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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, and groupthink. will be back. but in the meantime, don't go away. we've got a surprise from you. live from new york, sean hannity -- >> sean: it's not a surprise every night! by the way, congratulations to all of them. we send them all of god's blessings be tucker, thank you. buckle up, welcome to "hannity." exposing the deep state, we'll get to all of this momentarily. complicated, but simple on the other hand. glenn beck is here tonight. going to weigh in on the dire dangers of socialism and how it's real. but we begin with the presidential campaign season in the democratic party. it is now off to a disastrous, pathetic start. socialism, oppressive taxes, open borders. oh, and post birth abortions. a party that's become even more radical.
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per usual, the mainstream media? they are providing the cover, the support these candidates, the extreme ideas, very shady paths every step of the way. we'll investigate all of this. that is the subject of tonight's "hannity watch" on the radical socialist 2020 democrats. right now at this hour, over a dozen presidential hopefuls have already thrown their hats in the ring. many more are expected to declare before the years end. in the late last week, former failed senatorial candidate robert francis o'rourke, otherwise known as beto bozo o'rourke, he announced his candidacy. the mainstream media, they do what they always do. they fall in love with beto. robert francis. take a look. >> he's just an extra ordinary guy. >> in vibrancy, youthfulness to him. he has a message which is largely cheerful. >> had a way of speaking inspirational he but also really seriously, laying out the stakes. >> what he has to start with is
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a charisma that you just can't manufacture. >> he's got the son and his face, looks sunny, optimistic, not the indoor bureaucrat sitting in the desk in somewher. >> it's like a jesus christ superstar seeing people in front of him. in that moment, he was owning it. >> sean: you feel like you have a deja vu here? it's almost like we've seen this kind of cheerleading from the supposedly unbiased mainstream media before? we did. they were in love with barack obama. just a reminder, welcome we went into our archives. take a look. >> you can see it in the crowd. the thrill, the hope. crowd surged towards him. you are looking at an american political phenomenon. >> you are the equivalent of a rock star. >> the bus ride on the snowy road to lebanon new hampshire, i
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showed him this week's "newsweek" off the presses. >> how does this feel, of all the honors that have come your way? >> the feeling they get when most people get, i get this feeling that my leg. i don't have that too often. >> study. >> seriously. it's a dramatic offend. >> in some ways, barack obama is the first president since george washington to be taking a step down into the oval office. >> sean: this love affair persisted for eight long years and beyond and it was so bad that this program was one of the very few only shows to actually do the real vetting of future president of the united states barack obama. remember, on this program, we show you obama's ties to the radical, unrepentant weather underground domestic terrorists bill ayres and infinity door and? on the show, revealed the true nature of obama's longtime pastor 20 plus years jeremiah wright and the church of gd
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america, rooted in black liberation theology which we explained to you. and frank marshall davis, acorn, a linsky, community organizing. once again, to vet the 2020 candidates, which we promise will be doing nightly and/or predictions of a failed prop, obama presidency rooted in these radical views turned out to be more accurate than we would've d for for our country. if the media had done their job, america might have avoided that disaster. they were obama's cheerleaders every single day, even on the ridiculous hundred $50 billion iranian deal. well, we can see history is not repeating. the latest controversy surrounding reuters and robert francis o'rourke on friday. we learned that one of their reporters, reuters, sat for almost two years on an embarrassing story about o'rourke's time as a renegade on linebacker until after his hotly contested race with ted cruz.
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in fact, a reporter named joseph man entered into an agreement with beto bozo to delay his damning story. if it seems like the mainstream media and democrats work together to win elections as one team? because they actually do. so-called journalists shielding democrats from embarrassment by spiking or delaying certain reports, all while sticking it to president trump every second, every minute, every hour of every day, the matter how shaky the story, how weak the sourcing, if any sourcing. take for example busby depositor's latest fake news embarrassment. now that bozo is running in the democratic primary,'s report in reuters has been published. its contents are downright shocking. as we continue to vet the candidates on our hannity watch, according to multiple outlets, as a teenager o'rourke helped
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found one of america's oldest hacking groups called "the cult of the dead cow." during his time in the hacking community, old beto and his online friends install video games, stole long distance phone service for his dial-up modem, gain some various hacking efforts in the 1980s. he had the name "psychedelic war load," and bozo frequently posted unusual, bizarre, strange, frightening writings on group message boards including classifying certain women as "sluts," ultra tredies were "scene sluts" that many men -- o'rourke wrote the best way to deal with these girls was tell them that they are ugly. o'rourke also posted a violent, bizarre murder fantasy, one day i was driving home from work i noticed two children crossing the street and as i neared the young ones, i put all of my
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weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until i heard the crashing of two children on the hood and the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. pretty sick, ugly, twisted, dark story. goes from there -- to be fair, robert francis was much younger at the time of this disturbing publication. but i ask this question: i wonder if the media, the left, i wonder if they'll follow the cavanaugh standard for beta o'rourke. remember when they poured through justice cavanaugh's high school yearbook, all in an attempt to disqualify him frm the supreme court? that's not going to happen with beto, or bozo in that case bid that's their standard for conservatives. one standard for liberals, one standard for conservatives. in fact, this report about beto has barely made a dent in the traditional news cycle. over the weekend, o'rourke offered this heartfelt apology. take a look.
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>> there was a report that came out today that shared things i have written as a teenager. really hateful. really bad stuff. i'm mortified to read it now. incredibly embarrassed. but i have to take ownership and understand the way that it makes people feel that they read them now. whatever my intention was as a teenager doesn't matter. and so i think i'll speak for myself. i have to look long and hard at my actions in the language that i have used and have to constantly try to do better. spewing naturally in the hypersensitive democratic party, o'rourke was also forced to issue several other apologies, including a joke about his wife raising their children and, of course, his white privilege. take a look. >> i'll be much more thoughtful in going forward in the way that i talk about our marriage, and also the way in which i
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acknowledge the truth of the criticism that i have enjoyed white privilege. absolutely. undeniable. >> sean: here we go. yet another weak democrat starting with apology tours. more bad news from bozo, the crowd the democratic field is about to get even bigger. over the weekend, former vice president crazy uncle joe biden accidentally announced his run for president. then he took it back. not uncommon for him. >> i get criticized. i get told i'm criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record for anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] i didn't mean... [cheers and applause] anybody who would run. >> sean: you can't work in my state, the slave state, without
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a slight indian accent. referred to barack obama as, wow, storybooks, clean and articulate. whether or not he runs for president, he's using his public status much like the clinton's to rake in millions. from six-figure speaking gigs to seven-figure book deals, crazy uncle joe is turning his humble public service into a gold mine. if he runs, biden would be just the latest democrat to engage in class warfare politics, all while sitting on top of a mound of cash and the worst record of any political team, him and obama, we've seen in our lifetime. we are going to have a lot more on "20/20" politics throughout the show and also the year. but first, we have to turn our attention to our report on hannity watch on the deep state tonight. we have brand-new information. we saw it with a brand-new "usa today" suffolk university poll. one half of americans now believe that president trump is in fact a victim of a witch hunt
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being carried out by robert mueller and his merry band of democratic donors. doesn't take a genius' team of investigators to realize that collusion is a hoax. in fact, according to disgrace one time lead fbi investor get a pewter peter strozk, they say ts no evidence of collusion when the council was elected but that's after they investigated for nine straight months before the appointment of mueller. here we are 670 days after the mueller probe, and as intense as it's been, still no collusion. none. zero. nothing for it yet, it's a witch hunt. meanwhile, thanks to the newly released deposition from orrin, page, strozk, steele, new details how a high-ranking bureaucrats try to use hillary clinton's phony, bought and paid for russian dossier to take down
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donald trump. we now know tonight that christopher's steele gave the associate to a mccain associate david kramer. sometimes at the direction of steele himself who hated donald trump spread of the dossiers unverified, uncorroborated contents to 12 journalists at nine different news outlets. two state to prevent officials, including one connected to john kerry. why? to use the hillary clinton bought and paid for russian molly that mike lies to influence you, we, the people. before the elections, to influence the outcome of that election and worse. here's the bottom line. according to bruce orr, christopher was still hated donald trump, desperate to malign him. as was hillary clinton. as was the popular ashkelon. doj, not rank-and-file. as well as the corrupt news media in this country that ran with these lies, never verified
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a thing. unverifiable because it wasn't true. even though they all knew, all were told that this is unverified, uncorroborated, hillary paid for it, and steele hated trump, a pack of lies, they tried to get it out to the general public. propagandizing, you, mia, the american people. top doj and fbi officials, those are the same people that saved hillary clinton from being indicted. something that would've happened to all of us. they worked on her behalf. use her lies to commit fraud on fisa courts, spy on the trump campaign, before the election and after the election, and it's all becoming crystal clear tonight. but this is only the beginning. what we now have is the beginning of a cascade of information and materials that will be corroborating everything we have been telling you the last two errico years. tonight, i can tell you, expect more reservations about how the
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dossier was written, where it's information was derived, and how high-ranking officials inside a federal government abused their power to help hillary get elected and then later to take down donald trump. now we are on the cusp of what is an avalanche of new developments are joining us now, the author of the number one best seller nailed it in his book, the russia hoax, gregg jarrett. also joining us fox news michigan reporter gerard carter, mark meadows. this got started with sarah and john, thereafter with gregg jarrett would have you have a guest. i'd always asked the same question. am i wrong? i ask you, and my over the target? and you said, you didn't see one thing that we reported that was wrong. now it's all being corroborated. >> great reporting on it as he
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mentioned previously, but what we are starting to see is the rest of the story coming out. there are two standards. 14 hillary clinton, she got a pass. and one for donald trump who doesn't get a pass and doesn't get a break on any of it. it's a coordinated effort to make sure that they do it. here's the other interesting fact. when you talk about robert mueller and andrew mccabe and names that you've made household names, those are two individuals who actually wanted a job with this president and the minute they didn't get it, they started investigating him. it's time that we hold people accountable in washington, d.c. >> sean: let me go to sarah. look at the developments with the release of the closed-door testimony of orr, page, strozk, developments that we all knew. sarah, we know that the media bought it hook, line, sinker. they were fed phony information,
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disseminated phony information. they did it to do influence. my question does not fit the mandate of robert mueller's investigation? why does that not fit the wheelhouse here. >> it does fit the wheelhouse here, sean. this is a classic this information intelligence operation. let me explain this to you. this is what happens in other countries with intelligent agencies do when they are targeting somebody in the government. but instead, what happened is the fbi and the doj, the justice department, high-level officials within those departments who have the power, the access, the authority, targeted the president of the united states. they also targeted the trump campaign. i don't understand how this cannot be one of the biggest stories in modern political
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history, and how robert mueller did not include that in his mandate is beyond me. but the most important thing is that william barr, the new attorney general, and others inside the doj have to launch a full-fledged investigation, and if not, open up a second special counsel to investigate everyone. this is probably one of the biggest stories, political stories, of our lifetime. and when we look at what they did and how they spread that information -- i mean, that's why they went to mccain's guy, david kramer. they wanted to solidify that information. once they got that to him and moved it -- a lot of people didn't even want to report on this. i heard about this. a lot of reporters had heard about this dossier. remember, it wasn't until brennan and james clapper actually briefed president trump about this that was feed then pe dossier and cnn shortly after wrote the story. they wanted to make this story, they wanted to make the lies real. and they did.
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>> sean: grade, first they thought a hillary i get out of jail free child card. the very same people involved in that, the use her bought and paid for russian lies, they disseminated it like the former soviet union, great propaganda, to influence an election with her russian lies. they use it to spy on the trump campaign before and after the election and to bludgeon and destroy as sitting, duly elected president. the story is not irrefutable at this point that i will ask congressman meadows in a second that more is coming. >> if the hillary clinton investigation was rigged in her favor for political purposes, that's obstruction of justice. and intentionally using a falsified document presented to a judge to obtain a warrant, that's also obstruction of justice in five other crimes, including deprivation of so
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i agree with sarah. i'm sure the countryman does as well. there needs to be a legitimate investigation by either william barr and his team of prosecutors or by a special counsel as lindsey graham is advocated. >> sean: let me ask you three of every important question. congressman meadows, you've seen more than any of us here. i know probably some you can't discuss. but let's talk about the volume of what is to come. we haven't seen the fisa applications, the three oh twos, gang of eight -- and the interviews. more of that coming? >> it's not just the transcribe interviews you are talking about, but it's additional information that's coming out that will show not only was there no collusion, but there was a coordinated effort to take this president down. we talk about the deep state. there are players now, even ambassadors, that that a sittig ambassador that were involved in part of this with the fbi-doj. as we look at this, it's time to
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show that we show the american people what's out there, declassify some of those documents. when the american people see what i've seen, they will judge for themselves and know that it's all been a hoax. >> sean: what more do you expect to come -- i only have about 30 seconds. >> i think christopher steele's deposition in florida which will be released any day now will be very revealing but we'll find out that he essentially admits it was all made up, it was a hoax, and the fbi knew it, they didn't care, they used it as a pretext to destroy trump. >> sean: sarah, you've identified along with john the five buckets. >> not only will those five buckets be extraordinarily important, but once they dig in deep into all of this and i'm talking about the doj and this investigation continues? i think they'll be discovering so many more malfeasance in the
6:21 pm
doj that went far beyond hillary clinton and donald trump and the 2016 election. remember, a lot of other things are going to be on earth because of this and this is what they were so afraid of. >> sean: there will be indictments. buckle up. criminal referrals next. indictments, i would argue, very soon after. thank you all. when we come back, glenn beck talks seriously about the dangers of socialism. later, devon nunes suing twitter. he'll tell us exclusively much more. next on "hannity."
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>> sean: tonight's hannity a watch on socialism rising in america. recently, cabot phillips with the actually asked college students
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who they think is the new face of the democratic party. here's a hint. not nancy pelosi. take a look. >> there is a battle right now in the democrat party in the space for the movement. you've got the old guard, nancy pelosi, the new upstart, alexandria ocasio-cortez. who would you view as the face of the party? >> i think cortez. aoc is taking the party in the new direction. >> who is the face of the democratic party? >> do you want me to hold her up? there you go. >> sean: joining me with the reaction is nationally indicated radio and television star, blaze tv, radio host glenn beck. i remember your time on fox. it was cool. you had your chalkboard. glenn, you aren't laughing. it was cool. i'm being complementary. you aren't smiling. >> thank you. no, no. i know.
6:27 pm
i appreciate it. >> sean: one of the things you talked a lot about was the dangers of radicalism and the dangers of socialism. i've never seen the threat this bad. a hundred people agree with the new green deal in the democratic party. many of the 2020 candidates agree with it. and are campaigning on it. i thought maybe it's time to go back and revisit some of those things you talked about and i talked about at the time. >> sean, i distantly remember every day last year on my fox showed what was coming and the last few steps where the radicae islamists, the socialists, they would all gather together, they would not be working together, plodding together, but they would see the opportunity and they would all come together and work to destabilize europe and america. and that is exactly what is
6:28 pm
happening. you have cair in the halls of congress all the time and i think that's who nancy pelosi was afraid of. >> sean: can you remind them about being uninvited coconspirators? people might not remember. >> i will go a step further for they were not unindicted coconspirators in the holy land foundation, the people who were in omar's office last week or two ago weeks ago during that vote, instrumental in changing, were actually from the palestinian -- i think it's the palestinian council, which was started by the muslim brotherhood. they have a direct sister, which is hamas. you have the palestinian counsel, you have hamas over here, the sister organization, the palestinian counsel needed a p.r. firm, if you will for
6:29 pm
public and they hear in the united states, and that is why cair was started. that's who you have in. you have the democratic socialists, and you remember this, sean, if you said and one was a democratic socialist, you are called a racist. race doesn't seem to be playing a role with socialists. it seems, as "newsweek" said when i first said this on fox and now "the new york times" magazine has said this, we are all socialists now. they have always been socialist. i talked to joe lieberman earlier today on the radio. you know joe lieberman, and i'm sure you respect him. >> sean: i've been friends with them for years. great i. >> right. i don't agree with him politically a lot of the times. but he's a decent, honorable man. if you look at what happens with beto, look at what happened with
6:30 pm
ocasio-cortez, and i do not know if you've seen a video by a new guy, he goes by mr. reagan online, he did an expose on cortez that's a little frightening on what's happening behind the scenes. when i talk to joe lieberman, look, joe, i'm not talking about the people in washington. i'm talking about the democratic neighbor i get along with right down the street. they don't believe in infanticide, they don't believe in destroying the free market system. they don't believe in all of the stuff that's coming out of the mouths of these radicals. what's going to shake them? when are we going to have our labor party movement where you have that in england that the socialist party has noticed, wow, it looks like we are just full with radicals and anti-semites, and members of the labour party in england are leaving the party commencing its too radical for me. when are the average people going to leave the democratic
6:31 pm
party, or at least wake up? >> sean: i don't want to interrupt your thought, i'm just constrained for a time. i'm listening to everything you're saying. >> let me just finish what he was saying. let me finish with what he just said the which was, "glenn, --" he said, the people he knows in the democratic party, are too afraid of the mob. that's exactly what this cult. this cult of death, i think, is stirring up to this mob that will shut you down unless you agree with absolutely everything. we lose the country of good come of this and people don't stand up on both sides. >> sean: i never thought i'd hear anyone advocate for, well, we'll deliver the baby, then the baby will be made comfortable, the mother will decide if the baby gets resuscitated if it has trouble breathing, or even
6:32 pm
during dilation that that could happen. i never thought anyone could propose getting rid of oil, gas, cars, planes, cows. but it's happened. my question is in the last 30 seconds, what's the antidote? that's what i wanted to ask you. >> uh... waking up. i don't know if there is an antidote. but i will tell you this. if the republicans don't win in this next election, i think we are officially at the end of the country as we know it. we may not survive even if we win, but we definitely don't if the democrats -- to be when you mean the reelection of trump? does that mean the reelection of trump, people who didn't like him, they say they kept a lot of his promises, most of them? >> i know i did. i saw he kept his promises. i will tell you, there is no choice this time around. we must come together. >> sean: glenn, thank you.
6:33 pm
you can catch him on the blaze, his radio show. thank you for being with us. when we come back, devin nunes, former head of the intel community, suing twitter. why? the explanation will blow you away. an important monologue explaining how the left is using global warming hysteria to advance their socialism. and our villain of the day? they deserve it. we should unite over that. ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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>> sean: just hours before, for intel chairman community devin nunes filed a $250 million lawsuit against twitter in virginia state court, alleging the social media company negligently failed to remove defamatory and malicious tweets
6:38 pm
about the congressman and his family per twitter is declining come in tonight, but here to talk about this lawsuit and much more. congressman devin nunes. you do have a high bar. we all need that. if you are a public figure, you need actual malice and what's known as a reckless disregard for the truth. or else i would sue people every hour of every day. but it's harder. it's not like in the case of the commenting high school kid. tell us about the suit. >> this is the first of many, sean, we are actually going after twitter first because they are the main proliferator and they spread fake news and slanderous news. people can look on fox news, it's all there. the case we were basically looking is this is an orchestrated effort. so people were targeting me, anonymous accounts that were developed. look, there are -- these accounts aren't supposed to
6:39 pm
exist pretwitter says they don't have accounts that do this. this is the first of many lawsuits that are coming. but there were several fake news accounts, whether its regards to the russian investigation or to me, and we have to hold all of these people accountable. because if we don't, our first amendment rights are at stake here. this isn't 20 years ago, sean. what's happening is that twitter becomes the gas lighting for all the news. when they are regulating us, they're regulating what people can see on my tweets, which they have done, and they are proliferating out things that they agree with with the algorithms that they develop, they need to come clean. they are a content developer. that's right. if you remember last summer, they shadow banned me. >> sean: he denied that ever went on, and he said he wants to be fair. but your analysis has not shown
6:40 pm
that it is fair across the board and that a lot of these social media sites are in fact using those algorithms, if you are well, or they have behaviors to advance one side, which would then be, what, a political donation for democrats? >> well, how is it that every day there's conservatives that are being banned? look, they don't want to college had a banning, that's fine. they can call it whatever they want to call it. the fact of the matter is people cannot see my tweets. if you get emails from twitter, it's commonly fake new stuff. if they don't want to be a content developer can make us all your algorithms. how is it possible i can be attacked relentlessly hundreds of times a day by fake accounts that they claim their terms of service should not be there. i can put something that's
6:41 pm
sexually explicit, attacked someone, they would say stop it, this is a sensitive tweed. they would never say that to people coming after me or other conservatives. this is more than just conservatives. every american should care about that if they should care about the first amendment. the price has changed, you said it numerous times for the press is dead. if we do not clean this up, i've said this on your show a few weeks ago. this is part of the continuing russian investigation. we are not going to let this dell make these fake news stori, written about this investigatioe are going to challenge every single one in court. >> sean: the thing is it so influential. talk about so many, if not millions and billions of people. facebook and some others. it's incalculable how much that assists a narrative or point of view. let me ask you this. as the former house intel
6:42 pm
committee chair, it's been frustrating at somebody who's been trying to get to the bottom of this whole hillary getting a pass, fisa abuse, bludgeoning him with false russian lies, now that we've had orr, page, strozk, the mccain aide, christopher steele, everyone was warned in august long before they leaked this information knowingly to the american people and used it as, to quote your memo, the bulk of information in the fisa applications, how much more is coming? i was told this is the beginning of an avalanche of information that has been hard to get out, but it's now coming? >> it slowly coming. so this is all in the result of a task force we set up last yea year. we have sent over 50 names to the new chairman of the
6:43 pm
intelligence committee that we'd like to interview to continue this investigation. there is also the information that is still classified that we would like to declassify and that's primarily 20 pages of the last fisa, the report that bruce ohr was involved in. as you know, bruce ohr is a central figure just like andy mccabe. >> sean: the hall clinton bought and paid for russian dossier lies, we knew that before the election that it's all not true. and steele said it himself. >> why it's so important, part of the reason i'm starting with twitter and these lawsuits and going onto the fake news stories, it's important to know who's behind putting up those fake news stories. >> sean: wow. we are going to follow this very closely. i think there is -- there's a lot to this story. a lot more than we meet the eye on the surface. congress men, thank you for being with us. catherine herridge broke the
6:44 pm
story on when we come back, stay tuned with us. we are going to explain, many monologue, how this global warming climate change global cooling -- every instance is nothing but hysteria to literally advance the political agenda of socialism for that is next. ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. jushis local miracle ear t at helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him to hear more of her laugh... and less of the background noise around him.
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>> sean: socialism on another angle, the left continues its push with the new green deal by pretending it's about saving the planet, we only have 12 years left. truth is, it's just an excuse to force their socialist vision on you, we, the american people. verses climate change, global warming, global cooling.
6:49 pm
all of them rooted in advancing socialism. the belief that capitalism is inherently unjust and evil. here's what we know. it's a 93, $4 trillion that'll send our markets into the red. it'll destroy the lifeblood of our economy, oil, gas. we will immediately go from the richest country with the most opportunity to probably a very poor country very quickly. rollback all the progress of the trump and trump agenda, energy independence, goodbye, rising wage growth goodbye. democrats don't seem to care. rather than propose solutions to build the economy, they are retreating to belittling to anyone who questions them for it listen to al gore, crazy al gor. >> i don't think there -- obviously, there is no basis for doubting what mother nature is telling us now. it's beyond the consensus of 99%
6:50 pm
of the scientists. just listen to mother nature and the claimant-related extreme weather events that have quadrupled in recent years. the old strategy of trying to fool people into disbelieving the event evidence in front of their own eyes is failing. >> all this doomsday hysteria is nothing new. remember, al gore claimed that mount kilimanjaro would be a snow free without a decade in more than 2007, the arctic could be ice free within five years. that's not al gore. remember the acid rain scare of the ' 70s and possibly 80s, destruction of our forests turned out to be fueled by panic, bad science and, yes, a political agenda. don't forget the ap article from 1989 that we only have ten years to save the planet. we are starting a new cycle, 12 years. let me be clear, we should all be good stewards of our environment, we won clear air,
6:51 pm
water, and want healthy lives and to preserve mother nature. but pushing alarmism, fears about the world ending in 12 years to advance the most radical political agenda? it's not about any of that. it's designed to scare you, designed to make you sign on to a massive government takeover of your life where you will be told what you can go to a doctor or what kind of car you can drive, where you are allowed to eat meat or not. just as comrade bill de blasio. meat free mondays for kids in new york. even eliminate plans, oils, cows, and the combustion engine. while the green new deal might have fresh faces like egg like sands ryo casa cortez, it's full of the same tricks, keep your dr. plan and save money. here now with the reaction, author of the book, the politically incorrect guide to climate change, publisher of, along with chris warner, we start with you.
6:52 pm
the nexus of the political agenda. first it's global, the ice age is coming, it's warming, and general climate change. they got it wrong. >> is very much in human nature to blame our neighbor for the weather. it led to an awful lot of witch burnings during the cooling, as you recall. then the medieval warming, called the climate up the mom, it became cold, and right here in charlie's charlottesville, the crops failed, babies dies, the witch next door did it. this isn't new. there was a brief period that ended around the time of jimmy carter and disco where we stopped blaming our neighbor and you pointed out we had the cooling constructivism catastr. this futile gesture is also a cruel one, but it's the noble lie. none of these schemes, the green new deal, the paris treaty, with
6:53 pm
detectably impact the climate. nobody claims they would. it's about something. you should know it by the company he keeps. or you can read alexandra because her cortez's green new deal, and it extends a lot pretending that the government can administer the climate. it moves into the larger agenda, which has always been about. it hasn't been the climate. >> sean: marks? explain. >> in my book, i have a whole chapter on this. in the 1960s end '70s, the environment the movement became radicalized. josh hogan, obama's former scions sciences are, the existential threat of the time over populations, that fear has collapsed. you have other professors, 1974, little warning we need a global government in order to fight environmental degradation and other issues. go forward to the '70s,
6:54 pm
possibly 80s. all they've done is replace global warming or climate change with what used to be a resource scarcity and overpopulation, amazon rain forest. >> sean: and "newsweek" magazine... this says it all from the '70s. the new ice age is coming. global cooling. became global warming. that didn't work out. let's trade this climate change if it's hot or cold, will blame conservatives and capitalism. all right, guys. thank you. i think the nexus is clear. we'll continue to follow the story. when we come back, the villain of the day. this is something that should bring conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans together. but why do i think it won't? straight ahead. ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪ ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪
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whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front.
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> sean: are villain of the day is actually a regime. the iranian regime, the mullahs in iran, a regime that regularly persecutes christians and jews, they kill and because of who
6:59 pm
they are for years and his program, we stood up against tyrannical governments. we have a very disturbing story to share. human rights lawyer, according to reports, now in iran sentenced to 38 years in jail. 148 lashings. just for standing up for fundamental rights of women. in this case, how they want to address. claims she was spying and spreading propaganda and insulting the ayatollah. this should transcend politics. this should be an issue that unites all americans. this is one minimal to what we all believe. this is why we are against obama's tens of billions of dollars that he paid to the mullahs in iran, why we were so against hillary clinton taking money from countries that similarly abuse human rights. we will continue to follow this story. it is happening in our time. we'll bring you updates as we get them for before we go
7:00 pm
tonight, we want to share viewers responses. john makes a point about climate change, alarmist al gore, every time he's opening his mouth he's polluting. that's the commentary of the 19th we'll never be the destroying trump, hates b5 media mob. lola standing by with her big show tonight. >> laura: hannity, you're so right about sharia law. women, feminists, gays -- we know where it's gone around the world and it's usually the most vulnerable who are hurt as a result. and it's not political. it's about human rights, egalitarianism. >> sean: human rights abuses, killing people for no reason! >> laura: gay people in iran, buried them and stone them. >> sean: we have shown videos their prethrown off the top of roofs. >>


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