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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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brand-new right now, go to subscriber get it in your email box every day paired shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take all of the big stories from here. shannon? >> shannon: laura, thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert. we are monitoring a mass shooting at a mosque near the new zealand city of christ church. witnesses report dozens of shots fired and people fleeing the mosque. of the shooter appears to be at large. we are still trying to get confirmation of official details on this. kristin fisher is joining us with the latest story. by the second, we are more information paired >> by the second, and the press reporting that the media new zealand are now saying there has been a second shooting at a mosque, very little details about that, though, still waiting for police to make an official statement. a witness is staying at the first mosque, many people are dead. this happened at a mosque in the new zealand city of christ church. a witness said they saw a man dressed in black enter the mosque and heard dozens of shots
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and saw people running from the mosque. here is how do described it in his own words. >> i was hearing the shooting, shooting, shooting, and went on 6 minutes or more. i could hear screaming and crying. i saw some people were drop-dea drop-dead. some people were running away. >> asked for the gunman, the witness says he ran out of the mosque and dropped what appeared to be a semiautomatic weapon in the witness' driveway and fled. understandably, people in the area are being urged to stay indoors. i should point out, shannon, this second shooting happened in the exact same city as a first shooting paired up both mosques, obviously, a lot of this is still developing in real time. we are having to rely on new zealand's media.
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>> shannon: it's a really sad story developing. more coming in from the associated press describing much of what he about outlined. one witness saying he saw a man dressed in black enter this mosque at about one: 45:00 p.m. their time, her child, saw people running in terror, the witness who lived next door to the mosque for five years, the gunmen ran out, as you said, dropped what appeared to be a weapon, went into the mosque and tried to help, but he might be able to do something by going in. "i started dead people everywhere, three in the hallway, at the door leading to the mosque, inside the mosque, calling it unbelievable." that is one witness account. you're able to prevent us with another. and these are live pictures you are watching as authorities are cautioning people, if you live in christchurch, stay off the street, number of schools are closed, and as we said, local media reporting as the second
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shooting unfolds. >> you want this to be measured in terms of what they say, you don't want to get ahead of the police. here we are not one but two witnesses saying they have seen several people that are dead, so it sounds like it is quite serious, indeed. >> shannon: as this is breaking, stay with us throughout the hour as you get more information, we will continue to update people on what we know of that shooting in new zealand as it comes in. ♪ >> shannon: in other news of the day, beto o'rourke makes it official, the media largely gushes over his and rinsed into a packed 2020 field, from banning the death penalty to packing the supreme court, beto is rolling out his progressive plan. and then congress sending a message to the president, his reply "veto." we are told the latest on lori loughlin and the rest of the
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suspects, we will have more on them in the cheating scandal. much like former president barack obama, headlines declare beto o'rourke has sought the middle ground. can that include abolishing i.c.e., backing the green new deal, and breaking out some of the current border wall? trace gallagher is on the case with beto o'rourke, who he really is, but we begin in iowa where he was making his case as we count down to 2020. mike? >> shannon, fresh off his announcement, beto o'rourke has had a whirlwind tour, three day tour of iowa. short on accomplishments he can brag about come along on charisma come along on the kind of energy that comes with a new candidacy. he has been trying his way into packed coffee houses, people's homes, packed with excited supporters. freewheeling, unscripted passionate style he has gone through a long list of subjects. he criticized tax cuts favorable to the rich. he talked about easing border control. he emphasizes that each stop
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what he calls a crisis with climate change. then he talked about the hyperpartisan political divide. >> given the challenges that we face, we will not overcome them with only half of the country. partisanship defines it so many of us, we've got to get past those divisions. >> now the republican national committee chair said o'rourke's only a accomplishment was losing to ted cruz in the senate race that put him on the map, and essentially o'rourke pointed to the narrow loss, saying he took a big red state like texas and put his 38 electoral seeds into play. he told radio iowa that he would suspend the death penalty on a federal level if he was elected, and he picked up four congressional endorsements in his very first day officially on the campaign trail. so a big day for our work, now that he has made his command official. the only holdout on the democratic side, at least with big names, is joe biden cared shannon? >> shannon: we await an announcement on that.
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mike tobin, thank you very much. now is a former congressman and recently failed senate candidate has joined the 2020 mix, it is time to take a closer look at exactly what beto o'rourke brings to the table as a presidential candidate. trace gallagher is on that case for us tonight. hey, trace. >> hi, shannon, the latest poll shows beto o'rourke for thor six behind the other democratic presidential contenders, the man at the top of the poles, joe biden, isn't in the race yet. while beto o'rourke has captured the country's interest, he has captured the mainstream media's interest. watch. >> this guy has this dynamic, positive energy. >> he has that talent, he is very obama-esque, indeed. >> women voted for him in the suburbs of houston because they had a kind of beto crush going on. >> he got the magic, his son is named ulysses. i love that that is his son's name. speak what it's worth pointing out that o'rourke lost to ted
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cruz in the 2018 texas senate race by less than 1.5 points, th ted cruz is not the most popular texas politician. beto has nearly $9 million raised. he married into money, his daughter is the son of william sanders, reportedly worth about $500 million. in other words, beto o'rourke is a capitalist. he also had a run-in with the law, 1998 he was driving in el paso county when he struck an oncoming truck and tried to leave the scene. he was arrested for driving under the influence. while alcohol damage his reputation, we'd apparently help state. when o'rourke was on the el paso city council and the war on drugs was raging across the river, he introduced a resolution to open debate on whether to legalize marijuana. it passed the council unanimously, but then congressman sylvester reyes, a conservative democrat, convinced the el paso mayor to veto the
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resolution and convince council members not override the veto. o'rourke was so livid he vowed it to challenge ray is in the primary and won. it marked the first time a member of congress lost for being too tough on drugs. and last month, when o'rourke was asked on msnbc about the wall, between mexico and his home town of el paso, he said this. watch. >> would you take the wall down now? >> yes. absolutely. i would take the wall -- >> laura: >> do you think therea referendum that would pass in the city? >> i do. >> last summer when they pushed a resolution to support immigration and customs enforcement, or i.c.e., o'rourke was among 34 house members to vote against it. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. o'rourke already facing an already crowded field of candidates, many of them with more experience on the national stage, so how does our panel think you will stack up? senior politics writer for "u.s. news & world report," david cantonese.
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fox news contributor tammy bruce, an editor in chief at, jon gabriel. welcome to all of you. there's been a lot made about beto, he talks a more fiscally about what he wants to do and who he is, couldn't stay away, i had to run. has this headline "of beto 2020 has no reason to exist." he's missing an actual reason to run paramount without a clear political ideology, signature legislative achievement, or a concrete agenda for his country. but tammy, the people love him. >> the people love him. do you know, look, it is entertainment, i suppose, and when you're running against ted cruz, you will have a section of texans who might be more interested in another individual. we have to remember, there is also the picture on the cover of "vanity fair," it's very similar to a photograph of ronald reagan, almost right down to the stands, what he is wearing, so there is an understanding of imagery here. but americans have found out, as
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have democrats, with her barack obama, what can happen when you do elect someone without -- with a rather thin resume, without a long history of standing up for certain kinds of principles, and being vague or a little wobbly on where you really stand. and that did not necessarily work out for americans overall. i think they are now struck with the civil war, in a sense, from a progressive and, that wayne, versus a wing that wants to go back to joe biden dynamic. i think all of these people running is great, we are going to see this fight played out publicly, any democrats who vote are going to need to decide who they are going to become. they can't let "vanity fair" decide for them. they can't lead, i would hope they don't want to let just charisma, and i think that is also a very subjective kind of argument. i think it is going to be interesting to watch, and the more people get into this fight, the better. obviously, none of them will become president, but they are all fighting for a job right
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now. >> shannon: okay. jon, tammy touched on his argument today about how house speaker nancy pelosi said he brought vitality to the house with what he did in his years in congress. we'll talk about that coming up, but it is clear there are republicans concerned about it because he is young and charismatic, and he pulls pretty well in a very crowded field. david mcintosh, they arty have an ad out, potentially against him, a two minute piece, he says we realize there is a real potential threat because if he is the nominee, then texas is suddenly in play. john? >> i don't think texas is in play, he couldn't defeat ted cruz last time around, and that is what he is most famous for in-state and around the country. time and again, just because the media really, really loves a candidate, doesn't always mean the voters will, as well. with beto, it's really trying hard to rerun the 2008 campaign of obama, but time to move on. that was over ten years ago. i think the field has changed,
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especially against a candidate like donald trump, who will punch back ten times as hard, really, and it is going to be tough to beat out positive and optimistic on the debate stage, that is for sure. >> shannon: another says this "razor sulfur beto mania, he was never in the military, but some -- he is not latino, he has a net worth of $9 million, a border school attending son of a judge who escaped consequences for a dui and burglary charges." >> we will see if he is a media creation or the next barack obama, they will be metrics rolled out. bernie sanders was able to raise $6 million in 24 hours. they'd o'rourke will come up on 24 hours tomorrow, most likely we will see a number that comes out. i think it will be a very big number, he has a big fund-raising list nationally from the race against ted cruz. then you will have polls coming out in a week or so, does he get a bump to the top tier with
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bernie sanders and joe biden? we are going to see very quickly, but i think the argument that he doesn't have a record or votes does not matter to a lot of voters anymore. our last two presidents we elected had no record. it donald trump never served in public office. barack obama was a first-term senator. voters -- activists that care about certain issues, and regular people who sometimes get in a room and decide, i like this guy. >> quickly, can i add? i think trump was elected because he had a history of delivering business and in a certain framework. >> shannon: certainly not a traditional candidate, and we will see how it works for beto. as you said, the fund-raising dollars in the polls will be important in the next few days. david, tammy, jon, thank you very much. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: a fox news alert, as we are on the air tonight, tensions are escalating in the middle east. rockets flying through the air over israel and gaza. correspondent ellison barber is tracking this evening, what is
8:14 pm
the latest? >> israeli forces began striking targets in gaza a few hours ago, according to palestinian media, a hamas naval base was targeted. early friday morning in israel, 7:30 p.m. here in d.c., when israel defense forces, the ids, said they were at striking parasites and gaza. rockets are coming out of the gaza strip, this is video we have taken from our colleague, it shows rockets being fired into israel, the iron dome stopping some of them. israel says two rockets came toward them, one was intercepted. all of this began with a rocket attack on tel aviv, israel's largest city, a city that has not been targeted by rocket fire since 2014. inside gaza, hamas and islamic jihad denied having anything to do with the attack. hamas-controlled gaza said the rockets were launched when the military wing was in a meeting with egyptian mediators, trying to work on a cease fire. a statement, hamas said they
8:15 pm
were not responsible for firing the rockets toward "the enemy." the hamas interior ministry reportedly said they take action against whoever is behind the tel aviv attack on the rocket fire was against the national conferences consensus, but israel says exactly who was to blame: hamas. in a tweet, they said "we can confirm that the rockets fired from gaza and tel aviv earlier tonight were launched by the hamas terrorist organization. the israeli organization says the air raid sirens were blasting across israel paired shannon? >> shannon: that is a situation that is not going to be over anytime soon, i fear. thank you. we've got more straight ahead on the mass shooting in new zealand, as we are starting to get more details bear the prime minister holding a news conference. we are monitoring bad. we have live pictures as you are watching, and we'll try to learn more about that and bring you all the details we can as soon as we clarify some of that.
8:16 pm
meanwhile, the sum of so-called christmas queen has been dropped amid a college admission the bribery scandal, and students targeting colleges. the first lawsuits have started to roll in. plus, a potentially groundbreaking loss in connecticut against a gun manufacturer, could it be sued because one of its guns was used in a mass shooting? >> today's decision by the supreme court was a long time in coming. >> shannon: stick around, we will bring both of those cases with one of our favorite legal eagles, standing by. later, jussie smollett pleaded not guilty, and organize legal spectacle that has no place in court, will he beat the chargers? ♪ tenpay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, a potentially groundbreaking lawsuit against a gun manufacturer is moving forward in connecticut. the state supreme court they are reinstating much of a long wrol death lawsuit from the victims of the sandy hook suiting in 2012 against the manufacturer of the rifle used in the massacre. from presidential candidate, senator kamala harris, tweets "this is an important first step for sandy hook families and all families who want to hold gun manufacturers accountable. they deserve their day in court. we will watch to see if this is appealed to the u.s. supreme court." who develops tonight in the massive, nationwide college admission scandal. as a follow-up from the cheating mass starts to get real for the actress lori loughlin, here is correspondent molly live with the latest. >> the latest aftermath of the largest college admissions scam ever investigated arm of the target of the suit, the confessed con man at the center of the scheme, and more than a half dozen elite members. the plaintiffs, all students and
8:22 pm
parents, arguing in the suit that qualified call number college hopefuls played admissions fees while unaware that "unqualified students were sloping to the back door of the admissions process by committing bribery, cheating, dishonesty." prosecutors say the institutions involved were unaware that wealthy parents were paying sometimes enormous bribes funneled by ringleader to get into the schools, secret deals with coaches, cheating on admissions test. saying they were negligent, and failing to guarantee the sanctity of the college admissions process. prosecutors are not charging the students involved, one is getting ahead in the pocketbook of the daughter of actress lori loughlin, who prosecutors say gained on their admittance to the university of southern california paired sephora has announced an end to the cosmetic company's partnership with olivia jade, a social media star. according to tmz, olivia jade was on a yacht in the bahamas
8:23 pm
owned by a usc board of trustees member, rick per russo, one prosecutors announced the charges, reported enjoying spring break with his daughter. her previous comments are now under fresh scrutiny, including one from an interview just last week. >> is like the coolest thing, getting dms from girls, i'm in college right now, what do you do? all that stuff, it's fine. >> the hallmark channel has announced there are no longer with lori loughlin, and the production of all projects and involving her are stopped. >> shannon: molly line, thank you so much. to weigh in on this whole operation -- varsity blues mass, we are fox news contributor ted williams, great to have you with us. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: let starts with the school come a couple of lawsuits, one including stanford students who say not only did we not get a fair shake to get into some of these other schools, he tarnishes our diploma, as well, to graduate from here. rutgers university law professor
8:24 pm
said it doesn't pass the test, but they are undergrads at stanford complaining about being rejected at yale, can't take it fiercely, but will he judge? >> it's debatable as to whether a judge will take this all seriously, let it go. this is a scandal of outrageous proportion when you look at it. just think, most students were caught and try to get into these institutions legally. and yet there are people who have money, and they are able to throw money at these universities and these coaches and these administrators, and get their kids into the schools. i hope that these suits are successful. >> shannon: there is another one i know by a former teacher who apparently -- an outrageous number, i think $500 billion that she said her child with a 4.2 gpa couldn't get into some of the schools she wanted to come and worried it would have been about this. stanford put out a statement saying in part that this is
8:25 pm
completely without merit. they will look through the admissions process, they think they're going to win. >> a lot of schools are going to be looking through the process at these institutions. i can tell you, i don't know if stanford is going to win or lose, but minorities are now looking and reflectively, saying, wait a minute, we worked hard. we thought we could get in my marriage. our mothers and fathers and relatives did not have this kind of money. and so this, while it's difficult for us to understand, it has peeled back the onions on something that is going on in these educational institutions since time immemorial. >> shannon: a big part of that, elitism, and some of these allegations. let's talk about this case involving remington firearms. they are facing -- they can connecticut supreme court throughout part of a lawsuit, they can come after them because of a marketing paired this is how they claimed it works, they
8:26 pm
say essentially they were marketing to adam landa, the shooter, troubled, playing the violent video games, and remington should have known better than to market their guns the way they did, that is the heart of the lawsuit. >> it is the heart of the lawsuit, and my heart goes out to these families because he killed 20 first-graders with a semiautomatic weapon. we hope that they can be successful in peeling back the onion and learning something from these gun manufacturers, but i've got to tell you, in 2005, congress enacted a law that protects these gun manufacturers from being sued for crimes that have been committed by their weapons. >> shannon: james vote, a lawyer for remington, says this is a tragedy, we can never forget it, but no matter how tragic, no matter how much we wish these children and their teachers were not lost in the
8:27 pm
damage suffered, the law needs to be applied dispassionately, and he is saying, listen, this is terrific, everyone agrees on that, which of the manufacture of their liability? he says no, it is about the person who chose the gone and what they did with it. >> i disagree to some degree with that debate because -- loo look. there are 15 semiautomatic weapons. that is not for hunting. >> shannon: but let me tell you, i know plenty of people who do use it for that and for target practice, and for other things. >> this is a military style weapon, shannon, and it is used, unfortunately, to kill. and we have seen over and over at various educational schools in this country where the ar-15 has been used to kill people, not animals. >> shannon: we seen it with handguns and everything else, clearly an issue with violence, a lot of things to talk about, but as you said, congress has offered legal protection to the manufacturer so they are not held liable for what people do with the gone spare this could be a landmark case, we'll see if
8:28 pm
it goes to the supreme court. >> it may very well, and if it does go to the supreme court, i have a feeling the supreme court is going to reverse this case. >> shannon: great to see you tonight. thanks for stopping by. president trump tweets just this "veto." a single word, we'll talk about that. i'm coming up, kristin fisher has more of the breaking news coming out of new zealand, gathering new details tonight of a mass shooting there with multiple fatalities, and now local reports that it has happened at two separate mosques. we are trying to gather information as to numbers, as fatalities grow. we will be back with that. the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in.
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8:33 pm
zealand's prime minister calling it one of the darkest days. what we know is there are multiple fatalities at two locations, two separate mosques in the same city, one person in custody, but police say they are not sure of other people are involved. that is why there is now a citywide lockdown in the city of christchurch, one witness said they saw a man dressed in black enter the mosque, her job, and saw people running from the mosque. >> i was hearing the shooting, shooting, shooting. it went on, 6 minutes or more, and i could hear screaming and crying. i saw some people drop dead. and some people were running away. >> asked for the gunman, the witness as he ran out of the mosque and dropped what appeared to be a semiautomatic weapon in the witness' driveway and then fled.
8:34 pm
it's unclear if that is the person that police now have in custody, but listen to what the prime minister had to say about the person responsible. >> many of those who will have been directly affected by the shooting, may be migrants to new zealand. they may even be refugees here. they have chosen to make new zealand their home, and it is their home. they are us. the person who has perpetuated this violence against us is not. they have no place in new zealand. there is no place in new zealand for such acts of extreme and unprecedented violence. >> and right now, social media is exploding with reports that the shooter actually streamed all of this live on social medi social media. those are unconfirmed reports at the moment, police have not verified them, have not confirmed it, nor have police confirmed the total number of people believed to be dead, but shannon, a really disturbing twist if that turns out to be
8:35 pm
true, but already, as they new zealand prime minister said, this is a very dark day for her country. >> shannon: we continue to follow that and see what information we get. thank you. lawyers for dr. jussie smollett saying the 16 charges of lying to the authorities, prosecute ct prosecutorial overkill. today, he entered his plea. >> we have a formal reading of the indictment. >> shannon: will he have 16 felonies? we will discuss after the break with robert patillo and deneen borelli. dan it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear.
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8:40 pm
criminal court flanked by his security. smollett and his team were expressionless walking to the court room where he stood by his attorney and pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts of giving a false report that he was a victim of a racist, homophobic attack there and one count for each instance bleached alleged smollett lied to officers paired >> we await a reading of the indictment, and mr. smollett gives a plea of not guilty. >> after leaving without a statement, the judge ruled a camera was allowed in court because smollett's team told the judge they want the public to hear what they call "the truth." >> there has been a lot of misinformation in this case presented as facts, and evidence against mr. smollett which was demonstrably false. we welcome cameras in the courtroom. to speak of the attorneys of the two brothers who police say smollett paid to pretend to be tim tells fox news smollett is the mastermind behind this
8:41 pm
charade. >> they were betrayed, and what they were part of was something much bigger than what they had thought. >> smollett's legal team dispute that claim and said there a lack of evidence to commit the actor. shannon, jussie smollett faces up to three years in prison for each of the 16 counts against him for lying to police, but it is possible all of those 16 counts fall into one charge, which would dramatically reduce potential prison time. he's back in court april 17th. shannon? >> shannon: matt finn, thank you very much. the defense of jussie smollett against what his legal team has labeled "an organized law-enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system." joining us alive to discuss, robert patillo and deneen borelli, great to have both of you with us tonight paired >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: i know you think the prosecutors have overcharged from a 16 felonies, he pled not guilty today. he seems confident he is owing
8:42 pm
to prove his innocence, and you are innocent until proven in this country -- until proven guilty in this country. you think's conference will pay off? >> absolutely. if you read the indictment, which i read earlier, each and every single one of the counts can be merged into three counts at a maximum, because they all stem from the same operative set of facts. secondarily, the mens rea of the charge required that he knows the statements he made were untrue. that depends completely on the credibility of the two nigerian brothers, the people who implicated him as being the individual who orchestrated and masterminded. the individuals we have artie seen them say the checks were written for personal use. >> shannon: no, they said it could have been a mix of things. >> it could have been, but that contrasting statement, specifically for a host attack, so now -- >> shannon: you are not going to put that on the mine on the check. [laughs] >> if you are his defense team,
8:43 pm
you are going to pull up each and every one of their statements, you're going to is present that they were on camera with the speed of the three hats and a robe, mr. smollett could not have know they were perpetrating a hoax against him. they only have to convince one juror that there is a case, holes in this case for them to be acquitted. that'll put egg on the face of the chicago police department on the prosecutor trying to try this case and the court of public opinion on the court room. >> shannon: we had a lot of information, you saw the layout, point by point by point, painstakingly, it is all out there. we think the first thing they will do is ask for a change of venue, his team, but if the whole court was watching that presser, i don't know what venue would be less fraught with trouble other than chicago. i want to read something the "chicago tribune" wrote in an editorial, the headline "jussie smollett mod, look at the harm he caused chicago and
8:44 pm
america. that'll mean he is guilty of painful injustice at great cost to other people, wasting resources, in a city that is trying to resist a gun violence and solve crime." >> i think smollett should reap the consequences of his words and his actions. the evidence is pointing against him that he stage this hoax, not only that, he lied to law enforcement, and this is not the first time he has lied to law enforcement. think of the damage that could have been done by him being so reckless and dangerous with this racial hoax that he stood by, and is still standing by, he saying he's not guilty. think of the damage that could happen with this country with possible riots and people attacking others. what he did was reckless and dangerous. he should reap the consequences of his actions, and i do hope that is what happens. >> shannon: do you think his team will be successful at
8:45 pm
convincing at least one juror, you don't get the unanimous verdict, and he isn't convicted? that's all it takes. >> will see. even the chief of police said there is more evidence against a smollett that has not been made public yet, and it does not look good in terms of his story that he keep standing by. so we will see how this plays out, but i've got to tell you, what he did and said, in my view, is reckless and dangerous, to play race into this is really a dangerous precedent to be doing in this day and time. >> shannon: robert, a few seconds left, do you think they will ask for venue change comedy think you will get it? >> the more i think about it, i would not ask for a venue change because credibility of the chicago police department is in question, nobody knows the lack of credibility of the police department like chicago residents, so i would keep it in chicago and bring in people who know that community and put them in my jury pool, i think that gives the best chance of winning
8:46 pm
parents view an interesting point. robert and deneen, thank you both are good to see you. beto o'rourke kicking off his campaign with a warning about global warming, here are his dire predictions next, doesn't make them the most progressive when it comes to climate change and the 2020 field are not? stick around for dave brown and former greenpeace executive patrick moore. if they are next. ♪ ♪ ahhhh!
8:47 pm
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>> so some will criticize the green new deal for being unmanageable. i tell you what, i haven't seen anything better that addresses the singular crisis we face, a crisis that could come at it worst, lead to extinction peered >> shannon: beto o'rourke sounding the alarm on climate change at his kickoff in iowa today. how might that affect the 2020 contenders? let's debate with democratic status dave brown and former greenpeace executive patrick moore. welcome to both of you. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: today, beto said he doesn't see anything better. mitch mcconnell says, great, let's vote on it, but our democrats a voting on it, is you actually blowing up the green new deal. mitch mcconnell says this, he says i quickly announced they
8:51 pm
will bring the plan to the senate floor, this urgent crisis, the world will end in just over a decade. i'm not sure i know mark i recall when they were getting this upset about having a chance to vote on it. >> he has clearly calculated by bringing this to the floor, he thinks he can hurt democrats. but i think is really unfortunate about this is he is not taking climate change seriously. when you look at the literature, two tenths of 1% of peer-reviewed, scientific journals, focusing on climate change take issue with the science. there is a uniform consensus, backed up last year by this administration with a 2018 national climate assessment. this is real stuff, it's really serious, the scale and enormity of this is something that beto was trying to capture in his remarks today. what i thought was particularly striking about how you bring this issue and where i suspect we will see a lot of other 2020 candidates move and perhaps even the senate, as well, mitch mcconnell would take the issue
8:52 pm
seriously, it is not just about the future, is the economic harm that is already affecting american taxpayers today and also the 58 former generals and intelligence officers who are saying to the president, this is national security issue. if you don't take this seriously, it's hurting america. spill it to patrick in here, i want to play another bit of what beto said today. here is his dire prediction. >> this is our final chance! the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this. we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis. >> shannon: patrick, are the scientists absolutely unanimous? >> absolutely not. they are not, they pretend they are. the climate scientists -- it's only if you believe in them. all the other people who are doing their own science it is not climate science, it is some other kind of science like deniers or skeptics. it is totally politicized. the fact of the matter is there is no hard evidence that co2 is
8:53 pm
causing the climate change that is occurring. never mind that it is going to be a crisis. as i've said before, the climate crisis is not just fake news, it's fake science. and i know that from having studied it for 50 years. how many times over the last 50 years have we been told that we have only ten years left until the end of the world? this has been going on since the beginning of time. doomsdayers standing on a box telling us the end is nigh, and the same thing has been going on all those years, it's fake. >> shannon: dave, your response? >> i guess patrick is part of the two tenths of 1% that takes issue with this. shannon, here's what i know, the u.s. government in the 20 and 18 national climate assessment designated this a clear and present danger to the u.s. today. 1 of 3 supposedly floods that only occur every 500 years, we've had three in the past five
8:54 pm
years. you look at the forest fires on the huge economic harm, as well as loss of life happening in california this past fall, all of these things are part of a broader issue, and i think what you are seeing candidates finally doing is trying to bring a sense of urgency to this issue. >> shannon: patrick, quickly, what do you make of the things they pointed out? is not part of a normal cycle? what can you do to explain that for us. no my? >> not only is the climate part of a normal cycle, but it is false that there is any increase in extreme weather events. they keep using this because people only remember the last extreme weather events. if you look at the last 100 years, actually, extreme weather events are declining, in particular, hurricanes and tornadoes. even the united nations said this very clearly, the extremists and the crisis industry that they have created, they just ignore that. it's fake, it's fake science, and it has to be called out as fake science. >> shannon: we are clearly not going to solve this tonight.
8:55 pm
david and patrick, we have no time, would got to leave it there. thank you both for saying your peace. we've been following breaking news out of new zealand, and i'll mark breaking news just ahead, from north korea, the president might not like what w. stick around. ♪ tual car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. ♪ >> shannon: we have more breaking news following tonight, this time out of north korea, according to the associated press. they are reporting a senior official in pyongyang said the u.s. "threw away a golden opportunity at last month's summit in vietnam." your member the president walked away, said it was not a good deal for the same official warning that failure may cause kim jong un to rethink his recent launch moratorium. to the president has been able to point out that i'd say they haven't had new watches in the last couple of years. this senior north korean official suggested the north korean leader will decide soon whether to keep talking to the u.s. in maintaining his moratorium on nuclear launch is on task. the official said kim has no
9:00 pm
intention of compromising unless the u.s. takes measures. it's some more bumps in that conversation. we will continue to follow it, and we will see you tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert from america's news headquarter, reports are coming in right now from new zealand about two shootings that have happened at mosques in and near the the city of chuck right christchurch, on the eastern side of new zealand paired police are confirming to us right now that one of those shootings has resulted in multiple fatalities, perhaps as many as nine people dead. police are also reporting that a suspect, one person is in custody, although they do believe there might be more people involved. people in the vicinity are being warned to stay indoors, and schools were put on


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