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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 16, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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going to go through. >> good afternoon. greg: when a massacre like the one in new zealand occurs, it's tempting to opine, but we're going to leave that to others. we do know that evil exists, and it's often hard to stop it. the vile terrorist left behind a manifesto, but his twisted beliefs only exist to mess with us. his views veer all over the place. he hates immigration, but he loves the environment. he hates diversity and individuality. he's an eco-fascist, a green nationalist. when you think about it, he's nothing. so as usual, his name shall never be mentioned here. but the point worth noting is this: he wished through his violent act to create a civil war here. the terrorism was meant to foment unrest and conflict. so if we were to point fingers
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at each to other like other networks do, then we fulfill that goal. so we won't. we all believe in something that can later be twisted by evil men. and that puts all of us in the same boat. so that's it for now. we're going to do a normal show, but you can bet that our hearts and our thoughts are with the victims and their families. ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: all right. imagine you're on a bus or a train, and there's only one seat available next to you, and, of course, here comes a young, bony backpacker with patchy facial hair wearing a wool cap in the summertime. he sits down and just starts talking to you. turns out he's really excited and excitable. he just went backpacking all around europe, and he has so much to tell you about the world, and he's dying to tell you all about it.
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that's our beto. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's our beto. greg: ah, yes! [cheers and applause] greg: in today's episode, beto tells us that the world is ending. >> there's going to be massive migration of tens or hundreds of millions of people from countries that are literally uninhabitable or underwater, that are above the sea right now. this is our final chance. the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this, that we have
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no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis. [laughter] greg: he looks like he's conducting the london philharmonic after freebasing a pound of raw cookie dough. [laughter] i haven't seen that much hand movement since i visited this massage parlor in florida. [laughter] of course, you know who else noticed? this guy. >> i think he's got a lot of hand movement. i've never seen so much hand movement. i said, is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? so i've never seen hand movement. i watched him a little while this morning, doing i assume it was some kind of a news conference, and i've actually never seen anything quite like it. study it, i'm sure you'll agree. [laughter] greg: study it. study it, i'm sure you'll agree. from now on, that's all you're going to see, beto's hands. and you know what else is great? we're going to get a nickname,
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weird beto, crazy beto, batty beto. even better, this'll be the first time we'll have a democratic primary ever that comes with trump commentary. [laughter] you don't understand, that's gonna be [bleep] awesome. [laughter] [applause] now, all of this, all of this somehow coincides with a "vanity fair" cover story on our latest democratic messiah with. what a coincidence. it's a 10,000-word, full-blown ass kissing. i haven't seen that much brownnosing since i woke up that morning in a dog park. [laughter] i don't know. but beto, he has hit the media jackpot. he's non-threatening, thin, white, progressive, he's bernie sanders without the dandruff. [laughter] and about 50 years. more important, he's them, and they are him, a mirror to the
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media. no wonder "vanity fair" was so in love. how much in love? imagine how a little girl looks at a pony. or a boy at a shiny bicycle under a christmas tree. or michael moore eyeing a twinkie dipped in barbecue sauce. [laughter] a twinkie dipped in barbecue sauce. if you haven't try it, well, you're missings out. but that's how the writer sees beto. now mind you, he wrote a similar valentine to john edwards. that didn't end well. last time i checked, john is guessing people's weight at the carnival. [laughter] the writer isn't the only one going fan boy over beto, half the press keeps referring to him as kennedy-esque, and sadly, they do not mean this one. [laughter] [applause] yes. that's our kennedy. but as i always say, being called kennedy-esque is cool unless they're referring to your driving.
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oh, stop it. [laughter] the media's big narrative beto is david to trump's goliath, but anyone with a brain knows that the giant has always been the media. so you can't say beto's the david when got the full force of the goliath media behind him. and it's not beto's fault that he's goliath's teacher's pet. it's easier to be their pet, just do what they say. but god help you if you don't. just ask tucker. but let me ask you this, let me ask you this, if you look at the david and goliath analogy, what reality comes closest to that? if goliath is the consensus media, that would make david donald trump. and trump used their spotlight as his slingshot, and they've never been the same ever since. so in the world of politics, there's only one goliath, and it controls the stories, or creates the division, constantly sowing conflict to insure their own economic survival. which is why i embrace daylight
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savings time. [laughter] transition, eh? trump wants it to be permanent and so do i. daylight savings time, it sets the clocks forward. [laughter] meaning we lose one hour of the media lying to you. [laughter] [applause] we have, we have longer, brighter days ahead, an extra hour to do stuff outside. how youen spend yours? how will you spend yours? >> if daylight savings becomes permanent, imagine all the things you could do with that extra hour of sunlight. you can go for a run after work, take your dog to the park, volunteer at a nursing home, or find the best outdoor happy hour, get drunk and throw up on a stranger. you could indulge your bidder-watching -- bird-watching hobby or pass out in the park after drinking at the best outdoor happy hour and go to work in yesterday's clothes,
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stinking of old is cigarettes and dog [bleep] with another hour of sunlight, you could catch junior's little league game, give the garage a thorough cleaning, take a yoga class in the park or buy a case of beer and sit on the porch and drink until you're screaming your ex-wife's name into a pillow. get ready for daylight savings. it's a victory for everyone -- but mostly alcoholics. [laughter] [applause] greg: let's welcome tonight's guests. here is our comedian, jimmy falia. [applause] when it comes to heroism, he truly is the bomb. former u.s. marines bomb technician, staff sergeant joey jones. [cheers and applause] she only sasses in her fake glasses. host of the tyrus and kat podcast, kat timpf!
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[cheers and applause] and his tailor charges his triple -- him triple. my massive side kick and host of un-pc on fox nation, tyrus. [cheers and applause] jimmy, i'm glad you dressed up again. honestly, you need help. [laughter] what do you make of all of this fawning? how does the media are not aware of what they're doing? i don't understand it. >> it's embarrassing. greg: yes. >> i start there? he is emblematic of what is wrong with everybody gets a trophy in that he ran for senate, lost, but got treated like he won, and now he ran into the world with the overconfidence of the ugly person who thinks they're hot, you know what i mean? [laughter] and now he's approaching people because he doesn't know he's a 4. greg: yes, exactly. >> just take it from a fellow 4, you've got to know your limitations. and i appreciate the kennedy
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shout-out, a lot of you don't know, i write for the kennedy show on fox business. hey, thank you. [applause] a lot of people say he's a come you can, fox business, how could you do that. i wanted to write for a comedy channel, but cnn wasn't suring. so here we are. i'm trying. greg: it is funny, they keep saying he's kennedy-esque, but he looks like a kennedy 4, right? >> oh, no, definitely third-string kennedy. greg: exactly. >> the things he's saying, like we're the last hope the earth has. like, i've heard trump be accused of a lot of things, no one's ever called him the meteor from armageddon. this is embarrassing. greg: what about you, joey, are you inspired by beto? >> no, believe it or not. you're talking about a guy who is a product of private school that would probably have our kids suffer in public school for the rest of their lives. you're talking about a guy who compared, you know, climate change scientists to the men who
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stormed normandy -- greg: yes. >> so men who fought for freedom, he would rather us give up our freedom. i could go on, but i think i'm good on beto. greg: yeah, you are. [applause] you live in texas, right? >> i lived in texas. i recently moved back to my home state of georgia. greg: oh, fantastic. [applause] georgia, another state -- [laughter] kat, you excited about beto? i bet you have some strong thoughts. >> i'm -- greg: you've dated men like beto. >> yeah. with nose rings and tattoos. greg: when did you get rid of them? >> recently. i am confused by beto, because as everyone has mentioned so far, he lost his home state, and now he says, oh, i will run for president. that is like getting cut from your high school football team and then saying you're going to try the make it in the nfl.
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[laughter] like, that is -- [applause] i've not more. greg: yes, keep going. >> i've got more. it's like [bleep] up peanut butter and jelly and then deciding to open a restaurant. also i've got this one. greg: okay. >> it's like asking a girl to prom, and then when she says, no, then saying, okay, can i get you pregnant? [laughter] i would probably be pursuing a body-building career right now. [laughter] [cheers and applause] greg: applaud the crazy lady. [applause] you know, tyrus, i love the fact that trump's comments, if he keeps doing this, he's saying what we're thinking. the only thing you could see were the hands, and that's the thing he commented on. i love that. >> i saw a lot more than the hands. let's slow in the down for a minute. gregg: sure. >> this is blatant collusion by the media trying to influence an
10:13 pm
election. you lost to ted cruz. greg: yeah. >> ted [bleep] cruz. [laughter] if ted cruz beat me in anything, i'm not coming back. [laughter] >> you know what i was going to say, too? greg: what? >> to tyrus' point, they are selling the message for him -- greg: right. >> and this is where they completely misunderstand the electorate, because they're trying to sell us on the idea of how great his rallies are, and they don't understand that nothing competes with a trump rally. can i just explain this to you? let me just jump in. when you go to any democratic rally, it's completely calculated. they have an audience coordinator who makes sure there's every type of american. when you go to a trump rally, it's amazing. the guy on the left in a who farted t-shirt, there's an old woman with a musket, a fat guy
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eating pizza, that's chris christie, and everybody's having a great time. and i love chris christie. greg: tyrus, final thought. >> wow, that was a hell of a rant. that's kat's shtick. ing trump is so powerful, vanity made him put his hands in his back pocket. look at the picture. do us a favor, just hide the hands, because they know what's coming. greg: you're right! >> put 'em in the front pocket? no, in the back pocket. greg: yes, they did! >> look at the photo, because they know. greg: and look how frightened the dog is. >> because the hands are moving! >> i a actually thought that was a pretty photo from the dui. greg: remember blockbuster video? there's only one left in the whole world. but first, they had no qualms about greasing palms. the college bribery scandal, that's next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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10:19 pm
name schools, felicity huffman and lori loughlin and an alleged mastermind, william singer. some of the seams, paying an s.a.t. instructors to take the tests for the kid, creating fake athletic profiles. howl lin paid half a million to get her kids on usc's crew team, and they don't even row. the only boat olivia jade's seen is the yacht she was on when her mother was indicted. the yacht that belonged to one of the chair boards at usc. and for olivia jade, it won't involve sephora. both companies dropped them. will this scam end up leveling the playing field? because it's not fair. my friend snowball didn't get accepted into harvard, and he made this.
10:20 pm
♪ [applause] greg: pretty impressive, snowball. all right, joey, i think one of the big problems here is that college has been an untenable virtue signal, because corporations, first they want a bachelor's, then they want an m.a., then they want a ph.d.. i believe, because you're a veteran and that's why i'm asking, corporate should make military service an equal priority, and people would be more inclined to join the military than go to some stupid elite college. what do you say to that? >> i love that idea. [applause] i think it's amazing. i did go to georgetown after i graduated from the university of bombs and bullets at paris island and then eod school, and i'm a little worried about this picture ordeal, because i sent some picktures, and i had legs in those, and when when i showed up, they were upset. but i was trying out for the
10:21 pm
baseball team. [laughter] when you talk the way i do -- i'm sorry, i hate to interrupt you, listen, he does this [bleep] all the time. [laughter] it's okay. i know you're feeling like, oh -- laugh. >> it's the most interesting thing about me. [laughter] come on. i tell people all the time, you know, yeah, i went to georgetown, they'll let anybody in these days. greg: when you said you went out for the baseball team, there was such a terrible joke. but i didn't make it. [laughter] i'll tell it during the break. kat, you went to college. >> i sure did. greg: where did you go? >> hillsdale. greg: interesting. [applause] you can applaud. what do you make of this college scandal? does it upset you? >> yeah. well, in the case of lori loughlin, i honestly think that potentially having to go to prison, so your daughter could
10:22 pm
attend college to get instagram likes, is sadder than ole yeller. but i also think -- [laughter] it's not wrong to want to help your kids. greg: right. >> my parents helped me a little bit. like, i remember one time they even brought me -- bought me a name brand trapper keeper, so that was like the best day. [laughter] but by doing this, they're not creating futures for their kids, they're creating monsters. because they're teaching them that they're so entitled, they don't have to worry about things like responsibility or hard work or being grateful. that they don't have to face consequences. they're just going to have everything handed to them, and they can do whatever they want. they're creating nightmares, and all these nightmares are taking up the spots of kids who actually deserved it based on their merits, and that's really, really sick. [applause] greg: tyrus. >> yeah. greg: do you agree? >> i'm a parent. greg: you are a parent. >> i love my kid to death, and one of them can't color in the lines, and i'm not paying for him to go anywhere.
10:23 pm
but i love 'em to death. come on, bro, i don't care if it was $17, you ain't going. this, as bad as this is, and i honestly think they should go to jail, and i can't wait to see that, that'll be fun, the mascara running and stuff. at that point they'll be begging for president trump for pardons, even, you know, most of them were supposed to be living in canada. but my favorite part of the whole thing is the phone calls. this is when the parents knew what they had. greg: yeah. >> so they were on the phone with the guy, the test taker, and they were trying to negotiate how they were going to do the tests, how they were going to scam the schools, the kids were sitting there, and i think we can give them a 710. no, make it lower. [laughter] they're not going to believe that [bleep], make it lower. [laughter] trg greg and, tyrus, when they got the fake high scores, the kids wants -- wanted to take it again. >> that's when their parents
10:24 pm
reminded them they were made out of love. if they had better brains, they would have went with the science kids in high school, because you're dumb. this isn't your score. like, mommy had to do this for you. greg: yeah, exactly. >> that's probably why the kids' attitude was i only go to school for beer parties and football. greg: just do that then -- >> you can still go to the parties. greg: they love it when people aren't in school come to your parties. you're usually the drug dealer. [laughter] >> this is an uncomfortable story for me because i'm afraid they're going to find out about the four-pack of zima my parents used to get me into nassau community college. that dime bag could come back to haunt us. you've got to think of the perks of the story. at least now we know how michael avenatti got into law law schoo. that makes sense. >> there you go. [applause] >> but to kat's point about merit, which she's right, i also do know a lot of people who would do anything to have not gone to college and gotten a
10:25 pm
$400,000 degree in gender studies that's made them a barista for the next 65 years. so in a lot of ways, maybe a couple of people dodged a bullet here. i think every parent -- i am a parent anyway, and i think every parent, this has gone on forever, is in denial. we all have a parent who thinks their kid is a lot better than he is, who thinks their kid's going pro. bradley's in the major leagues. bradley wears a t-shirt in the pool. >> what's wrong with that? [laughter] greg: you know, some of us were a little self-conscious. we developed earlier than most other -- >> i shower in a wet suit! greg: yes. i wear boxers to the -- anyway. you know what? this is why i don't have kids. i worked hard all my life, is and i don't need them to get me into jail, all right? [laughter] i'll adopt 'em when they're 19. all right. up next, mark zuckerberg is developing a mind-reading device. that guy is starting to get on
10:26 pm
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need some help managing your oab symptoms along the way? ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you, and visit to learn more. [♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. the new zealand prime minister announcing gun laws in the country will change following last week's attack on two mosques.
10:30 pm
new zealand is a country with a high rate of gun ownership, but one of the lowest rates much gun violence in the world. amazon moving closer to finding a home for its new headquarters after new york city rejected the city's advances. the board approving an incentive package or amazon. but many virginiaans making the same criticisms that chased amazon out of new york. saying the company neither needs nor deserves public subsidies. gs to read your thoughts. mark zuckerberg recently discuss z hid company's development of a brain/computer interface. it'll measure your brain activity and the data it gathers
10:31 pm
would be used to fill the screen in front of you. in other words, the computer could read your freaking mind. the upside, if i'm worried about morning traffic, the machine would show me the traffic patterns. the downside is, of course, facebook knows what i'm thinking about ruth buzzy in a bikini. [laughter] a ruth buzzy joke. [laughter] zuck's not the only one working on this crock, this is happening. and even elon musk is working on his own brain computer technology with his start-up company neural link. i wonder if it can read what these bozos are thinking. >> when were we ever greater than we are today? >> boy -- ♪ ♪ >> songs that made the hit parade. ♪ guys like us, we had it made. ♪ if those were the days. >> this is my favorite part. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my gosh. ♪ we could use a man like
10:32 pm
herbert hoover again. greg: oh, my god, that is cnn at their best. all right, tyrus -- ms. -- [applause] you must have read about this -- >> that's going to be in my brain for a long time. [laughter] oh, man. greg: i'm sorry. >> yeah. feel like someone kicked me in my stuff. wow, that was brutal. i'm all right, is there a question? greg: does that scare you? >> what? greg: the mind reading! >> you can't tell what i'm thinking. this is finish how many jobs i've lost off the face, pretty much my face is like i hate you, i can't hide it. [laughter] the thing is, it's going to be, what, an honesty meter or? you're going to realize that all guys think about is porn and food? the for men it's going to be really bad, and for women it's going to be really long stories with lots of add jekyll tiffs. [laughter]
10:33 pm
you have to understand. then you're going to see what they really dreamed of before they married you, tall, slender and smart, on time. unrealistic goals. mine's like food, weight lifting, naked chick, food. greg: that's true. >> men, we'll be fine. greg: we can already read minds for men. it's bills, you worry about bills, sex and what to eat. >> and how to get out of things. how do i get out of taking out the trash tonight. greg: jimmy, one expert says this will destroy love because you can't fall in love with somebody if you know what they're thinking right then and there. i think that's interesting. >> i don't know, i disagree in that it can save long-term marriages. like he's married, okay? think of it this way, he probably wants to read his wife's mind as far as what she's dreaming about so he knows what he'll get in trouble for in the morning. why were you making out with that turtle. [laughter] it's freaky to me, and it makes
10:34 pm
me want to go become pa and apolo -- back and apologize to tom from myspace. he treated us right. whenever they say they're developing it, it means they already have. greg: yeah, they got it. >> they're just seeing how we react. greg: kat, whose mind would you read first? >> i don't think i could handle it emotionally. i just don't understand why this skinny man in his little hoodie is so obsessed with figuring out what everyone's thinking all the time. but i'm not really that worried about it because i don't think it would affect me that much. greg: why? >> because i very rarely think before i speak anyway -- [laughter] for me, if you wanted to read my mind, you wouldn't need a mind-reading machine, you just need to give me, like, three beers. [laughter] give me, like, three beers and be like, kat, what's up? i period my pants in the first
10:35 pm
grade in class, nothing much, how about you, you know? [laughter] greg: you're still thinking about that. >> it was really traumatic. i had girl scouts after school, and i didn't tell anybody. i hope i didn't smell. greg: that happened to me as well. joey, last word to you. could this be helpful to anybody? >> well, you know, as a fellow robot, i want to stick up for zuckerberg -- [cheers and applause] my best one all night, right there. greg: yeah, yeah. if you went and did, what is that called, my heritage? >> ancestry? greg: what's that called? you're 50% terminator. [laughter] >> that would be pretty cool. >> hey, his test went better than elizabeth warren's. [laughter] greg: all right. >> i'm a little tripping. greg: i'm scared of this. it's going to ruin everything. it's not good. what we think about, it's not good what's in there. we keep it in there for a reason, because it's evil and bad. still ahead, will you get hired if the recruiter is wired?
10:36 pm
ooh, robots again. robots conducting job interviews, that's next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ this is your invitation to exhilaration. this is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 is 300 for $329 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c.
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well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. greg: can you now dress like a slob wn interviewed for a job? meet a guy who hasn't. a robot designed to conduct job interviews without bias. it's the creation of a company called fur hat robotics, and it's supposed to eliminate the pre-disposed judgment. see, i'm not a robot. that a human interviewer may have. he just cares about your qualifications. it doesn't worry about your sex, your race, your religion or that you've got a huge bug crawling up your neck. [laughter] >> when we come back, trace gallagher's here next to give us all the new developments in two cases, jussie smollett and the college admissions scam.
10:41 pm
geraldo rivera, rachel campos duffy will join us. and a really shocking crime, you will see that straight ahead. greg: that is pro, pro work, to do that without flinching. anyway, a human-like face, his eyes blink to make it less weird. not a bad idea. i once had a horrible interview with a robot. here's how it ended. [background sounds] greg: i couldn't resist. [applause] kat, great idea? bad idea? >> i think it is the best idea ever. because i could go to a job interview without having to worry about getting ready or putting on makeup or anything. >> why are you always complaining about putting on makeup? >> because, you don't -- do you know what it's like to have to put on a full face of makeup? that's right, you don't and you don't, because you are guys. and you get to just go along and
10:42 pm
use all that extra time to learn how to become president while all of us are sitting at home rubbing toxic sparkly things on our faces trying to get husbands. [laughter] i do not even wear makeup when i'm not on camera. want to know why, greg? number one, i'm still not good enough if i did. i got an e-mail last week that said, oh, you're kind of pretty, but you're really pale, you you should get a tan. which i found compelling, but i don't want to get cancer. ladies, how do you do it? will one of you teach me how to put on makeup? even if i get id right, i get, like, these marks underneath that make it look like a raccoon punched me in the face. and my eye liner, i have a shaky hand, so it always looks like i admit id in an -- did it in an electric chair. don't even get me started on the hair extensions -- enough.
10:43 pm
>> i've had enough! i'll tell you, i've had enough! [laughter] [cheers and applause] i've had enough! i'm sick of it! i'm sick of it! greg: so, joey, about robots! >> first of all, life must be really hard for you. [laughter] i would take a leg off and join you, but i can't even hop out of here. greg: talking about makeup in front of joey jones. >> i'm kidding, it is tough. born that pretty and have to paint over it every day. no, you know, i feel like this is a custom curated show just for me with all the robots. bias is an accumulation of the wisdom and experiences you have. bias isn't always negative, it's your gut feeling. come on, i don't get this. and also, that's the only way i'm getting a job, you know? [laughter] i wasn't real great at my last one, you know? if i've got to win you over
10:44 pm
there, you know? get a smile on your face. what am i going to say to this robot, what's up, cuz? [laughter] greg: jimmy, i almost forgot your name. >> they don't tell you this is a swedish company, so you have to build the robot yourself. [laughter] so by the time you get done with that, the interview's over. i actually don't think it's a good idea, because i think when you interview, you're trying to get a read for the perp's character, and you could just go in there and lie d person's character. this robot is going to end up hiring a bunch of lori loughlin's daughters. [laughter] that's why the usc equestrian team is in las place, they all weigh 425 pounds. greg: the last word, tyrus. >> why does the face have to be white on the robot, greg? greg: that's true! >> i'm sitting here watching, it's gotta be white, right?
10:45 pm
okay. i don't know what the hell that is. that's the thing from avatar. the thing in the commercial was a white dude with rosy cheeks. greg: they need a brobot. [laughter] we sent kat to the last remaining blockbuster on earth. it's the only way to get her to go outside. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ (woman) candace, two minutes. too late for lunch. starkist saves the day. sweet and spicy tuna in a pouch! smart choice, charlie. (charlie) no drain, no pain. just tear, eat... and go! try all of my tuna, salmon and chicken pouches. need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites - even our competitors - so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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♪ ♪ greg: the second to last blockbuster store in australia announced the it will close this month which means this will only be one store left in the world. yes, the last block buster in bend, oregon, will remain open, and the manager says they have no plans of closing, so that's pretty cool. there used to be over 9,000 stores worldwide, so to be the last one remaining is kind of an achievement. it's like outliving everyone in your family. [laughter] we sent our own kat timpf to investigate how this endangered species has managed to survive. ♪ ♪ >> i finally reached the end of a long, exhausting journey. all the way to the exotic location of bend, oregon. where the last remaining specimen of an endangered
10:50 pm
species still survives. blockbuster video. at its height, there were more than 9,000 stores. how does this one survive all of the vicious predators like netflix and hue i lieu? i'm -- hulu? if i'm going to find out. so why do you like to come get movies at blockbuster instead of streaming them online? >> well, basically, i don't have the capability of doing it. i don't have a computer and stuff, and it's a lot cheaper. >> sometimes having so many options can be a little daunting, and being able to come here and look, they have less, but in this case less is more. >> do you know about netflix? >> yeah. yeah, i'm not a big fan, actually. >> i liked how they have the older movies that you can't find on any site online. >> did you move here because of the blockbuster? >> no. but maybe that's a good idea. >> so do you feel sorry for me living in new york city with no block blockbuster? >> i do, yeah.
10:51 pm
[laughter] >> do you wish there were more blockbusters? >> i kind of like having the last one. >> i sat down with sandy harding, the blockbuster general manager, to see how she's kept the store alive. first of all, sandy, i just wanted to thank you for saving blockbuster. >> oh. >> you are a true american hero. >> well, thank you. >> yes. [laughter] so how does it feel to have survived this long beyond all the others? >> it feels pretty amazing, actually. i'm very proud to be representing blockbuster and the city of bend. >> is there something bigger than dvds at stake here? >> oh, absolutely. it's a family business. i mean, we have relationships here that we have created over the years. i mean, i have -- all my employees are family. i mean, they call me the blockbuster mom. they're all getting married now and having kids, now i'm having blockbuster grandkids, and this is a amalie business. >> what would you say if there was a young woman who had spent about ten years of her life
10:52 pm
renting only happy gilmore -- [laughter] over and over again? >> we talking about you? do i need -- >> i didn't say we were talking about me. is it possible you'll ever want to open a new blockbuster? >> i would love to see the revitalization of blockbuster, i just don't know if it's feasible. >> what if blockbuster combined with other companies for survival, you know how there is a dunkin' donuts/baskin robbins? blockbuster/funeral homes. [laughter] blockbuster/amc movie theater. watch a movie, get a movie. blockbuster/jiffy lube. blockbuster/karate dojo. blockbuster/victoria's secret. >> that i'd be able to keep my employees focused. no, no, hey, i'm open for suggestions. >> what are some of the positive attributes of blockbuster? >> the happiness. i mean, you've been here for a
10:53 pm
little while now, and everybody that walks in the door has a smile on their face. to have someplace that's positive that everybody can walk into and have a smile on their face no matter what's happening in their day is pretty important. >> i have some new ideas for blockbuster slogans. >> okay. >> i'm going to run these by you, okay? >> all right. >> blockbuster video. check me out, i'm not dead. [laughter] >> i like it. >> blockbuster video, because hulu causes dysentery. [laughter] >> we might get in trouble for that one. >> blockbuster video, because movie theaters have bedbugs. >> again, i think we might get sued. >> blockbuster video, [bleep] netflix. >> it's a family video. >> watch movies at home naked like god intended. why don't you have a reality show? if those jerks at pawn stars can have a reality show -- [laughter] why isn't there the sandy show? >> we've had a few people reach
10:54 pm
out, we just haven't had the right thing. >> thank you so much, sandy, thank you for all the work you do protecting this endangered specimen. >> sow, we're so proud. >> well, it's been quite an adventure. i've learned quite a lot about blockbuster, and i hope that the world has too. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: all right. what dud you learn? >> i just wanted to say thank you again to sandy and everyone at blockbuster for being such a good sport. it was so much fun. thanks for having us. greg: very good, all right. get your tickets now for the gutfeld monologues live. next show in washington, april 6th. then in detroit, kat's home, april 7th. and in may in oklahoma. go to ggutfeld for ticket information. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
10:55 pm
♪ it's nice. ♪ you got this! ♪ woo! ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 pm
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stop that aoc is the dumb aoc. [laughter] [applause] is specially never apologize for loving your country or culture or family that's okay. respect other people we will get further. [applause] . >> i was told we have no time for final thoughts. i am fresh out of thoughts. >> [applause] i love you america.
11:00 pm
[applause] go get'em. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jess pea watters. weather d i'm jesse watters. the political games begin after a gunman opens fire in christchurch. the left already blaming the president. >> there is intolerance being spread in this country, in this world, and it comes from the political dialogue. it comes from political leaders. >> words do have consequences. and we know that at the very pinnacle of power in our own country, people are talking about good people on both


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