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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 20, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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your taxes and the school system. that must happen. >> she wants to expand social security benefits to illegal immigrants. that's all-time we have tonight. a brand-new podcast today, check it out at podcast it shannon bream, take it from here. >> reporter: welcome to fox news at night. 2020 hopeful debate over kicks off campaigning in new hampshire tonight doubling down on some of his most controversial issues like third trimester abortions. stick around for what they get wrong about climate change, the latest on radical position presidential hopefuls are taking don't like abolishing the electoral college and the only democrat pushing that. was would getting one of the electoral college actually do, and the president has just spoken out on that.
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donald trump calling around with the trump of the tropics interesting brazil is a fellow nato member and was president bolsinaro says himself. supposed to abolish the electoral college. we begin with molly line in new hampshire, the latest on beto's progressive plans. >> reporter: is you mentioned beto o'rourke rolling into the granite state speaking before welcoming crowd. he has received a lot of attention from his early start for his fundraising prowess. even today as he praised the granite state he also talked a lot about texas saying texas will have a seat in a democratic nominating process and seating the next president.
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30 electoral college votes now in play and that is something he hopes to bring to the national campaign. the man who gave national prominence by losing the senate race, a win is in his cards. >> we can win texas. we proven we know how to campaign, each of those counties, we've listened to the stories our fellow texans have told us, we incorporated it in the way we campaigned and are wish to serve. >> he is strong on buzz but short on specifics, something he got called out on this morning in pennsylvania. >> when i began to get an actual policy from you instead of nice stories. >> i'm being a specific as i can but i mentioned our criminal justice system. i called for a end to the prohibition on marijuana and the arrest records of anyone arrested for marijuana.
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>> some democratic white house hopefuls made multiple stops, multiple visits to new hampshire in this election cycle but for o'rourke this is his first but he is quick to cover a lot of ground. he plans to visit all ten counties on his trek through new hampshire. >> another day another far left litmus test. growing number of 2020 contenders latching onto another big idea after we reported here on a radical proposal to expand the supreme court. democrats are taking aim at the process of electing the president, one our framers put a lot of thought into. >> reporter: when it comes to
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politics california has two things that stand out. lots of liberals have lots of delegates and because the golden state has moved up its 2020 primary to march 3rd analysts say it means democratic presidential candidates may be forced to embrace a more progressive agenda like supporting the green new deal and ditching the electoral college. beto o'rourke ran as a centrist democrat lamented hillary clinton's 2016 loss to donald trump and told students at penn state there is a lot of wisdom getting rid of the electoral college saying, quote, because you had an election in 2016 where the loser got 3 million more votes than the victory put some states out of play altogether. they don't feel their votes really count. this comes one day after elizabeth warren had a similar plan telling the crowd, in mississippi, she supports national voting, we need to get rid of the electoral college. barack obama campaign manager said eliminating the electoral college is, quote, not going to happen saying it would lead to ignoring entire states quoting we would never go small states if there was no electoral college. you go to the major media
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markets, you would not go to iowa, you wouldn't go to montana, you wouldn't go to new hampshire. lindsey graham agreed quoting again the desire to abolish the electoral college is dropping by the idea democrats want rural america to go away politically. former president obama said there's a reason wyoming and its 500,000 presidents get two senator and california added 33 million residents also get just two senator saying the founders wanted to make sure the united states put a premium on the states. >> that was the idea. thank you. democrats argue the constitution is under attack by donald trump they are also saying it is outdated and have really progressive ideas to radically change it so let's debate with doug schon and karl rove and alexandra wilkes. welcome to all of you.
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the president just weighed in with a couple new tweets. in the past he said going after the popular vote would be an easier race to run. this is what he is saying. campaigning for the popular vote is much easier than campaigning for the electoral college but training for the hundred yard dash versus a marathon, the brilliance of the electoral college is you must go to many states to win. the popular vote just the large states. the city woods and up running the country, the entire midwest would end up losing all power and we can't let that happen. the electoral college is better for the usa. >> there is some wisdom the idea the country is better served by having a mechanism that takes a close election and give the victor a bump up if you will. if you look at the elections of 2000-2008 or 1992 it helped bill clinton govern to have the electoral college to give him a substantial majority and allow
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him to go forward. we need things that draws together, not tara supported the idea to abolish the electoral college, it is never going to happen. two thirds of both houses have to improve and 3 quarters of the states have to ratify, states like nebraska, the dakotas and idaho, utah, wyoming and a lot of states in the south like mississippi and arkansas are not going to give up the right to be considered just as important as others by having people come to their states and campaign. shannon: prominent democrats have endorsed packing the supreme court, changing the voting age to 16, abolishing the electoral college, weird how their answer is always let's just change the rules. are the opening themselves to criticism by holding these ideas? >> things like the green new
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deal, medicare for all, jobs for all, abolishing obligations under student loans are a lot more hot button. the electoral college is something that can and should be debated in a nonpolitical setting as it was after 1968 by richard nixon and hubert humphrey. i don't think it is mainstream for the parties change the voting age to 16, packing the supreme court is a bad idea. it was a bad idea when fdr considered it and it is a bad idea now. democrats have a big problem moving way left on economic and social issues, third trimester abortions being another one you alluded to. that is the problem. some of these wacky ideas you read out are not in play but they won't help a party that needs to be in the center to win.
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heather: when we see what is bubbling in from the 2020 contenders in iowa and new hampshire there is a new test every day and if you don't sign on to it the rest of the pack is pulling to the left and so i am not sure what will come next but it seems like one of those, it happens in primarys, how do they self-correct to the general whoever wins the nomination? >> i am not entirely sure how they are going to do this considering a freshman congresswoman came onto the scene and basically get all the 2020 contenders to start agreeing with banning and burgers, this is a party being pulled way to the left, and has been a person's to thousands elections because these early contenders like elizabeth warren didn't want to have happen what happened to hillary clinton in 2016 which is the challenge, you start to see these with the tests on medicare for all and now even more extreme territory
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with the electoral college, the court packing, something we have seen, the court packing we have seen beto o'rourke be open to, kamala harris and kirsten gillibrand open to this idea it is you mentioned these are ideas in response to losing. there is no guiding or limiting principle for democrats behind these ideas other than these institutions no longer serve them so they are being pulled to the left and i'm not sure there's time to course correct. >> if you look beyond the presidential race at the house race and senate races that will happen, you think as many people do there are a lot of democrats on the are uncomfortable because swing districts, moderate districts gave them back the house and now the only headlines are the most radical members of the freshman class getting all the attention. >> they are and you are right and you mentioned earlier how this would play out in the primary and affect the general
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election. we are going to have an unusually long primary season. it has are restarted and it will go 18 months until the democrats meet from start to finish and when they finish they will have their convention in milwaukee and there's going to be just over four months between that convention in the general election so the impression the american people develop during this primary season of the democratic party with all these sort of far out socialist ideas and very left-wing ideas is going to be hard to erase in a matter of for a half months between the democratic convention in november 2020 general election. >> new polling from cnn shows vast majority of people think the economy is in good shape, they feel good about how they are doing so is that an issue that is off the table for democrats and why they are focusing on these other outliers? >> it is not off the table. issues like income inequality and wage stagnation remains strong and the president's numbers are underwater so there
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is a democratic narrative but it is a pro growth centrist inclusive narrative, not redistribution as most of the candidates are now emphasizing. shannon: great to have all of you. beto gets fact checks on climate change and he's not going to like it in millennial's get more serious about embracing socialism. >> would you trade trump for madero? >> yes. i think madero was democratically elected. >> if there is a nicholas madero out here who is going to bring us to revolution i will support them? shannon: bradley morris and bradley to learn new revelations that the fbi were attacking trump's in a circle earlier than we previously thought. the president's in a circle might get charged by mueller. find out who next. ♪ ♪ ahhh, ha. ♪ ♪ oh yeah, baby. ♪
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>> shannon: we are getting new information about just how long the fbi was digging shannon: we are getting new information how long the fbi was digging around in the president's inner circle. katherine herridge has details on michael:. >> reporter: these heavily redacted court record so the investigation began nearly a year before the fbi raided his dwellings in april 2018. the special counsel requested and obtained multiple warrants for his emails that covered correspondence during the presidential campaign. the filing runs into hundreds of pages. 19 a completely blank out redacted with the heading, quote, the legal campaign contribution scheme underlying how the president's greatest legal exposure may be in the southern district of new york and unrelated to russian collusion. :put guilty to lying to congress
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as well as multiple financial crimes as well as campaign-finance violations after two women were paid to remain silent but alleged affairs prior to the presidential election, donald trump denies the allegations. the records show federal investigators also wanted historical and future location data for his iphone. to confirm from where he sent and received emails. in april 2018 the fbi side and obtained authority to use electronic technique. the justice department official said the investigators strategy is not common. >> probably geolocation and knowing where he is which could mean they are trying to corroborate him on important point or trying to find out if he's lying about an important point. >> people of 2018 timeframe appear significant because:testified he was told by the us attorney not to discuss conversations after the fbi raid. shannon: critics call the
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special counsel russia investigation everything from a fishing expedition to a witchhunt. with the revelation the fbi was going warrants as far back as mid-2017 do they feel vindicated or worried? bradley maas, are in c committeewoman harvey dylan here to join us as our legal eagles. great to have you. this quote appears in newsweek, a former federal prosecutor who worked on watergate, the headline is michael:document suggest significant threat of donald trump's inner family being indicted. ackerman told newsweek the reductions make it clear the probe is continuing in the primary target is likely donald trump. asked if trump, members of his family or business associates could wander being indicted as a result of the investigation he said absolutely. how worried should they be? >> what this whole episode shows is from the beginning of this
12:20 am
process the president was the target, not necessarily russian collusion. the risk is attached if the payments are in fact campaign-finance violations. i practice campaign-finance work and run for office as well. i think those payments are not campaign-finance violations. the fact that michael cohen pled guilty to them as a result of him being under the gun for a lot of other crimes as well, wanting to comply with prosecutors. of john edwards did not campaign campaign-finance violation then needed to donald trump in this situation. >> we know they were digging around much earlier in business practices, bank fraud, all kinds of things are looking at in 2017 but here is what mark meadows, one of the most outspoken conservatives on capitol hill said this, michael cohen lied about seeking a pardon from donald trump, wanting to work in donald trump's administration
12:21 am
and both times he lied under oath. does that make him an impeachable witness? he could be discredited? >> he could be discredited by have no reason to believe michael cohen said is relied upon if any ultimate prosecution of anybody else in the president's inner circle up to and including the president himself. documents don't lie. that is the quick apart. hundreds of pages were released from the justice department. they've got emails, icloud account, phone logs, everything off of his phones when they rated in april 2018, the recording devices, they don't need michael cohen's testimony for anything to go after anybody else unless they can corroborate it with someone else's testimony or other documentation. they have the receipt and that is why the president's inner circle should be scared, not anything michael cohen has said. >> they didn't charge them with
12:22 am
anything connected to russian collusion but i want to ask if you weigh in on greg craig, white house counsel for president obama and the new york times reporting he may end of getting charged as a result of the mueller investigation because they're deciding if he is going to be a crackdown on illegal foreign lobbying with ties to then ukrainian president back to buy russia didn't necessarily disclose that according to this report from the new york times or that is the potential allegation against him. with this change the investigation in a public perception of the key democrats ends of getting charged? >> that is the point. the reality is these violations, lobbying violations are not prosecuted both sides do it unfortunately and they should be prosecuted, but greg craig would not have been prosecutor be under the eye of the department of justice had not been to try to make the witchhunt against donald trump and his affiliates,
12:23 am
manafort and others, look more balanced and legitimate but in the specific facts here, former white house counsel appears to have lied to his partners, and reaching and deal with the doj and conceal the fact that he was attempting to manipulate american public perception of some very shady and bad people abroad in ukraine. he should go away for that but this is much broader but the same story is showing a couple other democrats, john podesta and others may be under investigation for violation. >> democrats are floating the idea they may attempt to make him our investigation look more balanced. >> a little bit. it will be draining the swamp, doj doing it, not the president but if you are liberal, conservative, if you're breaking the statute, concealing this information, preventing doj from properly implementing the statute he should be prosecuted.
12:24 am
that means gregory craig gets in trouble. >> we all think the law should be fair and equal regardless of party or ideology. thank you. is it time to lower the voting age to 16? >> it is important to capture kids when they are in high school and interested in all of this. shannon: the associated press fact checks beta overcome what he got really wrong about climate change and alexandria ocasio cortez gets help from spongebob squarepants to push the green new deal. get-together, especially after being diagnosed last year with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. (avo) another tru story with keytruda. (dr. kloecker) i started katy on keytruda and chemotherapy and she's getting results we rarely saw five years ago. (avo) in a clinical trial, significantly more patients lived longer and saw their tumors shrink than on chemotherapy alone. (dr. kloecker) it's changed my approach to treating patients.
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♪ >> shannon: beto said, we played it right here on the show. heather: beto said, we played it, scientists unanimously agree we had 12 years to turn around the climate change crisis or else. fact checkers say not so fast. more on the green new deal.
12:29 am
>> it warms another degree celsius going forward, we are screwed. that is the term scientists use. there are 12 years left to us to take bold decisive action together. >> reporter: earlier today than it was 2020 candidate doubles down on his 12 years or else claim. the associated press called his comments misinformed citing scientists. the facts according to the ap, quote, there is no scientific consensus much less unanimity that the planet only has 12 years to fix the problem. think progress run by the democratic think tank center for american progress as that is incorrect. think progress says he is correct and argues the ap has its facts wrong. one place where both organizations can agree, climate change is becoming a major issue in the 2020 presidential race.
12:30 am
>> climate change is not a hoax. >> reporter: bernie who is yet e a run meaning sanders's hard-line stance could become a reality. sanders joins a long list of 2020 candidates in favor of the grand -- green new deal, a nonbinding revolution taking center stage in the upcoming race. in a sweet earlier this morning your congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez pokes fun at those against the green new deal plan with a scene from spongebob squareplants. look closely, that glass enclosure is one of the characters lives, closed off from the environment. the senate will vote next week on the green new deal.
12:31 am
majority leader mitch mcconnell called for a vote to get senators on the record about how they are perceived. it is a nonbinding resolution, one that many democratic voters will watch closely to see how their lawmakers vote. heather: thank you very much. the president of resilient the us basking in renewed friendship between the two countries and with the two leaders sharing a lot of ideals and personality traits it was just a matter of time before the meeting broke the news. kristin fisher reporting on developments tonight. >> reporter: the headlines were supposed to be about venezuela or trade but anytime you have donald trump and the trump of the tropics side-by-side, what is supposed to be goes out the window and the comment everyone is talking about tonight, donald trump's intent to designate brazil as a major non-nato ally, perhaps fool nato member. >> have to talk to a lot of people but made a be nato ally which will greatly advance
12:32 am
security, cooperation between countries. >> reporter: those remarks from the president of the united states is exactly what the brazilian president wanted from his first official trip to washington. becoming a non-nato ally would make it easier for brazil to buy us weapons and cooperate with the us military. the two self-proclaimed nationalist presidents are talking about how to bring democracy to socialist venezuela and today bolsinaro indicated he might allow us troops to base out of brazil which shares a border with venezuela if the us decides to take military action against the socialist maduro regime. >> translator: more than willing and ready to fulfill this mission and take freedom and democracy to the country. >> all options are open. we may be doing that but we haven't done the toughest distinctions. we haven't done i would say right down the middle, a lot tougher if we need to do that.
12:33 am
>> reporter: tough talk in press conferences and on twitter was one of many similarities between the two men who share hard-line immigration policies, desire to improve trade between the two countries and disdain for the mainstream media. >> translator: stand side-by-side in efforts to ensure liberty and respect for traditional family lifestyles to god, our creator, gender acknowledgment, politically correct attitudes and against fake news. >> i call it fake news. i'm proud you're the president use the term fake news. >> reporter: the two leaders ci to eye on 2020. bolsinaro said he believed donald trump will win reelection. >> reporter: thank you very much. shannon: nancy pelosi says it is time for 16-year-olds to vote was a great way to engage youth or just a democratic ploy for votes? we will debate.
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heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ♪ >> environmental justice and gun-cont >> environmental justice and gun-control are affecting us right now and we should have the ability to make our vote count. they are just kids, they don't really care but given the opportunity to vote it would spark conversations especially in the classroom. heather: if democrats get their way those teens will soon be casting ballots. mike emanuel tells us about the story tonight. >> reporter: there's a push on the left of our younger kids to vote in the next presidential election. house democrats tried to shift the voting age in federal elections from 18 to 16. there argument is young people are mobilizing and pushing older
12:39 am
americans to action on issues ranging from gun violence to climate change. >> they are at the forefront of social and associative movements that have earned inclusion in our democracy. the beginning of the age of 16. >> presley's amendment failed by 179 votes but a majority of democrats favorite. the amendment is not adopted. >> reporter: so does the house speaker who says she has always favored lowering the voting age. >> important to capture kids when they are in high school when they are interested in all of this, when they are learning about government. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell fired back there is no need to drive turnout. >> what is the problem? we had the biggest election turnout since 1966 last year. the idea is to make it more likely we have a higher turnout, seems to me that is happening. >> reporter: other republicans county democrats are pushing it because they are convinced it would benefit them. >> they think more of those individuals are going to vote
12:40 am
democrat and it helps them like they think allowing noncitizens to help them. >> reporter: the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971 but it took a constitutional amendment and part of the pitch was if you are old enough to fight in the vietnam war your old enough to vote. at this point that is not to appear to be that kind of energy to lower it to 16. shannon: thank you very much. democrats push to lower the voting age to 16 comes on the heels of other progressive ideas like abolishing ice, tearing down the border wall, packing the supreme court with new justices. let's bring in tonight's panel to talk about this new idea, stephanie hamel and richard fowler. welcome to all of you. i want to start by playing something from congresswoman presley who proposed this idea and got a lot of votes. here's what she says about having 16-year-olds vote. >> they are leading the next essential resource society, gun violence, climate change and so many other issues and they clearly have a stake in this democracy and they should cast a
12:41 am
ballot. heather: yes or no? >> know. democrats, the looney tunes party of power, they are power-hungry and they know 60-year-olds by popular culture, beyond -- whoever hollywood tells them to vote for they will vote for and that is the democratic party. the truth is when we talk up a slogan old enough to fight, old enough to vote because the military and wade eisenhower the first introduce this or at least talk about it, when individuals could join the military at 18 which makes a lot of sense. now they are looking for the reason they can gain more power just like they have done with sanctuary cities and in some cases local election allowing folks who may not be legal citizens to vote. shannon: he says looney tunes. let me read you something from the washington examiner,
12:42 am
lowering the voting age to 16 is a crazy idea, your brain does not develop until 25, 9 years after policy want young people to vote, some students don't take government classes until there senior year in high school and we expect them to we tied pod long enough to cast a ballot for president. >> you have to be clear and realistic about this from both sides which there will be a lot of hurdles to get this change because it will take a constitutional amendment which is two thirds of the house and senate and 3 quarters of the states but beyond that there is something to be said about what congressman when presley is saying. a lot of these movements, the pro-life movement, the march for life, a majority out there are 16, 17-year-olds. if you go to the enough is enough movement, the gun rights movement, a lot are young people come same with black lives matter. both sides of the are you going people seem to be folks moving the issues forward. the bigger the right to vote right away? know but this is a noble conversation and the debate with having.
12:43 am
shannon: something from mike burgess, a republican from texas who says those who pay taxes should have a voice in our democracy. as a teen i work and pay taxes. this week i voted for an amendment that would give young adults the right to vote. it failed by a wide margin. i support policies that encourage work and this could be part of the conversation. if you are paying taxes why not? >> these are 16-year-olds, we have lawmakers, mostly democrats who are pushing to raise the smoking age to 21 because they are not adults because people can't make their own decisions, this is outrageous, 60-year-olds, some have summer jobs, part-time jobs, some work full-time jobs but that doesn't make me comfortable with the idea they will make a decision for a national election that affect all of us. you had mentioned they are starting to learn the basics about the constitution and our government and how things work and richard brings up the point this -- there going to protest and that is because a lot of their instructors and teachers are liberals, giving class credit for them to attend these eventss.
12:44 am
>> if you listen to the example i used, the march for life is the first example, a pro-life conservative march. led by young people. if you talk to folks, the parkland students will tell you our parents aren't telling us to come out here, we're coming out because our lives are in danger the same if you talk to the march for life, we are here because we believe pro-life is the best way to be. these are people with real issues, real thoughts and to disregard those thoughts, not saying they should have the votes of right away but they have thoughts and they are part of our society. >> they can't buy a home, they can't get married so all these other things. >> they have voices and our policies affect them. >> we have not resolved it but for now know 16-year-olds voting at least for now. stick around. another hot topic to talk about involves this. is like in 2019 more stressful
12:45 am
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♪ >> would you >> would you trade trump for
12:49 am
maduro? >> yes. i think maduro was democratically elected. >> if went around was going to bring us to revolution i will support that. >> show solidarity with a country and then exercising their right for sovereignty. to try to resist american aggression. >> reporter: our power panelist, stephanie hamel getting interesting feedback a hands off venezuela protest in washington. what is driving this love affair, the rise of popularity of socialism? thanks for sticking around with us. this was you asking these questions. i will start with you. you asked them flat out would you rather have donald trump or maduro, these are americans who said maduro. were you surprised? >> very surprised. i wanted to learn about hands off venezuela.
12:50 am
i interviewed several people from -- who have family there who fled socialism and heard their horror stories and i'm wondering why would anyone protest the united states laughing sanctions on venezuela. we know 50 or 60 countries behind the us on this movement in supporting the opposition leader juan guaido. i thought maybe they didn't like the idea of any intervention because they don't think the united states should have to deal with other countries problems which is something donald trump talked about that we shouldn't medley another peoples problems but the problem is venezuela is a national security threat declared by obama in 2015 and i don't remember these protests happening. do they take issue with the fact that there is the possibility of military intervention or are they sympathizers for maduro and when i asked this question would
12:51 am
you trade trump for maduro, they said yes, they didn't hesitate. >> your thoughts on this? >> you can get people to say anything on camera. if you can get them to say they like maduro, they can say anything. >> what do you make of that? >> a lot of individuals are truly uninformed and follow popular movements like we talked about. this is the same thing we see, they don't know the policy or what the deflation rate is an just like richard said, anything on camera. shannon: this is a survey of millennials. 50% of them think life in 2019 is the most stressful it has ever been. we have a scroll of the most stressful things and i agree
12:52 am
with some of this but it is all about having a fight with your partner, traffic, screens, 41% of them said the damaged phone screen is worse than a check engine light coming on. are you stressed out? you look cool as a cucumber. >> here we are. we are all here and truthfully i am disappointed with some folks in my generation. a lot of us were innovative and willing to take chances and make things happen and i appreciate the examples being put on screen, different political ideologies here to make things happen but things have become pretty weird with this generation. a cracked phone screen is a big problem, go to the store and get it fixed. hopefully resting your parents basement because you did not finish college or anything like that but take initiative to make things happen.
12:53 am
shannon: no, you don't know stress, maybe tell them about food rationing in world war ii or the specter of being drafted for you vietnam or gasoline lines that stretched blocks in the 1970s. today's america stressful? poppycock which is the word millennial views all the time. we leave the easiest existence in human history and should be grateful for it. >> those ideals are the warped what they are stressing about. there are real concerns. we have $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, dealing home ownership because we are credit for, we're dealing with delaying families because we don't have the money to do so. there are real issues our generation could tackle. >> one in 5 said getting 0 likes on a social media post is pretty bad.
12:54 am
a very high stress situation. >> i was looking to this list and feel i go to that every day. i can relate to it but had to remind myself these are first world problems. i'm very grateful for my life and people are very upset about this and it is starting to impact their health. they should take a breather, go to a yoga class and we can collect things like a go fund me and send them to venezuela to learn about socialism and they will stop showing up these protests. shannon: being without a phone charger is stressful. >> high stress, low battery. getting your passport or not having a phone charger, more stressful than paying bills, i don't know. >> student loan debt is so high you have to think of small things. millennials show up at the job trying to be the boss on the
12:55 am
first day with no experience. that could be part of that. shannon: you are still our favorite millennials. shannon: if you can't get through homecomings without crying, the best thing you have seen all day. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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♪ >> shannon: 9-year-ol >>d 9-year-old lucas was sparrig with class unaware the man on the other side of his blindfold was his father who returned from serving 10 months in jordan in southern syria. what he heard his father's voice there was not a dry eye in the house. >> daddy? [laughter and applause] >> so proud of you. >> so precious. you have to remember how much
1:00 am
these family sacrifices are. thank you for your service, you and all the folks on the front lines and military families, you are our midnight here is was most-watched, most trusted, good night from washington. >> it is wednesday, march 20th, at 4:00 am, the war on cops waging in washington state. when the beauty shot dead and an officer clinging to life. how a traffic stop ended in a deadly shootout. if you can't beat donald trump, change the rules? how democrats are bending behind changes at the supreme court in hopes of improving their chances in 2020. plus, they may look pretty ugly but you will be paying a pretty penny to support these gucci sneakers.


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