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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> jessie: he was just a new hampshire and six people showed up to as event, just. >> juan: were you there? >> jessie: they were all turkeys. >> greg: "special report" is up next. >> bret: hello greg, thank you. president trump says he is being unfairly blamed for the new zealand mosque massacre as another gunman opens fire on a in the netherlands. we will talk live with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. beto o'rourke takes a record-setting first day of fund-raising into a complicated relationship with the media and the may be turning on him. historic flooding in the midwest leave several dead and thousands running for their lives. we will talk left with nebraska senator panas asked. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening and welcome to washington. president trump is taking on practically all comers tonight via keyboard.
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he rallied against no particular order, the late senator john mccain, joe biden, the muller investigation, even some of my colleagues here. the president is particularly upset at critics who he says are blaming him for a white nationalist terror attack and new zealand. it is on that subject that we begin tonight with john roberts. live on the north long. >> he really has been using twitter or something of a gatling lately with the 60 million followers. one presidential tweet goes an awful long way and as you said, he has been pretty prolific over the last few days. there's one thing in particular that has his attention. >> president trump was on defense today lashing out against critics who suggested a connection between the president and the new zealand killer quoting "the news media is working overtime to blame me for the horrible attack and new zealand. they will have to work hard to prove that one.
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so ridiculous." the collected mention president trump and i hate field screen that he posted online hail and the president as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose. >> he is not a white supremacis supremacist. >> chris wallace acting chief of staff at mick mulvaney had to my cat's boss is back projecting any common ground between the president on the killing on immigration >> that it's absurd to say there is some type of connection between being against illegal immigration which is what devito is about. the ruthless live streaming of murdering 15 people. they have nothing to do with each other. >> president trump had a particularly active weekend firing up 29 feet to my tweets and taking a shot at john mccain who left in his class for sending the fake dossier for the fbi and weedy hoping to have it printed before the election. in democrats working together felt as usual.
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he fired back, first on twitter and then this morning on abc. >> he is obsessing over great man because he knows that and i know it, he will never be a great man. >> he also took aim at general motors over the ohio plant closing demanding ceo sell it or do something quickly. she blamed the uaw union. david green was singled out for saying some trump supporter's may be having second thoughts about him after several big closures in ohio. >> some folks i know have switched gears. when he came here is that all these great things and they were on board with that. people are starting to wake up. >> the president ripped fox news where grain was appearing. with the molar report expected at any moment president trump highlighted a usa today pulled at 550% of americans are great that robert mueller's investigation as a witch hunt.
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very few think it is legit. we will soon find out. there are new questions whether the report will add to the molar investigation, particularly since robert mueller has asked to relate rick gates sentencing will he continues to cooperate with the special counsel's office. u.s. attorney believes there may be more added. >> people should be with some skepticism. the notion that has breathlessly reported, the investigation is coming to an end. >> he did say that it also is possible that a special counsel's office could be shuttered if like michael: the investigation surrounding rick gates has handed off to other districts. the timing of the release of the molar report, known on the outside really knows. >> bret: thank you. let's bring in homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. thank you for being here. i want to talk about your speech today about this state of homeland security and deal with the issues of the day including
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the border and other issues. you say in this speech today that the threats we face are graver than at any time since 9/11. why? >> they are so widespread. they affect everyone. everyday americans are affected by federal warfare, natural disasters, potential for chemical weapons. mainly and this has what does keep me up at night, threats are evolving so quickly. we have to get the arms of government to go faster. >> bret: you put particularly particularly -- something cyber, iran, north korea, they are active pretty much every day. >> absolutely. every minute. they are probing our systems and trying to get into our systems. they do it for a whole variety of reasons, not just sabotage. they do it to steal our property and not as great as it was still money as we know. unfortunately, increasingly all three countries are doing it to
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influence the way that americans think of the way that our democracy works. >> bret: have you done enough to this point? you don't before -- we talked before about election security. has not been done? >> we always have more to do. i will never say we are finished. the good news is we have very strong partnership with all 50 states going into the next election cycle. we have asked for audibility meaning that whatever system you have, we want to roll it back and ensure that every vote is counted and counted correctly. we are doing everything from testing upon request to anything else state and locals might need. we are meeting them where they are. we are all prepared. >> bret: there are critics on capitol hill, here's jackie spine. >> our president is a national security terrorist. the fact that china was able to hack into a 20 universities just last week and get the rnd on
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maritimes project per dod. they were underway in those various universities. that is a cyber war act. it is an active cyber warfare. what does our president say or do? >> bret: is that true? >> it is not truth the president doesn't care about the cyber war if that was the location. >> bret: 27 universities. >> others there is active packd poor part of what this president assad is that we are replacing complacency with consequences. if you hack us we will identify you and we will put sanctions. >> bret: at what point does a hack an active war? >> it is probably want academic debate. i can tell you from dhs we want to prevent the hack. we want to make sure the systems
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are secure and that if anything goes awry we mitigate the consequences. we firewall the consequence was that cascade. >> bret: i want to ask you about the critics who are saying, they are tying him to this white nationalist movement that is. the shooter in new zealand. obviously the white house has pushed back hard on the president was asked about an increase in white nationalism. he said he doesn't see that. the fbi said that hate crimes are up 17%, 2017 and the 90% of those are targeting minorities. what you say to the critics who make this time? the president talking about an invasion on the southern border and somehow it affects the environment. >> it would not tie the two together. humanitarian crisis we are seeing on the southern border to me has nothing to do with radical ideologies that call for violence. i can tell you i dhs, violence is violence whether it does white supremacist or
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ecoterrorist. we have a plan to work with communities and to combat it all. all. we announce we are doing the first ever summit to move forward with her whole of society approach that we can bring all components to society together to fight those. look, anyone who has a valid l geology has no place in america and that is the bottom line. the department of homeland security will do everything we can to ensure that americans are safe and that they can go and worship. what an important event. >> bret: you talked about that in your speech today. do you think the president is going to talk about this on a broad level? >> to him, yes. terrorism, he is very concerned about that and violence. if you've heard him speak on the p floor. what we are doing is again, we are expanding under his administration and under his direction. all of the tools of government that we have to work with the president had to with communities. work with schools in everyday americans to ensure that this
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type of violence does not take root in the united states. >> bret: you are 12 republican senators voted against this emergency declaration tried to overturn it. what do you say to them? the situation on the border and how you characterize it specifically? >> two things, this is boil down to a simple calculus. to the president have authority to issue the emergency he did, congress gave it to them. was there emergency? this is where i command. i can tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border. it is becoming more heart-wrenching every day. we are in our system meltdown. we are not polled for this flow and for these numbers and what we are seeing, drugs, traffickers, child exploiters. whether it is all the families and children who are coming
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across very sick and very neat. >> bret: hhs is holding on to a lot of kids down there at the border. we have a number? >> i don't have a current number. last year we had 60,000 were in hhs care. the problem is unaccompanied children to her center without a parent or adult. under the law, we cannot send them home. every time i go to the northern triangle the country says center kids back. we want them to be back with their families and to help them. under our laws we cannot do without. >> bret: is there a prospect of changing those laws? >> i'm always optimistic, but now it is vital. we moved beyond all blinking lights. congress must act. the president has made this a priority and he continues to do so in every way he could exercise his authority. this is congress, courts and criminals. that is who we have to fix. the criminals taking advantage of system. the courts to stand the
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authorities and we have to get congress to do its job. >> bret: we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> bret: pat sims those democrats got up and beto o'rourke mania, they are putting their money where their motions are. he had a fund-raising record and effort after announcing his presidency last week. he has quickly pivoted to something that looks something like an apology. senior political correspondent mike emanuel explains. >> equal opportunity. >> his campaign has brought in $6.1 million of the first 24 hours of his bed. edging out previously to bernie sanders. it was a bumpy start on the campaign trail with him spending a fair amount of time apologizing. he said his wife has been raising their three children, sometimes with my help. >> the way i talk about our marriage and the way acknowledge the truth of the criticism that
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i can enjoy white privilege. >> he speculated about a possible running mate. >> it would be very difficult not to suggest a woman with so many extraordinary women were running right now. >> five women aren't running as new york center kirsten gillibrand enter the race. >> i chose that. >> she is complaining that she is being blacklisted by donors for her role and pushing out al franken resigned following allegations of misconduct. vice president joe biden drew audible cheers when he accidentally announced a plan to run during a weekend speech. >> i have the most aggressive record of anyone running. of anyone who would run. [cheers and applause] >> that caught president trump's attention to positive, kim on twitter, he said joe biden got tongue-tied and called him a low
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iq individual. he could face a challenge, she is expected to travel to iowa and new hampshire. >> not in a position where i'm trying to make a decision. i've agreed to be more a part of this. >> bret: it is interesting to note that both beto o'rourke and kirsten gillibrand are appearing in michigan. a state president trump when my class time with 16 electoral votes. as a place democrats want to make sure is blue in 2020. his immediate turning on beto o'rourke already? is the honeymoon over? brit hume is with us tonight. it has been quite something to watch. >> it has. obviously democratic donors and some number are quite smitten with this young man. the liberal political journals that i have seen, the new republic, they think he is off to a bad start because they say he hasn't really given much of a reason for his candidacy other
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than that he looks at one of the kennedy brothers and his young and animated. of course as we saw president trump with his instinct to pick out a pivotal characteristic, he went after them pretty hard over his hand gestures which are pretty obvious. when you look at him and he can't help but notice them which i suspect was his intent. >> bret: look at those numbers and we will put them up on the screen. 6.1 million over the 24 hours and bernie sanders who ran an entire race against hillary clinton didn't get that and 24 hours then kamala harris, far short of that. the money does tell you a little bit. doesn't it? >> and means he'll be with us for a while which might give him time to think about what he thinks about the issues. something he has had very little to say. i sensed that because he gave ted cruz, hated among democrats. he gave him a run for his money
3:16 pm
in the very red state of texas and he generated quite a lot of support in favor for those. there democrats were interested in the sky and think he may be the ticket they are poised to contribute to his campaign. how long that excitement will last if mr. beto o'rourke does not find something more compelling to say that he has found so far, that remains to be seen. this candidacy could fizzle, he is lighter than air. >> bret: we have a long way to go. as always, thank you. the dow was up at a fourth day in a row finishing 65. the s&p 500 gained a ton the nasdaq jumps 26. up next, new questions on why the type of airplane that happened last week was allowed to fly.
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to rise significantly, they have no way of knowing until it will reach is estimate. the red cross is that 90%, a city of half a million people has been damaged or destroyed. a usual twist, an unusual twist in the investigation into the ethiopian airlines crash last week that killed 156 people. correspondent doug mckelway tells us where authorities are looking for answers. >> they are part to make parking up the wrong airplane. >> the justice department of the transportation department inspector general have launched criminal probes and the development of the max eight. the trend of reporting that the day after the ethiopian crashed a grand journey subpoena was sent to one person involved. either the doj nor d.o.t. would confirm nor deny the reports. a spokesman told fox news investigations can be based on whistle-blower reports congressional referrals.
3:22 pm
>> has will roll if they're not confident in their data of the safety of this plane. >> that make sense to ground the aircraft. that what ethiopia's general transport ministry reported reports from the plan showing clear similarities to the air crash. it found that anti-stalin software designed to counteract to pitch up at full power had been activated just as the line air crash. the airplane and also what other problems. >> the angle indicated which is a little tube that is on the outside of the airplane. he measures the angle of the aircraft, apparently it was defective. >> many suggest pilot and experience may have contributed. he had only 200 hours in the plane. >> we are just learning to fly at that level here. >> the panic into insane plate and warning alarms the crew may
3:23 pm
have been too overwhelmed to flick the cut off switch. breaking with tradition, canada announced today it will do its own certification of software change to the max eight rather rely on the faa. >> bret: up next, start flooding in the midwest. we love the pictures on the video and talk lap with a senator from one of the affected states. first, beyond our borders. iran's president is urging his people to put a curse on the u.s., israel and saudi arabia. he is reiterating his long-standing charge that the u.s. and its allies are responsible for their ailing economy. french president emmanuel macron met with top security officials public mass of writing on saturday paris. demonstrators set life-threatening fires, ransacked luxury stores and attacked police. the new surge in violence came as the 4-month-old yellow vest
3:24 pm
movement demanding justice had been winding down. russian president vladimir president vladimir putin march the fifth anniversary of his stomach his country's annexation by visiting the black sea. nato allies condemned the annexation and the criticized russia's military buildup and alleged human rights abusers. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ i don't keep track of regrets. i never count the wrinkles.
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♪ >> bret: and list three people are dad and two more missing two historic flood intact in the midwest. hundreds of homes are flooded and thousands of people have been forced to leave. correspondent lisa catania shows what is happening. >> it is devastating. thousands and thousands of people lost their homes. >> major two historic river flooding that is what the national weather service calls this massive hit to the country's midsection. governors in iowa, wisconsin and nebraska declaring states have emergency as record snowmelt wipes out bridges. in nebraska at the water treatment plant are submerged. >> i'm from glenwood virtually the amount of water that is now flowing in and towards glenwood. in my lifetime i've never seen it. speak with your people have been killed and flood incidents
3:29 pm
including a man helping stranded motorist when a bridge to collapse on top of him. nine people in 14 states live where flood warnings were affected. the result of a palm cyclone had in the middle of the contrary, and rain and snow onto frozen ground followed by more rain. the reference breaking level record 5 feet into the dimension is an entire towns have been cut off. >> we are trapped. we can get can get interactive fremont. plans are flying in supplies from all over. they are unloading and bringing them here. >>.wisconsin, farmers like mike are underwater. >> it came so much so fast that this is the worst we've ever seen. >> and i love more than 2,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. >> every levy south of the bluff to the missouri border has been breached. that is something we have to deal with going forward. how do you --
3:30 pm
how do you fix them? >> the weather service has these conditions will likely continue until wednesday. >> bret: thank you. let's get an update on the situation and nebraska. ben sasse joins us now. thank you for being here. he did a tour around your state and you said that there was a hundred year flood in 2011 but this is much worse. >> we are with the national guard on saturday visiting some of the most impacted communities. it is quite stunning. and it three counties and 53 of them have issued emergency declarations. >> bret: what do you they need most? >> we are still in the response phase. we did no more rain and lots of neighbors helping neighbors right now. the town of fremont that was just mentioned, it is hometown. it is in the middle of the plaintiff became an island for days and nobody could get in or out there is a lot going on in the emergency response of the national guard is doing a great
3:31 pm
job and so is the governor. we been grateful. both president trump and vice president pence and i have been in contact. will be coming forward. >> bret: this comes at a time when we are entering the 2020 election season and their candidates were running specifically on climate change. one of them is governor hensley. take a listen. >> we are the first generation in the history of humanity to feel the sting of climate chang change. the floods in houston. i was in miami beach they have the buildup of roads. i was in iowa a month ago were folks couldn't get out. they were so muddy. >> bret: what you say to that? climate change is responsible for this. >> if that connection that people draw in the midst of a crisis is very helpful.
3:32 pm
we have sandbars in the middle of the river filled with cows. this is the middle of the planes and cows up and washed away and there are people are struggling. publicizing this in the midst of controversy isn't the right move. the debate around climate change is important. a lot of the folks were running for political office want to pretend that they have certainty about what the solution is even when their solution would often be devastating to the economy. we should be distinguishing between analysis of big problems, emergency response and debates about what you do down the road. >> bret: obviously we are all praying for the folks in nebraska and throughout the midwest region. you're talking about emergencies down to touch on one thing. the national emergency declaration. you in february 2015 said we have a crisis at the border. as a constitutional conservative but i don't a future democratic resident rewriting gun laws or
3:33 pm
policy. if we use two presidents declaring an emergency they can't get what they want from congress. it will be almost impossible to go back to checks and balances. the resolution vote on march 14th you decided to vote with the folks who stood up with the president. late in the stand with the 12 who voted against a national emergency. i am wondering what changed? >> there are three different issues here. the first is to be objectively have a crisis at the border? we do. we have spiking rates of drug trafficking, retinal between ports of entry if 4% grace in the last 24 months. is there a crisis? yes the president is right about that. does the president of the authority to declare a crisis in the circumstance? when you read the national emergency 1976, he does have that authority. that is a different question than whether that is a good law. that allows an emergency to be
3:34 pm
declared as an unbelievably broad law and we should fix that. we should narrow that quite a bit. we should be doing that anyway that applies to every president going forward to not judge those president at this time about this emergency. it is a close call. emergency is not a close call. the fact we have a crisis is true. the question is, should the legislature be primarily responsible for declaring an emergency? in short ways you need a president to do that, and thinks that bubble along for months and years like what is happening at the border. we need to reform that law. i think president trump acted within his authorities. >> bret: from the critics who said it was about election or reelection, you say? not at all? >> this case is politicized because a president running on the border and symbolic issues. everything is followed by elections all the time right now in this country. we should distinguish a lot more between campaigning and
3:35 pm
confidence. we ought to be dealing with the crisis of the southern border which is real and we are to be reforming the national emergency act which gives too much power to presidents going forward. >> bret: happy to have you on. >> one last thing. one amazing thing you see in nebraska's people who pull together. i met a woman who lost her house and she and her kids arrived at the shelter and they were in the volunteer line. he wanted to serve other people. she said that is just stuff, god will provide. it has been an amazing thing. >> bret: thank you. up next, another mass shooting overseas. we will tell you where and when and how many dead and this terror. ♪ (danny) let me get this straight.
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♪ >> bret: the u.s. supreme court has considered to a request to reinstate the life without parole sentence of convicting sniper. he another man killed ten people
3:40 pm
in maryland virginia and washington, d.c., in 2002. he was sentenced to four life terms for crimes he committed in virginia. federal appeals court ruled last year that while his life without parole sentences were legal when they were imposed, u.s. supreme court decisions that followed altered sentencing requirements for juvenile offenders. police and the netherlands meantime say they have arrested a suspect accused of opening fire my this morning killing three people and wounding several others. he apparently was not a stranger to authorities. senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest. >> the dutch city under fire today, a government boarding a streetcar. plus two white passengers before fleeing. three people were killed and five injured including three seriously. >> our hearts go out to the relatives of the victims and people who witnessed it. that is really terrible. >> the city of 350,000 was on
3:41 pm
lockdown. counter tear, they sought the suspected killer and they caught him. turkish born man, he has a lengthy criminal record including manslaughter and he was initially targeting a woman and a family dispute and others were hit. >> we are investigating all possibilities so that means possible terrorist motives but also other possible personal motives. this followed more for last friday in new zealand. the countries from minister morning with the families. they proposed that the weapons responsible would be presented next week. >> within days of this terrorism we will have announced reforms which will i believe make your community safer. >> the owner of the shop, the 20 20-year-old said he would abide by any rules.
3:42 pm
>> we are not a country of emotional responses. be a country of laws. there is a lot of emotion evidence days after the carnage mold and young. has it in following the new zealand attack the u.s. reached out to the netherlands today, mike pompeo sang america stands with you. we'll do all we can to help you in this terrible time of tragedy. >> bret: thank you. former president george w. bush says immigration is a blessing and a strength. he welcomed new american citizens during a nationalization a ceremony in dallas today. he is calling on congress to enact immigration reform. >> immigration statutes reflect the will of the people in the congress and must be enforced. when the laws are outdated and ineffective they must be read whitten. i helped those responsible with the rhetoric put politics a side
3:43 pm
and modernize our immigration laws soon. >> bret: president bush says immigrants bring energy and talent to america. president trump lashes out at critics blaming him for a white nationalist terror attack in new zealand. that's all of the news of the day. we will get action from the panel when we come back. ♪ claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. your control. like bedhead. hmmmm. ♪ rub-a-dub ducky... and then...there's national car rental. at national, i'm in total control.
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♪ >> president donald trump is the most powerful man in the world right now. he is in a position, president of the united states. he from the oval office from that position can be able to send a signal, very loud and clear. >> he is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. every time something like this happens overseas or even domestically, my goodness, it was some i'll be the president's fault. that speaks to the politicization of everything that is undermining the institutions that we have in the country today. >> discussion over the weekend i critics saying that the president's burbage he says on twitter leading to some of the attacks around the world. he tweeted out fake news media is working overtime to blame me for the horrible attack in new zealand. they will have to work very hard to prove that one. in time his approval rating is
3:48 pm
going up, the cnn poll has the taking up to 40%. there are some that haven't even higher in the 40s. a "usa today" poll about the mueller reports, do you agree with the president's assessment in the investigation is a witch a witch hunt and that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents? there you see the breakdown, 50-47. let's bring in our panel. marc thiessen, clinical correspondent of national public radio and mollie hemingway. it was a twitter storm over the weekend. there is a lot to choose from. there is a focus on new zealand and all of the stuff after. >> his right to be outraged. the left could not -- democrats and president obama, there were multiple terror attacks and they couldn't bring themselves to call that out by name. police and their white
3:49 pm
supremacist carries out and attack a donald trump is responsible. it is absurd. he is not responsible. the raise and he was vulnerable is because he has not definitively ever rejected the ultra-right in this country. that is a problem. the people say -- >> i would like to interject. that is not true. want to quote him. "the white nationalist and neil should be condemned." when he condemns people by name but doesn't get attention. >> he is never rejected the alt-right by name and richard spencer at the believer of the alt-right said he is never rejected and he never will. he still hasn't. have urged him to do that. the reason it is important for him to do that is because -- not because he is a responsibility, he is not part of the alt-right and he is not a white supremacist. they are claiming him. just as it was outrages that
3:50 pm
nancy pelosi could pass a resolution condemning ilhan omar for making these anti-semitic remarks. president trump needs to do the same. he needs to clean up his party. we are all responsible and donald trump is not done that. >> it is very frustrating to see that you have -- his actual words and you can read the words in people's head didn't happen. >> it and said that didn't happen. >> he actually said these. the idea that he would take a new zealand situation and have this conversation. the homicidal maniac in new zealand specifically said he was mentioning certain names, picking targets and using certain weapons to get the media to have these conversations. it seems that many people said okay, we will do exactly what you said. we'll pick up on these things they put a new manifesto. >> did you hear me blame him for new zealand? >> the fact that this is the
3:51 pm
nature of the conversation we are having when there is this attack we should be talking about the people who are monitored the victims and what they have done. >> for the same reason that conservatives and donald trump and others rightfully pressure democrats and barack obama to call islamic terrorism by its name for the same reason he should be calling this by its name and rejecting it and denouncing it as well. >> bret: do you agree? >> it is like people don't hear what he is saying. the argument to be said that you need to not fall into traps and other people science. when this person said this but he did this to cause fights about guns or race and for people to that do fights it is not -- >> he has many people sang it on his behalf. >> bret: as far as him giving a speech, here's what i asked the secretary. she said today we can't ignore the danger posed by domestic
3:52 pm
terrorism. if seen attacks in charlottesville and pittsburgh, we will not permit such hate in our homelands. those nice beach today. i want to turn to the race. take a listen to joe biden. >> i have the most progressive record of anyone running -- anyone who would run. [cheers and applause] >> i didn't mean. >> bret: that is the biggest question. he kind of stepped on it and the president had a tweet. >> may be he was saying what he really thought. >> bret: does not change the dynamic? >> do i think you will get an? >> i think it will in a short term until we know whether joe biden can raise money and perform on the trail and deal with donald trump on a day-to-day basis. we do know the answers to those questions. he is the last picture router
3:53 pm
and a democratic field. beyond that if more people get and i don't think it changes much. >> petal or work and a 6.1 million, 24 hours and 6.1 million. that is pretty good. >> apparently democrats like losers, literally. he lost his race and apparently stacy abrams will get to the race two. we will see. the question if she will do that or run for senate. she is testing the waters. >> bret: will put up the possibles only possible contenders. it is a growing field. you'll have to get oxygen somewhere. there is a lot of them. >> $6.1 million has a lot of oxygen. >> that speaks what he was doing the last couple of years which is building up a really great list of names. >> that is what joe biden doesn't have. >> he has other advantages and whether that translates to winning these primaries were succeeding in the long-term is
3:54 pm
another question. he is definitely well-liked. beto o'rourke is definitely well-liked. >> bret: one of those is barack obama who we met with. barack obama is not going to get into the endorsing game. it would be interesting to see -- we are here that david plouffe might be going the beto o'rourke way. >> obama burrows like beto o'rourke. >> bret: who is this group? >> if you look at media. [laughs] they can fight forward, they made a documentary about it it does me and they will all work for him, he has that kind of obama-esque charisma. >> you have nothing. >> i don't get the appeal, but i stand that people find him dreamy and appealing. i don't see it, that is a real
3:55 pm
thing. >> if asked in a dynamic going on for the soul of the left between beto o'rourke, the young and bernie sanders who came in and raised $6 million on his first day, almost the same thing. he is leading in the polls in the swing states. this is bernie's new party and has movement and beto o'rourke is starting to take it away. >> bernie probably got those donations through more people to unpaid or work. >> bret: when we come back special surprise, a spring training baseball game. ♪ get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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get your kit today. >> bret: a surprise homecoming for three young baseball fans. sean was waiting at the finish line at saltwater fields after serving in afghanistan. his kids were participating in the hot dog race at the arizona diamondbacks spring training game. they were surprised at the finish line. there is there data from
4:00 pm
afghanistan. tears flowed after that. hot dogs, it was amazing. that is good stuff. >> thank you for inviting us in your home. fair, balanced and unafraid. the story posted by martha starts right now. >> martha: good evening. i am martha maccallum and this is "the story." welcome everybody. there was a time when chelsea clinton -- push my pretty future of her party and now she is under attack, anti-semitism from a congresswoman ilhan omar. students at nyu blasted her for coming to a vigil for the people for the new zealand mosque. >> after all you have done. this right here is the result of a mall


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