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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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more than one million people watched the birth of her last calf. an online voting contest is going to be held to name the newest tiny arrival. arthel: justin. i don't know. we're back tomorrow at noon eastern. hope you can join us. jon: president trump issues the first veto of his presidency in response to a congressional resolution blocking his national emergency to fund a border wall. the move now sets up a new fight in the escalating battle over immigration. good evening. i'm jon scott, this is "the fox report." the president's veto sends the resolution back to the house where lawmakers are scheduled to hold an override vote later this month. the president is standing firm, insisting illegal immigration is a real threat to national security. a former border patrol chief for president obama backs him up. >> every senator that voted against the president, they really were voting against america. they're not facing reality. i mean, the president is flanked
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by countless sheriffs throughout this entire country echoing that this is an emergency. he's flanked by angel families who reminds this entire country how very real it is. almost between 800,000 and 1 million people will try to illegally enter this country, and they want to say that this isn't a crises? it's unbelievable. jon: garrett tenney has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: twelve senate republicans voted against the president's emergency declaration, but on friday president trump said he didn't have a problem with that because there were not enough votes to override his veto. but he also slammed the effort to block his national emergency, calling it dangerous and reckless. while insisting there is an invasion taking place on our southern border. >> congress' vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality, it's against reality. it is the a tremendous national
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emergency, it is a tremendous crisis. we want border security, we want safety. we want no discussion, no human trafficking, okay? >> reporter: the white house isn't concerned about congress overriding the president's veto though, because at least right now the math is in their favor. a to-thirds majority is required -- two-thirds majority is required to do that, and the house was about 40 votes short of that last month, while the senate was short by 8 this week. despite that, speaker nancy pelosi announced the house will hold a vote to override the veto on march 26th. earlier today, congressman henry cuellar said they will try to convince more republicans to go against the president. >> now we're going to try to override the veto. i know the math, i know what the math is, and the question is very simple, are we going to stand with the constitution, or are we going to stand with party loyalty? i want to stand with the constitution. >> reporter: democrats are also looking at what other avenues are available to take on
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the president's emergency declaration. one possibility is joining a lawsuit filed by 20 states against the president's emergency order. several others involve legislative action including language to prevent the president from redirecting congressional funds for his own purposes. those efforts could play out in upcoming negotiations over government funding and would significantly raise the prospects of another government shutdown this fall. a déjà vu all over again, jon. jon: that's what out looks like thanks very much, garrett tenney at the white house. to the latest in new zealand, police say 50 people are now dead after that gunman opened fire at mosques in the city of christchurch. dozens more still in the hospital, two of them critically injured. this as memorials spring up across the country and around the world to honor the victims as survivors share their stories. >> they came to the men's room, and it was terrible. so many people, you know? some of them were screaming,
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they were asking me to get some water for them. some of them were, you know, shot and someone was on their leg and screaming can anyone help. jon: kitty logan has the latest from london. >> reporter: hi, jon. police just in the last hour have confirmed that the 28-year-old australian suspect is now the only person to be charged in relation with these shootings. the other two -- if you remember who were arrested as well on friday -- they have now been released. now, the primary suspect, he appeared in court today for an initial hearing on a single murder charge. the judge ordered his face to be blurred in broadcast. you can see that there. but we could see he wore a white prison outfit, he was very closely guarded. he remained silent throughout that hearing, but this is the same man who apparently claimed responsibility for the attacks in a detailed manifesto
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revealing his white supremacist beliefs and motives. now, he was remanded in custody until april the 25th. police confirmed today that he will be facing further charges. meanwhile, forensics work at the scene of the shootings is underway. police are also trying to establish if anyone else linked, was linked to this main suspect. and although they now believe there was only one gunman, they are still not ruling anything out. and for now, the country remains op high alert. on high alert. >> in terms of security right across the country, the police and other emergency services remain absolutely vigilant to keep all of new zealanders and everyone who lives here or visits here safe from harm. in terms of the security we have around mosques around new zealand, that will continue until we believe there is no
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threat. >> reporter: this was by far new zealand's worst ever mass shooting. this is a quiet and peaceful country, and people are only just starting to come to terms with their grief and the shock of all of this. in christchurch today, we saw people lighting candles, laying flowers at a makeshift memorial there. many of the victims were refugees who fled violence in their own war-torn the countries, and today new zealand's prime minister met with members of the country's muslim community. she offered them her support and solidarity for the victims. jon? jon: kitty logan live from london. kitty, thank you. north korea's leader kim jong un will soon make an an announcement as to whether his country plans to suspend nuclear talks with the united states and resume nuclear and missile testing. this comes as a top north korean official says the trump administration's demands are, quote, gangster-like. gillian turner reports from washington with the latest.
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>> reporter: new concerns breaking this weekend about north korea as the trump administration scrambles this weekend to figure out kim jong un's next move in the wake of yesterday's announcement. a korean official disclosed that kim is considering ditching negotiations with the u.s. altogether and resuming nuclear weapons testing, a worst case scenario for the united states. the secretary of state the jumped in yesterday with a pointed reminder to pyongyang. >> in hanoi on on multiple occasions, he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing, nor would he resume missile testing. so that's chairman kim's word. we have every expectation he will live up to that commitment. >> reporter: talks fell apart in hanoi last month when they reached an impasse over financial sanctionings. trump has imposed five rounds of them so far during his presidency. north korea continues to demand sanctions relief, something the u.s. is only willing to provide after kim surrenders his nuclear
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stockpile of weapons and long-range missiles. yesterday a spokesperson accused the trump team of taking a gangster-like stance. >> translator: i make this clear, the forceful stance of the u.s. will certainly make the situation more dangerous. our supreme leadership will clarify its decision soon. >> reporter: president trump's administration has hung their hat and hopes on the fact that north korea's nuclear testing abated over the past year. >> hostages returned, we have, having stopped missile testing, nuclear testing. we are hopeful that we can continue to have conversation, negotiation. >> reporter: everyone from the secretary of state to the national security advisor to the president himself has proclaimed the cessation of testing to be their top achievement so far. so should the north resume, it would be a major blow to their strategy, and worse still, a major threat to u.s. stability. jon? jon: gillian turner, thanks. well, it's been a busy week for
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the mueller probe. a federal judge sentenced former trump campaign manager paul manafort to 43 months in prison on wednesday, bringing his total prison time to seven and a half years. meantime, a court filing shows manafort's former deputy, rick gates, continues to cooperate with the government and is not ready for sentencing. all of this comes as transcripts are released that shed more light into the decision making of former fbi agent priester strzok -- peter strzok and lisa page. here is former independent counsel ken starr on the bureau and mueller investigation. >> well, i understand the president's frustration when we look back at the origins of this, how questionable it is, very bad judgment being used, bad judgment at best by some of the senior people in the fbi. it really was a very sad chapter for the fbi. jon: david spunk is live in washington with more. david? >> reporter: hey, jon. a very busy week in washington. we don't know when this mueller probe will officially conclude,
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but legal analysts believe it is wrapping up. members of congress votedded just a few days ago 420-0 in a bipartisan fashion to make the report public when it is released. in fact, president trump tweeted just today that he wants the report to be made public in the name of transparency. manafort may be getting the biggest headlines, but there are oh parts of this probe making news. roger stone's trial date is now on the books for november. manafort deputy rick gates continues to cooperate with authorities, and we are learning, jon, that federal authorities have everything they need from former national security adviser michael flynn. also new light shining on lisa page's closed-door testimony last year, new transcripts released earlier this week along with fox's earlier reporting that page testified russia collusion was still unproven when special counsel robert mueller was appointed in may of 2017. page was connected at the time
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to former fbi agent peter strzok. but late this week we learned through new court documents that the late arizona senator john mccain and an associate made public an unverified dossier that alleged russians had compromising information on the president of the united states. known as the steele dossier, funded by the dnc, former senator mccain denied being the source for buzzfeed after it published the dossier online. however, we are learning that mccain did provide part of that dossier, specifically the first 33 pages, to the fbi back in december 2016. >> i'm thankful that this news is coming out so we can all evaluate it. the steele dossier, i think, has been very substantially discredited. >> reporter: meanwhile, paul manafort right now sitting in jail. if president trump were to pardon manafort, he would not be out of the woods by any means. earlier this week the manhattan d.a. announced a 16-count indictment against manafort, state charges mirroring the
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federal ones from virginia. president trump does not have the authority to get manna north out of those -- nanofort out of those new york state charges. no word specifically when this mueller report will be releaseed, but when it does, it's going to go directly to the attorney general, william barr, then we'll see if it's made public. but certainly congress, in a very bipartisan fashion, and the president wants it to be made public. jon: thank you, david. >> reporter: sure. ♪ ♪ jon: well, the race for the white house became a foot race this morning in iowa as the new candidate, former texas congressman beto o'rourke, kicked off his morning there by running a 5k. to roarke joins a crowded field of 2020 democrats trying to win the white house. several of them are keeping a busy schedule this weekend. jeff paul joins us live with more. jeff? >> reporter: it's another packed weekend for democratic presidential hopefuls who are campaigning to be the name that carries the party in 2020. right now former vice president
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joe biden is speaking in dover, delaware, or about to, and senator bernie sanders is holding a rally in henderson, nevada. now, over in independence, iowa, senator amy klobuchar is currently meeting with voters there, and washington governor jay inslee just wrapped up a speech in new hampshire. he focused on his core campaign issue of climate change, but also took time to take a few shots at president trump when bringing up the topic of the recent mass shooting in the new zealand. >> we know that it was outrageous, that we had a president of the united states on the same day that this horrific violence took place used the same language that the shooter used in new zealand talking about the invaders. because with the current president of the united states, it's always about the other, it's always about fear, it's always about division. this is a better nation. this nation will select a new president, and donald trump will be a blip in history. >> reporter: former texas congressman beto o'rourke spent
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his day in iowa. he participated in a st. patrick's day 5k run, then later spoke with voters focusing on health care, immigration and an issue that he's describing as a crisis. [cheers and applause] >> perhaps most importantly to the future of the human race which literally depends on it, this window of 12 years within which we have to act to confront the crisis of climate change. it is on us, it is on every single one of us to make sure that we squarely face the facts. >> reporter: now, while it is still really early, if you rely on the polls, most of them show former vice president joe biden at the top and then senator bernie sanders in second. biden, though, the favorite at the moment even though he still hasn't officially thrown his name into the race. jon? jon: thanks very much. and you can catch democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg op an exclusive interview tomorrow on "fox news
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sunday." he will speak with chris wallace about a variety of topics. check your local listings for fr times in your area. today marks the 18th week of yellow vest protests in paris with the violence escalating. firefighters were forced to perform a daring rescue. we'll show it to you next. plus, the latest on the deadly ethiopian airlines plane crash including concerns over the grounding of boeing's 737 max 8. also how much control does nancy pelosi have over house democrats? some new blood within the party seemingly goes rogue. ♪ ♪ >> these are not the priorities of the entire caucus, but how do we maintain focus on our agenda as a whole? >> the caucus actually moved to the center. now, you wouldn't get that sense watching the media coverage. ♪ ♪ nna be 50 times happier...
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crash that killed 157 people in ethiopia. french investigators say they have successfully downloaded the data from the cockpit voice recorder. meanwhile, some north american carriers are raising concerns over the grounding of boeing's 737 max planes warning it could have a major impact on the upcoming travel season. jackie heinrich has the latest from laguardia airport here in new york city. jackie. >> reporter: well, jon, boeing announced yesterday they will be rolling out a software update to its grounded 737 max jets, and it should be ready in the next few weeks. it's an update to an anti-stall system and the pilot display they've been working on since the lion air crash in indonesia in october. boeing said they're been working closely with the faa, and they expect them to approve it no later than april. similarities between that crash and sunday's ethiopian airlines crash raised concerns about the system. this weekend investigators in paris are studying the voice recorder in the ethiopian
3:21 pm
airlines crash. the black box was sent to france because investigators there have experience in decoding them. the upcoming software update is welcome news after air canada and united airlines said they'll suffer financial impact the longer the planes are grounded. air canada and united airlines said friday they're feeling the impact already heading into the peak summer travel season with air canada suspending its 2019 financial forecast. and already there's a bit of a disproportionate impact on spring break destinations. for instance, american airlines max if 8 planes were mostly used to and from miami's hub, and the hawaii visitors and convention bureau says nearly 2,000 passengers fly on max 8 jets to hawaii each day. >> this week all the way through tuesday is full. they've got to get all these people out of honolulu. they can take that airplane off of that domestic route and send it across the water where it's more needed. >> reporter: still, the impact
3:22 pm
is no greater than what you'd see during a snowstorm or a hurricane as far as travel goes, in part because of the relatively small number of max 8 jets being used by the airlines. southwest has the most with 34, and air canada and american tie for second with 24 planes. the one airline that is not impacted by this is delta. they don't have any 737 max jets. and the other half of this equation is trip cancellation insurance. price comparison site insure my trip told us they're already seeing a 20% call volume increase since that grounding order, and they expect a wave of thousands upon thousands of claims. jon? jon: jackie heinrich live from laguardia, thank you. as jackie mentioned, spring break has arrived for many college students across the country. and with that, bringing young adults to miami beach, the city has launched a new effort to keep the festivities under control. we have that story. >> reporter: the best time of the year has rolled around for
3:23 pm
many college students to let loose and have a little fun in the sun after a sometimes grueling school schedule. >> man, a lot of people on the beach partying. >> reporter: but this year spring breakers are not the only ones reaching their breaking point. police are warning potential rowdy crowds to come on vacation, not leave on probation. >> very frankly, we want the students to know that if they misbehave, there's a very good chance they're going to get arrested. >> reporter: the mayor of miami beach says they're pushing a million-and-a-half dollar campaign to warn partiers of the consequences if their actions get out of hand. >> if you're coming here to make your own episode of the movie "hangover," don't come. >> reporter: miami beach police are setting up signs like the one behind me in key tourist destinations like here along ocean drive, and they're taking it digital. spring breakers can find these ads on social media. >> having good times with their friends.
3:24 pm
>> reporter: last year miami beach saw a jump in the number of arrests from february to march with police saying the cause were spring break visitors. the department says they have had nearly 1,800 total arrests over the past three years in the month of march alone. >> it's a tough message, but we think we have to do it. it's a matter of public safety. >> if you're coming here because you think the rules don't apply, you should go somewhere else. it's that simple. >> reporter: police hope the campaign will be a lasting message. in miami beach, florida, fox news. jon: new york city police say a man is under arrest in connection with the shooting death of reputed new york crime boss francesco calli, gunned down outside his staten island home on wednesday. police say 24-year-old anthony camello will face murder charges. the chief does say the shooting does not appear to be a random act, and there are likely more
3:25 pm
people involved. special counsel robert mueller's busy week offering new signs his report could be coming soon. will americans get to see it? >> i don't know what they're expecting. are they expecting a brinks truck with guards with a gold box saying mueller report? jon: our next guest weighs in on the next steps, just ahead. plus, despite california's long drought, trillions of gallons of water is going to waste there. we'll tell you why. ♪ ♪ i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency.
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♪ ♪ >> the yeas are 420, the nays are 0. voting present, 4.
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the concurrent resolution is adopted. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. jon: and just like that, the house of represent9 tyes unanimously passed a non-binding resolution to make the uptoming -- upcoming mueller report public. it's the bottom of the hour, and if you're just joining us, the house resolution was blocked in the senate by judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham who wants to include a provision calling on the justice department to appoint a new special counsel to investigate possible misconduct into the clinton e-mails and the carter page foreign intelligence act surveillance accusations. let's bring in bob cusack, editor-in-chief for "the hill." so william barr, the new attorney general, promised congress he wants to be as transparent as possible. does that mean this report automatically gets released? >> not automatically, jon, and i
3:31 pm
think bill barr's been pretty responsible because he can't commit to releasing a report he hasn't seen. remember, the 9/11 report wasn't completely released. so bill barr has said he wants to be transparent, but we don't know whether we're going to see the entire report, maybe the report with redactions or a summary of the report. and, certainly, there are a lot of politics on capitol hill with this house resolution and the senate blocking it. as you said, it's a non-binding resolution, but we are getting close, it seems, to the end of the mueller probe. jon: but even the president says he wants to see this thing put out in public. >> yeah. i mean, jon, the taxpayers have spent more than $25 million on this investigation, so i think that both sides deserve to see it, but you do have to watch out for national security issues which the house resolution did take into effect. but i do think there has to be transparency here just because we have been waiting for so long and have spent a fair amount of money on this. so let's see what we can other
3:32 pm
than national security or if names should be redacted that shouldn't be made public. jon: it is rare that the house of representatives does anything unanimously, and they basically unanimously voted to make the report public. i mentioned that the president says he agrees. here's what he tweeted about it. he writes: on the recent non-winding -- binding vote in congress, i told leadership to let all republicans vote for transparency. makes us all look good and doesn't matter. play along with the guam. it sounds like he's not too concerned about what this report might say. >> well, he's already, his team has already crafted a response to it, and it's approaching, i think, just under a hundred pages last time the president talked about it. i do think, obviously, he's concerned about it. but at the same time, this was a vote that was initially drafted, and i think democrats thought they were going to divide republicans, and republican leaders just said, listen, we're for transparency too. we want to see what's in here.
3:33 pm
remember, republican leaders on capitol hill have supported this investigation, let's see it. there has been some frustration of how long it's been going on, but i do think it's going to be one of the craziest times we've ever seen in washington when this thing is released. jon: a former water prosecutor was on fox earlier today -- watergate prosecutor, and he said that report might if already be in the attorney general's hands. listen to this. >> it's possible that the attorney general already has the mueller report. the people in mueller's office and the attorney general and his small staff, they're not talking. so the only reason i say that's possible is once he gets it, it's a confidential report. so the fact of the transmittal is a nonstory, because he has to study it and determine what to do with it. jon: is it possible that the attorney general already has this thing? >> it's possible, jon,, certainly. and he's right, i mean, the attorney general, bill barr, and his team are going to have to go through this. so whether he has it or not, whenever he gets it, he's going to have to spend at least a week
3:34 pm
or two going through the entire thing depending on how long it is to decide what to release and, certainly, at least a summary is going to be released. but we don't know. the mueller team hasn't been leaking, so it's been a lot of guesses, there were a lot of guesses he was going to wrap up at the end of last year, now we're approaching two years in may. jon: yeah. meantime, we get over to the senate, and the vote that was blocked by judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham, here he talks about why he blocked that senate vote. listen. >> i think we need a special counsel to look at the potential crimes by the department of justice, the fbi regarding the clinton e-mail investigation and the russian investigation against trump early on. i think the clinton e-mail investigation was short circuited because they did not want to compromise her ability to win an election. they hated trump's guts. they started the beginning of the russian investigation before he won as an insurance policy in
3:35 pm
case he did win. jon: what are the chances that senator graham gets his way and gets that second special counsel, would you say, bob? >> i think it's pretty unlikely. and whether it's the mueller investigation or senator graham calling for another investigation, it just shows we can't stop talking about 2016 even though we're her talking about the 2020 election, and i do think that's when the mueller probe's coming. when he finally gives his report to barr, if he hasn't already, and then we get to see it, i think that's going to be the first step of moving beyond this investigation and 2016 politics. at the same time, you're going to see many of the 2020 candidates on the democratic side and progressives in congress saying we need to impeach the president. nancy pelosi does not want to do that unless this is a slam dunk and republicans are also calling for that, and that is highly, highly unlikely. jon: yeah. does not sound like this report, whenever it becomes public, is going to end the arguing on capitol hill. bob cusack, thank you. >> thanks, jon.
3:36 pm
jon: after winning a battle to reclaim the gavel and once again become house speaker, nancy pelosi is getting reacquainted with the harsh realities of her job as she struggles to keep her party together with new members of congress causing a political storm. mike emmanuel on capitol hill with that. >> reporter: freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says she's trying, she's in charge. >> so until you do it, i'm the boss. how about that? >> reporter: that makes it a difficult atmosphere for nancy pelosi to keep her majority unified. ocasio-cortez was once again in the spotlight over the weekend. sounding not happy. >> where we are is not a good thing, and this idea of, like, 10% better from garbage -- [laughter] is, shouldn't be what we settle for. >> reporter: leadership sources say running the house democrats can be like herding cats, but pelosi tried to downplay the friction in public.
3:37 pm
>> no, it's a joy. it's invigoration. it's what our founders intended, elections every two years. >> reporter: there's internal grumbling that all the democrats' trouble comes down to representatives ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar and rashida talib, and with social media, it's easy for them to disrupt and distract. >> the remarks that have been made by a number of democrats and failed to be called out by democrat leadership is, frankly, abhorrent. >> reporter: more moderate members acknowledge some colleagues can take them off message. >> these are not the priorities of the swire caucus, but -- entire caucus. >> reporter: the hype about some of the very left ideas such as the green new deal has put some members in an awkward spot. >> the caucus actually moved to the center. now, you wouldn't get that sense watching the media coverage. >> reporter: behind the scenes, plenty of tension and bickering, and a split at the top with speaker pelosi wanting her party to vote no, and her
3:38 pm
lieutenants telling them to vote how they must. the house republican leader says the extreme left has taken over. >> the democrat socialist wing of the party controls their own leadership. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi telling "the washington post" she does not favor impeaching president trump, saying he is not worth it. that's likely to put her at odds with some of these high proto file freshmen and some of her own committee chairs at a time when it's been quite challenging. mike e man well, fox news. jon: overseas leave means leave. that's the name of a two week march of pro-brexit protesters that kicked off this morning. the marchers are commanding the united kingdom break by the originally scheduled date of march 29th. the demonstrators accuse british law makers betraying the of the people because they remain deadlocked over the brexit deal. >> they will not -- [inaudible] and this is a march, you know,
3:39 pm
if politicians think they can walk all over us, we're going to march and tell them they can't. jon: this week parliament voted to seek a delay of britain's departure until at least the 30th of june. historic flooding triggering emergencies and disaster declarations throughout the midwest. adam klotz is here with a live update. >> reporter: unfortunately, this is continuing at this hour. we've got large areas across portions of eastern nebraska, stretching into iowa. these are flood watches and warnings in place because in some of these locations, the water is still going to rise. i'm going to have the details coming up in my full forecast after the break. the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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♪ conventional wisdom says you can't make a 400 horsepower sedan, that's also environmentally conscious. we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> for three days we were an island by ourselves. we could not get in or out of
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columbus proper. so we, you know, we had grocery stores that were concerned, we had gas stations that were concerned. so, you know, we are going to be able to get north later today. it may not be a straight line, maybe you'd have to go a little east and a little north, a little west and a little north, but we're going to get out, so we'll have some roads opening up, and that's a good thing. jon: nebraska is grappling with the worst flooding the state has seen in half a century after severe weather slams the midwest on friday. other states across the region also struggling after the heavy rain and snowfall adam klotz is here with the outlook for the troubled area. >> reporter: hey, john. most of the rain is over, but that doesn't mean the flooding is. these are all across the country, all the river flood gauges. anything you're seeing a color on means there's flooding in that particular river or creek. a lot of orange particularly across portions of nebraska, iowa, getting into wisconsin. our forecast model does show these turning more into the red and pink color as you get
3:45 pm
towards tomorrow, which means the water is still rising in some of these locations. it's going to be something to pay attention to as you get into our saturday. as we look at the satellite and radar, it is completely clear now, so all that heavy rain and storm activity, that's now behind us, and we are going to be staying clear for the foreseeable future. this is the future radar. i don't usually show it when it's totally empty, but this is good news for a lot of these folks in the heartland that are going to be getting a dry spell and allowing some of that water to recede. it is going to take a couple of days to do so because there was so much of it. this is our forecasted precipitation across that region all the way into tuesday, still mostly dry across the entire country really. we don't see our next big rainmaker until the middle of the week. we're going to have a better idea of where that falls as we get closer to the middle of the week, but by in the point, most of the rain should have cleared out of those areas. if you think about flooding, it does appear as if it's going to
3:46 pm
be across portions of montana a little further to the west, back towards idaho. the reason for this, right now it's not too warm, but pay attention to some of these temperatures from 42 to 46 to 51, up to 60 degrees. jon, it's going to get warm, and we're going to start to see more snow melt. so even without big storms, there's still going to be flooding to be concerned about the next couple of days. jon: adam klotz, thank you. meanwhile, california is also experiencing record-breaking rainfall after years of drought. but it might not help the state much with future dry spells. william la jeunesse explains. >> we're watching the atmospheric river, and it's going to be aimed right at southern california. >> reporter: from l.a. to san francisco, near record rains, yet 80% is wasted. >> and we'll never capture it all, but we have to do a better job of capturing what we can. >> reporter: a study by the pacific institute's peter glick found california cities failed to capture trillions of gallons of rainwater each year. >> there are literally hundreds
3:47 pm
of thousands of acreage feet that could be captured and put to use during the dry season. >> reporter: not long ago california found itself in a devastating five-year drought. >> as californians, we have the save water in every way we can. >> reporter: the drought ended, but voters did approve in 2014 $3 billion in bonds for water storage, yet the first project is still five years out, and the state hasn't built a new dam in 40 years. >> there is a constant debate about the value of building egg pencive concrete infrastructure like new dams if we could find decent places to build them or raising shasta, for example, versus some of these other ideas of cutting demand and being more efficient. >> reporter: president trump wants to enlarge shasta dam, providing 14% more water. california doesn't want it, citing environmental concerns. >> our water supply is becoming less reliable because of climate
3:48 pm
change. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom faves more storage, the former republican governor pete wilson tried to build more dams in the '90s but told the new york tiles -- new york times saying it was not politically in season. now it is. los angeles currently consumes as much water per year as it allows to wastefully flow into the ocean. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. jon: the red planet like you've never seen it before. the special significance of this stunning panoramic view of mars. plus, aviation fans coming from far and wide to check out one of the most unique garage sales around. ♪ ♪ >> i think i've probably missed one sale since they started. every time i see a different one with a different logo, i have to have it. it's just a habit. i've always been a collector. ♪ ♪ than the accident itself. that's why esurance makes it simple.
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3:53 pm
take a closer look. these items all have something in common, the branding of atlanta's most famous airline. >> for a dollar each? >> reporter: aviation superfans have been flocking to the delta surplus sale since 1995, snagging items from $3 t-shirts to $5 sam adams cutout and $225 airplane seats. >> thank y'all for coming here and spending your money. >> reporter: delta retiree, norbert raines. >> i think i've probably missed one sale since they started. >> reporter: over the years he's acquired thousands of photographs, entire table settings and piles of t-shirts. >> every time i see a different one with a different logo go, i have to have it. it's just a habit. i've always been a collector. >> reporter: what started as a biannual sale has since taken off. now a monthly event bringing in more than 700 people per sale. >> can you believe this? >> reporter: ryan and lori richardson visiting from minnesota with their sights locked in on coach seats.
3:54 pm
>> we were in last night, and we'll be going back home this afternoon. >> reporter: this woman and her fiance are shopping for their wedding with a travel theme, love is in the air. >> from the get go from when we got engaged, i knew we were going to have a theme that encapsulates the travel and the adventure of life. >> reporter: the array of retired items and how customers repurpose them never cease to surprise judy bean. >> every sale is different. i never know what's coming. >> reporter: profits from the monthly sale go towards the delta flight museum contributing $100,000 just last year. in atlanta, emily acada, fox news. jon: i'd like a used jet. nasa releasing the latest image from its opportunity mars rover, a 360-degree panorama capturing the surface of the red planet. nasa create canned the picture
3:55 pm
by piecing together more than 350 smaller photos. originally scheduled for just 90 days, the opportunity mission ended last summer after almost 15 years when the rover was damaged by a martian dust storm. well, the nation turns green today, celebrating st. patrick's today across the country. coming up, we'll tell you about the one tradition that floats above the rest on this holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna.
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the beginning of a green wave as the chicago river is dyed green for st. patrick's day weekend the 57th year it has done that to keep with traditional irish colors the die is actually orange until it mixes with the water for a one-of-a-kind run taking place tomorrow for the first time ever three guide dogs will help a blind man make his way through a half marathon. he hopes it sets the precedent for runners to there is a big demand for people with vision loss i want to be active to get out there. the dogs are writing creatures they love to run.
4:00 pm
a lot of times when we are walking our dogs we hold the back they want to have fun and they love it. jon: he used to and guides in 2014 to run the boston marathon to raise money for guide dogs. that is "fox report weekend" i am jon scott. see you tomorrow.


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