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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 16, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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bubble. you call yourself the resistance then fight behind ♪ enemy lines. that's what a resistance does. that's the difference between blowing up a tank and tweeting about it get out of your echo chamber and ♪ infiltrate theirs. >> in vetoing this pete: fantastic. rachel: he brings up such a resolution, i have the duty great point. to veto it and i'm very republican members of proud to veto it. congress' vote to deny the congress are very accustomed to taking tough questions crisis on the southern border is a vote against from liberals. most the media is liberal. and liberals and democrats reality. >> your declaration of an in congress have been very emergency on the southern border was clearly very coddled by the press. authorized under the law. they don't like tough >> the suspect in the mass questions and they know they shooting of two new zealand will get tough and fair questions from fox news. mosques makes his first they don't want to do it. court appearance. >> security from the police pete: we invite democrats on will continue at mosques. this program all the time. >> social media is useful elected officials. most of them don't accept for these individuals to find like-minded people to the invitation. someone like rochelle radicalize. >> i think it's a small ritchie the former press group of people that have secretary for house democrats was just on the couch with me. very, very serious problems. her and i probably don't >> the media seem to have agree on a single thing. we give her the chance to created the phenomenon known give her side and another as beto mania. side and have the conversation.
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>> i have enjoyed white the point he made that was so great is fox blows privilege, absolutely, everyone out of the water. undeniable. >> what has the man if you want to reach voters accomplished? what has he done in his come on the channel where career? most people are watching. >> the democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down fox news' offer ed: said kellyanne conway to host. shouldn't be on her air u. you want to be in the big leagues but you refuse to rachel: that was don lemon. ever play an away game? nbc said the same thing we don't want her on the network and have that point >> levi williamson of view out there. pete: i work for fox so i can't go on the other networks. i would relish the ♪ we're an american man opportunity. ♪ we're an american man rachel: me too. ed: bill maher. pete: i was on bill maher ♪ we're coming to your hous three or four years ago. it was a great experience. no one was cheering for me including bill. house. ed: back 35 points. they were gracious. scored 11 of the last 13 worth doing. he is usually a liberal loan points to score a big 1 but he tells some truths point wig over unc. once in a while that people need to hear and this is a pete: i know i are not a great one. rachel: i have been on "the sports fan but march madness view" many times and i loved is coming. it. by the way, before i stepped ed: wisconsin is still alive on the stage i always knew in the big ten. remind myself nobody in this audience is going to like rachel: stop asking me about what i have to say. i'm not speaking to them. i'm speaking to the people out there.
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sports. ed: excited about florida and that's okay. knocked off lsu. makes you better. ed: we get pete back on bill also going to be in the big dance because of that. maher? rachel: yes, invite him. pete: a lot of knicks fans happy because they keep losing they might get ed: rachel: we are going to turn now to some of your characters. the man suspect in the new womenson. ed: working with reinforced zealand attack appears in nikes. court. gunned down 49 people at two rachel: is the bro fest over? i noticed you are wearing mosques in a hate filled green. pete: the parade is today manifesto. he threatened to kill muslim but saint paddy's day is tomorrow. invaders and divide america. 11 in critical condition. the prime minister now vowing to change its gun rachel: it was crazy this laws by banning semiautomatic weapons. morning about it. the man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent ed: i want to veto that now because we have a show to democrats is expected to plead guilty next week. put on. first ever veto by president trump. pete: vote in the senate trying to negate the resolution that basically hhe is said they didn't want to the declaration of a national emergency. accused mailing a dozen the president immediately tweeting and taking to the targets. none of the packages exploded. cameras. ed: one word tweet, veto. if convicted he could face life in prison. pete: he went on to explain we are learning more about
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the final moments in the why he vetoed for the first deadly ethiopian airlines time in his presidency these crash. the "new york times" reporting that the pilot best bills. listen. asked to turn around minutes before it crashed. >> to defend the safety and in a, quote. security of all americans, i panicky voice. will be signing and issuing this as the miracle on the hudson pilot captain sullen a formal veto of this berg blasts the airline for reckless resolution and what he calls an absurd lack that's what it was. of training. congress' vote to deny the the captain on the doomed crisis on the southern boeing 737 max 8 plane border is a vote against reportedly had just 200 reality. hours of flight experience. it's against reality. far less time than is it is a tremendous national required to fly in the u.s. emergency. it is a tremendous crisis. pete: rachel, i will take congress has the freedom to this one. pass this resolution and i it is officially march madness. an instant classic between have the duty to veto it. duke and north carolina. this time the blue devils pete: yeah. i think the president had zion williamson back on standing on sound footing. the court and he stole the rachel: he absolutely is. by the way he was surrounded show. >> steal by womenson. williamso. in the oval office by angel moms, by law enforcement, making the point that i have the authority to do this and pete: neither you or i can by the way this is indeed a do that zion had 31 points national emergency. attorney bill barr was also and 11 rebounds in the there he says the president victory. they play florida state absolutely has the legal today to cap off the acc authority to do this.
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here he is. tournament. selection sunday for the big dance tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. >> your dexz of an emergency on the southern border was is what i am told. clearly authorized under the >> those are your headlines. pete: what an athlete. law and consistent with past he risked his life for american soldiers in afghanistan. precedent. as you said the national now this interpreter has become a u.s. citizen. and many of the soldiers emergencies act directly authorizes the president. served alongside were there gives broad discretionary for the ceremony. authority to the president he joining us live coming up to identify and respond to straight ahead. rachel: i love this story. love it, love it. emergent circumstances that require a divisive response. the crisis that we are ed: aoc may be the darling of the democrats. dealing with today is right do people even like her in on our doorstep and it the revealing numbers about presents a real, clear, and her approval ratings next present danger to the ♪ rumor has it american people. ♪ rumor so, what have you done from ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor a legal standpoint is ♪ riewmple ha solidly grounded in law and from the standpoint of protecting the american people, it's imperative. ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor it the groo♪ ed: real clear present danger at the border from the attorney general. someone who has sterling ♪ now do you love me? credentials. remember, he was attorney general under president bush ♪ do you love me now that i can dance? ♪ 41. when he was nominated there applebee's 3 course meal. were a lot of democrats who now that's eatin' good say usually they are against in the neighborhood. in your gut, trump nominees they say you feel confident to take on anything. look, this guy is the real with benefiber,
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deal. i looked at it this morning. you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. dianne feinstein and other benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. democrats after confirmation hearings said they had concerns about things that good morning mrs. jonhson. barr had said previously about the mueller probe but that he was clear. benefiber. trust your gut. saying he wouldn't be bull idea by the president on mueller or anything else. he was strong. feinstein, durbin, sheldon whitehouse still voted no many of them they said he was a strong witness and they believed he was going to stand up and there he was yesterday saying the president is on firm legal ground. do you think democrats will finally realize that he is? >> probably not. how good does the president feel to have the attorney general next to him that he feels like is backing him up in a way that he really hadn't had before. ultimately the president that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. went on to say national lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! emergency 56 them had been declared before. usualably other countries. oh...i needed this. if you have a clear emergency in our own i'm no, i can't believe how easy it was going to use the authority to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. that i have. no one better than to have we could have been doing this a long time ago. your attorney general who so, you guys staying at the hotel? has these credentials yeah, we just got married. standing next to you. oh ho-ho! congratulations!
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rachel: you wouldn't know thank you. bill barr took that kind of yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... stand with clarity the media never covered it. and being boiled alive. here is what talking heads oh, shoot. had to say during his believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. comments. that guy's the worst. pete: these are the split screens. on the bottom is fox news channel. fox news channel is taking the remarks of bill barr and kirsten nielsen and others. the other channels have as you see jake at that point per on the left. who is the guy on the right. >> peter alexander. pete: they are talking over the commentary. commenting on what the president is doing while bill barr is talking so you don't actually hear the attorney general speak. ed: i was fired up about this yesterday. i want to say this journalist at fox hearing lectures at other networks what they think happens at fox or doesn't. here's a perfect example. the president of the united states is talking. the company who invented car vending machines his attorney general is and buying a car 100% online. talking. law enforcement officials actually know a heck of a now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. lot more than journalists like me about what's whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, happening at the border. they are speaking. you might disagree with the we want to buy your car. president. you might not like what he so go to carvana and enter your license plate, has to say. clearly some people in the answer a few questions, media don't like the president and don't like his and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value approach to the border.
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let the man speak. and gives you a real offer in seconds. let him make his cas case. then you can have all the when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. panels you want left, right, center. they didn't even listen to so ditch the old way of selling your car him. rachel: this is the same media that refuses to put and say hello to the new way... the border patrol on to talk at carvana. about what's happening at the border. talk to the border patrol they only get invited on fox news because we actually want to hear that part of the story. pete: talking heads don't talk know don't show the attorney general on a big day like this. main terror suspect in deadlyist attack 17 minutes of horror unfolding in two mosques when a gunman murders 49 people. ed: his manifesto details of dividing americans in the political system and elsewhere. rachel: ryan chilcote has the breaking developments from our london bureau. ryan? >> good morning. we are learning an awful lot more about that suspect today. for one the police have identified the suspect that's not something we will do here as company policy.
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they are divulging a lot of details about him. they did that as he appeared >> medicare for all would in court in christchurch new save the american people. >> should be excited about automation because what it zealand today. could potentially mean is authorities saying that he more time educating is 28 years old. and that he is from the ourselves, more time creating art. neighboring country of >> so until you do it, i'm australia where he has the boss. >> that's right. >> how about that? citizenship. that said, he apparently, we are learning, had nothing to [laughter] speak of in terms of a real ed: that's so good. criminal record there in australia. rachel: democrats socialist and he had been traveling alexandria ocasio-cortez shaking up washington with rather extensively around her progressive agenda. for the last few years, pete: despite her celebrity including apparently making like status a new gallup several trips to turkey we also know and we were poll finds while the freshman socialist is well learning this yesterday that known she is largely dislike he published a 74-page you had across the country. hate-filled manifesto on ed: here to weigh in is the social media just before the host of the michael knowles attack where he describes show michael pedro knowles. himself as a white i noticed that on twitter supremacist seeking to you added pedro is that an avenge terrorism attacks in europe that had been homage to robert francis perpetrated by muslims. o'rourke. >> i figured if robert many commentators have been pointing out that. francis o'rourke can play so language he used in this identity politics certainly can i, too. so-called manifesto, if we i'm not yet running in the can call it that, was used 2020 democratic cycle just in case i would like to go by a coast guard lieutenant
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in maryland back in february who was accused of planning by pedro. attacks on the media and ainsley: you are a toolian though, right? >> that's not going to help politicians and the two, me with the voters. i have got to play politics. this suspect and that pete: this new poll shows lieutenant from the coast guard revered many of the same people. a lot of people drawing 31% favorable 41% comparisons between the two. unfavorable for the new the suspect, of course, socialist. your thoughts. >> only thing worse about returned to the use of not being talked about is social media during his thought being talked about. attack in those two mosques they are brutal numbers. if you look at them net in new zealand. livestreaming himself as he favorables are up among democrats, among women, one moved through them, slaughtering men, women, and nonwhites or they remain children in the two mosques. positive and have basically i should point out that there were two other held among those groups. they are up among democrats. suspects that have been detained. both of them were apparently her base is doing fairly well. armed when they were now, why are her numbers so brutal overall? detained. but we haven't heard anything more about that. it's because not -- there of course, memorials has been some election cycle continue right around the attack ads on her. world. 4 people killed in this it's because she has attack. demonstrated her own 39 people remain in the ignorance. hospital. it's because she has come 11 of them in the ic unit. out for things like the green new deal which would back to you. knock down every building in the country. ed: terrible tragedy. ryan chilcote. we appreciate you bringing it would outlaw planes, us the details. trains and automobiles. pete: he rightly pointed out among reasonable people this some of the dots being put has driven down her numbers.
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together about some of the she has also leaned heavily motivations. of course, if you were to turn it to other channels into racial identity politics. she has played to her base. you would see a lot of finger pointing. so, overall, it seems to be where do you think they are helping her. pointing that finger, folks? what does that tell her or take a listen. what does that tell you >> all about inel vardz, about the democratic party? probably not many good which is similar language to things. but, it does seem to be the killer of the synagogue working even if overall her in pittsburgh. also language that president favorability numbers are trump use new the campaign pretty bad. ad before the midterm election. rachel: i think it's going >> we know lots of far right to be interesting to see what happens in her own attackers have claimed to be district. we are looking at the trump supporters. overall democrat party. it appears she is not really this is a president who has serving her district in a given plenty of rhetorical way a congressional member normally does, setting up an ammunition to the president office. meeting those constituent like. this the president is facing services. people are leaving notes on the door because there is no questions specifically whether the president is one there. emboldening right wing it's surprising that her numbers in her own district extremism with his immigration rhetoric. >> why are manifesto seeing maybe they are going to be hurt as well. >> and you have to remember as donald trump as blunt she only entered congress instrument enabler and ally because the previous for poison ideology? representative stopped paying attention to his own ed: just jumping to district, stopped conclusions. campaigning. her most recent achievement rachel: it's a 74-page as a congresswoman was manifesto. if you write 74-page driving amazon out of new york city, driving away manifesto you are probably
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goofy and crazy. 40,000 new jobs that would be very close to her they point to trump. they also fail to mention district. that the killer says that he so you have to wonder if she smite experience the same sort of electoral is a big admirer of china overturning that she was partially affecting last and people's republic of china is the nation that has cycle. the values that are closest to him. he is an ethno racist. ed: real quick have you an op-ed a he calls himself ecofascist. her egg encarnacio ocasio-cortee the chinese are also racist. one of the most racist countries in the world. proves admissions fraud is they also believe in racial the symptom not the cause of education crisis. >> everybody says it's because rich people bought their kid's way into school. people have done that forever. they're not the only one to play the system to their superiority. ed: jumped on trump made advantage. comments he believes there is a install group of legacies, athletes, favored racial minorities all gain people. an advantage over what could debate the statistics how be a pure meritocracy. big white nationalism around there is no evidence that the world. ocasio-cortez ever bribed let's call out evil. her way into college or pete: which he did. ed: blame the shooter. cheated on her sat. he went ton say it's a the shocking thing is not terrible thing, terrible how people got into college. thing. it's how people graduated. quote him accurately and actually hear from him. how the standards have on the immigration issue the fallen so much that a lot of the media didn't ocasio-cortez could have a
3:12 am
degree with honors in want to go live and hear economics from bu. from him and hear his case $70,000 per year and not be and then immediatelily motives are cast. able to articulate basic rachel: some people are economic concepts. saying on the other side and i have heard actually a republican friend of mine rachel: so true. called and said the pete: thank you, michael. president should say that appreciate it good stuff. guy used my name. i don't like him using my he risked his life for name and be much more specific that's the argument american soldiers in afghanistan. this interpreter has become coming from the other side. a u.s. citizen. many of the soldiers he pete: we will play the sound helped there were there for bite later in the show he his ceremony. he joining us live along condemned it in the clearest with the iowa national guard possible terms. captain right there coming up next. even someone like chelsea ♪ clinton got attacked. we will bring that to you if nothing says spring like fresh flowers, you can believe it. rachel: amazing. ed: activists on the left blaming chelsea clinton too. pete: beto mania is a thing but what are his accomplishments? >> beto has brought a great deal of vitality to congress. one of the issues in his -- i haven't been asked this question, but i just know of his record here. pete: nancy doesn't know robert francis' record but we do.
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indian reservation. serious stuff. three people now behind bars. tasks force aimed at drug trafficking on private land has confiscated millions of dollars. next, 26 million bucks. that's how much louisiana accidently gave out in tax returns. the state wants the money back. officials say a computer glitch duplicated refunds for nearly 67,000 taxpayers. the state will be able to get most of the money electronically. finally, $1.5 billion. that's pete's salary. no, that was the size of last year's mega millions jackpot. the lucky south carolina winner who wil will remain anonymous is donating some ed: big news this week as republicans release new of her winnings to various bombshell revelations fbi charities. pete: add that to your salary. lovers lisa page and peter spent life as interpreter for american soldiers. strzok. now that afghan is an the russia probe is coming to an end even though we american citizens taking the have heard that for a time. oath in front of many jason chaffetz, a fox news contributor and author of soldiers he served with he the deep state. joins us along with iowa good to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. national guard along with
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ed: we have a heangsd graphic. what we learned this week patrick hendrixson. and there was a lot. thank you for joining us and first of all, did the thank you for serving your country. clintons escape justice. captain, let me start with i think peter strzok's tum you, for our audience how from months ago in private that was released was very important is an ally like revealing. >> well, what you are starting to see is that the aby on the battlefield when department of justice was you in the mountains of probably giving more than afghanistan and pakistan? >> very important, sir. dog whistles but giving direction tout fbi. we couldn't have done our job. there is no way to and when you hear lisa page communicate with our afghan and these others and you start to read and break down partners without his help. what baker. pete: noby did you ever ed: he was the general crane to when you were there with those guys from the counsel. you start to break that down iowa national guard. i believe it was oklahoma. and realize there was never after them you were wounded. an intention or opportunity to prosecute here. did you ever think you would get a chance to come to the ed: specifically in peter united states? strzok's testimony we found out that the clinton legal team pushed back on the >> not when i started as a phish getting the server and then said okay, you can look at the server but you can't translator, after two years get the clinton foundation i found out there is a emails. program i can apply for. why was that? were they hiding something? >> this is where shirley and, then, yes, the dream has started. mills and those close to secretary clinton they had pete: nabi you risked your negotiated their way to what the fbi could look at. life on a country that is i have never seen anything not yours. like that. what made you want to serve the fbi should be selecting with soldiers?
3:18 am
>> it was many reasons, you those materials not the clinton foundation. ed: we asked the clinton know, to serve my country, foundation for comment. we never got comment on that afghanistan. to be fair u was the and help americans rebuild afghanistan. because we were tired of ignored. >> that insurance policy text messaging we saw back taliban and the fighting and and forth. ed: page and strzok. we will make sure is he not so i wanted to, you know, do elected. >> that's right. what was this so-called insurance policy? now you got to actually see my part and help my country, what john ratcliffe, who was help afghanistan, help questioning, was able to draw out of this testimony. americans rebuild the and then you start to see that, yeah, they really had country. pete: captain, i had a no evidence. chance to serve with a lot ed: to start the whole of interpreters in iraq and investigation. >> they didn't think that donald trump was going to afghanistan. you grow close to them. actually win but they they risk their life like we thought they still had this do. many of them carry a rifle insurance policy if the and save american lives. president did get traction what's it like to watch him then donald trump, candidate raise his right hand and donald trump then they could become a u.s. citizen? put some things. what does it feel like? >> it's really surreal. ed: last point over reliance on the dossier to get this i told folks that, you know, whole thing going. i was in some of the worst >> that has become more and places and the worse situations with nabi right more absolutely crystal clear. this dossier is funded by by my side. the democrats. it's funded by the clinton as a platoon leader he was campaign. there are millions of dollars going overseas to
3:19 am
my right-hand man. generate something that is many times he would walk me absolutely bogus from top to up by knocking on my hud in bottom. and this is everything, put afghanistan. all of their marbles on this and the day of his and you have director comey, citizenship just seeing you are rod rosenstein that, it was amazing. it was -- i couldn't put it signing off on it and giving it to a feeds court on into words that here him and i both are now in the united multiple occasion. ed: he asked peter strzok states and we are both safe. all this bias at the fbi has there is no worries. that man bob mueller or his investigators ever talked to it's just surreal. you, peter strzok, about that bias and how it pete: nabi, what's it like started? he said nope. to be an american? >> no. if you are really going to look at what happened here, >> i feel proud. you have to be able to look at the flow of money, the i feel great. collusion that we do see in i cannot explain how happy i the democrats flowing money am and how grateful i am and overseas to fund this. ed: appreciate it the master how proud i am to be an mind behind that college american. admission scandal meanwhile and i'm very happy for isn't only accused of faking myself, for my children, for the opportunities we have. skills. operation varsity blues coming up. the media going wild for and i cannot thank nf, the people that helped me like beto for president in 2020. the captain and mile friend there are a few things we
3:20 am
have learned about his past and his family. that the media is not telling you. guess what? we have the details next. anyone who helped me in the process to come to america. pete: amen. amen. captain, final word. i've got to believe that ♪ don't you steal my brotherhood we all know includes men like na nabi? sunshine ♪ let's be honest: >> yes, sir. i couldn't say how proud i dealing with your insurance shouldn't be more frustrating am of him. than the accident itself. i was so happy to be there that's why esurance makes it simple. for his citizenship. you know. i was there for kind of the just take some pics. initial steps of this [picture noises] journey. and to see him complete go to sleep. wake up. that, you know, and close grab a bite. that chapter that was great. maybe some racquetball. and boom - your money's on the way and naby has already opened so you can get back on the road fast. up a new chapter by pursuing his degree now he has become well, not that fast. the editor had to make it fit in 30 seconds. it's pretty tricky actually trying to ... a mold for those coming and ... tagline. when insurance is simple, over. pete: we are proud to have it's surprisingly painless. you in this country. welcome. thank you for all you've done for so many men and women on the battlefield. now safe and free here in the united states of america. thank you for everything have you done and for joining us this morning. captain, thank you for your service. we appreciate it what an example. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, it was my
3:21 am
pleasure. bye. pete: all right. wow, i know some guys like him. such cool story when they actually get here. the master mind behind that college admissions scandal isn't only accuse of faking kid's:00 scores and sat skills. ken starr also served as the president of baylor university. he reacts to operation varsity blues coming up next. plus new york's mayor has a different reaction -- reason they rejected amazon. jeb bush has a new call for republicans in 2020. remember the last time jeb asked people to do somethin something? >> force the conversation of government living within its means, please, class. clap. tee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life.
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internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ed: missing 2-year-old wisconsin girl found dead in minnesota. the nationwide search coming to a very tragic end. robinson's father now behind bars. daria higgins is accused of abducting the child and murdering her mother. just awful. new details in the college admissions scandal we are learning the master mind rick singer now accused of faking kid's ethnicity to
3:24 am
take advantage of benefits. big bandage on bernie sanders after getting stitches in south carolina. the 2020 campaign manager says he cut his head on the shower door. staffers became the first ever major presidential campaign to unionize. pete? ed: all right. thanks, ed. beto mania engulfing the mainstream media. the so-called mainstream media. we know about that. after the former texas congressman officially internet ways a couple days ago. rachel: vanity fair even giving o'rourke his own cover photo. meanwhile members of his own party can't name any of his legislative achievements, take a look. >> what in your view was beto o'rourke's signature accomplishment as a member of the house? >> beto brought vitality to congress. one of the issues in his i i've done all sorts of research, read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? haven't been asked this question but i know of his exactly.
3:25 am
sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. record here. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies pete: kelsey bolar, thanks for being here. and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. we will give you the same see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, question. what is he known for? >> i think all of us i've done my job. identify with nancy pelosi call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. when asked that question ♪ because beto has no accomplishments during his time in congress. the thing is he known for is ♪ ♪ being a great fundraiser. he did raise a records $70 million in his campaign against ted cruz but, beyond that, he is not known for ed: well, you see bob mueller the special counsel any legislative there, reporters, public achievements. waiting, wondering when will and i think as this campaign his report come out? goes on, people are going to we keep hearing rumors this week, next week. start asking what actually we shall see when it finally comes out. in the meantime there makes him worthy of being continue to be revelations about how this entire russia president? what has he done for the american people? investigation started including new information about an aid to the late rachel: right. so he doesn't have any policy achievements but we do know his position on senator john mccain passing on that dossier at the different policy issues. let's talk about his beginning of the probe, position on the border, for sharing it around. raising some new questions. example. and so we want to bring in >> well, it's interesting ken starr, of course, former now that the media is making him out to be this liberal independent counsel. darling because his record, investigated bill clinton on white water and other
3:26 am
when he was a member of the matters. author right there you see house is the exact opposite. the book, contempt. judge starr, good to see you he actually voted with the trump administration about this morning. >> good to see you, thank 30% of the time, including you. ed: what do you make about this aid to the late senator even on a piece of border john mccain sharing the security legislation that dossier around but also the revelations we saw this week would enable border patrol various testimony shared to hire more agents because with former fbi officials like lisa page and peter even beto recognizes that strzok that suggest this there is an issue down on entire investigation started under some murky the border and we need more agents. circumstances to say the least? now, of course, he is >> the more we find out the calling for open borders, uglier it becomes. which is quite the opposite of what he actually voted and so, yes, the background for when he was a member of is questionable. congress. so i think that suggests and i think it's important that there is some political for us to know, look, we need to know the truth. tunism hang here. how did all of this come to pete: yeah. he wants to tear down the be? wall. abolish ice. so, i am thankful that this doesn't want to -- didn't news is coming out so we can vote for kate's law. all evaluate it. was against the tax cuts. the steele dossier, i think, supports single payer. even called law enforcement has been very substantially the new jim crow. discredited. you referred to him not and the more we find out the worse it becomes. being the most progressive i really am disappointed member his entire career. in fact, a "the washington post" headline caught our that now senator mccain, who eye. is a great man, i knew him. it said beto o'rourke's i admire him. political career drew on i think he is an american --
3:27 am
donations from the was an american hero. pro-republican business but i'm very sorry that he establishment. is there a background that got implicated in this in will turn on him when he terms of spreading this tries to be the most progressive guy in the room? really nasty stuff around. >> i do think his history in rachel: he said that he didn't have anything to do with passing on the dossier fundraising is going to become hugely problematic to the fbi. for him. and, yet, now we know he beto o'rourke's father was actually involved in did. >> deeply disappointing. politics. beto does come from a well, we will see. democrat district but in his that's what the evidence shows. you know, i'm one who keeps race both in the city and saying don't rush to when he was running for judgment but that's what the evidence tends to show. congress, his political and i'm just saying i'm career was funded by very, very saddened by this. republicarepublican donors who d but john mccain was an american hero who did so much for the country. him as the lesser of two but this is, unfortunately, a very dark stain. evils running against a democrat. weighs raising money from pete: yeah, not just the fbi but to buzzfeed and members business-friendly g.o.p. donors. and, again, this is of the media getting it out there. the president, you talk everything that the democratic party has come to about the murky waters of stand against today. the mueller investigation. pete: you are right. the president slammed it in a series of tweets yesterday rachel: we are just really saying this. so if there was knowingly learning about these murder fantasy writings of beto's. acknowledged to be zero fill us in so we can get a crime when the special counsel was appointed and if the appointment was made little bit on that.
3:28 am
>> yeah. it's interesting that his based on the fake dossier history of writing these paid for by crooked hillary and now disgrades andrew diary entries was not included in that vanity fair mccabe and all stated no cover spread because these crime, then the special are really weird, kind of counsel, it goes on to say. creepy and to be honest a little bit concerning. so there was one entry where ed: basically never should have been named. he actually talked about pete: exactly. your reaction to president laying out some pretty clear purposefully running over terms here. >> right. two little girls and killing well, i understand the them and hearing one of them president's frustration when we look back at the origins hit his car. of this. how questionable it is. i think, you know, he did very bad judgment being write it when he was 15 in his defense. used. bad judgment at best by some if he wrote it when he was of the senior people in the any older i think it would fbi. it really was a very sad honestly be border wall chapter for the fbi. a lot of those people are disqualifying. pete: you wrote about it in gone. perhaps more should be gone because the fbi is a great a writers report. as i neared the young ones, i put all my weight on my organization. but, we are where we are. right foot. keeping the accelerator and the investigation was pedal on the floor until i launched. and the president has it in heard the crashing of the two children on the hood. his power to fire anyone in i was so fascinated for a the chain of command. moment, i just sat in a day. remember what happened to sweet visions filling my saturday night massacre and richard nixon. head. again, he was young but it's so i don't blame the president for being so just kind of weird.
3:29 am
>> it's weird. frustrated by. this but let's just bring i think every american would this process to an end. read this and wonder what's we have a new attorney going on mentally there. general absolute total not to mention when he was integrity. let's let the process finish younger he was actually basically a professional up which is what appears to hacker. be happening. he would hack into other people's phone lines to get internet which was illegal rachel: judge, you were the president and chancellor of at the time. you know, he would rack up baylor college. other people's phone bills. and/or baylor university i there are some things that i should say. think the media needs to so this cheating scandal has look into about his history. come up. you know, we were just again, he was young. recently in the last segment talking about bill maher, but these are things that i think a lot of americans somebody who puts -- says a would find alarming. lot of things that people pete: yeah. the president took some don't expect a liberal like smacks at his crazy hands. him to say but is really speaking truth to power a he does love to flail his lot of times. he says there is a real arms a lot. rachel: he has long arms. liberal face on the college admissions scandal because pete: good job on the it includes now we are segment, thank you for learning lying about joining us, kelsey, thanks identity, much as we saw for being here this morning. >> thank you. with senator warren, pete: video is shocking, herself. power, money, corruption. immigrants breaking through what is your take on all of a border fence san diego. this? >> well, i am outraged. tom homan says this just shows anyone, including criminals can easily get i was very closely involved into our country. in the admissions process at
3:30 am
he joins us next. rachel: and the hon michael hons baylor university. i know that that process at baylor had integrity. there are over 4,000 colleges and universities in over. the united states. new trend has newlyweds and the ideal situation is vacationing separately after when the college admissions counselor is seeing that the wedding ♪ you can go your own way student, sighin seeing the ♪ go your own way ♪ student's loving family and so forth and actual tour of this is not a bed... the campus. i'm not one to say let's go go by the numbers look at the act and sat and gpa. you want to look at the trajectory what is the character of the person and so forth. this is a huge, from what we are finding out. a huge corruption of very important system. american higher education has a lot to be proud of. but this is incredibly sorry chapter. pete: does american higher education have a lot to be proud of? we are seeing kids coming out indoctrinated one-sided view. lack of free speech. are these institutions sick? it's a revolution in sleep. >> oh, there is sickness, the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... senses your movement and automatically adjusts
3:31 am
absolutely. but, why do people from on each side to keep you both comfortable. around the world come to the and snoring? united states at these very high prices and it's because how smart is that? smarter sleep. there is a very important so you can come out swinging, product. yes. i do think that the maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested ideological bent is an issue and ready for anything. for alumni, for boards of only at a sleep number store, trustees and so forth. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. i couldn't agree with that more. plus, free premium delivery and setup. let's have greater honesty and integrity and ends march 17th. intellectual integrity and also have free speech on college campuses. i have long been a proponent of saying you do not shut speakers down and so forth. administrators, college presidents need to show guts. ed: imagine that free speech on college campuses. judge starr, thank you. rachel: hopefully we will get real reform there from this scandal. ed: we shall see. rachel: you doubt that huh? we are going to turn to some headlines. a slain mob boss shakes hands with his killer moments before being gunned down outside his home. new york city police say spoke with frankie caly after crashing into suv.
3:32 am
the crime boss turned his back as the suspect opened fire. the authorities are eyeing late gambino boss gene who is six months out of prison. police saying the murder is was not sanctioned by new york's five mafia families. new york city mayor bill de blasio implies jeff base zoe's affair may have impacted the decision to pull their deal. >> unusual things were happening within the amazon family at that moment in time. >> you believe jeff bezos affair is somehow. >> i didn't say that unusual environment. a lot of cross pressures and a lot things going on. rachel: amazon backed out of plans for second headquarters after local opposition and union backlash. weeks before the decision bezos announced he was getting a divorce among reports he was date ago news anchor. >> jeb bush calls for republicans to challenge president trump in 2020.
3:33 am
>> i think someone should run. just because republicans ought to be given a choice. it's hard to beat a sitting president. but to have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative. i think it's important. and our country needs to have competing ideologies that people, you know, that are dynamic that focus on the world we are in and the world we are moving towards rather than revert back to a nostalgic time. termites, we're on the move.24/7. rachel: still low energy roger. though. still low energy. the president and former florida governor traded jabs throughout the 2016 campaign after president trump dismissed bush as low energy. he did seem low energy. hey rick, all good? pete: jeb should run. oh yeah, we're good. run again. he said somebody should run. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, he represents conservatism. we never stop working to keep them out. he is the man. go for it. terminix. defenders of home. ed: last week he was endorsing elizabeth warren. pete: please, jeb. ♪
3:34 am
>> the sheriff and men and ed: president trump signing first ever veto. women of law enforcement, this room and across this the former border chief nation owe you a debt of under president obama reacts gratitude for something that we have been waiting for for next hour. pete: 2020 field of democrats and jeb bush decades. continues to grow. pete: that was yesterday at the white house after the the candidates are taking the message on the road. president vetoed the bill that would have tried to what do voters think? we have brand new dials block his emergency declaration to build the coming up next. wall on the southern border. >> we said that guaranteeing someone who talk as lot about that tom homan former healthcare to all is a acting director of ice. right, not a privilege. what did you make yesterday or they said too radical. of the president's veto and too radical. what he and the attorney general had to say? ♪ >> it was a great day for live from the starlite lounge. the american people. i think he proved again yesterday, which he has proven many times that he is willing to do whatever he has got to do. he is willing to fight ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ whoever he has got to fight including some in his own ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom political party to do the ♪ who's in the room? right thing for this country. i think what he did ♪ love is dangerous yesterday. look, i think he did exactly what he should have done. he did exactly what he said ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ he was going to do. he did exactly what the ♪ switch and save american people expect of our president. ♪ yes, ma'am do whatever can you within excuse me, miss. the legal framework to secure our border and ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ protect the american people.
3:35 am
that's what i think makes ♪ would you like it anyway? him a great president. rachel: the visual was very [ scatting ] inline with what the president normally does. he brought in angel moms and law enforcement. here ised whoson talking about the president. >> i have been sheriff for 21 years. and i have been dealing with congress for 21 years on their of immigration. a lot of people have listened over 21 years. but, mr. president, you are the first person who has taken action yous have given us back footing in law enforcement and what we deserve which is to be protected. pete: pretty stark. >> tom is a good friend of mine. is he a patriot. i will do him one better. i have been in this job for 234 years. congress has failed the american people for three decades. i have worked for six presidents who said the same thing. we finally got a president who is actually doing it. he is doing everything he can, look, he shut the government down.
3:36 am
he declareemergency. he vetoed a bill and did it on national tv. what other president has done that to prove to the american people that he is serious about securing our border? i think yesterday was a tremendous moment. ed: tom, on that point. look at this dramatic video and stark. shows dozens of illegal immigrants shoving their way through a hole at a border fence in san diego. you see it there. and even parts of the wall, barrier, whatever you want to call it, have you got people busting through. and, yet, there were a dozen senators from the president's own party, who bucked him on the idea that this is a national emergency. what's your message to them this morning? >> i'm hoping they are watching this video. that's why they need new barriers. new barriers anti- -- technology. border security this video. when i see that video i'm insulted and demoralized
3:37 am
when i see that look at who is -- first of all, look who is coming across. mostly young male adults. not a bunch of family units. but it just shows how porous and how vulnerable that border is if they can sneak through that border, why can't an ms-13 member. why can't a terrorist. i have detained known suspected terrorists arrested by the border patrol. and it doesn't matter how many arrested trying to cross the border. the question is how many were arrested that did exactly what you saw in the video? this is a vulnerability that we need to take care of. pete: tom, all of them immediately or a matter of a couple of hours claim asylum. so it's not just getting through. and that's a very prominent part of the border. that's that beach front that we have looked at for a long time and seen cover there has been protests on that side. you know there are people there what's predictable. you know exactly what they are going to do when they cross which is use our asylum laws and effectively then enter the country.
3:38 am
>> based on intelligence, rachel: more than 10 million people remain under flood that's a good point. based on intelligence warnings. rick reichmuth joins us with reports and based on my experience, when the the latest. criminal organization mass rick: the nuclear plant if the rises raises two and a these people up in one area they are moving products or half feet more they will have to take it offline. show you what's going on. people through another area. that's what makes this a incredible snow. almost all of the northern national security crisis. plains had record snow fall they are tying up border patrol assets so other bad this year. people and drugs can go through another area. rapid snow melt from the rain that went through. this is all manipulated and huge and powerful storm we managed by the drug cartels had this week. who control the northern border of mexico. really cleared everything out. see scattered showers across ed: tom homan, you have been parts of the central gulf and florida. on this story from the that will be the only spot beginning. we will keep coming back to where we have any action going over the next couple you. pete: appreciate it. of days. rachel: thank you, tom. mississippi river watershed >> thank you. rachel: turn to your overall that's going to be a headlines right now a fox news alert. problem as we move forward and we have a lot of gauges we are learning new details on the montana state trooper that are already in major shot during a manhunt. flood stage. the story will be with us i think for the next number of trooper wade palmer is fighting for his life and he is in critical condition. police say i don't know than weeks nebraska right now burch shot trooper palmer in under the gun. a fit of road rage. one person died and two others are injured. pete: 2020 hopefuls out in
3:39 am
burch is expected in court full swing. on monday. what do the voters think? a go fund me page for ed: here is lee carter with trooper palmer a father of two has raised $61,000 so maslansky and partners. far. to donate go to >> good to be here. pete poet no one voted yet california governor gavin but people are paying a lot newsom is defending his of attention. here is joe biden. position t suspend the death >> today we seem to be at each other's throats. penalty in the state of california. >> at the end of the day mean pettiness has overtaken when i'm sitting and talking to my kids i have four young kids and my daughter says our politics. you teach us not to kill and we. >> we are defined by here i am in a premeditated principles in our way killing other people. constitution. even though we don't know >> you can't do it? >> on behalf of the state i just can't do that. them: everybody in america rachel: a murder victim's gets a shot. father is waiting on his that's what the next daughter's killer to be president of the united brought to justice. he will join us in the 9:00 states needs to understand and that's what i don't hour. think this president you have got to be tough to understands at all. deal with vladimir putin and >> this is what is that's how presidential fascinating. democrats gave an a. candidate amy klobuchar is independents b and defending herself over accusations of mistreating republicans a c. her staff. it's all about putin. a thing where he lost votes, >> if you are a boss, you especially independents there is when he slammed the have to have high standards. president. it's going to be really
3:40 am
and that is what i have really key to see how he runs his campaign once he always had. you have to demand good product when you are out there on the world stage and announces. potential candidate. if he runs as anti-trump, dealing with people like vladimir putin, yeah, you it's not going to work. if he runs who he is, it's want someone who is tough. obvious people he is a rachel: wow, the minnesota different candidate than the democrat has one of the highest staff turnover rates president that would be smarter to run as. in the senate. rachel: lesson for other candidates as well. ed: so like a comb in a take a look at bernie sanders on this clip right salad is going to scare here. >> very few in the media vlad. rachel: that would do it. took our campaign seriously for some the honeymoon but we came here and we said ending before it begins. we need to raise the minimum taking uni moons, post wage to a living wage. wedding transcription. some split after big day the establishment said, because of work. bernie, that's a radical others did it because they couldn't agree on where to idea. go. we said that guaranteeing one of the psychologists telling the times the rise healthcare to all is a of uni moons may be due to a right, not a privilege they greater focus on individualism. you think? [laughter] i don't think those marriages are going to last. said too radical. pete: i'm no marriage expert pete: big blue library. >> he got a plus from but doesn't strike me as a democrats, independents and
3:41 am
republicans gave him an f. good. rick: maybe it sounds like a this is a race on getting great idea. pete: we can't even agree on democrats on board. he has them. where to go? his policies medicare for all, living wage. ed: bad sign. radical policies. you can see that democrats rick: seriously. i want to ask you, rachel, really responded farvelg favorae have you seen flooding where you are. candidate there is he a rachel: yeah. starting to melt and there tough candidate to beat. is flooding. rachel: in the primaries. rick: some incredibly snowy year so far across parts of that's a problem in the the northern plains, around parts of say wisconsin. general. towards minnesota. ed: elizabeth warren had a iowa into nebraska. tough start. >> bernie has to speak to and we had incredible rain what democratic socialism this week. we have a flooding emergency is. >> you are not one. going on across a lot of >> i am not. all i can tell you is what i areas across the north. believe and that is there is temperaturewise obviously it is cool starting to warm up an enormous amount to be overall temperatures better. we had this huge storm this gained from markets. week that's gone behind that that markets create tailing front here bringing opportunities. a few showers across the ed: doesn't sound like central gulf. anybody likes her. that's pretty much it >> that was a big fat snore precipitation wise. everything is looking pretty by everybody. good. this flooding is probably going to be a story we will track for the next number of no matter what she says weeks, snow continues to pretty flat line u people melt, rain continues to are not excited about her at drain into the larger rivers. could have a flooding situation across the all. mississippi. pete: defending capitalism certainly up across areas of loss does that the make you the north as well. guys back to you. >> rachel: i don't like the popular. rachel: it's a managed.
3:42 am
flooding but we are so sick pete: coming up, you know of the snow up north. her as our senior rick: so much snow. meteorologist. it has to melt. janice dean is on the "new york times" best seller ed: democrats making a new list. push to get younger voters [cheers] to the polls. pete: she is sharing stories from her new memoir mostly >> i myself have always been sunny. come on, in janice. for lowering the voting age to 16. ed: congratulations? >> thank you. ♪ ed: sweet 16? is that a good idea or a but with esurance, tactic to sign up more just snap some pics democrats? we will debate it next. and you could get back on the road fast! pete: plus, americans are well, not that fast. cashing in. this editor made this commercial fit in 15 seconds. we now have more millionaire when insurance is simple, households than sweden has it's surprisingly painless. people? what's wrong with that? isn't that a good thing? ed: people will find it's bad. you can't have money. pete: we will take a look at it. ♪ party ♪ ♪ call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> ed said it and he is right. the boss is here. he brings. >> don't tell rick reichmuth that. pete: here live in the flesh on the weekend. thank you so much for being here. and congrats on your awesome "new york times" best selling book. ed: mostly sunny making the "new york times" best selling list. >> i'm a kid from ontario, canada to see your name on the "new york times" best >> i myself have always been seller list. rachel: must be amazing.
3:46 am
lowering the voting age to 16. i think it's really janice: i don't think i have important to capture kids in woken up yet. high school when they are the book has been so interested in all of this. well-received and tweets and when they are learning about government to be able to messages from people, this is the kind of book that i vote. wanted when i was going pete: nancy pelosi wants to through some pretty dark lower the voting age to 16 times 15 years ago when i years old. was diagnosed with multiple so is this really just a tactic for democrats to get sclerosis. this wasn't a lot of more votes? here to debate is republican optimistic books out there with people diagnosed with strategist albert ms. eyewitnessberg and political so i kind of wrote this as a analyst and former press love letter to myself and secretary for house people who are going through challenging times. democrats rochelle richie. thank you for being here. rachel: one of the things i love is your honesty in the >> good morning, pete. book. it's really incredible. you talk a lot about the unique challenges of being a woman in this industry. >> um-huh. >> if republicans are rachel: based on your experiences and what you are concerned if there is this saying in the book. what is your advice to young notion lower the voting age to 16 that means more votes women looking to get into this industry specifically for democrats. i think what republicans with that sort of have to think to themselves okay, if that's the case, superficial side. how do we attract younger janice: be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. voters? because if you look at what i think that's our greatest happened in the midterm selling point. elections. and people can tell on you had 31% of younger television if you are real voters 18 to 29 turn out. or not. and i think, you know, in that's the historic number the old days of the of young voters. anchorman, anchor woman i think that's the reason where you read the
3:47 am
teleprompter, people want to why pelosi is seeing this is feel a connection. because she is seeing more activity as far as young pete: totally. janice: when i go outside and meet the folks when i'm people getting involved in doing the weather. that's all me. the election process. that's what i have been and so when you have these wanting to do sings i was 6 young people that are 18, 19 years old. years old. to me that means that they ed: you have a quick story have been thinking about the about your husband. janice: the story about my elections and candidates husband is a wonderful love since they were maybe a story and i always say i must have done something sophomore in high school. good in my youth or pete: maybe. i know a lot of 16-year-olds childhood to deserve him. and a lot of their minds it was a blind date and i aren't there albert, the will read you an excerpt reason they lowered it to 18 from mostly sunny. in the past. if you could fight for your janice: leann and i met for country you should be able to vote. deeper we met for drinks and 16-year-olds can't do that does that make sense to go bypassing many details of to 16? >> we do set a certain limit honeymoon in hawaii. as a society. she began to tell me about i agree with rochelle. the fireman she and her the reason nancy pelosi is husband mitt on their hike. suggesting this because she she also may have mentioned wants democrats to win. not because there is any how she was a great match specific principle behind maker. it. she thinks more democrats if he was single, i was single you rush out the woke kids more importantly i didn't of the united states to the know a person in new york. polls they will mostly vote for democrats and the republicans have a 'problem he might be a nice person to know. wouldn't it be great if you with younger voters. did fall in love. the point is though she wants to win. what a story to tell your she has not offered a kids some day. leann might have said with a rationale. why not 14, why not 12? twinkle in other eye. they met on their michael
3:48 am
at a certain point we set a cohehoneymoon iniowa. limit as a society this is a sacred right. they want to make it as easy as possible. he lost a lot of then on nancy pelosi's ideal vision 9/11. he was out in hawaii and met of vote something weeks in my friend. i had just moved to new advance no i.d. from your york. couch in pajamas. i was in a job i really >> i don't know about that. hated and i was like i don't >> i mean, they want to make need this right now. things as easy as possible. i don't like new york. it waters down a sacred i don't want to be here but maybe she said you should do institution that should be a unifying day for our it. country. >> you took the mostly sunny >> if you look at it though, route? >> i took the mostly sunny you know, we don't talk about these elections a lot. we don't talk about local route. ed: dressed for saint pat's elections a lot there were day. >> i am in green. plenty in 2018 there were plenty of young people that rachel: mostly sunny go get were 19, 21 years old. your copy. ed: more "fox & friends" coming up in just a minute. some of them were even republicans running for office. i think there was one girl pay for what i need. car y named meghan zagers who ran oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... for the new york state assembly as well. she was 21 years old. had a guy from chicago run only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ for mayor in his early 20s. pete: you are saying 19 and 20 years old. maybe you should have a high school diploma before you run. >> i think they did. pete: they are 19 and 21. they are not 17. >> they are thinking about
3:49 am
these things. i think we live in a different world now. if you look at what happened with the parkland shooting. when we saw the kids sort of energize and get out there and start marching about gun rights, when i was 16 years old. i was not thinking about gun control and mass shootings and climate change. and now these younger people are really really involved in this. >> we are indoctrinating kids and they are being politicized younger and younger ages: i think we should let children develop and be children. pete: great points from both was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign of your perspectives. badda book. badda boom. albert and rochelle thank you for coming. this year, we're taking it up a notch. >> thank you. so in this commercial we see two travelers students students at a comfort inn with a glow around them, confronting chelsea clinton so people watching will be like, and blaming her for the new "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct zealand mosque attacks. at". this right here is a result of a massacre. stoked by people like you who glows? that you put out. just say, badda book. badda boom. >> stoked by chelsea clinton. nobody glows. and then she apologizes. he gets it. always the lowest price,
3:50 am
we will show you what happened. guaranteed. plus, americans, they are book now at cashing in. we now have more millionaire it's a revolution in sleep. households than sweden has the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... people. but will the left give trump any credit for that or maybe senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. give capitalism credit? we break down the numbers and snoring? coming up next. ♪ how smart is that? - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. only at a sleep number store, save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, free premium delivery and setup. ends march 17th.
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raquen... rakutahn... rakooten... ♪ rakuten oh! is this my money? whoaaah! haha! rakuten ♪ ahhh! rakuten! with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ♪ >> i am vetoing this ordering custom ink t-shirts resolution. has been a really smart decision for our business. i have the duty to veto it and i'm very proud to veto i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. it. congress' vote to deny the they have customer service that you can reach anytime. crisis on the southern border is a vote against t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. reality. >> your declaration of an from the moment clients walk in, emergency on the southern they're able to feel like part of the family. border was clearly authorized under the law. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products >> he vetoed a bill and did
3:52 am
for your business and free shipping. it on national tv to prove to the american people that upload your logo or start your design today he is serious about securing our border. >> the main terrorist suspect in new zealand's deadly attack appears in court. the gunman murders 49 people. >> security from the police will continue at mosques. >> i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. >> the media going wild for beto for president in 2020 i have enjoyed white privilege, absolutely. >> republicans ought to be given a choice. >> democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down fox news' offer to host. you want to be in the big leagues but refuse to ever play an away game? pete: it is officially march madness. >> steal by williamson. oh! ♪ we're all about a good time ♪ we're all about a good life ♪ you won't believe ♪ until you see ♪ this is going to be a fun
3:53 am
time. ed: always good time when rachel is here. welcome back. rachel: thank you. pete: all good all the way. rachel: more good times because we are on the eve 6 saint patrick's day and there is a parade and lots of partying and drinking going on. ed: who do you have in your final four? rachel: so mean. pete: name four colleges and you are good. rachel: asu, wisconsin, my other alma mat tar. duke. pete: if jeb bush needs another campaign double exclamation point. rachel: this from jeb's comu campaign manager really encouraging jeb to run and ♪ as the left tips lashing primary the president. out at president trump a new report reveals this economy is creating a growing number ed: let's gown to florida and see what dan bongino thinks about. of millionaires. this nypd officer, secret service agent and author of pete: wow, nearly 12 million households are raking in spy gate. 7-figure salaries. dan, jeb bush might jump. more than the entire population of sweden. in. rachel: good idea?
3:54 am
>> one, there is absolutely rachel: is it time for the left to finally give trump some credit? zero chance low energy jeb let's ask brian brethren is going to jump in the berg, chair of the program race. of business and finance at larry mow began from the king's college right maryland might. and, guys, and rachel this here in new york city. so, are they going to give is absolutely awful terrible him credit? it's a good thing, right? idea. you may have some personal we are getting all these beefs with trump's twitter millionaires? >> i think millionaires are a good thing. i want to be a millionaire. behavior. i don't. rachel: me too. >> are they going to give what are you going to run credit. you know what kind of on, tax cuts? supreme court picks? economy and political world we live. his circuit picks? in any time you talk about his district court picks? millionaires, this is just regulatory push to get rid an economy of the rich of red tape? getting richer. his push against planned so, no, he is not going to parenthood funding recently? get credit. what exactly are you going to run on? information, i think this will be used against the i will make you a bet. president saying you created an economy that only benefits the wealthy. ed: low unemployment. what about the rest of the >> this low unemployment thing is awful. we really need to get rid of middle class. it. >> this is the middle class that up unemployment rate. going up. if larry hogan jumps in, >> look at 1 million to listen, i ran in maryland. 5 million household wealth. i lost. most of these folks are larry hogan won. people throughout their lives they have been congratulations he was a working, saving, this is nice guy when i was there he retirement savings. is the governor of maryland. they have gotten to that if he runs, i will make you point where they finally a bet on the air if he runs, socked enough away to he loses the maryland retire. why in the world do you want to punish them? primary. the maryland primary to trump and loses it handily.
3:55 am
why not celebrate that you can do that in america? yes, we have got more i bet you that. ed: we had a little bit of millionaires than sweden. we want to produce more than fun with that there was a serious tragedy in new sweden. add up sweden, portugal all zealand. you would think this would be a chance to come together the european we want to be and be a chance to blame the there. ed: jump in millionaires. shooter but predictably a 8 million in america in lot of people in the media 2006. blaming the president. 11.8 in 2018. watch this. big jump. but as you say. >> all about invaders. yet, you have people on the which is similar language to campaign trail not celebrating capitalism, they the kill early at the are pushing socialism. synagogue in pittsburgh. >> yeah. they are going to say great also language that president about the millionaires. trump used in the campaign ad before midterm election. what about the rest of the >> we know lots of far right people in this country who aren't millionaires? attackers have claimed to be we have really, really trump supporters in recent interesting good data. months. >> this is a president who just this week we saw the has given plenty of number of job openings in political ammunition to this country jump from 7.3 terrorists like this. >> president as you mentioned is facing other tough questions. specifically whether the to 7.6 million open jobs. president is emboldening if you are somebody out right wing extremism with there not in the millionaire category and you are just his immigration rhetoric. trying to work your way >> why are all these groups, brook, and also the shooter, through, that's a great number for you. wages have been going up according to his manifesto twice as fast if you are in seeing donald trump as a blunt instrument as an the lower end of the income enabler and as an ally for scale than if you are in the higher end of the income scale. their poison ideology? if you are not a millionaire, great news. pete: once again, dan, it's rachel: that is a statistic
3:56 am
you rarely hear on any other trump's fault. >> pete, of all the awfuls networks that the wage increase is greater for the in politics and you and i working class. both know there are some it's a blue collar recovery. really awful things out >> nobody is reporting on there. i rank this number one the this. if you look at wage most disgusting thing you increases lately, they have can do. been twice as fast if you i mean, this is an are lower end of the income unspeakable human tragedy. i have not -- i can't watch scale. talk all you want about millionaires. if you are a working class the video. i can't. person you have really good the video, of course, is the news out there. savage who decided to go ed: rachel may not know this pro-his horrors for the but brian i caught him on the subway in new york city. he is a working man. world to see. i can't watch that being a >> he was sitting there former agent and a cop maybe working getting his job done on the train. ed: brian, thanks. i should and understand how comedian bill barr has a much of a savage this maniac message for democrats who never come on fox. was. your first instinct after >> want to be in the big something like this is gee, leagues but refuse to never how do i score some play an away game? political points against my ed: what he says is the opponents? i'm sorry but you are a fundamental problem with the democratic party. deeply troubled person. that's next. pete, listen, not that it my >> marsha blackburn, dan bongino and former border bona fides or credibility matters on this, it doesn't. this is a tragedy and we patrol chief under president obama mark morgan. should focus on that. all coming up here live me and just about everyone else on this network that i ♪ i just want to fly work with. when that thing happened at ♪ put your apartments around the baseball field, that
3:57 am
other tragedy and that me baby bernie sanders supporter shot up the baseball field ♪ put your arms around me, and nearly killed steve baby. ♪ i just want to fly scalise, everybody was unanimous in the focus should be on the person who ♪ did this. the maniac. this is not bernie sanders' fault or anyone else. this is a very, very dangerous kind of politics. and i'm being deadly serious here. there is a very dangerous ...and brake too hard. kind of politics to practice. nobody should engage. with feedback to help you drive safer. it's abhorrent. rachel: such a great point. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. you are right. bernie sanders was not imply kateed in it by any unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. republican. >> at all. rachel: despite him almost being executed. president trump was not the now that you know the truth... only one being accused of are you in good hands? being implicated or somehow responsible for this murder. so was chelsea clinton. i want you to take a look at this clip and tell me on the other side what you think. >> after all that you have done and all [inaudible]
3:58 am
>> what does i'm sorry you feel that way mean? what does that mean? rachel: dan, i don't know what's more infuriating what the social justice warrior told chelsea clinton or the fact that chelsea actually apologized. >> i don't get it actually, you know, i don't get why she apologize. i do get what's going on, however. i have warned about this a couple times on this network. the danger of these state it's a revolution in sleep. power far left ideological the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... radical revolutions that we are going through now with the democrat party is nobody senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. is ever pure enough. like nobody is ever a bigger and snoring? supporter of government power. how smart is that? they leapfrog each other. smarter sleep. and they attack each other so you can come out swinging, and they inherently implode. i mean, chelsea clinton? maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested are you serious?
3:59 am
she is the problem? and ready for anything. only at a sleep number store, save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. guys, ladies, come on, this is outrageous. plus, free premium delivery and setup. chelsea clinton is a check the box liberal in every ends march 17th. single way. she's the problem? this is outrageous. bad enough to blame trump in the gym, but blaming chelsea clinton in the boardroom, and especially in the bedroom. is insane. american men are gettin' soft. pete: it's because she tweeted against the we have less testosterone than our fathers, anti-semitic remarks that and even less than our grandfathers. ilhan omar made. that was the implication. we owe it to 'em - and ourselves - to fight back. if you are shouting down with alpha king from force factor, it's never been easier. anti-semitism somehow you led to the death of 4 people? >> pete, but i thought the just one small pill a day for a serious boost in goal here, i mean, maybe i'm total testosterone. confused. maybe you are confused here. alpha king is on the rise at walmart, but you can claim a i thought the goal was to call out hate in all forms. complimentary bottle by texting the democrats say that all the keyword on the screen to 809-809. the time. even in their watered down more lean muscle from your workouts, resolution against ilhan omar, which they took her more energy to power through the day. name out of after and more passion and drive so you can rule the bedroom. anti-semitic comments. what do they keep saying? we need to call out hate in it's no wonder thousands of men across america all forms. why not anti-semitic hate? trust alpha king to fuel their performance. why is that the only acceptable form of hate? the answer is, it isn't. just text the keyword on the screen to 809-809 to me or anyone else on the set. for your complimentary bottle - but why is it to the people a $35 value. respond in the next 10 minutes for your chance who confronted chelsea
4:00 am
to also snag a bottle of score! clinton? ed: just unbelievable. meanwhile, we are learning a our number one performance libido enhancer. more about beto o'rourke. maybe about poetry in early that's the keyword on the screen to 809-809. life. that might be interesting. read about that online. folks at cnn and elsewhere seem most shocked that they have learned he is a white male. watch. >> this is seen as a moment ♪ >> i am vetoing this by some where democrats want to nominate either a woman or a minority. beto o'rourke is neither of those things. resolution. i have the duty to veto it o'rourke is a white male. and very proud to veto it and is he conscious of his congress' vote to deny the white maleness. crisis on the southern >> very evident to everyone and that is that he is a border is a vote against white man. >> they may not be open to reality. >> your declaration of an another white male. emergency on the southern >> another white male. >> a lot of the energy in border was clearly the party right now is not authorized under the law. for a white man. >> there is still an issue >> he vetoed a bill and did it on national tv to prove in this country where people just get very, very excited to the american people that about white men. he is serious about securing >> being a white man who our border. >> the main terrorist says i'm, you know, i was suspect in new zealand's born to do this is not going deadliest attack appears in to go over well with the court. a gunman murders 49 people. current democratic party >> security from the police electorate. will continue at mosques. ed: the number of times we >> i think it's a small counted it that cnn criticized or raised the group of people that have idea that beto being a white very, very serious problem. male might be a problem was >> the media going wild for 52 times in this short beto for president in 2020. period of time.
4:01 am
>> i have enjoyed white did they take this head fake privilege, absolutely. about beto oh my gosh, what undeniable. >> what has the man accomplished? what has he done in his happened? career? >> the democrats made a rachel: thought he was latino? >> how did we get here? terrible decision when they it's just incredible. announced that they had from the days of martin luther king talking about turned down fox news' offer hos. content of one's character you want to be in the big to now on a well not too leagues but you refuse to popular channel, i must say, ever play an away game? >> steal by williamson. they are the basement dwellers of news media. people still watch them two or three. you are on a national television network and you are talking about oh ♪ who says you can't go home exclusively a guy's ♪ there's only one place qualities based only on his that call us one of their own skin color. ♪ the hometown boy one thing about beto though. the media gives him a pass on everything. i can't say this enough. remember the original ghost ♪ ed: can't play basketball rachel says that. ghostbusters remember gozer bring you the highlights start of march madness. at the end? he becomes whatever you it's not quite march think he is he becomes the stay puff marshmallow man. madness. we don't want to leave you that's beto. out. since the media doesn't hold rachel: it's fine. can you bro it out with him on account on his steve. policies, beto is whatever pete: if you don't love basketball that's okay. you think he is you think but america is about to enter march madness. beto is a mo moderate he is a the brackets you can fill them out tomorrow. moderate. we will probably be talking he is the stay puff about them. saturday morning 7:00 a.m. marshmallow man of politics
4:02 am
the media will never hold ed: good to have you back. him to account. it's amazing. welcome? rachel: thank you. interesting walking over pete: do you think he takes here people are beginning to it even more so because is he a young white man. party. he should be woken up to ed: saint paddy's day parade know it's not his time. bernie sanders is an older today. pete: leave the city as fast guy so we have got to give him that pass? as you can. ed: a lot of news breaking do you know what what i mean? overnight. the president issuing the very first veto of his >> here is the irony of it, presidency. rachel: president blocking a pete. a lot of people in that montage we just played, some measure to repeat pete the of them were white themselves. it's like, wait, you can't comment on this. you may not be woken up latest on the battle at the either. what about your media border. privilege? gillian, good morning. are white people -- you see >> good morning pete, rachel how the endless road to and ed. great to see you guys. stupid this leads to an yesterday in the oval office surrounded by angel parents intellectual vacuum nobody president trump insisted he can possibly fill u. would not allow republican ed: danny bag of donuts stay and democratic lawmakers to block his national emergency woke for us. declaration. >> you know it. take a listen. rachel: thanks, dan. >> see you guys. >> congress has the freedom take care. rachel: all right. we're going to turn to some to pass this resolution. headlines now. we turn to a fox news alert. and i have the duty to veto new details released on the it. and i'm very proud to veto it. montana state trooper shot during a manhunt. >> before the ink was even trooper wade palmer is fighting for his life and he dry on the first veto of his is in critical condition.
4:03 am
presidency, the speaker of police say jonathan birch the house announcing a date for that override vote shot trooper palmer after opening fire in a truck in a march 26th, saying the house fit of road rage. and senate resoundedly one person died and two rejected the president's others injured. lawless power grab. birch is expected in court yet, the president has on monday. chosen to continue to defy the constitution. the congress, and the will father of two has raised of the american people. and senate democratic leader over $62,000. chuck schumer gave the veto to donate we ask you to go a resounding thumbs down. he wrote congress has refused to fund his wall to a missing 2-year-old multiple times. wisconsin girl found dead in mexico won't pay for it. minnesota overnight. the nationwide search coming in a bipartisan majority in to a tragic end. both chambers just voted to terminate his fake emergency. ignoring criticism that he nolani robinson's father behind bars. has emboldened white daries higgins is accused of supremacists and made america less safe for abducting the child and minority and immigrants. murdering her mother. bernie sanders hits out the white house the veto campaign trail with a band signing with the president's staunchest supporters. aged head after getting >> the sheriff and men and stitches in south carolina. the 2020 presidential candidate's campaign says he women of law enforcement in cut himself on a shower this room and across this door. the 7-year-old has given nation owe you a debt of a -- was given a clean bill gratitude for something that of health and he will not we have been waiting for for miss any of his scheduled decades. >> next up the emergency events. the news comes as sanders' declaration goes back to the house where they likely won't have enough votes to staffers became the first
4:04 am
override the president's ever major presidential campaign to unionize. veto. though it will continue to wow. take a look at this. split republicans, potential problem heading into 2020. people are planking like guys, back to you. ed: all right, gillian back >> gillian: ian. rbg. out in front of the supreme court steps to celebrate predictable the president's ruth bader ginsburg's 86 critics would jump on the birthday. she is a known fitness idea after this horrible tragedy in new zealand. fanatic to ho attributes her some blaming the president. but what did you not health to regular exercise. expect -- you would expect oldest supreme court justice and plans to serve for that from his critics all of another five years. a sudden folks are blaming chelsea clinton for this those are your headlines. tragedy totally bizarre. ed: happy birthday. pete: we brought the tape of the media going bonkers and pete: we should plank like blaming the president for this horrific attack as you rbg. rachel: why not? mentioned in new zealand. one person that did not ed: the president issuing expect to get attacked as the first ever veto of his you said. chelsea clinton. presidency, saying it's his she went to a vigil here at duty to defend the safety of all americans. nyu in new york to honor the the former border chief victims and memorialize under president obama, he is them. supportive of this president this is what she was and he reacts live next. confronted with. a pregnant chelsea clinton. listen. pete: tv's todd piro live in oyster bay new york where he is getting ready to take the polar plunge. going to make it look good?
4:05 am
todd: we are going to have a great time. freezing for a reason. about to jump in that body of water to raise money for the special olympics. i'm joined by these guys they are the freezing monkeys. it's good to to be young. more "fox & friends" after this. nice sign, jenna. ♪ some day you'll pay the price i know i got cones, anybody wants one! rachel: strange chelsea oh, yeah! apologize dollars. get ya some! ed: should not be no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds apologizing. chelsea clinton on february 10th said about of dollars on my car insurance with geico. congresswoman omar's anti-semitic comments, quote: cosigned as an ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! american we should expect [cheers] all elected officials believe it. regardless of party and all geico could save you fifteen percent public figures to not or more on car insurance. traffic in anti-semitism. that should not be controversial. you also should not be trafficking in anti-muslim
4:06 am
rhetoric either. look, everyone, knock this nonsense off. yet this left wing activist confronts her at a vigil of the victims from new zealand happening here in new york. this wonderful vigil. people coming together. it's your fault you attacked congresswoman omar that's why these muslims were killed. it's crazy. rachel: you know that girl that was in the video. have you seen her on campus before. there is lots of social justice warriors like that. and i think the message that they are sending is an anti free speech message. i wish chelsea had not apologized. there was no reason for her to apologize. but, of course, she has sort of bought into some of this identity politics and i guess you live by the sword, you die by the sword. she has got to sort of apologize for having done absolutely nothing but attack the rock stars of the socialist wing of the party. pete: that's the lunancy of the left. you have talk about you know that person. rachel: have you seen her.
4:07 am
pete: that's ocasio-cortez she is knew congresswoman. they see someone like chelsea clinton as the old guard. hillary clinton, joe biden, you know, that's the old democrat party. it was too accepting of moderate. brian: might be why joe biden is still on the sidelines u. pete: that's the future they are going to face not conservings on campus. if you are extreme, we will shut you down and shut you up. ed: courage that left wing activist after the backlash from left, center and right what she did to chelsea clinton takes her twitter account down, makes it private. doesn't want to take the heat. so much for courage. what do you think so about that? pete: lots of courage. rachel: this is what bill maher has to say about democrats who have refused to let fox news host a debate. ed: he is actually standing up. rachel: yeah, he is. >> you want to be in the big
4:08 am
leagues but refuse to ever play an away game? you don't like the questions that fox news might ask so you are deciding to not take any questions at all? how very trump of you. this is a fundamental problem with the democratic party. they look weak. running from a fight when they should be in there throwing punches. republicans never shy away from coming on this show. and they come with a smile on their face despite knowing that the only people in the crowd cheering them on are the three campaign aides they brought with them. democrat and republican ♪ >> congress' vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. it's against reality. it is a tremendous national emergency. congress has the freedom to pass the resolution and i have the duty to veto it. pete: president trump issuing the first veto of his administration after the
4:09 am
senate votes to block his declaration of a national emergency at our southern border. so what does this mean for the security of our nation? here to weigh in former border patrol chief under former president obama, mark morgan. mark, thanks for being here this morning. that ceremony, that moment yesterday, isn't getting the attention it deserves. >> i don't think so. not from the people that really counts. they are elected to safeguard the security of our country. i hope that every senator that voted again the president, they really were voting against america. i hope they were watching the president from the oval office as he laid out the case once again. and, pete, he is absolutely right. first, this is a national emergency. and, second of all, for those who voted against him, they are not facing reality. i mean, the president is flanked by countless sheriffs throughout this entire country echoing that this is an emergency. is he flanked by angel families who reminds this entire country how very real it is.
4:10 am
how they talked about loved ones were killed at the hands of illegal aliens. he also laid out the case that we are anticipating this year, pete, almost between 800,000 and 1 million people will try to illegally enter into this country. they want to say this isn't a crisis? it's unbelievable. pete: mark, when i see the passion of guys like yourself and others in that ceremony and rank and file guys that i talk to, when you hear them say finally, finally, everybody has been lying to us. they have been using campaign slogans. this guy is actually doing it. will this -- will the building of these sections of the wall through emergency be the kind of solution we have long-needed? >> so, pete, you are absolutely right. that's why the reason why you see the passion from all those people you talk about including myself, because we know, we have worked it. we have lived it. we know the lies that are being told. we know the misinformation that americans are being told. and americans are dying because of that. and that's not hyperbole.
4:11 am
that's a fact. we just had bambi larson another illegal alien kill an american citizen. stabbed her brutally to death this week. and what that wall will do as part of that multilayer strategy and everything else that the president is trying to do border security, it's going to stop that. these deaths, the drug overdoses, these things are preventable. the american people need to understand that. stop listening to the pundits and the politicians. start listening to the experts that the president is listening to. and do the right thing to protect this country. pete: briefly, mark, what happens in those places where this new wall has been needed and is now built? >> so that's the key question u what it does is it's not the end all to be all. again, it's part of infrastructure, technology and personnel. what it is designed to do, which it does do is it takes away that avenue. it takes away the avenue knew from people trying to illegally enter the country. and, from the cartels bringing in bad people and bad things. and it focuses them to the points of entry. right? and that's where we stand an
4:12 am
advantage and. pete: manpower get even better. mark morgan appreciate your time. >> you bet. pete: parents told by three different doctors to abort her for medical reasons. her parents didn't listen. her powerful story coming up next. >> my parents said even if our child is blind and is deaf and does have mental struggles, our child has value. i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,.. ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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4:15 am
♪ ed: good morning again, quick headlines, a proposed student minimum wage bill sparking a little controversy there in arizona. the youth employment act would allow employers students less minimum wage of 11 bucks.
4:16 am
supporters say it would help businesses hire more entry level workers. students in the acla getting involved calling it age discrimination vowing to sue if it passes. and shake, shake is testing out four day work weeks. do they mean shake shack? i think that's what they meant. scheduled change will make employees more productive and creative as research shows. it's only at its las vegas locations and now no word if it applies to all workers. you have got to fix some of that spelling in the prompter it is shake shack. rachel? rachel: definitely shake shack. good place to eat. a woman whose parents were told by three different doctors to abort her for medical reasons gives powerful testimony on the value of life. as georgia considers banning most abortions after a baby's heart beat is detected. >> my parents said even if our child is blind and is deaf and does have mental struggles, our child has value. our child's value is not
4:17 am
lost simply because they are sick. rachel: that woman rachel guise strongly supports the heart beat bill and she joins us live this morning to share her story. so, rachel, let's talk a little bit about your story. you had a condition in utero that was appreciating from you growing and the doctors told your parents that they should abort you. >> yes. yes. and so what had occurred is at 24 weeks. my mom had lost all of her amniotic fluid and the physicians had said this child must have a chromosomal abnormality not compatible with life. my parents said even if our child does, our child has value and we will fight for our child. and it is so heart-breaking because these doctors were absolutely unwilling to fight for my life. my parents said will you please, will you at least fight? and the doctor said the only test we will offer is an autopsy. another physician ted the most chilling words and he said it calmly, very calmly
4:18 am
as if it was normal to tell parents to take the life of their children to preemptively kill their children. he said that in all of his years of practice, every single parent he has said to aboard had and all he could tell my parents to do was go home. wait for the baby to die. and that my mother would deliver a stillborn child. rachel: it's an amazing story. so shocking because as you said, probably so many mothers are being told that their baby won't survive. i looked at those pictures of you. so tiny, so fragile, one pound. so this wasn't just a story about giving a baby a chance. but also about the viability of children outside of the womb at just 1 pound. am i correct about the weight? >> 1 pound 2 ounces. rachel: every ounce counts when you that are little. dr. suess who said you know,
4:19 am
you are a person who matter how small you are. and that's really what you are talking about here. that truly the baby should be treat you had as a separate patient whether it's disabled or sick in utero and that their location as i said in your testimony shouldn't be a reason to discriminate against them. correct? >> yes. yes. rachel: and how did you feel giving this testimony? it must have been very powerful for you to, you know, get up in front of all these people and in such a public forum and tell your story. >> yes. it absolutely was. it was -- there were very mixed emotions. just my heart hurt and truly hurt for these precious proabortion people because in their frustration, in their anger, in their yelling, they are yelling because they hurt. they are yelling because most often they have had abortions themselves and they are trying to figure out a way to take that hurt
4:20 am
out and they are doing it in a way that hurts them. but it is heart-breaking. and the other aspect i would say is it was truly a beautiful testament to be able to proclaim that we all have value. no matter if we are healthy or if we are sick. and that our value comes from the lord. and that no matter, no matter how conceived, no matter if we are healthy or sick, we have value from the lord. rachel: it's a wonderful testimony. rachel, you are walking evidence that a baby truly does in route ter row does have humanity. thank you so much for sharing that with me. >> thank you. rachel: have a great day, rachel. all right. could colin kaepernick soon be back on the football field in the new job opening that may soon be his. and todd piro is live in oyster bay, new york where he is getting ready to take the polar plunge. etodd?
4:21 am
>> good morning to you. obviously here benefit special olympics but i have got to admit it's pretty cold here. aangelon says he has warm skin what do you mean by that. >> i don't know. todd: all of these kids have mustaches here. must be water in the water. that explains kilmeade. more after this. ♪ ♪ like a pound of bacon ♪ you ain't quick and nimble mis. ♪ -guys, i want you to meet someone.
4:22 am
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♪ >> [cheers] ed: it is your shot of the morning the ville nova wildcats coming out on top defeating xavier 71-67 in the big east semi-final game just down the street from where we are the greatest arena in the world most powerful arena madison square garden. rachel: fresh off their win a live performance on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> all right. [cheers and applause] pete: really well done. bring it in.
4:27 am
very nicely done on a cold morning out here. here with me now are anna sabata and cheerleader and junior at villanova and heidi dancer and senior at villanova. have a do you know why you guys are here? because we like winners on this program. [laughter] tonight playing in big east final against seton hall going for third straight championship. what's it like to cheer at madison square garden. >> it's awesome. knowing how incredible performers there have been in that arena such an honor to perform. honored to cheer on our guys. pete: last night you in overtime. nail biter. >> we had tough competition. we are so honored to cheer there again tonight and lead the nova nation. pete: are you cheering, panicking or watching or at the same time? >> all at the same time. we are not showing our panic faces. pete: no way. >> no way. pete: my predictions for this evening? >> oh, man, i don't know. it's going to be a tough fight but we can only hope
4:28 am
for the best. pete: you have a good coach joe wright u good luck tonight. rachel, if you need a tip for your bracket villanova is a good one. rachel: thank you. it is bringing me back to my high school cheerleading days i love watching them. pete: are you nervous. them.he had are you nervous and mascot says no. rachel: bullet proof vest saves an officer's life an shooting on las vegas strip. the man stole money on bellagio hotel. he opened fire striking one in the chest. a second officer fired back hitting the suspect and he is now in critical condition. students worldwide skip school rallying against global warming. ♪ cheers.
4:29 am
[chanting] hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go. rachel: marching demanding reaction. nancy pelosi into supporting the green new deal. fresh offer the settlement with the nfl former quarterback colin kaepernick wants to make a come back. he is reportedly interesting in playing for the miami dolphins who just traded quarterback ryan canahil. kaepernick says is he training hard and ready to play. he has played since 2016 with the 49ers when he began kneeling national anthem to promote racial injustice. check this out. people are going doggone crazy over the college admission scandals heading to twitter asking the university of southern california to admit their dog tweeting hey, usc my dogs are pretty good at walk polo. can you designate them as recruits. jonah writing practicing for
4:30 am
the usc dog petting team as my mom finds $500,000. lots to mock in that scandal. ed: usc gone to the dogs. pete: i just ran in here. ed: talking about the dogs. huffing and puffing. pete: it was a long run. somebody else read. ed: you need to get ready for next basketball competition you are out breath. raise money for charity in the cold winter months. pete: last year we sent our own todd piro to join. but there was a bit of controversy whether he actually went far enough into the water. did he really plunge? he basically dipped his toes in. ed: that doesn't count. not really a plunge. this year he is back for redemption. rachel: he looks really wet. he dipped his face in the water. wasn't a full plunge. ed: he also she canned when sh e went in the water. are you going to man up.
4:31 am
todd: if you review the film as the warren commission did. i did go fully under. there wasn't a second polar plunger. my hair got wet hegseth. look at the tape. you see it. pete: i looked at it. todd: speaking of hair i love polar plunge day the one day in the year the nation gets to see todd piro without hair gel. that's what today is. let's get down to brass tacks here. you are in charge of this whole game here. why do we do this. >> we do this for the 67,000 plus athletes in special olympics, new york, gets to train and compete every day free of charge because of support from the communities and people like this. and just a great thing. we plan on raising about $70,000 today. and it costs approximately $400 per athlete. per season. and most of our athletes come pete in about 3 to 5 sports per season. this is fantastic. todd: awesome. we are here with the mother of an athlete, christine. her son jason. christine, what does it mean to see this support? >> i'm both parent and a
4:32 am
coach. and to watch the athletes. my son blossom into amazing adults. they learn sportsmanship and respect to themselves and other people. it's just an amazing organizations. todd: jason, what sport. >> bowling. todd: who doesn't love bowling? marge, also the parent of an athlete and helping us out today. tj is your son. what does it mean to seat support. >> it's wonderful. like i said i also like coach and parent and today is my first day plunging. todd: you be going in. >> i have my whole office going with me. great to see. without their support, this could not happen. and new york, especially olympics is wonderful. everything that goes on here is wonderful. my son gets to sing the national anthem at many of these events. todd: how awesome is that singing the national anthem, guys. how great is that. your son tj the national anthem singer. he also likes to participate in sports. his favorite is. >> floor hockey. todd: who doesn't above floor hockey. we will be hopping in that
4:33 am
body of water in about an hour. stay tuned to "fox & friends" all morning long. it's going to be awesome. back to you. ed: you have two big things going on fs 1 is going to have major college hoops. that's why we had villanova going on. split screen you have todd next hour does it seem kind of athletic deal. he is going to take the plunge next hour. visit polar plunk i believe to donate. pete: only thing that qualifies is full submersion and to prove it he should be under for at least two seconds. rachel: you guys are tough. ed: you want to come in here? he has got to get ready. pete: bring your a-game, everybody. ed: remember when aoc said this about moderates? >> moderate is not a stance it's just an attitude toward life of like eh.
4:34 am
ed: pete says that a lot. maybe she is right. she might be right. pete: on a week where we learn some teens cheated their way into college. meet one kid who did it all by himself and the right way. this high school student overcame homelessness and just got accepted into 17 colleges. here to share his incredible story. ed: there you go. ♪ ♪ ♪ i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
4:35 am
4:36 am
4:37 am
pete: welcome back. do you remember when the socialist in the bronx actually from westchester comrade cortez said this about moderates at the south by southwest conference. >> moderate is not a stance it's just an attitude toward life of like meh.
4:38 am
we have become so cynical that we view meh or eh we view cynicism as intellectually superior attitude and we view ambition as youthful naivete. pete: is she right? rachel: i don't even know what she said. ed: that's a good point. that's a fair thing. rachel: there is this poll. it says among independent voters 10% of them actually have no partisan leaning that all the other independents either lean right or lean left. pete. ed: meh. a little bit of miss match. pete: i want to be in middle and look at both sides. natural inclination is to be more conservative or be more liberal. that's why you i think you see that with a lot of polling. who is going to cap the temperature independents. more moderate republicans or more moderate democrats. rachel: it's a phenomena of the moment. things are very stark.
4:39 am
you have a president who has really brought back capitalism and been unabash unabashedly pro-free enterprise markets and now socialism. these are very stark, you know, different ideologies and no one is pretending on the left anymore that they are not socialist. you have to decide am i going to be for american free enterprise and capitalism or be venezuela? ed: stark difference the president wants to highlight heading into 2020 play right in to his sweet spot. pete: see it on both sides to be fair which i rarely am. rachel: i love his honesty. pete: no room for moderate democrats anymore on the left. if you are anti-trumper or never trumper there is no room in the republican party either. rachel: unless you are jeb and now pete wants jeb to jump in. pete: justice says someone should run. he should run.
4:40 am
rachel: the party is on both sides. absolutely right on the right and on the left. people have. pete: contrast election all the way. pete: finally 10% number two rest of that sound bite 10% better thanot where she made a comment about america is garbage right now. pete: forget when representatives call our own country garbage. pete: not so good. rachel: we have to move on. pete: email us and let you know what you think are you independent? truly snipped sometimes you vote right or left or is this whole independent thing a little overblown? rachel: let us know. we will get to your emails later. here we go on a week where we learned some teens cheated their way into college. meet one kid who did it all by himself. ed: this is inspiring. rachel: such a great story. 17-year-old beating the odds overcoming homelessness and scoring 17 college accept stance letters. he is here to share his incredible story next. stay with us for that.
4:41 am
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♪ ♪ ed: it has been a week marred by a college admissions scandal rich parents buying their kids' way into top schools. our next guest stands in complete contrast to that. rachel: one 17-year-old overcame homelessness and is beating the odds through hard work scoring 17 college acceptance letters. pete: many more than i ever got accepted. rachel: me too. >> dillon chaddick joins us. what an awesome story,
4:45 am
congratulations. >> thank you. pete: you have an awesome spirit. we were talking to you beforehand. tell us a little bit about you had a tough background to get here. tell us about it. >> basically i was born in trinidad and i came to america when i was 7 years old. and we fell on hard times lived in jersey city my mom lost her job and we became homeless. ed: how did you overcome it? you came a long way and now holding all the letters. people are cheating to get into these big schools. here through hard work the american dream, you have done it. >> i would say i have like a really great group of friends and family that help and push me through that obstacle. so i wouldn't be here without them. rachel: you say it's your friends, your family. some people would say it's grit. like there is raw intelligence and then there is grit. that willingness to keep pushing through. do you think that is what is making you a better candidate for these schools? >> well, i think when they look at the old, like me as
4:46 am
a whole person, like my extracurricular activities, my grades, gpa they can see the type of person i really am and they can see what i can bring to their college possibly. pete: very cool. we will show a list on the screen of all the universities you have been accepted to, super cool. while that plays, there is one you are waiting to hear from as well your top choice the college of new jersey. what are you hearing there? >> i don't know yet. but i should hear an official letter soon. pete: good luck: you are the college president. i have got to ask. class president what did you run on? what was your promise to everybody. >> first it's a uniform school. i wanted more dressdowns to make the student body feel like they are achieving something. and also we wanted more pizza parties. pete: that's a good platform. rachel: it's a winner platform. no question about it. let me ask you one more question. your story has been out there. and you say lots of other young people have reached
4:47 am
out to you. >> yes. rachel: what are they saying? >> they are basically saying i'm in that same situation. and your story is becoming an inspiration. so i'm happy that i could be inspiration to other people and they could see that if they keep pushing and keep going they will be able to overcome their obstacles. ed: on that point about obstacles we hear the stories about the rich trying to buy their way in and hear about folks who have charmed lives and just kind of waltz into these colleges. what's your message to other kids who may be struggling? they are in junior high. just starting high school. what's your message about how they should get ready for college? >> >> i would say do all the work that the teachers assign you. you will get used to having a lot of pressure on you in college. i know it's a lot of pressure. i know it can be a lot of struggles. if you can get through high school. you can get through college. ed: mix it in with a little pizza. >> yeah. pete: you want to study
4:48 am
politics in college. >> political science. ed: congratulations inspiring story. rachel: congratulations to your mom, a single mom who did a fantastic job. >> thank you. pete: help new jersey do the right thing. i have no power. you know what the right thing is democrats never come on fox news channel. >> you want to be in the big leagues but you refuse to ever play an away game? pete: what he says is a fundamental problem with the democratic party. rachel: meet the most patriotic toddler you have ever met this 4-year-old boy singing the anthem at a hockey game ♪ fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. ...
4:49 am
4:50 am
we just got married. we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management.
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president trump: i am vetoing this resolution. i have the duty to veto it and i'm very proud to veto it. congress' vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. >> your declaration of an emergency on the southern border was clearly authorized under the law. pete: the main terror suspect in
4:52 am
new zealand's deadly attack appears in court. the gunman murders 49 people. >> security from the police will continue at mosques. president trump: i think that it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems. >> the media going wild for bet o for president in 2020. >> i have enjoyed my privilege absolutely. rachel: former presidential candidate jeb bush calls for republicans to challenge president trump. >> the democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down fox news' offer to host. do you want to be in the big leagues but you refuse to ever play an away game? >> a four-year-old boy is steal ing hearts all across america with the national anthem >> ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> [applause] >> ♪ ♪
4:53 am
ed: villanova won yesterday now playing for the championship at madison square garden tonight at 6:35 p.m. eastern on the fox broadcast channel i said earlier , fs 1 will have all of the highlights. by the way, michigan is playing michigan state tonight, minnesota against michigan. pete: wisconsin is playing. ed: i'm sorry, minnesota versus michigan and the winners will square off for the big 10 championship on cbs all kinds of games march madness just beginning. rachel: and those cheerleaders are so good and so beautiful and so athletic i've decided i'm going to back villanova. ed: we're going to have the harlem globetrotters out there next weekend. pete: man i'm excited already. ed: i beat you last year with the three pointers. i've been practicing a little bit. pete: have you? i've been practicing in my
4:54 am
basement. it's the only place that i can play any more. ed: it was just like let's move on. i don't want to talk about basketball but the president yesterday making waves with his first-ever veto. remember what happened this week , 12 republicans in the senate defied him and tried to block this declaration of a national emergency and the president said nah, i'm going to veto that and move forward. pete: and he did it in a dramatic way got out his pen, did it at the desk, had law enforcement officers behind him and he made this statement as he made a statement with his pen. listen. president trump: to defend the safety and security of all americans i will be signing and issuing a formalthis wreckld that's what it was. congress' vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality, against reality, and it is a tremendous national emergency and a tremendous crisis.
4:55 am
congress has the freedom to pass this resolution, and i have the duty to veto it. rachel: that's right the president saying it's his duty to protect the country that this is an emergency, and a group of people surrounding him, law enforcement, sheriffs, border patrol, those people agree with him and they're so grateful to him for finally having someone in office who backs them up on this. here is sheriff tomorrow as hod son from bristol county, massachusetts. >> i've been sheriff for 21 years, and i've been dealing with congress for 21 years on this issue of immigration. a lot of people have listened over 21 years but mr. president, you are the first person whose taken action and you have given us back our law enforcement but you also gave the american people back what they deserve which is to be protected. ed: imagine that the president of the united states listening to law enforcement who might know a little bit more than the rest of us about what's really happening with the border crisis , number one and number two we've got to be clear that there's still a healthy debate
4:56 am
about whether the president has this legal authority as i mentioned it's playing out in the courts but remember he had his attorney general yes nominated by this president but someone seen as a relatively bipartisan figure in attorney general barr, who said yesterday clearly in the oval office he has the legal authority to do this. pete: and those sheriffs from massachusetts not a southern border state these are sheriffs who deal with the ramifications of drugs and trafficking in their communities and realize you don't security until you address it, and the president is pointing out kind of an america- first angle. we declare all these emergencies about other countries why can't we declare one on our own border he believes he has the legal authority the wall will start to be built eventually although as you said ed. ed: while he was issuing that veto you actually had critics in the mainstream media some of them attacking the president, maybe that's not surprising. they do it pretty often, but attacking them this time over something pretty vile saying basically that his rhetoric, other actions are to blame for the horrific deaths that we saw
4:57 am
in new zealand, that just horrific murders. that again might not be a surprise because you've got critics saying all these things the president pushed back in the oval office but what was surprise surprising chelsea clinton getting blamed as well a left wing activist when chelsea clinton was here in new york at a vigil for the victims in new zealand, and because helsinki it clinton recently lashed out at congresswoman omar, over anti-semetic remarks chelsea clinton helped causal of this. watch. >> after all that you've done? >> i am so sorry. >> [indiscernible] >> this right here is the result of a massacre and i want you to know that and i want you to feel that deep inside that 49 people died because of the rhetoric that was put out there.
4:58 am
>> i'm sorry you feel that way what does that mean? rachel: i'm so sorry that's chelsea clinton pregnant by the way being accosted by these social justice warriors and apologizing. here is dan bongino with us a little earlier talking about what he took away from that exchange. >> this is outrageous, i mean chelsea clinton is a check the box liberal in every single way. she's the problem. i thought the goal was to call out hate in all forms. i mean the democrats say that all the time even in their water ed down resolution against illham omar which they took her name out after anti-semetic comments what do they keep saying? we need to call out hate in all forms so why not anti-semetic hate why is that the only acceptable form of hate? the answer is it isn't so me but why is it to the people who confronted chelsea clinton. pete: you've got the young socialists going after the old guard nothing is good enough.
4:59 am
ed: even chelsea clinton is considered the old guard. pete: she is as she's at a vigil with them, nothing is good enough unless -- ed: a pregnant woman confronted by this activist and by the way this activist who had all this courage beings once she got backlash, from democrats, republicans, a lot saying why are you attacking chelsea clinton this courageous activist took her twitter down and made it private. and again i don't think people should be attacking that activist just to be clear but you put yourself out there want to go after chelsea clinton, a pregnant woman, come on. rachel: once off the campus and the protection of the campus and she had to deal with it sort of the national criticism. ed: all of a sudden. rachel: she crumbled. pete: good point well another thin that caught our eye, you know bill maher, he's no friend of conservatives or republicans or the fox news channel. he's a big liberal but every once in a while he says something that catches your eye and reveals a truth. ed: trying to explain to his own folks. pete: this is last night, on
5:00 am
bill maher's show talking about democrats not willing to come on fox news. watch. >> you want to be in the big leagues but you refuse to ever play an away game? you don't like the questions at fox news might ask so you're deciding to not take any questions at all? how very trump of you. >> [applause] >> this is a fundamental problem with the democratic party. they look weak, running from a fight when they should be in there throwing punches. republicans never shy away from coming on this show, and they come with a smile on their face, despite knowing that the only people in the crowd cheering them on are the three campaign aids they brought with them. democrat and republican, said fox news was their main source of campaign news. you have to get inside the bubble. you call yourself the resistance then fight behind enemy lines that's what a resistance does. that's the difference between blowing up a tank and tweeting about it. >> [laughter] >> get out of your echo chamber and infiltrate there's.
5:01 am
pete: ed: how much truth he's speaking to his own party about the resistance move is being a bunch of wimps get actually getting in fighting it out on ideas for example, just taking cheap shots and secondly i'll quickly say that when i'm stopped in airports by supporters of the president and what is it that you like about the president more than anything , they say he fights. we didn't have that, a republican nominee or a republican president who fought for us who got in there and pushed back and again, you may like the president you may dislike the president you may think he goes too far on twitter and elsewhere but there are a lot of republicans in this country who stands up and fight and bill maher pointed out he thinks a lot of fellow democrats are not standing up and fighting rachel: and pete you've been on that show before and it's true. it's not just on that show that republicans are willing to go on most of the media is very liberal and conservative republican members of congress are very accustomed to going on to cnn and msnbc and nbc and abc taking tough questions and yet the democrats are afraid. pete: yeah i don't understand it
5:02 am
i didn't even have three campaign aids with me. rachel: [laughter] yeah. pete: only me but do you know what i got a chance to say my piece. well we invite liberals and democrats on this show all the time we hope you will come on. we are who we are. ed: free pete hegseth. pete: thank you ed. rachel: we'll turn to headlines while pete is advocating. [laughter] so the main terror suspect by the way, we're going to get to some difficult news in new zealand, deadliest attack appears in court. the self-proclaimed white supremacist allegedly gunned down 49 people at two mosques in a hate-filled manifesto the suspect vowed to kill muslim invaders and to divide america. 39 victims remain hospitalized, 11 in critical condition. new zealand's prime minister now vowing to change its gun laws by banning semi-automatic weapon s. the mother of the little girl found dead inside a duffel bag will likely face charges.
5:03 am
police extraditing taquesta graham from texas to california for questioning, detaining her at the border on a parole violation. her boyfriend a convicted child abuser is charged in the murder. the body of the 9-year-old trinity love jones was found along a hiking trail near los angeles. how very sad. a slain mob boss shakes hands with his killer moments before being gunned down outside of his home. new york city police say the gunman spoke with frankie callie after crashing into his suv. the crime family boss then turned his back as the suspect opened fire. authorities are iing late gambin o boss whose six months out of prison and police say the murder was not sanctioned by the new york five maffia families and breakfast lovers think us is something that's been getting us talking about things on the couch here. breakfast lovers won't be egg-st
5:04 am
atic. hear this eggs are linked to higher cholesterol and people who eat three to four eggs per week increase their chances by 6 %. according to a new northwestern university study, and doctors say that it's better to eat egg whites since the cholesterol is in the yolk and i completely disagree with that study. i love eggs. ed: i want to stay yolk. rachel: [laughter] pete: don't listen to that study i have like three to four eggs a day. i don't know what that says about my cholesterol. i should get it checked. ed: it's you're going to be scrambling to get to the doctor. pete: oh, man. all morning long. rachel: don't listen eggs are the perfect food. pete: wonderful. president trump issuing the first veto of his presidency saying it is his duty to defend the safety of americans. tennessee senator marshall blackburn supports the president 's national emergency joining us live coming up next. ed: plus look at this, the pint- sized patriot is getting a lot of attention for his version of the national anthem. we met him earlier this morning he's getting the pipes ready and
5:05 am
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fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight. president trump: the safety and security of all americans i will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this wreckless resolution and that's what it was. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it. ed: president trump issuing the first-ever veto of his administration, you saw it thereafter the senate voted to block his declaration of a national emergency at our southern border. tennessee senator marsha blackburn opposed the senate resolution, voted in favor of the president's declaration and she's kind enough to join us on this weekend good morning, senator. >> good morning. ed: senator i want to get right at it because i want to be straight up about this, 12 of your republican colleagues tried
5:09 am
to defy the president on this, align themselves you see them there, align themselves with democrats who have been saying no, no, no to the president's agenda and i find it an interesting stark contrast to what happened in the oval office you have those republicans and democrats, and on the other side you've got angel moms, you've got law enforcement officials and sheriffs, saying wait a second we've got a problem here. >> yes, and you notice they were from all across the country and the reason for that is every state is a border state, every town is a border town until we secure the southern border and the president is correct in taking the step to veto this resolution. you know, ed, you know d.c. as do rachel and pete, my goodness. congress gave this authority in 1976 through the emergency power s act, they gave this to the president. he is exercising that, president obama had 13 emergencies that he
5:10 am
declared one of them was over the swine flu. ed: right. pardon me one second senator but i want to press you on the point that you mentioned barack obama when he was president and you were back in the house you and other republicans were complaining all the time about him abusing his executive power why is it appropriate now for this president to use executive power? >> you're right. you want to recoup that power, because i'm one of those that has been pushing for congress to recoup their article 1 power when it comes to appropriations and rulemaking and review the rains act push that, pass that, review executive powers, review the separation of powers, and bring all of these back in. i told the president the other day when i was at the white house i said look, you should support us reviewing all of this of congressional power to the executive branch, or the
5:11 am
judicial branch let's call it the drain the swamp act i think it would be a great way to force congress to do its job. ed: senator real quick i want to get to another important topic you were working on at the white house in a meeting this week. everyone is wondering will there be a summit with the choice president and president trump that may still be in the cards down the road but there's another big trade deal that's in congress they haven't followed up on his agenda. talk about that. >> yes it's the u.s. mexico canada agreement. we should pass this. it's important for our auto workers, auto manufacturing, it is important for our agricultural interest, we need to get that passed and on the books and then we need to drill down on china. hold them accountable for some of their miss deeds when it comes to technology transfer, intellectual property rights protections and make certain that we get to deal with china. ed: senator joining us from the beautiful city of nashville you have a wonderful weekend. >> will do. ed: meanwhile, california's governor defending his decision and the death penalty out there,
5:12 am
out west. >> my daughter says to me, you teach us not to kill, and yet, here i am in a pre-med tated way , killing other people on be half of the state i just can't do that. ed: both sides you'll hear the governor there but a family affected by this decision is firing back a 12-year-old girl's killer, now saved that little girl's father joins us live with his reaction we get both sides of this, next. mom! he's blinking too loud. sorry, is that too loud? you don't need any more hormones in your house. that's why you chose kraft natural cheese. made with fresh milk without the added hormone rbst. it's cheese as it should be.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected.
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5:16 am
admiration for people who have a different point of view but at the end of the day when i'm sitting there talking to my kids i have four young kids and my daughter says to me you teach us not to kill and yet here i am in a premeditated way killing other people on behalf of the state. i just can't do that. pete: but what about the families of murder victims still waiting for justice to be served 12-year-old polly class was murdered in 1993 in california after being kidnap at knifepoint during a slumber party. her killer richard allen davis has been sitting on death row since he was convicted in 1996. rachel: joining us now is polly 's father mark. welcome. >> thank you. rachel: tell us a little bit about your daughter and what happened? >> well, polly was a vibrant 12 -year-old girl hosting a slumber party with two of her very good friends on the evening of october 1, 1993 in the home that she shares with her mom in petaluma, california.
5:17 am
at about 10:30 in the evening a knife-wielding bearded stranger entered the bedroom where the girls were playing and told them he would slit their throats that he had in his right hand and he then proceeded to tie, bind and gag polly's girlfriends and we then spent the next 65 days looking for polly only to find that a violent offender, somebody who had been previously diagnosed as a sexually sadistic psychopath had kidnapped, raped, murdered, and discarded polly's remains off the side of the freeway within about a two hour timeframe. pete: wow unthinkable. rachel: nightmare. pete: a nightmare indeed. he was convicted on death row. you heard what the governor, gavin newsom said on the view here is a little bit more about what he said his message frankly to families like you. listen. >> so what do you tell the parent though that still disagrees? i don't have closure.
5:18 am
what do you say to them? >> you have to eradicate evil. >> i literally said there's nothing i can do to bring your child back. there's nothing i can say to change your point of view. the fact is though i'm entrusted to do something much broader than just address one individual case. i've got to address a system that is race-based system, of tremendous injustice. pete: mark your reaction. >> well listen, he has no respect from my point of view because he spent an hour in the meeting we had an hour prior telling me how victims of crime need to have a place at the table, in this discussion about the broader criminal justice issue and then he turns to me and said well do you know what i'm going to declare a moratorium on the death penalty so he basically disregarded everything i stand for everything i believe out of hand just like that. i believe that the meeting i had with him the day before, he made that declaration, was a complete and total setup so that he could
5:19 am
look at reporters in the eyes and say yes, i've listened to all points of view. i have no respect for this man. he superceded the law. he turned his back on the will of the people, and he on a whim declared a moratorium and showed mercy, showed mercy for the 737 individuals on death row who have never shown mercy in their lives. pete: you know, he said it was a race-based system, or alluded to race. it doesn't matter what the race is of the killer of your daughter, something that heinous from your view deserves justice. do you have any recourse to this moratorium? >> well, i don't know that i have any recourse. i'm not a lawyer and i could assure you there is some lawyers looking into this right now but i think everybody should call the governor's office and express their point of view. i'd like to see some online petition so that people will understand or so that the governor will understand. 11 times since 1972 californians
5:20 am
have reaffirmed their support of the death penalty only two years ago, we turned down a anti-death penalty amendment and we approved an initiative that would streamline the system so that we could start executing these guys once again. rachel: you know most people thankfully have not gone through what you've gone through and had to endure with the loss of your daughter. tell us why this is so important to you. why do you think that this kind of end to this murder life equals justice for you? >> listen, the state of california spent an enormous amount of money and offered excellent lawyers, some excellent representation during the trial of richard allen davis for the murder of my daughter, and in both instances, when they declared his guilt and when they made the sentence of death, a jury of his peers said he deserved the ultimate punishment for having committed that crime. well that's off the table right
5:21 am
now. something entirely different is going to happen. he's been shown mercy. he's going to be able to live out his life with the guaranteed healthcare that all death row inmates and practically nobody else in our society receive. pete: you're just looking for the justice you thought was coming, marc klass, god bless her thank you for your story and your time. rachel: thank you for sharing that. pete: more fox & friends on the other side. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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ed: it is your shot of the morning you won't believe this a goat being sworn in as the official mayor of a small town in vermont. rachel: this ms. maria lincoln shaking off after beating out 15 other pets for the privilege to serve a one-year term. pete: she's running against other pets. lincoln taking an oath before stomping a footprint of approval there is no human mayor, but the town manager putting on the election to encourage kids to get involved with local politics kids? ed: what state is bernie sanders in? rachel: kids? pete: what are we teaching kids? rachel: [laughter] ed: oh, boy. pete: bernie could run for that if he doesn't win for president he could run for mayor of that town. rachel: great idea another campaign. ed: the goat's honeymoon was in
5:26 am
russia. rachel: [laughter] ed: that's what they tell me. rachel: all right, well, turning now to your headlines, look at this. australian senator this is crazy footage, you've got to see it is egged by a teen protesting his controversial remarks on new zealand mosque shootings. the senator drew international condemnation after blaming the terror attack that killed 49 worshipers and he had to be restrained after repeatedly hitting the boy in the face and senator supporters then tackled the teen until police arrived. he was released without charges. ed: the senator was mad. rachel: kim kardashian is paying the rent for a reformed criminal but she needs your help finding him a home. kardashian tweeting, "if there are any landlords with a two bedroom in nashville willing to give mr. charles a second chanc" matthew charles says he's having a hard time finding a home because of his criminal path. he was one of the first inmates released under the sentencing reform law.
5:27 am
kardashian met with president trump to discuss the reform law last year. ed: what a picture. rachel: yes. well some newlyweds the honeymoon is ending before it even begins. >> we're never going to forget this honeymoon. [laughter] >> ♪ ♪ rachel: welcomes are now taking unimoons, without their new spouse according to the new york times, well some split after their big day because of work others did it because they just couldn't agree on where to go and one psychologist saying the rise may be due to a greater focus on individualism. i'd say so. ed: you've got friends here watching the show off camera and i say thumbs up neighbors. rachel: no, no, no. if you're taking a bro trip on your honeymoon, it's over. [laughter] pete: a bad idea. ed: we got to get the congressman on tomorrow.
5:28 am
pete: rick saccone is it a bad first sign if couples are split ting that out. rick: by the way let's just make there be a new study like five years from now go back and find those couples to see how things are going. rachel: great idea. pete: maybe it works. rick: we'll see, all right guys let's talk weather there's a big story going on across parts of the northern plains from nebraska over towards wisconsin, dealing with incredible flooding take a look at the maps, and we had all of that rain this week really incredible storm one of the most powerful storms we've ever had at least that we measured across the central part of the country. it's gone, behind it, just a little bit of showers across parts of the central gulf and towards florida, that's going to remain throughout the weekend so keep your umbrellas handy. we are watching flooding though, all these areas because of that heavy rain and because of incredible amounts of snow that you saw this winter all that melting very quick, and causing a lot of flooding emergencies there. it's primarily the elkorn, and the missouri river keep in mind
5:29 am
all that water has to eventually flow into the mississippi i think we could be talking about flooding for a long time this spring. good news is no big precipitation anywhere in the country, behind this system, and in fact as we move through the next couple of days things overall pretty much everywhere, remaining pretty dry. all right guys back to you inside. ed: thank you rick. pete: well, people across the country it are taking the polar plunge to raise money for charity in the cold winter months. ed: tv's todd piro is about to take the plunge literally. last year it looked like he got a case of cold feet you might say. he didn't quite go all the way in. will it go better this time around? rachel: i'm with you, todd you did take the polar plunge. he joins us now in the town of oyster bay, new york and he's going to do it now. todd: in the pantheon of unjustified conspiracy theories, pete hegseth vile and baseless accusation that i did not get my hair wet is site up there with the accusation that the moon landing was fake. that said, we're going to right
5:30 am
what pete hegseth uses as a wrong, right now. are we ready? >> [applause] todd: on my count! 3, 2, 1, go! ed: he made it. todd: as you see, i am fully wet , from my toes to my head! you know, every time you get to do something where you get wet on the show, it's in a dunk tank in july. ed: [laughter] todd: why don't you get your minnesota you know what out here and show the nation how it's done! ed: sounds like a challenge. todd: i can't hear you so i have no idea how bad you're ripping me right now.
5:31 am
ed: should pete go out? pete: he can't hear us. ed: should pete take the next plunge? rachel: for those who couldn't see off camera i have never ever in all my time hosting this show ever seen both of these guys walk over to look at the camera! so, you know? ed: i won't judge this time he got in. i'm with pete about last year. pete: yeah but it was quick. remember? i said two seconds he was under for maybe a half second. ed: but the pressure from pete. i think the pressure from pete. that's what we can say. pete: todd you did it, it was a mini plunge. ed: all for a good cause. pete: you're right. ed: check out his twitter account they got the link there i'm sure donate, wonderful cause pete: moving on to another great story, this pint-sized patriot getting a lot of attention for his version of the national anthem. ed: i saw him in the green room he's getting excited he's a great kid. rachel: [laughter]
5:32 am
he looks tired. ed: plus talk about someone with some potential. beto o'rourke compares climate change to storming the beaches in normandie, really? >> they showed it to us, they can convene the countries of the world around otherwise un solvable problems. ed: oh, unsolvable he's just one of the 2020 presidential hopefuls, free the message straight to the people but what do actual voters think, the brand new dial, next. >> ♪ ♪
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rachel: 2020 presidential hopefuls out in full swing bringing their message straight to the people so what do the voters think? ed: here is our friend, partner, lee carter good morning, again. >> great to be here again. ed: bernie sanders seemed to be throwing left we talked to you last time let's take a look at this where he beats up on the president a little bit. >> this campaign is not only going to defeat donald trump the most dangerous president in our lifetime. >> [applause] >> this campaign and the government, we are going to create is going to transform our country and create an economy and a government that works for all of us not just the 1%. >> so you can see there, bernie is capturing the hearts of democrat they gave him an a, not
5:37 am
so much with the republicans who gave him an f. not so surprising we're divided between republicans and democrat s but what is surprising is how turned off the independents were by his message , they really don't like anti-trump but are not inspired by bernie but let's not forget and we talked about this earlier the game is about winning democrats because so many primaries are closed. you have to run in the election. >> that's right. rachel: then you can move on let's look at beto o'rourke getting a lot of buzz this week here is a clip from him. >> those who think that the existential threat to western democracy and our way of life they showed us the way. we can all come together and unite and we can convene the countries of the world around otherwise unsolvable problems. that moment is now for us on this issue, so if there's a time to reassert global leadership and make friends instead of enemies it's today, because the challenges are too great. rachel: so what does this tell you about robert francis?
5:38 am
>> what this tells me is that he does inspire folks, you can see that the democrats there gave him an a, independents and republicans gave him a c minus not so bad. what you can say there is people were inspired by his message of coming together but when he tried to compare this he made a leap to climate change like this is the beaches of normandie and that's when everybody said wait a minute a step too far but do you know what the thing that's so interesting is that people, there's something appealing about him. pete: do people like the hand motions? >> [laughter] >> absolutely. pete: i couldn't tell if he was conducting an orchestra or not. one of the other candidates, kamala harris here she is talking about tax cuts. >> i am proposing what has been described as one of the most significant, one of the greatest tax cuts for middle class families and generations. if you are a family that is making less than $100,000 a year , you will receive a tax
5:39 am
credit that you can receive at up to $500 a month. well let me tell you how we're going to pay for it. we're going to repeal that corporate tax cut. >> so you can see there she's got quite an appeal there democrats gave her an a minus and republicans and independents gave her a c minus tax cuts sound good but what you can see happen with republicans and independents as soon as she said repeal that corporate tax not so much on board but she's out there talking about healthcare she's talking about something a little bit different ed: healthcare as well for corey booker let's quickly get to tha. you can not have life liberties and the pursuit of happiness if you don't have healthcare. liberty is not being shackled to fear because you can't afford to get sick and so my passion and my work is to make their the ever single american has a right to high quality healthcare. >> corey booker has quite an appeal there too, democrats gave him an a, independents and republicans gave him an f, so not quite as good as some of the
5:40 am
others on the in side but he is a contender for sure so somebody to watch out for but i still think right now bernie is in the number one spot with the democrats. pete: i agree with you. i do. i've got a lot more to say about that but we'll save it. thank you very much. >> great to be here. pete: well, a cool story coming up a pint-sized patriot getting a lot of attention for his show- stopping national anthem. >> ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ pete: he's getting ready to sing it right here on fox & friends you won't want to miss it. >> ♪ star spangled banner yet wave ♪ 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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>> ♪ for the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ >> people were pounding on the window. ed: he says they were pounding on the windows. pete: you just heard him a singer belting out the anthem at a hershey bears hockey game this week. ed: and this morning landon mack , his mom and dad join us live they are super pump ed. welcome. rachel: i have to say man i've never had a guest on fox & friends that i actually wanted to eat up. he is the cutest thing i've ever seen. whose your favorite team? >> hershey bears. pete: hershey bears? >> you can tell me anything i want. rachel: great. you'll answer anything? ed: tell us about your shoes. you're excited about your shoes?
5:45 am
do they light up? rachel: you're a patriotic guy. pete: you learned to sing this song from youtube videos right? you watched people sing it? >> yes. pete: is that right? >> yes. pete: it's all right i've got a four-year-old i know how it is. he can't sing like you? maybe i'll teach him. ed: how proud are you mom and dad? >> oh, so proud. >> extremely. >> our hearts just pound especially that night we were so nervous but so proud. rachel: did you think it would go viral the way it did? >> no. >> absolutely not. it was something for fun. rachel: you thought it's adorable you're the parents but you didn't realize all of us think it's so adorable. ed: how many times has he done it? >> that was the first time at the hershey bears game but he's done it at small venues just for kicks. and this happened. pete: why do you like to sing so much? >> i don't know. >> [laughter] pete: i'm good at it.
5:46 am
rachel: listen why don't we just , should we, let's just have you do it? he looks like he's been waiting around. pete: landon, would you sing the national anthem for us, buddy? >> yes. pete: would you? rachel: you'll do it? pete: okay. rachel: we want to hear you. >> go ahead. rachel: look right at the camera pete: use that microphone, buddy >> are you ready? pete: we're ready. rachel: let's go. >> ♪ oh, say can you see, by the dawns early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, o' e r the ramparts we watch, were
5:47 am
so gallantly streaming, and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there, oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave, for the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ >> [applause] roots.
5:48 am
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ed: we didn't know if this guy was going to be on or not. pete: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> science, astronaut -- >> a singer? pete: and a singer. you stole the show, buddy. ed: we're going to have to have you back. the mac family, congratulations. >> great job. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] ed: we're going to find out if pete can do the show drunk -- pete: not true. happy st. patty's day. neil: after the attack in new zealand, debating how the attacker managed to live stream it to the world. today social media companies under fire for showing the fire, because even after shutting it down, that video is still out there, and thousands have it. and now washington's had it. then, the back story on that president trump veto announcement at the white house. [applause] there's a reason why he did it.
5:52 am
he had a big cast of supporting characters. angel moms whose kids were killed by those who got through that border. the president vowed his veto was for them. >> when we first met -- >> yes, four years ago. >> when they said, oh, trump's not going to win, you said
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