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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 17, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ many democratic presidential hopefuls are on the campaign trail while they await word on whether former vice president joe biden plans to jump into the race. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody who would run. >> this right here is the result of a massacre. >> students confronting chelsea clinton blaming her for the mosque attacks. 50 people are dead. hundreds of protesters are turning out here in washington to send a message, hands off venvenezuela. maria: nebraska is gapping grah
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the worst flooding in history. >> duke would appear to be on their way. ♪ new york national pipe band health. ing us kick off this special "fox & friends." >> we can't do the show from the bar so we brought the bar to us. >> we were supposed to have a staff party at the bar. >> we had one yesterday. >> and the producers told us all of the hosts have to be there. it got moved up to 11:00 because of pete. were you guys there at 11:00? >> i had something smo do at 11:00 so i went at noon. it was packed and so young.
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i was too old for the crowd. >> i was the only one. they had the wrong address. >> the invite did not mention which floor it's on. this bar has five or six floors and each floor had about six million people because they had the st. patrick's day parade a block away. >> it was not done well. you left? >> it was poorly produced. >> it is st. paddy's day. to commemorate the arrival of christianity to areland. >> ireland.>> i felt like you wg on your way. >> lots of patrick patricks in y family. >> my son patrick as well. >> we're going to be having fun.
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someone who is irish, joe biden. brings a lot of credentials to this 2020 race. last night if you listen closely it sounded like he was in. >> i at an event in gare he in e said this. >> i know i get criticized and told i'm criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record for anybody running for this -- anybody who would run. i didn't mean -- [cheers and applause] of anybody who would run. >> that is what you call, in washington, a washington gaffe. he meant to say that. this is in translation into record terms, people's terms, don't fall in live with beto
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yet. >> why is he flirting? why won't he just get in. he was in the caribbean for a couple of weeks trying to figure it out. >> it's called buzz. it's like you really want me, really want me to do this. it's way to create more attention. >> democratic hearts may have found the one they fell in love with with beto o'rourke. we've heard this love fest by some in the media, this might be the soaked coming, thi second c. and routers busted the story a couple of daying ago saying he was part of a hacking group some years ago and everyone is wondering where did this come from. they're now admitting they knew about this during his senate campaign in 2018 against republican ted cruz and agreed to hold it back until after the election. >> wait. reporters holding stories back?
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ad>> add that to your list of things that never happen to republicans. that was such a heated race. >> only a couple of points separated them. >> now they say, in rout in rous defense. >> that is what their saying. in an interview in late 2017 o'rourke acknowledged he was a member of the group, the cult of the death cow, on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his senate race against ted cruz in november of 2018. they held it. now he's running for president and now they're talking about it. the group was called cult of a death cow, his alias, psychedelic war lord. he was a teenager. sorry, nancy, teeners wh teenage
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16 probably shouldn't be voting. but they held it back. now beto o'rourke now that he's running for president had to respond to that. he said, not anything that i'm proud of today i'm i'm mortified to read it now, incredibly embarrassed. barack obama did the original apology tour. >> first eight hous mowers of hs campaign rollout. >> if you're ted cruz, you got to be annoyed. especially had he lost this would be have been horrible. here's what ted cruz tweetedded, so reuters had evidence in 2018 but deliberately withheld to story to help him win if race but now he's running for president and it's news?
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>> the establishment doesn't want bernie sanders. >> if you polled your friends in the media and asked would you prefer beto or ted cruz? would it 98-2 or 95-2. >> he's also apologizing fr fors white privilege. >> congress tech chull con techt reporters hold things back if you're working on a book. but what i would say is a journalist might say i'll hold it if you're letting me inside the strategy and we're going to hold back the strategy, like i'm inside the room. because if you reveal it during the campaign, it might affect the campaign. i haven't heard of a case where
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you hold become something from their past to impact a campaign. it looks like you're helping somebody. >> he made a flippant comment about how his wife raises the kids. as he lives in texas, far away m d.c. they spend a lot of time in d.c. not a weird thing to say my white is doing a lot of heavy lifting. but the feminists inside his party were offendeds and he had to apologize. >> chelsea clinton is apologizing for going after congressman omar and her anti-semitic remarks. listen to chelsea's apology. >> i'm so sorry. i would never.
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>> this writing here is the result of a massacre. for people like you and put the words. 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there. >> i'm sorry. >> what does that mean? >> chelsea was obviously at this vigil to mourn the 49 people killed in new zealand and it wasn't good enough for these activists. >> it's now 50 people who died because of chelsea clinton because of these activists. they took to buzzfeed and wrote an article to explain their argument. they wrote, many have said it was unfair to connect chill sigh's words to the massacre in cliechristchurch. to chelsea clinton we hope our intentions to confronting you
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are clear. you owe an apoll to omar and to palestinians for using your platform to defame their cause. if you read the op-ed, it's a bat term paper of a blame game. a window into the insanity of the left today. >> donald trump jr. came quickly to the defense of chelsea clinton. >> it's sickening to hear people blame chelsea clinic toon. she would be praised for speaking up. anyone who doesn't understand that is part of the problem. >> when the trumps defend the clintons. there you have it. >> one of the things that was not in the article that those ladies wrote, the tweet from omar. again, the criticism of omar is in the context of this tweet
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which says, israel has hypnotized the world, may allah awaken the people and see the evil doing of israel. lots of talk of bigotry, no talk about what omar said about the jewish people. >> you go back to that video to show the co confrontation, thats what joe biden is up against. that's why he's saying at the podium i'm the most progressive candidate running. he's saying it, so it should be so. >> all of the sudden it's a new environment for him. look, he should be speaking out about anti-muslim big dri, all l of it. but chelsea in this case was protesting anti-semitism and all of the she's confronted . >> not speur enough. headlines now. investigators recover another
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victim in the horrific new zealand mosque attack. raising the number dead to 50. in the wake of the heinous shooting the prime minister is vowing to band semi-automatic weapons. cabinet members are expected to meet tomorrow to discuss the changes to gun laws. one person is dead and two are missing in the flooding in the midwest. the rainfall forcing a bridge to collapse near omaha. the worst could be near to come with parts of the missouri river expected to crest near 30 feet. it's march madness selection friday. >madness selectionsunday. >> defending national champs the wildcats captured the title over
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seton hall and tennessee beating kentucky 87. 88 to play in the championship. they face auburn today. florida got beat, my former squad princeton got beat and the minnesota badgers got beat. madness is coming today. as the venezuelan people suffer under the maduro regime, thousands are protesting president trump instead of maduro. could that be snreu. >> what do you want to say to donald trump? [bleep] you, donald trump. [bleep] all of your abuses of power. >> our own griff jen jenkins wan the middle of the crowd. >> brave guy. >> really thoughtful. our next guest says bernie sanders will be the democratic candidate for 2020. he gives us five reasons why
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coming up next. here's mur from the new yorw york pipe band and the irish dancers. ♪ ♪
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so who will be the democratic nominee trying to face the president. it's anyone's gues guess at this point. >> our next guest says there are five reasons it will be bernie sanders. you say number one reason anti-establishment supporters he has. >> yeah, he has the most committed voters. thanks for having me on. there's no question. in california they almost cook over the democratic party. these are committed these bernie sanders supporters and feel he
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was written off. that feels a lot like who won in 2016. right out of the bat bernie has a core of supporters, he's run nationwide already and that gives him a base that the other candidates don't have. >> and the republican nominee in 2016 had a clear and consistent message. >> when you run for president the first time really, you know this, when you interview people, the first time they say something they can ramble, it isn't very clear. they're trying to find their message. first-time candidates do that all of the time. not bernie sanders. you can't argue about the fact that the know what is to say and when to say it and that gives him a leg up on these other people who will be making gaffes. >> you were watching other candidates find their footing. he's clear about what he believes. the third reason, he's already
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run a nationwide campaign. >> it's really hard to run a campaign nationwide. you have to set up organizations throughout the country and that's not easy to do. it takes a lot of manpower, takes money. but he's already done it once. and like i said in the early primary state of california, he has a good organization already. so whereas the other candidates, some of which will have to skip the states because they don't have the money. not bernie. >> it's a crowded field of candidates. couldn't that hurt him because there are other people trying to take his socialist message? >> it's an interesting thing. we have to look at it from the opposite point of view here. since early has the early committed voters, 15%, 20% of the electorate, that's enough in a crowd field to win a primary. he could win iowa with 20% whereas a biden or someone else, kamala harris may only get 20%.
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all of those other people running take away from joe biden potentially and from harris. i think he wins iowa, wins new hampshire and what are they going to say, bernie, you can't lead? >> last point. you say running for president is different. why? >> it's 100% different. in 2000 you had to have a lot of money and a strong organization. now you have the internet and twitter. bernie has a audience out there. bernie's people are committed. >> we shall see. >> hey's the oarl front runner, i think he wins ohio and new hampshire. >> i agree with you. whe meanwhile, outrage grow.
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now big tech facing a big backlash should they be doing more to stop evil content. an important discussion is next. e of soft-serve ice cream?
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the latest innovation from xfinity isn't just a store. it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. welcome back. quick headlines for your. a u.s. navy veteran sentenced to ten years in iranian prison. the attorney for michael white telling the ap his client was convicted of insulting the leader and posting private information. he was detained in july after traveling to iran to visit a woman he met online. also an interesting choice. and google is responding after president trump and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff accuse the tech giant of helping the chinese military. in a statement a google
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spokesperson said quote, we're not working with the chinese military, we're working with the u.s. i don't know. i believe the general. we're going to turn now to the tragedy in new deland. the death toll is rising to 50 following the massacre at two mosques and outrage is growing in social media's role in giving the accused killer a platform to live stream the terror attack. what responsibility do the big giants have in streaming and scd taking down this posts. thank you for being here this morning. kirk, ho how does this happen? >> good question. facebook epa as you know for 17 minutes this video went out and people propagated the video to youtube and across instagram. what i know is most of the tech companies, including facebook,
3:26 am
have the ability to find out more than anyone in your family about you. and they know and can predict a lot of your own behave yours. whbehaviors.why can't they predt someone is going to do something that horrific. and they have video algorithms to distinguish it between a video game. why can't they stop a video or tag anytime a way to withdraw it later. there are a lot of things that these tech companies are not focused on, that includes our safety. they're focused on their profit. the use the al gor algorithms te money, not to protect us. >> are they not focused on this? is it a facebook fall? >> it's a huge facebook fail. in june is when the police officer and his partner were killed and the jihadist streamed it before it was killed by the police.
3:27 am
facebook's response was we're using artificial intelligence. two and a half years later their ai platform failed. i think they're stalling. as much as everybody wants to be the artificial al intelligence a human bullet, it's not. humans can recognize things a hundred times faster than a computer can. facebook is still a long ways away from implementing wh they y say they can do. >> they tweeted in the first hour, 1.2 million were blocked at upload. we continue to work around the clock to remove viet lating content using a combination of technology and people. in light of this, i'll throw it to boast e both of you, what should facebook be doing to deal with hate speech on their platforms? >> we're talking about -- that's
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garlic who is based in australia saying within minutes they removed the video from facebook. when you ask them today they don't say long. how quickly, how many minutes. they refuse to get into the details of this. i want to tell you this. facebook, instagram, all of these companies have a great responsibility to do a whole lot better for us and they're not doing it now for sure. >> morgan, quickly? >> yeah, there are a couple of way to do this. simply through policy. if you're user, you might be able to delay quickly. and there's a lot of ways they could approach it and they chose not to d do it. it's all about the money. >> that's a practical solution. thank you so much. >> you bet, rachel. police arresting the man they say shot and killed this reputed mob boss.
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the big twist what we just learned about the suspected killer. you've heard of st. patrick? why volunteers are shaving their heads right here on "fox & friends" next. ♪ ♪
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biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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not to be melodramatic but literally the future of the world depends on us. >> corporation are people, money are speech and corporations can spend money to purchase elections. >> when have we alienated ever partner that we have as this country has done under trump's administration. >> he's getting a lot of attention for these arm movements. >> yeah. literally. now someone who could do a better impression than i can, jimmy fallon, they're discovering that there's plenty of comedy on the left. here he was just recently. listen. >> hi, i'm beto o'rourke and i'm excited that's it. i'm just excited. oh yeah, i'm also running for president of the united states. the question i get most is can you actually beat donald trump
3:34 am
and the answer is heck yeah, i was born to do this. i'm like if your friend's hot dad had the energy of a golden retriever. god, i feel so passionate right now. i love america. i love democracy. i love air. you can trust me. there's not a dishonest bone in my body. actually, there aren't any bones in my body. i donated those. are there more experienced candidates out there with clear policy ideas, sure. >> pretty good. he also got criticized for not -- his wife not speaking during that segment. >> why didn't we hear from her. and i think jimmy fallon had fun with it. you can tease politicians, you can have fun, they should be self deprecating. but it doesn't have to be mea
3:35 am
mean-spirited. >> maybe they're listening to jay leno. >> what's up with the hand movements, what do you think. friends at a major twist in the murder of notorious mob boss. the men got in a fight because callie did not like camel lo hanging around his daughter. police say he had no criminal history. lawmakers in new mexico wants to replace columbus day with indi indigenous people day. supporters say the change would recognize the discrimination against native americans and better reflect the culture. basketball legend shaquille
3:36 am
o'neal as sworn in to a florida sheriff's office as an a ax sily deputy. in 2006 he was sworn in as a deputy in arizona. and those are your headlines. rick? >> arizona. home state. there you go. let's talk about the weather out there. a lot going on. we had the big storm this week. it's changed the weather bat tern over the next week or so. people getting all of the rain not going to get rain, people getting rain, now going to get rain. cooler air has settled in behind the big storm. florida where you eve been dry for so much of the winter, one spot where we're seeing a burgeoning drought going on, now you're going to get rain. you see the scattered showers with us for the next couple of days. across parts of the ohio valley, one system dropping through, a little rain, a little snow. nothing that's going to cause any problems.
3:37 am
there's going to be a flooding story i think for the next number of weeks and eventually we get the rain coming back into that area, things are going to be worse. you see all of the rivers dealing with flooding. overall, not much going on anywhere except for florida scattered showers and that's the case for the next number of days. pete and ed, what's going on? come over. how are you doing? >> you've heard of st. patrick but had you heard of st. ball driks. >> the they're raising money for kids with cancer. >> some of the volunteers are here today along with john bender, the founder. thanks for being here. >> thank for sharing your platform. >> tell us about your cause. >> the mission is to find a more humane cure for every childhood cans ner the world.
3:38 am
300,000 kille four out of five , one child -- losing one child is too many. and even the kids that survive two out of three will have lifetime side effects affecting infertity, heart, cognitive issues. the foundation has made a lot of progress but there's more work to be done. >> we're hearing the clippers and ed might be active back there. >> how do people find out more about your organization. >> www.s. baldricks.organize. we've got over 24,000 people shaving their events at 900 events. we've become the largest funder
3:39 am
of childhood cancer research in the world other than the u.s. government. >> karen this is your ninth year. >> yes, it is. >> getting your head shaved. you are very bald right now. >> and it's cold out. >> and it's cold. and our own ed henry is shaving as well. talk to me about why you do this. this is your ninth year. >> do this because i don't want to see any child have to go through cancer. the treatment and the side effects, i just want to concur cancer. wipe it off the face of the earth. >> well said. >> you have a really great shaped head. you can pull that off. >> now ed, you got to start in the front, ed. ed, she's getting her head saved. >> i want to make sure i do it right and don't cut her head. this is a wonderful cause. i don't want to disrupt it and she's a little nervous.
3:40 am
>> rick, help out ed. ed is doing what is known as the delicate shave. >> once you shave it do you wear a wig or do you leave it? >> i myself was a cancer patient ten years ago. that was when i first shaved my head for st. baldrick's when i i was diagnosed i never wear a wig when i had it and i never wear it now. >> people probably ask you and you're able to support the cause. >> ed is being delicate back there. it's the worst head shave of all time from ed henry. >> they agreed to get their head shaved by professionals. >> my dad was a barber. >> that's true. >> i want to thank all of you as we recognize this importance of this cause. we're having fun with it and we know it's deadly serious. thank you for being here. this cause is amazing. and ed henry by the 7:00 hour
3:41 am
may be done with his head shaving. we shall see. thank you all. we'll see you later on in the program. hands off venezuela as the venezuelan people suffer under the brute. maduro regime. thousands are protesting president trump. >> this is being perceived as a march for nicolas maduro who's been labeled a human rights violator. >> i don't know nothing about that. but i know about human rights violations here. >> our own griff jenkins gis gis us a look coming up next. and shake shack shaking things up for a four-day workweek. does the move show a bigger trend in the economy? come on, ed. come on. ♪ ♪
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now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. all right. protests continue in venezuela in opposition to nicolas maduro's regime. >> hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets this weekend to protest president trump and his strategy. >> griff jenkins was in washington, d.c. and he joins us now. what were you seeing out there. >> i was seeing hundreds of people saying no to sanctions, no to the oil embargo and no to what they will think military intervention. take tha a look. hundreds of protesters turning out here in washington to send a message hands off venezuela. what do you want to say to donald trump? >> [bleep] you, donald trump. [bleep] all of your abuses of
3:46 am
power. >> donald trump should look out of the white house and see, here we are the american people beginning to build a new movement for peace and judgment. only venezuela should determine its own destination. no sanctions, no war, no coups against venezuela. >> the people of the rust are going to stop the war. >> there is no war. the president has stopped some 50 countries trying to help juan guaido be the new president? >> he is not elected. he was named and declared himself president. >> this is perceived as a march for nicolas maduro. >> i don't know nothing about that but i know about human rights violations here and we stand with the people of venezuela. >> there are venezuelans who would like to see the president of venezuela change like in any country but i don't think we
3:47 am
would like it in russia decided one day to name nancy pelosi president of the united states. that's now how our democratic process work. >> a group turned out here. they're much small ner number but causing a little bit of a scene as they shows at the protesters. why are you so angry? >> i want to have a conversation with the folks over there spreading this information. we have a dictator in venezuela taking basic human rights from the people. >> they don't have a clue. they don't speak spanish. >> venezuelans have been under a dictatorship. everything is run by the government. no food, no power, nothing is safe in venezuela. >> this is the same group that opposed the war in iraq and thy hold the democrats just as responsible as they do president
3:48 am
trump. >> how big was that crowd? >> so that crowd, rachel, was probably a thousand to 15000. 1500. it was a nice day and we see protests get larger on nice days. but it was the same group that began opposing the war in iraq and i covered them in 2003 and by 2004 they had more than 500,000 marching across memorial bridge. it will be interesting to see how the administration handles what's happening in venezuela. we saw yesterday, a democrat from virginia down on the colombia border trying to get u.s. aid into that country. if you see a bipartisan move to escalate things in venezuela, you're going to see these folks turn out in larger numbers. >> griff, thank you. they're known as international marmarxists. >> if they spent a week in venezuela where people have to go through garbage to find their
3:49 am
dinner, they might not be as enthusiastic. president trump using his first veto after congress rejects his border emergency. the sheriff who was with the president when he signed it joins us the next hour. why he says congress needs to acknowledge the crisis at the border. and shake shack now shaking things up with a four-day workweek? fox business network susan lee is here to tell us why it could be hard to execute. >> seems like a decent idea. >> not bad. ♪ ♪ rself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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maine's democratic governor is pushing a bill to let medical
3:53 am
professioprofessionals who are t doctors perform abortions. now she proposes a similar bill last year and it failed. and a new bill in missouri would require all residents ages 18 to 35 to buy an ar-15 rifle. pete is moving to missouri. the proposal would give everyone one year to purchase a firearm. the bill does not specify if there are consequences for people who do not comply. >> bingo. shake shack employees are getting a taste of a four-day workweek. >> the company testing the idea in some of its las vegas locations in hopes of attracting workers in a tight fk. >market.>> is this a recipe for? susan lee, what do you think? >> the restaurant business like the tv business, long hours, rarely do you get a two-day
3:54 am
weekend encht other than pete. >> i work two days a week for four hours. don't ask for more. >> it's a tight labor market. hard to fine great talent and the restaurant business is booming. americans are eating out once again thanks to the strong economy. we saw record growth last year. shake shack is trying something different, giving them a four-day week, pay them for 40 hours, they work for 32 and maybe more would stay. they did a trial last year in new zealand. >> how did that work out? >> it worked out well. the smaller private company, perpetual guarantee, they gave them a four-day workweek, 24% improvement in work life balance, saw more of their kids, came back to work more energized. >> i can see why this would work. >> there are great benefits. there's a 20% reduction in rush hour traffic. >> that's true.
3:55 am
if you're paying 40 hours and only working 3 the, that's just a wage increase. >> it is like a wage increase. pu you're giving the employees more time to do whatever they want. it bring them happiness, they get to see more of their kids. and women would probably benefit most from this because women who have kids obviously do more of the child rearing, they're working part time, probably as productive but they get paid for the full. >> women prefer time more than money. >> yes, as you know. >> seems like another sign of a strong trump economy. 7.58 million, shy of an all-time record in september. also outnumbers the unemployed by one million. >> wow. >> seems like companies like shake shack need to be competitive because they're trying to hire people. the economy is strong. >> one million job gap between those looking for work and the jobs that are available at this point. and shake shack, you know, i
3:56 am
have to say this probably goes more for the supervisory roles since most of their workers, especially the ones that you see in the store front, they're going hour by hour. they're paid per hour. this is more for the supervisor roles. but wage gains for the nonsupervisory work, especially in limited service restaurants, booming, 4.5%, that's 1% more than every other industry. >> so you don't have to mandate wage increases. what you have to do is have a great economy and you know demand for workers and suddenly the wages go up. interesting how that happens. >> how do we get on the pete work schedule. that's what i want to know. >> two days a week, four hours a day. >> you referred to him as great talent. we'll talk about that later. a fox news alert, a 13th democratic is now entering the 2020 race for president. the official announcement, who it is next. former economic adviser to president obama robert wolfe and
3:57 am
maria bartiromo all live coming up. ♪ ♪
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4:00 am
. i'm the most progressive record for anybody runs for the -- anybody who would run. >> joe biden former vice president not in yet but last night wh you listened closely sounded like he was? >> public wondering when will the report come out. >> this right here is the result of a massacre. >> students confronting chelsea clinton, blaming her for the knew zealand mosque attacks. >> police say 50 people are dead after the gunman opened fire during morning prayers. hundreds of protesters are turning out in washington to send a message, hands off venezuela. >> one person is dead and two
4:01 am
are missing as record flooding pounds the midwest. people are shaving their heads right here on "fox & friends." >> ed henry be the 7:00 hour might be done with his head shaving. we shall see. ♪ ♪ ♪ all right. >> look at henry. he walked off the couch. ed is gone. we don't know why. oh! >> he's putting on his le leprechaun. >> henry is here. >> i'm breaking out my green jacket. and remember i got this because i beat you in golf. >> i forgot about that. you beat me in mini golf, okay?
4:02 am
>> i was wearing a green tie. >> you were and now you're wearing your green jacket from that day. you bring these things back. amazing. you look fantastic. >> i've never had a host just walk off the cost right as the show was is that correct. where is ed going. >> i thought he was mad. >> and ed i have a small gift for you. >> this would be a first. >> it's actually mine but i'm giving it to you for the show. >> what does it stay? >> still like beer. the brett kavanaugh. >> you should wear that at your next journalist cocktail party. >> happy st. patrick's day outside. we've got a bar outside. >> bac bag pipes. >> and we have a chef com cominn and we're going to test our knowledge. >> st. patrick's day celebrates the arrival of christianity to ireland.
4:03 am
>> sounds like pete was on wikipedia. >> we're going to have a contest, a trivia. >> there's a contest going on among democrats and breaking news this morning. another democrat has gotten into the race officially. kirsten gillibrand, senator from new york had been testing the waters. see this morning released a new video saying she's in. >> here she is. >> i chose brave too. we need a lead who makes big bold brave choices. someone who isn't afraid of progress. that's why i'm running for president and why i'm asking you for your support. our anthem asks the question forcing every generation to make a choice. will brave win? will brave win? will brave win? will brave win? let's answer forrous. >> and now she's number 13 among those who are initially in the race. >> yes. >> there's another candidate,
4:04 am
joe biden who kind of accidentally kind of said that he might be in the race. >> as of right now there are 13. here's the list. she's the latest and greatest. you see them, you know them, you may or may not love them but there they are stepping up saying we're in. this is luck by 13 and there will be more. >> that's interesting because she's had a rough start even before this because he was testing the waters. can't get democrats from her home state on board. is that because people in her own delegation don't want to support her. and number two, remember how she made her name in recent years, it was by taking down one of her own over allegations of either sexual harassment or misconduct. and then in the last week or so this story popped saying that her own office in the senate didn't handle an allegation of sexual harassment well. and it was a big controversy. so if she wants to go attack
4:05 am
some of her fellow democrats, that's not good. >> that doesn't sound brave. >> well it's always what happens after the video. after you launch your campaign and the scrutiny begins do you survive. >> joe biden was at a democrat dinner i believe in maryland. >> delaware. >> dai delaware and he kind of accidentally said that he was running. take a look. >> i know i get criticized and told i get criticized by the new left. i'm the most progressive record of any running for the -- anybody who would run. i didn't mean -- [cheers and applause] of anybody who would run. >> another little piece of it. he said running for the united states -- it sounded like he was
4:06 am
about to say senate because he ran so many times. >> yeah it did. >> so also reminding people howfng he's beehowlong he's bee. >> i think what he's saying is hey, don't fall in love with beto yesterday. yet. i'm still coming. >> i'm told i get criticized by the new left which is the new center of the democrat uic part. >> these activists. biden may be saying, i really want to get in here. >> you can't look them in the eye, the young folks saying i'm the most progressive guy in the race. they will look at your record. >> they don't think chelsea clinton is progressive enough. >> were you for medicare for all? no, you taught obama was a big f'g deal. he's not pure enough and not good enough. that's why he's waiting and hesitating to see if there's a
4:07 am
coconstituency for him. >> he's going to be accosted. he's going to have the video that goes viral where they're in his face asking him something and he's got to ask himself, do i want to do this. >> he can make a strong case that he was riding spot gun with barack obama, the nation's first black president and there by his side and was not an accidental vice president. he was in the room pushing on obamacare, pushing on all kiengdz of issuekindsof issues . beto o'rourke has been struggling a little bit. nancy pelosi had the struggle a couple of days ago. what are his accomplishments. he's coming out of the gate apologizing for things in the past and calling for a ban on the ar-15. watch. >> we allow people in this country to buy weapons that were designed, engineered and told so
4:08 am
the united states military for the expressed purpose of killing people effectively as possible in as great a number as possible. if you own an a ar-15. keep it. use it responsibly. >> such easy look rhetoric of the left. if i own an ar-15, stocks in gun companies will go up after this, responsible gun owners recognize their right to own rifles like that. you can use weapons of war or assault ban all you want. this will appeal to his base, young people who are uninformed. go out and get your second ar-15 today. maybe a good reason to do so. >> seeing him step out, he just doesn't seem as presidential as i expected him to seem. >> that's a good point. >> we saw that when donald trump had, you know, 16 other candidates, there were some great governors who just once
4:09 am
they got on to the plat tomorrow didn't quite seem presidential. i think that beto is suffering from that a little bit. >> let's give you a chance to weigh in,, now that gillibrand is in, o'rourke is in. i in the meantime it seems like robert mueller finally may be coming closer and closer to an end here because some folks on the staff are starting to leave. he's wrapping up things with manafort. you see politico there, the head line, mueller's busy week offers through hope that the report is coming soon. the president is not so sure. he wrote, i told leadership to let all republicans vote for transparency, makes us all look good. does it matter. play along with the. game. is he trying to spin the fact that the republicans knew they were under fire and had to vote
4:10 am
for. >> the democrats remain obsessed with the mueller investigation so they're voting on protecting it yet again. it will come out. someone will leak it if they don't want to release it anyway. but this new detail came out yesterday, one of the most important stories of the day. former so-called bri british spy christopher steele, there are reports that he relied -- he said he used cnn reports as part of his anti-trump do dossier. he actually used something called cnn-i report which is where citizen journalists or regular folks like you or anyone else can post to the website things that they think. christopher steele used -- if you e-mailed us a at we could use that as a fox fleu fox news rep.
4:11 am
cnn-i report are people posting things on the internet. >> it's not verified. >> to realize that the dossier was used for the fisa in order to spy on americans. >> if i was putting together a dossier using fox friends, i would ask you to e-mail me at, put anytime a dossier and call it fox news. e-mail us and it's fox news. some random person reports on cnn-i and that was used to spy on the president of the united states and they took it seriously. >> it's a scandal. >> which is whoam point was to surreal on then candidate and then eventually the president of the united states. they used i-report at cnn. >> cnn, will they talk about it? >> probably not. >> probably not. you know what i'm tal going that talk about? i'm going to talk about headlines. >> i'll calm down. police are searching for these two suspects accused of
4:12 am
killing a u.s. service member during a gas store robbery. the victim was a customer at the store. the service member has not been identified. investigators are offering a 10,000 dollars reward for that information if it leads to an arrest. a resurgence of violence in paris as yellow vest protests erupt for an eighth straight weekend. activists setting fires and vandalizing restaurants. a mother and child saved just in time from a burning bank that injured 11 people. police unleashing tear gas to contain the for than 10,000 protesters. more than 60 people were hurt, including 17 officers. progolfers tiger roads and kevin na share a funny moment. na quickly grabs his ball after making a short putt and tiger has some fun with it. take a look.
4:13 am
[laughter] >> that's the modern tiger. >> tiger would have never done that before. hhe's lightened up. >> the two are sharing a laugh. woods is 3 under par well behind the leader into today's final round. law enforcement standing behind president trump as a shaf thanks him for vetoing the block. the shaf joins u shaf joins us g us why congress needs to acknowledge the crisis at the border. >> you've give us back our footing but you've also given the american people back what they deserve. >> he literally grabbed it out of the hole. gut health confidenc e every day. benefiber is a
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
. defend the safety and security of all americans, i will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution and that's what it was. congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and i have the duty to veto it. >> now despite that presidential veto, nancy and the democrats are not giving up their fight to block this emergency declaration. >> massachusetts sheriff thomass present when president trump signed the veto. what was it like to be there the inside of the oval office for that moment, his first veto. >> i was an honor to be there. more importantly, i've been working on immigration reform for 21 years dealing with congress since i've withi been e sheriff. it was a great moment for me,
4:18 am
finally we have somebody after 21 years who sat down, listened to us and took action. the president is committed to protecting the people of this country unlike the people in congress who we've been asking for 21 years to give us the border security that we need. now we're at a point where we have a crisis in regards to guns and gangs coming into our communities intimidating people. >> what is this president willing to do that those before him, even though they promised to address the border security crisis, never did? >> first and foremost to understand the problem. me's a problem solver and thank god for that. he has strong leadership and commitment to deal with the problem, not the politics. the others in congress over these 21 years have completely turned a deaf ear and blind eye to law enforcement and experts, the sheriffs on the border, american sheriffs across the country and i.c.e. and our other
4:19 am
federal partners on the border patrol. he's doing what needs to be done for the people and doesn't care about the politics. >> i spoke to some members of congress who say they support what the president wants to do on the border but said they voted the way they voted because they did it on principle. constitutional issues and concerned about what the democrats might do if this precedent is set. what whowld you say to those members of congress who say i'm just being principled here? >> i can't think of anything more principled than following through on your oath to protect the people. this is a crisis now. we've seen it, talked about it, we have boots on the ground. we know what's going op. they need to do it. we've heard excuses for 2 is years, whether it's principle or some other excuse. people are dying in our communities. kids are not waking up in the morning when parents are going into their bedrooms. i have a mother who said that
4:20 am
she encourages her son to come to her house and shoot up in front of her because she doesn't want him to die. he's all she has. this is going on all over the country. that's one story. we have a double overdose that happened in our county where the mother and father were on the floor overdosing and the 3-year-old was rubbing the mother trying to wake her up and the 5-year-old toddler was trying to wake his father up. this is going on across our country. >> sounds like a an emergency to me. >> no question about it. thank god the president is taking action. >> thank you for your time and your service to our country. we appreciate it. fox news alert, next kirsten gillibrand officially announcing her 2020 presidential bid. our next guest talked to her about her cam pin. former economic adviser to president obama robert wolfe gives us an inside look at the gillibrand and other democratic hopefuls straight ahead.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
potholes. she served left of center to avoid the potholes. be aware of swerving left of center. 550 million bucks, the size of the powerball jackpot at no one took home the prize. the next drawing is wednesday night. ed, down to you. >> thanks a lot. kei kirsten gillibrand announcing her presidential run, the 13th democrat to join the 2022020 field. our next guest have spoken personally with most of the con contenders with, robert wolfe. he joins an me now. >> and a fox news contributor. >> there were so many things to name about you. and a duke fan as well. we should put that on the table. you advised president obama.
4:26 am
that's when i met you. let's go through each of these, gillibrand officially getting in. we raised some of the downsides for her on the sexual harassment. what are the good things. >> she was really at the front of the me too movement. she's helped women run for office over the last few years. i think she's going to do really well in a place like new hampshire. you know, she has checked off the boxes of the progressive things like climate change and gun reform and immigration needs. but also, you know, she's from a rural area in upstate new york. i think she -- i may be mistaken but she got more votes than any new york candidate has, you know, since i can recall. she could play, i think, both the progressive side as well as the moderate. >> she's disbeght int getting ie
4:27 am
where beto o'rourke is getting a lot of people swooning. let's look at that media montage and react. >> he is in, beto o'rourke's announcement that he's entering the 2020 race will shake up the democratic primary. >> bring up energy and excite people. >> a glowing start. >> his senate candidacy winning the endorsement of celebrities like by onsay. >> it's like a jesus christ superstar. he's got a celebrity aura about him. >> jesus christ superstar. >> i should say nothing. i spoke to beto on thursday. we had a great call. >> what was the substance of that? what was he saying? >> it's a get to know you call. this is the first time i'm spoken to him. we've had e-mail exchanges. in our party we have not elected a president over the age of 53
4:28 am
since john kennedy. i think there's an incredible amount of electricity around beto. >> is there a gap in experience? >> you know, we have to redefine what experience is. i'm not here to talk about president trump's experience. i mean he has his own brand and people knew him. i think actually making sure he can get the grass roots to come out, being an exciting candidate, you know, in the democratic party, like i said earlier, ed, there are certain boxes you have to be for. four or five boxes. all 13 of the candidates check those boxes and then it comes down to who can run a campaign and who can be the best on the economy and you to be a strong commander in chief. >> someone who might be a strong commander in chief, jnd. a workinjoe biden.the crime bily official with the left,
4:29 am
defensive marriage act, he's flipped on gay marriage, iraq war. my point being he has a record. some on the left are going to assail it. you know vice president biden well. >> i know him well. >> what's your sense, is he waiting too long? does he need to get in? >> i don't think he's waiting too long. when you have name recognition, time is your friend, not your enemy. and this time in 2007 obama was at least 3% or 5%, hillary at 65%. no one is really over 20% today. and name recognition is key. a holding place. >> how does he get the left on board because it might be a different democratic party. >> it's straightforward. the most important thing is going to be who do we think can beat president trump. today most people think that joe biden is the strongest candidate in the general election.
4:30 am
getting through a primary is going to be incredibly difficult for those who are more moderate. i think we're going to have our own debate. i'm struggling with myself who i am going to pick. i'm a big fan of joe biden. i think kamala harris is a great candidate, i just spoke with cory booker. this is our own internal debate. a lot of us have not decided. >> beto o'rourke and others want to have you help them raise some money. we'll see who you decide on and who democrats decide on. todd is taking the polar plunge to raise money for charity. did he really get in the water? it was told. your e-mails are next and pete's conspiracy theory put to the test. parents paving and paying their child's way through life. are american parents failing their kids by doing all of that? we'll discuss it next.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
. you can hear the yelling. it is your shot of the morning. our own todd pirro braving the cold taking the polar plunge to raise money for charity. >> and now he's challenging pete
4:35 am
to follow in his footsteps. >> as you see, i am fully wet from my toes to my head, hegseth. why don't you get your minnesota you know what out here and show the nation how it's done. >> our "fox & friends" viewers loved it. >> he should go out for his own polar swim. >> and jim says yes, pete, don't be like a democrat afraid to come on. take the plunge. >> and john writes pete, you're an army vet. you've just been called out fory todd. tyke to putime to put up or shu. thank you for jury service. >> why can't ed do the plunge. he's always challenging others. >> we've plunged on this show.
4:36 am
i sat for a minute in a freezing cold pool, if we have that type. i'm sure we don't. anything that makes us look good we conveniently don't have. todd was in for half a second. that was my part of critique. if we wants me to do it, i'll do it. i'll do anything. >> i want you to stay down as faaslong as you expected todd to stay down. >> we are are going from the polar plunge to parents. a "the new york times" article questioning whether parents are robbing kids of the transition to adulthood. here's a quote from the story. helicopter parenting, the practice of hovering anxiously here one's children is so 20th century. some affluent mothers and fathers are more like snow plows, machines clearing obstacles in their child's success so they don't have to
4:37 am
encounter failure or lost opportunities. you got to let the kids figure it out. >> it has so much to do with what we saw in the admissions scandal that erupted. and those were definitely helicopter parents and maybe snow plow parents. the answer to all of this, first of all i tell my kids all of the time, i say my job isn't to get you into harvard, it's to get you into heaven. these parent parents have their priorities really wrong. when you have a lot of kids, you can't coddle them. you just don't have the physical ability to do it. >> you snow plow can't be big enough that's one solution. >> helicopter is dumb, snow flow even dumber. the best thing you can give your kid is failure, tear wrenching on the floor, i doesn't good enough, i failed the test, i
4:38 am
lost the game, what do i do next. that's what your whole life is about, failing and adjusting to failing. when you're successful and artificially so, to your point, it just builds up a sense of self righteousness that you're the center of the universe. stop. e-mail us you're not a snow plow important, you're a what important. give us an adjective. >> what idea. oohed good idea, headlines. a trooper shot several times and a suspect killed after a carjacking and police chase in illinois. investigators say the trooper was responding to a call near a sam's club when he spotte spotte suspect's vehicle and tried to stop it. the suspect got stuck in a median and started to run firing shots. the trooper returned fire killing the suspect. the 1-year veteran of the force is expected to survive. thank goodness. the prime minister of
4:39 am
australia suggesting a senator could face charge from this. take a look. >> these people are getting attacked in their own. >> the protester egged the senator amid controversial comments following the new deland mosque attack. the senator who you see then punches the teen. a frightened mother rescues her young daughter after an adult moose crashed through her bedroom window. at first she thought it was a burglar. >> yellow stone park, screaming ran out the door. >> all of this happening as the family slept inside a colorado home where they were the guest. police and wild liar officials were able to remove the moose. i can't imagine that happening. that's got to be so scary. april the giraffe welcomed
4:40 am
her fifth baby calf. more than 300,000 people watched the life stream yesterday as april gave first at new york's animal adventure park. the calf is healthy and bonding with its mommy. the park will announce a naming contest soon. >.>> wasn't it the first birth l of under the circumstances were watch sog closely and now it's like number five. >> get out there, on your own. >> rick, what do you think? >> we were waiting for two weeks with bated beth for that. >> halbreath for that.let's take weather. a huge storm this week, behind it cold air settling in almost all of the country. if you're thinking, i want spring, not happening yet. scattered showers across ports of florida. that's pretty much the only big action. see the little snow over illinois and indiana, not going
4:41 am
to amount to anything causing any problems. we have the flooding story. all of this water thooz go somewhere and it's going to move into the bigger rivers and we're going to see a slow flooding situation going on across the central plains and the mississippi river. as far as the precipitation coming this week, the area that's had the flooding, not big precipitation coming this week. good news. the only significant precipitation is across south florida which is also the only spot that is really warm. no big signs of at least sustainable spring coming probably until maybe next weekend, guys. back to you inside. democrats' criticism over omar's comments seem to be fizzling out. our next guest says those comments simply should not be ignored. and we're celebrating st. patrick's day "fox & friends" style inside the irish
4:42 am
pub that we have on the plaza now know as fox square coming up next. ♪ ♪
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4:45 am
welcome back. a couple of quick head lines for yofor you. budweiser teaming up with coleman natural meets to offer bratwurst covered in budweiser flavor products. the products come out this summer. >> burger king is upping the coffee chain, unveiling a coffee subscription service. 5 buck as month you can get a small cup of coffee every day. the deal is only accessible true burger king's app. as democrats criticism over
4:46 am
congressman omar's comments start to diminish, one person said her comments should not be ignored. welcome, representative. first of all, how is minnesota taking all of this. this is sort of a national story but is minnesota embarrassed about these comments? >> i don't know. it depends on where you live in the state of minnesota, i suppose. her comments certainly have not been welcomed by both members of the party in the minnesota house where she served for two years. and as the words of a jewish community relations council of minnesota and north dakota said she has an unacceptable pattern of deploying anti-semitic remarks. and it seems that she apologizes and within a week or so sh she'n
4:47 am
boot controversy. >> she'll delete the tweet and then post another one. there's also talk that perhaps in the democratic party that ear so upset about it they're considering a primary. is that viable? >> we're talking about the fifth congressional district where she won the 2016 election or. >> yeah. >> 2018 election with 78% of the vote. in 2016 president trump walked away with that election with only 1 18% of the votes. and in the primary for that seat, it was a three-way race where she got 48% of the vote and the next top earn are for votes for 30%. and that was the former speaker of the house. >> sounds sliek he has a good foot on that district. i want to quick read the tweet.
4:48 am
israel has hypnotized the world, may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doing of israel. she deleted that but then has continued to have other controversial tweets. the jewish community in minnesota definitely upset. i want to quickly get to something that you've been working on. so in detroit two doctors were charged in federal court with performing female genital mutilation on two little 7-year-old girls. since this -- this is a crime -- you've tried to extend the criminal charges to include the parents. so if the parents allow this to ham to their children they would also, not just the doctors, be held for criminal changes on that. and you introduced that into the minnesota house. it passed. >> yes, it did, 124-4 represents representatives at the time. ilhan omar did support the bill. although ironically during the committee hearing she accused me
4:49 am
of only bringing the bill forward so i could get the media headlines. kind of ironic. but this is about the saving of girls. this is about protecting the health and dignity of those girls. female genital mutation is so brutal violent act and we need to be sure that we're putting every step forward to protect these girls. and if a mother or father o somebody in the family decides to put this child through this act, they need to be held accountable. >> absolutely. you're going to be speaking about this at the u.n. tomorrow. congratulations on that. lori loughlin and felicity huffman two of the parents caught in the largest college cheating scam ever. but next up, we're celebrating
4:50 am
st. patrick's day "fox & friends" style inside the irish pub, fox square. stay with us.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
♪ ♪ top of the morning to you. >> nice, pete. >> today everyone is irish, even pete celebrating in true fashion with food and drink straight from the emerald isle. >> joining us, receive sam davis. welcome. start with the drinks. >> of course.
4:54 am
>> we have our whiskey fueled and soaked adventure for you. this is your winter warmer. so we have a couple of cocktails made with irish whiskey. the first is the pot of gold. and these are made for enjoyment sampling interaction. don't be shy. >> you recommend this one? >> this is our green machine. we don't do green beer. weapowe're authentic. chriwhiswhiskey, apple juice, ae lemon. >> sounds healthy. >> almost good for you. >> what about the top of the gold. >> this is my favorite one, it's the easiest to make. keeps both of my hands occupied.
4:55 am
>> irish car bomb? is that wha what it's called? >> is it true that guinness is low carb? >> it's low calorie, a secret weapon from ireland. to go with the drinks we also have. >> what have you got in. >> today we're featuring our guinness braised jerk wings, corn beef smash burger and irish potato cakes. you can get all of these dishes at 0 johnson's, henry at the pop hotel. we're irish today. you can find all of these there today. >> call it the 0 henry then. just for today. >> i love it. >> it looks amazing. it's cold but it's good. >> it is cold out here. >> where are you located again? >> 19 west 31st street between 5th and broadway inside of the
4:56 am
life hotel. >> inside of the life hotel. coming up, sara carter, maria bartiromo all here live coming up. >> but more from our st. patrick's day party right now. cheers. ♪ ♪ au
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♪ ed: another democrat has gotten into the race officially. kirsten gillibrand. rachel: there's another candidate, joe biden, who kind of accidentally kind of said that he might be in the race. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the uni- -- anybody who would run. >> you have name recognition, you know, really time is your friend, not your enemy. somebody like vice president biden and bernie sanders, they're going to be at 20 plus percent. >> this right here is the result of a massacre. so far people like you. pete: students confronting chelsea clinton, blaming here for the new zealand mosque attacks. >> hundreds of protesters turning out here in washington to send a message, hands off venezuela. >> beto o'rourke. reuters busted the story saying he was part of a hackery group.
5:01 am
he knew about this during his senate rachel: they are shaving their heads right here on fox & frie.ds pete: ed henry by the seven o'clock hour might be done with his head shaving. we shall see. ♪ dance with my pretty little always up. ed: i was shaving a woman's head for charity. i'd never done that before. pete: you were clipping. ed: so the guy afterwards who was part of this whole deal said nobody's worse than .ou pete: the only guy -- very low bar. ed: took forever last year. rachel: i think you were smart to be gentle on the woman. god forbid something went pete: you're not gone walk up and go nnnn. clip, clip, -- ed's like clip, clip, clip, clip. ed: also wants to sample some of the irish pete: that cheeseburger you just gave me was fantastic.
5:02 am
rachel: happy st. patrick's day to all of you out there. my husband took out the corn beefed. pete: did he? rachel: yep. he said it would be ready when i arrive. pete: sean, in your honor today she is rachel duffy. just irish, she's just rachel duffy and it's ed o'henry. ed: congressman, get us a picture of this corned beef. i don't believe. i'm sorry. we've got to fact check this. pete: is he really in the kitchen? rachel: yes. ed: we want a rachel: i will send proof. pete: send it now otherwise he's -- rachel: he's not making corn beef right now. it's for when i arrive at home. ed: typical congressman, he days his day off, his wife's making the bacon. rachel: he's making green pancakes so sean if you have the green pancakes with the kids, send that picture over. pete: he's still sleeping. it's seven o'clock in wisconsin. rachel: i won the husband lottery. ed: the news never sleeps and we have yet another democrat just
5:03 am
this morning breaking news officially getting into the race race. she is kirsten gillibrand, the senator from right there in new york. she's been testing the waters for a while. had a bit of a bumpy ride on the way in. pete: she is choosing brave. here she is with her campaign announcement ad. >> i chose brave too. >> we need a leader who makes big, bold. >> brave. >> choices. >> someone who isn't afraid of progress. that's why i'm running for president. and it's why i'm asking you for your support. our anthem asks the question forcing every generation to make a choice. will brave win? >> will brave win? >> will brave win? >> will brave win? >> let's answer for ours. rachel: will brave win? that's her campaign slogan, i guess, and here are some issues that she supports. she supports medicare for all. she also supports the green new deal, a minimum wage of $15, and she wants to abolish i.c.e. in addition to that, she is pushing for gun control
5:04 am
legislation. ed: interesting because when she started her political career, she came not from new york city but upstate new york, had different positions on guns -- rachel: that's true. great point. ed: -- so she was a more moderate democrat in the clinton mold, broke with the clintons, and we'll get to that in a moment. but also is moving left because of these democratic primaries. pete: so the picture was her and guns on the wall, her and trump, her and kavanaugh. she's basically saying "i'm not trump." but ed to your point it's a really important one. she was a so-called moderate for a long time. was against all the positions she's now for. she is the worst of the worst chameleons. democrats know that, too, by the way. you talk to democrats, they're like kirsten gillibrand is a fold in the mold of spartacus where she will go wherever the trends are going. people won't like that. ed: one reason why bernie sanders continues to get big crowds. pete: he's like i was in the
5:05 am
soviet union during my honeymoon before it was cool, i was with the communists. rachel: you spoke with robert wolf, the former economic adviser to president obama, and he said that gillibrand checks off all the progressive boxes. >> senator gillibrand was really at the forefront of the #metoo movement. she's had this off-the-sidelines pac where she's helped people run for office over the past nth years. should he going to do well in places like new hampshire. she has checked off the boxes in progressive type things like climate change and gun reform and immigration needs but also, you know, she's from a rural area in upstate new york. she can play, i think, both the progressive side as well as the moderate. ed: right. but does that mean she's playing all sides to each people but also he mentioned the #metoo. she was strong on that, quote, unquote, at the beginning, pushing out al franken, for example, over allegations. but then we learn in the last
5:06 am
week or two there are allegations in her own office, not against her, but against a staffer and it wasn't necessarily handled very well. so she's gotten grief from people on the left saying wait a second, clean up your own house before you lecture other peo.le rachel: they're saying that's not brave to criticize other people for sexual harassment and not take care of it in your own office. but look. the democrats are clearly trying to push the woman agenda. she's going to push that topic forward because that's something that she thinks will help her garner the women's vote. there's still a lot of people sort of dissatisfied that hillary clinton couldn't do it for them in the last election, and i think there is a desire not just for a minority but for a woman on the democrat side. pete: email us at, which cabinet position is she running for, because she'll never be president in an administration that's never going to happen in 2020. so a fictitious cabinet position for a fictitious presidential election. ed: another flip-flop, by the way. she launched her career in new york in part with help from bill
5:07 am
and hillary clinton. a year or so later after it was clear hillary was unlikely to run again, she broke with the clintons and said bill clinton should have resigned from office after the monica lewinsky affair affair. well, that angered -- rachel: that was in the midst of the #metoo. ed: so that angered the clinton camp obviously which brings to us chelsea clinton. look, if you want to question her credentials as a progressive you're out of your mind. chelsea clinton checks all the the boxes as robert wolf said last hour in terms of climate change. and yet you had these liberals activists accosting her -- pete: leftist tables. she's a liberal. they're leftist. absolutely. so remember what happened in new zealand, horrific attack, there was a vigil in support of the muslims that were killed there. chelsea shows up, and she is accosted. in fact she's told, she's the reason 49 people are dead. listen. >> after all that you have done. >> i'm so sorry.
5:08 am
it was never my -- i do (unintelligible) -- >> this right here is the result of a massacre. people like you and the words people put out. and i want you to know that and i want you to feel that deep inside. 49 people died because of the rhetoric that you put out there. >> i'm sorry that -- >> what does "i'm sorry you feel that way" mean? what does that mean? rachel: so there's chelsea clinton apologizing after these insufferable social justice warriors confront her, and they say that she owes omar an apology and she owes an apology to the palestinians as well. she said they -- by the way, these women were then later heavily criticized. they took down their account, and then they felt the need to write an op-ed, which they posted on buzzfeed, and here's a quote from their op-ed sort of explaining their behavior and why they attacked chelsea. said many have said it was unfair to connect chelsea's
5:09 am
words to the massacre in christchurch. to them we say that anti-muslim bigotry must be addressed wherever it exists. to chelsea clinton, we hope that our intentions in confronting you are now clear. we believe that you still owe an apology not only to representative omar but also to palestinians for using your platform to defame their cause. pete: hey, democrats, welcome to your 2020 preview. this is exactly what their primary is going to look like. it's why joe biden's still hesitating, i believe. does he want to deal with this? rachel: pete: rabid leftists coming out of college campuses who are no indolent by socialist types like comrade cortez who think the old guard -- ed: who? pete: comrade cortez who think the left failed. climate change didn't get done, our military is too big, our welfare state is still too small our border, too many agents on the border, all of those things are purity tests for the left, tear down the wall or not.
5:10 am
you will see these confrontations for anyone who's not totally pure on the left. just wait. it's rachel: it's a great point. and i do think you're right, that that may be why biden is a little bit -- ed: a little bit on the sidelines. you've been weighing in certainly fired up about this. we got an email from susan. " "chelsea stood up like a lady while being accosted." >>"i don't care for chelsea clinton even though i really don't know her but i really defend her right to speak her mind." >>good point. pete: a great po.nt rachel: by the way, chelsea is heavily pregnant, and what chelsea was chris were some very clearly anti-semitic remarks on the part of representative omar. she was right to call them out. and in the apology -- ed: just as i'm sure she's called out anti-muslim remarks. chelsea clinton doesn't need to be questioned like pete: you said it. she's heavily liberal. like she checks every box but she's still not good rachel: not liberal enough. we're going to turn to some headlines right now. investigators recover
5:11 am
another victim in the horrific new zealand mosque attack, raising the number of dead to 50 50. 36 others remain in the hospital two in critical condition. in the wake of the heinous shooting attacks, the prime minister is vowing to ban semiautomatic weapons. cabinet members are expected to meet tomorrow to discuss changes to gun laws in new zealand. authorities have successfully downloaded the cockpit voice recordings from the ethiopian airlines crash that killed 157 people. french officials said they did not listen to the files before turning them over to investigators in ethiopia. experts there will study the data to figure out what caused the crash. the findings from the black boxes are expected to be released this week. one person is dead and two are missing as record flooding pounds the midwest. we can see part of nebraska road washed away. take a look. the rush of snow melt and rainfall forcing the bridge to partially collapse near omaha. the worst accustomed be to come
5:12 am
with parts of the missouri river expected to crest at nearly 30 feet thursday. pete: now let's do a little bit of sports. march madness selection sunday today and teams are punching tickets to the big dance. duke beats florida state 73-63 to win the acc championship. peel be a 1 seed. defending champs villanova wildcats captured a big east title with a 74-73 victory over seton hall, and tennessee takes out kentucky to play in the sec championship. they face auburn today. florida going down, minnesota going down, princeton going down wisconsin going down, but the tournament will happen anyway. ed: michigan playing michigan state in the big ten championship. pete: you can pick your brackets brackets. ed: as the venezuelan people suffer under the brutal maduro regime, thousands here in america are now protesting who? president trump somehow. >> what do we want?
5:13 am
>> p8: u.s. down. >> when do we want it? >> [bleep] >> you, donald trump, all your [bleep] uses of power [bleep] ed: griff jenkins has gone from the border to i don't know what that was. he takes us inside the march straight ahead. pete: did the obama administration fail to address early warnings about the fentanyl crisis? the former drug czar under george w. bush here to explain what he calls a massive institutional failure. rachel: but first, more from the new york metro pipe band and those awesome irish dancers. [bagpipe music] 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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ed: well, the washington post published simply a blockbuster report. it called out the obama administration's failure to act after a number of warning signs about the rise of fentanyl. the post reported that from 2013 to 2017 in early 70,000 people died of synthetic opioid related overdoses. the majority of those deaths were tied to fentanyl. so, did president obama and his top a.i.d.s. simply ignore early alarm warning signs about fentanyl? here to weigh in, former doctoring czar under president george w. bush john walters. good morning, john. >> good morning, ed. how are you? ed: this story was remarkable when i read it a couple days back because it seemed like everyone from president obama to the attorney general eric holder they were given memos, they were given briefings, and they were given all these warnings and they seemed to do little or nothing about it. >> yeah, parts of the country started exploding with overdose threats and the reports were obvious everywhere. the white house spent less time talking about warning people about this than it did in cases of tainted food from factories.
5:18 am
they didn't even warn people about the danger. it was busy on a campaign of de decriminalizing drug trafficking and ignoring front door where most of this was coming up. precursors come up through china china. and they came up through mexico. and the legacy of this today is we're not even talking about the crisis that we face because we don't want to have border security that we need here. ed: you make another important point there about it tying into border security. said a lot of this fentanyl, yes comes from china, and a lot of it comes up through the border, right through the border from mexico. so you have the obama administration not dealing with fentanyl and not dealing with the border crisis. >> absolutely. and we still have confused republicans and democrats saying it's not a crisis. 70,000 people in the united states per year are dying, 200 a day roughly, from drug poisons coming across the southwest border. and that's not a crisis. i mean, that's just the kind of out-of-touch washington that people in the country are mad about, and rightly so. ed: sure. let's be fair with what any administration has to deal with.
5:19 am
the post article referred among other things to a letter that health experts had put together warning president obama and his aides. you've been in these rooms before, in power, in the bush administration. you get a lot of letters, you get a lot of briefings, you get a lot of people saying things. why do you think the obama administration failed to prioritize this? you get a lot of letters. why didn't they see this letter and say, you know what? time-out. we better do something. >> yeah. this was not hard to see. you do get a lot of letters and people have special interests and they have particular pain. but this was people talking about deaths in an alarmist way. i got called by people -- i wasn't even in office -- saying can you talk to somebody, can you get the drug office, can you get the white house to move? the the difference here was the remarkable amount of death that was going on. this was a highly potent substance causing death on a record level. no national alarm, no statement from the white house, no statement from justice, no statement from hhs.
5:20 am
when i say massive institutional fairly, national security, health, and national leadership took a walk. ed: quickly i've got 30 seconds. talk about the trump administration. number one they've got a new budget out. democrats upset that it's got massive cuts, let's be honest, to the office of national drug control policy. is that wise? what's your message to president trump? >> well, look. it's not about a bureaucratic office. it's about a plan. the office of drug policy also failed during obama. i've been in conversations with people. the best thing that hammed in the last little while is the appointment of bill barr as attorney general. i worked with him in the first bush administration. he's a tough guy. trump made a great choice. he'll get something done. ed: we appreciate you bringing your insights today. it's a major crisis in this country. lori loughlin and felicity huffman, two parents caught in the largest college scandal ever ever. a counselor saying parents bribe
5:21 am
and lie and cheat all the time to get their parents into good schools. that's straight ahead. and a 7-year-old girl stealing the show, an incredible moment in the spotlight next to her idol celine dion. you can't miss this. gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight. (indistthat was awful.tering) why are you so good at this? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches
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beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ ed: back with some headlines. five ms-13 gang members charged with gruesome attack on one of their own. police satisfy the group charged a 16-year-old 100 times, then set his body on fire, then dumped the remains in virginia. now, strict's mom says he was forced to join ms-13 in el salvador and was killed for trying to get out of the gang. and resurgence of violence in paris as yellow vest protests erupt for an 18th straight
5:25 am
weekend. police unleashing tear gas on more than 10,000 protesters. more than 60 people hurt, including 17 police officers. pete? pete: well, it's the largest college cheating scam ever prosecuted, operation varsity blues busting the rich and the famous and the entitled, including hollywood actress felicity huffman and lori loughlin for paying thousands of dollars to get their kids into so-called elite colleges. rachel: our next guest, a college admissions counselor and a professor of mathematics says parents lie, cheat, and bribe to get their kids into school all the time. professor ron foley joins us no. >> hi. rachel: welcome. you have real stories to tell. tell us what's going on that we don't know about. >> it is kind of the tip of the iceberg, and it's not that surprising that this is actually being prosecuted now. some of the stories that i have, they're not really my own clients 'cause i've seen thousands of people, i've helped thousands of people get into their top choice colleges.
5:26 am
rachel: you advise parents and families how to help their kids? pete: the right way. >> absolutely. we go through the front door is what this guy mark singer -- not mark singer -- his name is bill singer and he's the guy that got busted for this scam. "the key" is the name of his portion. and he was saying that there is a front door which is what everybody knows to apply to colleges. there is the back door which is the donor way where you don't 2 million, $3 million to get your kid into college if he was on the edge or not really qualified and his method was the side door which was bribing a lot of coaches and -- rachel: i must be really dumb, because i didn't even know that counselors like you you existed to help kids. >> where did you grow up? because like west coast -- pete: totally, wisconsin, minnesota. rachel: i help my daughter, you know, she asked me some questions about the application, but i didn't know you could, you know, source that out. >> right. in new jersey it was very
5:27 am
competitive where we are. and, you know, to get into these colleges, kids -- i get it. parents are very protective and they'll do anything for their kids. rachel: we're calling them snowplow parents now. pete: craziest example. you've got a pretty crazy one. >> so i heard of a parent that invented a charity and, you know staged a photo shoot with disabled children and, you know, and put that on the resume, put that on the college application, and it seemed to work. the kid went to an ivy league school. pete: so they set up a fake charity, they gave all the money they took a photo shoot and college admissions said wow, this kid looks great? >> yeah. parents, you know, in some of these affluent towns they don't really have much adversity and they have to show some sort of adversity or character. rachel: is that the key? like the application that admissions people want you to show you have some grit, something you went through, but these are privileged kids who don't have any of that? >> yeah, they haven't had adversity, haven't had challenges like that so they have to show that they've got
5:28 am
heart, they've got character, they've given things to the community. so, you know, they'll cross the line sometimes. pete: you say this is institutional. i mean, parents are falling into a trap set in many ways by institutions. they want a certain type of candidate. >> that's right. well, it's because the definition of success is so narrow with these parents. it's like we want our kids into the elite school, and then these schools will, you know, be looking for a type of kid sometimes. and there's sort of trends to this. transgender kids, things like that. some kids get sort of a -- rachel: extra point. >> -- extra bump because of their -- you know, their identity i guess you'd say. pete: so identity politics has fully infected the admissions process? >> i wouldn't maybe go that far -- pete: i like hyperbole. >> in the admissions world you're not at a great advantage if you're a white male from an affluent town. rachel: that seems unfair. let me ask you this. is the bottom line, the lesson in all this that we're learning,
5:29 am
one, that maybe, you know, there's some bad incentives by the colleges, there's some bad parenting, but maybe not everybody needs to go to college college? >> see, i'm a community college math professor. and i see what, you know, sort of these kids that are struggling, they've not had these advantages. and, yeah. where are they going with this college degree? it's a very big question now. before a lot of jobs were there that are not there anymore. so, you know, college has become the thing. so so many people are pressured to go to college that probably should it be going college. rachel: really quick, do you think this scandal will bring about reform in the way these admissions standards are set that there might be some changes changes? >> you would hope so. i think this may be the catalyst for something like pete: interesting. maybe just start a real charity. that would be a good start. >> right. pete: what's the name of your service? >> foley prep. rachel: thank you. as the venezuelan people suffer
5:30 am
under the brutal maduro regime, thousands in america are now supporting the dictator? >> he is not elected. i don't think we would like it if russia one day decided to name nancy pelosi president of the united states. that's not the way our democratic process works. rachel: our own griff jenkins was there and takes us inside the protests. pete: he loves protests. plus, president trump and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff say google is helping directly and in directly the chinese military. this morning the tech giant supposedly an american company going on the defense. rachel: and we're celebrating st. patrick's day fox & friends style. we take you inside the irish pub on fox square. [bagpipe music] you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
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♪ ed: protests continuing in venezuela in opposition to president nicholas maduro's regime. rachel: meanwhile, in the u.s., hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets this weekend to protest president trump and his strategy for venezuela. pete: our own griff jenkins was in the d.c. for the "hands off venezuela" rally. griff, what's the truth? >> good morning guys, hundreds of protesters believe that the trump administration is engaging in a coup in venezuela, trying to replace the rightful
5:35 am
president, nicolas maduro. here'd what point. >> what do we want? >> u.s. out! >> when did we want it? >> now! >> hundreds of protests under the banner of "the answer coalition" turn out here in washington to send a message " "hands off venezuela." what do you want to say to donald trump? >> [bleep], donald trump. all your [bleep] abuses of power [bleep] off. >> donald trump should look outside the white house and see here we are, the american people beginning to build a new movement for peace and justice, disagreeing wholeheartedly with his policy. only venezuela should determine its own destiny. we're saying no sanctions, no war, no coup against venezuela. >> be aware that the people in the u.s. are going to stop this war. >> but there is no war. the president has joined some 50 countries trying to help juan ga gaido be the rightful president there. >> juan gaido was not elected. juan gaido was named and he declared himself president. sanctions are war.
5:36 am
>> this is being as a march for nicolas maduro. he's been labeled a human rights violator by western countries. >> i don't know about that but i know about human rights violations here. and we stand with the people of venezuela. >> there are venezuelans who would like to see the president of venezuela change like in any country, but, you know, i don't think we would like it if russia decided to one day name nancy pelosi president of the united states. that's not the way our democratic process works. >> well, a group of venezuelans who oppose the protesters turned out here, they're much smaller, caused a little bit of a scene as they shout at these protesters. why are you so angry at him? >> i want to have a conversation with folks over there who are spreading misinformation. we have a dictator in venezuela taking basic human rights from the people. >> u.s., one of them? they don't have a clue. they don't even speak spanish. >> venezuela has been a
5:37 am
communist dictatorship since 1999. everything is run by the government. there is no food, there is no power, there's no security, nothing is safe in venezuela. >> and they consider sanctions as a form of war. i reminded them it was barack obama, president obama who first put the sanctions on venezuela. they have another march coming up in april. ed: griff, serious story but jillian turner is outing you you're wearing green running pants? >> pan down. i'll give you the quick look. to make this happen on on television you have to be prepared for anything, but at nine o'clock it's a national monument, there is a washington, d.c, st. patrick's day 10-k. i'm going to race out of here seconds from now in the spirit of st. patrick's day and make it to the starting line. pete: o'jenkins. ed: happy st. patrick's .ay pete: great reporting. i want to also say, answer, this group is called "act now to stop
5:38 am
war and racism," their steering committee consists of socialists communists, and civil rights advocates, others like care. this is a radical marxist left-wing gr.up rachel: i love these people don't have a clue, people are starving in venezuela, they don't even speak spanish. good for you. turning s. google is responding after president trump and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff accused the tech giant of helping the chinese military. the president tweeting in part, quote, "google is helping china and their military, but not the u.s. terrible." in a statement, a google spokesman said, quote, "we are not working with the chinese military. we are working with the u.s. government, including the department of defense." >> . >> colorado joins the growing list of states to base electoral votes off the national popular vote. the governor signed the law friday to give his state's nine electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. 11 other states and d.c. have
5:39 am
passed similar measures. so far the movement has 181 electoral votes of the 270 that are needed for the measure to take effect. a little girl's dream comes true when she gets to sing for her idol's concert before thousands of people. take a look. ♪ ♪ rachel: wow. what a dream come through. 7-year-old stealing the show in las vegas performing celine dion dion's surrender right in front of the star herself. the music legend then asked for the girl's autograph and gave her a big kiss and a hug. those are your headlines. rick? pete: rick, what do you got? >> wearing these special shirts for st. patrick's day. tim -- i can't read that far -- that camera was like 30 feet
5:40 am
away. pete: get though bifocals, rick. >> tim hurleri is here to tell us what o'pete is about. >> you don't need an o or a mac in your surname, you don't need an irish passport, we've got o' o'everyone, our good friend at irish central, customizable t-shirts that you can celebrate st. patrick's day with an o in your name. we're bringing st. patrick's day to unexpected places all across l.a., boston, chicago, new york. so get out there, enjoy us, it's going to be -- ed: i thought you heard you say onexpected, an o before every word there. pete: this all goes back to the arrival of christianity to the ireland in the fifth century. >> all back to st. patrick. ed: and then this dancing like took off like maybe 15 years ago
5:41 am
is that when riverdance became -- >> been around for a very long time. >> probably longer than we, centuries. how is it done? >> okay. so first we're going to do heel to toe, fifth position. very nice. you're going to pull your toe in front. beautiful. and the first thing you're going to do is take this leg and kick your butt. you're going to go hop, and then you're going to go one, two, three. this is our real skip step. you're going to take your back foot and you're going to go hop and you're going to go one, two, three, then you take your back foot and you're going to do it again. hop, one, two, three. so all together, it kind of goes like we're going to point our toe and right after again, go hop one, two, three, hop one, two, three. ready? five six seven eight, hop one, two, three, hop, one, two, three one, two, three. we're almost there. almost there. that's pretty good. that's pretty good. [irish music playing]
5:42 am
pete: show us the real deal and we'll try to mimic. rachel: have a little more whisky, then try it. >> you want the real deal? all right. we're we.go pete: at your command, rachel. ready? [irish music] >> more fox & friends coming right back. pete: come on . ♪n stay with you to finish her senior year. . things will be tight but, we can make this work.
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pete: in a truly stunning admission, reuters reveals that one of their reporters sat on a bombshell report on robert francis beto o'rourke for two years. they report, quote, "in an interview in late 2017 o'rourke acknowledged that he was a member of the group on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his senate race against ted cruz in november 2018." so is the media trying to protect another 2020 democratic hopeful? here with his reaction media report for the hill and radio talk show host on wor joe conscious. it's one thing to have behind the scenes access and wait until after the campaign. it's another thing to have information relevant to that campaign or that candidate and not talk about it. >> and remember, pete -- nice tie, by the way. that's a good look. pete: thank you, sir. >> ha-ha. hey. it's one thing to have that story in a type of race where it's a 40, 50-point race and it's not going to have any bearing on it.
5:47 am
i think you report everything but in this case remember a lot of people thought that beto o'rourke had a good chance to beat ted cruz in a deep red state and it's that kind of story that could have made the difference between winning and lose. cruz still won by two and a half points anyway but you've got to go report that. remember pete i always go back to brett kavanaugh and all the things we learned from that coverage then. i remember people talked about how he threw ice in a bar during a fight. they went through his yearbook. there he went through his pledging activities when he was wasal yale. all those things were dug into and fair game based on things that were not corroborated in any capacity based on allegations against him. if it's a republican, this stuff seems to get out. when it's a democrat, not so much. pete: it would be one thing if it was nothing, but even beto o'rourke himself admitting to the texas tribune about this. he's not happy -- he's not proud of it. he said not anything that i'm proud of today. he says, i'm mortified to read it now. incredibly embarrassed. so what he did as a member of this hacker group is something he's not proud of and maybe
5:48 am
voters would want to know about? >> absolutely. and look. also i think the bigger story is when he had a dui when he was 26 years old he got into a crash with a truck and then the police report says that he tried to flee the scene. and he just did an interview this week where he said he didn't try to flee. well, either the police officer is lying or he's lying, but either way this person's running for president, that's kind of a big deal 'cause people could have died in that situation. and look. what he wrote in that fictional story, by the way, pete, i mean, that's some creepy stuff. i know he was 15 and i don't like going back and looking at words that people said years and years ago, but in this case, it's almost an exception 'cause he writes this. as i neared the young ones i put all my wait, young ones being two kung, yes, sir, i did, on my right after, put the escalator on the floor until i heard the crashing of two children on my hood and then a sharp cry from one of the two. i mean, i get his 15 and it's fiction, but that's word weird. i don't know how else to put that. pete: to your point that kind of
5:49 am
weird stuff would be dissected endlessly if this were a viable conservative republican. will this double standard ever stop? >> no. that short enough for you? of course not. pete: great answer. joe, great answer, great tie, an excellent radio program too. heard it recently. good stuff. i do live in the tri-state area so i hear it, wor so i hear it. christopher steele now reportedly admitting he used an unverified media report to back up the anti-trump dossier. sarah carter has been following this story from the beginning. she joins us next hour. and a veteran-owned company isn't just selling soda. it's helping our heroes. wild bill's old-fashioned soda pop company is here to share their mission, live coming up next. ♪ they're our parents...
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♪ pete: serving soda with a purpose. wild bill's old-fashioned soda pop company is a veteran owned and operated business that makes it their mission to hire vets and help them transition back into civilian life. ed: jehoiakim us now the president and c.e.o. james ferguson, director of sales josh frazier, and one of their general managers, courtney brown brown. welcome, all. talk about the mission. >> thanks for having us. we work with companies and marketing firms and promote their brands at the biggest and best events around the country. we can put any logo in any style mug, put it in the hands of people every year.
5:54 am
ed: diet root beer is awesome. rachel: you wouldn't know it's diet. >> that's the whole idea. and the point for us is we view it as a great platform to provide transitioning ncos, these guys i was with in afghanistan, great opportunity to apply that leadership and those intangibles to serve the business. pete: you served in afghanistan, all you guys? >> we did. pete: was there a time you were sitting in the dirt one day and said let's start a company? >> no. seven years ago we never thought we would be in new york with you guys. rachel: when did the idea come up? >> we were talking about the intangibles to grow a business and when we saw wild bill's we knew right right away. a lot of things we do in the operating forces is preparing the missions, getting the gear ready training the team and heading out and operating. it's the same thing except now we're trained to go out and work on events. ed: what's it like? >> so i lead a business unit where i'm in charge of operations and the financial p&l
5:55 am
on a daily basis. ed: profit and loss; right? pete: you're managing a small team, going out on missions. big events. if someone wants to host a big event they can invite wild bill, mugs and all and make it better? >> anything you want to the mug -- >> we're all about experience. everybody can drink as much soda as they want. rachel: tell us about the product. it's delicious. >> pure cane sugar, root beer, cream soda, rookie mount root beer, sarsaparilla six-shooter, vanilla orange. my favorite is to mix a couple flavors. pete: just dump a bunch of stuff together. goes good with like whisky. >> we were going to talk to the tullamore guy, if you're watching, we don't care what you put in the mugs. the mugs are great for everything. it's my favorite beer drinking mug. people can find us online at
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all the best events in the country, we do between three and 400 events nationwide. once you have a mug, it's only $5 to visit us again. we have a partner nonprofit that's a nonprofit i started called warrior reunion foundation, we help connect with reunions overseas. pete: helps you transition. >> thank you so much for having us . pete: one giant reunion that's a company. >> that's about right. pete: and the soda is good too. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the uni- -- of anybody who would run. ed: the slipup that has everybody talking this morning. rachel: plus she's called the iron nun, and she can probably outrun you. this 89-year-old nun is taking off.
5:57 am
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ed: another democrat has gotten into the race officially, kirsten gillibrand. rachel: there's another candidate joe biden who kind of accidentally said that he might be in the race. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running, anybody who would run. >> [applause] >> you have name recognition, you know, really time is your friend, not your enemy. someone like vice president biden, and bernie sanders. >> this right here, is the result of a massacre. pete: students confronting chelsea clinton blaming her for the new zealand mosque attacks. ed: beto o'rourke reuters busted the story saying he was part of the hacking groups now admitting he knew about this during his
6:01 am
senate campaign. rachel: one person is dead and two are missing. ed: the nearest times article, questioning whether parents are robbing kids of the transition to adulthood. rachel: we're celebrating st. patricks day fox & friends style. >> [bagpipe music playing] ed: happy st. patricks day. rachel: it's a beautiful day, and we all warmed up dancing with those girls out there.
6:02 am
they're incredibly strong. by the way it's just something you guys can't do, i actually felt her calves, and they're strong. these girls are strong. >> [laughter] ed: she asked them first. rachel: i said can i feel those calves because you can see they're strong. pete: it's that kind of moment we want to thank the new york metro pipe band, it's the bagpipes always that get you. ed: just fantastic we heard them all day yesterday here in new york city the celebration continues for the actual st. patricks day you're celebrating at home we've been asking for your photos this viewer was decked out for a st. patricks day parade in naperville, illinois alongside her irish wolf hound. rachel: perfect, appropriate and this is a photo of his grandson quinn whose getting into the spirit with his leprechaun hit. pete: if you have a t-shirt wear it, still like beer, says brett kavanaugh. ed: is it official? pete: it's pete's official shirt
6:03 am
ed: we'll have to check into that. pete: and remember, remember we celebrate this day because st. patricks brought christianity to ireland in the fifth century and also liked to drink probably. ed: and the prominent irish american named joe biden is maybe kind of sort of finally getting into the presidential race, in his home state, of delaware last night, big democratic party dinner in dover , and it seemed like maybe he let the cat out of the bag? pete: he tends to do that. here is joe the biggest the most progressive guy in the room, biden last night. >> folks, i know i'll get criticized and told i get criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record of anybody who would run. >> [applause] >> it would be me. >> [applause] >> but anybody who would run.
6:04 am
ed: it might have been an accident because he also messed up what he might be running for by saying united states, almost senate, because he ran so many times. rachel i don't even know if he knows what he's running for. rachel: like a good irishmen, he did the sign of the cross after he made that so-called gap. i suspect it's a washington gap because he may be a little bit nervous and beto had a lot of attention and he's reminding democrat voters don't fall in love with beto yet. pete: but joe's, he's familiar with these types of moments if we play the rewinded the vhs tape machine. listen. rachel: vhs, [laughter] >> my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. >> [applause] >> stand up chuck, let him see you. oh, god love you, what am i talking about? >> a man who will be the next
6:05 am
president of the united states. >> you can not go to a 7-eleven , or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> put you all back in chains. rachel: those are greatest hits now some people find some people on his side of the aisle feel like that kind of makes him en deering. others say wow he's a gap machine. pete: we had the former economic advisor to president obama on the program, robert wolf. here was his take on the biden candidacy. >> name recognition right now as inception is a key, it's a holding place so someone like vice president biden and bernie sanders they are at 20 plus percent. the most important thing is who do we think can be president trump. today, most people think joe biden is the strongest candidate in the general election. that being said, as you said, you pointed to all of those things. getting through a primary is going to be incredibly difficult for those who are more moderate. ed: so is that what vice president biden is agonizing about? in a general election, he could
6:06 am
go tow toe to toe with president trump but can he get past the left the socialists who are pushing the party further further left and remember president trump said this back in the mid-terms out on the trail that joe biden got high name id, as a former vice president, but the two previous times he ran on his own, single-digit candidate without barack obama on a ticket with him joe biden has never gone any wear. rachel: that's interesting i didn't think about it that way. ed: 88 and 2008. pete: there's a five-point scale if you want to run for president as a democrat. what's your race, what's your gender, how much do you hate trump, how progressive are you, and how authentic are you, do voters believe you? the problem is he's a pretty authentic guy but if he's becoming more progressive he becomes more inauthentic and he's an old white guy so he already doesn't meet the first two boxes and he's in a really tough spot and we'll see how it unfolds. rachel: it really shows how far the democrat party has moved to the left that joe biden who ran
6:07 am
with barack obama the ultimate progressive now is too moderate. ed: from obama maybe to o'rourke , obviously -- pete: the irish? ed: i'm not sure what he is. pete: he's got robert francis. rachel: he's going to be latino but i think that sounds like an irish name. ed: but breaking this morning remember reuters broke this story a couple of days ago that back when he was a teen, beto o'rourke was part of this hacking group potentially could have been involved in crimes, weird writings, and what not from his time again this is a long time ago so you want to be fair to him but it's sort of odd stuff that's just sort of pouring out and all of a sudden the reporter involved says well wait a second i actually knew about this when o'rourke was running against republican senator ted cruz. here is what he says in an interview in late 2017, o'rourke acknowledged he was a member of this hacking group on the understanding the information would not be made public until after his senate race, against
6:08 am
ted cruz, in november so he held it from 2017. pete: and this is juicy stuff. media runs on juicy stuff. the name of the hacking group is the cult of the death cow and his alias was psych a almost ic war lorde so listen he may have been 15, 16, 17 that's why they shouldn't vote any the way, nancy, but they held it back because they thought maybe robert francisco beat ted cruz so they didn't talk about it. rachel: it's a great point i said earlier add it to the list of things that never happened to republican candidates. remember mitt romney they drug out things that he did in high school. pete: remember the dog on top? rachel: the dog on top, they said he bullied somebody. ed: cut the hair of a roommate or something. rachel: so these things are drug out all the time. brett kavanaugh's stuff was drug out from high school so again these are little advantages that the left gets that democrat candidates get all the time from their friends in the media. ed: radio talk show host from the hill he's calling it out,
6:09 am
watch. >> it's one thing to have that story in the type of race where it's a 40-50 point race but in this case remember a lot of people thought that beto o'rourke had a very good chance to beat ted cruz in a deep red state and it's that kind of story that could have made the difference between winning and losing and cruz still won by two and a half points anyway but you've got to report that and if it's a republican this stuff seems to get out doesn't it and when it's a democrat not so much pete: yeah it's not good to launch your presidential campaign with an apology tour which is effectively what he does. and other writings, previous positions he's apologizing for his white privilege not the proactive and he's standing on kitchen counters waving his hands. what about like hey, guys it's kind of what i do every day. ed: and a retired firefighter from ohio sent me this note said call him beethoven o'rourke. rachel: they are already telling the president what to call him. [laughter] pete: i like that. well done. rachel: thank you, and we'll
6:10 am
turn to headlines right now, after spending two months a possible 2020 white house run, senator kirsten gillibrand officially enters the race take a look. >> what happens always and it isn't right now. i took your lead. i chose brave too. that's why i'm running for president. rachel: the new york senator releasing that announcement video this morning. she's now the 13th democrat to seek the 2020 nomination. and the murder of notorious mob boss frankie callie, these arrested anthony comello, media outlets report the men got into a fight because authorities say the suspect shot and killed the gambino mob boss outside his staten island home and comello, had no criminal history and those are your headlines. ed: oh, boy. rachel: don't mess with the niece. pete: we talk a bit about parent
6:11 am
ing on this show, rachel knows a bit about it, i'm learning about it, ed has done the parenting thing, so he's still doing it, older ages, so he's giving us a preview. well we've heard about helicopter parenting so the new york times now has an article about how parents are robbing their children of adulthood through a new form of parenting they say helicopter parenting the practice of hovering near one's children is so 20th century. some affluent mothers and father s are now more like snow plow machines chugging ahead clearing any obstacles in their child's path to success so they don't have to encounter failure, frustration, or lost opportunity , so it's now snow plow parenting. ed: it's coming to the forefront because of this cheating scandal with college admissions that parents, of course you got to help your kids you want to help them with the essays at least a little bit but you've got to push them and let them learn on their own and they might not get into the college they want and they will be disappointed but you deal with disappointment in
6:12 am
life this is something you have to deal with. rachel: i was telling pete the solution to this is have a lot of kids because you can't coddle them when you have so many but i was fascinated when we talked to this admissions counselor i had no idea literally that people were paying other people to sort of coach their kid along the admissions process. ed: all kinds of wild stuff. rachel: i asked how much it cost he said generally between 7,000 dollars and $10,000. pete: you're right in minnesota i didn't know it either. rachel: it's a east coast thing. or east and west coast that's what he said. fascinating. pete: well your e-mails have been pouring in your response to snowplow parenting an e-mail from jim said i'm a transparent parent allowing my daughter to make her own decisions but offer ing my insight when asked. rachel: my children are grown now but i did cowboy parenting when life throws you off you get back on the saddle and try and do it better i love that term. ed: joe offers i think a snow
6:13 am
plow parent is the worst kind of parent. i liken myself to a tow truck parent there for any emergencies to help them and get them going again, down life's bumpy road. pete: another one could be a snow shovel parent. i'm done shoveling, kid, take the shovel and get out and shovel. rachel: i'm a shovel parent i never shovel i make my teenagers do it, [laughter] pete: kids! it's free labor. rachel: yes. what are teenagers good for? if not shoveling? pete: well done folks. ed: christopher steele now reporting he used an unverified media report to back up or at least try to back up the anti-trump dossier. sara carter has the inside scoop she's been following it from the beginning and joins us live, next. pete: and shazam from dominating the basketball court meet deputy shaquille o'neal. rachel: but first a live look at the st. patricks day parade in london. ed: all right!
6:14 am
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pete: well big new questions now rising after that about that anti-trump dossier. this after a report revealed that former so-called british spy christopher steele admitted to using posts by random individuals like comments on cnn 's website so back up his alleged claims. ed: that anti-trump dossier was used to help launch the fbi's probe into possible trump russia collusion our next guest has been covering this story from day one here to weigh in fox news contributor sara carter. sarah, we sort of chuckle at this idea they're using comments essentially on the cnn website to back it up but then why in the world do the fbi which should have been vetting this to verify it, why didn't they, to
6:18 am
me at least to do their jobs? >> well they didn't do their jobs, ed. they went ahead and they ended up filing foreign intelligence surveillance act warrant on carter page based in large part on this dossier, let's just think about this. we have a foreign british spy, former, for mi-6 he is hired and basically colluding with the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc because remember that's who paid him through fusion gps, to actually gather evidence and compile it into a dossier against the trump campaign. now we know based on his own deposition this isn't even based on un unsubstantiated reports but based on his own deposition that he was collecting information mainly from open sourcing okay that happens a lot when you're an intelligence officer but he's also collecting it just random random intelligence from cnn reports, all kinds of back and forth on the internet putting it into this dossier. he says something very interesting in his deposition and he contradicts himself and
6:19 am
this is what i want to point out he says well i'm only allowed to talk about the open source information that i collected in the dossier, which was the majority of it, and then later on he says look, the intent of the dossier wasn't to verify any information, it was just to compile information, which by the way, he also gathered from former fsb russian agents, these are people that are still connected to putin and everyone else, so he was just basically, he contradicts himself there, collects all of this information and then spreads it like a huge disinformation campaign across the globe. pete: so sarah, he compiled internet comments into a document that effectively was used to surveil members of the presidential campaign. >> absolutely, pete. i mean, and for two years, well let's just say three years, but for at least two years, now with this special counsel investigation, not only did this disinformation, if this was a russian operation which i'm sure
6:20 am
it was, once they figured out that christopher steele was asking questions, the russians, sure, found out right away who was paying for this. they compiled this information, they reeked havoc through our election system and so now this is what we're seeing result of this and now we're just waiting for the mueller report to see what he has to say. ed: absolutely that's coming soon sara carter has been on the story as we said from the beginning and she will be on with shawn hannity throughout the week 9:00 p.m. eastern. pete: happy st. patricks day. well california's governor spark ing outrage after declaring a moratorium unilaterally on the death penalty. >> he turned his back on the will of the people, showed mercy for the 737 individuals on death row who have never shown mercy in their lives. ed: angry there at the democratic governor of california now 2020 candidate beto o'rourke wants a federal ban on the death penalty. is it a good idea two criminal
6:21 am
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show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. pete: welcome back a couple of quick headlines. quarterback johnny manziel returning to u.s. football the former cleveland brown signing with the memphis express in the alliance of american football league, he has been playing with the canadian football league and was released earlier this month. and just call him sheriff's deputy shaq, basketball legend shaquille o'neal is sworn into a florida sheriff's office as an auxillary deputy. this is not shaq's first law enforcement gig in 2006 he was sworn in as a deputy in arizona. you don't want to meet that guy in a back allie. ed: don't mess with shaq.
6:25 am
so this week the california governor gavin newsom made headlines by declaring a moratorium on the death penalty in that state now 2020 presidential hopeful beto o'rourke is following suit. >> it's not an equitable, fair, just system right now. the guarantees and safeguards against wrongful prosecution, the disproportion at number of people of color who comprise our criminal justice system and on moral grounds, i oppose the death penalty. ed: so could this become a key plank in the left's platform heading into 2020 and is abolish ing the death penalty more importantly a good idea. here to debate phillip hamilton criminal defense attorney and ted williams criminal defense attorney as well as former homicide detective and fox news contributor good to see you both >> thank you for having us. ed: ted let's start with you
6:26 am
what say you when it come to governors like the one out there in california whose basically gavin newsom is saying that in part, because it's unfair on racial grounds. it's time to abolish the death penalty. >> well let me start off and say happy st. patricks day and my name is ted o' williams. ed: [laughter] >> but having said that here, i'm in disagreement with both gavin newsom and beto o'rourke as it pertains to the death penalty. it is true that there is some disproportion all it when it comes to blacks being sent for death, and we know that if a black kills another black, that it's more likely than not they will not get the bill strong but but if they kill a white they will get the death penalty but all we need to look at christ
6:27 am
church, new zealand and see that someone takes a life like this. i believe there is no social redeeming qualities in someone who kills under those circumstances and the death penalty should be on the table. ed: i want to get phillip in this conversation but please listen to this from marc klaas, he lost his 12-year-old daughter polly, she was kidnapped and murdered. >> i have no respect for this man. he superceded the law. he turned his back on the will of the people, and he on a whim declared a moratorium and showed mercy, showed mercy for the 737 individuals on death row who have never shown mercy in their lives. ed: phillip you're against the death penalty tell me why marc k laas is wrong. the reason why i'm against the death penalty is because just in my lifetime and i'm not that old but we've had over 17 people who have been exonerated from death row after dna evidence proved
6:28 am
their innocence and for me, the risk is too grey when we've had even one person who is innocent that's been wrongfully sent to death row, and, you know, i understand to the extent that the victims families at times are, you know, feeling as though they're being left out of the conversation but the fact of the matter is the risk is too grave when we have people on death row ed: sure, ted what do you say about that risk? >> well i hear him but i disagree. look, we had timothy mcveigh. timothy mcveigh bombed the center in oklahoma and killed 168 men, women and children and we're saying that some animal like that should not be put to death? i think that this is the kind of a person that the death penalty should be. it should always be on the table ed: phillip last point from you what about marc klaas's point
6:29 am
about getting some measure of justice? >> i think life in prison is justice and i think that with respect to justice you're not putting yourself in a position where we're executing the wrong person because that's a mistake that we can't turn back from. timothy mcveigh i understand the need for him to suffer the way he made everyone else suffer but his life is not worth the risk of innocently, you know, executing an innocent person. ed: phillip, ted appreciate you both coming in serious viewpoints here on a very serious issue thank you very much. my pleasure. ed: the world is mourning as you just heard the tragic loss of it's now 50 people up from 49 in the new zealand mosque attacks. our religion panel here to discuss how to move forward where people are targeted sadly in their own houses of worship and beto o'rourke isn't afraid to admit he's a capital it's but according to him america's capital it's society is wait for it, racist. maria bartiromo joins us with her reaction you won't want to miss that straight ahead. >> ♪ ♪
6:30 am
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in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. >> this is a fox news alert and a very shocking one we're getting some reports that a man reportedly fired on hundreds of worshipers at friday prayers at a mosque in christchurch, new zealand. >> the media in new zealand is now saying that there has been a second shooting at a mosque. >> hearing that the shooting of the shooting of the shooting, i could hear screaming and crying.
6:34 am
ed: one of 's darkest days, 49 people dead after gunfire erupts inside two mosques, armed with two assault rifles and a shot gun, drove to the mosque in christyou're which . and live streamed the 17 horrifying minutes of the attack >> the man on the video also left what new zealand authorities are describing as a manifesto online. talks about intimidating and repelling what he repeatedly calls muslim invaders. >> one man has been arrested and charged with murder two other armed suspecting held in custody at this time. >> it is is with sadness that i advice the number of people who have died in this awful event has now risen to 50. >> i can tell you one thing right now. our gun laws will change. pete: well the world mourning the loss of life this week after the horrific new zealand mosque attack that killed 50 people. in the wake of that attack many are asking how it happened in a place of worship, and some
6:35 am
pointed the finger, not only at the shooter, but even at the president and others. our panel of religious leaders is here to react. rabbi abraham cooper is here, associate dean and director of global social action at the simon ball center, dr. manas fre edy is a muslim center holocaust center and atman hat an college and robert jeffers is a fox news contributor, i want to start with you, so 50 muslims slaughtered in cold blood in new zealand. when you look at it they want to point at the president and other s who should we be looking at here? >> well let me say as a muslim, meaning they go back to where they belong which is a god, i stand with my muslim brothers and sisters today, and for the last two days, mourning the lives of precious lives,
6:36 am
innocent lives, and this is a time where i think we need not to be divisive. this is a time where we need better language and rhetoric and words of comfort for people 50 lives loss senselessly but i also want to say, this is a time where we need better leaders that can use language to calm us , to call out what we need to call out which is racism. we have been through too much, charleston, pittsburgh and now we have this. this is very frightening for all muslims and jews and immigrants and blacks. we must stand together as faith but also understand that politicians need to call this out and to stand with us and i think that's a very important message that religious leaders want to give to everybody in the world today. pete: rabbi she mentioned pittsburgh its been many faith groups, your response? >> yes of course also the
6:37 am
synagogues yesterday in new zealand were closed because of concerns and our prayers go out for all of the victims but the bottom line is that this shooter and the shooter at pittsburgh are working off of the same racist hateful script, fueled online, groomed on social media and of course even live stream ing the horrific slaughter that took place, so we need to put, we understand this as domestic terrorism. we need more resources. i've been in touch with facebook and think all of the big social media companies have to make sure that no one can broadcast a murder or a situation like this again. we have to take practical steps and we need to have a level playing field for all faiths, churches have also been targeted , and that should be the starting point, i believe, the politicians and frankly, all of the talking heads and different groups, i agree with the doctor we need to take a step back from that and focus on making sure
6:38 am
that whether it's friday, saturday or sunday, families can leave home, go and pray to god in their way, and come home in peace. pete: pastor jeffers, it appears "the talking" heads are not taking a step back they're moving forward saying it's president trump's fault. >> look, i think for the media to blame president trump for this horrific tragedy is disingenuinous, it's dishonest and it's dangerous. look the media knows what they're doing when they tried to equate the president's use of the word "invasion" to refer to the very real problem of that thousand illegals crossing our southern border daily when they try to equate that with this mad man juice to refer to these poor, innocent muslims who were living in their own country, and i think it is the height of hipocracy for the media to cry these crocodile tears over the hatred and the divisiveness in our country when they're the very ones with that hatred and
6:39 am
divisiveness by their own blatant dishonesty. pete: a lot of voices following something like this and doctor i want to go to the to respond to some tweets from a freshman congresswoman whose many ways for the left, alexandria ocasio-cortez, she tweeted two things in response to the attack amongst others. she said at first i thought of saying imagine being told your house of faith isn't safe any more but i couldn't say imagine because of charleston, pittsburgh, sutherland springs. what good are your thoughts and prayers when they don't even keep the pews safe? she went on to say "thoughts and prayers is reference to the nra 's phrase used to deflect conversation away from policy change during tragedies not directed to prime minister arder n, who i greatly admire." thoughts and prayers is that not a fitting thing to talk about after a tragedy? >> well i mean i do a lot of thoughts and prayers and today in riverdale, we have a vigil for muslims and the victims but
6:40 am
i do leave in action and i think what we really need to do is ask the fbi to do better work in scouting out who these people are. look, as a muslim, we have been seen as terrorists and the last two attacks in 2018 have been done by white nationalists and it's a fact. there's no denying, there's no divisiveness and bipartisan on that but i think what we need to do is ask the fbi to look at the militants and to see what we can do in terms of stopping this hatred and we do really need to call out white nationalism. i think we do need better gun laws but i also believe that to sort of talk about what republicans are doing or democrats or others is really not the time right now. what action can we take? we need to take better action, scruitinize who these white nationalist groups are and we need to call them white nationalists and call white racism. this is the fear muslims have that only the only thing we do
6:41 am
all the time is talk about islamic terrorists and i think that that's really hurtful for all of us today. pete: rabbi the original hate is anti-semitism a term. what do we do to fight hatred and bigotry? well let's understand that the synagogues in the united states and across europe that have been targeted, we've been having security for the last three decades and tragically, of course we talk about the neo-nazis and the white supremacists today but we have been targeted by islamic terrorists and i think the main point that's being missed here is that part of what they're trying to destroy is the sense of faith communities of people coming together putting their egos aside, trying to create a community, a better community at large, through prayer. we have to protect that as well and make sure that we can secure the perimeters of houses of prayer and we definitely need more commitment by the fbi to
6:42 am
look more directly at domestic terrorism. pete: pastor last word is prayer powerful? >> well, you know, we talked last week about how the democrat party is becoming a godless party and here is one more piece of evidence of that. their marquise star ridiculing the power of prayer, and look, no christian i know believes that you shouldn't do anything except pray, but we do believe prayer is the most important thing we can do. it's like somebody said, there are many things you can do after you have prayed, but there's nothing more important you can do until you have prayed. pete: well said, doctor, rabbi, pastor, thank you very much for your time this morning we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: you got it. coming up a democratic presidential hopeful, calling capitalism racist. >> there's a lot more we got to do to make sure this capitalism is just. it is clearly an imperfect, unfair, unjust and racist capital it's economy. pete: i don't even know what to say.
6:43 am
maria bartiromo reacts to that, coming up next. and we've been celebrating st. patricks day all morning long, but how good is our knowledge of all things irish? the quiz show on fox nation is here to quiz us, coming up. >> [bagpipe music playing] ♪ ♪ 'cos i know what it means ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪
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6:47 am
unjust and racist capitalist economy. ed: well joining us now host of sunday morning futures maria bartiromo. maria do you think he knows unemployment for african americans and hispanics are at all times lows? maria: i'm not sure he does know i'd like more explanation about this capitalism being racist because i don't think this makes any sense. we know the numbers that capital ism has listed millions of people out of poverty and that a market-based economy encourages people to work hard, to make their own way, to make money, and to create a better life for themselves and then hire people to work alongside with them, and socialism has destroyed economies, so i have no idea what he's talking about in terms of racism. pete: but think about it, personalize it so i don't know who is a bigger capitalist, you or the guy who follows you stuart varney so which one is the biggest racist? i mean really if the implication is if you're a capitalist, then you're supporting a racist system pointing fingers at people who enable that system
6:48 am
where does that mind set come from? maria: it's just more identity politics, more ideas to just put on capitalism so that people don't buy into it. look at the country you just mentioned the unemployment rate look at the economic growth that we have been seeing as a result of market forces once the president put in the policy of deregulation, allowing businesses to once again see opportunity on the horizon, they started putting new money to work and hiring people, so i just think this is more identity politics another reason for somebody of critical of president trump to comment and start using identity politics on what he's encouraging. rachel: maybe to compensate for being a white male in that field something he's already apologiz ed for you've got a great show coming up you've got my wisconsin senator ron johnson maria: that's right ron johnson from the senate homeland security committee we'll talk about the veto this week from the president, we'll talk about why 12 republicans went against the president and what happens now. will this veto be, will they be
6:49 am
able to override the veto which is unlikely. we're also going to get into all of these transcripts that have been released, doug collins congressman from the judiciary committee is releasing lisa page , peter strzok, he's going to come out with jim baker's transcript this is important. this is what you were talking about with sara carter. increasingly people are understanding what has taken place and how the individuals tried to stop donald trump in the 2016 election and then we'll get the democratic side we're going to talk about all of these policies whether it is identity politics, or, you know medicare for all and the green deal, and how this push is happening, within the democratic party. my sources as i was preparing for today's show my sources tell me that aoc is now readying a candidate to go up against, to go up against jerry nadler. she is trying to have a primary challenger to jerry nadler. that's how much pressure the moderates in the demonstratesing party are up against. rachel: wow. maria: so says aoc.
6:50 am
ed: still ahead we've been celebrating st. patricks day all morning long but just how good is your knowledge and our knowledge of all things irish? tom shillue is here to quiz us and dance. rachel: that is amazing. >> [bagpipe music playing] last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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pete: we have been celebrating st. patricks day all morning long on fox & friends but how good is our knowledge of all things irish. ed: here to put us to the test is the host of fox nation's the quiz show what a name. >> i've got the answer right here. you guys weren't peaking were you? ed: never. >> here we go get your buzzers
6:54 am
ready. what city dies its river green every year for st. patricks day? ed i think? ed: chicago. >> is it chicago? pete: bingo. of course. ed: yes! >> it is chicago. pete: i thought you had to wait? ed: we have to wait. rachel: you have to read all of them? >> ed sheeran going to cheat anyway. so no matter what. wait for the multiple choice though which of these actors is not irish? rachel? rachel: christian bale. >> is she right let's go to the video. pete: well done. >> [applause] >> what year? pete: mine doesn't make a noise. >> don't worry about it, what year was the first st. patricks day parade held was it 1845?
6:55 am
1737, 1920 or 1618? rick i think? rick: 1618. >> it is! it's 1737. in the city of austin. >> [buzzer] >> we got two more questions. a leprechaun is really an irish what? shoemaker, thief, ferry or magician? who was it, pete? pete: d, magician. >> what? >> it's a fairy. >> [buzzer] >> [buzzer] rachel: he's never seen it, clearly. [laughter] >> here we go question number five, which of these beer brands is not irish.
6:56 am
rachel? rachel: amstel. >> that is from amsterdam i believe and that's your quiz, guys. rachel: i win! i win because i'm married to an irishman. >> [bagpipe music playing] (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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>> [bagpipe music playing] pete: have a great sunday,
7:00 am
everybody. ed: happy st. patricks day! rachel: happy st. patricks day! >> [applause] maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo joining us straight ahead here on sunday morning futures president trump issues his first -ever veto, after the senate revoked his national emergency. senate homeland security chairman ron johnson is here on what happens now, plus his reaction to north korea's threat to walk away from nuclear talks, and congressman doug collins is the ranking member of the house judiciary committee just released transcripts of closed door testimony, from peter strzok and lisa page. what else might he have in-store to shed light on what was going on at the justice department and the fbi, leading up and through the 2016 election, he is here.


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