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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 16, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that is all the time we have tonight. check out the podcast, 3 new episodes, go to podcast and subscribe very easy and shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. shannon: i am shannon bream in washington and we begin with a fox news alert. the suspect in the mosque hearing makes his first court hearing as authorities scrutinize his manifesto and social media trail and others jump to conclusions. and interviewer, he does not feel like white privilege but disadvantage in a crowded democratic field. that and interesting nuggets from his past and the countdown to 2020. our attorneys will argue the case in the school district advocating gun-control and forcing students to take part. what we saw live last night, the
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horror unfolding in new zealand and the suspect steeped in hatred and obsessed with social media, the tragedy takes a political turn, we have team coverage with kristin fisher looking at the massacre in christchurch. >> the 74 page manifesto is mostly ranting and rambling, but offers precise detail, self-proclaimed white supremacist makes clear his ideology is more communist than conservative. the tractor friends convinced him under innovation. not only to be true but profoundly understated. and the gunman on that assault
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rifles locked into the mosque and live streamed a horrifying 17 minutes. first shooting people outside and then walking inside and opening fire and worshipers cowering in separate corners. he then reloaded and finished off the wounded. when he left the mosque, before driving over her body. by our count, 236 shots were fired in 6 minutes and 43 seconds. a woman driving by the mosque thought she heard firecrackers. >> they started falling and one fell to the right. >> reporter: another witness said the second mosque, and armed hero sees the shooter's and gun and chased man fired shots as the suspect drove away. in the manifesto the shooter asked himself if he supports donald trump. his answer, quote, as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose, sure. has a policymaker and leader,
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dear god no. donald trump was asked if white nationalism is a rising threat. >> i think it is a small group of people with serious problems. if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that is the case. i don't know enough about it. they are just learning about the person and people involved but it is a terrible thing. >> reporter: the heartrending task of identifying victims and notifying families goes on. shannon: the president gathered law enforcement officials and parents who lost loved one to crimes committed by people in the us to support his emergency declaration and the witness's first veto of the resolution to reject the declaration. they also address the tragic events in new zealand. kristin fisher is in the white house.
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>> the white house is pushing back hard on accusations of some democrats that donald trump's rhetoric was a factor in his new zealand masqueraded didn't help that donald trump said this, what tracy was just referencing when asked if he sees white nationalism as a growing threat around the world. >> i don't really. i think it is a small group of people who have serious problems. >> reporter: kirsten gillibrand said time and time again this president has embraced and emboldened white supremacists and instead of condemning racist terrorists he covers for them. is it normal acceptable? we have to be better than this. donald trump didn't address that kind of criticism while speaking from the oval office. >> earlier today i spoke with
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prime minister jacinda ardern of new zealand following the terrorist attacks of two mosques, the sacred places of worship returned into sees of evil killing. you have all been seeing what went on. it is a horrible thing. i told the prime minister the united states is with them all the way, 100% whatever they need we will be there. >> donald trump made those remarks at a signing ceremony for the first veto of his presidency surrounded by angel parents who lost a child. donald trump explains why he would not allow congress to block his national emergency declaration. >> as president the protection of the nation is my highest duty. yesterday congress passed a dangerous resolution that have signed into law would put countless americans in danger, very grave danger. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it. >> congress also has the freedom to try to override it and before the ink was dry on this veto
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nancy pelosi was announcing a date for the override vote, march 26th. she said a statement, quote, the house and senate resoundingly reject the president's lawless power grab and the president has chosen to continue to defy the constitution, the congress and the will of the american people. as for now the house is 40 votes shy of the 2 thirds majority needed to override the president's veto so it is a long shot but it could split republicans like it did earlier this week and that could be a big problem heading into 2020. >> is the world comes to grips with another stunning act of terror the finger pointing and evidence lead begins on the domestic front. you to discuss the hill columnist, but sexton and former cia analyst. you heard the discussion the president, his words from his rhetoric were to blame. here's what the national executive director of care had to say today. >> during your presidency and during your election campaign,
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islamohphobia took a sharp right and attacks on innocent muslims, innocent immigrants and mosques have skyrocketed. >> less than 24 hours at what do you make of links to our president to this attack overseas? >> this is exactly what the terrorists wanted. he made that explicit and clear. what we see here is there is an evolution of this kind of attack where social media is useful for these individuals, like-minded people to radicalize and post a manifesto. now it is easier to live streamed it and make sure it gets as wide a distribution as possible and what he has done here that you will see repeated in future attacks is he has brought in sensitive flash points that he is tied to this that have nothing to do with it but whenever people want to they
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will have an excuse to see individual acts or individual lie. who new zealand shooter was inspired by. that goes to the initial purpose which is to create the very division some people give oxygen to. >> they had a piece that said this. i would encourage my colleagues to be extraordinarily cautious in tying this to a narrative of online radicalization. some of the claims in his manifesto were obviously sarcastic and if anything contradicting such an interpretation but he did talk about the fact he wanted to create division and chaos in the us. >> a malignant narcissist and psychopath. when people are reading through this they should understand he was clearly disturbed but i also think when you have seen in the past people sometimes debating foreign policy decisions that say we don't want to play to the terrorist hands by taking people named in his manifesto that had nothing to do with this incident inspired this attack and don't know this individual and don't touch on many of the subjects he seemed so fixated on, that is
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playing into this terrorist, what he wants. he's been explicit about that. i just think the movement especially online to try to draw as much oxygen away from this individual and his attack and try and dampen the aftermath of this such that it doesn't become something that other extremists want to replicate is the best you can hope for in this circumstance to deal with going forward. >> does it muddy the attempt by a lot of people to bring people together, to have muslim community members in jewish community members and christians to sit down and talk about ways to root out this radicalization and support each other and people of no faith at all. does this drive a wedge into the ability to have a conversation? >> the terrorist in this case hope so in the strongest rebuke we could have in new zealand and around the world's for as much unity and autonomy as possible between all peoples, people of
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islamic faith and all faith and not allow him to get what he wants but what we are seeing on tv where they point to the president of the united states and other well-known figures using this to score really cheap and short-term political points against individuals who all feel terribly about what has happened here and have nothing to do with it and they should not be the usual cheap shot routine but that is what we have been seeing since this happened so i'm hoping it will change. >> we have to think about the families and individuals and people who are suffering enormous loss because of this but thank you for dropping in, good to see you. beta o'rourke hitting key states as we are learning some very interesting details from his past. is already a media sensation but will this backfire? stick around for howie kurtz who digs into beta mania. >> it has a new levity to it. >> like a jesus christ superstar
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seeing this guy in front of people. >> the power panel will weigh in as we continue the countdown to 2020. students around the globe go on a climate strike. we will tell you exactly what they are demanding. i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®.
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the only presidential candidate who has time for a vanity fair cover in which he talks about the near mystical experience of giving a speech powered by some outside force but the real force on his side is the media's beta mania. even when he was losing to senator ted cruz, counting him as a white house contender. >> sat down with oprah and they thought this guy has this dynamic positive energy. >> that liveliness, physicality seems to work with people. >> conservative posts also love talking about him in a mocking way. >> the media likes him because the media wants to be him. >> reporter: robert francis bozo o'rourke is what i call him is flailing his way into the race. >> he has detractors on the left, some declaring he's missing one important thing, an actual reason to rent. o'rourke wraps his answers in eloquent vagueness declined to
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take a stance on the green new deal or medicare for all answers impeaching donald trump is up to congress. >> 3 term congressman, no real legislation in his own name. why shouldn't voters be concerned about voting for you with your lack of experience? >> i'm grateful that ultimately it is up to voters. they will have a chance to meet with me. >> reporter: no question he has political charm and an ability to raise money but the media could soon fade if he doesn't offer a policy agenda or is that important in the personality driven trump era? >> reporter: howard kurtz, thank you very much. with 599 days until the election it is time to continue our countdown with executive and resident at american university school of public affairs, david drucker of the washington examiner and fox news political analyst gianna caldwell. who knew we were 600 days? >> not me.
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>> feels like the campaigns are never over. we know a lot about him, he's okay with staring down some border walls, abolishing ice, impeaching the president. he said every scientist agrees we have 12 years left to save the planet. is an opinion piece in the washington post, she calls his campaign a youthful folly. o'rourke is composite character churned out by a google algorithm specified a young spanish-speaking toss any guy whose name sounds latino even though he is 100% weight from a privileged background and the husband of a multimillionaire's daughter. >> this interesting and a lot -- with the media sensation of this guy which i find somewhat of an elitist and when i don't agree with all the time, a tv host named chris matthews says there's a lot of elitism in the
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democratic party and beta o'rourke embodies that because democrats including himself have chosen to run their party like a meritocracy and that being the case it is who is the most wealthy, the most connected and the person the media will like the most and we've got this guy, google algorithm as you said. >> this is the most diverse field ever to run in any presidential primary, women and minorities and interesting people and yet the polls over and over show us people want biden, bernie and beto. >> when it comes to biden and bernie we need to remember these poles are more reflective of name recognition than true choice. we have to remember it is early days even if it is under 600 to the next presidential election and here is why. the democratic national committee changed their rules a
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year ago. we got 3800 delegates allocated proportionately, not winner take all for the states, tons of candidates many in the progressive lane and got to give at least 15% of the vote to get any delegates. this could go all the way to the convention. beto is the flavor of the minute, not even the hour. >> a lot of speculation how he would do in the first 24 hours of fundraising because bernie sanders, something like $6 million everybody has been waiting to see what would happen. he is what he said in washington and iowa, quote, i choose not to. we are not going to see the first 24 hours. would we put too much into it? >> we read too much into everything and we are never wrong. we have to remember, a democratic primary like a republican primary given democrats are so energized you will see probably next year huge
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turnout and the larger the turnout, usually the more centrist candidate you end up with people forget this but broadly speaking most republican voters thought donald trump was not the most conservative candidate but he was the candidate that inspired them the most and the candidate they thought could win and democrats will end up choosing the candidate they think is where they sit and somebody who is a chameleon and appeal to a bunch of people and the one who is most inspiring and can win will get the nomination. one of the reasons bernie sanders, joe biden and beta o'rourke have peaked a lot of interest and we see more evidence of that is they tend to inspire and they tend to look like winnable candidates so i don't think there is any secret as to why beta o'rourke is getting so much attention. shannon: from the american thinker, speculation the former
12:22 am
vice president is about to get in himself, so far uncle joe is the most reasonable option to fend off trump's attack on socialism but at 76 without any energy in his last few speeches he lacks support of the media which have chosen beto. we know what happens when you choose someone too early, not the best thing for your party. >> that often happens when the media declares a winner. joe biden would be the best candidate to battle with donald trump because he's not someone people perceive as an elitist and he can be as crappy as donald trump and speak to the middle class and their values, difficult for many of the candidates currently in the race on the left and considering joe biden was vice president of barack obama some of that barack magic may be with him. this is a guy who doesn't hate republicans like folks on the left so that could be very intriguing, someone who appeals to some in the middle. >> he did say he would take the president out back if they were in high school and teach them a
12:23 am
lesson. >> that was in 2016. maybe we need someone on the democratic side that can both articulate a policy vision but at the same time go toe to toe with donald trump when it comes to blunt talk. i don't have a problem with crazy uncle joe's gaffes but the 2016 electoral map is the same in 2020 so places like ohio, wisconsin and pennsylvania democrats need to win them back from donald trump to gain the white house in somebody like joe biden and not bernie sanders or anybody else can compete in that sphere. >> the sanders campaign decided -- the campaign has decided to unionize and they are celebrating that, bernie sanders is the most prounion candidate in the field, the most prounion president in the white house and we are honored his campaign would be the first to have a unionized workforce.
12:24 am
is on the leading edge of a lot of things. >> he has staked out ground in the democratic party and in terms of policy he is where the energy is in the democratic base like the republican base wants to be bold, ambitious, they don't want to play safe, don't want to play in the center, that is why bernie sanders has been so exciting on the left. the unionization of the campaign is interesting because in order for a presidential campaign to be successful, long hours, weekends and resources are always tight even when raising tens of millions of dollars, never such thing as enough. any dollars spent over here can be spent on grassroots turnout and television ads so we will see how this works but clearly this will help him burnish his street credit but i don't think
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he leads anymore. >> if they can work in your going to work 20 hours a day it will be an average presidential campaign. david capri, thank you very much, thank you. brand-new evidence from the ethiopian airlines crash, black boxes being analyzed but there is something else investigators found at the crash site. dozens of high profile democrats say they are all about the green new deal. why don't they want to vote on the sweeping economic manifesto that could change your life as you know it? >> we are talking about putting tons of money and investment and not just throwing it away on useless infrastructure.
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shannon: supreme court justice brett kavanaugh is in the clear, federal court panel discussed 20 legal appeals involving alleged misconduct lodged against the supreme court justice around the time of his contentious senate confirmation last year. the complaints were tossed out by the 10th circuit court of appeals judicial council which
12:30 am
said it had no authority to investigate the claims. new development in the tragic crash of ethiopian airlines flight 302, 157 people were on board, all of them died. a moment of silence to honor the victims at the un led by the secretary-general antonio gutierrez. analysis of the flight data recorder begins with sprint, brand-new details about what we are learning. >> the story is constantly developing, we need new information in the last 45 minutes. there is a report out that boeing plans to release upgraded plane software within a week to 10 days and details of the flight's final minutes are frightening and disturbing and there are also reports that playmaker and if a a are fighting over procedure. in the final minutes of ethiopian airlines flight 302, the plane began teetering back and forth eventually losing altitude and taking a nosedive to the ground. 157 people were killed. after delay and frustration investigators have recovered the
12:31 am
black box and are doing extensive analysis at a lab in paris. >> air traffic controller -- the pilot mentioned he wants to play tough. >> reporter: family members continue to mourn at the site of the crash. earlier this week investigators discovered a jackscrew from the plane, the same piece found in alaska flight 261 crash in 2000 but investigators continue to focus on possible similarities between flight 302, and the crash in indonesia on october 29th. both planes were boeing 737 max 8s and both crashed just minutes
12:32 am
into their jersey. data from the lion air flight indicated pilots tried to override the safety system called a maneuvering characteristic augmentation system. investigators in both crashes believe the safest system malfunction. expert say the fix is not difficult. >> on monday the faa said they were planning an april to mandate a software upgrade. it would only take an hour and one presumes as soon as the software is uploaded you returned to service. >> the wall street journal reports once the software update is complete the faa is pushing extensive training on computers while boeing officials advocate training that is not as comprehensive. before these planes fly again the faa has final say on training procedures, the list of countries banning them continues to grow. airlines will rebook those who had flights. >> new developments minute by minute. high profile democrats embracing
12:33 am
the green new deal, and republican plans to put it to a vote in the senate. today young people around the globe are rolling out their list of demands as relates to climate change. peter doocy has the story tonight. >> reporter: students worried about global warming staged a global protest. now mitch mcconnell is teeing up a procedural vote in the senate for a green new deal so democrats running for president will have a chance to vote yes in support of it but alexandria ocasio cortez smells a stunned. >> i support having a real vote. >> reporter: a vote in the house, the gop developing hearings. >> only through the scrutiny of the legislative process can the american people get a true sense how these proposals and soundbites translate into actual policy. >> reporter: republicans aren't the only ones concerned.
12:34 am
union members of the afl-cio road to aoc to say we will not accept proposals that could cause immediate harm to millions of our members and their families but the congresswoman says union workers concerns are misplaced. >> there is so much work to do transitioning to 100% renewable energy and we have to do that work with union labor, we have to do that work with reinvigorating the entire workforce. >> reporter: one thing ocasio cortez isn't ready to say is which of the democrats running on the green new deal has her vote. >> too early to ask what you think of the 2020 democrats? everybody gets asked about the green new deal. >> it is a winning issue. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell thinks it is a winning issue for republicans. that is why he called a vote for a green new deal he doesn't support. he wants presidential candidates on the record voting for this measure that is expected to fall short of passage.
12:35 am
>> an attempted coup against donald trump, senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham is demanding the justice department turnover any information about discussions by top doj officials, fbi officials to use the 25th amendment to unseat the president. stick around for tonight at legal eagles.
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>> the chair of the senate judiciary committee is demanding answers about what amounts to a coup against the president by top justice department officials. katherine herridge has the details. >> reporter: in the letter to william barr, all references including the so-called mccabe memos drafted by the fbi director. the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee linda graham said he is formally
12:40 am
investigating allegations andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein and others discussed secretly recording the president and invoking the 25th amendment, quote, the committee is deeply concerned with these discussions and whether they indicate two of the highest-ranking law-enforcement officials in the united states were discussing what amounts to a coup against the president. also unsealed records show how the anti-trump dossier was circulated before and after the 2016 election, court records confirm david kramer, an aide to john mcclain, give the dossier to both the news and a dozen reporters. kramer told the court he was singled out by the dossier's are there, christopher steel, to lend credibility to the democrat funded opposition research. the project was run by glenn simpson's fusion gps, quote, i think a senior republican was a better recipient than democrats because he is a democrat in the deal would have been dismissed as a political attack.
12:41 am
the former counterintelligence chief also filed a declaration that the fbi got the dossier's first 33 pages in december 2013 but the fbi was receiving memos from other sources. president obama was briefed on the dossier by senior intelligence officials including james clapper ten days before the inauguration, the same time buzz feed published it online. shannon: do they have to turn over the information senator graham requested? we talk about it with the new website, welcome to you both. a broader quote from chairman graham's letter, the committee is deeply concerned with these discussions and whether they indicate two of the highest-ranking law-enforcement officials were discussing what
12:42 am
amounts to a coup against the president, referring to mccabe's assertions they talk about the 25th amendment or those willing to go along with it. >> me first? it was a remarkable, dramatic episode and maybe we do need to learn about it. it is politically slanted. wasn't just the two of them. johnson appreciate this atmosphere of crisis all over the department and real concern about the irregular behavior of the president and comey. and stunning as this was, it is going to be a real battle about whether it gets turned over, in
12:43 am
fact whatever assertions of privilege the executive makes won't prevail in this will see the light of day. shannon: the senator wants to know everybody in the meeting. and other names float around. he was given until march 29th to turn over all the info. >> harry can talk to the whole show. i feel bad interrupting him. anyone who thinks there is a lot of controversy and disruption of the justice department after
12:44 am
comey's firing, the 25th amendment applied, that donald trump was under the terms of the constitution able -- unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office ought to have its head examined and i hope lindsey graham is about to do that. i would not say it is a 2 but he had an unconstitutional use of the 25th amendment. people think trump is a spy the avenue for correcting that is impeachment, not to claim or pretend he is medically unfit and remove him from office. i could see the fbi or justice department claiming executive privilege but who could force those people to testify? donald trump. all he has to do is say go up and testify and tell congress everything that happened and everybody in the room. >> a bizarre claim of executive privilege, the president and his deliberation. i would say coup seems a loaded term to me as well. they banded about the 25th amendment and everything. what do we do here? this is crazy.
12:45 am
>> the chairman, lindsey graham, the second special counsel, time to dig into how the doj and fbi handles the hillary clinton email investigation but the more we get information released, deals that were made and all kinds of things and see if we get these documents but come back because we have more to talk about. new live pictures from christchurch, new zealand. you see the flowers piled up, people are stopping their to mark this tragedy, the master of 49 people killed. two mosques there, calling it one of the darkest days of prime minister as they try to come to terms with what happened and we are learning more details about the shooter, what prompted him
12:46 am
to act. what he hopes will happen, division and chaos as the country tries to recover. students protesting today unveiling their climate change list of demands. not the only issue mobilizing young people. a national walkout happened last year to protest gun violence in schools in the week of the parkland school shooting. do school officials in one district force kids to participate and violate their right to the process? some parents say yes, we will tell you where it is happening, stick around for night court. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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♪ >> shannon: it is >> time for night court. a lawsuit brought by four. against public schools in oregon alleging students were coerced to take part in a massive anti-gun walkout during school hours. let's talk about with today at legal eagles, constitutional law attorney jenna ellis. exhibit a. we have attorney for the parents, two sets of parents guilty of highly misleading propaganda coupled with emotional manipulation of 50,000 portland schoolchildren, allowed the school system to create political theater designed to manipulate public opinion and
12:51 am
pressure elected officials to ban guns. they say they were used as political ponds. what do you say? >> this is nothing but a roos. this lawsuit is nothing but a veneer because it is more about the parents views than the kids views and the parents are trying to instill their views into this lawsuit. how many 13, 14 or 15-year-olds have a precise view on whether guns should be prohibited or not? i think what this is really about his parents using children as ponds to promote their own political agenda and where is there evidence of the emotional torture these kids went through to actually go to a rally that might stop shootings at schools or shootings like in las vegas? >> to that deck of the school
12:52 am
district says it disputes the plaintiff's claims, 16,000 emails it turned over demonstrate the intentional planning went into its response to a charged political atmosphere. the school sake we didn't force these kids to do anything. >> to brian's point all the emails you read, the email evidence shows the superintendents as well as members of the teachers union, the administration have a very particular political message and they didn't just plan this and say you can do what you want. they were coercing and compelling political speech and taking a particular side to influence that using the children. parents can represent minors but for a government actor through public schools to coerce and control speech goes against the students right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly so this absolutely is a legitimate claim for the parents to say their kids should not have been used to advance a
12:53 am
school district, using government resources. shannon: they say the school system reprogram school bills to a special protest period could be created at the expense of ordinary class time so no one may be marked absent for participating. teachers throughout the system did not need permission to participate in the protest. >> the main fact is did this school compel these kids to participate in this activity? it is one thing to file a lawsuit and assert factual pleadings but it is a different story to put up evidence that these kids were forced to attend this, politically motivated event, that will be fleshed out here and this wasn't about teachers wages.
12:54 am
this is about public safety. heather: a closing argument. >> the school district taking one side. imagine a teachers union supporting and encouraging students to go to a trump rally? everyone would be up in arms, this is a politically charged public and public schools need to stay out of it. shannon: you and brian made your arguments, great to see you tonight. it is up to you, tweet us and let us know at shannon bream. multiple midnight hero's tonight. police officer in colorado springs fighting to recover from life-threatening injuries. find out what an actor and wwe superstar is doing to help. to transform your mind and body. download the audible app and start listening today. ♪ (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work...
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preparing for legal battles if utah republican governor jerry herbert signed a recently passed measure that bans most abortions after 18 weeks. asa hutchinson signed a similar bill into law today. utah has two clinic that perform abortions was border patrol agents in san diego arresting 52 migrants that cut through a border fence. video posted to youtube show doesn't squeezing through including 17 children from ages from 1 to 14. john piña is responding to calls about colorado - colorado springs police officer was shot in the line of duty last year and trying to recover from a head wound. >> never give up. your journey and your perseverance is amazing. i wanted to send a personal message and thank you. shannon: teams from utah making it their mission during winter storms to warm up their homeless communities, they are working together cutting and decorating foam to insulate waterproof vests that go to an organization with a policy called the turtle
1:00 am
shelter project. a small pouch can double as a pool. everyone involved is heroes tonight. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. >> sean: we start tonight with a fox news alert. breaking just now, portions of christopher steele's deposition have now been unsealed and confirmation that his dirty russian dossier was nothing more than we've been telling you. unverified. uncorroborated. speculative, garbage, bought for and paid for by hillary clinton, done bunked. meanwhile, other unsealed documents are showing how a long time associate of the late senator john mccain played a vital role in that dirty dossier. we have big breaking news coming up but first, terrorism strikes new zealand. 49 innocent human beings


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