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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 18, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight, we want to share viewers responses. john makes a point about climate change, alarmist al gore, every time he's opening his mouth he's polluting. that's the commentary of the 19th we'll never be the destroying trump, hates b5 media mob. lola standing by with her big show tonight. >> laura: hannity, you're so right about sharia law. women, feminists, gays -- we know where it's gone around the world and it's usually the most vulnerable who are hurt as a result. and it's not political. it's about human rights, egalitarianism. >> sean: human rights abuses, killing people for no reason! >> laura: gay people in iran, buried them and stone them. >> sean: we have shown videos their prethrown off the top of roofs. >> laura: is happening around
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the world. thank you so much for doing tha that. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle. this is a packed night, but it's really true for the president's opponents have spent the last 72 hours calling him a white nationalist. secretary of housing and urban development ben carson is here with an exclusive to defend the president and tell us a lot of other things about what's happening in his department. ben shapiro has a new book out tomorrow and is making his first stop here at "the ingraham angle." his reaction to the entitlement generation fostered by the left. plus, in your national poll that half of the respondents believe that the mueller probe is politically motivated. the man who ran the clinton probe, can starr and his deputy in that case can weisberger to explain why. first, the scourge of generation e. that's the focus of tonight's angle.
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all right. what do carbon, ice, and an egg all have in common? they are all connected to recent stories involving generation e, the entitlement generation. >> u-g-ly, that spells ugly! you ugly! >> no clear air, pollution is everywhere! >> received a lot of emails last week after our coverage of the international student climate change rallies. many of you were wondering, how could these kids blow off school, shut down city streets, and convince other students who wanted to do this thing called study? the answer? because the activists could. >> hey, hey! , ! fossil fuels have got to go! >> keep your carbon in the soil,
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no more oil! keep your carbon in the soil! >> laura: it's easy, hanging out with your friends emoting, chanting really badly, or studying, let's say, the federalist papers and doing your physics labs. especially when schools excuse the absences, teachers themselves are encouraging the protests, overwhelmingly left wing, and college admissions, they count activism as a legitimate extracurricular activity. and naturally, members of generation e believe he or she should get into the best colleges, even if he or she does not have the best grades. for the best scores. and they develop this warped view of their own self-importance because mommy and daddy raised them to believe that they were special. really special. special in every extra special way. these are parents who hung their kids' soccer per dissipation metals in the bulletin board in the kitchen, help them write
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their term papers, help them do. how else would an 8-year-old kid know how to design his own homework app? as the college admissions fraud story revealed, these are the type of presents who will even commit crimes to guarantee their kids have doors open for them. i think it's important to ask this tonight. what's the end result here? well, many of these young people, and it's not just the wealthy kids, grow up to be demanding, entitled adults. and even ingrates. at a time when american students are falling behind in the science, and math, and reading, more and more kids at the same time here are indulged and even encouraged to become political activist before they've even earned their first paycheck. according to one assessment, out of 71 countries, the u.s. was 38th place in math and 24th in science. but forget about math, right?
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things like math or science or life skills? that's just manners or self-reliance, speaking and writing ability? and why bother with all of that when society celebrates you for being a punk with a political point of view? case in point, at the university of illinois at urbana-champaign, grad students are now demanding that the school remove i.c.e. and border patrol job listings from the career services platform. why? the university should not "allow racist and abusive organizations to recruit students." my friends, it's not just on american shores but take this example from america over the weekend. a 17 17-year-old cracked an egn the head of a right-wing politician. >> people getting attacked in their own --
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>> laura: as you can see, the politician stupidly took a swipe or swing at the kid and the video of incident went viral pure and he was filming in. that's when the praise from celebs start coming in. actor army hammer in an interview today said, "i love that guy. i hope he inspires copycats. everyone should be like egg boy. everyone." ed boyd should get together with pajama boy -- that would be fun. i was thinking about this but think about the covington catholic kid nick sandmann. he stood still. and the elites like army hammer accused that kid of being a racist and a provocateur. but in the australia case, they take the kids side because the politician, he assaulted, albeit with an egg, he himself was far right. but the target is someone not telling the social justice line, it's okay to assault him, even have copycats. it's gotten worse, though.
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because now the activists are even feeding on their own. when chelsea clinton showed up at nyu to pay her respects after that horrific slaughter in new zealand, a member of generation e didn't think her, she confronted her. >> this? right here, is the result of a massacre that people like you with the words. i want you to know that, i want you to feel that deep inside. 49 people died because of your rhetoric. >> i don't think... >> what do you think "i'm sorry you feel that way" means? >> laura: the frame says it all. it never ends, right? generation e activists have their own set of demands. they were listed on the shirt. free college, free health care, a guaranteed standard of living, and a free pass if they are living in the country illegally. by the way, it's not just that,
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they require that you accept their views on everything from climate change to immigration to economic policy. because they are entitled. >> take it to the streets! >> take it to the streets! >> ticket to the polls! >> issues like environmental justice and in control affect us in our communities now and that's why we should have the ability to make our vote count and elect robbers and it is who will resent us and protect us. >> they are actually trying to co-opt the energy of generation e, the activists generation, entitled generation, by signing them up to vote early. >> >> myself has always been --i think it's important to capture kids in high school, when they are interested in all of this, when they are learning about government to be able to vote. >> laura: remember what's my she capture kids. republicans, they should take
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heed's of these trends and movements, and offer a better alternative. they are smart kids. a future where they don't have to wait on the government to give them what they can earn for themselves. they'll feel better about themselves. activists, though, are in our schools and art of aggressively propagandizing. hollywood and even churches do as well. what they do is a worldview that numbs the young to socialism. that's the end game. in exercising wealth confiscation that will leave us less free, less prosperous, and less tied to that age-old american value that hard work makes the man. by the way, if you are offended that you don't like i just said man, you are in generated down the honorary member of generation e. you are entitled to your opinion, but i'm not entitled to celebrate it. and that's the angle. join me now, conservative columnist tammy bruce for the president of independent women's voice.
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also with me is jeff bergen, former contractor for andrew gillum. >> i'm exhausted. >> laura: generation e. how did we get here? speak of the variety of things you showed there really have a common linkage, which is, you are right. there is an education, if you will, by people who know better. we know that there is no free money, it doesn't grow on trees. if there is a redescription of wealth, that means is coming from businesses and other dynamics that are supposed to be creating jobs, creating income, right? allowing people to live lives that best suit them. there is an interesting disconnect here. and, look, who doesn't really wants -- if you can go and live on a paradise island and have everything you wanted at the snap of a finger, you would be elizabeth from "bewitched." who wouldn't want that quite like these kids have been abandoned by adults who know that's not possible, we know thd
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work is something very, very different. and they are using these young people. but at the same time, the democrats really don't have anything else to offer. the economy is good, we see what president trump's economy and mission has accomplished for us. the democrats do have to stand for something else, but you can only argue for these things when the economy is good. that's the irony here. you can say, look, we are doing so well, americans do help people, this is what the democrats are falsely telling them. >> laura: the democrats do stand for something, but it's pretty radical things. i want to tell you something, this is kirsten gillibrand tonight on immigration. let's watch. >> that should not be under i.c.e., not under homeland security. immigration is not a security issue. it is an economic and humanitarian and family issue. there is no such thing as an illegal human. >> laura: no national security implications? >> the senator is talking about
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the very real fear. the statue of liberty in the state that she represents is a welcoming statue. it supposed to welcome the poor huddled masses to our shores. there are a lot of people out there who feel that we lost that promise. a lot of folks running for president are talking about passionately restoring that goodness, openness -- to be when you don't think america is good lending in 1.2 million a year, we give green card to in the united states. first poll shows people want to keep that study or decrease even legal immigration. every time they asked the question, the numbers the same. new generations of immigrants but you don't think america is in good? >> i think our country has had a long involving history with immigrants. you will see some form of demo termination to skrim a nation. >> laura: when they came illegally. the italians, the irish, legally but even then, they were disseminated against.
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we are talking about a border that people were entering between ports of entry. not coming in ports of entry, but coming in 76,000 people apprehended apprehended coming in ports of entry. that's illegal. you don't even think we should call it -- >> i think we've got a broken system but we've had a broken system for a long time. >> laura: they should be waived in? >> we should have a discussion with united states congress had a president that has so thoroughly change the mood and tone of this country that any kind of compromise, any kind of bipartisan solution doesn't seem possible at this point. >> laura: tammy, other things happen, and i'm going to play this. this is beto o'rourke, he raised $6 million in 24 hours. credible hall. people ridiculing his sweat stains, he was -- one of the more ridiculous criticisms. he was pressed on one position today. let's watch. >> argue for or against third
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trimester abortions? >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights. my answer to you is that should be a decision that the woman makes. >> laura: that's where we are. >> it's interesting how he just sped across that. he misled everyone about what the question was. it wasn't about abortion. when you are in a third trimester, the baby is crowning for my activism began on the left or abortion rights per that's not what we were fighting for. we were fighting for women to make decisions for themselves as most americans agree. he skimmed through that. that was about the issue for the democrats is about infanticide. and even he can't face it. but that is the problem that they've got. we've seen democrats who seem perfectly nice and in important positions of power like governor northam speaking really in a bit now kind of way about this kind of horror. americans don't like it because that's not what -- b1 holcomb no hispanics have come in this country?
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on its way to texas? these are religious people. >> yes, absolutely. but this is something that appalls everyone. >> laura: it should. >> any person of faith, any regular human being -- b1 it just rolls off the tongue. >> secures it. >> laura: this is another element of what the angle is about, the entitlement grievance racket, the refusal to accept election results. an event in washington state, stacy abrams claims, "i didn't win my election. i just didn't get to have the job." your old bod added this on real time with bill maher on friday night. >> we've been able to legally chuck those votes but also in florida and georgia. i wonder what the outcome would be? >> laura: the left freaked out when they thought that >> lawrence: down xp if i would not accept the results for
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they went crazy. why should people on that on those kind of comments? >> my own boss and stacy abrams are talking about actual actions taken by -- b1 tonight you don't accept the will of the voters -- >> i stand squarely with my old boss, i stand by with stacy abrams but i thought they were real -- it's like where the ref gets to take the shirt off and play for the other team. >> laura: you do not believe the desantis is the governor of florida? >> at the end of the day, we've got to take a look at where there were better losses, frustrations. >> laura: no one likes to lose. i hate losing. i'm not happy with losing. i get it. they literally -- tammy remembers this. last week it was on "morning joe" saying, donald trump is not going to
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concede in 2020. they are saying he's not going to concede and start a civil war. he could start a civil war. >> this is where we have the rule of law. we may have disagreements about when you can make arguments there should be a lawsuit or not, every single vote was counted. the votes that were counted were even citizens my bottom line is we all agreed that when there is the rule of law, we have judges and parties agreeing -- b1 if you don't have an idea, get counted provisionally. provisional ballots in most states, -- correct me if i'm wrong, i believe provisional ballots, even if you have no idea at all, you can vote. >> we've got to come to a point where we come to this agreement. unfortunately, it sounds like that kind of chaos where no election that is not one made by a democrat isn't considered serious, that's a problem. >> laura: jeff, i'm glad you came on tonight. i was joking. thank you for being -- >> young enough or he's going to
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learn conversations like this can become a republican. >> i look forward to coming back in 2021 and having a peaceful transfer of power from president trump to the democratic nominee. spew and keep believing that, my friend. but i will accept the results. >> there is a unicorn in the dock as well. >> laura: we are glad you came on. ben shapiro has something to say about generation e. he will tell us about his new book, the "ingraham angle" exclusive, glenn greenwald here is saying why the democrats wasted the last few years. well! to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers.
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>> laura: members from generation e believe he or she should get into the best colleges, even if he or she does not have the best grades. or the best scores. they develop their review of there is self-importance because mommy and daddy raised them believe that they are special. what's the end result here? many of these young people, it's not just the wealthy kids, they grow up to be demanding, entitled adults. my next guest has become a sensation, touring colleges across the country and offering
7:23 pm
the message that i stressed into nice angle. joining me now, ben shapiro, editor in chief of i want to begin with what we were talking about earlier. it dovetails into everything you write in your book, the emerging politics of grievance and entitlement, generation e. your thoughts on how to best thwart this, come back this, cure this? >> i think the best way to combat a lot of this stuff is to focus on achievement and freedom and responsibility. the fact his freedom comes along with the duty to achieve. you are not owed anything in this world, why should you perceive yourself to be owed a college lock looks like why should your parents give you everything? that mentality is foreign to a lot of the basis of western civilization and the basis for america, this idea that we were supposed to go forth and conquer, that we were supposed to to go in the wilderness and build something out there.
7:24 pm
that has been abandoned in favor of this grievance culture as you see that says the world owed something, if we don't get it it's because the system has failed us. >> laura: even the shirt that the young woman was wearing, the t-shirt when she was confronting chelsea clinton -- of all people, chelsea clinton? isn't that kind of, i'm simplistic of the phrase jump the shark, but isn't that telling you a lot of how just pathetic this whole entitlement movement has gone, when chelsea christman clinton is targeted? >> when chelsea clinton is too radical for you because she's too far the right, i don't think he jumped the shark, you jump the entire aquarium. it's stomach subjective feeling has taken the place of objective fact. she was speaking anti-semitism, chelsea clinton called out on that, and she's responsive and as possible for the christchurch shooting? that's how people feel and that's the truth and they are told they are right, they are
7:25 pm
special, they are wonderful individuals because they go to places like nyu and their parents told them they were special. so objective fact never actually has to be brought into the conversation. >> laura: speaking on the right set of of history, your book, we have major heads of major departments at princeton university, he's on msnbc getting back to the clary delma christchurch slaughter. this is what he said. >> part of what new ceiling represents in an interesting way my view a wholesale attack on what donald trump has enabled. i'm not trying to blame what happened on president trump, but he's helped create an environment for this sort of carnage to happen. >> laura: that's where it's going for it he might not have pulled the trigger, but it's the environment of trump that created the hate and the intolerance, et cetera, et cetera. that has reverberated across the airwaves, ben, for the last 72 hours plus and it's still going.
7:26 pm
>> there is certainly a narrative that's being driven by the left when it comes to the christchurch shooting. everything a person in western civilization who saw that and a decent person, appalled by that slaughter, obviously, and the attempts to immediately jump into the manifesto of the killer, to give it the broadest possible coverage by the media, to do exactly what the killer wanted, which is generate all sorts of political controversy in an attempt to tear apart western civilization, is really quite despicable. one of the things i thought was so fascinating, if you actually take a look at the manifesto, i recommend everyone should not, but if you take a look, the killer says essentially that western civilization is white people, and what you see from the intersection of the left is a similar perception of what western assimilation is but it's a hierarchal system of racial domination. peer that's not the west is at all. that's why we all mourn the slaughter of innocent people, no matter what the religion living in our civilization. >> laura: the right view of history means the correct view of history with its thoughts,
7:27 pm
achievements, triumphs, sadness. finally, ben, on folks thinking of inviting a conservative to a campus to speak or a conservative going that a lot of people who say, you know, i'm not doing it. jerry seinfeld want to perform in college campuses because of the political correctness. what do you say to those people who don't want to deal with the grief that you deal with? >> i certainly understand it, but at the same time don't give up the fight because there are a lot of people hungering for a message that is tolerant not only of humor but also tolerant of diverse viewpoints for people want discussion on campus. i spoke at the university of michigan last week. we had a thousand people in the audience and 6,000 people on the wait-list. that's not because i'm summing special but there is a hunger of a different point of view from a lot of these campuses being shielded by the administration. >> laura: on actual exchange of ideas. what a shock. on a college campus. ben, congrats on the book. we can't wait to read it. thanks so much.
7:28 pm
>> thanks so much. >> laura: have democrats wasted the last two years governing over fruitless obsessions with the mueller report winding down, the government stepping back from their cause to impeach trump. was the democratic obsession over trump and russia it really worth it for the party quest may here with answer, glenn greenwald, founder of the intercepts. glenn greenwald delma, great to see you. you'll notice that hardly any of the democratic presidents of candidates, and the list is growing seemingly by the day, they even mention trump and russia. it is reality finally sinking in for the democrats? some of these new poles about mueller what they are thinking about. >> yeah, we actually saw this, laura, during the 2018 midterm where the victorious democratic candidates, knowing the local districts really well, almost never mentioned the democratic national committee and msnbc, excuse the redundancy, have spent the last 2.5 years obsessing on tv and especially
7:29 pm
everything else, not the claim that trump colluded with russia, but that russia actually controlled donald trump in some sort of, you know, tom clancy type of espionage way. as a result of blackmail or other kinds of leverage. that disappeared from the winning campaigns of 2018 because they know that people don't wake up in the morning worried about putin and the 2020 counted its are seeing the wheels are falling off the cart of the mueller investigation and barely mentioned in recognition of that fact. >> laura: glenn, pelosi i nosed out out there today in missouri, she was backtracking n that being bombshell admission t week on president trump and impeachment. let's watch. >> i said, he's not worth it. it got your attention. i've been saying this for two years, he shouldn't be impeached. when i say he's not worth it, then it got the press. what he's not worth is the
7:30 pm
financial stability of america's working families and that's what we are trying to correct. when the time comes, we'll see. >> laura: do you believe her, when the time comes, we'll see? >> just please think about how stupid that is, what you just said. the overriding theme of the democrats for a two and a half years, going back to the 2016 election, as i said earlier, donald trump is blackmailed by or controlled by the kremlin and forced to do things against the interest of his own country of the united states and in favor of this for an adversary. if that were true at all, if robert mueller had any evidence of that and hasn't shown it to us, he would almost be guilty of treason. if nancy pelosi really believe that donald trump is serving the interest of russia and decides, oh, we are going to take our time in removing him from control over the nuclear arsenal and the executive branch and the military, until we feel like we
7:31 pm
are ready to do it? you would wonder, does putin have something on pelosi too delma if you really have that evidence for it? they have none and they don't have the integrity to admit that. >> laura: glenn, just two months ago she is on twitter and she's tweeting, what does putin have on trauma? the whole press corps and united states forgets she said that. just two months ago! >> exactly. do you know what? i know you know that we've been working and expose about some really incredible criminal acts on the part of the bolasario. he's going to be on shannon bream's shown expert you'll see what a real scandal looks like. only in office for two months, concrete tangible evidence that has been public we disclosed linking him to the world's worst
7:32 pm
paramilitary gangs and extrajudicial murderers in the country. that's what a real scandal looks like. instead in the u.s., we have two years of speculation, conspiracy theorizing, all kinds of espionage fantasies that the democrats are now realizing is never going to come to fruition. mueller has not indicted one american for the crime of collaboration with the russians, people do not think he's going to. >> laura: glenn, almost out of time. there may have been places and areas where we could've worked with russia, even with our disagreements about crimea, but there may have been things we could've worked on. with russia. that we couldn't do. because of mueller hanging over trump. i mean, just may be. >> that's the key point. the bullet of the scientists say that the threat is the possibility of new through war
7:33 pm
nuclear war. trump wanted to also. hasn't been able to because every time they did they said, that's proof that he's a kremlin stooge. >> laura: glenn, thank you so much. head had met, a new poll showing that americans' trust in the mueller probe is eroding. what major players have to say about that, former special counsel kenneth starr and his former deputy up next. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure?
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>> laura: a new "usa today" suffered poll finds that over half respondents believe that the probe, the mueller probe, amounts to nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt. well, join us now, better voices? can think of them here he ran the whitewater investigation, ken starr and his deputy in that case paul eisenberg, both are fox news contributor's. i remember you face plenty of
7:38 pm
criticism, but what do you make of this poll, anything? >> it's going to be a great news for the president and it shows that attacks on the prosecution work. that was the attack of bill clinton, primarily through surrogates like james carville. the president chooses to do the attacks himself. no question, it erodes the confidence, especially as time goes on. either the indictments of criminal pleas and so forth, guilty pleas, nonetheless there has not been an indictment that points specifically to collusion. i think fatigue, but also adjust the effect of the president's attacks. >> laura: and a lot of people in the office, not all of them, a good chunk will put up a graphic donated by democrats not dispositive of how they handle the case, but that's one of the facts that drove people to think, this might not be all that fair in the end through the
7:39 pm
democrats are backing away from collusion. >> i'm not sure that was the key thing, laura. what's so fascinating about these poll results is how narrow the gap is between those who approve and disapprove of mueller since october. so something has happened since october. may be fatigue, may be the cumulative effort of things like the ray way roger stone was taken down. i think it's important to point out that bob mueller will be no more affected by the polls then we were. also, he's got a long way to go before he's too where we were poor we were a few points ahead of saddam hussein. >> laura: i remember! >> and behind albert disalvo. he was the boston strangler. >> laura: when you had all of the media against you. you had all the media against you. you had pretty much everyone
7:40 pm
against you at that point. >> yeah. we felt a little embattled, but we were determined, trying to do the right thing. by the way, there were some real truth seekers, as you know laura, but you are right. overall it was really a very ugly, so we were just determined to try to do our job as best as we can. but to come back to your point about the partisanship and what rudy calls 13 angry democrats and so forth, i wouldn't use those terms but i will say this. in light of the criticism that these were very active -- some of them were very active, you need to take steps to provide confidence on the part of the public, may be skeptical members of the public, that this is not politically inspired per that's one of the reasons very briefly we hired sam dash to come on board and give us his counsel.
7:41 pm
approved every word of the referral that we made to the house of representatives. we do not have those kind of assurances. >> he's out there talking about his desire for transparency and whether he'll be there or not and he has a theory. watch. >> why would the president suddenly be supporting transparency for something that he doesn't think should exist? >> did matt whitaker tell president trump something that has led him to exude this kind of confidence? >> laura: dan abrams, cracked court reporter. >> well, i still see president trump attacking the witch hunt all the time. i'm not sure that i buy that. one of the problems with president trump, he's a political genius. but when he's talked about this investigation, i've said this before. he acts like somebody who has
7:42 pm
something to hide. it'll be incredibly ironic if there is no ultimately no collusion case and no obstruction case against him. but keep in mind, when you attack relentlessly prosecution teams, they are human. they feel it. they try to be professional to it as much as they try to, they feel it. any toss-ups in that report by mueller and his team, i think they are going to go against the president. they've been putting this up with this for two years. >> laura: guys, thank you so much. up next, ben carson. in exclusive you do not want to miss. he's going to be defending this administration against the attacks of racism. coming up, ben carson.
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>> laura: in the immediate aftermath of those mass shootings into mosque in new zealand, the media worked overtime to try to link president trump to the tragedy,. this second narrative continued today with new erroneous charge charges. >> yes, he's crazy. he's a white nationalist. >> a personal grievance that is precisely consistent with the white nationalist agenda. >> this whole racial bigoted
7:47 pm
perception of the president is an albatross around his neck. steel and joining me now exclusively, i'm so happy he's with us. i've been asking him to come on his ben carson. the secretary of housing and urban development. dr. carson, as the only african-american in the carbonate down the cabinet, you can take a swing at that. i heard white nationalist for his policies, his emphasis is on white nationalism over and over again. your reaction? >> there is a narrative been painted there, i had the opportunity to interact with racist people throughout my life. and he is not one. he is so easy to be around. so relax. treats you with the utmost respect. i talk with him early on about the plight of many people particularly in the inner-city, and the compassion he shows is very impressive. he doesn't wear it on his
7:48 pm
sleeve. he believes that a rising tide lifts all boats. he doesn't go around playing identity politics. he things, let's fix this so everybody does well. >> laura: one of the things i found the most amazing that got almost no coverage because he's gotten hammered recently -- we'll get to that. but you actually worked with bill de blasio. you can't get more of a liberal mayor then bill de blasio. you work with him because in york housing authority has been plagued with all sorts of problems. dilapidated housing -- this goes on and on. there was a federal takeover of new york city housing authority january 31st, it it became official. i would've thought that de blasio would've hammered you. de blasio went on and on about how it's a new path forward. he said you are very responsive, very responsive. what we've done today creates a strong path forward, he said, a tangible path forward because it will change and improve the lives of public housing
7:49 pm
residents who wanted to make sure there would be results. what happened there? you and he are pals now? >> i will tell you what really happened and i wish this would happen in our congress. we just decided to put the people first. we said, whatever we talk about, let's always keep the people at the forefront and do those things that will actually benefit them. that's the approach we've taken in all of our projects. you know, we are looking at our react scoring, looking at ways to get people out of the squalor. a lot of people saying why do you let people live in this dilapidated place? it's because we don't have another place to put them. since we've had another if we had another place to put them, believe me, we do that. you have to weigh a lot of these things carefully and having grown up around that, i'm interested in making sure we give people the top quality that would allow them to give the freedom to think about something other than how they are going to survive the night.
7:50 pm
>> laura: rents are going up in cities across the united states and yet the left, a lot of fair isle's activists, say that 10,000 units of public housing are lost to decay according to your own department and saying that you aren't doing a lot to fix this. >> there are a lot who believe throwing money at the problem is a solution. first of all, the budget proposed makes sure that we protect everybody in all the housing programs. nobody is going to be thrown out. but we are looking at things which comes and rebuilds and a lot of these dilapidated places and takes care of that deferred maintenance that's been put off for so long because the system that we have been using allowed it to continue to accumulate and people to get further behind. we are changing to a
7:51 pm
public-private partnership system. >> laura: that's what they don't like. is that what's going on? i didn't follow a lot what hud was doing, but they are actually -- there are some opportunity zones, obviously it's a huge, huge effort that's currently underway. they had msnbc saying current and former hud people saying you don't have a sense of urgency because you are very calm, unlike me. you are very calm -- >> would you like to have a neurosurgeon who panics every time he does surgery? no, they are looking at things the way they used to be. we are looking at things the way they need to be. and we are changing things. they can't relate to that. and -- you know, i don't talk about them. i don't blame them for they just can't understand. they don't talk to us. when they do talk to us, they distort what's going on. so i don't really worry about them. i just worry about doing is what's right. the proof will be in the
7:52 pm
pudding. we are working to get people out of poverty, with the opportunity zones, people have made a lot of money over the last couple of years. now we are providing a mechanism or you can take unrealized capital gains and invest them in places that have traditionally been neglected and -- we would like in chicago, and a lot of new friends they are in the show that we did in inglewo, compton, we are going in parts of detroit that are traditionally not conservative places. but i think we would hope that we'll see real progress. >> our understanding is people are our most viable resource. if we develop them and make them productive, we only strengthen ourselves as a nation. we only have 300 million people. india and china have so many people. we will never compete with them unless we learn to develop our people and i think we understand that. >> laura: apparently you just put your feet up on your desk all day and sipping my
7:53 pm
muay thais, every week it's thursday afternoon. >> the way i look at it, if that's the worst they can say, i go home some weekends and i may leave early on a friday in order to get there? if that's the worst they can find, as much as they've been scrutinizing, we are in pretty good shape. >> laura: this job compared to neurosurgery on children, what are you finding the most and most fulfilling? >> of course, as a surgeon, i still have a surgical personality. >> laura: got it done now. get it done. >> here, you have to deal with bureaucracy. bureaucrats tend to think the rules are much more important than the goals. adjusting to that. but not adjusting to the point where you can capitulate to that. trying to change it. we brought into hud now a cfo. we didn't have a cfo for eight
7:54 pm
and a half years. can you imagine the money pouring through there? there was not the physical control that you would expect. now we have that. we are bringing in the kind of controls that will allow us to give more freedom to the various jurisdictions because we can keep track of where the money is and how it's being used and what the timelines are. all of those things are changing. we are upgrading our i.t. systems. we still have a good ways to go, but we are making progress. >> laura: is at the slow pace of things, oh, ben carson talks so slowly. we need more people talking slowly to make sense in my view. but i would imagine that's frustrating for you. the pace of change. i know it's frustrating for the president as well print are you going to stick around for a while? >> i am planning on it. there was this hoopla a couple of weeks about ben carson leaving. i was asked what i was going to do. i set my preference is to go back in the private sector. it was extremely enjoyable. and you had a great deal of
7:55 pm
freedom. and you had that i was speaking a lot more at the time. but what we are doing is also incredibly important. >> laura: does that mean you're going to stay for the next year? >> i will definitely finish out the first term. i'm open to a second term. >> laura: secretary carson, do not be a stranger. we need to see more of you. we have a lot of request to see you on the show. don't be a stranger. >> as arnold said, i'll be back. >> laura: up next, which 2020 candidate gave chris matthews a tingle up his leg? it's tonight's last bite. 200 oud indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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>> laura: wow. cory booker got a 1600? that's pretty good. chris matthews might have a new man crush the cycle. that's all the time we have tonight, don't forget, new podcast office tomorrow. the fox news at night team is taking it from here. as we want to thank you so much. it would begin tonight with a fox news alert. tomorrow the controversial new president adds to the oval office to sit down president trump but tonight, he's on fox news at night. we want to ask him about his most contentious statement, and allegations that his family could be linked to a murder. don't miss this box needs at night exclusive. and i once radical idea now mainstream. on board with packing the supreme court with new justices in an effort to protect their progressive plan? plus president trump suggesting the idea of opening and and a go


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