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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 20, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> keep it on fox news channel for all the day's coverage of breaking news. i'm harris. "the daily briefing" is now. >> dana: "the daily briefing" starts now. president trump is headed to ohio a key battleground state where he will visit the last army tank plant in america. these 2020 candidates are making very interesting headlines across the country. a break-through for the men and women that suffer from postpartum depression. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." first, air force one settle to arrive any minute in ohio as president trump hits the campaign trail. the president taking a few shots at robert mueller. >> now i have somebody writing a
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report that never got a vote? it's called the mueller report. explain that. my voters don't get it. i don't get it. at the same time, let it come out, let people see it. that's up to the attorney general. we have a very good attorney general. he's a highly respected man. we'll see what happens. >> kevin corke is in lima, ohio. kevin? >> dana, let me put it this way. this might be the president being counter intuitive. put out the entire report. let the ag do what he wants to do knowing the american people will never see the full report. or you can argue this is a president that is positively absolutely defiant. he's been saying all along, this is a hoax cooked up by the democrats. maybe what he's really saying, i want this report to get out there so the american people can see all of it. it will only prove what i've been saying all along, i didn't collude with the russians. he said as much before leaving
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the white house and making his way to ohio. here's the commander-in-chief not long ago. >> i had the greatest electoral victory in the history of our country. tremendous success. tens of millions of voters and now somebody will write a report. we'll see what the report says. see if it's fair. i have no idea when it will be released. >> the president will take a tour here at this magnificent facility. he's not only going be talking about national security, he's talking about the resurgence of a plant slated for closing. the lieutenant governor of the state of ohio talked about this idea that because there is a massive new footprint on the defense spending, this is really made a big difference here. we're talking about $2 billion for additional tanks to help protect america's fighting force. a tour coming up here around 2:30 and then he will make remarks. i'll be here for you. for now, back to you in
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new york. >> dana: thank for the tunes. a good way to get the show started. for more on this, let's bring in karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff. i want to talk to you about ohio, the all-important state. took on republican the past couple times. president trump won it decisively. take a look at this chart, karl. manufacturing jobs, a steep increase since 2017. president trump going to ohio. his tenth visit there. your thoughts on that leading to the re-election effort. >> you're right. it's -- ohio has been a battleground almost since the end of the civil war. the last couple of elections, 2016, it turned a little redder and 2018 it stayed red and got redder. soon i think the president is in good shape. don't let it slip away by indifference. i think he's smart to go to ohio now and hopefully continue to keep it in his column. >> dana: you keep talking about
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manufacture jobs. we've got in an argument on the other side of the state in lordstown, the g.m. plant closing. a tussle there. helpful to him in ohio or elsewhere? >> not helpful that the plant is closing, but he's as a strong advocate for it. no president will keep every plant open everywhere. the president made it clear where his sympathies lie. ohio is having -- i won't say an explosion but steady growth in manufacturing jobs. that's one of the reasons why the state remains so republican in 2018. democrats hoped to take the governorship and the republicans kept the legislature by large margins and kept their congressional seats. a state red in 2016 and redder today in large part because of the president's success. >> dana: can't rest. have to keep going to ohio. we'll see the 2020 candidates there as well. want to ask you about something
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the president said. it's the controversy about kellyanne conway and her husband, the tweets going back and forth. the president finally weighing in. take a watch. >> he's a whack job. there's no question about it. i really don't know him. i think he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. kellyanne is a wonderful woman. i call him mr. kellyanne. the fact is that he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. she's a wonderful woman. >> dana: what do you think about this, karl? it's stressful enough to have white house at your home not easy. >> yeah, no. i mean, what do you say about this? can you imagine susan baker tweeting comments about ronald reagan when jim baker was chief of staff? can you imagine? this is just sort of weird. this is where we are in american politi politics. the president feels compelled to talk on the tweets of his senior adviser's husband. i would not want to be at the
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dinner table in the conway household any time soon. i mean, i can just imagine the pressure. >> dana: i hope it doesn't disrupt things at home. i hope not. also want to get your thoughts on this very long romance that biden is trying to do as he works his way to maybe making an announcement. the "wall street journal" reporting that he's working on figure out a way to have a big fund-raising numbers. other democratic candidates have raised a lot of money. he doesn't want to embarrassed there. your thoughts on joe biden finally getting into the race? >> yes, but i don't think it's going to be until after march 31 for the reason that you just touched on. you have to file a report on march 31, april 15. fund-raising through march 31. he wants to come out with as big and strong a number as possible. if he gets in the race, he has seven or eight or nine days to raise money. robert francis o'rourke will have had three weeks and bernie
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sanders will have had five or six. i don't think he wants to start off by saying, i was only the race for nine days and i'm sixth or seventh in money raised. he raised money -- other candidates are raising money online. he hopes to raise money by having people send in checks. that is a much more difficult and slower process. >> dana: how do the other candidates think about him getting into the race? obviously he's been in the public eye a long time. he has a long record. the vice president's wife. do you feel like some of them are chomping at the bit to say it's time to turn the page? >> it's part of it. some of them will say, you know, his best day is when he gets and begins to slide, can i pick up the people sliding away from him. what is interesting, the biden voters, number 2 choice is, bernie sanders. interestingly enough, bernie sanders supporters is number 2
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choice is, joe biden. so maybe a lot of it is name i.d. these are the two best none candidates. biden has a tough challenge. he can't make mistake, he has to show strength fund-raising and strength on the message side and demonstrate that he's capable of running a campaign right through the tape with donald trump. that is going to be difficult to do. >> dana: i bet there's a bunch of hit pieces about to run as soon as he announces. >> they're already starting. we saw one about the fact that he's a millionaire since he left the presidency, bought a $2 million house. opposition research pages of warren and sanders and they're going to start coursing through the system. >> dana: thanks, karl. >> thank you. >> dana: the department of transportation reviewing a process that led to the faa's certification of boeing's 736
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max plane design. this is in response to the deadly crashes in indonesia and ethiopia. doug, you've followed this from the beginning. what do you think today? >> well, the new head of the faa proposed by the former former delta pilot, steve dickson is proficient in five boeing planes. he was head of the airline's operations and safety division. if he's confirmed, he will face a baptism of fire. elaine chao has requested an audit to compile a complete and detailed factual history of the details that resulted in the certification of the boeing 737 max 8. captain sully sullenberger had an op-ed of boeing having inadequate staffing, outsourcing
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and too cozy relationship between the industry and regulators. he added boeing in developing the 737 max 8 felt pressure to get the new aircraft to market as quickly as possible. we have been reporting that in the lion air crash last october, it was an off-duty pilot sitting in the cockpit's jump seat that saved the plane the day before it crashed. the plane was pitching wildly. he maintained his composure and flicked two switches that deacted the mcas, the automated pitch control that has been the subject of so much controversy. why lion air allowed that plane to fly the next day with a different crew unaware of its malfunctions is really, really problematic, dana. >> dana: are there other problems with lion air that you heard about? >> yeah, a source has told me there's some evidence that lion air was purchasing secondhand parts from an aircraft bone yard in florida. u.s. investigators are trying to
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determine whether the malfunctioning angle of attack sensor in that plane that crashed may have been one of those second hard parts. i'm told that indonesian investigators have not turned over all of their evidence to the ntsb. in records to the ethiopian crash, analysts are looking at the flight profiles. there's clear similarities to the up and down pitching motion of the max 8s. but now i'm told there are also key dissimilarities. investigators trying to determine what is behind those. boeing has begun flight testing of the max 8 with new software and expected to have that wrapped up march 25. >> dana: thanks, doug. so a $12 million drug bust underlining a new challenge nor the dea. the drugs they say pouring into the country. and kamala harris getting a photo op with the last jedi
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we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today. . >> dana: breaking news. warning about america's drug crisis. the dea saying methamphetamine is flooding into our country, $12 million recently worth in a shipment of frozen strawberries. joining me now, derrick from the dea. look at the meth seizures in 2017. doubling 347,000. meth just keeps going up. >> yeah, meth has been a problem forever. a lot of people are not talking about meth. they're talking about opioids
11:17 am
and fentanyl. what people need to know, the chemicals are coming from china and indian companies and going to mexico where they have industrial size labs now. one thing that happened recently, they seized a lap in atlanta, the dea. it was 400 pounds of meth. six out of seven workers were from the cartel. they were illegally in america. there was 2,000 pounds of toxic waste. each pound of america created in america creates five pounds of waste. the meth problem is booming. a lot of cities, the biggest problem is meth. >> dana: i want to ask you about something else. "the washington post" had this big article about the obama administration and fentanyl, another drug, a china problem coming up from mexico. they failed to see the seriousness of it. so therefore we might be dealing with that now? >> i was involved at the special
11:18 am
operations division. i had great people around america that identified a trend of people buying from something that we didn't know anything about. as an agency, i never behind of fentanyl in the streets. i heard of it in the hospital. we did a project. we called it operation deadly mercha merchant. we had it with eric holder. when had this crisis coming and it was not like a sense of urgency. people were dying all over the place and there was no sense of urgency. it's going to get worse if you don't take care of it. we're not taking care of the border issues and people are dropping. >> we've had it before about designating the drug cartels as terrorist organizations. >> exactly. >> dana: there was somebody from the "miami herald" that said that this is a bad idea. i'll let you response. they say it's political candy to please the trump base and
11:19 am
seariously affect u.s. national security. the idea that mexican drug cartels are working with foreign terrorist groups is a myth. >> first of all, i worked at one of the biggest trade-based money laundering schemes where hezbollah was gaining millions from cartel cocaine. they were doing $200 million a month in the used car business in our country. that reporter doesn't know what he's talking about. will i tell you, the cartel headed by el mencho is one of the most deadliest in the world. >> dana: we have a $10 million reward. >> yeah. they're throwing people in acid, blowing up buildings, killing police. using law enforcement techniques. a lot of them are former middle teary and police officers. like el mencho was a policeman and then became the big biggest
11:20 am
cartel leader in the world now that el chapo is done. >> dana: how realistic is narco. >> yeah, it's exploding around the world in mexico and other countries. what they don't realize the people that write the stories, terrorists need money to operate. drug trafficking and counterfeiting and human smuggling generates billions of dollars for their operations and their political and terrorist agendas. so of course they're -- >> dana: by designating them as terrorist organizations, you can stop them. >> yeah. dea and fbi. here's the point. >> dana: we have to run. your points are great. i love your passion on it. i was a just say no kid. >> shut down the production sites people won't die. >> dana: thank you. a new model on the collapse of the amazon new york deal. we'll tell you about what it says about congress woman
11:21 am
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the fda making history to have a drug that treats postpartum depression. jacqui heinrich has more. >> it's seems good once you get past the sticker shock. $34,000. the good news, it may be covered by insurance. the treatment is called zulresso and has to be delivered by iv over 60 hours at a medical center because of some risks of fainting. it works in 48 hours by restoring normal balance in the brain disrupted around childbirth. it's a break through because it acts so quickly and bridging the gap until other anti-depressants can kick in. patients said they felt it work between 12 and 18 hours after the infusion. >> dana: how many people could this happen? >> postpartum depression is the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth
11:26 am
affecting 11% of new moms. doctors say it could help in the most severe cases. >> so there are many women that can be treated with the current medications that we have available. there's a subset of women that are unable to be treated with the medications that we have. so there will be women that have severe depression that will need to be admitted to hospitals. >> manufacturers say therapeutics are higher for low income and women of color. estimates show nearly half of cases go undiagnosed without screening. symptoms are feeling sad, hopeless, empty, losing interest in things you love and having trouble bonding with your baby or having harmful thoughts. the medication is expected to be available in late june. discussions are underway right now with 500 insurance companies and payers to help you get it covered when it debuts. >> dana: that's good news. science is amazing.
11:27 am
great to help people. thank you, jacqui. there's a report that beto o'rourke actually ate dirt after his senate bit failed. we have the nitty gritty. farmers and ranchers in the midwest are dealing with catastrophic flooding. mike tobin has more. >> the result of snow melt and rain. the bad news, it doesn't look like the historic flooding will get better in the short term. details coming up.
11:28 am
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>> dana: we talk about joe biden joining the presidential race. let's take a look at what the other 2020 candidates are up to today. senator bernie sanders is at an income and equality strike. amy klobuchar is responding to comments on john mccain. and kamala harris heads to late night tv. peter doocy is following this and more. tell us. >> bernie sanders is going on
11:32 am
strike at ucla representing the union and technical workers that are upset about wage inequality. we expect to see him in a half an hour. he talked about protecting unions and he's the only candidate for president ever who campaigns staff has formed their own union. while bernie is walking today, kirsten gillibrand is lifting in iowa. she has a new shirt that says just trying to get some ranch. something said to her at a restaurant and some diner reached around her to get dressing. another democrat who just spent a lot of time in iowa, amy klobuchar is trying to direct voters attention to something that happened over st. patrick's
11:33 am
holiday. then there's beto o'rourke in new hampshire today. he stands out because while most candidates talk about eating local food, he's tweeting about eating dirt. according to "the washington post," in january, beto hit the road much as his father had done and drew energy from the people he met. on one stop in new mexico, he wrote about a blob eating new mexican dirt said to have regenerative powers. in los angeles, kamala harris is posing with markham mel before the two appeared on jimmy kimmel. harris has risen in national polls. h
11:34 am
hamlen looks pleased to be with her. >> dana: thanks, peter. so we await the president's remarks in ohio trying to keep the blue collar supporters from 2016. the democrats making a major play to win back the rust belt states. congressman tom mulowski from new jersey. he joins me on set. thanks for coming in. tell me about the democrats' plan to deal with the fact that president trump's economy is doing very well for the majority of people in the country. yesterday cnn's poll said 71% of people say the economy is good. he's actually upside. but the economy, plus 8. how can democrats have a counter message on the economy that they can do better? >> it's doing well for some people but not everybody. president trump is going to the rust belt today where a lot of people are hurting.
11:35 am
g.m. plants are closing. jobs still leaving. you know, it's interesting. president trump could have had a infrastructure bill in 2017 and 2018. democrats would have supported that. would have created jobs, fixed things across this country. instead, he went for a corporate tax cut. 17% of that corporate tax cut has been spent on capital investment creating jobs. the majority of it went to stock buy-backs which haven't helped anybody. where we will be different, we're going to lead with infrastructure. we're going to send the president the kind of bill that he said he wanted in his campaign that he wanted to sign to put americans back to work. we'll see if he agrees. >> on the stock buy back, isn't that the companies said we don't have anything to reinvest in. they are creating more jobs. >> only 17% of the money that you and i lost, that we gave basically through this tax bill
11:36 am
to companies to do this was spent on creating jobs. stock buy backs down help the economy. our taxes are higher as a result of the tax cut. >> dana: so you say the democrats will lead on the infrastructure bill. the only thing that has come out has been about impeachment or the green new deal. there's nothing about infrastructure. >> i work on the floor of the house of refs every day. there's no legislation on those issues that you mentioned. we spent a month dealing with the government shut down. we shut down the shut down. and then we moved on to economic issues. we went on to draining the swamp, campaign finance reform. we went on to universal background checks, which the vast majority -- >> dana: there's a lot. >> we're going to do healthcare, infrastructure. takes time. we want to study things before
11:37 am
we do them. >> dana: everyone is ready for a infrastructure bill. >> i hope the president is ready. >> dana: i do want to ask you about this. beto o'rourke was in lordstown. he was talking about the president's comments there in terms of the g.m. plant there. take a listen to this. i'm sorry. the one thing i wouldn't do is what we just saw the president of the united states do, to add insult to injury, demean those workers, insult the union president at the time that they're losing 14,000 jobs. he's laying the blame at their feet. counter productive and insulting to me. do you hear that from union representatives and workers? >> yeah. it's insulting and not true. g.m. didn't blame the union for this plant shut down. what they blamed was the tariffs that are caused -- >> dana: mary barra told the president the union was the problem. >> g.m. has denied that. maybe but that's not what they're saying publicly. and you know, the tariffs -- you
11:38 am
can argue for or against them on trade. there's no question, we have to be honest, the short run, tariffs have hurt. the president wants to argue for his tariffs, he ought to at least acknowledge the short term harm. >> dana: you think you have the ability to get around -- the fire brands of the freshmen class of the democrats. they're there, getting attention. you're making good reasonable arguments, common sense. is there a way to break out of that? >> well, by doing things. the legislative agenda where we're going to do on the floor of the house of representatives it's going to be infrastructure, lowering the cost of prescription drugs -- >> dana: that might be somebody to do bipartisan. >> we have republican support for all of those things i mentioned. >> dana: if you get infrastructure week going, you have to come back.
11:39 am
i've been tweeting about it for three years. i'm ready for it. >> every week is infrastructure week in new jersey. >> dana: i know. i've been in the traffic. thanks, congressman. farms and ranches are hemorrhaging money as flooding is hurting over the midwest. mike tobin has more from illinois. you were there yesterday, mike and we got cut off. looks like things have not gotten better there. >> well, the good things i can tell you here in roscoe, illinois, it's not getting worse. the rock river is about 150 yards over its bank but largely holding steady. the problem here, the edgemere community is separated from the rest of civilization. people are commuting by kayak. they come to dry land where they get in cars, school buses. some people are pulling things out of wet houses. i asked one woman how it's
11:40 am
going. she said it's rough. very rough is in iowa. 41 counties have been hit by the flood waters. waters near the top of grain bins. the governor said it looks like an ocean. >> that's people's lives. fifth generation farms, businesses, communities. >> and in nebraska, 70% of the state is impacted by the flooding. $500 million of live stock has been killed off. the farmers can't get their seed in the ground. they say they're not going to plant this year. governor pete ricketts says they have never seen devastation like this. the bad news is that snow and ice is melting off. so the flooding will last at least until the middle of next week. >> dana: a great point. fifth generation farms and it's heart breaking and america will have to help them out. mike tobin, thank you. president trump visiting ohio as
11:41 am
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>> shepard: shepard smith on the fox news deck. keeping an eye on the president's trip to ohio. one major u.s. city is looking to crack down on e-cigarettes and could be the first in all of the country to ban them. both sides of that issue unless breaking news changes everything on "shepard smith reporting." >> dana: crews have put out a fire that raged for four days at
11:46 am
a texas chemical plant. a specialized firefighting team from louisiana help turning the tide. the intense flames and thick smoke forced schools to closed. no word on what caused it and no reports of serious injuries. we're awaiting remarks from president trump in ohio. the president visiting a factory and holding a rally there. as he ramps up his feud with general motors over the closing of a plant in lordstown. the president publicly clashed with my next guest over the situation tweeting this. >> dana: joining me now is david green, the president of united auto workers 1112. david, what is it like to be in a public feud with the president
11:47 am
during a situation when you're reeling from these job losses? >> well, i have tried to stay out of the feud. this isn't something that i asked for. we just want to see better policies. president trump didn't unallocate our location here. general motors did. we think general motors has an obligation. we want to be part of their family. we build great quality products. we want to keep doing that. >> dana: feels like you could be allies with the president because he's frustrated with g.m., too. >> yeah, it could very well be. that's why i haven't taken any of this personal. he obviously doesn't know me and personally and i've been working really hard here in the valley. we've got a lot of community support. we sold 142,617 chevy cruzes last year, which is a lot. it's frustrating to hear g.m. said nobody wants to buy the car, because it's been a popular
11:48 am
vehicle. >> dana: what do you say to supporters of the president, people that maybe were in you're union that they voted for the president, support him now. were they wrong to do that? should they continue to support him? >> that's a personal opinion. i really -- that's up to the members themselves. i try not to tell people this is what you need to do. i always just encourage them to look at the record. look at voting records, look at politicians and who they supported and how they voted for working people. we're working people. i think we should put that interest first. >> dana: monday, beto o'rourke was visiting you in ohio. he's running for president. what was his message to you? >> you know, he just -- he sent me a text about 10, 15 minutes before he showed up. he was very personable. stopped, asking how things were going and what we were doing here. it was a nice interview i
11:49 am
thought or time to sit down and talk with one of the candidates. >> dana: do you have any concerns about the democrats embrace of the green new deal that would cause trillions, very difficult to turn things around politically for the democrats if they look like they're so out of touch in the rust belt states even though ohio will be in the president's camp. your thoughts on that? >> you know, for us, what we're going through here is not a political issue. i'm not worried about democrat or republican. i want the legislators, the senators to work together. i want people to put stuff on the books that will help working people and help protect jobs here in the u.s.a. >> dana: what happens now as this plant looks like it's going to close? how do you help people cope with that? >> that's the difficult situation we're in. we've been unallocated and not closed, not idled. so we're in this holding pattern right now. it's very difficult for our
11:50 am
members to try to understand and deal with what is going on. letters to transfer, having the ability to stick around and help a mom, children with needs. these are all issues that people are going with. that's what i do here. i'm an administrator, not a bargainer. i try to help our members in these troubling times. >> dana: when you said about moving, people say you can always transfer to another location. as you said, if you have your family there and have responsibilities, it's not always easy to do. >> no, it's not. the parts suppliers and the other stakeholders like the barber shop, the grocery store. those folks can't move. they're stuck here with a shell of a community. we don't think that that is fair. that's why we're fighting. it's for the whole community. >> dana: we hope the jobs come back as well. we want to see more production there as everywhere in the united states continues to
11:51 am
hopefully pray for you all and we hope you come back and talk to us. feels like there could be some agreement here and maybe we can figure that out. thank you, david. the case of a lost teddy bear prompting one police officer to go above and beyond the call of duty. the state of new jersey leading the charge in the water on plastic. bryan llenas has the story. bryan? >> new jersey and hawaii proposing the toughest plastic ban in the country. the pros and cons on that and also why recyclers saying getting rid of plastic backs will make recycling more efficient. ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> dana: and now a look at other stories. it's the daily three. first up, brexit is days away. theresa may wants to postpone can it. she's asking for an extension 0 june 30th.
11:56 am
roundup weed killer caused a man to get cancer. it's the second verdict in the u.s. the company denies the connection. and facebook will block landlords and creditors from targeting ads at you based on data like your age, gender and zip code. supreme court justice clarence thomas breaking his usual silence asking a rare question during oral arguments in volvin a mississippi death rosen tense. justice prefers to have cases presented without objection. it's been years since he spoke at the bench. and new jersey is one of the states leading the way as they look to ban plastic straws and bags. bryan llenas is live in new jersey. bryan, i have a trash obsession. tell me what is going on in
11:57 am
jersey. >> its not only new jersey but hawaii. they're proposing the strictest plastic bans in the country. they are looking to ban plastic bags and strains and containers at restaurants and retailers. >> anything that we can do to make the environment a safer place is very important even though it may inconvenience us. >> now, hawaii is proposing a new line that is more strict. banning plastics at fast foods and full service restaurants including plastic bottles, utensils, garbage bags and stirring sticks and straws. advocates point to a 2018 united nations report on plastic pollution. they say if current trend continues, our oceans could
11:58 am
contain more plastic than fish by 2050. more than 90% of the plastic pollution comes from asia and africa. new jersey's proposal goes way too far and will hurt small businesses. they advocate for more recycling education and litter enforcement. >> we described it as taking a sledge hammer to a mosquito. plastic retail bags are the best option at the checkout. we don't want to see our products on a street or in a tree. >> dana, recyclers say that they welcome a ban, especially on these plastic bags. the reason why they welcome the ban, the plastic bags clog and contaminate the recycling machines. so they say to get rid of them, they will be more efficiently able to recycle other products. the problem is you cannot throw plastic bags in your recycling bins. you have to go to stores and
11:59 am
people don't do that. >> dana: so are there exemptions in new jersey? >> there are. if you have a disability, they're thinking about putting that in there. you can ask for a straw if you need it. if you're hahn government assistance, you can be except from the 10 cent paper bag tax. dana? >> dana: this is happening in hawaii. next time you have to go to hawaii. thank you so much. a new jersey police officer going out of his way to help a boy with autism responding to a 911 call about a lost teddy bear. the boy hung up on the dispatcher, but the good news is, the officer was able to trace the call to the house where the toy was found safe and sound. watch this. >> said ryan, did you call 911? he said yes. i said why? he said teddy bear rescue. >> we found the teddy bear. it was okay. he was in safe hands. no injuries, nothing like that. >> shepard: of course, that is very good news indeed. people going out of their way to help each other.
12:00 pm
thanks for joining us on "the daily briefing." i'm see you at 5:00 on "the five". it's wild card wednesday. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the supreme court where a man says he should not be on death row because the prosecutor kept black people off the jury. prosecutors say they had good reason to block those jurors. and this case prompting the first question from justice clarence thomas in years. also, one city could be the first in the nation to ban e cigarettes. supporters say it's to keep kids from vaping. ecig makers say they help smokers switch to a safer habit. a warning, if you don't like snakes. close your eyes now. we'll show you what one man found under his house. just a few


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