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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 15, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ >> bill: almost 60° out there. it's friday. >> it has been another long week. thank you for joining us each and every day. >> a long week. mostly sunny week. >> right. >> you go another week on the best seller list. >> i hope so. >> we're talking about a book tour as well. >> really? >> go bye mostly sunny. >> available on fox see you next month. >> 9:00 here in york. middle of the night in new zealand. new reaction and new information this hour after the deadlyest mass shooting in new zeal land's history. 49 dead after a well-planned attack targeting friday prayers. two different mosques. new information. this is god's country. new zealand is heaven on earth and part of why it was targeted. we'll take you through it as we go. >> sandra: good morning, bill. >> bill: horrifying news overnight. i'm sandra smith. one man has been arrested and charged with murder. two other armed suspects being held in custody after this time after a gunmen opened fire inside two mosques and posted a
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video of the massacre. >> the main entrance of the building, and then everybody just run toward the back doors to save themselves. >> when the firing stopped i looked and there was one guy came in with a gun. he came on this side, driving next to the mosque house and he just take the gun and -- >> sandra: jonathan hunt live in our west coast bureau. tell us how this attack played out. >> good morning, sandra. it's the massacre that has left new zealand and the world stunned. authorities in new zealand calling it a terrorist attack by people with extremist views and the prime minister describing the events of friday
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as one of new zealand's darkest days. it was aimed deliberately as muslims. a gunman live streaming the attack via a camera mounted on his head. we won't show any of that video for obvious reasons. i have watched it for the sake of our reporting and it is one of the most horrific acts of violence anyone will ever seen. the gunman drives toward a mask saying let's get this party started and takes weapons from his trunk. walks toward the mosques and opens fire. at least two men gunned down at the doorway. he walks into the mosque and shoots every single person he can see. he reloads several times and at one point goes back into a room where two large groups of bodies are laying on the floor. many of them already dead. some appear to be wounded. he walks calmly around and taking kill shots. finishing off his victims with head or body shots.
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once he leaves the mosque he shoots several people on the street including a woman wearing traditional muslim dress. she is wounded. she lies on the street crying out. the gunman walks up to her and once again delivers the final shot. he then gets back in his car, drives over that woman and continues to shoot other people from his car. the video stops after about 16 gut wrenching minutes. it is, i can tell you, pure evil. >> sandra: what more do we know about the attacker and any accomplices? >> well, the man on the video also left what new zealand authorities are describing as a manifesto online and he describes himself as a 28-year-old australian citizen. he talks about intimidating and repelling what he repeatedly calls muslim invaders. he says mass immigration is a threat to civilization and he
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supports president trump as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose. police now have three people in custody. none of them have been on the terrorism radar either in new zealand or australia. the prime minister said new zealand is a proud melting pot of ethnicities and languages and shared a message for the attackers and the people of new zealand. >> we share common values and the one that we place the currency on right now and tonight is our compassion. and the support for the community of those directly affected by this tragedy and secondly, the strongest possible condemnation of the ideology of the people who did this. you may have chosen us, but we utterly reject and condemn you. >> the gunman who live streamed
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this horrific attack also said in the manifesto that he hoped to go to trial. he says he would plead not guilty because in his view, he was taking action against an occupying force. it was not that, of course, as leaders around the world are saying today it was an act of pure hate, pure evil and utterly condemned in christchurch. a city i know well. i lived there for 10 months. my brother still lives there. they're very, very good people who have just seen the most horrific act imagine nabl. >> sandra: a lot of people in this country waking up to hear this news. it is horrifying. >> bill: getting a lot of reaction. as we get it we pass it along to you. word from the white house, this tweet came out a short time ago. the president expressing his support of the victims. here it is. my warmest sympathy and best wishes go out to the people of new zealand after the mosque shooting. 49 people have died and others
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injured. the united states stands by new zealand with anything we can do. god bless all. john bolton was on camera also and we'll share that with you. walid phares and sir, good morning to you. this is pure evil. >> it is pure evil. more than that, it is successful pure evil. dozens and dozens of innocent people, worshippers being slaughtered by an individual who is claiming even in ideology. unfortunately new zealand has joined the community of probably 100 countries victims -- that are fighting terrorism from any side and all sides. mosques, churches have been attacked by extremists on all side. what is interesting here is that this individual allegedly has been inspired by an ideology that claims that you should take action, violent actions against immigrants or against members of the islamic faith. that is something that the government both in new zealand
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and around the world both in the arab world and the muslim world needs to take action against. against that ideology. >> bill: you heard jonathan hunt's reporting. this guy will plead not guilty. he has a message, walid, that he wants the whole world to pay attention to. this is sick stuff. how does the muslim world react when they hear this? >> first of all, bill, it is very understandable what he is trying to do and should be condemned completely on the action level. what was done in norway, he killed many members of the ruling party, because he accused them of opening the borders of norway to immigrants. and he rejected that. in this case, he is repeating the person who is now in custody is repeating what the
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norwegian man has done. he wants to get to the court. when you get to the court what you'll get, you'll get the cameras and the attention of millions of people. we're trying to avoid now through the discussion of the actual video or whatever he produced wait until he is in court. >> bill: how does the west react do you believe? what measures does the government of new zealand take? >> well, the first measures that the government of new zealand is taking already is to pay attention that no other attacks will take place. they have a dramatic, bloody model. coordination with other intelligence services. it is happening. to answer a question you've asked me before that, the muslim world is helping. they have leaders now from the uae, from egypt and saudi arabia, our allies who are coming strongly saying we need to fight it together. the west and arab and muslim world together against extremists from both sides. >> bill: we'll monitor the information as it changes throughout the morning.
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walid phares live in washington, d.c. four in police custody. we'll monitor it through the day. one thing i want to point out in this message that this sick killer has left is part of the reason why he went to new zealand and trained to carry out a killing like this is because new zealand is so far from the west of the 6 billion of us on this planet and wanted to show that mass immigration is a threat everywhere. you're not free from it. that was part of the reason why he picked that area, christchurch. >> sandra: kirstjen nielsen tweeted our hearts and prayers go to the victims and their families on this brutal act of terror. we stand with our friends in new zealand and will provide any assistance they need. that's the department of homeland security secretary and bill she just put this out. there is no specific or credible threat to our homeland but all americans should remain
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vigilant so we can prevent such violent hate. >> bill: the story will change throughout the day. when it does we'll get past to it. >> sandra: president trump poised to use his first veto after the republican-controlled senate voted to block his national emergency declaration yesterday. 12 republicans voting with democrats in a rare bipartisan rebuke of the president citing a constitutional issue. >> the balance of power core to our constitution. it is not about the president or about border security. >> to me this statute allows the president to use military construction money in a national emergency. >> it shouldn't be so unusual for members of the president's own party to stand with us and hold him to account when he does wrong, especially a president who so overreaches but i'm thankful republican senators did the right thing. >> sandra: kevin corke is live at the white house this morning. good morning to you.
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>> good morning. we don't know when the resolution will make its way to the president's desk at the white house today. when it does, we're pretty confident he will not only talk about it but probably show the power of the pen on camera. again no guarantees but that's possible. we do expect to see the president traveling just a bit. again as we take a look inside the numbers, this will be his very first use of the power of the veto pen and for those keeping score, that would be far fewer than his predecessors. to be fair he had a gop controlled house during his first two years in office. president reagan with 78. pretty incredible. the president this time will be rejecting a bipartisan effort. the president said i look forward to vetoing the democrat inspired resolution which would open borders while increasing crimes, drug and trafficking in our country. i think all of the strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall.
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i promise to give you more granular detail as i get it. we expect it will probably happen today. when it does i'll be here for you. for now, back to you. >> sandra: kevin corke, thank you. >> bill: 11 past. this happening overnight as well. middle east, retaliation from israel after rockets are fired toward tel aviv. tensions rising along the gaza strip. could there be a truce today? talk about that congressman matt thornberry. >> sandra: investigation of the ethiopian airline crash centers on the black boxes. exactly when the pilot first noticed trouble after take-off. we have the latest in a live report. >> bill: why senator lindsey graham is calling for a resolution for the mueller report to be made public as we learn new details on peter strzok's closed door testimony in front of congress. what he said about hillary clinton's email server. congressman king weighs in on
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>> obviously greatly disturbed by this what seems to be a terror attack. this hate crime in new zealand. we've been in touch with our embassy overnight and still getting details. but the state department and others are following up on it and we're very concerned and will cooperate with the new zealand authorities to the extent we can. >> bill: john bolton from the north lawn of the white house in the last hour. peaceful island nation is in shock. an unprecedented terror attack, 49 dead. gunman opening fire on worshippers at two mosques in christchurch, new zealand.
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peter king on the homeland security committee. we brought you in on the mueller matter but the new zealand thing turntion your stomach, sir. >> it does. it is absolute evil and essential that everyone -- everyone of goodwill and any sense of decency condemn this. it is inhumane, evil and horrible and we have to be on the look out in this country there is no copycat attacks. no evidence of any. but something like this that is so hateful can inspire hatred in others. people of goodwill need to stand and condemn it and stand with our friends in new zealand and the mosques and the civilized world will never tolerate this. there is no such thing as a manifesto for death. it has to be condemned. >> bill: these are migrant workers from bangladesh and go there to improve their lives. stunning stuff. we'll be on it throughout the morning here. let's touch now on some of
6:18 am
these critical questions that have come up the past week on the mueller matter. i thought lindsey graham put his finger on a couple important points. devin nunes did as well. he said the following about it. >> the clinton campaign hired christopher steele to go to talk to russians to get dirt on trump. that has never been prosecuted. what in the hell is mueller doing? i have no idea. this is something that could take a month for the f.b.i. to do. instead it has gone on for two years. it is some kind of joke. >> bill: do you consider this to be a joke, sir? >> it's not a joke. i i have respect for bob mueller and looking forward to the report and want to see what's in it. from all we've seen and heard a lot has been overlooked here. i was on the intelligence committee. i can't go into all the things we've heard. the fact is this whole investigation against president trump which began in the summer of 2016, there was no basis for it.
6:19 am
this was no premise for it. it was the most flimsy type of evidence. far more evidence with the clinton campaign than the trump campaign. if they're going to go into this intensity into the trump campaign so far after all this time of really 2 1/2 years going back to the summer of 2016 and since mueller was appointed in 2017. no evidence of any collusion at all. if there was collusion and cooperation with the russians it was with the clinton campaign. what's good for one should be good for the other. that's why -- also the fact that the highest levels of the f.b.i., the allegations and admissions by them. the number who have been fired and the whole thing with the fisa warrant against the trump campaign, again so much has been violated here. it just gets lost, i think, in all this talk about the mueller report on president trump. i'm fairly confident, i have no
6:20 am
inside information. it doesn't mean it will stop all the talk. they'll look for something with some bank somewhere. >> bill: on and on. lindsey graham's point here he blocked the resolution passed in the house to make the mueller report public. we'll see what happens with bill barr gets his hands on it. graham blocked it. he wants the special counsel to look into the carter page fisa memo and the hillary clinton matter. we have to get back to the breaking news. >> absolutely essential. those have to be investigated. fisa, this is -- i support fisa but it is one of those balanced edge thing. if it's abused it could violate the rights of innocent people. there was no basis for it here and improper evidence used to obtain it that has to be investigated and what happened with the email investigation, whether or not there was an
6:21 am
agreement, that also shows a double standard of justice. should be investigated. >> bill: peter king. talk soon in babylon, new york today. 21 past. >> sandra: new fallout for lori loughlin after she was charged in the college admission scam. how it's now affecting her daughter and beto o'rourke in iowa after announcing his run for the white house trying to gain traction in the crowded democratic field. will his record or lack there of end up hurting him in the end? >> the challenges have never been greater, more severe or more critical or more defining for the future. must be fixed and renewed.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. israel striking back at hamas military targets on the gaza strip after a rocket attack on tel aviv. trey yengst has the latest there. >> after two rockets were fired last night towards israel's largest city the first time it has happened since 2014, the israeli military responded with 100 air strikes inside the gaza strip behind me. planes and helicopters used missiles to target mostly hamas positions inside the strip. hamas controls the gaza strip currently with a population of two million people. in response there was a series of rockets fired into southern israel in addition to those two original rockets and i want to show you something right now. it does appear that a tank, israeli tank has pulled up close to the gaza border. if you come back to us here on camera this tank looks like it is prepared on stand by to fire
6:26 am
if anything else escalates along the border. the israeli military is prepared for any future escalation that will happen here. it appears a cease-fire has been temporarily brokered with the help of egyptian negotiators inside the gaza strip right now trying to find some sort of common understanding, sandra, between the israelis and hamas to avoid a larger escalation in the region. >> sandra: something to get a live look. your crew was at the border last night when more rock erts were fired into israel. what did you see? >> that's right. as war planes pounded the gaza strip last night our crew was along the border and in response there were militants inside gaza who fired a series of rockets into southern israel. our cameras captured those interceptions by israel's missile defense system the iron dome as you can see in the video. with israeli elections upcoming and the one year anniversary of palestinian demonstrations along the border here coming up at the end of the month it may not be the last time we see a
6:27 am
situation like this unfold. >> sandra: trey yengst, thank you. >> bill: killer opening fire on two different mosques during friday prayers. 49 are dead. the story is developing by the moment. in a moment what we're learning about the gunman here on our program. >> sandra: and what we now know about the moments before that ethiopian plane crash. what a new report is revealing about the moments after take-off. plus this. >> i wish that he would also prioritize hr1 which actually reinstates voting rights and helps get money out of politics. he doesn't seem to be interested in improving our democracy. he seems more interested in running for speaker. >> bill: the congresswoman ocasio-cortez calls it a political stunt but the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants people on record. what he is doing in the senate to wrap up a vote on the green new deal. we'll tell you about that
6:28 am
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>> sandra: here we are about 50 seconds into the trading day on a friday morning. quick check at the markets. the dow up 50 points in early trading. u.s. stocks are getting a boost on reports of progress on those u.s./china trade talks. markets have been very sensitive to all the developments there. there is a lot of optimism a deal will get done. president trump saying a deal could come in the next few weeks. so possibly we could end this week on a high note with the dow jumping up 40 points. >> bill: we had a pretty good week all things considered. up a little bit every day. in the end it's real money. >> sandra: boeing was definitely one of the big drags on the dow because of the plane crash and now all the planes getting grounded. a lot of questions how boeing will handle this going forward. what the fix will be. that has been a drag on the markets. nonetheless, a gain to start out this friday morning. >> bill: talk about boeing. still no solid answers now on
6:32 am
that plane crash in ethiopian. authorities are looking at the voice recorders from the flight. 157 dead including eight americans. new reports suggest the pilot noticed trouble immediately after take-off. but what was that trouble and what caused it? griff jenkins is on this in d.c. what can you tell us about the pilot's communications today? >> well, citing a person who reviewed air traffic communications "the new york times" this morning reports the captain's communications first were calm but soon requested permission to return to the airport in a panicky voice saying to air traffic controllers this, break break, request back home. request vector for landing. the times reporting controllers observed the new boeing 737 max 8 oscillating or pitching up and down. a sign that something was definitely wrong.
6:33 am
after that flight 302 tragically went down killing all 157 people aboard. the flight was only minutes into its flight to nairobi. french authorities are getting their first look at the data box. it appears to be damaged. making it difficult to retrieve all the data. repsives for the airlines are a investigation. >> bill: what's the latest how it is impacting flights here at home? >> it's still impacting flights for sure. the short answer is that delays are coming from concerns across the country. since the grounding of the boeing 737 max 8 and 9 airlines are scrambling to find replacement aircraft for flights scheduled on those planes. the impact is lessened somewhat because the plane is new and not that many flights on them. southwest airlines, which has the largest number of those in service, are working to resolve disruptions. the ceo for southwest gary kelly issued this statement about those planes saying our
6:34 am
experience with the max along with other u.s. operators has been phenomenal. we've operated over 40,000 flights covering almost 90,000 hours but the fact remains it's the second crash in five months on these planes and it has a lot of people alarmed. i know i got this morning as you and dozens of others of people that fly american airlines may have also gotten a note assuring passengers of the security and attention to this issue. >> bill: thank you, griff. more updates when we get them in washington >> sandra: the green new deal could get a vote in the senate in the coming weeks. majority leader mitch mcconnell scheduling a procedural vote when lawmakers return from a week-long recess. andy pud zer joins us now and he is the author of a book. tell us how you really feel. i know that you are in line with mitch mcconnell and others, bring it up for a vote
6:35 am
and let's really see what each and every lawmaker stands on this. >> whoever heard of a bill that is so bad that the people that introduced it don't want a hearing and the other party does want a hearing? it's socialism only survives in the dark. it never really survives in the light. hearings, a vote in hearings on this bill will bring the socialist policies that the far left wing of the democratic party are advocating for into the light. that will alienate a lot of liberal, moderate democrats and could hand president trump the 2020 election. >> sandra: interesting. really part of the problem with so many who even say okay, well, i'll try to support it but i don't know enough. there is not a lot of specifics when it comes to this deal. big labor took it on saying it could bring harm to millions. one of our reporters, peter doocy, was able to ask alexandria ocasio-cortez who co-authored the green new deal. he was able to ask her about this big labor's objection to it. listen. >> the green new deal is looking forward -- is all about
6:36 am
max investment in infrastructure and jobs, particularly we're talking about steelworkers, electrical workers. there is so much work to do in transitioning to 100% renewable energy. we have to do that work with union labor and with -- by reinvigorating our entire workforce. i don't think that it's representative of an actual split. >> sandra: that was ocasio-cortez herself explaining that. big laib or is not buying it. they're saying it will bring harm to millions and short on specifics is what they're taking issue with. how do you get there? >> i very rarely agree with big labor but i have to say they're showing real reason here. this bill would put -- it would basically take the construction industry, transportation industry, energy industry and medical sector of our economies and put them all under control of the government. as you know, there may be
6:37 am
millennials watching so i should say socialism is where the government controls the means of production, distribution and exchange in the economy. capitalism is where individuals control it through their vote. they vote with their dollars spent on what succeeds and fails. she wants to turn that responsibility over to the government and it will destroy the american economy. it will be venezuela. thank god the labor unions are stepping up and saying look, these are the kind of programs that bring poverty and misery, not abundance and prosperity. >> sandra: i'll quote a republican here greg waldon on the energy and commerce committee. this said it has become a central plank and billed as a solution for climate change. the left is saying what is the right's answer to this? when you see the polling out there, there is great interest in tackling climate change. what is the right's response? >> it is impossible to have
6:38 am
100% renewable right now. it isn't reasonable and wind really doesn't produce enough consistent energy to do that. nuclear power, that would work and there are a lot of environmentalists saying if we're going to solve this problem, we need to look at nuclear. you have natural gas which burns very cleanly. in fact, the united states has reduced its carbon emissions more than any other industrial nation just by using natural gas. there are solutions to this problem. where i get suspicious is when it looks like people are using climate change for political reasons. they don't actually propose a solution. they talk about renewables like it's reality. it's not. there are realistic solutions. if the climate change people were proposing those solutions they would have more credibility. >> sandra: when you look at nancy pelosi's initial reaction
6:39 am
she dismissed it as the green dream or whatever they call was her initial response. she decided to embrace the enthusiasm but later on she said congress needs something that is evidence-based. so she doesn't seem completely sold on this. we'll see what happens with the vote. >> you may disagree with her but she has good political sense. she is a smart woman. she sees the dangers in this. this is a real threat to the democratic party. there is a certain wing of the party that doesn't care. another wing of the party that realizes the problems. >> sandra: what do you think happens when it goes up for a vote in the senate? >> i think it will get killed. what we need to see is who votes for it. that's the only real question. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell's goal? >> yep. >> bill: 20 minutes now before the hour. all right, on the hoop court last night did you see it and stay up? zion williamson made a return to the basketball court. i'm telling you, he was out for a month with a knee injury.
6:40 am
there was no rust on this man. he was a perfect 13 of 13 from the floor. he had five monster dunks. duke beat syracuse 84-72 and advance in the acc tournament. >> sandra: last night i'm getting stuff done and bill hemmer pops up on my twitter. zion. >> bill: and then you tuned in and saw what? he is 18 years old. he has been sitting out a month and a half. he has fresh legs. he puts duke back into position to be the favorite team to win it all and will be the national player of the year in half a season. it is awesome to watch. age 18. go. >> sandra: moving on to this story, our top story of the morning. tragedy in new zealand as survivors of the terror attack share their stories.
6:41 am
>> the second -- people were sitting in the pew. it was around the door and behind the mosque and i -- >> sandra: 49 people killed in an attack on two mosques. dozens more wounded. reaction pouring in from around the world this morning including congress. up next house armed services committee ranking member mac thornberry will join us live, plus this. >> it doesn't matter. i'll probably have to veto. it is not going to be overturned and we'll have -- the legal scholars all say it is totally constitutional. it's very important. it's a border security vote. >> bill: he put out one word, too. veto. president trump ready for his first veto as president to block the emergency declaration. our a-team will take that on and a lot more coming up. first here is lindsey graham. >> i think it will be sustained.
6:42 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the state department announcing all u.s. diplomats have now left venezuela for the time being as tensions escalate amid the humanitarian and political crisis. despite the withdrawal secretary of state mike pompeo say diplomats will continue their mission of supporting juan gado's effort to oust mikolas maduro. >> i want to offer my personal condolences to the nation of new zealand in the wake of the grotesque mosque attacks. the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the victims and their families today. the united states condemns this hateful assault and pledge our solidarity with the government and people of new zealand. >> bill: horrifying days overseas, a well planned terror
6:46 am
attack. immigrants in two mosques filled with worshippers. one suspect is charged. authorities describe him as having extremist views. congressman mac thornberry member of the house armed services committee. breaking news on north korea that i'll get to in a moment. your sense of what you hear about new zealand >> a reminder that extremists come from a variety of political positions and willing to use violence to further their cause. the other interesting thing, once you get beyond the horror and feeling and sympathy for the victims but one of the attackers chose to video part of this attack, 17-minute video. it is a reminder that social media has become one of the means of warfare. we saw isis use this. now we've seen these guys use it. the russians in a different variety use it because they're trying to influence public opinion, terrorism is an attack
6:47 am
to affect political change and that's another example that we witnessed this morning. >> bill: from the white house sarah sanders says the united states strongly condemns the attack in christchurch. our thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families. we stand in solidarity with the people of new zealand. we might see the president next hour. going over to pentagon for a meeting there. we'll follow that. just within the last 30 minutes secretary of state pompeo with comments about north korea. what's going on here? they're seeing something, here. here is secretary pompeo on that. >> in hanoi on multiple occasions he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment he wouldn't resume nuclear testing or missile testing. so that's chairman kim's word. we have every expectation he will live up to that commitment. >> bill: what do you think kim is up to? >> same song, 57th verse.
6:48 am
this morning the north koreans threatened to resume nuclear and missile testing if the talks don't continue to go well. we've seen this before. they pretend they're negotiating but then they go on a different course if it doesn't work and they escalate up the tensions and hope that they can get some concessions. i think the president is exactly right to put kim to the test. are you going to keep your word or not? but the other thing is while we're talking to them, we have to maintain a strong military posture. while you're talking you have to have a big stick and the big stick here is the american military with missile defense, with ships off their coast, etc. that will be the biggest motivator to get them to really talk. >> bill: gillian turner was at the press conference and writes he was asked about north korea by several reporters but he offered up himself the fact that kim would be breaking a personal commitment made in hanoi.
6:49 am
my sense is they're seeing something on the ground based on this reporting earlier in the week about these missile sites. >> you may be right. what we have seen are commercial imagery reports in the press that while these talks are going on, the north koreans continue to build missiles. they continue to build their nuclear weapons. and then you had the public statement this morning that they may go back to testing. they may -- there may be other intelligence to provide that sort of warning. but the trend is not necessarily good. and we cannot stake the security of the united states on the word of kim jong-un. again, that's why our military strength is so vital. >> bill: mac thornberry, thank you for your time and the quick reaction on the developments in the state department. we'll talk again soon. thanks. >> sandra: actress lori loughlin taking another hit as the scandal unfolds. how it's affecting your career and her two daughters. a live report from los angeles
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> bill: tornadoes touching down in kentucky on thursday leaving a trail of damage. check it out. the twister bringing down power lines. covered roads in debris, damaged buildings across the city of pad ukah in western kentucky on the border with illinois. one person injured. >> sandra: new fallout for actress lori loughlin and her family. the hallmark channel cutting ties and her daughters reportedly dropping out of usc after loughlin and her husband were charged in the scheme. william la jeunesse is live from our los angeles bureau with more. >> the fallout continues in the loughlin family. made the job easy for usc by withdrawing their two daughters because they said the girls are
6:54 am
afraid of being bullied. one of the big questions for the eight universities involved. expelling students because they didn't earn a place on campus. usc which admitted 17 students under false pretense fired its athletic director, water poll owe coach and two former soccer coaches on indicted. stanford fired his sailing coach and yale its soccer coach. hallmark fired actress lori loughlin who paid $500,000 in the usc. she is unlikely to return to netflix hit "fuller house." actress felicity hoffman used a test taker to raise her daughter's s.a.t. score to get into georgetown. the husband macy is not named in the indictment on recorded f.b.i. calls he talks about his daughter needing higher scores and extra time usually reserved for students with learning disabilities.
6:55 am
other parents william mclashon headed a private equity company paid $50,000 to get his son into college. and the ceo of hercules capital bribed a tennis coach at georgetown and he is on leave as well. also heads are rolling at many of the top private prep schools from san diego to the bay area because they are implicated for knowing falsehoods on these kids' applications. >> sandra: something to continue to watch the fallout. >> bill: you get the sense that some of these stories that you are just scratching the surface. this is one of them when you think about the orbit around which a lot of these people -- >> sandra: how deep it was. >> bill: how deep it still may go on the campuses and the admissions office. the graduates themselves, the parents and what comes of the students who got a rite of
6:56 am
passage into the school that are still admitted to that school today. >> sandra: everybody around this country talking about that story. >> bill: in the meantime tough news for you today. 49 are dead, dozens injured. we're watching the investigation after a deadly terror attack targeting two mosques in new zealand, what we're learning about the suspect and the police investigation on the ground. all that still to come here top of the next hour on "america's newsroom." >> our hearts go out to them and all of their family, all of their friends, all of their loved ones. i want to assure everyone that we will do our best for them. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. for a nasty cold, take new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. [a capella] whoa! and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. [a capella] ahhhhhhhhhh!
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7:00 am
serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. new zealand p.m. calling it one of the darkest days in the country's history after a gunmen opened fired inside two mosques and killed at least 49 people. >> bill: tough morning. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. one man has been arrested and charged with murder. two other armed suspects being held in custody at this hour. the gunman dressed in military gear live streamed the attack online along with a manifesto that he put online. a witness describing the carnage he saw in christchurch. >> i saw that some people were running out through my room where i was in and also i saw some people had blood on their body and some people who were
7:01 am
limping. at that moment i realized it was really serious. >> bill: complete coverage beginning at this hour. former new york state security officer mike balboni but we begin with london and kitty logan. >> it is a shockingly high death toll from these shootings. 49 people confirmed dead by new zealand police. police believe it was well planned in advance and much of it was planned and publicized online as well. now the actual shooting started at about a quarter to 2:00 local time in one mosque first and then the other. this is a time when mosques are busy on a friday with people attending prayers and some were said to be kneeling in prayer when the attack happened. witnesses say the shooting went on for at least five or six minutes. it was a sustained attack. police also found two bombs
7:02 am
attached to a car which did not go off. they were later diffused. police were able to detain four suspects fairly soon after the attack itself. one man is of particular interest. said to be in his late 20s, an australian man. he has already been charged formally with murder. two other suspects are still in custody. authorities haven't named this key suspect but the australian man being linked to the attack has also promoted an anti-immigration manifesto online as well as a graphic video of this attack which was also posted. facebook immediately tried to remove that. it has been circulating on social media ever since. at least 20 people were injured as well as those 49 killed. they were rushed to hospitals for emergency treatment and police cordoned off the area. the city in darkness, it is nighttime in new zealand. many people staying indoors as the city remains on lockdown. the shootings have met with
7:03 am
international condemnation. new zealand remains on high alert and in shock. a country is not used to this level of violence. the last mass shooting was about 1990, 40 years ago. this is a country which has largely welcomed refugees and certainly is used to a more quiet and peaceful life. >> bill: especially in christchurch. it's called the garden city for a reason. >> sandra: let's bring in mike balboni former new york state homeland security advisor. appreciate your time this morning as we continue to learn more of the horrifying details about what played out in new zealand. on the latest involving the four suspects, three in custody. we're trying to learn more. what we know so far. >> so what we have here is a planned attack where essentially someone was going to be using not only weapons but also explosives. it looks like it was at least coordinated. this was not the work of one individual.
7:04 am
i have actually been to christchurch and it is a quiet, sleepy community, a beautiful community. and as your reporter said beforehand they aren't used to this level of violence. one of the things that struck me, a lot of video out there. one of the things you see is this guy walked into this synagogue and in the area where there were other people around carrying these weapons that you cannot conceal an ar-15. too big a weapon. and yet nobody said anything apparently to get to the police so they could get to the guy before he was finished with his shooting there. he got into his car and went to another mosque. 20% of active shooters have been studied. they move. they go to other places. that's really what makes the response -- the police response so difficult. but this is the most chilling feature of this horrible attack besides being at a place of religious worship on a holy day in the afternoon services is that this was designed for
7:05 am
social media. this guy put a camera on his head, went into a mosque and committed this horrible activity so he could put this on social media. >> bill: streamed it online, wrote what some are calling a manifesto. i think the chilling thing, mike, is he wanted to live. based on the reporting we're getting out of new zealand. he wants to stand trial for one -- he wants to make sure his views are expressed publicly. >> the shooter takes their life usually within 5 to 10 minutes of the activity. so this individual is sick. he posted these rantings online beforehand and also to take this military action. that's what this is. you get this military style weapon and go into a mosque where people are praying unarmed just to slaughter them. it becomes such a question of
7:06 am
insanity that someone would want to do this. but the question has also been circulating whether or not it was an attack based upon religion or immigration. the new zealand community has really been struggling a little bit in terms of how to deal with the immigrants. there has been a law passed in 2017 that restricted the ability of foreigners to buy land within new zealand because the housing prices were being inflated and citizens of new zealand were feeling like they were being forced out. it could have played into it. we don't know if it was against immigrants or muslims in specifically. >> sandra: as we learn more details, mike, we learn about how pre-meditated this attack really was. >> obviously it was a lot of planning. >> bill: no doubt. >> he chose the mosque at prayer time on a friday afternoon. he had the weapons, he had the ammunition necessary to carry
7:07 am
this out. and then he went to another mosque right -- christchurch is not that big. it is a pretty quick trip from one mosque to the other and then he developed the explosives and put them in the car and then they didn't explode but then they were rendered safe by law enforcement officials later on. that had the elements of a mumbai, india style attack where they utilized both weapons and explosives. so this is something that they thought a lot about. and the other thing that also we in this country, the standard that americans have really adopted as all over the world, we want to prevent these things from happening. the haunting question is if this material was on social media, could law enforcement have seen that and then gone to the individuals and said wait a minute, we want to talk to you about this. let's see what you're doing and perhaps have stopped the blood shed. it will be a chilling question for everybody involved.
7:08 am
>> bill: the mosques are three miles apart and clearly had a plan. he originates from australia. he said that he moved to new zealand to show that even the most remote parts of the world were not free of mass immigration. if he goes to trial he will get an opportunity to voice more of this hatred. thank you for coming in and reacting to the breaking news, tough, tough stuff from overseas. thank you, mike. >> it doesn't matter. i'll probably have to veto and it's not going to be overturned and we'll have our -- the legal scholars all say it is totally constitutional. it is very important. it is really a border security vote. >> bill: president trump vowing to veto the -- lawmakers won't have the votes to overturn the veto the declaration will likely face a court challenge. how about this crew? juan williams, fox news
7:09 am
political analyst wearing an irish green tie. ed henry looking great in the middle. shelby holliday from the "wall street journal." welcome back. >> bill: i have one word for you. veto. >> i saw that tweet. >> bill: that's all it took. we'll see whether it's on camera. >> i think the bottom line is what's happening now is not going to change a darn thing. they had this disapproval. some republicans embarrassed the president a little bit. they don't have enough votes to override it so the president tweets veto. he will block this disapproval. we're back to square one. it will go to the courts. why don't we get leaders in both parties to finally sit down? we have had a government shutdown, tweets, fights. do something about the border. do something about comprehensive reform. do something. >> yeah, i think everybody
7:10 am
wants to deal with the humanitarian crisis issues at the border but clearly what we have is a failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, one, and two, the president has made this about the political promise of the wall. mexico paying for it, now americans paying for it. shutdown that we referenced a moment ago. it is a bigger deal than ed does. when i look at the board, i know that republicans do not depart from donald trump easily and when you get a dozen to do so and it is across the spectrum. not just people who would be identified as liberal republicans if there is such a creature or moderate murcowski, collins and the like but rubio, rand paul, people across the country saying mr. president this is not in keeping with republican ideology and you are opening the door to democrats using these emergency measures against us in the future. >> sandra: what does the gop split that we saw here mean for
7:11 am
the president, mean for 2020, shelby? >> the president's people have hinted that these republicans could face a lot of blowback, the president won't forget who voted against him on this issue. you have to remember these people are lawmakers as susan collins said. it is my job to uphold the constitution. she believes the president is overstepping his boundaries here. senator lamarr alexander said never before as a president asked for a certain amount of money that congress refused to provide it and the president spends it anyway. in some ways it is not necessarily a rebuke for the president it is them viewing their job as upholding the constitution. >> bill: here is what lindsey graham said yesterday. >> president trump will prevail. the veto will be sustained. maybe we can change the statute in the future to help alleviate some of the concerns. but i want my colleagues to know i appreciate your concerns but i don't share them. to me this statute allows the president to use military
7:12 am
construction money in a national emergency and i think we have one. >> bill: let's see where it goes. i have another one word for you, beto. it's friday. "wall street journal." the headline. who is beto o'rourke, the fresh, elusive outsider like carter, clinton and obama. >> democrats are swooning. first it was obama, now o'rourke. i had the texas democratic chair on last night. can you name one accomplishment? it went on for a bit. he couldn't name one. you have to come up with something. i get it. he was a back been mucher in the house, democrat or republican hard getting stuff done. it's a disgrace -- if you want to be commander-in-chief you need to bring something to the table. i'm not yet seeing a rationale case, four months ago i think
7:13 am
it was he said no way, i'm not running. what changed? >> sandra: shelby holliday. you dick -- you dig into the piece. he is a candidate, the great unknown promising hope and a better poll particular. democrats love to fall in love with their nominee. jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama. mr. o'rourke is offering a similar idealism. can he win that message amid a meaner political culture in a field of hard boiled socialists? >> that's a very good question. there was so much excitement yesterday. he is on tables talking to voters in iowa. >> bill: a lot of tables. >> it was an interesting move for him. i would also point the viewers' attention to another "wall street journal" piece. beto o'rourke has a very squishy ideology.
7:14 am
he once opposed the affordable care act. opposed raising the social security eligibility age. he pitched himself to republicans in the day. now he is championing progressive ideals. he is doing it intentionally and laid down markers where he stands on certain issues. >> bill: you had to think it was in the cross hairs as soon as he went public. the guy talks with his hands by the president. talking about the tables. one moment from iowa yesterday, here we go. beto o'rourke. >> democracy is foundering under attacks we've never seen before both from without foreign governments who seek to undermine our democratic process and from within. a hyper partisanship and a commander-in-chief who does not believe in the ability for every single one of us to contribute to our full potential, who doesn't believe in the institutions that is sworn to protect and serve and to defend. >> bill: i think he had five
7:15 am
stops in total yesterday. he had a packed day in iowa. juan, is it fair at this moment? i remember you the night that barack obama won the iowa caucus. already they're casting him as the second coming, shall we say, of barack obama. how does beto o'rourke fare in a field that's progressively left? >> i think when i think of the leader of the pack right now in iowa i think of joe biden and clearly he is more of a centrist than the left-leaning energy of the base. o'rourke is interesting to me, i'm curious to see how he does with the fundraising. bernie sanders on the far left, the socialist left set records when he announced. i don't know how beto will do. he did very well on the money side during his senate race against ted cruz. he set records there. will he be able to replicate? why is he able to? these are mean political times. hard to talk to each other.
7:16 am
beto o'rourke strikes an optimistic tone in the obama tradition of hope and change. guess what? when the big donors on the democratic side were screening people o'rourke didn't go. o'rourke didn't show up. >> i would just add he preaches this messages of unity but it is dark at times and i'm curious -- he is talking about extinction, climate change, we won't be able to feed ourselves. >> bill: 12 years left. >> i'm curious to see how democrats take to that message. it's dark. >> he is saying we have a president who doesn't want everyone to participate? have you checked the unemployment numbers for hispanics and african-americans, juan? they are oef good right now. how can you make the case the president is not including people? >> bill: to be continued. >> sandra: shelby, best to you. >> bill: two words for you, thank you. >> fun being on the a-team. >> sandra: let us know the news when you have it.
7:17 am
in a moment more on the showdown looming between the president and senate republicans over his border emergency declaration. 12gop senators siding with democrats. where does the fight go now? we'll ask our headliner john barrasso a member of gop leadership, plus this. >> bill: breaking news from the middle east. israel launching dozens of air strikes on gaza in response to rocket attacks targeting tel aviv. how far will this go? danny danon is live in studio coming up in a moment here. that's next. simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas!
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at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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want more from your entejust say teach me more. into your xfinice remote to discover all sorts of tips and tricks in x1. can i find my wifi password? just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. hey now! [ ding ]
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7:22 am
into tel aviv. danny danon. a show of support by the united states for israel. where does this go >> we responded 100 targets of hamas in gaza after they send missiles to tel aviv. the first time that hamas is sending rockets into tel aviv. we have a clear message for hamas. if you do not be quiet in tel aviv and gaza we will come after the leadership of hamas. >> bill: one landed in the open field and one hit the sea, is that correct? >> thank god i have the iron dome that we developed with the u.s. and able to intercept and block those missiles. the terrorist organizations sending missiles is a war crime. sending the missile for a population in gaza using the residents as human shields and the target city in israel. >> bill: there is some reporting suggesting the iron dome did not hit either of
7:23 am
those rockets incoming. >> we are looking at that. but with the iron dome we feel safer to continue and function. the target of tel aviv that's what counts. imagine what would have happened if it would have hit a kindergarten, school. we cannot allow it. that's why we acted and we have the capabilities to defend our people. >> sandra: earlier on hamas and some of the smaller palestinian groups were strongly denying responsibility for the attack reported by the a.p. israeli defense force put on the tweet on the rocket launches saying we can confirm the rockets fired were launched by the hamas terrorist organization. >> hamas is in charge of everything that happens in gaza. that was a real missile that can reach tel aviv and even longer distances. hamas, we have them responsible for that. gaza, they had a demonstration
7:24 am
against the corruption from hamas stealing money from the people of gaza and digging tunnels and spending money on rockets. >> how many people are involved in the protest? >> thousands. >> bill: significant. >> as we speak today they continue with the demonstrations against hamas and we don't report it enough. but today they are trying to block people from going out into the streets and demonstrating against hamas. >> bill: i don't want to diminish this. the report is suggesting it may have been fired accidentally. what can you add on that? >> not the first time we hear that. we cannot accept that. when you have a terror organization sending two missiles. so it is not something happened, two missiles and you target a city, it is not an accident. >> sandra: you can hear the sounds of that and wonder how this escalates. >> my mother called me yesterday and she is older
7:25 am
woman said i was sitting watching tv and i heard the siren and i had to think what i'm doing. thousands had to run to find shelter. you cannot sit at your house and watch tv and you are afraid for what will happen. we will not allow it and not allow hamas to put our people in stress. >> bill: there was at least one israeli tank perched on the hill by gaza. is the israeli government willing to take more action tonight. >> we don't want to see any more action. we're ready to protect our people and we'll continue to attack hamas targets if we need to. >> bill: thank you for coming in. we'll see where it goes and hopefully you stay safe. in a moment back to washington the green new deal proposal heading for a vote in the senate. how will it go down? could it play a role in the campaign for 2020? we'll take you there and find out. also this. >> sandra: we are monitoring
7:26 am
the situation in new zealand after a terror attack that killed 49 and wounded dozens more. how america and the world are responding. senator john barrasso joins us with his thoughts next. >> it was on the main entrance of the building. and everybody just run toward the back doors to save themselves. sy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. means they won't hike your rates over one mistake.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
>> sandra: this coming into the newsroom. robert mueller saying former trump campaign official rick gates is still cooperating with the investigation. a joint status report just issued from both teams states notably that the status of this matter has not changed substantially since the january report as defendant gates continues to cooperate with respect to several ongoing investigations. accordingly the parties don't believe it is appropriate to commence the sentencing process at this time.
7:31 am
in that joint statement both teams are asking for a 60-day extension. we'll bring you more on this as we get it. >> those values i can assure you will not and cannot be shaken by this attack. the strongest possible condemnation of the ideology of the people who did this. you may have chosen us, but we utterly reject and condemn you. >> bill: really strong statement. the prime minister in new zealand talking about the worst ever terror attack in christchurch. 49 dead, two killed at two different mosques during friday prayers. from the white house there was a statement. the united states strongly condemns the attack in christchurch. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we stand in solidarity with the people of new zealand and their government against this vicious act of hate. we are looking for answers and
7:32 am
bring in our headliner john barrasso sitting on the foreign relations committee. the news from new zealand is tough to digest. middle of the night overseas, 49 dead. at least three have been arrested. at one point it was described as three men and maybe a woman may have been arrested as well. we'll see where it goes on the police side of this. your first reaction to this when you woke up this morning. >> i agree with the prime minister and i agree with the statement out from the white house. this is horrific. to me this is terrorism. whether it is in new zealand at the mosque, or in texas or pittsburgh it is disturbing when it happens to people at worship. >> sandra: something we continue to learn more about as the morning goes on who was involved, just how premeditated that attack was. want to get in the words of the president this morning reacting to that attack saying quote, my
7:33 am
warmest sympathy and best wishes go out to the people of new zealand after the horrible massacre in the mosque. 49 innocent people have senselessly died with so many more seriously injured. the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do. god bless all. what should our message be from new zealand in the wake of this horrible attack there? >> certainly we stand by them. continue to condemn terror and terrorism. the world continues to be a dangerous place and we'll continue in the war against terrorism award the world. >> bill: sick to think he wanted to get a message out there and did it on social media and he did it with the killing and the fact that he stayed alive and may stand trial in new zealand sometime soon. another topic, the vote went on national emergency. it went down yesterday. chuck schumer reacting to the rebuke here. >> it's not an easy vote. i take my hats off to those members on the other side of
7:34 am
the aisle who have let principle rise above party. who understand what the constitution requires this afternoon and have agreed to vote against this emergency. >> bill: we expect a veto from the president. you voted with the white house. why is that important? >> i stand with the president. there is a national emergency at the border. i was with the president wednesday afternoon in the white house. he felt that if the vote would go this way he is prepared to veto. i encourage him to do so. his veto will be sustained. there aren't enough votes to override the president. listen to chuck schumer. he have is a border security denier. he is denying there is an issue at the border, that we need more security and denying the money that we need as a nation to secure our borders. today 130 americans will die in this country as a result of
7:35 am
opioid addiction and overdose. that to me is brought here by the mexican cartels and they are using our borders as a way to do it. >> sandra: it wasn't just democrats who voted against the president's emergency declaration. members of your own party, senator barrasso. what does it say about the republicans who did not vote in line with the white house on this? >> every one of those republicans is committed and we're all united on securing the border. they want the money to be there to do it. we need a secure border in terms of a barrier, in terms of the funding for manpower, in terms of the technology as well. they wanted to do it a different way through the appropriations process. i would have preferred to do it that way. ever since donald trump was elected president what we have seen are democrats obstructing him every step along the way that they can do it. even to the expense of our own nation's security. to me border security is national security. >> bill: we're waiting for the white house to word as to when
7:36 am
the veto will happen and bring it to our viewers when it take place. you have a vote on the green new deal that is not binding but it will happen because mitch mcconnell wants it to. here is ocasio-cortez, one of the leading opponents of this idea yesterday with our fox team on the hill. >> i look forward to us having a real vote and not just a procedural vote. there is so much work to do in transitioning to 100% renewable energy. we have to do that work with union labor and -- by reinvigorating our entire workforce. >> bill: how will it go and what will the vote tell us? >> a lot about the democrat party as they stand up for this that they have promoted and that so many of the democrat candidates for president have supported, endorsed and co-sponsored. this so-called green new deal is unworkable, unaffordable and bankrupt families. the cost is $65,000 per family per year. she just talked about unon
7:37 am
jobs, the afl-cio has slammed this green new deal as being unaffordable, hurting workers, hurting our economy, and it doesn't work. what is happening in terms of global emissions, the united states only makes 13% of those. 33% come from china and india. we shouldn't tie our hands behind our backs, lose our own competitive advantage in ways against other countries and put us on a disadvantage of the pipe dream that will hurt our economy and workers. it is a road to socialism. not just energy they're trying to control. it is healthcare and our lives. >> sandra: we've seen a lot of support for it. a lot of enthusiasm around it. some of those democrats vying for their party's nomination for the presidency are backing the green new deal. what does all of this mean for 2020?
7:38 am
>> for 2020 it shows, sandra, that the democrats are taking a sharp, hard left turn, liberalism. to me they're careening over the liberal cliff. they've taken so many hard line positions which go outside the american mainstream that it is scary and the so-called medicare for all which eliminates private insurance in this country. the so-called green new deal which forces expenses of $65,000 on every family in america every year. you've seen their position on abortion recently, which essentially allows murder after birth has occurred. item after item. the democrats have gone far toot left and i think that's going to be what we'll see in 2020. we started by talking about the border. we have presidential candidates on the democrat side who want to eliminate immigration customs enforcement. they want to eliminate some of the barriers that are already there. we need barriers at the border.
7:39 am
the president has been strong on that. they want to take them down. they apparently like sanctuary cities. we have drugs, cartels, the moving those drugs into the united states. it is a real problem. >> bill: the shaping up of a campaign. when is the vote? when will it happen, the procedural vote in the senate? >> a week and a half from now. we'll have plenty of time to discuss it and defeat it. >> bill: we'll see what happens then. thank you for your time. the republican from wyoming. >> we're now seeing through lisa page's testimony and peter strzok's discussion it was the department of justice saying there is no way hillary clinton will be charged here. we aren't going to use the standard of intent. f.b.i. went against protocol when they would interview her with fact witnesses in the room and not give her any other thing. >> sandra: newly released transcript of closed door testimony by peter strzok revealing the justice
7:40 am
department negotiated an agreement with hillary clinton's lawyer giving the f.b.i. limited -- catherine herridge is live following this. >> according to the newly public transcript strzok was pressed by the f.b.i. about access to hillary clinton's personal servers at the heart of the bureau's case whether she mishandled classified information as secretary of state. strzok said we did not have access, my recollection, the access to those emails were based on consent negotiated between the department of justice attorneys and counsel for clinton. he was also pressed on his dismissal from the special counsel russia probe over his anti-trump texts. he told lawmakers robert mueller never questioned him about political bias. republican john ratcliffe led the line of questioning. did you have any discussion with special counsel mueller or the other attorney about whether or not those text messages reflected bias or
7:41 am
prejudice against trump? he said no. his clients have called for the transcript release and the former f.b.i. agent is pleased his side of the story is now public. >> sandra: you also have news on the steele dossier as a florida court has unsealed records in a defamation suit against buzz feed. >> according to the newly released deposition. an aide to mccain gave the dossier to buzz feed. for nearly two years david kramer one time at the state department refused interviews with fox news and our questions over his handling of the dossier which came to his attention during a canadian security conference. it was funded by fusion gps. kramer told the court he believed he was singled out by its author christopher steele to lend credibility to the democratic opposition research. i think they felt a senior republican was better to be the recipient of this rather than a
7:42 am
democrat because if it were a democrat i think the view was it would have been dismissed as a political attack. the former head of the f.b.i.'s counter intelligence division also gave this declaration to the court. that confirms the f.b.i. got the first 33 pages of the dossier from senator john mccain in december of 2016. this declaration also confirms that president obama was briefed on the contents of the dossier in january of 2017 about a week and a half before the inauguration, sandra. >> sandra: wow. >> that is a wow. >> >> bill: -- pyongyang is considering suspending nuclear talks with washington mike pompeo was asked about this today. we'll ask mercedes schlapp from comment. >> sandra: the problems piling up for facebook from technical difficulties to a criminal investigation. that's just this week alone. we dig into the impacts this
7:43 am
could have on the company and you.
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>> bill: tough week for facebook. stock is down $4 today. they lost two top executives as prosecutors look into a criminal investigation into data deals and widespread outage of access. tough week. david asman is here to line it up. >> sandra: tough week for a lot of users. people went into shock when facebook was down. >> a slight correction. down 4% right now. it has taken it on the chin. it is more than $8. the point is they have become the target of choice for prosecutors all around the world. all of this bad press they've been getting for releasing private data is beginning to back up. the east district of new york is serious. it is a criminal investigation that deals with other companies
7:48 am
that they gave data to in apparently and possibly and allegedly. i have put that in there. nothing has been proven. without the consent of the users, your information going to other people for which they get money. it's a criminal prosecution. other prosecutions have been different in terms of criminality. they've been more corporate. these are targeted at particular individuals. northern california has a prosecution going on about cambridge analytica. remember that thing where they claimed we didn't know what they were doing. well, this is trying to figure out whether they knew more than they're willing to tell. overseas there are these prosecutions and then the company itself had two defections, two people quit, very important people. one of the guys who was the head of product development at facebook, very important guy. the other guy was the head of whatsapp, one of the most -- both of them were very integral to the workings of it and they had a big server outage and liz
7:49 am
warren ad. a terrible week. other companies that have been pioneers like this company, for example, microsoft went through a period where they were scrutinized with the same kind of intent and they've come out of it and doing quite well. this is a bad period because they are the company that the world loves to hate right now. >> sandra: companies go through bad periods and they can come out of it and they don't. "new york times" said facebook's bad week. what is the thinking on wall street about facebook? >> i think despite today's downward trend, it has come back from where it tanked a couple of months ago. it was down about 138. now it's back up to 170. it has come back. i think wall street thinks in the long run facebook will make it. they're so involved in everybody's life that you just can't afford them. >> bill: over the entire globe. >> that's right. >> bill: have a great weekend.
7:50 am
david asman. >> sandra: we've got this fox news alert for you and brand-new charges filed in connection with that alleged terror compound in new mexico. a live report on that next. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health evif you're thinking service meabout buying a home you should come to newday usa first. there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran
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