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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 14, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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they emerged safe and alive. he said i didn't hesitate, i had to get her, she's part of the family. us dollars firefighters our midnight hero's. most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from new york. i am shannon bream. >> boeing is an incredible company and hopefully they will come up with the answer. until they do the planes are grounded. heather: this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, brand-new fears after donald trump orders boeing's new jet grounded. the latest on the urgent investigation and widespread impact to travelers. the president getting ready to issue his first veto to block his emergency declaration at the border. live in washington ahead of the fallout.
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the new study that has social media blowing smoke. ♪ ♪ heather: new york city. you are watching "fox and friends first," we certainly appreciate you starting the early day with us. several airlines grounding a boeing 737 max fleet after donald trump suspends the plaintiff to two just crashed in
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less then year killing hundreds of people. boeing's response. >> this will impact airlines like southwest, american and united. big airlines have the 737 max planes among their fleet potentially impacting travels and passengers this week, this comes after 157 people died when he the opiate airline flight crashed three days ago. that tragedy similar to the lion air crash last fall involving a boeing 737 max 8 planes. airlines around the country, china, australia immediately grounded the jetliner and now the faa following suit saying, quote, the agency made this decision as a result of the data-gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analyzed, this evidence with
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newly refined satellite data with faa led to this decision. >> they are working very hard and hopefully and come up with the answer. until they do the planes are grounded, the safety of the american people is our paramount concern. >> reporter: what does boeing say? they are supporting the temporary suspension, and a lot of big airlines impacted, somebody flying this week. heather: much more on this coming up later in the show. the fight over donald trump's national emergency declaration coming to a head just hours from now. the senate will consider blocking it and if they do the
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president is vowing to veto. the trump administration makes the final pitch. >> 11th hour push to stop gop defections. mike pence was touring customs training facility in harpers ferry, west virginia yesterday with a clear message for republican senators. >> the vote against the emergency declaration is a vote against border security. a vote against the emergency declaration is a vote to deny the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border. >> reporter: they are feeling pressure. rand paul telling the washington post if you see anybody with blood dripping out of their year there might be changing. the math is not in the president's favor. five republican senator signaled they will vote to block the declaration. susan collins, lisa murkowski,
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and the proposal allowing the border emergency, putting limits on future presidents's use of emergency declarations. it was shot down. chuck schumer bringing pressure as well. >> you want to stand up to fear, do the right thing no matter who is in the white house. our republican friends know the right thing to do. they should not be afraid to do it. >> reporter: the president seems unconcerned, ready to issue his first veto. >> we will see whether or not i have to do the veto. it will be very successful regardless how it works out but it will be very successful. >> reporter: here's what to watch for. it only takes four gop defections to block. with five, two would have to have a change of heart. very unlikely but you never know in washington. shannon: never know how the art of the deal might still work.
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let's talk about this. paul manafort slept with new charges after being sentenced to 71/2 years behind bars. the former trump campaign manager just indicted for mortgage fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying records in new york. this is less then an hour after he was sentenced to 40 months in prison for illegally lobbying and ukraine. manafort was sentenced to 47 months for fraud. cameras will be allowed in a chicago courtroom later this morning when empire actor jussie smollett appeared come his expect it to plead not guilty to 16 felony counts. is accused of staging a phony hate crime on himself. his character was front and center. he has since been written out of the final two episodes of the show. the university of southern
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california will review applications of students involved in the largest college admissions scandal in us history. lori laughlin is now out on bond. todd pyro joins us with the latest development. lots of folks involved in this. >> we can't get enough of the story. a huge response from usc, a spokesman writing, quote, we are going to conduct a case-by-case review of current students and graduates that may be connected to the theme alleged by the government. we will make informed appropriate decisions once those reviews are completed. some of these individuals may have been minors at the time of their application process and the current admissions cycle connected to the scheme alleged by the government will be denied. interesting to see how they follow suit. lori laughlin released in $1
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million bond following an appearance in federal court. she's accused of paying $500,000 to get daughters into usc passing them off even though -- the scandal is endemic of a bigger problem with the middle class. >> this is some of the most odious, vile, repugnant, reprehensible conduct i have ever seen. we see too many undeserving people at the top cutting corners and getting bail outs in too many undeserving people at the bottom get handouts and we are playing by the rules and it squirted every time. >> another actress accused -- on march 21st. what impact that has on any deals, those parents might make. it is a story when your kids do
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that. heather: one of those kids has spoken out. we will see if they have more to say. the website, the alleged mastermind behind this running an organization called the key to the website is still up. >> it will be down. heather: lots of testimony. let's talk about this. 7 republicans breaking with donald trump voting for us troops from the saudi led war in yemen. to be the middle eastern nation within 30 days unless they are fighting against al qaeda. donald trump threatened to veto the final bill. the british parliament will decide whether to delay brexit. the decision hours after lawmakers voted not to leave the european union without a deal. teresa may has been pushing to keep the option open. the uk is scheduled to break with the eu on march 29th.
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and a lot of time left. wilbur ross on capitol hill today, the house oversight committee, demanding to know why the trump administration is pushing to ask are you a citizen in the 2020 census? that hearing just days after a second federal judge ruled the question violates the constitution. the supreme court plans to take up that case next month. congresswoman omar's daughter with the walkout on friday organizing student protest against climate change as thousands of teens will cut class and demand action or lawmakers take action. the minnesota democrat is calling on members of congress to join her daughter's protest. did you see this yesterday? facebook, instagram turned to twitter after its longest outage in 15 years. the social media site is up and running after users reported
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problems on wednesday, facebook tweeting their working to resolve the issue and there is no denial of service. instagram and what's apps had problems but they are back up. facebook has not said what caused the outages. breaking overnight the gambino family crime boss guns down and run over outside his home. police just revealed about the brazen murder and boeing banned from us airspace. should they be grounded for good? villa coverage says yes and explains why. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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>> boeing is an incredible company. they are working very very hard and hopefully they will quickly come up with the answer but
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until they do the planes are groundless. the safety of the american people is paramount concern. >> donald trump halting on boeing 737 planes from taking flight in the us after new information following two to the crashes comes to light. is it the right move? thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. as we begin our discussion, to join this list, banning these particular planes from flying right now. we had a guest on saying there wasn't enough evidence but you say this should have happened before yesterday. >> it seems absurd to me they weren't grounded earlier in the president of the appropriate action despite likely heavy efforts, lobbying efforts on behalf of boeing in an effort to
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have damage control and what worries me is this idea of company profits taking precedence over public safety, and this played a role convincing the faa to not necessarily take action beforehand and i'm concerned, what took them so long, i'm not aware of the situation before where the faa waited so long to act, and they sat around the table and failed to act in the best interests of the american people because they took action after public outcry. shannon: compare this to previous incidents. in terms of other countries we followed their lead this time. >> typically we are at the forefront of aviation safety and it is common for other countries to follow our lead but it took us quite a bit of time to issue
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this statement. i hope we don't find out there was some effort behind-the-scenes to maintain boeing's profits. heather: what about boeing and their response and damage control, social media came into play between the president and what he was tweeting and the response from boeing. >> they are taking appropriate action after the fact. there will be an investigation by the faa. when it comes to these investigations airline incidents are rarely caused by a single failure or single action and most often the case of a chain of eventss that happen. the faa will focus their investigation of figuring out what part of this chain of events resulted in this failure and what we will find in the course of this investigation is
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not only a software problem with the autopilot but pilots were not adequately trained to adjust to this failure and there's this question of whether overseas pilots have the same standards of training but regardless of a pilot's training or competence level in my opinion the pressure to overcome in engineering failure should not be on the pilot. no pilot should have to adjust for this engine failure. this is on boeing. heather: ethiopia didn't have the capability of extracting the information they needed from these black boxes. what do you think we will get from them and how will that help? >> in the end it will solidify what people already believe, that there was a correlation with the air flight and there were autopilot issues that took place that they need to fix with
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a software update and it will provide the evidence of this case and they will release that information to the public. at the same time how much of this is on the airline as well. the airlines are responsible, being there is problems with these aircraft, why does it take so long, they don't feel like they can report without getting in trouble and the faa has to do a better job pulling this data together and making sure skies are safer. heather: american airlines, 84 flights a day, using the max 8s and max 9s, how quickly will it spin around and we will have these planes back in the air? >> hopefully soon. you've got a lot of money being
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lost for sure. we heard one of the airlines the shutdown the plane is looking at boeing to fund every day the aircraft is done so it is in the best interests of everyone to get these planes back in the air but we can't overcome this issue of making sure our skies are safe and the public is safe. in my opinion we need to take as long as possible to assure this doesn't happen again. heather: i didn't mention southwest airlines, the most, 150 flights a day. appreciate having you with us. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and driving towards disaster, the credible moment of truck nearly plows right into a plane skipping the highway. beto o'rourke mulling a 2020 president to run. everyone wants to know what is his dog thinking?
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clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". the air americans breathe isn't equal according to a usa today article citing a study finding there is a race gap in pollution and has social media and donald trump junior outraged. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with more. what in the world? >> this you a -- usa today piece says white people consume more things, thus affecting minorities who live in inner-city is more, the air they breathed.
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we have a direct quote from the article. it says black and hispanic americans, non-hispanic whites experience a pollution advantage meaning they breathe 17% less air pollution than white. donald trump junior said just when you thought you've seen it all, now we have racist air. the insanity has to stop. is tweet sparking a wave of reaction. amy says no i have heard it all. another group and insta grams is more likely ignorance from the left is polluting the american air. leslie, another incident commentor set i am speechless. who thinks these things up? it is not about air itself being racist but with you personally consume versus the air quality around you. heather: beto o'rourke is appearing on the cover of vanity fair.
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everyone wants to know what his dog is thinking. >> he may be announcing in 2019, he texted and el paso tv station say i'm really proud of what el paso did and what el paso represents. a big part of why i am running, the best example of this country at its best. he confirmed the run. let's go back to the cover of vanity fair magazine because everyone is talking about what his dog is thinking. shannon: people started posting other things on social media of his dog. his dog is the same look. >> one twitter user says his dog looks scared to death. henry says where is the go fund me? the dog needs all the help she can get. i am sure what he's thinking is
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feed me and play with me. shannon: other people compare that picture to reagan. let's talk about the new study that finds early risers are happier more successful people. >> good news for our viewers. early risers are more likely to be married with kids, earn more money, happy, friendly and confident, have high quality sleep and participate in active hobbies. a better all-around life if you wake up early and go to bed early. one person on facebook said it is confirmed that early birds get the word. early -- night owls are more shy. do they consider midnight?
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heather:? much. it is almost half past the top of the our. did the rattle in july? lisa page's testimony, not charging hillary clinton. why our next guest says the tarmac meeting with bill clinton looks way worse now. most magical place on earth on track to be the most expensive place on earth. the jaw-dropping price hike making it hard for parents to make disney dreams come through. ♪ a servant who is not serving ♪ he's not whole without a soul to wait upon
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upload your logo or start your design today at >> a look at top headlines. grounding the boeing 737 max fleet after donald trump suspends the flames. southwest, american and united
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are impacted disrupting travel for thousands of passengers. the order coming after two just crashed in less then he or killing hundreds of people. threatening to veto the resolution to end the national emergency declaration just hours from now. the senate will vote on the issue. 5 republicans said they would vote with democrats. lori laughlin released on bond, charged in the latest college admission bribery scandal, the largest one in us history. laughlin and her husband accused of bribing the university of southern california admitting their daughters as part of the rowing team. he is due in court at the end of the month. fox news alert breaking overnight. new york city mob boss gunned down outside his home. gambino family leader frankie callie shot several times and staten island. the gunman sped away in a blue pickup truck and is on the run at this hour.
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unclear if it was a mafia hit or rogue gunman. he is the highest-ranking mobster killed in new york since 1985. that is when john gotti ordered the murder of the gambino boss. r kelly returning to court where judge refused to lower his $21,000 a month child support payment. the embattled r&b singer was jailed over missed payment. he spent three days in jail until someone paid up on his behalf. this case is separate from his, a case where he faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. former attorney general loretta lynch back in the hot seat. newly released transcripts from former fbi lisa page's congressional hearing may show lynch influenced the decision not to charge hillary clinton in her email probe. you to weigh in his conservative radio talkshow host, thank you
1:34 am
for joining us, we appreciate it. >> good to be here. heather: what do you think the implications are and what has been released so far? >> loretta lynch had that meeting with former president bill clinton shortly before james comey announced his decision not to prosecute hillary clinton for the use of her private email server. heather: the tarmac meeting. >> in phoenix, arizona where their planes happened to be next to each other and bill clinton said he hopped off the plane and went to shake hands with loretta lynch and at the time it seemed implausible that you could just get off the plane. i've been on a lot of planes, you don't get off the plane and walk across the runway to talk to people on the other plane. it is not a social occasion. that explanation didn't hold water but we learn lisa page,
1:35 am
the attorney for the fbi who made decisions about what type of charges were going to be brought also had communications with the department of justice and loretta lynch was attorney general and control the department of justice. heather: on that note let's bring up some of this, lisa page in an interview with the house judiciary committee. representative ratcliff says when you say advice you got from the department, you make it sound like the department told you you are not going to charge gross negligence because we are the prosecutors and we are telling you we're not going to. page answered that's correct. we want to fill in the blanks. this is a previous text message peter heather nauert he, another fbi agent, released previously, where it says i want to believe
1:36 am
the path you throughout, there is no way he gets elected but there is no way we can take that risk. it is like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you are 40. this fills in the blank of what many people suspected and that is this insurance policy had to do with hillary clinton and perhaps that tarmac meeting wasn't just dealing with grandchildren and golf. >> that is correct and that was their explanation. it was innocuous meeting but that is far-fetched to begin with. then you have to remember the department of justice has a responsibility for making the decision. loretta lynch deferred that decision to james comey. this suggests the department of justice has more to do with the charging decision than they are owning up to. it is important because what they wanted to charge hillary
1:37 am
clinton with was gross negligence and gross negligence under the statute is the explanation james comey gave for her behavior saying her use of private email server was extreme carelessness. that is what gross negligence is. legal scholars differ on this issue. some say the reason james comey did not make the decision to charge hillary clinton even though it wasn't his decision, it was already lynch's, he thought the charge involved intent. legal scholars say the clear reading of the statute says gross negligence and that is what he described her conduct to be. heather: the doj was not willing to charge this only known case of military cases when accused lost the information. we will see what comes of this if anything at all. thank you so much, we appreciate you joining us.
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time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, parents facing criminal charges to get their kids in elite schools. they may have done it for nothing. our next guest is a former admissions counselor who says schools already favor rich kids which he breaks down a messy business. take a look at this. a plane narrowly missing a truck. the insane moment caught on dashcam. ♪
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". the college bribery scam raising questions about the admissions process at schools across the country. do kids of america's most elite parents have a leg up for being rich? former admissions counselor not nigel donald joins us with a
1:42 am
look at how as why certain students are selected. we appreciate it. as we begin let's bring up a list of some of the colleges and universities involved in the admissions scandal. georgetown, stanford, university of california los angeles and the list goes on. these are some big-name schools. you have been on the inside of this process that happens. take us through that a little bit. >> you start your year out and the university says what they want, might be 1000 students, 1200 students, every counselor is given territory, special admissions categories they are going into the world and across the state and admitting those students and as the year comes to a end that number of students gets smaller. people you want to get in as opposed to those available is lucrative at that point.
1:43 am
heather: how do you come up with different groups? >> those are set by the university. the board of trustees set those standards. gpa, sat scores, those are all the considerations that go into effect. heather: that is what we saw with the issues here with these students and this whole scam where they were saying they were playing certain sports when they were not in the past. heather: i don't >> that was not being done at university but we see that in cases where you have a coach be approached and my son or daughter have done this before. that's bring them into that route. heather: had you been warned about this type of activity at the school where you were working? >> it was something that was very unlikely to happen. heather: did you feel pressure from students or parents that contribute more to fundraising
1:44 am
at the school? >> there was some pressure and that pressure was not coming direct from parents. the pressure was sometimes coming at higher senior-level officials. heather: why are you think these particular parents felt they needed to do this to give their kids a leg up? >> in some cases kids are often in cases where they slack off academically. at the end of the day you have potentially well these liberty parent that wants to keep that prestige and don't want to see their son or daughter not be at a level of success, not going to college, not obtaining that. heather: what can be done to keep something like this from happening again? >> state oversight, maybe oversight as to how many students are admitted, in some cases, more rash cases, having to step in and say this is where we want to see how many students are admitted to universities in our state.
1:45 am
we 20 do you believe universities didn't know this was happening? >> to some degree the universities were aware. this will only crescendo. there are some officials that might have been involved. on the other hand, there are officials that were caught off guard. heather: definitely more to come and great to have you with us. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the fallout for flyers after donald trump grounds boeing 737 max just. live at philadelphia airport with the latest. these cute little hotdogs get more than they bargained for at the finish line. ♪ 't! your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time.
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heather: back with fox news alert. several airlines grounding boeing 737 max fleet after donald trump suspends the planes after two jets crash in less then a year killing hundreds of people. our fox affiliate in philadelphia joins us where flights are being delayed and canceled. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at a very busy philly international. we got here at 3:00 this morning and there were already people in line at the southwest deck trying to rebook their flights. they tell us they were scrambling. they didn't find out until later that their flights were canceled and they told us about two, hour long waits when they tried to call in to rebook.
1:50 am
a lot of passengers said safety comes first but they were hoping the airlines would have a contingency plan in place because it looks like the grounding might be coming for a couple days. they were really surprised they had to deal with these problems once they got to the airport. we know southwest has the most max 8s of any airline in the us, 34 of them. philly international is a hub for american. they do not have any max 8s flying in or out and none of their flights have been affected. united here has flight and they have 14 max 9s. doesn't look like many of their flights have been affected. we are talking southwest passengers dealing with the delays and cancellations. some are flying to las vegas or florida. some folks heading to philly's training camp and they were
1:51 am
concerned they were going to have to rebook their hotel rooms so that is what we are dealing with. a lot of folks were able to rebook their flights. some folks were waiting to hear. worth noting even if you are not buying and max 8 or max 9, double check your flight status. some folks talk about a cascading effect at this point. heather: 4100 flights impacted. be aware. thank you so much. impacting businesses. foxbusiness alert, federal prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into facebook over the company's privacy policy. tracy carrasco is here with more on the social media giant's alleged data deal. >> reporter: a grand jury in new york has subpoenaed records for two big smart phone makers according to a report in the new york times for their deals with facebook. these partnerships that gave the
1:52 am
companies access to user information, their contact information. all of that sort of thing. this often happened without users consent. these companies are 150 companies involved that have these partnerships with facebook. companies like apple, amazon, microsoft, sony, big names. facebook says they ended these partnerships in the last two years and they are cooperating with this investigation, this criminal investigation but it comes when the social media companies are under scrutiny because of the issues they have had with data sharing privacy. heather: i want to know why they went down for so long overnight. still looking into that. let's talk about disney. holiday trips got a lot more expensive. >> reporter: if you're going to walt disney world in orlando, florida, ticket prices are going up once again. to get into one of the parks for
1:53 am
one day, it will cost you $109, $159 for one person depending how busy the park is. previously it was $109, $129. you can visit more than one park in a day, those tickets going for $169, 2 $219, $139, to $189. the most expensive time is the week of christmas. always comes ahead of disney opening up a new star wars land which is highly anticipated opening in august. heather: that would be fun but something perhaps a little cheaper today is pie day. >> reporter: pie is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. frequently remembered as 3.14, today is march 14th. that is why we are celebrating. lots of deals not just for pizza pies but physical pies, $3.14, you can build their own pizza,
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bojangles, $3.14. whole foods, $3.14 off of any large bakery pies. california pizza kitchen, even 7-11 has a deal today. heather: the deals don't go on infinitely. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. say say a picture is worth 1000 words. this video is priceless. the wipeout caught on camera that will make your morning. ♪ i'm free ♪ freefalling ♪
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heather: the aclu calling the local police to limit their partnership with ice. the group says more than 9000 federal immigration agents have access to high-tech license plate readers that can scan 30 plates per minute. the aclu says it gives the fed the access to too much sensitive information. democratic socialist alexandria ocasio cortez teaming up with reverend sharpton. she will speak at the national action network next month we sharpton calls are very smart and committed to the progressive agenda. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. these kids thought they were
1:59 am
doing a hotdog race in the ballpark but there was someone special at the finish line in arizona. a marine, hugging his kids after returning home from afghanistan. that is awesome. a driver's close call with the crashing plane. he barely misses a tow truck as its wings skim across the highway near an airport, crashing into a ditch on the other side of the road. the pilot and the passenger amazingly not injured and not anyone injured on the road either. the ugly. a college baseball coach get so excited he falls to the ground. university of nebraska head coach tim miles falling to the
2:00 am
ground after winning his game but got rushed back up and beat rutgers 68-61. next up, maryland. that's good, that's great, he won. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. >> this is a culture of entitlement on steroids. >> i don't care how many movies you made or how much money you made, right is still right and wrong is still wrong and i hope they -- rob: it is march 13th -- 14th. one school is ready to take action in that college bribery scandal. this incredible story continues to develop. jillian: after all that bond money was all this really worth the price of admission? a mar


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