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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 14, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr if you can figure that out. i can't. sean hannity is standing by battle stations ready. live from new york city. his show is at 9:00 p.m. you should watch. >> sean: i'm really jealous. you've had a weeks vacation. i called you. you are fishing. i was like -- you were, you are fishing. >> tucker: i was. car to a nice redfish. thank you, sean. sgood to see you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." s we have two huge massive breaking news stories on the deep state. one, how incontrovertible exculpatory evidence was purposefully held from the fisa court. the evidence is in. that blockbuster news and peter strzok's hidden testimony released tonight. we have all the details. we begin with other news. the system was rigged.d now countless students will apply to georgetown, usc, stanford, yale, all these
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other top universities weree likely cheated out of their spot because in this case it is a zero sum game, all because dozens, perhaps now as many as 800 i'm reading, a wealthy families selfishly made massive payments to this man right here, named rick singer, in order to fix a sat score, bribe official college people, and steal spots reserved for student athletes. they never played the sport. they even went as far as to photoshop the pictures of the faces of these kids and put them on the bodies of real athletes. that's how far this went. now, a $5-million class action lawsuit has been filed against 8 of these universities on the basis that certain students were cheated out of a spot because of the university's failure to prevent the scam. others are claiming, well, damages, asserting that their stanford university degrees have been irreparably damaged and devalued. either way, this is not aa good look for some of universities," which allowed
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america's "prestigious universities," which allowed massive corruption to fester at some of the highest levels. now one of the most notable people charged in this ongoing scandal was "full house" actress lori loughlin, as you can see there, paying $500,000 in bribes? to secure spots at usc for two daughters. when loughlin was arrested spring break on board a yacht owned by crouso. the system in this case appears to be i rigged. we give every person the presumption of innocence. but think about the people that work hard, the students that study, they get the as. play by the rules. earn them, then you have a bunch of people only care status and bragging rights and those spots are taken. we'll have more on this latest tonight. first, we have other breaking news out of chicago before we get to our top story, jussie smollett was back in court today. he pled not guilty to those 16 felony charges, stemming from an elaborate hate crime
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hoax scheme and found guilty. smollett could face up to 48 years in prison, forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. this comes as we are now learning that a former top aide to former first lady michelle obama urged the chicago police department to turn over the case to the fbi. of course, that never happened,of and now all eyes are directly on smollett who was allegedly defrauding the city of chicago from the very beginning, all while dragging trump supporters through the mud. before we get to our top story, i want to focus on "hannity watch." the radical 2020 democratic candidates. yet another democrat has jumped into the race. this case being former congressman robert francis bozo o'rourke. f that's what i call him. flailing his way into the race this week, literally, telling "vanity fair" that he was born to run for president. how regal. needless g to say bozo got off to a hot start in iowa.
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take a look. >> i don't think there has ever been a greater moment in our lifetimes and for this country. the challenges have never been greater, more severe, more critical, or more defining for the future. >> sean: on the more humorous side, speaker pelosi was actually asked today to name bozo's greatest accomplishments during his time there in the house. well, let's say it was a struggle for the speaker. let's take a look. >> what, in your view, was beto o'rourke's signature accomplishment as a member ofco the house? >> beto brought a great deal of vitality to congress. one of the issues in his -- i haven't been asked this just know ofn asked this his record here, when he came, he came as a real champion for the environment. he got a great deal of support from the environmental community in his district. also a member of the armed services committee. a strong member of the armed
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services committee. >> sean: too bad all that vitality didn't help bozo achieve anything during his time in washington. but get ready, bozo is elected to he plans to flush the constitution down the toilet like so many other 2020 radical extreme democratic socialists. he wants to pack the supreme court. f want toourt. increase the number of court justices, illegally reshape thei court. we're going to have more in a mini monologue featuring everything you know -- need to know about roberter francis o'rourke that the left wing destroy, hate trump media mob will never tell you, including the time he almoster killed somebody during a dui hit and run incident. we will show you what president trump has to say about bozo's decision to run. without a doubt, democrats are willing to do anything and everything to beat president trump. even apparently giving young kids, 16, the right to vote. take a look. >> i myself have always been
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for lowering the voting age to 16. i think it's really important to capture kids when they are in high school, when they are interested in all of this, when they are learning about government, to be able to vote. >> sean: maybe we should make it the legal drinking age. more on this the radical the democrats areadical trying to reshape america. very dangerous times. first, let's get to our top story, major huge breaking news. we begin our "hannity watch" tonight on the deep state. trump-russia collusion is, has always been, and remains a myth. and the highest ranking member of the fbi knew it. breaking just moments ago, according to "the hill"'s john solomon, who will join us a ouminute. there is evidence that the trump campaign associates george papadopoulos and carter page both made exculpatory statements at the very beginning, the very start of the fbi's russia probe back in 2016. now, according to solomon, both men made comments to
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the fbi informant stephan halper making it clear they were never involved. they had no knowledge of any collusion whatsoever. zero. nothing. the fbi pressed forward anyway. possibly hiding that exculpatory evidence from the all-important fisa court where we know a fraud was in fact, halper's account was never presented to the court. that's fisa abuse. that's fraud before a fisa court. that's prosecutorial misconduct. that is an effort by a few that is an effort by a few undermine donald trump and his allies and, frankly, help steal an election. it's the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in modern history and it is now the house of cards is beginning to fall. tonight, we have other major breaking news. last week, it was bruce ohr. last night, it was lisa page. now we have the full transcript from peter strzok's testimony on the hill. again, courtesy georgia congressman collins.
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thank you. thisem is a huge development. for context, let's remember peter strzok, virulently anti-trump pro-hillary clinton, fbi investigator. he is involved in every single role here, every integral role, in both the fbi's clinton investigation, wait a minute, "matter," and the subsequent probe into the trump campaign. and strzok helped author hillary's exoneration letter. he was among the agents who later interviewed hillary. he says he knew he was in the room when they took out the words from the doj, oh, gr"gross negligence," the legal standard, oh, "reckless ydisregard." and, remember, they added the new stature of intent, lisa page told us last night this went right in to loretta lynch's office. all of it! what did she know? when did she know it? what did she tell obama? what did he know? when did he know it? at the same time he was texting his fbi girlfriend lisa page that hillary would win and should win 100 million to zero.
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trump supporters were smelly walmart people. that trump was deplorable. even vowed to stop trump and so much more. we are talking about hundreds of graphic anti-trump, pro-hillary texts. and now according to strzok's sworn testimony, strzok's sworn testimony, led by loretta lynch corroborating the testimony of lisa page entered into an agreement with the fbi, actually restricting the fbi access to hillary clinton's emails during their so-called investigation. including emails related to the clinton foundation and according to strzok, i will quote him, "my recollection is that access to those emails were based on consent that was negotiated between the department of justice attorneys and the counsels forns clinton." puts a lot of light on that tarmac meeting with bill and loretta lynch, doesn't it? and strzok even commented that there was even an extensive filter in place to work through the various consent agreements with team
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clinton. in other words, let me break it down. the fbi's investigation was controlled from the very top of obama's department of justice. let me say it again. the top. in other words, this was never a real investigation. the people involved in it are now telling us! in other words, it's now gone from, oh, peter strzok, lisa page, comey, mccabe, and others to, oh, loretta lynch herself to the head of the doj. the outcome, they made sure was never in doubt. now i wonder if roger stone got a consent agreement when the fbi raided his house predawn raid with, you know, navy frogs and amphibious vehicles and 16 vehicles and 27 men, armed, you know, in the dark of night, predawn raid. with cnn cameras. meanwhile, strzok
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also confirmed that the language in clinton's exoneration letter was in fact changed, as i said, from gross negligence, which is the legal in the law. they changed it to extreme carelessness at the behest, again, of the doj and their attorneys who were working for loretta lynch on behalf, clearly, of hillary clinton. strzok testified, "my recollection is attorneys brought it up and that these, of course, were doj attorneys." this is yet more damning evidence that obama's doj literally rigged the investigation from the beginning so that hillary continue as a presidential candidate when even the number one general counsel at the fbi argued she should be charged with a felony of the espionage act. they guaranteed that she can continue without facing any criminal charges. or as lindsey graham put it earlier today on the senate floor, anyone else you, me, everybody else, we don't have
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dual justice under the law in this country anymore. we would be in jail.ow take a look. >> how do you t interview clinton the way she was interviewed?ry any american out there who did what secretary clinton did, you would be in jail now. n we let mueller look at allt things trump related to collusion and otherwise, somebody needs to look at what happened on the other side and find out if the fbi and the doj had two systems, one supporting the person they wanted to win and one out to get the person they wanted to lose. some of these people have been fired for lying and it's now time to have is a special counsel look at all things 2016, not just trump. >> sean: well said, senator graham, good for you. if america has a equal under the law system a special counsel into the clinton's crimes that were rigged will be appointed by the new attorney general immediately. and, of course, while the
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fbi gave hillary a free pass, mueller's special counsel investigation into the trump campaign, that was tainted, we now know, from the get-go. from day one. from the beginning. remember, when strzok texted that his work on the russia collusion investigation, remember, it was insurance policy? he couldn't really explain any of that away. the excuses were beyond weak and pathetic. obviously, he had incentive to take down trump at all costs. remember, hillary should win 100 million to zero.o. when robert mueller appointed him as a lead investigator as a special counsel probe, was he ever asked about his obvious political bias?. no, according to strzok's testimony, never. mueller didn't care, didn't inquire about the known political bias. an investigation into a political campaign. that's probably why i have been warning everybody about mueller. he hired, of course, hillary clinton's former clinton foundation attorney jeanne rhee, or the fact that andrew weissmann actually attended
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hillary clinton's election night party -- it never happened. but breaking tonight, in a sign that we are nearing the end of the witch-hunt, andrew weissmann is now stepping away from team mueller. maybe time to investigate him. i guess he is not happy that the witch-hunt is going to come up short of their goal. and here with more is the "hill"'s john solomon, ohio congressman jim jordan, and author of the number one best seller, "the russian hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump" now in paperback. let's start, john solomon, with you and your breakingat news. this is amazing. papadopoulos and page, exculpatory information was withheld from the fisa court on top of what we know? >> yeah. listen, today is the day more than any other that you can see the dual justice system. can you see in peter strzok how the fbi took evidence of criminality. the negligent handling of email turned it into an exoneration and took the innocence and turned it into a criminal investigation
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against donald trump. dit's extraordinary. what we learned is that these two men, the two focuses, george papadopoulos and lisa page the opened up the russia investigation captured talking to fbi informant making exculpatory statements, spontaneous admissions of innocence. they did not meet with russia. they did not hack emails with the russians and in fact they said they wouldn consider that treasonous wouldn't be involved in it. multiple statements of innocence, no evidence that was told to the fisa court. it's important to note these statements of innocence occurred in august and september of 2016. one month before the first fisa warrant was issued. >> sean: all right. let me go on the legal side to gregg jarrett and we'll get to the investigative side. gregg, on top of bruce ohr last week on top of lisa page this week. now t we know this. everybody was warned. that steele hated -- >> right. >> sean: donald trump. we know hillary paid for this. she used dnc money she was controlling to pay for this.
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the fbi paid for this, sadly. and we also know russian oligarchs paid for this phony dossier that steele doesn't stand by. now john's story. legally, let's talk about the ramifications. >> hats off to john for incredible reporting. we knew it all along, right? we knew that carter page had not conclude colluded with we knew the dossier wasan phony. we knew that george papadopoulos hadn't done anything wrong. now we know the fbi truly knew all of this through their confidential informant. the law requires them to provide the fisa court with any exculpatory evidence,y failing to do so can be a crime. not only that, but they didn't verify as the law requires the information they were submitting so, you know, in my judgment, and i identify it in the book, six different felonies may have occurred there. >> sean: you know, congressman, you have been so great on this. i also applaud a new member. i didn't know congressman collins, i think, very
10:17 pm
courageous, rightly giving information. there is so much more to come. once the flood gates open, it's going to come cascading down. here's my question. everything seems to be focused around the dossier. everything. the dossier could never be verified because steele, under oath, in an interrogatory as i have told my audience, hee said, i have no idea if it's true. but what's worse, then it was used to bludgeon, well, first propagandize the american people, then to bludgeon donald trump, and the fisa courts were lied to. comey signed the first one in october of '16. in january of '17, he tells president-elect trump, it's salacious and unverified. the opposite of what he said in october. is that a crime? >> well, we will find i think you are exactly right. remember, they didn't tell the court the dossier was unverified. they didn't tell the court who paid for it, namely the clinton campaign. didn't tell the court christopher steele, the guy who wrote it, was desperate
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that trump not win. didn't tell the court that christopher steele fired by the fbi for leaking information. now because of john's reporting, they didn't tell the court other exculpatory information about george papadopoulos.bout george that's a lot not to share with a secret court, especially when you are getting a warrant to go spy on the s other party's campaign. but that is exactly what happened. and that's why you are so right! this has been wrong from the ghget-go. that's why these investigations are important. and that we do what you said earlier. w we have a real single standard in this country. shouldn't be two standards. shouldn't be just one set of rules for us regular folk and a different set if your name is clinton, comey, lynch, learner, page, strzok. it's got to be one set of rules in this country and that's equal treatment under the law. >> sean: nine months, lisa page said, they investigated and strzok confirmed. they found no trump-russia collusion before the appointment of mueller, john solomon -- or congressman, go ahead. >> i was going to say way up until may 17th, 2017, when they named bob mueller special counsel they had zero..
10:19 pm
zero evidence! >> sean: that's from july of 2016.t' >> yes. all that time still nono evidence. and, yet, they moved ahead with this whole thing. >> sean: john solomon, what are your sources telling you? because, you know, i'm getting mixed reviews. some are saying, just likeg nunes' committee, just like the burr committee, just like everybody else, there is no evidence of any collusion. but then i'm also hearing well, what's the ig going to come out about fisa abuse? what is john huber doing? does anybody even know? >> you know, i think therehe is a new sheriff in town with the new attorney general, bill barr, i think a lot of things are changing internally in the justice department. we can't see them but andrew weissmann's departure today is an example of the overturn and change we will see in the next few months. i think the single most important thing that will happen as soon as bob mueller's report comes in, as soon as the president is no longer in legal jeopardy, it's incumbent upon the president to declassify those documents.s. let us see the fbi's true activity for what it is, not for what it was made to look
10:20 pm
like for a two year mirage. >> sean: we have all been calling for it. the president has the ability to do it. we have talked about the need for a special counsel but this now, if we're going to have equal justice, gknowing that the hillary investigation was rigged. it's overwhelming evidence now. incontrovertible, gregg, will the new attorney general do his job? >> sure. i hope he reads the same transcripts of lisa page and peter strzok that we have now read and that are available for the public to read. because it's clear from bothre of them that the fix was in. you know, comey always said, oh, it was my decision to clear hillary clinton and peter strzok said it was c comeyy's decision to change the language. that was his public testimony. now we see today in his private testimony saying, no, it was the doj, and lisa page said, yep, they told us to stand down on hillary clinton. >> sean: will congress -- i have got to believe thatot the attorney general now, lynch,
10:21 pm
we have got to see her emails. we have got to see her correspondence. we have got to -- now that it's pointing in that direction. and i also think we have a legitimate question, what did president obama know and when did he know it? jim? >> no, i agree, sean, never forget the code names they gave him. the clinton investigation was called the mid year the trump-russia investigation was called crossfire hurricane. that shows you the bias that existed right from the get-go. >> sean: do you agree with this statement -- you can shake your head. this is about to break wide open and many of these players are about to see a day of reckoning? yes or no, shake your head. >> yes. >> yes. >> i hope so, too. >> sean: my sources are telling me the same. stay tuned. we were right from the get-go. we combo, beto bozo o'rourke. two rockets fired at tel aviv. we have a live report from the israeli-gaza border.
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10:27 pm
we are now a net -- we now sell our energy for profit, for crying out loud and exporter. just listen to him parroting alexandria ocasio-cortez green new deal. which will be a disaster. take a look. >> there are people can no longer live in the cities they call home today. there is food in this country that will no longer prosper in these soils. there is going to be massive migration of tens or hundreds of millions of people from countries that are literally uninhabitable or under water that are above the sea right now. this is our final chance. the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this. that we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis. >> sean: ba ba ba ba. the democrats have morphed into a total doomsday climate cult. o'rourke is helping out with let's serve up the doomsdayy
10:28 pm
kool-aid, wanting to detroit lifeblood of our economy, get rid of oil and gas and if you listen to ocasio-cortez, we are going to get rid of oil, gas, planes, cars, and even cows. and get this. even the experts are telling them to cool it on the world ending in 12 years, doomsday. miles allen, one of the authors of the famous ippc report on global warming recently explained the 12 years line is being misused in "potentially dangerous ways." and it gets even worse for bozo o'rourke, following his appearance at iowa coffee shop, people includingg the president are wondering whah is he, like, doing with his hands? like, i don't get it. take a look. >> also recognizes that some communities have born the brunt of pollution more than others right now. the asthma deaths that we have
10:29 pm
in the united states of america concentrated in some neighborhoods. assure jobs for those who look for work function in their lives do not have it right now. in so doing make sure that the world's greatest super power its greatest democracy its greatest economy brings everything that we have to this unique challenge. literally. not to be melodramatic but literally the future of the world depends on us right now. >> i think he has a lot of hand movement. i have never seen so much hand movement. i said, is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? >> sean: what a choice, crazy or the way he acts? don't forget, he is a radical champion. of course, he wants to tear down border walls, saying they literally thinks they all should go. which, by the way, those keep our country safe and secure. take a look at this idiocy. l >> if you could, would you take the wall down here? >> yes. >> like you have a wall, knock it down. >> yes. >> sean: take them down. also called police and thee criminal justice system "the new jim crow" while running for senate. of course the media, hollywood, they are showering him with praise and a new
10:30 pm
iffff piece in "vanity fair," o'rourke says, "i want to be in it. man, i'm just born to be in it."k. just months ago he literally said the opposite. take a look. >> what are your thoughts on running from president? >> i don't want to do it. i will not do it. >> i'm saying that if elected to the senate, i will serve every day of that six year term that i'm not looking at 2020 and, in fact, i'm completely ruling that out. >> win or lose, you are not going to run in 2020. >> win or lose, i'm not running in 2020. >> sean: just like in 2007 and 8, we will do the media's job and vet all of the candidates. beyond his radical agenda, well, there is no legislative accomplishments. than bizarre hand gestures, o'rourke's past suggest he is far from the moral compass is he pretending to be. according to a 1998 police report, o'rourke tried to flee the scene of a serious car accident before later being arrested for dwi. for reasons that still
10:31 pm
aren't entirely clear, the charges were dismissed. we will get answers to this don't fall for the media's narrative. we saw the same thing with barack obama, no vetting, no examination, just a flattering love affair and thrills up people's legs. he will get a total pass because that's the political privilege you get when you are a liberal radicalpr socialist. but you know better because his destructive climate shaming open borders agenda now on full display. here with reaction to this fox news contributors ari fleischer, dan bongino. all right, dan, i will startsc with you tonight because ari calls balls and strikes. and i think ari and i agree 85% of the time would that be a good number? 85, okay. >> probably right. >> sean: i think dan and i pretty much 100, so we will start with 100. dan? [laughter] >> you know, we both love ari. ari is such a great guy. but on beto, sean, i was thinking, coming on the air tonight. how do you define beto? answer is, you don't.
10:32 pm
he is like that character from "ghostbusters," whatever you think of gozzer becomes and he game the stay puff marshmallow man. you ask the mediau about him running in texas, and they say he's a moderate. you ask about beto'sou vehicular incident that was very serious that was younger when the police showed up. these are youthful indiscretions.s. like every character data opoint they paint positively for beto so you project on him and he becomes whatever you want. notice how they cover trump. they cover these stories that are innocuous. he chooses two scoops of ice cream and it's meant to be fatalistic. look how awful donald trump is how they cover beto and donald trump is a microcosm where we are with the media. >> sean: ari, what's your take this is almost now the entire democratic party. >> yeah. so the entire democratic party runs off the platform to the far, far left.
10:33 pm
when you say beto is that hyperbole and hysteria are his platform. this is how he communicates. this is the drama that he brings. sean, you nailed it. i remember working on a presidential campaign where my candidate got scrutiny but isn't it easy to be a democrat because you get a scrutiny-free pass. >> sean: bush, scrutiny? >> you can look through the hyperbole. when i see beto, somebody like this run and the press swoons? why do you think the american people have abandoned the media into such a great degree? why do you think they don't trust the media to hold democrats or people accountable anymore? it's because they swoon like this for a candidate like him. >> sean: supposed to look at the -- throwing baseballs all over. fine with that look, it's the ideas that matter. and these ideas will fail, dan. we have the greatest system, wealth-creating system ever created by man. they want to destroy it. >> yeah. sean, ari used the key word
10:34 pm
there, "scrutiny." why doesn't ask beto, okay, you support the green new deal. you realize if we implement that, all of texas and california's land mass, that many square miles, would be needed in solar panels to generate the electricity? what are you going to tell the farmers in texas? see you later, we will cover your farms with solar panels? >> sean: ari, last word? >> good luck with that. >> also, on the green new deal, that resolution, not the questions withdrawn. the resolution calls for paid vacation, guaranteed jobs, family leave, retirement security for all people of the united states. somebody beto does that include illegal immigrants? people of the united states odd legislative language. that's open to including illegals. if i were a reporter, i would ask beto. >> sean: great question, just like gavin newsom and comrade de blasio saying, healthcare free in new york and all of california.
10:35 pm
by the way, if you ever get sick, just go to california, it's free. anybody can go there. that's what they are saying. ari, thank you, and dan, thank you. when we come back, fake news cnn stooping to an even lower low.e you won't believe what they compared ivanka and jared to. first, rockets launched in israel today. they are firing back at this moment. we will get a live reportir from the israeli-gaza border where our crews just moments ago caught on camera, a rocket being intercepted and the latest on the college entrance scandal and much more straight ahead. ♪
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10:40 pm
israeli-gaza border is trey yingst is with us. trey, israel is now fighting back. >> sean, that's right. the situation here is escalating by the hour after two rockets were fired towards the israeli city of tel aviv earlier tonight. o right now, the israeli military is responding with airstrikes inside the gaza strip. our crew along the border has witnessed numerous targets hit inside gaza and now militants are launching more rockets towards israel. a number of the recent launches from gaza were nintercepted by israel's missile defense system, the iron dome. the two largest factions say they are not responsible for tonight's fire that they did say did launch the original attack. there is ongoing egyptian-led negotiation and mediation to try to deescalate the negotiation. hamas and jihadi leadership coldbox in the past few weeksli that they are prepared for a war but would like to try to avoid one. earlier today, i did speak with a senior hamas official inside
10:41 pm
the gaza strip behind me. he described the situation as tense but had no further comment on tonight's rocket fire. sean? n >> sean: thank you, trey, we appreciate it. we will follow the story. first, the media is making fools of themselves yet again. latest offender, fake news cnn paul begala. watch this. >>l of course they survived. cockroaches are going to survive nuclear war. when they took this job -- >> you are not calling ivanka and jared cockroaches. >> no, i'm talking about a separate class of species. when he they took this job, i thought it was enormous mistake. i don't agree criticizing family. they are not family, they for me. not family, they >> sean: cockroaches, really? also, tonight, after launching massive lawsuits against "washington post," cnn, attorney for covington high school student nicholas sandmann telling fox news lawsuits are on deck for the associated press, for hbo, i would assume bill maher and nbc. nbc. "relatable" podcast host allie
10:42 pm
beth stuckey, fox news contributor mike huckabee. governor, you and i share a love and passion of israel. this prime minister has been as good with moral clarity than any i have seen in my lifetime and i hope he gets reelected. you have been to sderot and gaza. you have made the tours. such a small area that they defend.mall area that they they do not have defensible borders. >> sean, i will actually be there this coming monday and tuesday. one of the things that i find ridiculous is when hamas and israel -- islamic jihad say they didn't do it. who did? a boy scout troop? who has the capacity to launch rockets towards tel aviv? this is a bunch of terrorists. i'm so frustrated that a lot of people in the american media and in the u.n. don't i understand that israel is under attack constantly by a group that by anybody's definition is not a country. it's not a government. it's a terrorist organization.
10:43 pm
israel has to fight back it's their only way. that's why the prime minister is so important there right now. >> sean: it is essential that bibi stay in office. it's essential at this moment in history.y. and using israeli cement and electricity build tunnels to kill israelis. i have been in those extensive tunnels.s. allie beth, the first family can never get a break. yous know, it's amazing to watch a network that claims to be balanced. n they are all unbalanced. it's every second, minute, hour of every day. you know, now we are going to attack -- we are going to call people they don't agree with cockroaches? >> right, and whether or not he intended to dehumanize part of the first family, the disdain that he revealed is really representative by so many people on the anti-trump left, yes.
10:44 pm
on the anti-trump left. sorry about that. on the anti-trump left. so, yes, the same condemnation that we saw revealed from him is really something that is systemic from a lot of people, not just at that network but the anti-trump left in general. >> sean: governor, i watched her own daughter, who i've come admire, she's wonderful, havee the strength of job and the patience of job in dealing with this hostile media. there is nothing in the world of the news now, print or cable or broadcast, that will ever say a nice thing about trump. it's 98 to 2. >> look. i think it's very evident that the media is never going to be fair. the american people are not as stupid as some of these media people think we are. we can see through it. it's why donald trump is going to be reelected next year. the frustration with the
10:45 pm
media, the fact they don't want to be told who to vote for. they will not believe the hype about a beto or kamala harris, it's just not going to work. and as they continue to go to the left, as they continue to insult as they did with paul begala, he might as well been louis farrakhan talking. it's the kind of language farrakhan uses. and people are going to just t get to a point, they are sick of it, and it's going to result in the re-election of the president. >> sean: allie, i kind off agree but there is a part of me that sees all these leading candidates and sees what's happening to congress and sees 100 people support this radical new green deal and i'm thinking, wow, that's a shocking high number. >> right. right. well, that's one reasonable why some people have lost their minds and are believing the radical left but i agree with governor huckabee. i think at the end of the day, people have their heads screwed on right and this will lead to trump's
10:46 pm
re-election. they are better than the left takes them to be. >> sean: allie beth, thank you. governor, great to see you. when we come back, trace gallagher is here next to give us all the new developments in two cases, jussie smollett and the college admission scam. geraldo rivera, rachel campos-duffy will join us and our "villain of the day" was involved in a really shocking crime. you will see that straight ahead. ♪ at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation. makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation.
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♪ >> sean: we are following multiple stories unfolding tonight. fox news correspondent trace gallagher joins us live from our l.a. newsroom tonight withht the very latest on the ongoing college admissions scamming scandal as well as news on the jussie smollett hate crime hoax. and, of course, saga. trace, what's going on? >> and, sean, because rich
10:51 pm
parents allegedly paid top dollar to cheat their kids into elite colleges yale and the university of southern california, among other schools, now being sued by multipleow students who claim they were denied admission because of the scam. meantime, actress lori loughlin who is accused of cheating her kids into usc, has been dropped by the hallmark channel. herr 19-year-old olivia jade has been dropped by sephora makeup and appears that neither of loughlin's daughter will return to usc in fear of being bullied. when jussie smollett was still considered a victim, a former aide to michelle obama, reportedly reached out t to kim fox requesting the investigation be turned over to the fbi. fox responded, "spoke to superintendent johnson, that's chicago's top cop. i convinced him to reach out to the fbi to ask that they take over the investigation." a smollett family member got the same message and responded, "oh, my god. this would be a huge
10:52 pm
victory." foxct recused herself before smollett was charged. today jussie smollett pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts and the feds confirmed they are also investigating him for mail fraud. sean? >> sean: trace gallagher, thank you, from our l.a. bureau tonight. joining us now with reaction, rachel campos-duffy and correspondent at large geraldo rivera. geraldo, you are looking at this. it's pretty extensive. i mean, you have a very sophisticated scheme. tests are taken. photoshopping pictures of your kid and putting them on athlete's bodies and posting it. the schools have a way of determining all right, did the kid play the sport or not play the sport? because most have rankings and stuff like that. >> you know, it's awful that college admissions is just another scam open to the highest bidder. it's really pathetic. it's nauseating.
10:53 pm
my dad was one of 17 children. he was the first one in that huge crew to go to high school. he always preached, my mother one of 8, first one to go to school in her family. always preached education to us kids. i was the first in my family of five to go to college, in my case community college, because college was the great equalizer. college was the way, even if you started off in the modest place, you could be anybody with a college education. and to see how people are buying these admissions to the elite schools, it's so disheartening. you know, i feel sorry in a way for the kids who lives have been ruined by their parent's eagerness to cheat but, you know, it's just been a very unsavory chapter. >> sean: you know, rachel, i didn't have the college experience that most of my friends had. i worked full time. paid every penny myself. i had no help at all. and that meant that i -- i went to school a year, dropped out because i ran out of money to work. went to school a year and dropped out until i had more
10:54 pm
money to work. i eventually did a little over three u years. everyone that goes to college loves their colleges. them. it's competitive. you got to have the goods or else you are not going to survive. and this is a zero sum game. there is only x number of slots. that's why this is difficult for most people to comprehend. they didn't care about the person who lost the slot. >> well, that's absolutely right. and, listen, the idea as geraldo said, of getting an education, is the american dream, and the american dream is based on the idea of equal opportunity. and that means that you can't game the system. i think what's interesting is the school -- the backlash has been intense. it's been harsh. i think the school's reputations have suffered from it and hopefully they will police for this corruption. i think the bigger story here, sean, there are other legal ways to game the system.
10:55 pm
you know, if your daddy ise buys the library,daddy ise you can get in. and also there is a diversity react that gives people an advantage as well. >> sean: mom, dad, and grandpa. >> and legacy. there is also a diversity racket as well that gives people unfair advantage. the american dream, as i said, is based on equal opportunity, hard work, and not on race and wealth, and those things have to be removed from the system if it's going to be fair. >> why not open the admissions process, make it an open system where can you see like the asian kids suing harvard. it should be open. idlet's see what the criteria is. billion endowment. >> sean: harvard has a $30 billion endowment. $37 billion. it's crazy. thank you, both. all right. we have the latest on the alleged mob boss killed todays in new york. "villain of the day" will shock you straight ahead. ♪
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chicken! that's right, chicken?! candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken! >> sean: our villain of the day. earlier in the program unbeknownst to me i had a bug
11:00 pm
crawling on my collar during the show. look, right there, the bug, right by my neck. i didn't feel it. one person tweeting, you're being bugged. i didn't know it was there. let not your heart be troubled. good news continues. laura, take it away. >> laura: let me just say that could be the scariest thing i've seen all day. >> sean: if i were a liberal, i would sue. where is the exterminator? >> laura: is that a bed bug, i'm sorry. >> sean: i don't know, it was big. i won't say it on live tv, but let's just say it's been handled. >> laura: a great show tonight. thanks so much. >> sean: i can't wait to get beaten up over this. this will be great. >> laura: okay. i would have left the studio. everyone knows i'm petrified of all insects. petrified of an insect. if someone says i have a


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