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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 20, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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not be seeing on any of us. rob: these high end brands have lost it. they are so disconnected. who wears this crap. jillian: is it made to make a statement? we are talking about it. rob: a terrible statement. see you later. jillian: have a good day. >> if you can't beat president trump, change the rules. democrats are banding behind some changes in hopes of improving their chances in 2020. >> why can't they simply win? these democrats are running on ideology. >> joe biden told rich backers is running and needs more help lining up donors. he is worried he is not going to match the fundraisers of beto o'rourke. >> beto o'rourke long on buzz but short or specifics whrvettle we are going to actually get policy instead of just platitudes and nice stories? >> now exploring a political vendetta. >> so many of the liberal
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media, for example, describe themselves as belonging to the resistance? >> dickinsons scores first ncaa tournament win. >> good. >> wow. me and my gang ♪ we live to rise ♪ we rise to live ♪ me and my gang. brian: i wonder if spring will say hello back. we are saying hello to spring. wednesday, march 20th. the first day of spring. why we are so festive here. > jedediah: beautiful displays from winston flowers amazing. family-owned business. based in new york and boston. they really keep them so fresh. some of them come in from italy. they are amazing. spring has sprung in our studio. thank you, winston flowers. brian: good things we have planes old days they would put them on a ship and send them across the ocean they
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would definitely be dead if they are coming from italy. that's what is so great about technology. steve: when was that. >> 1492. when columbus brought flowers they were dead by the time they got to the island. he came back with spices which is a little bit of a let down. spring, do you still rotate your clothes? steve: no. jedediah: i do. brian: my weekend clothes. jedediah: do you put the winter clothes away? brian: yes. you got to do it. steve: who knew? i'm wearing pink for spring. >> casual sweaters. things like that goodbye. steve: where do you put them? >> attic. steve: did you go up there? brian: guy up there, absolutely. jedediah: who knew? brian: meanwhile other stuff besides my clothing rotation to talk about. steve: fascinating. let's talk about the campaign. the democrats have said well the president thinks some crazy stuff over the last 48 hours. and that's why he tweeted
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this out. jedediah: he came out and said the democrats are getting very strange. they now want to change the voting age to 16, british the pledge toler college and increase significantly the number of supreme court justices. actually, have you got to win it at the ballot box. that's a good point from the president. you have to win these elections, elections have consequences. >> free college and healthcare. unearned wages. one comes up with an idea and they are all asked about it and then they all decide it's their idea, too. listen. >> get rid of the electoral college. [cheers and applause] >> popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who the president is of the united states. we need to deal with that. >> we have got to make some kind of structural form to depoliticize the supreme court. >> term limits for supreme court justices might be one thing. >> i'm open to the idea of a younger voting age has
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muffin did a poll. do you know what think lowering the age to 16? 17%. 74% are opposed. jedediah: do you know why that is? steve: i'm seeing a trend there. jedediah: a lot of people have 16-year-olds that's why that is. i don't know if they're ready quite yet. steve: you don't get the keys to a car. you don't get the keys to america. brian: we used to talk about defense spending. we used to talk about the minimum wage. now things have totally changed. steve: and rotation of wardrobe. brian: that was me personally. i would not want to run on that. matt schlapp says i'm looking at the democrats. he runs cpac. i can't understand where think are coming from. >> why can't they simply win. if trump is so bad and so cancerous and caustic, just beat him. they can do it. they have plenty of money. just beat him. what they want to do is change the rules.
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we get two constitutional picks to the supreme court after getting nearly 50% of our picks knocked back over the decades. over the nowheres go back to the 1940s of packing the court and give the next democrat five, six, seven slots? it's insane. they are running on ideology. now how blue blue collar likes better how to change america. steve: last time around hillary clinton didn't campaign in states like wisconsin and michigan and they lost. and that's now why the democratic party has placed their convention in milwaukee; however, when you look at the number of democrat leading states like illinois, new york, most of new england, what they are talking about doing is signing on to a pac where they will award their electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote. so, across the country, had hillary clinton won the popular vote, those states that we're talking about who have signed on to this pac and i think there are 16 of
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them still short of 270, but they would award their points to the winner of the popular vote. brian: not the way it was intended to be. i love that people bring up the electoral college in iowa and new hampshire. steve: they should. brian: those states need to win and those two states not visited come to popular vote. they would stay in the major cities and maximize where they are 30 popular. if you decided on total hits and not total runs. you can't look at the results and say look how many hit the yankees why were they outscored. iit doesn't matter how many hits. you change the rules? guess what? so will the other side. they will adapt to the rules. jedediah: changing of rules it reeks of desperation. joe biden is on his way. is he coming. the "wall street journal" headline joe biden tells supporters he plans 2020
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bid. and i think the issue is the fund raising. he wants to make sure he has the proper money. steve: right. >> democrats have been fundraising really well. 6.1 for beto. 5.9 million for bernie sanders. and kamala harris is creeping up there. many media elites like kamala harris. this is the first day. and good numbers for them. joe biden if he comments in biggest name recognition. on the obama ticket. he wants that establishment in his corner and wants opening day numbers to be really big. steve: opening day number is referred to as the money primary. over the last 48 hours we have been talking about how beto raised more than bernie. joe is on the phone and he is going i want that first number i announced to be a big number. according to the "wall street journal" he has talked to a half a dozen really rich people and asked them whether or not he can count on them. no indication whether or not they will go ahead and cough up a lot of dough. a couple of days ago he said
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i have the most progressive record of anybody running and people said well, you know, a slip of the tongue. no, that's what he is telling people on the phone i'm running, i need your money, please. >> classic joe biden. steve: joe biden for president. brian: psychology of trying to run twice and being destroyed in '88 and 2008. he has to wonder am i being led to the altar only to be humiliated again and go out and get less than 5.9 or 6.1. will it possibly be the beginning of that process. looking for a headquarters. most likely going to end up in philadelphia. meanwhile, ted koppel i don't think is a white ring extremist. steve: iconic journalist. i would use that term nor accurately to describe ted koppel. been around a long time. widely respected. he hopped in a humvee and there during the invasion of iraq with abc. he sat down for a give and take who talk about the media today. and i was surprised as maybe
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you were how he described media organizations. almost as if he was reading donald trump's prompter. >> we're talking about organizations that i believe have, in fact, decided as an organization that donald j. trump is bad for the united states. but the notion that most of us look upon donald trump as being an absolute fe fiasco, he is not mistaken in that perception. is he not mistaken when so many of the liberal media, for example, describe themselves as belonging to the resistance? steve: talking about how, you know, the "new york times" and "the washington post" of today is far different than the "the washington post" and the "new york times" of 50 years ago. because there is opinion on the front page, oftentimes. and there are a lot of
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reporters who seem to be opinionizing as well. jedediah: it's important point. as you said, brian, he is not a right wing guy. he has his eyes open. old school journalists remember a time when there was strict. and then there was opinion. and now it must be really bizarre to be in this industry for so many years and seat landscape and how it's changed. he is being honest. president trump heightened all of this. everyone decided on day one they wanted him impeached. it's brave for him to say it i'm sure is he going to take a lot of heat. >> he looked at his wife after that access hollywood tape came out. looked at the headline and said the "times" is committed to making sure this guy does not get elected. wow. jedediah: it's true. brian: 10 minutes after the hour jillian mealy by unanimous vote we have elected you to be the person to deliver the news. jillian: that's what it says in the teleprompter. good thing you are following along here.
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fox news alert and sad news to report. a deputy is dead and a police officer is fighting for their life after a traffic stop turns into a shootout. an american flag, as you can see. draping over the casket as it's carried out of a hospital in washington state. investigators say a suspect opened fire on officers after refusing to pull over and leading a high speed chase. the suspect was also shot and killed. 24 officers have died in the line of duty this year. the woman who climbed the statue of liberty on the fourth of july will not go to jail. a federal judge giving patricia five years probation and 200 hours of community service for the stunt. prosecutor wanted her behind bars saying she put rescuers' lives in danger. she claims she was protesting immigration policy. overnight firefighters extinguishing you that mask massive chemical fire plant. they are spraying foam on tanks to prevent more fires from igniting.
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this graphic shows the smoke plume stretching 100 miles. environmental officials say the air quality is safe. some have been complaining about irritated eyes and breathing problems. they think the fire was leaked on sunday. two teams making history on the first day of march madness. dickinson scores very first ncaa win against prairie view. the score was 82 to 76. and belmont picking up first ever victory in the dance will 81-70 or temple. st. john's will square off against arizona state and north carolina vs. north dakota state. brian: most of us will lose our wages. i don't want to bring anyone down. it is spring. 12 minutes after the hour. jedediah: this story will make you sick. a mom demanding justice after the illegal immigrant involved in a crash that left her son dead gets just
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14 months in jail. she brings her fight to "fox & friends" next. brian: this terrorist once said if he ever went free again, he would go right back to jihad. so has he just been handed his walking papers? ♪ say injur geronimo ♪ ily and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. we're finally going on the trip i've been promising.
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♪ jedediah: the family of jamar rashawn inteech demanding justice after their son was fatally struck and killed while riding his motorcycle in september. his killer was an illegal immigrant but ended up being sentenced for 14 months in jail for the time. his mother cameo robinson joins us live. i'm deeply sorry for your loss. this is heart-breaking story to me and many others. can you start by telling us a little bit about your son and how he died, please. >> okay. my son, he was a very he loved life an and lived life as if every day was his last day. i didn't intend for his last day to come so soon. on the night he left work, he was riding his motorcycle with my god son and a few other riders. as he was going down new
3:18 am
hope church in raleigh, north carolina. he was going straight, mr. cruz, carmona, he failed to yield the right-of-way to my son and at that time my son crashed into the side of the van in which mr. carmona was driving. and at that point, yes, it was an accident; however, mr. cruz ca carmona never stopped. he kept going with his body lodged in the side of the van. for me that's not an accident. that was a choice at that point. jedediah: that's a key element of this story the person who did this fled the scene. it looks like he was intoxicated at the time. when you look at a 14-month sentence in light of the fact that this person fled the scene leaving your son decapitated. what comes to mind for you? >> for me it comes to mind that you had no type of
3:19 am
caring or empathy for life itself. because, for you to drive away with a body lodged in a van and you were not alone. you had friends in the van. so for a van load full of people to have a body come across them, they had to move my son and then you parked the van in a parking space because i did look at the crime scene pictures. you parked in a parking space and walked 20 feet home or wherever you went to. and at that point, you never called the paramedics, the ambulance, or anything at that point. so, again. jedediah: cameo, i want to get this point is very important because this person was in the country illegally: how do you feel about that and what do you consider to be justice in light of the fact this person did flee the seen and should not have been in the
3:20 am
country to begin with because they were here illegally. >> him being in the country illegally so much of that going on nowadays in north carolina, his punishment should be deportation. and although he will probably return, that still should be his punishment because he has committed a crime, so, therefore, he doesn't deserve the opportunity to live in the land of the free. because he should have been at home taking care of his family. he is married. with two young children himself. so, for him to be here, making money and sending it home to mexico either you stay in mexico or you come here and get yourself legal and then start your life in the land of the free. jedediah: as it fight plays out, do you have, briefly just because we don't have much time do you have a message for illegal immigration as people duke that issue out in this
3:21 am
country? >> at this point, especially because my dealings are only with north carolina, i do think that they need to implement. jedediah: running out of time. i'm sorry, cameo, thank you so much for sharing your story i appreciate it more "fox & friends" is coming up on the other side. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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with mlb extra innings on xfinity x1, you'll get up to 90 out of market games per week. and all of the body sacrificing catches, home plate heroics, and 6-4-3 double plays. plus, with x1 you can get every stat and every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. ♪ brian: quick headlines now. here we go. the supreme court backing president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration. a 5-4 ruling allows federal agents to detain illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. any time after they have been released from prison. immigrants argue they should be given the right to make their case for release. not anymore. and border patrol makes a massive bust illegal immigrants in five minutes. agents in el paso where we
3:25 am
know beto o'rourke says we don't need a fence snagging two big groups of immigrants. mostly families and unaccompanied minors and el paso sector sees about 570 apprehensions every day so thoroughly under control. steve? steve: steve article polsteris . all week long we have been stacking up the candidates brackets style, march madness style like the basketball teams. jim mclaughlin is back with the final matchup and the winner. jim, let's go ahead and review how we got where we were. why did you pick joe biden over kirsten gillibrand? >> it's obvious he has a big lead. is he a frontrunner in the polls now. him and bernie sanders, i don't think that will be match 65 matchup that's biden. steve: why did you pick beto over elizabeth. >> the new progressive over
3:26 am
the old progressive. she missed her shot last time. steve: come over to this side of the board guy pick bernie other jay inslee. >> because bernie is the socialist leader. steve: everybody is trying to out-bernie bernie. >> cory booker hasn't caught on. she had 8,000 people at her announcement and she is raising money. steve: when it comes to joe biden versus beto o'rourke, you say the winner will be? >> i think that joe biden is going to muscle that one out. i think he is going to muscle it out. he has got to have organization. name i.d. he has money. i also think beto o'rourke is going to falter. the more the national media attack him i think he is going to falter. >> calling the big donors this week on the "wall
3:27 am
street journal" that's his case essentially, right? >> no doubt about it. he is the establishment candidate now because there is a lot of democrats that are worried their party is going too far to the left in the democratic primary right now. steve: that's the left side of our bracket. so the right side of the bracket. when it comes down to bernie sanders vs. kamala harris you think who is going to win? >> i think kamala harris? i think kamala harris. and the reason i think that is because she checks a lot of the boxes on the democratic side. she is liberal, she is new. and by the way as a polster, 6 out of 10 democrats say they want somebody new, somebody who is a fresh face and i think that's kamala harris. steve: how do you explain because you are a polster in the polls right now you have got bernie sanders and joe biden sucking up like 60% of the votes? >> remember on the republican side last time? it was jeb bush in a lot of the national polls. steve: what happened to him? >> we all know what happened to jeb bush. donald trump happened to jeb bush. steve: so, in other words,
3:28 am
it's early? >> yep. >> that's more about name recognition? >> you look at her. basically right now in these polls. biden and sanders are stuck at about a quarter of the vote. actually, kamala harris, since she has gotten in, she has more than doubled her vote share. she is showing growth where they are kind of leveled off right now. steve: if it is between joe biden and kamala harris. you've got to pick one winner right now as a professional polster you say it will be? >> i think it's going to be kamala harris. a lot of that has to go with my experience through presidential races and what the democrats are looking for. in a lot of ways what the republicans were looking for last time in donald trump. they want somebody new. somebody, an outsider. somebody who is going to shake things up. she is the one more likely to be able to do that. steve: if it's head to head kamala harris vs. donald trump and when she launched i think the president actually had kind words to say about her. >> i think it's going to be donald trump. i can't wait until the
3:29 am
nicknaming comes up with her. steve: absolutely right. he will have nicknames for all of them by the time it was all done. he referred to joe biden low iq individual a couple days ago he revealed he was running for president which we all knew. >> it is going to be interesting. because i have seen over the last couple days joe biden has been hit some of the democrats hitting on him about the money he has been raising. and he gets $100,000 a speech now. you are not supposed to do that when you are a democrat. steve: we will take a picture of this gem and in a year figure out whether it has been right. >> thank you. it's been a lot of fun. steve: let us know what you think about that. remember the picture of that terrorist who once said if he ever were to go free again he would go right back to jihad? guess what? he is walking out of prison. we are going to tell with about that. have you heard the democrats new platform? >> i'm open to the idea of a younger voting age. >> i think it's really important to capture kids when they are in high school
3:30 am
when they are interested in all of this. steve: okay. great. is lowering the voting age a brilliant idea or a employee plo get more votes? tomi lahren from california is coming up next. ♪
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steve: it's your shot of the morning and we are celebrating the first day of spring with dairy queen. jedediah: free cone day. dairy queen is giving out free ice cream all day long. brian: we don't know how to light them because the sun is kind of coming up. we can see the ice cream very clear. adam: see me out here? jedediah: we can see you. adam: first day of spring which means ice cream. we have dairy queen ice cream out here. it's early. we have a couple of fox news
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fans. do you want ice cream? >> it's early. >> you are cold? where are from you. adam: from florida, they're eating ice cream all year around. eat ice cream it is good breakfast. >> it's dairy. >> it's dairy queen. adam: it's ice cream. you are on tv you have to ease eight cream. i'm going to find other people heading to work maybe eat breakfast to you. brian: might be the first day of spring but it feels like winter and you are offering people basically ice in the winter. adam: that's exactly what's happening and can you tell they are not super excited about it but i'm forcing it on them. steve: brian, you know, it's back to the closet conversation we had earlier about your clothes. we eat ice cream. jedediah: never a bad time to ease ice cream. no matter how cold it is outside ice cream is good. steve: go to dairy queen and get a free ice cream cone. and if you have the free
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app. from march 31st to the 1st. get a small regular or dipped cone for 50 cents through the app. jedediah: loving dairy queen. brian: is dairy queen the only one recognizing. steve: spring? brian: ice cream cone day? steve: today is dairy queen ice cream. brian: wanted to make sure. steve: tomi lahren one of the hosts on fox nation. you know who likes ice cream? kids. in particular, nancy pelosi has been taking aim at 16-year-olds, because she thinks they should vote. watch. >> i'm open to the idea of a younger voting age. >> a 16-year-old will bring with them the 2019 fears that their father's insulin will run out where the next paycheck. 17-year-old will bring vow to honor classmates killed by a gunman. >> i have always been in
3:36 am
favor of lowering the age to 16. important to capture kids when they are in high school and interested in this. steve: why are they interested in lowering the voting age. >> it's pretty simple when you can't win an election you change the rules. we will see this going into 2020. not only do they want to get rid of the electoral college. not only do they want to open it up for illegals to start voting and adolescents to vote too at the age of 16. when in doubt, change the rules. make it easier for the democrats to win an election. brian: in new york, you get your driver's permit at 16. you cannot drive at 17. you cannot drafted at 16. steve: can you get a driver's permit at 14. brian: where? steve: i got one at 13 and a half in kansas. they may have. brian: you were working the fields at that time. and that's a tractor permit. steve: i was working the field. brian: you and harry truman.
3:37 am
jedediah: some issues putting forward. the issue of lowering the voting age only 17% favor it 74% oppose it this is much like the late-term abortion issue. this is not where the majority of americans stand. are democrats going to find themselves pushing issues that most people just can't get behind? >> absolutely they are. this issue in particular, the reason that they want to as nancy pelosi said capture the young people is because they are very well aware that the liberal indoctrination starts at a very young age whereas it used to start in college. now it starts in elementary school, middle school, high school. they want to capture those kids very early. again, this is just another way for them to pad their voting block it sounds good. it sounds like a great talking point. it gets young people really energized, at the end of the day, it's just the democrats doing what they can to try to win an election which they can't do unless they change the rules. steve: of course, then the supreme court would uphold the change because it will be -- have been packed by then.
3:38 am
brian: with, what, 30 people? steve: something like that. tomi, tell us about your new episode of no interruption on fox nation. >> well, speaking of liberal indoctrination i had the opportunity to sit down with three college students, two that are out of college and one that is still finishing up college. they told me about their experiences being a conservative woman in college and unlike a lot of other young people instead of just complaining about the liberal indoctrination they did something about it i was very excited to sit down and it talk to them about their experience. brian: in fact, you have given us a clip. sit down and talk about this together. >> if i break down the issues of socialism and bear bones most people re conservative. how can we use campus organization to actually educate people that are outside what our normal circle would be? i think it's speaking in their language. >> i think as conservatives we need to do better at not just secluding ourselves into our conservative groups but being able to have
3:39 am
conversations that other people want to hear. >> like we really are just trying to get this intellectual diversity and a conversation started. brian: tomi a lot of time you come up with these opinions and have you derision and a lot of cases you see some violence. >> i have been a target of that myself. i have to say these young girls don't care about that. they don't care about the backlash. they want to start a conversation and have a dialogue. that's the best thing we can ask for in this country for that dialogue to happen on college campuses that episode of no interruption actually airs tomorrow on fox nation. steve: all right. if you don't have fox nation yet go to to learn more. get a free subscription for a while or download the app. all right, tomi, thank you very much for joining us live. jedediah: thank you, tomi. brian: meet you at the app. store. that's where i first met jillian was at the app. store. jillian: that is a lie. brian: thanks for playing along.
3:40 am
i appreciate it. jillian: sometimes can i play along. brian: sometimes you can't. jillian: good morning, guys. get started with this story. john walker lyndh set to be released in may after 17 years in prison. he reportedly says he still supports islamic extremism. pete hegseth who served as a guard at guantanamo bay weighs in. >> if we can't put him away for life try him for treason or execute him eventually. we are welcoming even more in the future from him. he will go back as a celebrity. jillian: former islamist terror fighter plans to live in ireland after released. actress lori loughlin hires a attorney. adding sean berkowitz to their legal team. known for leading the justice department task force that convicted enron executives in 2006. at the time he said the ceos could not buy their
3:41 am
way out of this. lowf lynn is accused of paying $500,000 to get her daughters into usc. police officers say three kids dropped from a burning home. stop what you are doing and watch this. >> come on. i got them. i got them. go. >> oh, okay. [crying] >> okay. next one. >> incredible body camera video showing the officer catching the kids as they're thrown from a third story window. this is from iowa. the youngest just three months old. thankfully nobody was hurt. 97-year-old world war ii veteran a local celebrity bagging groceries in new jersey. benny does not look his age and he says there is a clear reason why. >> i'm hand some. >> how long are you going to keep working? >> until i drop dead. jillian: is he very handsome. benny's co-workers say is he full of life. always happy and a joy to be around. we should all be like benny. jedediah: i love benny.
3:42 am
is he awesome. just telling it like it is. hand some. steve: thank you, jillian. brian: meanwhile, 18 minutes before the top of the hour. sounds like something out of a hollywood movie a plot to take down the president from inside the government. >> there are players now. even ambassadors that are sitting ambassadors involved in part of this with the fbi and doj. brian: we're going to get more of this from doj official j. christian adams on that story next. steve: some would say seattle is in free fall, free food, free medical treatment free cloits all killing an american city. a former seattle police officer is appalled. you will hear his story coming up ♪ ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ she can stay with you to finish her senior year.
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3:46 am
jillian: good morning, quick held r. health headlines fda ads rapproved first drug to tret post partum depression. could require new mothers to be hooked up for iv for days at a time. a new report claims pot heads are up to five times more likely to develop a psychotic disorder than people who never use the drug. experts say people who smoke pot every day are at higher risk of dealing with mental health problems like delusion. a politician known for stance against mandatory chicken pox vaccines got the chicken pox. the politician was hospitalized for four days. famous in italy for criticizing a new law that forces parents to vaccinate their children. brian. brian: thanks, jillian. one lawmaker has a proof there was a plot to take down the president from inside the government. >> additional information coming out show not only was there no collusion but there
3:47 am
was a coordinate effort to take this president down. we talk about the deep state there are players now. sitting ambassadors involved in part of this with the fbi and doj. brian: former doj attorney christian adams joins to us weigh in. mark meadows describing somebody. don't have the name yet. but you know the state department. do you think the state department played a role in this? >> brian, it's important to understand something a lot of these ambassadors are obama left over or come from something called the foreign service. this is the swampest part of the swamp. >> it's career people who think they are hereditary elite preserve the world order and not to serve the united states. these people despise president trump it wouldn't surprise me at all that some of these ambassadors who are career foreign service
3:48 am
officers are engaging what congressman meadows says. brian: you might need someone on the ground in another country happen to be americans and ambassadorship is where to look. where would you look first? >> well, look, you need to understand something that congressman meadows is very close to these things. remember, he was the congressman who first knew before the media did that the fisa warrants were based on cooked up phony information. dossier, bruce ohr at the justice department. he knew that information way in advance. he has been very good on these things and learning about them before the rest of the country does. i think he has a track record of reliability that really have going to make this an interesting story to follow. brian: it's interesting, too, as we get this testimony little by little all these players who gave their testimony behind closed doors during the last congress. we find out bruce ohr was a
3:49 am
key component of this, even talking with chris steele after he had been fired and removed because the fbi still wanted his information, which, according to the person who really mentored christopher steele was unverified and not valid. >> right. and this goes back to during the obama-holder years. cultivation of the entire deep state between people bike bruce ohr and outside media sources. when trump takes over in 2017, all of these people use their petty power that they have to undermine the presidency. and that's been the story of the last two years. are leftovers from holder, obama, the career deep state elites trying to undermine the president. brian: this is lane we have been following trying to unwind. as soon as the mueller report comes out and if it does show no collusion which indications are it is. hopefully there will be more attention on this lane because this has got to stop for the next man or woman that's running. just because you don't like who wins it doesn't mean you
3:50 am
have to stop who won. j. christian adams, thanks so much. >> take care, brian. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. new york's governor wants to make illegal one county wants to block it in new york. they call it freeatle free food, medicare. liberal policies and how it's killing the city. >> couldn't do it anymore. every camp i walked into, there was a weapon. multiple weapons. i was constantly on the side of the road talking to people swinging machetes.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> i couldn't do it anymore. every camp i walked into there was a weapon, multiple weapons. i was constantly on the side of the road talking to people that were swinging
3:54 am
machetes. jedediah: a documentary warns seattle is dying. liberal policies are leaving the city a haven for homelessness and drug use. our next guest worked with seattle's home until he said bureaucracy no longer allowed him to do his job. steve: todd wicky was in the documentary he joins us live from seattle. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: ier with 20, 25 years ago seattle was fantastic. what happened? >> well, we have run into a little bit of a snag. but seattle still is wonderful. and we are going to fix this. steve: tell me about the snag then. >> well, we have found ourselves trying to cope with the homeless problem in a way that is not working. instead of handling things in the ways that were productive for society, we have, instead, tried to handle them in a way that was productive for the homeless, and we have
3:55 am
created a quagmire that there seems to be no escape from. jedediah: todd, you left the force. why did you leave? did you leave because you felt like you couldn't do your job? what happened? >> i was 18 and a half years in my career with no intention of leaving. i wanted to finish my career. and my last position i was the fellow that was in charge of going out and dealing specifically with the homeless. i went down the hillsides, i contacted the motor homes. i knew these people by name. and i was helping them to continue to exist and live. i couldn't fix anything for them. steve: right. >> i was also tasked with protecting the neighborhoods are from a lot of the problems associated with these issues. what ended up happening is i would get instructions and directions from my bosses to go out there and handle certain things and then i would get, you know, chided or pushed in a different direction by another boss saying hey, don't do that.
3:56 am
the last straw for me i was handling a situation in the west seattle neighborhood and i was instructed to go ahead and impound a vehicle that was well within the rules or violating the rules, and having done so, i was then admonished for doing it i remember sitting at my desk and not understanding what to do next. and i said i'm done. steve: we heard in that clip there are weapons in these tents and there is drugs and it's a big problem. real quickly. how does seattle turn it around? >> how do we turn it around? we enforce the law. the laws are on the books. quit heaping stupid on the shoulders of your police department. we are not bad people. we are the good guys. we will be the ones to lead us out of this. give us the chance and opportunity to do that and we will make you proud of us. steve: thanks for your service and getting up so early and being with us. jedediah: thanks, todd. >> you are very welcome.
3:57 am
steve: one college student just threw him a curve ball. >> when are we going to get an actual policy from you instead of platitudes and nice stories? steve: wait until you hear his answer coming up in two minutes. of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not share needles or pens. don't reuse needles. do not take ozempic® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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4:00 am
♪ ♪ >> democrats are banding behind some changes in hopes of improving their chances in 2020. >> not only do they want to get rid of the electoral college, now they want adolescents to start voting too. when you can't win an election you change the rules. >> mom demanding justice in the crash that left her son dead. his. >> his justice should be deportation. >> when are we going to get an actual policy from you instead of platitudes and nice stories? >> i think people are going to want someone who has the proven ability to prosecute the case against this administration. >> you tweeted in support of congressman nunes' suit against twitter. >> we have to do something about it. it seems to be if they are conservatives.
4:01 am
if they are in a certain group, there is discrimination. >> 7-year-old world war ii veterans is a local celebrity, bagging groceries in new jersey. >> how long are you going to keep working? >> until i drop dead. ♪ get along down the road ♪ got a long, long way to go. ♪ brian: open field. steve: saving that for the. jedediah: yeah, easter egg hunt. steve: already up to wednesday. ainsley is still on holiday we have jedediah. jedediah: time fly with us guys. do you know that? steve: today is so much warmer than yesterday in the diner. jedediah: we were outside yesterday. steve: thanks to nifty fifty the food -- we have never had anybody bring such good food. jedediah: your french fries with bacon. steve: smothered ranch bacon fries. brian: i wasn't aware they
4:02 am
were going to have a full kitchen and making stuff for everyone. i thought they would wrap it and bring it there was a raging kitchen going on. jedediah: fresh squeezed orange juice and everything. steve: thanks for joining us on, this the first day of spring. our lead story the illegal immigrant crackdown. the supreme court has sided with president trump on a key immigration ruling. brian: it comes amid a battle of the funding of the border wall. jedediah: griff celebrating a big victory. >> the supreme court ruling 5-4 in favor of the trump administration. saying federal immigration authorities can a detain any time after released from prison and restricting when they can secure bond or parole to contest their removal especially in cases where the government deems them a risk to commit certain, quote, dangerous crimes. meanwhile on the border in el paso yesterday. agents nabbed more than 400 illegal immigrants in just minutes. first a group of 194. at 2:45 a.m. near a high
4:03 am
school. then five minutes later a second group of 245 near el paso downtown. question now is what are they going to do with them? they are out of places to put them beyond capacity. and here in washington, the border battle continues after the pentagon released that list of projects that could be tapped wall money generating 13 b in unawarded fundingment pulling everything from water, treatment and hanger. senator jack reed warning people to check to see if they could be affected tweeting this the trump administration finally releases its at risk military projects that could be put on the chopping block in order to divert millions bils to pay for trump's ineffective border wall. take a look military bases in your state could be negatively impact. try to override the president's veto. one thing add confirmed yesterday in neighboring rgv
4:04 am
sector sister norma catholic charities ha handles a lot of the catch and release. she was contacted by cbp for larger releases coming. that's just a state of fact. the situation that's going on on our border, guys. steve: hey, griff. just to recap. you put up an image, control room. can we put that up. all those people, something like 400 were arrested in just minutes. that was one single bust? >> that's right. so have you got 2:45 a.m. 194, five minutes later. 245. which is what you are looking at there. it is coordinated. clearly. to have such too two large groups so closely together. confirmed yesterday speaking with the sister rbg which has even larger numbers that they should be on notice because they will start releasing these people in mass because they have nowhere to put them. steve: yeah, but no crisis. >> right. steve: griff, thank you very
4:05 am
much. brian: in el paso that's where beto o'rourke once ruled and he said he had to take down the fence because there is no problem there. jedediah: i think the visual of this makes a difference when you see those crowds. hearing the number isn't the same as actually seeing the visual. big victories with president trump with the supreme court now look at 12 plus billion-dollars that he may be able to allocate. i don't think he will cave especially leading in to the 2020 election. steve: we told you the story of a 27-year-old man by the name of jamar beach. he was riding a motorcycle in september when he was struck and killed by somebody somebody in the country illegally his name cruise carmona. the impact was so violent he was decapitated. he has had his day in court. he pled guilty to felony hit and run. only charge they could bring in court because they could not prove that he caused the accident or that he was driving drunk.
4:06 am
jedediah: i spoke with cameo robinson in the 6:00 a.m. hour. she is demanding that the illegal be deported. take a listen. >> my son, he lived life as if every day was the last day. and i didn't intend for his last day to come so soon. mr. cruz carmona never stopped. he decapitated my son and kept going with his body lodged in the side of the van. so, for me, that's not an accident. that was a choice. his punishment should be deportation. he has committed a crime so, therefore, he doesn't deserve the opportunity to live in the land of the free. brian: right. it's not the president of the united states fighting this. it is someone directly affected fighting this. so, see if they can make any progress. jedediah: very important to hear from people like this. when you hear her talk about the loss of her child and make these issues real for people, these aren't just stats or numbers. these are real people whose
4:07 am
lives have been affected by illegal immigrants coming over here. this is someone who should not have been here to begin with. steve: people down there are infuriated because of his sentence. jedediah: that's right. steve: he wound up with 23 months in prison u with credit for time served he could be out of prison after killing that man in 14 months. jedediah: this is a man who fled the scene of the crime. steve: that's why the mother of the victim wants this man deported. brian: 7 minutes after the hour. talk more about the election. is illegal immigration on the tongue of every democratic nominee? not by a long shot. kamala harris who has got to feel good since her launch and official poll by cnn. she has gained 8 points in the poll is now right in the middle of the pack. steve: third. brian: third behind bernie sanders and joe biden. was at 12% now at 4%. raised initially 1.5 million and did have a lot of people at her rollout. she went on jimmy kimmel
4:08 am
last night and said i have a great idea what to do after i beat president trump. >> i think people are going to want and look to who has a demonstrated ability to be a fighter. and to be a fighter for the people. i have done that work. i also believe that what voters are gonna want, is they are gonna want that there is someone who has the proven ability to prosecute the case against this administration. >> yeah. >> and this president. jedediah: prosecute him for what, kamala? nothing has been found yet. that's what people need to ask her. sounds really good a line that gets a lot of applause. prosecute him for what? steve: if you don't like donald trump, okay, if i vote for her. jedediah: it will get done as a former prosecutor. steve: she said she was open to the discussion of getting rid of the electoral college which is something that elizabeth warren is talking about. meanwhile, bourque, yo beto o'ro is somewhere driving his pickup truck making his way
4:09 am
toward new hampshire. "the washington post" has an item on their website today that talks about how he essentially is a blank canvas. he is up beat but he is not specific. and in particular they write in the first five days of his campaign, o'rourke asked voters to shape him into the presidential candidate they want him to be. in other words, he doesn't have a vision. they say to help him draft a vision for america as a presidential candidate, o'rourke is heavily focused not on specifics but on two sentiments, positivity and humility. and it's the fact that he is a blank canvas and he is not specific that had a penn state student yesterday, call him out on that. watch. >> when are we going to get an actual policy from you instead of like platitudes and nice stories? >> i'm going to try to be as specific as i can i mentioned our criminal justice system. i have called for the end of the prohibition on marijuana and the expungement of the arrest records of everyone who has been arrested for
4:10 am
marijuana. brian: here is one of the things he does. is he getting great coverage. very lame larr to barack obama's coverage and david plouffe is working with him. jim masena what are you pushing policies for? it's just the beginning. he will gradually roll out more policies. he says he serves as a blank slate that's exactly what barack obama said. rock star. andrea mitchell talked about him being a rock star. called him the tiger woods of the democratic party. they are calling beto o'rourke a rock star. jedediah: he is going to be very disappointing. barack obama was very charismatic. he oftentimes says nothing and mainstream media should be really embarrassed that a penn state student asked a harder question of him than most of them do. steve: you know what? jedediah, ajed campaign stop hes the questionnaires to suggest their own solution to the problem. jedediah: writing them down, maybe.
4:11 am
brian: "the washington post" says he has the cool factor and that's special sauce. jedediah: i don't see it. brian: a lot of times you find special sauce on whoppers. jedediah: that's true isn't that like ketchup. steve: big mac. brian: i stand correcter. there you go fact checker "the washington post." steve: here is jillian with the news. jillian: we do have serious news to get. to say start with this fox news alert and sad news here. a deputy is dead and a police officer fighting for their life after a traffic stop turns into a shootout. an american flag draping the casket as it is carried out of a hospital in washington state. investigators say a suspect opened fire on officers after refusing to pull over. and leading a high speed chase. the suspect was also shot and killed. 24s officers have died in the line of duty this year. a second jury ruled weed
4:12 am
killer causes cancer. the company bare. claims the ingredient under scrutiny is safe. liable for plaintiff he had wynn hardiman's cancer. thousands more cases are expected to go to trial. there is absolutely no way robert kraft will take a deal in his florida prostitution case. that's according to the "new york post" after prosecutors offer to drop charges against him and a slew of others accused of paying for sex. the billionaire businessman could avoid up to a year in jail if he admits guilt. kraft denies engaging in any illegal activity. call it the bad guy booingy. a police chase in los angeles ends when the highway patrol spins the driver out. it must have left him a little shookup or something watch. this look at that there you go. i don't know if he is impaired or if he not impaired but that was very impressive. after some reckless dances
4:13 am
he was arrested for reckless driving. but that's something you don't see every day ♪ steve: america's got talent. brian: just not there. jedediah: thanks, jillian. coming up, at what age do you become an adult not 18. the science is just in. brian: i'm still waiting to grow up. new york's governor wants to make marijuana legal all of a sudden. one county is fighting back. meet the lawmaker who wants to opt out of pot ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ i just want to feel this moment senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction
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4:17 am
claritin-d relieves more. ♪ one new york legislator not high on legalizing marijuana in his state filing a ghil nassau county to opt out of legalizing pot sales should the state andrew cuomo approve it. nassau county legislator co-chairs the task for on illegalegalization. what are you looking to do in nassau county. >> good morning, brian. always great to be with a long islander.
4:18 am
i co-chaired the task force. what we did is convened educators, law enforcement officers, clinicians, doctors to the look at what legalized sale of marijuana would look like in nassau county. this culminated in 107 comprehensive report. what we found was one crucial recommendation. at the might of the public health crisis loses over 160,000 americans a year to alcohol and drug abuse. now is not the time to legalize recreational marijuana sale in nassau county. brian: if he legalizes at the state level, what can you do as a county in that state. >> sure, so i filed a bill as a county legislator to opt nassau county out of legalized sale. legalized use will still be permitted under the bill county could opt out of sale. we went into our communities and our communities do not want dispensaries in their community. they don't want the store on the strip mall in their neighborhood or any place. do you say if the state legalizes it can you can have it and get a ticket for it you are worried about people buying it. and you did a study. 100 page study and what did
4:19 am
it reveal. >> over two months three public hearings, 8 expert subcommittee round table thousands of pages of academic literature special we found and we looked at colorado the cost outweigh the revenues especially in county where we haven't got an projected revenue stream. we have fixed cost in terms of public safety and public health. major risks in terms of impaired driving. kids, when marijuana is legalized have less of a risk with a fever getting behind the wheel and worse 151% increase in traffic related deaths due to marijuana in colorado. we find that legalized marijuana sales would adversely impact workplace safety. especially when you are talking about heavy machinery and labor. can busineslabor. brian: in a state you want to wall off a county. calling it okay. >> sure. brian: if you sell it not okay. turns out nassau counting, long island is made up of two major counties suffolk county is also considering
4:20 am
the same thing, their executive steve malone says he will propose legislation to opt out of sales if legal cannabis gets the okay. >> i think it's great that slild unified. what's interesting is. this i appreciate the governor pushing for opt out option. i'm a local lawmaker. i believe local lawmakers know what's best for the individual communities they live in every single day. not just the governor the folks in the new york state senate and assembly strip out that option. brian: my personal opinion it is a gateway to some of those other activities. josh, good job. taking action after your election. >> absolutely. brian: i'm sure we will hear more about this. the president heading to ohio to get a firsthand look at american military might. we are live with a preview next. and john wooden led his team to 10 titles with a prolific college basketball legend. wasn't just about winning. he was focused on turning boys into men. john wooden's rules to live by.
4:21 am
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plus, with x1 you can get every stat and every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. ♪ steve: in just a couple of hours president trump will get a firsthand look at american military might. jedediah: is he heading to army tank plant in ohio thriving after nearly forgotten under president obama. brian: ellison barber at the white house with more on the president's agenda today. ellison. >> president trump is heading back to ohio. the state that arguably got him here to the white house. he is set to tour and speak at the army tank plant in lima, ohio this afternoon according to senior administration officials this trip will include 2020 stop. officials say that president
4:25 am
trump plans to attend a campaign fund raisener canton. senior administration officials told reporters yesterday the focus the theme of the visit to lima is economic security is national security. and the president will try and argue that manufacturing in the u.s. is, in their words, booming. the plant in lima, actually almost closed about five years ago. they received a big contract earlier this year. arguably thanks to this administration's investments in defense spending. but around the corner there is a general motors plant in lords it's town closing. they stopped. they announced they would idol five factories in north america and cut 14,000 jobs. called on g.m. to reopen the plant in lima. g.m. says they have to trim cost because consumers aren't buying as many small cars that most consumers want the bigger suvs. g.m. has been critical of this administration's trade policies in the past. at one point g.m. had said that they felt that president trump's tariffs could actually lead to less, not more jobs in the u.s.
4:26 am
steve, brian, jedediah? steve: all right. ellison barber at the white house. thank you very much. brian: meanwhile let's change gears and have some fun. the march madness tournament upon us in the playoff games. while many are looking ahead to who will win it all. we are looking back at one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time. steve: ucla john wooden coached his team to the championships 10 times in 12 years. what you probably don't know about him is that he was a devout christian who lived his life according to an aspiring 7 point creed that he kept in his wallet. jedediah: after being inspired by wooden's story our next guest lives by this creed. he joins us now author and vice president of communications for focus on the family paul. i love the story behind this creed. i heard you have that little piece of paper in your pocket right now. >> i keep it in my wallet. it's a little tattered and torn and here it is. jedediah: wow. steve: john wooden kept this note with these points in his wallet and he got them from his father. >> he did when he graduated
4:27 am
from elementary school his father gave him a $2 bill and that card with 7 point creed on the back of it. steve: let's go through all of them and you explain what they mean. the first one was be true to yourself. >> this pointed is the most fundamental of all. someone said that the most important -- the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why. this is what he tried to implore in his players as well. brian: chase your dream. you are not here by an accident and find out what it is and go after it. steve: make each day your masterpiece. >> we get up every day and fall into mechanical routine. the reality is today is unique and bill keene from family circus, i love this. he said yesterday is history. tomorrow is mystery today is a gift that's why we call it the present. that's what he tried to teach his parents. brian: i always hate that phrase same thing different day. you are phoning it in. >> 150,000 people are going
4:28 am
to die today that's that particular particularly accurate. don't take these hours for granted. jedediah: never leave until tomorrow what can be done today. >> we all love to procrastinate. tax season is less than a month today. do the worst first, next second and best for last that's what he did with his players. >> narcissism is rampant. the reality is you will be happiest when you are helping other people. brian: drink deeply from good books especially the bible. so he actually did that regularly. >> he was as steve mentioned he was devout christian. i love the fact most people don't know this he kept a little cross in his left hand during the game. jedediah: wow. >> the reason he did it was if i expect my players to control their emotions i should be able to control mine. and it was his reminder. but true, we talk about having this in your wallet. probably the most valuable thing i have in my wallet is my library card. this is available to anybody. what a great country we have
4:29 am
that has a public library system. read your bible and read good books. jedediah: study friendship and fine art. nothing like good friends. >> it's true. ironic when in an age where folks are probably more connected than ever. loneliness is an epidemic in this country. as we tell our kids, if you want to have good friends. you have to be a good friend. jedediah: they are connected. >> it takes time. >> that's right. steve: pray for guidance and give count for yours your blessings every day. >> when you live to be 99 years old you suffer a lot of losses. he lost his wife of 53 years. when you live to be 99 you lose all your friends. but he could get up every morning and say trust in the lord for he is good. that's what john did for all 99 years of his life. steve: how did you find out that he had this in his wallet? >> i have a buddy doug bernie who played basketball for ucla. he would speak of him in researcreverential terms i stard
4:30 am
reading up on him and he had that in his book. brian: great player himself. also add in too he liked to mention even nonathletes. if you had time and you talked to him. he would be willing to bestow on you just like if you sinsder in the 1970s. >> he died 44 years after he ryretired. he stayed active with individuals and players the whole bit. jedediah: i love this idea of a piece of paper. everybody has bad day. the idea you could take that out and remind yourself of what is important. it's fen am inial. >> thank you for having me. steve: 7:30 in new york city. a lot of people wondering what went wrong with boeing super max jet series. two deadly crashes and brand new information from inside the cockpit of one of those planes. you will hear that coming up. jedediah: this never gets old. a soldier dad surprising his son. don't miss out best story of the day. ♪
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4:35 am
is. jedediah: good for balance. ever try to close your eyes and stand stable? steve: it's hard. they will be with us tomorrow. in the meantime we have jillian with the news right now. we are trying to figure out what went wrong with those jets. jillian: that's right. that video made me cry yesterday. legit tears streaming down my face. black box of the lion air jet that crashed last year in indonesia paints a tragic scene. tried to solve a problem while flipping through the pages of a handbook before plummeting into the water. faulty sensor maybe blamed for the crash. the u.s. transportation department is investigating how the faa certified that model airplane, the boeing 737 max. the same model was involved in this month's deadly crash in ethiopia. take a look at these scary moments caught on camera. a man escapes a near disaster jumping out of the way just moments before a car crashes into a california gym. the driver is arrested and
4:36 am
charged with attempted murder. police believe the suspect may have carried out the attack in a stolen car after losing his membership for harassing women. is he being held on a million dollars bail. this mother has been dead since 1981. that didn't stop a man from collecting her social security checks for 37 years. walter tyler just sentenced to six months behind bars. prosecutors say he would forge his mother's signature on checks and even had someone impersonate her when the feds called. the detroit judge also ordering tyler to pay back the nearly $300,000. yikes. so have you ever wondered what age actually makes you an adult? >> i want to be 30. 30 and flirty and thriving. jillian: scientists now think you aren't really an adult until you are 30. a professor in the u.k. backing that up saying the brain makes substantial changes for the first three
4:37 am
decades of life. what do you think about this? email us at i don't know. i will kind of agree. there is a distinct difference in if a ma tutor and stuff between 20's and 30's. steve: 30 is the new 20? jillian: i guess so or 18, flight. steve: something like that. jedediah: thanks, jillian. steve: go out to the streets of new york city and adam has the weather on the first day of spring and some interesting trees behind him. adam: i'm going to talk about the trees and it's spring and we have got to talk about planting. it's that season. otherwise though, maybe still feeling like winter. i have my winter jacket on as we are tracking at least some areas across the country that snow is still across the you were midwest. will that melt and add to. so flooding? unfortunately that they have seen in the mississippi river. well the forecasted highs we will see a real cooling up of temperatures getting into the 50's here in new york city. can i run you into thursday and you see even warmer air pulling up in the middle of the country, the same is the case on friday. that is eventually going to start to melt some of that snow. now, back out here on the
4:38 am
plaza. and joining me to celebrate the first day of spring with tips on how to grow exotic fruits for any climate. the behind planto-gram. thank you for joining me. >> good morning. thanks for having us. adam: tell me mr. plant-o-gram. you could tell me someone can ship me this in my apartment in new york city i could have fruit? >> these make the best gifts they keep giving fruit year after year. bearing gift. adam: not just here in my apartment is going to be hard to grow i think but you will show me otherwise. anywhere in the country. >> we ship them all over the world. adam: excellent. what are some tips for anyone in the country or me in my apartment? what are some tips to make these grow and grow plants in my apartment? >> well drained soil. >> we can't stress it enough. have soil that drains extremely well. number one people have they use soil that holds a lot of moisture bad for trees.
4:39 am
cactus mix makes sure the container you use has holes for drainage. well drained soil. adam: what's tip number two for planting? >> tip number two sunlight. grow indoors in new york city you want to have it close to most sun facing window. if you have a south facing window that works excellent. otherwise, any window that gets maximum sun exposure. that helps a lot. adam: tip number 3. >> tip number 3 is pruning. keep it compact and prune as you pick the fruit. that's the easiest way to do it. as you are picking the fruit pull it as you go. >> what's appleby to future in my mouth. >> sour. delicacy. adam: tip number 4 and i review this? >> tip number 4. fertilize. don't overfertilize. suggest like you use one third to one half of whatever the bag suggests. one half to one third or whatever the bag suggests.
4:40 am
don't overfertilize. adam: number 5 we are low on time. >> don't baby the plants. >> do not baby your plants. don't baby them. let them do their thing. let them give you fruit. adam: this is fantastic. if i swallow one of these seeds is it going to grow in my stomach. >> no. you will fine. >> that's what my mom always told me. use spring friends for 10% off at brian: is anyone going to eat these. steve: speaking of friends the last time we had a live studio audience three or four weeks ago. a member actually -- studio audience member brought us ginger break cookies earlier this month. from ginger betty's bakery. the reason we are holding these up is because we can now announce the next live show is going to be friday, april the 12th. if you would like to be in our studio audience all have you got to do. brian: bake something. steve: don't have to bring
4:41 am
anything u bring yourselves. thousands of people would love to be here, just send us an email friends live and terms and conditions will apply. if we contact you. so, first step to get here and be part of the fun is email us. jedediah: just let me tell you guys this is the most delicious smelling aroma in life. steve: cookies? jedediah: gingerbread. brian: it looks like my mirror image. i thought i was looking in the mirror. jedediah: striking, actually. striking. steve: if you are interested, write to us at friends live meanwhile, something we have been talking about. do social media sites like twitter try to sensor conservatives? our next guest just took a closer look and you are going to want to hear what he has to say. brian: maybe. nancy pelosi is the speaker ever of the house. alexandria ocasio-cortez just started her first term. who do college students sees a the leader of the party.
4:42 am
>> i would say cortes. >> i would say aoc alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> unfortunately alexandria ocasio-cortez is probably the face of the democratic party. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition.
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♪ >> it seems to be if they are conservative, if they are republicans, if they are in a certain group. there is discrimination and big discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter. and facebook and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. steve: there you got president trump accusing social media giants of censoring conservatives. the remarks coming after his social media chief, dan ask scavino was temporarily blocked on facebook. this is the wrong graphic. filed a 50-million-dollar lawsuit against twitter claiming they targeted him. next guest is a director of the creepy line tak takes a look at possible bias at google. matthew taylor joins us
4:46 am
right now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. steve: what do you make of what the president said yesterday. we have to get to the bottom if the big social media companies have their thumb on the scale when it comes to conservatives. >> the problem here is that mr. scavino was bumped off facebook and it took the president's intervention for facebook to do anything. this is the white house. you think they would know if it's a bot or not. they obviously apologized and say oh it was inconvenience. how many times has this happened during the obama era? steve: good question. >> and facebook put out a statement they said in order to stop automated boss. we cap the amount of identical -- you are not going to understand it they are just blaming a bot. it seems like, matthew, every time something like this happens. they say it's a bot. it's a troll. it is an algorithm which we don't know what those things mean. >> no. i mean, again, i think that they can sit there and they
4:47 am
can kind of, again, put their thumb on the scale and mess with things and then say oh it's a technical glitch. but how many technical glitches are happening say with major businesses or politicians. it is the white house. you think they would have this down. steve: right. i think in the last year it was jack dorsey who put out the statement, look, one of the reasons we favor progressives for the most part is, you know, we are located in california. and it's hard to find somebody, anybody with a contrary point of view. >> well, sure. but i mean, again, they still are a company that services, you know, hundreds of millions of people. i mean, they should, you know, look, apple is a left leaning company but they still sell iphones to everybody. that shouldn't be a reason that they should be censoring speech and things. >things. steve: do you think they are censoring conservatives? >> the evidence seems to point in the direction there is more bias toward taking down conservative speech.
4:48 am
steve: how do you fix it? >> this is the complicated part. you have a scenario where have you cda 230 safe harbor law done great things for the internet and made free. steve: explain what that means. >> it means that the digital platform or web sites are not liable tore the fix that are said on the flat form. steve: that's unique to social media the tv networks don't have that do they. >> they do not. unique to digital websites law created in mid 1990s. steve: to help it get off its feet. >> if you sell me a bum couch on craig's list they should not be responsible for you selling me a bum couch. this has been a very important piece of legislation. but, again, it was written before these companies, these singular entities that control all of information were put together. so i think as a society we need to start thinking about going forward this unprecedented era we are in where you have only a couple companies that control all speech in the world.
4:49 am
steve: so, at this point though, if you are -- have a conservative point of view. is there an expectation that the media are going to be fair to you. >> i think currently probably not. you know. and so and i hate to say that because, again, these are private companies. and they do have a right to run their companies as they want to run them. you know, i think in the context of, say, congressman nunez, if there was no shadow banning as he calls it. maybe it would be different. you know, because obviously people have been saying things about public officials since george washington. steve: sure. >> again, if he was able to speak freely and they are able to speak freely then it may not be as big of an issue. steve: it does seem as if this is happening an awful lot. matthew taylor director of the creepy line thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate it. steve: what do you think about that? email us eric trump is going to join us live as you can see in about 40 minutes. nancy pelosi may be the speaker of the house. but who do college kids sees
4:50 am
a the leader of the democratic party. >> i would probably choose cortez. >> i would say aoc alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i would say unfortunately probably cortez is the face of the democratic party. still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪
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4:54 am
director cabot phillips joins me now with more. cabot, thank you so much for being here. brave to go on the college campus and ask these questions. you asked them who was the leader of the party. what did you find? >> it was overwhelmingly they said time after time alexandria ocasio-cortez. she represents my views, i think a lot of young people feel like they can relate with her. they see her on social media. and on a deeper level i have been on hundreds of campus sites and spoken to thousands of young voters with campus reform. i have seen this mentality of people wanting to oppose the establishment after 2016 a lot of them feel like the election was rigged for hillary clinton. they are supporting more spring candidates. more social pressure to go along with anything as far left as possible. every day in class when getting radical ideas of course they are going to seem more normal to you. listen in their own words why they reasons why they support her and ignoring the policies and going with her as a personal. >> just because cortez is like 29, and she is kind of branded herself as a socialist. >> she represents like a new progressive thing that's
4:55 am
really like pretty prevalent on college campuses. >> my age group more people steering in that direction democratic socialist direction. >> she is pulling pretty far to the left. people are going to like it. jedediah: i think you are right. she is young and on instagram videos all the time. playing up social media. and also i think the idea of socialism really just is appealing to millennials. none of that surprised me. i to ask you though in new york state she is doing well on the college campuses. look at her approval ratings in new york. 31% favorable. 44% unfavorable. what does that tell you? to me that's speaks in terms of ideas on a college campus great. practical application of those ideas not so great. >> it should be telling that the people who see her the most that know her the best have one of the worst approval ratings of her in the entire country. they are the difference between the campaign version of someone and then aoc's case she sounds aspirational inspirational. many way easy to ignore the policy and substance and be
4:56 am
inspired by her of course i support her. once they see amazon choosing to leave in large part because of her rhetoric. i think they are realizing wait a second. maybe this rhetoric is not what we wanted. maybe this is going to be a bad thing. this is bad news for the democratic party. the more spring they go. the harder it's going to be to win re-election. they need to convert moderate voters if they have any chance of winning against donald trump. the farther left they go the harder it will be to do so. jedediah: thanks for being here. i can't say i'm surprised for the college lo for aoc. >> thank you. jedediah: democrats new plan to win get rid of the electoral college. joe biden just dropped another hint is he running in 2020. what just happened overnight. back with us at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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♪ jedediah: joe biden tells supporters he planned 2020 bid.
5:00 am
>> i think he will muscle it out. he has to have organization. name i.d. he has money. he is the establishment candidate. >> get rid of the electoral college. >> i'm open to younger voting age. >> term limits for supreme court justices. jedediah: simple when you can't win an election you change the rules. we'll see this going into 2020. >> agents nabbed 400 illegal immigrants in just minutes. question what will they do with them? they are beyond capacity. steve: just couple hours president trump getting a first-hand look at american military might. >> he is set to tour and speak at the army tank plant in lima, ohio. economic security and national security. >> this blindfolded karate kid thought he was fighting a instructor. >> dad? ♪
5:01 am
brian: i don't want to brag -- ultimately our decision. jedediah: oh. steve: i'm low on cash. brian: let's sing about it. do you have a song? steve: listen, thanks for joining us on this very busy wednesday. ainsley is out. jed is in. we start for with the race for the 2020 democratic nomination. couple days ago we heard joe biden he came out and said i'm the most progressive, i have the most progressive of anybody running. people go, oh, slip of the tongue. no, that is actually according to "the wall street journal" what he has been telling really rich people that he is calling up begging for money, because he wants to out-do beto and bernie in the cash. jedediah: check out "the wall street journal" headline. joe biden tells supporters he plans 2020 bid. brian: the other one talks about him begging for money. if i'm 78 years old, done it two times before, i would be more
5:02 am
relaxed jumping out of the gate, making a huge headline. joe, people know you. you will get support especially if you get the obama machine behind you. you have klobuchar, kamala harris, 1.5, booker, they were around million dollars. if joe is in between i don't think anyone would put a nail in his coffin as a candidate. jedediah: i don't know, brian. look at beto, $6.1 million. 5.1 billion for bernie sanders. i think owe wants not only to beat the numbers on day one but wants to beat them big. steve: he wants to blow the doors out. according"the wall street journa l" he is worried he won't be able to raise the money online like beto and bernie. one of the first ones in was elizabeth warren. do you know how much elizabeth warren raised in the first 18 hours? $300,000. it was largely on act blue. when you look at the numbers, joe wants to be able to say, not
5:03 am
only do i have a message, but i have the financial backers behind me. right now, when you look at latest polls, there is some good news for joe. he is leading. good news for bernie, he is in second. best news, in it particular poll kamala harris is in double digits. people are familiar with her. she rocketed up four points. brian: you have to be stable enough to get through iowa, new hampshire, be a legitimate candidate in south carolina. if you can get through those beginnings i think you will be fine. this early on i guess is a lot about money but to me as i mentioned earlier i think in the back of your head, when you get trampled in 88, embarrassed withed the page rich thing and if you start running again, money is not there, look at the field in sense of change, at 78 years old can you still do it, you wonder am i going to
5:04 am
lose again. steve: which plagiarism thing? you talking about law school? that was out there for a while. when he was accused of stealing neil kinnick's speech? brian: i didn't know i had to make a choice but i will take both. jedediah: the grassroots is with bernie sanders and aoc. biden will get the establishment support but will he get support of the democratic voting base? jim mcglocklin feels the kamala harris is the outsider. >> he is establishment candidate a lost democrats are worried that the party is going too far to the left. basically right now in these polls biden and sanders are stuck a quarter of the vote. kamala harris, since she has gotten, she doubled vote share. she showed growth. they have kind of leveled off. in a lot of ways what the republicans were looking for in
5:05 am
donald trump, somebody new, outsider, somebody who will shank things up. she is one more likely able to do that. brian: we're not talking about how you fight the war on terror. we're not talking about should you build up military defense. we're not talking about pivot to china. we're not talking about getting the deficit down. breaking open the supreme court, getting rid of electoral college. socialism as a option. getting paid to do nothing. we're talking about voting age change. i find it bizarre. steve: tell you what, brian, the producers found it bizarre as well. they put together a montage. brian: how do you know this? steve: it is in the teleprompter. democratic 2020 hopefuls, abolishing electoral college, packing courts and lowering the voting age who knows what? brian: 12. >> get rid of the electoral college. >> the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making final decision who is the president of the united states.
5:06 am
we need to deal with that. >> we need to make a structural form to depoliticize the supreme court. >> term limits for supreme court justice. >> open to idea of younger voting age. jedediah: trump derangement taken center stage out of the mouths of these candidates. i think this will hurt them with these voters. talking about investigations. talking about the electoral college. not talking about health care, economy, issues people at home saying hold on a second, why would we vote for you again? remind me? steve: lowering voting age, rasmussen reports did a poll came out last day because nancy pelosi have suggested maybe lower it to 16%, the number of americans who think that is a good idea, 17%. 74% of americans are opposed to it. brian you made a great point earlier, when it comes to one of many by the way. brian: i was hoping you would add that, please. steve: when it comes to getting rid of the electoral college and you know making the small states
5:07 am
insignificant, because people would just go ahead and just campaign in new york and california, well, if the first in the nation primary is in new hampshire, and first caucus is in iowa, they would be irrelevant if it was all based on the popular vote. so that is not going to resonate with them. they will not like the candidate who shows up, get rid of electoral college, sorry, iowa. jedediah: came to lowering voting age in particular, we talked to tomi lahren earlier. >> you can't win the election, you change the rules. we'll see this going into 2020. not only do they want to get rid of electoral college, not only open it up for illegals to start voting, they want adolescents to vote. another way to pad the voting block. sounds like a great talking point. gets young people really energized. at the end of the day democrats doing what they can to win an election which they can't do
5:08 am
unless they change the rules. brian: we'll see what happens. the president is primaried or talking about wild republican ideas. so far not yet. changing the age to 16, a lot of people have 16-year-olds in their house. my 16-year-old, would you like to vote. she goes, i shouldn't be voting. jedediah: she knows that. brian: number one, she is not done with american history this year. they take it again in 12th grade. think she says i don't even think i should be voting. they don't talk about the stuff in school. they don't talk about the news in school very often. jedediah: people who have 16-year-olds. people who taught 16-year-olds as i have are saying not 16. steve: brings up the whole question, at what point are you an adult? in the united kingdom, scientists look at brain development. you might think that you're an adult at 18 but as it turns out the way the brain develops they feel you're not an adult until you're in your 30s. they say people are kind of,
5:09 am
essentially not on a pathway, but more of a trajectory where the brain is fully developed in the 30s, not at 18. brian: it is play-doh until in your 30s. >> plato? brian: play-doh. nice smelling and modable. gary says i'm 51. i'm not even close to being an adult. steve: he is honest. jedediah: if a brain doesn't make you adult till 30, we should raise the voting age. steve: good point. dan emails us. my wife of 48 years would disagree with the new study. told me on numerous occasions over the years i'm still 13 and i'm proud of it. jedediah: i never want to be an adult. i want to stay a kid forever. steve: "peter pan." brian: you hate the outfit. just one outfit. "peter pan" never changes. that is one of the problems. there is emotional i.q. and actual i.q. we should delve into that next
5:10 am
hour. steve: i.q. is different than adulthood. brian: i.q. is maturity. jedediah: could see emotional maturity. that is the important one. brian: i have great emotional maturity. jedediah: debatable. steve: what do you think about that? email us at we're on facebook all day long. 8:10 in new york city. jillian. jillian: good morning. steve: i figured you would want to comment. jillian: i have got nothing. in my 20s i thought i was an adult. in my 30s i look back i probably wasn't. brian: you were born very mature. jillian: i was. we have serious news. story we're following all day long. fox news alert, a deputy is dead and police officer fighting for their life after a tragic stop, a traffic stop turns into a shootout. an american flag draping their body as it is carried out of a hospital in washington state the investigators say a suspect opened fire on officers after
5:11 am
refusing to pull over and leading a high-speed chase. the suspect was also shot and killed. 24 officers have died in the line of duty this year. failed florida gubernatorial candidate andrew gillem is expected to make a major announcement today fueling 2020 speculation. his political action committee posted a promotional video ahead of today's event in miami. the former tallahassee mayor lost the race to governor ron desantis. he is rumored to do a presidential run. we'll see. alexandria ocasio-cortez got dropped by the very same group that catapulted her to political stardom. the new york congresswoman and her chief of staff were removed from the board of justice democrats political action committee. the pair had been with the group during her primary run and allegedly did not report it to the federal election commission. our friend dr. oz will be a grandpa again. his daughter daphne announcing
5:12 am
on instagram, she is pregnant with baby number four. she will make the big reveal on dr. oz show on fox. unclear when the baby is due. whether it is a boy or girl. but i'm sure it will be beautiful. steve: daphne oz, in college first year at princeton was a intern on "fox & friends." brian: i know someone who took a look at her resume', it is still first on her resume'. mom of four. keep them coming. 12 minutes after the hour, this terrorist once said if he ever went free he would go back to jihad. why have we handed him his walking papers out of prison? steve: he says he was excluded from the national honors society because of his support of president trump. this morning a bigger honor, the white house has come calling. ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> you might want to take a look at the whole electoral college in which case is seating a man for president who did not get the most votes. >> you had an election in 2016 where the loser got 3 million
5:17 am
more votes than the victor. there is lot of wisdom in that. >> get rid of the electoral college and everybody -- [cheers and applause] brian: growing number of 2020 hope if you recalls taking aim at actual process of electing the president. calling to abolish the electoral college. steve: we have electoral college expert, tara ross, here to explain what the electoral college really is. she joins us from dallas. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: our founders did not want the president picked by popular vote. why? >> absolutely not. the small states were terrified that they would be run over by the large state delegates if anything like that were to happen. there are so many memorable quotes of small state delegates sitting on the floor of the constitutional convention, thundering at the large state delegates next to them, we do not trust you, you would exercise it to our destruction. the small states were very
5:18 am
scared. and so we ended up with this compromise, a constitution that blends many kinds of principles together so that we can balance power between the large and the small states. brian: designed to say, okay, the south didn't put the president in, the north didn't put the president in, you need coalitions to put president in, coalition of states. >> right. exactly. you hear today that it is just about slavery and southern slave owning states wanted to have ilec tomorrow college. nothing could be further from the truth f you look at the discussions it was large versus small the some of the large were northern states. some of the large were southern states. vice versa. it was about the size of the states. it was not about slavery at all. it was about let's have a presidential candidate who addresses the needs of the whole country. steve: what do you make of big blue states like illinois, new york, most of new england they're signing on to a pact that would award their electoral votes whoever wins the popular vote. at the end of the night who has
5:19 am
the most popular votes, illinois will give them to the winner of that. what do you make of that suggestion? >> it is crazy. illinois has to do that by the way even if the candidate did not appear on illinois's ballot at all. they would agree the will of the nation trumps what illinois voters say. now 12 states, plus d.c. signed on to this compact. that is 181 electors. there are two other states, new mexico, delaware, have legislative approval there but the governors have not yet signed. that would be 189 electors on board. they need 270 to put their compact into effect. brian: so far it will not be valid unless they get more states on board. crazy thing, some of those states are purple. we know massachusetts going. but the purple states, maybe new mexico is in play, maybe new hampshire certainly in play. they would say okay the popular vote went one way. but what if the popular vote in new hampshire went for one
5:20 am
candidate and they were not on root to win the popular vote? electoral delegates would go the other direction? >> so for any state that has signed this compact they have to do what the nation said, completely, doesn't matter what the state said. the state could go 100% for the other candidate, they would still have vote for the will of the nation, not the will of the state. it doesn't make any sense. steve: that would be quite morning after aftershock. thank you very much for explaining how our founders had the vision how things should work. thank you. >> thanks for having me. brian: to pass that, would mean 2/3 vote in the house and senate. steve: to change the constitution. brian: packing the court, you need a simple majority in the senate. if the senate goes democrat, that could happen. steve: they can change the number of people on the court by statute. coming up on tuesday, beto o'rourke appears to endorse third trimester abortions when pressed on issue. my next guest used to lead
5:21 am
planned parenthood. now she is pro-life. what does she think about this this that is coming up. brian: how did the guy's car end up get stuck in the woods. the gps told me to do it. he followed the gps.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
♪ brian: glad you're up. hope you're dressed. now some headlines. supreme court backing president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration. 5-4 ruling allows them toe detain illegal immigrants anytime they have been released from prison. immigrants argued she should have the right to make their case. agents in el paso snagging two big groups of immigrants, mostly families and unaccompanied minors.
5:25 am
the el paso sector sees 570 apprehensions every day. according to reports we have nowhere to put them. great. jedediah. jedediah: thanks, brian. 2020 presidential hopeful beto o'rourke seems to support third trimester abortions when pressed on issue. >> so the question is about abortion and reproductive rights. my answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes about her own body. [cheering] i trust her. so that's my answer. jedediah: our next guest, a former planned parenthood clinic director turned pro-life advocate said he out of touch with most americans. abby johnson. thanks so much for being here. >> thanks so much. jedediah: when i see democrats talking about late-term abortion, i don't know if they realize how out of touch they are with the american people. almost 80% of americans say no to late-term abortion, include some people who are pro-choice. what do you think of when you see him talking like that?
5:26 am
>> you're absolutely right. democrats have swung the pendulum so far to the left, they have really ostracized a lot of their democratic constituency. we see that in the latest marist poll that came out that shows that in just one month there was a 14 point increase in democrats stating they are now pro-life. i think, they're just so out of touch with not only their constituents, also scientific reality. jedediah: right. you have democrats struggling on record to vote for and attest to the fact they would say an save an infant born alive. this is fully, functional, viable human being, now, they're talking about. this is not early term abortion. this is completely different conversation. >> exactly. and you know, they can make up all kinds of excuses why they didn't vote for it but the bottom line is that their issue is to support abortion, elective
5:27 am
abortion, through all nine months of pregnancy, and, even after, when a baby has been born alive. is healthy and able to live on its own. jedediah: i want to get to this movie, "unplanned." this is the story of your life. you used to work for planned parenthood. you're a pro-life advocate. let's get a clip. get your reaction. tell us about the film. >> the one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage the fetus can't feel anything. >> sorry to bother you, they need an extra person in the back room. are you free? ♪ >> it was twisting and fighting for its life. jedediah: this film got an r-rating. there has been a lot of contentious debate why that happened. what do you make of it? >> you know, it was a little surprising because i watched television and i've seen a lot
5:28 am
of pg-13 films i'm thinking i've seen much worse just on cable television. but it is almost like the mpaa stumbled backwards into the truth by admitting that abortion is violent. that it is disturbing. but i don't think that any of us, i don't think the irony is lost on any of us that a 15-year-old girl can walk into an abortion clinic, have an abortion without her parents consent, cannot go see a film about abortion without her parents consent. jedediah: also amazing you see so many films with sex, violence, profanity, that doesn't offend some in hollywood. you put this issue front and center, face it, many cases, talking about late-term abortion, this is violent act that was somehow problematic for them. do you think it was to squelch viewers, if you had the "r" rating, christians may not see it, dissuade people going into the theater to watch it? >> i think so. the i think one thing really important about this film, as
5:29 am
we're talking about late-term abortion, certainly it is barbaric and just things that we can't, we can't even imagine most of us. you know taking the life of a baby in the third trimester but this film is exposing the barbarity of abortion in the first trimester, where the majority of abortions are taking place. this is really going to, give a blow to the abortion industry and the abortion lobby and show them that even at 12 weeks, even at 10 weeks, even at eight weeks, abortion is still barbaric, it is still heinous. it needs to be exposed. >> film is out march 29th. hitting 1000 theaters. important film to see, no matter where you stand on issue. see the real deal. learn what is actually going on. thank you so much for being here. your story is fascinating. your personal story. >> thank you. jedediah: this terrorist once said if he ever went free again he would go back to jihad. why was he handed his walking
5:30 am
papers? discrimination of conservatives on social media. >> we used the word collusion very loosely all the time and i will tell you there is is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on. jedediah: president's son, eric trump, he joins us live next on that. going to weigh in. ♪ welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. >> we use the word collusion very loosely all the time. i will tell you there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on. and it seems to be if they're conservative, if they're republicans. if they're in a certain group, there is discrimination and big discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter
5:34 am
and facebook which i have also and others. we have to do something about it. steve: yep. there is the president yesterday saying there is collusion between social media censorship and fake news, topic a for eric trump, executive vice president of the trump organization and the son of the president. good morning to you. >> good to be here. brian: the president had somebody he really related to that about brazilian leader. portuguese speaking trump of the tropicses. they bothed ha the same sense about the news skewed against them. >> there is no question about it. look at google. you had an executive, couple days after the election up on stage talking to the other google executives crying, literally crying that trump won the election. don't tell me there is no bias. "diamond & silk," two of nicest human beings in the world, getting kicked off youtube on a daily basis, they post funny but yet benign videos. you want to see some of the hate speech i get toward me, they do absolutely nothing about those individuals? it only goes one way.
5:35 am
if you're on the left, you're totally protected. if you're on the right they absolutely try and kill you. my father's social media director, works in the white house. he got kicked off instagram yesterday. brian: they apologized. steve: it was bottom or algorithm. they always have an excuse -- bot. what can people actually do. >> the fundamental problem with the people in the companies are fundamentally on opposite side, even when it goes to human to check, you want to keep certain things off, you want to keep certain things off but when it goes to a human to check, they see something they don't like, they see a message they don't like. happened to everybody. happened to charlie kirk. steve: how do you fix it? brian: your brother was here saying same thing three weeks ago because he was being censored. >> i would love to see it go to the supreme court, tell you the truth. kevin mccarthy, there are people who want to do something about this. they hide under the veil we're private companies, we're private companies. you know what? you're no longer a private
5:36 am
company, when you're a monopoly. facebook has 1.7, 1.8 billion users around the world. you're beyond a private company. you become a monopoly. steve: utility. >> you are governed by free speech. the irony of the whole situation, you have everybody in the media, everybody on "the washington post" and "new york times," they stand behind free speech whatever they want to do, as tragic as it often is, whatever they want to do. conservatives are out there getting censored by big tech they say absolutely nothing about it. honestly it's a disgrace. jedediah: i wish i could say it is just social media where the bias lies. listen to ted koppel. we'll get your reaction. >> we're talking about organizations that i believe in fact have decided as a organizations that donald j. trump is bad for the united states, but the notion that most of us look upon donald trump as being an absolute fiasco, he is not
5:37 am
mistaken in that perception, he is not mistaken when so many of the liberal media, for example, describe themselves as the belonging to the resistance? jedediah: koppel not a right-wing loyalist, this is just a guy who has been the in industry a long time. like any sane person with eyes and ears, listen, this is an agenda driven media now. >> it absolutely is. read "the washington post" on any given day. read "the new york times" on any given day. you know, watch chris cuomo or one much these guys on cnn any night, just the hatred, you can see hatred in peoples ice. the hatred comes through, guys. the worst part about all of this, if it was confined to the u.s. it is one thing. when you see some anchors on cnn being broadcast to the entire world, every single night they're undermining undermining. brian: they're watching in hong kong and china. >> it hurts our country. one thing that no one talks
5:38 am
about. hurts us as a nation, cmn not so big in the u.s., ratings are horrible in the u.s., a lot of people watch overseas. they're spewing nonsense. it hurts this country. it is fundamentally not fair. look at job my father has done. look at economy. our country is on fire in terms of our economy. we have the lowest unemployment we've ever had. brian: 71% of the people are happy with the economy. eric, let me ask you something -- >> by cnn owes own poll. 71% of the people by cnn's own poll are happy with the economy, let me ask you a question. "new york times," forensics on your organization, you're running company, you and don, jr., what do you think of the story came out yesterday? did you have a chance to read it, evaluate, and linkage with trump organization and deutsche bank? >> we have one of the great companies ever. we have incredibly low debt. we have some of the best hotels, best golf courses. every single day we get harassed as a company, it is their way to
5:39 am
get at my father. that is all it is. 81 subpoenas. presidential harrassment. they don't have any leadership. they don't have any message. their star people, aoc are totally faltering because they're almost crazy at this point. so what do they do? they try and harass and try and disrupt and they s&p people and waste a lot of time. instead of house trying to fix education or fix our military or take care of our vets or do any one of 1000 productive things they could be doing. brian: immigration. >> immigration, probably the most relslant haven't thing right now. they bring a con man, convicted felon, parade him, put him on tv for days and days. brian: michael cohen. >> they waste so much time, it is absolute disgrace. guys they will lose again. i'm telling you we will win this thing again. my father will win this again. they are desperate. they have no message. he is doing a great job for this country. he is just doing a great job for this country.
5:40 am
steve: we know you're busy. thank you for dropping by. brian: you have a full-time job. steve: great to see you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour, jillian joins us with something about somebody from the news 20 years ago. jillian: former mental ban fighter. john walker lindh is his name. set to be released in may after 17 years in prison. he reportedly says he still supports islamic extremism. pete hegseth who served as a guard at guantanamo bay weighs in. >> if we can't put this guy away for life, tried for treason or execute him, eventually we're welcoming even more in the future from him because he will go back to the celebrity. jillian: former islamist fighter was captured months after 9/11. he plans to live in ireland once released. fda approved the first drug to treat post-partum depression but it could come at a high price. according to "the washington post," the
5:41 am
breakthrough drug could cost $35,000 and require mothers hooked up to an iv for days at a time. it is expected to be available by june. have you ever relied too much on gps. >> it said go to the right. >> it can't mean that. there is light there. >> the machine knows. stop yelling at me. >> no, there is -- >> here. jillian: come on. that scene from the office mimicking real life in massachusetts when a man gets stuck in the woods because his gps told him to turn on to a road that didn't exist. he had just moved to the area but you know, maybe, that common sense should play a roll too. talk about this now. a new jersey teen who claims he was rejected from the honor society because of politics will meet president trump. boris joined us last month to explain why he thinks his school snubbed his application. >> they said i had character flaw and i didn't meet their carrier leadership standards.
5:42 am
i posted a trump quote, they said i was a monarch. they said i want representing ideals to the class. jedediah: he will tomorrow attend a white house event on importance of free speech on college campuses. back to you. steve: make holmdale great again, holmdale, new jersey is where he is from. adam klotz on the street with the folks. >> first day of spring. i'm making a couple of friends. you have to say high to your wife, right? >> i have to otherwise i would be in the doghouse forever. i love you. >> we don't want anybody in the doghouse. we have a couple special viewers from tallahassee. help me with my forecast. would you be willing to do that? all i want you to do is hit the play button when i tell you do. we'll dot graphics together. what is your name? >> emma. >> emma and i doing the forecast. this is the satellite, radar
5:43 am
across the country. emma, hit the button. let's look at graphics. mostly dry across the country. hit the button. rain moving into the center of the country. there has been flooding there, emma. this is one shower we're tracking. history the button again. what have we got next? flash floods across the region own. you did an excellent job, emma. everybody give her a round of applause. everybody give a wave to the folks on the curvy couch. steve: very good, adam. that button is essentially a modified garage door opener. brian: that is what they base the technology? steve: good job, emma. brian: the president heading to ohio today to get a first-hand look at american military might. we have a live preview. tank talk coming your way. jedediah: talking about furry friends, american kennel club is here with the top five dog breeds of 2018. find the breed best for you.
5:44 am
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♪ steve: shortly the president will jump in his 747 and head out for a first-hand look at american military might. jedediah: that's right. he is heading to an army tank plant in ohio that is now thriving after it was nearly forgotten under president obama. brian: ellison barber at the white house with more on the president's agenda. reporter: that's right. the president is set to head to ohio a little later today. he will tour and speak at the army tank plant in lima, ohio, sometime this afternoon. according to senior administration officials this trip will include a 2020 stop. officials say president trump plans to attend a campaign fund-raiser in canton, ohio. ohio is a state that president trump won in 2016. he would like to hold on to it in 2020.
5:48 am
senor administration official told reporters yesterday, the focus, the theme of the visit to lima is economic security is national security. the president will try and argue manufacturing in the u.s. in their words is booming under his leadership. the plant in lima almost closed about five years ago. they received a really big contract earlier this year, arguably thanks to the administration's investment in defense spending but around the corner there is a general motors plant in lordstown is closing. they stopped production two weeks ago. last year gm said they would idle five factories in america and cut 14,000 jobs. president took to twitter to reopen the plant in lordstown. gm said they had to trim costs because consumers are not buying as many small cars. gm has been critical of this administration's tariffs in the past year. they have warned that president trump's tariffs could in their words lead to less, not more u.s. jobs. steve, brian, jedediah. steve: ellison, thank you very
5:49 am
much. jedediah: are you thinking about getting a furry friend? american kennel club is here with the top five dog breeds of 2018. so you can find a breed that is best for you. brian: eric trump with every dog imaginable, it was unique experience. ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is jerry. jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch.
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this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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>> good morning. new calls from some democrats to overhaul the election process and change our justice system. how the president is reacting this morning. plus beto o'rourke will be barnstorming the state of new hampshire. he will hold a live meet-and-greet later on. we'll watch for that. joe biden telling supporters he is planning a 2020 bid but how he is going to pay for that? how he is asking for help. we're covering it all live from
5:53 am
"america's newsroom." join us taupe of the hour. jedediah: if you've been searching for a furry friend but aren't sure which breed to choose you are in luck. we have the top five most popular dog breeds right here on set. brian: here to break it down for us american kennel club expert brandy hunter. how are you? >> i'm wonderful. look at this. i'm great. brian: first off, tell me what is the goal here? to let everybody know the breeds out there and the options? >> a good way to educate what people are looking for, what breeds might work for them. if you have a family, looking, the most popular list is great place. brian: with most popular dog, labrador retriever. >> you did the review, yes. [laughter] we're good. >> start with the bulldog. >> the bulldog is time honored breed. they're excellent companion. very adaptable. great with kids. don't require a lot of physical
5:54 am
exercise. short coat, easy maintenance. we have a baby. number four we have the frenchy. they're great apartment dogs, smart, adaptable and loyal. a lot of fun to have. people like them. we see a rising popularity with the frenchys. brian: apartment dog, don't need a lot of exercise? >> moderate exercise. daily walks are perfect. they will not need to run in fields. they're great for people with smaller spaces. steve: next dog is golden retriever. we used to have one. they're beautiful and they love to lick you. >> absolutely great with families. great with kids. very trainable. they require a good amount of exercise though. good to have really big space for them, so they can be stimulated to have fun. steve: very affection @. >> learning about the german shepherd. mom is over there. >> golden retrievers are very loyal, i'm sorry, german
5:55 am
shepherds are very, very loyal. highly trainable. >> sleeping puppy. >> they are a great breed. they are very, very strong. wolf, let's talk about it. brian: very good watchdog. >> they're excellent watchdogs. search-and-rescue. they're amazing. brian: are they gaining popularity? >> they're holding very strong at number two. people tend to love them. they're popular in a lot of top cities. great dogs. steve: big reveal. number one most popular. brian: again. >> i'm sorry, buddy. i'm sorry. number one is labrador retriever. 28 years in a row. longest rein for the most popular breed ever. labs are great. they're great with families. great with kids. they're great with wolfie running that way. they are really fun. very energetic. they're excellent family dogs. if you have a great level of exercise and activity in your family, labs fit right in. brian: do they wander if let go? they can run for it.
5:56 am
>> they can wander. any dog can wander. have proper enclosure for your dog. keep a good eye on your dog. you won't have that. steve: for anyone interested in the breeds where is the best place to get the dog? >> go to and ack marketplace. tons of breeders answer the questions and find the right breed and dog for you. definitely check that out. >> this dog will not -- >> very loyal to his mother. that is what german shepherds do let him go where he needs to go. brian: that is an episode of. >> can't beat loyalty of a dog. brian: stay home from school. go to the shelter. "fox & friends" back in a moment. ♪ with fewer pills.
5:57 am
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>> niece -- these are actually the men and women whose dogs these are. >> head to fox nation. you can watch the radio show. stay within yourself. >> sandra: good morning. president trump sounding off at a slough of new democratic proposals from abolishing the electoral college to packing the supreme court and lowering the voting age. one thing is becoming clear. 2020 democrats want to change the rules. good morning, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott for bill hemmer. democratic presidential candidates pushing for big changes on the campaign trail and former texas congressman beto o'rourke is in new hampshire holding his first event of the day now. >> sandra: the president says the democrats are getting very strange. they want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the electoral college and increase significantly the number of supreme court just


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