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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 15, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the official says kim has no intention of compromise unless the us takes measures commensurate to the changes that are taken. more bumps in that conversation. we will follow it and see you tomorrow night. thank you for joining us. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> shooting of the shooting of the shooting. >> there are a lot of motives. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening our 4:00 am on the east coast, fox news alert, mass murdering two mosques, 40 people killed in a coordinated terror shooting in new zealand. we have the latest intelligence breaking right now is four people are arrested. donald trump vetoed congress's block of his emergency declaration but democrats are
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planning their next move, live in washington with that. should the national anthem be saved for special occasions? growing outrage amid a new push to top the red, white and blue at games. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning once again. you are watching "fox and friends first" friday morning. thank you for starting with us. one of new zealand's darkest days, dozens of worshipers gunned down in two mosques. authorities calling it a coordinated attack as they uncover and 87 page manifesto filled with anti-immigrant and anti-muslim ideas. kitty logan is live in london with the latest.
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>> reporter: this was a planned attack with gunman targeting two mosques, 40 people are known to have died. the shooting started at 1:45 local time in the afternoon at christchurch, 30 people were killed at one of those locations. a man dressed in black military style clothing, they heard gunfire, many of those caught up are caught to be migrants and refugees. police say there were a number of explosive devices. there is no confirmation about the suspects but a 28-year-old australian man claimed responsibility saying he came to new zealand to carry out this attack. he said to have that anti-immigration agenda and video of this attack was uploaded on social media. it is extremely graphic. the prime minister condemned the
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shooting which she called a terrorist attack. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly what happened is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> reporter: at least 20 people were injured in the shooting, rushed to hospitals. police have cordoned off the area. new zealand is generally a tolerant country that welcomed refugees and migrants, and this is a great shock to many people. shannon: do they believe or suspect are on the loose? have they gotten everyone responsible at this point? >> reporter: police are still searching the area. they've detained four suspect at this stage but they are keeping those in mind and still searching. the investigation is only just
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beginning. heather: we are waiting for a statement from the commissioner of new zealand police and we will carry that for everyone if it happens. thank you so much. as we continue to follow that story, back here at home donald trump expected to veto congress's measure blocking his national emergency declaration for the border. it doesn't republicans joining democrats to stop the measure in its tracks. griff jenkins joins us in washington to break it down. another busy day. >> reporter: he wasn't waiting for the resolution to reach his desk. the president made good on his now, i look forward to vetoing the just passed democrat inspired resolution which would open borders while increasing crime, drugs and trafficking. the strong republicans who voted to support border security and are just really needed wall. what appeared to be five
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defections when you and i preview this yesterday grew into a dozen republicans that crossed the aisle to vote against the emergency declaration, what can only be seen as a strong rebuke to donald trump. mitt romney says this wasn't about border security. >> it is a question about the balance of power that is court to the constitution. this is not about the president or border security. i support border security. i support the construction of a border barrier. >> reporter: chuck schumer was applauding his colleagues for their courage to oppose the president. >> my hope is republicans now see how this president is trampling on the constitution and understand that it is possible and in fact courageous to stand up to him and say that there will be consequences for his actions. >> reporter: congress will vote
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to override the veto but with enough gop standards standing with donald trump it is not expected to have a 2 thirds majority to pass. republican leaders say they believe the president will prevail and get the wall built. shannon: breaking news at the top of the hour, new zealand police, mike bush right now. >> those who have died and surrounding circumstances. i would like to also add that so far, one person, a male in his late 20s has been charged with murder and should appear in the christchurch court tomorrow morning. three other people were apprehended. we believe one of those persons, nothing to do with this incident and two other people that have
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been apprehended be an imposition of firearms in the general environment, we are working to understand what their involvement is. we recovered a number of firearms from linwood avenue. i would like to assure everyone around new zealand, every available police and emergency resource with other government agencies and defense forces doing everything they can to keep their communities safe and they responded to this incident. we are working with a wide range of community to get support to everyone who needs it. we have staff around the country
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ensuring that everyone is safe including armed defenders and special tactical groups across the country being very vigilant and having presence around all our mosques to ensure nothing further occurs. as i said, this is an evil thing situation. we will continue to bring you as much information as we possibly can, answer your questions in a minute if i can, but before i do i would like to communicate the 800 number for people to call for more information especially around their loved ones and that number 0-800-115-019. i would like to -- some of you would have seen brave actions on social media of police who responded to the incident, have
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gone above and beyond on behalf of their communities to apprehend at least one. i take my hat off to all my staff, extremely proud of what they have done tonight. thank you. >> completely unknown to police? >> very good question. what i want to tell you right now is no agency head any information about these people. and i made contact with my australian colleagues, had no information on them at all. i am assisting with their inquiries. part of their investigation would be to look back at every possibility to ensure that security did not miss any
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opportunities to prevent this in this event. >> who carried out -- the same person who carried out the shooting? >> i would love to go into detail but a person has been charged with me to go into details of who did what, would not be proper. again, i know there is a name in the public domain but it would be improper for me to confirm her because a person has been challenged. >> the facebook page -- are you aware of the early warning? >> i am aware of the suggestion, when i have clarity about that, i will be sharing that. i am aware of the suggestion, but not aware of it existing but
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if it did i will be sharing that. we never assumed there were other people involved. we have an immense presence across canterbury and across new zealand, but we don't have named or identified people we are looking for. at this point we are not actively looking for any unidentified business. i couldn't tell you -- i don't need to tell you, this is a very well planned event. we are aware of that commentary. what i can say is a person might have suggested that. we've illuminated that is a responsibility.
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we also talked about ied devices on two vehicles. i would like to clarify that and say there were two ieds on one vehicle and we are in the process of disabling the other with the assistance of defense forces. >> was there anything to do with it? >> we believe not. there is a real heightened sense within the communities, people are being very vigilant and i congratulate them and encourage that. we don't believe they were any threat. >> what about the coordination together? >> we don't have any information to that extent. to take preventative precautions, that is what they are doing.
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there was some early reporting of that, 40 people were taken quickly for emergency medical treatment. it was not targeted. >> at the synagogue -- >> i'm not aware of that advice. take care of yourselves and report any thing you might find suspicious and respond immediately. >> on the technical side? >> i don't have any intelligence to that effect. >> what about anything else? >> i don't have any intelligence to that effect. i am not ruling anything out.
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we have eyes wide open on this. we are being extremely vigilant in terms of any possibilities and we want to ensure the public we are right on top of. they have a force of over 1000. we are sending more to surrounding districts. i would imagine every one of those 1000 staff wanting to help out on this. >> how extreme this is, how was he or she not obviously -- >> what the prime minister was referring to was what was published post 1:3:03 pm this afternoon. >> thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> police commissioner -- heather: mike bush bringing us a to date, 49 people are dead, coordinated terrorist shooting that occurred at two different mosques, 41 of those at one of the locations, four people are in custody including a person described as male in his late 20s charged with murder. police commissioner, some people who were apprehended and did have firearms in their vicinity. they recovered a number of firearms. they say it is wrong to assume there was no one else but they are not actively searching for everyone else at this time. asking people to remain vigilant at mosques in that area saying security has been increased and this continues to be an evolving situation.
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let's go to congressman louis goehmert who is joining us live for more reaction on this. thank you for joining us. what is your initial 5? >> this needs to be condemned. i condemn it. this kind of hideous, egregious act of violence needs to be punished as quickly and efficiently, after conviction. new zealand really is considered a peaceful place. they did away with their death penalty decades ago. i don't know if that answers into an idea where you might instigate violence. this is outrageous, these people need to be caught, anyone who assisted them needs to be punished as completely as they can under new zealand law.
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shannon: you mentioned the death penalty being done away with. we've also received reports the police commissioner did not mention it there that this shooter, the main shooter, the male in his late 20s is from australia. he went from australia to new zealand where he carried out this act. in terms of whether he was on any type of watchlist in australia or new zealand, had heard and if any of these suspects, the police commissioner said no. does that concern you? >> yes it does because you can have this kind of hate swell up and blossom into people being killed. it should be a concern for every country. you also have a clue or evidence to back up what he was saying about being on a terrorist watchlist or the fact that he was able to travel so freely.
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it is not normally a difficult thing to go from australia to new zealand, but no indications that he was on any kind of list they would be watching for. you also have to wonder their have to have been people in new zealand checking out the location and where they were going. it is important to show strength as a country and stand up against this outrage. it cannot be allowed. heather: what is remarkable is the use of social media in this attack because there are reports, a lot of people didn't see it, a video that was live streamed on social media as the attack was happening and the document of his trip from his vehicle on the way to the first location and he published this manifesto, 74 or 80 page manifesto that includes asking
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himself questions and answering them as to why did you do this and all that type of thing. >> it is a concern. they like to have their information out there. i am not going to watch the media stream from this incident because it makes them feel better about what they have done. i encourage everyone not to. it encourages them. makes him think look at all the people we impacted. i can also say social media is a powerful weapon for intelligence seeking out these things. some years back we had americans working at the embassy in yemen at the capital and i got word from one of my constituents, he and three others were isolated at the hotel and couldn't get
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back to the embassy, they were exposed to danger. i contacted a friend in intelligence and he contacted actually a class on combating terrorism and they completely used social media to figure out where the rebels in yemen's capital were and we got -- they got some people on the ground at the hotel and were able to avoid the terrorists and get our folks back to the embassy completely unharmed, using social media. it can be. heather: certainly not -- >> people need to come out and make clear this is condemned. i don't know what triggered these maniacs but too often, if they see what in their mind is an injustice somewhere else it can be a trigger which is why it
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is important to call it out no matter where it comes from. heather: we have to go to this break and talk about the border situation in our country. we will be right back with breaking news. you.
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. heather: we will follow breaking developments out of new zealand on the mass terrorist shooting. in this country donald trump expected to issue his first veto today after the senate blocks is national emergency declaration at the border. we are joined by congressman louis goehmert. thank you for sticking with us, appreciate your time. the list of republican senators who voted with democrats to
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block donald trump's emergency order, we were told four, it ended up being a dozen of them. would have been 13 had tom tillis not changed his mind. what is the impact on these republicans? >> i think it's a good thing for tom tillis that he changed his vote. i have been in north carolina a couple times, the last being walter jones's funeral. i talked to folks in north carolina and it sounded like if he had voted against the president what the president was doing, it would pretty much seal his paid and he wouldn't be back. i'm glad for him in north carolina and the president. he did not vote for this thing. if you want a little as to what it accomplished by republicans voting yes you can find that in the accolades they got from
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chuck schumer and someone said at the studio when chuck schumer is telling you you did a great job you really messed up pretty badly. the country knows what this was about and you have some of those people, very good friends, people of principle of the problem is congress ever gave this kind of expensive power to the president of the first place. they should have left the authority to come in and reina declaration in but to wait to this point when there is a true national emergency on the border and now vote against a president doing all he can -- to protect american lives, stop the drug cartels. this is a big deal and deeply regret the signal to america is the president doesn't have 12 republican support. heather: that is where there is a lot of discrepancy. mitt romney coming out saying
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this wasn't about national security and the problem at the border. it was what is constitutionally allowed. you say the president does have this authority. what are people to believe? >> the same authority barack obama had when he declared national emergencies and utilized the power. bill clinton ended up -- he used the national declaration many times, maybe 16. one of them was to help use our forces in bosnia. to wait until it is donald trump to say you don't have this power going back to jimmy carter when our embassy was attacked in tehran and the national emergency he declared and he sends forces over, he scaled
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back their emergency efforts so much that it cost great embarrassment and lives but it has been used including use of us forces and it is outrageous that now when it really needed to be done and i understand some of my good friends were acting on principle but they were missing the fact this has been constitutional, it has been upheld and the president did have the power to do what he did. heather: makes you wonder if they have spoken to anyone who lives along the border because everyone i have spoken with who has ranches or live down there said absolutely. this is an emergency. and we need help. the president expected to cast his first veto today in regards to this, not the first president to do so. ronald reagan, 17 vetos, you mentioned bill clinton, 37 vetos
1:29 am
for him. what do you expect to see today and what happens next? >> he will veto it very quickly and that will be -- then it will come to the house. it comes to the house first and if we have two thirds of the house vote to override the veto then it goes to the senate and they need two thirds to override. they didn't get two thirds on this vote so they don't have the votes. seems we had 245, they needed 290. they are a long way from overriding the president's veto. i'm sure there will be a vote to override. it will not be successful and will not get to the senate and those 12 will not have a chance to change their position to send word to their constituents that they do support what the president is trying to do. heather: we have 30 seconds left, the mueller report not happening today, not going to be
1:30 am
released. final word on that? >> mueller is mueller. he hired people that hated the president and so they are going to drag this out as long as they can. i told harris fokker last summer, it is about to be over now but they are not in a hurry to get the report out. tony: a busy morning. three people killed in a mosque in new zealand, four people in custody. one person charged with murder. this is pure calculated evil and he joins us live up next. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands
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just $25 provides one elderly holocaust survivor with a special emergency food package. call right now. - please call the number on your screen now. - what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - we pray that god will move upon your heart to act right now and send an emergency gift of just $25 so that we can help more frail and lonely elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union before it's too late. heather: 49 people were killed, that two mosques in new zealand. police have taken four suspect
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into custody. they are looking for more who could be behind the horrific attack. here to react is army special forces operator kelly hansen. thank you for joining us. i want to clarify the police commissioner said it would be wrong to assume there is no one else involved, that they are not actively searching for anyone else at this hour. in terms of what transpired, your opening thoughts? >> it is horrific, hard to even imagine the mentality that decides i want to not just water a bunch of people because of my have seen beliefs but i want to broadcast that to the world in the hopes of creating a race war which was the goal. i think it is horrific, this is something that unfortunately we will see the damage he has done to relations around the world and i hope we can minimize that
1:35 am
and not give him the advantage of having accomplished what his heinous goal was. heather: how do you minimize the possibility of something like this happening from the get-go when authorities say neither the suspect nor three others, two men and a woman charged in relation being held in custody, none of them were on a watchlist, they were not aware of them, had not put their names forward, those were the initial reports. >> it is very difficult. i read his manifesto last night. it was horrifyingly coherent. he planned this for years, practiced this for months. it is surprising if other people are involved because his manifesto mentioned i i i. it is all about him. very tightly held, closely held belief which is probably how he avoided detection. he was extremely meticulous in his planning and meticulous in
1:36 am
the beliefs he created. as wrong as it was, it was well articulated which is scary. other people may have been scarfed up in relation to this and may not be involved. he did mention we at all. heather: i saw another manifesto that had been sent out approximately 19 hours, if you believe the timeline of what was published and where it says in the final manifesto everyone is looking at, who are you? it did say who are we and then it changed and there was another one sent out. in terms of the use of social media that is terrifying, let people know, look at this link on facebook because i will be broadcasting it live and 17 minutes of video, just were
1:37 am
fine, the use of social media involved in this. >> he knew the impact that would have. it is wanting to contemplate an idea of manslaughter and another to witness it down the barrel of a gun as too many people have. there is good advice not to watch this but he knew most people would ignore that. there is too much. interest. he was very calculating, i used the gun specifically to create a confiscation craze in the united states to use the 2 amendment to drive a wedge between groups in the united states so he knew exactly what he was doing to create the most have a and damage he could and that is the scary thing about this, that someone could be intelligent enough to plan that well and be this insane and abhorrent. >> very savvy and his use of the internet because the manifesto as well, i'm not that
1:38 am
knowledgeable about means or things like that but something being discussed was how he goes back and forth between what he is talking about seriously and then throw in a meme or two. people need to be careful going through trying to figure out what he is serious about and what he is not serious about. >> the whole idea that he had come his manifesto included the press conference with himself. he is obviously an extreme narcissist. all of the path ologies in the psychiatric world likely apply to this guy but he had a plan and his plan was to create a race war. he was that insane white supremacist that all have been talking about but we need to be careful about one thing. in every terrorist incident, someone from the islamist or jihadist end of things, i point out we cannot blame all muslims for that.
1:39 am
this guy is not representative of any large group of people. is representative of a small deranged insane group of people who hold those beliefs about racial superiority. no one else should count them into agree with that it really does. we need to limit him that his idea that his appeal was brought in anyway. heather: that is one of the tasks he hoped to accomplish by all of this. we appreciate it and we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". feels like a scene from the sopranos. an alleged mob boss gunned down outside his home in staten island. this is since 1995, organized crime making a comeback? joining me with some answers is joe peters.
1:43 am
we appreciate it. you don't hear about something like this happening but then you hear mob family, they still exist. >> they do. it has not gone away. most other crime groups are modeled in terms of the hierarchy, just post 9/11 the fbi's attention of the nation's went to terrorism and dealing with that so the mafia was able to go underneath the coverage and still operate. heather: one of the people taking credit is bob mueller because he put john gotti behind bars, this one who he gunned down in his front yard has taken control of the family, correct? >> he was ahead of the gambino family. a lot of these old dons, people around the world are not there anymore. carmine persico passed away last
1:44 am
week. heather: there are five families in new york. >> colombo, on and on. the names we heard, vincent who walked around in his bathrobe, john gotti, they've been replaced by people of lower statute who want to stay out of the media spotlight but it didn't do much for john gotti. the latest murder of the gambino chief was a guy who did that but he had ties to sicily which is unusual. the speculation is an internecine war among his family, is it between the five families? did sicily have something to do with it? in philadelphia, my team, 9 murders including a judge, most of those murders where interfamily rivalries. heather: john gotti's brother
1:45 am
jean gotti was released a year ago. the possibility he could be involved. >> the day of his murder he was acquitted of a crime. carmine persico died last week. all these things happening at the same time. where there is change there is opportunity and people who want to take control. heather: i don't want to make any mobsters mad but honor among thieves. a murder at someone at home in front of their family would not normally happen. >> a handgun at close range using a vehicle. doing it at their home, breaks a rule but there used to breaking rules, they are not supposed to be involved in drugs and heroin is one of the biggest. heather: this is something he dealt with.
1:46 am
>> bringing in new italian immigrants. heather: what happens next? an arrest? they have no one to arrest? >> these are tough cases. they were the wiretaps, they have video surveillance cameras. there is a blue truck to get him out of the house so there will be paint chips and things you don't expect, the stories you to be told. heather: they had cameras as well. whoever did it would have done a drive-by and that type of thing. >> these are well-planned hits. heather: appreciate you joining us, please come back and update us. 15 minutes until the top of the our. beto o'rourke the latest democratic throw his hat in the ring for the run for the presidency so how can that failed senate candidate change the race? we will debate next. i can't believe it.
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heather: very busy morning, 49 people are dead after gunfire erupted inside two mosques in new zealand. many of those caught in the attack are thought to be migrants and refugees. four people in custody, three men and one woman. one australian man in his 20s is charged with murder and in court tomorrow morning. he is said to have an anti-muslim and anti-immigration agenda. video of the attack was uploaded on social media. authorities are urging people not to share it. the prime ministers of new zealand has condemned the shooting which she called a terrorist attack. 20 people will rush to the hospital with serious injuries and police cordoned off the area and urging people to stay indoors as the nation remains on high alert.
1:51 am
back at home beto o'rourke throws his hat into the ring for 2020 officially enters the crowded democratic playing field. >> the challenges we face right now, the interconnected crises in our economy, our democracy and our climate have never been greater and they will either consume us or afford us the greatest opportunity to unleash the genius of the united states of america. heather: can the former commerce minute failed senate candidate change the race? here is ohio state senator and attorney who fled communist albania for the us. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. i will start with you. what are your thoughts on beto o'rourke. will he be the next president? >> the greatest challenge he will place is on the democrat party.
1:52 am
they -- most of the candidates we see so far are socialists and they are trying to compete with each other whose the greatest socialist and he will take the lead for a wild but bernie sanders, then others challenging or running on the same platform but what does he stand for? he has no policy whatsoever. he doesn't -- he -- running against donald trump. >> nancy pelosi asked what he accomplished in their time as a congressman. >> whether you are an elected individual or in the case of donald trump talking about his business prowess.
1:53 am
you have to stand on a record to show the american people what you are capable of. beto o'rourke has a challenge and what will happen is beto mania will put the rest of the democratic primary field on high alert. all guns will be point at beto and you will hear other democrats saying he is not qualified, doesn't have policy positions, lacks gravitas and because there is a crowded field of diverse city, women and people of color, you will have that narrative that beto o'rourke as a white man has failed up. lost a race, running for president and that is okay. heather: let's look at the clear politics average poll of the democratic contenders in league with 29% followed by bernie sanders, 22% and elizabeth warren and cory booker and 5% at this point.
1:54 am
that falls into how he will impact the other candidates. >> joe biden, the only one with common sense on the democrat side. the rest of them appear to be mostly socialist and joe biden could bring some balance so far. of the 20 final word? >> there is a big opportunity for centrist to take the lead. they can connect with main street. >> beto o'rourke having his teeth cleaned. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. democrats doubling down on a new push to get younger voters to the polls. >> i have always -- >> is that a good idea or just a
1:55 am
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heather: time to stop playing the national anthem at sporting events according to usa today opinion column that says in part the display of national pride better suited for countries run by dictators or despots.
1:59 am
the writer adding playing the internet games is a lazy excuse for patriotism. he continued since colin kaepernick started protesting the and some has turned into some sort of patriotic test. nancy pelosi voiced her support on lowering the voting age. listen to this. >> i have always been -- it is really important to capture kids when they are in high school and interested in all of this, when they are learning to be able to vote. heather: is that really a good idea or just another tactic for democrats to get more votes? and you're right against a graham 16-year-olds are barely driving, they are just kids. most don't even know who their local government officials are. mark on facebook, not backing the democrats one bit but on the other hand people serve in the military as young as 17 years old. during the revolutionary war we had soldiers fighting is yes 10 years old. not all youngsters are democrats, not all youngsters
2:00 am
are stupid. that wraps up a very busy friday for this "fox and friends first" hour. "fox and friends first" continues with breaking news on the terrorist attack into the shooting in new zealand. >> 6 minutes or more. >> this is one of new zealand's dockets. >> 50 people are dead in one of the bloodiest and most or effect terror attacks district the normally peaceful nation of new zealand. >> attacks on two busy mosques live streamed for the world. how police are stepping up security here at home.


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