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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 14, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: that was a very dangerous storms. thanks for joining us. it's thursday. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: emergency declaration down in flames. our recording begins with a live look at the white house and what president trump called a loyalty test. a vote in the senate on whether to block the president's declaration of a national emergency at the mexico border. democrats stood united. republicans are very much not. in the last hour, not a few, but 12 republicans voted against the president in the senate. they were senators rand paul of kentucky, mike lee of utah, lamar alexander of tennessee,
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mitt romney, pat toomey of pennsylvania, rob portman of ohio, roger wicker of mississippi, marco rubio of florida and row blount of missouri. all voicing against the president along with every democrat. it is a strong bipartisan rebuke of president trump's plan. congress has overturned the national emergency declaration that would have provided funding for the president's proposed border wall. he asked the house for the house said no. then he declared a national emergency. now congress has said no again. but next, the promises he will veto. we have team fox coverage. john roberts reporting from the white house. mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. mike? >> there were attempts by some senate republicans to cut a deal with the president to see if they could limit future national emergencies. sources say they were noter into where the president stood in some of these proposals offered
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to him. so here's why utah senator mitt romney was a no today. >> i'm voting in favor of the resolution. it's not about the balance of power. it's not about the president or border security. i support border security. i support the construction of a border barrier. >> in terms of republicans, supporting the president on this issue, florida senate eric scott explained why he understands or says why he understands the president's frustration. >> the president didn't like this process. he tried to get funding done. he offered other things. he offered to do something with daca and it's pure hatred of the president. they don't want the president to have a win. the truth is, americans need a win. >> thom tillis was originally against it. it changed his vote today.
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he's up for re-election next year in a battleground state. >> what did we hear from democrats on this? >> you heard the senate democratic leader making a case that the president's action here is unconstitutional. >> the framers gave congress the power of the purse. it's probably our greatest power. now the president is claiming that power for himself under the guise of an emergency declaration to get around the congress that repeatedly would not authorize his demand for a border wall. >> colorado democrat michael bennett picked apart the president's language on the issue. >> your president is saying he needs a national emergency to build a wall? it is preposterous.
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it is a joke. >> democrats appear to be enjoying forcing president trump to use his veto power for the first time, shep. >> shepard: the president billed today's vote in stark terms. a vote with him is a vote for border security. a vote against him was a vote against border security. the truth is both sides they want border security but they disagree on how to best accomplish the goal. further, of course, this issue of the emergency declaration itself is front and center as outlined in the constitution, there's a separation of powers in america. the house of representatives is granted the power of the purse strings. democrats insist the president's emergency is no emergency at all but an attempt to build the wall for which the funding was denied? john roberts live on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon, shep. the president and the white house were twisting arms hard
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trying to stem the bleeding here. it's not as bad as the worst case scenario but it was bad when you have 12 republican senators defecting. the president offering up to change the presidential emergency powers act in the future. he said he needed the money now. as you heard mitt romney say, this was not about building a border barrier. this was about the constitutionality of who controls the purse strings. so this bill sometime in the next few hour to few days and he will for the very first time use the veto pen. it's not sure if it will go back for a override vote. nancy pelosi has not committed to that. she's probably 40 votes shy of overturns it. based on the senate vote, there's not the 67 votes to kill it or restore it in the senate either. the president meantime plans to keep building miles of new border barrier near the southern
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border. in the new budget, he's asked for $8.7 billion to build the wall. the president insisting this morn as he sat with ireland's prime minister that a lot of wall is being build now. >> a lot of wall going up. i don't know if you see it or want to see it. there's a lot of wall and a lot of contracts being let out for additional many, many miles of wall. we're going to have hundreds of miles of wall up fairly soon. >> there has been a sharp uptick in the number of people apprehended this year. the president said the system is at a breaking point. listen here. >> they're apprehending, call it whatever you like to use, but they're apprehending thousands and thousands of people a month. we're catching them and we're keeping them. we're not doing release. al some point we have to do some releases because we don't have
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the bed space, we don't have the room and we don't have the funds to build new space. >> the president also said that we're seeing record numbers of people apprehended at the border, which is not a factual statement. the numbers that we saw last month in february, 76,000 do represent a 11-year high but they're well off the record, which was set in modern times going from 2000 all the way to 2018, the high point, shep, was this march of 2000 when 220,000 people were apprehended at the border. we're not there but we're at an 11-year high. >> and the claim of new wall, that is just inaccurate as well. anything that is being build is from previous allocations and nothing new because it's not been approved. >> it is. liken it to you have a car. it's a 67 dodge. you have a new car but you didn't get two cars.
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they're just replacing existing wall with new border barrier. but it's different. in some case it was just landing matt fencing. now they're putting up the new wall. the fence is new but you're not going to get more distance out of it. he will get more out of the appropriations from congress that he's doing even without the money from the emergency declaration. >> thanks, john. let's get to chris wallace, host of fox news sunday. he laid this out starkly, chris. he said you with me or against me here. he had 12 defectors. i guess different defectors had different reasons. >> i'd say this is more of a procedural or constitutional issue than a policy issue as you heard in mike emanuel's report, a number of these people support building a border wall. they don't support the idea of a national emergency. just to make it clear, there's a
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national emergency's act passed by congress in 1976 and dozens of emergencies that have been declared by various presidents for various purposes. there's never been one where a president went to congress, asked for money, rejected by congress and used emergency powers to get the money. that's what sets this one apart from all the others. that's why you have a number of republican senators say i support the wall but i don't support this idea of violating article 1 of the constitution, which gives congress, not the president, congress the power of the purse. >> shepard: in the past, chris, when republicans have gone against his wishes, he has enacted retribution in one way or another. what might these individual senators expect from him, if anything? >> i don't think very much given the fact that there's so many. there's 12. the other thing worth noting, this isn't the first time this
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year this has happened. in february 46 republican senators sided with democrats to vote against the president's decision at that point to make a very quick pull-out of all u.s. troops from syria. the president had to recourse. he's keeping 400 troops. yesterday, seven republican senators voted against the president with democrats to create a majority to pull all u.s. troops, all aid for the saudi effort in yemen. the third time in 1 1/2 months when republican senators have provided a majority with strong democratic support to vote against the president's policy. it's a political defeat for the president and a practical sense it won't be because as john as mike pointed out, he will veto the resolution of disapproval if congress doesn't have the votes to override. the house may not even take a vote because there's so many moderates that this would be a
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difficult vote in red or purple districts and they don't want to be seen voting against the president's wall. so nancy pelosi may not even bring this up. >> shepard: which is the place where we've been reporting for months that we expected to be at this point, that is, he declares his emergency on the coast or on the border there and it's tied up in lawsuits and nothing happens. >> we'll have to see. we haven't had a ruling of the court out west in the ninth circuit staying then't's emergency order. clearly it looks now like after the president's veto this will no longer be in congress and go to the courts. we'll see what a judge decides. >> shepard: politically there, does that give the president something? will he say heading into 2020, you saw i did everything i could do. i did everything all the way down to a veto. i tried to get your wall. build the wall, build the wall. couldn't get it done.
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>> absolutely, this is one of the run articles of fate between president trump and his base support in 2016. how many tied did we hear him say we're going to build the wall? yeah, he said mexico would pay for it. clearly they aren't. at least he can say -- first of all, he will build new wall with the money appropriated by congress and the money he will repurpose. even if he's blocked in the national emergency and he builds i think john said 77 miles of new wall, at least he can say look, i have done everything i could. i took it to congress, i vetoed when they disapproved my national emergency declaration. i've done everything i could and lord know as democrat wouldn't. that's the argument he makes. >> shepard: real quickly. looks like there were five that were going to vote against him here. getting to 12 wasn't as john roberts the worst case, but if any of those individuals, do you see one who is making a statement on some other level or
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is this all about the constitution says the house controls the purse strings and sir, mr. president respectfully you do not? is anyone saying more than that? >> i don't think so. maybe some of the more moderate people like susan collins, lisa murkowski potentially. this in a sense was an easy vote for some republicans because they didn't have to buck the president's policy and say we don't agree with you on building the border wall. this is about the separation of powers, constitution and worth standing up for our own institution against what we see as you overreaching and deciding to declare a national emergency. >> shepard: we'll see if we hear from the president. wouldn't be out of character. thanks, chris. >> good to see you. congratulations. can i say quickly you got a big award? real quickly, i want to say a very distinguished man came up and said i want to congratulate
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you for being the second person that beat shep smith verbally on a routine basis. he said who are you? i'm benton smith. i'm shep's older brother. i get it on a regular basis. >> he did. except when we played basketball and he came after me with a butcher knife. we were children. that was different. >> he said verbally. he didn't talk about culinary instruments. >> he's on a boat on the way to mexico with the kids. maybe he can stay there. >> i don't mean to cause a family feud. >> you knew. it's your mission in life. >> maybe a little. >> thanks, chris. good to see you. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. much more ahead. live in iowa where beto o'rourke has hit the ground running after throwing his hat in the ring nor the 2020 presidential race. now 340 democrats are running. 340 and counting. stay with us. i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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>> shepard: less there was in question about what the president will do, behold. there you go. that tweet came during the commercial break. this on the heels of the rebuke from the senate on his emergency declaration at the border with mexico. largely on procedural matters. the house controls the purse. they told him know. he declared a national emergency. they told him no. they don't have enough votes to override the veto so the president will veto. that's the word from the president. i said a little while ago, maybe we'll get something from the president. i was thinking something on camera. there you go. twitter provides. there's another name on the list of democratic candidates for the 2020 election.
12:20 pm
his name is beto o'rourke. the former democratic congressman from texas officially entering the race this morning. he joins a crowded room. there's a lot of them. we're still waiting to hear from the former vice president, joe biden. let's get to mike tobin on the campaign trail, about 170 miles in iowa at burlington. he had a meet and greet at a coffee house. hi, mike. >> lots of excitement and a packed house at the bean counter coffee shop. fresh off the announcement that beto o'rourke was indeed in the big fight. at every stop, he has been talking about climate change as a crisis. here he spoke about the tax cuts, which he believes unfairly benefit the rich. >> 30% of what we grow in this
12:21 pm
state is bound for foreign markets all over the world. now, we're right to hold china accountable for their trade practices, for manipulating the system at their expense president we're wrong to go into a trade war. >> the president criticized him for his hand gestures. with all of the excitement that we have out here, keep in mind there's not a lot of polling. but the polls still show a sizable lead to joe biden and kamala harris. >> shepard: we just got in from tel aviv. a word from the israeli defenses that air raid sirens -- israeli military says air ride siren
12:22 pm
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> shepard: breaking news into fox news channel. israeli military reports that air raid siren warnings have gone off in tel aviv. jerusalem post is reporting that initial reports said two sirens sounded and loud explosions could be heard. iron dome was activated. at least one of two missiles fired at the general tel aviv area was intercepted. we have no reports of any casualties. the early indication is whatever explosions people may have heard
12:27 pm
and there are reports from civilians that they heard explosions could have been the interception by iron dome. that's the defense system with the help of the united states which aims to intercept incoming missiles of any kind into specifically heavily populated areas of jerusalem. jerusalem post now rockets siren sound in tel aviv. it's been -- times have been tense over recent days. incursions in gaza. military speaking, tensions have become higher and higher in recent days. the headline is, apparently two rockets fired in the general vicinity of tel aviv. iron dome activated. explosions heard. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. the tensions seem to be
12:28 pm
building. >> the tensions have been building between israel and gaza for days now. in fact, there's been large protests led against hamas, palestinian protesters. there were a number of deaths near the israeli border in gaza today and there have been concerns written about in the israeli press that hamas might try to fire a rocket to divert complaints away from the hamas-led government down in gaza. some of the services that they're not receiving in the gaza strip. it's clear -- it's not clear at this point in time whether there was actually an interception by the iron dome. but it looks like the iron dome was activated and that possibly a missile was fired from the gaza strip. if this is proven to be the case, it would be the first time that tel aviv has received incoming missile fire since
12:29 pm
2014. it's significant. you have to see the upcoming israeli election on april 9. it's a tense political time in israel. the prime minister of israel is facing corruption charges and the situation in the gaza strip has been deteriorating for sometime, shepard. >> shepard: new updates are coming in. this from jerusalem post, which is recording that islamic jihad was responsible for launching 75 rockets. fox news can't confirmed that. we have a newsroom in jerusalem. trey yingst mans that for us. he's live on the phone. what have you learned? >> this is a major development. what we saw today was an egyptian delegation entering the gaza strip to try to enter a cease fire agreement between israel and gaza.
12:30 pm
it appears that that was chose to being signed. what we have seen tonight, a major escalation. it does appear according to the israeli defense force that two rockets were fired from the gaza strip towards central israel. we have not seen this rocket fire since the war in 2014, operation protective edge. the israelis see tel aviv as a red line for rocket fire. what we saw today, two rockets fired towards central israel. the idea is that one of those rockets was intercepted. they can track the rockets using the technology to see if it's going to hit a civilian area. it appears that one was intercepted. israelis right now likely deciding what their response will be. reports indicating that islamic jihad is behind these rockets that have been fired.
12:31 pm
from what we know, that is accurate according to reporting in the jerusalem post. >> shepard: thank you. the activation of the sirens there in tel aviv is a matter of note in that the sirens haven't gone off in tel aviv for two years. when it happened two years ago, that turned out to be a false alarm. so so often when there's military activity, incursions in gaza, the southern part of israel, tel aviv is a place where life continues uninterrupted. there's times when there's warring activity happening. in tel aviv, people are having coffee on the sidewalks and going about their day like nothing is happening. tel aviv is immune to this sort of thing. in this case a couple rockets were fired in that direction. we just got that. it reports at least two causing
12:32 pm
the alerts to blare throughout israel. according to the israeli military, iron dome missile defense system did intercept one of the rockets. and now the newspaper there, israelis reporting hearing sounds of the blast with some say they saw the iron dome defense missile intercepting the rockets. a recent history. a projectile was launched at israel saturday night. so five days ago. that prompted israel to conduct air strikes on a number of targets in the gaza strip. all of this as the prime minister there is facing enormous troubles both politically and legally. so many complaints from the gaza about services and goods, which are unavailable to people in the territories there. so a little bit more about what
12:33 pm
i'm getting. first time the red alert rocket sirens went off in a real incident since 2014 as we were just reported by trey yingst. the israeli forces confirm all of this. they call it home front command there, which sort of gives the orders within the country, has not given any special instructions to israelis and the home front command says they can continue to operate as normal. systems worked. tensions high. approaching midnight. this incident at least appears to be over. a scare in israel. nothing to indicate that the tensions that have exists for quite some time will be alleviat alleviated. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. politically speaking and legally speaking, the government as a
12:34 pm
whole and the prime minister specifically are in a world of hurt. >> well, they are in a world when it's a very tense political time in israel. benjam benjamin netanyahu is being challenged. i think what is notable, this was in fact fired by islamic jihad. islamic jihad plays a spoiler role in the gaza strip. there was an egyptian delegation negotiating with hamas trying to lowter tensions. if it was islamic jihad, it answers to different forces outside of israel. you know, it's not clear where the funding has come from. in the past, iran has played a role in funding hamas and jihad and others. so if those rockets were fired, it was clearly an attempt to
12:35 pm
escalate things and to damage the attempts by the egyptians to bring peace between the israelis and the palestinians in the gaza strip. it's expected. it's not unusual to see this missile activity coming out of gaza. as we mentioned, it's the first time since 2014 that a missile has made its way to tel aviv and for the iron dome to intercept it and be used, it was a serious threat. it's important to point out, shep that earlier, just last week, the israeli military and the u.s. military teamed up and the u.s. has sent the thad missile defense system used for high altitude missiles, something that iran would have in its possession. there was going to be a drill to use the thad and that was at a southern base inside israel.
12:36 pm
so there's clearly a sense that israel is feeling under threat from hostile neighbors and the missile defense systems have been put in place, used by the americans to basically give the israelis confidence at the time. >> shepard: it was friday of last week that there were the clashes along the border. a palestinian was killed. another badly wounded. this israelied arrested armed palestinians across the fence, a projectile was fired from the gaza toward the southern part of israel. it was at that point that israeli aircraft attacked hamas targets in the gaza. so there was a response to the last time. this is the new video from today? no, this is file tape. in a minute, we'll have new video. the last time, friday of last week, there was a single miss sample fired and israeli
12:37 pm
aircraft went in there to attack targets. >> dana: be surprised if there was no a speedy retaliation. remember, we're on the eve of a very tense election in israel. you have a prime minister that is under siege. this is a not a moment that prime minister would like to show any sort of weakness. this escalation often occurs in these kinds of circumstances. there's been intelligence reporting inside israel for some time of concern about an outbreak of rising violence from the gaza strip. again, these are the forces at play. regional forces at play that stir things up between the israelis and palestinians and domestic concerns. what we're seeing tonight, if missiles were fired towards tel aviv. >> shepard: concerns have been voiced about quality of life,
12:38 pm
quality of goods and services. and those complaints and concerns have been building in recent weeks. >> they've been building and in fact, one of the problems is that there were concerns that hamas and others would try to divert attention from those domestic protests, the palestinians protesting against the palestinian governments for not providing goods and services to them. gaza, as you know, shepard, is sealed off from israel. very difficult to get goods and services. it's a place of incredible pressure because of the large population and young population that -- where unemployment is incredibly high. so it is a tinder box. circumstances like this when there's domestic concerns on the israeli side and palestinian side, you see this uptick in violence and groups like islamic jihad take advantage of the moment, fire rockets knows that israel will respond in some way. >> shepard: for context, it's
12:39 pm
about 20 minutes until 10:00 p.m. in tel aviv. these are the first bits of video from there of what happened. listen. >> these sirens much more live in other parts of the country. in tel aviv, rare of late. >> they've been rare of late but takes me back to a time when we lived in israel for seven years. these sirens as i said at the start of the iraq war, the israelis have been facing this kind of threat from incoming rockets, whether it was from lebanon during the israeli-lebanon conflict in 2006 or during the rockets being
12:40 pm
fired to -- from gaza towards tel aviv. those rockets while we lived there, the range of those rockets grew further and further. now at this point in time, we've heard warnings for years and one of the concerns that both the u.s. military and the israeli military have joint concerns is that the continued problems to the north in syria and the continued flooding of rockets from iran through syria, taking advantage of the civil war there and passing those rockets, the longer range rockets into southern lebanon, it really puts all of israel at threat from this kind of missile threat from the south and gaza as well as the north and lebanon. >> shepard: the latest report that the missiles now reportedly came from the northern gaza. but as i said, fox news has no independent reporting on who might be responsible for them.
12:41 pm
they say it's not clear who is responsible for these. chances are given what we know about israeli security and the sort of control they have over that area, the chances that the idea is aware of who did this, the chances are good. >> i think what they'll be able to tell is where the rocket was fired from. it's difficult to tell without on-the-ground intelligence, which they probably have some. but it will be difficult at first to know who exactly is responsible. once they figure out who is responsible, they will likely strike. it's important to point out in the last year alone, the israeli air force has carried out more than 200 air strikes in gaza. so this is -- has been a situation for some time. may not have been making headlines in the u.s. but it is something that has been on the boil for quite some time. >> shepard: on friday when the
12:42 pm
missile came to the southern part, the response happened in a matter of just a couple hours. >> well, that is very typical. as soon as they can pinpoint. depending on what kind of missile this was and whether it's a mobile missile launcher, it's difficult to find the purpose traitors immediately. there will likely be, i would expect, a military response and a punishment. this is not something that is real if you look at past records and past -- the past behavior. it's not something that israel will stand for, missiles being fired into tel aviv. >> shepard: that's spot on. jennifer, thanks. i mentioned trace because i want to get to trace gallagher. we mentioned as the idf reported iron dome was activated. that system has proved effective
12:43 pm
as long as the number of incoming isn't too large. >> dana: yeah, exactly. when you and i were in israel covering the war between israel and hezbollah on the northern borders, we were given a tutorial on the iron dome. in 2007, it was in its infancy and the accuracy rate wasn't that high. now the iron dome has proved to be literally a life saver in israel. we're talking about the iron dome being one unite. there's ten separate iron domes around israel. each one cover as radius of 60 miles. you can see that right there. it's a defense system as well as an offense system. the defense part, it uses radar, covers it 60 miles. anything that comes in the vicinity of that radar, that is deemed a weapon that could be dangerous is attacked by the missile you just saw there.
12:44 pm
the missiles are used by the same radar and they go to the incoming missile and they get as close as possible and explode. the hope is that they would explode the missile coming to israel. they're located strategically around the country to do what what you're saying happening today, to protect israel in their vulnerable posts, like the northern part, tel aviv and gaza. it's fascinating to note when you look at these things, there's ten of them, each of them precise radar and now the effective rate is above 90%. in the training phases, they got to 70% and now they're well above 90% which is a phenomenal success rate when you're talking about something that really is out of a star wars movie on how to protect israel and just for a little bit of context, they were built, very expensive, we're
12:45 pm
talking about a billion dollars for to develop this thing, built by israeli companies and american companies, the u.s. puts the money into this system, upwards of close to a billion dollars. they're very expensive to operate and expensive to build. the bottom line is, as you're seeing today, they work and these are invaluable to israelis. shep? >> shepard: further reporting to give to our viewers. this is not fox news reporting, this is the reporting of jerusalem post. this just crossed. the two rockets fired included loud explosions. two rockets were fired by palestinian and islamic jihad, which they call pij in gaza, which the j-post describeds as the strongest group after hamas. one is reported to be intercepted by the iron dome and the other fell in open
12:46 pm
territory, didn't hit anything. reports of a number of israelis treated for shock. using their parlance, treated for shack is people that got scared and needed to be calmed down, which, you know, one could imagine. this group of palestinian islamic jihad haas been assessed by the israeli military intelligence as a factor increasing the risk of an escalation in the violence there since the pij is not under the direct control of hamas and acts independent for its own interests. in other words, this group would act outside of the ruling government, hamas, if you will, and might want to stir up trouble, for instance, just before an election in israel. going on to continue the reporting. the group first fired an iranian made missile at tel aviv in 2012
12:47 pm
from the blockaded coastal enclave. that is the latest reporting from the jerusalem post. it goes on to say the israeli defense forces have warmed that hamas and the palestinian jihad have restored their military capabilities to back before the 2014 incursion and expect in the next war in the southern communities bordering the strip would be pounded with rockets and mortar attacks in the southern part of israel across the border, the rockets and all the facilities have been re-established. they've been refortified. they're ready for a fight whenever it comes. this is a cycle that has been on going for a very long time. it's not to say that something is about to happen. but the post is reporting accurately according to our services that the rockets are in place and both sides are ready for the next time there is some sort of uprising. things that tend to happen from
12:48 pm
time to time. going on, the israeli military intelligence assessment for 2019 has warned that israel is facing what the jerusalem post calls a high escalation in the gaza. the idf chief of staff has prioritized the southern front as one that could "explode into war at any moment." as one of its first visits of chief of staff, he went to the southern command and met with senior officers and approved operation plans for war, including setting up a unit to prepare for targets in gaza in case a war should break out. this is what is just run in the jerusalem post. what we have is a couple of missiles fired, apparently by a palestinian islamic jihad. that's not been confirmed to us. that's the reporting in the jerusalem post. one intercepted by iron dome. the other did no damage. people were scared by this. the sirens went off in tel aviv
12:49 pm
and in central israel. at this moment, nothing further has happened. when this sort of thing happened, the rhetoric is dialled up on both sides of the border and certainly they're on high alert, if you will. any time around an election there, especially given this very serious charges against the prime minister and a lot of political infighting. really many questions about what direction this government of israel will take in the days ahead. jennifer griffin on iran funding here, jennifer. a lot of players in these things. hezbollah, so many more. >> shepard, if in fact it's proven correct that it was islamic jihad that fired the missile, that missile is known as an iranian missile. it's provided by iran.
12:50 pm
it has a range of about 15 miles. what we have seen since 2014 is that islamic jihad, a group of palestinian group that was formed in 1981, it has grown closer to iran in the funding from i ran has increased according to intelligence sources. you have to understand there's internal rivalries between these palestinian groups set up with outside funding from iran and israel enemies. in the wake of the syrian civil war, iran has been provided more funding to groups of hezbollah. so if this is -- proves to be true, it's an iranian missile.
12:51 pm
>> shepard: quite often we get those confirmations quickly. we can expect something before israelis go to bed. it's 10 till 10:00 in jerusalem at this hour. john bussey is with us. a fox news contributor. edit editor. there's a peace plan that they're working on. this could be a set back. >> yeah. jared kushner was just in the mideast talking to the saudis, the saudis because they have a fair amount of influence over the palestinians and their economic resources will be called on to serve the peace plan, this is something that the administration has been working on consistently the last couple years. president trump calls it the deal of a century.
12:52 pm
he may not be exaggerating in this one case. it would be the deal of a century to have peace between the palestinians and israel. the question is whether this will set it back, whether the israelis will see this as an attack by the future leaders of the two state or second state or whether they'll see this as fractions within factions of the political parties in gaza firing off rockets and just destabilizing the entire peace process. israel has been condemned by the united nations for overreacting to instances where there's incursions from israel and attacks from gaza, setting -- putting incendiary devices in balloons and floating them to farm land. netanyahu sees security of israel as primary to his
12:53 pm
political well-being. he's in some trouble legally. this is very likely to draw a strong response. >> shepard: you can't imagine anything but. so many factors coming together. the election, the legal matters which he has not escaped and may not according to most of the analysis. very serious charges against the prime minister. all of that put together historically speaking a prime minister shows strength and resolve for a number of reasons. >> security has always been at the top of the agenda in israel for any number of reasons, historically, before the state was created and afterwards. so running on security at a time when tel aviv is in an attack in an election seems like a no-brainer for a prime minister. >> the czech ambassador has tweeted a video.
12:54 pm
we have that for you now. again, we have live pictures coming in from tel aviv. that's the czech republic. here inside of your screen, that's live pictures in tel aviv. for no other reason to show, business as usual. a couple of rockets. one intercepted by iron dome, one falsing elsewhere. with history as our guide, the goal of this sort of thing is not usually to do any kind of harm. it's difficult to do with a couple of rockets. it's to stir it up. >> and to show strength and to get a lot of internal support for your position in gaza, for hamas. the issue is how is the u.s.
12:55 pm
going to respond to this. the president has made miss friendship with netanyahu and the policy friendship very important to his own administration. is the president going to support a strong israeli response or is the u.s. going to try to be a peace broker and keep the israelis from launch an incursion into gaza? >> shepard: we should know quickly. thanks to trey yingst in jerusalem. trace gallagher with the background on iron dome. there will be some sort of response. that seems to be a given. the question is what will it be? we'll have coverage throughout the afternoon in the united states and from israel throughout the night. the matter at hand in the united states, of course, is the rebuke by the senate of the president's call for an emergency declaration at the border. expecting a veto. the president said he will veto the democratic resolution which
12:56 pm
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huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> i'm running to serve you as president of the united states of america. thank you for having us out. >> he has a lot of hand movement. i've never seen so much hand movement. i said is he crazy or is that the way he acts? >> neil: maybe that's a sign that you take this beto guy seriously. welcome. trump seems to frame people in a piffy line to signify they'll be recognized out of the gate. let's to it with mike tobin in


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