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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> laura: wow. cory booker got a 1600? that's pretty good. chris matthews might have a new man crush the cycle. that's all the time we have tonight, don't forget, new podcast office tomorrow. the fox news at night team is taking it from here. as we want to thank you so much. it would begin tonight with a fox news alert. tomorrow the controversial new president adds to the oval office to sit down president trump but tonight, he's on fox news at night. we want to ask him about his most contentious statement, and allegations that his family could be linked to a murder. don't miss this box needs at night exclusive. and i once radical idea now mainstream. on board with packing the supreme court with new justices in an effort to protect their progressive plan? plus president trump suggesting the idea of opening and and a governmental investigation.
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hello and welcome to fox news at night. i'm shannon bream in washington. the so-called trump of the tropics, brazil's president actually meeting president trump tomorrow. but first breaking news on economic probes into the president's finances. speak of this report just coming out over the last two hours in "the new york times" is reporting that years ago, deutsche bank loans over $2 billion to president trump even though they allegedly knew that he was lying about his net worth. they support that while trying to get a loan from the bank to build a skyscraper in chicago, he told deutsche bank that has not worth was about $3 billion but when they reviewed his finances they concluded he was worth about 788 million according to documents produced during a lawsuit that mr. trump had brought against a former "new york times" journalist. this is important because right now the new york attorney general and it to
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congressional attorneys are investigating the ties. we reached out to the white house tonight about the story and they referred us to the trump organization. so far the trump organization has not responded yet. >> nobody has emulated president trump more than the president of brazil. he's prolific on twitter. one of his latest tweets, it gives a sense of how similar he sounds to president trump. he said quote evil journalists recently spoke of being generated by the government and the stock market has now reached another historical mark. the expectations generated by the government's actions are the best, and only appear brazil above all, all caps. tomorrow, they will meet in person for the very first time at the white house.
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the focus will be on trade and venezuela and the two leaders will also hold what is sure to be a fiery press conference. today, he visited cia headquarters and delivered a speech to the u.s. chamber of commerce where he blasted the views of his two predecessors. telling the crowd, now you have a president who is a friend of the united states. and, advocated for violence against lgbtq, saying i'd rather he died in an accident then show up with some guy. to me, he really would have die died. that's making headlines right
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now. just last week, to rio de janeiro police officers were arrested for the assassination of a city councilwoman last year and brazilian media, police say he once stated the other suspect's daughter. so it's hard to imagine that he will not get asked at least one question about that. >> we asked him about all of those things in our conversation with him today. we'll see how his answers compare tonight, with tomorrow. on the location of his first foreign trip, we had the opportunity to sit down with president today. i started out by asking him about the trade talks. >> not only trade, but we do wish to engage in the greatness. we want to increasingly seek out
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a proper understanding. brazil does have a great deal to offer the u.s. >> there is some discussion of the possibility of a u.s. base, military base being located in brazil. i know there have been concerns about russia and venezuela having joint military exercises and their influence in the region. anything on that front? >> we will talk more on our order of business. >> our president has that everything is on the table with respect to the u.s. what role do you see them playing? >> trump did mention all possibilities. we talk about all possibilities because we face certain constraints. it's realistically possible, by way of assistance or aided, the u.s. can overcome the issue. the one country that is most interested in putting it into the drug trafficking
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dictatorship is brazil. today we have a new ideology and new approach as brazil and we feel very much obliged to seek out a more appropriate alternative so that we can go back to peace, democracy and liberty. >> shannon: there are more polls that show in the u.s. that say younger socialism shows favorably. what would you say to them about the realities of socialism >> as far as fizzling people are concerned, you're right. but currently the young people have very much turned their back on socialism and communism. i often stated that that's precisely the way following the way politics was addressed, which led a substantial portion of the brazilian population, young population, so adhere to
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that approach. >> so what do you say to people here in the u.s. who look at socialism and have a favorable assumption about it, that they see something positive there? >> i see president trump fighting that trend and i couldn't agree more. i think he's right. to a certain extent we are doing very much the same thing in brazil. i think it's fair to say that the american people who think about socialism, look at the experience of france where borders are open to receive refugees without any kind of sorting or filter, and having open borders, it's not all a good decision. >> what do you say to those whether it's our president with a wall or tightening immigration standards or asylum or refugees, that's what people would overcome. >> i believe those who say what
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they have to say against the wall, if they remove the doors and the walls from their own homes. the best majority, they do not intend it to do the best or good to the u.s. people. i would very much like the u.s. to uphold the current immigration policy because to a large extent we owe our democracy in the southern hemisphere to the united states. >> people have done a lot of parallels calling you the trump of the tropics. some of your critics don't mean that in a positive way, they say that you use social media, and you have been criticized for things that you've said with regard to race to women, to homosexuality, your critics use your own words, they pointed back to things like you're saying, i'm homophobic and proud of it. how do you answer those who want you to explain those remarks? >> if it were all that, i would not have to all have been elected president. certainly around the brazilian
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population, they have learned to do use social media and a longer trust or believe the brazilian mainstream media which is virtually dominated by the left-wing. i have nothing against homosexuals or women, i'm not a xenophobic, but i definitely want to have my house in order. if you aren't engaging in a same -- if you want to engage in a same-sex relationship, go ahead and do it but we can't allow the government to bring these to the classroom setting. i can't possibly have anything against black people, my father in law is known as a big black man. >> i have to ask you about something that you retweeted during carnival which was in nature. why did you retweet that in the comment that you made a question mark >> the video was circulating on the web already and we just showcased it to
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showcase how far off track carnaval is going. >> did you think it was generate so much controversy? >> this was my sense of respective families, principles, traditions and customs and of course respect toward our culture as well as our religion. being president totally changed my way of doing things. >> within the last few days there have been some arrests in the murder of muriel franco. apparently the suspect's former police officers and there are those who want to draw a connection between you, your family, potentially those police officers. police have said anything there is coincidental but i want to give you a chance to answer those who are questioning whether you had anything to do with that murder. >> i am a former brazilian army captain, and police officers to large extent our good friends of mine. and he wasn't really a neighbor
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of mine, he lived on the opposite side of the other street, but the media has always criticized me. they want to establish a clear connection but i've never seen that gentleman in my gated community. i spent a lot of time outside of the gated community. i only learned he lived there after the article became public. my stepdaughter did seem to know someone. they even tried to say that my former or my youngest boy who is currently a 20-year-old boy may have dated the young lady or young daughter, they asked, did you date her? and he said i dated just about every girl. i only learned about her after she was killed. she was a councilwoman, and i had never, ever heard anything about her life. what kind of motivation could i possibly have to be the mastermind of some kind of murder like that?
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i didn't even know her. on the other hand however, the person who stabbed me was a affiliated with the left-wing party. so between that evening and the following, then the attorneys of course stepped up to advocate and defend the person who tried to stabbed to death. and at a given point in time, the left-wing said -- the media said the left-wing tried to kill a variable scenario. but much to the contrary, the media announced that some of them were probably frustrated because i didn't die as a result. >> i know you had a dinner last night and several people were there. steve bannon who is a working with the government. they have parted ways. i know he is in agreement or partnership with your son in some way, tell me about your family's relationship or your views of steve bannon? >> the only person who does have contacts with steve bannon is my
8:13 pm
son. there has been divorced between bannon and trump. i'm not here to cause discomfort, but these work in the u.s. got together and that of course had to be kind with everyone. >> so your conversation with him tomorrow, what are you looking forward to most? so many commonalities about the way you came to power, those who disregarded your ability to be elected and your use of social media. do you collect, connect more on personality or policy, or do you think it's both? >> we have a great deal in common. i have been highly criticized because of this but i will not of course deny what i do think. i am not a chameleon. i'm a straightforward, objective honest person. our conversation tomorrow will be largely based on the process of helping each other because although the u.s. is a large
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country economically, it is of course good to nourish economic and friendship ties. i'm willing to open my heart up to him, and do whatever is to the benefit of both the brazilian and the american people. >> shannon: that's just part of our conversation, or that to come. coming up, still bitter about republicans blocking nominee garland from getting a vote, the democrats up backing a one fringe ideal idea. that's in order to get votes for their progressive agenda. >> first they steal supreme court seats and then they turn around and change the rules on filibuster on supreme court seats. so it swings back around to us, what are we going to do. >> shannon: is it a good idea? stick around as we continue to count down to 2020. plus president trump puts the
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since >> shannon: a growing
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number of 2020 democratic contenders was backing the idea and that moves the progressive agenda forward. >> the idea of court packing isn't just a back room talk about among left-wing groups, it's been publicly embraced, financed and reported. that's the group that demands
8:20 pm
justice, and that recognizes the urgency of this. and it, he believes that because republicans blocked the obama merit garland that justice neil gorsuch has an illegitimate seat. >> first they steal the supreme court seat and then they change the rules on the filibuster on next supreme court seat. >> and that is justices from lower appellate court and expanding the supreme court to 15 justices which would set up a capitol hill battle. for america's first century, the court went from six justices to seven to eight, 210, back to
8:21 pm
eight. before settling on nine. today some democrats are also a bit skeptical. the senator says it's better to win elections, and cory booker said he is open to term limits. >> i think i would like to explore a lot of options and would like to have national conversation term limits. it might be one thing to give every president the ability to choose three with people holding onto those in ways that i don't think are necessarily healthy. >> the current number of justices is "appropriate." >> some news today for senator harris getting some latino activists?
8:22 pm
>> that's -- they are spanish and he king hispanic. they want to investigate herbalife for deceptive practices. the ag's office in san diego agree to, and it turns out harris got donations from people with direct ties to herbalife and, ag, and harasses campaigns that she has a long record of going after bad corporations. >> shannon: trace gallagher, and l.a., thank you very much. how would it go over on capitol hill?
8:23 pm
an american conservative, we are on the verge of a crisis of confidence of supreme court. everything is on the table to do that. >> this is appalling. the fact is, you have to get a majority in the united states senate to impact the supreme court. period republicans have increased their majority after the fight for gore judge gore h and judge cavanaugh. almost everything elizabeth warren said about the supreme court history was untrue. the reason why filibuster was changes because democrats and for the first time in history decided to use the filibuster to
8:24 pm
stop the supreme court nominee. >> donald trump should announce this, he nominated supreme court justices, and, if it's such a great idea, why float it? we cut the number of justices just a few years ago. democrats do not agree that this is a good thing to do, there will be a debate in the primary. what it is though is a debate on how we can all get things done. that has to do with democrats winning the presidency in the senate. let's have a debate about this. it is something that if you are running for president, they will say what you are going to do. and some republicans have
8:25 pm
supported changing the republicans in the path. >> congress can set it, but it wasn't six. that was something that the, does it change the number of times seven times, and, i want to read something in the headline, and gore such as appointment alone. the republicans effectively stole two votes so that would merely rebalance what was taken. >> to me this is just another
8:26 pm
effort by democrats to discredit an institution that they can't control. they've been attacking the electoral college ever since bush beat gore in 2,000 and their criticism of donald trump have gone far beyond political criticism to an onslaught of the presidency. these liberals say that they want to expand of the because the judicial appointment has become too criticized, and, it's a kind of thing, they want to expand, that six new seats, and you can bet the same thing is going to happen. court packing destroys the
8:27 pm
independence of courts. they have an independent judiciary to protect our constitutional rights. >> okay, listen. it's important to say back and forth, and, we have another hot topic. after clearing a riddle today, there are lots of protesters. planned parenthood is suing for more access to abortion. they wouldn't just be by doctor doctors. that's one of the nation's most divisive issues. she can stay with you to finish her senior year? of course she can!
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♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid! -♪ but she's the maid we got -again, i'm not the maid. i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid? >> shannon: new battle lines being drawn tonight in the fight for abortion rights. we have been tracking it all and
8:32 pm
david is digging into the story. >> two different states in two different philosophies on abortion and both could have a major impact on the abortion conversation in the united states. planned parenthood, the american civil liberties union and others are saying that nondoctors should be allowed to perform abortions. the law, and at the same time, the democrat took over from a republican january wants to make it easier for someone to get an abortion, and she is proposed allowing physicians assistants and even midwives to perform the procedure.
8:33 pm
>> legislation that would make safe abortion more widely available to women across maine, especially those living in rural and medically underserved areas. this is a fight that i will continue to lead as governor. >> she's pledging to keep that promise. meanwhile in georgia with the newly elected governor, activists shouted, shame, as republicans moved to ban abortions with the heartbeat is detected. similar heartbeat bills, and in north dakota, and arkansas, the only two state to past heartbeat bills. but they are not enforced in this time. in georgia, the heartbeat build needs to be approved by both bodies of the legislature, and
8:34 pm
he will sign it into law. the court case was just argued today, shannon. it will be weeks or perhaps months before a judge makes the decision here but certainly getting people talking in maine and georgia. >> is going to court as well. >> thank you blaine for three deaths in several midwestern states following heavy rain and snow melts in a region that reached at least a dozen levees and inundated hundreds of homes. the nebraska governor is calling it the most devastating flooding in his state's history. how do you feel about the government announcing it will pay a minimum level of income to her fellow citizens whether they work or not? one big american city is planning to test that kind of program and it's not the only one pushing the concept? so here is paying the bill?
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terminix. defenders of home. >> you get paid whether you go to work or not, it's called universal basic income and it's one step closer to becoming a reality in new jersey's largest city and may be other places. >> we believe in universal basic income. martin luther king believed in universal basic income. >> do you know the price tag would be paying every american a thousand dollars per month? >> is about 1.8 trillion per year past current expenses but the way you get there, and we all know this, how much did amazon pay in taxes last year? zero. >> they paid a people a thousand dollars a year if they were 18 and over -- a thousand dollars a month, whether they work or not.
8:40 pm
so let's talk about this. the talked about people, this is such a party split on this, you can see right there democrats and republicans are absolutely opposite on this. why do you think this is a partisan issue? >> too long, democrats have been pushing proposals that literally pay people not to work and this is one of them. i find it interesting that the mayor of new york and new jersey is proposing ubi even though he himself has no plans on how to pay for it just in his own city. and these kind of plans have already failed around the world. ontario abandoned theirs and finland it did the same.
8:41 pm
and, that ubi makes taxes go up even more. not a recycle or fail policy, but encourages people to be dependent on the government. >> and you mentioned finland. they have now discontinued it but here's what they said. the headline is finland basic income trial left people happie happier, and, that's more than likely the control group of people who didn't have the mone money. >> it's also driven by a sense of the need to help people who are living in poverty. more than a quarter of the city of newark lives in the poverty line. they will do an experiment and see if it works.
8:42 pm
there have been experiments in new jersey about universal income before. in the 1960s dick cheney and donald rumsfeld ran one and the results showed that it could work. so democrats are split on whether this is a good national policy and in terms of localizing at the state of alaska pays people twodollars a year to live there. it can be done, and let them do it. >> the nontraditional basic income will enable workers to negotiate better wages. what is the downside for you? >> we have almost a million extra lot jobs in this economy, the trump economy, that we can't fill with employees. and it now what they socialists want to do is take even more americans out of the workforce.
8:43 pm
it is very easy to get on government programs, there are more government programs that you can even imagine. what i would like to see us do is actually get the american people to a position. we can get these jobs that are going unfilled and have options for their families. instead, the democrats, even in the socialist countries of europe. they are moving away from those big stupid programs because, guess what, this idea of minimum income has never worked anywher anywhere. they are sitting on digg's oil reserves, and i don't think that is exactly what's happening. >> what about finland saying, they didn't change their
8:44 pm
employment status, but i was chuckling because they did report they were happier. there has to be less stress involved. >> i think the first step is to make sure people are dying in the streets. i don't blame, i sure hope they are doing other things but, they can't afford to -- speak about that 7% is not indicative of of the fact that they are getting assistance from the federal government. >> let me bring kristin in here. josh mentioned dying in the streets. >> one reason poverty is in place is increasingly businesses
8:45 pm
and corporations want nothing to do with new jersey. so high earners and businesses will pack up and go to greener pastures. not just new jersey but california and new york as well. >> you are absolutely right. those states do have high taxes and they were actually made worse by the president's tax bill. that's why republicans lost so many seats. >> those are state taxes along with the local federal bill as well. >> let's blame trump for everything. >> okay. thank you for being here. the president says that's not even funny, and it may be the president should investigate why "saturday night live" is so slanted.
8:46 pm
the president suggesting that there is an actual possibility. our legal expert tonight is next, stick around. [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. yea. [quartet singing] shoot the j! shoot, shoot, shoot the jaaaaaay... believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, whether it's for this job, this job or even this job, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. nothing runs like a deere. yeah. run with us.
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>> shannon: "saturday night live" aired a 3-month-old rerun of its christmas special over the weekend, normally just a blip on
8:50 pm
the tv programming radar except the president was watching, and he was not pleased. great to have you with us, mark. let me walk people through this. the president had a couple of things to say. people that watch "saturday night live" can spend their time knocking one person, me. same with late-night shows, should federal election commission or sac look into this. there must be collusion, and such one-sided media coverage, most of it fake news, hard to believe i won and am winning. 52%, 93% was republicans. sorry. so is there anything the government could do to investigate "saturday night live"? >> this is so bizarre. i refuse to believe that the a
8:51 pm
leader of this free world actually believes there should be this investigation of "snl" " the first amendment gives wide latitude to him, to all of us, to criticize our world leaders including the president. >> and he seems to be having a little bit of fun. talking about there has to be collusion with the democrats, and russia and everything else. do you think he's doing this to stir up the conversation? he was responding to comments from jay leno and said, they are doing the same thing over and over again and it might be fun and interesting to go after both sides. the president jumped on that last week as well, do you think this is more of the same conversation? >> i don't know, i don't know what he's thinking.
8:52 pm
and, that goes to intimidation to any others who may choose to lampoon the president. that is a bad precedent to set. "snl" has been doing it since 1976 starting with gerald ford and every president can take a joke. >> i want to tell you, joe piscopo was here to talk about this controversy. >> at the president is not wrong when he says the late-night shows are executed. comedy is comedy, you don't cut funny. "saturday night live" is funny whether you like it or not. >> regardless of where your politics are, people think there are better costs and better gears. are there any investigations under the evil time doctrine, one side or one politician to go after the other or is not just a complete pipedream? >> they have absolutely no legal
8:53 pm
obligation, to be fair and balanced. we have and we can't have it both ways. >> the funny thing is, he actually hosted the show a couple years ago and there were other republican candidates who were still on the primary with him than his head, what about us? and if anything, the president has had his bite at this apple. maybe they should invite him back now to host again. i think he knows and they know that would get a whole lot of eyeballs. in the meantime, i won't hold my breath on that sec investigation. >> it's not happening. did a reporter make a deal to
8:54 pm
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>> shannon: ccing a fierce new legal battle over censoring conservative content. california republican congressman devin nunes filing a $250 million lawsuit against the social media platform, some of their users shadow banning conservatives. here is what he told sean hannity earlier tonight. >> how is it possible that i can be attacked relentlessly, hundreds of times a day by fake accounts that they claim in their terms of service should not be there? so i guarantee you, i put something out that was sexually explicit or attack someone personally, they would stop it. >> shannon: twitter has not
8:59 pm
yet commented. reuter is facing consequences. an unfavorable story. until after his crucial senate race against ted cruz. publish the report on the cult of the dead cow. credited with inventing the term hacktivism. he was a member. they knew about the history since 2017 ended and reported. the 2020 a budget proposal looks to have $435 million used to help fund national public radio and pbs stations through the corporation for public broadcasting. the white house defending the plan, saying it's well be a fraction of the funding needed to operate the stations. and, by the way, reporting for the first time since 2011, california is not in a drought. the hills of walker canyon have exploded in vivid color, courtesy of a super bloom of wild poppies.
9:00 pm
the spectacle attracted 150,000 plus to the southern california tourist destination over the weekend. scores of trampled flowers, they were forced to close temporaril temporarily. all right. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. have a good night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," beto o'rourke's campaign return america to 1995 is off to a surprisingly rough start tonight. instead of telling us more about the skateboard tricks and though weed hook ups, o'rourke is apologizing for his skin color, truly. we have more than that in just ahead. but the mueller report coming any day now. we don't really know that it is coming any day now, but everybody in washington is saying that. but there are indications that it might be. matthew whitaker for one has said that it is pretty much wrapped up. in any case, all of this will end at some point. and when it does, it will be chaos in the news business. every interested party will spin it to their own en


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