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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 20, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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vault, 16 years ago today coalition forces begin military operations to invade iraq about a month into the war. they topple a statue of the iraqi leader and what has become an iconic image. a look back in the newsroom vault this morning. >> jon: hard to believe. >> sandra: we will see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert come any moment now the president really traveling to ohio for the palooka battleground state that has been seen as the linchpin os 2020 reelection efforts. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich fox news contributor con jessica jessica tarlov. xhosa benson and hart from fox news radio and political editor of town hall. i'm guessing he and k.g., katie maybe knew each other. >> guy: is always fun on your
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on account to give up it is a bonus when katie is around. >> harris: you are "outnumbered," let's see how it works out! >> guy: i'm a little nervous. that fear never leaves you. [laughter] >> harris: it keeps you on your toes. here you go. the president making his first trip to ohio since last year's midterm elections, stirring a tank manufacturing plant in lima before going to canton later today. it comes as the president is taking aim at general motors and the united auto workers for the closing of its gm plant. a move affecting 1500 jobs that the president will likely be facing questions about today. early this week, president trump tweeted this. "just spoke to mary, ceo of general motors, about the ohio plant. i'm not happy that it is closed when anything else in our country is moving. i asked her to sell it or do something quickly. she blamed the uaw union. i don't care, i just wanted open!"
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the chair of the ohio or publican party today is also going after the move while reiterating her support to the president. watch. speak of the folks in the valley are workforce ready. it's unfortunate that gm made the decision to shut down that plant. it's a fantastic facility with fantastic workers. it's all about jobs and economic prosperity, especially here in the buckeye state. >> harris: let's talk politics. the president's visit to ohio today comes as a new cnn poll shows that republican voters are more enthusiastic than democrats about voting in in the 2020 presidential election. 57% of republicans are saying they are extremely enthusiastic. compared to 46% of democrats and 26% of independents. guy, i want to come to you first. there's just one more set of numbers i want to throw out to you. in 2016, voters went overwhelmingly for trump, particularly in allen county.
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>> guy: in ohio. >> harris: in ohio, rather. 66.9% for trump, 28.7% for clinton. ohio now becomes even more important. >> guy: i think a lot of democrats you will talk to you are starting to worry that ohio is becoming less of a swing state and more of a red state. sherrod brown, the democratic centered there, did win reelection in 2018 which is a big democratic year nationwide. every other statewide contest was won by the republicans. as you point out, trump did very well there in 2016. i wouldn't go so far as to say ohio was off the board for the democrats, just like i wouldn't say a place like virginia is off the board for the republicans. but it is trending in a more difficult direction for them. >> harris: where does a guy like -- i'm going to double down with you for a second -- where does a guy like john kasich fit into this? he has been somewhat hard to pen down within his own republican party. >> guy: remember, he didn't endorse the president in 2016. he didn't show up for the convention that was in his home
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state at as the republican govr of that state. he has been dancing around the sidelines. will he or won't he mount a challenge to president trump in the primaries, potentially? a sick john kasich has a lot to commend him as governor of ohio, but i think he may be delusional if you think given the state of the party right now he could jump into this race and successfully oust the sitting president. that's not where the voters are right now. be one day get in, we want to take a closer look at where he is today. 30% of the workforce of this plant which used to be its largest employer there -- i know the obama administration sought to close it comes to the employment numbers were closer -- but 30% are military veterans. >> dagen: right, just a point i would general motors has said about the lordstown plant and the one in detroit, that they had 2700 open positions at other sites. 2800 u.s. manufacturing jobs affected by those two plants and
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their actions that those plans. over 1,000 employees have already been placed in jobs at other gm plants. 500 lordstown employees have been placed, to gm's credit. but we should be clear about something. the an employment rate in ohio was higher than the national average. as of january, 4.7% versus 4% across the nation. there's that issue. the results also the issue that the president going after what is a private business, although it is one that was bailed out by the federal government and the u.s. government lost a beloved billion dollars on the $50 billion gm bailout, but i am hammering them -- which he has done with boeing and harley-davidson, to name a couple -- if this was president obama we would be screaming from the house tops. shot to the skies of the president is interfering with private business. this is a political move. does it have consequence is? listen -- if you don't want to
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bail out this company again, you want them to right side their production. they have access production compared to ford and toyota. these are decisions but you want to let the ceos make them. >> harris: i want to be clear, where the president is going is the joint systems manufacturer center. they are the last tank factory in the western hemisphere. i mentioned, i spit out that number -- there were a lot of numbers -- the 30% of the workforce are military veterans. you talk about something where the president can set down to do something oppositional to with the obama administration did. this is quite an object. >> katie: and not taking it for granted, that's what they are doing. especially after losing a state like alabama. wisconsin and michigan during the 26 he makes. i was in ohio a couple weeks ago talking to a number of g.o.p. chairs. there are people in the ground who were involved in local elections, they have the ear to the floor when it comes to how people are thinking. they are saying there is no way that trump is going to eat lose
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ohio. they have a number of former democrats who have switch their party affiliation to republican who are going to these meetings, campaigning, who want president trump to come back to ohio. a number of times they did talk about the gm plant closing as a liability for him. they are saying, "look at, he actually cared about what was happening in these towns. he has been there on the ground and we have seen results because of that. we've seen a lot of cross pollination" democrats are going democrats aren't going to necessarily take back those jobs. the specie we have lost jobs and the two years, despite the steel and aluminum tariffs which hurt a lot of manufacturers. >> harris: i want to get jessica in here. >> jessica: david green, that of the union, was on tv speaking about this. he said the problem with the tax codes is its incentivizing corporations to move their products -- their production elsewhere. that's what happened at gm. so i think that will be a narrative that will flow through this entire election.
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>> dagen: they didn't want to make cars people aren't buying. they made small cars of the lordstown plant. the union's turn to come up with excuses because they are on the hook for these job losses. >> katie: let's switch to another topic that certainly is being discussed on the campaign trail. no supreme court makeover on his watch. president trump guarantees the supreme court will stay at nine justices as a growing number of democratic white house contenders suggest changes like adding justices or imposing term limits. watch. >> i wouldn't entertain that. the only reason they are doing that as they want to try and catch up, so that they can't can the bell box of them want to do it a different way. it will never happen. i guarantee it won't happen for six years. >> katie: meantime, republican mark to my congressman mark green of tennessee tweeted he's introducing a constitutional amendment to limit the number of justices to nine. marco rubio doing the same.
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he tweeted, "we must prevent further destabilization of essential institutions. court-packing is queenie becoming a litmus test. i want to introduce a constitutional member to keep the number of seats on the supreme court at 9." >> katie: the g.o.p. push back on the campaign trail, that an major overhaul should be on the table. >> i am interested in this potential model where you have 15 justices. fiber terms by, five by republicans -- >> you want to expend them supreme court? >> if it's a means to depoliticize it. >> make them follow ethics where there is a shocker. >> i think they stole a supreme court seat. >> katie: guy, do you want to unpack all those things? >> guy: i'm glad the president said what he said but part of me wishes he had said he came out in favor of court packing airflow to the notion that he might do it. that would be a way to get the
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democrats to oppose it, which they should. [laughter] this is an astonishing thing. court-packing, this is banana republic stuff. from a crowd that has been lecturing us now for two years about norms and institutions, the erosion thereof under this president, and they have a point sometimes. for them to turn around and say, "we want to add justices, we want to abolish the electoral college, we want to lower the voting age to 16, we want to promote candidates who are conspiracy theorists who say they didn't lose the election that they lost," this is the opposite of respecting norms and institutions. it's actually sort of frightening to see these people who fancied themselves the guardians of such things actively fighting against the institutions and norms that they believe are politically inconvenient to them. they lost so they want to blame the system. they want to change the rules because they lost. >> katie: jessica? >> jessica: to the court packing point and we will unpack which party is more in favor of conspiracy theories, because i don't think --
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court-packing -- >> guy: they lost their elections and they won't admit it. >> jessica: bright, but when you talk about conspiracy theories -- >> katie: let's talk about the supreme court. that's what the topic is. >> jessica: the 15 justices doesn't actually involve court-packing, it would be five democrats, five republicans, and then the extra five would be rotating. >> harris: like the court of appeals. >> jessica: so there is no court-packing there. it's actually an argument for court reform versus court-packing, which has gone on during president trump adding -- >> jessica: that's only one proposal you described. >> jessica: but that's the one -- >> guy: eric holder talking about adding tico seats. >> jessica: eric holder isn't running for president as of today. what they are talking about so far as opening of the discussion about 15. so i don't think that qualifies as court-packing. >> harris: wears the economic idea of packing? where is that coming from for democrats? where is the health care idea packing?
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if you want to use that word packing so much i can throw it out there. what this does is it gives people focus off of the deficits that are happening right now in the camp of democrats. we are waiting for those things. they're floating these ideas. democrats, you say -- and many others in your part of the political world -- say the midterm elections advantage and victories were in part because of health care. >> jessica: yeah. >> harris: now that it's march, where is the idea-packing on that? >> jessica: every conversation -- >> harris: why go after the supreme court we could go for the court opinion on health care? is that the only idea? >> jessica: we get criticize costley. i spend more of my time talking about medicare for all and the health care policies -- >> harris: well i'm glad you spend your time doing it. >> jessica: look at all the people out on the trail. >> harris: why only one idea? when you wash to watch kirsten gillibrand and senator warren this week with town halls, when you watch those coming up in past weeks as well, the one question is, "what happens to private companies,
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insurance companies and providers of medical care in that scenario?" and get different answers. >> dagen: they go bye-bye because they are made illegal under the bernie sanders plan that kirsten gillibrand, elizabeth warren -- >> harris: she quoted bernie. >> dagen: and kamala harris have all signed on. >> harris: where is the court of ideas, i guess is what i'm asking. >> katie: let's get back to the issue of the supreme court. republicans vote more on the issue of courts and the supreme court than democrats do. it seems like democrats have looked at what has happened over the past two years, they see the court is now 5-4 in terms of the ideology. people say it's not a political court but we do know that sometimes it is. what is your response to people like marco rubio introducing constitutional amendments -- which probably won't pass -- but just to put their foot on the ground and say, "this is where we are with that?" >> dagen: helps conservatives and hurts liberals because liberals have use the court to
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legislate. liberal judges have used the court system to do what democrats couldn't do in terms of actually passing laws and legislation. so it shines a light on the abuse of the courts. >> jessica: you don't think republicans abuse the courts question ? when you look at what has happened with voting rights, with epa regulations that have been rolled back -- this is not something that the partisan issue. both have tried to take advantage when they are empowered to make sure -- >> guy: if hillary clinton had won the election -- >> jessica: i would be so happy. [laughter] >> guy: we would not be talking about reform to the supreme court. >> jessica: if merrick garland had gotten his seat, i'm sure we wouldn't be having -- >> harris: is this retaliatory for merrick garland? >> katie: speaking of merrick garland of the bite and rule, joe biden reportedly telling supporters that he is indeed planning a 2020 bid but he needr help. he might not match his current contenders paid whether uncle joe was ready to go all in. plus, term calling for
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9:20 am
the same kind of online donations as beto o'rourke and bernie sanders. in the first 24 hours of their campaign announcements, respectively, beto brought in a record $6.1 million while bernie sanders tallied nearly $60 million himself meanwhile, in a new cnn poll of a crowded field of democratic contenders, biden leads the pack. 28% of democratic voters and left-leaning independent voters say they would most likely support biden for the party's nomination. with bernie sanders in second, at 20%. got it, did vice president biden misses opportunity to run against other clinton or is this his time? >> guy: i think you might be kicking himself over 2016. i wouldn't say that he is passes time yet. clearly democratic voters agree. one thing that strikes me about these polls, and there been a few of them this week, showing by the
9:21 am
biden that of the pack. for many weeks at this point they are doing town hall meetings, they are on national television, actively camping out crown. he's doing none of those things and yet, stubbornly, consistently, he's at the top of the heap meaning that a lot of them aren't satisfied with the screwed want to see joe biden get into this thing. the reason we are seeing him may be delayed a little bit here could be tactical, could be fund-raising, getting ducks in a row, but it does sort of seam -- because he's been inching closer now for a long time -- he might be really thinking hard about legacy. because right now he's an elder statesman. he was the vice president of the united states for eight years. does he want his last major political contribution should be the third time he loses the presidency? i think that is something weighing on his mind which is why he hasn't announced yet. but i think it looks like he's going to. >> harris: i wonder how much recognizability plays a role. we are talking during the commercial break, when people
9:22 am
start to clip off the boxes of people that they support, joe biden is a name for all of those reasons. elder statesman -- he has been in the bloodstream of politics in america for so many decades the people already know him. they figure, he is an affable guy. the things they know about him actually click the boxes of likability, which we know for hillary clinton, jessica, was such a big issue. >> dagen: and he doesn't self-edit. you are seeing but it will work on the campaign trail -- >> harris: that's a kind way of putting it. >> dagen: he's trying to not make a joke that will offend the identity politics caucus. and biden doesn't care. >> harris: he has a lot of gas. >> katie: he said that mike pence was a good guy. a lot of people on the left jump in and talked about how terrible mike pence was as a human being, in their words. and he apologized for saying he was a good guy. >> guy: and he was mad that he had to apologize. >> dagen: he also ones that he would shove his rosary beads down the throat of any republican who suggested democrats aren't the party of faith. [laughter] again, he's going to own all
9:23 am
that. but that's sounds more trumpian. >> jessica: he and trump got into a little "let me take you outside" thing a few months ago. joe biden, it is an mid issue but it's also the number one thing democrats are looking for. somebody who can be donald trump. they are thinking ahead to a general election. you will need recognition and expertise. joe biden can say, "this is my record, this is what i've accomplished." he is actually the person who is the obama legacy. he was his running mate, he was vice president for eight years. if you elect president obama, he helped make a lot of it happen. >> harris: does he endorse joe biden? >> jessica: he said he's going to stay out in the primary. >> harris: a lot of them endorse a candidate after the primary. >> katie: his record is not endorsing anybody. >> guy: has on vice president. >> katie: right. >> jessica: the big story out of that poll is that kamala harris has jumped eight points.
9:24 am
and she is gaining steam. she had the cleanest -- >> harris: not raising money, but -- >> jessica: she is raising money. >> harris: not in the same as bernie and beto. >> jessica: she is building a team all over the country with some of the best people on the democratic side. that is a story for people to be paying attention to. she's definitely going to be in the mix. >> dagen: jessica, joe biden has had trouble fund-raising the past. those one of the roadblocks other than being discouraged by president obama himself from running. >> jessica: he it was also given, his son had passed away recently. >> dagen: he also partly took it as a veiled threat for mrs. clinton that he did challenger for the nomination or team would goat dirty. that's according to bill mcgurn's editorial. >> jessica: hillary clinton isn't running for president this time. she won't go away -- she gives pieces, she front races, she
9:25 am
supports causes that matter. 65 americans 65 million americans voted for her. they are still tremendous fans, feel that she was gypped in 2016 -- i don't think it has an effect on joe biden. >> harris: where are the bernie voters going to go? bernie sanders is a goodly different iconic brand from joe biden. >> jessica: that's the beauty of a primary. they will go for bernie. >> harris: they didn't all vote for clinton. >> jessica: they didn't, he just hired somebody voted for jill stein. there definitely issues and that far left plank of the party. but this is not a story about hillary clinton anymore. it's about a huge, vibrant field of candidates that are putting themselves out there and advancing new and innovative proposals. we should judge that. >> harris: you know what they should do custom work they should do a debate on fox news so they can reach people outside their tent and reach all those d people who sometimes watch us because they want to hear the story. i'm just preaching.
9:26 am
>> dagen: union workers, joe from scranton. >> harris: tell them , dagen. >> dagen: fox to them on the fox news channel kirsten gillibrand, a longtime staffer at resigns image criticisms of her office handling of a sexual harassment complaint. how will this affect gillibrand's campaign, especially with women voters customer agree debate, plus house speaker nancy pelosi is still taking impeachment off the table, pushing back against progressives who say she is raising too high a bar. how divisive an issue is that the democrats? should they be making good on other campaign promises? >> avenue that up release of the bar is very high. we shouldn't prejudge anything and we should wait for the evidence before we make any determinations. ♪ i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite no! one more bite! ♪
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9:31 am
about it, ohio, battleground state. one that he did so well in in 2016 over hillary clinton. we are told he is now -- as he sometimes does -- he will leave the white house, get on marine one, and he's taking some questions from reporters. he has already been asked about the mueller report and will it might come out. we'll get it we are getting a little drip, drip from that previous no idea when it happens , and there were some follow-up questions. as soon as that question and answer period with the president and reporters wraps up and he heads to board marine one we will bring you all of that so you can get it for yourself. speaker nancy pelosi is doubling down on her comments that impeaching president trump is not a good move for democrats. in a new interview, the house speaker pushes back on some in her caucus who says that she is sitting down exiting two high bar for breach of the president. pelosi told "usa today," "you're wasting your time unless the evidence is so conclusive that the republicans will understand. otherwise, it's a gift to the
9:32 am
president. we take our eye off the ball." meanwhile democratic presidential candidate kamala harris has told late-night host jimmy kimmel that she has the skills to prosecute the case against the president. watch. >> what voters are going to want as they are going to want someone who has the proven ability to prosecute the case against this administration. and this president. [applause] >> e.r. >> and that is going to be about having an ability, proven ability, to be able to articulate the evidence that makes the case for why we need a >> yea new leadership in this country. >> harris: a top progressive democrat, somewhat agree with speaker pelosi with the "wait-and-see approach." >> there are concerns about the abuses of the rule of law, and people want transparency. they want an open investigation. they also care the most about
9:33 am
communities that are been left behind. what we are doing to provide health care, to tackle prescription drugs. we have to have a positive agenda for the american people. i think that's what nancy pelosi is focused on. >> harris: so, kamala harris moving her way up to the front of the pack for democratic candidates, is also a senator in the largest state in the union. that's california. and she wants to prosecute president trump. that's a lot. >> first of all, i think it must be a delight to be a democrat going on a late-night talk show. because the host loves you so much, the audience loves you, you're in l.a., you're in new york instead of home base. my guess is what harris was saying there is that she would want to prosecute the case against the president-elect to early. i don't think she's calling for him to be prosecuted -- >> harris: but she will have all the talking points on the trail, breaking it down to everybody. we understand she will be in the courtroom. that's already a lane. but then you need a policy
9:34 am
platform or something. that'll be like a burgeoning supreme court or something like that. i don't mean that in jest. plus, you are still a senator. i'm asking with the focus is to win against his president for democrats given all that. >> guy: what harris in particular is going to argue, given the prosecutorial background she has, "i will be a strong candidate because i know how to nail someone down and back them into a corner pray that's what i will do in debates. meanwhile, i will oppose his agenda vociferously for my senate seat." she striking a balance, as we are hearing earlier from jessica, that is appealing to a growing number of democrats. >> harris: jessica? >> jessica: she has also taken the narrative about being a prosecutor made a positive. people in the bernie sanders side of the party don't like it. he looked back at her record in california and think that she was too punitive, that she won against disenfranchised and minority communities at two aggressive level. taking the word prosecutor and not making it a dirty word is very smart. but he's absolutely correct.
9:35 am
>> dagen: impeachment is a dirty word -- >> jessica: i said prosecutor. >> dagen: i know, but impeachment, nancy pelosi taken off the table, it's a dirty word and she knows it. they need to look at the net 40 seats they added in the house because she schooled them and said, "we are not talking about basically trying to remove a duly-elected president from office for no apparent reason. we will talk with issues that matter to the voters." that's healthy. >> jessica: ro khanna is correct, that's how we won in november. there are number of democrats to support this and have something that a .2. they talked about the emoluments clause, ethics violations. we don't know what the mueller report will bring. i'm also running on policy issues. it will serve us well. >> dagen: you talk about -- >> jessica: bill clinton got a peach about lying over oral sex. it was a huge mistake. but for you to say that ethics violations, emoluments clause
9:36 am
violations, is a bigger deal -- i got turned around but you know what i'm saying. perjury about something like that. not perjury that affected how the country was run, but has a private affair with a young woman. >> katie: the feminists standing up for them, sexual harassment issues there -- let's get back to nancy pelosi. if you look at pulling across the board, the majority of independence and republicans in this country, it's of the bottom of list when it comes to parities. the russian investigation is right there with it. majority leader steny hoyer said, we have 62 or 63 new house democrats. we didn't just select three of them that are pushing for these radical proposals and impeachment. they're looking at the math and saying, "we are not only concerned about 2020 and getting a democrat in the white house, we want to keep the house." >> guy: but the challenge for the democrats, politically, it's in this poll that was referenced earlier.
9:37 am
only 28% of the general public supports impeachment at this point. that's the "usa today" poll. with 53% are democrats do. so, more than half of the party wants to see the president impeached. the less than a third of the country does. that's attention to policy -- >> harris: she has the kind of message that can bridge that. what she is saying that impeach only if you have it evidence. i want to understand what she means when she says, "that republic and so understand." the evidence has to be there. you don't go that road for sundry reasons, which former house speaker newt gingrich told us on the couch last week. not noble reasons if they start to tear your political party. >> dagen: he said the danger is you decide you're going to impeach and then trying to find the material, and it will backfire on democrats because the republicans will do that to them if they go that route. if they are ever alike to the white house. >> harris: a reminder that we are watching what's happening is
9:38 am
the president is on his way to ohio, taking questions and answering reporters right now in his journey. as that pops up and we can show you all of that, we will. meanwhile, president trump accusing social media giants like facebook and twitter of discriminating against republicans and conservatives. this after dan's covino was temporarily blocked facebook later apologized. does this exclusion hold up or his political bias hampering free-speech online customer we will debate it. stay with me. >> you've heard the same plates complaints. if they're conservative, republican, insurgent groups, there is discrimination. ♪ billions of mouths.
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♪ >> we have to do something. i tell you, i have many, many millions of followers on twitter and it is different than it used to be. things are happening, names are taken off, people aren't getting through. you've heard the same
9:43 am
complaints. it seems to be that if they are conservative, republicans, if they are in a certain group, there is discrimination. something is happening with those groups of folks that are running facebook and google and twitter. i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. >> jessica: president trump calling for an investigation of social media giants like facebook, twitter, and google, alleging bias against conservative viewpoints on line then suggesting that big tech is colluding with democrats to silence republicans. the president also claiming that tv news outlets are stacking the deck against his administration. this, as facebook is saying it's apologizing for the president's social media director, dan scavino jr., for temporarily blocking him from commenting on his own page. they were saying it was an unintended consequent of turn to guard activity on the site. to think they want to point out before we get into this -- the publish of the gets the most distribution on facebook is fox news. the account that gets the most attribution on twitter is the
9:44 am
president's own account. obviously could talk about devin nunes suing the fictional cow that is trolling him here. do think the bias is real and that this is an animating issue for american's? >> guy: i think the bias against conservatives in silicon valley israel. >> jessica: and the people themselves close to mike >> guy: correct. i think it's overwhelmingly tilted to the left. whether they are deliberately colluding with democrats or whether they just have groupthink and generally are of a left-leaning mentality, i'm not sure. but there is a really serious credibility and trust problem for these companies have with a lot of americans. it seems like his apologies for accidentally blocking based on algorithms seem to disproportionately affect one side per that's a perception. i think if they are not serious about ideological diversity within their ranks and transparency, they are going to have a bipartisan regulation problem. >> harris: we want to get to the breaking news. we promised to take to the white house as the president does on his way to ohio, and he has paused in order to take a
9:45 am
long-term question and answer period. we want to play that out. we can do it in a few seconds. but i want to give your taste. he went everywhere from the relationship that the united states had with pakistan to the husband of councilor kellyanne conway, george conway, and has some very choice words for that person who used to work for him. we will going out to the white house with the president of the united states, and a q&a session. >> president trump: i have no idea. no collusion, no collusion. i have no idea what it's going to be released. it's interesting, a man gets appointed by a deputy, he writes a report. never figure that one out. that man gets appointed by deputy, he writes a report. i had the greatest electoral victory, in the history of our country, one of them. tremendous success. tens of millions of voters. now somebody's going to write a report, who never got a vote. we will see what the report says. let's see if it's fair. i have no idea when it's going
9:46 am
to be released. >> reporter: have you reversed the policy in syria? >> president trump: we are leaving 200 people there and 200 people in another place in syria, closer to israel for a period of time. i brought this out for you because this is a map of everything in the red -- this was on election night in 2016. everything red is isis. when i took it over it was a mess. now, on the bottom, that's the exact same. there is no red. in fact, there's actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. so that is isis, red, right there, and the bottom one is how it is today. this just came out 20 minutes ago. so this is isis on election day, my election day, and this is
9:47 am
isis now. so that's the way it goes. [reporters certain questions] >> reporter: do you think the public has a right to see the mueller report? >> president trump: i don't mind. frankly, i told the house, if you want to let them see it, let them see it. a deputy, because of the fact that the attorney general didn't have the courage to do it himself, a deputy that is appointed appoints another man to write a report. i just won an election with 63 million votes or so. 63 million. i had 306-223 in the electoral college. i'm saying to myself, wait a minute, i just won one of the greatest elections of all time in the history of this country -- and even you will admit that -- and i have somebody writing the report who never got a vote customer gets called the mueller report.
9:48 am
so, explain that. because my voters don't get it. and i don't get it. at the same time, let it come out. let people see it. that's up to the attorney general, we have a very good attorney general. he's a really highly respected man. he will see what happens. but it's sort of interesting that a man out of the blue describes a report. i've got 306 electoral votes against 223. that's a tremendous victory. i've got 63 million more. i've got 63 million votes, and now somebody just write the report? ethic it's ridiculous. but i want to see the report. you know who wants to see it? the tens of millions of people that love the fact that we have the greatest economy we've ever had. i'm going to ohio right now, they were going to close the plant. that's where they make the tanks. it was going to be closed and i stop them from closing it. and now it is thriving and doing great. the people of ohio, they like trump because i've done a great
9:49 am
job in ohio. i've done a great job all over the country. that's with the people want to hear. [reporters asking questions] [indistinct question] >> president trump: i know nothing about it. i know that he's conflicted and i know that his best friend is commie, who is a bad cop i know there are over things, obviously. i had a business transaction with him that i have reported many times, that you people don't talk about. but i had a nasty business transaction with him, and other things. i know that he put 15 highly-conflicted and very angry -- i call them angry democrats -- in. so, let's see whether or not it's legit. you know better than anybody there is no collusion. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, there was no nothing. but it's sort of an amazing thing that when you have a great
9:50 am
victory, someone comes in and is a report out of nowhere. tell me how that makes sense. who never got a vote. who, the day before, he was retained to become special counsel, i told him he would be working at the fbi. in the following day they get in for this. i don't think so. i don't think people get it. all of that being said, i look forward to seeing the report. [reporters asking questions] [indistinct question] >> president trump: we are not talking about removing them, we are talking about leaving them for a substantial period of time. because we have to make sure that if we do the deal with china, that china lives by the deal. because they've had a lot of problems living by certain deals, and we have to make sure. now, no president has ever done what i've done with china.
9:51 am
china has free reign over our country, taking out $500 billion a year for many years. we actually rebuilt the china in the truest sense of the word. we rebuilt china. but we are getting along with china very well. president xi is a friend of mine. the deal is coming along nicely. we've got our top representatives going there this weekend to further the deal. but, no, we are taking in billions and billions of dollars right now in tariff money. for a period of time, that will stay. [reporters asking questions] >> president trump: i don't know him, he's a whack job, there's no question about it. but i really don't know him. i think he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. kelly and is a wonderful woman. i call him mr. kellyanne. the fact is he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. she's a wonderful woman.
9:52 am
[reporters asking questions] [indistinct question] >> president trump: are you talking about the one that you just found out about, having to do with cars? no recommendation. it's up for review. the european union has been very tough in the united states for many years but nobody talked about it. we are talking about something to combat it. not only do they charge our companies, it was $1.6 billion to google. just happens yesterday. a lot of litigation. i would say the european union has been as tough on the united states as china. just not as much money involved. we will see what happens. we will see whether or not they negotiate a deal. if they negotiate a deal, a fair deal, that's a different story. [reporters asking questions]
9:53 am
[indistinct question] >> president trump: yeah, go ahead. i think that twitter is a way that i get out the word when we have a corrupt media, and it is corrupt, and it's fake. so twitter is a way that i can get out the word. because our media is so dishonest, a lot of it. the mainstream. they don't report the facts. they too are important, as an example, that i just showed you -- they don't want to report this, so i figure i might as well show it. what i do, i get out the word from a fake and corrupt media. i have come on five sides -- please, please. on five sites i have over 100 million people. that includes facebook, instagram, twitter, everything. it's a way that i can get honesty out, because there is
9:54 am
tremendous dishonesty with respect to the fake news media. [reporters asked questions] >> reporter: mr. president, what was your reaction -- [indistinct question] >> harris: we will take a look at that >> reporter: mr. president, new zealand. >> president trump: pakistan, i think our relationship right now was very good with pakistan. >> reporter: mr. president, mr. president ! >> harris: so, the president there come as you can see, covered a lot of ground. let's make this quick, and some response. >> guy: i am mystified but not
9:55 am
surprised, if that makes sense come about having minutes spent on the husband of kellyanne conway. but it seems like this is the thing they are leaning into right now. >> harris: you mean the reporters on the ground? >> guy: yes, and lengthy response from the president. >> harris: dress code? >> jessica: the made up electoral college numbers that don't add up properly, which is par for the course -- should be focusing on the on economy. >> katie: trucks with the miller port, he's in agreement with our office of representative's and he wants the entire company, country to see it. >> dagen: and thank you mr. president for your willingness to spitball on every topic. [laughter] >> harris: we will be right back. keep watching. ns. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit.
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or if you are allergic to ozempic®. stop taking ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, itching, rash, or trouble breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> dagen: thank you, guy benson. you are always so insightful. when are you coming back? don't look at me like i'm crazy! [laughter] >> guy: insightful, that's good when! >> katie: you are wearing a northwestern purple -- it's
10:00 am
okay. >> guy: march madness, baby. >> dagen: we've only got ten seconds, we can't talk about baseball. we will move on from that. we are back tomorrow. right now, here's harris faulkner. >> harris: just moments ago we showed you the president and has back and forth with reporters. that was videotaped and this is life. he has now boarded air force one on his way to ohio where he will land and be visiting a formerly named army tank plant in lima, ohio. it is now the joint systems manufacturing center. the present visiting there. it is the last tank factory in the western hemisphere. he's also on the ground in ohio dealing with the issue of general motors and layoffs. so that's his day. moments ago but we showed you on "outnumbered" was the reporter back and forth with this president. he spoke about the mueller report, and he was bashing the


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