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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 19, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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with super lucky. they said they don't sell the item and removed from their website. for kids. ♪ blame it on the rain. big "fox & friends" shows starts outside right now. have a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ house is rocking ♪ don't stop. steve: live from fox square "fox & friends" teemed up with 50-50 for a special outdoor "fox & friends." brian: crews working overnight and nifty 50y. >> >> fifty.
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jedediah: this is my dream by the way. brian: before we told it you was going to be outdoors. jedediah: this is amazing. steve: can i take your order? brian: i want one of everything. steve: maria? >> hi, good morning, everyone. steve: i would have a black coffee. jedediah: i will take a coffee. brian: i would like coffee, little bit of milk and one sugar. i saw you making fresh orange juice. jedediah: that smelled delicious by the way. steve: extra cold. three years ago we started the diner series a snowy day in westchester new hampshire. since then we have gone to seemingly hundreds of diners. we have brought in people for live studio audience. this is the first time we ever brought in a fully functional diner to "fox & friends." [cheers and applause]
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brian: these aren't extras, these are "fox & friends" fans. we do not cast them. jedediah: we don't mess around. i have been trying to get a delorean for a long time and go back in time and you made it happen for me. brian: 1950s all over again. brian: morgan ortegas, judge napolitano. joel osteen, matt schlapp will be live outdoors. carley shimkus. dan bongino. trish regan usually works at night on fbn. mike slater out you from the west coast and tom shillue. steve: maria just brought fresh squeezed orange juice. that's good. everybody here is a fan of news. let's talk a little bit about the news of the day and let's start out on the campaign trail mix. there are all sorts of things where the democrats were talking about yesterday. for instance, they were talking about abolishing the electoral college, beto
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o'rourke was asked about third term trimester and what about pardoning the president of the united states, donald trump? jedediah: really moderate positions by the way. point that out from the beginning. we talk offer times about the race to the left. for them to lead off with far left positions. you have to wonder how people more centrist are looking at this and evaluating this from minute one. brian: before we get into too much detail. let the candidates of 2020 speak for themselves. >> we need to make sure that every vote counts. the way we can make that happen. [applause] is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. [cheers and applause] >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights. and my answer to you is that
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should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. [cheers] [. >> i trust her. so that's my answer. >> would you consider pardoning of trump if he took the presidency? >> no. this is why our justice system has lost so much legitimacy. we have a criminal justice system that treats you better if you are rich and guilty than if you are poor and innocent. there is a bunch of people i'm looking to pardon or being punished unjustly in this country. steve: one of the other things that cory booker talked about yesterday weigh proposing term limits for supreme court justices. brian: like ruth bader ginsburg. jedediah: you know why that was kavanaugh is getting under their skin. steve: changing increase the number because they don't like the current ideological tilt. clearly what they are trying to do is trying to discredit the democrats are, institutions that they cannot control. they cannot control the
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supreme court. they cannot control everything. so instead of changing it. which you would need a big chunk of america to do they are trying to just say this is all messed up we have got to fix it. jedediah: it's also because though what are they going to talk about. it's hard to run against a robust economy. if you look at some of the numbers come out right now, we have polling really really interesting. steve: from cnn. jedediah: current economic conditions. 71% feel good about current economic position. 27% say it's poor. trump's handling of the economy 51% approve with 42% disproving. when you see numbers like that. and, remember, they know if they can send their kids to extra summer camp or do something extra. they know when there is struggle and benefit in their family. when you run against
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something like that, you have to pull every stop, let's investigate trump. let's talk about this. no. the issues on the table are is that trump has accomplished a lot of positive things for working families across this country. steve: dinner table or diner table? brian: that's true. in the same poll they do disapprove of the president budgeting. 56 disapproval the debt is rocketing through the roof because no one has touched entitlement payments. look at his overall approval ratings had 42% not bad clinton was 44% and ronald reagan who ended up being a pretty good president at least they name airports at him he had 40%. jedediah: that's the standard. if they name a airport after you are in a good spot. brian: like steve doocy in kansas. steve: that would be a dream. us twice since the january partial shutdown. meanwhile the president did talk to breitbart.
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i believe it was last week he spoke to them. brian: longest running interview ever, did you notice? steve: published yesterday regarding what is your biggest accomplishment thus far? and he said. this look at jobs. best jobs record in 60 years. best individual record for asians, for african-americans, for hispanics ever. i think regulations led to the economy, to the tax cuts, even in the tax cuts we got anwr, of course, the oil reserve. noe nobody for 50 years could get it i got it approved. so we have done a good job. so in theory it's easier because can i say look what i have done as owe poised to the first time where i said i can do. this. jedediah: this is important. he was a business manual. one of the primary reasons he was elected people had faith he would be able to boost the economy. delivering on that campaign promise is pivotal to him. and the immigration. brian: people have to see that wall being built.
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am i right, guys? you have got to see the wall being built and see some of the construction happen? let's see what happens if they are able to rocket it through the court. if the president is able to pull off trade deal with china. able to get something done with brazilian leader right now. able to bypass the eu and got right to england and do something in the eu drags it feet. that would boost the economy. one thing show rebalancing trade and making things fair that would be another check in his box. steve: something he was big on over the weekend he was taking shots at g.m. i talked with mary barra of gm. you have got to do something about closing the lordstown ohio plant. ford motor company bring 550 jobs to ken kennel. because people are buying fewer sedans and suvs. they are going to jack up suv production at one of their truck plants. that's going to be great for
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kentucky. jedediah: that's going to be huge. i'm curious from viewers at home,, what do you think of these pivotal issue? should president trump put the economy front and center? should he be talking about immigration front and center? what would be a winning issue for him and what do you think about the what democrats are talking about. steve: supreme court. jedediah: supreme court and long-term abortion. advocating for it by the way. brian: guaranteed being paid not to work. these are stark differences between the two parties. you will not have to split the difference and wonder what the difference in candidates is. this is going to be a dramatic change in 20206789. steve: sitting across the river in newark, new jersey they are talking about a universal rage where everybody, regardless of where you are work get $400 a month. they have no idea how they will pay for it. jedediah: i like there are big differences between the two parties. steve: binary choice.
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jedediah: let voters have to go to the polls and make a big choice. brian: a little earlier i had a chance to tease our show while jillian and rob were doing their show. jillian and rob talked to about being in a nifty fifty took of o. philadelphia and new jersey? jillian: this is my childhood coming true right now we used to go once a month to nifty fiftc growing up. steve: this is your life, jillian. jillian: i'm big french fries. oh my gosh. brian: big hand for jillian? [cheers and applause] jillian: let's get to this fox news alert. spokesman for isis calling for retaliation in the new zealand attack. audio recording he reportedly calls for caliphate supporters to defend their religion.
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50 people were killed in the attacks. dutch police are vetting if the suspected terror tack on a train was really a family dispute. at least three people dead and five others are injured. a turkish immigrants with a criminal past was arrested after intense manhunt. there are unconfirm reports he first fired at a family member and then others when they tried to help. two others were also taken into custody. an inferno at houston area chemical facility were l. burn for at least another day. these are live pictures of that fire right now. firefighters putting out just one of seven burning tanks after two days. black smoke is visible for miles. no one is hurt and tests say the air is safe. neighbors are complaining of burning ice, itchy throat and trouble breathing. the chemicals at the plant are used to make plastic. jerry lee lewis is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a stroke.
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♪ you broke my will ♪ what a thrill ♪ goodness ♪ gracious ♪ great balls of fire. jillian: 83-year-old rock and roll hall of famer is recovering in a rehab center arafter spending two weeks in the hospital. is he looking forward to getting back on stage and in the studio to record a gospel album. a look at your headlines. i will send it over to you. steve: all right. sings we have got a live studio audience on the streets in new york city. come on over and let's talk to some of the folks. mike lyons. steve: do you think you are dressed appropriately for 32-degree weather. >> not at all. steve: how are the eggs? >> eggs are good. [laughter] steve: what do you make of that cnn poll we were just quoting? 71% of folks they talked to said the economy is doing great for them. >> i think the economy is doing great thanks to the president. steve: in particular, what?
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>> employment. steve: that's what he says, jobs, jobs, jobs. what's your name young man? >> easton. steve: looks like chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast? >> yes. steve: is this a dream come true? >> yes. steve: i thought. so what's your name. >> roger. steve: what are you having? >> cheese attack scrambler excellent over the top. steve: what do you think the number one economy people will be voting on in 2020. >> i'm big on workforce development. it's jobs. i'm actually on the board of trustees at the community college and all about workforce development and jobs. i own two companies and we need employees. if i can put a plug in for my son he is running for assembly in the 16th district as a young conservative. 24 years old. it's all about jobs. it's all about stopping the. steve: original. >> tell all of new jersey. we are all about young kids and jobs.
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steve: thank you very much, sir. >> you got it. steve: talking to folks all morning long. morgan ortegas is live in the diner from fox square. we're coming right back. come on over ♪ yeah- with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting,
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>> the primary terrorist threat in the united states continues to be from islamic militants and those they inspire but we should not
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and cannot and must not ignore the real and serious danger posed by domestic terrorists. brian: absolutely not. homeland secretary kirstjen nielsen sounding the alarm about the biggest dangers facing our nation. fox news contributor and state department officer serves herself morgan ortegas. welcome. >> thank you. brian: let's talk hard core terror. islamic threat. we haven't heard a lot since the pulse nightclub. what level are we at right now. >> she named it clearly yesterday as one of her top priorities. she also talked about domestic terrorism. she talked about the border. she talked about cyber security. i think what we don't often see is the fact that we have dhs representative at our embassies around the world who on a daily basis who is getting visas and who is coming into the country and one of the reaches we have been successful since 9/11 thwarting these attacks we have men and women working
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on this. just because we are successful doesn't mean the threat isn't real u it is, in fact, quite real. brian: by the way, that wasn't a mistake. we have a fully functioning diner here that is maria the waitress delivering orange juice. steve. brian: let's talk about the call fate. it's about to be destroyed. we see ice in particular is vowing revenge for the new zealand attack on the two mosques. so they are not gone. >> no. listen. the isis ideology remains. the caliphate is really, you know, the state, they were controlling actual physical territories of land in syria. in iraq. and so that's why it was so crucial what the u.s. and our allies did over the past two years to remove their ability to actually control a large state areas of land. that doesn't mean that we have completely removed the ideology behind. brian: especially al qaeda and bin laden's son playing a role u treated like
3:20 am
royalty in iraq. as someone who served in iraq how much does that get under your skin. from the south meets rouhani. these guys are building a railway together? we don't have an barms there. >> the influence in iraq has been quite a problem for a long time. this administration has very successfully put the spotlight on iran and their effects not just in iraq but throughout the region their nefarious effects. we have to have a concerted effort not only in iraq but throughout the middle east. go through a number of ways reeking havoc. steve. brian: she gets breakfast. does morgan deserve breakfast? [cheers] brian: you get to eat. remember her, she climbed the statue of fluent in protest. this morning she is back. hold your ears. and it's round 2 of march madness 2020 edition. which democrats will make it to the semifinals as we go head to head on the
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jedediah: spend at least 30 days behind bars before putting rescuers lives in danger. spreading fake news could land new jail in russia. russian president vladimir putin signing a new law to punish individuals and outlets that post or publish information the state deems as untrue or disrespectful to russia. wow. over to you, steve. steve: all right. thank you very much. beto o'rourke raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his presidential bid and he beat out his competition when it came to first day fundraising, including bernie who is now fundraising off that can he beat them at the polls? this week we are stacking up the candidates bracket style just like college basketball teams because it is march and we are having some madness. former trump campaign polster jim mclaughlin is back with the matchups. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: take a look right here. yesterday, you and brian now
3:26 am
we are in the quarterfinals. between biden and gillibrand who do you like? >> biden the first round. in this one of the blue booze. bloods. he is like kansas, north carolina. muscle it out against i can kirsten gillibrand. tree struggled in her original announcement for president. steve: between beto o'rourke and elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren got off on a really bad foot then again so did beto o'rourke despite he was able to raise $6 million in the first day. >> the media always try to pretend they care about issues. they pay attention to a lot of process. the fact that he raised $6 million that's a big deal for him. steve: 6 million? >> yeah. $6 million. i think she missed her time. i think elizabeth warren's time was last time when she was running against hillary and bernie sanders. so i give him -- sea little bit like obama in termination of apelg to of appeo
3:27 am
progressives. to meet like a michigan match sanders vs. inslee, come on. >> no question about it. no question about it he has money, he has support. he has organizations. and do you know what? when he does an event, people show up. i think inslee nondescript trying to run on the environment. bernie sanders has the clear advantage. okay. down here we have got cory booker vs. kamala harris. dave, can you take a shot of jim's foot? >> uh-oh steve you have the winner under your foot. yesterday he was talking about fixing the supreme court and she apparently is up for changing things as well. >> you know, i think the person who has the real advantage here is kamala harris. i think she has got a great bioright now. she is from california. she is the senator. and i think she checks a lot of the boxes in the these
3:28 am
democratic mime marries. the fact she is an african-american woman i think it gives her a leg up over cory booker. steve: all right. so how do you think, given the fact that there are a couple of dozen candidates. it seems like right now it's a little chilly out here. it won't stick. a dozen candidates already. how hard is it for them to get publicity? ultimately, that's what it is bawl is trying to get on the news at night. >> it's hard. they will do anything to try to get publicity. look at it think about it. when donald trump came down the coast later, he dominated the primary from that time on. it's going to be real interesting, especially when the debates happen. who is going to stand out on the. steve: who is going to be dropping like flies. >> dropping already like flies. , a guy like michael bloomberg great resume lots of money and real successful orecord ofsuccess.
3:29 am
he dropped out because joe biden told him he is running. tomorrow the semi-finals. >> looking forward to it. steve: coming up on this "fox & friends" outside. a memorial to our fallen heros in world war ii hit by vandals u. >> that these men who gave their very lives for freedom and democracy that their memories would be defamed in this way. steve: outrage growing in one community. democrats want to expand the supreme court bench from 9 to program 15 justices. is that legal? we know a guy to ask. that guy right there the judge is on the case and he is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ do you love me? brian: it's nifty fifty the legendary 1950s themed restaurant has come to the fox plaza. we are thrilgd to bring the judge out here without an overcoat. steve: judge napolitano. [cheers and applause] judge: my theme song from my era in bloomfield, new jersey. brian: you are too young for that. steve: we are talking about the news of the day. devin nuns necessary ithe family of devin nunes shadow banning and censoring conservatives. >> i think it's a novel litigation. we haven't seen anything like this before. usually when public officials sue because of what somebody said or didn't
3:34 am
say about them, they lose. the theory being they have as big a mega phone as the person they claim has harmed them. and the first amendment does not regulate twitter. it's a private entity. i don't know where it's going to go. he may be doing this just to make a statement. steve: he is. judge: focusing a spotlight on twitter's bias. sometimes courts don't like to be used to make political statements but we will see where this goes. brian: one thing is he saying he shadow bans. his tweets aren't being seen and he is being suppressed. judge: that's horrible. if it happened to me i would be furious. it's not illegal. they are not the government. jedediah: listen to him explain why is he suing and get your reaction, judge. >> this was an orchestrated effort so people were targeting me there were anonymous accounts developed. there ♪ supposed to be. these accounts aren't supposed to exist.
3:35 am
there were several fake news accounts whether it was regard to the russia investigation or to me. and we have to hold all of these people acouldn'table. how is it that every day there conservatives that are being banned? i think if twitter wants to be in the public square and they don't want to be a content developer. they should come clean. give us all your algorithms. how is it possible that i can be attacked relentlessly, hundreds of times a day by fake accounts that they claim in their terms of service should not be there. this is more than just conservatives, every american should care about this if they care about the first amendment. steve: one of the other things he said was twitter is not the town square. they are a content provider. >> maybe the court is going to have to decide. this because this is a private entity they can do this. listen, i'm a staunch defender of the first amendment as you know. the first amendment only con strains government. all government. brian: by the time this is
3:36 am
litigated effected. suppressing people like don jr. and conservatives. and trying to stop media from playing a role. judge: they this may be electoral reaction to this which is the opposite what of the people. brian: the big things democrats want to do is change america. one of which is change the supreme court. they want to expand the supreme court justices. and in fact, here is a list of the candidates who think this is a good idea. kamala harris, elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand, beto o'rourke and mayor from south bend. they are frustrated. court is biased and people losing faith in it? >> i would point out to point out anything. judge: somebody has to have the final say in the meaning of the constitution. under the constitution that's the supreme court. under the constitution it is not subject to the public will. it is anti-democratic, lower case d. its job is to preserve liberty and property and
3:37 am
life irrespective of what the majority wants. the last time they tried to pack the court in 1937 it was so unpopular fdc had to distance himself. steve: they had 50 justices. judge: they wanted to give the president a right to appoint a new justice for everyone who turned over 70. >> who are the ones over 70? liberal members of the court at the present time. brian: here is a list of the democratic candidates talking about this. >> what if there were five justices selected by democrats? five justices selected by republicans and those 10 then picked five more justices, eu7sd of those who chose the first 10. >> a plan where have you 15 justices. five appointed by democratic presidents, five by republican and then the other five they can only be seated by unanimous consent of the other 10. judge: i guess they all have their talking points down. >> tit-for-tat game between democrats and republicans. judge: if it does the supreme court would look like a legislature and end
3:38 am
up with 100 people on it and not be respected as having the final say on the court the way it does today. steve: you could change the number. judge: unfortunately yes. this is not in the constitution. congress and the president by a simple vote in both houses of congress and the president's signature could change the number of justices on the supreme court. steve: some have suggested because donald trump lost the popular vote. judge: don't tell me they want to get rid of the electoral college? >> of course they do. >> what don't they want to change without the electoral college it would be decided by the two coasts: require constitutional amendment. three quarters of congress and legislature it's not going to happen. the small states will never go for it. steve: these what they are talking about, judge. watch this. >> we need to make sure that every vote counts. the way we can make that
3:39 am
happen. [applause] is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college and everybody -- brian: everybody. not just elizabeth warren. judge: all talking about it all lawyers. the theory of the constitution is the people do not elect the president. the states do. that's been a happy and successful mechanism for 230 years. why do they want to change it? because hillary won the popular vote last time around. brian: and so did al gore. jedediah: if new york and california decided an election where would it go? judge: just the way those folks want it. brian: donald trump won 30 states. hillary won 20 states. that's the difference. judge: that's the way you get elected winning the number of states and right states not just. brian: go to jillian on
3:40 am
time. judge: jillian has expresso. jillian: i had mint chocolate chip milk shake highly enjoyable. get you caught up on headlines starting with this. newly released surveillance footage shows a dramatic shootout on the las vegas strip. cohen killed by police after shooting an officer in the chest outside the bellagio casino. he was attempting to steal a car after robbing the resort. a convicted bank robber got away with a similar heist in 2017. the officer was hit in a bullet-proof vest and will be okay. criminal vandalized a world war ii memorial in boston. dumping an oily substance all over it people in the community are outraged. >> to do what they have done to this memorial is a complete disgrace. >> saddening that these men who gave their very lives, very lives for freedom and democracy and fighting against nazi oppression,
3:41 am
that their memories would be defamed in this way. jillian: crews are using soap to clean the monument bearing more than 200 names. police are looking for the suspect. take a look at this. shap shops of a man's fall goes viral for the world to see. google map car guy appears to lose his balance before tumbling down a set of chairs. the images have been removed and replace. did i have a fall of my own last week why will not gus is that anymore. let's go to janice who i hear has a milk shake of her own. >> they brought me two milk shake chocolate and i will drink both of them. what are you doing here? >> i'm making orange juice. >> i love it. and what are you doing. >> making a waffle. >> best day ever. take look at the maps and i will show you the weather. it is a little cold for this diner 30's in the northeast. warmer across the south. we are still watching the potential for heavy rain
3:42 am
over south florida and the flooding continues for our friends across nebraska as well as iowa, wink, all the way down towards the missouri and mississippi river valley. we have all this snow to melt. this is going to be a big story. not only today but through the next couple of weeks through the springtime. warnings and watches post you had. we will keep you up to date today and next several weeks. first day of spring tomorrow. are you guys excited about that? [cheers] janice: also, i have a little present for each and every one of you coming up later in the show. are you guys excited about that? i will take an order of these, too. waffle. steve: when the sun comes up it will be partly sunny. steve: they brought me ranch fries. french fries, bacon, cheese and ranch. jedediah: you have all the food groups there. we sense a theme happening
3:43 am
when democrats talk about the president. >> it's about racism. >> racist, capitalist economy. >> racist thinks he is racist. jedediah: is that true we have david webb. steve: keep reading. jedediah: brian is talking with folks here live on the "fox & friends" square. there he is. ♪ hey, brian. ♪ tooty fruity ♪ oh rudy ♪ ts. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now.
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so first off -- no, you don't. one of the big things that jamie diamond was talking about ceo of morgan stanley yesterday the average american can't afford $400 bill and most americans, 40% of the country are making $15 an hour. do those stats line up with people you know? >> not really it depends on where you go for average american. if you are going for people with full-time employment with full-time jobs. go back to trade jobs. they pay more than $15 an hour to start. and those people can't afford $400 bills. brian: in newark, new
3:48 am
jersey, they are talking about a guaranteed wage. $400 a week for not working because have you got to break the cycle of poverty. >> yeah. i'm thought a fan of that right now. i think that it will force employers to end up, you know, taking more out of their pockets to cover everything. and then they won't be able to do it. brian: i don't know where they are going to get the money from in newark, new jersey. thanks so much. i will go and greet this family of the great to see you. i saw you with janice yesterday on the weather plaza. what's your name? >> ease ton. brian: is it true your parents have fox news on all the time? >> yes. >> what does that mean for you? what do you watch in the morning? >> cartoons. brian: you go to different -- okay, forget it, easton. what's your name? >> ryan. >> like. brian: hi, rick, the number one issue that's going to decide that you hope the candidate who wins cares most about? >> it's between border security and the economy. the economy is booming. we need to get that border security keep our jobs and
3:49 am
support american workers. support the farmers from stock don, new jersey. and florida. make sure we are protecting ourselves. if we are not -- we are not not welcoming we want everybody to be safe coming. in. brian: the president used the term invasion. were you insulted by that that term. >> no. because it is an invasion. no other way to put it. brian: seems like that. a million people coming in here who don't want to sign the guest book. what about you guys. >> donna. >> and. >> drew. >> the number one issue that you think is facing this country that we have not owned up to yet? >> i'm worried about the borders. i definitely think that the left is trying to impede president trump from achieving that promise that he made to the american people. and i worry about our country because of that. brian: is it true that we're getting these cookies? >> they are actually st. joseph's pastries for you to celebrate your eye stallian
3:50 am
side. brian: i'm 50/50. >> today is st. joseph's day. brian: st. joseph, these pastries are for you. thanks for come out. i appreciate it. brian: i'm sorry, what did you say? i'm smarning the cookies? kirsten gillibrand says the crisis at the border is getting worse. >> there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border. we truly are in system meltdown. brian: former acting ice director tom home. do you like tom homan? tough guy. is he going to take a look behind the scenes what it is really like to run the border. take a look at who else is behind the counter. david webb. here is is he looking for a full time job in new jersey. we will put him to work. david webb and tom homan behind the counter. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
the confusion, well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. unitedhealthcare.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> every time we talk about a wall. it's not about a structure. it's about xenophobia. about racism. >> it is clearly imperfect, unfair, unjust and racist capitalist economy. >> racist thinks he is racist. and his language hurts people. his language is causing pain. fear. >> from the border wall to the economy and even president trump, democrats seem to have one way of describing things. steve: joining us with reaction is david webb host of reality check with fox nation on fox news contributor. please try not to be like
3:55 am
beto don't get on the counter. >> i was really thinking about that. that's unsanitary. am i the only one who thinks that. jedediah: stop doing that beto. steve: what do you think about that montage democrats are highlighting a number of things they feel are racist. >> if everything is racist, what is the real issue. >> the problem is pandering and worse form the democrats are trying to sell than divide us into these groups of people. they have been good at it before. there is something going on in america right now. new generation. people have had it with being told you are this, you are hispanic this. if you are woman you are this. if you are young you are this. brian: i disagree. i think everything is going that direction. i have never heard more people talk about beto o'rourke as a white guy. apologize white guy is a white guy. we seem to be putting everyone in categories. jewish, muslim. >> they are putting -- brian, i hear you. they are putting everyone in categories. my point is a lot of
3:56 am
americans have said imsick of being put in eargt can a. i was told by a woman by an assumption you remember this reva i'm white when she never met me. how many people react to that? they didn't react me and white privilege. hang on a second we judge him by who david webb is. i, like many other blacks and people in newark are sick of this. jedediah: isn't it democrats do that what else are they going to say economy is booming so they shift to the identity politics as a distraction. >> when you have nothing to run on. here is what donald trump has done. he has co-opted a lot of policy. reached out to blacks and unions and reached out to base and captured so many of them that it worries the democrats. now what do you do? you have got to get these people. have you got to fear monger and give them an enemy. brian kilmeade your numb of the day. you make him the enemy. you send the emails out. cory booker says it you fund raise u it's a lie and america is not this.
3:57 am
steve: david webb thank you very much. joining us at the diner. brrr. coming up on our telecast. tom homan and joel holstein hanging out. live on fox square all morning long. brian: god and security. ♪ every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition. ♪ ♪ good, good, good vibration ♪ steve: live from new york city it's "fox & friends" fox square. we've got nifty fifty with us. and they have brought their operation. first time we have ever had a diner that is fully functional and first time ever on our show. come on over, jacque. brian: watch out for the xlr cable. jedediah: they are on roller skates. >> way stressing is hard itself but on roller skates
4:01 am
that's a whole other level. brian: this reminds me of happy days. steve: every day is a happy day on "fox & friends," brian. jedediah: best orange juice i have ever had in my life. steve: brian, do you have a five? brian: i don't. i apologize. we are in a cashless society. steve: thank you, ladies. jedediah: huge show coming up. tom homan, matt schlapp, trish regan, dakota meyer. tom shillue. we have all these diners in the background enjoying super food. excited to be here are you excited to be here? [cheers] brian: tom shillue lieu trivia game. red jed you always buzz your buzzer early. brian is swift with the buzzer. brian: i cheat. [buzzer] jedediah: you said it not me. steve: some of the things
4:02 am
america is talking about on this tuesday morning. kirstjen nielsen crisis at our southern border. the department of homeland security announce think would like $5 billion to build 200 more miles of wall because there is a problem. as she told bret baier last night on "special report": >> there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border and it's becoming more and more heart wrenching every single day. we truly are in system meltdown. this system was not built for this type of flow. for these numbers and for what we are seeing. whether it's drugs or traffickers or child exploiters or whether it's all the families and children who are coming across very sick and very in need. brian: that's what she talked about yesterday. she had a keynote address and spoke right after "special report" what's going on.
4:03 am
let's brings on tom homan. always great to see you. you always look like you are seething. you know what it's like at the border and they are playing politics. a million people coming to this border as projected without signing the guest book. then this is a problem. these democrats know it and republicans understanding it but they seem unwilling to do anything. >> well, the reason i get so emotional about this is i spent 34 years doing this job. and if people saw what i saw in my 34 years. the deaths, the rapes, the molestations, dead border patrol agents they would understanding why at certain points three decades of congress continues to fail it gets frustrated. half of congress won't accept the fact there is a crisis on the border. when the numbers currently show a million people crossing the border this year. this happened in the 1980s. i was a border patrol agents agent. i arrest the same illegal immigrants from mexico in one shift u mexican nationals.
4:04 am
they come back and arrest them again. this population coming now isn't going home. jedediah: what do you make of the new dhs numbers 2020, $5 billion for the border wall. 300 plus million for other border costs is that a sufficient amount of money. >> no it is not. congress fails the president. when he vetoed the bill that was a great day for america. i will say this 100 times this president proved once again he will fight whoever he needs to fight including some in his own party to keep his promise to secure the border. when he signed the bill he did exactly what he said he was going to do. and do whatever can you in legal framework to respect this country. he is not afraid to fight. he likes to fight. steve: when you look at the statistics in the month of february alone. 76,000 people tried to cross into the country illegally. that's enough to fill up the entire metlife stadium across the river from us right now. and it's not just a humanitarian crisis u it's a
4:05 am
drug crisis. and the drug czar was on yesterday and talked about how impactful a wall would be to stop the drugs. watch this. >> hundreds of thousands of pounds are coming in between ports ever entry. and so that wall will undoubtedly stop the flow of drugs in those locations. force people to the ports of entry where there is more law enforcement located. steve: how many times have we heard most of the drugs come through the ports of entry. that's a good place to stop them. >> another intentional misstatement lie to american people. talking points should be most drugs are seized at a port of entry. every vehicle is stopped and everybody is talked. to say you will seize most drugs where there is 100 percent coverage. what we don't know what's happening between the ports of entry. back in the 1980, i was a border patrol agent. i got a truck 220-kilos that drove through the bashed wire fengsz that's why we need a border barrier.
4:06 am
brian: talking about what's happening in the southern border. huge problem in tijuana. wait in mexico until we process you. meanwhile look at these homicides, 2640. and that's what -- many cases those are a lot of the people. they are the ones who want to come here. >> not a justification for the wall though. if you look at what is happening in tijuana and san diego. you don't see that happening. right? juarez. more murders happened in juarez drug cartels fighting each other. what you didn't see in el paso. what do they have in common is? a border barrier present preventing that crime from coming forward. brian: the flores amendment. what happened in the 1990, whether well intentioned or not flew you bloo up up in our face. democrats agreed this thing had to be adjusted or repeal. tell us how that has to be two prong. >> flores agreement. fy 14 families first started coming across. i built a family detention
4:07 am
center. we held them long enough until they see a judge. 90 percent lost their cases filled up airplanes. guess what happened? because we showed there is a consequence u and then all of a sudden decided can you only detain them 20 days knowing that's not enough time to see a judge. if do you, this you will see a surge in family units. i was called a fear monger guess what happened? they're not held long enough to see a judge. i have no problem with a family unit coming and claiming asylum. one way to guarantee see a judge hold them in a family. need to close that loophole. not a jail a family residential center. make their case. if they lose go home. he had jed something that infewer united states me somebody who works with kids. new comic book out when ice comes knocking helps kids avoid the. >> sad day in america when they create a comic book
4:08 am
that show children thousand protect your parents from law enforcement. how to continue to be a fugitive in violation of the law. it's sad. >> total lawlessness. >> flip side of these coinsz groups create pamphlets same group demand they have a right to claim asylum and see that judge. when they lose show them how to keep them from ice. makes job harder and more dangerous. brian: cair meeting in southern california today have these meetings. >> unamerican. steve: what rights people in this country have? >> the aclu has been putting this type of information out for years. i don't have any problem with nobody knowing their legal rights. but to intentionally put out propaganda where people are being shielded from law enforcement. people have their due process. orderly removed by a federal judge. if you and i ignored a federal order we would be sitting in jail. now we have a pamphlet here
4:09 am
is how you protect fugitives from justice. hide from ice and make job more difficult. steve: this is out in sanctuary city california. >> california under governor brown became a sanctuary stay s many b 54 is terrible. police officers get killed and lot of angel moms. gavin newsom is worse, if they can go further left you will see divasm do it. brian: "the washington post" has a story today that criminal organizations in mexico have mounted a lucrative smuggling operation that delivers gawted mall alans right to our on buses and trains. been called a conveyor belt. seeing what's happening with the caravans on feet and put it on hyper speed. >> another reason i get emotional about this. fail fixing loopholes. crisis on the border. when they want to abolish ice and have entice people to come. we bank roll criminal
4:10 am
organizations, cartels. paying the drug cartel as fee. brian: they pay 7,000 for adult and child. >> we continue to bank roll the cartels. same cartels murdered my agents and border patrol agents and getting fat and rich because congress has failed to act. we have a president who is taken border security seriously despite the resistance from congress. jedediah: thank you, appreciate it u. steve: rounding of applause, ladies and gentlemen, serving the nation for over 30 years. thanks, tom. brian: meanwhile, jillian, you have the news and jukebox. >> i do. the head of bowing expressing the company's commitment to safety following deadly crashes in five months. hoping to calm concerns over the 737 max 8. >> safety is at the core of who we are at boeing. and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute
4:11 am
commitment to everyone. jillian: the justice department has reportedly begun an investigation into the faa's approval of boeing 737 max 8. the "national enquirer" paid the brother of geraldine ferraro base zoe's girlfriend $200,000 to get text messages between them. that's according to the "wall street journal." the text messages were published in january. it was revealed that the amazon founder was dating tv personality lauren sanchez as bezos announced he was getting a divorce. sanchez has declined to comment whether he leaked the photos. the latest signal that the russia probe may be coming to an end. assistant u.s. attorney ahmed stepping down from the special counsel. the prosecutor signed michael flynn's guilty plea for lying to the fed. third person from the team to recently step down. not clear when the mueller probe will wrap up. secretary of state mike pompeo says he will know when it's time to leave the white house. listen to this.
4:12 am
>> i'm going to be there until he tweets me out of office. [laughter] which i'm not counting on, at least today. jillian: pompeo referring to his predecessor rex tillerson. president trump fired him in a tweet last year. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you as i play with the jukebox. brian: if you were fonzie all it would take is one hit. steve: get the bump music coming up in a 60. man trapped inside a burning home. dramatic moments caught on camera. coming up. brian: i saw him without an overcoat. joel osteen is in the diner with a let whoer below his knees. he is one cold man ♪ good golly, miss mollie ♪ sure like the ♪ are excited about the potential
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: thank you very much whoever put the quarter in the jukebox for that we have nifty fifty with us and this
4:17 am
is a diner. company from south jersey in the philly area. are you having a good time. >> yes, sir but from long island. steve: welcome to the nifty fifty here from fox square. what's your name. >> paul. >> louann. steve: what's the number one thing you are concerned about when it comes to the presidential election in 2020. >> we need the wall protected and donald is doing that. and we need respect for the president because right now in america, we have lost that. steve: why do you say we need the wall in some say it's inefficient doesn't work and expensive. you know what? don't need it. >> when 76,000 come over in a month. i think that's too many. my immigrants came over legally and went through the port right here in new york city. and basically they earned their keep. and they got it down. steve: are we feeding you okay today? >> yes, we did.
4:18 am
steve: we have a little heater for them right here. let's come over here to this banquet. >> karl. my father said people vote with their wallets. it's all about the economy. steve: jobs, jobs, jobs. >> money is in their wallet and they will vote for the president. steve: a new poll came out i think yesterday from cnn. >> right. steve: said 71% of the american public feels like the economy is going okay? >> yes, that's why it's guaranteed trump is reelected i guarantee you. steve: who is his number one challenger on the democratic side? >> only person who could beat him is michelle obama. she is the only one who will beat him. she is not in the race. it's a guarantee he is wanier. steve: what's your name. >> paul showner. >>he saysmichelle obama could bt president trump what do you
4:19 am
think. >> i would say cory booker is pretty strong the next one will knock him down and someone else, someone else. steve: that's the primary seasonal. >> 2016 all over on the other side. steve: you feel the same way, ma'am. >> yes, sir, i do. steve: squeeze over just a little bit. there you go. >> i know, i'm cold. what was that? >> that was a cheese steak omelet. steve: fries are really good. >> they are good. and orange juice. steve: who do you think is the strongest democrat running for president right now. >> i would say the guy that's not in yet joe biden. steve: really? >> he has that old school mentality. he is popular. i think he is going to team up with beto. steve: you do. >> biden and beto or biden and ms. harris. steve: kamala harris? >> kamala harris. steve: what's the number one issue for your family. you don't want to talk but he does. >> i think it's the electoral college.
4:20 am
steve: time to get rid of it? >> no. steve: that's what the democrats are saying time to get rid of it. >> that in my opinion would make the union go away. would make the united states become another california or something, you know. steve: just one of those issues though where democrats are complaining about something because they feel that, you know, hillary clinton would be president if it were just based on popular vote. >> but the union, i mean, the electoral college keeping the union together when you think about it. electoral college the union would just dissolve because states won't go along with california and new york, whatever they decide. steve: all right. very good. ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves a round of applause. good answers today. going to be talking to folks a little later on. coming up next, joel osteen joins us nut "fox & friends" diner live from fox square ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ going to rock, going to
4:21 am
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. gel. jillian: bombing that killed four americans. killed three service members and naturalized u.s. citizen working as a contractor. attack considered the worst incident involving american personnel since troops deployed to syria in 2015. >> meanwhile. jedediah: following a tragedy like the mosque attacks in new zealand. our next guest explains why the power of prayer isn't about results. it's about an ongoing relationship with god and combating hate.
4:25 am
steve: joel osteen is the senior pastor at lakewood church in houston, texas. and the author of the new book next level thinking and he joins us live from our diner out here with joel osteen. >> good to see you all. jedediah: great to have you out here. what do you make of people say you know what? in times like tragedy horrific tragedy in new zealand if you pray it doesn't achieve results so what's the point? >> what advice do you give people who say that? >> i believe it does achieve results? when you pray god gives you strength and peace and, you know, it moves the hands that i believe rule the world. so i believe it is, you know, prayer. i have seen prayer in my own life so i'm a believer in it it. jedediah: helps people deep with tragedy. >> in tragedy can you get bitter or defeated or turn to god. we can't explain everything. unfortunately there are evil people in the world. but, you turn to your faith in those times of difficulty and god gives you the strength to make it through.
4:26 am
steve: joel, this attack this past week in new zealand was something that we -- you can never get used to seeing where people are killed while they are praying. 50 people gunned down in a house of worship. >> it's a crazy world that we live in. steve: how do you explain and i'm sure you get this question all the time. how does a loving god let something like that happen? >> yeah. well, there is no good explanation but i think the big broad thing is we are not in a perfect world. god gives us all our own choices and unfortunately some people choose evil and god stunt stop everything. you know what? what it reminds me let's be part of the solution. let's respect and love people. they don't have to agree with us. i talk to a lot of the people they don't come from my faith. you respect each other. that's what it is about. jedediah: you have a new series coming out about jesus and his life. i want to take a listen, look at a clip and get your reaction. >> one reason joseph is important to me is the fact that god chose a common plan
4:27 am
to do something uncommon. here was a man considered ordinary. worked with his hands. worked with tools. and, yet, god chose him to play an incredible part in history. jedediah: what was your goal with this series? what did you want to achieve. >> i wanted to show the life of jesus in a different perspective. lee look at it through the eyes of those that have seen him. we know the bible series. mary's eyes or judas' eyes neat thing that the history channel has done. it's really compelling and there is many different scholars from all different walks of life and all different faiths. it's not a preaching series historical view of who jesus was. jedediah: this premiers on the history channel monday march 25th. a lot of people excited including myself. >> thanks. it's awful. jedediah: thanks for being here. >> thanks you guys. steve: white house has a new plan to solve the growing
4:28 am
student debt crisis. details. jedediah: kirsten gillibrand and friday chicken. political feedy frenzy. she is coming up. ♪ ♪ about you and me ♪ i'm hoping that you come back to me ♪
4:29 am
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♪ be my little baby ♪ ♪ my darling ♪ be my baby ♪ be my baby now. jedediah: i cannot stop dancing although that's new i have to say. live on the fox square at nifty fifty serving most amazing food. some of them are doing it on roller skates. how about a round of applause for that. [applause] i want to talk to folks hanging out applauding and
4:32 am
having a wonderful time. what's your name. >> donald chrisman, california a little bit warmer. jedediah: you came all the way out here from florida. >> yeah, spring break. jedediah: spend it with us that's pretty cool. >> yeah. jedediah: are you a supporter of president trump? >> absolutely. jedediah: what's the most important issue? i know he has been stressing the economy and immigration. what is your number one issue? >> for millennials like me, something i see in college a lot is identity politics. and that's something that's really trending. and he is honestly as far as away as possible from that. we get a lot of democrats running. that's what they are running off of identity politics. you know. you get cultural points for being something else. a lot of millennials love aoc and socialism. >> one of my english professor walked into class with an aoc picture on her shirt i'm fine if you have different opinions and stuff but it's almost like they
4:33 am
can't last 10 seconds without constantly explaining what they believe in. constantly to their students which is kind of funny. she is very trendy. that's a big thing with millennials. it's all about being trendy and different. what's starting to happen that's starting to become the normal for millennials. what i see is being a republican in college is being different. that's starting to be trendy and new cool thing. jedediah: that's the new cool thing starting a new trend. what's your name. >> phyllis chrisman. jedediah: thank you for joining us. when you look at the democratic lineup. if you are a trump supporter, who would you be worried about? is it joe biden? kamala harris? who is the most threatening to trump as of right now. >> probably joe biden. >> joe biden? >> in a national election joe biden would be the person i would fear the most. but as far as the democrats, i think they are going to push far left which will make them not as appealable to the general public.
4:34 am
jedediah: you know what's funny though, joe biden i don't know if the democrats are behind him. you look at people like bernie sanders. you look at beto o'rourke. i mean, these are the people that are really getting the fire right now. i will step over here. what do you think? do you think if donald trump -- i mean that would be a great debate, donald trump vs. bernie sanders. i would sign up for that. >> absolutely. i think that's what's going to happen. i think you will get the democrats going to push more to the left which will make them less appealing to the moderates which will elect the next president which will be donald trump again in 2020. jedediah: let me hop on over here. what is your name? >> rick surms. jedediah: what do you do for a living. >> i work for the travel industry. jedediah: awesome. when you look at the platforms coming out they are talking about late term abortion and medicare for all. does that sound extreme to you or how does that platform hit you? >> it's way extreme. going so far to the left so soon is kind of scary
4:35 am
really. it's -- don't seem to be a moderate in the democratic party right now. you know, it would be a frontrunner that somebody that's an independent could support. >> and just make some noise for me if you think president trump is going to win the next election. [cheers and applause] >> all right. i'm heading over to steve and brian. where are you? steve: right back here. jedediah: heading over here to talk to you do yo you to you guys. steve: nic flynn, ladies and gentlemen, he bought everybody breakfast today. [cheers and applause] u. brian: you have been in business how many years now. >> 33 years. britain. brian: we have the 50's theme what makes it special. >> we make everything fresh in front of the customers. went back to the 50's era where everything was made fresh instead of this day and age the big box stores. you know, food shipped from who knows where frozen. we make everything fresh in front of the customers. we grind the meats in the
4:36 am
walk-in boxes, hand cut our potatoes. steve: fantastic. this is the first time we have had a fully functional diner on the square. you are going to make one of the special shakes. also point out that all of their locations right now they have "fox & friends" on. they have turned off the jukebox so good morning, everybody. >> everybody in the restaurant, good morning. [cheers and applause] >> that makes jake at that point per and anderson cooper have to eat somewhere else today. you picked up a fresh is that a belgium waffle. >> urge belgiu belgium waffle mk shake. steve: it's a waffle and it's a shake. >> we start out with vanilla ice cream, a waffle, we put pancake syrup in the ice cream. one waffle inside. then we blend it. and then we put a nice hot
4:37 am
waffle on the very top. brian: has this been done before? did you invent this? >> when our shake crew comes up with a new shake, we give them a bonus. jedediah: that's a good idea. >> they come up with thousands of milk shakes over the years. thousands. steve: currently you have three location if folks are interested in franchise information go ahead and contact you. the world exclusive you are about to announce your fourth location. >> yes, we have a franchise location it's going to be own at oregon in south philadelphia. our first franchise here is matthew divine. he signed the deal yesterday. we have. steve: welcome to the 50 any of the family. >> i appreciate it, guys. >> we have two other franchises signing on.
4:38 am
steve: through the magic of television we will try it now. who would like to taste it? i guess it's me. >> waffle on top. whipped cream. here is the waffle with the whipped cream. janice, go ahead. >> straw? >> spoon is better. >> there we go. i'm in heaven. steve: he put canadian maple syrup in it. >> that's why it's so good. brian: tell how business is in this economy for you. >> complete mayhem. walk in any time complete mayhem. be yelling i need two fries for table 7. three shakes for table 14. brian: what bothers you when people talk about minute numb wage. how does that effect your business? >> everything is going to group. everything is going to go up. it's going to be tough.
4:39 am
you know, our 22.50 hamburge22.50 -- $2.50ham hambu. steve: people interested in franchise information how do they contact you? >> nifty brian: are you guys enjoying breakfast? [cheers and applause] >> say hi to all our customers and employees at home they're the best. we have got the best. brian: talk to philly's finest. >> i'm the one offended grew up going to nifty fifties. brian: you have a franchise in philly opening up. jillian: the white house is proposing new caps on student loans.
4:40 am
the trump administration suggesting the limits to prevent borrowers into falling deeper into debt. borrowers owe $1.5 trillion in student loans. more than tripled since 2003. higher education act also aims to reduce out rapid growth in tuition. notorious serial criticaller jack the ripper may have been identified for the first time. investigation by two british researchers identified 23-year-old as the likely killer. he was also a prime suspect. jack the ripper killed at least five women in london in the late 1800s. intense body cam footage captures the moments bursts into a burning house. rescue a man from a smoke-filled baseman. a neighbor is praising the hero. >> something that needed to get done and he went above and beyond to do what he had to do. jillian: the man was unsupportive and barely
4:41 am
breathing when the man pulled him to safety. isesame street fan which mupght they would take on a deserted island. the debate got pretty heated april tweeted grover not even close. elmo would become super annoying. benjamin have to go with oscar is he both a strong conservationist and engaging conversationists. milea tweeting it's clearly oscar he lives in a trash can he's a survivor. brian: "new york times" best seller go pick up the book. janice: everybody is going to get a book later on today. [cheers and applause] brian: and a shake. meanwhile, straight ahead. was there a plot to take down president trump from inside the government? one congressman says yes and the proof is about to be revealed. steve: plus, take a look who stopped by the diner today matt schlapp is live a nifty
4:42 am
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lucky charms 15,000 boxes just filled with marshmallows. for a chance to win enter online with a code found in specially marked boxes on lucky charms. for more information thousand score a box go to i used to save the other things and eat the marshmallows for last. steve: that was the treat. brian: thanks, jillian. beto o'rourke pushing his progressive agenda on the trail. revealing how he stands when it comes to late-term abortion. look at him almost answer this question. >> against third trimester abortions. >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights and my answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. [cheers and applause] i trust her so that's my answer. >> matt schlapp chairs the american conservative union. he joins us now to react. thanks for being here.
4:47 am
>> great to be here. >> what was their logic in defending late-term abortion. the majority of americans do not support. this why the race to the left on this issue. so far left? >> 80% of americans don't support that the only support for abortion in this country industry really in the early stages of pregnancy. what you are really seeing in this 2020 field is the extremism of where the democrats are gone. my family comes from this state and most of them would have been democrats and over time that party has left their values and no issue really brings it home to americans like post birth abortion. can you imagine that? steve: unbelievable. you know what, matt? ultimately it makes it a simpler choice when it comes to the ballot box. if one party stands for burn thing and the other party stands for the other. it's clear where you decide where your values line up with the party. >> i agree, steve, except here is what worries me. we have had basically a two party tradition for our history. those partiesy center left and center right. when you have the democratic
4:48 am
party abandoning democratic principles and embracing socialism knowing we go back and forth between the two parties. america will move so far left that america might thought be america anymore. brian: i saw beto o'rourke on the stump for four or five days. i have yet to see him answer we. he does not answer questions. how long can this go? lowg can his opponents allow limb to do this and stand on counters and say nonsensical things? >> brian, it's really important for you to get in the mind of the democrats. they are about emotion. how does it make you feel? beto puts tingles up people's legs. he is so an amazing person with rhetoric and firing up the crowd. they care more about that right, than his policy proposals. republicans, it's left brain, right brain thing. mucks arrepublicans are what aru going to do to make the economy grow. democrats are like what are you going to do to make me feel better.
4:49 am
steve: he was a hacker and written those things before the election with ted cruz. >> an award for the journalist who actually don't write the big stories. this is happening way too much. this is an example of what the american people believe they have trouble going to mainstream news outlets to figure out what's going on in the world seems like everything is politicized. >> they admit they sat on the story and now the story comes out he was a hacker as well as a very marginal fixal writer so, he has some interest things to defend. matt schlapp. thank you so much. >> good news you are on the show bad news is you are outdoors. >> basic cheddar cheeseburger. >> you guys want one? >> we have carley shimkus on the political feeding frenzy coming up next.
4:50 am
and dan bongino here live. steve: wait, they have pizzato? pizza? ♪ and do the twist ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
jedediah: whether it's how though order it or eat or drink it politicians always make the news for their food. >> i'm going to have your basic cheddar cheeseburger, medium well. i just want mustard. no ketchup. have you a got a spicey mustard or dejoh dejon mustard? ♪
4:54 am
>> that's okay. >> why the obsession with politician and food? >> carley shimkus is here to break it all down. she brought some samples. let's talk a little bit first of all about kirsten gillibrand. >> she was in south carolina in early february and took heat for eating friday chicken witfriedchicken with a d knife you have to pick it up and eat it with your hand. brian: if you are somebody who doesn't want something in your teeth. carley: that's why they fail they there are cameras in their face and they don't want to be all messy. steve: donald trump ate pizza with fork and knife. >> this is probably the most popular presidential food fail because john kasich also ate pizza with a fork
4:55 am
and knife didn't bill de blasio do it as well. >> italy they eat pizza with fork and knife. carley: we will give everybody a blanket pass. >> we will give them a pardon on the pizza with a fork and knife. steve: what about the beer and elizabeth warren. carley: apparently not just food, also drinks. marco rubio the first fail. we have this moment with elizabeth warren and somebody is going to grab a beer. >> hold on a sec. i'm going to get me, um, a beer. hey, come over. my husband bruce is now in here. you want a beer? >> no. i will pass on the beer for now. brian: many would say her campaign was over right there. carley: moments also go viral, too. because kids want you to be
4:56 am
around food and people and seem like a real human being but then you don't seem very human. >> one of the things about nifty fifty is from the philly area. and when it comes to philly cheese steak, one thing do you and here is one right here. this is the classic. thank you, maria. on that you have wiz. carley: original fail has to do with john kerry ordered a cheese steak with swiss cheese. looked elitist to deal with people and real cheese whiz. brian: if we had a comb we we would have the klobuchar. jedediah: not good. brian: carley, very informative segment. i like your visual. brian: straight ahead. we have a big final four here in the diner. we have trish regan ready to
4:57 am
go. dakota meyer ready for action. mike slater out from the west coast and tom shillue to quiz us all. did i mention dan bongino is here? ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ crying all the time . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
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it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. ♪ ♪ i reminisce about the days of old with that old time rock and roll ♪ brian: i don't know if you can say bob seger is from the '50s, but i like the theme. rock and roll. steve: old-fashioned diner. nifty if i fifty. we started going out and we've been to dozens, maybe 100 or so.
5:01 am
then we started bringing people into the, a live audience into the studio. this is the first time we brought a live audience to a diner. hi, there, here in new york city with a finer that is fully functional. they have a full kitchen behind that stage back there. brian: we're building up to a full day. we're missing a roof and two walls. steve: anybody can do it with a roof and two walls. brian: everyone here is happy. this is an outdoor diner in winter. spring doesn't start for another day. jedediah: we would have waiters on roller skates, waitresses on roller skates. the food is amazing. steve had, i don't know what that was. it was tons of deliciousness. we have amazing show. we have trish regan, dakota meyer, tom shill lube in the house. having a good time. steve: we'll talk to dan bongino. first yesterday was a very busy
5:02 am
day out on the campaign trail we'll call this the campaign trail mix. we have number of different sound bites, democrats proposing sorts of things you only hear on the campaign trail. >> we need to make sure every vote counts. the way we can make that happen -- [applause] -- is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. [cheers and applause] >> [inaudible] >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights and my anticipates to you, that should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. [cheers and applause] i trust her. so that is my answer. >> would you consider pardoning trump if he took the presidency? >> no. this is why the justice system
5:03 am
lost so much legitimacy, as brian says we have criminal justice system that treats you better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent. there is whole bunch of people if i'm president i'm looking to pardon, or punished unjustly in this country. brian: would you find out, if you look what happened yesterday, look at the wide swath of appearancances. elizabeth warren will not be saying get rid of electoral college in iowa. they would negative go to iowa if there was electoral college. supreme court expansion. make it bigger than ever. don't work and get paid. tax success. that was the theme yesterday. jedediah: hello dan bongino. steve: diner dan bongino. [applause] dan, how are you doing. >> is this my spot? steve: what did you think about the sound bites, abolishing electoral college, allowing third trimester abortions and refusing to pardon president trump when president cory booker
5:04 am
is in charge. jedediah: real center of -- >> wide definition of centrists. haven't they tried this before? steve: every campaign. >> every couple years when they get smoked by republicans which donald trump did in the last election, there is interesting op-ed in "the wall street journal" about how they tried this even with nixon. let's go far left with mcgovern that worked out really well. they got smoked. they tried it after two terms of reagan. we go farther left, bring in michael dukakis. they lost 47, 48 states. they tried this before. a desperate appeal to the radical left. it won't work. steve: change the supreme court. >> how democrats been from day one, can't win on merits change the rules. we have seen over last few days. i saw it on a tweet, they want to change the electoral college, pack the supreme court and want 16-year-olds to vote.
5:05 am
my daughter is 15, i love her to deaths. but who is prepared at 16 to judge issues of the day and vote. it is absurd. you do not want me voting at 16. brian: 16-year-olds are good voting "american idol" voting. not this. >> clean-up for my baseball team, but not president of the united states. brian: talk about what mark meadows said. very few people ahead of russian investigation, before i knew all the players you knew what was going on. he has a big announcement about this entire thing. at the same time mueller let another prosecutor go. here's mark meadows last night with sean hannity. >> additional information that is coming out will show not only was there no collusion, but there was coordinated effort to take this president down. we talk about the deep state. there are players now, even ambassadors, sitting ambassadors involved in part of this with the fbi and doj. when the american people see
5:06 am
what i've seen, they will judge for themselves and know that all been a hoax. steve: that is scary to think ambassadors to be involved. jedediah: terrifying. brian: i was on a plane coming up here last night, when i saw the hit on the plane. i tell you my jaw dropped this is common knowledge amongst people researching this for a while, but never come from someone with bonefides of meadows. this is serious, serious accusation. people in the left-wing media changing story, this was about papdopoulus and downer t wasn't. it was about the dossier. even "new york times" reported january 6th, i believe they reported that back as far as 2015 foreign intelligence were colluding with people in u.s. intelligence to information on trump campaign. brian: you think this could be around the papdopoulus bumping into ambassador downer who was a big donor to the clinton foundation? could this be to unwind the
5:07 am
papdopoulus part of this and carter page part of this? >> i think papdopoulus story has always been a ruse. it was a cover story. yes, was a cover story from day one to cover up the fact that the dossier was the only, the only reason for this investigation and it's a hoax. steve: all had to do with the timing. when you look at timelines, it never was lined up with the papdopoulus story appeared in "the new york times". >> 2016, crossfire hurricane, how was fbi agent data in london on july 5th meeting with christopher steele? how? it doesn't make any since. brian: is this why john brennan so apoplectic about the existence of donald trump? >> john brennan is on record in nbc did not lay eyes on dossier until december. what is the problem with that? he briefs harry reid in august
5:08 am
of 2016, after that harry reid writes a letter to fbi with information only contained in the dossier. i can take it to the bank he got that information from john brennan. he lied. he did not see it in december. he saw it in early august. jedediah: there is about the special counsel investigation think it's a witch-hunt. majority of americans, 50%, believe this is witch-hunt, compared to 46% say no. to me this is win in world of public opinion for president trump. if democrats persist on these issues, prioritizing investigations, prioritizing things like impeachment, this will be a big loss for them. >> the american people are not stupid. they know it is witch-hunt because it is a witch-hunt. all the lawyers in the world, bob mueller, should have been a non-partisan allegation. about russians influencing election ex-he picks weissmann, who hates donald trump. jeannie reed was outside counsel
5:09 am
for who, the clinton foundation. and aaron who represented the guy as counsel who alleged destroy blackberries in email case. you can't tell it was a mistake. this was obviously a witch-hunt. brian: rick gates toiled him we'll not sentence him, we're still talking to them. other people are looking more into the cigar bar meeting at trump tower. one indication they're wrapping up because these prosecutors are leaving. on another side they feel like they're after something. >> this i think is a reach here. with the rick gates thing i'm not so sure that doesn't have something to do with the podestas. the podesta group was involved in ukrainian lobbying. if you go after fara charges, foreign agery registration act. they didn't register as foreign lobbyist you have to go after people aligned with the democratic party. they pled guilty inot saying that is crime, that is crime worth dedicating time to the democrats have to go down.
5:10 am
jedediah: mueller investigation so many people were behind initially. the way it has been distorted, so many more people coming out saying this huge sham. so many of those people who thought issue of collusion is important investigate it, now this is completely insane. >> over year-and-a-half. at this point we have taxicab medallion fraud. they pled guilty, whatever, when do we get to the collusion? the answer is never because it never happened. steve: because you joined us on diner day. >> that is awesome. i ate at the deli. that was mistake. i didn't know it was diner day. this is terrific. gavin is the ep here. you don't know who he is? steve: explains why you don't listen to us. brian: never really seen him in person. steve: 8:10 in new york city. here in the diner, jillian join us with a fox news alert. jillian: good morning. get straight to the fox news alert. u.s.-backed forces captured isis
5:11 am
fighters linked to the suicide bombing that killed four americans. the january blast killed two active duty servicemembers, a civilian contractor and naturalized u.s. citizen working as an interpreter. the attack is considered the worst incident involving american personnel since troops deployed to syria in 2015. also breaking developments in the netherlands train attack. we're getting new information. dutch prosecutors say the note left in the suspect's getaway car gifts them reason to believe terrorism was a motive. we still do not know what the note said. at least three people are dead and five others are injured. there is no sign that the shooter knew it his victims. there are reports that this started as a family dispute. three people are taken into custody. infernandez know at houston area chemical facility will burn at least another day. firefighters work to put out flames consuming several tanks. thick black smoke is visible for
5:12 am
miles. neighbors are complaining of burning eyes, throats and trouble breathing. the chemicals at the plant is are used to make plastics. firefighter carrying a elderly woman is catching hearts. he saw a woman having trouble getting up steps in houston rodeo show. he said if you're alive and breathing you shouldn't need an excuse to help someone else. a lesson we can all learn. steve: what a picture. thank you, jillian. meanwhile we said this a million times. be careful what you post online or on facebook. it could make your insurance go up. a stunning report everyone of you needs to hear straight ahead. jedediah: new poll reveals americans are happy with the state of the economy. trish regan is here. she is weighing in. steve: hey, trish. [freedom ♪.
5:13 am
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♪ steve: white house would say more winning for the trump economy. brand new cnn poll reveals 71% of americans are feeling really good about the economy. that is the most since 2001. brian: is the diner feeling good about the economy? [cheers and applause] steve: because breakfast is free. brian: host of "trish regan prime time" on the fox business network, goat out here 12 hours early. thanks for getting up with us. appreciate it. >> this is great news. this is something to celebrate the economy is doing well, best since 2001. i feel it. these guys feel it and i think america feels it because we have some good economic policies. not that hard. steve: you listen to the president he is talking about unemployment is down across all categories and at historic levels and that's why he feels like he has got the wind at his back like we do right now going
5:18 am
into the 2020. >> sure, i mean look, people vote their wallets. one of the reasons i think they put donald trump in the white house is because they said to themselves, this is a guy who understands business. this is a buy who actually understands the economic policy from a entrepreneur's standpoint. they wanted someone to go there to take it up, and he did. brian: trish you agree he has to get the trade deal done. the world economy is on tenterhooks with the china deal. they want something done with england. 51% approve of way he handled the economy but they don't like his budget. 34% don't like the budgeting mainly because the deficit is growing. >> yes. i would counter that, sometimes you have to spend a little money to make a little money, right? so what he did, by lowering taxes he actually wound up getting highest tax revenue in the history of the united states of america, with lower taxes, imagine that. i think a lot of people would
5:19 am
say, no, no, you need to raise taxes. if you increase tax revenue, you need to raise taxes. steve: we've been hearing that forever. jedediah: i hear what you're saying. how do you run against this, when you have booming economy, policies like lowering taxes deregulating all these things are successful for the american people, they can feel it, they can feel it in the pocketbooks and dinner table, how do democrats say we want to flip all of that, do a 180 do exact opposite, how does that mick any sense? >> the way you run against it, sadly, go after more emotional issues. hear the cries about racism, et cetera. that is exactly the subject they will use. look, i get he is not necessarily everybody's cup of tea and he can be very outspoken in ways that a lot of people don't like but reality is, the policy itself, economic policy, that is hard to argue with. it is hard to argue with success. cut being taxes lessening regulation, having optimistic
5:20 am
glass half-full outlook he is succeeded. brian: would you say jamie dimon spoke yesterday, first story on drudge, 40% of americans make less than $15 an hour, and 40% can't afford 400-dollar by how do you spread this out to the working class? >> this is the challenge. this is the challenge of our time. i talk a lot how we live in hourglass economy. a lot of people on top. they will find -- people on the bottom, they're not doing great but doing better than people in the middle, in they get all the government handouts, but people in the middle don't qualify that is the group really challenged. we have to find a way to direct policy to help them. they are being helped but -- steve: 37 million, lowest in 10 years. trish, thank you very much. watching you on your live tv show on the building behind us. brian: 8:00 on fbn. does twitter silence conservatives? devin nunez sympathies so he is
5:21 am
taking the media giant to counter. the massive lawsuit coming next. steve: are millenials afraid of work? the man who has no fear, medal of honor recipient, dakota meyer is here live. ♪ ♪ raquen... rakutahn... rakooten... ♪
5:22 am
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that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ ♪ i walk the line . jedediah: good song. good morning. welcome back. we're having a fun morning. having breakfast with friends live on the fox square. quick headlines. congressman devin nunez slapping twitter with 250 million-dollar lawsuit. the republican accusing the social media giant of anti-conservative bias and
5:25 am
"shadow banning" him from the platform. twitter is not commenting. one account named in the lawsuit has been suspended. posting pictures on facebook and instagram could cost you when it comes to insurance. in a new "wall street journal" report, experts say they are starting to use all types of data including social media to weigh an applicant's risk. they predict the practice will become mainstream in the next few years. brian. brian: thanks, jillian. think you're stressed out. i'm asking yourself that. answer at home. according to millenials. they are stressed out and more stressed out than you are. steve: they have a lot to worry about. a survey by cbd oil company polled 2000 american millenials and found out three out of five believe their lives are more stressful than the average person. jedediah: among their top stresses, losing their wallet, losing their phone, and slow wi-fi. here to weigh in, retired medal of honor recipient dakota meyer. what do you think about their chief concerns? are you worried, will they be
5:26 am
okay, millenials? >> that is real stresses. i think this is the result of parents not being parents, parents being friends. this is the result of everybody participation trophy mentality, right? this is what you get. i, growing up for me, it wasn't, it wasn't about cell phones, things like that. i learned what hard work was before the military. military turned that into what, how to use those skills my parents instilled in me. steve: when you look at the top 10 millenial stressors, amazing how many revolve around their phone. number one, losing wallet or credit card. number two, arguing with a partner. number three, commute. four, losing a phone. five, arriving late to work. six, slow wi-fi. 7, phone battery dying. 8, forgetting passwords. 9, credit card fraud. 10, for getting phone charger. without the smartphone they
5:27 am
aren't so smart. >> if this is my generation's biggest concern, that is a big concern. jedediah: arguing with the smartphone. so used to communicating with the phone, having actual face-to-face problem, forget it. you can't even handle it. >> having relationships over the phone. the phone allows, people think it is about your reality, your reality, or your reality, you can create that in your phone. it is not about your reality. there is reality. brian: how do you break the cycle? it is not their fault. in third grade, phones were commonplace. became big 10 years ago. if you don't like where your kids are at, millenial, how do you break this? >> start by parenting. start with the kids. waking up every day, putting responsibility and accountability in your children. brian: did you learn that in the military? >> i didn't. my father instilled that in me. military took the skills. this is on back side. i know we're talking about millenials, entitlement generation. still today there are a lot of
5:28 am
millenials raising right hand to serve the country when they could choose to stick on their phone, could choose to be whatever they want to be but choose to be greater people. don't blanket the whole generation. >> i can't imagine someone in the military, you faced such significant challenges, looking at this list, there is part of you that has to go, come on man, really? wow. steve: dakota. thank you very much. dakota meyer, everybody. [applause] jedediah: democrats are racing to embrace identity poll tickets but mike slater says it will backfire big time. he is live in the diner. he is coming up. brian: police officer takes a break from patrol. he shoots hoops with a little guy. the video that will make your day. hopefully that is next. steve: tom shillue with diner trivia. puts us to the test trait ahead. i hope he doesn't waffle on us.
5:29 am
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and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip... monumental! read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor ♪ brian: it is jillian. talking about it all day long. now is the moment to shine. jedediah: i was so excited i heard it was nifty fifty. i went to the one on grantham boulevard. you had all the claw machines. straight ahead was the counter. it instantly comes back. steve: famous for the milk shakes. >> yes. teach me how to make the mint that everyone loves? >> absolutely.
5:33 am
steve: let's go. >> pump this twice. one, two, got it. >> come on. >> can't suffer on quality. >> chocolate chips. jillian: i think about the chocolate chips in the mint chocolate shake, they don't crush when it mixed. you have to end the milkshake because they don't go through the straw. brian: jillian, they are a franchise. this might be an opportunity. jillian: i enjoy doing this. >> are you going to make it? jillian: sure. what do i do? >> put it up on there. jillian: blend it? it will go everywhere? brian: i don't think so. jillian: that is beautiful. steve: how long do you shake each milk shake. >> will take her about 15 minutes but normally, normally
5:34 am
about minute 1/2. jillian: maybe i don't have a calling? steve: while they're shaking up, let me talk to some of the folks out here. >> gator got it under a minute. steve: this is tom. tom was with the new york city police department. tom, thanks for your service. >> nice to be here. steve: the reason we started the diner segment like three years ago was to talk to the folks about politics. it was before the 2016 presidential. what is the number one issue that you think you are the most worried about facing america? >> people that are coming to undermine the quality of life of this country. steve: coming from? >> foreign lands. steve: immigration then. >> illegal, sure, illegal immigration. steve: what do you make of the democrats argument, we don't need a wall, there is no crisis at the southern border? >> i'm disappointed and i'll tell you why. we keep harping on this business about the stick. the wall is the stick. what about the carrot?
5:35 am
why are we not hearing more about immigration reform from the democrats. in other words, say you're immigrant coming in from mexico, central america, south america, a lot of these people are very confused. how do i become a citizen. i want to become a citizen legally. how do i do it? steve: we had a guest on yesterday, talking about asylum. a lot of people apply for asylum, because they do that with a relative living in the united states. that is not one of the bonafide reasons. tom, thank you for your service. here is guy, only other guy wearing camel-haired coat. what is number one issue in the presidential? >> i would say probably building the wall right now. immigration. steve: it is too expensive and it doesn't work. >> more expensive to keep paying for illegals to come in. steve: i heard betsy mccaughey say that yesterday. what is your name? >> chad gains. steve: chad, who do you think the democrat to beat on democrat
5:36 am
side? >> if i had to guess right now, i would think harris. she is the one. steve: why do you like her? why do you think she will be the democratic nominee? >> i think she has a lot of qualities make her a viable candidate. steve: sir, let me ask you about this, sounds like joe biden gets back in. what do you think of that? >> sounds like he will, very much so. i'm not a in favor of that but i think that he is the runner for the democrats. steve: very good. final contestant. how are you? >> we're great. steve: what is the number one issue facing your family in 2020? >> i think it is important to stress to our kids there is one rule of law for all of us and not one for the politicians and one for everyone else. it is for everyone. i think our president understands that and gave the voice back to the people. steve: sounds like you will vote for him? >> yes, sir. i am, again. steve: thank you very much. about 90 seconds later. jillian already made it. and it was delicious.
5:37 am
jillian, congratulations. jillian: i don't know if i can take credit for making this really, but it does look delicious. i will have it in just a second. first we have to talk about your headlines, tell you what is going on. let's start with this. spring break mayhem has miami beach police stepping up patrol. over the weekend, two texas a&m football players were recovering from a robbery. take a look at brawl on the beach, caught on camera. in internal e-mail obtained by local media, police acknowledged understaffing and vowed to increase their presence. burglar peeks inside of a room where two kids are sleeping. frightening home security footage, shows the man slowly closing the door before ransacking the california home. the mother was sleeping in the room next to the children who are just one and four years old. the burglar is still on the run. criminals vandalize ad world war ii memorial in boston, dump ag-oilily substance all
5:38 am
over it. police in the community are outraged. >> to do what they have done to this memorial is complete disgrace. >> saddened that these men who gave their very lives, very lives, for freedom and democracy and fighting against nazi oppression, that their memories would be defamed in this way. jillian: crews are using soap to clean the monument bearing 200 names. police are looking for the suspects. look at this. a police officer brighten as little boy's day by joining him for a game of basketball. >> one day the police pulled up. i waved to him. he waved to me. >> besides having to arrest people, here to help them have fun. jillian: nine-year-old said officer won the game of horse in pennsylvania, only because he went easy on him. still a great story. look at headlines. while i indulge this, let's go to janice dean.
5:39 am
janice: is it a beautiful day in new york city? yes, beautiful day for dine feared. we love nifty fifty. you know what we'll do today, give out "mostly sunny" books for the people in the diner and people gave out in the crowd. look at the map while we give out some books. here in the new york city, 36. 29 in rapid city. listen our big story over the next couple weeks is going to be the flooding across portions of missouri and nebraska and iowa. we have another weak system moving through right now. it will not bring a lot of rainfall but anymore water is not a good news situation for parts of the missouri valley and mississippi river valley. this is the big story we cover over next several weeks. we have a lot of snow melt unfortunately in the forecast. there is the day-time highs. mostly sunny in new york city. everybody get as copy. you get a book and you get a book and you get a book. steve: i think you mean a buick. brian: the book is real doing
5:40 am
well. keep it on "the new york times" list, do your part. "mostly sunny." excellent. 20 minutes before the hour. democrats race to embrace identity politics wherever they go. mike slater says it could or will backfire big time. he is in the diner. he has come 3,000 miles for us. ♪ there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there,
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when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at ♪ steve: now janice is autographing books everybody is getting. welcome back to "fox & friends" live from fox square. democrats pushing a progressive agenda for 2020 politically correct presidential election. >> it would be very difficult
5:44 am
not to select a woman. but if i have my way, there will be a woman on the ticket. >> i think we would look for somebody who is, maybe not of the same gender that i am. brian: would that be a woman? i don't know. is this a quiz? jedediah: embrace identity politics hurt them in the long run? radio show host mike slater joins us. >> good morning. a pleasure. jedediah: what do you think? i don't know. i still think identity politics resonates with more people. >> once you embrace the mob and like the democrats have matter of time before the mob runs the show. as you guys know on twitter you always find someone who is offended by everything. praised his wife, lifted her up, doing a great job raising kids, he had to apologize for that. unbelievable, right? whole next year democratic primary they're apologizing for every move they make. brian: apologizing for being
5:45 am
white. >> everything on the left has to be about race. apologizing for his white privilege. what does that have to do with anything. steve: why are we talking about those things with beto o'rourke, not the fact he was part of a hacker group and wrote crazy stuff as teenager. >> for some reason he has cult of personality around him. i don't even get it. he has it for some reason. i worry he was too close to winning race in texas, guys. it was way too close for comfort. jedediah: if the democrats come out, i want to have female running mate i feel like it is an audience that appeals to. many people were ready for female president. they didn't want it to be hillary clinton. >> i don't think people on the left want to break the glass ceiling. they want to use it as political weapon. they certainly didn't support hillary clinton or sarah palin. they didn't give anytime of day to carly fiorina. remember when mitt romney talked about binders full of women, they crushed him for that. i don't think they really want a
5:46 am
woman for president. they want a woman president to feel like they are progressive. brian: joe biden, matter of time he gets in, will they rake him over the coals for standing on segregation, the way he handled crime in '90s, the way he handled anita hill in the '80s. will he defend the record. say that was me then. look at me now? >> so bizarre, the problem with joe biden for the democrats. he doesn't check any intersection alty boxes. doesn't check anything. beto who is privileged, ivy league son of a judge, married into wealthier family, irish white guy. jedediah: lecturing everyone how evil capitalism. >> because his nickname is beto he checks a hispanic box. biden will probably change his name to jose. i think he is only democrat, slight chance, beating president trump. i think he is only one. steve: when you look at the polls, at top of the polls are
5:47 am
joe biden and bernie sanders. while the democrats suggested they would have somebody different than the two of them, these are, these are names we've known for a long time. >> that's it, name recognition. that is what it is. wait until this plays out a little bit. brian: i would also say this he has donors. he has small donors. people that do this for a living that is the key. usually small donors give you more money along the way. >> bernie getting $27. isn't that unbelievable. beto getting 6 million, who saw that coming? steve: joe biden gets in as soon as he has more money than beto. >> i think his biggest regret he didn't run i wonder how the conversation went between obama him and hillary and he bowed out. he missed the boat. everything is to the left. brian: david plouffe working with obama, long time with obama. that tells you a lot. mike slater, everybody.
5:48 am
hosting "fox & friends" live from a pop-up diner but how much do we know about diner trivia? we have an expert in, tom shillue, will quiz us, dan bongino, mike slater, dakota meyer. that is next. steve: we're out here in 34-degree weather, sandra smith is inside where it is always 72 and sunny. >> steve, toasty in here. great show this morning. a few stories we're watching, devin nunez suing twitter. michael cohen documents could be released. elizabeth warren says time to get rid of electoral college. a busy tuesday morning. join us live. top of the hour. maintain balane and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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♪ steve: we have been having breakfast with friends in a pop-up diner but now we're turning into a game show. brian: we have the perfect game show guy. he is tom shillue. plays the host of "the quiz show" on "fox nation." dakota that meyer here. military legend. mike slater, represents the entire west coast. janice dean, best-selling author. steve: wait until you, with all the selections, got it? multiple choice. here is the diner quiz. let's go. listen up, guys. whats watt name of the classic diner in happy days. lucy's goodie's, arnold or -- janice dean. >> arnold's. >> is she right? there we go.
5:53 am
♪ >> beautiful. brian: where did that song come from? >> what is was the name of famous 1942 painting featuring a diner? was it only city, nighthawks, urban diner or late night's? kilmeade. brian: late night. is he right? no he is not. anyone want to steal? >> it was nighthawks. [buzzer] >> call the internet, brian. what famous act sleet/actor standard in the 1982 film, "diner." terry bradshaw, carl weathers, tony danza, or mickey rourke. steve: mickey rourke. let's go to the tape. >> what is the resource? >> don't get in. >> shaving points on this game,
5:54 am
do you want in or not? >> isn't that hair amazing. steve: before steroids. everyone is looking at that. >> number four, in diner slang, what does the number 86 mean. jillian, you have to wait for the suggestion. brian: she is eliminated. >> i was a server once. >> no more of it. >> is she right? she is right. we have to pay for this. brian: why didn't she get a penalty? did she lose a point? >> she pulled entire food items from service. >> 86 mistake. she was a server. >> i was a very fine server. steve: no questions. >> new jersey, new jersey, known as diner capital of the world has how many diners? 121200, 87, 525 or 743?
5:55 am
>> dan. >> i'm going to say, when in doubt go with c. >> you're right. 525! >> knew it was whole time. i counted them. >> last question, what legendary singer make as cameo working at a diner in blues brothers. aretha franklin, tina turner, diana ross. >> aretha franklin. >> roll tape. ♪ freedom >> wish you could have seen janice dancing to that. janice is the winner with two correct answers. "fox nation" every week night at 7:00 p.m. >> you play yourself on fox nation. brian: or a close imitation. >> gloves included. brian: tom shillue, thank you so
5:56 am
much. steve: we're back live with our pop-up diner in manhattan in two minutes. ♪ leave no man behind. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition.
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5:59 am
first time we have ever had a fully functional diner, pop-up diner live from times square. thanks to all of our friends at 50/50 for everything. the guys in the back, the women in the back making that for everybody. did everybody get enough breakfast? mission accomplished. let's do it in the spring the
6:00 am
next time. that's it for today, thank you all for joining us. >> sandra: breaking news on some big stories that we are watching this morning, top republican congressman devin nunes suing twitter for $250 million claiming anti-conservative bias. plus, a slew of documents connected to michael cohen radar officially out. but we begin with senator elizabeth warren pauling to abolish the electoral college. a busy morning here in "america's newsroom." good morning, everyone. >> jon: good morning, i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. bombshell comments during a town hall last night, the 2020 presidential candidate has been critical of the electoral college before about last night she took it one step further. >> come the general election,


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