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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 18, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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have a photo out. an apartment building is surrounded but is not yet clear whether he is actually inside. >> sandra: do this again tomorrow morning? >> jon: see you tomorrow morning. >> sandra: see what 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> harris: president trump and the white house are taking on questions over the response to the mass shooting at two new zealand mosques. even after the president condemned it as senseless and horrific. as australian police searched the homes of the government's mother and sister and made an ongoing investigation today. you're watching "outnumbered" on the fine monday. i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network incorporated or digg. former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro. most of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. host of bulls and bears, david essman. good to have you. >> david: thank you for
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letting me join you guys! >> harris: we are altogether! >> david: thank you very much, good to be here again. >> harris: let's get to the news. the acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney come on "fox news sunday" condemned the had asked heinous tax. any says the president doesn't share any of the blame. watch. >> as a supporter of donald trump, anymore than it is to look at his eco terrorist passages in that manifesto and aligned with nancy pelosi or ms. alexandria ocasio-cortez. this is a disturbed individual. an evil person. to try and tie him to an american politician of either party probably ignore some of the deeper difficulties that the sort of activity exposes. >> harris: end of the video, which has gone viral, chelsea clinton find herself facing allegations that her rhetoric contributed in some ways to attack. a college student confronted her at a prayer vigil on friday for the new zealand massacre victim.
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saying, her confirmation of an allegedly anti-semitic remark by a minnesota congresswoman contributed to redo dress climate for muslims. >> this right here is the result of a massacre for people who like you and the words you put out. i don't need to know that and i want you to feel that deep inside you. 49 people died because of the rhetoric that you put out there. >> what is "i'm sorry you feel that we" mean question what does it mean? >> harris: a short time ago, kellyanne conway responded to that incident and more. >> we stand with her muslim brothers and sisters. we stand with people of every faith or trying to -- i think the treatment of chelsea clinton was outrageous and ignorant. tremendously unfair. she should not have been yelled at by those people and blamed for this massacre any more than any other person should be, except to the evil, pathetic,
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horrible, hateful man who did this. >> harris: also, president trump wait and come in tweeting this -- "the fake news media is working overtime to blame me for the horrible attack new zealand. they will have to work very hard to prove that one. so ridiculous." david, there's more to the story. we'll get to donald trump jr. also getting in on this. for now, just on blush, your first reaction? >> david: my first reaction to the whole thing, particularly that videotape of chelsea clinton, was how dignified she was during the whole thing. i do know people notice, but she's an advanced stage of pregnancy. beyond just attacking woman who had nothing to do the massacre, to do at a pregnant woman -- the objects for those women that were during the attack were not good. but she had such a dignified -- she just handled herself so beautifully for somebody who is being attacked in the social sphere like this. we will see a lot more of this and she just gave us an example of the best way to respond to this. having said that, the fact that
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bo's feed is giving these ladies, these attackers , a space on the website to address their concerns -- it's just ridiculous. the fact that anybody would give these people the time of day after what they did. it's just beyond belief. nbc universal, which is the pay daddy for bud's feed, should have some 'splaining to do right now. >> harris: donald trump jr. defended her by saying this. "it's sickening to see people blame cindy tomei chelsea clinte new zealand attacks, because she spoke out against anti-semitism. we should all be condemning anti-semitism and all forms of hate. chelsea should be praised for speaking up for it anybody who doesn't understand this is part of the problem." kennedy? >> kennedy: is an oversimplification of two distinct things that are not mutually disclose this. you can condemn anti-semitism and condemn is on the phobia and mass murder and hatred all of
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the same message that somehow by defending anti-semitism you are somehow fanning the flames of murderous islamophobia is so patently offensive. for that woman to get in chelsea clinton's face the way she did shows that she has a gross misunderstanding of how people work and how the world works. because these two things are absolutely awful. in one does not necessarily cause the other. chelsea clinton going on twitter condemning ilhan omar for anti-semitic remarks is not a dog whistle for someone else to go out and commit mass murder the way they did, and a mosque in new zealand. >> capri: somebody should give those young women the memo that the jewish community in pittsburgh, that was victim of the largest anti-semitic attack in american history, is raising money and giving thanks to support the muslim community in the wake of this attack.
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showing and proving your point that those things don't have to be against each other. communities can support one another. >> kennedy: and it also shows an implicit anti-semitism in the far left. they have to be very careful of that. >> dagen: where are we that we can't call out this bigotry and hatred? regardless of whether it's against muslims or against jews around the world? if we are in the place we have one side saying you're not allowed to cause that hatred and bigotry, it's a very frightening place to be in. and it's not just -- "the wall street journal" writes this really important editorial, and talks about turkish president to to to my erdogan. he says this. "it's understood that it also targets our country, our people. and myself, it has started taking over western societies like a cancer." this is the leader of turkey. and they write, "that's false.
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acts of muslim violence and relatively where delhi career and quickly condemned and prosecuted in the west. western communities for the most part go out of their way to associate jihadist attacks with individuals from those movements or with al qaeda, not all of islam. mr. erdogan is the leader seems to want a new clash of religious civilization for his own domestic political purposes." >> harris: i would speak on the heels of that with the fact that there were at least three turkish citizens who died in this attack. >> david: great point. >> harris: so there is that part of it. but also, when you talk about muslim attacks, look around that part of the world and in the middle east. when they are blowing up hotels, terrorists. they are killing muslim women and men and children at the same time. those attacks, they may be toward westerners but they are killing members of their own religion. >> capri: like in indonesia. >> david: they are the biggest
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ones have suffered. you can't forget isis, what isis did when they have their caliphate in syria, was just horrendous. they were killing muslims. thousands and thousands and thousands of muslims. people forget that, were it not for this president who is now being associated with this attack, there would be thousands more muslims being killed as a result of what isis would still be doing. >> harris: let's talk about that of a bit more. the president and members of his staff are trying to defend him today. i want to get down to the issue here, the acting chief of staff talked with our chris wallace on "fox news sunday" and there is more of that conversation. watch this. >> you may say you want to give them a national speech to address the nation, that's fine. maybe we do that and maybe we don't. but i think if you get up to the basic issue, the president is doing everything we can to prevt this kind of thing from happening here pretty soon everything we can't make it clear, look, this has to stop. >> harris: david? >> david: it does have to. obviously, it has to stop. but the question i think has to
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be nonpolitical to a certain extent. before people do evil acts, they let evil into their lives. this is a guy who was letting evil into his life long before he actually carried out that evil act. through these websites, these anonymous websites, through all of those -- i call them "evil games." those video games he used to practice his horrific acts. we have to figure out a way, as a society -- not just as a nation, because it's worldwide -- to do with this. i don't think anonymous websites or something that is guaranteed by the constitution, nor is -- >> harris: well, the websites didn't cause this. space >> david: nor is live streaming. >> dagen: i don't know why facebook has stopped the ability to live stream atrocities. this is been going on for years. there was a murder that was live streamed in cleveland, two years ago. there was a man in thailand who killed his 11-month-old daughter in a live video.
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this is two years ago. i think that they are paying lip service to stopping it and i don't think the number of people that facebook has hired to look for these videos -- i think they either need to, quite frankly, until they can figure out how to stop allowing the islamic state from recruiting people by broadcasting terrorist atrocities -- what they're doing is a need to either put in a buffer or they need to -- they just need to stop live streaming until they can figure out how to -- >> harris: if they handle it the way they were blocking some conservatives there, without algorithms, is there a way to do a video algorithm? >> kennedy: they have algorithms. it's thousands of -- >> harris: there's a manifesto that goes with it. >> kennedy: of course they can come up with an appropriate algorithm to stop this. i don't want to -- >> harris: again, we are not blooming facebook. but, my goodness. >> kennedy: they are part of the way because they've got billions and billions of dollars to pump into solutions.
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god forbid the government doesn't have to come in and do it for them. every time sheryl sandberg or mark zuckerberg lean in and apologized with one of their phony baloney -- >> dagen: or you have to listen to their delusional moralizing about what people they don't agree with her talking about, they are allowing the live streaming of massacres. >> kennedy: yes, they have ways of fixing it. they should be able to do that on their own. >> harris: kennedy, you so beautifully put it -- there is a way we can be pushing against hate and also ushering in love at the same time. no matter what religion is at the core of the attacks. all right, we will move on. a former republican presidential candidate calling on a fellow republican to take on president trump in a g.o.p. primary. whether this will ever really materialize, and what would it mean for republican hosts in 2020 if it does? and, a rocky campaign rollout for former congressman beto o'rourke. he finds himself on the defensive multiple times, and it was just the weekend.
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whether his missteps are normal growing pains or signs of deeper trouble. he did raise a ton of cash. >> i would never begin by saying i met any disadvantage at all. as a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on or take for granted, i have clearly had advantages over the course of my life. ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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raised $6.1 million in its first 24 hours of his campaign. that is the largest announced her first day all of any 2020 democratic candidate to date. but beto's rollout, not without its temples. the former congressman apologizing for a joke he made about raising his kids, saying his wife has done all the work. "sometimes with my help." knowing that he is a beneficiary of white privilege. >> much more thoughtful going forward, and the way that i talk about our marriage and also the way in which i acknowledge the truth of the criticism that i have enjoyed white privilege. >> dagen: [laughs] meantime, he signals his preference for a woman as his running mate should he win the nomination. >> it would be very difficult not to select a woman with so many extraordinary women who are running right now. but first i would have to win.
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this is as open as it has ever been. >> dagen: beto's media coverage has been pretty massive, but some of it is raising pointed questions like this from reuters, who wrote -- "o'rourke, 46, is a wealthy white men from the conservative-leaning state was more moderate on several key issues than many of his competitors. given the energy among progressives in the early stages of the race, and the diversity of the democratic field, overwork would appear to be everything that many in the party say they do not want." capri cafaro, to you first. >> capri: me? [laughter] >> dagen: and some polls, with the voters in the democratic party do want is just simply somebody can beat donald trump. if you are likable and authentic and have a lot of energy, which beto o'rourke does come i will tell mike why wouldn't he be attracted? >> capri: personally come out of the keys authentic at all. i think he is a little bit weir weird. i think he's trying way too hard
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and is a bit of a narcissist. i don't accuse answer to our prayers. yes, he's got energy. yes, he raised $6 million. but new in the also leaked on look at polls, who is leading them? biden and bernie. because they have name recognition. this is a wide-open race. i'm personally not excited about one person in this field as a democrat, with the exception of the mayor of south bend, indiana. but you can expect that for me as a total nerd. >> harris: you like tim ryan. >> capri: i do, if he gets in. >> david: at least i can pronounce his name. >> capri: that's true. >> harris: i'm reading this, and apparently -- this is according to others reporting, so i want to be gentle on this until we can ask him ourselves. but his campaign structure something that he's not talking a lot about when asked about it. i would think that as a three term congressman and one who took a run at senate you would probably have some sort of structure in mind. right? >> david: i would think so,
9:20 am
all right -- >> harris: or be able to communicate it. >> david: he has had such a charmed life over the past couple years, hasn't he? >> dagen: i don't know, losing isn't really a charmed life, is it? losing to ted cruz? [laughs] be when he had three terms before that. >> david: there is an especially called "failing up." it's been a couple years of failing up, it's a strange thing. >> capri: i think that's what he's trying to address his white privilege issue. >> david: when you have a start up my apologizing, my gosh." dom asked me when he raised such cash, $6.124 million hours. the only person we seem to that is ernie sanders come with the average donation of $27. that's a lot of people. i know you said you think he's a little bit weird, but, kennedy, what are people singing in? >> dagen: i want to say, the structures coming together. because he has been given advice, we know that. the campaign manager for president -- then-president barack obama. so i know for a fact that he is talking to a lot of people, particularly people who know and
9:21 am
like and worked for president obama. >> capri: he just doesn't seem to have credibility to me. he presents as -- he doesn't have ideas. this issue has come out, as well. sorry, kennedy. [laughter] >> dagen: she is just using official depressions! [laughter] >> harris: keep the camera on her! >> kennedy: its mime monday eczema here's the thing about beto. he is obama's candidate. kamala harris is kept all my calories candidate. biden and obama officially unhitched their wagons when obama endorsed hillary and don mike in 2016. that's where you see the giant class. i like bernie sanders. i understand his appeal, and i appreciate his authenticity. he does not diverge from his message that a lot a lot of candidates have co-opted since 2015. but i don't think he has the same special sauce as he did back then. the difference is that kamala harris came out with a strategy. she knows that california moved
9:22 am
their primary back, and that benefits are greatly. she also sees the fec primary in the southeast as being beneficial to her. after she cobbled together a coalition in the middle, even though she is a flawed candidate and she has made some gaffes, they aren't on par with some of the other candidates who haven't been inspiring, haven't been making news, no one is talking about tulsi gabbard, and i think if it becomes the dumb eye between the two of them she checked many more boxes. >> dagen: i want to get to biden he made a pitch of a surprise gaffe here as the vice president. >> i've been told i'm criticized by the new left. at the most progressive record of anybody running. anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] anybody who would run.
9:23 am
>> dagen: i'm about to say something, i hope it doesn't come across as ageist. but watching beto o'rourke in iowa over the weekend, he is on fire. >> kennedy: he was apologizing the whole time! >> dagen: they will all end up apologizing for everything. this is a vice president gaffe, here. >> david: i'm wondering if it was a real gaffe or not. >> harris: you and i are on the same page. because he's been around long enough. >> dagen: beto has all his energy companies doing the arm-waving. >> kennedy: so did howard dean dean! >> dagen: talking with his hips. biden and bernie will have some issues with this energy level. >> david: but you know you use the word "weird," and i'm holding -- you're a democrat, here is a republican from national review saying "weirdo overwork." how do you think it'll be until we heard the president given this moniker customer
9:24 am
group moniker? he's already had a named democrats, as well. >> kennedy: heekin is the name i gave him. beta o'dork. beta male. a lot of women of the race have stronger fire than him. >> dagen: to quote the great cher horowitz, he is a full on monet. from far away he's okay, but up close he's a whole mess. [laughter] >> harris: clueless! well done. >> dagen: the mu and probe it may be reaching its end when they say it's a sham for the house to vote to make it possible miller report public. more on the going back-and-forth on capitol hill, plus some matter dominic moderate democrat pushing back after the young progressive colleagues like alexandria ocasio-cortez have been stealing the spotlight. so, what is the impact of this showdown at of 2020 customer we will debate it. >> whether the outlandish ideas
9:25 am
are on the left or the right, i won't support it. i will work with my republicans and democrats who believe that most americans are between the 20-yard lines and get good legislations accomplished. ♪ elpshomeowners get cash by using the powerful va home loan benefit we've earned with our service. the newday va cash out loan can help you get over 50,000 dollars to pay off the credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and reduce your payments by over 500 dollars a month. and since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. get the financial security you've earned and deserve. call 1-833-844-6706
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>> harris: we come in with this fox news alert. police are now searching for a turkish national accused of fatally shooting three people and wounding five others on a tram in the netherlands today. authorities have released this photograph of the 37-year-old suspect that they are looking for. the mayor of the city where the attack occurred says it appeared to be terror-related. now authorities there are raising the terrorist threat level to the maximum of five. which the attacker is still on the run, as a mention. they are not ruling out the possibility that there were additional people involved. we will bring you more updates as we get them. ♪ summit moderate house democrats are getting more and more vocal as they push back against what they see as a growing threat to
9:30 am
the reelection prospects in 2020. namely, prominent progressive freshman democrats. among them, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar. one house democrat from california is telling maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures that he is not feeling squeezed into embracing the far left proposals they are pushing. watch it. >> i don't feel any pressure at all, they will tell you why. the citizens of orange county who elected me here recognize that i have moderate views, i come from a business background, i built companies of the 10,000 people. i believe in capitalism and i believe in good government. i believe they can work together. >> harris: adding her voice to the mix, california democrat congressman katie hill told politico, "as we run up to this presidential election we need to show the democrats as a whole are not socialists. we are not pushing for impeachment without serious cause and serious evidence." this, as a new gallup poll shows
9:31 am
at least one progressive freshman democrat is becoming more well-known, but not necessarily more popular. five months ago, half the nation had no opinion of congresswoman ocasio-cortez. that number is down to 29% today, so more know her, but her unfavorable rating has gone up to 41% compared to 26% in september. why do you think that is? >> capri: why is alexandria o'connor cortez less popular than before? >> harris: but more well-known. >> capri: she's everywhere, the media has obsessed with her. whether it's conservative leaning or liberal leaning media. the cover of "rolling stone" magazine. people are obsessed with aoc. >> harris: notice i didn't say only among republicans. why is she less like customer what's happening? >> capri: i think it's what we just heard from these numbers california. people like myself who are out there trying to scream and say, "look, there is the democratic party is not a bunch of socialists trying to ban cows and cars and planes."
9:32 am
and medicare for all is not the cearley the best way to provide access to health care. we are not socialists. >> harris: you so that twice. [laughter] is interesting, and -- >> capri: i'm fired up about! >> harris: on the hill, i was in d.c. last week. people were saying, "no, that's not going to stick to me." you were in leadership in ohio. a place that has all those things you mention. cows and planes and all of that. >> capri: absolutely. >> harris: is it sticking? you to know, i don't think -- >> harris: so why did she feel the need? >> capri: i think it is sticking. because i think that she -- >> dagen: she is so overexposed. >> harris: i mean the socialist moniker. >> dagen: it's not just her that a socialist, it's not coming from just heard. it's bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. to a lesser extent, kamala harris. >> harris: and beto. >> dagen: and cory booker. beto says he's a capitalist but he talks about capitalism being racist and unfair and unjust, so
9:33 am
it is -- because how else are you going to fight back against an economy where wages are growing the fastest pace in the last decade and unemployment is near a 50-year low? you forgot to come up with something pie-in-the-sky. with alexandria because you cortez and some of these people on the left, what bothers me deeply is the way they talk about the united states when aoc was at sxsw. she talked about job automation and robots. she said, "we should all be excited by that! was group of the reason we are not excited by it as we live in a society where if you don't have a job you are left to die. that come at its core, is our problem. this is a nation built around communities and our places of worship. and we love each other and we lift each other up. >> capri: and communities all to come together. >> dagen: fundamentally, the nation that she describes, this dystopian land of deplorable's, is not who the united states is. >> david: by the bay, that the nation -- if you go into schools, even in elementary schools -- i have a friend with
9:34 am
an elementary school kid, and she was shocked about how they had a seminar for elementary school kids on police brutality. it's the way in which a lot of this society is growing up that is part of the problem. but the more people hear about what she has planned, what ocasio-cortez and other socialists have planned, the more they civilly do the math the more they realize it's not going to work. and it's nothing wrong with history, either. >> harris: may be in some circles, but is not as unpopular as he might think even among independent center republicans. people are busy. they're trying to raise their families, they are working hard. >> david: enter your point earlier -- >> harris: they don't have that witness tests in terms of who's going to pay for it and the bottom line. they're looking for -- i rid of the beacon, candy, that beto has joined the litmus test of not seeing the f word. i didn't read an article well enough because i thought it meant -- i thought he meant "free." all the free stuff. i think that come on blush, the free stuff is what sells this to
9:35 am
anybody. republicans have a job, i think i'm in this election season, kennedy, to get out there and make sure people understand what socialism is. >> kennedy: you have to talk about why socialism is given so much traction. among out of don't like younger voters, especially. they think it's a viable option because capitalism and freedom have a horrible p.r. department. the people have to stop apologizing for their hard work and for their success. if you have a competitive fire inside of you, whether it's in athletics or artistry or in business, one of the things about our country is our creative streak. we should be encouraging that. you know what creativity is? creativity is all about individualism. you can't have that when students go to college come into these groupthink factories, and they are spit out on the other side with a ton of debt and they are essentially dumb domes because they are not taught critical thoughts.
9:36 am
if you marry critical thought with gratuity, that truly is the engine that fires -- >> david: even the successful business person, like hook and loop, couldn't say the word "capitalist." he could even say that. i think now until the nomination is over, all the democratic candidates are going to run to the left. that's where the energy is. immediately after getting the nominations they are going to run to the right and try to prove that they are procapitalist and not socialists. i think that's what biotin is even doing. >> harris: it's interesting what you were saying, dig in. so what is the answer back to some of the lawyers on employment numbers in the history of the country? with the answer back to that? it's really democratic socialism where you just spend, spend, spend, and make people think that they can be given -- i will use the word "free," that f word. i think that's what they meant but maybe they didn't. we will move on. a brand-new poll showing half of what is now drouth president trump's contention that the special counsel investigation is "a witch hunt." this is conflicting signs of
9:37 am
what we will soon see in robert mueller's report. boy, the seaweeds are out again. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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are you in good hands? ♪ >> it was a political stunt by the democrats who thought they could divide republicans into voting no upon it. we just called their bluff and said, "fine, we can vote for this because this is what bill barr said he was going to do. where are we wasting the american people's time?" >> kennedy: they are all political sense! that's the top republican on the house judiciary. slamming the vote on the resolution to make the final meal or report public. he says the measure was named dominic aimed at dividing president don niekro republicans from president trump, saying that -- and that when you pull from "usa today" suggesting public opinion of the russia investigation is shifting. half of americans polled now agree with the president that the mueller investigation is a witch hunt. all of this over conflicting
9:42 am
predictions whether it's nearing its end. politico writing, "after many false alarms of the special counsel's work is winding down, the clues are mounting that it's finally almost over." the former u.s. attorney prefarrar, who is fiber president trump shortly after the president took office, throwing cold water on that. oh, my. >> i think they should be with some skip my skepticism the notion that it's coming to an end. as you point out, you have this letter from rick gates was cooperating in multiple destinations. it doesn't seem to me based on that that although i don't know -- that the work of the special counsel's ending anytime soon. >> kennedy: david, is it ending anytime soon plus direct to know anything about robert mueller customer gets even person? [laughter] >> david: does collusion exist customer graphically found out that's an impossibility. as andy mccarthy once said, it's a weasel word. they couldn't prove it any way, shape, or form conspiracy, which is a criminal offense and could be impeachable. so collusion is the word. and it's a weasel word being
9:43 am
used -- even that is proving to be totally unsustainable. with all these convictions that they have been focusing on, none of them have to do with collusion. that's the bottom line. the judge who gave it to manafort in the first case gets the one this is a clearly -- when the prosecution was saying, serious issues you're going to appreciate "you're trying to squeeze this guy, manafort, in order to get the president." that's what this really is. you for a large net out there and you see what you can reel in. so far all they've drilled and are a bunch of corrupt politicians in the political game. remember, trump didn't even want manafort. manafort was not trump's choice, it was the g.o.p.'s choice to try and make trumpet mainstream. that's why he got manafort in the first place. manafort was one of these political players and operators, as are a lot of those people that have been caught in the snatch. carter page was kind of a sadsack character in many ways.
9:44 am
he was caught in the spying that by that phony fisa warrant. >> kennedy: but not indicted. >> david: again, it just shows how desperate they were in order to get that warrant against him. that fisa warrant, which they use the trump dossier four. the whole thing does sound like a witch hunt to me. >> kennedy: i think that you sort of answered the question of whether or not they were republicans upon del mike on board to release the report. there are so many unanswered questions that, yes, we want to know what resources went into this. want to know what bits of information they used. who was helpful. don't think it hurts the president come i think it helps the transparency in our democracy. >> harris: i still think the morgan people get most things right. so what if you're looking at here? in terms of the witch hunt, and why the percentages going up while people believe that more. it's a duration and direction. they've seen a long duration on the lot of latitudinal direction. they are saying that even the people found guilty of things, they are pretty serious.
9:45 am
like manafort. we look at the legal time that he was exposed to behind bars, it is still relatively -- seven and half years -- it's still relatively small. people look at at the attlee's income "would we have even known about that had not been for the allocation of collusion?" or obstruction of justice or whatever, latitudinal he, they've gone after but there are a couple of signals that are non sequitur. it's funded through december, that extension. andrew weissmann, the top lead prosecutor for bob mueller now, is supposedly gone on to his next life adventure. i talked with kenneth starr friday night and he said, "it doesn't mean they are still searching for things and there is a very they are out there." my big question is when they -- where is the put this in the schedule customer we won't know that outside of his written answers. we don't that until supper. >> kennedy: i think there is so much we don't know. so much that still could be hidden beneath the surface of
9:46 am
this report. would be able now? >> capri: that's why it's important to get this out there. because if we don't know, we're just going to continue to speculate. i think the one thing to watch for -- spew on your team will. democrats will continue to speculate. >> capri: winches look at what's going happen coming out of the southern district of new york and the attorney general's office. even when mueller wraps up, the "witch hunt" is going to continue in the state of new york on donald trump. >> kennedy: what if they don't find anything there? dagen? >> dagen: the wall street editorial writes today, when the mueller comes out, really set. but also release pfizer warrant. let's release the documents showing that the fbi verified or didn't verify the steele dossier. other evidence evidence. the summaries of interviews, the 23 debriefs of informants. because, again, don't forget, jim comey looked at bret baier. about her clinton, the d.a. say funding
9:47 am
the dossier, he says "i didn't know -- he didn't say "meh," but he said he did know was how the clinton of the dnc. >> kennedy: he is an person. his entire -- >> david: there is one guy there waiting for the of the site. rick gates. he is still cooperating with prosecutors. >> harris: but they haven't sundered some yet. >> capri: six exactly. he may still be offering for prosecutor something. >> kennedy: collusion is a hell of a drug! he lost the race for the 2016 nomination. now, jeb bush has -- someone has to challenge president trump! low energy. or could that be a good thing for the g.o.p. customer we will debate, next. ♪ complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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>> dagen: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first, we touch base with harris on what's coming up on "outnumbered overtime" in just a few minutes. spree went all right, dagen, thank you very much. beto o'rourke watched as 2020 campaign with a series of walk backs and apologies. one for being a white male, and another for joking about sharing the parenting burden with his wife. but his first day of fund-raising tops all his democratic rivals. so, what does this say about him and the democrats changes in
9:52 am
2020? we'll get into it. plus, a former faa investigator towards me to talk about some new details in the investigation is that deadly airline crash in ethiopia. there is now where did the feds may be taking a close look at exactly how boeing developed the jet involved. more atop the hour. p25. dagen, back to you. >> dagen: former presidential candidate jeb bush coming for president trump to face a primary challenger in 2020. in an interview with former obama advisor david axelrod, jeb bush calling trump's policies on trade, foreign affairs, and other issues dangerous. listen. >> i think someone should run, just because republicans ought to be given a choice. it's hard to beat a sitting president, but to have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative, i think it's important. our country needs to have competing ideologies. >> dagen: one potential
9:53 am
challenge being floated in marilyn's are public and government, larry hogan. governor hogan speaking to "the washington post," saying "i come from the ronald reagan school politics. i'm for a bigger tent for coming up with ideas and solutions that can reach a wider audience. i repealed to republicans because my messages that i havey principles." as of today, governor hogan speaking at an event saying he's not ready to commit to a run. kennedy? >> kennedy: no one is going to commit to larry hogan. he seems like a great guy, he seems like a fun person to go share a giant steak with. but that's really about it. you have to offer so much more than the 16 other candidates in 2016 offered president trump. everyone is beatable. it doesn't matter who you are. it doesn't matter if the challenge is from within your own party. but i don't see anyone right now, unless the economy tanks, in very short order, who is
9:54 am
going to take on this president. >> dagen: here's that big old bucket of jump , grump, john kasich. >> capri: i love my big old bucket of grandpa! he's a curmudgeon yes indeed. i don't think he will run, i think he will be the thorn in president trump's side on cnn. i think that's where he will be. that's his lane. i think this entire debate is all about trying to figure out a way to challenge president trump. because i think there are republicans out there that feel that he hijacked the party and they want to figure out a way to reorient back to traditional conservatism, whatever that may mean. chamber of commerce conservatives who won't take the same kind of stance on trade, for example. be more measured when it comes to foreign policy. i think that's where jeb bush is coming from. >> dagen: you mean actually taking on china for the first time in generations? >> david: exactly. the bottom line is the republican party right now is trump's party. we look at his approval rating among republicans, it's
9:55 am
somewhere above 90% now. we haven't had a republican president who has been this popular with republicans in a long time. even though he does come from outside of the party, even though he does present ideas that are novel and new and fresh for the republican party. he won't find a challenger. president trump is not shaking in his boots about any of these ghosts >> dagen: the nominating process i had a way of finding the one dude who get beat to have a question. and it was going to be jeb. and he is still sour grapes. am i wrong? >> kennedy: please clap. >> kennedy: like this? >> david: the policy clap. >> dagen: more "outnumbered" in just a moment who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> dagen: think you, david asman. >> david: >> david: thank you for having me. "bulls and bears" at 5:00 p.m. jonas is on quite a bit. specious somebody tweeted, "what are you all always yelling?"
10:00 am
because we are excited! >> kennedy: at this point commit three hungry. >> dagen: we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. right now it's all about harris faulkner. erica mares. spew and thank you, dagen. we begin with a bumpy start for beto and a big thank you for democrats. why is he reading so much cash customer thesis "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. former democratic congress cond beto o'rourke worked his way across iowa over the weekend. already, he has found himself in some hot water for some missteps. present and past. his writings from his teenage years, and jokes he made at his wife's expense saying she has been raising their three children "sometimes with my help." >> not only will i not say that again -- [laughter] but it will be much more thoughtful going forward in the way i talk about our marriage and also the way in which i acknowledge the truth of the criticism that i've enjoyed white privilege.


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