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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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there'llth be a lot of breaking news on this and more next week. we always thank you for being with us. we appreciate your support. let not your heart be troubled. news continues. we hope you have a great weekend. see being back here on monday. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. we have a jam packed show. tucker carlson will be here late in the hour on how this is really about in the end -- suppression of free speech. a follow up to our exclusive last night, leftist politicians in california refuse to give comment after we expose that they might have been responsible for an alleged, illegal killer roaming the streets. plus, two friday favorites. the worst in media this week ano raymond arroyo is here foror friday follies, beto versus trump. the body language edition.
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but we begin tonight with the horrible tragedy in new zealando and a sad yet unsurprising rush to assign blame. now, as you no doubtze know by w at least 49 muslims were gunned down during friday prayer in an easterly act carried out by a lunatic whose name will not be discussed on this show. we aren't going to show his face or use his name because that's exactly what these people want. earlier today, president trump spoke about this heinous act on twitter and in the oval office. president trump: these sacred places of worship were turned into scenes of evil killing. you've all been seeing what went on. it's a horrible, horrible thing. i told the prime minister that s the united states is with them all the way, a hundred percent, whatever they need, we'll beis there. >> laura: but whatever he said, it was never going to be enough for some. >> if he labels it a terror
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attack or condemns it, it will ring hollow? or will it make a difference? >> how can it not ring hollow? >> laura: and worse. the temptation by some to not only dismiss the president's words of support but to attempt to tie him directly to this evil, that was truly sickening. >> mr. president, are you listening? do you have any idea that your words truly matter? >> other tough questions, whether the president isou emboldening right wing extremism with his immigration rhetoric. >> he referred to the southern border as an invasion. the precise language used by the shooter in this case.d >> is there someone out there tonight who will hear trump's rhetoric and act on it >> this is a president who has given plenty of rhetorical ammunition to terrorists likerh this. >> your words matter, president trump. your policies matter. we hold you responsible for this growing sentiment.
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>> laura: here to respond now is attorney and rnc committee woman who just wrote a phenomenal piece on about all of this. this whole day has exposed some truly sick opinions on this h issue, a horrific act of evil in new zealand. 49 dead, and within a matter of minutes, last night, on another network, we're tagging trump. your response. >> absolutely, laura. it's become a response to blame the president for anything. i almost expect if dana bash heard it in her ear, are aliens attacking the united states or attacking the earth, she would say, and this is related to trump's foreign policy. they have a knee jerk reaction to that but -- that's corrosive. not looking at the problem is
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what's at the heart of what's going on. the media is not hoping to bring us together and help with us understanding.. it's exactly what this terrorist wanted in this situation. his manifesto was seated with references to cultural issues and cultural disputes, and naming the president and people who support him. so they took the bait and they are doing exactly what the terrorists wanted. >> laura: kirsten powers at cnn was especially in my view off the mark, and i'll leave it at that since it's a friday. let's watch. >> he does understand what he's doing. he does understand when he says these things, that these peopleo are energize. he chooses to not stop, to not condemn them. he chooses to not go out of his way to identify this threat in othis country, which is a large threat, which is white
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nationalism. >> laura: so donald trump is actually endeavoring to inspiring white nationalists, knows he's doing it and keeps doing it. that's the level of media discernment and careful thought and thinking. >> it's demagoguery. there is no other word for it. in my piece, i pointed out that two major attacks happened on u.s. soil in charleston against christian while president obama was the president. nobody blamed obama for that and they shouldn't. it's not the president's fault if we have haters, if we have disintegration of fellowship in our society and troubled people doing these types of things. we need to confront the root causes and not look at convenient targets so they are doing a big disservice to the president, obviously,en president's supporters, but, you know, in the face of this grieving, when we should be trying to come together as human beings, of all people of faith and all people in this world, to create this division, it's
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despicable. it's not, i'm sure, what some of them thought they went into journalism for. >> laura: that's where they are. i was remembering back, as we'ri coming up to palm sunday in a few weeks, it was in april, a april 9, 2017, 45 coptic i christians were attacked, a bomb, in st. mark's cathedral, which is the main coptic church in egypt, it was horrific, women, children, exploded, catholic priests have been murdered in mass in iraq, christians have been brutalized across the globe by radical muslims who take it upon themselves to kill any infidel whether they are muslim, christian, jews or whoever but it was a horrific act. it didn't result in a day long period of soul searching and recriminations on u.s. soil and, of course, we've had those types of attacks against christians in the middle east, for two decades
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now. plus. but you don't have the lower third blaming a political party or a political figure for it. that's the difference. final thought? >> yeah, i mean, this is trump derangement syndrome. while it is -- on a day when so many people lost their lives and we have these types of cultural divisions and the terrorists wanted this, to see our american journalists doing exactly what he wanted is disappointing. their initial allegations, they move past it and try to look at what happened and bring us altogether and not look for convenient scapegoats. >> laura: i tweeted it out on twitter and read it but it's on it's important to read about what happened and what we should learn from this going forward especially the high-tech companies and their role in keeping this hatred out there as well. thank you so much. and we're going to have more on. this issue.
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limiting speech in the face of tragedy. later on in the hour, tucker carlson staying up late for us tonight and on to another tragedy right here in america. erst night, we brought you exclusive evidence that a california county not only ignored an ice detainer request that let carlos go free that let carlos go free but they lied about it and then blamed ice, immigration customs enforcement. as a result, a 59-year-old woman is now dead. brutally murdered if her own home. she lived alone, and the response from the county officials, well, silence. now, we're now going to go through a few names. congresswoman laughlin, her district is refusing to come on this show or even give us a written comment. santa clara county council james williams said this is all ice's fault and they should have got an warrant against carranza.
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he's not speaking on the ingram angle tonight, can't get them on the line and santa clara county supervisor dave said in general, "ice doesn't show up to take custody in a timely mandatory avoid release into the community.y. he also won't talk to us. santa clara city councilwoman pam foley, who is district includes a neighborhood where larson was killed, had nothing to add beyond being "deeply saddened" by larson's death. she declined to appear on the show. and finally, gutierrez, executive director of theo services immigrant rights and education network, in california, she says ice cooperation "would have a chilling effect on illegals coming forward to report crimes." what? she likewise refused to appear tonight. now, here to react. claude arnold, former special agent in charge of ice in los angeles.
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joe, he's a democrat running for d.a. in san francisco, and mark morgan, former obama border patrol chief. mark, this complete lack ofnd interest, lack of concern of an american citizen brutally slain, stabbed, apparently multiple times, it was a grisly scene in ul her home, what do those comments tell you tonight? >> it's unbelievable. laura, i watched your show thent other night. literally stood up and was clapping as you were talking because where is the outrage? where is the country's outrage at this? and what's so outrageous, this could have been prevented. this woman is dead and it could have been prevented, and why? because of laws in sanctuary cities. they want to protect people who are here illegally that are otherwise doing okay, but at the same time, those laws protect an animal like this and he is. this individual, who did this, he's an animal, and the sanctuary cities protects somebody like that.o >> he cut her up to pieces, clawed -- the idea that these
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county officials, these santa clara county officials are silent, they rush to these sanctuary city rallies, though, and they blame ice. speak to their criticism that ice doesn't show up in a timely manner and could have issued a warrant rather than just placing a detainer and coming when they could get there. >> well, laura, they are just obfuscating the issue. the california sanctuary law is perverse. it's crazy that they have passed a law that requires law enforcement, who are sworn to serve and protect, and uphold not only the laws of the state of california, but federal law and the constitution of the u.s., laws that force them to let public safety threats go loose in the community and this is what's going to happen. people are going to die and it has happened and it will continue to happen. it's crazy. >> laura: joe, i'm going to go
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to you here, because newsom was on another network tonight, the governor of california, and he said this. >> crisis, not just manufactured in the context of the larger issue, but is substantivelyhe manufactured with intentionality by thesu trump administration, that's metering those crossings, doing nothing to help support these people and actually creating the conditions that they are condemning. this is a farce. it's political theater, and the fact is, california is not going to play part of that. >> laura: okay, joe, so it's manufactured, that by the end of this year, we'll have about 800,000 people who have crossed our border in between ports of entry, gaming the system, jumping ahead in line of other people waiting patiently to apply legally, claiming asylum, being released into the system, maybe an ankle bracelet slapped n but won't show up, can you
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explain that comment from your governor? >> well, yeah, i actually agree with galvin on this one.e. this is the president using this particular issue for political theater, and -- >> laura: hold on, joe what is he using? are you denying that that number are crossing the border or are you telling that or is that cool? >> i'm not denying numbers, absolutely not but what i am denying is the fact that, you know, when the president puts up videos of caravans and all of this theater -- look, this has been an issue for years. this is not -- >> laura: no, no, no.>> >> he's trying to use this particular issue to build this wall to get some more attention at the border. we have problems at the border but the bigger problem here, laura, is the fact that we've t got broken laws, whether it's an immigration law, gun law, sanctuary city law, and they are third rail issues because the republicans and the democrats, we're not, you know, we shouldn't be let off the hook.
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we'll not address the problems with these laws because it shows some weakness. in the end, the person that really suffers -- >> laura: the woman suffered, she was cut up. she was cut up, lived alone, and the last moments of her life were in terror. we can't get an official from santa clara county to come on the show and explain what the hell happened here, okay? i've got to say, i hear, oh, it's not -- we had 76,000 people crossing our border, 82,000 per year it cost american taxpayer, to take care of them. their children, their healthcare. their education, their infrastructure. that in and of itself, and, mark, most people listening, they don't make $82,000 per year.os >> it's definitely a problem. >> laura: it's a crisis beyond crisis. >> you've got the senate and thn congress and the president to get together and fix the
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immigration issue. >> laura: we have borders. don't cross the border illegalli but we've got to fix it by partly building that wall. >> it's not a problem. it's a national emergency and you can't just look at one thing. what i will agree with him is, the asylum laws need to be fixed but fix the stuff at the board and only focus on the laws, you need to do it all. think about just what happened this week as well. two six-year-olds and a 9-year-old was dropped over a physical barrier like a piece of trash. left, and the cartel did it on purpose so border would handle it and 10 people went through. guess what? i would say those 10, not all of them are mr. rogers. you're possibly looking at someone else that will kill the next american citizen.oan0ugse >> laura: listen to this claude, i've got to get you on this, to mark's point and maybe even to joe's point, the "new york times," nick, who is a front page reporter, really good writer, this is what he said this is all about. just the white people, i guess.
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>> they are acutely aware other fact that america won't be a majority white country going down the road. they are acutely aware of it. they are sensitive to it. that's what this is all. about. people who foresee the day in which they are not thehi dominat people in america and they are freaked out about it. >> laura: that's a "new york times." is he still working for the times? i don't remember if he's still working for the times. that's it. f that's the extent of the thought, claude that goes into this. it's all about a bunch of white people, it doesn't matter, legal, illegal, they just want the country to be white. to me that's the kind of poisonous rhetoric that's harmful to our country. maybe a few freaks think that way but the majority of americans love all people, they want people to come in legally. legally. >> it's ridiculous. the bottom line is that we have people coming into this country from latin america because they are poor countries and they are
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coming here to work and to make money. but if for some reason, god forbid, canada became a very poor country, and there were white canadians streaming across the northern border illegally, we would treat it exactly the same because those are our laws, right? sa it's just a ridiculous argument. >> laura: i think we're going back to, joe, there are a lot of people on the left who justre think the laws are racist. we've gotten to the truth in a very circuitous way here. the laws themselves are racist because america is really living on stolen land stolen from the indians, stolen from the mexicans, pillaged, obviously, the original sin of slavery, we have, i'm summarizing, we have, we have a corrupt founding. so the whole thing has to be thrown out. that's what a lot of leftists think and that's what they are about. >> the criminal justice system
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definitely has some institutional racism in no question. we see it in our bail system. we see it in our conviction rates. we see it -- we even see it on death row which is why our governor here is refusing to enforce the death penalty now. but there is institutional racism in our system. we need to root that out but you're absolutely right. the comment that that reporter made is a pretty ignorant comment. we all -- especially here in california, that ship has passed. we all come from, at least myself and a lot of people here in california, we're allll immigrants. at the end of the day we're all immigrants here, and it's a d pretty ignorant comment. >> laura: i think -- are we out of time? do we have time for one more thing? what was -- all right. bill barr, we have to play bill barr, sorry. attorney general, we haven't heard much from him. he spoke out tonight, latee today, about the national emergency, important. watch.
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>> mr. president, your declaration of an emergency on the southern border was clearly authorized under the law, and consistent with a past president. humanitarian and security crisiy we have on the board right now is exactly the kind of emergency that presidents are permitted to address under the national emergency's act. >> laura: mark, the 12 republicans, not voting for the national emergency, word for them tonight? >>pu it's absurd. you just heard the attorney general lay it out. you heard law enforcement officers there, hundreds of years of experience laying out that it's a national emergency. border patrol, cdp, again, countless times laying it out, thank goodness we have a president of the united states who vetoed this. he's doing the right thing for the american people. >> laura: absolutely. veto, i celebrate it. thank you so much. coming up, is the left using a terror attack in new zealand to silence speech? tucker carlson will be here to talk about that issue, plus the
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worst media offenders of the week, "the ingraham angle" has his eyes on the media people. the tape you don't want to miss next. on the media people. the tape you don't want to miss next.
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you. all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> laura: all right. it's easy to become numb about
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media bias these days so "the ingraham angle" is keeping track of the worst offenders each week. joining me now, author of the forthcoming book "swamp wars," along with fox news media analyst and host of the fabulous show media buzz. panel, let's begin with chris cuomo trying to coroner kellyanne conway over a recent interview by the president. >> -- and cops may get violent in his defense. >> yeah -- >> he didn't say that. >> laura: well, it wasn't quite right, was it, chris? here's what trump said. he said i can tell you i have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the bikers for trump, i have the tough people but they don't play it tough until they go to a certain point and then it would be very, very bad. jeff, why did the media try so
11:25 pm
hard to ascribe the most violent intentions to the president, who is talking kind of like a new yorker there, what's going on? >> there is even more to this, laura. the president was talking with breitbart about the -- the question had to do with the "viciousness" of the left and the president began with a rip on his executive order on free on his executive order on free i know you will recall this, the president clearly had on his mind, he had met williams, young man who was on the berkeley campus who was doing nothing but handing out literature or whatever and got punched in the face unprovoked. you had him on the show. i have met him. that was clearly on the president's mind. then he says, what chris cuomo attributes to him, and there is one other there is one other thing here about my old colleague there, chris, when he was talking about antifa quite a while ago, he said people who show up to fight bigots are not to be judged the same as bigots and punches are not equal morally.
11:26 pm
>> laura: all right. look, this is -- this is a story that led all day long on all the networks. that aspect, a tough one. >> the president did delete a tweet with those words becausee. in light -- >> laura: the language but it wasn't -- the context was -- >> he didn't say exactly that as chris cuomo was saying. he's a lawyer and knows how to parse words. >> laura: disgusting reaction to the mosque shooting. we played it earlier but she said something outrageous. a little oversaturation but cnn's powers. >> i think you can blame donald trump for really trafficking in bigotry and, you know, islamophobia, wanting to ban all muslims, as he said, during the campaign. they have maybe some things in common in terms of how they think about people.
11:27 pm
>> laura: howie? >> you know, when there is a terrible tragedy and even as bodies are being brought out, the fingerpointers want to score political points, so even though this is happening on the other side of the world and has nothing whatsoever to do with president trump, we can debate his rhetoric for hours but i the idea that trump inspired this and set the tone for some crazed mad man in new zealand really makes me angry. >> laura: do republicans do this to the bernie sanders supporter who shot up the baseball field? >> exactly. >> laura: did we sit around saying, well, obama's people said this and pelosi said this -- it was a freak. he happened to be a bernie sanders supporter and had a lott of wacky theories. >> that's right. laura, i was just about to say this.. if you'll recall, shooter of the scalise shooting was a big fan
11:28 pm
of msnbc and i was fan over there. one of their anchors over there. now, when we hear the kind of arguments that were just made what they are saying in essence, is msnbc was responsible for the shooting of steve scalise. that's just crazy. bernie sanders had nothing to do with it you have to give peoplev responsibility for their aboutut -- for their acts and when you don't, what you're doing is effectively encouraging more of it and it's got stop! >> laura: we're going to get into this with tucker but they want to take certain words and descriptions and even ideologies off the table. we'll get into that with tucker. the college admission scandal, biggest story of the week before this obviously horrible act of evil in new zealand but some folks may have wanted to sit ouv commenting on it. watch. >> a lot of people will point outf that donald trump himself s a beneficiary of a system that's rigged in favor of the elite. >> how much sympathy would you have for these parents who are embroiled in this alleged cheating scandal?
11:29 pm
>> zero. >> laura: no self-awareness on fraud. >> this just drives me nuts. the media have to make every story about the president. a meteor hits the earth, trump should have shot it down. don lemon is good friends with jussie smollett ought to know better than to play that particularly card here. really, he should blame lori loughlin and felicity huffman, the two actors involved and not drag in the president. >> laura: jeff, 10 seconds. >> yeah, elizabeth warren and the parents of these kids know how to scam colleges quite clearly. >> laura: still ahead, thanks, guys, using tragedy to squelch speech. tucker carlson is here tonight. he has an answer to that question, plus decoding beto's body language. arroyo will be here with us and it will be trump versus beto because trump likes, you know,
11:30 pm
too, but what do these different hand motions' style tell us about both people? it's very interesting, and arroyo will be with us next on "friday follies." be with us net
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>> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for "friday follies." beto's bizarre gestures what do they mean? is it appropriate for kids to strike from school over climate strike from school over climate "new york times" best-selling author of "the will wilder series," including the new amulet of power. all right, what on earth, it's like beta max, coming back. coming back. >> well, he's clearly trying to signal something here, laura. i did a lot of study over the last 24 hours and i was trained in body language and gestures as
11:35 pm
an actor. i'm not coming out of left side. beto's gestures actually tell us a lot about him as a person. now, it should be said, people use gestures when dealing with special concepts like direction. >> laura: you do that. >> or when dealingh with abstractions but o'roark's gestures tell us something more. watch. >> i just got a call from my wife amy, who is back in el paso, texas, where she's raising sometimes with my help, a 12-year-old, a 10-year-old and little brother henry who is eight. she's feeding them and taking them to school. even though this is the first day, i miss them terribly. but i tell you this, it's those kids and it's your kids and it's your grandkids and the generations that follow, that push us out into the country to do this incredibly important work together. >> there is something at play
11:36 pm
here, laura. he beats out every word but i'm going to tell you what's happening psychologically b beneath the surface. he's a very inarticulate guy and he's straining for the words so he's using the gestures tote fil the pauses and he's almost trying to summon the next word out, because this fills the gap. >> laura: exactly what he's doing. >> he's a man, he has very halting speech. he's unsure of how he's communicating and he's obviously not confident in what's coming out of his mouth. so this is filling in the gap. it's like a war happening between what he's saying and what his body is doing. it's fascinating. i watched hours of this today. >> laura: people say trump uses his hands, which he does, but trump's hand motions -- >> we'll get to thatat in a moment. there was a british study that showed that gesturing might foster creative thinking. if so, beto might join in at
11:37 pm
this point. again, there are other people who wildly just articulate, well, it doesn't always help. >> again, you know what mariah is doing, she does this to fill in the notes that don't come. he's doing almost the same thing. an amazing phenomenon. >> laura: she's done it for years, rainwater gesture. when she's singing, she does this. just hits a note. >> if you don't have the notes, you fill in with the gestures. >> laura: his gestures go into odd places. it's -- >> look, if the presidential thing doesn't work out for beto there is a back-up career and i thought of this repeatedly, he could always be a signer. by the way, this is a fraudulent signer from tampa, she was saying nothing, laura.
11:38 pm
she's just making it up. >> laura: how horrible. anyway, rather than analyze the gestures as they should have done, as we just did, the media went right to the political, watch this. >> it's been more than noted today that this president has his own vast collection of hand gestures. >> oh, yes. president trump: i said, i do? this is fake news put out by the media. >> bing, bing, bum.. >> bing, bing, bunk, bunk, bing, bing. >> you know what that is, right? >> the, verbal and manual stylings of our presidents say nothing of his newest challenger on the democratic side. >> the difference here is trump uses gestures to accentuate and underscore. he's not filling gaps or filling time. when he goes, bing, bing, he's actually using that to underscore -- >> laura: that sounds like don rickles. across the globe today, in some
11:39 pm
500 cities, students decided to ditch school, convenient, where do i go to sign up for that, protest climate change and demand action. here's a bit of the action from d.c. today. >> we don't want coal, oil, the green deal. >> it's time for us to stop watching. it's time for us to fight back. we're the generation that will lead international action. >> anybody with common sense and who care for our generation and future generations should be here marching with us today. >> there are -- there is way too much -- >> what happened to truancy. you're not supposed to just leave school. >> laura: celebrated by adults who indulge them. >> who encourage them. >> laura: by the way it's a lot easier than algebra 2 or pre-cal or calculus or statistics.
11:40 pm
>> when we're beneath proficiency in reading, math, and science in the united states. >> laura: the indians are out therece doing climate change. >> but they are way above us academically. they can afford it. but here's the problem. why are we training these kids to be professional activists, train them to do something. then you can get politically motivated because -- i don't like this. >> laura: no. if you learn something, go out in the world, study it and learn it, fine, or if you've just done something, i'm 14, pay attentioo to me. okay. >> the "new york times" had this little opinion piece, it was a kid reading to adults in the library teaching them about climate change. >> the world is big and i'm small, one day i wish to see it all. by new york, miami, both cities swallowed by the sea. >> whose fault is all this climate mess?
11:41 pm
you grown-ups must confess. no time for celebration. you totally screwed my generation. >> laura: lovely. >> another longfellow. he should go to -- >> laura: byron and keith all combined. >> write a report, read something about climate change, activism. >> laura: there is a tendency to the left to use tragedy to not just win a political argument but to circumscribe and limit speech in the process. tucker carlson is here late on a friday night to explain next. tua frididididid tua [music playing] (vo) this is jerry. jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch.
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>> laura: here's an important follow-up to one of the more undercovered stories of the brett kavanaugh confirmation hearing. former democratic senate costco, he was accused of revealing the numbers and addresses of the republican senators, remember? he has a more complicated background than first known. the daily caller news foundation reporting that not only did he possess that sensitive senate data but he's also the son of a wealthy family from california who has, big surprise, close ties to diane feinstein. now, remember, senator
11:46 pm
feinstein, who many believe timed that leak to the sexual assault allegations against kavanaugh in order to destroy his nomination, yeah, that feinstein, the connections are hard to miss. the wealthy family is tied to folks in power, it just represents another example in a long line offenses to people on the right, that people on the o left would rather go unchallenged, and have no repercussions, of course. between the college admissions scam we talked about earlier this week, the covington catholic store, the smollett hoax and so many others, offenses seem to be quickly accused so long as the victims are on the right. what should we take from all of this? we need real consequences and real repercussions in cases where the powerful are allowed to act. it seems, to a lot of us, with impunity. even to the point of criminality. also tonight as we mentioned at the top of the show there is a tendency on the left to not just
11:47 pm
use tragedy to win political arguments, but to shut down speech they don't like. now here's just one example of this tactic. t >> he referred to the southern border as an invasion. the precise language used by the in this case and the shooter -- even though he's been warned again and again about the consequences of his rhetoric he continues to use it in the exact same breath in which he's expressing condolences. >> laura: in other words, stop advocating for border enforcement using strong language. stop talking about sovereignty. donald trump. and anyone else who believes the same way he does. we're now joined by our own tucker carlson, host of tuckerer carlson tonight, right here on fox at 8:00. you've gone through your deal this week, it isn't enough to blame trump, they want to go further than that, don't they? they want to circumscribe speech. >> of course. virtually every crisis or disaster or mass shooting,
11:48 pm
terror attack, even naturals disaster, is used as a pretext, to work toward a preexisting goal which is to make it a more, authoritarian society and get rid of the rights that are in the way of accumulating more power. the first and second amendments are first and second on that list. >> laura: the left is already moving against the nra and second amendment rights. you've heard that all over the internet. that's happening in new zealand but let's focus on the unitedr states.ew the left was always priding itself, you know. go back 30 years. they were the freedom party. make love. not war. we're for happiness, love, all the smiley faces but now the left is the anti-freedom party and we're seeing this in so many ways. obviously, on the speech front, they want to shut down people they don't like. they want to try to get them off the air or change the way they use language, but now when a freak, an evildoer, terrorist, in another country, thousands of
11:49 pm
miles away, when he uses a a phrase, now, no one else can use that phrase. where does this end up going, tucker? >> tucker: you can't squelch ideas actually over time, and the internet, for all of its unintended bad consequences, and edere are certainly many, a probably too many to count the one thing that's hearteningnd about the internet is you can'tm really control it. it's just not built to be controlled and so, this is fruitless. you can shut down this social media engine or you can kick these people off twitter, you can de platform people and not let them use paypal but in the end if an idea seems right, people will be convinced by it. i think what the left has lost the ability to do is make an argument and the reason they have lost that ability is because they are in charge. they are for free speech when they are on the outside looking in fighting the establishment. now they are the establishment and so free speech is a threat to them. to them. by the way. they aren't the first people in
11:50 pm
charge to clamp down. woodrow wilson put people in prison for disagreeing with the first world war but it's interesting that it happened so quickly that the same boomer generation, the same people protesting in berkeley in 1964 for the free speech movement are now telling us hate speech is real and you need to be punished if you disagree. it's amazing. >> laura: president trump was asked about this in the oval office today and he made some comments. let's watch. president trump: i don't really. umthink it's a small group of people that have very serious problems. i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand, perhaps the case. i don't know enough about it yet. >> laura: so donald trump comes out and makes some brief remarks. the lower third at cnn, i think it seemed like it was an hour, maybe it was shorter than that, tucker, was donald trump,, basically, downplays white nationalism or claims that white nationalism isn't on the rise. i'm thinking, yeah, you might as well mock him up in a white hood
11:51 pm
in a kkk outfit, okay? because that's what -- it wasn't even implying. it was explicit. unbelievable. >> it's also boring. what's this have to do with trump? it was a brit in new zealand shooting up a mosque, two mosques, that has nothing to do with the united states, or donald trump. i mean, it's a measure of their man yeah. that's one of the problems i have about this moment, is not only is it authoritarian but completely uninteresting.ri if everything is about trump then this is no room for anything else and there is a lot of other stuff going on.s hi you see what i'm saying? rather than look at, why does this guy do this? we're not sure, the manifesto gives us a lot of clues but nothing of that has to do with trump. it's weird. >> laura: tucker, there was a moment where peter bergen, who is fairly well respected, he
11:52 pm
interviewed laden, he's a pretty interesting guy but he was on cnn, i interviewed him a bunch of time, i'm sure you have, too, but he's trying to equate new zealand and the horrific act of terrorism there with the general populist movement in europe. i want you to listen closely to how he phrases it because that'n ultimately where this is going, a totally ideological war because of the words used in this manifesto. let's watch. >> essentially ultrawhite nationalist parties in europe. these used to be marginal five years ago. la pen is now a very powerful politician in france. very politician in holland. poland and hungary are controlled by ultranationalist politicians so the whole environment, it's not just simply white nationalists, violent extremists, but the whole environment in the west
11:53 pm
has become much more sympathetic to these ideas. >> laura: tucker, they are sympathetic to the mass killer because the elites failed europe and the standard of living of and the standard of living of and they are frustrated with their governments. so they are making that connection now. that was probably the most infuriating comment of the day for me. >> tucker: his point about nationalism is right, i think. i don't think it's a bad thing. countries should be nationalists, nation states should be nationalist states. they are nations. it doesn't mean -- exactly, they don't need to be violent or ethnostates. or anything creepy like that. i reject all of that stuff personally, but they should act in their own interest. that's not weird. merkel is the anomaly. if a resurgent right nationalist, right emerges in german, make us all nervous, definitely i'm included, you can blame it's so interesting, a smart guy like him, he's a smartan guy, i like him, but take the next
11:54 pm
step, why is this happening in it's happening because the people in charge are morons and they govern for their own benefit. totally ideological and they can't change course even when the current course has proven to be disastrous. that's the real story. >> laura: the global elitesus screwed up, the people reacted, and sometimes they are going to overreact, and then they never take a moment and pause and say, how can we do this better? how can we make a difference here? unbelievable. tucker, love having you on. i know you stayed up late. thank you so much. we really appreciate. i appreciate it. thank you. >> laura: thanks for joining us late on a friday night. we'll be right back with my twitter smackdown of the day. this person just makes it so easy sometimes, but it's still fun.
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>> laura: time for my twitter smacked them for the day, alexandria ocasio-cortez twee >> time for my twitter smack down of the day. alexandria ocasio cortez tweeting up a storm today including this daily reminder that we have a muslim man in this country made out of the president's hostility to muslim people with little to no supporting evidence and a republican party that tolerates it. repealing the than is square one. i had to set her straight and tweeted ignorance must be bliss. the travel ban is not a muslim man. if it was it would have included the three biggest muslim countries and it doesn't. indonesia, india, and pakistan. if you didn't learn this in your congressional orientation or the reading you do on the side maybe we should go back and hit the books.
12:00 am
that is all the time we have tonight. check out the podcast, 3 new episodes, go to podcast and subscribe very easy and shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. shannon: i am shannon bream in washington and we begin with a fox news alert. the suspect in the mosque hearing makes his first court hearing as authorities scrutinize his manifesto and social media trail and others jump to conclusions. and interviewer, he does not feel like white privilege but disadvantage in a crowded democratic field. that and interesting nuggets from his past and the countdown to 2020.


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