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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 20, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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at the white house. noon eastern time. catching on fox business. we mean business. these are the kind of stories that are very consequential to you and your money. we'll be there noon eastern. "the five" now. ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with emily compagno, juan williams, dana perino and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." an epic battle is playing out in washington. no, it's not between the president and a politician. instead, trump is going toe-to-toe with kellyanne conway's husband. trading shots on twitter with george conway unleashing attacks like these, claiming the president is mentally unstable. americans should be thinking seriously now about trump's mental condition and psychological state, including and especially the media, congress, and the vice president and cabinet.
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and congratulations, you just guaranteed that millions more people are going to learn about narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism. good job." trump counter punching by saying george is jealous of his wife and calling him a "stone cold loser and has been from hell." the president also surveying up this beat down earlier. >> i don't know him. he is a whack job, no question. i really don't know. i think he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. kellyanne is a wonderful woman. i call him mr. kellyanne. the fact is that he's doing doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. she's a wonderful woman. >> jesse: kellyanne conway responding by defending trump, saying "he left it alone for months out of respect for me but you think he shouldn't respond when somebody, a nonmedical professional accuses him of
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having a mental disorder? you think he should just take that sitting down?" this happened all the time in the bush white house. >> dana: yeah, remember those days? >> jesse: what do you make of this? i don't pick with ever seen anything like this. >> dana: if you go way back, this has been going on for a while. george conway, not shy about tweeting. but it has ramped up over time. first it was more like really, see section 8 to four of the penal code, whatever. but then it's questions about the president's mental health and there was a profile of conway and her husband, i think it was in "the washington post" last summer. i remember sending her note. i thought this was the finest couple. they could have this argument. she is allowing the reporters to come in. she's cooking and she's singing to overcome anything that he is saying. looked like a phone family atmosphere where you might have disagreements but you don't let it interfere. >> jesse: not so much fun
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anymore. >> dana: i hope it's not bothering them. i do think, they have school aged children. they can all read. the internet lives forever. i'm not telling anyone something they don't know. if peter had ever done this to me. that's the thing. peter has never, ever done anything like this to me. i feel for them although i don't know if they really care. i don't know. it's the weirdest thing i've ever seen. >> greg: you haven't seen peter's "i hate jasper" website? >> jesse: this is like a scene from "veep." >> greg: i love television. i grew up on sitcoms. this is the greatest sitcom ever. george conway is basically newman from seinfeld. trump is basically seinfeld and kellyanne is elaine but you have to have a newman.
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or maybe he's like mr. roper from threes company and trump is jack tripper. he's always staring at him with his beady eyes. he's always mad at him. this whole thing has amazing characters. we have to be honest about what america wants to know. what is it like at home? is it just some kind of knockdown, drag out fight or is there love life so insane that it doesn't matter? this is none of my business, right? but i am forced to think about them having sex. this is what happens in the trump presidency. we have a crazy sitcom. we have domestic fights publicly. this is the most transparent administration ever because there's no such thing as behind closed doors. >> jesse: it's like when the president says you know when i leave office, you're going to have nothing to write about. that's true. >> emily: i feel like it's an episode of billions.
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the husband and the boss. i do feel like it's not about you. poor kellyanne conway is just trying to do her job. i forgot i was going to sit on my hands today. >> jesse: that's what beto should do. >> emily: i feel bad for her. she someone who gets up every morning and goes to work and then has to be caught between a rock and a hard place. her husband could have demonstrated in this moment to me as a learning moment, teaching opportunity for the rest of the country as like look, even though we disagree on everything, i love my wife. i support her. he -- >> dana: like carvell and madeline? >> greg: are you really sitting on your hands? >> emily: yes. >> juan: remember, you mocked her for using her hands. >> jesse: half a beto. >> emily: i started it. >> jesse: you can do beto with one hand tied behind your back. i have sympathy, juan, because
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of mom texts. we all have our issues. you have sons who are republicans. do you have any insight into this situation? >> juan: i like billions because it's like exactly what you said. it's the woman between two powerful men. it's between wendy rhodes and chuck rhodes and bobby axelrod. the hedge fund guy. but here we have a situation where i think lots of people were talking about the president's mental health this weekend when he was going after john mccain. we even have republicans defending john mccain, cindy mccain saying that it sparked all kinds of nasty emails to her. he went on a twitter storm. george conway comes out and is talking, what was interesting about this was george conway puts up literal diagnoses material from real doctors about narcissistic disorder, antisocial behavior, citing the president. that leads them to what i felt for kellyanne, someone i've known for many years, she gets on tv on monday and people are
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saying do you agree with your husband? she says no. she works for the president. she can't disagree with the guy who is signing her paycheck. but she went on to say -- >> dana: the taxpayers sign her paycheck. >> juan: she works for president trump. >> dana: they work for us! >> juan: president trump says he doesn't know george conway. george conway's fights back and says of course i know you. putting down jeff sessions. putting town john bolton. it's, as greg said, like something out of tv land. i do think they might be setting themselves up to be the next carnival and -- >> greg: it's a reality show. >> dana: i have a friend who thinks it's all planned. >> jesse: you think they are going to parlay it into a reality show after all this for cash. >> dana: we will see what happens. i don't think so. >> greg: life is really good if this is the problem. it's entertainment pretending to
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be a problem. i think this is where trump's experience with tv comes in, he looks around and says we can have fun here. i don't think he takes it as seriously as anybody does. it's on us to not take it seriously. >> dana: people saying president trump thinks it's an insult to be called by your wife's name. this has happened to peter a lot because i have a public profile and we go places and they are like mr. perino. he says yes. >> juan: but it's no joke what's going on in terms of his putting down john mccain, a dead man. >> jesse: juan, we are having fun with this. this is a tabloid topic. >> juan: that's the point. you can have fun but i'm telling you real people think that there's a real psychological issue. >> greg: that stuff is so deep and ingrained habits -- people have these views that go beyond the grave. most historical figures have these kind of problems.
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at this point, complaining about trump's personality is like complaining about the weather. >> jesse: we are two years in. we know. there's a lot of storms gathering. up next, it is build a beto. the empty suit candidate reportedly wants voters to help him come up with his campaign platform. leave no man behind. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition.
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ >> juan: beto o'rourke facing new criticism for his lack of policy specifics on the campaign trail. "the washington post" reporting "o'rourke asked voters to shape him into the presidential candidate they want him to be, to help him draft a vision for
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america." meanwhile, axios is calling beto a "blank canvas." one potential voter calling him out for it. >> when are we going to get an actual policy from you instead of platitudes and nice stories? >> i'm going to try to be as specific as i can. i mentioned the criminal justice system. i've called for the end of the prohibition on marijuana and expungement of records of people who've been arrested for marijuana. >> juan: interesting situation because people are pointing out, newt gingrich said beto o'rourke is the kardashian candidate. vacuous. >> dana: that means he'll win. >> juan: you never know. >> dana: trying to think back to february of 2015. or march of 2015. who is getting in the race and hooded we think was going to go the distance? marco rubio, hillary clinton, the conversations that we were having and we were missing a
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point about the fact the establishment was disliked by both sides. trump, and bernie making a mark. i don't think beto o'rourke problem necessarily is that he's an empty suit or that this idea of crowdsourcing his campaign platform is a terrible idea, given the voters that he's going after. they want something different. compare that to someone like joe biden who is a long record and everyone can attack that record. my question for him would be what's your rationale for why you are running? beyond "i was born to do it." if he can get that narrative going, may be that he will have something. i just think making fun of him for a kind of being a blank slate, if the democrats don't like it. that's one thing. but republicans should be aware. president obama didn't have a long track record either. >> juan: obama in one of his books talks about being a blank slate. what he said, blank screen. people of all different political stripes can project
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whatever they want on to him so he can be the winner. so jesse, if you think about this, beto has been under attack the last few days for adolescent fantasies about running over children, the fact that he's a wealthy dilettante, that he was a teen hacker. i could go on. do you see this as a negative or do you see it, as dana was scrapping it, he is saying i'm there. i'm positive. i'm humble and not plugged into fear and rage like trump. >> jesse: it looks like a big oppo dump. sometimes they work the other way. is it bad that he wrote about crazy things in his past or he was a hacker? there's been a lot worse in people's pasts. it seems like he's running for president to check it off his bucket list. he wants the experience of running for president. he wants to taste the corn dog and get his caucus on. i don't know. he comes from a background that has high expectations for him. he went to prep school in
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new england and then columbia and played in a band in brooklyn. he was never much of an athlete. he was on the crew team. doesn't have the killer instinct. doesn't have the knockout power. he's a little bit too nice to be president. it's a pretty tough sport. he strikes me as more of a wanderer, a little bit manic, looking for himself in a kerouac kind of way, flirting with a midlife crisis. >> juan: can i stop you for a second? dana, did you hear that? a kerouac reference from jesse watters. >> jesse: i am in dana's book club. >> dana: look out crew twitter. >> jesse: eat and play contact sports, that's what i mean. he reminds me of pajama boy but a little bit taller. he's very talented because he has a nice personal touch. people respond to him and he can raise a lot of money. the same time, he's going to get pushed around the higher he
2:18 pm
climbs. there's going to be a lot of consultants who are going to flock to him and try to milk them for cash and they are going to write speeches for him because he is a little bit of an empty vessel. he needs to stop with the button down shirts on the smiles and bone up on policy and get a slogan. get a slogan. >> juan: trump might give him one. >> dana: he's got a good logo. >> juan: emily, let me say beto steen says he does have policy positions. they say he wants to ban assault weapons. universal background checks. he wants to forgive people who go into public service in terms of their college tuition, college debt. he wants medicare part of the insurance market. no raising retirement age on social security. citizenship for people here illegally. he says he's a capitalist but it's an unjust capitalist and racist capitalist system and he is pro-abortion. is that enough for you? >> emily: i think he's gone backwards and his policy and a lot of the specifics he's put
2:19 pm
forth, including his feelings on entitlement programs and the like, those have been in 2012 and he was running. it's now that he's been very vague but also more overarching. to me it's weak at best to respond to a criminal justice question with expunging marijuana records and doing away with the federal ban on it. that was oversimplified. i think the left wants the next obama and they are shoving this guy into that role and he's not. i think he's a caricature. he is like the character in "coming to america." whatever you like, whatever you like. there's no specificity. he is like the guy in a rom-com, the star everyone wants to put in the main role. then there's pete buttigieg.
2:20 pm
my point is that our candidates out there that have so much more substance. probably more charisma. for some reason this guys getting shoved into the box. i don't believe in any of it. >> juan: i didn't know what you are saying. you know what, this is for you, greg. after he lost of beto o'rourke come he goes to mexico and he's eating dirt. >> dana: new mexico. >> greg: t8 regenerative dirt. when you lose, you hit the road. you don't eat it. you can get this guy to do anything with a good story. he is like the friend in your group you can prank by telling them old, yeah, eat this. after that, he also had his family ate the dirt. this is a gullible man. he suffers from missing idea syndrome which is what the democrats are suffering from because they are talking about
2:21 pm
the electoral college and the voting age. this doesn't appeal to the voters like the issues that trump hit on. voting age is not about jobs. the electoral college is not about income. he's appealing to the like minded media. he's chasing their affections and if he continues to do that, he will get their love but trump will get the votes. >> juan: what do you think about his name? >> greg: beto? >> juan: you like that? >> greg: i don't think there's a big story behind it. >> juan: karl rove says no, his name is robert francis. >> greg: i don't -- >> dana: carl does that a little bit in jest. >> juan: up next, kirsten gillibrand calling an opioid crisis cracked town. greg the story next.
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>> greg: in case you forgot, kirsten gillibrand is running for president and like all candidates she won't let ignorance about an issue stop her from talking about it. take this tweet. "if we want to end the opioid epidemic will must work to address the root causes of abuse. that's why senator cory gardner and i introduced legislation to limit opioid prescriptions for acute pain to seven days because no one needs a month supply for wisdom tooth extraction." because no one needs a month supply for a wisdom tooth extraction. what does that sound like to you? the invasive hand of the arrogant bureaucrat. hey, we don't think you need these drugs. why should you have them? it's government excess in everything but clear thinking. curing individual problems with an overdose of bureaucracy and she is dead wrong on the root causes. you want to target the abuse? it's not painkillers for surgery or acute pain or wisdom teeth, you wacko. it is street fentanyl and the mixing of recreational drugs. it's multiple drug abuse not
2:27 pm
patients looking to ease severe pain. a study found 1% of people on prescription pain medications after surgery actually misuse them. politicians love the phrase epidemic. it is fake smart. only indulges the media while punishing the lawful. here's whatever the good doctor knows. all postsurgical pain is different, as his patient response to medications, body weight is a big factor. gillibrand is your typical hack targeting the law-abiding while the lawbreakers skate. stock up on your painkillers now. if she becomes president coming or going to need them every time she opens her mouth. oy vey. >> juan: i want to argue with this you on this. >> greg: go for it. you are wrong but go for it. >> juan: if i was talking to you about cocaine and heroin and i said you know what, i think the government should make them illegal because it leads to high levels of addictions. what would you say?
2:28 pm
>> greg: i would say that's not an argument for banning something. you can be addicted to almost any medication. the potential for addiction should not lead to a ban on anything. it's nobody's business. >> greg: >> juan: why is cocaind heroin band in this country? >> greg: good question. >> juan: you are consistent but i must say that in her defense she said in fear cancer patient are suffering from chronic pain, this doesn't apply to you. >> dana: the doctor should be the ones that are in their driver's seat. >> greg: that's not what she says in that tweet. my voice is squeaky. [laughter] >> dana: a candidate, politician trying to solve something but she is solving the wrong problem. >> greg: exactly. >> dana: if you remember in the 2,015th presidential election cycle, when the candidates went to new hampshire, was the first thing they were asked of the town halls? over and over again. the opioid crisis.
2:29 pm
the question will be for president trump, going into this year cycle, is it the first question? has the question change? has he been able to do something? have they made accomplishments? she is suggesting not something that's going to help these communities ravaged by functional and taking of power away from doctors and giving it to bureaucrats. it is solving the wrong problem. >> jesse: i thought pro-choice people wanted the government to stay out of the doctor-patient relationship. that was the whole point abound. now she's trying to play doctor and for the people who shatter their hip or something, why is she trying to cap medication? she wants to cap income, cap restrictions. there is abuse. there are people who round up older people and they put a fake cast on and they hobble into a pill mill and they get a prescription and then the dealers take the prescription and then they sell it on the streets. >> greg: i have never seen it. >> jesse: there is abuse. i read a book about it. >> dana: you read a book about
2:30 pm
it? >> jesse: i read a book. i don't tell you all the books i read. >> greg: emily, when you look at the statistics, the abuse of prescription opioids is so low but because they conflate opioids with recreational drugs and fentanyl, everyone thinks it's the old man getting addicted or the construction worker who breaks a foot and gets hooked on drugs. no. it's people recreationally mixing drugs and overdosing and getting fentanyl laced xanax and whatever drugs they get laced with it, generally from china. that's not a question. i just wanted to get it out there. >> emily: what drives me crazy about this, it's just another really complicated issue that is oversimplified and reduced by these candidates or lawmakers to identifying a villain. here it's big pharma. and also answering the question are responding to the issue with government overreach or larger
2:31 pm
government ownership. in 2006 i want to say there was a multistate settlement with purdue pharma. that acknowledged and they acknowledge that there was fraud dealing with consumers and the physicians and what happened three years later, gillibrand accepted money from the family for her campaign. to me and highlights the hypocrisy that it's always underlying, everyone's holier-than-thou statements because no matter what money is complicated and there are tendrils from that family and that pharma everywhere. it's way more complex than her saying all of a sudden in 2019, that it's about the family now and it's about the overreach now when this has been going on for literally decades. >> juan: i haven't heard anybody. i know that you are critical of her but i haven't heard anyone say it's a bad idea to say that there's going to be a seven-day limit. >> dana: i am saying it's a bad idea. let the doctors decide. >> juan: doctors will decide. they can see i have a cancer patient, a hospice care patient.
2:32 pm
>> greg: she is deciding. >> emily: the government is deciding. >> juan: the doctor has the right but i think it's in the public interest to limit the spread of opioids, like oxycontin. >> greg: if you look at prohibition, what were the deaths? >> juan: we are back to cocaine and heroin. >> greg: deaths were caused by over-the-counter vodka and over-the-counter bigger. it was bathtub gin they killed people, as well as gang crime. that's what's happening now. people are dying from bathtub opioids in terms of fentanyl. it is history repeating itself. make it legal. people getting in controlled doses they understand. nobody dies. all right. >> dana: all right. >> greg: i don't know that for a fact. [laughter] i can't say nobody dies. it's not a realistic idea. spring break insanity in miami beach. while video next. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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♪ >> emily: spring break insanity. the party getting so out of control that miami beach was forced to hold an emergency meeting. check out this wild brawl. here's one in the middle of the street. yeah. there's a lot happening there. all right. juan. what was the craziest spring break you ever had. >> juan: i think he went to the wrong person. [laughter] >> emily: there's got to be something in your past.
2:38 pm
>> juan: in my past. i never went on spring break. in all honesty, i just didn't do that. >> emily: what about a crazy party. >> juan: things happen at parties because people drink and take drugs. >> emily: jesse, your girls, i feel like -- >> juan: watch? they are little kids. >> jesse: is one of the lead fox news investigators on the spring break beat for many, many years, i can say definitively that my children will never go to spring break ever. i have seen it up close and i've seen it kind of develop. there is now a more aggressive element that comes down when there is spring break in town and some of the kids get preyed upon in their fights and stuff. i guarantee you before there were cell phone video cameras, there were just as many fights and just as much action and the ' 80s in '90s. it's not that big of deal. it's good to have police on the beach. >> juan: i thought of something. i went for easter break wants to
2:39 pm
miami beach and they were having urban beach week which was kicked out of atlanta because it was so raucous and nasty. believe me, i couldn't believe the women. wow, holy smokes. [laughter] >> jesse: sometimes it started started, daytona, panama city, miami beach. eventually the towns get sick of these kids causing mayhem. >> emily: i talked to him i am a cop and he said part of the issue is it's not like the businesses are incentivizing this and the kids are -- they are buying cheap alcohol. they are bringing their own staff. >> dana: this is why everyone should go on charitable vacations. go and do something for someone. habitat for humanity. >> jesse: okay, mom. >> dana: that's what i think. >> emily: greg, do you want to share a story from spring break with us? >> greg: do you remember the string of unsolved killings in the '80s?
2:40 pm
>> emily: wait, what? >> greg: the string of unsolved killings. here's the problem. kids don't need a spring break. their lives are a continuous spring break. you think before they go to miami or mazatlan that they aren't already drinking and puking? they are drinking and puking before spring break and after spring break you know it's great, the people have the real spring break are the people who benefit from their absence. if you are living in a campus down and everybody leaves, now you can finally walk home without somebody throwing up on your sandals. i don't know. i want to congratulate "the five" on bringing this story back. >> dana: yeah. >> greg: we were on a spring break hiatus. we haven't done spring break story. >> jesse: i can't wait for the war on christmas. [laughter] >> emily: the other thing about miami, the town delegated $700,000 to the police force for spring break. that's another thing.
2:41 pm
that's a pretty large chunk. >> greg: keeps the cops from doing other stuff. do you have a story? >> emily: yes. you guys, when i was 16, my birth certificate is from a naval hospital so it's black. it was easy to counterfeit. i took it to kinko's. >> dana: oh, my god. >> jesse: you counterfeited a birth certificate? >> emily: i made myself 17 which was the requisite age to go to mexico. we all went and we had a blast. it was totally ridiculous but it was out of the country. >> juan: would you let your daughter go? >> greg: did you let them know about this, fox news? >> emily: if i never see you again, that's why. >> jesse: we are going to need to see the long form. >> juan: would you let your daughter go? >> emily: i don't have a daughter. >> juan: if you had a
2:42 pm
15-year-old, 16-year-old daughter, when emily's daughter be able to go? >> emily: i think that i learned from my experiences traveling around and experiencing life. i would be strict with social media and everything internet related rather than -- i would hope i had raised her to be independent and make the choice. i wasn't in fights with people. wild card wednesday is next. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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♪ >> dana: it's wild card wednesday. spin this around and opened it up. we each pick a topic and we don't know what is. scientists say people don't become adults until they are 30. most laws consider you an adult of eight teen, british scientists say your brain does not finish developing until you're 30. >> jesse: i think it's wrong. i felt like an adult at 40. i leg behind. do you agree, do you feel you didn't become a real adult until you are in your 30s? >> greg: our life span has dramatically increased. you are an adult when you were
2:47 pm
15 because you were going to die at 30. now you're life span, your 80s, 90s. our middle age could be 50. >> jesse: i was going on spring break shoots in my 30s. >> juan: i think they are right about the brain. the brain is not fully developed when you are a teen. >> greg: that's why the democrats want them to vote at 16. >> juan: because they vote republican. i think it's so true, that you're not fully there. to tell you the truth, i'm the happiest i've been. i'm going to be 65. i'm a pretty happy guy and i was not a happy guy when i was young. >> jesse: you could be happier, juan. >> juan: is that right? >> emily: executive function skills do not develop until way past 18. >> dana: growing trend. newlyweds are honeymooning alone.
2:48 pm
the honeymoon as we know it may be over. growing number of couples taking post when he vacations by themselves. this is mine. >> jesse: i don't believe that. >> dana: unwillingness to compromise on the destination. this is what's happening. >> emily: like kellyanne and george. >> dana: i've never heard of this. this is mine. i picked it because it was so weird. >> greg: uni-moon sounds like an eyebrow on your butt. saying it's harder to do things together as a married couple now more than ever. there's too many things to do. you went out and had a hike. you listened to the radio. now you have so much stuff to do and so many places to go. there's probably things you like to do that i don't like to do. >> dana: but we are not a
2:49 pm
couple. [laughter] >> greg: everybody can go separate. >> jesse: it's a good point but if you're planning her wedding and your honeymoon, if you can't figure out what you are doing on the honeymoon and you're not even married yet. >> greg: that's a stupid phrase. it's not really a honeymoon. it's a vacation. >> juan: if you are taking vacation from the marriage you just got into, it's a bad sign. >> emily: people can do it they want but i think the concept -- >> jesse: did you have a unimoon? >> emily: we got married in italy so we just stayed. >> dana: so you didn't even really have a honeymoon. last one, intimidation scares thousands of americans away from exercising. as many of 50% of americans view the idea of working out of the gym intimidating. >> greg: this is mine. i have sympathy. you can always tell they are not used to using the machines.
2:50 pm
a lot of people don't help them, especially at the gym my math. everyone is in such great shape. i think they work there. they don't just work out there. all they want to do is get you to do a personal training session. >> jesse: that's where the money is. >> greg: if you don't do a personal training think of the treat you like crap. it's people like emily who make both feel bad. >> emily: that sounds horrible horrible. i work out at a place where it's very supportive and inclusive and i also feel like what contributes to that is social media, people shame -- >> dana: it's terrible. everyone should be welcome. >> greg: do you work out at curves? >> emily: no. >> greg: do you remember curves? it was a women only gym. >> dana: the microwave challenge is a video craze. what is this? >> juan: i can't figure out how they do it. he sitting there and it looks like he sent a microwave being
2:51 pm
cooked. >> dana: i don't get it. >> jesse: i like this challenge. how did they do that? >> juan: apparently and started with a boy band and it's become viral. >> dana: a south korean boy band. >> juan: it's cool. looks like they are inside a microwave. >> dana: you can google and figure out how to do it. i'm not impressed. >> greg: nothing i can say that would be clean. >> dana: okay, we will just keep going. the one we didn't get to was "man uses mannequins to get revenge on neighbor over fence dispute." "one more thing" is up next. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save
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♪ >> jesse: time now for "one more thing," greg.
2:56 pm
>> greg: we have discussed the latest on the florida massage parlor arrest what you've heard nothing about because it doesn't look like they have much of a case there. podcast, i'm with robert barnes he's the attorney representing the covington catholic high school kids and their families, go to now it's time for this. you know what's great about this little animal? some people have housemaids, this is a mouse made. it turns out he's got a tiny obsessive-compulsive mouse grabbing all of his stuff and putting it away, isn't that great? we should all have this thoughtful mouse. you wouldn't need to worry about your stuff, you have a mouse going around. that is why ♪ animals are
2:57 pm
great ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪ >> jesse: a high-speed chase out in california, after this nice maneuver we didn't see, the cops showed up and he just starts dancing. he got taken down for multiple felonies, he's dancing the night away. i would love to see the mug shot of the sky, definitely not on drugs. everything is fine. i will be on the martha maccallum show, i think ed henry is martha. >> greg: he doesn't even fit into the dress. >> juan: i've got three "one more thing"'s to say tonight, a triple play of natures delights. you've got to look up at the sky to see the super moon, 9:43
2:58 pm
eastern. the moon will be at its closest point to the earth in the cycle and will appear larger and brighter in the night. it's called a worm moon because the ground is warming up and earthworms are coming out. we are about to start spring, the spring equinox officially begins now. to mark the occasion, the cherry blossom festival begins today in washington, d.c., at the tidal basin, i used to take my mom there when she was an old lady in her 90s, she loved it and you will too. >> dana: i hate them. i'm allergic. >> dana: president bush has been known for his love of golf and he was at his warrior open, this is what the charity does -- he had a milestone, he had his first hole in one. >> greg: you can play this game every day. >> dana: he wants to live to
2:59 pm
be 100 so he can shoot his age. don't forget the i'll tell you what podcast is out today. >> emily: today is national ravioli day, in keeping with the fact, i would love to share with you a couple of recipe tips. when you are making a ravioli, we always include a veggie in there along with a meat or fish, the flower keep it separate from the others so you can store it and freeze it, the other trick is to fill each individual ravioli, you brush all sides with an egg wash to ensure proper ceiling. >> greg: what's in the ravioli? >> emily: i don't know what's in these! i'm sorry. we have nice photos of us cooking in there. >> jesse: come on, greg. >> emily: i can give you the tips, it's a grocery store.
3:00 pm
>> juan: i thought you said it wasn't a restaurant. >> jesse: i'm going to start eating these up now, set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five" ," special report isp next with brett. >> bret: in a campaign-style rally in ohio, president trump touts job numbers and rips one of his favorite targets, the late senator john mccain. farmers in the midwest feared the damage done by devastating floods and exclusive look in the front lines of the final fight against isis. this is "special report." ♪ welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump spent much of his day in ohio holding a rally of an army tank plant and telling buckeye state supporters that he is fighting for american workers. then the


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