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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 17, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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howie: on the "buzz meter," the horrifying massacre in new zealand. why are some pundits linking this tragedy to president trump. no impeachment. that's what nancy pelosi tells "vanity fair" magazine. >> i understand what she is doing. she doesn't want to make a martyr of this president. >> impeachment is not the goal but rather uncovering criminal conduct. the democrats are obsessed with the "i" word. >> in the middle of all the fact finding going on why would you confirm any of that by saying
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it's not worth it to impeach him. >> nancy pelosi wants to tamp down the impeachment talk because she knows it will hurt the democratic party if they do that. >> far left lawmakers continue to break with nancy pelosi on her opposition to impeaching the president. howie: are some disappointed impeachment is off the table for now. beto o'rourke launched his campaign to a largely favorable cover story in "vanity fair." >> i saw him when he sat down with hope a a couple months ago. i as others in the audience thought wow. >> that outdoorsiness is incredible. >> former congressman robert
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francis bozo o'rourke is flailing his way into the race telling "vanity fair" he was born to run. howie: jay leno takes a whack at the one-sided anti-trump comedy that dominates the late-night shows. >> i did it when clinton was horny and bush was dumb. it was easier. howie: a critic of the likes of colbert and kimmel? this is "mediabuzz." [♪] howie: plenty of pundits have been talking about the
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possibility of impeachment since the democrats won the house. but nancy pelosi declared impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there is something so compelling, overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path. he's just not worth it. trump thanked her for the statement. joining us. mollie hemingway. beverly hallberg, and capri cafaro, former democratic state senator. you can almost sense the media sensation when nancy pelosi said no impeachment. mollie: we have been hearing about treasonness collusion with
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russia. if there were something to impeach president trump for he would be getting impeached right now. howie: conservatives many of them said this shows how divide the democratic parties. beverly: they are divided. she has a liberal caucus of young members who want to speak to the hide yeah or go straight to social media. howie: they have huge platforms. beverly: she is used to being able to keep everybody in check. this media battle will be a hard one for her going forward. howie: in terms of nancy pelosi being able to deal with the liberal caucus. she said president trump is just not worth it.
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she also said he is ethi ethicay and intellectually unfit. capri: she is saying they don't want to impeach. taking away the issue of impeachment takes away the entire plot of the a miniseries for the press. they really wanted to say that. howie: i think mollie would say it's the main drama. capri: it's smart politically, but the political dynamics are getting the lion's share of the coverage in this. to your point we have a lot of the younger members including congresswoman tlaib. howie: pelosi said we'll see what the mueller report comes up
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with. we are going to not impeach for political reasons. she is trying to tamp down this sentiment not only among the left wing of her party, but in the liberal press as well. mollie: part of the reason why she is trying tamp it down. there is an understanding impeachment would seal a 2020 victory they don't want to see. just weeks ago she was calling president trump a traitor. the punishment for being a traitor is much greater punishment than this. she said president trump was an agent of putin. we have been told such dramatic tales about what is going on. this russia collusion narrative is not working out for them.
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we need to have people who fed this conspiracy and talk about this explain why they are backing away if that is true. howie: this waiting -- no, it's going to be next week. sophomore thoughtful commentators say, and i agree, if the democrats were to go down the impeachment road, it would dominate the news. it would energize donald trump's base and ultimately fail in a republican controlled senate. beverly: president trump wants them to november forward with impeachment because it benefits him. he can use it for the election. but usual seeing democrats who are smart about this taking a different perspective. not expecting to get what they want from this mueller probe. they are saying are we going to be transparent and see what's in
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it? howie: because pelosi said it had to be by part and it conjured up history in the press about bill clinton and richard nixon and the way impeachment can backfire if it's only organized and supported by one party. capri: nancy pelosi is an adult who has been around for a long time. this divide amongst democrats, i think it's getting the coverage. folks like nancy pelosi and steny hoyer, but the young folks don't understand the political dynamics. beverly: i think they just want to make a name for themselves. howie: the massacre in two different mosques in new zealand, 50 people killed.
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that's the current death toll. when i watched what some of the commentators here -- we are talk about mainstream anchors and hosting reporters had to say about this, i was taken aback. >> the president did not take any opportunity today to distance himself from a killer, a terrorist who took 49 lift of people who were worshiping. he didn't take any opportunity to say he wouldn't be inspiring people like that. >> donald trump's derogatory comments and his refusal to' speak out white southeast supremacy. >> the president has emboldened right-wing extremism with his rhetoric. >> this president has given ammunition to terrorists like this. mollie: this is dangerously appalling coverage.
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we know media coverage can act like a con day general. you are supposed to be careful committed the shooting. the shooter said he was picking targets and picking weapons and name dropping people specifically to get the media's hook on to that and amplify his message of hate and get americans fighting. it seems the media read that and said, yes, we'll do exactly what you said. that's not an appropriate response to a terrorist. howie: i hate when there is a mass shooting carried out by an ideologue with no regard for either side. steve scalise and others wound at the congressional baseball practice. and the guy loved fox news alert.
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bu -- lovedmsnbc. it's fine to debate how the president is handling it. but can people disagree with his views on that? but to say he's an inspiration for mass murder? beverly: we didn't see bernie and materials criticize him. so we do need to separate that. he needs to denounce white nationalism. he hasn't done that strongly enough. mollie: this is one of the worst things the media has don't last couple years. they flat out lied about what he said about white nationalism.
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howie: afte about charlottesvil. mollie: he specifically said i am not talking about the white nationalists and the neo-nazis. cap rrp you bring up the both side thing. consistentlier single time an issue comes up like this, whether it's what happened in pittsburgh in the synagogue or this circumstance halfway across the world, there is a desire to say because donald trump is not explicit enough, that is the hear it in tough out there, and because of that -- mollie: the guy who committed this, the notoriety he sought was to create these conversations. is it good to fall into that?
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howie: kellyanne conway said shut up and pray for the victims in new zealand. we are covering it and the press mass to make every story about trump. some people just have a advice val -- i'll use the word hatred of donald trump. capri: there is a concerted effort to paint him as someone who provided cover for white nationalists and enabled a culture for these things to happen halfway around the world. howie: we'll look at the media swoon over beto o'rourke. -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie.
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howie: "the washington post" called it a bipartisan rebuke. "politico" said it was an embarrassing rebuff. a dozen republican senators broke with president trump to block his emergency declaration to fund the border wall. >> president trump has never had less legislative power than after his national emergency legislation was swatted down by a republican senate. >> the president and 12 senators breaking with the president is the beginning of something. >> we look at these 12 senators. they are rye knows, they are contemptible. -- they are rinos, they are contemptible. president trump: i will be signing this veto it's an
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invasion of drugs and people. mollie: i think there is a deeper way you can go. part of this is our constitution allows congress to do this type of action and for the president to veto. rand paul and mike lee voting to slap back and the president, and ben sasse and ted cruz going the otherway. this was for an authorized project. he was using appropriated funds and following the law. howie: you don't think it's a
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setback? mollie: if they override the veto it will be a huge setback. howie: of course donald trump will veto it. so does that make it a largely symbolic vote? certainly it was shard fought on both -- it was hard fought on both sides. beverly: i think it's funny rino was used. howie: republican in name only. beverly: this is not a rebuke against a border wall. this is how he did it. many of the same republicans who didn't like the executive power of barack obama. howie: congress wouldn't provide the $5 billion. they don't like the method the president used. many pundits are saying this
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shows the president's diminished clout. six months ago h -- according to the press would not have crossed him. there was coverage coming out of msnbc saying this could be good politics. he has a foil saying i'm standing up for my principles and standing up against my own party. mollie:er time you see a division between the president and the senate people say you have a division. people aren't looking exactly at what it is for republican leadership in the senate to not be a strong supporter of the president when he has a vast majority of republicans behind him. it might not play as well for republicans in the senate as
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people think. howie: on one level it's symbolic. the whole thing is tied up in the courts anyway. it deserved a lot of coverage. some republicans on his issue breaking with the president. thanks so much for joining us. ahead. the "captain marvel" rating site caused them to change the way they do business. the college cheating scandal next. me here, babe. ok. nasty nightime heartburn? try alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief, plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. oh, what a relief it is! but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price.
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howie: judge jeanine pirro's show didn't air last night a week after she commented on a democratic congresswoman. it certainly looks like a
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suspension. pirro's remarks sparked a furor. she said this about ilhan omar. omar wears a hijab which according to the quran tells women to cover so they won't get molested. it's her adherence to sharia law which is antithetical to the united states constitution. fox news said we condemn pirro's remarks and we have addressed the matter directly. pirro comment i did not call omar un-american. my intention was to start a debate. but because one is muslim does not mean you don't support the
8:26 am
constitution. the president tweeted, bring back judge pirro. the democrats are using every trick in the book to silence the country. keep fighting hard for tucker and judge jeanine. your competitors are jealous they want what you want. but it was fox news who made the decision on fox news. after the college scandal broke. you have felicity huffman and lori loughlin paying $500,000 to get two daughters into usc. and she has been dropped by netflix and the hallmark channel. everyone has been buzzing about it. almost everyone remembers the
8:27 am
strain of obsessing over the s.a.t.s and trying to get up to college. or going through it with their kid. there is a resentment that celebrities and rich people can bribe their way into schools. but what about the legal advantages the affluent have with hiring tutors and essay consultants. not to mention a top donation. >> money and advantage have corrupted this process for a long time. we are talk about ugly illegal activity. but it's note that far removed -- it's not that far removed from what happens all the time. parents cutting corners to get their children an edge. >> they use their white privilege and their money to scam away well qualified people.
8:28 am
howie: it was inevitable pundits would turn the scandal into to a trump story. >> people have good reason to believe the system is rigged against them. this is what donald trump tapped into. in a lot of ways, guess what? he's right. donald trump himself is a beneficiary of a system that's rigged for the elite. >> i don't want to hear another moral lecture from the hollywood elite. howie: the president has nothing to do with this scandal. but they are feeding an enormous appetite. this is actually an important cultural debate. jay leno calls out the latest
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generation of politically obsessed late night hosts as one-sided.
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[♪] howie: beto o'rourke is the first presidential candidate in history to link his announcement to a "vanity fair" cover. "vanity fair" author joe hagan. >> when he let himself tell me he was going to run for president, i think you could see the charisma on stage whenever you get a camera on this guy, he has this charisma. howie: gayle king pressed the former congressman in iowa. >> the criticism has already
8:33 am
started. three-term congressman. no legislation in his own name. lack of experience. even the texas tribune said paper thin record. why shouldn't voters be concerned about voting for you with your lack of experience. >> it's up to voters and they will have a chance to meet with me. howie: joining me, buck sexton and jessica tarlov. howie: he said the word were being pulled out of him by a greater force. buck: he brings together some things that the left really likes. he kind of a gen-x superhero. howie: it sounds like must-see
8:34 am
tv. >> it certainly is a situation that if he's able to leverage the amount of coverage and adoring coverage. we saw the reagan photo juxtaposed with the photo of beto. but he has a paper thin resume. he lost in his senate race. the fact that he thinks he should win, but he is born to do this is crazy. howie: this betomania is giving him a boost far more than the other candidate so far. jessica: we don't know how much of a boost he has gotten. he has that article. he didn't want to release his first 24 hours of fundraising which i think could signal he didn't do as well as he thought. when the emails started pouring in web said what happens in the first 24 hours will decide the
8:35 am
course of that and we didn't get an answer on that. you are seeing people pushing back on policy issues and born to run. amy klobuchar and on thers said they were born to make themselves useful. she said a girl from the midwest was not born to do something like this. howie: the springsteen "born to run." in this "vanity fair" piece he says trump bent the media to his campaign. is he bending the media to his will? buck: the other thing donald trump had was tens of thousands of people showing up to support him. with beto, it's the national media. the people who want him to run
8:36 am
and win. the very journalists who are supposed to be arbiters within the democratic primary about who should be talked about. when you look at beto's record. he's not part of the bernie sanders left or an establishment figure like joe biden. but a wild card situation could work out for the democrats. howie: you talked about whether he'll be pressed on policy position. the answers about climate change but he doesn't address legislation. here is another one on the subject of impeachment. >> you said earlier you thought president trump should be impeached. do you still feel that way? >> how congress chooses to address those set of facts and the findings you are soon to see from the mueller report is up to
8:37 am
them. howie: is the press going to let him keep getting away with that. jessica: you saw jimmy fallon mercilessley mock him on his show. the editor of "the nation" saying elizabeth warren is the one with all the policy positions. we'll see if she gets the attention she deserves. i don't think this will turn into the media narrative that the right wants it to be about beto. i think people are interested in a number of candidates for the fact they know what they are talking about, they have the experience, and we'll have to frame this experience. beto was running against ted cruz people didn't like so much. howie: reuters is reporting that as a teenager he was part after hacking group and he was part of
8:38 am
a group with pretty dark stuff about running over children. buck: i think the cult of the dead cow way back in the earlier days of the internet. i don't think this does matter. i think people have changed the background that is acceptable for people to have and the way you can talk about it and get away with things. obviously he also has a d.u.i. on his record. we are in a different phase of how people think about politicians. reuters is willing to sit on the story until after he had been beaten by ted cruz. howie: well over a year they said the source that con sphirmed his participation in the group would only confirm it if we waited until after the
8:39 am
election. a political consultant saying the press focuses on fee noms, and they all happen to be white men. amy and kirsten and kamala would never get this kind of coverage. jessica: there is a tremendous double standard. and you saw it with bernie sanders showing up with 11 stitches in his forehead allegedly for something that happened in the shower. and hillary clinton fainted and the media went nuts. and it's still talked about how physically weak she is to do this. howie: got to go. alexandria ocasio-cortez is dropping in a new gallup poll.
8:40 am
41% disapproval. everyone in the country knows who she is. she blamed the numbers on fox news. she says the reason people know who i am is because fox news has turned into aoc tmz. she has a 5% approval rating among republicans in this poll. jay leno comments on the late night come is for bark and they respond by more bashing. there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. howie: jay leno touched off a bit of a flap by saying he's not a fan of highly politicized tv pundits whose barbs are almost always aimed at donald trump. >> i use johnny's model. i would get hate mail from both sides. howie: president tweeted an endorsement of leno's comments. >> jay leno points out that comedy on the boring late night shows is one-sided.
8:45 am
actually the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me unwatchable. >> i don't want to talk about donald trump every night. you stop being terrible and we'll stop pointing it out. >>ed the comedy i do is not one-sided. i can make fun of the president from every angle. howie: joining us from new york, carley shimkus. is jay leno right when he says late-night comedy has become politicized and one-side. and leno says something is being lost. carley: leno has only been out of the game for five years. late-night comedy is an example of how polarized our nation has become. look at jimmy fallon when he had
8:46 am
the interview with donald trump and he messed around with his hair and he was criticized. we have late-night hosts who are extremely liberal led by steven colbert. then the notion that conservatives aren't just wrong, they are bad people. and if you make fun with them, you are a bad too. howie: chals tied by his most of loyal fans. does leno sounds like an aging white dude when he's pining for the good old days? if everything in our culture is politicized, why would then any different? carley: another point in kind of what you were just mentioning, why would late-night comedians
8:47 am
stop being political when it's working for them. steven colbert just beat jimmy fallon in the key demo ratings. it appears to be something young people want to see. it's wonderful that we live in a country where we can make fun of our president and politicians. i think people just want to see it more evenly distributed. howie: that was leno's brand, making fun of both sides in a light way. i guess they picked up enough liberal fans. carley: and people hate watch, too. howie: the president tweeted about "saturday night live."
8:48 am
he said "snl" knocking the same person me, over and over again. by the was a rerun. every president gets made fun of. but not in this way. carley: george w. bush, he said he didn't let "snl" stuff bother him. when he calls specific people out by name. howie: you mentioned jimmy fallon. he made fun of a democrat. >> hi, i'm beto o'rourke and i'm excited. that's it. and i am also running for president of the united states. i love the united states and i love russia. howie: that was pretty funny.
8:49 am
and fallon was the least anti-trump of the come is and he's make fun of beto. carley: my initial reaction was is he going to get in trouble for doing this? this is the comedy president obama used to get. but with president trump the attacks are personal and much more intense. howie: online trolls are ruining the movie rating system but they just got zapped.
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howie: "captain marvel" also vanquished the popular ratings site rotten tomatoes where trolls tried to trash the movie in advance. it caused the site to make some changes. >> you can't put reviews before the movie comes out. obvious change. two, instead of showing the percentage of people saying i want to seat movie, just show the raw number. howie: if it's 100 people, don't say 80%. >> and there is no more not interested button. howie: is this change overdue? >> i think it's overdue.
8:54 am
-- rotten tomatoes said they would bring in more critics to review the movies. but we shouldn't have trolls coming in and review a movie before they have seen it. howie: was part of the motivation trying to torpedo this film that bre larson said she wanted it to be a feminist movie. do you think that's part of it. sara: that's part of the motivation. this is someone who is culturally significant. we'll tore pea dote movie online. i think that has a lot to do with it. howie: you get that on amazon when people trash books. but it would be nice if they smiewfty first. is there a larger challenge or strip advisor or yelp or rotten
8:55 am
tomatoes. you feel like you are participating. but then you are vulnerable to these negative campaigns, these almost organized. sara: now we are seeing a trend where platforms have to respond to being manipulated. now they are look for quality versus skill. get people who know what they are doing instead of lots of random people. howie: is it hard to strike that balance because you don't want to drive away people on their own time. they are commenting on and sharing their thoughts on the book, the movie, the restaurant. sara: rotten tomatoes said their reviewers were too qualified. it means the people they wanted to have review the requirements were you had to have written x
8:56 am
amount of times. but they found they were overwhelmingly white and male. then they brought the entry down so you didn't have to have all these -- all these qualifications. howie: i'm sure people are going online two thumbs up, two thumbs down. i don't think "captain marvel" needs our help. sara: $260 million at the box office. breaking news. howie: thank you, sara fischer. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." i'm howard kurtz. check out my podcast. you can subscribe at apple itunes, google play. check out my facebook page.
8:57 am
after the show i will go on twitter to see what all of you have to say. i am back next sunday morning, 11:00 eastern. we'll see you then with the latest buzz. come here, babe.
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eric: president trump's first ever veto continues to draw reaction on capitol hill. the resolution blocked the implementation of the border emergency. welcome to "america's news headquarters" on this st. patrick's day. the vote on the president's veto scheduled for march 26. as of now democrats do not have the votes to override it. all of this sparking a debate on the limit of executive authority. senate homeland security chair ron johnson talked about it with maria


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