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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> it's true. >> harris: lisa, rochelle and susan, fabulous having you. thank you for being with me. that's it for the story friday night. see you monday at noon eastern on outnumbered. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." less than 24 hours ago a horrifying mass shooting took place in christchurch new zealand. a gunman stormed into two separate mosques and murdered at least 49 people. the killer's name apparently is brendan terrent. in a dreadful modern twist he live streamed his attacks as they happened. three other people arrested as well. unclear if they were connected to the attack. the attack is awful and not just because nearly 50 people were murdered. the killer appears to be motivated by ideology. all violence is bad but political violence is the worst kind because it's the most divisive.
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over time, political violence tears countries apart. he left behind a 74-page manifesto in which he explains his motives in the detail. apparently nobody in the american news media has read any of it all day have you left heard wing tie terrent to conservatives in the united states. that's absurd. he was no conservative. as he wrote in manifesto conservatism is corporatism in disguise. i want no part of it. the nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the people's republic of china, end quote. that's not a sentiment you hear from many conservatives. his views are not derived from american politics. the murders he committed have nothing to do with anyone in the united states. but that doesn't mean his rampage won't be used to change this country. it has happened before. political terrorism always makes countries less free. in the panic after the 9/11 attacks, we impulsively gave
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away our right to privacy. award the the federal government the right to spy on citizens without their knowledge for virtually any reason. that was a grave mistake. authoritarian forces within our country would like to seize this moment for similar ends. within hours of the christchurch shooting alexandria ocasio-cortez blamed the national rifle association somehow for the attack. the nra doesn't even exist in new zealand. that's a country with far stricter gun laws than in the united states. ocasio-cortez doesn't care. maybe she doesn't even know. what she does know is that the nra is the single most effective guardian of the second amendment. the left would like to invalidate that amendment along with other parts of the bill of rights that are in their way. even as you sleep, they are working to do. this democrats have already used the russia hoax to undermine gun rights. newly released congressional transcripts show that glenn simpson of fusion gps fed false information about the nra to bruce ohr at the doj who passed it on to federal investigators. simpson's lies helped launch
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a federal investigation into the nra. and that of course, was always the goal of it. in connecticut, the gun manufacturer remmington is battling a lawsuit that holds them responsible for the sandy hook shooting. what did remmington do? what it always does. sell completely legal firearms point is to shut down gun companies making the second amendment relevant. the tragedy was a pretext to increase the power of a few over the many. that's always the way it works. already tonight you are hearing calls in this country for curbs on free speech in response to the new zealand massacre. jeff bezos' newspaper wasted no time on the entire thing of free flow of ideas that are, quote, spreading hate for the censorship class more control is always the solution. go deplatform someone. a writer at the chicago tribune almost immediately blamed fox news for what happened in christchurch. you can see what's coming.
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it's already happening. but it won't work. censorship does not make us safer. instead it drives forbidden ideas under ground where they fester and explode. if you really wanted to stop horrifying acts of violence like the one we just saw in new zealand, like the ones we have seen repeatedly over the past five or six years, you would take an honest look at what the west has become. it is place where the church has died. a place where a foolish ruling class calls itself god. a place where the people wither. its hallmarks are fatherlessness, addiction, mental illness, evaporating social trust and widespread nihilism you would expect as a result of all of that. this is a society that our rule class built. talking about why it doesn't work is a threat to their power. so they shut down that conversation. but, enforced silence doesn't help it divides us more. dividing us was the point of yesterday's massacre in christchurch. literally. he said so in his manifesto,
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quote: i chose firearms for the effect it would have on social discourse and the effect it could have on the politics of the united states. with enough pressure, the left wing within the united states will seek to abolish the second amendment. and the right wing within the u.s. will see this as an attack on their very freedom and liberty. this will result in a dramatic polarization of the people in the united states and eventually a fracturing of the u.s. along cultural and racial lines. end quote. so that was the killer's dream. rips apart america. destroying it from within. brendan terren. >> it is in prison tonight he has no power to hurt us anymore. we can only hurt ourselves. let's hope we don't. >> tucker: a host at nra-tv and he joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. are you struck by how little time it takes for people in politics and the media to use a tragedy like the one that happened yesterday in christ church, new zealand,
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to affect a political outcome in this country? >> no. not at all. largely because growing up in life i have always known that whenever there is an issue, one side is going to attack another side. and for me the way i look at it is, whoever they are attacking the most that's who they consider the biggest threat. right now when it comes to discussions of freedom and the second amendment or what have you. the biggest threat to them is the nra. that's why what they're doing to the nr ampleght and its members what they are doing to you. trying to silence you. nothing they do up to this point now really surprises me. with the free flow of information, there is almost no point in hiding the agenda anymore. they put it out there for the world to see and then attack anybody that disagrees with it. >> tucker: but to say that the nra is responsible for a mass shooting in new zealand where the nra doesn't operate and a country that has very strict gun laws, to say something like that out loud. do you expect people will
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believe you or are you going through the motions of repeating your talking points. >> most of them are talking to their own echo chamber. for instance if you look at the way the discourse is handled online, right? i have been blocked by a number of these individuals that i have had tried to have regular conversations with about the issue. the reason they block me is so that my people don't see the conversation and then bring up their points and then the people on their side don't see the point we are making so we can have an open and honest discourse. they want to spit all the rhetoric to their echo chamber. a lot of those people are going to believe it because they don't know anything other than what they see on their side of the issue. >> tucker: right. that's a very smart point. so sometimes i watch the news and i get very concerned that the authoritarian elements in the democratic party are taking over and it really is a threat to all of us, i think. and then i see moments like this. i want to play something for you we just got this. >> okay. >> tucker: this is a progressive activist screaming at chelsea clinton and blaming her for the
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shootings at the church christchurch because she criticized omar over aipac. i watch. this after all have you done. [inaudible] this right here is the result of a massacre. [inaudible] >> i'm sorry you feel that way mean? what does that mean? >> tucker: chelsea clinton apologized because that's what you have to do. why is it that when a crazy person kills innocents, other people have to blame bystanders?
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i mean, chelsea clinton, whatever her many failings and i criticize chelsea clinton many times she did not shoot anybody in christchurch, new zealand. why can't people blame the guy who did it? >> that's the state of our country. we have taken the idea of personal accountability and responsibility and shoved it out of the window and so now any time something happens, we position a lot of people in this generation to just look to somebody else and blame them for somebody else's actions. it's a weird kind of mentality that has developed over the last couple decades. i'm starting to notice it more and more. when i see something like that, i'm going to blame the guy. i have my vitriol for the person who actually committed the crime. i'm not going to look to someone else and escape goat that responsibility on to someone else or even worse inanimate object like a firearm which tends to happen on an even more regular basis. >> tucker: that's exactly right like blaming a hammer when your house falls down. great to see you will. really interesting. >> thank you for having me on again. absolutely.
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>> tucker: well, for one day, just one day, beto o'rourke of texas was the hip celebrity of the democratic presidential race. now the party has woken up and realized wait a second we are the party of identity politics. here a white guy with a lot of money. i can't be a nominee. great debate has broken out and we are going to cover it next. ♪ - i think the best company's succeed as a team
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do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. already a monarch the king of cool. the first stoner american president. chris matthews looking on at beto o'rourke got the kind of tingles you have to stick a fork in a light socket to get. watch this. >> i always say the candidate wins who has the sun in his face who looks like sunny, optimistic, not the indoor bureaucrat sitting at some desk somewhere. that's the image you want. being kinetic like that. i watched him on the campaign trail. i think it's part of his appeal. i think that liveliness, that physicality, that outdoorsiness seems to work with people. it's not like we in the press created it. there is something out there
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that is magical. [laughter] >> nobody talks like chris matthews it's a skill actually i have got to say. that was beginning of the beto campaign. is he bobby kennedy but he can skateboard. it started on the very high note. it can only go down and it has. 24 hours into this candidacy all is not well for america's hackie sack hero. he has some hookups for sticky bud that's not enough in the modern democratic party. today cbs news asked if beto was out of place due to his race and sex. watch this. >> in this particular with the democratic candidates more women and people of color than ever before. do you feel advantaged as a white man, as a privileged white man they say about you. >> i don't feel disadvantaged. it's a great moment for the democratic party and i count myself lucky to be a part of
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it. >> tucker: it doesn't stop there the "new york times" and the atlantic complain that beto's wife didn't speak in his announcement video. why couldn't she talk? the daily beast says that he drips of male privilege and, wait a minute, he is a rich kid who went to boarding school as robert. isn't he culturally appropriateiating mexican culture by calling himself beto? isn't he a kind of a elizabeth warren of south texas? can he exist in the woke democratic party? well our next guest joins us tonight and first we want to give him a victory lap. innate learner one of the people who convinced beto o'rourke who jump in the race. congratulations to you nate learner by the way sincerely that it worked. by the way as rollouts go it was better than howard schultz's and better than amy klobuchar's. it does raise some questions who he is because identity, of course, is the core of the democratic party. you have all kinds of cape tab female candidates and cape cable candidates of color and here is this rich
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white guy who elbows his way to the front and says let me talk is that the face of the modern democratic party? i didn't think it was. >> the whole part of the party we are the rainbow coalition. we have many faces what we want to celebrate right now is all the great candidates we have. all unfull display and especially in contrast to the republicans that ran in 2016. it's quite a strong contrast and reflects very strongly in what our party represents and what we are about. with beto what you have is inspirational figure who is going to unite people and that's what our party wants more than anything. that's why he will be the frontrunner and will win. >> tucker: needs to be a rich white guy? i thought it was the progressive party? what's wrong with kamala harris. >> it can be anybody. the point is we have strong candidates competing from all different walks of life and all different background and we celebrate that fact and look at those candidates and say okay, which one is going to represent our values? which one is going to unite the party and country and be an inspirational figure. all the candidates in their
5:17 pm
own way do that very well. the one for me who stands out the most is beto. and that's why i'm supporting him. >> tucker: it's kind of weird because every time i watch cnn or msnbc and they are always looking at the republican field and saying white guys. that's obviously a cursed category. you don't want to be a white guy that's bad according to the democratic party. why would they even run a white guy i'm asking sincerely. it's kind of insulting isn't it. >> the republican party is a great example when you look at pictures of paul ryan's interns a bunch of white guys that's not a great look. same thing. >> tucker: not a great look. >> when it's the republican party in 2016 all a bunch of white guys. look at congress 10 years ago all white guys that is not our country it doesn't make sense. you want people who are reflective of the values. >> tucker: why are you backing the white guy? why are you pushing in a field as diverse as the democratic field is for the one young rich white guy with the fake name to jump in front of everybody else? why wouldn't you say hey
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beto wait your turn. why are you pushing the white guy if you are against white guys? >> first of all, what we want is a party that reflects all of us. and once we get to that point we can look at all the candidates and say okay, which one is going to then be our standard bearer. i love the fact that we have the candidates running that we do. i want them all to run and i would be more than happy. >> tucker: but you don't want them to win? >> i would be very okay with kamala harris, with elizabeth warren, with bernie sanders, with cory booker. >> tucker: wait a second bernie sanders is a white guy, too. wait a second. if you really believe that the republican party is bad because it's dominated by white guys. you have a choice of who to support. i'm not being mean or anything. >> i understand. >> tucker: i think these criteria are instain and racist. i'm just reading democratic talking point here. i don't believe them. i think they are crazy. your party does believe them. i just wonder why you wouldn't personally strike a blow for diversity by supporting cory booker. i mean, obviously, is he a totally -- >> -- we already struck a
5:19 pm
blow for diversity. with just the candidates we have running. now it's okay we have all these great candidates. we are not going to make identity our sole issue. there is a lot of issues on the table to consider. >> tucker: it's enough that they run. you just don't want them to win. i get it i think i totally get it. >> i would love to have the first female president to be a democrat. >> tucker: you just don't want them to win. >> i would be more than happy inwinning. i prefer beto more to some of them. >> tucker: do you think that about our leaders? do you think men are better leaders? that seems like the message you are sending. >> i think beto is a better fit for this time for our country. i think if you look at his message of unity. his ability to connect with voters from all walks of life. his ability to inspire and his ability to beat trump, for me that's what matters and that's why i'm supporting him. that's not to disparage any other candidates. i like him for those reasons. very simple.
5:20 pm
>> tucker: i have been mean to you for a reason. everything you have said is totally fair. i'm being honest with you. don't you see how this identity politics garbage is a dead end and deadening to the brain and you really should support a candidate based on the qualities that you just explained like the best candidate. it doesn't matter what color he is. don't you kind of look at revulsion? aren't you repelled by your party's obsession with race and gender now? >> i think any time you get to the extreme in any position, it gets dangerous. if you look at the extreme opposite of identity politics that's dangerous. look at extreme versions of identity politics that's dangerous as well. any time you get into a radical position then, yeah, you start walking a dangerous line. there is inherent value in identity politics. >> tucker: opposite of identity politics. >> is the republican party. >> tucker: which is equality which is the goal. >> i agree. i think it's allowing for our current system to continue to push down minorities and those who are at disadvantage.
5:21 pm
>> tucker: by letting the one white guy in the field jump in front of everyone else. now i'm against you now. i was for you but now i'm actively voting for cory booker because i want diversity in your party. nate, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me on. >> tucker: well, privilege isn't beto o'rourke's only problem. there is also his taste in art. as a teenager he by the hacker nickname psychodelic war lord. has he dropped acid that's a good question to ask beto. whether he was doing that or not he did write a poem about cows. to be clear beto is a poet. he is an artist and we don't want to be disrespectful to his art. we don't want to boulder rise this. these are his words not ours. we would not add capital letters to cummings poem. it's vulgar. if you don't want to hear it close your ears. i have neat a butt shine right now you are holy oh sacred cow i thirst for you. provide mouth buff my balls love the cow. love me, breathe my feet of
5:22 pm
the cow has risen. end quote. author and columnist mark steyn struggling mightily to keep a straight face tonight. mark, how would you rate beto o'rourke's poetry on a scale of one to horrifying? >> oh, come on, we're in keats and shellie territory here. i love the rhyme. i love the meter. i love the poetic sentiment about buffing whatever particular aspect of beto -- personally i would be privileged to buff any part of beto but this cow is being invited to buff the essence of beto. and that in itself is a beautiful poetic sentiment. and i love nate learner, too. i have to say i thought that was absolutely delightful to say that a diversity and identity means we have to put up lots of black and gay and muslim and transgender
5:23 pm
candidates so they can lose to the rich white guy. that seems to be their rational. [laughter] >> tucker: but that's the thing i love about it that's what they think. that's actually the plan. >> yes. and the thing about it is i don't believe in the concept of white privilege. but these guys do. actually, it's hard to get any more white privileged than a judge's boarding school son who is writing bovine poetry of the kind you just quoted and is the world's most dedicated middle aged skateboarder. you menksed the other night, tucker, that they are all hailing him as the new rock star. and in our insane world, when it comes to political candidates, it seems to me you are either the new boy band or the new hitler. increasingly there is nothing in between. so if you are trump you are the new hitler and beto is
5:24 pm
the boy band dejour. all boy bands are de jour. something poetic in being in a political boy band when you are pushing 50 and still skateboarding around like the rich white kid doing bovine poetry back when you were getting picked up on dwi and burglary charges. this is actually a parody of rich, white privilege. >> tucker: i would like to apply the standards of identity politics to the people who espouse them. and if i can pass one law it would be that. you would not be allowed to nominate beto o'rourke in the democratic party because it's contrary to what you say you believe. >> absolutely. and if he was the -- if he had an r. after his name he would be george w. bush. he would be the rich white
5:25 pm
kid from texas with the dwi charge. >> tucker: such a good point. >> only difference he has a d. an after his name instead of an r. >> tucker: that's so smart. i hadn't thought of it that's why i love having you always think of it. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: hillary clinton's email exposes the attempt to protect the clinton foundation warning working hard to solve childhood obesity. did they solve it? that's after the break. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> tucker: well, the russian dossier is looking filmsier and filthier newly unsealed deposition of its author christopher steele, he may have verified his research by using actual amateurs, literally amateurs. fox chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been on the story for a long time and has the latest for us. catherine. >> good evening. these unsealed records from
5:29 pm
the buzzfeed defamation case show how the anti-trump dossier was circulated during the 2016 election. david kramer then an aide to the late senator john mccain gave the dossier to buzzfeed news as well as a dozen reporters. he was singled out by christopher steele to lend credibility to the democrat-funded opposition research. steele admitted under oath that he tried to verify the dossier using a cnn eye report story. it was verified why glenn simpson of fusion gps. i think they felt a senior republican was better to be the recipient of this rather than a democrat because if it were a democrat, i think that the view was it that it would have been dismissed as a political attack. the fbi's former counterintelligence chief bill priestap also filed this declaration confirming the fbi got the dossier first 33 pages from mccain in december 2016. now the fbi was already receiving the memos from other sources. prestep also confirmed
5:30 pm
president obama was briefed on the up verified dossier by senior intelligence officials including then dni james clapper 10 days before the nation. that's the same time buzzfeed published the dossier online, tucker. >> tucker: an amazing story. catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> tucker: newly released congressional transcripts give us new details about the investigation into hillary clinton's email server. last year peter strzok, formerly of the fbi, told the congress that the fbi cut a deal with the clinton camp that kept them from reading any of the clinton foundation emails that were kept on hillary clinton's private email server. how does that work? dan bongino is a former secret service agent and he joins us tonight. dan, thanks a lot for coming on. we have seen a number of people get indicted, investigated, indicted, prosecuted, some of them will go to jail one just did paul manafort. roger stone's trial is coming up in november. are any of those people offered that kind of accommodation, do you think, by federal prosecutors?
5:31 pm
>> no way, tucker, i have never seen anything like that. it's clear lady justice being blind means completely different. justice is blind to democrats. here is the republican idea. they are peeking and looking at republican. lady justice isn't blind anymore. i mean, think about what happened. let's just rationally think this through. i know it's hard for liberals to put their politics aside. but you have a suspect in a criminal case, the clinton team. we can all agree they were suspects, right, in a criminal investigation. >> tucker: right. >> you have the suspect's attorney dictating to the department of justice and the fbi the terms of what information they will surrender or they won't? tucker, let's just think you don't have to be macgyver to figure this out, okay? do you think the suspect suspect -- it's not a trick question. do you think the suspect is more likely to turn over information that's incriminating or less likely? let's think that through for a second. i'm going to say give me what is -- they are not going to turn over the
5:32 pm
incriminating information, alex for 200 and i think you would be okay with that the liberals and media think this is a-okay. >> tucker: it almost seems like a nonpolitical principle. i'm still not convinced that most doj employees are hard core democratic voters. some of them clearly are. peter strzok is one of them. but it does seem like a case where the people who have the most power face the most lenient punishment. and the people who have no power wake up to find a federal agent with an ar-15 in their faces. >> yeah. you know. i would agree with you. i'm glad you said that i wouldn't disparage all doj employees either. the left does that. they broad paint brush everyone. i would agree with your assessment this small cabal of people at the top during the obama administration were clearly at this point, if you are looking at this through clear and not rose-colored glasses, clearly covering up for the clintons and barack obama. tucker, i can't say this
5:33 pm
enough. it's not some kind of crazy x files conspiracy theory to say what we know happened. barack obama emailed hillary clinton, excuse me, barack obama. we know this. we know she emailed him from a private account. how do we know? hillary didn't have a state account. we know she emailed him from foreign soil. we also know barack obama said he didn't know about hillary's email. he said it in a televised interview we can all watch. he said that it's on the record. how did he thought know? now, here is the kicker, tucker. barack obama had a black blackberry email device. has to white list emails coming into that device so he doesn't get spam and trojans and things like that on the device. how did hillary clinton's email get on that if obama and his staff didn't know about hillary's email? sounds kind of like a scam to me, don't you think? i think they are covering for her. >> tucker: sounds like unanswerable question. really quick. will this ever be resolved?
5:34 pm
>> i think it will. bill barr has nothing to lose. we will go for it and reestablish the relationship for the doj and fbi. he will get to the bottom of it. >> tucker: i hope so. regardless of political party you ought to be able to trust your government. dan bongino, have a great weekend. >> yeah man, good to he so you. >> tucker: olympic swimmer is being accused of what in the end all of us will be accused of hate speech for saying she wants women's sports to remain biological women. she joins us after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: jeff zucker came to washington the other night to accept a first amendment award. why would jeff zucker of cnn get a first amendment award free speech and deplatforming his political enemy. jeff zucker cannot stand it when people say things people disagrees with he punishes them. his brother didn't get that memo or couldn't read it last night the younger sibling who hosts a show on cnn interviewed kellyanne conway. jeff zucker doesn't like kellyanne conway she works for trump. so when it came time to hand off the show to don lemon he
5:38 pm
let the governor's brother have it watch this. >> she uses our network for -- it give her talking points. for me, it feels beneath the dignity of this network to have someone on that just constantly lies and misconstrues things. and i feel like having someone on like that is giving them a platform that they have not earned. i just feel like we do a disservice when we try to give false equivalence to someone who is clearly obfuscating and clearly has an agenda to mislead people. >> tucker: the governor's little brother looks absolutely stunned in that video and you can see why. according to don lemon ideas that jeff zucker are beaten neath the dignity of this network and should the knob heard. cnn, ladies and gentlemen, the first amendment channel. the we live in the age of the transgender athlete. more and more biological
5:39 pm
males are breaking into women's force and in some cases they are dominating. sharon davies is a former olympic swim from her great britain. she was recently accused of hate speech for saying that transgendered athletes should not be allowed to compete against biological women. we spoke to her recently about this. here it is. >> tucker: thanks very much for coming on. why did you say that transgender athletes should not be allowed to compete against biological women. >> well, there is quite of us here in the u.k. myself, kelly holmes, paula ratcliff, texan derson, daily thompson. the list is growing every single day. basically what we have now decided is we just need to speak out before this injustice actually happens. as we know there is a difference of about 10 to 12% between a female performance and male performance. so a transgender woman who is biologically a man, been born a boy will have that advantage whether they have had testosterone suppress isn't a or no that will remain with them the rest of their lives. that gives the females
5:40 pm
racing a massive disadvantage. that's not a level playing field. we felt something needed to be said. it's not a matter of being transphobic or having a problem with the transgender community in any shape or form. it's wanting sports to be fair based on sex and not gender. >> tucker: so the counter to this the counter that you received is shut up you are a hater. but the second level counter is that when someone becomes transgender that person is no longer the other sex at all. the transformation is complete and that person doesn't have an advantage. that's not true, you are saying? >> no. it's not true. i mean, you know, if you are born male, if you are born xy, then you are going to have a bigger lung capacity, you are going to be taller, you have bigger feet, bigger hands. a better red blood cell count. better hand-eye coordination. all of those things do not go away if you transition and the majority of men transition after puberty so they have all the extra strength that comes with
5:41 pm
testosterone that pumped through the body go through pursuant. even if you suppress for one year it will make very little difference to actual performance. women cannot stand next to somebody and beat them. the reason why i suppose i'm speaking out more than most is that i competed against the for nearly 10 years of my life. i know exactly what it feels like to stand next to someone no matter what you do in the swimming pool you just can't beat them. >> tucker: that is fascinating perspective. you are making the rational cases that is clearly true and science backs you up. then why haven't the authorities who make the rules for sporting competitions stood up and said what you are saying? >> yeah, i don't know. i mean, that's our problem. and that's why our voice is gathering now. it's not just gathering obviously in the u.k. started in america. spoken to friends at australia. my daughter is an exathlete she has spoken to competitors. they are frightened to speak out they get called
5:42 pm
transphobic which is not true. this is about sport. this is about biology. and this is about science. and all we're asking for is more research. at the moment for the olympic games next year in tokyo, you just have to reduce your testosterone for one year. no surgery, no diagnosis from a doctor, no in your system whatsoever. third and fourth and fifth string males against the rest of the british athletes and world athletes he could do that right now provided they stood up and said they recognize themselves as self-identify as a woman. so it's the potential to abuse this rule that is also very worrying. >> tucker: it's totally crazy. finally and quickly, do you find it odd that self-described progressives are working to take opportunities from young women? >> yes, i do. you know, in this country as i'm sure it's the same in the states women's sport has really grown particularly in things like hockey, football, net ball, you know we have worked really hard over the last few years to
5:43 pm
give women better opportunities. i just find it extraordinary that we're not coming out with a better solution for everybody. i think have you got two choices really, turn around and say the men's category is an open category and women's sport is kept purely for biological fee maltsdz or say the transgender community has their own games. >> tucker: that's right. which might be the answer. you are a brave person to come on and say obvious tonight and i appreciate it thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: a newly published study finds that fully 1/3 of all teenagers visiting emergency rooms were assessed as suicide risks. it's an amazing number. if you know the bigger number it's not surprising. suicide and suicide attempts are rising rapidly with young people along with depression and many other ailments. sue inside coincides with the rise of social media and the ubiquity of smart phones. are they related? if they are related as they appear to be? why aren't lawmakers doing
5:44 pm
something about it right now? tom kersting a family therapist author of the book disconnected how to reconnect our digitally distracted kids and we are glad to have him tonight. tom, thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: this seems like 1/3 of kids being admitted to emergency rooms are believed to be at risk for suicide. that's -- i don't know what to say about that number. are you surprised by it. >> it's frightening. i actually am surprised by it i didn't think it was that bad. i want to explain why, okay? so when you look at preadolescents and adolescents that's an important developmental stage. your hormones are changing. you are trying to figure out who you are, where you fit in, who your friend group is. it's a built-in sort of insecurity. it's an important transition into adulthood, okay? it's something that kids need to navigate in order to grow and learn and become sufficient adults. now the anti-equation what i call the modern day weapons of mass destruction, the smart phones with all of the social media and now these kids have a platform where they are constantly comparing themselves to
5:45 pm
others or they are corn distantly getting feedback or seeking feedback from the outside world and it's compromising their self-esteem. self-esteem which is how you feel about yourself your happiness and joy is never anything that can be got front outside world. it can only come from the inside. it's an inside out thing not an outside in thing. so why isn't there a national conversation about what to do about this? why are we sitting passively back? why aren't lawmakers? if these were cigarettes we would have a lot of florid faced members of congress yelling in hearings. nobody says a word. why? >> what's fascinating too, tucker. i lecture on this topic all the time. the average age of smart phone issuance is 10.3 years old. we can watch any parent anybody watching right now. we all know that's a terrible idea. that's the average age. and it's basically we tend to do what they have been around us is doing. i think what we are going to see. we have to see lawmakers step in and start having rules. like with cigarette smoking.
5:46 pm
maybe if i was in control of this, i wouldn't allow kids to have smart phones until they were 18 years old if i was the guy that got to make that decision. >> tucker: , not. i would ban it tomorrow. i wouldn't agree more. that's a radical position. ignoring it 1/3 of pre-teens admitted to the emergency rooms are libel to commit suicide that's not a crisis? >> that's a crisis. >> tucker: so, yeah. it is a crisis. >> so 2007. >> tucker: is enough studying being done of this. >> there are studies coming out starting to show a correlation between all of the anxiety disorders, the depressions we are seeing in unprecedented numbers. the average age kids committing suicide going down earlier and earlier. coincides with the rise starting in 2007. guess what also started happening in 2007? that's when smart phones started coming out. that's when everybody started having all of their social media right in the pockets and the palms of their hands and kids getting lost in this superficial world and they are losing
5:47 pm
sight of the real world and themselves. >> tucker: it's just amazing that -- i mean, you know, 1961964 it was very controversial the surgeon general was warning pack of cigarettes. not really established. you really feel we are there right now. people say we don't really know and it's blindedly obvious what's happening. >> it is and look at big tech. the tech industry has a tremendous amount of power. their job, their goal is to get eyeballs as long as possible on their products and they want to recruit these individuals when they are young. and 10 years old, think about that. 10.3 years old is the average age kids are getting smart phones. that's absolutely crazy. >> tucker: i hope they are sleeping well kid people selling this garbage. >> good to see you. >> tucker: china is becoming a super power on the cusp of surpassing the united states in economic power and while it's doing so, it is still treating its people like
5:48 pm
cattle. literally. in some cases. that's next. plus mike grove joins us to discuss emotional support animals. stay tuned for that. ♪ ♪ we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now.
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>> tucker: every day china moves closer to overtaking the united states. just because they are getting stronger economically doesn't mean the chinese people are more free. they are not. china is still imprisoning muslim population in the west. ordinary chinese still lose access to travel or education if the government says they have poor social credit. and now a hacker has discovered a bizarre chinese database that evaluated millions of chinese women on whether they were quote breed ready author of the coming clasp of china can't come too soon. he joins us tonight.
5:52 pm
gordon, thanks very much for coming on. what does breathe ready mean and why would they be assessing that. >> breed ready means they are able to breed children. the reason why is china has declining item mockography. if you start to look at some of the statistics they are really frightening. last year their birth rate fell about 12%. perhaps to the lowest rate in the history of the people's republic going back to 1949. we are seeing that the workforce has already topped out. the population as a whole will top out soon. china's officials are just in a panic. >> tucker: so they are identifying women who are breed-ready but then what do they do with that information? is there going to be a co-herrive breeding program in china? >> there possibly very possibly could be. some chinese officials are now talking about having a two child policy which is not a maximum two children but they are talking about requiring couples to have two children. now, of course, china is not there yet.
5:53 pm
but you can see where they are going. largely because they have been taken by surprise by collapsing demography. they shouldn't have been. people have been warning chinese officials about this for the last 15 years. they have sort of sloughed off the warnings but, you know, a couple years ago they really started to seat consequences of declining demography. >> tucker: i have been hearing from democrats in this country who are very concerned about having any kids because of global warming. it sounds like the chinese aren't as concerned about global warming as we are. >> no. and largely because every social problem, every economic problem they have almost all of them are made worse by declining demography. and the chinese leaders start to notice. that's starting with their economy. because, you know, they grew during what was called the demographic dividend years. that was expanding workforce. now the workforce since 2011 has started to get smaller and it's gotten smaller fast. >> tucker: so we have the
5:54 pm
same demographic problems here, obviously and so does western europe declining below replacement rate. we just import new people from the developing world. has it occurred to the chinese to do that? >> no. the chinese don't want to do that because they have a system and then basically it's based on racial superiority. they do view the rest of the world in inferior terms. tucker on item mockography within maybe three years for the first time in 300 years maybe all of recorded history china is thought going to be the world's most populist society. the world's most populist society will be india and the chinese both disdain the indians because of racial superiority view and also fear india. people are concerned that china is seeing a closing window of opportunity and will lash out on that himalayan border. >> tucker: so, very quick, you just said something that almost nobody ever says which is that china may be the most racist country in the world maybe after north korea but certainly right up there.
5:55 pm
the country is based on racial superiority and yet liberals in this country suck up to china constantly. why does no one ever point that out? >> you know, that, to me, is a mystery. this nation of enhanced superiority is bred into the chinese political system and you see it, for instance, they put on a skit on the china central television's program 900 million people saw it that depicted africans as primates. and it is it is just incredible, tucker. >> tucker: unbelievable. brown is happy to call them. and so is dianne feinstein. hope to see you t soon, thanks, tucker. >> tucker: china rivals the united states our own people hardly inspire confidence. making use of emotional support animals. not all are dogs or cats. that's probably a good thing. some are spiders or monkeys, one man has an emotional
5:56 pm
support alligator called wally. >> wally is my emotional support alligator for my home use and stuff. we are invited everywhere. i do take him to lowe's and home depot is he usually always welcome there. >> tucker: mike rowe has thought a lot about emotional support alligators. we invited him on the show to ask him are they good? are they bad? here it is. >> tucker: what do you make of the emotional support animal craze? >> look, this is an interesting clip. i never really reasonable doubt can the alligator before. and i admit my knee-jerk reaction is to dismissive it as absurd it's better than crocodile which is completely different animal then we would have entirely crossed over. of course it's crazy except for the fact that it's not always crazy. if we have our typical binary choice of crazy, not crazy, i'm going to wind up saying something that loses me however many fans i might have left. so, all i can tell you in my
5:57 pm
world i love my dog. i have never traveled with my dog anywhere. and i do not begrudge people who travel with their pets. but i was the first thing that i was invited to do when i adopted by little dog was to get one of those service tags. and i said well i don't need a service tag. i was told very specifically by a veterinarian by the way it's so simple. just go ahead and apply. they can't turn you down. so if we are in a world where anybody can get any tag for any creature to they're be allow them to illegally accompany them anywhere well then i would simply refer to you that classic line in ghostbusters where dogs and cats are living together. >> tucker: i should say in full disclosure i know a woman who i may be married to who has brought a springer spaniel on airplanes because it's a great dog honestly. that seems like a very positive thing to me. i wonder does it tell us something about people's lack of human contact that
5:58 pm
this is as widespread as it is. >> i think it tells us everything about people's lack of human contact and our increasing lack of empathy but, also, our increasing level of expectations and righteousness. all of this collides in a way that's really difficult to understand. but i will leave you with this. i was flying back from dallas and i just wrote about this on the facebooks. i got on, i sat down, i had a vodka soda, i fell asleep. i woke up and i looked down and between my legs on the floor was something i had not put there. it was about this long. and it was brown. and i just couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was. and then it moved. and then i thought my god it's a snake. and i reached down and i grabbed it and the dog yoiped behind me. an enormous dog was sitting behind me. i stood up because i had to see this creature. it scared the heck out of me. it was in the company of a veteran and had it the
5:59 pm
service vest on. and so i sit down and i talk to this guy for about 20 minutes and get his whole story, which include must visit destinations like fallujah and all these places and suddenly, you know, i don't know what to think, tucker. i went from outraged, frightened, the size of this animal on a plane, what's going on to thank you for your service, that's a good dog. tail scared the hell out of me still, you know, we have got to figure it out and there is not going to be playbook that makes sense in every situation. >> tucker: i love having my mind changed like that. mike rowe you are the moral. >> i'm just as god made me, tucker. i don't know what to tell you. [laughter] >> tucker: that's as good as it is going to get. thanks, show, the end of the week and what a week it was, we'll be back monday night at 8:00 p.m.
6:00 pm
the sworn enemy, smugness, do what you can to ignore the news over the weekend. see you monday. "hannity" is next, have great weekend. >> sean: we start tonight with a fox news alert. breaking just now, portions of christopher steele's deposition have now been unsealed and confirmation that his dirty russian dossier was nothing more than we've been telling you. unverified. uncorroborated. speculative, garbage, bought for and paid for by hillary clinton, done bunked. meanwhile, other unsealed documents are showing how a long time associate of the late senator john mccain played a vital role in that dirty dossier. we have big breaking news coming up but first, terrorism strikes


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