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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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was 27,000 votes in, raymond is like van a white. 91%-9% against gop senators who vote to block the president's emergency declaration on constitutional grounds, shame on you. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. the faa grounding all boeing 737 max 8 airplanes following the ethiopian airlines tragedy the administration citing new evidence, the president saving the safety of the american people is the number one priority. the college admissions bribery scam will have $1 million bond tonight as we are learning more about the intricate scheme rocking america's elites, the 2020 focus turns to beto o'rourke, he ruled out a white house run saying he needs to
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spend time with young children but what is he saying tonight? welcome to fox news at night. we begin with former trump campaign manager paul manafort, shouting protests outside the courtroom as he declared the judge found no evidence of russian collusion. kristin fisher has that and a new round of charges tonight. >> hard to believe things got even worse for paul manafort. within minutes of being sentenced to nearly four more years in prison he was indicted again in a totally separate case in manhattan. the connection to a mortgage fraud scheme and state-level charges are not part number by the president unlike the federal crimes he has been convicted of. donald trump was asked will you pardon paul manafort for those federal crimes, here's what he said? >> i have not given it a thought. it is not something that is on my mind. i feel bad for paul manafort and
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i can tell you. >> manafort is facing 16 other felonies in the state of new york where prosecutors accuse him of the mortgage fraud scheme for which manafort and others falsified business records to illegally obtain millions of dollars. manafort at stevens team did not comment on the new charges but they did say this about the judge who up to his total prison time to 71/2 years. >> there was absolutely no evidence of any russian collusion in this case. >> reporter: somebody in the background shouting liar because what judge amy jackson really said was, quote, the question of whether there was collusion with russia was not presented in this case period. therefore it was not resolved by this case. reaction to the length of manafort at sentencing was mixed but most republicans and democrats agreed president's
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former campaign chairman belongs behind bars. >> i have no sympathy for mister manafort. he was not convicted of collusion but tax fraud and bank fraud are serious crimes, no sympathy for him. i think he is a sleazeball. >> he defied the law, tampered with witnesses, laundered money, invaded taxes, left with a sentence that in many respects pales to measure the severity. >> tomorrow on capitol hill the senate may vote to block donald trump's emergency declaration at the border, four republicans are poised to defect to help democrats pass the measure. the white house has been trying to stop the bleeding so much so that rand paul told the washington post they are being beaten up right now. >> nobody is beaten up.
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i said use your own discretion but i think it is a bad vote if they go against -- anybody going against border security, drug trafficking, human trafficking is a bad vote. >> reporter: even if the measure does pass donald trump says he will veto it. >> it would be his first, thank you very much. what do politics have to do with the manafort case especially the new round of charges dropped. former doj prosecutor and fox news contributor former chief assistant us attorney andrew mccarthy, great to see all of you tonight. this indictment today, district attorney vance in manhattan says, quote, no one is beyond the law in new york. >> pretty disturbing. i hate to be on a panel with danny mccarthy and say anything bad about new york but this is a
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circumstance where prosecutors are supposed to go with the evidence. they may have a strong justifiable case but to roll it out in a fashion where you are picking a political fight in saying this. the pardon from working could that is a bad day for prosecutors no matter what your politics. >> the federal charges the president could offer him a pardon, he said he's not even thought about it, not on his brain right now, feels bad for manafort but that's not a conversation he's having may turn into something different but when you look at the totality it is not a good day to be him but democrats in the senate are divided on the sentence he got. you heard senator blumenthal say he got away with it. on the other side dianne feinstein said he is behind bars, i know what it is like to do time in jail and this is a significant sentence. >> today in the green room judgment of jamal lozano -- judge napolitano and i were taking bets on what she would do and i said eight and came pretty
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close to that but there were a lot of people left and right, it was extremely lenient and they weren't surprised when they had the foreshadowing from the judge talking about the financial means of family has, talking about what he has made, talking about the fact that he hasn't written letters to her, she was foreshadowing that she was going to be very tough but she could have been tougher, she did have a combination, he could have had currency and 100% or not and she chose to split the difference, she's not as partisan as some expect. shannon: you have been a prosecutor in this jurisdiction. what do you make of these new charges? >> i was federal prosecutor in new york. what the state did today was a
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disgrace. they know that under new york state law it was wrong. new york state followed what is known as equitable double jeopardy and that means if someone has been prosecuted on something that arises out of the same facts you are not the prosecutors that -- supposed to prosecute them in new york a second time. in this instance your early reports of the cases were unrelated. they are not unrelated. the bank fraud in new york arises out of the same transactions as mueller's prosecution in virginia so this is a case that new york ordinarily wouldn't bring and they have obviously brought it for political purposes to block a pardon which if you step back and think about it, if this were not a prosecution from politics we would be saying why is the state of new york watering down the civil liberties protections of new york is just to stick it
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to trump and manafort. i think that is outrageous. is for what happened in the sentencing i know a lot of criticism has been leveled at the judges because the sentencing could have been more severe. a lot of people think it should have been more severe. the reason this sentencing today was kept at 10 years is because mueller's special prosecutor's office manipulated the conspiracy statutes. manafort should have been looking at a 20 year conspiracy count for money laundering and a 20 year conspiracy count for witness tampering. mueller capped each count at 5 years so the judge was stuck in the ceiling of 10 years and this is the kind of thing mueller has done throughout the investigation. they filed charges with overwhelming sensational press releases, and everyone thinks the people must have pled guilty to the cases as advertised and usually that's not the case.
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shannon: i want to be sure we touch on the transcripts of lisa page who was caught up in the texting with peter stzrok, they were looking at charging hillary clinton with gross negligence and she says they got the message from the doj, not going to happen. >> very disturbing. no matter your political stripes you should care about process. a lot of people focus on results of legal investigation and sentencing and what the numbers look like but the process is so important in terms of getting justice, there are very fair questions no matter what your political stripe about the differences between the clinton probe and the trump probe, what happened with the fisa court, who knew there were
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misstatements, there are questions like meeting with the decommissioned informant long after the guy was fired by the fbi. that still hasn't been satisfactorily answered. they may not seem right in the courtroom and it may be only congress made speeches in place of cross-examination but somehow somebody someday needs to drill down on the origination of these cases and the bias that infected them. shannon: we continue to get a drip of information. i assume that will continue. thank you for your time tonight. the trump administration deciding to ground all boeing 737 max airplanes in us airspace after the deadly ethiopian crash. >> reporter: when canada made the decision to ground the 737 max 8, it was a catastrophic blow to boeing, it was based on new evidence gathered just today at the scene of the crash and
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new data that sealed the plane's fade at least for now. >> this is new information we received and analyzed this morning, it comes from validate satellite tracking data suggesting a possible although unproven similarity in the flight profile of the other aircraft. >> reporter: is late as tuesday boeing and the faa stuck by the max 8 saying they showed no systemic performance issues. unions representing thousands of southwest and american airlines pilot endorsed the plane. american pilots noting after 14,000 flights, quote, we have not seen a single anomaly. a separate report in the dallas morning news said 5 pilots did have safety concerns, one captain calling the flight manual inadequate and almost criminally insufficient.
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today boeing finally relented saying it is determined after an abundance of caution to recommend to the faa the temporary suspension of operations, pressure had been building on the manufacturer since sunday from these powerful images of grieving families to the suspension of flights in one country after another to bipartisan pressure from frustrated congressman wanting to rewrite the dual mandate to promote aviation and safety. >> the inaction of the faa raises serious questions about whether there is a conflict of interest or improper intervention. >> reporter: the decision to ground the plane was made while the most important data remains unexamined, the black boxes were recovered monday. ethiopian officials said tuesday they lack the technology to analyze the data and plan to send them to europe. germany of revealed that have been approached but it too lacked the proper equipment that late today france's area agency announced it will analyze the recorders. despite the alarm over the max 8 keep this in mind.
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>> globally or travel has never been safer than it is right now. statistically. we have had two tragic accident the last 6 months or so. in decades past it wasn't unusual to have 10, 15, 20 major accidents worldwide every year. >> reporter: boeing hopes to resolve this quickly, the max 8 was until today a real moneymaker with 5000 orders placed, airbus would love to fill that gap. shannon: thank you very much. what is going to happen to the dozens caught in the massive college admissions scandal, laurie laughlin is on $1 million bond. informants wire taped phone conversations. how the whole thing came crashing down. ben stein and megan alexander join us with what it says about class wealth in society. r kelly back in court asking the judge to cut his child support
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the others also affected child athletic prowess through phony photos. court document no one wealthy media is a paid bribes to have her son presented is a talented polevault her and her daughter as a tennis recruit. the founder of the food and beverage company allegedly paid 125,000 to have a talented test-taker take the act and sat for their daughter to get into duke. when will the lawyer paid $70,000 for proctor to correct his daughter's answers. a casino operator paid hundreds of thousands to fabricate basketball credentials on his daughter's behalf. felicity huffman of desperate housewives is accused of paying to have her daughter's sat test answers secret corrected. denizens of wealthy parents funneled money to and through the mastermind of the scheme. william rick finger of california who pled guilty to racketeering, conspiracy and other charges in federal court and olivia j gianelli face that last for one posting. >> i want the experience of game day partying. i don't really care about
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school. >> reporter: he later backtracked tweeting last month in part that education is also important to me. prosecutors have declined to charge students some of whom were unaware of the scheme that they could face consequences. today usc released a statement noting applicants connected to the scheme will be denied admission and said a case-by-case review for current students and graduates will be conducted. the scandal visiting in irvine campus. >> if any student deserves to get in who worked really hard. >> the education secretary said students should be considered on their merit. >> this is a part of justice operation but we are looking closely at it and we will see if any regulations responsible. >> reporter: the investigation continues in boston to get underway. the president will make the cross-country trek to the district court, a big date to
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watch, march 29th. shannon: the fbi's operation versus the blues, life imitating art. >> i have to be honest. we may have -- he may have embellished, lied a bit on our application. >> she's been in this honesty kick all week. >> we had a feeling you might have embellished. not many 2-year-olds are proficient on the bassoon. >> actor and author ben stein and megan alexander, thank you both for joining us. when i heard the name laurie laughlin, she because of the genre she is in, the star of hallmark, of their series, will this affect her differently and -- >> i think this is different
12:22 am
from other celebrity scandals because of the type of entertainment she does, the hallmark channel is known for wholesome family-friendly faith-based entertainment and i'm a huge fan and she's the face of that brand, the main star. holiday movies are so popular that they have a television series with a rabid devoted fan base. we call ourselves parties and monitor all that is going on on social media, people are in an uproar over this, two reactions are going on. some people say we bind to this content and these actors, they believe in the parts they play so some people are calling for her to be fired. then you've got some of the other side saying wait a minute, faith calls us to grace, redemption, forgiveness. my heart goes out to the hallmark channel from a business standpoint, viewers and ratings, advertising dollars, they have to say something. so far they have just said they are monitoring the situation. the people at the hallmark
12:23 am
channel -- -- >> i want to play something laura trump said when we asked about this, the whole idea of the leaves getting a different chance at these things and is what she said. >> look at who these people are, the hollywood elites, liberal elites who are always talking about equality for all and everyone should get a fair shot when here is the biggest hypocrisy of all, they are writing checks to cheat and get the kids into these schools when the spots should've gone to kids who were deserving of them. >> what do you think it says about class, wealth, privilege in this country? >> exactly right. the educated elite class of beautiful people in hollywood are all democrats, all for equality, all for justice, for everybody be to retreated the same except their kids. their kids get treated specially because the parents are rich and famous and this shows incredible contempt for the educational
12:24 am
process. a very hollywood thing to do to equated degree with education. these parents didn't give a damn whether their kids got an education. all they cared about was whether they got a degree with a certain stamp on it. that is disgraceful and shows contempt for the educational process and for their own children. the children show contempt for the educational process, the school showed contempt for the educational process. the whole thing is an exercise in corruption and contempt and young this trump is correct. it is all about money. everything in hollywood is about money. this is a particularly ugly example and tells you it is all about money. shannon: you cited the money, and questions about that, felicity huffman is a famous
12:25 am
actor too, he's not formally involved in this. will he get formally involved in this? when you have this, a scandal like this will get a lot more attention. >> absolutely. it could be a dealbreaker for many of them with their careers. they will have to get the public to believe in them again and be sincere and time will tell. we have to see what happens but been is right. this is to for people to swallow. shannon: thank you for weighing in. we will continue this because the story is far from over. california governor gavin newsom says no more difficult in his state, giving a reprieve to 737 death row inmates including some of the most infamous serial killers, tired -- child torture and murder is, traces on the case. a jampacked 2020 presidential field about to get more crowded, beto o'rourke about to jump in? that story when we return. r dam. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure.
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clan who killed mine of his children in 2004. the toolbox killer part of the duo convicted of raping and killing 5 teenage girls in the 70s with scott peterson killed a 27-year-old wife who was 8 months pregnant at the time, just some of the criminals getting a break until 2023 now that the state's new governor gavin newsom is holding the state's death penalty. trace gallagher has more on a major policy change that is raising a lot of eyebrows tonight. >> california has 25% of the nation's death row inmates in today all 737 got a reprieve when democratic governor gavin newsom put a moratorium on the death of the saying it discriminates against the mentally ill and people of color. he also shutdown the execution chamber at san quentin prison. >> i believe the death penalty is wrong and i'm exercising my right pursuant to the voters, the will of voters in the constitution.
12:31 am
>> what newsom means by the will of the voters is they elected him governor because his order overturns the will of the voters. in 2016 they voted not only to keep the death penalty but to allow the use of a single lethal injection and to speed up the appeals process. the last execution in california was in 2006 mostly because of a series of legal challenges to the state's execution protocol but those challengers were on the verge of being cleared up and executions would likely have resumed which is why newsmax it now but it is notable that is lieutenant governor in 2016 he supported the measure to repeal the death penalty but promised as governor i would not put my personal opinions of the way of the public's right to make a determination of where they want to take us on the death penalty. now he is breaking his promise but the association of deputy district attorneys which represents more than 1000 los
12:32 am
angeles prosecutors is promising to fight back. >> the victims are distressed and heartbroken, and prosecutors are indignant that the verdict -- they are being completely disregarded based on a decision of a single man even if that man is the governor. >> the color justice legal side says doing this through my connection is an abuse of the governor's power but kamala harris and cory booker both 2020 democratic presidential candidates support the governor's decision. those currently on death row will remain in prison. >> trace gallagher live in california, thank you so much. ineffective and immoral or just illegal? california death penalty debate is raging so let's discuss with a host of left coast news and can start again from the legal foundation, great to have you both.
12:33 am
you heard the report, wearying from victims families, children who were tortured and killed, officers killed in the line of duty, they call this appalling, they heartbroken over this. the second county sheriff says the governor has re-victimized the families of sexually tortured and murdered children, murdered peace officers and other victims of horrific crimes in favor of the most depraved among us who have been judged and sentenced to death by a jury of their peers. >> i have the deepest sympathies for the victims family. absolute tragedy they had to go through. but state sanctioned killing of another human being is dangerous and terrible territory, we are surrounded by countries we would reject or claim to reject for the un human rights council, the leaders of the difficulty are saudi arabia, iran, iraq, pakistan, these have state sentence killings by this, why would we want to be in that company. give these people an opportunity
12:34 am
to repent their own lives, they have to be alive to do that. shannon: we're not talking about due process but sham trials in places where people don't have human rights, this is a jury of their peers and in 2016 it was put to a referendum in the public so not only do they want to keep the death penalty but they wanted to expedite it. what do you tell those voters? it doesn't matter? >> not that it doesn't matter but we need to be better. we don't need to give into our tribal base instincts. to say there is right and wrong and we kill because it, we are better than that and more importantly, to my jewish brothers and sisters and christian brothers and sisters, deuteronomy and romans say this not our job as mortal humans to pass this kind of judgment and take this level of vengeance on one another.
12:35 am
shannon: they certainly recognize justice in the bible. will be bring in kent, the aclu says for decades california has prompted the costly flawed death penalty system that has failed to deliver on its promise of justice and puts the lives of innocent people at risk. >> it has failed because the legislature failed to pass the reforms we needed to get this thing implemented and get it moving so we finally got it on the ballot and got the reforms passed in 2016 and what is important is california and the united states is a democracy and we had this debate. we heard the same arguments like the ones even was making and we had the counterarguments to those arguments and we decided the governor has misused the power of reprieve to set aside the decision of the people. that's not what the powerful pre-is for. it is to hold an execution in an individual case. if there's a problem with the case it needs to be looked into. not for this kind of blanket use
12:36 am
to evade and defeat the decision of the people in passing a law. shannon: do you expect a legal challenge? >> on the reprieve part of that i'm very skeptical that any challenge in court could succeed. courts do not generally interfere with exercise of power. as far as him repealing the execution, even a blanket decision, it is a sacred cow. shannon: we will watch and see. there are some making noise about challenging this in some courts of law but thank you for joining us on the conversation. months ago he said no way to a white house run. he needs to spend time with his young family but what is beto o'rourke saying to me. he was a before and a contender herself? refusing to condemn the
12:37 am
anti-semitic remarks of congresswoman omar. >> we got to be a place that can have robust discussion. not anti-semitism, not islamohphobia but robust discussion. turns out they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year? of course she can! [ laughter ] [ groaning ] hey! want to drive? really? [ engine revs ] do you think we can do this, rob? things will be tight, but we can make this work. that's great. ♪ [ laughing ] okay... here we go. now... [ gasps ] wait... grandpa, what about your dream car?
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♪ >> shannon: things are heating up for beto o'rourke, "vanity fair" releasing a new shannon: things are heating up for beto o'rourke. a new profile as he tells the magazine he wants to run for president and an ad taking aim at the progressive democrat. if there is opposition research already you are officially in.
12:42 am
>> >> reporter: with a boy look on his face. shannon: i think -- >> reporter: april issue issued a state of el paso, texas, i want to be in it, i am born to be in it. under that his road to 2020 begins. technically he has yet to announce but there is speculation he will do so as early as tomorrow. the article published earlier this evening reads in part, quote, you can probably tell i want to run. he confides, smiling, i do. i think i would be good at it. this is the fight of our lives, not the fight of my political life kind of crap but this is the fight of our lives as americans and as humans. o'rourke is scheduled to travel to iowa for three days swing, o'rourke supporters in texas woke up wednesday to find emails asking them to send text as it is thursday morning. a curious site of a 2020 run, months ago in november.
12:43 am
>> i be candidate for president in 2020. >> is bizarre campaign rollout drips with white male privilege. >> reporter: the antibody been crafted. the anti-tax cluster growth produced a 2-minute piece aimed at o'rourke, unworthy of comparisons he is trying to former president barack obama. o'rourke will join a pack democratic field with plenty of controversies. a national deputy press secretary for bernie sanders's campaign apologize for anti-semitic comments on facebook while defending on congresswoman omar who has repeatedly questioned the american allegiance to israel prompting outcry. earlier this morning massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was asked about omar's comments. >> we are a great deliberative body in congress and it is
12:44 am
important for us to be able to debate issues, to do so respectfully. any anti-semitism or islamohphobia should be called out and condemned. when she is doing that, that is a problem. >> don't leave out joe biden, the focus of the story last night, close biden ally said once again today it appears biden's announcement is, quote, imminent. biden is leading in the polls, a new register paul has biden on top, beto aurora in the number 5 slot. we will see what happens tomorrow. shannon: thank you very much. r kelly appearing in court today looking for a break from his child support payments. matt finn caught up with him after the hearing. >> a spokesperson says the finger does not have a job and
12:45 am
cannot afford his $20,000 a month in child support for his three children. kids our age 20, 19, one is about to turn 18 so r kelly argues his payments to be reduced. 's ex-wife argues the singer has an apartment in trump tower, pays his stash, he's not that broke. 's case is sealed and does not determine what happened in court today. when asked he says he plans on making new music perhaps for income. >> do you owe andrea kelly more money? >> making new music, making new music. >> reporter: this week he was unable to pay $151,000 in child support that was due. today a spokesperson says friends and fans ended up paying that money. a few weeks ago a woman claiming to be a friend and fan paid $100,000 to bail them out of jail. that means over the past couple weeks friends and fans have paid more than a quarter million dollars to bail the singer out of jail.
12:46 am
>> donald trump and jay leno weighing in on talk shows that have a single target these days. >> trump's grades were so bad he couldn't get into trump university. >> reporter: joining us with live analysis, radio host who does it all. - i think the best company's succeed as a team
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>> we have never had a president older or simpler. >> i >> we never had a president older or simpler. i but his grades were so bad he couldn't get into trump university. >> when donald trump holds a press conference, rambling nonsensical answers raise more questions than they answer. >> donald from taking his views to twitter saying this. the 1-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me unwatchable. that was in response to comments by j when. >> people couldn't figure out -- >> i would get hate mail from both sides equally. that is exactly what i want. when people see you as 1-sided it makes it tough. everything is so -- i would like to see a bit of civility come back to it.
12:51 am
shannon: quiz nation on fox nation. i don't know how you have time for us. >> a busy schedule. >> reporter: we need you to weigh into the cultural debate of the century, this late-night tv show stuff. j lettuces you want to keep people guessing and essentially when you push your audience to pick a side you are alienating a lot of americans. >> johnny carson said the same thing and jay leno took over but johnny carson was doing comedy for the whole country. why would he alienate half the audience. it is so fractured now that -- 300 million people, you only need 1 million of them to keep your show on the air. 2 or 3 million you got to hitch up. that is the way it is today. they are satisfied with carving out an audience. a lot of people very anti-trump, you play to that and you get a not >> reporter: leno was on love you questioning whether it is a good comedy strategy and here's what he said. >> it is the same joke.
12:52 am
i love them all, jimmy and the other jimmy, they are all really -- all kind of doing a different version of the same joke. that was my whole point. shannon: one from they are beating over and over again. >> reporter: i think people are tired of it and want a bit of an escape. that is why in the old days when i first started doing fox news i was a comedian and would work on station i didn't do politics in my asked was i wanted to appeal to the most number of people as possible because i wanted to succeed in the business. i would be on greg get filled's showing do politics and it was two super world, now it is all together, you can't get away from politics, give us a break, do comedy on the late-night show. shannon: you look so spiffy. shannon: that is the greatest.
12:53 am
shannon: that is very 2019 what you have going on. >> that is what late-night should be. shannon: that is one of your sexier outfits. the whole idea of entertainers, authors, athletes, they have a right as any american does to speak the political piece but is it a good business strategy? >> it is if you want to appeal to a certain crowd and that works. colin kaepernick is still in nike commercials. the tonight show is the closest, jimmy is doing the most universal show and gets great ratings. >> apparently excellent guests. >> but to me he's an old-fashioned entertainer and he does it all and does some political stuff but he does the whole spectrum of stuff and that is why he succeeds with it. shannon: you also succeed at everything you do. thanks for making time to stop
12:54 am
in with us, a raging inferno cannot separate our midnight hero from a dog in danger and news about the cause of one of california's largest wildfires in history, that story and more in the western roundup.
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different generations get the same quality of customer service that we have been getting. being a usaa member, because of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls means a lot to both of us. he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military.
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we're the edsons. my name is roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today. ♪ >> shannon: police furious with california's sanctuary shannon: police furiously think state policy after an illegal immigrant step the woman to defend her own home. san jose police accused alonso of stabbing her to death. eddie garcia says ice placed a detainer order but it was ignored by santa clara county because of sanctuary policy. >> ice placed detainer's on this individual success at times. when we have violent or serious offenders praying on our
12:59 am
community we must have the ability to protect our residents. shannon: investigators say one of the largest wildfires in california history started when energized power lines came into contact with each other illuminate in aluminum particles. more than 1000 structures were destroyed. wild weather in colorado causing mazer -- major travel nightmares as they wait for a bomb cycling, expressing wind gusts of 100 miles an hour, combined with white out conditions closing all runways for the fourth time in the airport at history. a cell phone video captures a man heading past firefighters battling a massive multi-home inferno. josé guzman or ignored orders to stay away from the furnace because he was on an urgent message to welcome his pitbull. there was a moan of relief when
1:00 am
they emerged safe and alive. he said i didn't hesitate, i had to get her, she's part of the family. us dollars firefighters our midnight hero's. most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from new york. i am shannon bream. >> boeing is an incredible company and hopefully they will come up with the answer. until they do the planes are grounded. heather: this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, brand-new fears after donald trump orders boeing's new jet grounded. the latest on the urgent investigation and widespread impact to travelers. the president getting ready to issue his first veto to block his emergency declaration at the border. live in washington ahead of the fallou


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