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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 18, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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something? >> is this like a promo for chick-fil-a? >> they are right by chick-fil-a. the cow escaped a transport trailer. the cow was eventually caught and returned to the owners. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> authorities going door-to-door in australia hunting for clues in the new zealand max kerr. some try to point the finger at president trump. >> oh my goodness it must somehow be the president's fault speaks to the politicization of everything. >> ethiopian airlines that crashed shows similarity to the sam crash with the same plane last october. >> rivers are at historic levels and forced hundreds from their home. >> representative omar, would you do you think members of your own party reacts what you said.
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>> islamophobia as much among the democratic as the democratic party. >> anybody who would run for the united states. >> 68 teams but only one national title. time to fill out march madness bracket. ♪ steve: okay. get your brackets ready this week and wednesday is the first day of spring. brian: yahoo: special thanks to the earth and the climate because it's actually going to feel like spring. 50-plus degrees. jedediah: i am so ready for some warmth. i'm so tired of being cold. i'm ready for spring clothes and sunshine bring it down. steve: listen you, jedediah is going to be with us all
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week. ains solid off. jedediah: troublemaker in the house. brian: at least for three hours. police raiding homes in australia. we know this the new zealand attack on two mosques. jedediah: death toll rises to 50. steve: surprising move the suspected attacker made. arab asia. >iesha?>> the suspect fired his lawyer and wants to represent himself in court. that former torn says he be to be lucid and not mentally unstable when making this decision. this follows the police commissioner of new zealand confirming there is only one suspect here who carried out the mass shooting in two mosques in christ different. it doemosques in -- christ it's
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mosques in-christchurch. meanwhile new zealand's prime minister announcing gun law reforms will announced in about 10 days. >> i have already made clear that a number of new zealandernewzealanders questione number of military style. full set of details once we have worked through the principled the decision the cabinet has made. >> christ it's churcowner admite sold the suspect four guns and didn't notice any red flags about that man. steve: rethank you for the live report. as we told you lash week when we were covering this master live is, you know, the guy had a manifesto out there and it is very clear is he a white supremacist.
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it's interesting now though he wants to fire his attorney. clearly he wants to spout some of the things in his manifesto out in open court in new zealand. jedediah: that's exactly right. many democrats jumping in on that. in the manifesto it seems that this man was praising donald trump. i don't pay a lot of credence. take a listen to what democrats had to say about trump and the new zealand attack. >> the president uses language, often, that's very similar to the language used by these bigots and racist. >> i don't think moderate republicans are doing enough to hold president trump accountable for his rhetoric. >> many of these people have cited donald trump along the way. to me it means at the very least is he dividing people. >> this is a president who has given plenty of rhetorical ammunition, i think, to terrorists like this. >> the president had this opportunity once again to denounce white nationalism. he didn't do that. >> no one is blaming the
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president. to say what extent does the president has to taken this concern seriously and modify the way he talks about issues like this? steve: it all started with the man who appears to be a white supremacist in new zealand it has somehow been imported here. brian: every time somebody like this commits a crime like that and then lists somebody there, i don't think you should be -- if they put barack obama's name in the manifesto, i would think it would be unfair to put barack obama on the griddle and saying his policies during his years or clinton or bush. i don't think it's possible in one category to say he is a clowis hea is a loonive. he is nuts. if it weren't for such and such's languages wage. mick mulvaney came to bear at two sunday shows and said he wanted to make the clear. you cannot equate the two. >> there are folk who do not
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like the president. everything that goes wrong they will look for a way to tie that to the president. absurd. some type of connection between the against illegal immigration what the veto is about and legal immigration. and the ruthless livestreaming of murder of 50 people. the two have nothing to do with each other. ask the question every time something like this happens overseas or domestically my goodness it must be the president's fault speaks to a politicization of everything that i think is undermining the institutions that we have in the country today. brian: what is he referring to is the word invasion. while the president was behind the resolute desk he is talking about immigration. he says it's an invasion. over a million people are supposed to come in the southern border. they are saying why is he using the same language as that 28-year-old killer in new zealand. he is not using the same language. that's the way trump talks to illustrate what he sees a problem we border. nothing to do with gun
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control in new zealand. jedediah: media language i have to stephanopoulos. blame trump. let's examine the language. that is a suggestion you are linking trump to this terrorist. whicwhich you cannot do. regardless of the ideology you cannot link the actions of a maniac to anyone on the left or right. that's insane. steve: mick mulvaney said you have to figure out why these things are happening. why we see so many of these killings. here's the quote. is there something happening in our culture where people go you know what? i think i'm going to go on tv and livestream me murdering people. that's what we should be talking about not the politics of the united states. because as we told you last week he went on faive live for 17 minutes and you saw him walk in there and just start killing people left and right to the point where he said, you know what? i didn't even know where to shoot because there were so many targets.
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unbelievable. brian: change gears and talk about 2020. we saw bet bait beto o'rourke. big news. joe biden jumps in about to be big news. did joe biden once again expose his weakness, his ability to make gaffes? and did he do it in his own run or was this on purpose? listen to his remarks in delaware over the weekend. >> folks, i get criticized and told criticized by the new left. i'm the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. [cheers] of anybody who would run. steve: he never let's you down. we love joe biden. brian: do you think he did that on purpose?
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steve: no. that's the game they are playing now, everybody knows he is going to run. for a variety of reasons is he going to do it in a couple of weeks. he is just leading up to that. what's interesting is a brand new poll out from emerson polling. they talk to the people in wisconsin, and with this gigantic crop. brian: look at that. steve: look at the top two people bernie sanders right now democratic voters has 40% of the vote. joe biden has a quarter. between of two of them they have 63%. and these are people who have been in the arena before. it's not the new batch. it's the old batch that's way ahead rate now. jedediah: isn't that going to be interesting where does joe by fit into this crazy left wing. i have interviewed biden and sanders. very different. very measured. steve: you think? jedediah: it's drastic. where. steve: bernie bernie?
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jedediah: i'm curious to see how this plays out. the media was going crazy. >> 2020 may be more than just a possibility. >> he keeps, keeping leaving these east easter h eggs. we should be treating him as a presidential candidate who has not filed the papers yet. >> all signs are he wants to get into this race and he comes in with a lot of advantages. brian: that state wisconsin is a state which biden does the state over donald trump. the president has to win wisconsin to win again. the match also won outside the margin of error sanders and warren lead trump 52-4. klobuchar tie tied with him. don't look at 50. it's going to come down to 7 states and who does the best there. will the democrats pick the best person to win those seven states or see hot survivor is not hot best matchup is. jedediah: will the media matchup be the same as
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voters? media will say he is more electable more experience. part of the obama ticket. they can use that legacy that they like some of us don't like it so much and bernie on the other side. steve: i think you are probably right. joe biden is probably kicking himself he did not run last time. when his son died his heart wasn't in it and he has been looking ever since and going you know what? i could have won. joe biden saying to himself. brian: david plouffe is with beto o'rourke. a major obama strategist. why would you not stay back if you really want biden. i sense the obama people don't want biden that's what the big story is. steve: it's early. jedediah: i want to know what you think is biden or bernie going to be the guy to beat? brian: carley shimkus. jedediah: did you say carley shimkus? carley: carley is in the
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house. hundreds forced from their homes as fierce flooding pounds the midwest. crews rescuing nearly 300 people from washed out neighborhoods in nebraska. waters have overcome one third of the offutt air force base. it is expected to get worse. missouri river set to crest at nearly 4 48 feet tomorrow. early evidence shows clear similarities between two deadly plane crashes involving boeing 737 max 8 jets. ethiopian officials say black box data from last week's crash killed 157 people can reminiscent of the lion air disaster. those who struggled to control the plane. closed ohio plant left 17 peopl1700people without a job.
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the president tweeting i asked her to sell it or do something quickly. she blamed the united automobile workers union. i don't care. i just want it open. gm responding in a statement to be clear, the ultimate future of the unallocated plants will be resolved between the gm and the uaw. those are your headlines. brian: we will be taking about that a little bit later. thanks, carley. 13 minutes after the hour. steve: democrats a saying paying for the border wall is peanuts compared to paying for illegal immigration. brian: drivers at the tested out his auto pilot using his wife as a guinea pig. so, what happened? we will let you know. ♪ looking like a true survivor ♪ feeling like a little kid ♪ i'm still standing after this all this time most? picking up the pieces of my
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. nature's bounty. ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. steve: president trump fighting to get money for his border wall while democrats bash it as ineffective and expensive. well, our next guest writing a new op-ed in the "new york post" says we can't afford not to build the wall. arguing the investment is peanuts compared to what the real cost is of illegal immigration in the united states. here to breakdown those costs betsy mccoy former lieutenant governor of the great state of new york.
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good morning to you, betsy. >> good morning. that's why politicians are not leveling with us about what we are already being forced to spend to shelter the illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. most of them falsely claiming to be asylum seekers. the numbers are staggering. in fact, so staggering that deterring this crossing, this asylum scam would more than pay for the wall in less than two years. no other public infrastructure project would get paid back so fast. steve: in two years. look at some of the numbers. we know the president has requested $8.6 billion to build the wall. short of the total cost then when you look at the next number. the number of illegal crossings in february was 76,000. and then, and this is a head scratcher right here. the cost of sheltering each unaccompanied teenager is and i didn't realize it was this high $775 per day and i think that is at the
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homestead air force base facility down in florida. >> that's right. the department of health and human services is operating 130 of she's therlts arranged the country. some are less expensive but they are all very expensive. and the fact is that if you add up the cost. we have $3 billion a year spent last year on families and single adults plus about $2.5 billion housing the unaccompanied teens. so you are up toward $5 billion, right? $5 billion before the surge. as you pointed out, 76,000 migrants in february compared with 463,000 for all of last year. so we could be seeing a million migrants double last year's numbers. steve: but, betsy, you know it wasn't until donald trump became president that anybody ever said a wall doesn't work. now, you know, many on the right have said they are trying to deny the president
3:20 am
a win. >> that's right. the democrats and many republicans 25 in congress voted against the emergency declaration. but, when you look at what taxpayers are being forced to spend, to house these fake asylum seekers. it's staggering. and the president, believe it or not, actually cares about taxpayers. right on his budget it says putting taxpayers first. and is he doing it by trying to stop this unnecessary expense and i have to say when you look at his remain in mexico toe program. many people have not heard about this yet. make mexico the waiting room. steve: as people wait. >> . some will be granted asylum. >> very small. 7.5% of people from honduras. 11% of people from guatemala. most of them are not legitimate asylum seekers. kudos to the president to try to save taxpayers from being literally clobbered with this expense.
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citizenship voting law in kansas. it was blocked in 2016. it required people to provide documents showing they are an american citizen before rogering to vote. brian: you are going to love. this we are going to do some bracketology political style. new york senator kirsten gillibrand jump into the already crowded field of democratic 2020 candidates. went to exploratory to actually in. march stack up the candidates like a ncaa tournament one-on-one. jim mclock lynn is here with matchups. you looked at some of the matchups. let's get start. kirsten gillibrand declare if she will one in front of trump tower against andrew yang. >> trying to run as the female candidate. she attacked beto o'rourke for basically being a white male. and somebody like andrew yang. most people are saying andrew who? he is a businessman and he has money and looking to
3:26 am
appeal to that outsider that left wing voter in the democratic primary. brian brian been exploring for several weeks i didn't see any game. ran as a democrat. liberal has to understand what she is running for. beto o'rourke and amy klobuchar. she made it clear she wasn't born to run like beto o'rourke claimed to in that vanity fair article. beto o'rourke is in single digits in the democratic primary. susan ders and biden as the frontrunners. klobuchar, gillibrand attacked him. there is a fear there. democrats say he is in a lot of ways the heir to barack obama. brian: especially as david plouffe as his guy. he listened to some coaching. take this matchup here. david castro has experience with the obama white house and elizabeth warren we know about her hiccups she hab the first one in. >> she probably should have run four years ago because i
3:27 am
think she could have beaten hillary clinton. me she is the one pounding the democratic polls running third to joe biden and bernie sanders. she has a little bit of momentum but definitely had her missteps with the announcement. brian: announcement i'm going to get me a beer. ing that he on the.coms and the social media. i think that some people can relate to that. now jay inslee, the governor of washington against john delaney. environmental. >> with inslee all about the environment. he was green new deal before it was green new deal. a lot of people again are saying john who? he was the first one to actually announce. is he a businessman. is he trying to run as a moderate. his big opponent is going to be somebody like joy beden who is trying beat out establishment democrats. brian: he put a carbon tax on his platform and couldn't even pass it in washington. let's move ahead now and
3:28 am
talk governor john hickenlooper. he is happy go lucky campaigner. >> one second going to bring people together and act with sift and then he attacks donald trump. is he running for vice president instead of running for president. brian: that's trsmght he came in and listened for a year and asserted himself. kamala harris against tulsi gabbard. seems to have trouble condemning assad. that stands out. kamala harris the best roll out with the biggest crowd. >> two underdogs that have a real shot. if you ask me today, i think kamala harris fits the mold of who the democratic primary voters are looking for. again, she is a former prosecutor. she has backtracked on her record as a prosecutor. that used to be a positive in a primary for president.
3:29 am
brian: seems like she just goes with what is popular we don't know what she stands for. she does have a lot of talent. here are the final. okay there it is. turn around, these are the picks. who advances and who doesn't? let's go downstairs. well, actually, let's just see who won. on the other side you got bernie sanders and they have joe biden coming out on top. brian: tomorrow we will look at more matchups. in particular, a lot of excitement on each side but so early. the first debate comes in june. >> it is so early. who is going to be the candidates. donald trump the day he came down on that escalator he dominated the primary. we haven't seen that from the democrats this time. brian: there is no early except maybe bernie sanders perhaps because he is the most well known. thanks a lot. >> thank you. brian: back tomorrow and we will talk about it again. how to avoid comic book of
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getting away from the feds. >> secretary of state mike pompeo, he gave me a brief tour behind the scenes at the state department. don't move ♪ wake me up ♪ before you go, go ♪ don't leave me hanging on like a i don't, yo-yo ♪ naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste.
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rakuten ♪ ahhh! rakuten! conventional wisdom says you can't make a 400 horsepower sedan, that's also environmentally conscious. we don't follow conventional wisdom. ♪ ♪ ♪ only in america ♪ where we dream in red, white, and blue. jedediah: shot of the morning. a little boy who loves the police is sworn in by a junior officer on his fifth birthday. steve: santa ana police caught word that he wants to be a plim whe policeman when hes up. so they stopped by and sworn him in. brian: brought him a soccer
3:34 am
ball. always a good idea. steve: this is ceremonial i don't believe he is actually a polic police officer. brian: is there an after school. steve: there is after school special that's on cbs. brian: thursday i went to interview the secretary of state. we went longer. and extensive walk through. let me show you some of the exclusive painting at this floor state department privately financed and redone in the 1980s. here is a look at my walk around with the secretary of state. >> you are in the treaty room. heads of center at this beautiful artwork space restored with private funds. you have secretary rice a lot of history here secretary powell and secretary schultz who did fantastic work back in the 1980s for president reagan. brian: still going strong. >> i hope i make it that long. >> exhale and tell you i'm
3:35 am
going to be on this one day. >> i have and it's humbling. brian: james madison and the more you read about him and understand what a genius he was let alone as president what he did. >> federalist paper. all amazing the folks did. the media was different, too. brian: they were hostile. >> we have always had a robust first amendment and freedom of the press. brian: diplomat these days. robust. that's a good word. jefferson somewhat accomplished. secretary of state vice president. >> with west point and harvard. i know they slipped in some history and, of course, west living and breathing history. what do you think of this former secretary of state tirnd turned vice president? >> it's pretty remarkable. think back to these times i was reminded he had a staff of 7 or 8. i wonder what that government shutdown looked like when you 7 people. amazing leader and
3:36 am
incredibly smart and left a legacy we are all still benefiting from. steve: look at that. brian: up to every secretary of state get their painting remarkably accurate. they have not done hillary clinton or tillerson because i guess you needed to take -- had to be a little quicker. he was in and out fairly quick and mike pompeo to be all caught up. steve: why haven't they done hillary clinton yet? >> i don't know. steve: her portrait is in the white house actually as a first lady. >> they know as first lady. they want to do a different type of portrait in the white house. jedediah: amazing. good job, brian. steve: carley shimkus is in today for jillian. jillian: i have headlines for you. a north carolina man accused of murdering his wife is arrested in arizona. 34 miles away from the mexican border. police say rex ford lineal neil had a large amount of cash on him when he was stopped near tucson. his wife's diane body was found near their home earlier this month.
3:37 am
this case has prompted police it look back into the death of neil's first wife originally ruled an accident. a new warning for parents about so-called virtual kidnappings california police investigating after scammers called police claiming their daughters were abducted. they demanded money be transferred into a mexican bank account to get their children back. in both cases the ransom was paid before the parents found out their kids were safe the entire time. immigration activists in sacramento ruled out two new publications to teach undocumented immigrants how to deal with ice. >> i have the community to make sure citizens are safe whether citizen or non-citizen. jillian: comic book to teach kids how to protect their parents here illegally how to deal with law enforcement. the youthful blogger guinea pig to test tesla's auto
3:38 am
pilot and nearly runs her over. >> now, we going to test auto pilot. okay. it brakes. >> she kind of had to pick up the pace toward the end there his brave wife standing in the road as he drives. going up to 35 miles per hour. the man sending out criticism saying his wife was never at risk. but i'm sure he is in the dog house. brian: the thing is the president saying over the weekend the stories come out. he is not -- neither am i. he is not for the self-driving cars. he does not believe in them. telling the tesla guy i'm not in to it. don't tell me about your advances. people want to drive. steve: i have one of those cars it is semi autonomous put it in and keeps you between the stripes a little scarscary. jedediah: we don't need the takeover by machines,
3:39 am
people. steve: janice dean out in the streets people in attendance big crowd. brian: like christmas season. janice: are you guys in the right address? >> yes. janice: a birthday. get over here birthday boy what's your name. >> michael. >> where from you. >> houston, texas. janice: a birthday over here too. what's your name. >> hanna. >> where are you from? >> st. louis. janice: celebrating with "fox & friends." hello east gators from texas. rita and ed i love it i love it when we have this many people up with me at 6:30. 33 here in new york big i can't rememberup this week. big news this week we have incredible flooding over nebraska and iowa. i know you guys have been following this story. flash flood warnings in effect. all of this flooding is going to go downstream into parts of missouri river valley and mississippi river valley. going to be a story we will be covering for many weeks record levels across portions of nebraska. future radar shows a little system moving into the region. we will not see a lot of
3:40 am
heavy rain but any more rainfall is not good news. the rest of the country looks pretty good. it's going to be 47 in new york. all right. wave to steve and jedediah and brian. steve: thanks, everybody. jedediah: thanks; you thought an aspirin a day could keep a heart attack away. think again. brand new guidelines out this morning. steve: plus some 2020 democrats are pushing socialist policies. next guest says there are just nine steps from freedom to socialism. what are they? stay tuned ♪ blinded by the light. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven?
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carley: no longer
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recommending daily low dose aspirin. the benefits for older healthy americans aren't risworth the risk of internal bleeding still be a lifesaver for those with past heart issues. however. the creator of the jelly belly jelly bean to pot; being laced with marijuana extract. roasted marshmallow. and others. he is convinced the jelly beans will help the world. steve: thank you for that update. race for democrats heading 2020 as more on the left are embracing socialist i can policies. jedediah: next guest sounding the alarm writing in a new op-ed just nine steps from freedom to socialism to societal breakdown. steve: writer chairman of
3:45 am
the republican party. del caro joins us from san francisco. jedediah: good morning, tom. >> good morning. how are you? steve: going through the nine points see how close we are getting to it. first step is government spending and we do a lot of that. >> yeah. we do have massive. spend $7.6 trillion as a society in this upcoming year which is roughly four times what reagan's era spent when he said government was the problem. jedediah: number two our tax system that reduced incentives. >> yeah. we have massive tax systems. and hallmarks of socialist societies pour incentives. that comes from tax systems. trump did a good job starting with the business tax code. got to do better with personal so we have better growth. steve: reduce growth leading to economic.
3:46 am
>> they had had zero growth and government about about 60 or 70% of their economies. in united states about 36% with regulations closer to 50. our growth has slipped from 4 to 2. trump is trying to revive it. jedediah: next up something that gives me rage our growing deficits. >> this is what happens when you have massive government spending. there is no example in history of a big government that didn't have deficits and lots of taxes. greece was at 180% of the economy. we are at 106. steve: next step, number five. governments print money. that sounds familiar. >> no government can keep up with the spending, taxes can't do enough. so they start printing money. this is the danger zone when that sort of thing happens. we had it once in the 1970s. venezuela has it now. they have about 1 million% inflation this year. 1 million.
3:47 am
unbelievable. >> wage and price control. >> this all comes out of weak economic growth. that's the key here. if you have zero or less growth. you are going to have stagnation. and then you start having shortages. all these problems. we had it a little bit in the 1970s. in venezuela the stores can only be open on certain days and can you only shop on certain days. steve: that's crazy. underground economies rise that's happening in certain spots. >> yeah. in the united states we had a lot of this during the carter era. once the engine got going under reagan then it changed. so in greece it's about 25%. in america it's 5% to 6% that's a good normal amount. jedediah: number 8, class warfare which we are seeing now frankly. >> that all relates to economic growth. if people can get jobs, then they start to worry about what's on their own plate and advancing. if they can't get jobs, they look to the others and say well, they are do too well. and if you have too much income gap or wealth gap, then it gets played up.
3:48 am
that's where the real danger zone starts. steve: final step is total societal disorder and what we are seeing in venezuela. tom, let me ask you about this. in this country as you look at some of those steps towards socialism. some of them seem like we are right there. but others we are a bit apart. are we closer to this than we were 20 years ago? >> we are because spending is so much more. if they went forward with something like medicare for all and drove spending above 50%. then socialism starts to sound normal and comes into view. if we kill off economic growth with aoc's green new deal, then you are going to have this class warfare. this can be avoided. sweden is walking away from socialism down from 70% spending to 50%. we can walk away from this, but it would be really dumb, really dumb if we did the green new deal or medicare for all because that would drive spending so high we would have economic stagnation and back to this class warfare. jedediah: thanks, tom, it's
3:49 am
funny, when i was looking at this i was thinking about the democratic party platform. i don't think that platform is going to do too well when people realize what the consequences are thank you for your inpud. >> thank you, tom. >> counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to join us live coming up. >> praising teenager egged a. don't try that egg thing with joey jones. he will tell you why coming up next. ♪ born country ♪ that's what i will always be ♪ like the rivers and the woodland ♪ wild and free ♪ i got 100 years of down home ♪ running through my blood ♪ i was or your giant nephews and their giant dad.
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jedediah: an australian senator facing backlash after he took on a 17-year-old hitting him in the head. suggesting he could face charges for fighting back. our next guest has a message for anyone who attacks him. brian: u.s. marine corps bomb technician joey jones watches us now. who do you bank in this scenario? was it right for the kid to hit him with an egg? was it right for the response? >> i don't back stupidity but i understand someone's nature to defend themselves. let me make this clear. i'm not defending this senator's comments at all if you walk up from someone and attack them from behind and don't expect retaliation you are pretty stupid. perhaps at 17 he doesn't know this. maybe 18 or 20 he will. that's why we don't let 17-year-olds vote in this country. his question or discernment isn't there yet. someone that's been trained in hand-to-hand combat i can tell you if i get attack from behind the first thing
3:54 am
i'm going to do is racked before i realize that was an egg or hammer. he take as moment and split seconds and looked like he decides to slap him instead of punch him and i do applaud the center on that notion. 17-year-old retaliates and he comes back with fist swinging. the people around this did the right thing by celebrating them and neutralizing the kid. steve: violence is never the answer. you hear that a lot. this seems to have been something that was set up for social media. it looked like he -- you know, there were all these cameras around. >> absolutely. the idea that via dense is never the answer. violence is never the remedy you initiate. when someone attacks you, you defend yourself. in this country we have the right to self-defense in most states. i don't know exactly what australians laws are. i'm sure the senator, obviously being the older person and the person retaliated is kind of like on the football field. you only see the person that punches back. i'm not sure why the person deciding the 17-year-old is
3:55 am
the victim. he initiated the contact. another point i will point out is that westboro baptist church protested vehemently against my brother being buried at arlington. if they so much as blown bubbles at us something would have happened. no matter why you are protesting i'm not saying the 17-year-old is on the same level as westboro baptist church. protest something only protected slow long as you don't harm someone. the moment you do or attempt to that person has a right to defend themselves. this is a stupid move by a young kid. jedediah: jedediah: i agree with you. this kid has been called egg boy. how can we pay for his legal fees? how can we get him to get more eggs new trend now this seems to be acceptable behavior to crack someone in the head with an egg if you disagree with. they people on your side disagree. that becomes okay. are you concerned about
3:56 am
normalizing violence at protest and elevating people who commit acts of people against people you disagree with? >> you know, they say 1% of america serves. about 20 million veterans about 10% of america has served. let me tell you something as someone in the elite fraternity who has had to defend myself and my life. i can tell you regardless if it's our president or senators or representatives, our our local mayors. our elected representatives have to understand that every word they say in today's world will be held against them and people can get to them. i think this is an omen or cautionary tale for everyone spouting off at the mouth before you think or throwing an egg the a someone before you think can result in something 67 worse than a bad tweet or public shaming. we have to understand that most people in this world are going to defend themselves when attacked. and you don't have the opportunity figure out that was an egg and that was a 17-year-old.
3:57 am
brian: he was waiting for a response. he knew something was coming at him. >> we don't know what his stance is or what he is trying to say back. all he did was throw an egg. he didn't make a point. nobody learned from it. brian: joey, thank you so much. we appreciate it? >> absolutely. ng the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume,
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rob: secretary of state kirstjen nielsen prepares to give a major speech ♪ ♪ let's get it started. steve: let's get it started in here live from the mezzanine level of studio f hour two of "fox & friends" ains solid off and jedediah is in. jedediah: ape 7:00 a.m., everyone. brian: the field is getting bigger the president tweeting over the weekend. created controversy there. steve: what's up with g.m.
4:01 am
he wants to know why they closed that plant. brian: he made a call to the ceo. that's what's good about being president they pick up when you call: kirsten gillibrand is set to give a major speech. today she will likely push for borders. jedediah: this comes as rasheda tlaib calls the border wall racist. griff: big speech tonight secretary nielsen will lay out our vision for george washington university expanding on recent testimony that we have unsustainable humanitarian and security crisis on the border. as congress is still trying to override the president's veto after the vote to block his declaration. and in case you are wondering president trump hasn't forgotten the defecting dozen. he tweeted this yesterday. does republican senators who voted in favor of strong border security and the wall are being uniformly praised as they return to their
4:02 am
states they know there is a national emergency at the southern border and they had the courage to act. great job. meanwhile some democrats as you mentioned are tying the president to the massacre in new zealand and labeling supporters of the border wall as racist. congressman rasheda tlaib saying this. >> every time we talk about a wall. it's not about a structure but about xenophobia. it's about racism. it is the symbol in so many ways of targeting brown and black people in our country. >> mi mick mulvaney says such claims are absurd he expects the veto will be upheld when congress returns at the end of the month. guys? steve: all right. griff, we thank you very much for that. meanwhile, when you talk about illegal immigration and the cost. betsy mccoy the former lieutenant governor of the great state of new york was with us about an hour ago. she wrote an -- opening op-ed. actually we can't acin order not to build the wall.
4:03 am
here she is just about an hour ago breaking down some of the hidden costs of illegal immigration. listen. >> the fact is that if you add up the cost, we have got $3 billion a year spent last year housing families and single adults plus about $2.5 billion housing the unaccompanied teens. when you look at what taxpayers are being forced to spend, to house these fake asylum seekers, it's staggering. and the president believe it or not, actually cares about taxpayers. brian: all time high 1.6 million in 2,000. 26 just alone and supposed to go up this month with the weather getting nicer. question is this. just because some of them
4:04 am
are families it doesn't mean we don't need extra security because they turn themselves in. because then you have to round them up and house them and cost additional money. others are pickup to no good. they are criminals. that's where you need the border. ferry them to the ports of entry. no scenario where putting up a barrier doesn't help. if you are able to change the flores rule back in the 1990s. makes people be released after 2 20 days. kids anyway. the magnet will begin to be turned off. amazing to me democrats and republicans a year out from the election can't say okay. we do have a problem. let's not either side benefit from it let's try to solve it. jedediah: i like that you say democrats and republicans responsibility falls on both. i don't understand how you see a number like illegal crossings 76,000 in february. you don't realize this is a crisis it's not manufactured. i do think it's kiwi have been talking about it as a humanitarian crisis and drug trafficking but the cost does matter, too. this is a cost to american taxpayers footing this bill.
4:05 am
i think it's important for the president to drive that home as well and for both democrats and republicans to be held account being that you guys have been in positions of power for a really long time. no one has done anything about this. this is an emergency. there is urgency to it and the time to act is now. steve: it's a bipartisan problem. republicans have had the opportunity to change it democrats have had the opportunity they did not. betsy mccoy referred to it as phony asylum seekers. some people do seek aasylum and they are granted it talked about how a majority of them are not when you look at just because you have a family member in the united states or want to make money, those are not bona fide reasons. jedediah: distinction between legit matta those deserving aclimbing and those claiming asylum who don't warrant asylum. steve: stagnering number in op-ed. i didn't real liz. this cost the united states $3 billion the cost of sheltering illegal border crossers. uncle sam $775 per day
4:06 am
housed in a shelter in florida's air reserve base. $775 per teenager per day. jedediah: you say uncle sam that's the american people's money. no government money exists iexistsexistsin you taupe i can. when under estimate why it's so foreign to voters they are looking to put food on tables. working two and three jobs. these issues matter because they are pocketbook issues. brian: talk again about something that that matters to the president. especially middle america. when the president turned around and said i'm going to do tax reform and answer the calling from big industry. cut the corporate tax rate and make it more competitive internationally. he thought the car companies would answer and respond affirmatively. for the most part they have. he still can't make sense of the closing of a g.m. plant right in the middle of ohio. lords town, ohio. he says why are you guys closing? i don't get it. they quickly said it's about the unions. uaw. and the president took on
4:07 am
both over the weekend. jedediah: that's right. steve: he tweeted this out first. i just spoke to the ceo of the lords town plant where they had 1700 employees. i'm not happy that it is closed when everything else in the our country is booming. i asked her to sell it or do something quickly. she blamed the uaw union. i don't care i just want it open. jedediah: he is not holding back. general motors saying we remain open to talking to all the affected stakeholders. main focus on employees offering them in our plants where we have growth opportunities. steve: the president is going to ohio later this week. he would love to say i talked to lori barron and they are going to open the plant up. what they are doing flies in the face of chrysler and toyota are doing that is they are investing billions and billions of dollars in american plants and workers. unfortunately the economic realities are that particular plant just made
4:08 am
sedans and not many people are buying sedans right now. rather than retrofit and it become something else they closed it down. brian: it's kind of interesting. i'm a little torn on it because you don't love a president getting involved in big business. but is he frustrated and wants to put pressure. steve: that's his job. brian: bill bennett sat down with mar mark levin and this is what he ascertained from the president's mission. >> trump looks for a fight. he starts them but he usually has a good reason, a good cause. but boy he is resilient. he is tough. and i admire very much what is he doing because i know he means it when he talks about american greatness how he wants to make this country great again. brian: praised toyota they are expanding their stamp here. a lot of what they are doing is dealing with nonunion workers makes it easier to negotiate and get benefits because they can set their own course. a lot of people blame the unions with a lot of what is
4:09 am
going on in the auto industry. steve: toyota is spending $13 million more. chrysler $4.5 billion to boost factory production just in the state of michigan. one state over in michigan is wisconsin. emerson did some polling and they found out exactly who democratic voters are interested in. is it one of those new faces? no. the top two people are people we have seen on the american scene for a very long time. bernie sanders has almost 40%. joe biden has about a quarter. as you can see right there elizabeth warren 14 and then beto o'rourke who had a rollout in and a bad weekend at 6%. and then finally kamala harris in the top 5. jedediah: s that interesting bernie sanders beating joe biden. of course joe biden has not officially declared. will that shift at all? i don't know. i feel like the democratic voter base wants a far left person be it bernie sanders or kamala harris or the aoc-style democrat. i think joe biden will have a tough road ahead if he
4:10 am
declares. brian: right now biden does best one on one and everyone else in the margin of error including harris and klobuchar and elizabeth warren. i would say this. it is surprising that a state that had a two-term republican governor up until the last year would be leaning socialist. i could see biden being their choice because they prefer a democrat but to prefer a socialist who wants to give free everything that's never accomplished anything astounds me. jedediah: sounds good. rainbows and unicorns sound really good. steve: something else astound something beto o'rourke, the number has just been released able to raise in the first 24 hours after declaring $6.1 million. keep in mind when he ran for senator. lost down in texas. he raised $80 billion. that's why there was so much excitement about beto o'rourke. could this guy raise that much money in a presidential. well, is he off to a good start money wise. >> i'm curious. interestingly enough is he
4:11 am
come out of the gate and saying things like this that he has been privileged as a white man. take a listen. >> i would never begin by saying i'm at any disadvantage at all as a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on other take for granted, i have clearly had advantages over the course of my life. i think recognizing that and understanding that others have not, doing everything i can to ensure that there is opportunity and the possibility for advancement and advantage for everyone is a big part of this campaign. i will tell you, i also happen to be the only candidate from the united states-mexico border. there is one candidate who is there who is talk about the profoundly positive impact that immigrants have had on our safety and security. brian: he also had a little problem. the fiction book he wrote where people get killed he apologized for. he also says i'm sorry for being involved in this elite hacking group as a teen. jedediah: small scandal. >> they kept quiet while he
4:12 am
was running against ted cruz. impeaching the president i know i said i was for it and medicare for all not really i will think about it. this was a bumpy rollout on a guy stood on a lot of tables and had a lot of promised. bernie had 5.9 he gets 6.1. i'm curious to see if he will keep apologizing for remarks he made. just off hand remark about his wife doing most of the raising of his kids. he had to apologize the next day. jedediah: democratic party establishment is going to be worried about him. very, very worried. steve: who is the leader of that? joe biden. 7:12 in new york city. carley joins us. carley: we begin with a fox news alert. there are multiple injuries in a shooting attack in the earth inneearthnetherlands. possible terror attack. transstation in residential neighborhood in the dutch city. people are being told to stay away from this area as trauma helicopters are being flown into the scene. and another fox news alert
4:13 am
overnight. police raiding homes in australia connected to two horrific attacks at two new zealand mosques 9 international investigation intensifying as the death toll raises to 50. the prime minister taking quick action after meeting with her cabinet. she says new gun law reforms will be announced in 10 days. and the suspected killer of a notorious mob boss could be arraigned as early as today. anthony camello was accused of gunning down gambino mafia boss outside his staten island home last week. reports show it was likely not mob-related but stemmed from a fight over cali's niece. investigators say he had no criminal history prior to this very interesting story. brian: killing mob boss? wow. what's happening. 13 minutes now after the hour. steve: police officer dragged through the street by an atv.
4:14 am
the pictures police want you to see coming up. >> brian: charles payne is here. is he walking our direction. steve: good morning, charles payne. >> good morning. ♪ i can't get no ♪ satisfaction ♪ when you're confident in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut.
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4:18 am
have the gott do make sure capitalism is just. the only way to meet some of these historic challenges is to be able to use its engine of capitalism. it won't be government intervention or policy alone. now, having said that, it is clearly an imperfect, unfair, unjust and racist capitalist economy. brian: thank you, appreciate it. jedediah: presidential hopeful beto o'rourke revealing how he really feels about our economy. brian: charles payne is host of making money with charles payne joins us on the fox business network. saying things about capitalism, by the way it's racist and unfair. >> capitalism isn't perfect because human beings aren't perfect. it is by far the best economic system ever been devised in mankind. it gets less fair and less imperfect when you add the isms racism or cronyism or elitism. that's when capitalism goes off the rails.
4:19 am
it's not that it creates those environments when you bring those environments into the capitalist mix. this is what he is getting completely wrong. i have been studying this for a while. one area that's interesting africa. when they got their independence in the late 1950s and 1960s, virtually every single one embraced socialism. russia looked very attractive at the time the ussr. they had a powerful military and their economy looked pretty good. well, those countries have set themselves back 5020100 years. in the meantime they also rejected democracy. they rejected pluralism. and those are the things that come hand in hand with capitalism. that's why we have excelled so well. when i graduated from high school 3/10th s of 1% of black holds. it's black households: if you
4:20 am
are talking about a system that promotes opportunity. he gets birds in that whole thing. beto talks about how you need capitalism to save capitalism. >> he gets bizarre in almost everything he talks about, yeah. jedediah: if you were to contrast it with socialism i certainly wouldn't advocate socialism as a superior system to capitalism in terms of equity or opportunity or in terms of any beneficial asset of that nature. >> of course not. just like the judged that we could save the world and stop the planet from getting 1 degree warmer over the next 100 years to maybe spending trillions and trillions of dollars. even that notion would be -- you would finance it through capitalism. right? so, to transition from capitalism to socialism is going to cost a few trillion that will be generated by capitalism. shepard: let's see if he goes to wall street to ask for some money. >> he will and he will get some. steve: charles, thank you very much. brian: straight ahead from
4:21 am
facial recognition in china to a smart id card in china. sounding the alarm about new technology in the wrong hands. breaking down the autocrats new tool kit. steve: one basketball player dives in the stands saving the ball and he ends up oops, having a beer. ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient.
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4:25 am
gonzalez. tipoff is tomorrow. please pay attention. finally one sip that's all it takes to a nba player to hydrate during a game by sipping a fan's beer. taking a swig. after crash into the fan while chasing a loose ball. neither scott nor the fan appeared hurt. good thing it wasn't a college game because wouldn't be allowed to legally drink beer. more on a different story. here is jedediah and steve. >> completely different story. thanks, brian. >> the "wall street journal" is out with a new article and its authors are issuing a warning about the potential dangers of the next generation of technology if it get into the wrong hands. steve: does that sound familiar in the autocrats new tool kit outlines how world leaders could soon use tools of big tech to suppress and surveil their own people and how boss will soon be indistinction gerbil from humans online.
4:26 am
jedediah: kara, so glad to have you here. when i read stories like this. the immediate thought i have is people are going to say this is crazy. this is so far off. why is this something people should be plugged into and concerned about moving forward. >> good morning. thank you for having me. jedediah: good morning. >> it's great to be here. my co-author richard fontaine and i sort of surveyed the national security and national landscape. what stood out to us there is a new suite of technologies. yes, they are in different stages of development. some are continuing to be developed. some are eamericaing. some are already, at least the colonels of them are already in place in our greater society. what we did is we saw that this new suite of tools could really alter the balance between free societies and repressive regimes. so we dubbed it the autocrat's tool kit and we identified what those technologies are and how democracies will have to contend with their rise.
4:27 am
steve: kara, during the last presidential cycle we heard about microtargetting how the candidates would microtarget based on what you looked up on google and facebook and stuff like that. but now governments, you say, are actually my crow targeting fomy crowtargeting. >> what they do is allow very small number of people to wield outsized influence. that's when we talk about microtargetting we are thinking okay if you can automate this factor and commercial uses of my crow microtargetting. tailor content. steve: help sell you stuff. >> exactly. think of a regime that could sell you propaganda. so when these regimes are taking -- take these
4:28 am
messaging tools and they are able to scale them, what we call in the industry make it apparent across a broad swath of the by automating it and making it very precise so increase the efficiency of the potential propaganda messaging that is dictated by regimes. think of what that means across how many people that could hit across populations. jedediah: countries like china and venezuela already utilizing this facial recognition. people think about facebook, for example, who microtarget for advertising. for them they are starting to see this as a new normal and say that's benign. if that were implemented by a government you could microtarget citizens and penalize certain citizens over others. do you see this as something that could realistically be playing out in terms of government taking authority in these positions in the near future in the united states? >> so, the united states, i mean, as long as we maintain a free and open society, and really contest the use by
4:29 am
repressive regimes, i think we are going to be at a better standpoint than most other countries. so if you look at what is happening in china right now, we're sort of citing them as the main regime that's very, very eager to export these technologies to other like minded countries which are more closed societies that don't really have the mechanism to kind of fight back against this. they don't have the mechanisms to introduce counter measures. very important to maintain our principles and that will make society stronger against the malicious uses of these technologies. steve: certainly something to think about what's going on around the world. kara frederick, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. jedediah: we have a fox news alert for you. a possible terror attack overseas. i couldn't tell date minutes aways. steve: woman comes inches
4:30 am
away by being hit by collapsing wall. the shocking moments on camera. >> bernie sanders says his socialist ideas aren't that crazy anymore. >> guarantee healthcare to all is a right. not a privilege. they say too radical, too radical. jedediah: what do the voters think about that in the brand new dials coming up next. steve: we have a deal on dials. ♪ you got me ♪ with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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♪ steve: we have a fox news alert for you right now and a possible terror attack in the netherlands live look city of utrecht multiple glirs a shooting attack. jedediah: looking at terrorism as a possible motive. brian: happened on tram station in residential
4:34 am
neighborhood. people are being told to stay away from the area. keep you updated as news comes out. we know what happened in new zealand there is a near and state of alert formal and informal on various major cities and key locations around the world. steve: they have not figured out whether or not it is thai yet. we will keep you posted on that. meanwhile, switching gears state side democratic hopefuls. look at all of those right there so far making their messages clear in their push to take on president trump for the white house. what do voters think about those faces in those pictures? brian: so far let's see. joining us now with the brand new dials on this very topic president and partner of maslansky and partners lee carter. >> great to be here. can you believe we are here already? brian: guess owho is back already bernie sanders. what's his issue? >> he has a lot of issues. he is resonating with the voters. take a listen what he is saying. look. steve: watch the dials. >> very few in the media
4:35 am
took our campaign seriously. we came here and we said we need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. the establishment said bernie. that's a radical idea. we said that guaranteeing healthcare to all is a right, not a privilege. oh, they said too radical. steve: blue line the democrats through the roof but the independents and republicans gave him an f. >> democrats and republicans gave him an f. democrats love him. dismiss bernie sanders at your own peril and a lot of his ideas. the democrats are really resonating with him. is he talking about issues. setting pace here and people are responding to it. remember, the primary is about getting your base out not necessarily about getting out the independent vote. brian: when is someone going to turn to him and say bernie, when do you minimum wage you destroy small business. when is someone going to tell him if you have
4:36 am
medicare for all it's going to destroy the jobs as well as the whole medicare system? >> i think a lot of people are trying to do that it doesn't necessarily take down his supporters. jedediah: no. >> his supporters need to hear alternative going to make better with healthcare. jedediah: take a look at beto who has come out like wildfire listen to him compare climate change to the fight to d-day. >> face existential threat to western democracy and our way of life. they showed us the way. we can all come together. we can unite and marshall the resources and convene the countries of the world around otherwise unsolvable problems. that moment is now for us on this issue. so if there is a time to reassert global leadership. and make friends instead of enemies it's today because the challenges are too great. >> climate change and d-day and democrats gave him an a. >> they did. they gave him an a. even independents and republicans gave him a c-minminus.
4:37 am
something very likeable and thanostalgic coming together to fight the challenges of the day. he did take it a step too far. you will see that the dials jumped. brian: key is republicans and independents rejected c minus. >> a lot better than some of the others. look at the way republicans and independents are responding the way to most. it has flat lined any one credit beto and biden. steve: see how the population feels about senator elizabeth warren who says in this sound bite do not call her a socialist. >> bernie has to speak to what democratic socialism is. >> you are not one? >> i am not. all i can tell you is what i believe. and that is there is an enormous amount to be gained from markets. that markets create opportunities.
4:38 am
steve: i have never seen something like that all three right kind of in the middle. >> that's basically they are all snoring. there is actually no reaction. as much as what we will say she is polarizing, she is this or that don't like her ideas. some do like her ideas. comes down to it people watch her and they just blah. democrats c plus. independents a c. it didn't do anything for anybody. brian: she is talking free market can be heartening for people who think. >> it could be heartening. when i was looking at the comments people were just tuning her out. steve: we noticed that the independents are voting with the republicans. jedediah: quite a bit. >> that's right. steve: that's probably good news for the incumbent. >> that is very good news for the incumbent we saw that in 2015 and 2016. it will be interesting to see thousand field narrows up how it is going to look. right now it does look like they are very much in line. steve: lee carter thank you very much. >> great to be here.
4:39 am
brian: no one snores through carley shimkus' newscast. >> thank you, brian. i appreciate it a police officer is dragged by an atv down a busy road during an illegal biker's protest in nashville. the officer trying to stop the 4 wheeler when the rider took off, leaving him clinging to the side before falling off. the 22 year police veteran has minor injuries. authorities are searching for the suspect. yikes. and take a look at this. three women just walking down the street are nearly crushed as a massive wall collapses. all three jumping out of the way just in the nick of time as the entire wall comes crumbling down in turkey no one was hurt. thankfully crews are investigating how this happened. and dog the bounty hunter son carries on his father's legacy. leland chapman credited with capture ago fugitive and turning him over to police in alabama. the morgan county jail sharing this photo posing with law enforcement after
4:40 am
catching the accused criminal. it's unclear what the suspect was wanted for and his name has not been released. and why did the cow cross the road? >> well -- >> does anyone have a lasso or something? [laughter] >> is this like a promo for chick-fil-a? >> where did he go? carley: can you believe it he dodged a transport trailer to get to chick-fil-a in indiana. the cow was caught and returned to its owners. what is that called when life imitates art or art imitates life? steve: eat more chicken like the commercial. brian: if you are. anna: mall and escape from slaughter you should be allowed to live. do you agree with that janice? janice: i'm not sure. i love chick-fil-a though. oh my gosh this is amazing. always sunny watching janice. i hear that's a great book. we love janice's lunch box jokes. my wife is addicted to fox news.
4:41 am
it's incredible and where are you guys from? >> abilene, kansas. >> where is that? >> home town of steve doocy. janice: it's a love fest here on fox square. take a look at the maps. i love you. 33 but so warm now in new york city because of all the love out here on 48th and 6th. watching the radar. quiet week. however, our big story is the flooding, my friends across nebraska and iowa where we have flood warnings still in place all of that flooding is going to move down towards the missouri and the mississippi river valley. this is going to be a big story this week. so we will watch it other the next couple of days there is a future radar. quiet but we do have some showers moving into those flood prone areas so we will certainly keep you up to date. by the way spring arrives on wednesday. will you guys come all week long? [cheers] >> the love i feel is incredible today. put that on your face. steve: that's great. very nice. brian: what a huge crowd. is it spring break or something. jedediah: janice gets the
4:42 am
best crowd. brian: and good-looking people. steve: especially the folks from abilene, kansas, my hometown. brian: five ms-13 members charged in horrific attack stabbing one of their own more than 100 times. more proof we need all the resources we can to protect our border and is he a border patrol guy. >> congresswoman rasheda tlaib doubling down on congresswoman ilhan omar blaming islamophobic for anti-semitism. janice: you are on "fox & friends." ♪ the feeling that we are meeting ♪ for the first time ♪ ♪
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> good morning the next generation of iphones could have foldable screens.
4:46 am
foldable phone designs. apple says the iphone 11 will also likely feature a triple rear camera. new phone is expected to hit stores later this year. and burger king is experimenting with a new coffee subscription service. subscribers can get a small cup of joe every single day for just 5 bucks a month. that means each cup will set you back only 17 cents. you cannot, however, get refills or iced coffees. interesting. brain, i will send it over to you. brian: thanks, carley, the notorious gang involved in another horrific crime here in the united states. police say five known gang members stabbed one of their own over 100 times before setting his body on fire. what type of crazy behavior is this? well the victim's mom claims he was forced to join ms 13 and killed for trying to get out of ms-13. is this even more proof that we need a wall at the border or is it something else? our next guest is the author of this brand new book
4:47 am
called unwavering, a border agent's journey from hunter to hunted. jason piccolo a former ice supervisor and whistleblower during the obama administration he joins us now. first with this moths killing of their own. does this scenario sound familiar. forced in, can't get out? >> yeah, exactly. their mantra is kill, rape, control. same thing happened last year. i don't know if the victim last year wanted to get out of the gang or is even associated with the gang. but he was stabbed 100 times. dismembered and deca decapitate. you are seeing this all over the place. brian: got a few thousand arrested this year. with ms-13. you have the drugs. and you have people who are looking for asylum just flooding our borders. it's not any one thing. it's everything. but look at these costs. illegals crossing, 76,000 in february. that is a high that we haven't seen in almost 10 years. cost of sheltering illegal border crossings over $3 billion. for those who say big heart. those billions could be going to our social programs here. cost of the shelter 775 per
4:48 am
day. and when you have thousands coming every month. and when you have over 1 million a year. who is paying for that? we are. >> yeah. we are. and you know, we need more resources. not just the wall we need. we need more special agents and officers to dismantle these organizations. and then we also need optics. if you come here, you are not going to get some sort of benefit. right now the thing is if you come across the border, they think they are going to get a benefit. brian: to turn off that magnet, you say it's time to get rid of flores amendment. 93 goes into action. and that says that if you come across this border, we have got to house you and if you are a kid. you can't stay more than 20 days. therefore, the word gets out to ecuador, to guatemalans, to nic rag begans, if you want to come to america, they can't get rid of you, right? >> the thing is we need that bipartisan immigration reform. we have been talking about it ever since i became a
4:49 am
guest on here last year. it just how is it ever going to happen? right now you can't do anything, get any laws passed even if you peace meal it. brian: you say from liberty to huntedhunter tohunted why? >> i used to go after the organizations and then when i blew the whistle i put a target on my back and became hunted. brian: jason, thanks. >> thank you, brian. brian: straight ahead. california's governor defending decision to end the death penalty. >> my daughter says to me you teach us not to kill. and, yet, here i am in a premeditated way killing other people. >> can't do it? >> on behalf of the state. i can't do that. brian: beto o'rourke's to ban it at the federal level. this police officer was killed by someone on california's death row. his mom joins us live next hour. and forget helicopter parenting lori loughlin and
4:50 am
felicity huffman were caught in the admission scam you know that new trend called snowplow parents. we'll explain. if ywhen you brush or floss, you don't have to choose between healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax.
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♪ steve: forget about the term helicopter parents after the rich and famous like actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman were caught in college admission cheating scandal the "new york times" is warning of a new dangerous parenting style snowplow parents. jedediah: here to react author of disconnected how to reconnect our digitally distracted kids tom kersting. i'm so excited to have you here. i used to be a teacher. dean of a high school. i saw this all the time what do we do about this issue of
4:54 am
parents micromanaging their kids. doing homework and not allowing kids to fail on their own. >> the problem has become. this we hear stories about kids getting into elite colleges and so forth. it's not about their kids. it's about the parents. i posted something recently on social media. the sticker on the back windshield of cars can be the most important thing in the world for parents so they can keep up for joneses in the neighborhood. steve: that validates what i did got my kid into harvard. >> kind of living vicariously through your children to serve your own needs as a parent. and people are going to the ends of the he earth we hear this term snow now there parenting which is lawn mower. brian: get everything out of the way. >> i'm going to plow through the system and get what i want. i don't know if anyone has heard of 504 accommodations. in public education if the kid has any disability. steve: get extra time. >> we have dealt with a lot of the those issues kids doing really well even though they have a disability and parents can try to bull doze through the system. brian: here's the thing.
4:55 am
a lot of people feel like i want my kids the knew nuances to this. i want my kids to be successful for them. you are saying people -- these parents want their kids to be for the parents. it's about them. when did it become about them and not about the kid? >> what i tell people, the secret sauce to our kids being successful is values, integrity, and ethics. okay? and if we -- if parenting are go going to the ends of the earth to do these unethical things what is the message the kids are receiving? >receiving? steve: did you go back into the 50's and 60's parents then tried to do everything they could to get their kids into college because nobody in their family have ever done it we have continued to take that torch and do anything for our kids, many of them going over the line like that. >> oftentimes, you know, preventing kids from experiencing any kind of failure or rejection, right? so, in life, if you are a
4:56 am
constantly insulated from that as a kid. when you get out in the real world you are going to be confronted with something that's going to sting. >> you won't have the emotional intelligence to handle that. jedediah: you don't have character-building skills. >> our kids need to fail whatever the definition of failure is we have to have that. brian: i hope my kids fail today. i really do. steve: it's not about the kids it's about you failing. >> become so much about the parents. steve: eye opener. thanks, tom. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead a vietnam veteran flighting for two decades to fly the flag outside his house. he finally won. he will join us and tell us his story next hour ♪ call it old glory. ♪
4:57 am
♪ i have... ♪ . . . . they're our parents...
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neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. ♪ >> trump administration defending the president against accusations that the new zealand attack was his fault. >> my goodness it must somehow speak to the president's fault
5:00 am
speaks to the politicization of everything. >> the border is being hit by a single males and the family units. so you do need the wall. >> every time we talk about a wall, it is not about a structure but it is about racism. >> record flooding in the midwest, already recorded in 17 areas. missouri river set to crest at 48 feet. >> joe biden hints as presidential run. >> i have the most progressive anybody running for the united states, anybody who would run. [applause] >> kyle busch, his magic number, 200 in southern california. ♪ new york, where dreams are made of ♪ steve: we're in "new york state of mind." we're in a new york studio. hour three of "fox & friends."
5:01 am
the world's number one morning news show thanks to you. brian: everybody is thinking about basketball. you keep in mind, you saw spring training over the weekend? are are you getting in the mood for baseball. >> i had a great time. saw the cardinals versus the nationals. i grew up watching st. louis cardinals and royals. jedediah: good game? >> great game. went down to the last inning. brian: if you talk to any expert or visit any psychics they predict the yankees will win everything. steve: you're in "new york state of mind." jedediah: he frequents psychics. brian: they have way too much talent and hate boston so much. steve: thank you very much for joining us. jed in or ainsley. jedediah: great to be here. steve: our lead story. secretary of homeland security, kirstjen nielsen is giving a major speech on our homeland
5:02 am
security where she is expected to address the southern border and need for a wall. jedediah: comes as freshman democrat rashida tlaib calls efforts to build a wall racist. brian: fantastic. sounds like we're on the same page. griff jenkins in washington. reporter: look for her to further make the case that we have an unsustainable humanitarian and security crisis. let me give you some context. just moments ago my source in the rbg sector says their central processing center is overproing. they hold 3,000. they had more than 4700 yesterday. congress plans to override the president's veto who by the way hasn't forgotten defect dozen of republicans. he writes this. those republicans who voted in favor of strong border security and wall are uniformly praised as they return to their states. they know there is national emergency at southern border. they had the courage to act, bright job. but as you mentioned some
5:03 am
democrats are labeling supporters of the border wall as racist. this is congresswoman rashida tlaib. >> every time we talk about a wall, it is not about a structure, it is about racism. it is a symbol in so many ways of targeting brown and black people in our country. reporter: acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney says that is be a burred. meanwhile we're getting more and more of numbers out of dhs. will be interesting to see what we get from the secretary, guys. brian: interesting, griff. everything is racist. there is a million people coming across the southern border. you just heard what griff said, great reporting, 4700 people in a facility that holds 3,000. if they were coming through the northern border, if russians were coming through canada we would treat it the same exact way. the northern border isn't perfecter but the southern border is where the crisis is.
5:04 am
to call it racist is to shut down conversation. jedediah: they do that all the time. they do it with racism, all the isms, this is not a new pattern. in addition to this being a humanitarian crisis, human trafficking, drug trafficking it is important to focus on the cost of these illegal crossings. if the look at the stats, illegal crossings, 76,000 in february, 76,000! cost to shelter is over $3 billion. cost of shelter, $775 per day for each unaccompanied teen. this becomes an issue for taxpayers who are saying hold on a second. this is not just about a humanitarian crisis that is incredibly important and our costs what does it cost to fund. steve: where does it come from? it comes from all of us who pay taxes. if the money is going towards that project and those people it is not going to other things, at
5:05 am
least what betsy mccaughey, former lieutenant governor of new york told us two hours ago. said one thing about this president, donald trump he looks at costs. that is why he cares about this. watch. >> democrats and many republicans, 25 in congress voted against the emergency declaration. but when you look at what taxpayers are being forced to spend to house these fake asylum-seekers it's saggering. the president believe it or not actually cares about taxpayer. right on the budget, putting taxpayers first. he is doing it by trying to stoop this unnecessary expense. brian: we have some jobs available in this country. there has to be a blitz on the other side to maybe some of the great people coming across. if you need a job, maybe work visa we could get a fast track to get people at work. i talk to people at restaurants over regular basis. talk to good friends with a guy with pool company. to get guys to come in with
5:06 am
papers, have them ready to go is so difficult. they're paying good money. people at southern border want to work. people in interior of our country need workers. they have the work ethic. there has to be a fast track for work visa that would,. steve: so easy. have congress change the laws. right now that is the problem. we heard from all the i.c.e. officials and border patrol there are some loopholes. that is why we're in the morass we're at. brian: karl rove over the weekend said there is really two tracks. there is a two-headed horse here, attack both. listen. >> it's a mix of people approaching the border changed dramatically. in the early part of the 21st century it was mostly single men, mainly from mexico coming here for jobs. a wall helps stop those people. the asylum-seekers, family units what the current immigration flow largely is, they want to show up to surrender to the
5:07 am
immigration authorities the wall doesn't matter there. the border is hit by both types of people. single males, many of them from central america now, return mexico, the family units. so you do need the wall. you need a change in the procedures that we have dealing with families. brian: you could have both. they're both a problem. jedediah: speaking of money, 2020 is well underway, beto o'rourke raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours after announcing his candidacy. that is most of any of the democrats. 6.1 million for beto. 5.9 million for bernie sanders. 1.5 million for kamal ha harris. i can't believe beto outfunded bernie sanders from from the geo to be honest with you. steve: also amy klobuchar raised only one million in the first 48 hours. people talking about joe biden, when he will get in. he will get in i think as soon as he got more money that bait
5:08 am
ohio rork does. -- beto o'rourke, talking about his rollout in iowa. this morning he changes the subject. the subject now look while joe biden and bernie sanders may lead in these polls of likely voters beto o'rourke actually leads in the poll of people who open their wallet and give some cash. brian: he had over the weekend to explain why he was involved in hacking group. steve: why was he involved in hacking group. brian: he regrets it. he talk a runs over people with and days he had brushes with law. he made a joke relatively harmless joke he was apologizing for profusely next day as relates to his wife ace role as a raising their kids. so that was a heck of a rollout. beto o'rourke though wasn't done. he wanted to take aim at
5:09 am
capitalism. >> there is a lot more we got to do to make sure this capitalism is just. the only way to meet some of these his to rick challenges is to use engine of capitalism. won't be government intervention or policy alone. having said that, it is clearly an imperfect, unfair, unjust, and racist capitalist economy. jedediah: once again the "r" word. we were saying everything is called, capitalism is race i. we'll see what's next. steve: look how many people donated to his texas senator campaign. he raised $80 million. one of the things people who observed politics, if he gets in the presidential will he be able to duplicate that. he is now well on the way. when he comes to new york city, with his hand out, go to wall street, you know will say look, you guys are great. jedediah: you're racist. steve: we'll need your money.
5:10 am
brian: keep his hands steady enough. ever since the president brought it up about his hands going everywhere where people have noticed jimmy fallon made fun of. chris christie noticed something else. >> here is the genius of him politically why it was so hard. uses his words. talks about beto o'rourke. he has to do more than just waving his arms. >> labeling. >> trump labels you and he labels you in a way that is vivid and is stark and sticks, low energy jeb, little marco, "lyin' ted," crooked hillary. i didn't get a nickname. brian: you don't get a nickname if trump respects. cryin' chuck but nancy pelosi. trump is smart about how he does that. but right away, minute he said, i don't know his arms are flailing everywhere with the
5:11 am
irish leader. i don't know about his arms. is he crazy. steve: everybody notices is. brian: you stare at his hands when he goes out there. jedediah: trump is laughing because he knows it sticks. steve: carley joins us now. looks like there is potential terror attack. >> we have a fox news alert a massive manhunt right now after a possible terror attack in the netherlands. this is the live look in the city of utrecht. there were multiple injuries after shooting attack. investigators say someone opened fire at a busy tram station in a residential neighborhood. we'll keep you updated as new details come out. authorities identified the senior airmen shot and killed during a gas station robbery in arkansas. police say 23-year-old sean mccount, jr. was a customer inside at the time.
5:12 am
he was shot trying to stop two armed robbers. he died at the scene. he was an active member of the u.s. air force. investigators offer $10,000 reward for information that leads to be a arrest. early he have shows clear similarities between two deadly plane crashes involving boeing 737 max 8 planes. ethiopian officials say black box data from last week's crash that killed 157 people is reminiscent of the lyon air disaster in october that killed 189 people. both pilots struggled to control the plane. the news comes as the transportation department reportedly fins an investigation into the faa's approval of boeing's 737 max 8. those, guys are your headlines. steve: lots of questions. thank you, carley. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. congresswoman rashida tlaib defending her colleague ilhan open heart. this is why she says antisemitic
5:13 am
remarks are okay. >> islamophobia is among the democratic party as well as republican party. brian: alan dershowitz here to react next. comic book for getting away from the feds. brian: what a great idea. fantastic. steve: coming up. ♪ congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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5:17 am
♪ >> how do people in your own party reacted strongly to what she said? >> i know this would be somewhat shocking for some but i think islamophobia is very much among the democratic party as well as the republican party. jedediah: rashid talib doubling down on support for ilhan omar. steve: harvard law professor alan dershowitz the author of, the case against impeaching donald trump. he joins us now from miami. professor what do you make of her comments regarding your party? your party has the same party the republicans have? >> they come up with a new
5:18 am
tactic. when you accuse somebody, even truthfully of making anti-semitic statements the very accusation, whether truthful or not is called islamophobic. so it provide as complete defense, no matter who made the accusation, whether it is hillary, i'm sorry, whether it is chelsea clinton who called out omar for her anti-semitic statements, she is attacked at nyu for causing, contributing to the tragedy in new zealand or president trump, who is also accused of causing the tragedy in new zealand. it's a new justification for anti-semitism. you can't call anybody out for making anti-semitic statements because if you do you're guilty of bigotry. you're islamophobic. brian: chelsea clinton lives in manhattan. lives around nyu. here is the incident you're referring to, not only are you defending her, don, jr. was defending her over the weekend. listen. >> this right here, is the result of a massacre stoked by
5:19 am
people like you and words you put out. i want you to know that. i want you to feel that deep inside. 49 people died because of rhetoric you put out there. brian: 49 people died because of the rhetoric that chelsea clinton put out there. are you kidding? >> it is amazing, omar claims that the rest of us in the world are trying to stifle dissent. that all she wants to do is encourage dissent. she is trying to stifle dissent but yet, people in support of her are saying, no, no, you cannot call out anti-semitism. that is not appropriate speech. because if you do identify, anti-semitic statements and cone dem them as everybody in the world should, you're guilty of bigotry and islamophobia. designed to prevent people from calling out farrakhan, omar, anybody else that made anti-semitic statements. you cannot do that anymore, if
5:20 am
you do, you and chelsea clinton will be blamed for every anti-muslim fanatic statement or act that is done anywhere in the world? it is designed to stifle debate. everybody should recognize that. we should have the complete full freedom to call out anti-semitism for any other bigotry wherever it occurs without being worried that you will be called a bigot if you do it. jedediah: that's right, alan. she was bullied into apologizing she did, which i felt she shouldn't have to. anyone should be able to call out anti-semitism and not apologize for that. thank you, alan. >> i agree. brian: voice of reason. jedediah: counselor to the president, kellyanne conway is here live coming up next. steve: california's governor defending his decision to end the death penalty. >> my daughter says to me, you teach us not to kill, here i am in premeditated way killing other people on past state. i just can't do that.
5:21 am
steve: that police officer was killed by someone on california's death row right now. his mother, joins us with words for the governor coming up. [do you want breakfast or no?] [definitely breakfast.] be a booker at
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5:25 am
the kansas dot firing unnamed employee. they removed the tweet and said it doesn't reflect their views. steve: wonder who did that? meanwhile california governor gavin newsom halting execution of prisoners on death row last week as new 2020 contender beto o'rourke called for ending the federal death penalty. >> i cannot sign off on executing hundreds and hundreds of human beings knowing, knowing, that among them will be innocent innocent heem beings. i believe the death penalty is wrong. >> it is is not a quitable fair, justice system right now. and on moral grounds, i oppose the death penalty. steve: what about the families of murder victims still waiting for justice to be served? california police officer larry
5:26 am
lasseter was shot and killed trying to apprehend two armed robbery suspects. his killer alexander hamilton is sitting on death row. here is officer lassite-r's mother joining us. >> thank you for having me. steve: tell us what happened to your son larry? >> my son was on a foot pursuit, he was ambushed, shot twice, killed in the line of duty protecting his community. steve: he was eventually, this man who was convicted, was convicted and placed on death row. you felt that that was justice served considering what had happened but now that gavin newsom said, you know what? those guys on death row, the people on death row will not die on his watch, what is your message to him, the governor of california? >> i have quite a few things to say to the governor.
5:27 am
one of them being, why did you lie to the voters of california during your campaign? because he said he would obey the will of the people. he said that to several editorial boards. that was his position. he was asked specifically about the death penalty. he said that he would enforce the law. we had just passed prop 66 in 2016. he knew what the law was. he said he would follow the will of the people. i live in a very blue state but the will of the people regarding the death penalty they wanted the death penalty. they wanted to stop the delay and instead, what he has now done is impose his own personal will over the voters. he betrayed us. he stole justice from us like a thief in the night. he knew he was going to do this from the gate i'm sure. he called a meeting at 3:30 for the first time, spoke with any victims, announcing that he was going to do a moratorium the
5:28 am
next day. he did not consider the victims. he has no heart for victims. he is all about gavin newsom and, furthering the left agenda and furthering his own political career by betraying us. steve: phyllis, i foe you feel like you were blindsided by this announcement. he was over on "the view" on abc on friday and abby huntsman asked him a question. it relates to you. i want to you listen to his answer. >> what do you tell the parent that disagrees, i don't have closure. i don't have closure. >> you have to eradicate evil? >> i literally said there is foggy can do to bring your child back. there is nothing i can say to change your point of view. the fact i'm entrusted to do something much broader than just address one individual case. i have to address a system that is race-based system, a tremendous injustice for black
5:29 am
and brown people. steve: what do you make of that? >> well i think that he is in denial about the existence of what is really happening in california. first of all he claims that it is racist. i do not think it is. he talks about six out of 10 are people of color but let's actually look at the real numbers. there are right now 247 white death row inmates in california. there are 266 "black death" row inmates. 184 hispanic and 40 other. all these individuals were tried by juries that were racially balanced and, his argument is flawed. it is just flawed. steve: i had not heard those numb before.
5:30 am
phyllis, thank you for joining us today, giving us your point of view, telling us your son larry. >> i would like to talk about my son, one of the things i would ask gavin knew some is, my son served his country as marine corps officer six years, before going to law enforcement. even in death my son continued to serve. he lived a life of service. he served by organ donor saving five people. what more could my son have possibly have done for the citizens of the state of california or governor newsom for him not to have stolen justice from us? he came like a thief in the night and stole justice from all the victims of death row killers in california. steve: all right. phyllis loya, joining us from oakland, california. thank you very much. >> you're quite welcome. steve: what do you think about that? email us, friend as
5:31 am
political left trying to blame president trump for new zealand terror attack. >> is the president's rhetoric exacerbating problem? >> the president had opportunity to denounce white nationalism, he doesn't do that. steve: we'll talk to kellyanne conway, so much more coming up. how to avoid i.c.e. for kids? comic book for getting away from the feds. we'll be right back. ♪ cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage
5:32 am
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. at least one person is dead after a possible terror attack in the netherlands. these are live pictures, most recent we have, heavily-armed police surround a apartment bidding in the city of utrecht.
5:35 am
there are multiple injuries at this hour. >> country raising the terror level to the maximum as the massive manhunt intensifies. steve: investigators say someone opened fire on a busy tram in a residential neighborhood. right now they're trying to figure out whether or not there is terrorist connection. let's bring in kellyanne conway, counselor to the president of the united states. >> good morning. >> there was a terrible story on friday where alleged white supremacist opened fire on mosque in new zealand, 50 people were killed. shortly after this, people around the world comparing this guy and his manifesto to donald trump. just curious, your reaction to that parallel? >> that is predictable and outrage just. in fact this man compares his motivations to that of mass shooter in norway in 2011, those who think that is ancient history should go back and school themselves what happened there. also this president condemns
5:36 am
hate and evil and bigotry. we will continue to do so. people should feel safe but especially feel safe in their places of worship. we've seen far too often where that is not the case. unlike most mass shootings this man came with be -- if you will. put out a 70-page manifesto. everybody scoured it searched for donald trump name there is one time. he said he allies closely with ideology of china. he is not conservative. he is not a nazi. referred to himself as econaturallist or ecofascist. people should read in its entirety. someone reflecting on the first year in the time of white house here at end of 2017, was asked what was worst day there. they were expecting me to say something else. the worst day bar none, the day steve scalise almost lost his life on the ballfield in
5:37 am
arlington, virginia. thank god he didn't. we didn't run around saying the guy watches msnbc or he is bernie supporter. nobody should do that. nobody should blame folks other than the evil, hateful shooter. our u.n. ambassador to new zealand, scott brown, former senator from massachusetts put it very well, he said you don't give platform to credibility to someone rotten to the core. people should focus on what the authorities are saying here. so we avoid copycats and don't see signs in the future. tech companies are struggling not to be a platform for hate and evil in the first place, murder was live streamed. this guy wanted attention, doing rotten, evil, hateful, person. steve: yeah. >> who wanted to kill people and live streamed it. so we have a lot to unpack there. i think people look for the cheap and easy, especially fits
5:38 am
their own ideology. by the way, folks if you're not expert on this, stop weighing in like you are. we don't need to hear your opinion on every single thing, instead read, read what the authorities are saying. see what the secretary of homeland security are saying there was no credible threat, thank god, to our mosques in the country. we stand with our muslim brothers and sisters. we stand with people of every faith who are trying to, i think that treatment of chelsea clinton was outrageous and ignorant and tremendously unfair. she should not have been yelled at by those people and blamed for the massacre anymore than any other people should be exempt for the evil, pathetic, horrible, hateful man who did this. jedediah: kellyanne, i want to get to the fight for border security that is continuing. all of us are trying to figure out what the next step is going to be for the president to get the wall built. obviously vetoing a resolution would aim to block his declaration, his emergency
5:39 am
declaration. what is he going to do next to try to fulfill this campaign promise he made to so many people. >> highly doubtful congress can override the veto. he will continue moving forward showing there is a security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border, not a constitutional crisis as some of those senators who voted for disapproval resolution would like you to believe. 76,000 migrants were apprehended in february alone just last month. we have record numbers of unaccompanied children coming through the northern triangle countries. drugs, kids are pumped with birth control and pregnancy tests, disgrace, yuck as nine or 10. president will do what he is doing. he can use as you know, start with 1.75 billion in the original bill. added to that the asset forfeiture money from treasury. drug money committed at dod can go here. after he taps into that roughly 4.45 billion, you look at some, what we call the 2808, the
5:40 am
military construction projects, another 3 billion plus and change there. that 8 billion plus for the steel slat barrier, the border wall, the physical bearer we need so you can't go under it, around it or threw it, that is a piece, that is piece, 25% as i read it of the over all security package. also in the president's budget are the immigration judges, more border patrol agents, more enhanced technology. brian: they're doing it right now. they're not waiting to go you there the courts. real quick, david axelrod said this, the president drew inside straight in 2016 with narrow wins in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania he is vulnerable in those states and no prospect of adding any state in the 2020 column. what is your thought. >> david axelrod is very smart man who helped president obama win two terms but i disagree. first it wasn't inside straight when president got 306 electoral votes nobody can see his path in
5:41 am
the media 270. i see here seven different paths that is well-documented in addition to the ones he won, he can be competitive in nevada, new hampshire, in colorado. he should definitely be in new mexico. we shouldn't cede any state off the bat because which democrat in fact is actually going to bust through trump's 306 electoral votes? where is the proof of that. we have 13. we have the bakers dozen running. biden may be in. none of them think the others can beat donald trump. no strategy i see. you got beto o'rourke and cory booker promising they would nominate a woman to be vp. do they not think women running are good enough to be president? a whole hot mess in democratic party. giving over the bridge in virginia. can't get rid of allegedly racist governor, allegedly rapist lieutenant governor. why is the democratic party powerless to remove people from
5:42 am
office, let alone -- i'm naming states. i think president will compete again in many places where, as the incumbent presiding over boom economy that is envy of the world and trying to bring peace throughout the world he is dealing with china and north korea and iran in a way that previous administrations had not. steve: kellyanne, i saw that the president tweeted out he has 93 approval rating with republicans which would help him with that. something else he has been tweeting a lot about over the last 24 hours is this gm deal. obviously what he is trying to do to get the united auto workers now to sit down with gm to keep people at their jobs? >> yes i actually discussed this very issue with the president this morning, less than an hour ago. he doesn't, in the president's mind it's march. you're scheduling a meeting for october. in the meantime jobs may keep seeping out of the country like they did in past administrations where people didn't care about trade imbalances. didn't care about auto,
5:43 am
manufacturing and of course construction, mining all these jobs, warehousing back under this president and robust under his economics and job growth plan. he wants them to come to the table before that. the urgency the president feels he wants the auto companies to continue to stay here and return here because he knows that that is a bedrock part of the u.s. economy and continues to be. when you tell a businessman, non-politician we'll meet seven months from now. he is saying can we accelerate have the meeting sometimes faster. steve: we'll see what they do. kellyanne. thank you very much. >> great day. steve: have a great week. straight ahead, how to avoid i.c.e. for kids. the comic book for escaping. jedediah: vietnam veterans fighting for two decade honoring fallen vets out in front of his home and he finally won. that hero joins us live. ♪
5:44 am
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only for a limited time. >> we're back with headlines. immigration activists in sacramento roll out two new publications to deep undocumented immigrants how to deal with i.c.e. >> i want the community to make sure america is still safe, whether you're a citizen or non-citizen. >> one of the pubcations is comic book to teach kids how to protect their parents who are here illegally from law enforcement. health organizations no longer recommend daily low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks a new report saying the benefit for older, healthy americans are not worth of risk of internal bleeding. the pain reliever could be still a live safer for those with past heart issues. experts sounding the alarm on the snooze button. ♪
5:48 am
>> classic a sleep wellness company sending a letter to apple asking them to remove snooze from the next iphone update. experts say hitting snooze can disrupt rem sleep sending a shock to the brain can raise blood pressure and heart beat. i'm a huge snoozer. oh, no! steve: when the bell rings you have to get up. brian: not a good start to the day procrastinating. already starting late to everything. janice dean, are you snooze button person? janice: i can't be. we have to be here 3:30 in the morning. what is your name. >> easton. janice: where are you from? >> florida. janice: what are the conditions? >> mostly sunny and 35. janice: say a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, becky. janice: we have serious issue we
5:49 am
want to talk about across the u.s. incredible flooding across portions of nebraska, towards iowa. missouri valley, mississippi river valley, watching river gauges flood advisories. prayers for all the friends in nebraska and iowa, down the mississippi river. this is big story not only throughout the day and next couple weeks, the next few months. we'll watch the weather very carefully. wave to everybody at home. my loves. what a beautiful crowd this morning. whoo-hoo. steve: thanks, jd. brian: 11 minutes towards the top of the hour a vietnam veteran fighting for two decades to fly a flag outside his home. he finally won. that hero is next. >> that is special flag. sandra smith, what happens on the channel in ten minutes? >> steve, jedediah, brian, good morning to you. the latest on the shooting on a tram in the netherlands. one person is dead and several
5:50 am
wounded. dutch terror threat is raised to the high lest level. the shooter is still on the run. we'll have an update at the top of the hour. plus new reports north korea may be considering missile testing again. how the white house is reacting this morning. and new developments in the boeing investigation. what we are learning now. monday morning in "america's newsroom." join us, top of the hour.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ jedediah: two decades ago this vietnam veteran was told by his homeowners association, the flagpole flying american flag in his yard violated neighborhood by laws. brian: that vet, richard olden
5:54 am
can fly the flag again thanks to delegate john maguire. steve: they join us to share the incredible story. richard, start with you. why was it so important for to you fight your homeowners association for decades over flying a flag in front of your house? >> well, it was memorial in my mind. very private memorial but to the men that i served with in vietnam with a unit called the walking dead marines. wanted to fly in their honor. steve: 749 marines you served with, right? that was their memory. >> 749 casualties in my battalion which was 800 man battalion. steve: gotcha. brian: when you moved into this complex, did you know they had these rules, richard? >> no, there was nothing in the covenants about flagpoles. they covered compost piles, things like that, but not flagpoles. jedediah: talk to me a little bit this particular flag. this has been a long battle for you, ultimately gain the right
5:55 am
to actually fly this flag. talk about the flag that will ultimately be flown, what it means to you. >> it means a lot to me, it is the flag i flew over my bunker in vietnam. i was in northernest position in vietnam, one mile from north vietnam. i flew this over my bunker in 1967 when i was wounded. steve: i know it was important for you. you were a navy seal. why did you want to get involved in this fight? >> some people risk their time, risk their money but our men and women risk their life, often times sacrifice their life for freedom. i don't know if you knew the story, by the time the story came out 16, 20 years ago, that is when we were deploying troops to iraq. imagine your son or daughter being deployed to iraq where you possibly wouldn't come home and the one thing that unites our country is that flag. doesn't matter of your political views, religious views, male or female that is one thing unite
5:56 am
our country, to be told this man couldn't have flag. when i got elected last year i told richard and his wife ava i would do everything i could to get the flagpole and flag up. brian: biggest story, vietnam veterans didn't get respect they deserve. you are fighting to get that respect. this is just symbolic of that fight? >> that's correct. jedediah: very inspiring, both of you, honestly i read the story. just in the face of defeat to keep coming back. this is long fight. everyone at home is very inspired. this meant a lot to you. steve: next month in your homeowners association they will have a flag-raising. you got to send us a picture. richard, thank you very much and john maguire, you as well. good luck to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. ♪ and hiv.
5:57 am
maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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5:59 am
>> that's it for today. the good news is, we will be
6:00 am
back at the couch tomorrow. >> we might have something special tomorrow. it might be special, it might not. >> it will be special. to an end, we will be someplace else. >> you have to run to the tv, fox nation covers us. >> sandra: fox news alert, dutch police now searching for the gunmen behind a deadly shooting in and around a commuter tram in the netherland netherlands. one person killed and several others wounded. authorities are not ruling out terrorism at this time. good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. >> was shooting happening just before noon local time at a busy intersection. now at its highest terror alert level. >> sandra: the very latest on all of this. what are we learning? >> this is a moving target right now literally. police searching for at least one gunman involved with what


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