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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 19, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> cory booker got 1600. that's pretty good. chris matthews might have a new man crush this cycle. that's all the time we have to make. new podcast tomorrow. shannon bream, take it all from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert, controversial new president of brazil him to the oval office, donald trump tonight he is on fox news at night. what he had to say when i asked about his most contentious statements and tweets and allegations his family is linked to a murder. do not miss this exclusive. a once radical idea now mainstream, 2020 democratic contenders on board with passing the supreme court with new justices to protect their progressive plans. donald trump suggesting the idea
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of opening a government investigation into saturday night live. can he do that? welcome to fox news at night. we begin with kristin fisher and the trump of the tropics, brazil's meeting meeting donald trump tomorrow. breaking news undemocratic probes into the president's finances. >> this report in the last few hours, the new york times reporting news that deutsche bank loaned to billion dollars to donald trump even though he said he was lying about his net worth, trying to get a loan from the bank to build a skyscraper in chicago, quote, donald trump told deutsche bank's network was $3 billion but when bank employees reviewed his finances they concluded he was worth $788 million according to documents produced during a lawsuit mister trump brought against a former new york times journalist. this is important because the new york attorney general and two congressional committees are
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investigating donald trump's ties to deutsche bank, hosing to use that as a window into his finances. we reached out to the white house, they referred us to the trump organization. the trump organization has not responded. >> better news for the president, he has a friend in town. >> nobody has emulated donald trump more than the president of brazil so much that he called the trump of the tropics. he's prolific on twitter. one of his latest tweets gives us intel similar he sounded to donald trump. he said, quote, evil journalists spoke of being in the market generated by the government, the stock market has reached another historical mark, the expectation generated by the government's actions are the best and positive news only appear, brazil above all.
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sound familiar? tomorrow bolsinaro will meet donald trump at the white house, senior officials say the focus will be trade and venezuela. it is sure to be a fiery joint press conference in the rose garden that will highlight improved relations between the two countries so much so that today bolsinaro delivered a speech to the us chamber of commerce where he blasted the views of his two predecessors is anti-american telling the crowd now you have a president who is a friend of the united states, the far right former army captain has a long history of making comments there antithetical to american values especially when it comes to the lgbt community. he advocated violence against lgbt to civilians going so far as to say his son, i would rather he died in an accident and show up with some guy. he really would have died.
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but his and his family's relationship with corrupt police officers and paramilitary gangs is making headlines right now. two former rio they janeiro police officers were arrested for the assassination of the city councilwoman last year and brazilian media has been publishing photos of bolsinaro with an hour at one of the suspects. his son dated the of the suspect it. hard to believe you will not get asked at least one question about that tomorrow's press conference. >> we asked about all those things in our conversation with him today. we will see how his answers compared tonight. on the occasion of his first foreign trip, i had the chance to sit down with president bolsinaro. i asked him about the trade talks he will hold with donald trump just hours from now. >> translator: we do wish to further deepen our trade links with the us, and only trade but
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we increasingly seek out proper understanding with the us, consolidating toward expanding a trade deal to offer the us and the same with the others. >> there has been discussion of the possibility us military base located in brazil. there have been concerns about russia and venezuela about their influence in the region. anything on that front? >> venezuela is on our order of business. >> our president has said everything on the table with respect to the us, what will the us military play in this conflict and venezuela or not at all? >> translator: we cannot talk about all possibilities -- what is realistically possible on the diplomatic front. the us can overcome this issue,
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one country that's most interested in the drug trafficking dictatorship in brazil, we have a new ideology, new approach in brazil and feel obliged to seek out a more appropriate alternative to go back to peace, democracy and liberty. shannon: new polls in the us, younger generations view socialism favorably. they don't have a negative impression most of them of socialism. what would you say to them about the reality? >> young people are concerned, you are right. more recently young people have turned their back on socialism and communism. i often stated we cannot allow brazil to get to where venezuela is today. precisely following the way politics was which led a substantial portion of the brazilian population to adhere to that approach.
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jackie: what do you say to people in the us a look at socialism and have a favorable assumption about it? they see something positive? >> i see donald trump stopping that trend and to a certain extent very much the same in brazil. it is fair to say the american people who think about socialism, look at the experience of france where borders were open to receive refugees without any kind of sorting or filter if you will and having open borders, we do agree with donald trump's decision on the wall. >> whether it is our president with the wall or tightening immigration standards or asylum refugees they say any suggestion people coming here would overrun will be a negative impact on the country, is a racist or bigoted
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view? >> translator: those who say what they have to say against the wall if they remove the doors and walls from their own home and allow everyone to come in. the vast majority would not have good intentions and do not extend to the best or good to the us people. i would very much like the us to uphold the immigration policy because to a large extent we owe our democracy to the united states. shannon: people call you the trump of the tropics, some of your critics don't mean that in a positive way. you use social media and speak your mind and you have been criticized for things that you have said with regard to race, women, sexuality, your critics use your own words, saying i'm homophobic and proud of it. how do you answer those who want you to explain these remarks? >> if i were all that i would not have been elected president. the brazilian population has
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used years social media. they no longer trust or believe the brazilian mainstream media which is dominated by the left wing. homosexuals or women, i want to have my house in order. the definition of family and my view is one and the same as in the bible. if you engage in a same-sex relationship you can do it but cannot allow the government -- to the classroom setting and teach schoolchildren as of page 5 i cannot have anything against black people, my father-in-law is known as a big black man. they take this out of context to criticize me. >> something you retweeted during carnival that was sexual in nature. why did you retweet it and the comment you made? >> this was circulating on the
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web, to try to showcase the way the carnival is going. >> did you think it would generate so much controversy? >> i have always acted that way. one of the things that got me elected with license of respective families, principles, tradition and customs and respect towards our culture and our region. i'm a christian but i cannot change my way of living which happens to be very common in political circles. >> in the last few days there have been some arrests, the murder of marielle franco. apparently the suspect's former police officers, those who want to draw connection between you, your family, police officers, police have said anything there is coincidental and i want to give you a chance to answer those questioning if you had any link to that murder. >> i'm a former brazilian army captain and military police officers to a large extent are good friends of mine. and by coincidence when these
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alleged killers, wasn't really a neighbor of mine. he lived on the opposite side of the of the street but the media has always criticized me. they want to establish a clear connection. i spent a lot of time outside the gated community. engaging in social life with him. i only learned to live there after the article became public. my stepdaughter did seem to know someone. they even seem to say my youngest boy was -- may have dated the man or lady a young daughter and he said i dated just about every girl in the community, can't remember. i only learned about that after she was killed. she was a councilwoman. i never heard anything about her life and one further point? what motivation could i possibly have to be the mastermind of the murder like that.
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the person who stabbed me who was affiliated with a left-wing party, between that evening and the following, the lawyers and attorneys stepped up to defend the person who tried to stab me and at a given point, the media never said the left wing tried to kill bolsinaro. on the contrary people who did this analysis, some were frustrated. >> several people were at a dinner last night, steve bannon, key architect of working with the president in many of his endeavors in his campaign and moving forward. they have parted ways. i know that he is in a partnership with your son in some way. tell me about your family relationship and your views? >> one person who has contact
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with steve bannon is my son. not here to cause any discomfort between anyone but these opinion makers, was invited to join the men's working together, have to be kind with everyone. they make your conversation with him tomorrow what he looking for? you have so many commonalities about the way you came to power. those who disregard your ability to be elected, your use of social media. you connect more in personality or politics or both? >> we have a lot in common. i've always admired him. i've been having criticized, i do not wanted to thank. i'm not a chameleon. i'm straightforward. what i want to assure you is this is a great nation is trump wants america to be great again, this is largely based on helping each other.
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those in the us, on the military front it has always been to nourish friendship ties in south america. and do whatever is good. for the american people. shannon: let's put our conversation. more to come. still bitter about republicans blocking president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland, 2020 democrats backing a once fringe idea packing the court, new justices added to the supreme court. >> first the steel a supreme court seat, then change the rules on filibuster on a supreme court seat and when it swings around to us what are we going to do? shannon: is it a good idea? stick around as we continue the countdown to 2020. donald trump floats the idea of
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an investigation into saturday night live? our legal expert breaks down the possibilities later on in the show.
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. number of 2020 >> growing number of 2020 democrat contenders backing the idea of historic supreme court packing scheme expanding the number of justices serving in a court for the first time in 150 years in an effort to move their progressive agenda forward. trace gallagher is on the case
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tonight. >> the idea of court packing isn't just back and talk among left-wing groups, it's being publicly embraced, financed and promoted. political reports group called pack the courts is planning to spend $2 million to make court reform a central theme of the 2020 election and the groom and justice run by a former hillary clinton aid is related to see 2020 democratic hopefuls, quote, recognizing the urgency of this. in reference to senators harris, gillibrand and elizabeth warren who believe because republicans blocked president obama's nominee merrick garland that neil gorsuch chosen a legitimate seat. >> first the steel supreme court seat then turn around and change the rules on filibuster on supreme court seat. when it swings back around to us, what are we going to do? >> suggestions include term limits instead of life terms for federal judges, rotating justices from lower appellate courts and expanding the supreme court to 15 justices which would set up a capitol hill battle. it is congress, not the constitution that decides the number of justices. for america's first century the court went from 6 justices to 7
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to 8 to 10, back to 8 before settling on nine for the past 150 years, though president roosevelt, frustrated by his reforms being shut down also want to the court to be 15 but the idea was abandoned. some democrats are also skeptical. senator klobuchar it is better to win elections and stop bad judges. on msnbc cory booker said he is open to term limits. >> i would like to explore a lot of options. we should have a national conversation, term limits might be one thing. give the president ability to choose three. told controversies in a way that is not healthy. >> senator feinstein, top democrat on the judiciary committee says the current number of justices is, quote, appropriate. >> some news today about senator harris getting heat from latino activists. >> this is over multilevel
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marketing company that criticizes the illegal chromatids steam where a company gets rich. 60% of herbal life distributors are spanish-speaking hispanics. when harris was california attorney general several latino groups wanted her to investigator but life for deceptive practices. the california ag's office in san diego agreed and asked harris for resources but she never responded, turns out harris got donations from people with direct ties to herbalife and the law firm that employs her husband represents herbal life. at the same time the illinois aid won $3 million from herbalife and the federal trade commission won $200 million which harris's campaign since she has a long record of going after bad corporations. shannon: thank you very much. the court packing idea. how would it go over on capitol hill which is where democrats would have to go to get it done? let's bring our panel to debate?
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the hell columnist, kristin tate and american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, great to have you with us. senator harris said this. we are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the supreme court, we have to take this challenge head on and everything is on the table to do that. >> this is just appalling. the fact is you have to win elections and get a majority in the united states senate in order to start impacting the supreme court. republicans had a majority and they had the ability to block merrick garland in an election year, republicans have increased their majority after the fight for neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. the american people have spoken, they like a majority in the senate and they like what we are doing on judges. almost everything elizabeth warren says about the history of the supreme court, the reason the filibuster rule was changed is democrats for the first time in history decided to start using the filibuster to stop a supreme court nominee.
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shannon: and morrissey said why wait on this terrible idea? let's do it now? donald trump should announce he has made it six justices to the supreme court expanded to 15 seats with 53 seat majority in the senate. mitch mcconnell could get them all confirmed by the end of the summer. why not if it is such a great idea? >> if it's such a terrible idea why float it? to the cruise was willing to cut the number of justices when he thought hillary clinton was going to be president. republicans are not consistent on this, democrats don't all agree this is a good thing to do. there will be a debate in the primary. the debate is how to get things done. none of this can happen without democrats winning the presidency in the senate so that is part of the plan they are proposing but let's have a debate, it is not unprecedented. if you're running for president what do you do and how do you
12:25 am
accomplish it? this is one idea. candidates have a lot of ideas, they don't all agree but it's good to have a debate and some republicans supported changing the number in the past and it has changed several times in our history so let's talk about it. shannon: article iii does not provide a number but if congress can set it, it wasn't six but eventually they decided it would not work and the founding fathers i don't think ever thought the court would be leaned upon as often as it is on these issues with an even number but it changed 7 times over the years but not in 150 years. kristin i want to read something from the headline on this. only one way to fix the supreme court. neil gorsuch's appointment justifies this packing idea. shifting from potential 5-were liberal majority to 5-4 conservative majority to republicans still two vote so 11 justices would merely rebalance what was taken. >> this is another effort by
12:26 am
democrats to try to discredit an institution they can't control. they have been attacking the electoral college ever since bush beat gore in 2000. the criticisms of donald trump of gone far beyond political criticisms to onslaught on the institution of the presidency and now the supreme court is in the crosshairs. these liberals say they want to expand the court because the judicial appointment system has become too politicized the court packing would make the supreme court more politicized and weapon eyes to. court packing makes the judiciary a tool affordable and political forces are in power at a given moment. the kind of thing that dictators do and it is a game two can play. if there's a resurgence in the democratic party and they want to expand the court by giving their president the right to fill six seats in the next republican cycle you can bet the same thing is going to happen but the most important thing is
12:27 am
court packing destroys the independence of the court. it is important in this country with the republic we have that we have an independent judiciary to protect our constitutional rights. heather: it is an interesting point about this back and forth what would happen if democrats do that republicans do it, people on both sides are warning of one party does that the other will be motivated to do it. please stick around. a heartbeat bill in georgia heading to the senate after clearing hurdle today. more access to abortion. it would not just be done by doctors. drama from both sides of the aisle, one of the nation's most divisive issues. ♪
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tracking it all. >> two different states and philosophies on abortion. major impact on the abortion conversation in the united states. they argued in federal court non-doctors should be able to inform abortions. there is a law in the state of maine from the 1970s but only allows physicians to perform abortions, the aclu is arguing women who live in rural areas have to travel far to have abortion happen from a physician. main's governor, a democrat who took over in january wants to make it easier for someone to get an abortion. she's proposed a bill that would allow physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and even midwife to perform the procedure. last fall at a planned parenthood event.
12:33 am
>> whatever legislation that would make abortions more widely available to women across maine, especially those living in rural and underserved to medically underserved areas. this is a fight i will continue to lead as governor. this is a fight i pledge to continue as your governor. >> reporter: she's pledging to keep that promise. in georgia with newly elected republican governor activists shouted shame as republicans moved to ban abortions once a heartbeat is detected. we are doing a lot about this around the country. governor brian kemp backing the heartbeat legislation. similar heartbeat bills passed in the tennessee house and ohio senate, north dakota, and arkansas, the only states to pass heartbeat bills but they are not enforced at this time, they are tied up in federal courts because of roe versus wade. in georgia the heartbeat bill needs to be approved by both parties of the legislature if
12:34 am
that happens, governor kemp indicated he will sign it into law. and me the governor's bill has hurdles in the statehouse and the court case was just argued today. it will be weeks or months before the judge makes a decision but certainly getting people talking in georgia. heather: almost guaranteed if the governor does sign it. >> going to court as well. heather: flooding blame for three deaths following heavy rain and snow melt in a region that breached a dozen levees and inundated hundreds of homes. the governor is calling it the most devastating flooding in his state's history. how do you feel about the government announcing it will pay a minimum level income to citizens whether they work or not? one big americans to be planning to test that kind of program and it is not only one pushing the concept. who is footing the bill. our panel is back to debate this
12:35 am
idea. >> we believe in universal basic income. virginia believes in universal basic income.
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>> you get paid whether you go to work or heather: imagine being paid with you go to work or not, it is called universal basic income and is one closer to reality in new jersey's largest city. >> we believe in universal basic income, martin luther king believes in universal basic income. >> the with a price tag would be paying an american $1000 a month? >> $1.2 trillion a year past current expenses. how much did amazon pay in taxes last year? 0. shannon: and regaining talking about this idea. $2.8 trillion a year to pay people $1000 year they are 18 or over, $1000 a month whether they work or not.
12:40 am
i found it interesting gallup hold on this recently talked about people being forced into the labor force because of automated intelligence, artificial intelligence, there is such a party split about whether or not there should be universal basic income. you can see it right there. democrats and republicans are opposite on this. why do you think that is a partisan issue? >> democrats have been pushing proposals that pay people not to work and this is one of them. i find it interesting the mayor of newark, new jersey is proposing ubi even though he has no plans for how to pay for it just in his own city. ontario abandoned their upi program after lawmakers found it wasn't sustainable. finland did the same. meanwhile in new jersey where this mayor is they are having a next us out of the state by high
12:41 am
and middle income earners who are fed up with high taxes and costs of living. ubi would make taxes go up even more. if this mayor wants to make life better in the city he would encourage growth and attract good jobs, not recycle a failed policy, dependent on the government. heather: they have discontinued, here is what they said. the bbc to report how this turned out, the headline is finland basic income trial left people happier but jobless. did it help unemployed people in finland find jobs? not really. some individuals found work, they were no more likely to do so than a control group of people who weren't given the money. >> this is a policy you would have to figure out how to pay for it but it is driven by a sense of the need to help people living in poverty. more than a quarter of the city of newark lives in poverty below the poverty line. they will do experiments, see if
12:42 am
it works. there have been experiment in new jersey on universal basic income before and i think dick cheney and donald rumsfeld did that and it could work. democrats are split on whether this is a good national policy but in terms of localizing at the state of alaska pays $2000 a year to live there. it can be done, let them see if it works and if it doesn't they won't do it but i don't think it is the second coming of socialism to say we want to help people who need help them. heather: the balance is unconditional basic income would enable workers to wait for a better job or negotiate better wages, that improve marketability by going back to school, they could quit their job to care for a relative. what is the downside for you? >> we have 1 million next to jobs in this economy, this trump economy that we can't fill with employees and now with the socialist want to do is take even more americans out of the workforce.
12:43 am
we have a minimum standard wage in so many ways, very easy to get on government programs. there is more government programs than you can imagine in the last eight years of obama you had all types of programs that balloons. was i would like to see is actually get the american people to a position where they can get these jobs that are going unfilled and have options for their families and instead the democrats drive to socialism, even the socialist countries of europe, you brought up finland and sweden and these other countries are moving away from these big stupid programs because this idea of minimum income has never worked anywhere. you want to bring up alaska they are sitting on these oil reserves. i don't think that's what is happening in newark, new jersey. heather: what about the idea that finland said it didn't make people better at finding a job? didn't change their employment
12:44 am
status but they did report they were happy year. there's got to be less stress involved when you feel like i've got some safety net. >> when you have 27% of your major city population living below the poverty line your first step is to make sure people are not dying in the streets and have something to live on. i don't blame the mayor for wanting to get creative how he does that. is this the only solution to the problem? know. i hope they are doing other things but i don't blame him for wanting to try something, look at this big chunk of my population who can't put food on the table and they can't afford -- >> the 27% is not indicative of the fact that they all are getting assistance from the federal government. >> clearly is not working. >> the government these problems. heather: josh mentioned dying in the streets. >> one reason there is so much poverty in places like new jersey is businesses and corporations want nothing to do
12:45 am
with new jersey. corporate taxes are insane, income taxes are insane. high earners and businesses pack up and go to greener pastures like florida. this is happening not just in new jersey but california and new york as well. of the mayor wants to make life better he could put in clear policies. >> those states have high taxes and that are made worse by the president's tax bill which is why congressional republicans lost so many seats. they can no longer -- >> the combination of state and local taxes with the federal bill. >> trump for everything. shannon: we are not going to come by our on this panel but thank you very much. the president says it is not even funny and maybe the government should investigate
12:46 am
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>> saturday night live. a rerun
12:50 am
of its christmas special, the president was watching and he was not pleased. her to talk about intriguing tweets that follow. great to have you with us. let's walk people through this, the president had a couple tweets. he said it is truly incredible shows like saturday night live, not funny, no talent, can spend their time knocking the same person, me, without a mention of the other side. like an advertisement without consequences. in federal elections commission look at this? there must be collusion with democrats and russia is 1-sided media coverage, most of the fake news, hard to believe i won and m winning, approval rating 52%, 93% with republicans, sorry, m aga. is there anything the government could do to investigate saturday night live? >> this is so bizarre that i refuse to believe the leader of
12:51 am
the free world believes there should be a federal investigation of snl. even donald trump knows the first amendment gives wide latitude to snl, to him, to all of us, to criticize our world leaders including the president. >> he talked about there has to be collusion with democrats and russia and everything else. do you think he is doing this to stir up the conversation? he was responding to comments by jay leno who said they are doing the same joke, the same thing over and over again, interesting to go after both 5, the president jumped on that. it is important to have that conversation? >> i don't know what he is thinking? the fact that he put out that there is a chance that he is serious about a federal
12:52 am
investigation into constitutionally protected speech creates this bullying and intimidation to any others who may choose to lampoon the president. that's a bad precedent to send. snl has been doing it since 197630 with gerald ford and every president can take a joke. >> i want to play something by joe piscopo, he was on neil cavuto's show to talk about this controversy. >> the president is not wrong when he says the late-night shows are skewed. comedy is comedy, you don't cut funny. saturday night live is funny with you like it or not. >> that would debate that regardless where your politics are, but that aside do they have any obligation under the equal time doctrine if they are making one side to go after the other
12:53 am
or is that a complete -- >> they have absolutely no legal obligation at all to be fair and balanced period. that insures they have full freedom and we have full freedom to be completely unfair and unbalanced when we want to give speech. be careful what you wish for, you are being serious. heather: the funny thing is he hosted the show a couple years ago and other republican candidates were still in the primary with him said what about us and there had to be a deal worked out with the ability to air those candidates and what they had to say so if anything the president has had his bite of the apple. maybe they should invite him back to host again. he knows and they know that we get a lot of eyeball. i won't hold my breath on that fcc investigation. >> not happening. >> did a reporter cover the senate race, make a deal to withhold information damaging to
12:54 am
him until after that race was over? that and more in the real news roundup after a quick break. upe
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heather: fierce legal battle over allegations of conservative content. california republican congressman devon nunez filing a $250 million lawsuit against the social media platform accusing the site of shadow banning conservatives in an attempt to influence elections. here's what he told sean hannity. >> i can be attacked relentless, hundreds of times a day by fake accounts they claim should not be there. i guarantee you i put something out that was sexually explicit or attack someone personally they would stop it. heather: twitter has not
12:59 am
commented. reuters is raising questions a reporter sat on an unfavorable story about beto o'rourke until after his senate race against ted cruz. reuters published this friday on the cult of the dead cow, famous group of hackers credited with investing the term activism. and he was a member. the reporter it turns out knew about that history in 2017 and didn't report it. the president's budget proposal looks at $435 million to help fund national public radio and pbs stations through the corporation for public broadcasting. the white house defended the planting it only provides a fraction of the funding to operate those stations. tonight the us drought monitor reported for the first time since 2011 california is not in a drought. the hills walker canyon have
1:00 am
exploded in vivid color courtesy of a super bloom of wild poppies attracting 150,000 to the 7 california tourist destination, scores of trampled flowers, the community of lake elsinore was forced to close early. most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night. >> it is march 19th, this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast a fox news alert, chilling new threat from isis in the wake of the new zealand massacre. the terror group's vowing revenge. >> i can understand the court we tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border. >> reporter: protecting the homeland secretary kirstjen and send according to republicans to rebuke the president's emergency declaration, the even bigger threat the country is now facing.


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