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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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in hardwood gately said. was the group event. then he said, "do you want a more bite and right" who overdose, i will take him or her on. they'll be tough to beat." that's the word from the west wing. >> sandra: we will see you tomorrow at 9:00. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump doubling down on his pledge to his first ever veto, as all eyes are in capitol hill republican senators are deciding whether to break with president trump on his national emergency declaration on the southern border. the senate is now debating, and is expected to vote later today. this is "outnumbered," and i'm melissa francis. here today, but don't like my partner, harris faulkner. fox news contributor, katie pavlich. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor fox news contributor, leslie marshall. joining us on the couch, former house speaker in fox's contributor, newt gingrich.
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host of a brand-new podcast, "newt's world," available now on apple podcast. tell us about your podcast. >> newt: we tried to take an idea every week. released on sunday morning. this week we did julius caesar, and the ides of march. last week we had a tremendous conversation with congressman patrick kennedy about drug addiction, and his own experiences. mental health. it's really a very touching, very personal interview. every week we will look at something. next week will be 5g and the technological revolution. >> melissa: i love the variety! >> harris: march 15, we are in it. the ides. >> melissa: congress nonapparent collision course with president trump over his emergency declaration, setting up what could be his first ever veto. a short time ago the president saying he will do just that. >> i don't know what the vote will be, it doesn't matter. i will probably have to veto. it's not going to be overturned, and we are going to have our --
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the legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. it's very important, it's really a border security vote. it's peer and simple, a vote for border security. it's a vote for no crime. we are going up a very strong border, very soon. we are building a lot of wall. there's a lot of while going up. i don't know if you see it or want to see it, but we are building a lot of wall and there's a lot of contracts being let out. tomorrow and over the next week. >> melissa: some republican senators maintaining there's a crisis at the border, while democrats call the president's order unlawful. watch. >> in my opinion, having just been down there, we have an absolute crisis. so i'm fully supportive of the president. >> the president is seeking power unlawfully and unconstitutionally. the congress has an opportunity to send a message that we are going to stand up for democracy and the rule of law. >> melissa: right now, seven republican senator sadie will vote against the president, including senators mitt romney, and lamar alexander. that would give the resolution more than enough support to
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pass, and send the bill to the his desk. would you make of us? >> newt: it's the way the constitution works. the president said, "i believe this is a national emergency." the 1976 act, which congress passed, gives and that authority. these numbers don't agree with him. they are going to pass something with an amalgam of votes to override. if i were the president i would relax and do whatever i'm doing. when the bill gets there, veto it. it will be sustained, and i will go to the next topic. >> harris: can i ask you about the political ramifications of a veto? and why some say, "you never want to do that! that will ding you politically." >> newt: is his prerogative to say to the congress, "we are in disagreement. you have to have enough votes to override my veto or a win." and that's how the constitution was written. every president i know of has had vetoes. most of them have sustained them. in this case, the president is in a legitimate argument. he believes there is a genuine
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crisis of the border. certainly the deferment of homeland security believes there is a genuine crisis. i'm a little surprised that some of the senators who are taking on their shoulders the burden of saying, "people are going to get murdered, they are not going to get raped or robbed. there's nothing bad going on." i think you are to be almost delusional to not think there's a serious crisis. i think this will be over. the president is going to go ahead and do it. the department of homeland security has at least ten major areas they really want barriers, and they say is really important. i think they are now going to get them. >> melissa: katie, what you think it means for the republicans that don't support the president? >> katie: depends in what state they're in. if you are in colorado, lake cory gardner, you're listening to your constituents in voting in the way that they think you should. overall, i think for everyone on capitol hill, just because you are voting against a national declaration doesn't mean the national emergency go away. there is still a crisis of the
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border. the white house released a number of videos today from customs and border protection showing hundreds of people flowing into the country. using children as distractions from border patrol. in the president is not going to budge on this. what i find interesting politically, though, is likely in the senate has introduced a bill that would take back power from the executive branch. and yet, nancy pelosi is going to block it. it proves that to him's aren't really interested in not only border security but in taking back executive power. if they were, they would be voting for this bill. this isn't about presidential power in general. this is about president trump declaring a national emergency. >> melissa: leslie, i think it's interesting the conversation flows very naturally when you say this is an overreach for the president. and immediately you think, "well, if congress would do their job, he wouldn't have to overreach." i mean that for everybody in congress who hasn't dealt with what is, at the very least, humanitarian crisis. >> leslie: i don't disagree with you. we talked about this before,
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right here. that immigration is a problem for the nation. immigration is a problem for -- for democrats. i think both, actually. we have a backlog -- >> harris: but we are focused on illegal. >> leslie: we have a problem, a crisis. but is that a national emergency? we are seeing in the house, a majority of republicans voted with democrats. in the past 41 minutes we've gone from five g.o.p. members in the senate to seven that are going to vote with democrats. i think it's not about a revolt or maybe even a rebuke to the president. more so the concern about undermining the appropriations process, a concern about precedent going forward. yes, congress needs to do their job, but, again -- does the president need to do this question rick even himself that he didn't need to. >> katie: what could congress introduce at this point to stop the flow? they spent all this time coming up with the declaration, they have done nothing to change the asylum laws or to change the deportation laws when it comes to central americans. until they turn this off, it's
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going to continue. >> melissa: what about daca? i haven't heard a democrat talk about what was supposed to be the big issue in so long, since they almost had a deal where they were going to trade things. i haven't heard nancy pelosi ask for a solution for dreamers it did not matter to democrats anymore? >> newt: that's again an example of how partisan and how political it's gone. i worked closely with lindsey graham when he really thought he might be able to pull off a compromise that involved daca, saving the dreamers, getting a compromise on the budget. this was about five or six weeks ago. we had a number of moderate democrat donors, outsiders, who cared deeply about the dreamers. they were working the democrats. in the end, they couldn't avoid being partisan. they came back and said, "the senators just couldn't do the deal." durbin was one of them.
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it was interesting to watch. as the country realizes the depths and the hostility inherent in the partisan -- >> melissa: was the other side of the deal that wasn't acceptable? they would say we couldn't abide by -- >> newt: part of it was the wall. part of it also was i think they are still in a post-election mood. they don't want to give trump a victory. there's just a deep -- if it's going to be a victory for donald trump, we're not going to do it. >> melissa: is that fair? >> leslie: i'm not going to disagree with that, and think we have seen that in both left and right. when there was a democrat in office we've seen her republicans do this. it's not just about partisanship but also about pleasing your constituents. all of these people are up for reelection at some point on both sides. >> harris: i would say the greatest bit of pressure might be intraparty. it might not even be going home yet to those constituents. there is a huge lean left that we talk about daily. we will move on from this, to this. another big vote today.
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this one in the house. the democrat led chamber nearly unanimously approving a bipartisan resolution the smalling dock monday , calling for the miller port when it's time to be made public. once they submit the findings to the justice department. fox news confirming that one of the most prominent members of the mueller team, andrew weissmann, will be moving on from his position in the very near future. he is expected to take a job at the new york university law school. the latest possible sign that the mueller probe may be wrapping up. that is breaking news, just a one sentence alert this morning. it's interesting, because we have been reading the tea leaves. which i prefer to leave and my cup for tea, but we are waiting to see this drop. what is your take on it? >> newt: one, i actually agree that, with the exception of national security concerns, or total innocent people who would be smeared, that the attorney general should release the entire report. the american people have a
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right, after two years, all this money and effort, to lend their judgment and look and i decide for themselves. is there anything here that justifies any kind of action involving the president? i think it is kind of pathetic that you have all this talk, all this effort. it's pretty clear now that there is no rush and collusion. and virtually everything that mueller went after people for was totally secondary to the reason he was appointed. let's get out in the open. at that point, the democrats will have to have a new reason to have a whole new series of attacks. and we've been going through this for two and a half years. >> harris: it's interesting what we saw with the paul manafort case, and i within minutes of that sentencing in a federal court you saw things popping up in a different jurisdiction. new york, new jersey could be on that list of other places. california. where they could press cases. you wonder if that has kind kif been the mode and the mold of the mueller investigation after
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that ... the collusion point would be less of a focus. and all these other sundry things might -- >> we don't know all the aspects of it. i'm not sure we will ever know all the details of what they investigated and what they did not. but when it comes to releasing this report and transparency, this is the people's report. they make a people paid for this report. they were told that the special counsel investigation was launched under the guise of protecting democracy, protecting their votes. they deserve and have the right to see what's in it. in the past we have seen the fbi and the justice department say, "we have to reject all these documents to prevent national security secrets from getting out." but when we get the unredacted form you see that it's actually not about national security, it's about embarrassing things that the fbi did like spent too much money. >> harris: don't feel like it's every week now? he might not get it at first, but you might get it later. >> katie: it should be put out for us to read. >> harris: leslie, what is it that are new and current general
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attorney general, william barr, said that has democrat so concerned we will get it released from and? it'll be up to him. even during his confirmation hearing he said he would follow the rules, the protocols, and release as much as possible of the report. what is the problem here question of why is there a fight? are democrats punching at ghosts? what's going on? >> leslie: the four words, "as much as possible." >> harris: but that's everything in life. >> leslie: i agree with you and you, which is striking. >> harris: you want to break the rules of democrats will be happy? >> leslie: i don't want them to break the rules, i do agree with you that this is the people's report at the expense of the american people's taxes. and for this transparency that we've been running on for years now, or claiming to, as a government. the american people are owed to that, i believe. and they can make their own conclusions, if you will. i'm not sure the attorney general is going to release all of it because of those four words. and we will have to -- >> harris: why would you doubt that he wouldn't follow the rules and the protocol? that's akin to calling him a
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liar. we don't even know. >> leslie: the rules in the protocol didn't say he attributes had to release all of it. >> harris: sources and methods. >> katie: if it's a classified affirmation, that's a no-brainer. but what is consumable by the average person. >> harris: i want to give speaker gingrich last one on this. >> newt: you're never going to get beyond this unless you release it. there were always be the next conspiracy theory, et cetera. and i think that attorney general barr is almost certainly going to release everything except those things that are classified. >> harris: all right. new develop miseries and questions about whether the obama justice department tiltedi just say the scales of justice, that's what this should say. and they would clinton email investigation. what this is really about. and he is in. beto o'rourke making his white house run official as he barnes farms iowa. but can he live up to the height question marks on her asking,
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the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> melissa: fox news alert, he is in. after weeks of intense media speculation, former democratic congressman beto o'rourke formally ending the 2020 presidential race. oedipus stops today in iowa, the seat that kicks off voting in the primary, overworked saying any democrat would be better than the president as he stopped at an iowa coffee shop. listen. >> any single democrat running
9:19 am
today -- and i may not be able to enumerate every single one of them right now -- it would befall better than the current occupants of the white house. ultimately we'll have to get on board the same person. because it is fundamental to our chances of success that we defeat donald trump in 2020. >> melissa: overworked, who shot to fame despite using a closely-watched senate race, with a credit democratic field where the clear politics average of polls finds in the middle of pack of an ounce and potential candidates. in the meantime, kevin mccarthy has a dim view of what o'rourke has actually accomplished despite the medium frenzy surrounding his rise. >> he served in the house, and i served with him. but, to be honest, i can't remember one speech that he gave on the floor or one bill that he passed. it's remarkable that his rise -- that he is never running for president, because i can't remember something he's done in the house and he just lost a race for the senate.
9:20 am
in the democratic party, that means you are capable of -- >> melissa: okay, and just as quickly the president commented on what i think so many in our audience were thinking maybe when they were watching this video of beau to work. can you point that for us? >> i think he's got a lot of hand movement. have never seen so much hand movement. i said, "is that crazy, or is that just we ask? "are never seen hand movement -- i watch him a little morning. i assume it was some kind of a news conference. i've never seen anything quite like it. study it, i'm sure you will agree. >> reporter: who has a better chance, beto o'rourke or joe biden? >> however it is, i will take them all. >> melissa: pot, kettle, and movement customer were you saying, katie? [laughter] >> katie: i didn't realize he commented on the hand movement in this announcement. but i notice he does this a lot. putting people is not always a good thing. >> melissa: the president was his hands a lot. >> katie: in this direction,
9:21 am
not destruction. president trump really puts a people. anyway, that's beside the point. [laughter] let's get to what beto said in his announcement video. this is an example of leftist populism coming to fruition on the national stage. beto o'rourke is unexperienced but he does have that grassroots support. he got very close to beating ted cruz. i know that republicans don't like to admit it was as close as it was. it is. texas, they believe, is in play in 2020. if you listen to the things that beto o'rourke has said -- bob o'rourke -- he talks about broadband in rural areas. he understands rural communities. as president trump has campaigned on, and has said throughout his presidency and acted on, we can't forget about the men and women who live between the coast. it's interesting to see that populist message on the left. also on the right. president trump has been successful at using it. >> melissa: he also came out with a very glossy "vanity fair" cover, immediately. gushing inside. "it's not o'clock p.m. on a
9:22 am
thursday, and beto o'rourke is trying to manage a couple of life altering and possibly world historical political events, while also driving his family home from a mexican restaurant." >> harris: that was a "vanity fair," but this website and look at it that way. here's their headline. >> what is his reason for existing?" basically they say, "better things would not be the worst campaign slogan. but it's nowhere near a fully-formed division of white o'rourke thinks he should be president." three runs in the house, one rua senate. people say, what is the characteristic that he has that will better the white house? as he puts it, "better things." it's an interesting question. what do you think? >> newt: i think first of all he may be counting on everyone else shrinking. >> harris: but can you ever really count on that? >> newt: i said he may be. i think he was counting on ted cruz shrinking i didn't quite work. he didn't shrink enough.
9:23 am
it's a free country, he's an ambitious guy. what else is he going to do this year? >> melissa: ouch! [laughter] >> newt: if he went home and he tried to run against senator cornyn, he would get crushed. >> harris: oh, i see what you are saying. >> newt: his choices, do i go to an absolute certain defeat? i've already become the wunderkind of left-wing democrats. he is a special wunderkind because he has been born to do this. >> harris: that's what he said! he said, "man, i'm just born to be in it and want to do everything i can humanly do for this country at this point. i want to be in it." >> newt: he actually trumped aoc, because he is worried we are about on the end of extension. which is a position even al gore couldn't take. be free if an asteroid has its today, we will be. leslie, go ahead. we know you like him.
9:24 am
>> harris: you like them? >> leslie: the fact that he doesn't have a lot of political experience and the finger pointing is going be the worse he gets, happy for them. because the president had no political experience. the thing that i love about our nation is that you can wake up in the morning and say, "i feel like i'm called to this, i have passion." >> harris: but most of us don't make videos when they do it. >> leslie: if you're running nowadays, you have to. you say he lost in texas. texas, a red state, less than 3% -- >> harris: that's true. >> leslie: if you want to talk about huge crowds, look at the numbers that turned up for burning 2016 and turned up and still turn up for the president. i think what beto has is not only some youths, which the democratic party needs, a new fresh face, which the democratic party needs. in addition, he has a young millennial voters that love him and he has people show up. and you don't underestimate those numbers. look at the numbers that came out of -- >> harris: you think this rollout on video wasn't what was
9:25 am
needed at this point? >> melissa: is his home life, is that what you're saying? we are looking at him live right now and he seems undeterred by the hand motions. >> leslie: beto, robert, right hand, left hand, it's not going to make the democrats vote or not vote for the sky. one of the thing that impressed even republican friends of mine was his off-the-cuff ability to answer a question regarding -- >> katie: about tearing down portables? >> leslie: about taking a knee, that went viral. people thought he was very authentic, very genuine. very honest and sincere. and that's refreshing and politics, whether you are looking at somebody on the left or the right. that's what he has right now. >> harris: when you said he looks like a kennedy. that's not a bad thing. >> melissa: i didn't say it was! i was making a plan what he she said about a fresh face. "but he looks like a kennedy and the democratic party." >> katie: ideas that have no actual standing in reality. >> melissa: wow!
9:26 am
>> newt: if you watching letterman it, we all said earlier , if he keeps doing this he will be a character of himself in a week. speak to the scandal over the famous and powerful charged with using bribes and deception to get their kids into america's tp universities. what congress may do about this, plus the first lawsuit from students denied those coveted spots. you knew it was coming! and come how the #metoo movement could be an albatross for some of the leading women running for the democratic nomination. and whether voters may see them as hypocrites. ♪
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9:31 am
tax breaks for college durations made before or during the enrollment of the donor's child. such donations are entirely legal but they are coming under scrutiny since the scandal exploded. actress lori loughlin is out on a million dollar bond after turning herself in to authorities. this as university of california dell maxim in california saying they are reviewing her daughter's admission and others involved in the scandal. after dean noris, of breaking bedroom, of the doomed twitter. a book i versus long odds, hardware, and perseverance. none of my parents went to a college. we didn't have money to pay for an s.a.t. prep course, let alone bribes. shameful. it's hard enough for working-class kids to succeed without rich privilege taking opportunity away." this just income of the first lawsuits over this have been filed. two college students now suing usc, yale, and other colleges alleging they were denied a fair opportunity to apply to those schools. melissa, i will go to you first, as a harvard graduate.
9:32 am
what's the best way to handle this to prevent it from going forward? is the donation thing a good idea to temporarily suspend your ability to take a deduction on a particular school while your kid is in the school? >> melissa: well, i know there are schools that don't let you donate years in advance of your kid even applying for there will always be ways of wealthy people to think and work around that. i follow the universe it is involved, why weren't there looking kids being recruited for athletics? how did they not know dominic noticed this pattern with their coach's mark i was there not more oversight in the way the physicians were given out? the hypocrisy, especially, in silicon valley. the person who runs one of those ethical investment funds and he talks about -- there's quotes
9:33 am
from i'm talking about closing divide, income equality. allegedly, it's recorded where he says, "i can't believe this over the world works now." he says to the guy who is bribing to get his child in. there is so much disgusting behavior in that, but it speaks to what may be a lot of higher education is worth and how distorted it has become. one good thing that could come out of this is that maybe people start to question what all of this really expensive education is actually worth. >> katie: is it worth t credibility of the parents being able to tell others of their children got in to a certain school? is really worth the education they are getting, leslie? you have kids about ready to go to college, right? >> leslie: they are ten and 11. [laughter] i know, i had to. speech we are talking about before the show. >> leslie: when you adjust the tax break, to your point, it
9:34 am
doesn't hold the institutions accountable. it doesn't rain in unfair practices. again, i know you're going to think, "leslie wants more democrat dull my government because she's a democrat," and that's not what i want. i do want an ability for an individual to get in based on their merit. even if athleticism, for that to be genuine. as i said yesterday, i'm not surprised this is happening in my seat because there's a lot of wealth coming out of hollywood in a lot of places. people want to put the sticker on their car, that there could went to harvard. >> harris: i want to focus in the real victims here. under the universities have said perhaps that they were victims. "we didn't know a coach was doing that." whatever, that lives in its own lane and we could spend an hour on that. but two sets of kids are damaged by this. the ones that couldn't get in on that work ethic, and that perseverance. they were blocked because spots were opened up for privileged elite via what has been alleged in this case. the other group of kids that
9:35 am
were hurt, apparently some of the kids of these wealthy donors -- and i will put those" -- were not even aware of what had been done on their behalf. it would be disheartening to limit your monitor didn't think you were enough. they couldn't work hard enough, they weren't smart enough. it is damaging for all the young people who didn't have control over the situation. >> katie: mr. gingrich, you are not only speaker of the house but you are a professor. you have both sides of this. can gross dell might congress do anything about this, what she universities do about? >> newt: i think it's the tip of a much bigger story. i think the president ought to propose an outsider commission to look at the whole higher education system. the prices are totally crazy, the student loan program is insane. the pressures are wild. they make no sense. in addition, there ought to be some basic rules. you may need the law. a lot of this has to involve fraud. >> melissa: oh, it does, no
9:36 am
question. >> newt: that's a prosecutable offense. you have to always wonder about the sor of decay of any set of standards where wealthy parents think -- they are not helping their son or daughter by, consider giving them a children getting them to learn something, deciding they will cheat the system. what do you think will happen when they go to school? >> leslie: is not where you go, it's what we you do with that degree. >> harris: amen. speak through the to live there. new about the obama-arrow at justice department and whether they interfered in the email investigation of having clinton. did it change the outcome, and wasn't an attempt to influence the election? will debate that next. >> did they short-circuit the investigation because they wanted her to win and they knew if they charged her she might lose? ♪ fely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard.
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9:41 am
revelations in the heavily clinton email investigation. we haven't talked about this for a while. on the heels of newly released transcripts of testimony by former fbi attorney lisa page. this raising new questions over whether the obama justice department may have interfered with the fbi investigation. now fox news exclusively has obtained an internal chart prepared by federal investigators, containing the words, "note: doj not willing to charge this." next to a key statute on mishandling classified information. that appears to contradict former fbi director james comey's repeated claims that his team determined independently that clinton should not face charges. fox news also confirming, that chart played a key role in in a republican congressman john ratcliffe's explicit questioning of lisa page last year. he asked her, "you are making it sound like it was the department that told you. you are not going to charge gross negligence because we are the prosecutors and we are
9:42 am
telling you we are not." paige responded, "that's correct." in 2016 draft, call me urgently accused clinton of being grossly negligent her handling of classified aggression paid any change it to careless a month later, and a month after that in july of 2016 he took the unusual step of publicly announcing the fbi's conclusion. speaker, i come to you first on that. what is the biggest that you seen all this? what surprises you? >> newt: nothing surprises me. when his liquid clinton deleted 30,000 something emails, when she had a staff or raise hammer to break up the computer, any rational person knows they were doing it and committing felonie felonies. period. this is been true for three years. these people are criminals. but they were being protected by
9:43 am
a democratic president, a democratic attorney general happened to meet bill clinton at the airport and happen to talk to his grandparents. and how could you doubt that this is totally -- anybody who knows bill clinton knows it wasn't totally innocent. it's inconceivable. all we do is, dribble by dribble, we learn that the obama administration was prepared to protect and cover up an absolute or criminal who would have become president of the united states. he would have had a criminal president. not all the stuff about trump and the things that never quite turn out to be true. hillary clinton broke the law and broke the law and broke the law. of the justice department broke the law in order to defend her. >> harris: on the heels of this i mentioned john ratcliffe. he tweeted this. "did peter strzok's hatred of donald trump influence investigation?" and "evidence" against ultra. i guess we will never know. >> leslie: a description anything we're hearing about is seen by the inspector general, who is extremely are sprayed by
9:44 am
both democrats and republicans. he found, yes, there was bias, but that this did not play into this decision. it certainly didn't play into the election. the bottom line is, when you have a prosecutorial team, whether it's for the federal government or anywhere, you are not going to go forward with the case unless you can win. that is what i think we saw here, which is, to be fields gross negligence? yes. can we prove intent? >> harris: not even the text messages between peter strzok and lisa page, and this new evidence you're finding out. does it mean nothing to you? >> leslie: have to say, as a democrat -- even just on twitter -- i would see things said to very similarly. "we've got to get him! we can't let this happen!" >> harris: that's different than putting it on your work device. >> leslie: they had been sleeping together, they clearly didn't like the president. they clearly did want hillary was twin but they did not have the power to -- >> harris: to the that concernu
9:45 am
that any of that would work into how the elicitation was handled? >> leslie: when james comey came out and spoke he actually -- even saw in the polls. >> harris: his team didn't like it. >> katie: that's outside the point. the bottom line is that the fbi, even with lisa page and peter strzok's bias against trump, believes that they had enough evidence to charge hillary clinton with a crime. they were told by the obama justice department that "he will not tell us that she should be referred, because we will not prosecute it." the big question is, what did barack obama know about this? remember, he revealed that everybody knows she did nothing wrong. on 6 minutes. going back to the tarmac meeting, loretta lynch and bill clinton met on that tarmac a couple days later. hillary clinton was exonerated and loretta lynn slide to the country when she said, "we will except with the fbi gives us." meanwhile, they already told the fbi the wooden prosecutor. >> harris: i've got to scoot. melissa, forgive me. we'll come back after the
9:46 am
commercial. the #metoo issue is not how did women running for the white house. case in children facing questions over her office is handling of a sexual harassment complaint. and it will elizabeth warren is dodging a question about bill clinton. how this will go over for voters, especially women. we will talk about it. >> should bill clinton have left office at fishing dominic after having an affair with a much younger staffer? >> i don't know, i can't go back and litigate the 1990s. ♪ ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ ♪ i can really move ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ i'm in the groove ♪ now do you love me? ♪ do you love me ♪ now that i can dance? ♪ watch me now! ♪ work, work, ah work it out baby ♪ applebee's 3 course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ >> leslie: should bill clinton have left the office after having a much >> i don't know, i can't go back and litigate the 1990s. that one is beyond -- >> did the 1990s get a tear to an extent question works because of course it did. but i don't have a time machine to go back and change the 90s. all i can do is change this world going forward. >> katie: okay. 2020 presenter candidate, senator elizabeth warren, ducking a question about whether president bill condition of resign from office over the monica lewinsky scandal. this, as another white house hopeful -- senator kirsten gillibrand -- faces new fallout of her sexual harassment scandal. her office report office reportedly admitting to mistakes and handing a former staffer's claim against another staff
9:51 am
member. an internal investigation was done, but the first accused senior staffer was not fired. forcing the accuser to resign from the office. she wrote a letter to the senator. "senator, senior staff told me it was a series of misinterpretations and too much of it he said, she said situation." her office reportedly finally did fire that senior staffer. here is kirsten gillibrand defending or handling of the claims. watch. >> we did a thorough and complete investigation. we took -- as all offices, would have a claim of sexual harassment, the first gifts do is believe the allegations so you can do a thorough and professional investigation. with the assistance of a plumbing council. that's we've done. >> katie: melissa, your take on all of that? the dodge for moran, and gillibrand handling that claim? in a way that people seems an appropriate. >> melissa: for senator warren, i don't think that's an effective political answer. i would ask you that in the
9:52 am
second. i agree with the sentiment that it kind of -- i mean, i'm so tired of talking about the clintons. to say, "should he have, all this time back then?" i don't know. it seems like a real person answer, but from her and especially the way she said it, sounded like a dodge. politically i don't think you can get with that in this day and age. i think for kirsten gillibrand that is her in a nutshell. she says one thing one day that is politically good for her, and the next day she has another point of view. she was the clinton's very best friend in the whole entire world until it was time that they were useful anymore and then she probably threw them right under the bus. it just strikes me as nothing that comes out of her mouth is genuine. what you think the politicians have to do going forward in terms of this movement? that's so outdated, we are not allowed to say "he said, she said" anymore. >> newt: there are two very different situations. i think from the standpoint of
9:53 am
warren, saying, "i'm not going back to the paschal scope probably works okay. it's not brilliant but it's adequate. she's not going to gain anything by getting in the middle of parsing bill clinton 20 years ago. i think i'm kirsten gillibrand, because she made such a huge effort at the pentagon and then is seen by men people as being a zealot, way over reaching, the fact that in her own friend don mike office she didn't follow the very rules she was depending on, i think it's probably a bigger hit pay but a secondary hit, which is that whatever message it running for president was going to be gets totally knocked out by this stuff. her introduction to a large number of people isn't positive, isn't issue-oriented, and isn't flattering. >> katie: leslie, the reason why we talk about bill clinton is because for two decades democrats justified his behavior. and now we have come to this point in the #metoo move it where it's difficult to hear democrats condemn others while they still embrace bill clinton.
9:54 am
it's been this weird line to walk and try to distance yourself from that kind of behavior, when he has been endorsed and paid and celebrated for all of these years and your party. >> leslie: well, people like myself and kirsten gillibrand have denounced his behavior. i did it back then on radio, long before i was on tv. look -- the senate acquitted him, a majority did not want to remove him. not all of you polls among the iraqi people and the public but also among the centers. there was the majority the time. they i do agree with mr. gingrich that elizabeth warren was not a center at that time. it's kind of a crazy question. i do not agree with you -- bernie sanders went through this. it was a blip on the radar screen and this one forward. the same will happen here. i don't think democrats, especially women, are going to vote for or against a female candidate like elizabeth warner kirsten gillibrand or kamala harris, however, based on this. because they are not the alleged
9:55 am
perpetrators. they are not the guilty parties in this scenario. >> katie: well, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ation to exhilaration. this is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 is 300 for $329 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment...
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>> melissa: we have loved having newt gingrich with us today. he is a brand-new podcast called "newt's world." you can get it on apple podcast. tell us about it. >> newt: i just want an opportunity to share ideas. as they went out and learn new things, we started with george washington on his birthday. why is he the father of the country customer gives a very interesting podcast about two doctors bent years of their life developing e therapy. so little children can now scene, who are going to go blind. and how that happened. at a remarkable conversation dr. kennedy about his own struggles with addiction and mental illness. it really is a remarkable conversation. every sunday we release a new
10:00 am
podcast. next week it will be on 5g and the revolution. my goal is, as i learn things, i will share them with you and let people learn very broadly. >> melissa: politics come into it, but is not about that. it's been very intellectually exciting things. i will check it out. you sold me! newt gingrich, thank you. thank you to the rest of the couch. we are back your new tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: we begin with the fox news alert. we could be on the verge of the president's first veto. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. we are awaiting that vote in the senate on a measure that would reject president trump's emergency declaration on the border wall. the president has such a veto if it reaches his desk. there are now at least seven republicans who said they will vote against that aggression. virtually assuring its passage. after talks broke down on them compromised to do the white house prepares the president moments ago. >> president trump: if we had border security, if we had a proper wall -- which we are building now as we speak, and we


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