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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 18, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we might have something special tomorrow. it might be special, it might not. >> it will be special. to an end, we will be someplace else. >> you have to run to the tv, fox nation covers us. >> sandra: fox news alert, dutch police now searching for the gunmen behind a deadly shooting in and around a commuter tram in the netherland netherlands. one person killed and several others wounded. authorities are not ruling out terrorism at this time. good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. >> was shooting happening just before noon local time at a busy intersection. now at its highest terror alert level. >> sandra: the very latest on all of this. what are we learning? >> this is a moving target right now literally. police searching for at least one gunman involved with what they call a possible terror attack in this dutch city, the
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city of utrecht, authority is now saying that one person has been killed, several have been injured. we have heard the number seven as well and reports and they say there are shootings at multiple locations in the city and they say they are treating it as if it was a terror attack. the only attack that we know of in detail is the one that you mentioned, and a tram, a streetcar at a busy intersection in the center of the city. happened about midmorning just after rush hour. eyewitnesses and local media said they saw a man with a "big gun" get into the street car and start firing at individuals. many of them sitting down in this tram and then he fled. some accounts that he got into a car and went away. a counterterrorism police arrived very quickly and the terror alert in the city put at its highest level, level number
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five which has never happened in this usually peaceful town. some of the injured treated, some taken away to the hospital via helicopter. right now, we are monitoring these live feeds and they seem to be gathering at an apartment complex not too far away from the scene. if these heavily armed police. looks like perhaps the individuals are inside, no suspect has been caught yet, no description of the suspect has circulated. authorities have also said some 350,000, i've been there, it's a busy place, a lot of industry, a lot of people crossing from belgium, from germany, a busy crossroads, everybody to stay inside. so this city is on lockdown read again, we are still waiting for more information, what the other attacks could be, anything regarding the suspect and motivation. the world has seen terror attacks in the last couple of days, no sign of any links to
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that but we are tracking the story minute-by-minute, back to you guys. >> sandra: we will to follow the latest from their greg palkot, thank you. >> jon: also tracking new information in the bowling investigation as data from the flight data, the so-called black box appears to show a link between two deadly crashes in less than six months. while "the wall street journal" reports federal prosecutors in the department of transportation are taking a closer look at the development of the boeing 737 max eight jack. jet. initial suspicions are pointing towards the flight control system, tell us about that. >> it stands for maneuvering characteristics augmentation system, it is an automated control of the automated system in any boeing airplane. while they are very common among air buses. they are designed to compensate for the bigger engines which necessitated moving the engine
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slightly forward, changing the max eight center of gravity and therefore its handling characteristics. when is given full power, the nose tends to pitch up. it neutralizes that by trimming the tail flops downward. if the initial findings suggest a clear parallels to the ethiopian crash last week to the aircraft crash months ago. it was trimmed to force the nose down, the crash site also indicates the tail flops were in a nosedown position but in that first crash, we also know that it was acting on erroneous information from a malfunctioning sensor that indicates the planes pitch and angle of attack. in a statement, boeing ceo said while investigators continue to work to establish definitive conclusions, boeing is finalizing his development of a previously announced software update and pilot training that will address the flight control behavior in response to
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erroneous sensor inputs. keep in mind that these initial reports are coming from the lead agency, ethiopia's transport ministry. if there has been some friction between u.s. representatives and ethiopians investigators who have expressed some dislike in e investigative agency. it >> jon: there are reports of a federal probe in this country and its development. >> there is grid "the wall street journal" is reporting this morning that a grand jury in washington on march 11th issued a subpoena to release one person involved in the development. it seeks correspondence, emails, and other communications related to the certification of the plane. it is unclear whether the general report is a report that focuses on the safety system that's been connected to these two crashes. >> jon: doug mckelway in washington, thank you. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running -- who
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would run. [cheers and applause] anybody who would run. >> sandra: that was former vice president joe biden over the weekend almost announcing a 2020 white house abroad in delaware this weekend as the field of democratic candidates grows yet again with new york senator kirsten gillibrand officially entering the presidential race. chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and fox news contributor, good morning to you. so for most, most of us have assumed for a while that joe biden will be entering this race. perhaps a little flip on his part but more importantly, what did we learn about his message as a potential candidate this weekend? >> we just heard it. most people focused on the little slip that indicated that he really is running but the
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most important thing he said there was that he claimed to have the most progressive record of any candidate in the field. this is really a recognition by joe biden that the democratic party has changed a lot since he has been in politics. beto o'rourke was not old enough to vote when joe biden first ran for president in 1988. on the party has changed certainly since then and even since joe biden was barack obama's vice president elected in 2008 and 2012. basically, he has to catch up with these democrats were talking about a green new deal, talking about medicare for all, talking about different tax rates, much higher tax rates. so calling himself progressive is really a way for him to say i'm in this group today. >> sandra: meanwhile, the big money is rolling and for those who have officially announced that they are running for president. you look at the numbers for beto o'rourke, and they are big.
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he managed to raise over $6.1 million after declaring his long anticipated bid for the presidency within 24 hours of announcing his run. he narrowly beat the first day of senator bernie sanders as you can see, $5.9 million. but beto o'rourke outpacing his rivals. what is this early surge in fund-raising and numbers tell us about this race? >> it shows that he still has it. one of the big things about his race against ted cruz in which he narrowly lost that senate race in texas was that o'rourke raised $80 million for a state senate race. it was kind of a national fund-raising machine of small donations from around the country. the question was, with those donors still be as excited about o'rourke in the context of a presidential rate, a lot of other candidates, and the answer is yes.
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$6.1 million is a lot, better than bernie sanders who was the previous king of the small donations he got 5.9 million. took amy klobuchar two days to raise 1 million. kamala harris raised a million and a half in her first day. so they are really far ahead of the other candidates when it comes to raising money. >> sandra: it's interesting, he had a weekend of stumbles. you don't have to look far out there to see the headlines that he has some apps, looked back at the words he said in the initial hours after he announced his presidency, that "vanity fair" piece and saying he was born to be in it. amy klobuchar while she prefaced her criticism of that by saying she's got a lot of respect for him, he has not been without his gaps. already in his early run here. >> i think some of this is just people and reporters and other candidates looking for stumbles early on, and these all do not add up to a whole lot.
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i do think of the apologies that he made, perhaps the one in "vanity fair" was the most significant in which he seemed to apologize for being a white man and said that he would "totally understand" if other voters chose not to vote for him because he is a white man. and promised to have a very diverse staff and i would assume if he were to win the nomination, there's no way in the world his running mate would be a white man. i think what we've seen here is an effort for beto o'rourke to fit himself into how he views not only the democratic electorate now, but the other people in his field. >> sandra: we will finish with him backpedaling on that commen comment. >> i was like man, i hope i didn't say that. i am born to serve. i'm born to try to help bring people together. if i don't know that anyone is born for an office or position. i certainly am not. >> sandra: finally, kirsten gillibrand is officially in the
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race. she went after the president, didn't mention him by name and her video announcement, but you can see where she's already going. a final thoughts from you this morning? >> the jell-o brand announcement didn't make a lot of waves because she said a while back that she was exploring iran and then don't do it, not as frequent. so kirsten gillibrand does a fairly big name senator who is not a big splash in this so far. >> sandra: it was titled grave wins. thank you for kicking things off with us this morning. >> jon: for the record, bruce springsteen was born to run them. what do you think about that joe biden thing? was at a slip? to make a mistake, i don't know. >> jon: australian police raided the home of the accused new zealand mosque shooters mother as white house sounds
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often attempts to tie president trump to the terror attack. plus this. >> for three days, we could not get in or out of columbus proper. if >> sandra: widespread evacuations as one state sees the worst flooding in half a century and the worst may you have to come. >> jon: plus, north korea threatens to end nuclear talks saying it has no plans to yield to american demands. what happens next? house foreign affair members adam kinzinger is joining us. >> the fact that we didn't get a deal in vietnam doesn't mean the relationship was in payroll. that just means there is no deal at that time, doesn't mean there's not an agreement we can make in the future. when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life
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>> i think the resumption of the missile testing would be seen as
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a violation of some sort of breach of trust. if i think it was a general understanding that there was no reason for that to continue as long as we were continuing to have conversations. >> jon: that's the view of the white house responding to reports that north korea might resume weapons testing with nuclear talks now in limbo. if pyongyang accuses u.s. officials of creating a hostile atmosphere that led to the abrupt end of president trump'sh kim jong un last month. the spring and congressman adam kinzinger, he serves on the foreign affairs committee. it doesn't sound like kim jong un is serious about possibly resuming or is it a bit of face-saving? >> it's hard to tell, this is not a surprise. let this is how north korea has been doing things even when bill clinton got the big deal wh north korea for stopping their nuclear program. this was not really surprising. i don't think this is where we need to hit the panic button yet.
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i do think the administration should show what they're doing right now which is we are going to get tough. we are not joking around on thi this. the resumption of the war games and military exercises would probably be the right thing and also continuing to enforce those sanctions. the thing we have to keep in mind is the iran nuclear deal as bad as that was played out behind closed doors. this is the same principle, trying to cut a deal but it's playing out in the open so they will be a lot of ups and downs and hopefully this is just a down on an good finish. >> jon: more firm or its from the white house. listen to secretary of state talking about his expectations for the korean regime. >> it on multiple occasions, he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing nor would he resume missile testing. if so that his charm and kim's word, i have every expectation he will live up to that. >> jon: are not so veiled threat to the chairman that if he decides to resume testing, there was going to be trouble.
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>> is exactly right. you get to the point where you're going to promise him for not pursuing testing, the president was absolutely right to walk away. the end state here is that no north korea will not have a nuclear weapons program. that is something we been very clear about. what do we take to get to that and what is going to be? so secretary pompeo was right. if kim wants to play this game resuming testing to try to threaten the united states, he is going to see that he might under predict our behavior because he has in the past and in the past we've been weak. i don't think we are going to be this time. so hopefully this is just a blip in the field negotiation strategy but i think ultimately, north korea will not have nuclear weapons. the show see how we get to that
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point. >> jon: wisconsin senator ron johnson says there are more screws that could be tightened against the kim regime. this is what he had to sing on sunday morning futures. >> what had brought him to the table, let's not make the same mistakes in iran were sanctions were brought to the table but then we believe those that we didn't actually force iran to negotiate in good faith. right now, chairman kim is not negotiating in good faith. he has to come to a different conclusion. >> jon: it sounds like you when the senator on the same page when it comes to the possibility of increasing sanctions. >> thinking about people like kim jong un or vladimir putin for that matter, what they fear the most is losing power. all of this is about maintaining their tight control on the population. if the sanctions get worse and he continues to feel the economy looking away then his grip on power slipping away, that's his motivation to come to the table. so whether it's actually punishing china for sanction
6:20 am
valuations, stopping any cargo coming in, illicit cargo, there's a lot that we can do. if we have kept the sanctions in place but there's been a lot more violations and would probably not really forced as hard as we should because we are negotiating. we can get back to the enforcing those and get pretty painful on kim. >> jon: a member of the house foreign affairs committee. if >> sandra: an american navy veteran set for ten years in prison in iran. our rising tensions between washington and tehran the reason behind his sentence of? 's lawyer will join us live to weigh in on the fight to free him. also, congresswoman allowed omar writing an op-ed calling for more inclusive foreign policy after her controversial comments on israel. a closer look at that ahead. us as people.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, devastating flooding in the midwest, at least three people are dead as damme's failed rivers overflowed forcing residents out of their homes and nebraska and iowa. many people had to be rescued from the rising waters. >> one of those people who died was someone who was swept away in the floodwaters and another man who was helping people and a bridge collapsed on him. calling this major in historic river flooding. you have governors in iowa, nebraska and wisconsin all declaring states of emergency. take a look at what we are seeing and nebraska were people have been forced from their homes. rivers are at record levels. roads and bridges are washed out and more rain is forecast. could you bring to the state illusion of water hitting these communities and as is typical with a natural disaster, there are some who do not heed the
6:25 am
warnings by officials to get out of their homes. telling folks if they ignore the evacuation recommendation getting them out later may be delayed. the community of fremont, nebraska, has been cut off by rising water. >> we are trapped, can't get in or out of fremont so planes are flying in supplies from all over, learjet and unloading them and we are just orbiting them to churches and a middle there's a shelter there and anyone that needs that. >> in iowa, it's a similar story with more than 2,000 people right now out of their homes. here is the state's governor. >> it is significant damage, every levy south of council bluffs to the missouri border has been breached. so that is something we are going to have to deal with going forward. how do you fix it?
6:26 am
>> national weather service says these conditions are likely to extend into wednesday. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: more violence and parents as a yellow vest protests enter a fourth month. how president trump is a reacting after rioters torched banks and shops protesting president macron's economic policies. plus, the white house reacting after the suspect in the new zealand massacre called president trump a symbol of renewed white identity in a manifesto. a live report from washington next. >> that's just absurd to say there some type of connection between it being against illegal immigration which is what the veto is about, and the ruthless live streaming of murder of 15 people.
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in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. >> sandra: fox news alert, we
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are awaiting dutch authorities including the prime minister expected to hold a news conference on the deadly shooting in the netherlands. if one person killed as we know at this time and several others wounded. when a gunman opened fire in and around a commuter tram in the city of utrecht this morning. police say they are searching for a 37-year-old turkish man. they are not ruling out terrorism at this time. more information as we get it. when back new zealand police say a gunman who killed 50 people acted alone but might have had support has security measures are ramped up across that country. >> you will see a highly visible police presence on the streets come around your businesses, around your schools, and even in the air right across the country so you will feel safe to go about what you want to do.
6:31 am
>> jon: is the white house works to keep president trump from being tainted by the attacks, the suspect mentioned the president and his anti-immigrant manifesto but mick mulvaney insisted the president is not a white supremacist telling fox news sunday that it's absurd to suggest the president's political rhetoric influence the attack. >> i don't think it's care to cast this person as a supporter of donald trump than to look at his ecoterrorist passages that align him with nancy pelosi or or -- this is an evil person and to tie him to an american politician probably ignores some of the deeper difficulties that this sort of activity exposes. >> jon: kevin corke is life at the white house. fair to say there is a healthy dose of frustration they are at the white house over those trying to tie the attack to the president. >> in particular, when you think about how it has a nasty
6:32 am
narrative among the president's political opponents to him, white house officials say it's unfair, it's untrue, and it is certainly unwarranted. if but this is also happening amid the carnage and the devastation in new zealand, a nation is hurting there in the muslim community worldwide is still coming to grips with the evil that struck its members in that beautiful country. it is that backdrop that has white house official saying when it comes to blaming this country's president or shootings here and elsewhere, enough is enough. >> to ask the question every time something like this happens overseas or even domestically to say oh, my goodness, it must somehow be the president's fault speaks to a politicization of everything that i think is undermining the institutions that we have in the country today. >> i don't give any credibility to the ramblings of somebody who was rotten to the core and clearly is an extremist of the worst kind who could walk into
6:33 am
two mosques without any care whatsoever and kill people. >> placing blame where it belongs, on the perpetrator of that violence. >> jon: the president is also taking to twitter to complain about mueller report and the creation of a special counsel. tell us about that. >> you're going to see a lot more tweets like this and certainly you when i have talked about this at length, this idea that the very genesis of the mueller report frankly should never have happened if you agree with the way the president is describing how this entire process played out. again, he has said this on twitter. let me share this tweet. it is lengthy, so follow along as the president lays out his tape. he said if there was knowingly and acknowledged to be zero crime and a special counsel was appointed and if the appointment was made based on the fake dossier paid for by crooked hillary and now disgraced andrew mccabe, he had all stated no crime, than the special counsel should never have been appointed and there should be no mueller
6:34 am
report. if this was an illegal and conflicted investigation and search of a crime. and then he ends with this. a russian collusion was nothing more than an excuse by the democrats for losing an election that they thought they were going to win. this should never happen to a president again. critics will argue the investigation was warranted because of a number of contacts between trump campaign staffers and those who may have had ties to the kremlin. may have had which is part of the frustration. we won't see the president until the greek independence day event tonight if he happens to come out here before then, i will let you know but back to you. >> jon: we were waiting for that report. to some people think the attorney general might already have it. kevin corke, thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, french officials vowing to crack down on a resurgence of ryan's after so-called yellow vest protesters trash and torched shops and
6:35 am
clash with police during the 18th straight weekend of demonstrations. a president trump tweeting this morning about the chaos they are writing how is the parent's environmental accord working out for france after 18 weeks of writing by the yellow vest protesters, i guess not so well. in the meantime, the united states has gone to the top of all lists on the environment. our next guest worked directly with president trump when the u.s. pulled out of the paris climate accord. former epa deputy assistant administrator. appreciate your time this morning. it seeing what's playing out there with the 18th straight week and now of these protests. you are talking shops the throwing stones at police committee can see windows coming down. it's a mess in paris. >> this is what could have happened here if we had stayed in the paris agreement and the problem is that they are
6:36 am
political leadership's advancing and undermining their economic interests in the name of environmental progress but the problem is, they aren't even achieving environmental progress. my message to the french leadership as they should shred the parens agreement and they should work with president trump to figure out how to grow the economy and historic ways while advancing successful environmental progress. >> sandra: as we know, these protests began and the violence began after the fuel tax increases and emmanuel macron has responded with this statement. many things have been done since november but today show that on these matters, we are not there. i want to make strong decisions as soon as possible so that this does not happen. what has he been doing very to channel their anger? >> i don't think he's been doing a very good job. what you should do is what president trump does very well which is listen to the people of his country instead of the elite
6:37 am
politicians and advisors around him. the wisdom of your people first, and what they want most more than anything else is economic progress. so he has gone around and tried to have these listening sessions, but they haven't worked out very well. in the meantime, president trump who came to leadership promising to listen to and placing the interest of the american people first, listening to american workers has grown the economy and historic ways averaging 3% gdp growth, something unseen in the last administration while significantly propping up the economic prosperity of american manufacturers, creating millions of jobs and advancing environmental goals. if we leave the world and greenhouse gas emission reduction. from 2005 to 2017, the united states reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14% while the rest of the world grew their admission is 20%. so again, my messages to the french president and other
6:38 am
signers of the paris agreement, those types of agreements don't really work but what they should do is come back to this country, within the president trump and see how they really effectively balance while advancing environmental progress. >> sandra: emmanuel macron team is making the debate that the turnout of these protests while still violent over the weekend has been declining. meanwhile, you bring it back here home and i want to play some of the sound from over the weekend, this is the mayor of south bend, indiana, a presidential candidate and he is trying to broaden the conversation about the environment back here at. here he is on fox news sunday with chris wallace. >> with the world is going to look at, and if we don't act aggressively and immediately from climate, it's not going to be a pretty picture. this timetable isn't being said in congress. it is being set by reality and
6:39 am
being set by science and it's going to hit those deadlines and they're going to hit in our climate with or without us so we have to act. >> sandra: there's already a very passionate community of interest on the subject if he makes his run for the presidency but he thinks it's important to broaden the conversation beyond environmentalist. what you think of what he said over the weekend? >> i think he has a valid point, the point is that we have already made significant environmental gains in this country before talking about what we should do next, people need to be honest about where we are. we leave the world and greenhouse gas emission reduction, lead the world in terms of having the cleanest air on record and investing billions of dollars in clean water infrastructure. president trump is a man about action, not about making promises that sound good but don't actually produce results. so broadening the conversation is a valid point, but we need to be realistic and appreciative of where we actually are today.
6:40 am
>> sandra: great to get your thoughts on that, thank you for your time. >> jon: not getting much done at work today? joined millions of other workers spending this morning filling out there office march madness brackets. the field for men's college basketball tournament announced this weekend, duke no surprise the overall top seed along with north carolina and virginia, the first games tip-off tomorrow. >> sandra: so what do you do here? are you in one? >> jon: i have not ways at any time filling out my bracket this morning. >> sandra: we will leave it there. meanwhile, all of washington remains on edge as robert muller's report on the russian election interference could be out any day now. we are watching and waiting. >> he wants to release as much
6:41 am
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>> it was a political stunned by the democrats who thought they could divide republicans in the voting no upon it. they have nothing they can actually put on the floor so they wasted an entire week of american taxpayers dollars to actually put reform on the floor that said nothing except the same thing regulations say that mr. mueller needs to do. >> jon: that is georgia congressman doug collins about the report going to the public, it was blocked in the senate. former new hampshire government and white house chief of staff to george w. bush. a lot of people were surprised by that unanimous houseboat, were you? >> i was not. it is clear the democrats have
6:45 am
become the party of circuses and this was another part of the circus component. offering everything for you to the world and now they're doing all kinds of crazy things with the power they have in the hous house. surprisingly, the only adult, since the november elections from democrats came from nancy pelosi when she talked about the folly and futility and the wrongness of chasing the impeachment route, but this thing with the mueller report has the democrats completely flummoxed. they don't know how to handle it and they got outfoxed by the republican vote. >> jon: the law says the special counsel is supposed to hand this report to the attorney general of the united states who then decides whether or not to release it or how much of it to release. would you advocate that it be released in its entirety? >> i advocate that the attorney general do what he thinks is the right thing. the democrats have a real problem. the president appointed a very
6:46 am
smart attorney general. someone who understands the law, someone who understands politics, someone who understands washington. i have absolute confidence that attorney general is going to do this in a way that puts full transparency on the process and deals with the political games and the democrats may want to play with it. >> jon: 's of senator lindsey graham is holding this thing up in the senate because he says he wants another special counsel appointed to look into things like the clinton email server. would you like to see another special counsel >> sandra: ? >> i would like to see an investigation called out in an honest way in what was done by the clinton campaign. i think it probably could be done by the attorney general and the justice department but i understand lindsey graham doing what he's doing there. the interesting thing is that lindsay is going to be dealing
6:47 am
with a democrat contingency in the senate that will probably be depleted by six or seven almost every day for the next two years because those democrat senators run for president. it's going to be circus time. >> jon: a house democrat said the house still needs to continue these investigations. listen to this. >> we can't use bad actors from the clinton administration or otherwise as justification for not doing our job. i sometimes feel like this is like middle school kids that are trying to justify their behavior by appointing to past behavior of others and say they did it, so i'm allowed to do it. >> jon: what you think about that? democrats are saying that some of the past misdeeds are coming to light here. >> the democrats don't know how
6:48 am
to handle the responsibilities they got in the last election, and all it takes for any backbench democrat to come and get a little bit of tv time is to say something ridiculous. we had an unknown democrat nobody ever heard of getting a little bit of tv time on fox by saying something that is meaningless. >> jon: all right. former u.s. attorney said that he doesn't think the mueller investigation is necessarily wrapping up. said the fact that rick gates is still cooperating, this thing might still be going on for quite some time. what would you say to that? >> he is the legal arm even though he's out of his responsibilities now, the legal arm of the democrat national democratic national committee. anything that comes from him as a hard political statement. >> jon: a former u.s. attorney in new york city who was
6:49 am
essentially ushered out of a job by president trump which is not unusual when a new president takes office. former governor, good to have you want. >> thank you very much. >> sandra: president trump ramping up pressure on general motors as the auto giant closes a big plant in ohio. and so can pressure from the president get gm to change its mind? and for years, you've heard that an aspirin a day might help prevent heart attacks. but that advice is changing. dr. marc siegel will join us live next. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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>> jon: a town in austria lighting up what it says is the world's largest bonfire. organizers spent three months building the structure and it burned to the ground in less than half an hour. austria has a tradition of lighting bonfires to celebrate the arrival of spring. >> sandra: for years now, a daily dose of aspirin could reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes but this is no longer the recommendation for healthy older adults. dr. marc siegel is a professor of medicine and a fox news contributor. we have been hearing this for years. is this advice changing now? >> we have been hearing it so much that 40% of all adults were actually taking a baby aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks and strokes and it does work, the problem is that over the age of 70 especially, it increases your risk of bleeding and the kind of bleeding we really worry about
6:54 am
that could lead to hospitalization and death so the reason that this is being will be fought by the american heart association and the american college of cardiology is the risk of bleeding on the second part of this is good news which is we've done a great job at controlling some of the risk factors that lead to heart attack and stroke, we are controlling cholesterol like never before with drugs like lipitor, also getting less americans to smoke and we are controlling blood pressure better than before. so the thinking is if you can control the major risk factors of heart disease, you're going to get less heart attacks without that aspirin and without the risk that aspirin gives you. >> sandra: in some cases, are they recommending this practice for older adults? >> in many cases, great point because that's what it's always supposed to be. the message here isn't don't stop here aspirin, it is do a cost-benefit thinking on this and see if you should take it or not.
6:55 am
if that's what it always should have been. it should never have been patients starting themselves on aspirin. this is a wake-up call for that kind of direction. what is your risk of leading and what is your benefit from this? between the ages of 50 and 70, still a good group to be saying if you're at high risk for heart disease, you made it a baby aspirin so we are not going to take everybody off it, just some people off it. >> sandra: just about a minute left but if you are someone who is currently taking this aspirin every day, should you stop now or i'm sure you're going to tell us that everyone should consult their doctor. >> i'm not going to tell anybody to stop. people should exercise more, they should improve their diet more, she got there blood pressure down and lose weight. they may not need all these preventions and of course talk to your doctor, no one who was on aspirin right now should stop but it's a time for more conversation on it. lifestyle changes are the key, stop smoking and if you remain
6:56 am
at high risk especially if you have diabetes, if you have diabetes, you may very well need to stay on that aspirin. i want to make one more point which is that you may have heart disease and not know it. i'm not just talking about people with angina, they may still need the aspirin but consult your doctor. >> sandra: dr. siegel, thank you. >> jon: great advice. it looks as if the 2020 democratic presidential field is still growing. one more candidate officially joined the race while another may have dropped a major hinge. we will look at the front runners next. for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert on the deadly shooting today in and around a commuter tram in the netherlands. dutch police naming a suspect in connection with the shooting. authorities saying to be on the lookout for this. we have the photo now, 37-year-old turkish born man. right side of your screen, the shooting happened earlier in the city of utrecht. at least one person was killed, several more wounded. that man on the right is still on the run, he opened fire in and around that commuter tram. meanwhile german police say they have increased surveillance on the country's border with the netherlands and are also on the lookout for that suspect. we will continue to watch the story. first, the democratic presidential primary field growing at a again in. i knew candidate entering the race and another big name saying
7:01 am
he is raising a record-breaking amount of money for his campaign. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" monday morning. i am sandra smith. >> jon: and i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. meanwhile, beto o'rourke reporting that he raised more than $6.1 million in online contributions during the first 24 hours of his campaign. >> sandra: mike emanuel live in washington with more. so while it's a crowded field, we all know that by now, he has gotten a lot of attention and raise a lot of money. >> no question to you, he has also gotten that "vanity fair" cover treatment with a quote saying i'm just boring to do this with all of that attention will come a great deal of scrutiny. >> this is our defining moments of truth. this may be our last best chance to get things right for one
7:02 am
another for this country and i want to make sure that the way in which we run in which we speak to one another is profoundly respectable, respectful and respectable. >> new york senator christian jell-o brand making it official within announcement, saying it's time for it is time for a leader that makes big bold choices. >> that's why i'm running for president and why i'm asking you for your support. our anthem asks question forcing every generation to make a choice. will brave when? >> will brave win? >> with answer for hours. >> planning to spend the next couple of days in iowa. >> sandra: the question about in the race, not naming any names but who might be? >> former vice president
7:03 am
joe biden had a bit of a slip or preview depending on how you look at it. >> i am criticized by the new left, i have the most progressive record of anybody running -- anybody who would ru run. [cheers and applause] i didn't mean -- >> also a lot of buzz about the millennial mayor who also happens to be an afghanistan war veteran. >> because i'm not highly famous and i'm not personally wealthy, takes a little bit to get the organization in place for launch. you only get to launch once and i've got to tell you, i'm not going to make any news this morning but all of the signs are pointing in the right direction and when we do come out, it's going to be a big one. >> this crowded democratic field might be standing room only. >> sandra: mike emanuel, thank you. >> jon: for more on the 2020 democratic presidential primary race, let's bring in today's a-team.
7:04 am
associate editor for "the wall street journal" and fox news contributor. morgan ortagus, also a fox news contributor and mary anne marsh, former senior advisor to john kerry. i want to start with you. i said earlier, i don't think that joe biden slipped was accidental. what do you think? >> whether it's a slip or not come easter to see what kind of candidate joe biden would be in a presidential race. he would already be president, this is the third run and he'd never been a great presidential candidate. the other thing you learned from that speech the other day is that he is going to run as obama's third term. that did not happen with hillary clinton in the white house. that's what he telegraph by saying i'm a progressive candidate, i'm more progressive. he made clear he is going to be the third term barack obama and that should tell you everything. one last point, the problem for joe biden despite his performances is very long record in public life. he is going to have to explain a
7:05 am
lot of his decisions like the anita hill hearings, and in politics when you are explaining, you're not winning. >> he is talking about being a progressive so he placates the left wing of his party. this is a centrist guy and what he has going for him some would consider reliability is his age, a disproportionate number of voters who are older, the older people tend to vote. they will find a little bit of security in joe biden probably because they do know him or they may have disagreed with him in the past but he is a familiar face so i'm not sure that there is many liabilities for him going into this as there are positives. >> sandra: democratic senator took the time over the weekend to tout his strengths and his record, here he is. >> i think he has a record that allows him to say making big and bold progressive promises on the campaign trail is one thing. having a real record of actually delivering on those things is
7:06 am
quite another. real leadership is actually enacting legislation that advances access to health care. joe biden has a record as a vice president in the obama-biden administration that allows him to speak on that. >> sandra: says that he is confident, that he will announce soon and that he will run a very forward-looking and optimistic campaign. >> so is beto and so was cory booker as well also running optimistic campaigns. it's interesting to me, i don't see in modern political history running on your record and your experience as being something that really ignites voters and getting excited. we have seen that play out. we saw hillary clinton try to say she was more experience than donald trump. we saw mitt romney try to say that against barack obama related to his business experience, so you're going to have to find something else to motivate the voters. the elephant in the room is the $6.1 million that beto raised on day one which i think surprised many of us although he raised $80 million for the senate so
7:07 am
maybe i shouldn't have. so you have a lot of really credible people that are running and with all of the noise, i just don't see this message of i'm the most experienced being in the ones that rally the voters. >> jon: he says i'm going to be the leftmost. i am more progressive than anybody out there, we've got some pretty left-leaning candidates already out there. elections are >> jon: in the middle, why doesn't he just kind of run as a centrist joe that he always has been? >> what you have to do in the democratic party and the republican party, you go to the side and in this primary for 2020, it is big left and outside. so he did that as an inoculation because he is getting painted as a centrist but the real problem besides the thing is he hasn't run a campaign in 11 years. he does not have a campaign infrastructure, he has not raised money. he does not have grassroots fund-raising like beto and elizabeth warren and a lot of
7:08 am
other people. he is going to have a tough time in this race. >> jon: you think he is yesterday's news. >> if he is the front runner today, i don't think he stays there. >> sandra: we will wait and see for the robert mueller report to ultimately be released, any minute, any hour, any day now, we do not know but the president tweeted this out about going along with the call to make the report public when it's ready. he tweeted this, i'm playing in the game. the vote about releasing the mueller report, i told leadership for republicans to vote for transparency makes us all looks good and it doesn't matter, play along with the game. does that surprise you to hear the president say that? >> no, and it wasn't a big surprise to see how overwhelming the vote was to release as much as the mueller report to the public. that's what the public wants but
7:09 am
within that resolution and with the understanding of what it all meant is that the attorney general is going to decide what gets released. at the end of the day, this report is going to go to the attorney general and is going to screen and decide what has to stay confidential for a variety of internal security reasons and what's going to be made public. but it's a very good political position to get out front and fix the public interest in seeing the report by saying it should be released to the publi public. >> most indications are that we should expect to have the report very soon as a person who has dealt with classified information for a long time, having the attorney general scrutinize that and taken anything for sources and methods is fine but we are from most republicans and members of congress is to make the report public, let the american people judge what was presented here, what millions of dollars in almost two years have been spent on. if the people deserve to judge within that report.
7:10 am
>> jon: i mention the former u.s. attorney in new york city. no fan of president trump, says he doesn't think this investigation is necessarily over. >> people should view with some skepticism the notion that gets reported every week that the mueller investigation is coming to an end. you have rick gates cooperating in multiple investigations and delay the sentencing which is substantially cooperating and engaging in some success for the prosecuting team. so you might expect other indictments going forward grade >> jon: would be good for the country to get this thing over with? >> what's good for the country is the truth. this is our democracy. i agree with morgan, the american people deserve to know what is in that report, whether the trump campaign conspired with russians, whether they helped in the campaign and a whole host of other things. to his comments, there are a lot of cases going on in the southern district of new york and a host of other places. but if the mueller report, i
7:11 am
would point that donald trump's tweet storm this weekend, 50 tweets. he telegraphs everything, he lets you know what he's thinking. those tweets sounded to me like someone who was worried about something and is trying to get a whole lot of things to stick on the wall this week and that did not stick. >> sandra: i want to move on to the latest from ilhan omar. she has written a piece published in "the washington post," the headline, we must apply our universal values to all nations, only then will be achieve peace. in that piece, she writes "when i criticized certain israeli government actions in gaza for settlements in the west bank, it is because i believe this actions not only threaten peace in the region but threaten the united states owned national security interests. my goal in speaking out at all times has been to encourage both sides to move forward a peaceful two state solution." obviously that's a reference back to her most recent controversial statements made on
7:12 am
israel. but when you look at her words on this piece that she wrote, she goes into talk about why u.s. engagement abroad is some deeply personal to her. what did you take away from this? >> i think it's deeply personal to all americans when you think about the number of people including myself who have been overseas in iraq and afghanistan and civil and military capacities in the number of american men and women that we've lost over the past 20 years have been in these conflicts. i actually read her op-ed with an open mind and debating american foreign policy is my favorite past time. so for me, the thing in her op-ed, she spat at some very mainstream foreign policy views and things that we hear the president say quite often about drawing back american military presence overseas. there was nothing in her op-ed that i thought was that out of the mainstream consensus from where american foreign policy should be. the bigger part that troubled me is that both she and rashida
7:13 am
tlaib and of exaggerator because the el cortez don't seem to be sorry not sorry about their comments. and over the weekend, they were equating these anti-semitic comments with islamophobia. so i don't see these individual women or the party at all to be very contrite about anti-semitic statements and that's what bothers me more than the op-ed which is pretty normal. >> i think had she started with this op-ed, wouldn't have had a storm that we had. that said, i think the fact that she talked about she was a refugee herself and being in a permanent state of refugee hood was fair and now you have to judge her going forward. >> she is one congresswoman who is getting away disproportionate amount of attention. a junior one at that who was a not particularly consequential yet in setting foreign policy. this was a mainstream piece as you said that was perhaps meant for rehabilitation for her reputation. we will see. there is nothing in here that i
7:14 am
think most people would find in any way offensive. i think it was designed to be that way. >> sandra: there some freshmen we don't talk about. thank you very much. >> i don't think we've taken -- suggested additional security here in the united states, but clearly we are going through some terrible times in new zealand. i understand there taken some steps in new zealand, they've made suggestions about how to operate moths in the next couple of days. >> sandra: that was acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney in the wake of the new zealand mosque shootings. what we learn more about the accused gunman, the suspect who killed 50 worshipers acted alone, but they are investigating whether he had any help. following the story from london forest. >> good morning.
7:15 am
authorities also say now that the guns man brought those illegally, that has sparked debate about gun control and today the prime minister is promising new gun laws with the next ten days. the government will also hold an inquiry into the countries intelligence services. police say they knew nothing about the suspect prior to the shooting. he did send an email to the prime minister's office minutes before the attack. that was too late to prevent it happening. if police also speaking to relatives regarding hundreds of officers. this aspect himself in the 28-year-old australian man. he appeared in court on saturday. police confirming that he is the only gunman involved in the shooting. that suspect has been denied bail. he is due to appear in court on april 5th. he has been charged with one murder charge, but police say he will face more charges.
7:16 am
50 people died at two mosques, dozens were injured and the prime minister today opened a national condolence book. many of the victims were refugees. some escaping violence in their own home countries. the youngest who died was only three years old. there are some problems and issues with the burial, some delays which have left the families frustrated. they traditionally bury their dead within 24 hours but the fed's first need to carry out many postmortem investigations so those bodies are not yet released. this has been new zealand's worst mass shootings, the government in that country doing all they can to prevent something like this happening again. >> sandra: heartbreaking images coming out of new zealand. eddie logan, thank you. >> jon: we are hearing the new details about the ethiopian jet that went down last week. investigators going to to the k box recovered from the wreckage. and what it is telling them about the crash. >> sandra: plus,
7:17 am
president trump renewing his call to general motors to reconsider shutting down a plant in lordstown, ohio. can this save more than 1,000 jobs on the lines? we will have more on that. >> they'll see other businesses leave, families want to leave. it is not a place that they feel their kids can grow up and then work there. i've got some big news for veteran homeowners
7:18 am
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7:21 am
>> jon: some breaking news on the noble and shooting this morning, the mayor of utrecht now saying three people are dead after the commuter train rampage this morning. a manhunt still underway for the suspect. police have released a picture of the person they are looking for. they say he is a 37-year-old man born in turkey. german police are also on the lookout and increasing surveillance on the border. if we get more information on this manhunt underway in the netherlands, we will bring it to you the moment we get it. >> sandra: more information on the deadly crash of the ethiopian airlines jet, preliminary data recovered from the black box revealing similarities to the crash of the indonesian client airplane that crashed. this is under reports that the transportation department are scrutinizing boeing's development of the 737 max
7:22 am
series. aviation analyst and president of the boyd group international. so good morning to you, we are all trying to figure out what we now know about this ethiopian plane crash versus the one that happened several months ago back in october. what are the similarities that they're seeing now? >> it's an airplane that was out of control right after take off. that's the similarity, the way the airplane operated and where they behaved. in a lot of similarities there. so i think we have known that. the question is what else do we need to know? we do know the ethiopian airplane did not have a qualified cockpit crew. we don't know about the lion air, but it's one of those things, let's wait to see what all the data is when it comes out. >> jon: we also know that in the lion air crash, the plane had been exhibiting characteristics that should have kept it on the runway. they never should've taken off with an airplane that had some anomalies reported by previous flight crews.
7:23 am
>> is another point without airline. they said the maintenance people looked it over. maybe their maintenance people aren't particularly qualified either. we can't rule out the fact that as has been made by president trump that may be these airplanes are too sophisticated for some airlines. >> sandra: i know one of the questions they were exploring here in "the wall street journal" went really in depth into this investigation as to the development of this particular plane, the 737 max series on his questions about whether or not the company itself, boeing had too much oversight of its own company and its own plane. >> i think that's ridiculous. you can't have an faa inspector -- the fa certifies airplane prayer they certified this airplane so if we have prosecutor looking into boeing for putting on a safety factor that didn't work, we've got a prosecutor who is on the political manhunt. >> jon: we are watching some of the handouts which i believe that boeing provided when they
7:24 am
first developed this airplane and the takeoff footage is remarkable. all noted, that airplane can practically fly straight up. it's got so much power relative to its size and is in that part of what's going on here? they develop this maneuvering characteristic augmentation system to sort of bring the nose down in case pilots try to lift the nose too high? >> or something else happens with the airplane, yes. it was a safety feature that boeing built into it. they didn't make it clear enough to the pilots operating initially but it was a safety feature. they're going to go after going to try to add a safety feature, they're barking up the wrong airplane. if >> jon: the problem is the flight crews can't override that system unless they know specifically how to do that. and there are complaints that boeing did an issue enough directives or didn't simply teach the pilots how to do that.
7:25 am
>> that is 100% accurate. except in the u.s., they didn't implement training. so when the head of the pilots comes out and says the airplane is safe, i'll take his word for it instead of dianne feinstein. so we do have a safe operation in the u.s. if airplanes are operated by crews that are properly trained and maintained by crews that are properly trained. >> jon: that's the point that i would make. a u.s. flag carrier, southwest flies 34 of those planes, american revised 24, united five some. i wouldn't have been problems in this country among the thousands of flights that those aircraft have made if there was some intrinsic problem with the aircraft? wouldn't it? >> it's an issue that perhaps smaller foreign characters don't train their crews. again, back to the same thing. when they have a 200 hour pilot
7:26 am
in the copilot seat, that is a real red flag. so i think we have an issue also with the operators not understanding the airplane and i think that should be the path we go down from this point on. >> sandra: we do know that anonymous database for pilots did reveal that some pilots flying these planes stayed anonymously put in messages that they did experience problems flying these planes. that being said, the department of transportation inquiry of we will see what comes of all of this, it's going to raise a lot of questions about how this was designed, how the pilots were trained to fly this plane. currently, these planes are grounded worldwide. what you think is going to take to get them back up in the skies again? >> i think when boeing finishes with a software fix, that will take care of the problem. i think the u.s. will read that. again, we have every operator in the united states who didn't fall off turn up trucks saying this airplane is safe.
7:27 am
if so how do we make it safe for the rest of the world and smaller airlines operate? once they do that, it could be a couple of weeks. they could be back in this guy. >> sandra: mike boyd, thank you for your expertise on the matter, appreciate it. >> jon: meantime, u.s. coalition forces in syria and a fierce battle to free the last isa stronghold. we are live in the middle east with breaking developments. >> sandra: plus, a u.s. navy vet sentenced to ten years in prison in iran accused of insulting. but our u.s. tensions at play? 's lawyer will join us next.
7:28 am
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read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert on syria, u.s. backed forces saying they are facing an uphill battle as they fight to capture the latest isis outpost in the country. trey gates is following the
7:32 am
final battle in the mideast bureau. >> democratic forces in syria have been saying for months that they are just months away from defeating isis. it is becoming more and more clear now but the final battle against the group might not be anywhere close to finished. syria democratic forces say thousands of isis fighters are hunkered down in the syrian city. while this is the final piece of territory held by the terrorist organization, they are fighting among many civilians to avoid defeat. u.s. coalition air strikes pounded the town over the weekend as isis continues to attack u.s. backed troops with suicide bombs, machine gun fire, and mortar rounds. since the operation to limit it happen this year, tens of thousands of isis family member surrounded u.s. backed forces including more than 5,000 fighters. >> i think it's hard to estimate wind is going to be over. we are facing several difficulties regarding the
7:33 am
operations, the big number of things planted by isis. >> and remarks to the media, the spokesman for the syria democratic forces estimated 26,000 people left isis territory since january 9th. their closest refugee camp in northern syria as thousands tried to flee the violence. as for the growing humanitarian crisis and the potential resurgence of isis in the region, right now there was a very particular situation happening on the ground right now. the pentagon is saying that recent reports indicating that 1,000 u.s. troops would stay in syria are not accurate. right now, that number stands at just 200. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting on that. >> jon: meantime, president trump is ramping up the pressure on general motors lashing out of the car maker for closing one of its plants in ohio. the president also going after a local union boss.
7:34 am
host of fbn a.m. on fox business, nothing like a little bit of presidential pressure on one of the u.s. has the biggest companies. >> you can't hit american over the head and tell them to buy a chevy cruze. they're going to have to restructure, closing several plants. americans want suvs, they want crossovers, they don't want the smaller cars. he can't change the consumer. they can yell and scream all about this, put pressure on the union boss and they probably do have some fault with the unions in this story because it's a more expensive type of labor. we see that in many different kinds of manufacturing jobs across the country but they can try to sell the plants to another automaker, that's a possibility but look at fiat chrysler. people are buying jeeps. have you been to texas lately has he the size of those trucks? people want bigger and better and different types of vehicles and this is business and doing a
7:35 am
great job of maneuvering what is a tough business in a slow down in compact car sales. >> sandra: i wonder if many minds will be changed, says you better get back to ohio soon with united auto workers, president david green suggested he ought to get his act together and produce but here's the president's tweet to gm. "general motors are going to start talks in september and october, why wait? and start them now but i want jobs to stay in usa in one of the best economies in our history. open or sold to a company who will open them up fast. car companies." matt continued, all coming back to the u.s., so was everyone else. we now have the best economy in the world. get that big beautiful plant in ohio open now. close the plants in china and mexico where you invested so heavily pretrump but not on the usa. to bring jobs home. talking about the elimination potentially of this can follow
7:36 am
through 15,000 jobs. >> 1700 in lordstown and while that is a sad event seeing a town that really needs that plant to keep its communities alive, seen in wisconsin firsthand at the same time, this is a business decision to preserve general motors, the broader company and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions when you are a business and when you're a publicly traded company and you're under shareholder scrutiny. if you've got a look that up and it is a little politics going on. this is ohio, this section of ohio is very crucial to the president. i see what he wants to support them. i do give him credit and what he said in that tweet is why can't you start the negotiations earlier? there is no deadline or lack of with these negotiations. this is marge, they could start next month, start in may. it's going to take a while, but they could sell the plant, there's a lot of possibilities.
7:37 am
>> jon: you're right, for it is getting away from just about all of it. that's what buyers want. >> this is what buyers want and whether you're a toyota which is looking to expand in north america, expand in the u.s., toyota has been doing well. you've got to make a popular car, a popular vehicle and then you cut a business plan. at the end of the day, you can't pay people to make something that no one is going to fight. no matter what it is, there is some talk about t.j.maxx companies coming into lordstown. i understand what they're going through, maybe that can be a manufacturing facility but they wouldn't be auto jobs. >> sandra: meanwhile, there's as new siena college poll out looking at how voters feel about the loss of amazon's headquarters moving to new york city and they're not happy about it. the 7% responded that they are unhappy with that decision, only 21% favorite. very interesting because we
7:38 am
don't know what happens next and a lot of other companies saw that happen. he was looking at where to put the citadel, chicago-based citadel. after what happened with amazon, chose not to move the headquarters there, doesn't know where he's going to go. but it does have a ripple effec ripple effect. >> here's what i find fascinating. we know that new yorkers wanted to see amazon. if you had bill de blasio and andrew cuomo agreeing on something here in new york, that means there is bipartisan support. so at the end of the day, $150,000 for an average new yorker salary, 25,000 jobs and argued it was going to be more and i was looking at 40,000 jobs. the average person said bring it. it was a small group of very vocal politicians who went far left, far liberal and they empowered another small group and all of this was just kind of a big mess here in new york but at the end of the day, amazon
7:39 am
would've been great and we are a high-tech state here in new york as his new jersey and connecticut. these large businesses are going to think twice about coming new york city for business. >> jon: as long as we've got wall street, new york is invincible but a lot of those jobs, you can run wall street with a computer. >> wall street is half of what it was before the financial crisis here in new york. so many of these hedge funds and private equity guys went to florida because that is where you get a better tax deal. and i know he knows this because if you don't have people with businesses and people living in your state, they're not paying taxes and how are you going to fix your roads and your bridges and everything else that it takes to keep us? it keeps manhattan in particular going. this fight has been nasty and it's been so disappointing to see what could've been a great thing for new york city is not over yet. if >> sandra: great to see you, fresh off running the new york city half yesterday.
7:40 am
historic flooding starts the nation's heartland's. >> we are trapped, can't get in and out of fremont so planes are flying in supplies from all over, lear jets. >> sandra: the flooding blamed leaving hundreds of homes damaged in the breath may still be yet become . news that will change that.go newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? newday's operation home is real. spread the word. call 1-844-960-3696. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more for rent every month, newday usa could help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent.
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>> sandra: we are soon going to get new information about the michael cohen search warrant materials, a new york federal judge handling the case as ordered previously redacted versions of the warrant to be made public tomorrow. reactions include email addresses of michael cohen and others as well as his phone numbers, apartment number, and safety deposit box number. if cohen's home was searched last april.
7:45 am
>> jon: the u.s. navy veteran has been sentenced to ten years in prison in iran. he is accused of insulting the ayatollah while he was visiting his girlfriend in july of last year. he has 22 days to appeal the sentence. the lawyer for michael white, he joins us now. what do you know about the reasons for his conviction? >> we don't know a lot. i'm sure many of you are viewers know that we don't have diplomatic representation, the swiss handle that for us and we were informed there were two hearings on may 6th -- march 6th and march 9th and he was sentenced to two years and ten years for one charge of what you mentioned, insulting the supreme leader, and ten years for posting publicly private information which we understand to be instagram photos of himself and this woman he was
7:46 am
visiting and is serving a total of ten years for those two offenses which are obviously very foreign to us here in the u.s. >> sandra: what was the last time you spoke with him? >> we have had no direct communications with him since he went to iran last summer. he met last with the swiss, our diplomatic representatives on march 11th. so a week ago, and we are waiting for this was to go back in and talk to him. we are trying to get the judge to allow direct communications between his mother as well as try and arrange for the transfer of money so that he can buy whatever essential he needs in the present. >> jon: they are not good right now, is he a victim of that? >> that's a good question. we were at least hopeful that they were press reports that were saying that this was sort of a private offense, not
7:47 am
anything relating to national security, espionage, anything of the like. then there were some reports that it was a security offense and then we heard the latest, we've lost that wording at least again but it's hard to tell at this point whether or not this is just an american who was unfortunately caught in a foreign legal system that is so different than us or in the dire u.s.-iran former >> sandra: foreign relationship. >> sandra: what has been the dissemination of information? how did you first learned of these charges and where did they come from? i understand you were informed by the state department state department. >> i got my information from the state department who got it from the swiss. there have been some dissidents that have tweeted out some information that is unclear of how accurate that has been. i think initially we learned about the arrest couple of
7:48 am
months ago from news reports. been a regular prison, so not a state security prison which was also a good sign, the lack of diplomatic representation makes it very difficult for us to have any level of communication with him, and the difference in the legal system obviously compounds the problems that we are having trying to understand and navigate through the iranian system. >> jon: take this opportunity now to speak to the government, what would you say to them about his imprisonment? >> we have made an outreach before and would ask for some humanitarian gesture here to take them home. he is actually quite ill, he's had cancer and other illnesses we are concerned that that's going to revive itself in his system, so we are hopeful that the iranians will release him so he can come back home to his
7:49 am
family. >> sandra: have you been in touch with the white house on the president on this? >> not directly, hopefully now during the broadcast here. certainly the state department has been fantastic to sing difficult system that it has at its disposal to go through the swiss. and i imagine especially now that he has been convicted, or i should say tried and sentenced and convicted literally in the same day that now this has risen up to a higher political level at the white house will take notice and hopefully get involved. >> sandra: really quickly, what was he doing there in the first place? >> apparently, he just went to visit a girlfriend, woman he meant >> sandra: met online and establish a relationship with i just like any of us who t use dating apps in the united sr some reason he went to iran. >> jon: 's name is michael white, u.s. navy veteran and he's been sentenced to at least ten years in prison.
7:50 am
his lawyer, good luck in helping him get free. >> sandra: beto o'rourke's presidential campaign officially caught up to a start last week but already, the texas democrat is breaking records. we will break down the really big numbers he seems to be pulling in at go. and march madness is in full force. the ncaa tournament field is set. who do you have in your office bracket? are you doing it right now? ways they on my favorites and potential cinderella's next. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed.
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>> jon: march madness is finally here. time to get your brackets out and get ready for the ncaa tournament. the number one seeds from each region, duke, gonzaga, virginia, north carolina. it is bringing 24/7 sports reporter jerrod max. i guess you have your brackets all filled out. >> i don't. and for the record, i never wanted ncaa bracket. it's a communal effort, some people talk about the productivity that goes down in offices but there are also studies that say makes people perform a little bit better because people are more excited working on things. duke is the overall number 1 seed. we haven't had a number one
7:55 am
overall seed taking it to the final four. if you think duke is the team to beat, with diane williamson, seeing a player like this, and he takes over for duke in a way that we haven't seen them. that's why the duke blue devils are red 2-1 favorite to win the whole tournament at caesar's palace. a survey put out by the american gaming association that was released today shows some interesting results. $8.5 billion estimated to be wagered by americans on his ncaa tournament by 47 million people. 149 million brackets, one in five player. he went to guess which state has the highest participation of ncaa brackets? kentucky, the bluegrass state which is always a big one. if kentucky, kansas as big well. >> sandra: hold on a second, $8.5 billion?
7:56 am
>> that's about 40% more than was wagered on the super bowl. >> sandra: 47 million americans, anybody working toda today? it's time consuming. rebecca goes over the period of a few weeks, the super bowl just has one game and on the serious side for folks who have drinking problems, new year's eve is a dangerous time. this is a march madness period. for anyone who suffers from gambling because it's three weeks of going through this. >> sandra: fox news alert, new information on that deadly shooting in and around a commuter train on the netherlands this morning, three people confirmed dead and a manhunt is under way at this moment. a live report top of the hour. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
7:57 am
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert for the manhunt of a killer and a possible terror attacks, dutch police searching for a 37-year-old turkish born man in a deadly tram shooting this morning. welcome back to "america's newsroom" monday morning, i am sandra smith. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. the terror threat and the dutch town of utrecht at its highest after a gunman opened fire in and around a tram at a busy intersection killing happy was three people and wounding several others. >> sandra: live at the state department. >> there was a massive manhunt now underway for the man police believe carried out this attack. their main suspect as you mentioned 37-year-old man originally born in turkey and they've identified him.
8:01 am
police released this image of him and more folks not to approach him and to call it in immediately if they see him. dutch officials are still trying to figure out the details of what happened, what we know at this point from witness accounts is that about four hours ago, a gunman opened fire on a streetcar and the fourth largest city. at least nine people wounded in the attack and so far three have died. utrecht mayor said that terrorism is currently the most likely motive and have her raised the terror alert to the maximum level. dutch prime minister said the situation was very worrying that added we only have one answer. our nation, democracy must be stronger than fanaticism and violence. the state department has issued a security alert for americans in the city urging them to avoid the area where the attack took place grid also reached out to the state department at this point, it does not appear that any americans are among those who were injured in this attack.
8:02 am
>> sandra: a live update from the state department on that this morning, we will continue to follow it. thank you. >> jon: new zealand appears set to enact a new gun laws in the coming days as policing a gunman who killed 50 people at two mosques acted alone. the might of had support. now the white house is dismissing attempts to link president trump's political rhetoric to the terror attack. >> i don't think it's fair to cast this person as a supporter of president trump as it is to look at his ecoterrorist passages in that manifesto and align him with nancy pelosi or ocasio-cortez. this was a disturbed individual, evil person. >> jon: joins us live from the north lawn with more. if you make the president's critics and politics and the media drawing connections between the new zealand killers
8:03 am
ideology and lashing out at those comments and sing the fake news media's working overtime to blame me for the horrible attack in new zealand, they will have to work very hard to prove that, so ridiculous. the killer did mention president trump and a hate filled screed that he posted online saying he is a renewed symbol of white identity and common purpose. kellyanne conway had this to say about that this morning. >> he put out a 70 page manifesto and i guess everybody scoured it, search for donald trump's name and there it is one time but also said he aligned closely with the ideology of china, he said he's not a conservative, not a. also this president condemns hate and evil and bigotry we will continue to do so. people should feel safe and especially feel safe in their places of worship and we have seen far too often where that is not the case.
8:04 am
>> the white house also reminding this morning that the president said that he is not anti-immigrant, he is anti-illegal immigration and that those are two very different things. here is mick mulvaney from yesterday morning. >> that is just absurd to say there some type of connection between being against illegal immigration which is what the veto was about and the ruthless live streaming of murder of 15 people. the two things have nothing to do with each other. the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> jon: in an interview yesterday morning, the ambassador, former fox news contributor echoed those same sentiments and has tweeted out through the weekend that we stand with our muslim brothers and sisters, he has wife also brought 49 lilies from their own garden down to a memorial near the mosque to pay their respects to the victims of that horrific shooting last week. >> jon: our chief white house correspondent there, thank you.
8:05 am
>> sandra: democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke walking back some comments after they drew some criticism over the weekend, but raising $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign. "the wall street journal," former chief speechwriter for president george w. bush and a fox news contributor. he says he's going to run the largest grassroots campaign in this country has ever seen. brought in some big numbers in the first 24 hours, over $6 million. >> sandra: is interesting, clearly a lot of enthusiasm. the money shows that. a lot of people see him as a bobby kennedy figure, competitive and a red state like texas. but the problem is him he may be eaten by his own. the democratic party. it >> sandra: it is interesting because he was forced to respond to a lot of comments at a lot of things from his past. i know you've suggested he came in. >> someone accused him of stolen
8:06 am
valor and implying he is latino. i think he made some comment about not sharing the responsibilities. the point is, he's going to be attacked for anything and i think this is one of the problems of the modern democratic party has is that these candidates have to run the gauntlet of this identity politics and almost anything he said it would run afoul in some way or the other. >> sandra: is interesting about eating their own or supporting him. >> at the top is an old white male joe biden who was going to have the same problems. if young white male isn't going to be an improvement in that. >> sandra: he was asked about that, whether it put them at a disadvantage to be a white male running for the democratic ticket and he said it doesn't, acknowledging that, knowing that he grew up with privileges is the way he put it in knowing that and learning from that is what he said. senator amy klobuchar was on "meet the press" over the
8:07 am
weekend and she was asked about whether or not her party should nominate a white male candidate and she responded with this. >> how important do you think it is for the democratic party to make sure they nominate someone who isn't a white male? >> sandra: i don't think there should be one litmus test but i do think that our ticket should reflect the country. i would like to say they the best woman win. to beckon you took away from that what? >> this is the problem we talk about, because a moderate to the point of attracting the rest of america and if they're going to be obsessed with these questions during the primaries, i don't think that's a good path to go. the senator could have said i think we should nominate best person in the party, the person who can be donald trump and i am that person but she didn't say that because that's not where the democratic party is. >> sandra: let me read a portion of this, this is an op-ed by ted van dyck. democrats may blow it in 2020. in that piece, he writes -- i'll
8:08 am
be the first half of it. when voters consider taking president, they focus on the weaknesses on the income but in what they perceive us as opposite. voters will be looking for 2020 democratic party >> sandra: presidential candidate who is reflective, experience, a unifier and demonstrably capablf serious governance. that tells you what? >> i'm not so sure. he is saying people want something on substance. they think donald trump is on presidential, unreflective and they want someone serious but again, i go back to the actual questions and the answers and the tests that are being held up for democratic candidates and i don't think that you are gearing up to put the best candidate that they have against donald trump. >> sandra: as far as the fund-raising is concerned, beto and that $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of announcing his run but he quickly had to respond to some things in his past.
8:09 am
i know you referenced that, some of the baggage that quickly emerged. he had to apologize for what he called really hateful writings from his youth after a fictional post he wrote as a teenager about murdering children surfaced. he also apologize as you mentioned earlier by joking about his wife amy raising their children sometimes with my help. they pounced on him for that. >> clearly no democratic candidate who was a white male could be on a sitcom because the kind of stuff he's apologizing for in that sense is a staple of every night and every sitcom about the absent dad for the dad not pulling his share. i think this is lunacy. >> sandra: i do think this is shaping up? joe biden not yet in the race but over the weekend, he sort of slipped and seemed to insinuate worried >> people are a lot more attractive when they're outside the race. people think come on in, then they have to actually fight it out with other candidates. the debates are going to be very
8:10 am
illuminating. someone is going to dominate and someone is going to trip and we will see a lot. >> sandra: we know what the president has said about this. whoever it is, i will take them on. >> he doesn't have a choice. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: fox news alert now onto nuclear standoff with talks between north korea and the u.s. in limbo. reports kim jong un may restart missile testing so where do we go from here? general jack keane joined us just a bit later in the hour. >> sandra: plus, tensions of the democratic party as moderates try to govern around the progressive left wing. are democrats facing their own tea party style rebellion? karl rove is here to discuss that next. >> where we are is not a good thing. and this idea of 10% better from garbage shouldn't be what we settle for. shfirst.ome to newdaa there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a
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maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. >> jon: the out of the ordinary deaths of six ferguson activists are raising concerns and misery. they erupted in protest in 2014 after an officer fatally shot 18-year-old michael brown during a confrontation. since then, the associated press reports to young men living to those protests were found dead inside torch cars, three others died in apparent suicides and one other collapsed on a bus in an apparent overdose. other activists reportedly say they have been targeted in
8:15 am
dangerous ways. ferguson police say the deaths have nothing to do. >> sandra: the rise of the progressive left reminding some republicans of what happened in their party about ten years ago with outspoken first-term democrats creating tension with the leadership by pushing their own agenda in the house. in a political magazine article titled are democrats facing their own tea party style reckoning, the author writes a few freshman members and some of the state seats in the country pursuing an ideologically pure agenda that rows of the party's base that could endanger the moderates were essential to winning the majority. let's bring in a karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff and a fox news contributor. good morning to you. so is this happening? >> absolutely. the piece by former congressman tom davis of northern virginia i think is right on target. he suggest the democrats are facing the same phenomenon the
8:16 am
republicans faced after 2010 when the tea party came in and said you have to be very conservative even if you're from a moderate part of the country and we saw this tension played out on the floor of the house, we saw played out in primaries, and i think we are likely to see it play out inside the democratic party with one very big difference. if that is that in 2010 when the tea party republicans came in, they had some allies who had been there before, but when alexandria ocasio-cortez and representatives omar and tlaib came in, they already found a large number of so-called progressives already there already demanding things like medicare for all and impeachment of president trump and so forth. so there was a bigger problem for the democrats i think they face today than the republicans faced in 2011 when they took control of the house again. >> sandra: interesting and in
8:17 am
that piece, writes witness the transformation of my party into one increasingly challenging for centrists announcing the same thing happened at democrats. nancy pelosi turn things around? >> she's got a delicate balancing act because she has a significant number of people inside of her caucus who were already out there on the extrem extreme, medicare for all, the impeachment of the president but she recognizes this fundamental fact. if there were 235 democrats in the house of representatives. 32 of them are freshmen who hold a seat that was occupied by republican member of congress and carried by donald trump. so if they lose 18 of those people in the next election, they are now 217 in the minority again in the house of representatives. so all of the paying attention to aoc and congresswoman tlaib
8:18 am
and maxine waters and al green and elijah cummings and jerry nadler and a lot of the people pressing for more extreme views, the people who but the democrats back in power are basically people who are from centrist districts that were occupied by republican members in the suburbs of places like chicago and philadelphia and new york and atlanta and dallas and houston. >> sandra: a democrat from california, moderate freshman democrat from california was on this program last week. also on sunday morning futures over the weekend talking about whether or not there is pressure coming from the left wing. listen. >> how much pressure are you feeling to go along with some of your freshman colleagues like aoc? >> i don't feel any pressure at all, and i'll tell you why. to the citizens of orange county who elected me here recognize that i have moderate views, whether the outlandish ideas on the left or right, i'm not going to support it. i'm going to work with my republicans and democrats who believe that most americans are
8:19 am
between the 20-yard line and get good legislation accomplished. >> sandra: i want to get your thoughts on that response. >> sandra: he said the right things but whether or not he's going to be able to achieve them is something else. the dominant strain inside the democratic party going to be willing to vote for legislation that is a compromise between republicans, democrats, we have seen no evidence of that bus far and one of the bad things for people who are moderates of both parties is deviating from some degree from the orthodoxy of their party with the votes for the house. we lost a lot of members last time around, republicans represented their districts well, but were being held to account for the dominant string within the republican party. my sense is it's going to be hard for a lot of democrats to say i am not aoc, i am not omar, i'm not tlaib, i'm not elijah cummings and all of his left wing's ideas, medicare for all, guaranteed job and wage.
8:20 am
it's going to be hard for them to take that balance. >> sandra: very interesting. the number one lesson that tom davis wrote about here was don't mistake your party's opposition to the president for unity. but he points out one very important details of that, lucy has room to maneuver that her republican predecessor didn't have but it's a really interesting piece. are democrats facing their own tea party style reckoning, final thoughts before i let you go. >> i think politico is got a good piece, that point is an important one. simply being in blind opposition to the president is not with the people in those districts, those 32 districts that elected the majority for the democrats want. if they want people who go there and work with republicans and democrats, president of whatever party it is to get things done for the country. but that is not been the dominant fame inside the democratic party. think about how many democratic presidential candidates have said i'll work with republicans
8:21 am
working across files. think about how many democrats have thus far in leadership in the house stepped forward and said i want to work with the president and find common ground. if not whole lot of them. >> sandra: karl rove, interesting stuff. good to see you this morning. >> jon: a deadly fire burning for more than 20 hours now, with texas authorities are saying is the cause. a live report on that ahead. >> sandra: plus, a midwest bracing for more deadly flooding with millions in the path of rising rivers and floodwaters that forced thousands of evacuations. >> you were stuck. you don't dare get in it. it sounded like adjuster rushing inside my apartment here, i could hear the water rushing.
8:22 am
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>> sandra: in the middle of a deadly opioid crisis, authorities say another drug is on the rise. methamphetamine use is on the upswing again in the u.s. the dea says it's seen more than 100% increase in seizures of meth in recent years. it is now the main drive of concern in almost all southeast asian countries. u.s. officials say that meth sold today is cheaper and is as deadly as the opioid. >> jon: historic flooding in the nation's heartland, at least three people have died and thousands more are flushed out of their homes has overflowing rivers turn towns into islands and highways into rivers. and the worst might not be over. we were not governors in iowa, nebraska, and wisconsin have all declared states of emergency. you have levees that have been breached and also breaches
8:26 am
washed away but what the national weather service is calling historic river flooding. you talk about the people who have died, just one example one man who was under a bridge that collapses he was trying to help stranded drivers. take a look at some of these images, they were something to see. this is out of nebraska where evacuations continue as hundreds of homes and businesses are being inundated by this rush of water from the missouri river that broke its banks after heavy snowfall in the rain. folks are being rescued off rooftops on the top floors of their homes as our animals. this video was posted by a bellevue, nebraska, police officer who also said the department would not be able to carry out any more animal rescues due to rising water and dangerous conditions. in fremont, nebraska, residents are pulling together as the floodwaters turns their community into an island. >> as devastating as it isn't heartbreaking heartbreaking when a family comes in in tears, always three or four people that come right alongside them and show them what they need and how they can help.
8:27 am
>> and iowa were more than 2,000 people have been evacuated out of their homes, the governor of that state saying they are seeing significant damage with so many levees that have been over tossed, governor says this is the worst his family has ever seen. >> all the water melting from all the rain that we had, it is just more than i can handle. >> the situation is far from over. with the national weather service saying these conditions will continue into midweek. >> jon: from denver, thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert, federal prosecutors look into boeing development process after two deadly plane crashes in five months. >> jon: plus, a new report that robert mueller is following new leads regarding possible russian collusion as the president ramps up his criticism of the investigation.
8:28 am
what it means for the timing of the mueller report. >> sandra: the first thing we need to do is to make sure that the mueller report is protected on that it is promptly shared. and there may of course be some work product in that report that should be protected because is either classified. if this is after all a national security organization or because it might interfere with other ongoing investigations. cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way.
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♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it. it's our "confident forever plan"... cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> sandra: "the wall street journal" reporting federal prosecutors in the department of transportation for taking a closer look at them making of the boeing max jets. following two deadly crashes involving the same max eight model in a matter of months. aviation analyst mike boyd joins us last hour on "america's newsroom." >> i think we have an issue with the operators not understanding the airplane and i think that should be the path we go down from this point on.
8:32 am
>> sandra: doug mckelway live in washington. >> the focus has now turned of washington. "the wall street journal" reporting this morning that federal prosecutors in the department of transportation inspector general are both probing the element of the 737 max eight. improprieties with the certification of the plane. they said march 11th the day after the crash. a grand jury issued a subpoena for documentation and email correspondence. separately, the black boxes are revealing some initial findings that points to really close similarities between the ethiopian crash of the lion air crash five months before. the data shows the automated system designed to lower the plane's pitch the event of a stall was turned on. the tail flaps tend to force the nose down. that is in line with debris
8:33 am
found at the crash site. but in the lion air crash, we also know the were acting on bad data from a malfunctioning sensor that indicates the page and of attack. they said they are finalizing previously announced training revision. they will address the behavior in response to erroneous sensor inputs. fox news also told by a former investigator that pilot trading may also prove to be contributory cost. that the system is easily turned off but two simple switches on the center console. setting the flaps to a normal position. the first officer in the ethiopian airlines flight had only 200 hours in the max eight cockpit. >> that is outrageous. in our country, airlines that are out there, all the airlines have high time pilots in the left cnn minimum, and faa
8:34 am
mandated minimum whether one wants to believe it's too high or not of 1500 hours for the right seat. >> a source tells fox news the cockpit voice recorder is now downloaded, it's been taken back to ethiopia for translation purposes. >> sandra: and learn a whole lot more there, doug mckelway, thank you. >> look at what's going on in the mueller investigation, almost 40 convictions and indictments in the report hasn't even been released. >> those convictions have nothing to do with collusion or donald trump. the mech that's correct, exactly correct that's why we need to get the report. you also need to remember that them mueller report is only 1 on right now. you also have what's going on in the southern district of new york and the eastern district of virginia. we tend to focus on the mueller report being released and that's going to answer all questions. it's not. it is 1 of 3 major
8:35 am
investigations going on. >> jon: a new report says the special counsel is pursuing a new leads on russian collusion even as we continue to hear that this investigation is winding down. joining us now, judge andrew napolitano, r fox news senior judicial analyst. everybody in the world seems to think that this investigation is in its final stages. everybody may accept he has the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. listen to what he says. >> people should view with some skepticism the notion that gets reported every week that the speed investigation is coming to an end. it may be because the top deputy with robert mueller announced that he was stepping down which indicates it's wrapping up. >> jon: so what do you think? >> i am not happy with trying to read the tea leaves on whether that report is going to come out. first of all, i think there's going to be several in various
8:36 am
different areas of his explanation. secondly, it appears as though he is still investigating the nature of communications between the trump campaign and russian intelligence. that is the area where paul manafort when he pleaded guilty before judge amy berman jackson agreed to cooperate with the fbi. that's the area where the fbi accused him of lying and aware in a secret hearing proved that he lied. so we know that that is a focus still of mueller. it's almost inconceivable that he would close up shop if that is his focus. >> that was supposed to be the thrust of his investigation. >> i can't explain why it's taking so long except to give you a big picture. big picture is a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. some areas are complete and some areas are blank and some areas are gaping holes. and evidence doesn't always come to prosecutors in a rational or orderly fashion. rick gates who was paul
8:37 am
manafort's chief deputy throughout the entire campaign is apparently still cooperating with mueller and mueller is still trying to find the nature of the communications because you can't get the two people that communicated. manafort stopped talking to him and the russian intelligence guy is not within mueller's jurisdiction, can't put him before a grand jury and ask him those questions. so where they're going to go, i don't know. if i don't think it's coming to a conclusion soon. >> a lot of those indictments are of russian intelligence agents that they will never see the inside of the u.s. courtroo courtroom. the mech they're not going to come here voluntarily to go to jail. >> related to this, we are going to see if tomorrow, the redacted search warrants that led to that fbi raid of michael collins apartment and hotel room and everything else is going to be pretty interesting. >> yes, it is. the reductions as i understand
8:38 am
from reading with the judge wrote this morning will block out things like email addresses and telephone numbers and an apartment number but everything else is going to be there. you will see the affidavits that were signed by fbi agents and doj officials that persuaded a federal judge to authorize a predawn break down the door type raid of venues simultaneously which had been under michael cohen's control. you will also see what is called a return on the search warrant. the items that were seized, many of which we don't know about, many of which have never been revealed yet. some of the very, very illuminating this is coming out now. why is it coming out now? michael cohen has completed whatever he's been given and the government. no reason to keep the secret any longer. is there information in their about communications between michael cohen and his then
8:39 am
exclusive client donald trump? that's what everybody wants to see. >> jon: fascinating to see what happens tomorrow also a big ruling on the supreme court today, they are ruling in the beltway sniper case, that case that terrorized the washington, d.c., area for so many months. the young man convicted in connection with that case is apparently going to get resentenced to release the supreme court is going to hear whether he should be. >> the supreme court is going to hear whether he should be. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for a series of crimes committed at age 17. on its face, that's an unlawful sentence because they say you cannot sentence a juvenile to life in prison without parole unless you make certain specific findings. a federal public court found that the state trial judge did not adequately make those findings. so the federal appellate court decision has not interfered with other supreme court, he will get another sentencing. it doesn't mean that he won't get life in prison without parole. it just means that it will be a
8:40 am
more thorough and exacting sentencing proceeding, or it could be that he will get a finite term which will allow him to be free at some point in his adulthood. he was 17 at the time, he is 34 already. seems like yesterday. when meg john allen muhammad who is picture earlier, the older of the tea was executed as a resul result. >> that was obviously upheld prior to his execution. >> sandra: more than 13 years after she disappeared, the first trial starts in the murder of a former beauty queen. what led to a big break in this case. >> sandra: >> jon: plus, tough m north korea as threats fly as well as walking away from nuclear negotiations. general jack keane on what this could mean going forward. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths
8:41 am
that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪
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>> jon: more than 13 years
8:44 am
after a former beauty queen disappeared, the trial begins today for one man linked to her murder. karen went instead of reported missing in october october 2005. investigators had few clues back then in this case went cold until february 2017. when the georgia bureau of investigation set a former student named ryan alexander duke admitted killing her. a few days after he was arrested, a man with a similar last name was arrested and accused of helping cover up the crime. both are being tried separately. if bo dukes taking place first. today, brian duke's trial starts in two weeks. the two men are not related. >> sandra: north korea threatening to resume missile testing. a diplomat accusing officials of creating a hostile environment that led to the abrupt end of last month's summit. he was acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. >> the resumption of the missile testing would be seen as a
8:45 am
violation of some sort of breach of trust. i think there was a general understanding there was no reason for that to continue as long as we were continuing to have conversations but the fact we didn't get a deal in vietnam doesn't mean the relationship was in peril, just means there is no deal to be had at that time, doesn't mean there's an agreement we can make in the future. if >> sandra: let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane, always great to have you on the program. thank you for being here. so you look through this briefing, north korea's vice foreign minister that conducted this briefing and the friday, briefing foreign diplomats as well as journalists. in that meeting, that foreign minister went as far to say that ambassador bolton, national security advisor poisoned the vietnam summit with gangster like demands for north korea. going on here? >> that's a good point. clearly, what's happened here,
8:46 am
he truly expected to get some kind of sanction relief on president trump because he essentially put on the table the same deal that the cam dynasty has put on the table before. give up a significant nuclear facility but no weapons at all and get some sanction relief. if that did not work with this administration. so he is in a face-saving mode right now and that's why they're attacking not the president, but attacking the team around him that sort of got these negotiations off track rated the truth is set back for north korea here is what's happened and he is trying to do some leverage. not so much with the attack on bolton and pompeo, but by saying this, i may not go back into negotiations. if i resume testing. as a leverage he is now trying to apply after the setback. >> sandra: he made the case
8:47 am
that kim should take this big deal offered by the president. >> the bottom line is president trump continues to try and offer that deal but it's got to be a big deal. chairman kim has to accept the fact that he is going to give up his nuclear capability, missile capabilities in exchange for what would be good for north korea and his regime. >> sandra: interesting to hear what you said, were you surprised then that kim did not think he was dealing with a different administration this time around after he'd already had one summit with this president? >> is a great question. i think what happened to him, he is personal and warm letters to the president and with some degree of affection. i spoke to someone that had seen some of these letters and validated what i just said and i think he misinterpreted the
8:48 am
personal relationship to mean that he would be able to influence the president in terms of policy decisions. and that did not happen. that's why i think he is so miscalculated. in terms of what the senators say, i agree about the economic prosperity issue. i think that is an issue, but it's not central. what really is central, a considerable amount of ballistic missiles is for one reason. and that is to preserve the regime. so if he is going to give up weapons and we don't know that yet, if he is going to make the step to do that, we have got to give him some guarantees of security for that regime. and that is clearly essential steps that will have to be taken. what are some examples of that? certainly, ending the armistice of an ending the war, those are steps in the right direction, getting them to pull away from each other in the dmz, all steps
8:49 am
in that direction. they have a long way to go here and i think we are still very much in the early stages of these negotiations. >> sandra: is the threat continues in the wake of these negotiations, do you see that united states as secretary of state mike pompeo has warned saying of the sanctions are increasing? >> they should be increased because they are violating them anyway. we should call them out and get you when to also identify given the fact that they voted for the resolutions. i do believe that the negotiations will continue, it is a north korea's interest and i doubt they will resume testing because that brings us right back in the crisis and potential hostility. >> sandra: great to get your thoughts and perspective this morning, general keane, thank you. >> jon: just a few minutes away from "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. what do you have? >> i love the way that you say
8:50 am
our show. president trump is taking issue with coverage of the new zealand mosque shooting at some journalists are questioning his handling of the attack. meanwhile, activists confronted chelsea clinton when she attended a vigil for the victims. why they blamed her for the massacre and why donald trump jr. came to chelsea clinton's defense. >> plus, beto o'rourke and sucking up all the media oxygen as he campaigned over the weekend but it appears more like an apology to her than a real white house runs. what are his chances in this 2020 contest? >> you mean he's not born to run? >> he is born to ride a motorized scooter. we will get into it. it's the back there's a preview. "outnumbered" a top of. one that will be watching, thank you. of planned fire burning out of control for hours, forcing residents to say indoors.
8:51 am
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this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> jon: a raging fire at a chemical plant near houston is still burning a more than 20 hours after it began. the fire spreading to an eight storage tank full of gasoline byproducts. casey stegall following that story for us. >> pretty incredible pictures as you can see, happening in deer park texas, a suburb of houston. for perspective, 20 miles to the southeast of the city, a population of 2,000 people where the shelter in place order was lifted this morning for those residents after air quality samples did come back safe. however, some area schools still closed as a precaution. this after the fire spread to five additional tanks in the overnight hours bringing the
8:55 am
total number now burning test seven according to company officials. if there was reporting that we are now hearing seven burning braided intercontinental terminals company. on its web site, the deer park facility advertises a total storage capacity of about 13 million euros. fire crews are now using foam trying to keep the flames from spreading any further all while air quality continuously being monitored for toxic fumes. given off by the burning tanks. >> you are looking at carbon dioxide and things like that. >> they have been out here monitoring the air and has not found any elevated levels and are now actually turning it over to a contractor. >> as of this hour, officials do not know what caused the original fire which started
8:56 am
yesterday morning. about 30 employees were working at the facility at the time but no injuries or reported explosions thankfully. once the flames are out which we understand could take several days, a press conference just this morning, we are saying the cruise might have to burn itself out and i could take up to two days. then, the investigation into what exactly happened begins. when not keeping it from spreading to those things that are still standing. casey stegall in dallas, thank you. >> sandra: the white house firing back after -- new reaction coming up. percent of your home's value. 0 the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> sandra: all right, we are done for our monday morning here on fox news channel. we continue to follow the news in utrecht, the netherlands, the truth and killing three people. we continue to await more updates on the situation there. >> jon: they are still looking for a turkish-born man considered to be a suspect.
9:00 am
have a photo out. an apartment building is surrounded but is not yet clear whether he is actually inside. >> sandra: do this again tomorrow morning? >> jon: see you tomorrow morning. >> sandra: see what 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> harris: president trump and the white house are taking on questions over the response to the mass shooting at two new zealand mosques. even after the president condemned it as senseless and horrific. as australian police searched the homes of the government's mother and sister and made an ongoing investigation today. you're watching "outnumbered" on the fine monday. i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network incorporated or digg. former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro. most of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. host of bulls and bears, david essman. good to have you. >> david


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