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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 20, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> niece -- these are actually the men and women whose dogs these are. >> head to fox nation. you can watch the radio show. stay within yourself. >> sandra: good morning. president trump sounding off at a slough of new democratic proposals from abolishing the electoral college to packing the supreme court and lowering the voting age. one thing is becoming clear. 2020 democrats want to change the rules. good morning, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott for bill hemmer. democratic presidential candidates pushing for big changes on the campaign trail and former texas congressman beto o'rourke is in new hampshire holding his first event of the day now. >> sandra: the president says the democrats are getting very strange. they want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the electoral college and increase significantly the number of supreme court justices.
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you have to win it at the ballot box. >> jon: that's not stopping candidates from sticking to their talking points. >> get rid of the electoral college. >> no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who is the president of the united states. we need to deal with that. >> we have to make some kind of structural reform to depoliticize the supreme court. >> term limits for supreme court justices might be one thing. >> i'm open to the idea of a younger voting age. >> sandra: we've got live fox team coverage. kevin corke is live in lima, ohio, where the president will hit the campaign trail. former white house political director matt schlapp is here with analysis. we begin with molly line in new hampshire. >> good morning. it's a cold day to start. the former texas congressman o'rourke arriving for his first event of the day in common man. he rolled into town last night with a late event at keen state
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college. a rousing crowd to listen to him. he was praising the granite state and talked a bit about texas. he says that some believe texas will have a seat at the table in the democratic nominating process and selecting the next president. the 38 electoral votes are in play and something he hopes to be able to bring to the table in this national campaign. in other words, the man who gains national prominence losing a senate race in his home state a win is in the cards if he is his party's nominee. >> yes, i think we can win texas. i think we've proven we know how to campaign. each one of those 254 counties we've listened to the stories our fellow texans have told us and incorporated it in the way we campaign and the way i wish to serve. >> he has caught some slack being strong on buzz and short on specifics. many of the voters in new
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hampshire said they're just beginning to learn about all these candidates and didn't know about too many differentiating stances. here is what one voter said about o'rourke. >> this is the kind of person i want to be president. i want someone young. i want someone under 60. under 50. i don't want old, angry people running our country anymore. >> some of the hopefuls have made stops here. this is o'rourke's first visit to the state but planning to cover a lot of ground and hopes to hit all 10 counties here in the course of a couple of days. >> sandra: molly line, thank you. >> jon: meanwhile, president trump heads to battleground ohio today to try to rally republicans while taking aim at some potential 2020 challengers. kevin corke is live from li, ohio where the president will speak this afternoon.
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kevin. >> always good to be with you. i want to begin by talking not about manufacturing or the idea that national security is economic security, but instead let's dovetail on what we heard talking about, making a major change to the supreme court. you have heard the president weigh in on that. yesterday we got a chance to hear cory booker talking about it. the democratic candidate from new jersey. here is him on what he thinks the high court could look like if it were to change. >> term limits for supreme court justices might be one thing to give every president the ability to choose three. i want -- i think term limits might be a better way of saying that. >> term limits may be a better way of saying maybe we can change the high court that way. his idea and other candidates did not escape the attention of
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the president yesterday in the rose garden. he said this. >> president trump: i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason is that they are doing that they want to try to catch up. so if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election they want to do it a different way. we would have no interest in that whatsoever. it won't happen for six years. i guarantee. >> i want to share this tweet while i have a moment, jon. this is interesting. 2020 democrats want to abolish the electoral college, add new seats for liberal judges. lower the voting age to 16. they lost in 2016 and know they can't beat donald trump in 2020. their answer, change the rules. fierce debates to come. i mention that the president is here in lima. he will be talking about this idea that national security is economic security. he is here at a place where they not only manufacture tank parts and american other
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american manufacturing materials here, he is here in a crucial state the buckeye state of ohio. should make for an interesting afternoon. i promise to be here four all day. for now back to you. >> jon: it will be a good one. thank you. >> sandra: for more on this we bring in matt schlapp former white house political director and editor of reagan. good morning to you, matt. it's hard to choose where to go first here but there are a lot of calls from democrats that are clearly showing that they want to change the rules. the "wall street journal" wrote this editorial piece on targeting the electoral college this morning. in that they write the electoral college helps check polarization by forcing presidential candidates to campaign in competitive states across the country instead of trying to motivate turnout in populist partisan strongholds.
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what's the goal here and why are we hearing growing calls to change this particular rule? >> well, because the democratic party is embracing radicalism and socialism and sandra, the reason why we have things like this electoral college, which is in the constitution, is because our founders believed that small states and rural populations should be just as important as the big urban areas. it is not just at the time it wasn't just about philadelphia or new york city but about rural areas, too. so they baked this into our founding including the senate where a small state like delaware gets two senators just like a big state like california and what you see with the democrats, it's all about racial politics, it is all about the cultures and values of the big urban areas. that is who they're playing to. >> sandra: as far as the latest polling is concerned, knowing that joe biden hasn't officially entered the race yet, here is the latest cnn poll where things stand
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assuming he does enter the race. he leads in the latest poll at 28%. but there is a clear trend happening here where we are seeing kamala harris and bernie sanders on the rise. bernie sanders 20%. kamala harris 12%. she went on jimmie kimmel last night and she said she fully intends to win, by the way. on the electoral college specifically she says she is open to abolishing it. no question the popular vote has been diminished. will it be a winning message for them? >> you know why the popular vote has been diminished, is because you have democrats who want to have an open southern border. they don't want to have borders in our country. when people get released into the interior of our country and here illegally they want to give them a credential like a driver's license and camera harris's home state of california they have changed all the voting rules so it is very easy for people who are not on the voting rolls to vote
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or people remain on the voting rolls after they're dead or after they're no longer eligible to vote. this is a scam and i really think it's important for the american people to understand what is at play. it is not that they actually want one person/one vote. not that they want the popular vote. they want to run up the tally through these means that most americans find repugnant. when you get your ballot in the mail you should have to fill it out. you should have to turn it in. it shouldn't be given blank or in any other way to some kind of democratic operative who can play games with that ballot. we saw it happen with a republican in north carolina and seeing it with democrats across the country. we won't have honest and secure elections if these laws continue. >> sandra: kamala harris was also asked about joe biden entering the race. her response is the more the merrier. the "wall street journal" headline this morning joe biden tells supporters he plans 2020 bid. in that "wall street journal"
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piece they're reporting that he is asking for help to line up contributions from major donors so he can raise similar amounts to others already in the race. notably beto o'rourke and bernie sanders. he is concerned he can't do that. look at the numbers he is competing with her. o'rourke, 6.1 million in 24 hours. bernie sanders nearly $6 million in the first 24 hours. harris 1 1/2 in the first day after announcing that she was running. can joe biden raise these kind of numbers? >> i think he can. i think joe biden in the polls. he has strong support. i think he will get a lot of support from the obama operation. even if it's not official. i think so. i think what's interesting is beto o'rourke raised as much money in his race against ted
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cruz as george w. bush did when he ran for president. the democratic field is fascinating. you have bernie sanders, who has done it before who that's always a leg up when you're running for president. yet you have kamala harris from this big finance state like california. she is a woman, african-american. if you look at beto o'rourke who did so well in a state like texas and puts texas at play. the democrats are talking about how much money they can raise and about how radical they can be. in the end both of those don't match up well with donald trump who spent the least amount of money running for president because he connected to the american people on issues and values they cared about. the democrats are trying to run to the left. the president trying to help america. 70% of the people in the cnn poll said the trump economy is a great economy. that's hard for democrats to run against. >> sandra: who would put up the biggest fight, the biggest competition for the president right now as far as who is
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running on the democratic side, matt? >> the one who can't get through. the one who reaches out to blue collar voters and middle class voters and has their values. look, the idea of being for third trimester abortion, open borders, being against the cops. come on, being against ice. these aren't blue collar values. that democrat might be able to give the president a run for his money. that democrat cannot get through this process where these voters want socialism. >> sandra: matt schlapp, great to have you kick things off for us this morning. >> jon: as we've been reporting as some 2020 democrats propose big changes to the u.s. constitution like adding justices to the supreme court and abolishing the electoral college, would any of that meet legal? we'll ask alan dershowitz next hour. >> sandra: an american turned taliban fighter captured in afghanistan after 9/11 is about to be released from prison. why john walker lindh is still
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not renouncing his radical islamic ideology. >> jon: president trump vows to investigate conservative censorship on social media. jason chaffetz joins us next to weigh in. >> president trump: i have many, many millions of followers on twitter and it is different than it used to be. names are taken off. people aren't getting through. you've heard the same complaints. will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire,
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the driver was shot and killed by police. the names of the officers not yet released. >> president trump: if they're conservative, if they're republicans and in a certain group there is discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter and facebook, which i have also and others. something is happening with those groups of folks that are running facebook and google and twitter. and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. >> sandra: president trump in the white house rose garden yesterday where he vowed to investigate social media platforms like facebook and twitter after devin nunes sued twitter alleging bias against conservatives. let's bring in jason chaffetz. good morning to you, jason. can you just -- can this go anywhere? what power does the president have here to dig into these
6:18 am
private companies? >> well, the president does have a good point. it does happen. it has happened to me personally. i tried to post up my book to promote it on facebook and it was rejected. they said there were too many words on the cover of my book. i've heard stories from deafin nunes, you heard the president. the situation is very real. i think civil suits might be able to get further into this than maybe what the government can do. but from the federal trade commission and the securities and exchange commission, those two, because these companies are publicly traded, they are going to subject themselves to a lot more scrutiny and there is a lot of evidence out there that this always goes one direction and it is against conservatives, not against liberals. >> sandra: amazing how it's all happened including the lawsuit from devin nunes. the white house social media director had a problem this week for which facebook has since apologized. he put the post up with a screen shot saying facebook
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blocked him and he writes on there amazing in capital letters. why are you stopping me to replying to comments followers have left me on my own facebook page. people have the right to know. why are you silencing me? that got the attention of facebook quickly. they issued a response to him. they said in order to stop automated bots we cap the amount of identical repetitive activity coming from one account in a short period of time. these limits can have unintended consequences. they aren't owning it was a bias but suggesting that a bot was responsible for denying him the ability to comment to posts on his own page. >> i don't believe any of that. i don't think it's a coincidence it happened at the white house at the senior level. facebook and twitter all have a duty and responsibility to validate who is actually on their system.
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but this bot. go against conservatives. they don't go against the liberals in this case. to have it happen at this time. diamond and silk, the sweetest ladies, very conserve thifsh. there shouldn't have to be a congressional hearing for diamond and silk to get their situation straightened out. >> sandra: getting a lot of attention this week. >> jon: speaker of the house where jason used to work, nancy pelosi fighting back after democrats slammed her stance on impeachment. >> that's how we should be spending our time, to improve the financial stability of america's working families as we have oversight over the president. i said he is not worth it. it got your attention. >> jon: will the far left members of her party accept pelosi's position? new reaction from democratic congressman ro khanna coming up.
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6:25 am
the president's 10th visit to ohio. i was there for election day 2016. i know it's a pivotal state for him. can he win it again? >> absolutely. the president will win ohio and win reelection. the president is coming back to ohio. he knows how important ohio is. the theme of today is economic security is national security. he is visiting the lima tank plant that president obama tried to shutter. president trump's agenda is about national security and investing in our military and our military readiness. this means thousands of jobs in lima, ohio. there will be more jobs added. his 2020 budget is proposing $3.2 billion investment in this lima tank plant. we have to make sure we take care of our military readiness but it also means thousands of jobs in ohio. >> jon: it's a sore spot for the president that gm has
6:26 am
decided to close the lordstown plant. the president is trying to get somebody else to buy it or get gm to build some other kind of vehicle there. what are the prospects for that? >> i think it's very good. the folks in the valley are workforce ready. it is unfortunate that gm made the decision to shut down that plant. it is a fantastic facility with fantastic workers and the president is all about jobs and economic prosperity, especially here in the buckeye state. >> jon: the democrats we've been talking about some of the proposals that democrats are making in this -- as we build up toward the 2020 election year. increasing the size of the supreme court, maybe term limiting security justices, lowering the voting age. how are those proposals playing in ohio? >> they aren't playing at all. quite frankly what we've learned over the years with the democrats, they can't win at the ballot box, they try to change the rules. no one in ohio is talking about
6:27 am
lowering the voting age or abolishing the electoral college. that's unconstitutional and not what our founding fathers fought for in the constitution. and it would eliminate the voices of those in the hinterland. that's what they don't get. they don't get ohio values. they won't win ohio or the presidential election if they keep talking about socialism, the green new deal. it will take jobs away, it is not about economic prosperity, national security. those are the issues ohioans are talking about. and quite frankly the democrats are talking about infanticide which is abhorrent to most people in ohio. they don't like that and won't vote for them. >> jon: the economy is on fire right now. best economy we've had in generations, unemployment at record low, especially among some minority groups. are you surprised, given that, that the president's poll ratings aren't higher than they are? >> well, i mean look, every day
6:28 am
the president gets a barrage of negative news. i tell you, the numbers that come out from the polling that says 71% of americans think the economy is good. we have record low unemployment. wages are rising 3.4%. i travel around the state of ohio, one of the biggest complaints is they just don't have enough workers. lieutenant governor and the governor are working on that to make sure we have a workforce ready to supply those jobs. it is a booming economy all because of the trump agenda which puts america's workers first. >> jon: she will be with the president tonight as chairman of the republican party. thank you. >> sandra: as the president prepares for this big ohio trip the white house putting out its own report on the economy predicting the president's policies will produce an economic boom for this country lasting a decade.
6:29 am
a chief member of the white house economic team, kevin hassett will tell us how they plan to achieve that. plus an american captured after fighting with the taliban in afghanistan is set to get out of prison soon. only one problem. he has yet to denounce radical islamic terrorism. we'll have a live report on this just ahead.
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. >> jon: now this fox news alert. american taliban fighter set to get out of prison in two months. john walker lindh was captured as an enemy combatant in afghanistan just months after the september 11th terror attacks. he has not denounced his allegiance to the terror groups and advocates for global jihad. griff jenkins with more on that from washington >> yeah, free to go in maye.
6:33 am
what happens when he gets out is what people are worrying about because it appears the man once known as the american taliban hasn't become a changed man in prison. let's recap. november of 2001 he is captured by u.s. forceers with a group of taliban fighters who stage an uprising that kills 500 including a c.i.a. officer. in 2002 lindh is convicted for supporting the taliban and sentenced to 20 years in prison. at the time critics thought it was too lenient because he wasn't prosecuted for treason. not only is he advocating for global jihad. authorities say he has made pro-islamic state comments and continues to write and translate violent extremists texts. in 2016 the national terrorism center says he remains as radicalized in 2001 according to documents obtained by foreign policy magazine. because he refused to renounce islamic ideology they believe
6:34 am
he is a security risk once released. pete hegseth who served in guantanamo bay had this to say. >> we captured him and put him in prison and he hold allegiance to al qaeda and isis. we are as foolish as we were on september 10th, 2001. if we can't put this guy away for life and try him for treason or execute him eventually we're welcoming more in the future from him. he will go back as a celebrity to our enemies. >> what exactly will he do when he gets out? lindh has applied for irish citizenship in prison and says he plans to travel there once he is freed. lindh is 38 years old today or now, i should say. it is a little unclear whether or not he would be successful in traveling to ireland. irish officials appear ready to take him should he obtain a passport. >> jon: unbelievable story. keep an eye on that one for us. thanks very much. >> sandra: the trump administration present dibting
6:35 am
the economy will keep booming over the next decade propelled by further tax cuts, reduced regulations and infrastructure improvements. but not all economists agree with this big forecast from the white house. for more we're joined by chairman of the white house council of economic advisors kevin hassett. thank you for being here. we've dug through the report. it looks pretty rosie considering some substantial things have changed in recent months. so first tell me if this is correct. economic growth so far under this president has averaged out 2.8%. is that fair? >> that's right. but the first year it was basically picking up from the ones that were left over from the obama administration and the second year we hit 3%. >> sandra: you are forecasting over the next decade that growth can be sustained, is that correct? forecasting 2.8% growth. >> yes, it can. >> sandra: how do we get there? >> all right you're seeing it.
6:36 am
what happened is we went from 1% growth the new normal that would be disappointing forever, to 3% growth over the last two years with deregulation and tax cuts. very aggressive pro-business and pro-worker agenda. the results are there. income growth for the bottom 10% of the population at 6 1/2% since the president was elected we created 56,000 auto jobs in america. everything has lifted off and our view is it will continue. it is continuing because the policies are working. >> sandra: but then this would as your report details this would assume further deregulation, more tax cuts. the big difference i was mentioning was the fact that democrats control the house of representatives now. >> but just remember that the tax cuts that were passed, some of them expire at the end and the president wanted them to be permanent. we're assuming congress makes
6:37 am
the tax cuts permanent and it is really taking off. regulatory costs in the u.s. declined under president trump last year because he has a regulatory budget and paperwork costs are going down for the u.s. government for as far back as we looked we couldn't see a year like that. >> sandra: does this forecast assume a 2020 trump victory? >> we assume in this forecast that president trump's policies are enacted and that's what every forecast does for the president. the way to think about the purpose of the report really is that we very carefully model what happens if president trump's agenda is adopted and hopefully congress will look at that and be convinced. we have all the academic cites and we should adopt the agenda. it's different from a wall street forecast. the they make an assumption what policies are there and make a forecast. we're saying president's trumps policies become law this is what happens and look how we've
6:38 am
documented the positive effects. president trump's policies should become law. >> sandra: important you note the wall street economists and analysts. their forecasts aren't as rosie as yours. many of them fall below the forecast you've put out there and the federal reserve is below your forecast. they project 1.9% growth for their long-run forecast. why are you and your team so much more optimistic than the street, the federal reserve and even some global forecasts? >> if you go back to the first year that we said growth would inch up a little bit, everybody said we were crazy. it came in above it. a year ago i probably was on the show and you were saying the wall street guys say you're crazy we aren't getting 3% growth in 2018 and we did. our policies are working the way the academic literature says they should and confident they'll continue to grow going forward. the people criticizing us were wrong. how many years in a row do we have to be right before they question their models, right?
6:39 am
do you think if we have a 3% year this year they might say okay we'll give you next year? probably not. they'll say we'll stick by our models and the new normal of one. it is a partisan thing. president obama's team pushed bad policies and gave us low growth. our view is we fixed the policies, growth the back and proves that we're correct. >> sandra: let me ask you the markets are down this morning 9 minutes into trading. dow is off 117 points. fedex missed expectations, a huge international company based in the united states that we look to for guidance what is happening in the u.s. economy but globally. fedex missed forecasts and flagged major global economic slowdown as one of their biggest concerns. they cut their full year forecast and concerned about a trade deal getting done with china. what can you tell us?
6:40 am
>> i don't want to comment on a specific company but i can say fedex said there is a global slowdown. they're correct. the u.s. is a pocket of strong growth right now around the world. so if somebody is making money by shipping stuff to other countries i can see how the global slowdown would affect their earnings. that doesn't have a big impact on the u.s. economy and there is so much momentum going forward that i think we're highly confident we'll have another 3% year. the first quarter going all the way back to 2010 the first quarter is always 1 1/2% growth and after that the second quarter you get 3% growth. we're looking at a slow first quarter but we've seen that story over and over again before. >> sandra: quick answer. does your economic forecast assume a trade deal gets done with china? >> we assume that the president's reform agenda that we describe in great detail that it is successful. yes. >> sandra: a lot of big assumptions in there but a serious growth story for this country. happy birthday to you, kevin
6:41 am
hassett. enjoy the rest of your day. >> thank you. >> jon: march madness is officially underway. dickenson pulling off its first ever tourney win. >> good! wow. they're going to go to the first round. >> jon: the knights knocked out prairie view a & m82-76. belmont beat temple 81-70 and winning their first tournament game in school history. so like i said. they're off. congratulations to fairly dickenson that has to be something. >> sandra: meanwhile we have this news on the patriots owner robert craft. he could avoid jail time in a case that accuses him of soliciting prostitutions but the deal would come with a major catch. we'll have those details for you straight ahead. >> jon: house speaker nancy pelosi is now weighing in on
6:42 am
all the talk of lowering the voting age to 16. are democrats going to officially go down that road? we'll take that up next. they're our parents...
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we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. >> jon: house speaker nancy pelosi pushing back on talk of impeaching the president. the speaker dismissing criticism of her opposition to it saying democrats should concentrate on passing legislation. here is what she told usa today. you are wasting your time unless the evidence is so conclusive that the republicans will understand. otherwise, it's a gift to the president. we take our eye off the ball. let's bring in california congressman ro khanna who serves on the house oversight committee. you and the speaker seem to be on the same page. she told the "washington post" that it's just not worth it to go after the impeachment of the president. you've said something along those lines, am i right?
6:46 am
>> well, jon, i haven't ruled it out but i said the bar is very high. we certainly shouldn't prejudge anything and we should wait for the evidence before we make any determination. >> jon: what do the american people want? what do your constituents want? >> my stints want there to be an investigation with all the facts to be transparent. they want to see the mueller report released. they want to see what will happen with the southern district of new york and that investigation. they want us to go through the process and i don't think they want us to pre-judge something and understand the gravity of impeachment and that it's a very high bar. >> jon: here is what speaker pelosi said at a voting rights rally when she was defending that comment to the "washington post". she said i've been saying this for two years that he shouldn't be impeached but when i said he is not worth it, then it got the press. and what he is not worth is the financial stability of america's working families and
6:47 am
that's what we're trying to correct when the time comes, she said we'll see. it does seem like right now most americans are not talking about impeachment a whole lot. >> well, i think there is serious concerns about the abuses of the rule of law and people want transparency. they want an open investigation but they also care most about communities that have been left behind. what are we doing to build infrastructure and what are we doing to provide healthcare and tackle prescription drugs? we have to have a positive agenda for the american people and that's what nancy pelosi is focused on. >> jon: she has also said that she personally supports lowering the voting age to 16 in this country. what do you think about that? >> here is why i think it's a good idea. i was born and raised in philadelphia and believing young people need to learn about the responsibilities of citizenship. if we could teach folks in 11th and 12th grade about voting and the importance of learning
6:48 am
american history and getting them used to voting, i think that would do so much for building a common american purpose and the responsibility of young people need in being good citizens. >> jon: she says that in your caucus in the house you are collecting thoughts about that idea. are there others who would support lowering the voting age to 16? >> there are. we had a vote on an amendment that was quite a large group of people who supported it. and i just think that our country is so desperately needs this next generation to learn about the constitution, the declaration of independence. to have a common american identity. i can see no better way than teaching that in high school. what happens now is folks leave school, they haven't really voted before, they don't have that habit that previous generations have had and they don't take those obligations seriously. if we allow this to happen in high school i think they would be much better about voting and contributing to the country.
6:49 am
>> jon: what about the possibility of overriding the president's veto. 13 republicans who joined democrats but you need 288 in the house, 66 in the senate to override a veto. miss pelosi said she will schedule the vote anyway. isn't that a waste of time? >> jon it will an uphill battle but here is why it matters. the president shouldn't be allow to subvert the will of congress. i'm a progressive democrat. if there was a democratic president who wanted to do medicare for all or the green new deal and said i'll declare a national emergency i don't care what congress thinks you can count on me to oppose that. this is about the separation of powers and the rule of law and it would be a terrible precedent to allow this president to declare a national emergency when congress doesn't want to. i think we really need to express our will that this is wrong policy. it will be a hard vote but i think it's important for congress to make that statement. >> jon: ro khanna, a democrat
6:50 am
from california, member of congress. >> sandra: breaking news from syria front lines. fox news getting an exclusive look at the fight to crush isis overseas. benjamin hall is on the ground as u.s.-backed forces work to bring the terror group to their knees. we'll take you there live next hour. plus record flooding engulfing the midwest as the white house says federal aid is on the way. we're live from one of the hardest-hit communities next. >> the american people are going to stand with people across nebraska, across iowa, across all of the eight states that have been impacted by this severe weather and this flooding. the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence.
6:51 am
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>> sandra: historic river
6:54 am
flooding in the midwest prompting mass evacuations and costing farmers billions of dollars in lost crops and livestock. a new system moving east and south could affect the mississippi and missouri rivers as vice president pence was in hard-hit nebraska yesterday with a message for flood victims. >> to all the families that have seen their homes flooded, seen livestock lost, who had their lives and communities upset by these extraordinary floods and severe weather, our message is this. we are with you. >> sandra: mike tobin is live from illinois, south of the wisconsin/illinois border where many families are trying to cope with the devastation. >> the good news, the rain we had overnight wasn't that bad. as i look tow rock river behind me and look to the trees you can see the watermarks on the trees. if anything, it looks like the river is going down just a couple of inches. there is a neighborhood here
6:55 am
called edge mere terrace separated from dry land by all this flooding. we've seen the kids going to school and even people trying to get to work, we saw kyle commuting by kayak to get to a car and make his way to his construction job. 14 states now are dealing with floods. hardest hit so far iowa and nebraska. 41 counties in iowa are falling under the emergency declaration. iowa is finalizing the application for federal relief. nebraska is estimating a billion dollars in agriculture will be loss due to livestock killed and crops that won't get into the ground on time. they submitted the papers for federal relief. 70% of the state now falls under the disaster declaration. that's where vice president mike pence traveled yesterday with a message to flood victims that help is on the way. >> as i assured them at the president's direction we will expedite that request to make sure the families and communities impacted have access to the federal resources
6:56 am
and support that is designed for exactly times like these. >> if the snow melts and water runoff weren't bad enough they're dealing with ice jams in parts of minnesota. ice makes a big dam and causes the water to back up. one of the many problems people are faintion out here. >> sandra: our best to all of them and help is on the way. thank you, mike tobin. >> jon: another big hour ahead. president trump says he will investigate claims of social media bias against conservatives. plus congressional republicans have a plan to try to stop democratic candidates from trying to stack the supreme court. alan dershowitz will be here on how all the legal battles might play out. luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher. febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've... ...gone noseblind to.
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who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at >> sandra: top republicans in washington taking action to protect the supreme court as several democratic contenders try to reshape the face of our justice system. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott for bill hemmer. gop lawmakers will introduce a constitutional amendment to stop the push by some democrats to increase the number of justices who sit on the bench. florida senator marco rubio tweeting we must prevent further destabilization of essential institutions. court packing is becoming a litmus test for 2020 democratic candidates. therefore, i will be introducing a constitutional amendment to keep the number of seats on scotus at nine. >> sandra: peter doocy has more from washington this morning.
7:01 am
good morning, peter. >> senate confirms another supreme court nominee one-third of the supreme court will be trump picks and democrats don't like the sound of that. they're now trying to rekindle the supercharged emotions felt during the kavanaugh confirmation pitching a new court with 15 justices instead of nine. >> what if there were five justices elected by democrats and five justices elected by republicans and those five independent of those who chose the first 10? i think that's an idea we should explore. >> adding new seats with water down the influence of those on the court right now. republicans are trying to keep the court the way it has been since 1869 with a constitutional amendment introduced by congressman mark greene who says that scheme to pack the court are dangerous to the founder's vision of an independent judiciary that
7:02 am
serves as a check on executive and legislative forms of government. three quarters of the states. this measure does not have the support of the president. >> president trump: no, i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason is that they're doing that they want to try to catch up so if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election they want to try doing it in a different way. we would have no interest in that whatsoever. it won't happen, -- i guarantee it won't happen for six years. >> adding seats isn't the only change. cory booker is talking about term limits for justices. sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy from washington thank you. >> i'm open to the idea of a younger voting age. there is some merit in it given the number of young people who are leading the conversation right now in so many parts of this country. >> jon: another big change
7:03 am
democrats are calling for. beto o'rourke talking about lowering the voting age to 16. senior political correspondent mike emanuel has more on that from washington >> they voted on a plan to reduce the voting age to 16. part of their argument young people are pushing older americans to action on issues ranging from gun violence to climate change. >> i think it's really important to capture kids when they're in high school and interested in all of this. when they're learning about government to be able to vote. >> this push has gotten the attention of president trump who tweeted democrats -- the democrats are getting very strange. they want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the electoral college and increase the number of supreme court justices. actually, you've got to win it at the ballot box. republicans noted democrats are worried about turnout. last year's mid-term elections had the highest turnout in
7:04 am
elections since 1966. a leading republican democrats want to do this because they expect high school kids to vote for them. >> they think more of those individuals will vote democrat and they think it helps them like allowing non-citizens would help them and like they think having taxpayers pay for elections will benefit them as well. it is all designed to benefit democrats and help them on election day. >> the voting age was lowered from 21 for18 in 1971. if you're old enough to go to war in vietnam he should be able to vote. the vote in the house on dropping it to 16 failed but a majority of democrats favored it. jon. >> sandra: let's bring in our a-team brad blakeman former deputy assistance to george w. bush. leslie marshal and kristen
7:05 am
soltis anderson contributor to the "washington examiner". so many questions for you, leslie. do you like the direction your party is going with now calls to lower the voting age, pack the supreme court, eliminate the electoral college? >> i think we have too much on our plate, you know what i mean? i'm sorry to say kfc does chicken and they do chicken right. i think the democrats need to focus on chicken and the supreme court isn't chicken. the reason i say that is we can't look at -- if you look at the court whether you increase it to nine or 11 or 27 as i read an article this morning, you are still going to have whichever party is in power and whichever president is elected from whichever party is going to have that power. i agree with the last line of the president's tweet, that is decided at the ballot box. with regard to the voting age, i do think there is merit there. although my daughter is going to be 11, my son 12. i'm horrified of the idea to think of my son driving on los
7:06 am
angeles freeways at 16 years of age in almost four years. 16-year-olds in the united states, they work, they pay taxes, and we have approximately a quarter of a million teenagers who have been tried as adults in the united states in recent years. so if they're punished as adults and contribute as adults and you had said off the air about being on their phone i would rather them instead of watching do perfect and playing fortnight i would rather them be reading and educating themselves and being part of the political process. why not start young? california is one of them. i think it's a good idea. >> i cry foul with regard to what the democrats are trying to do. they are trying to get, the president is right, what they can't get at the ballot box through legislation or taking away what has been tradition. children in america are deemed to be 16 years old.
7:07 am
at 18 you are considered to be an adult legally. that's the legal definition. many 18-year-olds aren't outside the house, they're still under their parents' supervision and care. >> jon: many 22-year-olds. >> 26-year-olds are entitled to be -- we pushed adolescents to 26. but to then reverse it and say a 16-year-old, who is a child who does contribute but they contribute to society not as an adult. they contribute as a child. they are learning the process. >> jon: i want you to listen to kamala harris staking out a position on something and i'll ask you about it afterwards. listen. >> senator warren had a town hall last night and she said that she thinks we should do away with the electoral college. do you agree with that? >> i think that it's open to discussion. there is no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who is the president of the united
7:08 am
states and we need to deal with that. so i'm open to the discussion. >> jon: i'm open to the discussion. that's a way of saying i haven't made up my mind. in both parties you run to the outside for the primary season. you stake out extremist positions and come back more the middle for the general election. all of these democrats who are advocating abolishing the electoral college, can they walk away from that? >> bear in mind the difference between say moving to the far left on something like supporting the green new deal or medicare for all, things that are more ideological positions, this is different. this isn't about ideology so much is what will help my side win and what norms and institutions are in place that either help or hurt my side. >> jon: same with the 16-year-old vote? >> whether it's things like that. you hear about it the filibuster depending which side is in power. oftentimes when politicians are
7:09 am
talking about the norms of how we distribute power in the united states, people's -- politician's preferences tends to change bailtioned on who they think they favor. for the last two decades the electoral college conventional wisdom it favored republicans because so many of these red states are very large, spacious states where they have a lot of folks in the senate. that benefits them in the electoral college. the reason why you see democrats crying foul on the electoral college is less about principle and it just makes it harder for their side to win. >> sandra: the president tweeted this out number 7 in the control room. the democrats are getting very strange. they now want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the electoral college and increase significantly the number of supreme court justices. actually, you have to win it at the ballot box wrote the president. >> that's true. don't die on the rules. rules are as good for republicans as it is for
7:10 am
democrats. to the victor go the spoils. donald trump won because of the supreme court. he was saying look, if you want a more conservative court, vote for me. a lot of people did. there has never been more of an ideological divide as there is today. there is no debate or compromise between a 16-year-old voting. republicans will never go for that. there is no compromise on that or the electoral college. the democrats are advancing issues that there can be no common ground on. >> jon: bill bennett ways on our program yesterday and said look, the 3 million popular vote surplus that hillary clinton held in the 2016 election essentially came from your home state of california and the whole nation doesn't want california deciding who the president is. what do you think about that? >> fair enough. i don't want texas deciding our nation's fate either as a democrat living in california. but if you just take california, since you brought it up, the smallest state rhode
7:11 am
island as another example. is it fair to voters in these states and just to our population in general that you have the same number of representatives in the senate in each state for a state the size of california versus rhode island? one of the reasons we only have less than half of the people registered to vote and 46% is on our best day. one of the reasons is people don't feel their vote counts. i feel that the electoral college is part of that. i don't think it's wrong to change things. we were talking about this off air. if it's not broken, don't fix it. we have changed things a lot. there have been proposals in the past, fdr's administration to pack the court. i don't think discussing change is bad or making change is bad. remember when we had originally when a lot of these laws were made the united states was less than 10 times smaller than it is now. >> jon: change for an unfair advantage is what we're talking about.
7:12 am
>> trying to bring about change. has something fundamentally changed in society and technology changed that warrants taking a look >> let's think about the 16-year-old. has something changed in our society where we redefine what it means to be an adult? if you think it was 18 and now 16, let's have that conversation. i think when you see things like the electoral college, lowering the age to 16, a lot of it is coming up because one side perceives it gives them political advantage and one side doesn't no. republicans are guilty of doing the same thing with changes they want to make. change is always popular when people think it will benefit them. >> sandra: all the candidates are being asked about it. beto o'rourke with a big prediction last night. >> i think we can win texas. we've proven we know how to campaign. each one of those 254 counties and listened to the stories our fellow texans have told us and incorporated in the way we campaign. >> sandra: he wins the nomination he has already
7:13 am
predicted that. >> if at first you don't succeed try again. super tuesday, texas. so are other people. california with harris and massachusetts with bernie. but don't count your chickens and beto is getting way far ahead too early think. >> jon: the problem is he didn't win texas when he had a pretty good chance against ted cruz. >> there are a couple of things. first of all he came within less than 3 percentage points. even my republican buddies will say in texas that's an amazing feat in itself. you have to look at the numbers. that's all elections are about. the majority of voters overwhelming voters in the state of texas are and have been and i think it is changing but are right now republican. the numbers aren't there tore for him to win texas. can he get close?
7:14 am
sure. >> jon: if he doesn't win texas he is done, right? >> i don't think he is the nominee and i hope he isn't. he would be a better vice president to another nominee. >> sandra: the latest cnn poll on the democratic choice for president. joe biden not yet in but leads the poll at 28%. bernie sanders and kamala harris are on the rise. beto o'rourke is at 11%. >> this is a good poll for joe biden. if you looked at polls four years ago joe biden was hanging out in the single digits. hillary clinton had taken up all the oxygen and there wasn't a ton of hunger for joe biden in the democratic party. now you have a much more open field and joe biden is now getting three times the size of the slice of the democratic party that he was looking at four years ago. i think there is a portion of the party that views him as being someone who could compete in some of the blue wall states that trump flipped. is he going to spend his
7:15 am
campaign apologizing for positions he held in the 80s and 90s. things not in the mainstream of the democratic party and will say i was barack obama's guy and why i should be your guy. >> he will be late to the money but he is a known commodity. people feel comfortable with him. the problem is as you point out he has a record he has to defend. he also has to resist the temptation of going so far left that he becomes selectable but probably not electable. so joe biden is probably the most worrisome for republicans but i think a lot of his wore -- >> sandra: i wish we had the cameras on all of you because of the head shaking and body language. >> the reason republicans are worried as they should be. this is joe biden's time. this is joe biden's time. if my party looking at the numbers i get scared.
7:16 am
you see joe biden and bernie. they're very close. i saw this in 2016. the difference this time is i do believe and i'm hoping the party has learned that being angry and pouting when your candidate is not on stage is not the way to win. take a page from the republican playbook and unite. joe biden can beat trump. he is similar to trump. he will win in michigan. >> sandra: the a-team will be back at the end of the hour. >> jon: leslie has the bumper stickers ready. democrats looking to make changes to key aspects of the u.s. constitution like maybe adding justices to the supreme court. can they even make that happen? would it be legal? we'll ask our headliner alan dershowitz later this hour. >> sandra: breaking news from the syria front lines. fox news getting an exclusive access to the battle to crush isis overseas. we're live on the ground there in moments. >> jon: and president trump
7:17 am
hitting the campaign trail today in battleground ohio as he pressures general motors to reverse course on closing a plant there. charles payne breaks down what it could mean for the u.s. economy. omonth in rent,a newday's operation home can help you buy a home for what you're paying now in rent. and you won't need a down payment because, at newday, your service is your down payment. and every day newday helps veterans buy a home without spending one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment, not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy? go to, or call 1-833-853-7626 ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company:
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>> sandra: the justice democrats pac removing congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff from its board amid legal and ethical questions about their affiliation with the group. let's bring in charles payne. what can you tell us about this, charles? >> it's interesting. when the potential gaitions or the notification of potential wrongdoing was brought up, the ocasio-cortez more or less said we were trying something new. it was not nefarious or illegal. her and her chief of staff -- he created this justice democratic political action committee. the idea was they were funnel the money into private entities that had less rules regulating what kind of disclosure they could make for campaign contributions. aoc her whole thing is i made this off of youtube videos and knocking door-to-door, not through a whole lot of money
7:22 am
like your traditional politician. one of the irony here the 529, soft money. she would like a constitutional amendment to outlaw them. they were engaged in the things she said she stands against. now whether it was nefarious or not others will have to determine. >> jon: we'll look at the contribution totals from that group. the justice democrats pac. they contributed $56,000 and change to democratic candidates, almost 1/11th of that. $out of every 11 went to the ocasio-cortez campaign. >> you say this is something you're against and there are rules established so that we can have more transparency in politics, it is not a good look for her. they quietly got off. they were quote, unquote, governors of this organization and they are now officially not. >> sandra: the president has a big event today. he is heading to a tank
7:23 am
production facility in ohio. the message obviously is going to be more jobs and this white house continues to create more jobs. >> president trump's greatest success has been in manufacturing. the renaissance in jobs in the rust belt, ohio and all these states has been remarkable. of course, with the general motors lordtown plant closing there has been a lot of controversy there and politicians jump on these kind of things but ohio's manufacturing jobs were moving sideways to low. they peaked in june of 2015 under barack obama and they're up across the board. they're up significantly since president trump has come to office and the rate of wage increases has gotten better as well. so when it comes to the manufacturing promise, that's been kept big time. and it is unfortunate with general motors. i've talked to the company and i've had a beef with them about
7:24 am
th. i've talked to them also. >> sandra: he is asking lordstown, ohio to reopen a plant that has been kloesd. >> making the chevy cruz. their sales peaked in 2014, 270,000 in america and china. last year there were 46,000 in china, 140,000 in america. they peaked in 2014. the company had good visibility to see something was wrong. in the auto industry there was a shift happening from cars particularly a car like the cruz to s.u.v.s, crossovers, pickup trucks and those kind of things. people who were there locally the first thing they said november 26 said this isn't the first time that general motors has done this to us. not the first time they've made this kind of announcement a few weeks before christmas. and this plant by the way had already cut hours and cut one shift. the writing had been on the wall and the in the meantime we got news toyota will invest $13
7:25 am
billion in america. fiat will invest $4.5 billion in detroit alone to create 6500 jobs. a bad look for general motors right now. we all get no one is buying the product. people are frustrated they didn't find a way to retrofit or be more prepared for this. when you add up the jobs associated with it, not just the layoffs, 4800 jobs. >> sandra: you put a lot of blame on the company. >> that's what i'm saying. >> sandra: marks down 100 points. fedex a little disappointment. >> the last four times they reported earnings the stock got hammered. down 100 points from its high last january. they have their own particular issues. also a lot of their issues involve international. the strong dollar. things that are archaic and not a reflection of america. today we got the federal reserve. i have to tell you this is the most anticipated federal reserve meeting in a long time. >> sandra: i know what i'll be
7:26 am
watching. charles payne fbn. thank you -- charles. >> jon: president trump says he will investigate. >> president trump: if they're conservatives, republicans, in a certain group there is discrimination, big discrimination. something is happening with those groups of folks that are running facebook and google and twitter. and i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. >> jon: do the president and congressman nuns actually have a case in court? >> sandra: greg craig under new legal scrutiny. could he be the first democrat to face prosecution in the russia investigation? our headliner, alan dershowitz, will be here next. ♪
7:27 am
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my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. >> jon: breaking news out of syria where fox news a gaining exclusive access to the front
7:31 am
lines as u.s.-backed forces work to crush the isis caliphate. benjamin hall is live from syria. >> hi, jon. this was a big excitement last night amid reports isis may have surend erd in the final city. today more of them emerged. clashes were continuing today. fox news pushed into the city as well and here is what we saw. we are the only news team to have come this far forward into this part of the village. the fact is although the sds have recaptured this area it is still believed to be littered with booby-traps and i.e.d.s. that may take months, if not years, to clear. the fighters we meet are battle hardened and battle weary. so many of them have lost so much. family members, entire villages that they don't know how to move forward. although the end is near there is no real sense of celebration.
7:32 am
it will be a long road to recovery. for 4 1/2 years isis ruled over this territory with an iron fist. this was their hartland and they were so dug in the only way to push them back to get rid of them was to -- destruction goes on for miles and craters are a reminder of the critical role played by u.s. air power. we can still hear jets overhead. it is a great relief to the fighters we speak to that the u.s. has decided to keep troops inside syria and reports suggest the numbers may have risen to around 1,000 who will be staying. they are very grateful. they believe that will give them some security from turkish troops in the north, assad troops in the south and at least then perhaps they can start to rebuild. back to you. >> jon: benjamin hall doing courageous reporting in syria.
7:33 am
thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert now. republicans getting ready to take action to keep the supreme court the way it has been since 1869 with nine justices. tennessee congressman mark greene says he will file a constitutional amendment tomorrow. florida senator marco rubio saying he will do the same in the senate. this after several 2020 democratic candidates say they support expanding the highest court in the land. let's bring in our headliner alan dershowitz, harvard law professor and author of the book the case against the democratic house impeaching trump. professor dershowitz, we appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. i'm sure you have something to say as this proposal on the part of democrats seems to be growing. >> well, it is a terrible idea and it just increases the poll itization of our highest court. the highest court is supposed to be a neutral, objective, nonpartisan institution as the chief justices said there are no republican justices or
7:34 am
democratic justices. that's really a wish rather than a reality. this goes back 225 years when president john adams, the lame duck president appointed bunches of people called midnight judges and the poll itization was great and the run-up to the civil war. president roosevelt tried to pack the court. both republicans and democrats have tried to use the supreme court to their advantage and we the american people shouldn't let them do it. we should insist the supreme court remain and be a neutral, unbiased institution. both parties are at fault. republicans are at fault for not letting maieric garland's nomination come to the floor. the democrats are at fault for the way they treated president trump's nominees to the supreme court. we the american people have to demand that both parties leave politics out of the supreme court. so i think it would probably be a good thing to have only nine justices. perhaps maybe even with term
7:35 am
limits if you are going to amend the constitution. the framers didn't intend for justices to sit on the supreme court for 40 or 50 years. life expectancy was in the 40s and 50s and people were appointed when they were 50. now they're serving for lifetimes. the problems have gotten worse and worse and the american people have to insist that take your political hands off our supreme court. >> jon: you would be in favor of some kind of term limits for supreme court justices. >> i would but tampering with the supreme court in any way politically raises the risk that if you do this, then other people will do this. there are some who say there should be five republican justices, five democratic justices and five independent justices picked by the 10 partisan justices. every idea seems worse than previous ideas and worse than the status quo. we may in the end have to struggle to maintain the
7:36 am
current law because fixing it may produce more problems than the problems that currently exist. >> sandra: got to ask you about this $250 million lawsuit that devin nunes is bringing on twitter. here he is on the story last night on that. >> twitter is a big company. they have an army of lawyers. it could take a very long time. i should say that this is only the first of many. we started with twitter because they are a perpetrator of this, of the fake news, but we're also going after numerous other media organizations in the coming weeks. >> sandra: does he have a strong case? >> , no he has no case at all and it is wrong from a political and ideological point of view. if you don't like what twitter is doing, create an alternate company. if you don't like what facebook or any of the others are doing, the american way is competition. look, a lot of people thought that the democrats controlled the media and along came fox. now you have two sides
7:37 am
presented. you can watch fox and you can watch other programs. that is the answer. the answer is to create competing media. >> sandra: what about defamatory language. does he have a case there? >> no, because the law in the united states is you can't defame a group. you can't defame conservatives. you can only defame individuals. if you're a public figure in order to be defamed you have to prove reckless disregard for the truth. it will be very hard to do. much better off using the money they'll spend on lawyers to try to build alternative media companies which can compete in the marketplace of ideas. that's the american way. >> jon: he seems to be getting some support from a guy who has the bully pulpit in a big way, president trump. listen to what the president had to say. >> president trump: i will tell you, there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on. when you get the back scene, back office statements made by executives of the various companies and you see the level
7:38 am
of in many cases hatred they have for a certain group of people that happen to be in power, that happen to have won the election, you say that's really unfair. it is kol oousive and very, very fair to say that we have to do something about it. >> jon: what do you think what the president had to say? >> the president may well be right. he may be wrong about the merits of this. but the answer is not to go to the law courts and try to get them to control what private media companies are doing and saying. the answer is competition. go get invent a new twitter that's a better mousetrap, a better facebook. and then compete and let the public see your perspective and their perspective. look, people who control the media on the right also use it for their partisan political purposes. the answer is not censorship. the answer is not stopping them from doing it. the answer is open competition in the marketplace of ideas.
7:39 am
again that's the american way and that's the first amendment way. >> sandra: professor, i have to ask you now about the former obama white house counsel and clinton attorney greg craig. he could soon be charged by the d.o.j. for illegal, unregistered overseas lobbying. if that happens it would make him the first democrat to face prosecution in the russia investigation. just wanted to get your thoughts on that before we let you go. >> two wrongs don't make a right. i don't think this should have been prosecutions of republicans. i don't think there should be prosecutions of democrats unless they clearly, clearly violate the law with the intent to violate the law. the registration rules regarding lobbying are murky and i don't think that criminal cases should be brought based on them just like i didn't think criminal cases should be brought against republicans who violated vague and open-ended laws. i want to see us pull back on the use of the criminal
7:40 am
sanctions of both republicans and democrats. fight it out in the court of public opinion. fight it out on television, but don't use the law courts for political and partisan purposes. >> sandra: professor alan dershowitz, thank you. >> jon: meantime ted koppel is calling out some mainstream media outlets saying they're blurring the lines when it comes to journalism. who he says are among the worst offenders and why other journalists are backing him up. >> the sense among journalists that the election of donald trump constituted a national emergency and it was their duty as patriots to resist it and to do all they could to undo this presidency, which they have in my judgment tried to do and we see it reflected constantly. newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans.
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7:45 am
you talk about the "washington post" these days, we're talking about organizations that i believe have, in fact, decided as an organization, that donald trump is bad for the united states. >> sandra: that was ted koppel calling out mainstream newspapers who are against president trump. brad i'll throw to brit hume on with tucker carlson reacting to this last night. >> i did work with ted koppel for many years. he have is old school much as i am. we come out of the same tradition, which is neutrality in news coverage, opinions reserved for columnists and editorial writers and in broadcast journalism you have certain commentators and correspondents who cover the news. and those lines of separation have become increasingly blurred and in the age of
7:46 am
trump, as koppel suggested, they've gone completely out the window. >> old school should be fair school. i don't think that the fair and balanced reporting that we expect should be old school. i think we should return to that and there is a visceral hate for this president by the liberal media and it is quite apparent. you don't have to take my word for it. just turn on their stations and read their materials. i believe ted koppel is right. >> i do agree with ted koppel. there was a time somebody said where did you get that story. "the new york times," oh, then it was believable and that's sad. the way i learned is you report the facts, you never inject yourself into story and make yourself part of the story and you would never know the person reporting the story whether in print, radio, or television's opinion. when you dislike the president or you love the president, if you are a journalist and not owe pining for a living as talk show hosts and others do, then
7:47 am
you should just be reporting the facts. otherwise it does a disservice to journalism. >> sandra: quoting, my job is to not know what i think. journalists don't live by that. >> in the trump era you had i believe it's "the new york times" their slogan, the truth matters now more than ever. my first thought is didn't the truth always matter? there does seem to be i think this notion that we are in this moment where journalists do they have a unique responsibility to really treat this president differently than past presidents because the president himself is treating the media differently in some ways than past presidents have. but i think when you look at polls on what people think, it's not just conservatives and republicans that have increasingly said i don't trust what i see in the media. i think mainstream news organizations really do have to wreckon with the fact they've lost the trust of not just conservatives and not just the people who support the president. >> jon: i got into journalism
7:48 am
schools in the mid 70s when it was hard to get in because all the president's men just came out and everybody wanted to get into journalism and bring down a president. >> it has become a herd mentality. i served for three president and hung out with the press. the press stayed on the bus in some events and decide what the story was. what do you think he meant by that? i'll say this. that's not the way the system should be. the system should be what we expect in our courts, a jury, give us the facts, we'll decide what the story is based on facts. we'll weigh them, judge them for ourselves. we don't need to be told what or how to think. unfortunately that's what we get today. >> jon: brad, leslie, kristen, our a-team today. new england patriots owner charged with soliciting prostitution in florida could have the charges dropped but
7:49 am
there is a catch. what he needs to do to get off the hook. also a record smashing contract. the los angeles angels reportedly offering star outfielder mike trout the biggest deal in professional sports history. how his big pay-out breaks down next. no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness.
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>> jon: patriots owner robert kraft charged with solicitation of prostitution. he could see those charges dropped but only if he admits he would have been found guilty had the case gone to trial. jared maxx joins us now. he is in between the devil on the deep blue sea. >> catch 22. he can thank himself for putting himself in this position. nobody drove him to the orchid day spa. >> if he were to accept this plea deal that was also offered to 24 others files time offenders, it opens the door
7:54 am
for the nfl to discipline him. roger godel urged the commissioner if robert kraft is guilty he be banned from the nfl and potential holes in the case. they don't know if he have is actually connected to doing something illegal. robert kraft according to a source insists he won't take a plea deal because he didn't think he did anything wrong. >> sandra: completion of an education course about prostitution, 100 hours of community service. screening for stds and payments of court costs, what has emerged has been some legal questions about the tactics that the police there in jupiter, florida used when they got the search warrant. >> jon: there >> there is supposedly no audio. we don't know if they paid for such acts.
7:55 am
robert kraft is in a tough spot. he will likely get disciplined by the nfl. 77 years old. what will his legacy? no video gets released of what took place if he pleads guilty. the mariners bet the as but everybody is talking about the money of mike trout. $432 million over 12 years. the richest contract, no player in north america. >> sandra: say that again. >> $432 million over 12 years. average annual salary $35.8 million. that breaks a baseball record as well. and it blows away also the contract that bryce harper just signed with the phillies for $330 million. tax rates. bryce harper playing in philadelphia 3.07% tax rate versus 13.3% in california. harper a jersey resident. still gets a lot more money taken home.
7:56 am
he will be 39 when he enters the final year of this contract. i think it's a great deal. he will play it out and premier player in baseball, .307 hitter, 240 home runs. >> sandra: the debate will continue over what this does to the game, right? all the big money coming in. thank you. >> jon: alex rodriguez is very unhappy. >> sandra: the race for 2020 already heating up. former texas congressman beto o'rourke barnstorming new hampshire. how a strong early showing could help his campaign and president trump preparing to hit the battleground state of ohio. we will have live reports at the top of a brand-new hour.
7:57 am
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cool... that's cool. at&t has the only unlimited plan that gives you your choice of top-tier entertainment. buy a new galaxy s10 plus, and get one free. more for your thing. that's our thing. >> sandra: fox news alert. spring is in the air and the 2020 campaign is heating up. the democrats and the president hitting key battleground states as the president hammers his opposition saying democrats are getting strange. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. president trump heading for ohio today, a state key to his victory in 2016. right now one of his potential opponents beto o'rourke is barnstorming through new hampshire. he is making a bold prediction saying he will turn texas blue in 2020. matt schlapp had this to say earlier on "america's newsroom." >> if you look at o'rourke, who did so well in a state like
8:01 am
texas and maybe puts texas at play the irony is the democrats are talking about how much money they can raise and about how radical they can be. in the end, both of those don't match up well with donald trump who spent the least amount of money running for president because he connected with the american people on issues and values they cared about. >> jon: kevin corke is in lima, ohio covering the president's trip there. marc thiessen has analysis. let's go to molly line in plymouth, new hampshire. >> jon: good morning. the congressman expecting to cover a lot of ground in the granite state today. he spoke this morning in clairemont, new hampshire last night and expected to arrive here at plymouth state. this morning he went after the president. >> the rhetoric that has never been used by a sitting president at least in my lifetime. the consequences to that, the hate crimes increasing every
8:02 am
single year. a bitterness in our politics that almost prevents us from finding common solutions. >> o'rourke said come summer 2020 he expects democrats to get together behind the same candidate against whoever it is, maybe trump or whoever. and last night he weighed in critically regarding prospects for peace in the middle east. >> right now we don't have the best negotiating partners on either side. you have a prime minister in israel who is openly sided with racists in a previous elections warned the arabs were coming to the polls. the palestinian side you have an ineffectual leader. >> he is talking about how he acquired 128,000 unique contributions from every state. the average contribution was $47 from people and reiterated not a dime from political action committees.
8:03 am
he calls this the largest grassroots campaign this country has ever seen. jon. >> jon: molly line in new hampshire where the snow is very much on the ground. >> sandra: much more on beto o'rourke. marc theesen. it used to be you had to win on the state level before taking the national stage. he lost his race to ted cruz last year and got a participation trophy. apparently he thinks that qualifies him to be the leader of the free world and marc thiessen joins us now to further make that point. columnist for the "washington post" and resident fellow at american enterprise institute. marc, continue. >> jon: look, beto o'rourke is a loser. i don't mean that -- literally he lost his senate race. there is a tradition if you want to go on the national stage you have to win at the state level first. even barack obama won a senate race before he almost immediately declared for
8:04 am
president. beto hasn't done that. and one of the reasons you do that is because ronald reagan won 49 states. walter mondale won minnesota. o'rourke hasn't proven he can win texas. >> sandra: you see the crowds in the picture and saw the dollar amount he raised in the first 24 hours, over $6 million, marc. >> yeah, a lot of energy out there and that's nothing to sneeze at. the democrats will -- may be testing the opposition that betting on a loser will pay off for them in 2020. >> sandra: here are the fundraising numbers. you have to put them up there. they continue to update. what we've seen so far with o'rourke raising over $6 million in the first 24 hours. bernie sanders nearly 6. kamala harris 1.5 million. biden is on the phone trying to lock in the big donors to compete with this. >> he does have to compete with
8:05 am
this. look, the problem that joe biden faces is that the center left ideology that he represents is no longer in vogue. the democratic socialism is the new norm in the democratic party and that's where the energy is. democrats want their handcrafted espresso from a barista and joe biden is taste tear's choice. not selling anymore. people think he can reassembly the obama coalition. i don't know if he can. the energy is with bernie sanders and beto o'rourke. bernie has a lot of supporters from the last election. if bernie had not had the nomination stolen from him by the super delegates that if he had been the nominee he might have beaten donald trump. the bernie voters in some of the key swing states gave trump the margin of victory. i think he is the man to beat. >> sandra: the "wall street
8:06 am
journal" reported that biden is trying to get the big donors lined up. mr. biden is discussing setting up an exploratory committee after the easter holiday. the candidates are due to reports first quarter fundraising totals to the f.e.c. on april 15. fundraising deadline there biden wouldn't be required to submit a disclosure report in april. i want to move on on some of the big debates and questions being asked of those democrats that are running for president. one is on the voting age and lowering it. what we're hearing from some of the candidates, donna brazile, she reacted to that. listen. >> would i like to see the voting age lowered as several countries, including i believe brazil, a country named after my family, austria, brussels, other countries, yes.
8:07 am
in maryland as well as tacoma park they are experimenting with this. we need to get -- >> sandra: lower the voting age, abolish the electoral college, pack the supreme court. the president weighed in on a lot of these calls and called them strange on the part of democrats. what do you think? >> first of all, lowering the voting age we have a millennial generation with 20-year-old who have to take classes to fold laundry. lowering the voting age to 16-year-olds seems to not be the smartest move. for the last three years the democrats have been telling us that donald trump is an authoritarian threat to our democracy. that he calls the media the enemy of the people and that he will undermine our constitutional system. it is the democrats who declared war on the constitution. they want to change -- they want to get rid of the electoral college, pack the supreme court, they want to get rid of the filibuster in the senate.
8:08 am
these are -- what they're doing is they want to get rid of all the protections our founding fathers put in the constitution to prevent a tyranny of the majority. that's the reason why we have an electoral college. the most populous cities, back then it was philadelphia and they couldn't dictate to the smaller rural states. today the democratic party is concentrated in the coast ali leets in new york and california and they just want to dictate to what they call the flyover country. the electoral college protects fly over country that they have to be -- i don't think it will. first of all they won't do it. you need to amend the constitution. which is very hard to do. they might be able to get rid of the filibuster and packing the courts but they won't get rid of the electoral college nor should any americans want us to get rid of that. our founders set up a system for a reason. >> sandra: a lot of proposals have a lot of people talking now. you've been writing about it. thank you very much.
8:09 am
>> thank you. >> >> jon: meanwhile president trump is heading to ohio taking a few shots at the democratic candidates. the president tweeting the democrats are getting very strange. they now want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the electoral college and increase the number of supreme court justices. actually, you've got to win it at the ballot box. kevin corke is in lima, ohio where the president will speak this afternoon. kevin. >> hi there. nothing gets the base on both sides going like a good constitutional controversy. back in 2016 the democrats won the popular vote in the election but were soundly beaten in the electoral college and lost the 2016 election. given that, kamala harris and others want to look at ways where they could possibly change the system. >> there is no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who is
8:10 am
the president of the united states. we need to deal with that. so i'm open to the discussion. >> open to the discussion but marco rubio on twitter is having none of it. it is a lengthy tweet but instructive. he says electoral college was work of genius by founders. it requires candidates for president to earn votes from various parts of the country. it makes sure interests of less populated areas aren't ignored at the expense of densely populated areas. he goes on to say ironically same people always preaching about our constitutional norms want to change the ones they find inconvenient. in addition to getting rid of the electoral college they want to pack the supreme court. i will soon file a bill to prevent this court-packing scheme. yesterday in the rose garden as you can imagine the president also weighed in on the democrats' suggestion to flip the electoral script. >> president trump: i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason they're doing that is they want to try to catch up.
8:11 am
so if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election they want to try doing it in a different way. we would have no interest in that way whatsoever. it will never happen. i guarantee it won't happen for six years. >> president trump here in ohio, his 10th visit to the buckeye state. his opportunity to talk about economic security is national security. he is here where they make tanks in lima, ohio. a walking tour. he will meet with employees and have a speech. i'll be here for you. for now, back to you. >> jon: sounds good, kevin corke in lima. back tou. >> sandra: a big win for president trump as he pushes for border security. the supreme court saying ice agents can detain immigrants facing deportation if they've committed crimes in the past. former acting ice director thomas homan will join us next on that. >> jon: facebook explaining how a gunman would livestream a
8:12 am
massive murder on its site as nobody could take it down immediately. >> there are a range of things that need to be fixed. if i was to say dealing with the blueprint for anything it's a blueprint what not to do. loan benefit. a hoe the newday va cash out loan can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit you earned with your service. go to or call 1-800-406-4921
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don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. >> jon: supreme court handing president trump a victory in his immigration battle. the justices ruling in a 5-4 vote that ice agents should have the power to detain
8:16 am
immigrants at any time if they committed crimes that could trigger deportation. let's bring in thomas homan, former acting ice director and a fox news contributor. seems like a common sense approach to me but i'm surprised it was a vote as close as it was. does it make sense to you? >> absolutely makes sense. that's the way ice has been doing business and before then the immigration and naturalization service doing business like this for decade. it wasn't until the ninth circuit decided in contrast to every other circuit in the country they reinterpr*eted the law if they get released from a jail and ice finds them they're required a bond hearing. if they would have gotten out of jail and in custody they wouldn't get a bond hearing. the ninth circuit put its on its head. supreme court said we'll go back to the way it is supposed to be.
8:17 am
>> jon: the supreme court, those who dissented with the majority seem to feel that the people who get picked up by ice agents might be detained for a significant period of time without ever facing due process. is that the likelihood here? >> no. that's a ridiculous argument. if you look at the average stay in detention in ice custody right now runs about 35 to 40 days. so you are talking about a month. where they're held longer is when they appeal and they appeal and appeal and try to take every appeal they can to last out. average stay in detention is about 35 days. look, this isn't just for every criminal alien out there. there is a specified type of criminal aggravated felonies. people convicted of serious crimes like rape, murder, armed robbery, sexual assault.
8:18 am
these people shouldn't be free to walk around in our communities. they're in the country illegally and a safety threat. we have to put this in context. who is in the ninth circuit. california, oregon, state of washington, heavy vancouver wear states. states where criminal aliens are released to the public rather than turning them over to ice. this decision was devastating in these states and made it much more dangerous for our communities but for ice officers who could have got custody in the jail but because of sanctuary city policies they have to locate these people in their community and in their homes on their turf where they have access to who knows what weapons. a huge win for the men and women of ice. it keeps them safer. >> jon: justice breyer wrote in his dissent and read it aloud in court. these aliens may be detained for months, sometimes years, without the possibility of
8:19 am
release. they may have been convicted of minor drug offenses such as illegally downloading music or possessing stolen bus transfers and they sometimes may be innocent spouses or children of a suspect person. if you could speak to justice breyer, what would you say to him about that? >> you look at the data. it's clear first of all 89% of everybody -- 87% of everybody ice arrested last year were convicted criminal or pending criminal charges which means we found them in jail. look, many children of parents of children and relatives and get arrested every day in this country. just because you are a parent of a u.s. citizen child should mean you're immune from the law. when you enter the country illegally it's a crime. when you get removed from an immigration judge and you ignore federal order and commit another crime you have put your family in that position.
8:20 am
if you choose to have a child knowing you have been ordered to remove that's on you. you look at what ice does and doesn't do and you would understand it much better. >> jon: thomas homan, thank you, sir. >> sandra: another mueller indictment could be coming in. this time a former obama official could be the target. how does it tie in with the russia investigation? plus the so-called american taliban fighter will soon get out of prison. even though he has not yet renounced radical islam. does he pose a threat? "fox & friends" co-host and army veteran pete hegseth will be here to weigh in next. >> we put him in prison and he holds allegiance to al qaeda and isis then we're as foolish as we were on september 10, 2001.
8:21 am
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> jon: we've been telling you about the raging fire in texas. it is finally put out after burning four days. this was the scene at a petrochemical plant near houston where a specialty firefighting team used foam retardants and water to put out the flame. the fire began at a tank on sunday and it engulfed surrounding tanks. no serious injuries reporting and officials are launching an investigation. >> sandra: the american taliban fighter soon to be released from prison but without renouncing radical islam. john walker lindh was sentenced to 20 years for providing material to the terror group in afghanistan. he was captured by u.s. forces just months after the september
8:25 am
11th attacks. pete hegseth is co-host of "fox & friends" weekends and former military officer who served in iraq and was deployed to guantanamo bay as a guard there. i know, pete, we've talked at length about your time there and you have some strong thoughts on what is happening here. i found this fascinating, this letter that was penned by the national counter terrorism center claiming that this taliban fighter remains as radicalized now as he was in,1. >> he is about to be released to an ally of ireland. they gave him a passport even though he supports al qaeda and isis. moments like this you start to realize how unserious your institutions and government are taking a long war against a radical -- violent and political form of islamism that seeks our destruction. this guy says he loves isis and al qaeda. wants to kill americans. and we're going to release him?
8:26 am
the fact we haven't found a way to try him in treason and lock him away or execute him shows we aren't prepared for the next 10, 20, 30 years. our enemies are playing a long, long game. we can't get past -- we're stuck in law fa*er and they are in warfare. we still haven't figured out what kind of war we're in. it should scare every american. >> sandra: a major headache for security forces worldwide. you talk about the fact he has obtained an irish passport. a spokesperson says our citizens are not subject to immigration control. if he press his irish passport when he arrives he won't be refused entry. so he plans to live there but who knows where else he will go? how will they be able to keep track of him? >> they won't. what have we seen from former
8:27 am
inmates at gitmo. my guys and other guarded them. they go back to the taliban and the battlefield and leaders in isis and al qaeda. these are hard core folks. in iraq we used to talk about the catch and release program. we had to be ncis on the battlefield collecting fingerprints to keep bad guys locked up. we released people who we knew would go back to the insurgency because we had dumb rules of engagement. this is kafrp and release on a national scale. detainee number one against radical islam and we're letting him go. europe is asleep at the wheel. we're right to not try to nation build in the middle east but keep our focus on this. problem is democrats are more obsessed with climate change. they are obsessed with climate change and refuse to talk about the problem of radical islam. it is infiltrating institutions, europe, and now we're letting them go. we're letting them go. it is lunacy. >> sandra: in his own words he
8:28 am
has made several comments to the media pro-isis comments as you just referred to. when asked about his time now when he is released and he heads to ireland he says he doesn't know what to expect from the irish government there. i know virtually nothing about them. then i quote him here he says i think the only reasonable way to present my case is present my unique circumstances that make my survival in the u.s. practically impossible. >> he is afraid of the u.s. because he is an enemy combatant against our country. listen, if you are in the united states and you pledge allegiance for isis you should be immediately tried for treason with a swift court hearing and executed. the constitution applies to you. if you leave this country, then you should be stripped of your citizenship and find you and drone you as fast as we can and destroy where you have haven. you can't have dual allegiance to isis or al qaeda and the united states.
8:29 am
president trump made this case forcefully. he gets in. in this case he should be afraid of his government. we should have tried him as a traitor to begin with. we haven't learned the lessons of september 11. >> sandra: he is set to be released in may. feel your emotion on that, pete. >> jon: the "wall street journal" reports joe biden is telling supporters he plans to run for president. the concerns he reportedly has as other democrats are raking in big campaign cash. bret baier joins us next on that. >> sandra: facebook responding for heavy criticism to take down the new zealand's murder after it was live streamed. >> we don't wish to traumatize others. we absolutely believe we know where he was going and we intervened on the way. cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. facebook reacting to the deadly terror attack on two mosques in new zealand saying it did not block the gunman's livestream of the mass murder because no one reported the content until 12 minutes after the broadcast ended. jonathan hunt is following this story from los angeles for us. jonathan. >> jon, it was a 17-minute massacre, 236 shots fired the majority of muslims praying and to the head of the victim all broadcast live on facebook. the stunning reality the horrific video of the attack was viewed 200 times in realtime yet not one viewer reported it to facebook until 12 minutes after it ended. that is 29 minutes after the attack began. and facebook's own technology didn't alert the company to the horrors of the video. it was a call from new zealand
8:34 am
police that brought it to their attention. facebook's general counsel says in a statement that the social media giant is working closely with authorities in new zealand and will continue to work with governments around the world and, quote, across the technology industry to help hate speech and the threat of terrorism using a combination of technology and people. that combination clearly failed in this instance. technology didn't do its job and people or many of them at least shared the video online rather than reporting it. to such an extent that facebook had to remove 1 1/2 million videos of the attack in just the first 24 hours. the prime minister of new zealand says facebook and other media outlets have a duty to make sure the video is not seen. >> it cannot and should not be distributed, available, able to be viewed.
8:35 am
it is horrendous. while i've been given assurances the responsibility does sit with them. >> new zealand has begun burying the 50 people killed. a young boy injured in the attack being brought by wheelchair to mourn his father and brother who were among those murdered. murdered by a self-proclaimed white nationalist as hundreds of people watched live online with apparently no thought that they should call the police. >> jon: appalling. jonathan hunt. thank you. >> sandra: looking more and more as if joe biden is going to run for president. the "wall street journal" reporting the former vice president is telling supporters he is all in and he is asking for some big fundraising dollars. joining us now bret baier anchor of special report. good morning to you. the "wall street journal" reports that he wants to
8:36 am
announce a large fundraising number after his candidacy is official. why? because of these big numbers, throw them up on the screen. o'rourke first 24 hours over $6 million he was able to announce. can joe biden do the same? >> that's the big question and some of the concern you hear in democratic circles about the biden candidacy. is biden going to get in and when is like the mueller report. when is this thing coming out? we do this story all the time. it appears he is going to get in the race but publicly behind the scenes to his big donors expressing concerns they need to open up their wallets because beto o'rourke starts with $6.1 million coming from 127,000 different donors. bernie sanders had $5.something from 250,000 plus.
8:37 am
so smaller donors contributing to bernie sanders. but the numbers are impressive. 24 hours. biden wants to have a splash when he gets in, whenever that is. it looks like philadelphia is looking like home base for team biden. >> sandra: all right. so we wait to learn more on that. and meanwhile some interesting proposals coming from democrats running for president, among them is expanding the supreme court. the president responded to some of those calls yesterday. >> president trump: i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason they're doing that is they want to try to catch up. if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election they want to try do it in a different way. we would have no interest in that whatsoever. i guarantee it won't happen for six years. >> sandra: three democratic senators are in favor of doing this.
8:38 am
we've also got -- beto o'rourke. >> well, i think this is a talking point on the trail. it is a long shot to actually happen. believe it or not fdr tried to do it and fell way back when. it was not popular back then. it is largely seen as not popular now but it is a talking point about being on the trail and we talked about it last night on special report on the panel that it's interesting that democrats are going down the process route. the voting age back to 16. the supreme court with more members. the electoral college, eliminating that. you know, some would say those are pie in the sky things that would require a lot of bipartisan buy-in or at least buy-in across the country as opposed to substance on policies they disagree with the president on. >> sandra: before i let you go. what about that mueller report?
8:39 am
when is it coming out? >> let me make a call. i do think we said that there are signs out there about the prosecutors leaving, about wrapping things up. and it seems like it is coming to an end but we are where we are. >> sandra: wait and see. bret, we'll see you tonight at 6:00 p.m. on special report. the green new deal is making headlines and causing controversy. a decade ago another story about clean energy made ways. more than half a billion in taxpayer money went to the energy company that was supposed to produce easy to install solar panels. as we're about to see, it didn't work out that way. >> so we are giving $535 million for a solar power company and it is going to be producing thin film solar panels. >> 10 years ago today this company received half a billion from the department of energy.
8:40 am
that multi-million dollar chunk of taxpayer money went up in smoke when the company declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. they were producing easy to install solar panels and asked the government for a loan in 2005 under a bush administration program to help fund clean energy projects deemed too high risk for private investors. high risk it was. that didn't stop the ill-fated energy company from becoming a poster child under the obama administration. which made this company its first loan recipient in 2009 as part of the stimulus package. >> hello, everybody. >> the president doubled down on the company's success during a visit to their headquarters eventually scheduled six months before the 2010 mid-terms. >> the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like this. >> they began laying off workers the day after the election. it claimed it would have
8:41 am
happened sooner if not for pressure from the white house. a little more than a year after the president's visit the company filed for bankruptcy. f.b.i. investigation followed shortly after. half a billion taxpayer dollars lost along with hundreds of jobs and company officials may have been cooking the books the whole time. the inspector general said in 2015 the actions of certain company officials were at best reckless and irresponsible or at worst an orchestrated effort to knowingly and intentionally deceive and mislead. the attorneys have disputed those findings and the i.g. admits red flags that i have been missed. according to tom pyle who led president trump's energy transition team the government should never have been involved. >> the fact these programs are billed as too high risk for private investment should tell you everything you need to know about why we shouldn't have this program.
8:42 am
>> supporters argue the company's failure doesn't tell the whole story of the administration's energy loans. some went to more successful groups like tesla and almost all were paid back. pyle says it doesn't mean the government needs to throw half a billion taxpayer dollars at every company that comes along. >> our attitude is take all -- let all the energy sources compete on their own and we'll pay less for our energy. why are we, the taxpayers, on the hook for this high-risk stuff? >> sandra: amazing look back there. 535 million dollars later. 10 years later to go back to that moment that we all remember so well. >> jon: these days it would be a lot more money in today's dollars. >> sandra: yeah. thank you very much to our investigative department for doing that. meanwhile to this. >> jon: the justice department reportedly targeting a former obama-era white house counsel for lobbying efforts overseas
8:43 am
that comes out of the mueller probe. deputy assistant attorney general john yoo joins us on that next. >> i don't think there should be prosecutions of republicans or democrats unless they clearly violate the law. our country honorably.ed whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6703 if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa. home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent
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8:46 am
>> jon: a reported new target in the mueller probe. this time a former obama white house counsel greg craig. the department of justice reportedly looking at lobbying work that craig performed for the ukrainian president in 2012. a case initially probed by special counsel robert mueller. john yoo is a former deputy assistant attorney general in the george w. bush administration. he is also a professor of law at the university of california at berkeley. john, thank you for being with
8:47 am
us. we had professor alan dershowitz on in the previous hour. he says that he doesn't think this craig case out to be prosecuted. he doesn't think any of these causes ought to be prosecuted because the violation that is in question here is so complicated. your answer. >> alan is a great criminal defense lawyer and often what great criminal defense lawyers say. but the law is pretty clear. if you have take on a foreign government as a client and you engage in political activity on their behalf it is not illegal. you just have to register with the united states government. here i think the prosecutors have to go after mr. craig because they have to show they are being even handed. they are basically prosecuting him for the same conduct they're prosecuting paul manafort for. the second point i think is important to mention is that this underscores yet again that what mr. manafort is being
8:48 am
prosecuted for has nothing to do with president trump or the trump campaign. this is for conduct that occurred in 2012, four years before manafort became campaign manager and involves activity representing the ukraine government in washington, d.c. unconnected to any efforts or claims of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> jon: isn't it the case that fara violations have rarely been prosecuted or they've resulted in fines and not jail time in the past? paul manafort is looking at seven years. >> that's a good question. it hasn't been prosecuted very often. in fact, i think the justice department is forming a new unit to start bringing these cases more often. what this shows both the craig and manafort cases is the culture of not complaining with simple reporting requirements is widespread in washington
8:49 am
i wouldn't go so far as to say washington is a swamp but you see the influence peddling game unfortunately at its worst here. the other thing with regard to mr. craig in particular, he was the white house counsel. you could say oh, i didn't know about this law, too complicated. the white house counsel's job is to advise not just the president but everyone in the white house about their ethical duties. he would be intimately familiar with a statute to prevent violations from people leaving the white house or coming in. >> jon: there is -- well, you said that you think it is important that the special counsel or in this case the justice department go after republicans and democrats with equal vigor. do you think it's what's at work here after some of the heat the department of justice took over the manafort prosecution, that they are trying to find a democratic fish to fry? >> i have think that's part of it. i think part of it is also that craig was hired by manafort
8:50 am
actually using the money that manafort was not reporting to the government, using some of the money i assume that manafort was hiding. the penalty here is up to five years in jail. manafort, of course, was charged for a lot more than this. he was charged with money laundering, not reporting his money to the i.r.s. i think craig as far as i can tell is just being charged with violating the reporting requirements. so he won't be on the hook for as much as manafort was. >> jon: john yoo, former deputy assistant attorney general. nice to have you on. thank you. >> sandra: 2020 democrats trying to stand out in california. why the golden state may be more important than ever when it comes to deciding the party's nominee. - [narrator] u.s. money reserve is the only precious metals company led by a former director of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time
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want more from your entejust say teach me more. into your xfinice remote to discover all sorts of tips and tricks in x1. can i find my wifi password? just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. hey now! [ ding ] you can even troubleshoot, learn new voice commands and much more. clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. let's go to ohio.
8:54 am
the president is headed there. battleground state of ohio moments from now. the state was the lynch pin for his victory. now new polling shows republicans are more excited to vote in 2020 than democrats are. we'll talk about all of it. debate why it is giving the democrats big gains in the house. >> the president saying no way to changes to the supreme court floated by some democratic presidential candidates. they are talking about things like adding seats and imposing term limits and now republicans in congress are moving to amend the constitution to keep the high court as is. >> they finally got to the word amendment. all right. the guy in the center seat. you'll find out who that is. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> sandra: 2020 democratic candidates eyeing california, the golden state's delegate count is 20% of what's needed for the nomination. with lots of democrats running they're trying to stand out from the crowd.
8:55 am
anita vogel is in los angeles with this story. >> hi, sandra. california is used to being an after thought when it comes to presidential primaries. not in 2020. on march 3 of next year 416 pledged delegates are up for grabs and with california home to the trump resistance movement and a famously liberal base of voters it could be very influential in picking winners and losers and who breaks out to the front of the pack. >> many of the candidates are already very far left who are running now. california is the bluest of the blue states already fits with more than half the field that's out there on the democratic side. but of course early primaries and caucus states they will have to moderate just a little bit. >> that's because before they get to california, they will have to do well in more moderate states like iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. when those states are voting early voting begins in california.
8:56 am
we've seen half a dozen declared candidates hold events and fundraisers here. one candidate in particular already has big name i.d. here. senator kamala harris. launched her campaign in her hometown of oakland but she will need more than that to impress this liberal-leaning group of voters. i should tell you the original democratic socialist bernie sanders is going to be in the state this week. he will be campaigning up and down the coast. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: anita vogel. thank you. >> jon: we are awaiting president trump's departure from the white house. he is heading to ohio for a campaign stop. but he may have some words for reporters before he boards marine one. if he does, we'll have that for you as soon as it takes place. stay with us. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans.
8:57 am
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>> sandra: from the newsroom vault, 16 years ago today coalition forces begin military operations to invade iraq about a month into the war. they topple a statue of the iraqi leader and what has become an iconic image. a look back in the newsroom vault this morning. >> jon: hard to believe. >> sandra: we will see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert come any moment now the president really traveling to ohio for the palooka battleground state that has been seen as the linchpin os 2020 reelection efforts. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich fox news contributor con jessica jessica tarlov. xhosa benson and hart from fox news radio and political editor of town hall. i'm guessing he and k.g., katie maybe knew each other. >> guy: is always fun on your


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