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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 19, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i went to class. >> neil: charles payne, the genuine article. you see him every day. right now, "the five" ." >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with emily compagno, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." after losing to president trump in 2016 and failing to block brett kavanaugh's confirmation, democrats are looking to change the rules. proposals would alter the constitution and offend hundreds of years of precedent. a growing number of 2020 candidates are revolting against the current makeup of the supreme court and want major changes. more on that in a moment. first, elizabeth warren making the idea of abolishing the electoral college part of her campaign. >> my view is that every vote
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matters. the way we can make that happen... [applause] is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> dana: all right, i was have been talking about this for about a year, jesse, that this is coming. hillary clinton when she lost her donald trump, she said we have to take a look at the electoral college. now it's almost become a litmus test among democrats that they are all saying yeah, i think we have to take a look at this electoral college thing. it's the only thing they think they can win. >> jesse: they know that they can't beat him under the rules so they are trying to rig the system. if i were a democrat, i would say i can beat trump with the rules. i will get past 270. i will re-rack the map.
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i will rebuild the blue wall. i think that looks much stronger than these people know who look extremely weak. right now i don't want the cities running the country. san francisco is almost paradis paradise. l.a. is not much better, and chicago is a corrupt shooting gallery. look at what new york did amazon. i don't think we need to give them any more power than they already have. they are trying to disenfranchise flyover country. they are only their four time of year anyway so they don't want to have them have any more powe. liz warren thinks she knows more than franklin? we designed a constitutional republic to prevent mob rule. that's the point. what they are trying to do a short-circuit all of these systems in place because they know they can't beat trump. they want to lower the voting age to 16. they want to impeach. they want to stack the court. they want to kick conservatives off television. all the things they are doing because they know they can't win right now.
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>> dana: the founding fathers, the constitution. >> greg: yes, i read of them and high school. >> dana: it's called the united states of america. if you go to a national popular vote, it would be the united people of america, except maybe not so united. >> greg: talk about voter suppression. liz warren is either cheating to get into college or cheating to get out of college. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. this is a contest between the candidates of who can go further. let's get rid of the electoral college. let's make the supreme court have term limits. let's make an electoral college replaced with a poetry slam contest and the losing site has to give their salaries to reparations. they are doing this, to your point, it's hard to challenge trump on his record right now because the economy is booming. what is your alternative? not booming? that's what you've got. some of these guys and girls, coming up with the so-called revolutionary ideas, they are throwing stuff up there to see
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what sticks. oddly enough, you've got to admit trump is more likely to come up with new ideas that have challenge the republican orthodoxy and the parties orthodoxy and any ideology's orthodoxy. north korea, trade, prison reform, syria. democrats have been chasing collusion for two years. that's why they are devoid of any kind of strategy because of -- they are so lazy. they are hoping for impeachment and they've got nothing. they should try to challenge him on ideas. that would be interesting. the problem is his ideas are sometimes similar to theirs. >> dana: right. what do you think, juan, to jesse's point, if you are a democrat you are running, the electoral college is not going to change for the 2020 election. maybe they want to do it in the future but somebody on the democratic side should say i can win in the current system. >> juan: i think people acknowledge that. i don't anyone saying it's going to change for 2020. >> dana: i am saying why waste
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all this energy? >> juan: it's a good idea. >> dana: why? >> juan: when you vote for governor, you vote one man, one vote. in the current electoral college system, it's not one man, one vote. a vote from wyoming is worth more than a vote coming from california. >> dana: that's not true in the house. that's why it's proportional in the house. >> juan: we're not talking about the house. we are talking about the presidency. the electoral college applies only to the presidency. >> dana: i know. >> juan: is not about democrats being sore losers. it's about democrats coming up with ideas in keeping with the founding fathers. the founding fathers engaged -- in the founding fathers created a constitution this able to evolve with a changing nation. what you get is things like doing away with the 3/5 compromise, saying we made a mistake about this. we did it in order to establish the country because we needed
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the slave states and we know it's wrong so we undid it. >> jesse: a constitutional amended for abolishing the college? >> juan: how about women voting? the constitution didn't allow it when it was created but it does now. when you put forward ideas like this, it's healthy. it says jesse and juan should have a debate. no one is saying we are going to break the rules. let's put forward ideas that might be more representative of the country we are today. >> jesse: then they can have a debate and they can amend the constitution but you know that's not going to happen. >> juan: that's what they are proposing. >> jesse: it's never going to happen. >> dana: elizabeth warren made this comment in mississippi. there are more voters in san diego county than there are in all of mississippi. it's a race against the popular vote rather than the electoral college, why would you campaign in a small state. >> emily: the arguments are antithetical to the whole approach. no matter what, the counter is that the same thing is going to happen. it's just that you're going to
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continue to ignore the fire country which is exactly why president trump was elected because people felt ignored on policy. now they're going to be ignored with the vote. it goes against the arguments for the citizenship question. if vote -- there's that hypocrisy on so many levels. that's how it gets interpreted poorly in that way and i think it also wastes everyone's time. there is a national popular vote interstate compact. none of it is going to get anywhere and yet it's just rhetoric wasting everyone's time. 270s not going to be achieved for those states. >> dana: there was another topic we wanted to get to. electoral college is one thing the democrats are talking about but also 2020 candidates calling for a major shake-up of the supreme court. >> what if there were five justices selected by democrats and five justices elected by republicans. >> one idea that i think is
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interesting as you have 15 members but only tanner appointed in the political fashion. five of them can only be seated by a unanimous agreement of the other ten. >> i think they stole a supreme court seat. >> should we keep it nine? >> we should have a national conversation. give every president the ability to choose three. holding on those seats in ways i don't like is healthy. >> dana: president trump responding. >> the only reason is they are doing that, they want to try to catch up. if they can't catch up through the violent box by winning an election, they want to try doing it in a different way. we have no interest in that whatsoever. it won't happen. i guarantee you it won't happen for six years. >> dana: no court packing. >> greg: is it a coincidence that they lose because of the electoral college and they want to change it now there's an edge for republicans in the supreme court so they want to
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change that. you change the rules, you change the rules for everybody. ask harry reid how that worked out. it's shortsighted to decide when you lose that you're going to the rules. if the other side is smarter than you, they will just catch up. >> juan: that sounds like an argument against a national emergency. i'm glad you brought it up. the bigger problem here is republicans broke the rules in terms of denying merrick garland a supreme court seat a year into a properly elected, twice elected president, barack obama. they said we're not going to let you. >> jesse: you know what i would do instead, i would try adding seats in the senate instead of adding seats to the supreme court. >> dana: the guy on my show today wanted to abolish the senate too. >> jesse: conservatives in the exit polls, they said the most important issue with in 2016 was the supreme court. if democrats are going to run on messing around with the
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supreme court, going to activate conservatives so much in 2020. >> juan: i think chief justice roberts, who is a republican, concerned about the credibility of the court. seen simply as a rubber-stamp for whoever has the political majority. >> jesse: if it is so much of a rubber-stamp, why do you want to water it down? if you take the senate and you take the white house, that means there's going to be a watered-down supreme court it's basically going to rubber-stamp socialism. >> juan: restore the credibility so that you and i -- >> jesse: who attacks the integrity of the court more? >> dana: if in hillary clinton had won and she had put two supreme court justices on, i don't think democrats would say the credibility of a court is in question. >> emily: of course not. we wouldn't have candidates anger there is a crisis on the
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supreme court. we saw this in the 30s. it's what roosevelt went through. it was a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and it fractured the party and it didn't work. for 80 years, the justices were messed around with him the 1800s and then it ended. term limits needs a constitutional amendment. these judges serve for good behavior. they can be impeached and that's it. i personally want my lawmakers to focus on making laws are not monkeying around with the amount of seats they're going to put on when that's not what we are here to do at all. it's not going to change anything. if there is some type of crisis in confidence, then to me that rhetoric is stirring the pot anyway. for example, today they said if the court and invented the individual right to bear arms, the court didn't invent that. it's in the constitution. >> dana: all right, we have lots of issues to talk about with 2020. >> greg: abolish the senate
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"the washington post" of 50 years ago. we are talking about organizations that i believe have, in fact, decided as organizations that donald j. trump is bad for the united states. >> emily: all right, juan, would you be willing to acknowledge that as koppel says that the mainstream media has dropped all pretense of neutrality in their coverage of the president? >> juan: no. [laughter] i worked for "the washington post." it's a legendary organization that did the most amazing investigative reporting and history come in terms of watergate. "the new york times" pentagon papers. dana perino is sitting at the table. if you ask her, was "the washington post" tough on george w. bush, which she say yes? >> dana: yes. still mad about it. >> juan: news organizations are supposed to be adversarial in power. >> jesse: except they weren't
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during the obama years. >> juan: asked the obama people, they will tell you. lots of complaints about fox news than me. i don't get it. the complaints go across the board. covering donald trump is so different, if you consider that you wake up in kellyanne conway's husband is saying that the president has mental issues. if somebody was doing that about ronald reagan when i was covering the white house, we would've been on that story for weeks. it hardly gets covered. >> emily: ted koppel said great journalism versus they are not neutral. there is a bias on every front page. >> juan: it is so different covering this president. he is unique. i think evelyn can agree he's different. the way he uses twitter, though he goes after people, but what he bullies people. the way he has transformed the republican party, the way that he uses media as an echo chamber. it's different. if you are a newspaper reporter,
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you -- bob woodward, widely respected. he said he pushes the fear button at every opportunity. >> greg: okay, wait. there are two things going on right now. yes, the consensus media is after trump. i remember, i am old enough to remember how ronald reagan was treated and george w. bush. they were demonized too. it's no longer right versus left. it's the resistance versus anyone else. they have demonized. they have expanded the target of demonization so it's not just trump. it's the voter parodies people who don't join the resistance. they have damned an entire population because that is the profit model. cnn, "the washington post," social platforms, they see division of the way to make money. cnn, this is their second go around. they did this with law enforcement for five or six
2:20 pm
years and now they are doing the trump voter. it's a way to make money. the consensus media has decided to demonize half the population. it's unhealthy. they have always been liberally biased. they hated reagan. they hated bush. they hated nixon that this is different because now they hate everybody associated with them. that's the danger. >> emily: dana, trump -- president trump has this rhetoric. the enemy of the people, et cetera. the obama administration employed a lot more, one could argue, actions that stymied the free press. they were the ones that banned fox news from a lot of different things and a lot of important conference calls and whatnot. >> dana: they tried. >> emily: how do you feel like it's reconciled? >> dana: it's not. if you look at bernie goldberg who in 2004, maybe earlier than that, he was a veteran cbs reporter and wrote a best-selling book called "biased." it was his realization over time that there was a bias against conservatives. the thing that i feel, that's
2:21 pm
why conservatives have to work harder and be smarter and utilize new technologies, like president trump does. i think that when the history books are written -- stay with me, folks. i'm going to praise twitter and the president's tweets. you had the printing press, huge technological development. then you get to radio and you have fireside chats and people say what's he doing on the radio? you should be focused -- but it was the best thing he could've done. ronald reagan uses television to his advantage in that you have president obama who zoomed past hillary clinton because he understood social media better than she did and now president trump has figured out a way to talk directly to the american people. he's not the only one who has the tools and access. if you are reagan, you could do tv stuff. not everybody could have a radio show. now everyone has a voice. one thing i would point out about the media coverage, facebook has tried to do this thing where they're trying to find local newspapers and news organizations that they can give money to, they can support. because local news is dying.
2:22 pm
they are so dead, they can't find anyone to help. it's all gone. you have to almost recreate it. >> emily: jesse, do you feel like the rise in opinion journalism is a good thing? viewers can figure out for themselves which is more persuasive. >> jesse: i think the viewers are smart that is why cnn is dead last in the ratings. tom brokaw said it himself, he said "we are at war" with donald trump. bill maher said that he is rooting for a recession because he wants trump out of the white house. greg is right. it's a profit motive. they are proceeding against the president. they want to protect the country against donald trump, and they are making a fortune doing it. jeff bezos owns "the washington post." they hate this president and they have reporters up trump's you know what 24/7. the cable companies, they hate this president. they are going on a 24-hour news cycle against him. if you look at the networks, 93% negative coverage against this president.
2:23 pm
the social media networks all donating to democrats. if you objectively look at this president, the same exact approval rating is obama at the same time. 90% approval rating among republicans. 3% growth with the economy. peace and prosperity. historic upset against hillary. probably on the way to winning a second term. the media calls this guy a lying mentally ill racist who needs to be imprisoned or impeached. it's so unfair and disgusting what's happening right now. he has every right to say that fake news is the enemy of the american people. >> emily: president trump weighs in on devin nunes' massive lawsuit against twitter. jerry reed singing "eastbound and down" ♪eastbound and down. loaded up and truckin'♪ ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪
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>> jesse: devin nunes blasting twitter for a whopping $250 million lawsuit, accusing the tech giant of massive bias and unfairly targeting him. >> this was an orchestrated effort, people were targeting me. there were anonymous accounts that were developed. there's not supposed to be these accounts -- they are not supposed to exist. how is it that every day there is conservatives being banned? they should come clean, give us all your algorithms. this is more than just conservatives. every american should care about this they care about the first amendment. >> jesse: okay, emily, judge napolitano says -- president trump, before we react to that, also talked about the big tech bias. >> we have to do something. things are happening. names are taken off. people aren't getting through. you've heard the same complaints. it seems to be if they're conservative, if the republicans, if they're in a
2:29 pm
certain group, there is discrimination and big discrimination. i see absolutely on twitter. and facebook which i have also in others i see. i really focus more on the one platform. >> jesse: all right, so as i was saying, judge napolitano said on our air that it's not illegal for twitter to shadow ban people or take action because it's a private entity. >> emily: i definitely agree. what's tricky is courts have held two things that helped twitter. primarily they can do what they want. they can ban people, demote users, whatever. and that they aren't responsible for the content they post. there was a case upheld through the united states supreme court that basically yelp didn't have to take down a defamatory post. i want to point out that we have lawmakers arguing about things, in the communications decency act, that's what set out these platforms are not responsible for the content unless they put something novel on it. as an argument in the courts whether that novelty has to do
2:30 pm
with add, whatever. it would be up to lawmakers to change the loss if they wanted. right now the courts are favoring the platforms. that being said, these tech companies are on the hot seat in congress so would probably behoove them to have a warmer relationship between the two. twitter is tricky and that it sets its own rules. it can say we didn't need -- mean to shadow ban you and we didn't and it was an exception and it was an algorithm or whatever. they can always get out of it and a court setting, which they do. >> jesse: it's not just twitter, juan, who makes mistakes. quote-unquote. facebook had to apologize because they shadow band trump's own social media director, dan scavino. seems like a lot of the mistakes of the social media platforms are making always end up damaging conservatives. >> juan: from what i understand, they thought he was a bought.
2:31 pm
this guy is repeating something in such a fashion that we don't think he's a real person. you can understand that. i think the larger point here is this is a nuisance lawsuit. i think he just wants attention. he's a guy who said president obama was somehow wiretapping donald trump. no truth to it. he now says they are making fun -- they are making fun of his mom or something. he didn't like it. >> emily: a parody account. >> juan: i think that emily is on target. they are a private company. but they are on the hot seat with regard to hate speech and a lot of the conspiracy theories that foment violence and anger. people have a right to say hey, why don't you regulate that? i don't think this is what devin nunes is talking about. >> jesse: to be clear, obama officials were wiretapping. >> juan: stopped, get out of here. >> jesse: it's been recorded, even in "the new york times." dana, is this frivolous? >> dana: it's interesting because for those of us who've
2:32 pm
been the target of bots, russian bots, is it a nuisance? may be. he may be the first to say i'm going to file this lawsuit. maybe he doesn't think it's going anywhere. the problem for the tech companies is they have no natural political allies. the left thinks the social media companies helped elect donald trump. they are matted facebook and all that. then you have the right, thinking social media companies are only supportive of the left. the media companies are mad because social media is taking away ad dollars and clicks. you have a situation where big tech is like big pharma and big oil and tobacco all rolled into one. >> jesse: they need better lobbyists. >> greg: i don't know where to start. twitter benefits from the fact that it doesn't know what it is. it's writing the line between utility and publishing so it can
2:33 pm
constantly move around and say we are not this and we are not that. we have to put them in a box because it's time. you know what twitter is? >> juan: i am shocked you said that. >> greg: twitter is america's bathroom wall. i said this over and over again. when website started, with "the huffington post" target, i was there at the beginning. when breitbart started, i was there at the beginning. the worst part about those websites where the comments section so everybody said don't read the comments section. just read the articles. the articles are fine. ignore the comments sections. what is twitter? it's the comment section without the articles. it's an engine of unhappiness and bitterness and loneliness. it doesn't have any substance. the company is like a lot of corporations and that it's made up of cowards who are terrified of the social media mob. the left has mastered the weaponry of the mob. it takes three people to frighten a company to drop their
2:34 pm
advertising, if you know what i mean. but twitter is okay. if christians and pro-lifers are pissed off, because they know advertisers don't care. the right has to learn from the left and go after the people who bend to the mob. go after the advertisers who bend to the mob. >> juan: i thought you are on target and zing finally we have to put these guys in a box. they say they have no responsibility for the most vicious, awful things. they should be held responsible because they spread it. >> jesse: greg still wants me to follow him on twitter. [laughter] >> greg: you don't have to. it doesn't matter. >> dana: it's not reality. >> greg: i got this piece of information from a company. their staff stopped promoting their products on twitter. no effect. no effect. why are we tweeting? >> dana: let's self deplatform. >> jesse: up next, ridiculous
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just like you. begin your journey at ♪ before work -- >> greg: a new study of millennials found one-d believe their lives are more stressful than the average person in 60% feel life is more stressful than ever before. okay. to hold those opinions, you cannot have been alive or cognizant during world wars, terror attacks, crime waves, killer diseases, when jimmy carter was president, the cuban missile crisis, or when dinosaurs walked the earth. how else can you believe living the most prosperous peaceful time in existence, the trump era, is stressful. you want stressful, look up 1942 or don knots. i think your life -- seeking your life is more stressful is simply human nature.
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zero likes. that made me happy, dana. people still get upset about human interaction. >> dana: yes. that happened to peter and me a couple weeks ago. he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. >> greg: i hate that. >> dana: he was in a bad mood and he yelled at jasper. >> jesse: wow. >> dana: told him to get out of the way in bed. he said how can you do that? i'm sorry, peter, that i'm telling the story. he started mocking me. he was like oh, jasper, why don't you move across the bed. i didn't speak to him for four hours. >> jesse: i thought the conways had a problem. [laughter] >> greg: the equivalent of the conways would be peter going to some other network and trashing jasper. [laughter] >> dana: like animal planet. >> greg: you are saying that jasper is the greatest and peter
2:42 pm
is on animal planet. >> dana: we made up. >> greg: emily, i guess technically you're millennial. >> emily: i'm not. i was born in the '70s. >> greg: you're going to be 50 this march? >> emily: close to it. i feel like that ever one thing they are afraid of is disconnection because they don't have real connections on the outside and also i went to a party and there were a bunch of influencers there and i was like interesting, whatever. they were all children. none of them knew how to speak. none of them knew how to have a conversation. i was horrified. i left early. it was horrible. i have a good idea for a reality show. millennials versus everyone else. you have to navigate life and they can use their devices. they have to use ask for direc. they will not succeed. >> jesse: i like house she
2:43 pm
says -- how she says "and also." >> greg: juan, you are divorced from technology. >> juan: i'm not divorced. i have two cell phones. i even read books on an ipad. took me a long time because i like hardcovers. >> greg: what is your daily stress? >> juan: i can name it. [laughter] when young people talk about this, i think it ties into loneliness, sense of being separate, jealous of other people. because other people have things. they are on a great trip and the like. the alienation to me is a big factor, and i see it in suicide numbers among young people. it's often cited as because they were being bullied and it's coming through that kind of media. to me, we are living through changing times. they are the tip of the sphere in terms of having been influenced and growing up with this. everything from pornography to
2:44 pm
music is different. >> greg: we have said technology is way ahead of humanity. jesse, one of these stressors was "engine light goes on" in car. >> jesse: it is stressful. happened to me. not a pretty picture. 100 years ago, they didn't have a word for stress. it was called life. he woke up, went to work, went to war, came home, had a drink, went to bed. the last century, there was a draft. people had their heads cracked open protesting civil rights. they had kids dying because they didn't have the right medicine and our kids are upset because they are not getting likes. i was reading "the new york times" magazine and there was a great quote that i would like to share. i blame the parents. it's his parents should prepare their kids for the road, not the road for the kid. that's because you caught all these kids because i never uncomfortable in whatever they faced adversity, they melt down. that's why my parents sent me to
2:45 pm
outdoor wilderness survival schools to make me so uncomfortable. >> greg: they were trying to kill you. >> jesse: they just wanted me to suffer. >> dana: i love the story, when you got blisters on your feet. >> jesse: on my face. i had zinc oxide all over my face because my face peeled off. >> emily: from the sun? [laughter] >> jesse: yes. it was more than just a sunburn. >> greg: we take pleasure in your sunburn. -- in your suffering. up next, the one thing that makes many of us furious when flying. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence?
2:46 pm
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♪ >> juan: welcome back. if you fly often, and we are flying all the time, you probably can't stand it when the person in front of you puts their seat back. one writer has had enough and she's calling out those passengers. "reclining is perfectly acceptable on flights longer than four or five hours, especially if it's an overnighter. but if you are reclaiming your seat on into our midday puddle jumper, i hope you miss your connection and get stuck at
2:50 pm
laguardia airport without an $8 coffee to comfort you." jesse, do you agree? >> jesse: i do. i am more sensitive than i appear on television. i am tall and i don't like people in my lap. when i recline and i don't do it often, i am compassionate about the person behind me because i'm a compassionate conservative. [laughter] i will only recline halfway. i will almost apologize as i'm reclining because i feel bad for people. >> juan: dana, there's an innovation that you can buy and you stick it -- >> dana: you better not do that to me. when you are really short, one of the things with this seat design is that the back of the seat pushes your head forward so you have to sit like this which is why you need to recline an inch or so on a two hour puddle jumper because it is so uncomfortable. i paid for a seat too, and it comes with the ability to recline. >> juan: now they have
2:51 pm
something called prerecline seats on some planes. >> dana: oh, ridiculous! >> greg: air travel is safer every year but it's becoming gloomier because of whiny jerks. they don't fly enough. oh, i can't believe. oh, they reclining. your seat can recline too. when i recline, your recline. with getting me really angry is the boarding process and the tsa's inconsistent guidelines. 99% of tsa is great. i love those guys. but there's one person who abuses their power and it sickens me. the bins are coming, you stack the bins. i am stacking the bins, stacking the bins, i -- as i walk away, a lady goes excuse me. you have to stack that band. i say i've just stack them for . for tsa, one of your people is abusing their power, what if we
2:52 pm
say no? what can be done? i want to know. she demanded i come back over there and put a pin back. >> jesse: you listened to her, didn't you? >> greg: i didn't know what happened. >> juan: you don't want to get hooked up -- >> greg: somebody should say, don't abuse your power. >> juan: they would call the cops. >> greg: we are not moving a bin! >> jesse: you are on the watch list. >> juan: somebody is having a moment. i don't like it when people put their seat back in front of me because i am cramped, especially if i'm eating something. they are in my food. >> emily: it's a feature on the plane and i will avail myself of that feature. i totally recline. being small, my legs barely touch the ground. i have to lean back. if someone behind me is pushing back, that would not be okay. if there is some movement to change it, then change the plane dynamics. also i feel like the girl who wrote that, she's obviously millennial. she's complaining about that and
2:53 pm
citing an $8 coffee. my coffee is $1.35. >> juan: i think people have started fistfights over this. all all right, "one more thing"p next. speaking of insane, have i not taken a vacation in 4 years? i should probably do that, and get a new car. how about a road trip? or tokyo? well i've got to celebrate, because now i'm going to be debt-free even sooner. and this is why i sofi. when you refinance your student loans with sofi, you can save thousands.
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. ♪ >> dana: time now for "one more thing," march madness starts and it's also -- get ready. what did the march say to all the madness? >> emily: what? [laughter] what do the march say to all the madness? >> jesse: i don't know. it >> dana: what's all that bracket? where do basketball players get the uniforms?
2:58 pm
new jersey! what does a hunter do with the basketball? where do basketball players get their coffee? >> greg: dunkin' donuts! >> dana: what does a basketball player do when he loses his eyesight? [laughter] becomes a referee! >> juan: you guys remember the flintstones if you are as old as i am. as you know, fred lived in bed rock in a stone cartoon house, a real-life version of the flintstones cave dwelling was built in the 70s. the site now includes statues of dinosaurs, as well as recreations of fred and wilma,
2:59 pm
there's also a big sign. some people are upset, the county filed a suit claiming the house is a public nuisance, and the owner never got work permits. the local government is saying yabba-dabba-don't. >> jesse: elizabeth warren says the flintstones are sexist also. remember last year, i brought you guys the russian men's lapping tournament? the championships are back. you line up at the podium, you take turns slapping each other, you can't block it. this guy knocked the other guy out, here it comes. one to three and he's out. he won a thousand russian ruble russian rubles. >> dana: can you do ten seconds.
3:00 pm
>> emily: deployed for ten months, he came home and surprised his son in tennessee, watch this. >> i am so proud of you. >> dana: set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five," "special report" is up next. >> bret: sometimes i feel man slapped but it's okay. president trump says the worst is yet to come, democrats are proposing big changes for the u.s. supreme court, the electoral college, and the nation's voting age and we take you for an exclusive look at the front lines in syria as u.s. backed forces engage isis in the terror group's last stand, this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you live tonight from the white house where i will talk with one of the president's top economic advisors in just a few minutes, we begin with president trump saying all options are


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