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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of loretta lynch, made every decision and lisa paige even lying, smugness and groupthink. admits all democrats, we knew do what you can to ignore the the fix was in. news over the weekend. they didn't even interview her alone, we found out this week. be with your loved ones and we cheryl mills was in the will see interview. another woman was in the >> all right, we start tonight interview. every -- taken out of the hands with the fox news alert breaking of the field agents and the just now. portionser of christopher steels f.b.i. brought in every protocol, changing the language, depositionle now have been unsealed. now confirmation his dirty post-negligence, the legal standard, adding a whole new dossier, russian dossier was one, inventing one, intent. nothing more than we've been telling you. extreme carelessness. i've never seen this type of abuse of power/corruption. unverified, uncorroborated, speculative, garbage and frankly this is a bit -- i've said it by now debunks bought and paid before -- this was an attempted for by hillary clinton and the coup against donald trump both dnc also she controlled and beforeag to prevent him from meanwhile other unsealed documents are now showing how a getting elected and ever. they bludgeoned him with those longtime associate of the late lies and they all knew it was senatorr john mccain played a lies. >> they never thought he would become president.ho they never thought they would vital role on that dirty have to explain this, sean! dossier. and that's the most important we have big breaking news coming factor here and they went as far up. as not even allowing the f.b.i. first, terrorism strikes new to look at hillary clinton. zealand. 49 innocent human beings
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murdered, dozens more gravely that's it. >> they continue to hope that injured after a deranged, evil the information is going to be corroborated, even when michael psychopath opened fire at two cohen was just on capitol hill, they were on the issue of had he separate mosques in the city of christchurch in new zealand. the australian-born white been to prague! >> hannity: where's the supremacist responsible for this attorney general, loretta lynch? what did she know? heinous, evil act was when did she know it? livestreaming this massacre on i'd like to know what obama facebook.e and he along with three others are in police custody tonight. knew, sara and when he knew it. i will give you the last word, now, today president trump tweeted out, "my warmest sara. >> i think the most important thing, sean, is for them to sympathy, my best wishes go out to the people of new zealand investigate this thoroughly and afterr the horrible massacre in follow through on all the criminal referrals that have gone to william barr, to the the mosques. attorney general. >> hannity: we need to go right back to the beginning. the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do. we now know without any shadow god bless all." of a doubtw that hillary clint n tonight while new zealand is half a world away, all of its clinton's investigation was rigged! people remain close to our and they tried to sabotage trup thoughts and prayers. with russian lies. they fed them to you, the american people. every single house of worship, they used it to back door their every school, every university, way and spy on the trump every park, every municipal campaign and then they used it building needs to be safe and to bludgeon the president that
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secure! and for those that always rush you elected. and now it's been three years of this. predictably to make a political all right, we have a lot more on that coming up. or t assigning blame to politicl also, beto o'rourke, he's actually comparing those party or russian demonize, the fighting climate change to those who stormed the beaches of right own own firearms, let me normandy. be clear tonight, this is not um, bozo, that's so over the t president trump's fault as some are suggesting. this is not the fault of the top. we'll try to educate you. left or the right. this is not the fault of a mini monologue is next. law-abiding gun owners. at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation. this is about an unhinged, evil, psychopath in new zealand. and the last line of defense against monsters like him are good people, responsible people, responsible gun owners, in other words, security guards, highly-trained civiliansrd, retired police officers or maybe currently o working police officers, military personnel. in fact, i would like to see -- and i've said this many times -- we should have armed guards in places like schools and churches and municipal buildings and anywhere else that could be targeted by these deranged killers. again, our hearts go out tonight to everybody in new zealand.
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we're going to have more on thio later on in this show. we now shift gears and turn our focus back to the swamp in washington d.c. where president trump has officially issued his first veto. congress tried to halt his bordercy action on the wall but now, they'll need a 2/3 majority to override this veto and that's not going to happen.. here is what the attorney general, bill barr, had to say about the vote earlier today. >> mr. president, your declaration of an emergency on the southern border was clearly authorized under the law and consistent with past presidents. as you said, the national makes you feel like a king! emergencies act directly authorizes the president gives broad discretionary authority, king for a day! the president, to identify and well, maybe not the whole day. respond to emergent our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. circumstances that require a decisive response, and the humanitarian and security crisis we have on the border right now is exactly the kind of emergency
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that presidents are permitted to address under the national emergencies act. >> now, our attorney general is absolutely right. president trump has clear legislative and constitutional authority to declare a border emergency. usc, 284, as we've told you, the president has the authority to complete the "construction of we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. roads and fences and the installation of lighting to i remember setting up shipstation. block drug-smuggling corridors one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. across international boundaries shipstation saves us so much time. of the u.s. it makes it really easy and seamless. the primary smuggling corridors pick an order, of the u.s. arehe at our southen print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, border. that's where 90% of the heroin and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. in this country comes in from. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. heroin, responsible for approximately 300 deaths each and every week in this country. go to and get 2 months free. 300 every week. how is that not a national emergency? i'm not even talking about the shipstation. chicken! that's right, chicken?! candace-- sellers. fentanyl that comes across the border. new chicken creations from starkist. it's the president's duty, buffalo style chicken in a pouch--
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obligation, something he's sworn to uphold to protect the bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! american people. the strategic barriers, well, try all of my chicken creations! that law was passed by congress. chicken! he's the commander-in-chief as per the constitution. per the constitution. we need extra manpower we need everything we can get at the border including a border wall, which by the way, the president's emergency declaration calls for. now, this president obviously willth win in the courts and the wall will continue to be built in the meantime. all right, that brings us to our "hannity watch" on the radical 2020 democrats. robert francis o'rourke also known on this program as bow zoe--bozo. this three-term congressman is most famous for his love of skateboarding, open borders and, of course, losing to ted cruz in last year's mid-term election. yesterday, speaker pelosi, couldn't name a single, not one legislative accomplishment for o'rourke in three years. by the way, she wasn't alone.
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the texas democratic party chair also struggled to describe, well, any of beto's a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. accomplishments, maybe because that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network there weren't any. along with complete reliability. take a look.yb >> nanci pelosi was asked today then went beyond. about his biggest accomplishment. she couldn't really name one, beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. even though he served in the to one-touch conference calls. nurse on a brief time, admittedly, but you're telling beyond traditional tv. me he'sam an honest politician? to tv on any device. that's his biggest beyond low-res surveillance video. accomplishment in life? >> well hean -- the entire time to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. that he served in the united states house of representatives, the republicans controlled the gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. house of representatives. comcast business. >> sure. >> they wouldn't allow anything beyond fast. to pass that was sponsored by a democrat, so the fact he wasn't able to get major name recognition -- >> name something else. i'm not pinning it on congress. >> hannity: all right, as we i asked you his biggest continue our special hannity watch on the 2020 radical accomplishment. what's he done in life? extreme democratic socialist, >> stop asking me about it. robert francis o'rourke is >> let me broaden it out to be fair. making one thing clear, that >> he was a united states couldn't be more out of touch with you, me, we, the american councilman and a city councilm people. for example, following his councilman. he talked about the issues that doom's day climate calls about were important to the state of the worldpl ending in 12 years - texas. >> let's help the chairman out.
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do we bother fixing it? why don't we throw a 12-year senator, wanna-be, presidential party? bozo is comparing fighting wanna-be, bozo o'rourke, guess climate change to the american what? he accomplished nothing in his time in office. t heroes who fought in world war that's not stopping him now from pushing really, really strange, ii and slammed the beaches of wild, radical, far, far left normandy! please, someone get him a socialist policies on the '20 history book. take a look. campaign trail, 2020 campaign >>. our current president doesnt trail. coming up, we'll have a mini monologue about how beto o'rourke wants to reshape america and take every penny you have, according to bozo believe in climate change. think of our leadership, those o'rourke, we'll all be extinct who preceded us, those that ran in 12 years because of climate change. the beaches in normandy, those the democratic party is a joke, but we have to pay attention. thate have an existential threat it's serious. of our way of life, they showed that joke could soon be running the country if they're not us the way. diligent and careful. back to our top story. we could. a lot of breaking news tonight. [indiscernible] the countries of the world we now have unredacted pages of around otherwise unsolvable christopher steele and his deposition. they have now been released p. problems. that's who we are. that's why they call us the these contents confirm every single thing we have been indispensable nation. >> hannity: the new radical telling you on this program and democrats are pushing the other media, the corrupt neverending climate hysteria to
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media, the extension of the democratic party propaganda literally trick you into t signg media, well, they've ignored. up on what is the most extreme radical socialist agenda. we've long put emphasis that the price tag shouldn't matter. beginning price tag is so-called infamous anti-trump, $94 trillion in 10 years. it's full of false promises. dirty russian dossier relied on don't be fooled by what they're saying. second-hand rumors and everything is free, free, free, whether you work or don't work! speculation, none of which was ever, ever verified. unwilling to work. remember w, he wants to roll bak here is your proof. all of the progress now we've according to his sworn testimony, steele's research made after eight horrible years of obama. often relied on "open-source he wants to roll back the trump searching." let me explain what that is. agenda. basically, a google search. we're'r now energy-independent r and get this! he even utilized something the first time in, oh, 70 years! called "cnn eye report" which is massively benefiting, for example, beto's home state of texas, and these historic tax a citizen journalist platform or cutse, record low unemployment, essentially anyone could report anything. you'll have toyo check it out wn hispanic-americans, african-americans, steele was asked, "do you asian-americans, women in the understand w that they have no workplace and youth unemployment, yeah, after obama's disaster. connection to cnn reporters?" take a look. >> i think the wealthiest at a steele relied, "i do not." time of historic income in [chuckles] i'm not making this up! it's so dangerous. oquality should be asked to pay but don't forget, we already a greater share. know he was under oath in an i don't know what the levels should be at, but i know that
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interrogatory in great britain. the tax cuts from nearly two we know christopher steele, the years ago of $2 trillion at a author of the dossier he time when we had $21 trillion in testified, "i don't know if this is true. debt, at a moment of maybe 50/50." extraordinary need across this country was one of the most 50. irresponsible things that the country has ever done. " it's just raw intelligence. >> hannity: ok, what part is in today's release, we learned irresponsible?sp that steele in fact admitted he like record low unemployment? a million more jobs available never attempted to verify his than we have people unemployed? information by reaching out to people he accused of wrongdoing because, "we're not the best wage gains in history? the number of americans now journalists." and "we're not seeking to unemployed? you know, letting americans keep publish information. what they earn? we're doing a research, which is a little bit more? and get this, it turns out confidential for our client in general." o'rourke is not exactly the only problem is steele was seeking to publish the contents of that dossier which is why he champion of the poor and working class that he claims to be. was disseminating his findings according to an october piece in the "new york times," o'rourke's to every so-called journalist who now will need to be held support for massive development accountable who would hear him project in el paso sparked out and steele also chilled out massive backlash because it this unverified hillary bought targeted "vulnerable neighborhoods in the city." and paid for russian dossier the developer behind the entire throughout the highest levels of project, oh, it was his obama's government. and according to other now father-in-law! of course. public depositions, long-time i should have known.
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associate of senator mccain, a billionaire william sanders. guy by the name of david kramer, so while like most liberals, he contacted, we learned today, they're only generous with your money. dozens of reporters after he here is o'rourke trying to rand himself as a pretty-faced received the steele dossier. populous with the hand movement and kramer also fed the dossier thing, whatever that is, but his to buzzfeed which ultimately record suggests just the opposite. published all of the unverified, enfact, he's likely to face even -- in fact, he's likely to face uncorroborated lies about donald even more questions from the progressive left about his past trump, paid for by hillary using ties to major g.o.p. sources from russia. now, let's keep in mind steele establishment donors, yep. they're the ones that helped is being paid by the clinton launch his political career. campaign. by thele way, also a russian we're going to focus on many of these candidates. i'm telling you, nobody else in alogar, our very own f.b.i. said the media will vet them. we're going to do it nightly on this program, so don't be she controlled the money at the fooled. don't buy the bumper stickers, dnc. they contributed, too. great gig if you can get it. the false promises, the false paid by four people for one book security. this plan will never work and of lies! the f.b.i. under the failed while he once pretended to be a leadership of james comey, they used that sketchy, biased, moderate, we're now seeing the far left agenda is right in line with this new radical, extreme unverified pile of garbage known as the russian dossier as the democratic socialist party. bulk of evidence in the pirro raise taxes, government-mandated climate shaming, if you will and is even asking you to help pay for his gas. o
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fiza application against anze american citizen denying that in on a tweet, o'rourke wrote, citizen of his constitutional "chip in now to keep us on the rights and associate of the trump campaign so they could get road" referencing the cost to fill up his dodge caravan! into the inner workings of the isn't that a gas-guzzler? opposition party in a lead up to an-u election. like any good member of the fisa judges were never ever resistance, he's still spouting told, even though bruce orr russia collusion delusion, take warned everybody, even andrew a look. >> you said earlier you thought wiesemann of mueller's team, president trump should be everybody in the f.b.i., impeached. everybody in the doj of the do you still feel that way? >> it's beyond the shadow of a doubt to me that if there was dossier's hyperpartisan origins that hillary paid for it and not collusion, there was at least the effort to collude with also that steele had an anti-trump hatred and that it's a foreign power. not verified. in other words, they beyond a shadow of a doubt that if there was not obstruction of purposefully committed fraud against the fisa court, against justice there certainly was the effort to obstruct justice, trump campaign associate, to spy whether that's firing james comey, the principal investigator into what happened on an opposition party to impact in the 2016 election or in the a presidential election in the light of day tweeting to your attorney general as president united states of america! by the way, robert mueller, why trump did to end the russia didn't you look at this? investigation. >> hannity: you know what we now must demand that everyone bozo's problem is? there's no evidence of any of responsible ford what is a that! none of it. even james comey said that the blatant abuse of the fisa court president had the right to fire
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system -- we do have fourth him for any reason. of course, democrats don't want amendment rights, there's a fact to get in the way of their constitution. anti-trump rage and hysteria, these people all need to be held because they've only one goal:to accountable. according to my news tonight, good news is in the horizon he make every waking moment of public trial against this president and to make 2020 specially tick-tock. -- especially tick-tock. nothing more than a smear joining us now is ohio campaign against donald trump and the success thankfully our congressman mike turner and fox country is having, trying to news contributor sarah carter fool you into buying into their and investigative reporter. thank you for being here, sarah. socialist, open borders agenda. i begin with you. but the good news is, it's being >> wow, what a topic today! exposed and we will be here every night vetting all of these candidates that the media won't it's amazing. do. we'll expose their agenda for there's so much information that came out today in these what it is, an effort to control deposition that has we need to every aspect of your life. all right, here with reaction is look out beyond christopher steele but also with david from the american conservative kramer in what we've been reporting on for several years union, their chairman, matt that this dossier that was filled with lies was being schlap and political science professor in iona college, shopped around by david kramer who worked with john mccain and jeannie is back with us. good to see you both. then christopher steele who by matt, i'll startrt with you. the way should not have been you read this and vet it and no sharing any of the information one is vetting any of these 2020 with anyone was obviously set up sharing with the f.b.i. and then candidates.
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they're cheering them on hoping shopping it around himself one of them beats trump. that's all they care about! throughout washington d.c. >> that's exactly right. in past presidential contests, remember, christopher steele was you would think that the media also shopping this around and would put everybody through the glenn simpson was pushing both of them to push this out through scrutiny, and the simple fact is state department, through they're not doing it. if you look at beto o'rourke, journalists like "the washington there's a couple of things that post," cnn, everybody else, and stick out. now we know that andrew number one, i think nanci pelosi wiesemann who was a lead had it completely right the prosecutor in robert mueller's team would also informed by other day. what has the man accomplished?as what's he done in his career? you look at him before he bruce orr that the dossier was full of lies! so here we have a dossier that entered politics. it's pretty sketchy. it's certainly not the the f.b.i. basically told -- resume-builder of a presidential basically told the fisa courts candidate. >> >> hannity: yeah, i know, i they have verified all the information that they supplied know you teach, professor, at to the fisa court to get the college. warrant on carter paige and it i know liberalism dominates was nothing but lies. >> you know, congressman, let me college campuses all across country. what do you think of a party make one big point here. that seriously is proposing we steele is getting paid by four eliminate in 10 years what the people. steele doesn't stand by his own dossier. and here is the fascinating -- or the world is over in 12. thing. not sure what the point is. if anybody says -- and remember, eliminating oil and gas, the andrew mccabe, deputy f.b.i. life-blood off our economy,
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eliminating the combustion director and mccomie says no engine and putting in plugs everywhere, and eliminating dossier no fisa report. airplanes. there were two fisas signed off eliminating cows and promising on. every american no need to fear. we're going to take care of you, the original and the subsequent especially the last experiment, renewal application. i know that comey signed the first one. did he sign the second? keep your doctor plan and save money didn't exactly work out >> i don't know if he signed the well, professor, did it? second. >> you know, i think when you he signed the first. talk to young people in >> hannity: he signed the first one. colleges, what they want is a that's all i want to know. i forgot. real discussion for 2020 as to so in october 2016, congressman, james comey signs off in front what thesese candidates have to offer. of the fisa court. now, obviously, if they're he's telling the court it's verified and corroborated and that they believe it to be true. democrats, they want to hear a they also withheld the fact that discussion amongst beto o'rourke and joe biden if he decides to hillary paid for it ok, so run and bernie sanders, so they that's a pretty big point that they left out. want a real discussion. now, january following that what they want to address is what they see is tremendous october 2016, comey goes into inequality in the system. you look at the education system trump tower, sees in this case this week that president-elect trump and says, shows just how tremendously "i need to talk to you alone. unfair some of these systems a um, there's a dossier. are. and i would just say about beto o'rourke, i think he's got a long way to go in terms of now, it's salacious but it's telling us what the substance of unverified." well, that's not what he said to his campaign is going to be, but the fisa court months earlier,
10:15 pm
he's proven himself to be quite is it? what does that say about james a fund-raiserbe. >> hannity: wait a minute! comey on a legal side of this he wants to take down the border! do you think it's a a good ideao equation? >> well, i thinknk you'reth take down the border walls? absolutely right. is there any part of what i the fact that thise now mentioned that everything is discredited dossier that was paid for byt the hillary campain free, $94 trillion elements in and thes democratic national 10 years and i'm sure that's on committee was ever used as the low end by the time we get there and eliminate cars, oil, evidence before the fisa court is just absolutely wrong. gas, planes and cows. that's what they're proposing! the fact the court was not informed is even further >> i don't happen to agree with all of that, but i think we have deception. to wait and see what he's actually going to -- we've asked the fisa court to >> hannity: what part do you take up this issue. agree with? what part do youar agree with? i absolutely believe this is >> a we need to do more than inappropriate use of judicial just walls at the border! system. >> hannity: fisa court judges >> hannity: ok. have sat back now all this time. let's give the last word to my experience in life, matt. congressman, is i'd never ever >> yeah, beto o'rourke has -- he's a radical, because you know dare think of lying to a judge. why, sean? for the first time ever, more i'd never go into a courtroom democrats want to be socialists and not say, yes, your honor. than be democrats and his latest no, your honor. proposal, a 15-member supreme yes, sir. no, sirye. court. watch out for beto o'rourke. yes. thankho you, ma'am. it's all left! um, you're going to go lie and >> w hannity: oh, and we want 16 you're going to purposefully years old to vote. wow!
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withhold information? i don't think if i'm a judge can't drink until you're 21. that's going over very well in all right, thank you, both. when we come back, my life. >> well, it goes to discrediting congresswomanna ocasio-cortez is even the fisa court process, complaining about having to work all the time. because, remember, this is a i'm not kidding. process with the -- there's no later, another update on the one else who has a voice for the college admissions scam. citizen in this instance, the wait until you hear what one american citizen who was going parent did. to be -- had surveillance proved unbelievable. straight ahead. for them, and in this process, the judges are supposed to be told all information, both against and for the issue in the in order, and herein this, there's critical information that is kept from the judges. clearly bad behavior from the f.b.i., department of justice and certainly the fisa court needs to address this because this goes to the whole credibility of the system itself and i think now that we know this was politicallye paid for material that it was political opposition research, um,and that it's completely discredited, it really shakes, i think, the entire system and definitely needs action. >> hannity: you know, lindsey graham's right, sara, something you, me, greg, john, everybody
10:17 pm
has called for for a long time, and, you know, the hard work has now paid off, because now they were wrong, and -- >> that's right! >> we now know the nunnnes committee and under obama,
10:18 pm
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since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, the man accused of killing 49 people in a horrific attack on two new zealand mosques made his first appearance in court. so far, that man has only been charged with one count of murder, but the judge said it was reasonable to assume more charges will follow. his next court appearance is scheduled for april 5th. boeing announcing friday evening that it will release a software
10:21 pm
update for all 737 max planes by the end of march. that is to address issues with the anti-stall system that could be related to last week's plane crash in ethiopia and the crash in indonesia last october. on wednesday, boeing grounded the entire worldwide fleet of 737 max planes. that's 371 planes in total. 72 of them operated by airlines based in the u.s. now back to "hannity." >> hannity: all right, so the new leader -- or really the real speaker in congress, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is not resonating well with voters. although she's well-known throughout the nation, she's polling fairly negatively. maybe it could be because of her radical policies. i kind of think so. also tonight, ocasio-cortez is saying it isn't easy having to
10:22 pm
work all the time. so hard! 30 years in radio, 23 years at fox, 10 years in construction, 10 years in restaurants. sorry she's working so hard. and take a look. >> the thing they don't tell you about working in congress is that you do what you're supposed to do, you're working all the time which means that you have no time to, like, set up your life. i spent weeks sleeping on an air mattress. and i don't own a chair. >> hannity: following the whirlwind of backlash against the congresswoman in this case, omar's anti-semitic statements, progressive congresswoman calleib is being criticized for supporting an effort to end college's study board program with israel. wow! we reached out to congresswoman tlaib's office for comment. she's not getting back with us.
10:23 pm
here with reaction tonight is fox news contributor, we have former congressman jason and also joining us is national press secretary for the trump 2020 campaign caylee mcananey. your reaction to this but also to the news that we see in steele's testimony and what we learned in ohr's testimony and paige's testimony, this is beginning to crumble. >> the fix was in in the beginning. he wasn the chairman of the oversight committee. we were trying to dig deep into this. we were stonewalled and obstructed. they kept telling us don't worry about it. james comey once he made this announcement testified before congress. you go line by line by that. i'm telling you, there are things he said under oath that are flat-out lies that have been discredited. mr. comey should be held accountable for this and should be prosecuted for what he did. >> hannity: wait a minute, he
10:24 pm
signed off on the fisa verifying the dossier is true. mccabe, no dossier. no fisa. then he's telling trump it's unverified a few months later. did he lie to the fisa judges? >> yes, he did lie to the fisa judges. heo also lied to the oversight committee under oath when he came to tell us, "oh, it was unanimous, itt was unanimous we didn't want to charge her. meanwhile we found out another was pulling the strings at the department justice. this is where congress needs to hold them accountable. >> hannity: that's what we saw with loretta lynch. now that we know loretta lynch was up to her eyeballs in bringing this, what should happen to her? >> i do believe there should be a special prosecutor put into place to look at the malfeasance happening in the department ofve justice and the f.b.i. i've been calling it for months. if you warrant going after donald trump, you look at what is going on at the senior most echelon in the department of
10:25 pm
justice and that far exceeds anything that was even an allegation in the trump situation! >> caylee? >> yeah, that's exactly right! you know, the fix was in from the get go. we learned from lisa paige this week that in fact there was an insurance policy against president trump. we learnede that from peter strzok's text. this is striking, sean and corruption at the highest order. you have to stand against it. you compare that to the way that hillary clinton's been treated. it's been a witch-hunt from the beginning. andrew weissman stepping down from the special council this week. why was thiss guy there to begin with that cost 20,000 people their jobs and was unanimous lerebuked by the supreme court? hannity: congressman, where's horowitz? what do these guys do? why is it taking to long? >> horowitz is the inspector general for the department of justice. he's been working on this for
10:26 pm
nearly a year. i have some belief it'll take another month or two. theyha buried him in more than a million types of documents but ultimately, i think he'll be the key authority on this. he has looked at it and seen it much further and wider than anyone unfortunately, it's never fast enough, sean. it's never ever fast enough. huber who is the u.s. attorney in utah that was appointed by sessions to overlook some of this stuff, i've absolutely no idea what he's doing. i've not heard one word and most concerning is that the witnesses that were put forward by mike meadows and jim jordon and encouraged them to talk, they've never even been interviewed. we can tell he's make nothing progress. >> hannity: are you confident ask kayleigh first.confident are you confident that the dam has been broken? and we'll get the fisa applications and the 302's and the 5 buckets john sulaimon always talks about. >> absolutely. we're going to get all of that, sean. i'm confident that america is waking up to this.
10:27 pm
you've been on this from the very beginning on your show. the mueller report is about to come out. we'll find no collusion or wrongdoing on the part of the president. zero probable cause to open an investigation into the president after millions of pages of documents reviewed and you were right all along. we should have been looking at the f.b.i. and the doj under obama. >> hannity: doable in your heart, a congressman, with all e know now and all this, we'll haveve a cascade of new information in the days and weeks ahead that those people that tried, that first rigged the investigation into hillary tried to fix a presidential campaign in this country and rig the outcome and tried to bludgeon the winner and undo that election with known lies? they were warned in august of 2016, will they be held accountable? >> i would like to tell you yes, sean, but in my heart of hearts, i don't believe so. but i thinky the american people figured it outut and that's why hillary clinton is not the president of the united states.
10:28 pm
>> hannity: so the people that rigged it, we now know they rigged the investigation. they're going to get away with that? >> i wish i could tell you yes. if it was up to you and me and john ratliff and jim jordan, yes, they would be in jail but that's not the way it's, going o work.. these people will walk. >> hannity: might as well shred thehr constitution then. no equal justice or application of our laws. >> i agree with you. it drives me nuts. that's why i'm on this network night after night talking about it and that's why i was in congress talking about it. i'm going to tell you, they've got to prosecute these people! >> hannity: well, we'll see. i'm hearing that more is happening than we know. i hope my source is right. so far, we haven't been wrong. when we come back, more fallout over the college admissions scam. you won't believe what else we're learning today. we'll have those developments and our villain of the day. this is fascinating. that's all straight ahead.
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>> hannity: after the court appearances this week, the court's sketch artists described lori loughlin as appearing arrogant as fell lisse huffman lookedar "more genuine." tonight, reports are emerging at least one of the parents currently involved in the scandal actually held a fund-raiser for kiersten jillbrand. shocking. linda on stage with her for one. fox news contributor emily is with us and former florida attorney pam bondi is joining us. pam, we'll start with you. you know, it's amazing. a lot of pressure after a kid goes to a school, they never stop asking you for money, right? but they're faking, they're
10:34 pm
putting pictures, photoshopping pictures of their kids playing sports they don't play. they're literally cheating on all scores. there's nothing in this that -- this is a zero-sum game. only so many spots available. >> sean, let me make myself very clear, this is a crime. this is serious crimes. this is robbery and wire fraud and mail fraud potentially. these are serious crimes. this isn't getting a building named after you in hopes your child could get into school. my parents always taught me children learn what they live. what is it teaching these children? lying and cheating and stealing will get them aheado in life whn so many kids work so hard. my friend's son didn't get in a great school his first year. he worked twice as hard to get in this year and just got accepted. that's what life should be about. it's setting a horrible example for our kids, sean. >> hannity: there's it's academics or sports combined
10:35 pm
with academics, the kids work very hard to get grade point averages and get rankings ifet they're playing a sport. >> exactly, i think part of why there are now literally class actions from these rejected students, regarding this is the fact it's competitive enough even without the bribery, right? the stanford past entering freshmen class, of the rejected students, 8,000 had perfect sat's and perfect gpa's. stanford only accepted 4% of applicants, a record low. the odds are stacked against them even like this. the democratic national committee who are bribing their way into the system when the candidates are touting kind offa level playing field, it doesn't make sense. hypocritical. >> hannity: why it is differentf if a parent builds a building or is a legacy and they get a leg up? why is it ok? >> it's not illegal. that's the difference. you still have to make good
10:36 pm
grades hopefully. you still have to work your way in i know kids who have had buildings named after them and they didn't get in. so this is criminal. it's bribery. they think they're above the law and the worst part, sean, that's what they're teaching their kids is acceptable in this lifetime and it's not. >> hannity: and look at harvard's endowment, $37 billion in donations! crazy. all right. pam thank you. emily, thank you. all right, our villain of the day, well, i'm going to tell you something, it'll make you agree with donald trump's veto decision today. so outrageous. we'll get to the viewer mail also ahead.
10:37 pm
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>> hannity: tonight's villains of the day, get this, they are santa clara county and california politicians.
10:41 pm
why their insane sanctuary citiesan and state policies in that state. back in february, 59-year-old bambi larsson stabbed to death in san jose. the suspect, an illegal immigrant named carlos arevalo. if thismi story couldn't get any more tragic, we're now learning thanks to documents obtained by the ingraham angle, what the feds wanted was to deport him. they don't hand him over to homeland security or ice due to their sanctuary policies and wonder why we're so against sanctuary cities on this show. what have i said? abetting theg and criminal activity. at what point do they share some of the blame? all right, now to your viewer responses and mail tonight on a lighter note! youes might remember from watchg from last night, we had an uninvited guest on the show.
10:42 pm
it became famous, infamous even for crawling on my jacket and collar -- i didn't feel it -- and my neck. it set w off a firestorm of reaction. one viewer wrote in, well it looked like a stink bug on you making its fox news debut. it's a tiny maga hat!" well said on a different note, lorraine says "the president's veto earlier today, he'll veto the vote. they don't have 2/3 votes to override the president. trump wins." there'llth be a lot of breaking news on this and more next week. we always thank you for being with us. we appreciate your support. let not your heart be troubled. news continues. we hope you have a great weekend. see being back here on monday.
10:43 pm
>> laura: i'm laura ingraham. we have a jam packed show. tucker carlson will be here late in the hour on how this is really about in the end -- suppression of free speech. a follow up to our exclusive last night, leftist politicians in california refuse to give comment after we expose that they might have been responsible for an alleged, illegal killer roaming the streets. plus, two friday favorites. the worst in media this week ano raymond arroyo is here foror friday follies, beto versus trump.
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