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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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federally. >> yeah. paul: tweet us@jer on fnc. thanks to my panel and all of you for a. >> the white house pushing back today amid criticism linking president trump to horrific terror attacks to mosques in new dealand, -- zealand, some noticing that the president's used by the shooter. arthel: critics saying that the president's rhetoric may have influenced attack after accused shooter in rambling manifesto cited president trump as simbof white identity. the president condemned the tragedy arguing arguing that whe nationalism is not a rising threat. here is white house mick mulvaney on thursday.
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>> sort of his echo terrorist packages in manifesto and align him with nancy pelosi or alexandria ocasio-cortez. this was a disturbed individual, evil person and to try to tie him with politician of either party ignore deeper difficulties that this sort of activity exposes. arthel: gary tenney live with more, what are other lawmakers saying about the president's response? >> well, on the campaign trail a number of 2020 democratic presidential candidates are attacking including amy klobuchar, klobuchar says president trump has not done enough to condemn white nationalism or reach out to muslim community as a whole. >> i would have done a press, put myself out, helping muslim
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community. we need to make sure that we can protect. >> a number of democrats tried to blame president trump's rhetoric, pat toomey he says that's too far a leap. >> i have often disagreed with things the president has said and things he has tweeted but i think it's a long way to attributing any kind of real link between what the president might say or tweet and the extraordinary type of madness that leads someone to massacre people in large numbers whether it's in pittsburgh at synagogue or whether it's in new zealand. >> president trump spoke with prime minister of new zealand and offered any help that she needs and she told him that it would be helpful for him to say -- address the muslim community. at this point, though, beyond a
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few tweets condemning the attacks as a whole, that has not happened. arthel. arthel: before you go, i want to ask you about this, what is the white house saying about the house's plan,? >> the white house is not simply concerned about the effort. the votes are not there, here is acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney on sunday? >> yes, sir. >> no chance? >> so the president's veto will be sustained. >> upheld in the house. we would have to go back to senate. >> last month house 40 votes shy with two-thirds majority to override the veto, that's why the house is so confident that this will go nowhere, arthel. arthel: live at the white house, garrett. >> the president's power to declare the national emergency.
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whether it's overhaul la, with that was passed in 1976, gillian turner has more from washington bureau. >> on friday president trump issued the very first veto of his presidency after congress rejected his national emergency declaration to fund a border wall. turns out president trump poked us leaving fight, major fight brewing over the commander in chief's constitutional authority to declare national emergencies. even more moderate presidents of the president's own party are pushing back on him. >> i think the president came to a different conclusion about the constitution and the law as did about 3 quarters of my republican colleagues to be candid about it. >> what i'm saying, why my other colleagues were concerned about the constitution issue, i'm as well. >> at issue the national emergencies act of 1976 stood up by the congress after president's nixon watergate
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scandal and conceived as tool to rein in presidential power. fast-forward 2019, room to expand his presidential authority. declared national emergency in order to bipartisan congressional opposition and fund the wall. so now both sides are fired up and ready plans to ensure future presidents can't pull a trump-style national emergency. >> we have to flip this on the head and allow the president to declare emergency for 30 days and if a majority of both chambers agreed to have the emergency extended, that should pass constitution musters, congress are given way too much constitutional authority and we should claw it back. >> the path forward isn't entirely clear but the legality will be hashed out in court and investigated in hearings, as for veto, both senate and house lacked the vote required to overwrite it.
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any money the president diverts from the pentagon to the wall would likely stick. eric: gillian, thanks so much, arthel. arthel: let's bring john bussey, fox news contributor. john, we will pick up on gillian and garrett tenney's report there although the vote going back to the house, back to the houston march 26th, you know this, early indications that there's not enough votes to override's the president veto, still 12 republican senators joined democrats and voted against the president's national emergency declaration in the first round, so john, does this indicate a rift inside the gop, is this the president losing the political a la carte from leaders so far? >> it was a game of chicken, congress' authority, decided not to blink.
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the 12 senators who voted to say to the president, you just simply can't do that this. so the question for the president is whether or not he will put them in difficult positions, other members in difficult position going into 2020 campaign. he's inayes sense on the wall and insistence on funding the wall caused the rift within the party, small one, it's only 12 senators, the question is whether or not that's a feeling of empowerment for those who also feel a disagreement with the president on other issues, embolden them to step aside the next time he's asking for their loyalty. he likely will get his way with congress, getting the overwrite of the veto is a tall order as mick mulvaney says and it goes to court and the president may end up losing there, what he has, though, he'll be able to go in base in 2020 election and said i tried everything.
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arthel: absolutely, he still has campaign mantra in hand. observation is train on presidential power and perhaps abuse of it or pearlies relationship or a mixture of both? >> well, the congress has given the president a fair amount of authority over the last several decades with this ability to declare national emergencies and there have been many of them declared, many of them enforced, everything dealing with terrorism with export controls of particular countries, iran, the congress though is pretty careful to husband its authority on allocating money for things and that's where this really comes into play, congress is concerned that if the president is allowed to do this, what next, not just this administration but what happens when the next administration comes in, republican or democrat
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and the president decides, i disagree with copying, allocate the money and take it some come place, this time pentagon budget and next time education budget or some place else. arthel: you touched on it earlier, john, 12 republican who is did not vote in favor of the president, the first round of trying to veto national declaration emergency declaration base voted against it as you said, but the question is, those 12fi recall, they're not up for reelection, so they're embolden, they had the freedom, political freedom to do what they want. they didn't have a base, the president's base that's very strong and very aggressive at the voting booth, so with that in mind, though, does the president risk putting republican control in the senate in jeopardy, you have republican senator who is are up for up for
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reelection? >> that's correct, almost all of the once who voted against him are not for reelection. gives them latitude. arthel: exactly. >> those who did vote with him are afraid of them. some of them abide by the president, very much with him, support him philosophically, others may not agree with him, may not agree with him particularly on this issue but they afraid of his ability to affect their electability come 2020, so they voted with, i'm not just the best way to engender loyalty down the road, are they going to remember this? are they going to remember the difficulty that the president put them in as their on the campaign trail and their vote in favor of the president on this issue is hung over them. arthel: i mick mulvaney.
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>> the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times i have to say that, to simply ask the question something that happens overseas, oh, my goodness, it must be the president's fault speaks to politicization that undermines anything that we have in the country today. arthel: that's mr. mulvaney speaking to the news cer -- new massacre in new zealand. do the american people need or want to hear the president himself publicly, passionately denouncing white supremacy? >> well, this is a peculiar situation, this was a deranged individual in new zealand acting on his own, he cited the president but cited other things as well. it's odd when the acting chief of staff has to go on television to defend the reputation of the president that he isn't a white
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nationalist, this is a reputational problem of the president's own rhetorical making. he has spoken out against mexicans crossing the border as rapists, he has spoken out against muslims, he calls those who critique him or disagree with him enemies of the united states, this is very strong language and i think that it has come back to haunt the president. remember, also there's this legacy from the charlottesville incident where he said there's good people on both sides of the issue, did he speak out strongly against white nationalists, no. has he in other cases, yes, but the president really is facing this problem as a result of his own language and it spreads across the entir presidency. >> perhaps it means, it may require him each time unfortunately these things continue to happen that each time the president will have to come out and emphatically say i
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do not support white supremacy, do not condone it. i'm not inciting it, the president cannot give white supremacy and racism a license to live. >> you're probably right, arthel. you can imagine from the president's standpoint that he feels a little bit begrudging about that, why should i have to come out and continue to repeat this, but part of the problem is that the president needs to repeat it and needs to come out very strongly because he's raised questions, raised questions from his own language, remember denigration of immigrants that he refer today -- arthel: yeah. >> why do we have more immigrants from white escandinavia. >> and not is-hole countries. to be clear, we are not saying that the president is inciting this, we are reporting this and that's that. got to go, thank you.
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eric: arthel, the horror in new zealand, officials there continuing investigation of the sickening massacre. the new calls for gun regulation in that nation. tomorrow the prime minister says they'll be cabinet meeting on changing gun law, one proposal banning semiautoic -- semiautomatic weapons. jackie. >> eric, headlines on the alleged shooter was not in radar for extremist views, investigators are looking for travel to turkey and pakistan, not a member of any terror group, he did have contact with, discussion within the intelligence community with need to share about imminent domestic threats with other countries like isis, according to washington post, the u.s., canada, uk, new zealand and australia are now collecting
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information on trends on radical groups, grievances are and how they communicate as it's becoming apparent that nationalist congregate online. online platforms are also under the microscope for their role in publicizing attacks, live stream was shared on facebook, to yout, facebook remove 5d .5 million videos of the footage within 24 hours and basebook did -- facebook did not say how they missed the other. it's no more fault the platforms than the fault of the president who has been criticized for his immigration rhetoric. >> donald trump is no more to blame than what happened to new zealand than mark zuckerberg of facebook. find them, expose them, bring them to justice. >> new zealand is weighing ban
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on semiautomatic weapons and prime minister said she's looking into reports of a surge in gun sales since that announcement came down. eric. eric: jackie, thanks so much. arthel: eric and jackie, what the pentagon's proposed new budget tells us about threats around the world. >> 17 years of continuous combat and physical instability have affected readiness and eroded competitive advantage. mr. secretary highlighted china and rush vai capitalized on distraction and restrains by investing in capabilities specifically designed to challenge our traditional sources of threat. arthel: but even as the pentagon focuses on china and growing threat, there's north korea threatening to pull out of nuclear talks and ruling out resuming nuclear and missile testing, what all of this means to our national defense, we will talk about that coming up next.
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cyber capabilities. eric: testifying before the senate about china's military capabilities and strength. despite so much talk in washington about the threat with the border wall funding while much of the nearly $720 billion the pentagon is asking for in 2020 budget, well, that spotlights china's growing threat to national security. just how big is it? dr. rebecca grant joins us, dr. grant, how much of a danger does china pose to the united states now and in the future? >> china is not our friend and they have gone from being a growing military power to being very close to a peer, danger because they are trying to focus on cyberspace, artificial intelligence and they have modernized their navy, ten times the number of ships they used to have, a lot of new aircraft and scary new missiles, they are the
1:22 pm
pacing threat in the pacific. >> 10 times the ships they used to have, how about us, are we pairing that? make no mistake the u.s. navy is still superior but this defense budget specifically tries to improve our capabilities in air and space, we have also invested more in cyber and we are looking at improvements in the navy. this budget is every program driver towards saying china, watch out, the u.s. is going to say on guard in the pacific with allies and make sure that we keep our edge against china in the pacific. >> they have been doing so much at being so aggressive if you lived there and you is south china morning post, here is the headline yesterday, the south china post, forget the méxico border, new military budget is focused on china, china, china. acting pentagon chief names hypersonic missiles, space operations, technology theft and militarizing land in the china
1:23 pm
sea threats posed by china and displacement of the united states. what happens if we don't act appropriately enough? >> oh, we have to and we are, so specifically hypersonic missiles in this defense budget is increasing programs for hypersonic missiles across the army, air force and navy, eric two big surprises and n defense budget that shows there's arm wrestling going on in the pentagon, some pentagon civilians went against the air force and said put in 8 boeing f-15's even though the air force hasn't been f-15's since 1989 and asked the navy to cut out aircraft carrier truman when the navy really needs more carriers in the pacific. those are hot issues for dons decide why should the air force buy old f15-'s instead of the new stealth jet from china.
1:24 pm
eric: what's the reason? >> we don't know. all analysts are wondering what's up with that, they need self-aircraft like the f35 and 322 to challenge china and russia and others and with the aircraft carrier it's puzzling because they want to have presence in the pacific, so we really need to keep all the carriers, china is just too big of a threat and we have to reach out with bombers, tankers in order to deter china's threats in south china sea and other areas. >> they have their own aircraft carrier development. so, you know, why would we take uss truman out of the water? >> exactly, they have a second one ready and third one waiting and so in no time to be cutting back aircraft carrier force but we need to fight multidomain
1:25 pm
concept, military has to fight in air, space, cyber, land, undersiege, it's the multidomain that we see in 2020 defense budget and that's going to allow us to keep the edge over china, russia or anyone who buys their equipment. do you think even with all their moves that taiwan is safe, that taiwan, flourishing democracy is is independent and didn't protected appropriately? >> it's a democracy, taiwan is a treaty ally so the united states has a treaty to defend taiwan and we have to do it. eric: more so in the past year or so. is there any envisioning that you have that there could be some type of military conflict there or beijing would know what it's up against? >> well, i think a key is to deter and that's what we have that china doesn't, we have
1:26 pm
strong allies like taiwan, japan, australia, new zealand, of course, so we need to have that strong inability to deter and the in fact, we can look at the taiwan strait or south china sea and exercise forces and prepare, we deter china that way and that's what we are looking for long-term. eric: and finally dr. grant, during testimony patrick said this has been ongoing problem for sometime. what happened to the obama administration pivot to asia, wasn't that supposed to be the whole thing to try to prevent this type of conflict? >> the pivot of 2012, that was a good step but we just didn't fund enough of the programs that we needed so this budget tries to catch up with funding f35, b21 bombers, navy modernization, but we are catching up and china never had that pullback that we did within the obama years in
1:27 pm
sequestration, they kept driving forward and modernizing. eric: we have to be watchful for them, dr. rebecca grant who is appropriately attired for st. patrick's day. >> thank you. arthel: very nice, a new name added to already crowded democratic presidential 2020 field ahead a live report on that and what some of the other candidates have been saying this weekend and we will have the latest reaction for the house vote making mueller report public which one calling publicity stunt by democrats. >> the mueller report will present some kind of report, that's given to bill barr, he makes explanation for people that have to be notified. it doesn't say the only ones to be notified
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arthel: president trump said he told house republicans to vote in favor of a resolution calling for the public relief of the special counsel's report. the president saying transparency, quote, makes us all look good and to, quote, play along with the game. the resolution passed unanimously thursday but has since been blocked in the senate by judiciary committee share lindsey graham. republican congressman doug collins said the measure was a plan that backfired on the democrats. >> it was a political stunt by the democrats that thought they could divide republicans into voting no upon it, they have no agenda but they have nothing they can put on the floor, they wasted an entire week of american taxpayer dollars to put something on the floor that said nothing basically than the regulation that is mr. barr need to do, we just called it bluff and why are we wasting american people's time?
1:33 pm
arthel: hello, molly. >> members of congress want to have their say in advance, how much of the mueller report gets seen and by whom. as you said, the house voted 420 to 0 last week to make the final report public. it did not get out of senate bill. >> well, the ability to compel the release of the report will lie in house democratic caucus, excuse me, in the other chamber, i've been disappointed in the way the republican majority in the senate did not move forward with thorough investigation in judiciary committee in last congress and that's our responsibility. >> keep in mind the final say over what happens to mueller's finished product on russian collusion lies with attorney general william barr, congress can vote, make its voice heard and try to assert legislative pressure but the decision is barr, barr says that congress and public should be informed of the special counsel's work and his goal is to, quote, provide
1:34 pm
as much transparency as i can consistent with the law. president trump has made it clear via twitter in the past couple of day that is he thinks the mueller probe illegal and conflicted investigation in search of a crime. he says there shouldn't even be a mueller report but he also told house republicans to go ahead and vote for transparency because, quote, it makes us all look good and doesn't matter. the house senate bill to the senate where south carolina republican lindsey graham objected. graham wanted senate to add provision calling on trump justice department to investigate how obama justice department handled e-mail scandal and other issues surrounding surrounding the election, senate democrats were not on board with that, arthel. arthel: molly, thanks, molly. eric. eric: what are we in for to make the whole mueller report public, let's bring in former
1:35 pm
investigative counsel, new york state office of attorney general. so, chris, mueller provides confidential report, goes to attorney general bill barr, barr can produce summary and you know what's going to happen, everyone will want to read between the lines, demand to let it all out but anything redacted, what's behind there, and this thing will get, you know, questioned up the wazoo. >> you're right, eric, and they're going to look between the lines, what's going to happen is rather than after it goes to attorney general barr and he certainly has legal authority to decide what he releases to congress but i think what's going to happen here and this is related to what you said about reading between the lines, congress if attorney general barr decides not to release the report itself and just a summary, congress will and i think should issue a subpoena for the report. if they issue a report for a report, the key thing to redact anything that's classified, other than that, this report
1:36 pm
should be public, the american people people approximately $25 million for it, serious allegations made and one way or the other, everybody should know, this report could turn out to show the allegations were that the president and people who work for him were somehow involved with collusions with the russians. that's the case and the report demonstrates that, that can be pursued one way. at the same time it's important for the american people to know if there's nothing like that uncovered and after almost 2 years and $25 million, if there's no evidence of that, the american people should know that too and, again, that could be subpoena by congress. eric: critics say is there a collusion allusion or in fact, the meeting on trump tower where don, jr. thought they were meeting with russian lawyer representing the government as the e-mail said in support of donald trump for president, you know, how mueller will come down on that and whether or not that was in fact, a meeting of collusion. >> exactly, and the only way not
1:37 pm
to read behind the lines as you said, eric, the american people, they can read the report themselves and make their own determination. with respect to the meeting that you're referring to or any other issue including the steel dossier, the role in the investigation, he came out recently that he didn't confirm certain aspects of the investigation that found its way to fisa warrant. this report should really shed light on everything rather than guessing games and rumors. eric: would that get into the funding of the steel dossier, we heard a lot about dnc and hillary clinton's campaign being behind some of this and not being told about this. >> sure, that's a key issue. if you go to fisa judge and you ask federal judge to listen to conversations of americans, that's a serious matter and if part of that was based on information that was politically derived or derived for political purposes to hurt someone, that should certainly be known. >> meanwhile this is not the only investigation ongoing, you
1:38 pm
have several others, congressman who said about that. >> mueller report is one of 3 investigations going on right now and focused primarily on what transpired during the campaign. you also have what's going on in the southern district of new york and eastern district of virginia, so we tend to focus on the mueller report being released and that's going to answer all questions, it's not, it's one of 3 major investigations going on. eric: some say the southern district it's the most important because they are looking into the trump organization businesses and allegations of michael cohen testifying that the trump organization inflated assets on insurance forms while deflated for tax purposes and some speculation that may have been some hankie panky in the deutsche bank mortgage in terms of assets. you served in attorney general office in new york state, charges already from the manhattan district attorney's office that have been filed against paul manafort.
1:39 pm
what type of pitfalls for president, you can't pardon out of that one because it's new york, local investigation. >> the pit pals depend on what the substance is if any in any investigations, but the pitfalls if the southern district of new york uncovers any information about financial misdeeds with respect to whether it's the inaugural committee or any real estate deals, then there's pitfalls and as you pointed out, area if the manhattan district attorney's office pursues this case against paul manafort, there's no pardon. the only one thing that others, everybody should keep in mind, any information that comes from michael cohen has to be independently verified he's admitted liar, he's going to prison for lying and clearly has animosity toward the president, it's okay to follow up on his lead as you have to in government investigation as long as that information is veried by either independent documents or independent witnesses eric: the report say that is deutsche bank
1:40 pm
is cooperating, wouldn't all this be in paperwork, paper trail if there's something wrong or if it's all kosher. >> you would have a paper trail and presumably because if they have deutsche bank records, i've reviewed -- sophisticated bank records for investigations that i've handled when i was in the government and they're extremely detailed, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, so there would be, there would be paper trail and should be easy one way or another to get both -- to the bottom of it. eric: they are peeling off, investigators are going back to private practice, law school, a pretty good tip -- >> right. i'm comfortable, eric, i will make a prediction that the report itself will be released and if i had to guess i think it's going to be released through congress via subpoena.
1:41 pm
in terms of the timing of the release of it, that i wouldn't guess because as you know, they've been saying it's going to be released in 2 weeks just in public, not mueller's team but they have been saying it'll be released next week for at least a month, there's no telling when it's actually going to be released and the only guy that knows is bob mueller. eric: yeah and he, i guess, ain't talking. >> he ain't. eric: chris, always good to talk to you, thank you for your insight. arthel. arthel: after 6 years of drought, california is having wettest sentence 40 years, but experts say the state's golden opportunity is just going down the drain. william explains. >> we are watching the river and it's going to be aimed right at southern california. >> from la to san francisco, near record rain yet 80% is wasted. >> and we will never capture but we have to do better job of capturing what we can. >> a study by pacific institutes california cities fail to
1:42 pm
capture water each year. >> storm water that now we don't capture that could be captured and put to use during the dry season. >> not long ago california found itself in a devastating 5-year drought. >> as californians we have to pull together and save water in every way we can. >> the drought ended the voters did approve in 2014, 3 billion in bonds, project that's 5 years out and the state hasn't built a new dam in 40 years. >> there's debate in california the value of adding infrastructure like new dam if we can find decent places to build one versus some of the other ideas of of cutting demand and being more efficient. >> president trump wants to expand dam, california doesn't want it citing environmental
1:43 pm
concerns. >> less reliable because of climate change. >> governor newsom favors more storage. democratic majority stopped him, saying it was not in poll -- in los angeles, william, fox news. eric: from the coast of california to parts of the plains in midwest, they are being hit by severe weather this weekend and prompted declarations, meteorologist adam klotz in the fox extreme weather center with what we can expect, hi, adam. >> hey, eric, major flooding, every one of them, river gates indicated flooding rivers and move downstream in the next couple of days l there be more rain, forecast after the break.
1:44 pm
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arthel: emergency and disaster declarations in nebraska, iowa and wisconsin after severe weather and heavy rain slammed the plains and midwest friday leading to devastating floods. in nebraska waters rising to historic levels, the state's national guard rescuing people trapped by rivers and creeks that topped their banks. meteorologist adam klotz in fox news extreme weather, adam, where is the system going, what's coming next? >> hey, there arthel, the good news is the large system clearing out of midwest and really not a concern and the only concern is this one that we are paying attention running into the gulf coast, we have seen heavier rain in central florida, northern florida, that likely to continue, in some of the areas that were hardest hit in last 3 to 4 days, mostly clear, now clearing off on the backside which means not a lot
1:49 pm
more rain on the way unfortunately that hasn't been enough to get rid of all the flood watches, warnings, advisories in eastern nebraska, so much rain and snow on the ground that will melt in the last couple of days which will only make problems worse, everything that you are following in green line, the missouri, mississippi river flooding, we are seeing plenty surrounding areas, it'll be issue off and on in entire spring, we look at future radar, rarely do i show with nothing on it, that gives us time to clear off sunday, monday, tuesday, likely no more rain back in the region until we get into thursday and friday, maybe the larger concern in future forecast, i will run through several days from current temperatures, fairly cold in upper midwest, we do start to warm up, tuesday, wednesday and then thursday, suddenly big warm-up in the country, we could be talking not big rains but snow melt before the next week is over. arthel: which means more water and possible more flooding.
1:50 pm
>> yeah. arthel: adam klotz, thank you. eric: another senator entered the 2020 race for the white house, new york's kirsten gillibrand officially has become the latest democratic candidate to jump in, coming up how she's trying to appeal to the voters in the growing field. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home. it all starts when your doctor orders me. then it's as easy as get, go, gone. you get me when i'm delivered... right to your front door and in the privacy of your own home. there's no prep or special diet needed. you just go to the bathroom, to collect your sample. after that, i'm gone, shipped to the lab for dna testing that finds colon cancer and precancer. cologuard is not right for everyone.
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>> i took your lead, that's why i'm running for president, that's why i'm asking you for your support. eric: new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand formally launching 2020 campaign today ahead of third trip in iowa this week. senators cory booker and amy klobuchar both holding events in the hawkeye state this weekend and jeff paul following all their doings live from los angeles bureau, hi, jeff. >> hi, eric, gillibrand in the video tried without naming president trump to show the contrast between him and her and called on supporters to join her outside of trump intrerr in manhattan one week from today. over at iowa amy klobuchar spoke
1:55 pm
in a parade. >> i would have spoke to the press and put myself out. make clear because a lot of times -- >> now, most polls have former vice president joe biden leading the pack of democrats while he hasn't officially announced that he is running for president, he came very close last night while speaking at a dinner in delaware. >> i don't want to get criticized by the new left, i'm i have the most progressive record of anybody running -- anybody who would run.
1:56 pm
[laughter] >> now, elsewhere in the country senator cory booker is campaigning in iowa, julian castro in south carolina and senator elizabeth warren is in tennessee, eric. eric: all right, jeff, a lot going on in weekend and more so next. arthel: well, i think that's it for us for now. the gutfeld show is up next after a short break. eric: we love st. patrick's day but there's no memo, there's no memo that says all newscasters have to wear green. arthel: it's corny but i'm in. it's cute and fun. eric: totally agree, happy st. patrick's day.
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