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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 18, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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what they just revealed about the accused gunman. and beto o'rourke taking hard questions on the campaign trail and speculations swirls after joe biden's slip of the tongue, the latest on the ever changing 2020 field. get your pencils ready, brackets are set, top dog just crowned
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the first kickoff. "fox & friends first" starts right now. note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, thank you for starting the day was. we begin with this, police waiting home in australia, the international investigation intensifying as the death toll rises to 50 and some people try to point the finger at president trump. good morning. >> good morning, that's right, heather, the white house is fighting back asking chief of staff mick mulvaney, quote,
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absurd to subject the president influenced the attack, we heard from the voice commissioner of new zealand are certain only one suspect carried out the mass shootings at those two mosques in church, but he threats that there weren't other people supporting him in some way, australian police are conducting raids on homes now, one of them reportedly belonging to the suspect sister's back here at home, the white house taking heat as critics slam president trump's down playing of a white nationalist threat, authorities say manifesto. >> everything that i think is undermining sort of the institutions that we have in the country today. >> meanwhile new zealand's prime minister announcing gun law reforms will be announced in just 10 days.
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>> i will make clear that a number of new zealanders question, i will giving more -- once we work through decision the cabinet has made. >> at the same time, gun shop owner came forward that he sold the suspect four of the guns and ammo legally but didn't notice any red flags about that suspect, heather? >> aisha, thank you so much, great to have you with us. early evidence shows similarity between two deadly plane crashes involving boeing 737 max 8 jet, black box data from the wreck that killed 157 people last week is reminiscent of the lion air october crash that killed 189 people. pilots struggled to control the plane and tried to return to airport but crash.
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north carolina man accused of murdering his wife arrested in arizona, 35 miles away from mexican border, large amount of cash on him when he was stopped near tucson, wife's dianne's body found near home, this case prompted to look back into the death of first wife originally ruled an accident. camello accused of gunning frankie cali outside of staten island home, likely not mob related but said from a fight. now has x on the back as mafia targets, no criminal history prior to this incident.
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rescuing people in nebraska, record flooding already reported in 17 areas and just suspected to get worse. missouri river at 48 feet tomorrow. flood waters have come one-third damaging 60 buildings. president trump praising the republicans who supported national emergency order while lawmakers plan to overwrite first veto of presidency. major speech on the state of homeland security today, griff jenkins live for us in washington with the latest, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather. expanding on her testimony a few weeks ago about southern border, a crisis in congress, national
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emergency declaration, the president reminder that he hasn't seemed forgotten, republicans in favor who voted in strong of border security, they know there's a national emergency at the southern border and they had to courage to act, great job, meanwhile where the money for a wall will come from, many on the hill from military budget and reported list of projects said to be defunded. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney dismissing the suggestion. >> there's no identifying list of projects that will not be funded. what projects are on the pentagon's books 2020 and beyond. >> this is the white house
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wanting the hold tax because they worry if senators and house members saw the potential projects to pay for the president's wall, they would lose votes. >> mulvaney also said he expects the president's veto will be upheld in congress at the end of the month and votes to try and overwrite it, jared max vote coming around march 26th, heather. heather: all right, griff jenkins. potential 2020 announcement from joe biden after he makes this flip-up, listen. >> i'm -- i have the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] heather: senator says it's only matter of time before biden throws his hat into the ring. >> i'm very optimistic that joe biden will announce campaign for presidency, i think first joe
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biden will run a forward-looking and optimistic campaign where he tries to heal the divisions in our country. heather: biden stands out from the democratic field because he has real record delivering on progressive proms. declared 2020 candidate beto o'rourke say that is he will stop swearing on campaign trail, this comes after high-profile slips like this one during con decision speech to senator ted cruz. [cheers and applause] heather: democratic hopeful telling supporters in wisconsin that he'll keep it clean denying that he's ever taken acid. [inaudible] >> no.
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heather: beto o'rourke says there's nothing that he has revealed about his past and could come back to hunted. beto o'rourke with massive media, of course, since declaring run last week, that's not always a good week. >> i think beto o'rourke is all flash and no substance and i don't really necessarily think the democratic base is behind him which is why he hasn't released fundraising numbers, you looked at bernie sanders 24 hours, beto has not released that because the base is actually not with him. one of the biggest challenges he will face in 2018 completely protected by the media and the left, they are uncritical of him because he was running against ted cruz who the majority of the media on the left despise him, probably second to president trump on the republicans they despise, now that he's running in a crowded democratic field he is going to face criticism.
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>> beto o'rourke plans to trool michigan, pennsylvania this week. let's talk about melania trump, taking her be best initiative to new heights today, the first lady hosting meeting tat white house, 20 government agencies, they'll be there discussing ways to improve youth programs, the interagency group was formed by president bush back in 2008. the time now almost 10 minutes after the top of the hour and the media trying to connect president trump to terror attack in new zealand. >> this movement and global terror threat as the president's rhetoric exacerbating the problem. >> the opportunity has the opportunity to denounce nationalism and he didn't do that. heather: the basketball player dive intoed the sand to save the ball but ends up grabbing a fan's drink, the sideline swig that's going viral.
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>> the president's rhetoric exacerbating the problem. >> many people have cited donald trump along the way, so to me that means at the very least he's dividing the people. heather: the media continuing to connecterror attack to new zealand after the president condemn it is shooter, so what is the media missing? here to weigh in, media group and visiting fellow at the independent's women group, beverly, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much, good morning. >> what do you think about this, this gets repeated after since attack happened on friday that people are trying to make the connection with president trump?
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>> well, i think it's important to fist start to comparison where you have the shooting against steve scalise that was bias of bernie sanders, bernie sanders was not criticized and in the same way we are seeing president trump being criticized. a lot of hypocrisy on how people want to attack someone over something that they have no responsibility for. so president trump has no responsibility in this and i think it's dangerous that we do blame actions of someone else. heather: another example trying to blame president trump on anything that happens? >> i think so. i also think we are in a divided time right now. i think that's why you see some of the rhetoric increase even more, one thing i will say, though, i think the president has had a missed opportunity to do one thing this is although he has spoken out against white nationalism in the past, i would encourage him to give a same strong answer defending white
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nationalism every time he's asked so any kind of question comes up it's very clear where he stands because sometimes the way he responds gives wiggle rooms for reporters to run with it even more, let's be honest, how bias they are towards him, we know they will get -- heather: if he does something like that, he does protect too much, just seems like there's nothing he can do is good enough, let's take a look at some of the tweets that he did send out because you did mention that, he expressed sympathy, my warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of new zealand after horrible massacre in mosque, 49, now 50 innocent people have died with so many seriously injured. the the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do, god bless all. by a statement like that as well, he doesn't give credence to this individual's manifesto which also is what part of what the person was trying to accomplish, he wanted us to be
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reporting on everything that he was talking about in the manifesto and a lot of the media is doing exactly what he hoped would happen? >> well, i appreciate that fox news has been one of those networks that will not use his name, the individual that committed this, he shouldn't give them anymore air time to help what they were trying to do and i think it's unfair attack on president trump for them to say that he didn't show sympathy towards the muslim community as he read the tweet, he did talk about the mosques that took place in mosques and he said they were innocent people, when it comes to narrative that the media loves to bring up in relation to white nationalism, denunciation every time he's asked in my opinion is the best thing he could do. heather: liberal activist ambushing chelsea at vigil for new zealand.
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let's take a look at what happened with chelsea clinton. [inaudible] >> the result of a massacre. ii want you to know that, 49 people died. heather: unreal, what do you think about that? >> first of all, i give her a lot of credit how she responded in such a hostile situation, she's pregnant with her third child. she showed up at vigil in new york to pay respects for innocent lives that are lost. for her to be attacked in this way, i think the most shocking thing about it is that this is now rhetoric that's not just being thrown at republicans but, indeed, thrown at democrats which show how far we've come in this country that if you try to defend the jewish nation or jewish people and try to speak out or do speak out against antisemitic remarks you are met with comments like, this do i think we have a divide in this country that goes beyond partisan politics and frankly
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i'm concerned about it. heather: absolutely. that's a great way toned the conversation because that is true. beverly, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: have a good day. the time now is about 18 minutes after the top of the hour, top house republican blasting democrats who are on mueller probe and sending new threat about clinton e-mail scandal, todd piro, new sign that the bob mueller report is far from over. the latest innovation from xfinity
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isn't just a store. it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. heather: welcome back, top republicans blasting the mueller probe transparency vote as failed attempt by democrats to divide their party, this comes as officials warn the end of
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special counsel's investigation they not be near, todd piro with the latest, we keep hearing it's over, doesn't surprise me that now we are hearing perhaps it's not. >> one guy says not so fast, my friend. they agree on something unanimously but at the end to have day they don't agree with what's unanimously. attorney general to publicly release mueller report but congressman doug collins not only is there no collusion but the vote was simply stunt by democrats to divide republicans and make them look like they are hiding something. >> they have no agenda, they have nothing that they can actually put on the floor so they wasted an entire week of american taxpayers' dollar to put a report on the floor that said nothing, why are we wasting american people's time. >> democrats say that's not so. >> i don't think that's a political stunt at all, what we saw leading up to that vote was
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the president making, suggesting that it didn't need to be release and concerns with the attorney general to be spot on and say it would be released and congress did what it's supposed to do. >> so what does the president think, he tweeted, quote, nonbinding vote in congress about releasing the mueller report, i told leadership to let all republicans vote for transparency, makes us all look good and doesn't matter, play along with the game, despite speculation that mule ser wrapping -- mueller is wrapping up but says not so fast. >> the work of special counsel is ending fi time soon. >> all this comes after collins on the e-mail scandal with more potentially on the way. heather: all right, so bottom line, wait and see. >> bottom line, same place we were before all the interviews
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and everybody can talk, it's going to fill a lot of time, but after the report, we won't have the report. heather: absolutely, thank you so much, todd, exactly, thank you. >> no problem. heather: u.s. supreme court in the meantime arguing today gerrymandering case out of virginia, republican leaders in the state want the justices to overturn a lower court ruling that found 11 districts were racially gerrymandering, the gop has tight 51-49 majority in the virginia house of delegates the outcome of the today's case will impact 70,000 voters. and virginia county approved $23 million in incentives for amazon, officials backing the deal despite protestors killing board meeting to discuss the plan. amazon's new headquarters in suburban washington, d.c., the state committed $750 million in
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incentives, amazon pulled out of the deal to build another facility in new york after widespread criticism. only one national title. 68, it's time to fill out your march madness bracket if you haven't yet, the number one seed , the first round of games tip off tomorrow, fill it out. the time now is about 26 minutes after the top of the hour, congresswoman omar called israel evil but now she has a solution for peace in the middle east. >> stand up, god love you, what am i talking about. a man who will be the next president of the united states, barack -- i'm the most progressive person of the united
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states of anybody who would run. heather: joe biden might have just outdone himself, how can he change the race if he runs, panel on deck up next to debate. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!. heather: welcome back, a look at top stories half past the top of the hour. massive international investigation now intensifying as authorities raid two homes in australia overnight. and early evidence shows clear similarities between two deadly plane crashes involve boeing 737 max jets, black box data from the wreckage that killed 157 people is reminiscent of the
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lion air october crash that killed 189 people, pilots struggled to control the plane. secretary kristin wilson giving major speech, expected to stand current situation along the border. the nation's top generals denying report that is the united states has drastically reversed course for withdrawal from syria, general joseph dunford, chairman of joint chief of staff saying statement, there's no plan in february, we continue to implement the president's direction to draw down u.s. forces. the wall street journal had reported the u.s. plan to leave up to one thousand troops inside syria. well, president trump top national security adviser has a warning for north korea. >> they issued unhelpful statement saying they were taking gun back ballistic
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missile testing which would not be a good idea on their part. president trump would like to see this resolved through negotiation. heather: a second nuclear summit between kim jong un and president trump came to end in february with no deal on denuclearization. minnesota comewoman omar with new op-ed supporting two-state solution for israel-palestine conflict, encourage both sides to move toward a peaceful two-state solution, we need to reinsert this call back into the public debate with urgency. omar has faced backlash from republicans and democrats over antiisrael comments. former vice president joe biden's latest slip-up now potentially revealing his intentions for 2020.
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>> criticized by the new left, i have the most progressive record for anybody running for the united states -- anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] heather: so is biden the next democrat to join the presidential race, does he have a chance at the nomination here to debate it kristin and democratic strategists mark levine, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> heather: do you think it was a slip-up and what impact do you think he will have in the race if he enters into the race? >> do i think he will enter the race, i think joe biden has the best chance of beating trump in 2020. today the democratic party largely stands for open borders, flagrant socialism and late-term abortion, this agenda may be appealing to the far left, quite
1:34 am
terrify to go working-class americans, former blue dog democrats who voted for trump who feel alienating by the party and the direction it's going in, as moderate joe biden could be the guy to bring voters back under the democratic party's tent and to win back those critical states like michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, track record of working across the aisle, the guy who negotiated with mitch mcconnell on the fiscal cliff deal and big part of negotiations that extended the bush tax cuts, so i think he's a good pick for the democrats, i think his only weakness if he got the nomination would be mobilizing minority voters. heather: let's take a look at the democrat favorability poll, this was from real clear politics, 29% favor joe biden who hasn't officially entered the race, what does that tell you? >> no surprise that joe biden is the front runner, joe biden is
1:35 am
loved by all wing of the democratic party, i thought it was laughable arguing that keeping medicare around as we know republicans and donald trump want to cut medicare and make it hard tore get health care, education, it's not what all the things she said, but joe biden, he's solid, i agree with her that joe biden will be the front runner in the race, he will be the person to beat, he was a fantastic vice president, well loved by all wings of our party, we have lots of great candidates to choose from but joe biden is the front runner, even joe biden criticized by what he calls, kristin, the new left and by that i think he did mean some of the extreme issues that they are running on and talking about. >> the left has become totally extreme. just to push back on what my fellow panelist just said, the left is pushing for single-payer healthcare, medicare for all which would bankrupt the country, free college which, of course, isn't really free, it would just increase taxes and
1:36 am
tax as high as 70%, this kind of stuff drives away working class and blue-collar voters, the democrats if they want any chance at taking back the white house need a candidate that can tap into those voters and win them back. heather: mark, what do you think the candidate could be? >> joe biden is the front runner but we have really good candidates, but -- heather: in reference to some of those issues, can he stand strong son only of the issues, some candidates have talked about taxing people up to 70%? >> i don't know of a single candidate who has, i will ask who is running for president, you can find freshmen congressperson but presidential candidates, we do support health care, though, health care for all, that's a distinction -- what we do believe we have to fight climate change and we believe in science and health care and i think that's important.
1:37 am
nations have universal health care and all of them live longer than we do. england, france, what do they know that we don't know, that's going to be issue in campaign, absolutely. heather: let's move onto next topic, male democratic candidates already signaling that they will pick a female running, female running mate so is that wise, kristin, pick somebody on the basis they are a male or female, should they be picked on basis of policy? >> well, of course, they should be picked on the basis of their policies but the left has become obsessed with intersectionalty, they love dividing groups up based on gender and race and pandering to those groups, female voters aren't much different than male voters, they want healthy economy, access to health care and safe communities for their families and seems to me like the democrats didn't learn anything from hillary clinton's failed campaign because in 2016 we saw that women don't just automatically
1:38 am
go out and vote for female candidate, trump won 47% of women, 52% of white women, so if the democrats were smart, they would focus on laying out a vision for the country that's appealing to female voters rather than assuming all women will flock to their message because they have a woman on the ticket. heather: let's listen to what beto o'rourke had to say in terms of choosing a female running mate. >> it would be very difficult not to select a woman. if i have my way, they'll be a woman. >> i think we would look for somebody who is maybe not of the same gender that i am. heather: another example of identity politics that didn't work the first time around, mark. >> i don't think only white men can be president. i recognize that that's a republican party right now. look at more than 90% of their
1:39 am
representatives in congress all white men, probably more than 95%, so when they pick a woman like when john mccain clears sarah pay lender, we -- palin, we don't have to do that, we are black and white, latinos, asian, gays, straight. [inaudible] >> we have strong candidates. there's never been a republican elected women that's run for president, why is that? what republican woman -- >> that republicans don't care about women is laughable. heather: mark, let kristin answer and then we are going to
1:40 am
go, kristin, answer. >> the attacks saying republicans don't care about women is exactly why so many voters have come to distrust politicians and -- of course, republicans care about women, we care about women voters, that's why we like to craft policies that deliver results for those voters and if your party -- heather: kristin, mark, thank you both for joining us, mark, a bit of advice when you're talking about the importance of women perhaps you shouldn't interrupt them so much. thank you both for joining them so much. google on blast for working with an enemy. >> the work that google is doing in china is indirectly benefiting the chinese military. heather: gordon chang says that google's denial and one way to
1:41 am
keep them from joining with china, he joins us live to explain. when we started our business
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go to and get 2 months free. heather: welcome back, one of america's largest companies working with an enemy according to chairman of joint chief of staff saying that google is helping the chinese government. >> you're telling me that google, an american company, supposedly, is refusing to work with the department of defense but it's doing work in -- with china. >> the work that google is doing with china is indirectly benefiting the chinese military. heather: here to explain how dangers could be author of nuclear showdown and asia analyst gordon chang, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much, heather. heather: to begin this conversation we need to bring up google's response to all of this but tweet that came from
1:45 am
president trump, google is helping china and their military but not the u.s., terrible, the good news is that they helped crooked hillary clinton and not trump and how did that turn out, well, here is what google had to say to that, we are not working with the chinese military, we are working with the u.s. government including the department of defense in many areas including cybersecurity, recruiting and health care, so your response to google's denial? >> well, google's denial is technically correct i'm sure but it is deceptive and the reason is google is working with chinese enterprises and those enterprises cannot resist demands from the communist party and the chinese military, share technology that google has given them. also google is interested in participating in a joint venture with cloud -- in a computing center in province and wants to contribute money and personnel and that joint venture partner
1:46 am
is closely linked with the chinese military and so clearly google has a desire to work with entities that it should know are working with the chinese military. heather: how big of a national security concern is this? >> well, enormous one. first of all, all of -- we look at what china did with manufacturers, sort of entice them into the country and took their technology, it's doing the same thing with tech companies and google rapidly putting up together the joint ventures. so clearly this is a national security threat and as general dunford said, this is essentially direct working with plan benefiting with the chinese military. >> so is this an issue that google should be concerned about or is this an issue that united states leadership should take control of and be concerned
1:47 am
about? >> yeah, the answer to that is both. google is a company and business is a moral, it is up to the united states to determine what national security policy is, it's not any money. you can't charge any company with finding national security goals for the u.s. and implementing them, this is up to 536 individuals, president trump, 100 senators, 435 members to have house of representatives. these people should make what google is doing right now illegal, if we do that, then we can force google not to do things which seriously undermine the interest of the united states and the international community. heather: congress and the president whether it's google or any other company, make it illegal to work with china? >> oh, absolutely because this cooperation as general dunford said on thursday directly undermines the security of the united states because this directly benefit it is chinese
1:48 am
military and google should know about this, google not naive, it knows what it's doing, at this point it's not illegal. we should make it illegal so google can't do this. heather: gordon chang joining us live, we appreciate you. >> thank you. heather: the company shaking things up as the job market tightness and patriotic victory 20 years in the making, vietnam veteran force today remove american flag from flag 20 years ago but now ready to fly high, how he manage today finally win this fight you.
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heather: welcoming back, president trump put 17 people out of work, tracee carrasco from sister network fox business here with the latest, good morning. >> good morning, heather, the president set a number of angry tweets out over the weekend criticizing general motors, also the united auto workers union for not reopening the ohio gm plant which closed on march sixth, the first tweet he sent out on saturday night suggested that gm should sell the plant to new owner, last night he followed up with another tweet that he wasn't happy after he spoke with gm ceo mary barr, barr blamed the union, in response gm issued a statement saying, quote, to be clear, the ultimate future of the unallocated plant will be resolved between gm and uaw, on the side note the president will
1:53 am
be in ohio on wednesday, so i'm sure this issue will come up. heather: i'm sure it will. let's talk about this, shake shack testing work for employees. tracee: shake shack has to do something to attract and retain workers there testing out 4-day workweek as restaurants in las vegas, this is something that shake shack says has worked overseas but never implemented here in the u.s. when it comes fast-food restaurants or restaurant industry, they are hoping this could be incentive for workers, i think it's a great idea. heather: yeah, all right, thank you so much, tracee. let's go racing, kyle busch hits milestone. >> awesome race car.
1:54 am
[laughter] heather: busch overcame penalty to win's sunday auto club 400, second cup series win of the season, by the way with 200th career win, busch ties legendary richard petty for the most of all time. congrats to him. well, the time now is 6 minutes until the top of the hour, police officer holding on for dear life as he's dragged down the street by a four-wheeler and the sidelines swig going viral.
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heather: welcome back vietnam veteran finally flying oh, glory, ordered him to take down his flag pole claiming that he violated their law, now two decades later with the help of virginia delegate he appealed and convinced fellow homeowners to let him fly the flag, that veteran and lawmaker will join us in "fox & friends" in 8:00 o'clock hour eastern time b sure to tune in. the creator of the jelly bean is going to pot, cbd, marijuana extract, the 38 flavors include mar mellows and spicey licorice,
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they will help, what do you think? now time for the good, the bad, now first the good, taco bell hot sauce saved a man's life, car slammed in tex-mex restaurant in florida, standing right where the car ended seconds earlier to get hot sauce. the driver put the car in wrong gear, this by the way, second time taco bell came to the rescue, oregon man survived in snow trapped car by eating the sauce. well, now the bad, a police officer dragged by an atv down busy road during protest and the offices trying to stop the four-wheeler and the driver took off, minor injuries, authorities are looking for the suspect, finally the ugly, nba player
2:00 am
hydrates game by a fan's drink, 76ers forward taking swig crashing into the fan while chasing loose ball and the 76ers been the way, 130 to 125. this wraps this hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. ♪ >> somehow to the president's fault politicization of everything that is undermining the institution that we have in the country today. rob: monday march 18th, the trump administration defending the president against accusations that the new zealand attack was his fault. >> what we learned about the attack that killed 50 people and where investigators have turned investigation. rob: beto o'rourke taking tough questions in wisconsin.


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