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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOXNEWSW  March 19, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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exploded in vivid color courtesy of a super bloom of wild poppies attracting 150,000 to the 7 california tourist destination, scores of trampled flowers, the community of lake elsinore was forced to close early. most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night. >> it is march 19th, this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast a fox news alert, chilling new threat from isis in the wake of the new zealand massacre. the terror group's vowing revenge. >> i can understand the court we tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border. >> reporter: protecting the homeland secretary kirstjen and send according to republicans to rebuke the president's emergency declaration, the even bigger threat the country is now facing.
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from slow wi-fi 20 likes on social media millennials are stressed to the max. why they say they have it harder than anyone else. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ shannon: a live look at new york city. that is a good song to get you rolling out of bed. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. is always we appreciate you starting the day with us. the spokesman for isis calling for retaliation in the new
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zealand mosque attack that killed 50 people in a newly released 44 minute audio recording reportedly calls for caliphate supporters to a vendor there religion. this comes as new zealand's primus refuses to use the name of the self-proclaimed white supremacist accused in that attack. >> he thought many things but one was notoriety. that is why you hear me mention his name. he is a terrorist. he is a criminal. he is an extremist. but he will be nameless. heather: there is a public memorial for the victims in christchurch. three people detained after a suspected terror attack on a dutch train. three people are dead and 5 others injured. police in the netherlands arrested turkish immigrants after an intense manhunt.
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25 miles outside amsterdam, a lengthy criminal past including attempted manslaughter charges. two others were later taken into custody. today we could get a more in-depth look into the raids on michael cohen. a judge rejected documents related to last year's fbi searches at the home and office of donald trump's former lawyer. the release follows requests from several media organizations. cohen was sentenced to three years behind bars for lying to congress and other crimes and reports to prison in may. mike pence heading to nebraska, historic flooding sweeps the midwest, three died, hundreds forced from their homes. the governors of nebraska, iowa, wisconsin declaring state of emergency because of this. going door-to-door to find families and animals trapped in their homes.
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there is a rescue right there. 200 people have been rescued this friday. that little cat. missouri, volunteers filling sandbags to keep the rising water out of homes and businesses there. mike pence will meet with governors of nebraska and iowa today. homeland security secretary kiersten nielsen raising the alarm on the countless dangers the us faces around the globe. >> although the overall security of the homeland is strong, the threats we face are graver than at any time since september 11, 2001. heather: griff jenkins has more on the state of the homeland. >> reporter: if there was any doubt we are living in the digital age, emerging online threats from china, iran and russia are a top priority of the agency created to combat terrorism. >> we find ourselves defending
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against emerging threats on new battlegrounds. not only are we still facing the insidious threat from global jihadists but we are under siege from transnational criminals, faceless cyber thugs and hackers. >> reporter: she says america's networks are mercilessly targeted around-the-clock but while cybersecurity and counterterrorism ari focus of the mission nielsen highlights the threat on the southern border. >> there is no manufactured crisis at the southern border. the situation at the southern border has gone from a crisis to a national emergency to a near systemwide meltdown. heather: the border battle over the emergency declaration plays out the pentagon believes a lengthy list of military construction projects could be cut to pay for a wall ranging from water treatment plant improvements to airfield security and hangar payments, generating $13 billion of
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potential funding. democrat senator jack reed says what the president is doing is a, quote, slap in the face of our military, making the country less safe and he writes this. donald trump is planning to take funds from real effective operational priorities and divergent them to his vanity wall. what is unclear at this point is what impact offers could have when congress starts to override the president's veto a week from today. heather: secretary nielsen rebukes republicans who voted against the president's emergency, one of them is speaking out. ben sachs says it's not a question of whether there is a crisis but giving the president too much power. >> we have spiking rates of drug trafficking across the border, fentanyl between points of
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entry, 400% increase in 25 months. is there a crisis? yes. the president is right about that. second, does the president have the authority to declare crisis in this circumstance? when you read the national emergency act of 1976 the president does have that authority. that is a different question whether that is a good law. the law that allows emergency to be declared is a broad law and we should fix it, narrow it quite a bit and we should be doing that in a way that applies to every president going forward, not just this president at this time about this emergency. it is a close call. the fact that we do have a crisis on the border is true. heather: the house will vote next week on overriding donald trump's veto. a top prosecutor is leaving robert mueller's team, that could be a new sign that russia probe is winding down. a change many americans are likely to support. kevin cork explains.
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>> don't like excuses. >> reporter: from his catchphrase on the apprentice. >> make america great again. >> to a slogan on the campaign trail donald trump has a record of successful branding professionally and politically. >> jeb bush is a low-energy person. >> reporter: now the president is calling attention to another familiar phrase. donald trump has been referring to claims of collusion between his campaign and russia will be for an investigation existed. he first used during an interview with the new york times just before taking office. it has caught on. >> political witchhunt. >> witchhunt. >> reporter: it appears trump's pejorative is having its extended effect. 50% of americans say they agree with the president's dance on the investigation led by robert mueller. according to a new poll from usa today and suffolk university.
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despite racking up 3 dozen indictments in several convictions in the wide-ranging probe mueller's credibility has taken a hit. the number of people with a lot of trust that his investigation will be fair and accurate down 5 points and december and the new low of 28%. >> mister trump tweeted about the poll but not all the polling data was positive. 52% of americans say they do not believe his denials. >> 68 teams, one national championship. march madness will tip off today with the first of four play in games. dickinson taking on prairie view for a chance to play gonzaga in the first round in temple will square off with belmont for the right to take on maryland.
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americans are expected to bet $8.5 billion on the tournament this year. are you one of them? unc. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. it is bound to be a hot button issue on the campaign trail. how does beto o'rourke feel about late-term abortions? >> are you for or against third trimester abortions? >> that should be a decision the woman makes. heather: the backlash building over his response. donald trump putting pressure on gm to reopen its ohio factory and bring back hundreds of jobs. peter morici says it is another example vote president fighting for american workers and he outlines what it does for the economy next. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at heather: investigators completed
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a review of data from the boeing plane crash that killed 157 people. return to ethiopia with information overnight after examining the black box evident in france, this is boeing's ceo expresses the commitment to safety as concerns grow over the 737 max 8. >> safety is at the core of who we are at boeing ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and absolute commitment to everyone. heather: detailed report on the black box data is expected to be released within a month. facebook caught censoring donald trump's social media chief, sharing this image, writing in part, quote, why are you stopping me from replying to
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comments followers have left me on my own facebook page? people have a right to know. why are you silencing the? the company calling his comments spam. sarah sanders says, quote, we hope they stop this bias immediately, apologize and restore dad's ability to voice his opinions as soon as possible. we will keep an eye on that for sure. donald trump is putting pressure on gm telling the automaker to reopen its ohio factory, please reopen it. the president has been fighting for american jobs since he came into office but what is it done for the economy? duane's chief economist for the us international trade commission peter morici. thank you for joining us. another example of the president fighting to bring and keep jobs in america. >> absolutely. general motors as it wants to produce more sedans so why not use that sedan factory to
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produce suvs? general motors doesn't have those suvs to offer. look at the latest consumer reports car report. they don't score in the small suv category. it is very sad. the reality is the american taxpayer for tens of billions of dollars into general motors before it got back, those american workers in better shape for having put up that money. heather: in terms of the jobs this president has added since he was elected, the numbers $4.91 million, the overall increase of us unemployment from january 2017 to february. we can look at these other companies. the investments they promised at the start of the trump administration, charter communication, exxon mobil, fox con which we got news on yesterday. intel, walmart. companies have a positive idea what donald trump was going to
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do from the start of his administration. >> the president has done two important things. he cut the red tape, not made the country unsafe but got rid of all the red tape and regulations so that it is less cumbersome to invest in this expensive. it the same time by lowering the corporate tax rate not to a rock button giveaway but to a level that puts us in the middle of the range of industrialized countries. we are now competitive. the cost of capital is reasonable in the united states as opposed to expensive. those two things together, reasonable cost of capital, reasonable regulation, give you reasonable jobs growth. this is a president of moderation when it comes to economic policy and moderation is the key. if you go to one extreme or the other businesses don't respond. >> we can put this on the screen. these were the jobs promised
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from the big companies. we don't know if they completely follow through on this but we do know the president's economic report will be posted today, the president will receive that today and we believe a huge portion of that will be talking about with successful job creation. >> absolutely because that is the big story. we have record low unemployment, and many more job openings than people available. that is all good news for the american worker, their wages are starting to rise and the democrats like to talk about any quality and giveaway other people's money to solve it. what we are seeing is less skilled workers, high school dropouts, high school education, people who are disabled seeing new opportunities open up, training programs within these companies to improve their skills and make middle-class wages. we just didn't see that with president obama.
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all the training programs ivanka has checked and so successfully across the country in a variety of industries, not just welding but in banking, these things are incredibly important and lifting up people at the bottom. heather: what happens in ohio with the people who may lose their jobs? >> general motors is a badly led company, the reason they close the sedan factory is the produce a product that is not as good as toyota. they've not seen a decline in sedan sales of the nature and magnitude of general motors. it is a sad thing but we will lose that factory because management at general motors is on wild schemes of cars driving themselves and rental cars and all the rest when ordinary suburban folks still buy cars but they buy them from someone else.
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it is very sad. the company is terribly led. time for a change. in oc sweep, general motors, trading america's workers. heather: get these people's jobs. 20 minutes until the top of the are, millennial meltdown, young adults say more stressful than ever before. >> i can't wait until the internship is over. >> i need it to be summer now. this has literally been the worst winter ever. heather: what is the problem? slow wi-fi, being stuck in traffic, the list of stressors sending them over the edge, they can't take it anymore. you.
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heather: pro-life supporters slamming 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke over his latest comments on late-term abortion. >> >> are you for against trimester abortion? >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights. that is a decision the woman makes. heather: serious xm 115, carly shimkus, here with the online backlash. >> we do things on this. beto o'rourke is accused of being light on policy details and some saw him dodging the question. it seems he answered it and sounded okay with third trimester abortion. the other thing is donald trump,
1:25 am
clear he is left open an opportunity to say in 2020 democrats have become so extreme they are no longer part of abortion but okay with late-term abortion. heather: not what americans feel in poll after poll. >> let's look at reaction, he doesn't tell the crowd he specifically asked about third trimester abortion. to clarify, the question was not about reproductive rights but your support for terminating the lives of fully formed viable babies. a gutless answer, clear this is going to be a major topic during the presidential election. heather: the heartbeat bill. look no further than ralph northrom's comments. >> donald from donating salary to different groups throughout
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his term as presidency and donated to dhs. >> the press doesn't like writing about it. donate yearly presidential salary of $400,000 to different agencies throughout the year. this to homeland security. if i didn't do it there would be hell to pay from the fake news media. donald trump is the third president to do that. he is not the first. heather: millennial's are stressed out and apparently more stressed out than ever before. >> this is unbelievable. a recent survey found a majority of millennial's say life is more stressful now than ever before. here's a list of the top six stressful scenarios. your while or credit card, arguing with your partner, commute traffic delays number 3, and late to work, 6, slow wi-fi.
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people of the older generation are shaking their heads right now. one person says talk about hashtag first world problem to say the least. heather: what would they have done with dialogue? >> they should talk to their grandparents who were alive during world war ii. appreciate it. to the top of the hour, homeland security secretary kirstjen and sounding the alarm as border crossings are set to reach the highest level in over a decade. >> there is no manufactured crisis at the southern border. there is a real-life humanitarian and security catastrophe. heather: tom homan says it is time to stand up and outlines what needs to be done when he
1:28 am
joins us live in studio and cory booker trying to stand out in a crowded field, his new tactic to separate himself from democrats running for president. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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(danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't doing hard work...
1:31 am's making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. heather: half past the top of the hour. spokesman for isis calling for retaliation in new zealand mosque attack in the newly released 44 minute audio recording, he reportedly calls for caliphate supporters to avenge their religion. 50 people were killed in the new zealand massacre. mike pence headed to nebraska as historic flooding sweeps the midwest. three people dead, hundreds more forced from their homes, 200 people have been rescued as floodwaters continue to hit record levels. the vice president will meet with the governors of nebraska and iowa today.
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kirsten nielsen raising the alarm on the countless dangerous the us face around the globe. the homeland security secretary named cyber threats as her top priority in her state of the homeland address and pushing back on critics saying there is absolutely a national emergency on the southern border. she's pointing the finger at congress for not doing enough to stop the escalating crisis at the border. is she right? here to discuss his acting ice director and fox news director tom homan and we are so thankful to have him in studio with us this morning. secretary nielsen, this is congress's fault that we are at this point. do you agree and why? >> congress worked to secure the border and there are certain loopholes driving these numbers down, and talking to leadership
1:33 am
about loopholes to keep people coming and we have a president who takes the fight on to his own party saying i will do what i do to keep my promises to secure the border so -- heather: you told congressman and women what needs to happen to close these loopholes so why haven't they done it up to now? >> politics, democrat leadership certainly don't like the holes. they don't want to give this president a went on the border but if you secure the border which they close loopholes he will. that is not a message they want to send the american voters in 2020, i worked for six presidents and respect every one of them but they do not want this president to succeed. this is about this president failing and it is about elections in politics. heather: what are the loopholes? >> the first would be the settlement agreement, ice can only detain a family unit for 20
1:34 am
days or less. fiscal year 14 when the started the search, we were able to detain, they got to see it in 45 days. the ninth circuit says you can detain was 20 days which is not up to congress or time to see a judge. that is the spike, to be detained in a couple weeks and be released. we 20 catch and release comes into play. >> traffic victims at 2008 which treat central american children differently than mexican children. if you are a child from central america it is ascertained about the track team, you can't be removed. if you are a child from mexico, you are removed right away. that has brought more and waiting for the next one. that is two of the biggest loopholes in the third is asylum.
1:35 am
the threshold is so low. you say a few magic words and get into the united states. 90% of central americans will win the first interview but 92% lose. heather: we hear about migrant caravans coming into the country actually coaching them on what they need to say to be granted asylum, the different things they need to do legally. let's talk about money because that is a big issue. $5 billion investment in the border wall. why is that peanuts compared with illegal immigration cost in the us? >> less than 1% of 1%. it is not a big piece of the budget. the money we spent on immigration, studies show illegal immigration cost $116 billion a year. this wall paid for itself in a year or two. you have the wall up, less
1:36 am
detention beds, $7 billion a year. less detention beds, less medical, $500 million, less immigration, asylum process, social service used by illegal aliens and children and become us citizens, apply for social medicine, this wall will pay for itself any euro two. heather: let's talk about the numbers you were talking about. last monday the president requested 8.6 additional moneys in funding in the budget. illegal crossings in february alone, 76,000 in february. the cost of sheltering and unaccompanied child, $70,000 per day for each unaccompanied teenager. the average length of stay is 67
1:37 am
days and the cost of sheltering illegal border crossings over $3 billion. >> it is ridiculous. you put the wall up, it will save a lot of money. a lot of drug enforcement programs. heather: and saved lives. >> the most important thing, it will save lives. over 4000 people in dire straits were found, two children died, terrible tragedy, where they crossed they crossed where there wasn't a wall. i have seen a lot of children, 31% are raped, putting border wall up and take them out of the hands of criminal decisions and the port of entry where they don't need a criminal organization by federal agents. we 20 has to make you angry when you hear democrats say this is not a national emergency. >> after 34 years i am sick and
1:38 am
tired of it and this is why i am tired. i have seen the worst of the worst. it is not a victimless crime when people are dying, criminal cartels smuggle people, children and women, the very cartels with murder special agents, it has to stop. this president has the power to do it. congress needs to back them up. heather: just needs support, thank you for joining us, definitely appreciate it, you've got to come back. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. congressman devon nunez taking on twitter for anti-conservative bias. >> this is more than conservatives. every american should care about this if they care about the first amendment. heather: todd pyro has more on what nunez is demanding in this bombshell lawsuit. ♪
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heather: elizabeth warren wants to toss out the way we've been electing presidents for 200 years. >> every vote matters. we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. heather: the massachusetts senator calling to abolish the electoral college system and base elections on the popular vote. hillary clinton won the popular vote but donald trump won the electoral votes securing the white house. democrat presidential candidate cory booker splits with the left. >> i'm for capitalism. i'm not a socialist.
1:43 am
i am a democrat. i believe in fundamental democratic principles. we need more democracy, not less. heather: the new jersey senator adding he's tired of companies engaging in socialism blaming pollution in his state on big corporations. congressman devon nunez slapping twitter with $250 million lawsuit accusing the social media giant of anti-conservative bias and shadow banning him from the platform. todd pyro joins us to bring it down. >> reporter: the first of many defamation, conspiracy, negligence, some allegations in the complaint filed in virginia. nunez claiming twitter's goal was to derail his work on the intel committee on hillary clinton's presidential campaign and russian involvement in the 2016 election, alleging twitter was guilty of, quote, knowingly monetizing content that is abusive, hateful and defamatory providing both a voice and
1:44 am
financial incentive to the defame is facilitating defamation on its platform. this includes implication that nunez colluded with prostitutes, does cocaine and invested in a winery that used underage hookers to solicit investment. he charges twitter shadow band him in 2018 to restrict his free-speech and amplify the abusive and hateful content published and republished by liz mayer, devon nunez's mom. that is the name of an account and other accounts in an effort to influence election results. >> how is it every day there is conservatives being banned? they don't want to call it shadow banning but people cannot see my tweets. constantly fake news stuff. of twitter wants to be in public square and don't want to be a content developer they should come clean, give us all your algorithms.
1:45 am
>> reporter: fox news reached out to twitter responding we are not commenting at this time. twitter did suspend the account@devon nunez, he's not stopping here, twitter is the start of his court challenge. heather: i haven't even heard of some of those instances. >> we should always leave moms out. heather: they will determine who was behind that account. >> they can figure out. the point is when it comes to conservatives, they don't act with alacrity. is like laissez-faire, not a big deal. this lawsuit is aiming to make sure that changes. heather: we want to know what everyone at home thought of this and most agree, james on facebook says hope more will follow. these people need to be held accountable. if you're and instagram says i hope he wins. tom on facebook says good. glad to see someone else fight back other than donald trump.
1:46 am
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♪ heather: welcome back. the presidential race heating up as many democratic candidates set themselves apart from the crowded field. who among them can never the nomination? in the spirit of the ncaa march
1:50 am
madness tournament we are stacking up the candidates and putting them to the test. jim mclaughlin is here with the matchups. good to have you with us. for basketball country -- we don't even have everybody that is going to be running yet but let's start with some of them beginning with kirsten gillibrand. >> the senator from new york, very vocal on women's issues. a lot of folks saying and through whom? he has made a splash, a lot of early donors, businessman, millionaire, no one is sure how wealthy he is, could be a billionaire for all we know but interesting matchup, the outsider versus kirsten gillibrand from new york. heather: the next round, this would pair beto o'rourke and amy klobuchar. >> beto o'rourke is the closest
1:51 am
thing they have to obama in the democratic primary. $6 million and he lost the senate race versus someone like klobuchar who is from the rust belt, us senator. in terms of being safe with the electorate in the democratic primary i give beto the edge. heather: who do you give the edge in the first race? >> kirsten gillibrand. heather: beto in this one. let's get to the next pairing. elizabeth foreign and holy in castro. >> elizabeth warren might have missed her time. last time she was the new progressive. in a one on one race with bernie in their she could have beaten hillary clinton versus julian castro who is appealing to hispanic voters in the democratic primary. former mayor, former head secretary.
1:52 am
heather: came out very early as well. >> she had some character issues and was not in the democratic primary going back to what her heritage is but she has a progressive following in a liberal democratic primary. heather: the trend is that direction for the democratic party based on every when you are choosing. >> no question. someone like michael bloomberg who has a great record but was viewed as more moderate, a way for himself in this primary. we 20 the next one, john delaney and jay inslee. >> they are not known to a lot of folks. john delaney, businessman, former congressman from maryland, announced last year he was going to run as more moderate. jay inslee made the environment the cornerstone of his campaign. i give jay inslee the nod in
1:53 am
this one but john delaney, six out of ten primary voters want a fresh face. heather: next round cory booker and john hicken looper. >> spartacus versus the former governor of colorado. i look at this in some ways, got a little flax talking about this in the past but in a lot of ways cory booker is running more for vice president and president but he has got to have a good showing in the presidential primary. john hicken looper is famous for what they did in colorado out of the forefront of legalizing marijuana. heather: you have to look at them in terms of getting their names out and getting the recognition out for whatever reason. kamala harris and tulsi gathered.
1:54 am
>> kamala harris had a good rollout, did a good job, checked a lot of the boxes in the democratic primary but tulsi gabbard is an interesting candidate, former veteran and that more moderate type. i would give kamala harris the benefit of the doubt. she is someone to watch even though joe biden and sanders are the front runners. heather: biden hasn't announced at this point but it is trending, the ones we have, towards the more progressive candidates, not moderate. >> i don't think there is any question. you have a majority of democratic primary voters identifying as socialists right now. that aoc wing in the democratic primary is driving things. heather: we will see how biden does with that. tomorrow we will have round 2. to and into that.
1:55 am
6 minutes until the top of the hour. new york city is known for sanctuary status voters are flipping the script on illegal immigrants when it comes to the roads. a man walks out of the bar and hops on a horse, no joke. dui arrest. ♪ bring a little sunshine ♪ building a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so we built capital one cafes, with savings and checking accounts you can open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined.
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heather: overwhelming amount of new yorkers oppose illegal immigrants getting drivers licenses, 61% of new york voters are against the idea. there are two proposals to consider allowing illegal immigrants the right to drivers licenses. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, a firefighter carrying an elderly woman capturing hearts, thomas saw this woman struggling to go up and down the steps at a houston radio show. the photo is going viral. the firefighter says if you're alive and breathing you shouldn't need an excuse to help someone else. the bad. a california man caught driving under the influence, this brown bronco over after getting reports of a drunken driver. the man was arrested for public intoxication. finally the ugly. a couple accidental -- the 120-year-old humbling mention
2:00 am
during an auction mixup. they thought they were buying an apartment for 40 grand but wound up with this giant fixer-upper in scotland. they call it a beautiful mistake in living in a camper as they renovate their new home. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> i can on categorically tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border. we are in system meltdown. jillian: it is march 19th, the border at a breaking point. kirsten nielsen slamming the president's critics and demanding more security. rob: what she says is the greatest threat to everyday americans. taking on twitter. devon nunez accusing tech giant of anti-conservative bias. jillian: what he is demanding a bombshell lawsuit an


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