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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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year when the calves are born. they're very young and vulnerable. we have reports of the calves being swept away in the icy waters and separated from their mothers. >> dana: thanks, mike. we have to run. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: can a court order a man to become a father and maybe even pay child support for a baby he says he does not want? that just happened and it's part of a legal battle over frozen embryos. one that led to a new state law. but this may not be the end of the fight. reporting begins now. the special counsel robert mueller was able to dig through years of michael cohen's e-mails going all the way back to before the 2016 election. that's according to newly-released search warrants and other documents. they show mueller started investigating the president's former fixer and personal lawyer two months after taking over the
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russia case. that was nearly a year before the fbi raided michael cohen's office and apartment and hotel room. there's a lot more in these documents, including an entire blacked out session, 19 pages titled the illegal campaign contribution scheme. this comes just weeks after michael cohen testified on capitol hill. he accused the president of personally directing illegal hush money payments to two women, even signing checks while he was in office. cohen once bragged that he would take a bullet for president trump but he ended up cooperating with federal prosecutors. during his public testimony, cohen said there were ongoing criminal investigations in new york involving president trump that he could not discuss. laura ingle reporting live from new york. laura? >> shep, we've been waiting for months for these court documents to be sealed. search warrants. finally happened today. with the timeline, we have a
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better understanding of the level of interest federal investigators had when it came to who cohen was communicating with and when. e-mails were being looked at by the feds in the summer of 2017. that is long before michael cohen's home, office and safety deposit box were searched in april 2018 by the feds. agents seized more than four million paper files along with a dozen mobile devices, ipads, 20 hard drives, flash drives and lap tops. investigators laid out their request to seize 897 pages of documents, his personal information was blacked out along with 19 pages that were redacted. that's the part that has the information which the fbi says could be related to campaign finance violations. other detail the warrants describe the use of trigger fish cell phone surveillance. that's what the feds used on cohen to pinpoint his location.
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they also got a trap and trace warrant, which allowed them to report communications sent to or from cohen's accounts. shep? >> shepard: federal agents were following cohen's money. >> yeah, according to these warrants, they wanted to know what cohen told bankers when he opened his account, which has been an integral part of his business dealings. the documents detail the checking account for the business he named essential consultants llc. he opened that with first republic on october 2016, days before the presidential election. he said he was opening it for real estate consulting fees, which didn't receive any money in connection with real estate consulting work. instead, it received hundreds of thousands for foreign sources, this is the account that cohen used to play stormy daniels and a former playboy model to keep
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quiet about their alleged affairs. shep? >> shepard: alex little now, criminal defense attorney, former assistant united states attorney. alex, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: big picture, what did we learn? >> the special counsel has been doing their homework. you don't put 900 pages before a magistrate without a thorough investigation. so it's clear that the folks working with the special counsel have been basically piecing this together from the start, from the day they got there on the job. we know that michael cohen is a criminal, pled guilty, admitted to crimes. these documents lay out the specifics. we know the special counsel, the prosecutors in the southern district of new york are not done with their job, this is 19 pages that clearly is problematic for other folks that may be targets of that investigation. it says there's more for them to do. >> shepard: the 19 pages, they had a headline above them or a title that read the illegal campaign contribution scheme. there's reference to foreign
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sources unnamed. >> yeah, that was an interesting piece that people didn't expect. there's some suggestion from mr. cohen's testimony before congress that there was this investigation into the hush money payments. there was not so much a suggestion that there was some investigation to be done about his foreign payments and for whatever reason, must have been an ongoing investigation, the department of justice asked the judge to keep out from the public the names of foreign sources of income that could be targets of some influence pedalling. >> shepard: to what degree is it your sense from reading this was michael cohen a subject? >> he was a subject from the day that the special counsel showed up. to put those materials together within two months to get the first warrant for his e-mail, they must have known that he was, you know, part of the key things that they were looking at. the other thing that is interesting, obviously other people whose e-mails the special counsel has obtained communications, things like the location.
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so i think what they know is far, far more than what we expect they know. >> shepard: regarding the hush money payments, the court had more questions about redactions that the government had already made. >> yeah, so it's clear i think the court wants as much to be public as possible. so they actually asked for an update in two months to see if they could release more information about the hush money payments. that's a real question. there's been a suggestion that are they going to sit on this until president trump is no longer president, if they think there's something to indict there or the american media, national inquirer's parents that could be subjects as well. >> shepard: the documents reveal that michael cohen made a $6 million loan to somebody. >> yeah, that's suspicious, this is a man that didn't have that sort of money. he loaned it. for whatever reason, they kept that secret.
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there's accusations that he pled guilty to the consulting that he done. there could be more of that that they're trying to ferret out. >> shepard: what does this mean at the white house? >> they've seen every step of the way the special counsel and the investigators have been thorough. location warrants, trap and trace warrants. that says if you're in the white house, mueller has been looking very closely day by day. so any misstatement that the president made in his answers to special counsel or other shoes that they know haven't fallen, they can expect mueller won't leave just hanging. >> shepard: we keep hearing as we have in the past that we may get something from mueller soon. does this give you any sense of time at all? >> you know, it doesn't. it's handed off so much of the investigation. he's a bureaucratic man. he was the top fbi agent. he ran the fbi a long time. he knows bureaucracy. just because his team is moving
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on or he may move on, he's pushed parts of this investigation to other prosecutors that can carry it on for a long time. i don't think we're near the end of this even if he shuts town his shop any time soon. >> shepard: alex little, current criminal defense attorney with us from nashville. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: rod rosenstein is, as it turns out, staying at the justice department a little while longer even though he planned to leave by about now. that's what a source tells fox news. president trump has slammed rod rosenstein for his role in launching the special counsel robert mueller's investigation. rosenstein appointed mueller after the president fired james comey. rosenstein is the main link between the special counsel and the department. but william barr has special oversight over the investigation. facebook will stop telling
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advertisers your gender, your zip code and how old you are. that's new today and part of a settlement that they reached in five discrimination lawsuits. people sued over complaints the site let advertisers discriminate against minorities, women and older workers by not letting them see offers for housing and jobs and credit cards. facebook agreeing to pay $5 million. the american civil liberties union and the national fair housing association among those suing facebook. in a statement, they called the settlement historic. cheryl sandberg said it was the next step to prevent future discrimination. fox news and facebook have a partnership to deliver news on facebook watch. but fox news is solely responsible for its content and production. a divorced man might be forced to pay child support even though he is not a father. that is because his ex-wife
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wants to get pregnant with embryos frozen while they were a couple. and the court has ruled that their divorce does not end his duties as a some-day dad. details on that and later on we're live on the ground in syria with an up-close look at this critical phase in the fight against isis. >> we have to stay low. there's fighters out there. that's it. the end of the caliphate. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm.
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>> shepard: the state of west virginia filing a lawsuit today against the catholic diocese and a catholic bishop claiming they employed pedophiles. they were accused of failing to conduct thorough background checks. the state's attorney general patrick morrisey called it a sad day but said he still believes there's many good men in the catholic church which for years has been dealing with a child sexual abuse scandal. so far no response from the
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church to the lawsuit. now the story i mentioned at the top of the news hour. a divorced woman in arizona is allowed to use frozen embryos to get pregnant and allowed to do so against the wishes of her former husband. here's the rub. now he could have to pay child support. that from the arizona court of appeals. it ruled the woman's right to have the baby out weighs her ex's desire not to be a father. the pair preserved the embryos in 2014 while they were engaged and she was fighting cancer. alicia acuna with the rest of this story. she's live now. >> i just spoke with an attorney for the ex-husband. she said we do believe the majority missed the mark and the defense got it right. we're currently weighing on options. her client testified in the original case that he initially declined to be a sperm donor but
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changed his mind after she asked her ex-boyfriend to do it. they signed a contract at the fort worthilization clinic agreeing the embryo would be implanted if they didn't want a baby. later the couple divorced. and now torres said she wanted the implant and the ex-husband said now. now the court of appeals said her right to the fertilized embryos outweighs his especially she gave up the opportunity to use another donor and likely unable to become a parent biological or otherwise through other means. that outweighs terrell's interest in avoiding pro creation. the only option for the ex-husband right now is to go to the arizona supreme court. shep? >> shepard: it's possible the ex-husband will have to pay child support? >> right. torres has testified she won't seek child support but might not
12:17 pm
matter. but she could change her mind or if she ends up on public assistance, the state could go after them. this prompted a change in the law. state legislators passed the nation's first law that grants custody of disputed embryos to the party that wants them to develop to birth. the other parent has no right or obligations. that, however, does not apply in this case. shep, one other thing, if this woman does become pregnant, she does -- she does have a baby, there's nothing that he can do for 18 years. he could wait to see if he has to pay child support. shep? >> shepard: alicia acuna live with us. thank you. there's word prosecutors have offered to drop charges against the new england patriots owner robert kraft, charges related to the prostitution bust here in florida. the catch is, bob kraft has to admit that a court would have
12:18 pm
convicted him. according to the "wall street journal," it's not clear whether kraft will take the deal. but when prosecutors announced the charges, a spokesman for the patriots owner said kraft did not do anything illegal. coming up, a live report from syria. there's word u.s.-backed forces have captured isis fighters involved in an attack that killed four americans earlier this year. plus, president trump meeting with brazil's far-right president nicknamed the trump of the tropics. we'll get a report from the chief white house correspondent, john roberts, straightaway. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip.
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a pentagon official confirmed the capture. the attack in january killed two american service members and two american civilians. a bomb went off at a cafe popular with westerners in a relatively stiff region of syria. a spokesman for the u.s.-backed forces say the troops captured the suspects in the eastern part of the country near the border with iraq and was one of the islamic state's last strong holds in syria. benjamin hall reporting live. ben? >> hi, shep. we've been in baghouz the last couple days. the battle has been brutal. the u.s. air power has been delivering bombs, mortar, artillery. the few people captured that are responsible for the attack seem to have been among 140 that were captured in the last day or so. we've been on the front lines.
12:24 pm
here's what we saw. >> we're just about 50 meters away from the last remnants of isis. we can see them moving around, women, fighters holding guns. everywhere we go is high risk. we're trying to push forward to get a better view of the clashes down below. there's an active sniper. we have to take cover for the moment. whenever the air strikes start, everyone in the last enclave disappears. they go underground or tents or cars. these guys here are trying to pick-off the isis fighters one at a time. it's slow going. they don't give isis a minute to return fire. they've been laying down bullets
12:25 pm
and mortars for some hours now they're going to keep going. the terror group may be gone, but the ideology still remains. >> and shep, we're receiving intelligence that the caliphate itself, the last isis hold, very close to where we are now, may soon be recaptured by troops. as i said, it's what lies ahead that is the problem. tens of thousands of them are in camps. they have been instructed in many cases to surrender so they can live to fight another day. that's the problem ahead. shep? >> shepard: our eyes and ears on the ground. benjamin hall in syria. thanks. secretary of state mike pompeo is also in the middle east. he says he will talk about
12:26 pm
countries working together against iran and the militant groups hamas and hezbollah. today he's in kuwait and then he heads to israel and lebanon. jennifer griffin reporting live this afternoon at the pentagon. jen? >> shepard, iraqi leaders are angry secretary of state pompeo and the white house are pressuring its to break ties with iran and stop importing energy from their energy. they recent the u.s. trying to drive a wedge between them. mike pompeo's goal is to encourage the gulf states to remain united against iran, this is a key priority of the trump administration. the pentagon and cia are concerned the state department and white house desire to designate iraq's shiite malitias, many trained by iran. the pentagon is worried the
12:27 pm
iraqi parliament if pushed could vote to expel the 5,200 or so u.s. troops in iraq serving against isis. officials are worried the u.s. military could face sanctions and travel restrictions abrothered in response. shep? >> shepard: let's talk about the timing of this trip. >> some say it's designed to bolster the israeli prime minister ahead of israel's election. prime minister netanyahu is expected in washington d.c. ahead of the elections and used pro israel statements from president trump. some say that pompeo could declare israeli sovereignty over the land that belonged to syria before the 1967 war, echoing senator lindsey graham that was in israel last week. >> the goal line is not in dispute. it's in the hands of israel and always remains in the hands of
12:28 pm
israel. >> i agree. >> we'll be talking to president trump when i get back about the necessity of recognizing the golan as part of israel. it's inconceivable that israel could ever give it to anyone given the threats israel faces. >> the state department recently removed the word "occupy" from its human rights reports referencing the west bank, shep. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. president trump held a joint news conference with the so-called trump of the tropics. that's brazil's far right president. he's a fan of president trump. he ran a similar outspoken outsider campaign. he's against abortion, against same-sex marriage, against environmental regulation and quotas. he speaks in support of dictators and called the 21-year
12:29 pm
period when the u.s. dictator backed brazil a glorious period. he's been very active on twitter and critical of the news media. today president trump praised him and said they will have a fantastic working relationship. analysts said the brazilian president made the trip to the united states to impress his pro u.s. base and expand trade opportunities. our economies are the two largest in the western hemisphere. this comes as a political crisis happens in venezuela. the u.s. and brazil have recognized juan guaido and when the president asked about military intervention, he said all options are on the table. john roberts live with more. >> the two leaders admitted that they have a lot in common.
12:30 pm
the brazil president referred to fake news but they talked at least about venezuela. as you pointed out, there was no word whether the u.s. might take military action in venezuela. only to say as he has so many times that all options are on the table. the president asked the same thing, wouldn't say whether or not brazil might commit its military to take maduro out of venezuela. when asked whether or not if brazil would base troops in brazil, he did say that he wants to be a very strong extra nato ally of the united states. president trump even said that he might consider getting brazil in to be a part of nato. when asked about how long it might take for maduro to step down, president trump said he didn't know. listen here. >> i'm not being told any specific time. been there a long time between him and his predecessor. at some point, i would imagine things will change. we really haven't done the
12:31 pm
really tough sanctions yet. all options are open. we may be doing that. we haven't done the toughest of sanctions as you know. we've done down the middle. we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that. >> one of the important questions that was not asked is the united states pushing juan guaido and members of the national assembly to give amnesty to senior members of the maduro regime, let them hang on to their wealth and stay in the country. if they decided to do that, that could help to tip the table there. >> shepard: john, the president has been on a tear in the last few days against the late senator john mccain whose daughter megan who has responded and today he's coming for mccain again. >> yeah, they got to do a twitter fight over the weekend. megan mccain, that unlike her father, president trump wouldn't
12:32 pm
be a great man. president trump said this. >> he told us hours before that he would repeal and replace and for some reason, i think i understand the reason, he ended up going thumbs up. had we known that, we would have gotten a vote. i think it's disgraceful. there's other things. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> the president talking about mccain's vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. no response from megan mccain other than retweet a tweet from the president. >> ahead, we'll check in on the killer flooding covering parts of the u.s. midwest. we'll also show you before and after pictures of some of the hardest hit areas. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month.
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12:37 pm
her flooded home in nebraska. they say they couldn't reach her in time. we have aerial views of front -- fremont, nebraska. vice president mike pence is headed there now to tour the damage. i want to show you before and after images. these satellite images of an air force base in omaha. this is a before picture. that picture from august 10 of last year. this is the after. look at the end of this runway. this entire area here and the neighborhoods above, all under water. the bottom picture taken yesterday. the omaha world herald reports 60 buildings including two large aircraft hangers are flooded. you can see part of the runway under water as well. 20 miles south of the base in another before and after. the image from pacific junction in iowa. a man rescued here this afternoon. you can see the before on the
12:38 pm
top and everything in inundated on the bottom picture. the next image that we'll show you is from nasa. this is part of the missouri river that separates nebraska and iowa. this is another air force base. you can see all the water. just incredible flooding. they have a lot of cleaning up to do. in illinois, several more towns are in the danger zone in rockford, illinois. mike tobin reporting live from roscoe, illinois. mike? >> shep, behind me is the rock river. it's about 115 meters over its bank. look behind me, four football fields in that direction is the neighborhood of edgemere terrace. about half of the homes there are dry. half are flooded. the entire town is surrounded by flood waters. look out here, this is how the kids are getting back and forth
12:39 pm
to school. they take kayaks to this side of the river and pick up the school bus from here. all of this flooding is the result of snow melt and the rain that we have been getting. so much that you have some 14 states, nine million people that have been impacted no one is getting hit harder than nebraska. governor people ricketts says there's emergency declarations. crop losses because farmers can't get their seed in the ground, around $400 million. so you're talking a billion dollars in crop losses alone. what everyone needs in this part of the country is a break from the rain. the bad news is they're not going to get it for this part of illinois and this region. they're expecting more rain to start tonight. there's an association of mayors further south along the mississippi river and the chairman of the association says we're just getting started. shep? >> mike tobin.
12:40 pm
thanks. pat tawny joins us now from fremont, nebraska. i hear you have pictures what are you seeing? >> i'm not seeing them, guys. >> shepard: i have them on the screen now. tell us about it. >> some are from a private lake about 16 miles west of fremont. some of the pictures were coming in to fremont from the south in a rescue unit. that picture was taken, i think, friday. >> shepard: how are people doing? what do you need there, pat? >> we felt like we were behind the eight ball off the bat. we were overwhelmed, understaffed. it was pretty difficult for the first three or four days. we couldn't get guys home. we couldn't get guys to work. people were stuck on islands. the whole city of fremont was an idea. a little community north was and island. everybody was stuck in place and everybody had to do the best they could from where they were
12:41 pm
at. >> shepard: captain tawny, when do you expect to get things dried up? >> it's hard to watch. you go through the stress of the flood and then you go through -- now it's cleanup time. we're getting a little rain this afternoon. they said it's raining, getting substantial rain out west and north of here, i've heard today. but everybody has been great. they're cleaning. you know, houses all over north bend, people are digging stuff out. these people have been through a lot. they're not going to quit. everybody is going to keep at it. the river channels have changed. you know, it's just one of those -- it's a 100-year deal, we hope. schools have been called off indefinitely in our community in north bend. so we're trying to get water and sewer back up so they can get kids back up to school. nobody has heard of them calling a school off indefinitely in our area at all.
12:42 pm
>> shepard: a rare thing. captain pat tawny. all the best to you and yours and everyone of us thanks all of the first responders. meteorologist adam klotz in the extreme weather center. when do they get a break, adam? >> we heard them talking about rain on the way. this is what they were discussing. it's another round of rain in eastern nebraska. a spot that seemed the worst, this is nothing like what set this in motion. that was a huge storm last week, this is more of a quick-hitting at times heavy rain that will move through the area. again, anything additional at this point is going to cause a problem. so we still have flood watches and warnings here still in portions of eastern nebraska and running down the missouri river and farther south. this will continue to flow south. so everything there along the mississippi river, all areas we'll be paying attention to flooding the next several days. even if you get behind this rain, because there's not been a lot of rain outside this system, there's still snow on the
12:43 pm
ground. it's something that we'll have to pay attention to. i'm taking you further to north dakota. some of these spot have two feet of snow and we're seeing the temperatures rise. this will flow downstream. the forecast the next three days, some of these locations jumping to the lower 40s, the 40s, the upper 30s. that will be enough to add additional snow melt, shepard. so when we talk about rain moving through the area, the long-lasting issue is snow as it continues to melt and we get further along here in the spring. >> shepard: adam klotz in the weather center. thanks. should the popular vote decide who is president or should we stick with the electoral college. elizabeth warren saying the electoral college should go. she's not alone. that's coming up. there's little rest for a single dad,
12:44 pm
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>> shepard: use some bad words at home, maybe you put a dollar in a swear jar. use them in court, the penalty is tougher. a judge just tacked years on after a convict cursed him out. it happened in lake county, ohio. the judge was sentencing this man, manson bryant, on a string of charged related to a home invasion. bryant said that he was sorry
12:48 pm
for the crimes and suspects the -- respect the judge's decision. after a judge hit him with a sentence for 22 years, the respect went away. video shows he let loose with a string of colorful words prompting the judge to add six more years. the convict's lawyers says he's planning to appeal. the democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren saying the united states should abolish the electoral college. the people elect governors, the people elect the president. this idea of moving towards a national popular vote to elect a president gained steam after 2016. three million more people voted for hillary clinton than president trump. but she lost the electoral college vote and lost the presidency. garrett tenney reporting live. senator warren said this is
12:49 pm
about expanding voting rights. >> expanding voting rights to make sure every vote counts. this proposal was part of senator warren's broader pitch to african american voters at the cnn town hall at the historically black university jackson state. last night she argued that a national popular vote should be part of an effort to a larger effort to expand voting rights. she isn't the only candidate talking about this issue. senator bernie sanders said we should have serious discussions. and south bend's mayor, pete buddijudje backs it as well. it would take a 2/3 vote in to us and senate and ratification of 3/4s of the states. >> some states are working on this on their own. the constitution gives the states total control over how
12:50 pm
electoral votes are awarded. so a growing numbers of states are and banding together to award their vote to whoever wins the vote. on friday, colorado is the 12th state to join the national popular vote interstate contact. together, they make up 181 electoral votes. the compact will take effect if enough states to sign up to reach the goal in 270. delaware and new mexico is pointed to join there as well. republican controlled legislatures are not hot on this idea of changing the electoral college at this point. >> shepard: garrett tenney live. investigators have done it again. used genealogy to catch a cold case murder suspect. if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash,
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12:56 pm
the "wall street journal" and in reuters and appeared to come from a tweet that came from a kurdish leader of the fdf that talked about these five isis fighters and their involvement in the january 16 suicide bombing that killed four americans. we now have new information that senior defense officials are not sure how involved, if at all, these individuals were. >> shepard: good enough. updates as they come. thank you. genealogy testing may have cracked another cold case. investigators in the state of alabama say they have arrested a man for killing these two teenage girls nearly 20 years ago after one of the suspects relatives submitted dna to a databa database. jonathan serrie reporting live. jonathan? >> the police chief said it was last year's arrest of the golden state killer in california that inspired him to use a process called genetic genealogy. with the popularity of at-home
12:57 pm
ancestry kits, many americans are voluntarily sharing their dna information with large public databases such as jet match. law enforcement is discovering the same technology that might help you find an unknown relative might help them find an unknown criminal. >> what jet match does is compare our unknown persons to all the people in their database. they have over a million people in there. and what it returns to us is basically a list of people that share the most dna with our unknown person. >> shepard: the labs searched the data be a related to the alabama case. police used that information to find this suspect, the 45-year-old suspect of dothan, alabama. they obtained a dna simple from him which was matched to effort recovered from the crime scene nearly 20 years ago. >> genetic genealogy helped us to identify the family from
12:58 pm
which he descended and kinship testing narrowed the suspect down to a single individual. >> he's charged with the murders of j.d. beasley and a 17-year-old. they disappeared in 1999 while heading to a party. the police found the girl's body in the victim's cars. both had gun shots to the head. the a.p. says the defendant is an outstanding citizen, a preacher, a husband and a grandfather. prosecutors say the dna doesn't lie and they're seeking the death penalty in this case. he's being held without bond. >> shepard: lawmakers in hawaii are banning most plastics in restaurants. if it happens, it would be the first state in the nation to to so. the goal is to cut down on waste that pollutes the oceans. a spokesperson for hawaiiest
12:59 pm
restaurant association says lawmakers are trying to do too much too fast. thinking of going to space? here's another reason to practice safe sex. the herpes cyrus can flair up in space according to nasa. flights were tracked and researchers found the virus reactivated because of the stress of travelling to space. researchers say the longter mission, the more likely the flare-up. nerd news now. intel and the department of energy building what scientists say could be the most powerful super computer in all the world. it will be able to produce or process one quintillion calculations a second. that's 1 and 18 zeros. if everybody solved be a
1:00 pm
algebraec formula every second. what could it be used for? track weather patterns and more. cavuto knows. he begins dropping knowledge now. >> neil: a president with everything going his way. think about it. the economy humming, the markets roaring, isis running and then there's this. >> he told us hours before that he was going to repeal and replace and then for some reason, i think i understand the reason, he ended up going thumbs up. had we known that, we would have gotten the vote. we would have gotten somebody else. that's disgraceful. police, there's other things. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> neil: seven months after john mccain is lead to rest, donald trump can't give it arrest. forget about whether a president should be doing this.


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