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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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there is a lot of all of those things going on right now. but someday it will be better. good night from washington, guess who is next? okay, take three guesses, sean hannity from new york. >> sean: all right, thank you. great show, as always. welcome to "hannity," we have a number of breaking news stories. we will cover them all including another insane anti-trump conspiracy theory by the cowardly shift himself. a huge development today in the mueller witch hunt, and an update on the massive college admission scandal. and we will continue the "hannity watch" on the radical 2020 democrats i would like to be president with an investigation into beto "bozo robert francis" o'rourke in his home state of texas. but first, we get started with the round up of the worst moments from the democratic hopefuls for president, something that the mainstream media, we know that they will never do. it is only tuesday, butt the
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dozen far left candidates trying to replace president trump are getting off to a rough start. take, for example,ou elizabeth warren and kirsten gillibrand, they do not like that president trump was able to successfully select two original supreme court justices.t so now they want to get rid of the supreme court as we have it currently configured. both senators told "politico" that they are open to increasing the amount of supreme court justices, and this would give them the ability to stack the court with far left, activist justices, thereby leaving the third coequal branch of government, well, fairly powerless. constantly under the thumb of the executive branch. this is beyond unethical, it is unconstitutional. it is a power grab. but what else do we expect from elizabeth warren? a she has been rigging the system for years, getting ahead by lying about her ancestry.h and let's not forget about cory "spartacus" booker, he is also taking a brief stand against
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the scary supreme court, watch this. >> the former ag has tried to s give out and expanding people in the ninth straight to court to get more progressives on there. where you on that? >> i think that we need to fix this in court, they have a supreme court seat. >> should we keep it at nine? >> i think i would like to sort of explore a lot of options and we should have a limit per supreme court justices. it might be one thing to get every president to choose three. people holding onto those seats in ways that i do not think is necessarily healthy. >> sean: you may want to note that spartacus was not determining term limits for his own position as a u.s. senator. where kavanaugh and neil gorsuch presided. this is part of a far left tactics. when you cannot win an election based on ideas and policy at the ballot box, they just go to rigging the i system. which is why elizabeth warren is now trying to dismantle the very way that we even elect a president. e
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it does not work in her favor, take a look. >> my view is that the every vote matters. and the way that we can make that happen -- [applause] is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the electoral college. and everybody -- [cheers and applause] >> sean: sure, let's let new york, new jersey, massachusetts, illinois, and california determine every president. you see, she does not want every vote to count. in other words, she wants toto ignore all of the states in the middle of the country. the red states, of course. no more electoral college, numerous supreme court as we know it, checks and balances thrown to the wind. but of course if democrats get their way, the third trimester abortion include infanticide during and after birth, that would be perfectly legal and readily available.
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sadly, they are fighting for that. it would protect infanticide above all else. naturally, this includes beto "bozo robert francis" o'rourke. let's take a look. >> are you for or against third trimester abortion? >> the question is about abortion and reproductive rights, and my answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. y i trust her, so that is my answer. >> sean: first we will deliver the baby, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia said and then we will make sure that the baby is comfortable. and then we will let the mother decide. unbelievable, and they call trump immoral and every other name in the book. and they told you that justice kavanaugh was aev monster, but every democrat running for president cheers for this issue of infanticide. think about that. now meanwhile, they try topr shame conservatives for what? wanting border security? wanting to stop drugs from crossing the border? controlled immigration?
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on monday, senator gillibrand said that there is no such thing as an illegal human. take a look. >> immigration is not a security issue, it i an economic and a humanitarian and a family issue. [applause] there is no such thing as an illegal human. >> sean: beto wants to get rids of all walls on the southern border, gillibrand wants open borders, no walls, no checks, no nothing. and she wants to abolish immigration and customss enforcement. and that's not all, she's promising to pay for an influx of illegal immigrants through the green new deal. the one that promises to turn america into a socialist utopian and take away all of your fears and the government will control their means of production like energy and health care. an estimated cost $94 trillion in the process on ten years, and keep in mind that the
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entire federal budget was $4 trillion. democrats, they say that you don't have to worry about the cost. they want to worry about the planet not being burned up in 12 years. they want government run health care, government people for higher education for all. government pay for vacations,hi family leave, sponsored healthy food, government healthy food, government monthly income for everybody. whether you are willing or unwilling to work. and building renovation, every building in the country. each and every building for energy efficiency. and of course the end of all fossil fuels and cows and planes in ten years, and gillibrand supports that, so does elizabeth warren. take a look. >> when you look at the green new deal, understand that this is about building the infrastructure for the 21st century. [applause] for a sustainable world. >> sean: at the same town hall, warren proposed over $100 trillion in new spending.. $100 trillion.
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that is $94 trillion more than the entire 2018 federal budget. the green new deal is insane, and it would guarantee poverty and a dying country and economy. nearly every 2020 democrat supports it including spartacus. and despite supporting the biggest socialist takeoverts in the history of the earth, senator spartacus wants you to know that heal is not a socialist. well, what do you call it then? take a look. >> i am for capitalism, i am tired of companies engaging in socialism -- >> okay, i agree. >> they outsource -- >> that is a good rhetoricalal pun. >> i am not a socialist. >> we have people in the party who are. >> i believe in fundamental principles. >> sean: even matthews is laughing. now booker is a perfect representation of what is a radical socialist extreme democrat and the entire field for that matter is the fact
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that his party has been so far left even liberal businesspeople, andrew yang is gaining traction for promising to give every american $1,000 each and every month doubling the federal budget in the process. and tonight that field, the far left candidates is going to be even more crowded, according to "the wall street journal," well, creepy, crazy, uncle joe biden is telling supporters that he plans onzy running. we will have more on that later, but first we do have some good news, our "hannity watch" on the mueller witch hunt, leaving the special investigation coming after the pit bull, andrew weissmann announced his resignation a few days ago. this is yet another sign that the investigation hopefully, finally is almost over. and according to reports, many republicans and the administration are looking forward to mueller's findings. meanwhile, democrats now seem very anxious. that's because the trump-russin collusion was, is, and forever will be a hoax. and if mueller is a decent, honest man with reverence for
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the laws and constitution, the absurd collusion narrative will be put to rest once and for all. but we know that that is not going to happen, becausese the biggest liar in congress and leaker himself, the cowardly schiff who will not come on offeredogram, i have him four hours, three hours of radio, one hour of tv, and he will not take us up on the offer, he has been spreading conspiracy theories about russia and trump for an eternity now. and now they use the platform as the house intel chair in order to malign the president with endlessho mccarthy-esque investigations. and recently schiff told nbc news that the intelligence investigation is important because "it goes to a present threat to the national security. whether the president and anybody around him are compromised by a foreign power." okay, well, a sitting congressman, chairman of the house committee recklessly pushing a conspiracy theory government isn controlling our country without evidence, he should be ashamed
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of himself, but of course, he is not. like most democrats, they unrelenting hatred 24/7 for president trump overrules all common decency. logic, common sense. schiff and other democrats want the president to fail, even if that means america will fail in the process. okay, we have a lot more to get to, breaking news tonight, but joining us, fox news contributor, former interim dnc chairwoman, donna brazile. i'm going to have a lightning round with -- >> sean, first of all, you should say, welcome, donna. how are you? >> sean: welcome, i have known you for years, we have had a very friendly, i would say, cordial relationship, we have met at a lot of debates and a lot ofof conventions. we always have a good time. we ask how each other ares doing, and we never agree on much, do we? >> no, but that is not the point. the point is that it is a great honor to be back on your show. and i am looking forward to these conversations. i am not running -- first of
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all i will not use my microphone to run for anything. i'm making no announcements tonight, but i'm glad to see you tonight on st. joseph's day. >> sean: just for being on thee show, you will get in trouble with some democrats. why are you on "hannity"'s show? why do you talk to him? he is not a nice guy. and then you have to tell them that he is not that bad. >> you know, a couple of weeks ago you had me on the show, and we talked about my new book with four -- three other women, for colored girls who consider politics. you had me on the show before. so thank you for having me again. >> sean: welcome to the fox news channel, for those that say that t we do not have varying opinions, i could go down the list, and if i do, i will probably get in trouble, so i will stay away from trouble over once in my life. we will play a lightning round. i'm just asking you to play along. medicare for all is going to ba $3.3 trillion for every year for ten years. and people like kamala harris
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say that people would have no choice at private health care, do you agree with that? >> we are in the beginning of a very extensive conversation. it is not just about radicalism, it is about making sure that americans -- >> sean: this is a lightning round, i'm asking donna brazile -- >> come on. i cannot do 2 minutes? >> sean: we are going to go through the list -- >> kamala harris. medicare for all -- >> sean: after the list then i will let you expand. how's that? >> over 56% of the american people support some form of medicare for all medicare plus et cetera. >> sean: should people be allowed to get private insurance? >> if they want to keep their private insurance and maintain it as i would -- >> sean: you disagree with kamala. next question. >> no, i do not disagree. i hope that she can explain. >> sean: she double down on it. >> she can ensure that we do not have millions of americans who cannot afford their
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prescription drugs. goodeed to have a conversation about this. >> sean: we are not working the lightning yet, we have to get the lightning. >> i am not about lightning. come on. >> sean: we will give you time to expand. now a lot of your party, eight states and even congress want late term abortions. in one case, you had a woman io virginia house of delegates say that even up to the birthing process, dilation she supports a woman's right to have an abortion.up >> that was not exactly true, but let me say this, democrats -- >> sean: i will quote the governor. >> democrats believe that this is a choice that women should have a say in. we believe that -- >> sean: in the ninth month of pregnancy? >> look, we believe -- >> sean: yes? the ninth month ofof pregnancy when the child is viable? >> i am not a doctor and i will not tell anyone want to do with his or her body. the democratic party also
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believes very strongly that abortions -- a >> sean: 's white woman that is due to give birth in 48 hours and she decides to have an abortion, you don't think we have a duty and responsibility -- >> you are asking donna brazile,e sean. a >> sean: donna brazile, i am asking you. >> i believe as a woman i would like to have a full range of reproductive health services. >> sean: that is the >> i believe that this is a decision that i should have in. consultation with my doctor and other medical professionals. that is the position i have taken. >> sean: do you support to the new green deal's goal of getting rid of all oil and gas in ten years? >> i believe that hr109 should be debated and i believe that it is going to go before at least 4 or 5 committees and we need to do something about climate change. >> sean: should we get rid of oil and gas?
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>> i believe that we need cleaner sources, cleaner resources. and yes, ten years from now -- >> sean: do you believe that we should replace -- >> i cannot do this in 30 seconds, these are very important issues. >> sean: i just want to know what part of the green new deal? it says in the green new deal, here, it says everything is going to be three end that -- >> no, that is not true. >> sean: and we will get rid of oil and gas and all w combustion engines and eventually cows. donna, donna, donna, help me out. e >> i have read 109 -- >> sean: it says in ten years, in ten years they are going to get rid of oil, gas, the combustion engine, and hopefully soon thereafter airplanes and powers. it is black and white. and i'm asking do you support that -- >> that is not. they have gone after many people and said these thingspo about the green new deal --
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>> sean: politifacts. >> i am believing that they are a credible source. and this is a piece of legislation. hr109. go look at it yourself and stop trying to exploit the fact that they are talking about -- you made me read the darn thing after i was on the show last time. and i'm like, there is nothing in this that said about the airplanes. >> sean: it is in their word for word, i have a copy of it right here. let me ask you the next question. do you think that it is a good idea to secure the southern borders with walls? >> i believe that we need to suse multiple efforts in north and south. i do not believe that the president's planned what will work. >> sean: do you believe that we should continue to have i.c.e. and other law enforcement officers?s? >> i believe that we need comprehensive immigration reform. >> sean: do you support keeping i.c.e.? >> i believe that we need to reform i.c.e. i do not like the job that they are doing now.
10:17 pm
i've not taking a personal position on that, but i do understand that there are other members of the democratic party, and i do not speak for all democrats. i only speak for donna. >> sean: you are the former head of the dnc, do you want the voting age lowered to 16? do you want the electoral college removed? and do you want more supreme court justices added to the nine? >> would i like to see the voting age lowered as several countries including i believe brazil, a country named after my family, austria, brussels, others, in heights field, maryland, as well as takoma park, they are experimenting with this. we need to experiment with more ways to get them involved in the democratic process. >> sean: do you think -- >> and the electoral college, there have been four time since 1860 where the electoral college, as you well know, onee of the popular voters, one of
10:18 pm
the popular vote has lost the electoral college. i'm actually reading a great book about this, sean. we will have another conversation to talk about it. >> sean: we will talk about books later. is there anything that you hear of the current prompt of 2020 candidates where you say, wow, they are going to promise a guaranteed salary and promise family leave, medical leave, pre-k education, college education, guaranteed, guaranteed healthy l food, guaranteed retirement, guaranteed health care? is there anything that adds up -- the new deal, the green new deal adds up to $94 trillion in ten years. do you think that is socialism? >> first of all, i think that is fuzzy math, and no, the textbook definition of socialism, no. >> sean: the former head of the cbo. >> these are policy ideas that democrats are offering. many democratic candidates are offering to the voters. the voters will ultimately decide what are these policy
10:19 pm
prescriptions they believe in and what candidates they believe can carry their agenda. this is why we have conversations and debate. and sean, if you are not interested in listening to the democratic candidates, then look somewhere else. but these are important ideas. >> sean: i'm not voting for any of them, trust me. >> these are my ideas, and i also want to tell you why you disagree with you. i've known adam schiff for a long time. you mention adam schiff, he is a very decent and honorable person. >> sean: no, he is not. >> i will tell them to come on your show. >> sean: tell him to come on, i am offering him for hours, i have everything documented. i will have the interview. >> look, i'm not your broker and i don't knowry who will return your call in the office. but i can tell you this much, he is an honorable -- >> sean: i will give you a minute to answer the last question, let me get to the last question, the last question is this. barack obama was president for eight years, putting aside the
10:20 pm
$150 billion idiotic iranian in deal, this is what the economy was after 13 more years, 30 million more americans on food stamps, 80 million more in poverty, lowest participation rates and see '70s, the works were covered you since the lowest income rate in 40 years, the president that did not reach 3% gdp in any years as president and accumulated more death and 43 presidents combined. >> he has not met the third one. >> sean: but donald trump becomes president gets rid of regulations. hang on, i'm going to give you time to answer. president trump gets in office, we are now energy independent for the first time in seven 70 years, we are net exporter of energy.d we now have created 6 million new jobs, over 1 million fewer people on food stamps and in poverty. the lowest unemployment raten ever for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, and youth unemployment, tell me why could not obama get done in eightsp years what trump got done in t
10:21 pm
two? >> first of all, he could not have gotten anything done had obama not began to put in the hard work and the muscle and the quality energy to get the economy back on its feet after the great recession of 2008. i do believe that the legacy of president obama will be one of help infusing, sustaining the economy, helping to build the engine of the country and getting more people --he >> sean: why did it take eight years and we have 13 million more americans on food stamps? 8 million more in poverty? he set one record after another. >> you forget what stacy abram said, i don't want this president to fail, just want him to tell the truth. but i will tell you what the last president did -- >> sean: you want him to tweet less. >> i saw the president roll up his sleeve and get to work. president obama did that -- >> sean: this is what he did. jerusalem is the capital in
10:22 pm
israel. >> that's what president trump should do. >> sean: what about the rockets being fired over japan? >> making sure that every american gets a head start and a healthy start. that's what we all want. >> sean: i will take trump's record overou obama's failed record every day. welcome to the fox news channel -- >> i will take obama's good record, and i hope that president trump will continue to follow -- >> sean: one day you should fill in on my show and host the show. >> oh, sean, can you imagine if i could be sean hannity for like 30 minutes a night, come on, baby. >> sean: it's in our show, you can handle it. you'll be good. >> by the way, thank you. it is a great honor. i know we do not always agree, but the fact that you allow me on to give you my views and my appreciate it. and thank you. >> sean: donna brazile, thank you for being with a us. when we come back better in news anchor, our old buddy, edited fake news ted koppel seeing the light and admitting that the mainstream media is out to get president trump. i will explain with a mini monologue coming up and reaction from joe concha and it is his world, jesse watters
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♪ >> sean: we turn our attention to "hannity watch" on the destroyed trump media mob, one member of the press may be seeing the light. listen to what ted koppel had to say earlier this month about "the new york times" and "the washington post." take a look. >> i am terribly concerned that when you talk about our times these days, when you talk about "the washington post" these days, we are not talking about "the new york times" in 50 years. we are not talking about to "the washington post" of 50 years ago. we are talking about believeations that i had in fact decided as
10:28 pm
organizations that donald j. b trump is bad for the united states. >> sean: wow. let me be clear, i've had my history with ted koppel. remember 2017 i called it edited fake news, and he literally interviewed me for an hour. he cut it down to about not only that, but he told me i'm bad for america. ouch. take a look. >> sean: honestly i think that liberalism has to be defeated. socialism must be defeated in a political this is not, we do not want a revolution. >> what more do you want, you haveot the white house, the house, the senate? >> sean: and then we have angry snowflakes and a democratic establishment. i say that the press in this country is out to destroy this president. we have to give some credit to the american people that they are somewhat intelligent and they know the difference between opinion show in a news show. you are cynical. >> i am cynical. >> sean: do you think we are
10:29 pm
bad for america? do you think i am bad for america? >> yeah.yo >> sean: you do? >> in the long haul, i think that you and all of these opinion shows -- >> sean: that is sad, ted. >> because you are very good at what you do and you have a attracted a significant -- let me finish this sentence. let me finish the sentence. >> sean: i am listening. with all due respect. >> you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts. >> sean: not true. actually, you should go after the rest of the fake news f industry, because that's all they do. allies, and conspiracy, innuendo, every second, minute, hour of the day. but koppel has changed his tune. and he sees the credibility crisis on full display. the rest of them have not learned and they continue, well, their own ideology over facts, if you will. agenda every second, hour of the day.el
10:30 pm
for example, look at the smear of justice kavanaugh, and the rush to judgment in the jussie smollett hoax case. the covington catholic high school students, and of course, pushing russia, russia, russia, collusion, despite no evidence, all while trying to batter, bludgeon, and to be this president and anybody who supports him with reckless mayors. the truth is simple, the mainstream media is dead. they have been pushing a farde left ideology, disguised as straight news for decades. right here on this show, we are the whole newspaper. on the show there are plenty of hours that i can bring up radio, tv, hundreds of hours, straight news, hundredsapw of hours of investigative reporting, obama, the deep state. we cover stories ated the restf the media will not. we are now venting the 2020 candidates, they will not do that. we also do opinion. and along with sports and cultural issues. we are the whole paper. they say that theyit are news. they are not the whole paper. i'm part of the press. we do all of it.
10:31 pm
they are only supposed to do one part of it. american people are seeing right through this propaganda. the submission of information and arrangement, look at the poll from fake news cnn. 7 out of 10 now see the economy in america as being in good shape. the highest number since 2001. remember, democrats, they want to roll it back with their far left, failed socialist, open borders, late-term abortion agenda. 70% tax rates for individuals, and 90% for corporations. get rid of i.c.e., oil, gas, the combustion engine, and cows and planes. but you know better. you know that donald trump is bringing prosperity back to america. letting you build a brighter future for you and your kids and grandkids. here with reaction, media reporter from "the hill" and wor radio host joe concha, along with the cohost of "the five," cohost of "watters world," jesse watters. we will start with you.
10:32 pm
it is pretty obvious, trying to get this through to donna, donna is a little bit more old school though. >> yes. >> sean: democrats hid what they believed, now they are being open and transparent vis-a-vis 100 democrats supporting ocasio-cortez. >> well, i hope that we are paying her a lot of money on fox, because with the rough little lightning round, she is going to need a stiff drink after that one. but i think that if you look at the nasty rap sheet from the mainstream media against this president, the political crimes that we are talking about, first they did him dirty with the dossier and then they said that he was a traitor with vladimir putin. and then we get to them smearing random trump supporters and tried to bork kavanaugh, calling him with ghentally ill, they fat shame him. they say that his wife has a body double he and his daughter is the c word. now they are cheerleading for impeachment.
10:33 pm
so we had tom brokaw who actually said "we are at war with donald trump." and the media are war profiteers. if you look at the owners and the billionaires of "the washington post" and "the new york times," they just want a second watergate because they want to make money off of that. but this president has exposed the mainstream media for the greedy lying hacks that they are, and they are trying to push hoax and fake news. and as much as a prophet, the credibility is now shot because of the majority of the country that believes the mainstream media is fake news. >> sean: there is one thing that is true and i know that they like to attack fox. we have plenty of liberal voices on fox as you know, joe. and a new one in donna brazile. but the reality is that donald trump has literally so branded fake news that i do not think that they ever recover, >> i think whenever president trump leaves the
10:34 pm
stage, whenever that may be, compare it to the 2008 financial crash, when he leaves all of the oxygen goes out of the room and i don't know where date media outlets go from there. we see plenty of consolidation and downsizing and layoffs in the media right but go back to what ted koppel said when he said it was not "the new york times" and "the washington post," ben bradley of 50 years ago. he is exactly right. he talked about how so much opinion now is worked intoas reporting. and the american people are noticing this. let me give you two polls here. only 43% of people in one poll said that they could sort news from opinion. pew research found that only six in ten u.s. adults say that the news media should present facts alone without interpretation. that is the key. we do not need interpretation. we just need the facts. just 26% of adults surveyed can differentiate fact from opinion according to the same study. so 1976, three quarters of thet american public thought today
10:35 pm
that the press was trustworthy and something they had confidence in. now to jesse's point where he said a majority of americans believe that they report fake news. that is exactly true. it is 79% of independents. forget republicans andth democrats, thinks that the press knowingly pushes information that they know to be false or fake. that is according to an axios study last year. so it is having a profound effect that we are working so much opinion into what should be factual reporting that the american people are certainly noticing it. >> sean: great commentary and observations by both of you. you.e watters, thank joe concha thank you. when we come back, sara carter, breaking news report about how the dossier was disseminated among deep state actors. she will join us and explain. and later, a huge update the college admissions scam. that done tomorrow as we continue tonight on "hannity." ♪ she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work.
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♪ >> sean: explosive breaking news about the deep state that involves christopher steele and the state department official, fox news contributor is an investigative reporter sara carter is telling us tonight that trump actually pulled his nominee for ambassador to albania due to the past contacts with christopher steele and doj official bruce sara carter is with us as well as the author of the number o e best seller, "the russia hoax," legal analyst gregg jarrett. it is not just this case where there is contact as you break tonight with steele and ohr,us but even after steele was fired, i want you to explain the story and even after steele was fired for lying and leaking, he was funneling information from bruce ohr that he expected bruce ohr to give to the special counsel and the way that i read it, he did pass on to robert mueller. >> yes, that is correct, sean.
10:41 pm
what it is is the deputy, the former deputy assistant secretary kathleen kavalec, she was working under then victoria newland, and she was undery christopher steele even after the election. and what she was doing what she was passing information from steele even after he was fired. basically removed from the fbi as a source, because he was disseminating information in the dossier to the media, and that's what the fbi found out. but the fbi still wanted his information, so they were using kavalec as well as bruce ohr to get the information. it was not just bruce ohr, here is a member of the state department that was community to communicating with him, having phone conversations with him and discussing those conversations about the dossier with bruce ohr and moving that information to the fbi, what is really significant about thisru person in particular is that
10:42 pm
she was nominated to be the ambassador albania. when it came out and all of the emails and evidence came forward that she was actually part of this probe with trump and russia and that she was actually moving information, actually the senate asked that they stop. and not confirm her. that they wanted more of an investigation, and just s recently president trump pulled her nomination for confirmation as ambassador to albania, so she is no longer being considered for her ambassadorship. >> sean: you know, buzzfeed finally published the dossier in january of 2017 if i remember correctly, gregg jarrett, but then we have "the washington post," isikoff, david corn, they were leaking the contents of the dossier before the election. people said that hannity was saying that the information was out there, it was all out
10:43 pm
there. >> it was out there, the contents derived from the dossier were found by michael isikoff, and then more specifically by david corn of mother jones. and "the washington post" had also picked up on the story thanks to john brennan, the cia director and harry reid on capitol hill. so it was out there, what is interesting is that this thing spread like an airborne contagion in a 50-mile-per-hour wind, and it was to the extent that the dossier alleged trump-russia collusion was a hoax but it led to the witch hunt. >> sean: what i am having a hard time wrapping my arms around, we had nine months investigation in the page-strzok investigations. they investigated from july of 2016 up until mueller was appointed. and they both admitted that they found no evidence. but they kept going. what is amazing is a if mueller
10:44 pm
is supposed to be investigating trump-russian collusion, russian interference in the broader issue, why would he ignore the bought and paid for russian dossier that was used to disseminate through the outlets as i mentioned to the american people and then used as the basis for the fisa applications and not think that that was a big deal? >> that is the great irony andh actual tragedy, there was collusion. it was hillary-russia collusion, paying for -- >> sean: why did they not document it? >> mueller should have, but i suspected that rosenstein would not allow an extension that far. >> somebody needs to -- >> sean: but going from the 1980s, sara. >> somebody needs to ask mueller this question when his report is done and then they need to go to the doj and ask william barr what heeb is doing about this and who will investigate all of the malfeasance at the fbi and doj, because they disseminated it
10:45 pm
just like gregg said, far and wide, we can see it with the bureaucrats in the state department. greatan: thank you both, work both of you. there are a lot of things coming.ha get ready for the cascade of information, it's not far away. when we come back trace gallagher, the huge update on the college admissions scam story.n, and we send lawrence jones down to texas to see what people in the lone star state think of robert francis beto bozo's comments on late term abortion. that is next. ♪ omments on late term abortion. that i
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♪ >> sean: new developments tonight in the ongoing scandal involving the college admissions scam. joining us now with the very latest live from the west coast newsroom is our own trace gallagher. trace, getting bigger by the hour, almost.
10:50 pm
>> it is, sean, at the university of southern california, any student with ties to the college admission scandal is now really in education limbo. remember that usc already said students in question would have their cases reviewed, but the university has gone a step further by placing the hold on the accounts of the students which prevents them from registering for classes and getting their transcripts. and when the reviews are finally completed, the students could be expelled. and now actress lauren loughlin and designer mossimo giannulli who paid $500,000 to cheat their daughters into usc have high profile attorney sean berkowitz to represent them, prosecuting wealthy ceos during the enron scandal in 2006 telling them during the trial that they would not be able to buy their way out of this one, and saying after their convictions, no matter how rich and powerful you are, you have to play by the rules. no word yet if he has given his
10:51 pm
new client the same advice. >> sean: the thing that really stands out here more than anything it's photo shopping a picture of your child onto the body of an athlete,, i'm like oh, wow.w. >> in a sport they have never played. >> sean: in a sport they have never played, not even once. all right, pretty nuts. blind ambition if ever there was, all right, trace, thank you. as you heard earlier in the show, robert francis beto "bozo" o'rourke said late term abortion should be a woman's decision, fox news contributor lawrence jones to beto's home state of texas to ask people in the lone star state what they think of his radical stance, here's what they said. >> third trimester abortion is something that he supports. it's when it's a viable human. how do you feel about that? >> late term abortion, i don't know. i have no feeling on that. >> that probably would not --
10:52 pm
ethically, that is not right. >> is that the last straw for you? >> yes. >> as far as abortion, i don'tt want to comment on it because i have mixed views about it. >> that is a big aspect that could hold me back, for example, because i am very pro-life. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera, and dan bongino, let's start, let's go back to the admissions scandal, every parent wants the best for their kids, got it. but maybe if you invest the time and the s.a.t. tutor's like every other parents, maybe you wanted your kid to be an athlete and you need to start them and travel the country like i did every weekend for 15 years, i mean, and all of my friends ander all of their kids and they all did well in college admissions, because they sacrificed a lot. >> you know, i get that these parents did an awful thing, sean. and the thing that i cannot get past is how harshly they will now pay the penalty for it.
10:53 pm
felicity huffman pictured here has lost every role that she was contracted for. lori loughlin the same thing. being held on $1 million bail, facing a mail fraud to felony charges that will land them in prison. their daughters have been humiliated. they have been suspended from the school, they will be -- of their mission will be revoked. there is no doubt about that. this thing will grind on and on and it will treat these folks as if they were war criminals. you know, they did an awful thing. it is an object -- >> sean: for 20 years? what is the difference for example and the d.a. of massachusetts for families that are legacy, dan bongino, or that their father built the building, how do you say no to the admissions of that guy? or if they think somebody is going to donate, the schools, look at harvard, $37 million, and these schools get ton of money donated regularly.
10:54 pm
>> sean, there is a big difference, the difference is that these are allegations, the allegations are a fraud of actualal fraud. in other words, this was not my child's test result. there is a difference forud naming that hannity medical w plaza in queen's and then saying meet god forbid paying somebody to take a test for my -- >> i have geraldo rivera park in arizona. >> what? >> sean: wait a minute, i did not hear that. what do you have, geraldo? >> i have a park in the campus of u of a. my alma mater. >> sean: we all give back, frankly, as i said about everybody in the industry, most of the colleagues are lazy, overpaid, and don't do their real job. last word, geraldo. >> on the abortion issue, beto o'rourke, you may hate his
10:55 pm
position, but it is a brilliant political position because abortion will be the biggest issue of the supreme court, it will be the biggest issue in the 2020 election. >> sean: last word -- >> no, no, it is note brillia, this is a fully formed child that you are talking about terminating the life of, in the room come up in this position to him after the election, donald trump, and there is no way this appeals to anything more than the most radical of people in this country. >> sean: two of my favorite people in the world, geraldo rivera and dan bongino. if you thought that the mayorno of new york's meatless monday proposal was bad, wait until you hear what comrade de blasio is promoting now to combat global warming. the villain of the day next. -meg! there you are. did you take a picture of the cake
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>> sean: all right. time for the villain of the day. once again, new york, city o mayor, on monday, bill de blasio announced he wants to take
11:00 pm
billions of dollars from hard working americans to fight climate change. unbelievable. timeme for viewer comments. 2020 democrats, are these people trying to outradicalize each other? each fantasy is getting wilder. let not your heart be troubled, here's laura. >> laura: great show. the radicals have taken over. >> sean: they have taken over reall over the place. way beyond the place. >> laura: we're looking at 1972, reducks. wif you don't know what i'm talking about, look it up. i'm laura ingraham, in the "the ingraham angle" from washington. our coverage of the heinous killing of bambi has garnered incredible reaction from viewers. but how have local politicians and the media reacted to the story?er h our update straight ahead, plus how do muslim reformists in this


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