick up a rake. this whole thing is a scam. if they want to play a sport or if they want of the volunteer, good for them. but when adults are telling kids you've got to have this check, this check, they kids like what?
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maybe those particular kids should go to a state school or maybe they should go to an ivy league school even though they don't know someone really well-connected to the university. that legacy thing, i'm sorry. i was privileged to go to great school. i worked my tail off to get there. i don't think my kid should have any special treatment at the school i went to. i absolutely do not think they should. i am on the record saying that, by the way. >> i completely agree with you. a lot of the students we work with, they are very self-motivated and so they will come to us and say you know i would like to go to stanford or harvard and they want us to tell them literally how to get there. >> laura: parents want to live vicariously through their kids and this olivia jade talked about her college experience on march 8th. she was on a television show. she is the daughter of felicity huffman and -- excuse me, lori loughlin and her husband, mossimo giannulli. let's watch. >> mostly my parents really
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wanted me to go because both of them didn't go to college and then -- >> they did all right. >> they did fine. hypocrites. [laughs] so happy they made me go. it's like the coolest thing getting dms from girls. i'm applying to college. what do you do? >> what you do? these daughters have, they are big on instagram. >> laura: big social media influences and they make a lot of money. it's capitalism. free market. i've no problem with that. >> it's great. you should pursue it. they did not take a slot away from someone else. a couple things going on. one thing is to supply students has outstripped the demand. you talked about foreign students but the federal government subsidizing anybody wants to the college means that people who shouldn't be going to college are going to college and that's really crowding out legitimate competition." us. the reason the scam was able to go on is that they are set aside at each of these top schools for
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sports and apparently there is no actual standard. they don't check whether they're good at sports or anything like that. they let the men. then they proceed not even participate in those ports at all. i just wonder, there's also no quality control the schools. >> laura: the foreign students are part of it. that was different from when you and i will, we both went to dartmouth. it's big and it's opened up and a lot of them pay cash. colleges like that. chris, there's a lot of factors. forbes has published pieces by people who say is it worth it. you still make more money in general you go to college than if you don't go to college. but we have this huge weight of college debt. $1.5 trillion outstanding college debt today. i think the average kid was about $20,000, which most people probably will be able to pay off a lot of people want. what about that? what about that aspect of it at a lot of these kids don't even get jobs in the areas of study that they majored in. that's another issue that keeps
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getting raised informed and beyond. >> well, the group you are talking about here is elite colleges. you're talking about the ivy league and stanford. >> laura: we are talking about wake forest, you texas. his modules ivy league. chris, it's wake forest, it's ut. usc, and a number of others. i was kind of surprised to see them on the list. they are great schools but again, you're going to commit a federal crime. you kind of blew off the crime but you're going to commit multiple federal crimes? maybe this is the job you do and everybody bribes everybody but it's against the law. to do what they did. that's why we had 200 investigators on the case because regular kids don't get into the schools because the elite kids coddled kids that harmeet was talking about, gets the doors open for them or mommy daddy pay for. the taxpayer subsidize it to. >> i think you would want to divide the elite into, it's not
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uniform. there's the elite who have power and influence, and they are already getting into schools as legacies. for example, if your name was bush, it was pretty easy to get into yale. >> laura: i pointed that out in the angle. that's the first level of corruption. we are now at the actual illegal level of corruption. >> so probably the people who are committing these crimes were the elite who felt they didn't have access and then were tempted with an angle, which was through the sports window. it's a smaller group. clearly it's a search for access where you have none. >> laura: yeah, i think that's a fair point. what happens to be illegal. harmeet, are they going to make an example out of them? felicity huffman was trotting around the court sketches today. >> they need to. this is federal tax crime, wire fraud. taking advantage of other kids. racketeering is part of this as well for some of the
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participants. >> laura: two cooperating defendants both played, one of the coaches and singer himself. >> the prosecutor said their other shoes that are going to drop as well. >> laura: expert panel, thank you so much. fascinating topic. in our next guest graduated numr one from his high school. he aced 17 advanced placement classes in high school. show off. excelled in extra curricular activities and scored high in his college admissions test. despite that, harrison chen was rejected from harvard. he is supportive of a lawsuit against harvard claiming determination against asian-americans saying that college process has "created institutions have failed to reward merit." harrison chen joins us. harrison, when the story came out and you saw complicity of some college officials, do that surprise you at all? >> not really, i guess. >> laura: what do you think about this? how does this make you feel
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after having got rejected at harvard? harvard is not one of the schools i believe implicated. not yet, harmeet says. yale is in a number of other top schools. these are wealthy people who can pay people either to take their tests, you actually took your own test, correct, harrison? you didn't pay someone to take your test question ? he took your test and they had people pay or they photoshopped heads on athletic bodies and falsified athletic records. this clearly is a far cry from the merit-based system you're asking for. >> definitely. i would deftly say that. >> laura: what are the student reaction? any scuttlebutt on campus? >> excuse me? sorry. >> laura: excuse me? >> sorry, i didn't get that. >> laura: are students reacting? >> i had a friend talk about it. we were really surprised. >> laura: not surprised because you're used to this type of, you're used to this type of privilege being flaunted and
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utilized to try open doors? >> i guess it was kind of an unsaid thing that most college students wouldn't be surprised to hear about this news. >> laura: unbelievable. harmeet, it shouldn't surprise you, right? >> it doesn't surprise me because you got people who have all the money the world and you have all these loopholes are there for exploitation, this is what smart people do. and desperate people. these people are desperate to get this badge, if you well, that's required to proceed in our society. maybe it shouldn't be but in any event what they did was totally illegal on multiple levels. take aside the illegality, used to let people participating in sports just for getting into college. that's a form of corruption. you have -- >> laura: it supposed to be about learning. i played three sports. i was a big athlete, love sport sports. love them. the part of my life.
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academics was always first. >> academics is always first. when you look at the profile of these people most of them are white, okay, they are taking spaces from asians. >> laura: this is a kind of privilege that alexandria ocasio-cortez and the crowd, that they should be focusing on because this truly is the use of positions of privilege to open doors. i don't pick it has anything to do with the color of your skin. it has everything to do with the money and the -- in some cases, celebrity. big time financial. wilkie far. did you interview? >> chairman of wilkie far. so many of them had two homes. that's the level of privilege we are talking about here. >> laura: while, all of you who didn't get into one of those goals and applied, well, at least you're not in jail. panel, thanks so much. up next to more believable we have another case of corruption on our college campuses. this time involving a foreign info. and then well, it now is
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>> laura: more attempted cheating of the american education system tonight, if you can believe it. we brought you the outrageous stories of birthright citizenship motels, i've used primarily by the russians and chinese, but now the plot has thickened. today the doj revealed that federal authorities arrested five people in a scheme to help chinese nationals obtain student visas. in the u.s. investigators say students hire the defendants to take the required english proficiency test for the visas by using fake passports. the u.s. requires foreign citizens who wish to enter the country on a temporary basis to study at a college or university to first obtain an f-1 student visa. members of the cheating ring are accused of impersonating chinese nationals at test centers across southern california. is there something in the water in california with all this cheating on tests? they face up to ten years in
7:26 pm
federal prison if convicted of conspiracy, identity theft, and using a false passport. >> i appreciate the energy you showed when i got appear. save it a little longer. i may need it in a few weeks. be careful what you wish for. be careful what you wish for. >> laura: okay, well, congressional source revealing to "the hill" newspaper that joe biden is definitely jumping into the 2020 race, as he appears to allude to in the remarks we just played. the biden you saw today is not necessarily striking fear into the hearts of potential democratic opponents. he gave a bit of a rambler of his speech, one in which he repeated himself over and over and over. >> my name is joe biden. i am joe biden's husband. community, community, community.
7:27 pm
not hyperbole, not hyperbole, not hyperbole. literally, literally, literally. not a joke. not a joke. not a joke. not a joke. not a joke. >> laura: [laughs] okay. wait a second. is that a real montage? his potential entry into the 2020 race is important because it means the two current democratic front rotors nationally in iowa and new hampshire have a combined age of 153 years old. it is not going to fly in this new more diverse democratic party and what exactly does biden bring to the table? he was vp for eight years under president obama who was granted unlimited goodwill and his beloved to this day. but what did they actually achieve? well, joining me now is doug schoen, fox news contributor and former advisor to president bill clinton. and rochelle ritchie, former congressional press secretary for house democrats. great to see both of you.
7:28 pm
doug, let's start with you. that was an odd address. i wish we had an hour to play the full sound bites but let's just say maybe he's a little rusty. could that be -- >> i think he's rusty but there's also, with joe biden, laura, let's be frank, a history of let's call it restiveness, inappropriate remarks, rambling. and he's already offended this activist left-wing by saying nice things about two republicans most recently vice president mike pence. there is the ready for prime time. this is may be passed prime time ready. >> laura: i was wondering, ed rendell, he is a beloved former governor of pennsylvania. ed rendell is actually very excited about the biden candidacy. let's watch. >> we will have trouble winning if we don't get back some of those white working-class
7:29 pm
democrats who voted for donald trump. the best person in our field without any shadow of a doubt to bring them back is joe biden. >> laura: rochelle, is at the future of the democratic party? 153 years combined of the two front runners. >> they are still in a position to run our country but i think biden is the hope for the democratic party right now. the reason why say that is he's going to be more of a moderate candidate than what we are seeing right now from someone such as bernie sanders, who was also leading. i think the problem biden however will have is that people are going to continue to associate him with obama. so you're going to have a lot of obama supporters coming out saying yes, go biden. then you can have those people they don't like obama or didn't like obama saying i don't know. so he's going to really have to put out his plan if he becomes president where he focuses -- >> laura: honestly. again, don't turn it into a thing on trump. >> why not? >> laura: because i'm focusing
7:30 pm
on democrats right now. we know what you think of the republicans. there could be a drinking game with how many times joe biden uses the word literally. it's one of my pet peeves. people use the word literally incorrectly all the time but it's usually the kids like in the colleges are the ones who didn't get into the colleges. >> he gave a rambling speech, as trump has given rambling speeches as well. i don't really think this is an indication of his ability to lead or to speak in front of a crowd. as doug said, biden is kind of a wild card. he kind of does his own thing and reality. i think what democrats are going to have to do is there going to have to take i would say some supporters some advice from someone like congresswoman cheri bustos who i worked for in the house and -- >> laura: no one knows who that is. i'm sorry. why are they taking advice from her? with all due respect. >> she won a district trump won and she wanted by 20 points. >> laura: got it.
7:31 pm
senator gillibrand, she's also concerned because the party is changing. everybody knows it. >> so is she. she started out as a moderate conservative democrat. >> laura: pro-gun rights. remember her? speak a word for tobacco. look, the democrats need a moderate. ed rendell is right. the question is, is joe biden, at a time when the party is as you say more diverse, more oriented towards women and minorities, going to go for a man who will be 78 at the end of the campaign? doesn't make a lot of sense, though we don't have anybody else because of the party for me has left moderates like ed rendell and myself far behind. >> laura: literally when he's criticized for saying i worked with republicans and we could get things done, that's considered -- completely radical. he's a radical for saying that. kirsten gillibrand is upset. she's not upset about our own problem with sexual harassment
7:32 pm
scandal in her office but she is upset about something else. watch. >> does it worry you to see the top three being white guys? >> yeah. i aspire for our country to recognize the duty of our diversity at some point in the future i hope more people of color not only aspire and win the presidency, because that's what makes america so extraordinary. we are all of that. we are everything. i think a more inclusive america is a stronger america. >> laura: is that, is that, is that it? >> i don't believe in identity politics and i think in this election people into vote for who they think is the best candidate. don't vote for someone because they are black. don't vote for someone because they are white or a man or woman. kirsten gillibrand, she's the -- she said she wanted more than 50% of congress to be made up of women. she really does pander into this sort of identity politics that i don't agree with at all. >> laura: i want to take a
7:33 pm
trip down memory lane because when i was a few years out of college, joe biden ran for president. let's watch. >> i do it with incredible reluctance, and it makes me angry. i'm angry with myself for having been put in the position, put myself in the position of having to make this choice. >> laura: his choice at that point was to drop out because he had plagiarized a book by neil connect. it shows you how long these guys been around. i could make the argument, give a new person a try. you are a little long in the tooth. >> i think that's what democratic primary voters are inclined to do. the problem is they are not really electable. he is more electable that he's going to have a tough time getting nominated, laura. >> harris is a -- biden and harris is a winning ticket. >> laura: i'm going to make a production, biden-beto. is nancy pelosi losing control of her own party?
7:34 pm
doug was referencing it. how the radical newcomers are taking the career congresswoman to the brink in a push for impeachment. congressman devin nunes here to react next. d by over... 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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>> laura: the democratic party becoming even more divided as far left lawmakers continue to break with speaker nancy pelosi on her opposition to impeaching the president. >> do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> i think i've already made that very clear. >> i know a lot of members in the caucus have a different opinion. but that's why we caucus. >> do you have a different opinion? >> i happen to, yes. >> i'm confident the impeachment should go forward. >> laura: here with reaction, california congressman devin nunes. congressman, is pelosi losing control of our party at this point? >> i would look at it as more of a tactical move. nancy pelosi definitely wants to impeach the president. they just want to find more evidence. so she is taken out of position
7:39 pm
that ultimately i think she will come around if they do in fact find their mythical animal they are looking for on collusion, obstruction, or any of trump's business deals. i see it as a tactical move. i wouldn't read a lot into it up and then that it's something they normally do. she's just saying something publicly that privately she probably is not saying to her members. >> laura: the congressman into the tactical play. very interesting. your colleague, house intel chair adam schiff, has spent the better part of two years claiming the president was in bed with the russians, right? >> there's clear evidence on the issue of collusion. >> for people who wonder what does collusion look like, bob mueller has told us. >> have democrats found any evidence of collusion? >> yes we have. >> laura: wow, this is amazing. he had evidence but given all that he laid out, congressman nunes, it was surprising to hear
7:40 pm
schiff offer this. >> we'll be necessary to make an impeachment of bipartisan process would have to be extraordinarily clear and compelling. i don't foreclose the possibility that the mueller investigation will produce that. or that our own will but i think the speakers absolutely right. >> laura: is he part of this tactical kind of underplaying this now because they don't think mueller is going to deliver all the goods? or is there something else going on? >> they have been all for impeachment. if they really believed the president of the united states is being controlled by the kremlin, this is what they've said. this is what they promised mueller would produce. this will be spent tens of minutes of dollars of american taxpayer money to prove collusion. so now that they are moving off of that, i wouldn't take it as that they are giving up. remember, they have opened up an entire investigation where they are going to supposedly go after all of trump's businesses. i think what this is is a tactical pullback from mueller, and they're going to go once
7:41 pm
again out drilling wells looking for the oil, the gold, whatever you want to college. >> laura: congressman, i want to move on to another startling development with the hillary, you know, nonprosecution of hillary and the private email server, destruction of emails and so forth. lisa page's full testimony, her transcript was released today. i think it was congressman collins who pushed for that and here's a part of what she said. she said "we had multiple conversations with the justice department about bringing a gross negligence charge, meaning against hillary, that's the device we got from the departme, they did not think it was constitutionally bag and not sustainable. in other words, they discussed charging hillary but justice said no, no, no that won't work. what do the american people need to understand about just that one excerpt? >> well, let's just take other
7:42 pm
cases that are very similar. we have many cases where you have sailors for example who took some pictures that appeared to be fun pictures but they had classified equipment in the picture. they got kicked out of the navy and sentence. multiple examples where somebody takes classified information accidentally. they get prosecuted. this was done on purpose, private server of emails being sent to the private server. the private server disappears. later email show up that are classified. any person in the military or in the intelligence agencies would have been fired or even worse, put in jail. those are the facts. >> laura: i think what happens is our viewers watch this. they have seen this all laid out over the last two years plus, congressman. then they get demoralized because they say all this stuff happens, going back to what they were accusing kavanaugh of, leaks from feinstein's office it
7:43 pm
looks like. no repercussions on no repercussions in a case where regular americans, military men and women, get prosecuted and get the book thrown at them. but again, going back to what we talked about earlier in the show, the college admission scam, people seem to get away with the stuff. so people get discouraged. do you have confidence that the new attorney general bill barr, should he and will he look into this? >> look, hear it every day but i want to give your viewers and use some help. there are people here in washington every day going brick by brick trying to bust down through this wall. look, we've been doing this for two years. the house intelligence committee republicans, everything we've done is now being proven to be true. everything the democrats have done and said in the reports, memos that have put out have proven to be false. you have them now changing their tactics from where going to go down the impeachment road to now something else. we continue to work on the house
7:44 pm
intelligence committee, we will be making several criminal referrals and we hope that the justice department will take these up. >> laura: one is that going to happen? one of those criminal referrals going to be made? >> i would guess sometime in the next two, three, four weeks. we'd like to see within the mueller report. i would also remind you, laura, that we are going to have a deposition from both christopher steele and david kramer. these are two witnesses that either play the fifth or wouldn't come to present before the congress. we do okay, well, we are waiting with baited breath because this is just a joke. you're always trying to lay out the facts for us and we really appreciate it, congressman. a lot more to get to tonight. updates on the story out of portland state that we brought you last week where a conservative speaker was shut down, the most disgusting display of rudeness and just left-wing usual wednesday eight tactics. new details on the jussie
7:45 pm
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>> shannon: there is new video tonight of jussie smollett ahead of his court date later this
7:49 pm
week on 16 federal charges connected to his hate crime hoax. the empire actor appeared in the chicago court room to "show his confidence" in his innocence. as the judge determines whether cameras should be allowed in the courtroom going forward, neither state smollett's defense team objected to the request made by the media. smollett's attorney says they want everyone to hear the real story. >> we welcome cameras in the courtrooms over the public and the media can see the actual evidence and what we believe is actually going to be the lack of evidence against mr. smollett and we look forward to complete transparency and the truth coming out. >> laura: excellent. good for us and you. now despite the federal indictment, many high-profile individuals are still standing by jussie. queen latifah, tyler perry, even maxine waters have either doubled down on their support or refused to comment following the latest revelation. we will stay on this story.
7:50 pm
and we also have an update on the story we told you about last week about that anti-free-speech dog on a certain college campus campus. protesters with cowbells of course interrupted that conservative blogger as he spoke at portland state university during a college republicans meeting. we reached out to 17 people at that university to come on our show last thursday to provide a statement to us about free speech on campus, what they are doing to protect it, only the media relations department ever got back to us. as promised, we followed up on the story and we asked portland state officials today if there have been any arrests or any kind of action taken against that protester. well, received another statement. "the individual who disrupted the meeting is not a current student at portland state. if he was a student, he would be
7:51 pm
subject to psu's student code of conduct that has sanctions for violating rules governing student conduct." now remember, police stood by for an hour while this man tried to derail a conservative event. the university says that protester didn't break any laws. free-speech experts however still beg to differ. and after a prominent greenpeace canada member took climate alarmists to task this morning on "fox & friends," president trump quoted him on twitter. in response, the media immediately relying jackals on the president. the independent u.k. blaring trump repeats false claims. cnn headline call the president's tweet his latest denial of science. "huffington post" claims trump parents antiscience misinformation. but is that accurate? we put that question to a man who started climate change for 35 years, greg wright stone is a
7:52 pm
geologist and author of the book "inconvenient facts, the signs that al gore does not want you to know." it should be noted that apple approved an app that he built for this book but then they pulled her down. greg, i want to begin this, with dire warnings about carbon. the united nations issued a warning to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was at levels not seen in 3 million years. that's a long time, greg. that sounds scary. why are you denying the impact of this? you denier. >> yeah, well, the fact of the matter is we increased carbon dioxide by about 120 parts per million since the beginning of the industrial revolution. we are a little over 400 now. to put that in perspective, throughout its history prior to our current period, the average co2 levels on earth were 2600 parts per million. six and half times what they are right now and are thrived.
7:53 pm
so this is really a minor increase in carbon dioxide. it needs to be put in the long term perspective and we see it's really just a blip. the other thing is that what i'm talking around the country, my talks usually center around how rising temperatures and increasing co2 are benefiting the earth and humanity. we have seen tremendous benefits from increasing co2. co2 fertilization effect is benefiting the land. >> laura: greg, i also want to get your thoughts on the idea that we will see massive famines because of climate change. here is bill nye the science guy. >> the agriculture in north america is going to have to move north into what would nominally be canada. we don't have the railroads and roads to get food from that area to where we needed around the world. the longer we messed around and not address the problem, the more difficult it's going to be. >> laura: are you ready to
7:54 pm
plow fields in saskatchewan? come on. >> i don't think so. what we have seen is -- what he's doing and it's born to look at this, a lot of what we hear from people like bill nye is speculation about what might happen 30, 50, or 80 years in the future based on failed climate models that predate global warming. we know that throughout human history, warming periods like we are in now and yes we are in a warming period, it's been warming for over 300 years. those warming periods were hugely beneficial, with bountiful crops, bountiful food. it was the cold periods that were really bad in between. that's when famine occurs. completely opposite of what bill nye is telling you. >> laura: really quick. the claim that it's not just famines we need to worry about but massive droughts too. his nasa climate scientist. >> in our projections what we're saying is that with climate change many of these type of droughts will likely last for
7:55 pm
20, 30, sometimes even 40 years. these droughts really represent events that nobody in the history of the united states has ever had to deal with. >> laura: okay, nasa is never wrong. really quick, greg. >> they are wrong here. if you have my app, you can see. i look at the massive droughts of the 20th century and we've seen most of those occurred before 1960. these were the really bad droughts, and they are in decline. >> laura: we'll be right back. we appreciate that. i hope apple reconsiders and puts your app back up. we'll be back with the last bit bite. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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>> laura: alexandria ocasio-cortez ran into a buzz saw today. >> should wells fargo be held responsible for the damages incurred by climate change due to the financing of fossil fuels in these projects? >> i don't know how you would calculate that, congresswoman. >> and help with the cleanup from the leaks of the dakota access pipeline? >> i'm not aware of the leaks associated with that the dakota
8:00 pm
access pipeline that you're describing. >> laura: the point was the bank didn't build the pipeline, which is what he said. we didn't build it, okay? we just financed it. we did our own risk assessment. my friends, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team is next and they are in new york. shannon, take it away. >> shannon: with that a little bit more of that hearing too, thank you very much, laura. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. leslie hoffman released on a $250,000 bond tonight. plus gloria laughlin along with almost 50 other wealthy individuals implicated in a college admissions bribery scam, exactly how it worked and just how high up into the ivy league world does it go? we will give you details. and stick around for lara trump. she joins me in studio. she's got plenty to say about that scandal. plus she responds to the breakfast club's interview with us last night taking shots at the commander in chief, why she think the president should vision what has been dubbed the world's m


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