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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 17, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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[applause] >> president said friday he does not see white nationalism as a rising global threat. pinning blame on a small group of people. authorities say new zealand shooter mentioned president trump in his anti-immigrant manifesto, but mulvaney said that the president is not a white supremacist. telling fox news sunday it is absurd to suggest that president's political rhetoric
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influenced the attack. >> i don't think care to cast their person as a supporter of donald trump, any more than local his echo packages and align him with nancy pelosi or mess alexandria ocasio-cortez, this was a disturbed individual, evil person. ignore deeper difficulties this activity exposes. >> some lawmakers call for president to take further steps to denounce the white nationalist movement. >> he is in a position, from the oval office that power position can send a signal. we have done this in the past, against foreign terrorism. we need it to it with domestic terrorism. >> all this word comes that u.s. might leave a larger force in syria than previously reported,
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garrett tenney with more on that. reporter: jon, trump did condemn the attacks. >> new zealand. a lot of the criticism he is facing is for what he has not said or done. he smoke with primspoke with nee minister, and told him it would be helpful to show support. this afternoon. in cedar rapids, iowa, democratic senator amy klobuchar has said president has not done enough. >> we stand with our communiti communities. in words he put out there. reporter: mulvaney said today, it is absurd to suggest this the president is responsible for these attacks. or not condemned white
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nationalism. >> we're hearing that u.s. will keep additional troops in syria, even after the president ordered a complete withdrawal? reporter: a big change of plans, u.s. defense official confirms that u.s. is now preparing to keep nearly a thousand troops in syria. in december, president trump caught essentially were off guard after making that surprise decision to pull off 2 thousand troops out against the advice of his defense security team. , even then defense secretarmattis resigned. president trump signed off on plans to keep 400 u.s. troops in syria this latest news more than doubles that presence. the plan to keep them there until the territorial nat states it is defeated.
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>> for people of new zealand, it is tears and outrage, family and friends mourn the 50 worshipers who were slaughtered in christchurch. the suspected gunman is in custody, we learn more about his past. >> you will see a highly visible police presence on the streets around your businesses, around your schools. and even in the air. right across the country. you will feel safe. to go about what you want to do. >> jackie hinrich is following the story with more. reporter: the shooter had no criminal history, was not on the intelligence community radar for extremist views, despite to travel to pakistan and turkey. he was not a member of a terror group. but he had contact with many
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nationalist groups, spawning a discussion on a need to share information about domestic threats with other country as is done with international threats like isis. according to wash post, u.s., uk, new zealand and australia are collecting information on trends, among radical groups, what are their grievances and how do they communicate. meanwhile new zealand prime minister, rejecting president trump's assertion that white supremacy is not a serious growing problem, he said friday he believes it is a small group of people. >> he asked for a offer of support, united states could proprovide, my message was sympy and love for all muslim
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communities. reporter: social media platforms are under a microscope for their role in publicizing the attack. facebook removedded 1.5 million videos of that footage within 24 hours, but 1.2 million were blocked at the point of up load, missing 300,000. on youtube, user sidestepped alga rythms, former homeland security advis adviser said that platformsnes these to make chan. >> it may be time to delay live broadcast streaming. reporter: tomorrow new zealand will have a cabinet meeting on gun control, they are weighing a ban on semi automatics, there are reports of a sin surge in gn sales since that announcement. >> thank you, jackie. >> >> more emotional tributes
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pouring in for the victim of the christ church mosque attack in australia dozens of surfers competing in a competition hada paddle out. >> we're saddened and really gutted about what happened, we got together and had a paddle out for the families and loved ones. >> a minute of silence was also observed. >> after president trump's first veto. a debate on underway on capitol hill on curtailing the presidenty power to declare a national state the emergency. to overhaul the law. acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney decries 12 republican senators who voted against the national emergency declaration
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for the border wall. >> the bottom line is, this is a security issue. >> the 12 senators were soft on the border. >> it was a border security vote. it is up to them to tell their voters why it was more important to overturn the pat tha presidet than -- president than secure the southern border. reporter: on friday president trump issued his first veto of presidency after congress rejected his national emergency declaration on fund a border wall. it turns out the president poked a sleeping bear. even more moderate members of the president's own party, are pushing back on him. >> i think that president came to a different conclusion about the constitution and the law, as did about 3 quarters of my republican colleagues to be candid about it. >> my colleagues were concerned
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about constitutional issue, i am as well. reporter: at issue national emergency act of 1976, after president nixon's watergate scandal. fast forward forward it gave president trump a route to expand his presidential authority. declaring a national emergency. now both sides are fired up, and readying plans to ensure that future presidents condition pull a trump-style national emergency. >> we'll allow president to declare an emergency for 30 days, if a majority of both chambers agree to have it extended. it should pass constitutional muster. muster. reporter: path forward is not clear, but legality of president trump's declaration will get hashed out in the court, and
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investigated in congressional hearing. a for veto, senate and house lack the votes required to override it. it will likely stick. >> thank you. >> washington sits on pins and needles awaiting special council mueller's report on russian election interference, house voted on a nonbinding resolution to make it public. it has been blocked in senate by judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham, all bets are off to when the mueller report will be completed. >> you have a letter about rick gates who is cooperating, then they delay innocences that seems to -- de sentence that seems to indicate he is cooperating. it does not seem to be based on that, but i don't know, that
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work of special council is ending any time soon. >> mollie is joining us from washington. reporter: a attorney general william barr will decide who gets a copy of mueller's final report, and how much will be released. congress is trying to eckert ecy pert -- exert some of its pressure on barr. here is why republicans say they are onboard. >> i believe mr. mueller's report will come back, show there was though collusion, which is not a crime, but there was no collusion, nothing with trump administration. but they have to deal with is reality of influence and collusion among doj and fbi employees in an e-mail investigation that was handled badly that moved to a rich investigation that was -- to a rich investigation that was handled worse to the mueller investigation.
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that these are things that american people should see. reporter: it say its making us look good and does not matter. president trump made it clear he believes that mueller probe is know illegal and conflicted investigation in search of a crime. house sent bill to senate it was blocked thereby south carolina republican senator lindsey graham, he wants senate to add a provision calling on trump justice department to investigate how the obama justice department handled hillary clinton e-mail scandal and fbi investigation of former trump advisor carter page. some democrats they, that is not the focus now. >> we can't use bad actors from the clinton administration or otherwise as just cas justificar not doing your job. we're required under the constitution to provide oversight. and sometimes feel like this is
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a middle schoolkid, that trying to justify their behavior by pointing to past behavior of others saying, well they did to too, so i'm allow to do it. reporter: barr said his goal is to provide as much transparency as i can consistent with the law. >> thank you. >> democratic presidential field gets more crowder new york senator kirsten gillibrand entered the race this morning. jeff paul is live in los angeles with more. reporter: another busy day for democrats starting with senator kirsten gillibrand hosting a video where she tried to without naming president trump show the
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contrast between them. >> we need a leader who making big, bold, brave choices. reporter: klobuchar spoke with voters at a st. patrick's day parade, and asked how she would have handled the mass shooting in new zealand differently from president trump. >> i would have done a draft by now or put myself out to the nation. hopefully standing with members of the muslim community to make clear, a lot of times these things happen. reporter: former texas congressman beto o'rourke was out campaigning in wisconsin, the day he announced he was running "vanity fair" published a interview, where it had him saying, man i'm just born to be
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in it. >> i was like i hope i didn't say, that i'm born to serve. i'm born to try to help bring people together, i don't know that anyone can born for an officer position, i am not. reporter: most polls have former vice president joe biden leads the pack of democrats, he has not officially announced he is running for president, he came close to is last night while speaking at a dinner in delaware. >> by the new left, i have the most progressive record for anyone running for -- anyone who would run. reporter: elsewhere, senator cory booker in iowa. and castro campaigning in south carolina. and warren spent her day in tennessee. >> thank you, paul from los angeles. >> levees breaches and widespread evacuation, as
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nebraska sees worst flooding in 50 years. can the midwest expresser more rain this week, the forecast is next. >> and this -- >> look forward to having a real vote, not just a procedural vote thank you. >> congres congresswoman alexana ocasio-cortez taking. car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. jon: a flooding disaster in nebraska and western iowa, rivers are at historic levels, forcing hundreds in their homes, adam is live in the fox extreme weather. reporter: that heavy rain has wrapped up, but there is still going to be rising waters, you see mostly clear conditions, only big system has been rainfall across gulf of mexico to portions of northern and central florida, they are big thunderstorms. if you run to mid west, really clearing off across the regions that saw really heavy rainfall. that caused that flooding. if you look at flood advisories,
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unfortunately despite fact that we're colleagues off a bit there is in place, there are spots across eastern nebraska, to iowa. some location in southern wisconsin, along missouri river, flooding there then running to the mississippi still flooding, this was not just rain it was also snow melt, unfortunately it looks like snow melt may cause some problem here in next couple days, but really good news, the thing that would make it worse it more rain, future radar, i don't usually get to show it when there is nothing on it, but i can run you sunday, monday, tuesday, we'll not talking big precipitation in the area, but that might change wednesday and thursday, hopefully that gives water enough time to drain down to gulf of mexico. the thing that will change in week ahead it will be temperatures. we are sitting at right now, a
3:22 pm
lot of locations cold enough wee don't have a lot of big snow melt, but it will change. down near freezing in upper third was country for most of the day, that starts to change, tuesday there is a pool up of warmer air, 50 in chicago to upper midwest, and farther west 50 in billings, montana. across montana you see flooding also because temperatures get so warm. the region warms up in a big way, thursday we have some of the warmest weather this spring, with snow on the ground, we could see flooding in some areas, even the real big rain are winding down. jon: all right adam thank you. >> mm-hmm. jon: demonstration held as tens of thousands of students took too street to push mr. more
3:23 pm
action on climate change, as senate prepares to vote whether or not to take uncontroversial green new deal resolution. peter ducey has details. reporter: students staging a global protest. now mitch mcconnell is teeing up a proceed rallal vote in senater the green new deal. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez smells a stunt. >> i look forward to us having a real vote. reporter: before a vote in the house, g.o.p. is hoping for hearings. >> only through the scrutiny of the legislative process can the american people get a true sense of how these proposals and sound bites translate to actual policy. reporter: republicans are not only ones concerned, union members from aflcio wrote to aoc, say we'll not rap proposal
3:24 pm
that could cause immediate harm to millions of our members and r families, but congresswoman said that union members concerns are misplaced. >> we have to do that work with union labor, to do the work with by reinvigorating our workers to. reporter: one thing she not ready to say, which of 2020 democrats running on green new deal has her vote. >> is it too early for us to ask about what you think about 2020 democrats. reporter: yeah away too early. >> it is a winning issue. reporter: mitch mcconnell thinks is is a winning issue too for republicans, that is why he called green new deal for. he expects it to fall way short. jon: british prime minister
3:25 pm
theresa may hopes third time is a chairman, members of parliament to vote -- her brexit deal this week after striking it town twice, she needs 75 lawmakers. unless the eu agrees to a delay, britain will leave the eu on march 29, with or without a deal, and no deal could mean economic chaos for the uk and the eu. jon: already crowded democratic 2020 field getting more packed with kirsten gillibrand, could key to the race be someone not in it yet. >> and beto mania seems to have taken over. >> is that good news or bad news for the presidential hopeful. >> i'm energized by the people we're meeting and learning a lot
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cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> i took your lead, i chose brave too. we need a leader who makes big, bold, brave choices, someone who suddeisn't afraid of run for pr. that is why i'm running for president, that is why i'm asking for your support. jon: kirsten gillibrand enters democratic presidential primary, i am jon scott, this is the "fox report" at the bottom of the hour, gillibrand is 13th candidate to enter the democratic president at field, the next question is will joe biden join? if he gets in, he leads the pack in terms of polling. >> he does.
3:31 pm
and there was a slight gaffe what called kinsey gaffe, named after journalist michael ki kinsley, you say something obvious and true that is the gaffe, joe biden spoke as if he were running. >> let's play that for the viewer, joe biden speaking last night. >> i have the most pr gres of record -- progressive record of anyone running for the u-- anyone who would run. anybody who would run. >> most progressive record of anybody running for the u-- then he cut himself off.
3:32 pm
what do you think? was it planned. >> a lot of people saw joe biden vacations in st. croix a couple weeks okay people in biden orbit, say it was a gathering of biden family to have a final discussion about will joe biden run for president, is the family ready for the scrutiny that comes with it. and pressure. answer seems to have been that everyone in the biden family is onboard with the presidential run. my sense is that joe biden is readying himself to announce sooner rather than later. >> he tried twice before, those campaigns about not go particularly well, they predated his time in office. >> he is someone who used to be on very progressive end of the democratic party.
3:33 pm
yet he stayed sort of in his lane as party has moveds fo furr most, now he looks like a fairly moderate candidate if he in the race. >> let's look at the real clear politics average of some of the announced candidates thus far, if joe guide en gets in race -- biden gets in he is 29% on top, bernie sanders 22%, kamala harris 11, and elizabeth warren 7%. and woman who just announced kirsten gillibrand, who made it official she is jumping into the race, is tied for 11th with half a percentage point support. does she have any shot? >> you know she got off to a rough start with her near announcement, now rebooting it. one place where that kind of have percentage point polling
3:34 pm
will hurt her and any el at that level of support, is that to get into the debate, democrats have set up a system you need to have astly the 1% -- at least 1% in a set of 3 different polls, anyone who does not meet that 1% is not invited to a debate, then you are not on the radar of the voters. jon: pete budajuj is running as well. he says that may be his time. >> i see this very unusual moment. it is unusual for it to be plausible that 37-year-old mid most ermidwest everyone mayor is interviews for a possible candidacy for president.
3:35 pm
we're seeing things different. jon: do you get sense he might be right, all senators are chasing something that will not be theirs? >> the majority of the candidates that are for to be disappointed. interesting the o'rourke phenomenon is encourage other run candidates if beto is going to be taken so seriously, why shouldn't i am and someone like pete who is very accomplished and well educated and well spoken, a military veteran as well, he is in a position to give o'rourke as a run for his money. jon: it will be quite a race. seems to get bigger every day.
3:36 pm
>> thank you. jon: one of the newest can days raised eyebrows this last week for every his relationship with media. reuters reported that o'rourke was part of an infamous hacker group, but the reporter received that tip before o'rourke lost his senate race to ted cruz in november. this is as there seems to be a media fascination with former texas congressman. that shows him in a good and bad light. howard kurtz with more. >> i'm running to serve you as president of the united states of amendment. >> o'rourke is only presidential candidate who have timed his launch to a "vanity fair" cover, an upbeat piece he talks about near mystical experience of giving a speech powered by an outside force, the real force is the media beto-mania, led by those, were ou touting him as ae contend doctor.
3:37 pm
-- contendor. >> we thought wow, he has a dynamic positive energy. >> that liveliness, that outdoorsiness works with people. >> conservative hosts love talking about o'rourke in a mocking way. way. >> he has charisma with the kids, the media likes him, because they like him. >> bozo orourke, that is what i call him, is flailing his way into the race. reporter: he has some dedirector on the left. saying he is missing a reason to run, o'rourke wraps his answers in il eloquent vagueness. >> no real legislation in his name, whytion voters be concerned about voting for you with your lack of experience. >> i am grateful it is up to voters, they will have a chance to meet with me.
3:38 pm
reporter: no question that o'rourke has political charm and a proven ability to raise money. but the soon could fade if he does not offer a policy agenda. fox news in washington. jon: tough talk from north korea. tensions escalate over nuclear negotiations. >> what brought chairman kim to the negotiating table were sanctions, quite now chairman kim is not negotiates in good faith. jon: could it lead to new testing? senior strategic analyst will weigh in. >> a emotional scene in ethiopia, thousands take to streets to honor the victims of last week's plane crash, authorities reveal new details about the recovered black box. the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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jon: a mass funeral in ethiopia capital for the 157 victims of last sunday's crash of ethiopia airline. thousands. in place of loved ones, officials. ethiopia's transport minister said that data from the black box shows clear similarity to last october's deadly crash in indonesia. >> north korea threatens to step away from negotiations table and resume weapon testing, pyongyang accuse u.s. officials of creating a hostile atmosphere. joining us now for some
3:44 pm
analysis, retire general jack keane. and chairman of the institute for study of war, general jack keane, you said, you think that north koreans misclass miscalcu. >> largely show, they believed they could put on the table the same deal as kim dynasty, and we in turn would give them sanction relief. which has happened in the past, but this administration was not about to do that. we've been tes telegraphing it o them for some time, he put too much reliability on personal relationship he established with president trump, not recognizing, that there was warmth but president trump is emphasizing his policy, not
3:45 pm
giving up denuclearization. we may resume testing. i think they will go back to negotiations, i don't believe they will test, that would put us back increases and of hot ofy mode. jon: i don't think there is more missile 12s. >testing. >testingtest.>> i don't believe. jon: news from pentagon there will be a thousand troops remaining in syria after the president, just 3 months ago, said he wanted to pull him out. that cost him his defense secretary, what has changed? >> three missions that troops will perform in syria are, establish safe zone between turkey and syrian kurds in northeastern syria, the second,
3:46 pm
as remnant of isis are still in the area after they lost all their territory, we want to keep pressure on them, so they don't reemerge and retake territoryy, the third base operate the base in southern syria, so the iranians do na do not establisha southern land bridge. but the brits and french or ground helping americans with the dem -- syrian democratic forces they have done a fantastic job with our special operations. but they do not want to participate in establishing safe zone, that is not why they are there they there are because of isis. for that reason, they will stay, and they will support the counter isis mission, and united states will have to take up most of the safe zone mission in northern syria in numbers they had not expected to take up, unless they get other participants to help. jon: it has been my
3:47 pm
understanding trying to establish siv safe zones thus fs not work. at least not bridge in people who fled. >> safe zone zorbing as are negs are still ongoing, there has been progress made, in particular with syrian th kurds, most of this towns and cities that syrian kurds care about are right on the border with turkey. that is what adds to the challenge of establishing a safe zone where the turks feel comfortable and also syrian kurds do. i think it achieve able. and state department is working hard on this, i think we'll get there. jon: and number of a thousand troops is that sufficient? >> i don't know, you know i would have to be in details of that. but, i'll defer that to the people that are involved. these numbers have always been modest event with 2200 in.
3:48 pm
but we got destruction of caliphate and isis, and puts and keeps pressure on them, they are small numbers by compare so como 150,000 in iraq at one time and 130,000 in afghanistan. jon: they are also helping to frustrate the irrainians. the i. >> oh, yes, we have to frustrate the iranians, they want all of syria, they have most of it, we cannot let them take the rest, they will encroach on israel, that is fundamental mischief they are up to. jon: general jack keane thank you. >> good talking to you. jon: after backing out of the new york headquarters plan, amazon trying again. what might stand in its way this time? >> and florida coast set for a economic boost as space travel brings new life too, the region. details on that coming up. let's be honest:
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a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. jon: future of florida space cost looke looked bleak, but tie
3:53 pm
changing. reporter: a tradition in fabric of florida space coast, before coming in for a hard landing almost a decade ago. >> in 2010, space shuttle, will be retired from service. reporter: as community prepared for end of an era 8 years ago. >> final liftoff of atlanta. >> a plan was launching to save it. >>y when knew that shuttle would retirement we had to go after, those opportunities for us. reporter: dozens of private launch companies sprung up on cape canaveral, a comeback launched by county and state officials to make florida the state for space. >> it coming back. reporter: fire fly is the latest. >> florida geographically blessed with the location, and coastline, that is a perfect
3:54 pm
trajectory to fly space. >> one of many reasons that linda said that companies are choosing florida or other u.s. spaceports. >> the right infrastructure, the right facility, the financial package, you are competing with history of 50 year legacy. reporter: a racket cannot take off without a launchpad, that where nasa lends a helping hand, attracting or investor. >> they come in set up shop, do their launches then leave, almost like a hotel room. reporter: proving more than one way to reach for the stars. >> there are things that nasa does well, about are things they do as april government private -- federal government that private sector can do faster, cheaper and boater. reporter: nasa and their commercial partner plan to launch for american-made manned
3:55 pm
spacecraft soon. jon: protestor shout shame as a board approved amazon second headquarter to approve 23 million in tax incentive for amazon after hours of heated public testimony. supporters say that it will bring good jobs and tax revenue. and. opponents say amazon did you not need any tax incentives. >> skiing in your skivvies? almost. see what prompted hundreds to dress down for a ski down this russian mountain range.
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jon: with spring nearly here, summer isn't too far behind, but some snow sports fans in russia might be rushing the seasons a bit. more than 800 skiers and snowboarders took to the slopes this weekend attempting to break the world record for most people on a ski slope dressed in swim suits. they failed to crack the record, failing short by several hundred people. for their sake, let's hope they didn't fall on their way down the mountain. that hurts. and that's how fox reports this sunday, march 17th.
4:00 pm
i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again next weekend. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. a suspected white supremacist commits one of the worst mass shootingsan ever, gunning coulde worshipers at two mosques in new zealand. what can bein done to stop extremist hate? ♪ ♪ >> white nationalism is a rising threat around the world? >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. chris: we'll discuss the live stream killing spree. >> i will be signing and issuing a formal veto -- chris: as well as the president's decisionsp to overre congress' rejection of his border emergency with white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, first on "fox news suay


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