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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that's all the time we have tonight. a great podcast, brand-new, go to you can subscribe. shannon bream and the fox news at 19, take it from here. shannon: a fox news alert. from america's news headquarters. we have a death toll on the mass shootings at new zealand mosques and the numbers horrific. new zealand's prime minister revealing moments ago, 40 people lost their lives in those attacks. the number of injuries still unknown but we are hearing they are in the dozens. here's what we know so far, two mosques were targeted by heavily armed attackers in the city of christchurch and a nearby suburb during friday afternoon prayers when the mosque was filled with a lot of people. a man who claimed responsibility
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for the shootings left a 74 page anti-immigrant manifesto in which he explained who he is and his reasoning for his actions. he said he considered it a terrorist attack. that man is identified as 28-year-old white australian who admits he went to new zealand to plan and train for this attack. he is now in custody along with his alleged accomplices. >> they started on the main road. the shooter must've come through the hallway. i was in the side room so i did not see who was shooting, some people were running out to my
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room where i was in and some people had blood on their body and some were bleeding, a dead woman made me realize it was really serious and a couple people seemed to me -- i tried to get out and pushed myself to the back where my car was parked and i was behind the car and from there, i was hearing shooting after shooting after shooting. went on 6 minutes or more and i could hear screaming and crying and i saw some people dropdead and some people running away. i could not -- i didn't want to because i was afraid what would
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happen to the ladies so i stayed there but luckily the shooter stayed inside the mosque and he did not come otherwise he could have got me. shannon: 40 people have been killed by gun attacks in new zealand mosques in the city of christchurch at the nearby suburb of lynnwood. this happening during friday afternoon prayers when the mosque would likely be filled with people. four suspects are in custody at this hour, two men, one woman. police are not sure if there are any more accomplices at large. a man who claimed responsibility for the shooting left a 74 page anti-immigrant manifesto in which he explained who he is and his reasoning for his action. i want to bring in steve rogers, former member of the joint
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terrorism task force. this is looking like a welcome straight attack. four attackers, possible devices attached to a car, new zealand officials have to figure out how this happened. >> what is critically important, four people in custody and they have a written manifesto. these individuals made law enforcement's job tougher. what they are going to do, they are going to be at this hour literally grilling these individuals that have to find out as soon as they could if there are any other suspects not only in new zealand but any other individuals any place on this planet who may be planning such an attack elsewhere.
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other issues law enforcement is dealing is where they get the weapons, bomb making materials, well-planned, well coordinated and we will probably find out more people were involved, not only ones that have been apprehended. >> the terror level, the prime minister said, graded from low to high now and that is due in part to we don't have all the answers yet. this is an active situation, police looking potentially for more suspect in this. what do authorities need to be doing? >> i stated earlier they will be interrogating these individuals, there's going to be talking to any friends they have. they will be in their neighborhoods, no doubt in my mind any workplaces they could have been working at, find out
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where they were traveling at who they were associated with, these individuals are going to be investigated. they've got to talk to anyone they had contact with in the last year. police are working on interrogating them and they will talk to every individual and i am sure there are video cameras in areas where these tragedies took place and do a forensic study on these video cameras, see where they were earlier, computers, cell phones, they will be looking at every single inch of their lives. don't be surprised if it spreads out the information being collected from other countries. i heard a new report this one individual had a manifesto from australia so no question in my mind very engaged in this investigation. >> 3:00 right now, the world
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waking up to this and learning details. this happened during friday prayers in new zealand, today friday in the us as a lot of muslims wake up today will head to prayers at mosques across the country. what do you think the impact will be in the us? >> no question in my mind mosques across the united states will be well guarded. many times when incident similar to this occur, police department take immediate action in raising their threat level and make sure the targeted victims and places of warship wherever they are are well protected so there's going to be a lot of threat levels being raised worldwide. i'm sure these individuals are protected. >> i think the big question for
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the prime minister was, new zealand being such a peaceful nation, not really having a lot of problems, a welcoming nation, why do you think this specific person being an australian native went to new zealand to carry out his attacks, why do you think he targeted this city in particular? >> that is the $54 million question, why that city, why that nation. it goes to show you know nation on the face of the earth is immune from such terrorist attacks and it's going -- no doubt in my mind after today it's going to cause of the quiet peaceful nations to realize they too could become targets of these orphic tragic terrorist attacks so that is the question that will have to be answered. why? why that particular nation? do these individuals know anyone in the mosques they targeted, do
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those individuals within new zealand? that will be a question that is going to lead the police to answer more questions down the road? >> that leads into my next question, the suspect is described as an extremist right-wing terrorist. are you aware of any previous issues australia or new zealand have had with people like him? >> none at all. in every country we have individuals who go off the rails like this and think they are doing good. could you imagine the mindset of these people? the prime minister earlier this evening said clearly this is not us. we are the victims. if anyone thinks to use such terrorist tactics to kill innocent people, if they think
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they are sending some sort of message whether it be people who worship in a mosque or elsewhere, they are not sending a message, these are really terrorists and they need to be dealt with severely and swiftly but you can be sure every mosque in this case across the world is on the lookout for any trouble and the other issues this, never let your guard down. this could happen anywhere. law enforcement people tell us if you see something say something. you might find out later on that people whether it is in that nation or australia that had interaction with these individuals saw something and never said something. shannon: how do authorities deal with a crime, in recent history i haven't seen crimes being
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broadcast live on the internet, this person was live streaming the shooting deaths of these 40 people. how do authorities deal with this now as they are gathering evidence and also dealing with this exposure? >> to begin with i really believe these incidents are criminal acts in themselves, they are acts of war against civil society, against every country on the face of the are and they should be treated as acts of war and individuals who commit them should be treated as military combatants. number 2, if possible, it is impossible to stop live streaming of these incidents, the reason these terrorists do that is to spread more terror, they are sending a message around the world that we can do these things and you can watch us live and it runs a chill up and down the spine of anyone who
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is viewing those incidents as th are happening but saying that the live streams are evidence the police would not normally have if they did not live stream it, these terrorists, they probably don't care, are providing the police with a tremendous amount of evidence and critical information and intelligence they need during the course of an investigation. shannon: we have alert levels here at home and threat levels, the prime minister saying national security threat level has been lifted from low to high. what does that mean? what will that mean for the country? >> when you lift the threat levels you're making sure everyone in the country must be aware of their surroundings, situational awareness is
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critically important. we don't know if there are more individuals, you would normally be going to work and it happens all the time, the threat level, situational awareness, you can almost lay back and fall asleep. with that threat level goes up there is a possibility this could happen again. if you see something say something, hear something, say something, no matter what little bit of information, it is critically important you make that call and it works. when something like this happens and your country is on edge and but for some people are saying this is serious, we need all the ideas on the ground to provide information for the police no matter how small. shannon: after 9/11 there was the fear that this wasn't over yet.
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everybody was on high alert. now the fear as i imagine, the authorities have, is the rest of copycat attacks, someone who wanted to make this very public and wanted to broadcast this live on social media and make a big thing out of it. what is the risk of copycat attacks and are authorities thinking about that? >> i've got to tell you that was the first thing i thought when i saw the first reports coming into the country of what happened, copycats here in america. very concerned about that because it takes something like this to be the trigger. and individual looking to commit such an act like this. i'm sure police worldwide not only in the united states but going through the databanks they
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do have these individuals they have been watching, on terrorist watch lists. i have no doubt police are pouring through the databank and they will be watching these individuals very closely. very serious matter and something the police are well aware could happen. there is no question in my mind that anyone on the terrorist watchlist is going to be watched very closely. shannon: just one minute left. especially considering the copycat risk, what do you think, how do you think the us can work in these early hours to prevent something like this from happening here? >> very difficult to prevent other than making sure any intelligence information law enforcement has is prioritized and anything actionable they take immediate action on.
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the eyes and ears of the people, not only in new zealand but in this country and around the world. that is where people get credible intelligence. shannon: steve rogers, thank you so much for joining us as we unpack this tragic circumstance developing where 40 people are dead after two attacks on two mosques at the city of christchurch. we are following these developers closely. they would fox news channel for more on this developing story.
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a >> potentially groundbreaking lawsuit against a gun manufacturer moving forward in connecticut. the supreme court reinstating much of a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the families of nine victims of the sandy hook school shooting against remington arms, the manufacturer of the ar 15 rifle used in the massacre. senator kamala harris tweets this is an important first step for sandy hook families and all families who want to hold gun manufacturers accountable. they deserve their day in court. new developments, the nationwide college admission scandal. slr from their cheating mess starts to get real, the family of lori laughlin, here is molly line with the latest. >> reporter: a federal class-action lawsuit delay the aftermath of the largest college admission scam ever investigated, the target of the suit, at the center of the scheme, half a dozen elite
12:22 am
universities. the plaintiffs, all students and parents, qualified college hopefuls paid admission fees were unaware the, quote, unqualified students were slipping and through the back door of the admissions process by committing fraud, bribery and dishonesty. institutions were unaware wealthy parents were paying enormous amounts funded by william rich singer to get there kids into the schools, cheating on admissions tests for secret deals with coaches but our youth university's work failed to guarantee the safety of the college admission process. prosecutors are not charging students, one is getting hit in the pocketbooks. the daughter of actress lori laughlin who prosecutors say gained unfair admittance to the university of california. and just announced the end to the cosmetic company's partnership with olivia, social media star. olivia jade was in the bahamas,
12:23 am
owned by usc board of trustees member rick russo when prosecutors announce charges. previous comments are under scrutiny including one from an interview last week. >> what do you do? >> the parent company of the hallmark channel has announced we are no longer working with lori laughlin and all productions of stopped. shannon: thank you so much. now to weigh in on this verse the blues mess and the other, ted williams. let's start with this school. there are a couple big lawsuits including students who say not only did we not get a fair shake, but it tarnishes our diploma as well to graduate from here. mark and all, university law
12:24 am
professor, it doesn't pass the laugh test. i just can't take it seriously. >> it is debatable whether a judge will take this seriously and the power to dismiss it. this is a scandal of outrageous proportion when you look at it. most students were caught and try to get in these institutions legally. yet there are people who have money and are able to throw money at these universities, coaches and administrators and get their kids into these schools. i hope these suits are successful. shannon: there's another one by a former teacher, $500 billion she said couldn't get into the schools he wanted to and worries it might have been about this.
12:25 am
saying in part this is completely without merit, they look through the admissions process and they think they are going to win. >> a lot of schools through the process of these institutions. minorities are now looking reflexively and saying wait a minute, our mothers and fathers and relatives doesn't need that kind of money. it is difficult, it is back to something that is going on in these institutions. >> class played a big part in that, some of these allegations. i want to talk about this case involving remington firearms. part of the lawsuits that these families can't come after remington because of the marketing. this is how the claimant worked.
12:26 am
essentially they were marketing to the shooter, he was troubled, playing violent video games and remington should have known better than to market the guns the way they did. that is part of the lawsuit. >> it is the heart of the lawsuit was my heart goes out to these families because adam lanser killed 20, fourth-graders with a semi automatic weapon. we hope they can be successful in learning something from these manufacturers. 2005, congress enacted a law that protects gun manufacturers from being sued or crimes committed by their weapons. shannon: the lawyer for remington's this is a tragedy we can never forget no matter how much we wish these children and
12:27 am
their teachers were not lost and the damage not suffered the law needs to be applied dispassionately and he is saying this is horrific. everybody agrees on that but should the manufacturer bear liability? he says no. it is about the person who chose the gun and what they did with it. >> i disagree with that debate. there are 15, semi automatic weapons. you can't kill a rabbit or deer. shannon: plenty of people use it for that and target practice and other things. >> this is a military style weapon and it is used to kill. we've seen over and over at various educational schools in this country where the ar 15 has been used to kill people and not animals. shannon: there's clearly an issue with violence that we have to talk about the congress offered legal protection to these manufacturers so they are
12:28 am
not held liable for people what do with their guns. this could be a landmark case. >> if it does go to the supreme court i have a feeling it will reverse this test. shannon: donald trump tweets veto, that is the only word. more of the breaking news coming out of new zealand with new details on the mass shooting, multiple fatalities and now there are local reports it happened in two separate mosques. we are trying to gather the information is the number of fatalities grow. we will be back with that. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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heather: from america's news headquarters. have a death toll on those mass shootings, the number is horrific.
12:33 am
40 people lost their lives in those attacks. those numbers still unknown but we are hearing it is in the dozens. two mosques were targeted by heavily armed attackers in the city of christchurch and the suburb of lynnwood. this happened when the mosque would likely be filled with people. a man who claimed responsibility for the shootings left a 74 page anti-immigrant manifesto in which he explained who he is and his reasoning for his action. he considers this a terrorist attack. and a white australian admits he went to new zealand only to plan and train for this attack. he is now in custody. one suspect is said to be a woman.
12:34 am
guns were not the only weapons but we are learning from new zealand police that they diffused a number of improvised explosive devices found in vehicles after the shooting took place. the mosques around the country were asked to stay closed. video footage widely circulated on social media reportedly taken by one of the gunmen and posted online as the attack was unfolding and it shows him driving to one of the mosques and shooting randomly at people inside. the video showed worshipers dead or wounded line huddled on the floor of the mosque, working feverishly to bring those videos down. recapping, 40 people have been killed by gun attacks in the
12:35 am
city of christchurch and the city of lynnwood on the eastern side of new zealand. this happened again during friday afternoon prayers and the mosque would likely be filled with people. four suspects are in custody, three men, one woman, police not sure if any more people are at large. a man who claimed responsibility for the shooting left a 74 page anti-immigrant manifesto in which he explains why he did this. we are following this breaking news story. we will have the latest on "fox and friends first".
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12:40 am
>> reporter: jussie smollett was flanked by siblings and security. walking into the court room where he stood by his attorney with 16 felony counts of a false report he was a victim of a racist homophobic attack. one count for each instance, he lied to officers. >> we waive formal reading of the indictment. jussie smollett entered the plea of not guilty. >> reporter: after the hearing the actor and his attorney left without a statement, the camera was allowed in court because he told the judge they want the public to hear what they call the truth. >> there has been a lot of misinformation in the case as facts and evidence against jussie smollett, in the court room. >> the attorney for the two brothers tell fox news he is a
12:41 am
mastermind behind the charade. >> what they were a part of was something much bigger than what they thought? >> reporter: jussie smollett's legal team says there is lack of evidence to convict the actor and he faces 3 years in prison for each of the 16 counts against him for lying to police. all the 16 counts hold to one charge which would dramatically reduce potential prison time. is back in court april 17th. heather: the defense of jussie smollett, and organize law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. joining us is janine borelli. good to have you with us tonight. i know you think the prosecutors overcharged the 16 felonies he pled not guilty today.
12:42 am
he seemed confident he is going to prove his innocence, do you think his confidence will pay off? >> absolutely. if you read the indictment, each and every single one of these counts can be maximized at one count because they are inoperative set of facts. they require a knowing element, he knows for a fact the statements he made were untrue. that depend on the credibility of the two nigerian brothers who were the individuals who orchestrated the mastermind. we've seen them say that. >> could have been a mix of things but these statements, specifically for a hoax attack. shannon: is not going to put that in the line of the text.
12:43 am
>> if you're the defense team you will poke cole's in every single one of their statement and present the facts, buying a in a jihad and a rope but if they were covered, jussie smollett might not have known they were perpetrating a hoax. they only had to convince one jury that there is a case, there are faults in the case for him to be acquitted. that is on the face of the chicago police department and the court of public opinion. shannon: you saw the layout point by point, it is all out there. you would think they would ask for a change of venue but if the world was watching the presser i don't know what venue would be less fraught with trouble other than chicago but the chicago tribune wrote in an editorial, the headline is jussie smollett lied, look behind he caused
12:44 am
chicago and america. if born out he's guilty of shameful injustice, fabricated a vicious assault, and gun violence and crimes. >> i think jussie smollett should reap the consequences of his words and actions. the evidence is pointing against him that he stayed this hoax and lied to law enforcement. this is not the first time he lied to law enforcement. think of the damage that could have been done by him being so reckless and dangerous with this racial hoax he stood by and is still standing by. what he did was reckless endangerment. >> will the team be successful,
12:45 am
in convincing one juror? and isn't convicted? >> there is no more evidence against jussie smollett and was not made public yet, it does not look good in terms of the story keep standing by. we will see how this plays out, it was reckless and dangerous. it is a dangerous precedent. shannon: will he ask for a venue? >> i would ask -- not ask for a venue change because credibility with the chicago police department is in question. like residents of chicago. i would keep the case in chicago and bring people who know the community and forgive them the best chance of winning.
12:46 am
heather: thank you, good to see you. beto o'rourke kicking off his campaign with a warning about global warming, his dire prediction next. does it make and most progressive when it comes to climate change in the 2020 field or not? stick around for dave brown and patrick moore next. (danny) let me get this straight. after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you.
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>> some criticize the green new deal for being too bold or unmanageable. i haven't seen anything better that addresses the singular crisis we face, a crisis that could at its worse lead to extinction. shannon: beto o'rourke sounding the alarm on climate change in iowa. the court democratic official affecting 2020 contenders? let's debate with dave brown and former greenpeace executive patrick moore. welcome to both of you. he doesn't see anything better. the green new deal is floating around out there, mitch mcconnell says great, let's vote on it the democrats say voting on it is you blowing up the green new deal.
12:51 am
mitch mcconnell says i quickly announced i will bring their plan he thinks he can hurt democrats. what is unfortunate is he is the enormity of this is something beto is trying to capture and what is striking about how he framed this is that we will see a lot of candidates move, mitch mcconnell would take the issue seriously.
12:52 am
it is not just about the future but what is happening today, the economic harm already affecting taxpayers today and 58 former generals and intelligence officers saying to the president this is a national security issue. if you don't take it seriously this will threaten america. shannon: i want to play what beto said today and here's his dire prediction. >> this is our final chance. the scientists are absolutely unanimous. we have no more than 12 years to take bold action on this crisis. shannon: are the scientists absolutely unanimous? >> absolutely not. they pretend they are. the climate scientists who say climate science is only if you believe in them and all the other people doing their own science it is not climate science but some other kind of science, deniers or skeptics.
12:53 am
it is totally politicized. the fact of the matter is there is no hard evidence co2 is causing the climate change that is occurring nevermind that it is going to be a crisis. the climate crisis is not just fake news but fake science and i know that from having studied it for 50 years. how many times over the last 50 years have we been told we only have 10 years left until the end of the world. this has been going on since the beginning of time, doomsayers standing on a box telling us the end is my and it is the same thing as has been going on for all those years. it is fake. shannon: your response. >> patrick is part of the 2/10 of 1% that takes issue with this. the us government in the 2018 national climate assessment designated this a critical issue for our future and clear and present danger to the us today. we have seen that with hurricane
12:54 am
harvey, one of three supposedly floods that are supposed to occur only once every 500 years, we've had three of them in the past 5 years. if you look at the forest fires and the huge economic harm and loss of life in california this past fall, all of these are part of a broader issue and what you are seeing candidates finally doing is trying to bring a sense of urgency to the future. shannon: what do you make of the things, is that part of the normal cycle? what can we do? >> not only is the climate part of the normal cycle but it is false that there's any increase in extreme weather events. they keep using this because people only remember the last extreme weather events. if you look at the last hundred years extreme weather events are declining. hurricanes and tornadoes overall. even the united nations says clearly the extremists and crisis industry they have created they just ignore that. it is fake science and it has to be called out as fake science.
12:55 am
shannon: we are not going to solve this tonight but we have no time, got to leave it there but thank you for saying your peace. we have been following breaking news out of new zealand, more breaking news from north korea and the president may not like what we have to report next. stick around. too long. ♪ ♪ now i'm wondering if your loves still strong. ♪ ♪ ooo baby, here i am, signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours ♪ applebee's 3 course meal now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? ♪ >> shannon: we have more breaking news following tonight, this time out of >> more breaking news out of north korea according to the associated press, reporting a senior official in pyongyang says the us, quote, the way a golden opportunity at last month's summit in vietnam, the president said it would not be a good deal. the same official morning the failure may cause kim jong un to rethink his lunch moratorium. they haven't had new launches in the past several years. the north korean leader will decide whether talking with the us and its moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests.
1:00 am
the official says kim has no intention of compromise unless the us takes measures commensurate to the changes that are taken. more bumps in that conversation. we will follow it and see you tomorrow night. thank you for joining us. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> shooting of the shooting of the shooting. >> there are a lot of motives. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening our 4:00 am on the east coast, fox news alert, mass murdering two mosques, 40 people killed in a coordinated terror shooting in new zealand. we have the latest intelligence breaking right now is four people are arrested. dona


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