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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 19, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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that's it for today, thank you all for joining us. >> sandra: breaking news on some big stories that we are watching this morning, top republican congressman devin nunes suing twitter for $250 million claiming anti-conservative bias. plus, a slew of documents connected to michael cohen radar officially out. but we begin with senator elizabeth warren pauling to abolish the electoral college. a busy morning here in "america's newsroom." good morning, everyone. >> jon: good morning, i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. bombshell comments during a town hall last night, the 2020 presidential candidate has been critical of the electoral college before about last night she took it one step further. >> come the general election,
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president candidates don't come to places like mississippi. they go to places like california and massachusetts. because we are not the battleground state. my view is that every vote matters. in the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> sandra: chris jenkins is live for us. >> moran was responding to a question at that cnn town hall about disenfranchisement when she took it further calling for the ditching of the electoral college is not the first time that the massachusetts senator has been critical so what >> sandra: suggesting in the wake of hillary clinton's 2016 lost when she won the popular
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vote. warren said it was a sign of an unhealthy democracy. for context, republicans have won the three of the fast five races for the white house but only once in 2004, george w. bush won the popular vote and this may surprise you. look at what president trump said last year that he would be willing to get rid of the electoral college saying i would rather have a popular election, but it's a totally different campaign. it's as though you're running and practicing for the dash instead of the mile. i would rather have the popular vote because it's to me much easier to win. bottom line, it's long been debated but now it's an official democratic 2020 candidate actually proposing it. >> sandra: i understand that's not all that she proposed last night. what else did we hear? >> warren sees herself as a policy strong candidate and said she wanted to expand her support for reparations. >> i believe time to start the
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national full-blown conversation about reparations in this country. i support the bill in the house to point congressional panel to experts, people who are studying this to talk about different ways we may be able to do it. >> she also says she supports the removal of confederate statues and the removal of the confederate flag which still appears on the mississippi state flag and on another issue, she separated herself from her fellow contender on medicare for all proposing that there are a lot of different pathways to achieving that health care goal. >> sandra: live in washington for us, thanks. >> jon: back now to that major lawsuit against twitter. congressman devin nunes accuses the company and a handful of its users of shadow banning conservatives to sway the 2018 midterm election. telling the sean hannity the suit is the first of many.
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>> we are going after twitter first because they are the main proliferator and they spread this fake news and the slanderous news. the key is we are making as this an orchestrated effort, so people were targeting me, anonymous accounts that were developed. this is the first of many lawsuits that are coming. >> jon: let's bring in "washington examiner" editorial director hugo gordon. you have some pretty powerful opponents here in taking on these companies, does it have a prayer of success? >> i think they will succeed, that devin nunes will succeed whether or not he manages to get damages, and i don't suppose for a second that he really expects to get $250 million in damages. but what the suit does is it focuses attention on something which is very important. as you say, these are very powerful organizations on that's why the attention needs to be focused on them. the social media companies whether twitter or facebook have
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not despite their power, they have not come up with a way of coherently being unbiased. no one sues verizon or at&t for defamatory conversations that they had on the phone bought the social media companies did as a set themselves up as content generators. if they set themselves up as arbiters of what is decent and a lot of conservatives i think with good reason believe because of the left-wing monoculture that runs those corporations some of these platforms work against conservatives and don't give conservatives a fair shake or a fair hearing. >> jon: what is the court the place to set up some kind of a facebook filter? >> i think the court action is a way of drawing attention to an important. take these matters to court and get a hearing about what should be. but going to court is not something that corporations want to do.
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this will probably make twitter think hard how it can actually make sure that it doesn't get taken into court and in it is not harassed in this way. it's focusing on an issue that has trouble conservatives were a number of years now. >> jon: elizabeth warren now says let's get rid of the electoral college, what you think about that? what would be the effect? >> the effect would be devastating. she gets the reality absolutely upside down. she said let's do this to make sure that every vote matters. but what it means is no votes in the states that are going to give their votes to colorado. >> jon: colorado is my home state. >> just passed a law that it's electoral college votes will go to the winner of the popular vote. that means no electoral candidate, no president candidate needs bother to go to colorado. the way to win the vote is to go
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to los angeles and new york and run up the score there. so it doesn't mean that every vote matters. it means that the votes in colorado don't matter at all. this is another way in which the democrats are undermining the core constitutional structures, they don't want the first amendment, not the second amendment, now they want to do away with the electoral college. it's all up power play. it is seen by them as an irritating impediment to their power. >> jon: it has served us pretty well for close to 250 years. why undo it now? >> as you said, the republicans have won the three past presidential elections that they want, they have lost the popular vote twice. now this is seen as a real bug in the system by the democrats but it's actually a feature. it's what what the founders wad because what they wanted was to make sure that every part of the country got to say and you don't just go and win it by running up the score in highly populous places.
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one of the ways to make sure that mississippi which was one of the states that elizabeth warren ignored is to basically take away its say in the electoral college and give its say to the people of new york, illinois, california where they were very highly populous populations. >> jon: obviously, she is one of the democrats running for president, one of the most recently announced is beto o'rourke. i want to read a quote from the "washington examiner," beto o'rourke is the democratic front runner today because he stands for nothing. the other democratic candidates either accomplishments or ideas to .2, beto o'rourke blows out all of these democrats without pointing to a single accomplishment or policy. his act is running away from the anything standing for nothing. pretty blistering words. >> he gives a new meaning to the
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phrase running on empty. he is an empty suit, he has done nothing, stands for nothing, and he runs away. >> why does this happen? the answer is one is barack obama who even boasted about the fact that he could talk to a room full of people with different opinions and after he's finished speaking, they all thought he agreed with them. so not having the track record and seeming like you can appeal to everybody rather than having real opinions is something that's democrats now favor. they want to defeat donald trump and obviously they think that beto o'rourke is the second coming of bobby kennedy or perhaps of barack obama. he cannot be discounted but he hasn't achieved anything. he doesn't stand for anything. he runs away from the thin record that he has. when becky does bear some resemblance to bobby kennedy. from the "washington examiner,"
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thank you. we will hear from president trump's daughter-in-law, a senior advisor to his campaign, lara trump with brand-new reaction to all of this, plus dr. bill bennett our headliner in the next hour. >> sandra: meanwhile, prosecutors have just released documents from the fbi raids on michael cohen's home, his office and hotel room from last year after a federal judge ordered redacted versions of the search warrants and other documents be made public. cohen's attorney weighing in with the statement saying tomorrow's court order release of the affidavits that led to the search warrants of mr. cohen's home, office, hotel, and safety deposit box only furthered his interest in continuing to cooperate and provide information and the truth about donald trump and the trump organization to law enforcement in congress. laura ingle is on the story for us this morning joining us live on set, what exactly has been released here? >> hundreds of pages released by the court, talking about just a
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few minutes ago, only been able to print out this much so far. i just want to show you, this is what we are talking about. things that are blacked out. we are reading through this now, a team of producers going through them as we speak. it will tell us more about what federal investigators are looking for in those predawn raids. the fbi as we all remember showed up with search warrants that president trump's former lawyer's office and hotel room and seized material from the safety deposit box. the search warrants a list the premises of michael collins multiple cell phones and cell phone location information. a judge in the case approved of the search warrants yesterday allowing some privacy for cohen concealing his personal information. we can also see other redaction's as we move through this 897 page document that involve areas of any other ongoing investigation as well. the rate happen when the president and colin were on good terms. here is what president trump said back then.
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>> it's a disgrace, frankly a real disgrace. it is an attack on our country in a true sense. an attack on what we all stand for. so when i saw this and when i heard it, i heard it like you did, i said that as a whole new level of unfairness. >> on the relationship has changed as we know. investigators were after information about payments trump made to a former "playboy" model who would claim to have affairs with mr. trump before he was elected, claims the president has always denied. the search warrant also included request for information on cohen's portfolio, investigations going on there. >> sandra: we can also learn how investigators found out about the payments on the first place, is that correct? >> we are looking for the documents, we they will revealt
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other information they had on cohen as they were getting ready for their raids. documents will also be telling as we compare the information in the search to what cohen said of quote doing illegal to things for trump and the ten years he worked for him. >> jon: will have a lot more on the michael cohen raids and the devin nunes twitter lawsuit when we talk to ken starr. plus, there is this from the syrian front lines. >> sandra: heavy fighting in syria as u.s. backed forces battle to remove isis from its last pocket of territory. our own ben hall is live on the ground in the middle of all of it and he will join us right ahead. >> jon: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen morning cyber attacks are one of the top threats facing our nation. congressman peter king joins us to react at 9:30 eastern time.
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6:18 am
campaign in 2018. again, good morning to you. $50 million is a big lawsuit that he is bringing and he is accusing them of defamation and negligence. >> approves litigation can be a powerful sword, a powerful engine for getting the truth. so however much he has received if anything at the end of the day, i think this is going to be one of those action forcing events, it is calling twitter and more broadly the social platforms into the age of accountability. we've enjoyed the age of running loose, doing what they want to do, but especially since they hold a very important power, censorship, they can censor. they probably say we must censor. i kind of understand that. have you guys read some of the garbage but are they censoring
6:19 am
in a fair-minded way? so i think this is a terrific method for getting real accountability the way that frankly it's going to be hard for congress to do. >> sandra: take us through that because that is really important words. censoring is okay in a fair-minded way because we heard from jack dorsey, the twitter founder last year when he had to testify at capitol hill that as a private company, they have the right to censor speech and they maintain that. so how does that play out in this lawsuit? >> we believe in freedom of speech but within limits. you can't cry fire in a crowded theater, we all understand that but now with these new platforms, what about stuff that enters the domain that is either demonstrably defamatory or otherwise just has no redeeming social value. so there has to be some mechanism and i understand that
6:20 am
for those who send stuff out not to allow us at work, very horrible defamatory among other things, material to be there. but is this process carried on in a fair-minded way? these are very tough judgment calls. but we don't know, and here is the key. we don't know much about how this process of filtering goes through. i think the lawsuit is going to help eliminate that, especially through what we call discovery, through document production and so forth the depositions. depositions of witnesses are one of the great truths finding mechanisms, so let's find out more. what did they do and how do they do it? >> sandra: we know the other social media giants faced a lot of criticism as well and having recent history. facebook, youtube, and twitter among them in the wake of these killings to mosques in
6:21 am
new zealand. and they really struggle to bring those videos down. >> exactly. this is one of the key reasons why. we have to have this accountability because look at this, it is back out there. the video of this unspeakably horrible crime against humanity. the visually based, religious animus guiding the shooter to do what he did and to do it, talk about sickness, probably. we need to eliminate that. we really do. people say freedom of speech, no, there are limits to freedom of speech, there always have been and hopefully always will be. >> sandra: only have a short time left here but you heard the report on michael cohen and the heavily redacted documents, only a few seconds left but i want to get your reaction to what you heard there. >> my reaction is wait-and-see. but as far as we know, these documents relate to business dealings, they don't relate to
6:22 am
russian collusion. i think that the public policy interest. >> sandra: ken starr, always appreciate you coming on the program, thank you. we will be right back.
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6:26 am
claiming at least three lives as the midwest braces for even more flooding. joins us live from our chicago bureau. good morning. >> all over the mississippi and missouri river basins, record flooding, levels not seen in 50 years and what you have is this combination of melting snow and all the rain that we've had here in the center part of the country, and you've got these rivers up over over the banks d 9 million people in jeopardy as a result. the missouri river is 40 feet over its banks, fremont, nebraska, outside of omaha, the platte river swollen well over its banks so much so that residents are stuck, dependent on emergency operations for the basics to survive. >> we are trapped, can't get in or out of fremont so planes are flying in supplies from all ove over. little clear jets and then they are unloading them and bringing them here and we are just riveting them to churches in the middle school where there was a shelter there had anyone that needs that.
6:27 am
>> the mississippi very swollen, the rock river near or at record levels come all over you can see houses with their foundations underwater. shelters are open in nebraska, and nebraska and iowa, the floods are hitting agriculture very hard. the alcorn and platte river is also at all-time highs. the national guard is on the scene. emergency crews rescued some 117 people. the vice president is headed out to the flood zone today to assess the damage we will keep an eye on it. >> sandra: thinking. >> jon: homeland security kirstjen nielsen sounding the alarm on a border wall. >> there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border whether it's drugs, traffickers, child exploiters, for the families on the children who are coming across very sick and very in
6:28 am
need. >> jon: the trump administration continuing to call for a border wall funding as it lays out its fiscal year 2020 budget. congressman peter king coming up on that next. >> sandra: a live report on a fierce battle to drive isis out of syria. >> the black flag of ice is no longer flies over the town and what's left of the terror group is less than a mile behind me. follow our story live from here in syria coming up. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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6:32 am
they will be trading and it's up on the completed separation of the company 21st century fox, so the new fox corporation will trade today beginning today, it's first day as a stand-alone company. a something to watch there is the market start off with a gain on this tuesday morning. >> jon: we will be watching that. >> sandra: on to this breaking news, u.s. defense official confirming that isis fighters tied to a bombing that killed four americans in syria in january were captured by u.s. back sources. at those forces take on the last isis fighters holding up a pocket of territory in syria, our own benjamin hall is live on the ground with the latest on that battle in eastern syria. >> i know for the last few days, we have seen immense firepower by the u.s. and the coalition. bombarding the last remnants of isis here in eastern syria. we have pulled back from the
6:33 am
front lines and by about a mile so we can bring you this report about what we seen over the last few days really suggests there's not much left. here's what we've seen. the guys a rep you're trying to pick off the united fighters one at a time. it is slow going. all that remains of isis right now is this tiny tent city, no idea how many people are in there. we were here six weeks ago when they said 1500 people. since then, 30,000 have come out. there are titles under this entire area and they just don't know how many more people remain. president trump told them to take the gloves off against isis and they have done just that. we still don't know how much longer this is going to go on for. they are hitting them hard. they don't give isis even a minute to return fire.
6:34 am
they've been laying down their supporters for some hours now and they're going to keep going. if we actually just heard a couple of hours ago that they may be surrendering, or at least 140 of them came out but we just don't know yet and they've been saying that for some time but what we can say is the days of the caliphate are almost numbered. the black flag of the isis terror group, there are scars here that are going to take a long time to heal. there are tens and thousands of isis families and camps nearby and no one knows what to do with them. we heard they have been encouraged to surrender so they can live to fight another day. the problem continues, but that battle which is raging quite close by is still ongoing. >> sandra: your reporting on the ground there is appreciated, thank you. be safe. >> jon: the department of homeland security laying out its
6:35 am
priorities for border security and the 2020 administration budget. it is requesting more than $5 billion for about 200 miles of new wall. secretary kirstjen nielsen on special report last night doubling down on the crisis at the border calling it assistive meltdown. >> i can on categorically tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border and it's becoming more and more heart-wrenching every single day. we truly are insistent meltdown, the system was not built for this type of flow for these numbers are for what we are seeing. >> jon: new york congressman stephen king reports, what you think of what the secretary had to stay there >> sandra: >> the fact is there is a very serious condition at the bordere president as commander in chief, chief executive has decided that this is a crisis, that it does warned the description of all laws in
6:36 am
certain locations on the presid. if you get people agreeing or disagreeing on the extent of it. the fact is, this is a nightmare, this is a crisis and the president has the right to call an emergency. congress gave him that right years ago and this president is in his best judgment believes it's an emergency and that's why he wants to reallocate the funding for the wall. >> jon: this is probably the biggest disagreement between democrats and republicans on capitol hill. democrats have said this is not an emergency on the president does not in their view have the right to take money from the military budget to pay for the wall. listen to rhode island senator, here he is. i'm sorry, i thought we had a quote from him. that is audio from him, we have a quote instead. he says what president trump is doing is a slap in the face to our military that makes our border on the country less
6:37 am
effective. he is taking money from needed projects to divert them to his vanity wall. that might help shore up the political base at the expense of our military base and are of men and women of the armed forces who rely on them. take a look at that. as the president potentially harming the military by what he proposes to do with the wall funding? >> i have a lot of respect with jack reed, and served with him when he was in the house but he is not the president, is not the commander in chief. the president as commander in chief has to decide how to best allocate military funding of the president believes this is a national security threat. so therefore, the money that is being used for defense he believes is very logical and very right that that be used for this wall which the president thinks is essential to our national security. so again, the president has all of these decisions to make, where to allocate troops, which programs to fund and he believes
6:38 am
the wall is essential to our national security. he is not the president, president trump is and he was elected for that he's exercising that right. if one met the secretary of homeland security also said cyber warfare is one of the biggest threats facing the natin right now. listen. >> not only are we still facing the insidious threat from global jihadists, but we are under siege from transnational criminals, cyber thugs, and hackers and resurgent nation-state rivals. the battle state is constantly in flux. flipping from the physical world to the virtual world and then back again hall in the blink of an eye. when back from your position on the homeland security committee, are we adequately dealing with that threat? >> we are doing the best weekend and we do it better than any other country is doing. having said that, we have to constantly be improvising, we have to stay ahead of the
6:39 am
enemies as many of them are doing this, in some cases you have allies. but you look at banks, financial institutions and governors that the pentagon and state department and congress, companies all over the world and those trying to hack in so no, this is a real threat. we saw a rush to try to do it in the last election, we know iran has attempted to do as far as infrastructure and defense secrets, as far as our financial system so this is an ongoing war and it's very hard to tell the american people because is not something you see. it's not like a bomb going off for a building being blowing up, you don't see it. one met congressman peter king, republican of new york, thank you. >> sandra: brand-new polling showing 71% of americans have a positive outlook on the u.s. economy. digging into all of that and will join us next to break it down.
6:40 am
>> jon: plus, 2020 candidates making waves with proposals that shape our nation from health care, the electoral college, and the supreme court. lara trump will be here to respond to all of those ideas next. >> people onto those seats in ways that i think is necessarily healthy. i think term limits might be a better way of saying that. so we decided to travel to cancer treatment centers of america. dr. fernandez was wonderful. he said it was up to me to do what's best. it's about giving her options, where amy has all the information to make a decision that's best for her. we left on day one feeling like we're gonna beat this and this is the place that's gonna help us do it... that feeling is priceless. learn more at appointments available now.
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6:44 am
wanting to do away with the electoral college system. lower trump, senior advisor for the reelection campaign, good morning to you. so what do you make of this? what is the trump campaign santa what they would like to do? >> making sure the middle of the countries were not forgotten, otherwise people campaign in new york and l.a. and that's all they would do, they go to the big cities, they forget about the rural people in the middle. it is clear people are still upset on the left that their chosen candidate did not win in 2016. they want to find any way they can to beat donald trump because i think they know it's going to be incredibly hard, almost impossible to beat this president and the 2020 election so they are looking for anything they can. >> sandra: reminded of 2016 and the actual results that we saw for the president against hillary clinton when it came to the electoral college. obviously, she >> jon: won ther
6:45 am
vote. the electoral vote, 304 for president trump, 227 for hillary clinton. it has a president waited on this yet? in >> not to me personally but this is a system we've had in place for hundreds of years. it's been working, it's always worked the way it's supposed to and there is a reason that was he was implement at this way because they didn't want the people in the middle to be forgotten and otherwise, you could make to campaign stops and call it a day and that's not really what you want when you have a presidential election. >> sandra: meanwhile, hearing about the expansion of the supreme court, some say this has been a litmus test for democrats for 2020. here is that i'm talking about expanding the supreme court, listen to this. >> what if there were five justices selected by democrats and five selected by republicans and then independent of those.
6:46 am
15 justices, five appointed by democratic presidents, five by republican on the other five so they could only be seated by unanimous consent. >> should we keep it at nine? >> i would like to explore a lot of options and we should have a conversation about term limits might be one thing to give every president the ability to choose three. >> sandra: he was a long list of 2020 dems who are in favor of expansion, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand, beto o'rourke among them and what we heard from kamala harris is we are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the supreme court. elizabeth warren set is not just about expansion, it's about the politicizing supreme court. >> i think it's pretty clear that these folks are pretty upset that he has had two placements on the supreme court and quite likely that if he gets a second term, he will get a third. so i think you're seeing panic mode here on the democrat side. obviously, they always are upset
6:47 am
when a republican -- democrats are upset when republicans picked somebody and generally vice versa but anything this president does whether it's the supreme court, the wall, anything he does, they're going to go against no matter how in favor they were a bit in the past. >> sandra: how do you think the field is shaping up for 2020 democrats >> sandra: we see yet another addition this week. >> robert francis o rourke as part of the crew and he's a great skateboarder, not sure what he's going to offer the people of this country. i think when you look at the field, his people are generally very far left. you look at people who are running in some cases on an almost socialist or fully socialist platform. that is not something the average person in this country can get behind and i'm curious what is it they want to change? are booming economy, jobs pouring back to the country, possible denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
6:48 am
what is it that they want to change when you are on such a good trajectory and i think the answer is going to be hard for them to come up with. >> sandra: i'm going to quote "the wall street journal" when it comes to women in 2020 and this is a piece from last week, some g.o.p. women to worry fewer female candidates will run in 2020 when president trump leads the party ticket. it talks about the gender gap in the approval rating for the president. the general population versus the female vote. what is the g.o.p. on the trump campaign specifically going to do to reach out and get that bigger female vote? >> i always say i don't think the president needs to do much more than what he's done. he doesn't need to go out and appeal to people. look at the fact that this country is safer under donald trump, people are more prosperous including women. women's unemployment is at the lowest level it's been an seeing the lowest level ever. you look at the fact that this president doubled the child tax credit which is helping working
6:49 am
moms and families across this country. he has done things. >> sandra: i don't want to miss this, this is the approval rating of "the wall street journal" nbc news paul, approval rating for women of president trump's current performance is at 38%. 61% disapprove. men he has still got to my 4% approve. >> i had always said that the polls don't fully reflect the sentiment in this country. there are a lot of women that are nervous to say there are a trump supporter and that they support this president. at the end of the day when they feel they are more prosperous, that their kids futures look a little bit brighter, they're going to go in and vote to continue that and they're going to vote for this president. they might not like all of his tweets and might not agree with every single thing he does but at the end of the day, i think they know he's going to keep this country safe and prosperous. >> sandra: we know the house judiciary committee requested documents from 81 individuals and entities, eric trump was named. we now know that a large number
6:50 am
of those individuals have responded and complied with the request in this investigation. >> let me just say this is the most ridiculous display by the democrats. what you see here is that people are still upset that hillary clinton did not win in 2016, that donald trump one, they are very well aware the mueller report is going to be released soon and it is going to show the president did nothing wrong, the campaign did nothing wrong, we have all said from the very beginning. so here they have to throw something else out here to distract people, try to make the president look bad. it is so awful that people in this country are going bankrupt thanks to the democrats wanting to play politics. i actually don't know what he's done, to be very honest with you. >> sandra: great stuff, lara trump, always great to have you on set. >> jon: the white house proposing new changes on how student loans are given out across the nation's of what would it mean when it comes to the cost of higher education and how could it help millions of
6:51 am
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>> jon: bowling remains under the microscope as federal prosecutors investigate the development of the 737 max jets, this after two deadly crashes in five months. a source tells the associated press that federal grand jury in washington sent a subpoena to someone involved in the planes development. meanwhile, the faa and boeing are working to rolled out a software upgrade by april. doug mckelway has the latest from washington. >> learned a little bit more about this grand jury subpoena in the last hour so it was issued to one or more faa
6:55 am
employees that seems to be seeking broad information about boeing is delegated authority to certify its own planes. here's how it works. the faa is overburdened, it can't keep up with its workload not the same time, many of its employees who would certify a new airplane do not have the same the same state-of-the-art know-how has engineers employed by the manufacturer. for that reason, bowling and other manufacturers can receive a delegated authority from the faa to conduct the certification inspection of their own planes. the faa gives the certification authority to a limited number of manufacturer employees were checked for their trustworthiness and experience. it is unclear from my source just how legal this is and it appears to be sanctioned by the faa. the issuance of a subpoena suggests there were improprieties. i am told it is not only doj investigating this but also the house transportation committee under new chairman peter defazio who last week promised a tough approach to boeing and the faa.
6:56 am
>> if they are not confident in their data and the safety of this plane. >> the ceo of boeing said that safety is at the core of what they do in the company is cooperating with all employees. >> jon: story will will continue to stay on. to my congressman devin nunes taking aim at twitter accusing the site of shadow banning conservatives as he says there are more lawsuits to follow. what this means for the social media giant in the age of accountability. >> i put something out that was sexually expository text something personally, they would stop in and say this is a sensitive tweet. they never did that to the people that were coming after me or other conservatives. - [narrator] u.s. money reserve is the only
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call and request your copy of the complete guide to buying gold. absolutely free. we're one of the most dependable gold distributors in america. give us a call today to get started. >> sandra: we are digging for the michael cohen documents just released at this hour and we are learning a lot more about exactly when the special counsel obtained his search warrants. hundreds of documents just released. we will bring you all the new developments and what we are learning from those in just a moment. first, you reaction pouring in after congressman devin nunes slams twitter with a $250 million lawsuit. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" ." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: and i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. keeping republican viewpoints behind a digital veil, nunes says the lawsuit is the first of
7:01 am
many. >> our first amendment rights are at stake here. when they are regulating us, they're regulating what people can see on my tweets, which they've done, and they are proliferating out things that they agree with with the algorithms that. >> sandra: chief national correspondent has more from l.a. for us. jonathan? >> good morning. this boils down to two essential points, congressman nunes feels he is being defamed and smeared on twitter and he allows twitter allowed it to happen because the company has a political agenda. they include two parity account accounts, devin nunes mom which was suspended last year and devin nunes cow which is still active. nunes says that they subjected him to crude insults and criticism and that twitter did nothing to stop them because of its agenda to cause him extreme pain and suffering, influence a
7:02 am
2018 congressional election, and distract, intimidate, and interfere with news investigation into corruption and russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. and appearing on fox's hannity show, the congressman said twitter has a double standard when it comes to conservatives. >> i guarantee you if i put something out that was sexually explicit or attack someone personally, they would say it was a sensitive tweet. they never did that to people that were coming after me for other conservatives. this is more than just conservatives, every american should care about this if they care about the first amendment because the preface has definitely changed. >> there is increasing pressure on social media regarding its criteria for a blocking content and creators. president trump's social media chief this week accused facebook of silencing him by stopping him replying to comments on his own
7:03 am
facebook page. and facebook is also the center of ongoing questions about how quickly or slowly depending on your point of view it was to take down the shocking live stream video of the massacre of muslims by a white nationalist new zealand last friday. the bigger questions here beyond devin nunes being offended are whether the social media giants have real control over their creations and if and when they do, are they using that control selectively for political purposes. very big questions, very difficult to find answers. >> sandra: jonathan hunt from los angeles, thank you. >> presidential candidates don't come to places like mississippi. they go to places like california and massachusetts because we are not the battleground state. we can have national voting, and
7:04 am
that means get rid of the electoral college. >> jon: democratic presidential candidate calling for the abolishment of the electoral college and electing the president by popular nationwide vote. live in washington with more. >> that line was her biggest applause got her of the night and what are the first 2020 democrats to propose changing our constitution. if there has been a lot of talks among the democrats about eliminating the electoral college since 2016 election when hillary clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes but then lost the election with 74 if you were electoral votes than donald trump. the same thing happened in the 2000 election when al gore won the popular vote but then lost to george w. bush and the electoral college. critics of a popular vote system argued that it would alienate voters in rural areas and give them more say in national
7:05 am
politics because that's where candidates would spend most of their time. last night, warren argued that a popular vote was part of an effort to expand voting rights and assure that every vote matters. her proposal was part of a broader pitch to african-american voters at the historically black university jackson state. warren was also asked about reparations for african-americans and said it's an issue that has to be addressed. >> i believe it's time to start the national full-blown conversation about reparations. let's bring people together and let's open that conversation as americans. let's see what people put on the table and let's talk them through because i've got to tell you, ignoring the problem is not working. >> that was the most detailed answer she has given on reparations and while she said she is endorsing a house bill that would make it an issue, she did not say whether she supports
7:06 am
individual payments. as to changing the election from the electoral college to a popular vote, just about a year ago president trump said on "fox & friends" is fully behind that. >> i would rather have a popular election but is a totally different campaign. it's as though -- if you are a runner, you're practicing for the hundred yard -- as opposed to the 1 mile. the electoral college is different. i would rather have the popular vote because to me, it's much easier to win. >> that's an issue we are going to continue to hear about over the next year and a half as we get closer to the 2020 election. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: we will hear a lot more about that. for more on the 2020 race, dr. bill bennett, fox news contributor and host of the wise guys on fox nation. always a pleasure to have you on "america's newsroom," thank you for being here. so what you think about this? these calls to abolish the electoral college, you just heard elizabeth warren making
7:07 am
that call. >> i guess the democrats might want to get rid of the constitution next, might as well given their point of view. there's a reason there's an electoral college, the founders thought that we should not be like the french. but when his great book democracy in america that france is governed by this large entity called paris and it's the head of the spider and the other parts are the thin legs and said the genius of america is that we don't have the country controlled by urban masses and if you have l.a. and new york basically controlling a large part of the popular vote, that's what you have. the popular vote was >> jon: wy hillary clinton but almost all of that margin was in the state of california.
7:08 am
if you take the california vote out of it and i know you can't unless they secede from the union which i think they're thinking about, the other 49 states, donald trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral votes it was a tricky business. but i'll stick with the founders over elizabeth warren. >> jon: wouldn't give the bigger estates in the california's of the world a lot more say, a lot more sway in presidential elections? >> the bigger states with population and, it certainly would and what the president is saying is right. you do your campaign through new york city and los angeles on the right and that's not a representation of what the country is or representation of what the country's interest is. not only do those population centers not represent all the people in the united states, their interest, financial, economic, cultural are different from the interests of people across that.
7:09 am
>> sandra: it seems also one of the big questions that is emerging for democratic candidates, one of the first questions they are asked is whether or not you're a socialist. here is senator cory booker taking that went on. >> i'm a capitalist but i believe in fundamental democratic principles. i believe that we need more democracy, not less. i believe all this money in politics is antidemocratic. >> sandra: this debate in these calls for a socialist policies by some candidates doesn't seem to be going away. >> is not going away. it was instigated by bernie sanders, the original font of this and now it's caught on. must be a little upset that everybody is on his lines. where it stops, i think i know which is socialism light. here going to get this i'm a capitalist sort of, but i think we should inject a little socialism into it. it's not a good place for them to go, not a good place for them
7:10 am
to be. if there is strong support for the ideas of socialism among the millennials in the next generation after the millennials, generation z but i think the problem there is our educational system about which i could talk forever but i won't. i don't think it works in a general election. and if you take a close look which i think the republican party needs to do, needs to attend to, what it is, it does to people, it's a great issue for the republicans. socialism is a socialism doesn't socialism has failed. >> jon: congressman devin nunes is suing twitter for $250 million. is this a case of a congressman being thin-skinned or does he have a point? >> i think he has a point. the head of twitter who said that there was bias in twitter. and i think there was bias and a lot of these companies, and i
7:11 am
think devin nunes has a very important point. we've created this enormously powerful social media, but we haven't figured out how to control it, kind of like prometheus and fire, how to be control this thing? you mentioned the new zealand situation and so on. but i don't think there's any question that there is bias in these companies made the interesting thing is having some exposure to how these companies operate, i believe they don't think they are biased. they think they are just playing it right and straight level and that a guy like devin nunes is a threat to the republic and if i like bernie sanders as may be savior. but this is a problem with that bias is brought into it. big problem, needs to be addressed. >> sandra: i want to make sure got his exact words in there. he testified before congress last year, he said his platform is a kind of digital public square, although he insisted
7:12 am
that twitter a private company retains the right to censor speech. so we will see where all of that goes. meanwhile, some calls for changes to higher education, here is of anke trump on that. >> we need to modernize our higher education system, to make it affordable so all americans young and old can learn the skills they need to secure a well-paying job. we look forward to working with bipartisan members of congress. >> sandra: so the white house is proposing limits on student loan borrowing as part of a higher education reform. with these changes be effective? would you for your support behind them? >> i think of anke trump has taken a serious look at this. this is a huge problem but i think it's got a lot of moving parts. limiting one answer, i think also getting the university institutions have a little bit more skin in the game here.
7:13 am
remember a couple of facts about this. we have one and a half trillion dollars that the government is owed and unpaid student loans on its way to 2 trillion. this is the largest single liability in the federal budget. also remember that as students who start college, about 50% of them do not finish within six years. so a lot of people are ending up holding debt without a degree and without a job. this affects people's choices in life and so on. it's a big problem, it's been avoided by a lot of people. i'm glad that the trump white house is addressing it. >> sandra: very interesting, and you are here. you are talking about the loan repayment. they are talking about simplifying a bat. there are five income-based repayment programs, talking about condensing that into one and capping monthly payments at 12.5% of the borrower's discretionary income. so it something for everybody to
7:14 am
think about as we continue to learn more. final thoughts from you before we let you go. >> the private sector can be very helpful here. to the private sector often has thought things through in a more efficient way than the government. so i think they should absolutely be called on, but a lot of pieces to this and i'm very glad it's being addressed. it's been growing and festering for a long time and about time we took a hard look at it and made it simpler for the students and their families. >> sandra: dr. bill bennett, always appreciate your time and thank you for coming here this morning. when back in the meantime, homeland security kirstjen nielsen making it clear there is a systemic meltdown at the southern border. >> i can on categorically tell you there is absolutely a disaster and emergency at the southern border has becoming more and more heart-wrenching single day. >> jon: so have they successfully made the case and does the house have the numbers to override a presidential veto?
7:15 am
ahead, we will debate it with "america's newsroom" 18. plus... >> it is quite stunning. 53 of them have issued emergency declarations. >> sandra: massive flooding in the midwest, details coming up has vice president mike pence prepares to tour the region a short time from now. >> jon: brand-new polling showing 70% of americans feel optimistic about our economy. breaks down the numbers. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va, and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay
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stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> sandra: a new poll showing most americans have a positive outlook on the u.s. economy, take a look at these numbers. 71% of respondents in a new poll say the economy is in good shape. that's the highest since early 2001. let's bring in the host of making money with charles payne, i saw you tweak this out because you have seen this for some time and you have been telling us those who don't feel it yet, they will. >> the wages can go up month after month after month out of pace they have in over a decade for people to start feeling good. now you're seeing folks switch their jobs, moving to better jobs, they have the confidence out there. here's the part of this report that is even more intriguing.
7:20 am
people who feel very good about the economy, not good but very good about the economy, 26% the last poll of 2016, 5%. that -- just imagine that. 26% of americans feel very good about this economy. this is a number we haven't seen -- this goes back to 2011 and there's nothing on here even near that. you've got those numbers, amazing. >> jon: another statistic out of that pole when people take a look at their financial situation versus three years ago, 42% say they are better off, 15% say they are worse off. 41% about the same. again, just screams about how this economy is. >> i think these numbers are going to continue to get better. there are some people who probably are better off but don't feel it yet or don't want to acknowledge it yet. but it's amazing when you get 42% that say there's no doubt about it.
7:21 am
my life is changed. the economy of my life has changed dramatically. >> sandra: meanwhile, what's going on with facebook? facebook the stock at its worst day of 2019 yesterday. there have been executives leaving, fear of more leaving, e.g. investigations, analyst downgrading the stock, these are some woes for facebook. >> mark zuckerberg has gotten himself into a pickle and he's trying to decide if he wants to change it. he's hinted that he would change it, had some run-ins with people like that what's that people the founder than the ceo who quit last week. they're going to face some hurdles. >> sandra: sounds like you still like it. >> i'm not in it, but i'm watching it. i think instagram saved the company. it'll be interesting to see of that growth continues and how mark zuckerberg feels because no doubt he has dug himself into a
7:22 am
serious hole and the arrogance that we saw with the empty chair at the congressional hearing is out the window now. >> sandra: 13.3% drop over the past year. i'm always telling bill hemmer when he's here because he is looking out the stocks on his phone all day long. you want to know what is doing based on the month, the day, the year but is still down in double digits. >> ironically, all the big tech names ran into some trouble last year and many of them are now coming back, but facebook itself certainly has a big hurdle. when macro quickly, so many politicians were congratulating themselves and amazon decided to leave new york city, not going to be here before the second headquarters, they are not too happy about it. at 67% say they are unhappy about that. >> those jobs are looking pretty enticing and that's a huge company with a company like that also attracts additional
7:23 am
companies. when amazon headquarters are in your town. too bad looking where to relocate their headquarters yesterday. want to move on to the story, the "national enquirer" is now being reported paid the brother of jeff bezos, paid his girlfriend, i should say. let me start over. the brother of jeff bezos his girlfriend or mistress at the time was paid $200,000 to leave those text messages that changed everything. we are learning this from "the wall street journal." >> there's a couple of things here. the media was really quick to insinuate that president trump somehow might've used a government agency, intelligence agencies to tap into jeff bezos network, his personal computer, his cell phone, or that somehow saudi arabia sanction this in conjunction with president trump and it turns out to be what you might've seen in an episode of
7:24 am
colombo. i am not surprised that michael sanchez is a bad actor, in my opinion a terrible person in a terrible human being. he would destroy people's lives for crumbs. >> sandra: these were very intimate exchanges. >> he could have ruined the relationship between these two. i'd rather be the brother-in-law of the richest men in the world. then sell them out for $200,000 but he is a bad person. help more things come out about that. >> sandra: charles payne, we will see you this afternoon. >> jon: breaking news in the michael cohen case, redacted search documents released just moments ago. catherine herridge has been combing through those documents live in washington with some new details for us. >> sandra: we are still going through these newly unsealed records and so far they show the special counsel robert mueller obtained a search warrant for michael cohen's email accounts h earlier than previously reported
7:25 am
with the first warrant obtained in july 2017 for a gmail account almost a year before they rated cohen's business and apartment. it was sought in 2017 and more specifically, it covers email correspondence during the presidential election. on or about november 2017, they sought and obtained a search warrant for cohen's gmail account between june 1st 2016 and november 13th 2017. this matters because the period covers cohen's negotiations and payments to silence to women who alleged affairs with then candidate donald trump. he has denied the affairs. the issue at hand is whether the payments amount to a campaign finance violation and on that point, what you see in these records is that sections related to campaign finance redacted. yesterday, his spokesman lanny davis but out this statement. tuesday's court order release of the affidavits that led to the
7:26 am
search warrants of mr. cohen's home, office, hotel, and safety deposit box only furthers his interest in continuing to cooperate and provide information and the truth to law enforcement in congress. still going through the records, but i just want to note that there is evidence of foreign money going into cohen's essential consultants account and again, that account matters because it was also used for these alleged hush money payments. one that catherine herridge in washington, thank you. >> sandra: amaya coppola from beto o'rourke, the opening dayso what some are calling an apology tour, then a tax from progressives. >> jon: several democratic contenders are looking to increase the size of the united states supreme court. the a-team takes on both of those stories next. >> where does it end?
7:27 am
if president kamala harris adds two justices, then the next republican president for eight years after that add two more and you have this constant cycle until we end up with 135 people on the supreme court. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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>> jon: several of the 2020 candidates pushing proposals that would change the face of the nation. one of the big ones the idea that would reshape the supreme court by increasing the number of justices who sit on the bench. senior political correspondent mike emanuel has more on that from washington. >> good morning to you. some of the anger on the left is clearly about the supreme court. judge merrick garland was nominated to the high court in 2016 but never received a hearing or a vote in the senate. then when president trump won the election, neil gorsuch was nominated and now serves on the supreme court. so there is some clear frustration. >> first, they steal a supreme court seat, and they
7:32 am
turn around and change the rules on filibuster for supreme court seats so it swings back around to us, what are we going to do? my answer on that is all the options are on the table. >> senator warren is not alone. one likely candidate floated this idea on fox news sunday. >> one idea that i think is interesting, 15 members but only ten of them are appointed in the political fashion, five of them can only be seated by unanimous agreement of the other ten. to the bottom line is, we got to make some kind of structural form to depoliticize the supreme court. >> one aspect that makes it so huge is the fact it is a lifetime appointment. new jersey senator cory booker talked about changing that too. >> i think i would like to explore options and have a national conversation, term limits might be one thing. give every president the ability to choose three. people holding onto those seats in ways that is not necessarily
7:33 am
healthy. i think term limits might be a better way of saying that. >> that relates to another aspect that really fires up the left, the fact that resident from supreme court justices will be on the high court for decade decades. >> jon: mike emanuel in washington. >> sandra: bringing in the a-team. director of strategic indications for president trump 2020, former senior spokesman for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and a fox news contributor, good morning to all of you. >> jon: i'm sorry, tom bevan. now going to get more than everybody. now i'm even going to start with you. so what do you think? 's is becoming the new litmus test for the left on what they want to do or seem to happen on? >> certainly an idea that is gaining traction among their base. i am not sure that it's an idea
7:34 am
that the vast majority of voters care about, but it is something that the supreme court has become highly politicized. we want to depoliticize the court by hacking it. all the proposals letter out there would actually make it more political than it's ever been. so i'm not sure this is an idea it is going to gain traction with the american people, might be more exciting for democrats right now. >> i think it's a really interesting conversation. i don't think you see critical mass to pack the court or to expand it. you see them saying let's talk about this but you have a number of them say let's pump the brakes. you've got a few that have jumped on board. i think to his point, i don't necessarily agree with the prescription he floated, but i do think his point is an interesting one, that we have and we have seen this now for a generation, each successive supreme court nomination becomes more and more political and
7:35 am
politicized. if there is a way to explore reforming the system in order to deemphasize the political aspect to it, that's a conversation worth having. on the flip side, we shouldn't go too far with this but it just becomes a swinging pendulum depending on which is the opposition party versus which one is in power. so with a tricky place but it's worth talking about. >> jon: everybody is saying the court has become politicized but the most political i've seen is ruth bader ginsburg's criticism of then candidate trump. >> that was very much unprecedented and the supreme court decision played a large role in the 2016 election. here we go again, we are seeing the democratic candidates, many of them leading candidates just talking about throwing out all of the norms whether it's packing the court, abandoning the electoral college is when the rules go against them, just want to change the rules. >> sandra: as far as eric trump, she joined us earlier and i asked her where the campaign
7:36 am
stood in response to these call. speak >> these individuals are y upset and quite likely that if he gets a second term, he will get a third. so i think you are seeing on the site, whether it's the supreme court, the wall, anything he does, they're going to go against no matter how in favor they were of that in the past. >> sandra: so that is lara trump earlier. meanwhile, beto o'rourke and what "the wall street journal" is calling his apology to work, i'll go to this, here's the headline. if beto's apology to her, the identity left is carving him up like a steak before he gets to donald trump. of course it goes on to point out, he raised $6 million in the first 24 hours of announcing his campaign. >> i think the editorial stated little bit what he's facing.
7:37 am
had a pretty strong rollout. he came out, he was a little unconventional, standing on countertops and a bunch of different places very unconventional but is working and he's getting some grassroots support as evidenced by the grassroots fund-raising. he has made a couple of statements that have upset some people and he has spoken about it. i don't mind the fact that he apologized for some dumb things he did in high school. i apologize all the time for dumb things i did as a kid. there's nothing wrong with that. but let me say this, we were talking about this in the green room earlier. primaries are where candidates get tested. they get tested by each other, get tested by the media. the fact that he started to get tested out of the box is not anything out of the ordinary and it would make him a stronger candidate if he continues to get traction. >> sandra: let me give you an example of one thing he's mentioned several times on the initial part of his tour talking about he and his wife raising three children sometimes with my help. he says he meant it to be a
7:38 am
self-deprecating joke but it didn't go over well and he apologized for that saying not only will i not say that again, but i'll be more thoughtful going forward in the way that i talk about our marriage. >> another thing that we were talking about and running against ted cruz in a senate race is one thing, running against a dozen democrats trying to recapture that magic nationally especially when five or six of them are espousing the same positions that you are is something completely different. the one thing about beto whether you like them or don't like them, big on proposals or whatever, he is authentic and people respond to that and don't underestimate how they respond to authenticity. versus other candidates who are more programmed and more robotic. if that's something he has going on for him. this race is so wide open i wouldn't count anybody in or out automatically and at the very least, i've heard his name mentioned more as a vice presidential pick potentially if he doesn't go on to win the nomination. >> jon: campaigning live now
7:39 am
in pennsylvania, obviously young voters a big part of his support, and the university there is obviously a huge one and can perhaps mind that for some future voters. >> it's going to be interesting to see how the candidates are trying to carve up the electorate, not necessarily each other but that bernie is going after young voters, beto is going after young voters, who was going to win that loyalty and ultimately just watching them all carve each other up. right now, it's been a very amicable but as we get closer to when the debates start and the votes start getting cast, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. >> jon: already talking about changing the supreme court in changing the electoral college. >> sandra: thank you, are a team this morning. the danger of radical islamic militarism and the danger they pose to the nation, kirstjen nielsen with a dire warning.
7:40 am
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we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. >> not only are we still facing the insidious threat from global jihadists, but we are under siege from transnational criminals, faceless cyber thugs and hackers and resurgent nation-state rivals. >> sandra: secretary kirstjen nielsen sounding the alarm on the biggest threats to america during her annual address of the state of homeland security. it still topping the list of biggest dangers to our country, islamic militants and their followers. a fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst. good morning to you and thank you for being here. this really was a dire warning that she was issuing to our
7:45 am
country. they make absolutely. basically, we are not facing an abstract threat. cyber attacks are not how much money we're going to spend the counter, it is we have to make great distinctions here between the government and regimes who are either sponsoring individuals or organizations. the secretary concluded that the highest attack of the highest threat against us is coming from the jihadi network in terms of physical attacks but i think that the cyber dimension of what china, russia, north korea, iran an individual organizations is the most imminent danger against our institution and against our defense as well. >> jon: a couple of years ago, we were waking up to new holders from isis just about every morning, people being burned alive, that kind of thing. now the reporting of people in the middle east is that isis has
7:46 am
virtually lost all of its territory. does that mean as a threat it has been eliminated? >> it has mutated. when the jihadists have control over land, the more land they control, the more management they need to do. so the moderate muslims, the christians, the people who live on that ground and now we see the remnants with the women who have been -- the land shrinks. isis is making it very public, more attacks by cells in underground. >> sandra: meanwhile, when it comes to the cyber warfare, we hear you and the urgency in your voice and the lack of preparedness on the part of our country. we have heard more about that from the security secretary and chief saying this. >> america is not prepared for this. the average private citizen or company is no magic as the nation-state such as china, iran, north korea, or russia.
7:47 am
it is not a fair fight and until now, our government has done far too little to back them up. >> sandra: what can we do about this? >> the secretary has a point, and that's global. we won't ever be prepared went into head of a threat if we are not confronting the threat. so because we have liberties and freedoms, what can we do, using cyber connection. so basically, it depends on the foe or the enemy. if they are targeting us in terms of espionage, we do have better protection of our secrets. if they are attacking us in terms of disrupting hospitals or of other institutions, certainly the most dangerous over the past few weeks there were reports about it targeting our navy, electronic warfare. that is almost an act of war so it almost depends on what the other side. >> jon: cyber warfare levels the playing field. if a poverty-stricken state like
7:48 am
north korea can launch successful attacks on the most powerful nation in the world, it does show you the danger of this kind of attack. >> absolutely. i have a point to actively debate is that every time we are submitted to a cyber threat, we are to develop further and spend more. but we tend to forget that we can counter that cyber threats with other dimensions. north korea for example is engaging against us and firing missiles. what we did was to deploy significant task force around north korea, this prompted north korea to speak to china and they said i don't want to engage in the engagement with the united states so what was the result >> sandra: as is the final negotiation, no, but it's part of the effort that was done. >> sandra: issued a warning to our cyber adversaries that the engines of our democracy are far stronger and far more resilient than any code you can write. thank you.
7:49 am
>> jon: one of the top house republicans taking on twitter and a mass of multimillion dollar lawsuit. can devin nunes win the case against the social media giant? >> we are going after twitter first because they are the main proliferator and they spread this fake news and slanderous news. what happens is that twitter becomes the gas lighting for all of the news. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your healthcare business. so that if she has a heart problem & the staff needs to know, they will & they'll drop everything can you take a look at her vitals? & share the data with other specialists yeah, i'm looking at them now. & they'll drop everything hey. & take care of this baby yeah, that procedure seems right. & that one too. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence.
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7:53 am
>> the case that we are making as this was an orchestrated effort, so people were targeting me, anonymous accounts that were developed, and there is not supposed to be -- these accounts are not supposed to exist. twitter says they don't have accounts that do this. so like i said, this is the first of many lawsuits that are coming. >> jon: that is california congressman devin nunes who has filed a $250 million lawsuit against twitter and several users accusing them of launching a smear campaign against him and shadow banning conservatives. a morning anchor on fox news
7:54 am
headlines 2470, he joins us now. shadow banning, with the definition of that? >> the definition is you are sending out tweets and they are appearing in your timeline but not necessarily appearing on other people's timelines so the effect is that your message isn't reaching as large of an audience as you potentially could reach. we have heard these accusations now for several years, since the 2016 presidential election. twitter's response to that has been a very matter-of-fact. that is not something that they do. a lot of times what's happening in the situation where people's tweets get banned or they don't get the sort of level of exposure as other tweets, it could have something to do with the words that they're using, phrases that they're using and since all of this is being handled by a computer and not a person, it is algorithm, job is not sitting at a computer and saying not this tweet. if it's an algorithm that looks for connection of words and who you are and who you're connected to and then decides whether or
7:55 am
not. that may or may not be happening. that's where i think these cases of shadow banning come in. a lot of times especially with politicians, we are talking about hot button issues, talking about issues that affect their constituents, talking about things that are in the news of the day if you are talking about some terrible news events, that might be flagged as let's put the pause on this because it might be. >> sandra: the question is does this go anywhere? he is specifically in his words saying that twitter is guilty of knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful, and defamatory. >> he is saying twitter created this, but twitter has not. twitter is the cable company and the tweets are the channels that are provided to the cable company so twitter is basically not even the arbiter of all of this. they are sitting there saying this is our platform, yes we make money off of it, yes we are doing searches and trying to put advertising in your feed, but
7:56 am
his accusation that twitter is creating the content is false. that is actually not what's going on here. also, twitter is a private company. and congressman nunes is a government official in the first amendment of the united states constitution gives all of us the right to say whatever we want without impunity against the government. that's the point of the first amendment as you can say i don't like my congressman and not get rounded up by the police later on. >> sandra: that's where the founder of twitter stands on the issue, it's a private company. thank you, got a new hour coming up. search warrant documents are out, and they were released to the public. what they say in what they are telling us and what it means for the robert mueller report. we will be rightic back. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪
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so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, now's the time to call newday usa. go to or call 1-800-420-9803 >> sandra: fox news alert, with the democratic race for the white house heating up as beto o'rourke holds the campaign event into key states today. welcome back to "america's newsroom" on this tuesday morning, i am sandra smith. >> jon: i am jon scott in four bill hemmer. over work the swing state of pennsylvania and later he heads to new hampshire, home of the first presidential primary. the texas democrat setting a fund-raising record this week despite critics who call him out for a clumsy campaign launch. here is lara trump, senior advisor for trump 2020 on "america's newsroom" earlier. >> i'm not sure what he's going to offer. i think when you look at the
8:01 am
field, these people are generally very, very far left but you look at people who are running in some cases on a socialist platform, that is not something the person in this country can get behind. >> sandra: chris jenkins is life in washington kicking it off for us, good morning. >> it can't be overlooked that beto made one huge fund-raising splash, raising 6.1 million in his first 24 hours, beating out bernie sanders who was close behind but crushing kamala harris only had a million and a half proving that he can play in the big leagues but he is trying to clean up a string of early fumbles on the campaign trail as they often say, cleanup on aisle nine because he has offended women with the child care joke and just recently answering the question over support for third trimester abortions. >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights
8:02 am
and my answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. i trust her, that's my answer. >> beto may be wrapping up that pennsylvania event, we will try to bring you video of that later on but elsewhere down mississippi last night, another candidate senator elizabeth warren became the first 2020 contender to actually propose ditching the electoral college. >> presidential candidates don't come to places like mississippi. they also go to places like california and massachusetts because we are not the battleground states. we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the electoral college and everybody. >> warren has been critical
8:03 am
since hillary clinton's 2016 loss, she won the popular vote but lost a trump on the electoral college tally. it is not the first time. republicans won three of the last five races for the white house but only one, george w. bush won the popular vote and this may surprise you. if more and gets her way, president trump may agree. here's what he is said. >> the electoral college is different. i would rather have the popular vote because to me, it's much easier. >> that isn't the only proposal that warren put forth. her support for reparations, so we are off to the races, beto finishing off in pennsylvania heading to new hampshire and warren heading to alabama and never a dull moment in washington these days. >> sandra: very exciting already, thank you. >> jon: more on this now with john mccormick, washington correspondent at national review
8:04 am
nfl about national review institute. interesting headline in the "washington examiner," an examination of beto o'rourke that they titled the unbearable lightness of beto. they go on to criticize the fact that in their view, he stands for nothing. annual review, what does beto o'rourke stand for? >> beto o'rourke is basically standing for whatever the other democrat is standing for right now. he has leaned into medicare for all but some progressives have criticized him for not cosponsoring the bill. he has leaned into impeachment of the president as you heard in that clip just now, he came out even going so far as endorsing third trimester abortion which is something only 12% of the country supports and if you listen to more of that question, the questioner said what about in these cases where it's medically unnecessary, it makes sense medically to deliver the child and beto didn't address the question. he sort of try to make it a generic question about abortion
8:05 am
that's a very bad answer for the general election. i think most voters in america strongly oppose that view and is not quite good enough in terms of the democratic primary, the democratic party is pretty consistently moving in a leftward direction and b-17 as they are. know a lot of democratic partisans and various candidates are trying to's seek advantage over one another but when you take a step back, they are all basically heading in the same direction. >> jon: a lot of people trying to figure out why he has raised so much money, $6 million in his first day of fund-raising after declaring his candidacy. if chairman of the american conservative union said this about beto in the field. >> beto puts tingles up people's legs, he is so an amazing person with rhetoric firing up the crowd. they care more about that than his policy proposals. it is this left brain and right brain thing. republicans say what you going to do to grow the economy and make it better and democrat say
8:06 am
what you want to do to me feel better? >> jon: as i mentioned, he raised a lot of money and he can be a formidable candidate. >> all he asked if do is catch fire in iowa, these early states. that is typically what's happened and basically every presidential contest republican and democrat for the last 30 years, that one candidate wins two of the 31st marquis contests, iowa and new hampshire, south carolina and then they are off to the races. the party falls in line with the divided field with how many candidates, over a dozen candidates winning iowa, it might only take 20% of the vote. he was down quite a bit in the last before he announced his candidacy, it showed biden and sanders leading the pack at 27 and 25% respectively with biden by two points. but you never know, we haven't had the debates yet. sometimes a candidate can catch fire at the very end, so we are
8:07 am
of more than ten months away from iowa. who knows? is a lot of money that beto has raised. >> jon: one of the new rallying cries among democratic candidates is it's time to change the supreme court. radically either add to its numbers or change how its members are chosen. when you look at the 2020 candidates, the democratic candidates who want to change the nature of the supreme court and probably expand the number of seats, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand, beto o'rourke. is that in the realm of possibility? how is that going to go over with the american people? >> it's possible. once you expand the supreme courts on a partisan basis, is basically the end of the supreme court as an independent branch. it is a functionary of the legislative and executive branch. democrats add three seats the next time they control power, then republicans will add three or four or five seats the next
8:08 am
time they have unified control so i think you want to think hard about that. fdr tried this in 1937, republicans controlled something like 20% of the seats in the house of representatives, they controlled 16 of the 96 seats in the senate and fdr's proposal who was one of the great persuaders in the history of the american presidency couldn't get that through. he did coerce or pressure supreme court to start ruling differently. i think it is unlikely that this would actually happen, but you will need something like 95% of the democratic party on board to get this through. they had to abolish the filibuster, pass it on a party line basis, hard to see it actually happening but the entire party can somehow consolidate, you never know what will happen next time democrats have unified control. >> jon: a few seconds left but the proponents of this idea say that the court has become too politicized but isn't that what
8:09 am
you get when you have republicans and democratic presidents appointing members? >> that's exactly what you have happen and i think historically, liberals and progressives have benefited a lot from having these questions take it out. wrongfully, take it away american people and the legislative branch. but if you do that, you are abolishing the supreme court and it's basically just the legislative and executive branch from here on out. >> jon: john mccormick, good to talk you. >> sandra: as we learned the fbi was investigating michael cohen for nearly a year before agents raided his home and office back in april. seizing more than 4 million electronic and paper files has the documents offer insight into the investigation into cohen's business dealings. laura ingle has been digging through these documents this morning, what do they reveal? >> we now have a new timeline of when the federal investigation into michael cohen really began
8:10 am
which was not previously known. the search warrants and affidavits which were unsealed this morning show they started looking through his emails in 2017. the fbi raid of his office at home and safety deposit box took place in april of 2018 in which federal agents seized as you mention more than 4 million electronic and paper files. more than a dozen mobile devices were also seized along with ipads. 20 external hard drives, flash drives, and laptops. a huge trove. investigators laid out their request to seize materials and an 807 page document that was dropped today which is heavily redacted removing personal information and also any information related to ongoing investigation. another key part of interest here in the search warrants show investigators pouring into his checking account for a business he named essential consultants llc which he opened on
8:11 am
october 26 of 2016. that is just days before the election. cohen told the bank he was opening this account to have it consulting fees which should not appear to receive any money in connection with real estate consulting work but instead, he received hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign sources. this is also the account that cohen use to pay adult film actress stormy daniels and former playboy model in 2016 who claim to have affairs with president trump in which mr. trump has denied. also heavily redacted in these documents was the anything related to campaign finance violations which is about 19 pages long, listed under the title, the illegal campaign contribution scheme. >> sandra: laura ingle, thank you. >> jon: intensifying on the southern border as thousands and thousands of migrants arrive to try to get u.s. asylum. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen saying this is no manufactured crisis.
8:12 am
a congressman on the challenges facing our southern states. >> sandra: plus, congressman devin nunes suing twitter for $250 million claiming users smeared him and twitter allowed it, citing the social media giants political agenda. governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in next. >> this is the first of many lawsuits that are coming. we have to hold all of these people accountable because if we don't, our first amendment rights are at stake. cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. ♪
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> what we're doing here is going after twitter first because they are the main proliferator and they spread this fake news and the slanderous news. people were targeting me, anonymous accounts that were developed and there's not supposed to be -- these accounts are not supposed to exist. twitter says they don't have accounts that do this. so this is the first of many lawsuits that are coming. >> sandra: california congressman suing twitter for $250 million, saying more lawsuits will be coming saying his suit on hannity last night's calling of the social media site and some of its users alleging defamation and anti-conservative bias. a former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us now. good morning to you. >> it is great to be with you. i'm so proud of the congressman. he is doing exactly what someone has needed to do for a long time and that is holding social media
8:17 am
companies feet to the fire. if they have been a shadow banning conservatives, they've been making it very difficult for conservatives to get the message out. i've been many times just obliterated by people have used all these kinds of fake account accounts, in any court of law it should be defamation at the very least and i'm extremely glad he's going after them. i hope he wins and i hope it is the first of many lawsuits because it doesn't look like congress is going to do anything about it. >> sandra: jack dorsey, the founder of twitter says it's a private company and they have the right to censor on their site. >> they may claim to be a private company, they may in fact be one but they become a public utility. here's the big question, if they use the power of their utility to change the votes of people, to actually become a political arm, don't they have to file
8:18 am
political expenditure requirements? are they going to have to do that because if they are playing politics, they've got to live by the rules of politics and that is you have to disclose your contributions. they are in essence a contribute enforce the democratic party in a contribute and force against republicans. so if they're going to do that, then either own up to it and play big boy ball which means you file all the reports or else let them be governed by the government. what we want is a company with integrity and they don't have it right now. they just don't. >> sandra: we spoke to former independent counsel can start earlier about this and he said it may lead to some accountability. listen. >> they can censor. they probably say we must censor. i kind of understand that. you've got to get rid of some of the garbage and so forth but are they censoring in a fair-minded way? so i think this is a terrific method for getting real accountability in a way that is going to be hard for congress to
8:19 am
do. >> sandra: interesting this is going to be to watch this play out. devin nunes says they need to come clean. they are not a public square is when he said responding to jack dorsey's own words about his company, he said they are our content developers. finally, here is devin nunes on that. >> what's happening is twitter becomes the gas lighting for all of the news and when they are regulating us, they are regulating what people can see on my tweets which they have done and then they are proliferating out things that they agree with with the algorithms that they develop. they need to come clean. they are not a public square, they are content developers. >> sandra: they are content developers is his case. >> even more than that, we have been subjected to $35 million of money spent so mueller can find out whether there was any collusion and so far, has not been one scintilla of evidence there was. but we do have is an
8:20 am
extraordinary collusion of the social media companies who are colluding with their left-wing bias and they are attempting to change votes, voting patterns, and political ideologies of americans. so they go on to google, youtube, they have a whole lot of political activity. >> sandra: a lot of us around here, a lot of congressmen, a lot of senders use twitter, we have a choice. we could use it or not use it. do you choose to continue to use it? >> that's like saying you can use the highways but conservatives can only drive in one lane of a six lane road. all the liberals got to drive in five lanes. would that be fair? what we are really saying is when the social media companies act like a public utility which they are and they start saying you can only use a small lane and everybody else can use a larger lane, here's my point.
8:21 am
at that point, you are no longer just a social media platform. they are a political platform and as a political platform, they ought to have to abide by the rules of a political entity. they are not, they are not filing disclosures. they are not coming clean with where their money comes in, where it goes out, and that's what political entities have to do. if they want to be a political entity, then play the game of politics because that's what they're doing. >> sandra: going to be very interesting to see this play out. great to get your thoughts on that, thank you. one that president trump is turning up the heat on general motors to try to save a plant in a key state of ohio. it will presidential pressure works? the mayor of that town with a plant is located joins us live. plus, vice president mike pence heading to the heartland to get a firsthand look at the damage caused by deadly flooding, but as the were still to come? >> i was petrified. i didn't know how fast it was
8:22 am
coming up. >> all these little towns devastated, all the houses lost, where we going to put them?
8:23 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> sandra: police releasing a new video of a dramatic shoot-out between officers and an armed robbery suspect at a las vegas casino. they say the suspect, try to carjack a driver after sticking out the poker cage at the bellagio on friday. the police chase after him, he fired at one officer who was hit in his bulletproof vest. another officer fired a shot that struck him, hard to make out the details in the video but that was it. he was rushed to a hospital where he died a few days later. police say he had been convicted of bank robbery twice in the past two decades. >> jon: now this fox news
8:26 am
alert, vice president mike pence has the nebraska today for a firsthand look at historic flooding now devastating the midwest. days of heavy rain sending rivers over their banks forcing thousands to evacuate. joins us from chicago with the latest. >> if that springtime combination of melting snow plus the rain that has put 9 million people in 14 states at risk displaced from their homes. it is from the missouri river basins where you have all the tributaries that have had the runoff from the storms. river levels not seen in 50 years, a lot of animals are at risk in farm country. this hits right at calving season for the beef and dairy farmers. we have many reports of the icy waters being separated, sections of herds that were left abandoned and stranded by the floods. the flooded fields will also impede the ability of farmers to get there feed crops planted in
8:27 am
times of your going to see these floods result in a big hit to agriculture. in nebraska, we have video of a rescue of two people stranded in the flood waters. the close of the infrared video, you can see from a national guard helicopter, one helicopter off in the distance ultimately a person swinging below the helicopter on a cable. this was a couple that was rescued standing on the cab of their pickup. fremont, nebraska, the town is isolated by floodwaters and attended now by emergency crews. >> we are trapped, can't get out of fremont. planes flying in supplies from all over come a learjet sunsets and is an unloading and bringing them here. disturbing them to churches and the middle school where there's a shelter there and anyone that needs that. >> all along the mississippi, you can see foundations with their houses under underwater, shelters are now open in iowa, missouri, and kansas where they simply cannot get to their home
8:28 am
homes. you mentioned mike pence headed to omaha this evening to assess the damage and we will keep an eye on that for you. >> jon: they can all use our help and our prayers. >> sandra: developments in syria, u.s. backed forces catching ices fighters behind a bombing that killed four americans appear to be her life at the pentagon. >> jon: plus, a dire warning about the crisis at our southern border and staggering new numbers that back it up as homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sounds the alarm. it was on a congressmen andy biggs joins us live on that nex next. >> the situation at our southern border has gone from a crisis to a national emergency to a near systemwide meltdown. can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> jon: fox news alert at new action at our southern border, tens of thousands of migrant families from central america are arriving adding to the pressure on border agents
8:32 am
already strained to the breaking point. if homeland secretary nielsen says it is only going to get worse. >> there is no manufactured crisis at our southern border. last month, we apprehended more than 75,000, the highest in over a decade. and today, i can tell you that we are on track enter in nearly 1,000 migrants this month alone. >> jon: live in southern california with more. >> right now, there was almost no deterrence, almost anyone from anywhere can show up in mexico come across this border and claim asylum. they were to hear, there offense that was just completed last month and this one over here is a 35-foot tall fence. if you look down here, you can see the concrete footing goes down about 6 feet.
8:33 am
so this will be done and go all the way to the ocean and take several months. but they were 52 migrants who cut a hole in a fence down near the beach, including 17 unaccompanied children, try to evade a border patrol and when they got caught, the claimed assignment. they are up 700%, processing each one of the central americans takes two to three hours, not minutes. that means fewer agents on the border. >> 25 up to 40% of the agents are assigned nonpatrol duties today processing transport, the family units and everybody but the family units on the kids take on an additional burden. >> smugglers also use children as decoys. this weekend, these girls were dropped over the fence, smugglers then moved ten migrants just a mile away. the chief says figures show 73
8:34 am
days period released 84,000 immigrant families across the southwest border. because there's no shelter space and court rulings forcing these people to be released, they are dropping them off at bus stations and churches. here in san diego, nonprofits open their own shelter to help migrants before they get a bus or plane ticket with relatives until their court date. >> it has been a nonstop flow of people from anywhere from 50 to 140 people a day and sometimes, christ will call us and tell us how many people are coming and sometimes they won't. >> as you know, the president has asked congress for help to amend the laws and allow people to stay in detention until their first court date. he has gotten no help. >> jon: that is a very clear
8:35 am
illustration of the problem. thank you. >> sandra: for more on this, let's bring in congressman andy biggs, serves on the house judiciary committee. in the homeland security secretary has laid out a very dire situation at our border and specific examples as to why they believe it's going to get a whole lot worse. >> i agree with her. i just had contact with a rancher over the weekend indicating that in one sector of southern arizona, 300 illegals coming across with only one field agent at that location at that time. and our agents are being overwhelmed because of the holes in our asylum laws. as william said, if you come across them all you have to do is get on our property and our fences would be on american property, thinking cap on the fence, our agents are having to take them down, bring them over so they can claim asylum and
8:36 am
then we are basically having to release them into the interior. and that doesn't get to the humanitarian crisis, doesn't get to the drug crisis and i'll just tell you over the last year, we've got what we got was one or two, now down to catching one and three. so we are on pace to catch a million people this year, stop a million people entering this country and that means you're going to have about 3 million attempt to enter this country. >> jon: according to dhs statistics, 75,000 migrants were apprehended at the border in february. 100,000 migrants expected to arrive and be apprehended at the border this month alone. these are big numbers and what you've heard is a very dire situation at the border, but a call on congress to act. our laws aren't keeping up with the migrant flows.
8:37 am
they would get worse and more heartbreaking. what is congress doing about it? >> i hate to be candid and morose about this but congress is not doing anything in my opinion. bills have been introduced, but we are dealing with a party that doesn't really -- that controls the house right now that don't want to do anything on the border. they continue to argue this is a manufactured crisis but there is no crisis. i will be taking down another group of congressmen in the next few weeks to the southern arizona border because i want them to be educated on how real this is. but the reality is, we are dealing with a party that says there is no crisis. not only is there no crisis, that's not even a problem. this is just created. that kind of denial just can't go on because this is going to grow and grow because the grapevine is out there. when people know they can come to this country and declare asylum and be released into the interior which is what we are
8:38 am
talking about, 85,000 in the last few months, they're going to keep coming. the incentive is to keep coming. >> sandra: we know this is all ahead of the trump administration gearing up for a legal battle over his emergency declaration. pete came to join us earlier talking about the president's power to allocate those funds. we met the president of the united states as commander in chief has to decide how to best allocate military funding and the president believes this is a national security threat. so therefore, he believes it is very logical and very right that that be used for this wall which the president thinks is essential to our national security. >> sandra: final thoughts on that, congressman. >> i agree that the commander in chief has authority in the constitution and elsewhere in the statutes we have delegated authority for him to spend the money on something like border fencing. >> sandra: andy biggs from the house judiciary committee, appreciate time this morning, thank you.
8:39 am
>> jon: fox news confirms the capture revises fighters tied to a deadly bombing that killed four americans back in january. he was the deadliest attack of date in syria. jennifer life from the pentagon with a story. >> a senior official tells fox news that allied forces in syria captured five isis fighters believed to have been behind that vicious attack on american forces in january. a spokesman for the british led syrian democratic forces to confirm the capture in a tweet, quote "a group of suspects believed to be involved in a january 16th bombing that killed several u.s. servicemen were captured following technical surveillance by our forces. the outcome of the ongoing investigation will be shared at a later time." the january attack killed an army green beret chief warrant officer jonathan farmer, navy chief shannon kent, the first woman killed in combat in the
8:40 am
isis fight, working for the intelligence agency and a naturalized u.s. citizen working as a civilian in return. the deadly suicide attack came one month after president trump surprises national security team by ordering the complete withdrawal of all 2,000 u.s. troops in syria. the president later reversed to allow hundreds of american troops to remain. top u.s. officials have warned despite isis only having a sliver of land in eastern syria, still have thousands of fighters scattered across syria and iraq. last month, a pentagon watchdog warned sustained counterterrorism pressure, isis could likely research in syria within six to 12 months and regain limited territory. it is not immediately clear if the isis fighters can be transferred back to the united states for trial or what the next steps will be. it will really depend on whether the evidence -- whether there is any evidence that would hold up.
8:41 am
when that good to know we got the suspects at least, thank you. >> sandra: president trump pressuring gm to open their shuttered plant in lordstown, ohio. hundreds of jobs are at stake. we will talk to the mayor of lordstown about the impact on his town next. heavy, overwhelming scents. introducing febreze one; a new range of innovative air fresheners with no heavy perfumes that you can feel good about using in your home to deliver a light, natural-smelling freshness. febreze one neutralizes stale, stuffy odors and releases a subtle hint of fragrance like bamboo or lemongrass ginger. to eliminate odors with no heavy perfumes, try new febreze one. brand power. helping you buy better.
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8:45 am
being with us. i know these are tough times for your town. what are the prospects of something happening like with the president is outlining there, another company buying that plant perhaps? >> our ultimate goal is we would like to have general motors bring product in, they had the best product they could have had in the last 50 years, however people quit buying cars. not just a general motors problem, it is ford and chrysler, everyone wants crossovers and suvs with cheap gas. >> jon: this is the last month that they're going to be building the taurus. the consumer tastes are changing and this chevy cruze they were building there in lordstown just wasn't selling. >> it wasn't selling and we can hope we can get another product. if i tell people analysis the plant is shut down, it'll be much easier to retool when you don't have to work around production. if we are still hoping they
8:46 am
bring in another product or if they don't come i can agree with the president wanting to push forward with repurchasing the plant and we like to know and find out the outcome sooner or later. ideally, we'd like to still be a general motors town and help all of our residents who put a lot of years into the plant but if that doesn't happen, we would like to know because i believe there has been some interest of repressing. >> jon: the president also tweeted getting personally critical of the uaw leadership there at the plant. i know you are republican, the president obviously republican, what did you think of that? >> the union president is a good friend of mine, we are cochairing the lordstown campaign. right now it's in the hands of general motors and the international union. i can only do so much, still willing to try to keep let general motors and the uaw know that we are still here, we still want a product. but ultimately, we don't have a whole lot of say right now.
8:47 am
>> jon: you did talk with gm chairwoman, what did she have to say, anything reassuring? >> of the governor talked with her, i have not had a chance to talk with her yet. i went to try to get up there the next couple of weeks. i have not talked with her yet, i have talked with her governmental relations rep and keeping me posted and what's going on but i have not met the chairwoman yet. >> the 1200 jobs that have been idled with the shutting down of this plant is going to have a real ripple effect in your economy, isn't it? >> absolutely peered over the last couple of years, it's been 4500 jobs plus the ripple effect of all the suppliers and everything, a lot of local businesses grew to be used to get 85% of our funding from general motors and now we get approximately 40% so we have tried to diversify. we have been trying to prepare for this. we should be okay through the end of the year but after that, monitoring our budget every
8:48 am
couple of months and keep an eye on everything and we are hopeful that we get the plant repurposed because they have maintain a facility. >> jon: it's not that easy to simply ritual a plant when you've been using it to build sedans, is it? >> they told me in '94, they said that they have tried to make the plant so it could be more versatile. and they say the paint department was a little bit tougher to re-conform, but we are hoping that we come in and retool. he said we have to find out what gm wants and if we find out what they want, we can get negotiations to get another product in there. >> jon: has the white house contacted you? >> i got a call from the white house governmental affairs yesterday and i talked with them twice and i told them i'd like to set up a meeting with
8:49 am
president trump also, this is at the forefront. we want to be able to have a lot of discussion and see what we can do to keep general motors they are. >> jon: obviously the president is thinking about it because he's tweeting about it. the mayor of lordstown, ohio, thanks for being with us today, good luck on getting some good results with that. >> thank you very much. >> sandra: is about that time, 11 minutes away for the start of "outnumbered." good morning, ladies. >> good to see you. if the supreme court is becoming a litmus test apparently for a democratic 2020 hopefuls. some of whom say we need to perform in the high court, even expand the number of justices. is this just sour grapes over president trump putting two conservatives on the bench and making his mark? or will it hurt democrats in the long run? >> plus, documents released by the president's former lawyer showing just how long the fbi was investigating him before reading his home and office.
8:50 am
what that all means for cohen's damaged credibility and for the president. >> it is heavily redacted, like with crayon. plus, the guy in the middle. >> sandra: harrison kennedy, thank you. we are waiting alive for brazil president at the white house, the two leaders will be meeting in private before president trump holds a joint news conference with him. that will be happening about two hours from now. a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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8:54 am
unarmed teenager was shot three times as a flood a traffic stop in 2018. the vehicle he was in match the description of a car involved in an earlier shooting. rick leventhal joins us live from the courthouse in pittsburgh. >> police have set up barricades and sand trucks to block the streets around the courthouse in case a large-scale protest but so far all is quiet here on day one of this closely watched trial. in opening arguments this morning, the defense said that he was just doing his job, protecting the community, asking a jury do you think he woke up that day and decided to shoot someone? of course not. the prosecutors say the focus should be on what he knew, what he believed, and what he felt when he pulled the trigger and killed antoine rose. the d.a. release surveillance video of the drive-by shooting that took place 13 minutes before rose was killed and said rose was in the front seat and a backseat passenger shot at a man on the corner and that men returned fire. a description of the vehicle was
8:55 am
broadcast on police radio and on the night he was officially sworn in as an ease pittsburgh police officer spots and pulls over that vehicle which had broken glass and several bullet holes. give him a second video recorded by a witness, you can see antoine run into a vacant lot and he opens fire. we are not showing the full video. police say weapons were found in the car and antoine had a 9-millimeter glock magazine in his pocket but no gun on him. still, said the shooting could be justified. >> under tennessee versus garner, it is not unreasonable to shoot a fleeing felon you have trouble will cause to believe was involved in a crime of violence. if an they had probable cause to believe that antoine was involved in a crime of violence. >> there were large demonstrations here after the shooting last summer, an attorney for antoine's mother who filed a civil suit is calling for peace.
8:56 am
>> we would like to keep the focus on the trial itself, the prosecutors have a very difficult job. we give them our full support and we don't want any distraction taking place outside of the courtroom. >> this trial is expected to last up to two weeks. >> sandra: rick, thank you for covering that for us in pittsburgh, thank you. >> jon: some of the democrats running for president calling for big changes in the u.s. supreme court from term limits to adding more justices. details on those ideas next. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6702
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heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief ["look be a lady" by frank sinatra] >> jon: cracking open the newsroom vault, nevada legalizes the gambling on the stage in 1931. the state made a move trying to lift itself out of the
9:00 am
great depression. las vegas benefiting big time from legalized gambling becoming the entertainment capital of the world. state gambling these days accounts for the lion's share share of nevada's tax revenue. >> sandra: lucky lady. thank you for joining us here at "america's newsroom." "outnumbered" starts next. ♪ >> harris: a new idea is picking up steam as more and more democratic 2020 presidential candidates hit the campaign trail. reforming the high court -- some democratic white house hopefuls are express and support for expanding the number of seats for justices on the supreme court as pushed back against president trump's supreme court picks. you are watching "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. and joining us in the center


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