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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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life from your city taking over the 9:00 p.m. hour in seconds, ladies and judgment, sean hannity. >> sean: listening to the discussion you had, how about the american people are smart. we let them decide what they listen to, what they watch, and and... conservatives stood up for bill maher, like me, in the politically incorrect days, and you and rush. great show, tucker and hang in there. we are all behind you. welcome to "hannity." day two of the scandal that's rocking the entire world of higher education. dozens of wealthy families, business executives and yes, hollywood celebrities caught rigging the system, paying huge crimes, fixing s.a.t. and act scores, also their little children, there are skids could gain admission into some of america's top universities the men at the very center of
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this fraud is named william rick singer. he is cooperating with federal authorities apparently naming names. hours ago, full house actors lori loughlin appeared in court to face charges for her involvement in this game and was released. a one million-dollar bond. the same amount as our kelly. she had her husband are accused of paying half a million dollars for their two daughters could get into usc as purported crew athletes. they never were crew rowers ever. they never played once. they even went as far as to photoshop pictures. fellow actress felicity huffman was arrested at gunpoint during a raid by multiple fbi agents after she was accused of paying thousands of dollars to fake her daughter's s.a.t. scores. according to the university of southern california, students who benefited from this fraud may now get kicked out of the college. that should be the least of their worries because their parents now apparently they will be facing up to 20 years behind
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bars. so far, 50 people have been charged including multiple college athletic coaches, school administrators, several s.a.t., act officials and fraudster william rick singer claimed to have successfully serviced over 80800 clients who paid him tens and tens of thousands on in some cases millions of dollars. unbelievable. why? status, bragging rights, so they could tell their friends that their privilege children got into the vesicles even though in reality their children weren't good enough academically or weren't good enough athleticall athletically. they stopped on the futures of other people, this is a zero-sum game, there's only some lisa watson's schools children not us financially will offer kids kids went to work for everything, kids who put in the time academically or athletically, thousands and thousands of hours studying and training and actually earning their grades were positioned in their sport.
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kids who spent all this time on and off the field to better themselves and enrich the school with their incredible athletic ability. kids who played sports competitively, most kids now they focus on one sport since about the time they are seven. i know because i've lived through. if found guilty, those involved in the scandal are the new faces of yes, greed, corruption and selfishness in a rare moment of honesty even fake news cnn donald lemmon summed it up like this. take a look. >> this is an america that can be deeply unfair were hard work doesn't necessarily pay off. where if you have money, you can buy anything because just about everything is for sale. including integrity. for sale. a whole lot of people have real good reason to believe the system is rigged against them. listen, this is what donald trump tapped into and in a lot of ways, guess what, he was right.
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>> sean: thankfully 2020 democratic hopefuls were very, very excited about this. lifelong fraudster herself elizabeth warren, she is weighing in on the controversy because at this time or a time like this, warren is exactly the moral compass america needs. take a look. >> as a parent, how much sympathy would you have for these parents who are embroiled in this alleged cheating scandal? >> zero. >> sean: the same elizabeth warren, she laid on her texas bar registration, probably live to most of her employers in higher education harvard telling them she was native american literally faking what her race and background was to gain an advantage, senator warren the poster child for fraud in higher education. she's not the only 2020 demographics and claims of rampant hypocrisy. intimates 2020 hannity watch on the election, they have breaking news tonight. remember when the left told america that all claims of
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sexual misconduct, they are to be believed. no due process, no presumption of innocence necessary. apparently democrats don't apply that same standard to themselves, as we have learned tonight. a former aide to me to champion senator kirsten gillibrand from new york actually resigned after claims of sexual misconduct were allegedly swept under the rug. meanwhile, bernie sanders 2016 campaign is still dealing with allegations of sexual harassment. apparently believe all women is not a motto for the senator's campaign. it's not one they bade themselves and don't forget kamala harris. one of her top aides forced to resign because of sexual misconduct but only after details of his $400,000 payoff became public. brave senators. this will be an issue in 2020. we will have more on this later in the show but we turn now to a serious situation over american skies tonight out of an abundance of caution earlier today the president ordered all
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boeing 737 max 8, 9 planes grounded in light of new information from the ongoing investigation into the crash of ethiopian airlines flight 302. let's take a look. >> president trump: were going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9. airlines have been all notified. airlines are agreeing with this. the safety of the american people and all people as our paramount concern. boeing is an incredible company. they are working very, very hard right now. and hopefully they will very quickly come up with the answer, but until they do, the planes were grounded. >> sean: the president is making the right move tonight. his number one priority has always been protecting human life. he is pro-life. look what he try to do with the border, protect american citizens.
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4,000 homicides, 30,000 sexual assaults, in two years and 100,000 violent assaults by illegal immigrants. against americans. let me be more clear. i want to say this about boeing. boeing's great american company. they have created some of the best most reliable planes use worldwide. i want boeing to beat the french owned airbus in the open market and i know they will. all americans should be rooting for boeing to get to the bottom of this serious situation resolve it and get back to producing some of the best aircraft this world has ever seen and some of our fellow american citizens, they built this aircraft. we are going to bring you those development's as they continued on fold. first return to our hannity watch on the deep state. we have more breaking news tonight. for the past few nights right here on this program, we have been urging you to just hang on, be patient, because justices around the corner for all high-level government bureaucrats that we have been
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telling you about for two years, those involved in bringing clinton's investigation so she could remain the democratic candidate, those involved in trying to alter an impact election with russian lies they knew were allies but they disseminated them anyway. all while persecuting the trump campaign for something he never did or his campaign never did. tonight i will let congressman devin nunes give your preview of the coming attractions. take a look. >> we continue to work on the house intelligence committee. we will make keying several criminal referrals we hope the justice department will take these out. >> one of those criminal referrals going to be made? >> sometime in the next two, three, four weeks. would like to see was in the miller report. >> sean: my sources telling me tonight this will only be the tip of the iceberg. what's going to be happening in coming weeks will be major. could should be major, there will be more after that.
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it's not just coming from senator nunez, senator lindsey graham who will join us in a minute. kino has reopened the senate investigation into the fisa abuse scandal and remember we still have the inspector general's report we are waiting for as it relates to inspector general horowitz, senator graham as i said we'll be here in a moment. and also thanks to the courage of congressman collins of georgia, the full transport of the lisa page testimony, we now learned yesterday on learning more today that it was obama's department of justice actually directing the fbi not to charge hillary clinton with the standard in the law which was gross negligence. according to lisa page, "we had multiple conversations with the justice department about charging gross negligence and the justice department's assessment was that it was both constitutionally vague, really? so that they did not actually feel they could permissibly
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bring that charge and they needed a new standard. congressman radcliffe asked "you are making it sound like it was the department that told you you're not going to charge gross negligence which is in the statute because the prosecutors were telling you we are not going to." page responded, that is correct. that's correct? that means this was ordered by the department of justice of barack obama headed by loretta lynch. yes, the same attorney general at the time that met days before this decision secretly on the tarmac in phoenix with bill clinton supposedly 45 minutes talking about grand children. this was in the final days of that investigation. the same person who asked james comey, don't call this an investigation. we call it a matter. really? that wasn't an investigation? should have been. the same person who reports directly to barack obama. tonight we now have added a very important new component to this entire deep state issue.
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what did barack hussein obama know and when did he know it? this now takes it straight to the former president and the oval office, barack obama. thanks to paige, we also know the top fbi investigator, her boyfriend strzok viewed the investigation into trump russia collusion, that was the insurance policy that we knew they talked about. and they joined the russian investigation in order to build a case to impugn and potentially impeach the duly elected new president of the united states assuming that all their work and the release of all those lies and all of that propaganda and the dossier they disseminated to influence the american people before the vote in 2016. the only problem was there was collusion but it wasn't trump russia collusion. according to page, the fbi had absolutely no evidence after they started an investigation
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after exonerating hillary this investigation began in july of 2016, trump russia collusion. by the way, they went all the way through may of the next year. they found no evidence. this is before bob mueller was even appointed. they found nothing and here we are 665 days later into what is mueller's intensive investigation still zero signs of collusion. rand paul said today the president has been saying there should never happen to an american president in this country. this is the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal we've ever seen. the conclusion of the house intel committee, devin nunes committee, no russian collusion. the bipartisan senate investigation, no russia collusion. and for months, some people have been trying to tell me mueller is of good and honorable and decent man. he served his country. semper fi. he's a marine. impeccable integrity. i have wandered from day one why did bob mueller's staff this
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political investigation with only democratic donors. why would he ever hire hillary clinton supporters and a former clinton lawyer and no republicans. you've got to wonder if mueller has paid attention to all of the abuse of power and corruption we have exposed right here on the show for two years. i wonder if he has this fidelity to truth and the law. you know, soon we will all know the answer to that. but it's not a good sign that mueller, you know, points a guy like andrew weissmann. remember enron the accounting case, tens of thousands of people lost her job. this guy license to lie in sidney powell's book. withheld exculpatory evidence. that's mueller's pit bull andrew weissmann. then he put four merrill executives in jail for a full year. that was overturned by the fifth circuit. why would he ever be hired by
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mueller? today paul manafort case, liberals aren't going to be happy and less paul manafort days in jail. he was sentenced to more prison time for the second case would he have been involved in. none of them, we now have two cases, nothing to do with collusion whatsoever. here's his attorney earlier today. listen to the nice little protesters and resistance in the background. >> judge jackson conceded that there was absently no evidence of any russian collusion in this case. that makes 2 quarts. two courts have ruled no evidence of any collusion with any russian. part number two. -- [shouting] >> very sad day for such a -- a sentence that's totally unnecessary. >> sean: of the judge in the metaphoric cases pushing back saying that the russian investigation is not yet over. okay. tonight we have two congressional investigations.
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if you want to know the best sign that mueller is not going to find any russia collusion then look no further than the cowardly shift himself, adam sc. today busy in his favorite conspiracy based network msnbc. shifting the narrative, squirming when asked a simple question about his previous grandiose claims that he had evidence of collusion. take a look at my friend who uses my name to raise money. here's the cowardly shift. >> two years ago as you point out until the present day, there is ample evidence of collusion. but whether that evidence amounts to proof beyond reasonable doubt of criminal conspiracy would have to wait for bob mueller to determine. it is still very much my view the best evidence of the president's complicity as a general matter is the fact that he has been so deceptive about all these contacts time after time. >> sean: now the cowardly
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schiff is trying to shift the conversation away from collusion. take a look at this. >> if there is insufficient evidence in the mueller report and we are not able to produce sufficient evidence in our own investigation that ends the inquiry. there may be grounds for removal from office or there may be grounds for indictment after he leaves office that the congress discovers. one of the issues we are looking at which the mueller report may not cover is whether the russians were laundry money to the trump organization. our predominant concern in my comedians was this president, is this present compromised by a foreign power? >> sean: oh, right, so there's no collusion, than his committee is now going to spend -- we've been three years in this. this started in july of 2016. they will just keep investigating trump until the end of time. were going to be investigating what trump did in nursery school before this is said and done. hoping to find anything, their
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rage, their hatred is beyond the pale. this is dangerous to the country, what they have done. this is an abuse of power and will be exposed. senator lindsey graham of south carolina joins us now. senator, you have promised i want to go to this lisa page, a lot of credit to congressman collins in georgia. last week got the or testimony. this week we got the page. we have all of that, 302, gang of eight and the fisa warrant themselves. my question to you is simple. do we have to based on what lisa page said we now have to go back to hillary clinton if, in fact, the doj rank that from the get-go? >> there's two questions i think the public deserves an answer t to. did they short-circuit the clinton email investigation because they wanted her to win and they knew that if they charged her, she might lose? did they start the russia investigation against trump as an insurance policy in case he did win? those are the two questions that
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i will try to get you answers t to. >> sean: wears michael horowitz? john uber. >> three people are going to look at this. horwitz is going to look at the fisa abuse, did the geode -- doj get a warrant against an american citizen, carter page? >> i think they have the u.s. attorney acting as a quasi-mueller when it comes to all things doj fbi. i think we need a special counsel to look at the potential crimes by the department of justice the fbi regarding the clinton email investigation and the russian investigation against trump early on. the point is the congress, me, not going to happen in the house, we're going to call the mobile for the committee. they tried to invoke the 25th amendment to take the president down? did they get a warrant against an american citizen using
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information they know was flawed? did they taint the clinton email investigation because they were afraid that if they indicted her she would lose an election they wanted her to win. you're going to get answers to that the best i can give them to you. >> sean: senator this is brought to an even higher level but was released yesterday. to the attorney general loretta lynch's office. do we need her texts, or emails? does she need to be put under oath and more importantly what information did she give to the former president of the united states? wanted obama know and when did he know it as to all of this? >> here's the question of god. why would you decide not to charge them before you then talk to her? the point is it seems to me they were going to make sure he didn't go too far with the department of justice under loretta lynch was never going to let this email investigation go too far. before they even talked to her apparently they decided not to charge her and when they did
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talk to her they talk to her without being under oath. they gave a lot of people immunity in the clinton email investigation for no good reason. so here's what i think happen. i think the clinton email investigation was short-circuited because they did not want to compromise her ability to win the election. they hated trump scots, they started the beginning of the russia investigation before he won as an insurance policy in case he did win. >> sean: here's another problem. releasing the fisa, 302, gang of eight. i don't know why the president hasn't signed off. i guess -- i hope he does. here's the interesting part. in bruce ohr's testimony last week we thought we knew now we know. bruce ohr said he warned everybody in august of 2016. hillary paid for it. it's taint. nobody has verified it or corroborated it. christopher steele hates
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donald trump and has an agenda and christopher steele -- if anyone said they verified it, we know it's not true because chris steele said he didn't know if is true himself. they couldn't have verified it but they used it for fisa warrants. >> it goes deeper than that. bruce ohr is telling the head of the investigation mccabe and others you can't rely on this dossier because the guy who created it hates trump. he's got a political agenda, right? so with that knowledge, they asked for a warrant on four different occasions against carter page. mccabe said without the dossier we would have never gotten a warrant. mccabe said that but it gets worse. after trump wins, combing gives them a copy of the dossier saying i want you to know this is out there. we can verify any of it but i just want you to know about it. it's the same document they gave to the court under oath.
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>> sean: wait, so comey signed off on the dossier on the warrant in october 2016. before donald trump was sworn in in january of 2017. salacious but unverified. james comey. you have a right to remain silent. >> how could that be? >> sean: because they were setting him up. >> because they were maybe setting him up. >> sean: thank you, senator. when we come back, we are more breaking news tonight. what congresswoman ocasio-cortez did this time. outrageous. newt gingrich will talk about the new radical democratic party. lara trump weighs in on democrats impeachment of session and later comrade bill de blasio doesn't like me and he said so and it's about meat also. a report straight ahead. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
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♪ >> sean: extreme democratic socialist party concerning their rush to their radical vision for america's future they're making sure to not let facts get in a way of anything. look at this. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez exposed while questioning the wells fargo ceo about migrant detention centers. watch this. >> mr. sloan, why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the caging of children to begin with? >> i don't know how to answer that question because we weren't. >> so you were -- >> i'm not familiar with the specific assertion that you're making. we weren't directly involved in that. >> sean: in addition to her open borders agenda, green new
6:28 pm
deal, the new face of the left doesn't want you to worry about having to ever work again. i'm not making it up. take a look. >> we should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work. whether it's a tax rate, whether it's distributing wealth that is created by automation, if we approach solutions to our system and start entertaining ideas like that, then we should be excited about automation because what it could potentially mean is more time educating ourselves, more time creating art, more time investing and investigating in the sciences, more time focused on invention, more time going to space, more time enjoying the world that we live in. >> sean: oh, don't worry about your job and being automated out of it because it will give you more time to great art. here with reaction, the host of
6:29 pm
newt's world podcast, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. are you trying to tickle for my day job? what's a podcast? speak the podcast is an effort o put interesting ideas together. 5:00 every sunday morning. we just released one on julius caesar. i don't think we are a threat to your day job. i wouldn't dream of trying to compete with you in radio. i know how hard you work and how good you are at it. >> sean: you filled in on my show in years gone by underused to host on radio stations in atlanta. >> i want to tell everybody who's watching i have tried to do what you do and i admire you and i admire rush because you spent so many hours preparing that it's real work. >> sean: everyone -- everyone has one good talk show in them. what are you going to do on day 500, that's what i say to peopl people? here we have the new green deal.
6:30 pm
no planes, no cars, no oil, no gas. everything's free. and no cows. that bothers me. and she says, accuse the wells fargo ceo caging children or financing it. don't worry about being automated out of your job. does that mean we will have socialists that out of the same words every day because that's what a lot of democrats do. >> i have been trying to understand how to put as a historian in context aware watching. in a normal, healthy society, alexandria would be seen as this interesting graduate student who has gotten into some colleagues with a good student loan, hung out and smoked a little grass. drink a little beer. have a good time. once read half of book, knows nothing. and nobody would take her seriously. in a healthy society, she would be a joke.
6:31 pm
she doesn't know anything. her views are based on whatever random song comes in the morning, and her proposals are beyond silly. she couldn't blossom plaintiff and her proposals. i would love to debate her. at any college campus in the country because i don't think she could possibly defend, if we are allowed to actually stick to facts. if all were going to do is scream and set up deeply emotional heartfelt symbolism, she will be great. but if you're talking about actually running something, getting something done, leading a country, i think she is totally in a different world. >> sean: you are -- i shared history with you. i was emceeing the knife he became speaker at your event. it was an honor in my life. socialism has never worked but you're going to get free college, free k-12, free
6:32 pm
day care, free health care but you can buy your own insurance. no more oil and gas. everything's going to be great. free retirement, whether you're willing or unwilling to work. it's all, it offers to take away all fears of people. as a historian, hasn't worked out well? this has been tried before. >> i think it might be useful to take up a fund to ask and see if she would be willing to go to venezuela, go to zimbabwe, visit with people who used to live in the soviet union, go down and try to find something in cuba. these are people who operate out of an emotion-led kind of self-righteous path passion wio knowledge. not only does socialism not work. socialism leads you to a dictatorship and leads you to power for people maduro stealing from the people. look what's happening in venezuela. people like aoc have no answer, none. you say to her -- in fact they believe in mythology.
6:33 pm
they think for example cuba is a wonderful paradise except of course most cubans can afford to buy a car and the only cars available were made before 1958. >> sean: mr. speaker, i view it as serious. you've got 2020 candidates supporting it. you've got about 100 people in washington, in congress supporting it. that's a high number considering the magnitude of stupidity that is involved in this and destroying the single greatest wealth creating system that's ever been devised by man. >> i think the great responsibility conservatives have is to so decisively communicate these falsehoods that by the election of 2020, it's impossible to compete as a socialist. that's our responsibility. that's our challenge. we know that they are nuts. our job is to provide to the country. >> sean: just for the record,
6:34 pm
we don't know if aoc ever smoked weed although a lot of liberals now who care about late-term abortion, and during birth abortion, and after birth abortion. a lot of liberals want to legalize weed. good to see you. the ladies of the view had unkind words about the first lady, melania trump. lara trump is here to respond. later, an update on the celebrity college admissions o scandal. sara carter and lara logan will be c here. animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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♪ >> sean: tonight speaker pelosi losing control of her caucus as democrats like congresswoman proceeded to leave, al green saying that they won't let pelosi stand in the way of their impeachment fantasies. nothing new from the democrats.
6:39 pm
they've been shouting this for over two straight years with their friends in the media. take a look. >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> trump would like to redefine the law. the wave the way he wants to redefine it but he's wrong and e he should be impeached. i really do believe that. >> we have learned there is evidence the president of the united states engaged in a felony to obtain the office of president. >> the constitution could not be any clearer. impeachment is the appropriate remedy for bribery, for treason, for high crimes and misdemeanors. >> bullies don't win. i said baby, they don't because were going to go in there and were going to teach them [bleep] >> every single colleague of mine agrees there is impeachable
6:40 pm
offenses. >> sean: here with reaction, senior advisor for the trump 2020 we elect lara trump is with us. good to see you. >> hey, sean. good to see you. >> sean: it never ends and it's nonstop. we know that the trump russia investigation began in july of 2016 by the same people that put the fix in for hillary. then you move. we see the phony dossier that was never verified because it never could be a period used against your father-in-law. then we see the nonstop attacks on your family, and now talks of impeachment. forgetting the record that economically we are breaking record after record. it's got to get tiresome, i believe, for the family at some point. >> it gets tiresome but i always say that at the end of the day, the president come all of us, the campaign will be vindicated. the truth comes out at the end. and i think that democrats right now are showing how scared they are with the fact that they view the report is probably going to be released soon because they
6:41 pm
are frantic to find something else to throw at the president, to throwing anybody close to him. that's wise how those 81 subpoenas last week. so ridiculous. people should be shocked and appalled in our country. this is not how you're supposed to work. just because you're upset over an election to an half years ago, you should not be allowed to ruin people's lives like this. we all have full confidence that the end of the day, the right things happens because we know the president, the campaign, nobody's done anything wrong here. >> sean: let's look at this new democratic party and this wild swing to the left, this new green deal for example which would destroy the greatest wealth creating system ever and on top of that of course eliminate planes and cows and cars and automobiles and the way we know them, the combustion engine. no oil and gas. they are serious. >> sean, it will only cost every family in this country $600,000
6:42 pm
apiece to do this. it sounds like a deal, right? $93 trillion is a price tag on this. it is crazy. and i don't think people can seriously get behind the stuff. but i kind of wonder who gave the democrats the shovel and told them to start digging because the stuff i think to the average american seems so crazy and so out of touch with anything day-to-day that they care about. you know they care about? keeping this country safe, making sure they can send their kids to a good school one day, making sure that they have enough money to pay for their mortgages or rent. that's what people in this country care about. guess who is delivering on those things for them? president donald trump. >> sean: what about the family? another attack. the ladies of the view against the first lady. >> they can't help themselves. >> sean: if a republican, conservative attacks woman the way they have attacked you, ivanka, melania, and everybody else, even barron, a young kid,
6:43 pm
it would never be tolerated but this happens with regularity. i know the president said today that here we have a first lady that would rival jackie o, sticking up for his wife, which was the right thing to do. i have met, brilliant, smart, fun, incredible woman. >> melania never gets enough credit. this ridiculous narrative that the view was trying to spin, one of the more egregious that they've done because you look at the reason that the president and first lady were in alabama. they were there to visit with people who in some cases of lost all of their family members, devastating impact by this tornado, the series of tornadoes in alabama. actually the president and first lady talked about it on friday with me. they told me some stories that they will never forget, how they met people who impacted their lives forever. they were down there mourning and you have the view trying to say that melania has a body double. are you serious question like
6:44 pm
this is how low they have gotten. they look for anything. but as always, she carries herself with grace and dignity and they will continue to go down the gutter. >> sean: lara trump, always great to see you and congrats on your little guy. he's getting big. >> thank you so much. >> sean: when we come back, trace gallagher and breaking news about the college admission scam and former 60 minutes contributor lara logan an investigative reporter sara carter will react. the villain of the day. i'm going to tell you who it is. comrade bill de blasio, the mayor of new york, attacking me. i will tell you wife coming up -- i will tell you why coming u up.
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♪ >> sean: live from los angeles and our l.a. newsroom with the latest on the nationwide college admissions scamming scandal. fox news correspondent
6:49 pm
trace gallagher. >> late today a federal judge here in los angeles agreed to release actors lori loughlin on a one million-dollar bond. she and her fashion designer has been mossimo giannulli are charged with paying $500,000 to have their two daughters recruited for the university of southern california crew team despite neither girl knowing how to row. now usc says all applicants connected to this cheating scheme will be denied, and those already in school will be reviewed, meaning that >> sean: loughlin's 19-year-old daughter, olivia jane, youtube star, could be kicked out of usc. the ringleader. payments to the nyu athletic department, $546,000 to the university of texas athletic department, and $100,000 to princeville enterprise. that's a mysterious business that happens to share the same address as ucla's former soccer coach. so far, this pay to not play
6:50 pm
scheme has resulted in coaches being fired or suspended at usc, stanford, wake forest, university of texas, georgetown, yale, and ucla among others. those who allegedly cheated to inflate s.a.t. and act test scores are also being rounded up. sean. >> sean: unbelievable. thank you so much, trace gallagher. joining us for the action, journalists and former 60 minutes correspondent lara logan and sara carter. i have young kids and my daughter has been recruited by a lot of people. you know, all of her friends, they are all recruited. all of my sons friends are all recruited. since the time they are 8, they have traveled the country and the world of any take a picture of your kid and put it athlete when the kid never played the sport or the whole test scandal.
6:51 pm
lara, your thoughts. >> when i look at this breaking news like that, i obviously approach it as a journalist. that's my first thought, what we know for sure? then i start to ask questions just instinctively. one of my first questions is about the role of the charity in this. that's particularly interesting to me because it's something that i've seen come up in other stories and in other scandals. this is a very well used method of hiding illicit money or at least disguising money, using a charity to funnel money through charity. that's interesting to me. that aspect of that is particularly interesting. i wonder how big is this? what's the breadth of it? who are the other people in the colleges that knew about this?
6:52 pm
how far does this extend? unfortunately the next question for me is i know the law enforcement has indicated that many of the kids didn't know what their parents were doing, but what about the kids who did? what about the ones were given more time to take a test when they didn't have a learning disability. what about the ones who were given the answers to an s.a.t. test or who knew that someone else was taking the test for them. if those things did actually happen, which the fbi has had they did, then it raises the question as to whether or not those children will be charged. there are other college students who have been charged with other crimes in the past, and once they sign those forms as an adult when they are over 18, there is a question of responsibility and consequences. >> sean: sarah. >> that's absolutely true. i couldn't agree with lara more.
6:53 pm
her questions were right on the mark. another issue here is that as a parent too, these parents did no favors to their children. what they did was set them up for failure. also it told them that they weren't worth it, that working hard was it necessary, that they weren't good enough to actually make it. i think there's enormous frustration around the country with people looking at this and saying wow, you know, we worked so hard and here it was, it was completely rigged. it was ring for people who had the money, why the access. like lara said, i wonder how many more of these establishments like william singer has, around the country. he bark let me ask you both what about legacy? if mom and dad and grandma and grandpa, they all gave enough money, they get in before other kids all the time. >> that's absolutely true. >> not just legacy but also politics, right? there are certain people that
6:54 pm
were famous politically that their children walk into any college they want them to get into and don't get there on their own merit. this is part of a much bigger system of privilege and favor that has been -- college kids all over this country listening to to the story and they're going yeah, like everybody knows this. this has been going on for so long. >> i don't think we're going to be able to fix everything, right, because it's part of the human makeup. we know things like this happen. we know things like legacies happen where people get in because their families have a particular name or a particular status. but i think what is so significant here of what the fbi did, the fbi is holding people accountable. wire fraud, mail fraud. >> sean: you've worked hard academically, work hard and you enrich the school with some athletic ability or you don't, you'll find out in two seconds at the kid played the sport or
6:55 pm
if the kid is smart enough to be there. it's interesting. thank you all. one we come back, new york city mayor, conrad bill de blasio, taking a shot at me. it's all about meatless mondays. in the meatless monday initiatives. we will tell you next. jerry reed singing "eastbound and down" ♪eastbound and down. loaded up and truckin'♪ ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪ ♪we've got a long way to go
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♪ speed to the villain of the day, again, new york city mayor bill de blasio. we told you, monday all public schools up you new york to help global warning. struck a nerve and treated, you know how i know that meatless mondays is a good idea? because still love it. sean hannity hates it. now, time for new york comets before kids eating tofu on mondays. ed writes escamilla the left to
7:00 pm
control everything. it is just so stupid, hilarious, sean this is socialism. the government telling you what to do. that is right. i will never be the hate media mob ever. let not your heart be troubled because the news continues and there she is, laura ingraham standing by. >> laura: "hannity" great show tonight, i am laura ingraham and to "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. now, he says americans will never have faith. in the united states government until the fbi handling of the hillary clinton email probe is actually investigated. i mean, really investigated for obstruction of justice. former nypd commissioner bernie is here to explain, look, jay leno i don't know if you saw this but he believes comedy is officially dead in the age of trump and dolly parton taking on elizabeth warren, that his choice seen and unseen and just moments away counsel to the


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