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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" guest hosted by my friend harris faulkner starts right now. >> harris: thanks a lot. good to he so you. >> bret: top of the morning or evening whatever it is. >> harris: whatever it is. the first veto of the trump presidency setting up what people are calling a battle royale between the president and congress. democrats already taking steps to make an end run around the president and the latest twist in the fight over border security. in prime time i'm harris faulkner in for martha mccallum and this is "the story." ♪ >> harris: the president exercising his constitutional right, rejecting a resolution to overturn his national emergency declaration on the southern border saying his duty as commander-in-chief is protecting the safety of the american people. >> yesterday the congress passed a dangerous resolution that if signed into law would put countless americans in danger, rarely have we had such a national emergency.
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therefore, to defend the safety and security of all americans, i will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution. that's why i say america first if that's okay. america first. the only emergency congress voted to revoke was the one to protect our own country. >> harris: a big night of news. we are also learning disturbing new realities about what is being called a conveyor belt straight to the border. it's a lucrative new system used by criminal organizations to ferry illegal immigrants through mexico and in to the united states via express buses. smugglers seeking to take advantage of border patrol agents struggling to contain the flow of illegal immigrants. in moments, we will hear from the vice president of the border patrol council. first, "the story" begins with kristin fisher live outside the white house tonight. kristin? >> harris, it's quite fitting that president trump would save his very first veto for his signature issue
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funding for the border wall that he has been fighting for since the very early days of his campaign. a few hours ago inside the oval office, surrounded by angel parents who have lost a child because of an illegal immigrant, president trump explained why he would not allow congress to block his national emergency declaration. >> defend the safety and security of all americans, i will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution. and i have the duty to veto it. >> now congress also has the freedom to try to override it and before the ink was even dry on that veto speaker pelosi was announcing a date for that override vote. march 26th. she said in a statement quote the house and senate resoundedly president's power grab yet the president has coach to continue to defy the constitution, the
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congress and the will of the american people. the new attorney general william barr who is also at the signing ceremony in the oval office today defended the president's emergency declaration by saying this: >> when you have done from a legal standpoint is solidly grounded in law. from the standpoint of protecting the american people it's imperative. >> >> giving fuel to the trump administration's assertion that this is not a manufactured crisis, there is an active emergency at the border. today "the washington post" reported on a new massive smuggling effort that's been speeding migrants to and across the southern border on buses according to u.s. officials. that's on top of the nearly 300 illegal immigrants arrested in a matter of hours after crossing the border in texas earlier this week. according to u.s. customs and border protection. so now the debate over this emergency declaration heads back to the house where they likely will not have enough votes to override the president's veto. but, it could split
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republicans as it did earlier this week and that, harris, could be a big problem heading into 2020. >> harris: that's true politically and then there is an appellate court and then potentially the supreme court seeing if it needs to go that far. we will follow this every step of the way. kristin fisher thank you very much. that sets us up for my first guest art del get toe the national vice president of the border patrol council. great to see you tonight. you and i, part of my town hall in arizona seven months ago, i'm first going to ask you what it means for the morale because you were battling some things then. all these months later, what did it mean to see the president sign a veto today? >> it was fantastic. that's what it is all about. it's still depressing, harris, you look at it these people are going to fight it every step of the way. this is all i can stay i'm tired of saying it but i will continue screaming at the top of my lungs the agency i represent are asking for this.
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there are serious problems on our southern border. our holding cells are at overcapacity. it's a problem. these people are asking for asylum. they are being released within the united states. it's nonstop. the agents that we have hired is not enough because we have lost more than what we have hired. there is definitely a problem. these individuals that are voting against it. these individuals that are saying that there isn't a crisis, you know, i have issued it a long time ago, have you an open invitation, come on down here, i will show you myself. i will give you a tour. i will tell you how bad it is. or put on that green uniform that men and women are wearing every single day and they're being overrun. put on that green uniform for at least a shift. come out here and see what's really happening. >> harris: i'm looking at numbers now, art, a group of nearly 300 illegal immigrants comprise mostly family units, unaccompanied minors, apprehended crossing the u.s.-mexico border and rio grande valley. earlier this week. how much more serious has
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the problem gotten and do you really believe this is an emergency? >> it's definitely an emergency. i just spoke with some of the individuals out there in the huma sector. you know. they are twice -- their holding capacity, they have twice as many as they can hold. a couple weeks ago there was agents from tucson that were going down to el paso and we were going in buses loading up some of the individuals that have been turning themselves n el paso and we were driving them over to tucson so we can process them here. because they were at overcapacity. what that does and this is what people need to understand what that does is you are moving agents supposed to protect the border weakening our southern borders. this is definitely an emergency. i don't understand how, you know, we have been up here. we are doing the job. we are out here and we have been trying to explain how difficult it is and what the problems are.
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and the president of the united states is listening and i don't understand how we have individuals that are politicians voted on by the american public to defend americans. that do not get it. i don't understand. >> harris: you know, we saw a bipartisan coming together trying to keep the government from shutting down again and democrats said they were talking with republicans and they came up with $1.3 billion. a little bit more than that to build more sections of the wall. >> right. >> harris: that even, even if you have that money, even if you have the money that the president says he is willing to pump in now another 8 billion, even with all of that, it takes some time. the president talking today again about how quickly they can refurbish and restore some porous areas. i want to know what's happening on the ground among border patrol agents. because i'm seeing some disturbing hiring and retention issues it is pressure on your people. and there is now republican could be a bipartisan
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situation but now it's martha mcsally and dan crenshaw republican representatives in congress have said they are writing legislation to address the retention in the border patrol. numbers north in the 2,000 needed what is happening, art? >> what's happening is, you know, we took a hit. we took a pretty good pay cut during the obama administration. that's what happened what you are seeing is the agency is hiring right around 500 agents a year but they are losing 800 a year. it's a big problem. it's a big problem. we need to retain the agents that we have and we definitely need to hire more i can't say it enough. it's been nonstop. have you seen it you have been down there and you see what's going on. >> harris: it's a perfect storm. >> i don't understand how these politicians don't get it, harris. i'm sitting here going you have individuals that are in the know i see individuals on fox news all the time that have worked out here
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that they have they put their time. in i'm here explaining it to you guys. and i still see all these politicians say there is no emergency. come down here. come down here and see we need more agents we need to retain our agents. we need a better barrier. there is a lot of things we need. the president gets it we need everyone else to get on board. it's very shameful the individuals don't care enough about the american public to actually want to do something. >> harris: art del county toe some o experts say they have been listening to like yourself. thank you for joining me tonight. moments ago the suspect in that horrific new zealand terror attack live streamed for the globe to see made his first court appearance. details from inside that courtroom. and the congressman adam
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kinzinger joins me live on set. there he is. is he getting ready for the story. stay with me. ♪ >> these sacred places of worship were turned into scenes of evil killing. you've all been seeing what went on. it's a horrible, horrible thing. i told the prime minister that the united states is with them all the way. ♪ ♪ oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. ok look, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.
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the victims slaughtered as their killer live streamed their deaths on social media. we have also learned new zealand police remain on high alert and the people who live in the city are urged to lock themselves down inside their homes as investigators work to rule out additional threats in the wake of the nation's deadliest mass shooting. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom on all the new details. trace? >> harris, the suspect identified himself as 28-year-old breten terrent a regular white man from a white family. the self-proclaimed white supremacist went on to indicate that his motivation to kill came during a 2017 trip to france to convinced him the country was under invasion by nonwhites. he went on to write that he always thought the stories of invasion were exaggerated but quote once i arrived in france i found the stories not only to be true but profoundly understated then to avenge the attacks in europe perpetrated by muslims, the gunman armed
4:16 pm
with two assault rifles and shotgun drove to the mosque in christchurch and live streamed the 17 minutes horrifying attack. outside the mosque where he shot two men when one of the men appeared to move he shot him again. the worshipers were cowering in separate corners and fired dozens of rounds into each group. one man appears to run at the gunman and is shot point blank. the shooter reloads several times then slowly methodically walks toward the wounded and repeatedly shoots them again. we slowed down the video and by our count there were 236 shots fired in six minutes 43 seconds. here is a witness who was driving by the mosque. watch. >> i hear and saw what i thought were fire crackers and i saw young fellows running down the street. and then all of a sudden it got quite violent it's not fire crackers and they started falling. one fell just my car and one
4:17 pm
fell to the right. some blame the shooting on anti-muslim rhetoric. the leader of a mosque in iraq land says muslims have been living in new zealand for centuries and have always been an important and respected part of the country's fa fabric. today president trump was asked about the shooting. >> today white nationalist is a rising threat around the world. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand, perhaps that's the case. i don't know enough about it yet. they are just learning about the person and the people involved. but it is certainly a terrible thing. >> authorities in christchurch have released very little information about the victims and that's mostly because they are still trying to locate the missing and notify victims' families. harris? >> harris: heart breaking. i was taking so many notes on what you were saying for my first guest. trace gallagher, thank you very much. first guest on this topic
4:18 pm
illinois congressman adam kinzinger who sits on the house foreign affairs committee. this part of your resume i want to get in there because you have been all over the world. >> yeah. >> harris: in service of this country and its military. we can go deep with you on some of the issues. i'm going to get to the politics a little bit later. how does somebody fire 236 shots? >> >> i mean the time period somebody that's just motivated to kill a bunch of people that will take whatever if you have a 30 round clip 8 clips. they are obviously focused on one thing that is inflicting as much injury as possible and death. >> harris: have you fought in war. it's almost war-like in his behavior. >> yeah. it's just straight up evil at least in war a fight is against an enemy. here this is fight against, what? against innocent people praying in church. it just goes to show that there is deep seeded evil in this person something made
4:19 pm
him snap to this level and it's heart-breaking. >> harris: most of us in the news are walking around with this thing called a manifesto. he called it birth rates. it's all about the birth rates change and having more people who are not muslim and more people who are not people of color, white making more babies. i mean, that's a manifesto. he is desperate for attention, obviously. it's 87 pages. is he streaming live. how do we fight this new kind of war against those who would do evil against us when they can leverage social media. they can show the world, congressman, what they do? >> it's tough because you don't know what is in somebody's heart until they begin to show something. right? you can be thinking anything you want. we have no technology to tell what you are thinking. if somebody is developing this deep seeded level of hate and these intentions, you don't know that. >> harris: until they express it he had expressed it. so is there anything we can do? you know, facebook put out a
4:20 pm
statement to fox news today that they are looking for these sorts of things. look, i don't want to year blow it. there are a algorithms force you out how you vote and politics. isn't there an algorithm that can find this happening simultaneously? >> i guess. you have to ask the technology folks. here is the issue now you have this information that is good in many ways where people can share information and pictures and you also have where it can be done for evil. this man obviously wanted attention. and he used these 50 people's deaths to try to make himself sickly famous. and so the question is do you ban livestreaming? you can't really do that because somebody else will come in and do it. the problem is there is a rot in society. and not -- everywhere in the world where people will do anything for fame and celebrity and where they no longer believe that there is a god of this universe and they have nothing to be accountable to. and when you put those very toxic things together. really bad things happen. >> harris: yeah. i want ting to gel now to the politics.
4:21 pm
the president after signing a veto so that he can get his border wall funding on the southern border what is he describing as an emergency there. we talked about it this hour. but he also made news when he was asked about whether or not he thought white nationalism was on the rise. and i just want to get your comments on it and he said i don't think so. we played it a moment ago. >> i think hate of all kinds is increasing. it seems like white nationalism as well. the other problem is now white nationalists they are feeling like, you know, they can put out information on the internet and find anybody else that has the kind of belief system they do and they can connect. >> harris: i want to step in real quickly on this. can we put up the former vice president's tweet today joe biden whether it is anti-semitism or pittsburgh, racism in charlottesville or the xenophobia and its lamg phobia today in christchurch violent hate is on the march at home and abroad. we cannot stand by as
4:22 pm
mosques are turned into murder scenes. look, an important comment. i'm seeing though other -- he hasn't gotten in but other 2020 presidential hopefuls getting in and talking tonight. is this turning into a political topic? >> this is what angers me. it's ludicrous is that tweet, it's fine. what i worry about though and others have done it is they are connecting this to president trump. >> harris: are they? i didn't see his name though. >> literally though. that's the beginning of what they are trying to do. literally this morning as we are getting information that this happened. the discussions on some other networks was hairs airlines i watched you on that network. >> yeah. it was does trump bear responsibility? there is one person that bears responsibility, two, maybe. one is the guy that shot the other is the devil. for whatever reason this guy decided to kill 50 people. it wasn't donald trump that told him to do it. nothing about trump's policies in the desperation to try to connect, this some people are making that jump. it's wrong and it absolutely should be stopped. we have to be way more responsible than that. >> harris: he mentions the president in his 87
4:23 pm
manifesto along with dillon thomas' words from 1951. there is a lot that he calls into play. don't go gentle into that. good night. congressman kinzinger thank you. good to have you here. some predicted the mueller report would land this week. instead the special counsel filed an extension in federal court today. ken starr, independent counsel under president bill clinton on what the move could mean for the probe of the president. next. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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4:28 pm
report. here now is ken starr former independent counsel under president clinton fox news tributer and author of condition tempt a memoir of the clinton investigation. good to see you tonight. i want to start with what it looks like when people start to wrap things up. you pass things on to robert ray who i have had on my i do time show. i want to know if you are doing things like the lead prosecutor andrew weissman going on to other things that was announced this week but oppositionally you are putting resources in to fund this probe by mueller until september. what does it look like? what do those things mean to you. >> it means there is still wrap up work to be done. apparently he is clearly in a phase down mode but it takes a while weeks perhaps months to bring everything to conclusion and getting all the sentencing done. of course he owes this confidential report to the attorney general so there is work to do. >>
4:29 pm
>> harris: so is there any doubt we would get to see that? did anyone listen to what at the confirmation hearing what william barr said our new ag who has been an ag before so he knows people are going to be listening and writing down his words? he said look i have a good relationship with robert mueller. reportedly that caught some people in the white house by surprise. sincere how long they have known each other and fully intended to release it according to rules and regulations. why 420 trying to get to see it if he already said he would do. >> it maybe because folks are starting to read the regulations and the regulations bind bill barr until he says i'm doing away with these regulations the regulations as you know, harris, require the special counsel to just present a, quote, confidential report. that's a key word, isn't it, to the attorney general. then under the regulations and these are regulations that have been in effect for 20 years and go back to the clinton years. those regulations then call
4:30 pm
upon the attorney general to notify the congress with an explanation of certain actions that he took. the regulations under which bob mueller was appointed do not contemplate a report to congress it's oh my goodness we apparently have not been aware here at the house of representatives that there really is no genuine reporting requirement. now we will see. the attorney general is very able. he has a lot of discretion. >> harris: all right. i want to get to this real quickly. march 5th john brennan said mueller's last indictments could come friday. thats would two weeks ago. let's watch. >> i wouldn't be surprised if, for example, this week on friday. not knowing anything about it. but friday is the day that the grand jury indictments come down and also this friday is better than next friday because next friday is the 15th of march which is the i.e.d.s of march. and i don't think robert mueller will want to have that dramatic flare of the ides of march when he is
4:31 pm
going to be delivering what i think are going to be his indictments, final indictments as well as the report that he gives the attorney general. >> harris: 10 days former director of the cia reading tea leaves i must have put in my teapot. how could he get it so wrong? >> well, it's speculation and he obviously does not have the gift of prophecy. his prophecy did not come true. i do think it doesn't serve the country well when people sit around and i try to avoid making these kinds of frankly idol predictions. it maybe gets viewership interested it's not a public service. >> harris: interesting. ken starr, thank you for your perspective and expertise on this. good to see you tonight. >> good to see you, harris. >> harris: the newest 2020 democratic candidate beto o'rourke campaigning in iowa at this hour as a clearer picture emerges of his vision for america. some are asking why is he running? it includes healthcare for all. ♪
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>> harris: beto o'rourke campaigning in iowa tonight as details come to light about where the texas democrat stands on key issues like guaranteed healthcare for all. watch. >> the goal should be universal guaranteed high quality healthcare. i think we complement, supplement those who have private employer insurance with the ability to be covered under medicare. >> harris: here now steve hilton host of the next revelation. chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. and richard fowler, fox news contributor and nationally syndicated radio host. good to talk with all of you. you know what, richard, i'm going to start with you. because you say that beto is the man to watch. the candidate to watch. why? >> the reason why beto is the one to watch is he is young, is he vivacious. he really did an amazing job in texas. he might have lost his race but what he was able to do was to really sort of destroy a lot of the locally
4:37 pm
republican elected officials in some of the larger cities. in houston, for example, there isn't a republican judge left because thanks to beto all of the democratic judges won. there is something to be said about his ability to fund raise, his vitality and his youth to this race. >> harris: that's interesting young and vivacious. i didn't hear experience. i'm just pointing it out. three terms as congressman. one run at senate and that's been a word that has been talked about today experience and why is he running? steve hilton was talking about the fact that they were looking for a reason for beto 2020 better things. to mean something to that. what's your idea on beto? >> i think that actually we shouldn't subscribe to this idea that i see creeping into the conversation which is that beto is kind of, you know a bit goofy and gangly, a bit likeable, empty and thin we don't know where he stands. i think it's much worse than that he is actually one of
4:38 pm
the most dangerous candidates in the race. that's not because of his policy positions. frankly the position he just outlined on healthcare there is one that i agree with i think on other issues, for example, the border wall, his position is completely wrong. he is an open borders kind of guy. is he ridiculous to have signed up to the green new deal so casually. the real point is his character. when you look at the way he behaves. the way he campaigns, interviews. the way he just will say anything to please the person in front of him. that shows a fundamental weakness that i think is really dangerous when you are president. if you put him in the ring with xi jinping he will be knocked over. that's why he is one of the more dangerous candidates in this race. >> harris: let's hear, chris, before i come to you from the candidate himself. he has been in iowa crisscrossing that state. here he is on taxes. >> i think corporations should be asked to pay a greater share into the success of this country. i think the wealthiest at a time of historic income
4:39 pm
inequality should be asked to pay a greater share. >> harris: chris, i should mention that polling shows before he announced he was at about 11% of that pack of democrats who were running in terms of popularity or approval. now he is at 6%. what happened? >> i don't know which poll there is but i know he has had a good launch here. it worked. he got a ton of attention. democrats really like him. richard is not at all wrong. this is like -- i believe it was onion today that said he was basically an obama cover band and this is. >> harris: wow. >> this is the same energy and attitude blank slate on which you can cast your wishes that o'rourke is running. importantly is he also running as civility, as discussion, as hearing people out and all of those things are popular wit i younger democrats who are fed up with the way the dialogue goes. now, whether or not he is
4:40 pm
adequately liberal to meet the demands of party activists i don't know. >> harris: you know, i'm curious when somebody gets into a race like this and you have and we have had our own fox news polling look at this, too. you have a biden and a sanders who are literally between the two of them soaking up 51% or so of the vote. what happens to all those other candidates? amy klobuchar, for instance, senator from minnesota was talking today about being tough. she is trying to define herself. let's watch. >> one can always do better. and that means you want to be sure that you are listening to people. if, you know, they felt that something was unfair or they felt bad about something, i think you have to demand good product when you are out there on the world stage and dealing with people like vladimir putin, yeah, you want someone who is tough. you want someone that demands the answers and that's going to get things done.
4:41 pm
that's what i have done my whole life. >> harris: you know, richard, it seems like she is still dealing with how tough she is on staff and still trying to explain and give examples how that toughness is important. >> that's exactly what she is trying to do there. something that chris brought up that's interesting that amy klobuchar, joe biden has and beto has they have this reasonablability sort of thing to them reasonably resonates with the american voter. look at the fox news voter from the last election midterm elections we saw that single college educated white women voted two for one for the democratic party. in order for the democratic party to win in 2020 they have to keep those same numbers and having somebody who is reasonable is going to work with those voters which i think all three of these candidates were talking about. joe biden, amy klobuchar and beto have. which i think is sort of some good news for the democratic base as we go into this hotly contested primary season. >> harris: beto is about to take another stage in iowa as that happens. we are also talking about the situation of jeb bush
4:42 pm
today chris stirewalt president trump needs somebody to primary him. what does he mean by that. >> you know, jeb bush -- i'm sure he wouldn't like this comparison, but jeb bush is starting to seem an awful lot like hillary clinton. >> harris: uh-oh. what happened? >> he is the less successful but more serious seeming member of his family dynasty. it sounds like sour grapes. trump ought to be primaried and i guess i would sty jeb bush well then either you do it or not. larry hogan is out there. lori hogan is testing the waters. there is an argument to be made it might be good to have trump to have a primary challenge to be in the news so that everybody is not talking about the democrats the whole time. whatever the case, jeb bush is at the very least an imperfect vessel for a message such as that. >> harris: i see you trying to get to those nice words. larry hogan by the way one of the three most popular governors and they are all republican. those top three in the
4:43 pm
nation. good to see you all. steve, i will be watching you sunday night for the revolution you always bring. the styer is on fire and richard fowler thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: up next, the death of frankie boy marks the first time in suspected crime family boss was killed in new york city since 1985. and tonight some say his murder could be connected to perhaps the most notorious mafia family of all time. the gottis. ♪ nothing says spring like fresh flowers, so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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the death >> harris: he was the suspected leader of the gambino crime family and tonight investigators are looking into whether the franky boy could be tied to another notorious mobster. for that bring back trace gallagher. this is like a movie. >> it is. mario could have written this. francisco frankie boy cali is the first mafia killed. we might be looking at internal war for control of the gambino family. remember john gotti teflon. his right-hand man testified against gotti and sent him to prison for life.
4:48 pm
john gotti died of cancer in prison in 2002. but his 72-year-old brother gene gotti just got out of prison in september. gene's top associate john carneglia got out in august. he was repaleudisly the one who fatally shot gambino boss outside of spark's steak house in manhattan in 1985. and investors say there are real similarities between the killing this week of frank cali in front of his home on staten island and the killing 34 years ago of castalana outside of sparks restaurant. some believe this is good old fashioned american vs. civilian power struggle. crime families are not reemerging because they never went away. watch. >> it's still the king after which all most other crime groups are modeled in terms of the hierarchy. it's just that post 9/11 the fbi's attention and the nation's went to preventing
4:49 pm
terrorism and dealing with that. so the mafia was able to sort of go underneath the cover, so to speak and still operate, still be powerful and still grow. >> other experts say it's possible gene gotti might believe set natural heir to the thrown but the cecilians are not about to sick back and hand it to them, harris. >> harris: that's an important part of the story where have they been for 34 years and now why the fbi might be triggered to the watch them more closely. trace gallagher thank you very much. >> sure. >> harris: up next, breaking news on senator cory booker's love life. yeah. we're not digging for this stuff, people. is he bringing it. what the 2020 candidate just said about his own romance with an actress. what? ladies night come on, girls. there they are. ♪ back and not ashamed to pry ♪ come on, baby ♪ here i am ♪ signed sealed, delivered, i'm yours
4:50 pm
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♪ ♪ >> what would you like to ask me about? she is a wonderful actor? >> her statement? >> i am dating rosario dawson and i'm very happy about that. >> harris: i love love. 2020 democratic presidential hopeful cory booker happily confirming his rumored romance with actress ro rosario dawson today. she spoke about relationship this week describing affection tore the new jersey senator this way. >> i am thi just grateful to be with someone that i respect and love and admire so much that is so brilliant and kind and caring. >> harris: and it is ladies night on a friday. here are lisa booth, rochelle richie and susan li. good to see you, ladies. so my question is, in 2019, when the last time we saw a single president was 1885. >> lisa: yeah. >> harris: is it necessary for a guy to roll with a date?
4:55 pm
>> lisa: no. i don't think it's necessary. it could get a little awkward, harris, remember rosario dawson has done stump speeches for bernie sanders. she has been in the bernie sanders camp. i assume now she is team cory booker or it could get awkward. >> you assume. >> lisa: hollywood and the left are already basically dating so they might as well, you know be actually dating in real life. i hope he never becomes president but i wish him success in his love life. everybody lives love. >> i was surprised that she came out on tmz announced they were dating before he did. >> harris: why? >> the reason why if she were to become first lady she is going to be under a lot of pressure and scrutiny. her family is going to expose lisa mentioned the fact that she was arrested on capitol hill. those kind of things are going to come to light. i think he has to be a little cautious of how far he wants to their relationship. >> in this ear wrath the bachelor i feel like
4:56 pm
batch batchelor. >> harris: my mom says if you don't put a ring on it doesn't get to go. can she be first lady if she is just the girlfriend. >> i think so. >> harris: i don't know about that back in the 19 -- in the 1800s. >> people don't have to get married. they want to have kids be first girlfriend though. not first, right? first first girlfriend. >> harris: women have been on his mind, always on his -- i won't sing it this week cory booker then doubled down because he had suggested he would like to see a woman on his ticket. he was looking for a woman who put on his ticket and then he said this. >> i'm looking you in the eye and saying this. there will be a woman on the ticket. i don't know if it's in the vice president's position or the president's position. [cheers and applause] >> but if i have my way, there will be a woman on the ticket. >> harris: i can do a little ticket. if she is on top the ticket
4:57 pm
where is he? is he already thinking he can't get through the primary season? >> lisa: maybe vp. i don't like this stuff. it's just identity politics. cory booker is trying to check off the boxes. why not just have the person who is the best fit for the vice presidency along side of you who complements you the most. desperate and pandering oh it has to be a woman yadda yadda, ya da. >> this is an area where lisa and i actually agree on something. >> lisa: on friday. >> i also don't like the idea of pandering. i think he should pick the vp if they were to get the nomination from the dnc pick the best person to run on the ticket with you. and i think this happens a lot. and as the one who is an independent but a more moderate democratic it bothers me when i hear some of these candidates pander not only to women but also to pander to black voters. i listen to do you pock. tupac or sniewp
4:58 pm
dog. >> harris: things before he was making music. >> let me clarify that or i have hot sauce in my bag. really offended by that. >> i think the democrats are calling for either a minority candidate or possibly a woman. i mean, just give them what they want. >> harris: can i pause with you one second, susan. inevitability is what bit the party with hillary clinton. have you got to let somebody come along and build their own following. you can't just do it because you think you have arrived. >> tell that to beto o'rourke, right? isn't he the example of it. >> harris: we are talking about women. >> lisa: didn't he say i was born to run. >> he did say that. >> harris: wonder if springsteen wants his song back. >> be careful with it depending on the vp that you pick. look at what happened with mccain and sarah palin. he lost like more than i think a million or 2 million votes because people just did not like her. >> harris: all right. well, we don't have a lot of time here. i want to go around the table lightning round right
4:59 pm
amazing. felicity huffman, and lori loughlin getting dumped by hallmark this week. her daughter says he faked his way through college. your thoughts? >> it bothers me so much that her daughter olivia jade had deals with sephora and tresemme when she has literally done nothing in her life at age 19. talking about all she wanted to do is party in college. she literally accomplished nothing and has a million followers on youtube and instagram and leveraged those in the deal that bothers me. >> [inaudible] million followers on youtube. >> harris: she says her dad faked her way through college. >> what two wrongs make a right? let uc expel her and earn her way into a school. her parents earned their way from no education why can't she do that? >> horrific when i looked at the statement she was saying her father was sort of lying to his parents about what he was doing with his tuition money. >> harris: wow. okay. legacy. we will see how it works out. they are all just alleged and accusations.
5:00 pm
>> it's true. >> harris: lisa, rochelle and susan, fabulous having you. thank you for being with me. that's it for the story friday night. see you monday at noon eastern on outnumbered. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." less than 24 hours ago a horrifying mass shooting took place in christchurch new zealand. a gunman stormed into two separate mosques and murdered at least 49 people. the killer's name apparently is brendan terrent. in a dreadful modern twist he live streamed his attacks as they happened. three other people arrested as well. unclear if they were connected to the attack. the attack is awful and not just because nearly 50 people were murdered. the killer appears to be motivated by ideology. all violence is bad but political violenc


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