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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 20, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a reddit." another writing "they think they own the government and american citizens are there subjects." we will always be fair and balanced, not the destroy-trump media model. laura ingraham in washington, how are you? >> laura: if i spoke ukrainian, maybe i would volunteer to be the new ambassador. >> laura: >> sean: wait, i missed that? >> laura: if i spoke ukrainian, it looks like they're looking for a new ambassador. >> sean: we have a tape come too, real collusion. >> laura: bill barr has a lot to think about it, doesn't he? >> sean: i he does his job. >> laura: i think he will do a great job. hannity, awesome show appeared >> sean: laura, you have a great show. >> laura: i'm lauren graham and mrs. "the ingraham angle" from another busy washington tonight. as joe biden looks more and more likely to jump into the 2020 field, i'll explain why global
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elites are pushing his candidacy. and we are going to tell you how his family attempted to enrich themselves through china when he was in office. speaking of 2020, there is no shortage of democrats, oddities and rivalries already emerging. we will debate some of the incredible moments later in the hour. our own raymond arroyo talks to the streets of washington to ask whether people are ready to embrace, are you ready? uni-moons. what are those? we will tell you ahead. and be sure to stay until the end of tonight's show, very important. my message to president trump about some of the stuff that has happened over the last carico days, maybe you know what i'm talking about. but first, foreign powers draft uncle joe, that is the focus of tonight's angle.
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do you find yourself up at night worried about what foreign policy elites think of president trump? and do you really care if angela merkel doesn't like trump or any of his policies? i didn't think so. and yet today's "politico" headline was world leaders tell biden "we need you." "the "the hill" picked up where "politico" left off, global leaders urging biden to enter 2020 race. my first thought was, wait a second, why are we celebrating foreign countries meddling in u.s. elections? i thought foreign powers using influence to affect our vote, are candidates, was a bad thing. huh. with those urging biden to run, they started out last month's munich security conference. >> how are you? >> did you have a card? you can get me through, i don't
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have a card. >> laura: well, biden offered this cryptic line to the assembled crowd. >> i promise you, i promise you, as my mother would say, this too shall pass. we will be back. we will be back. don't have any doubt about that. [applause] >> laura: they are getting ready for the wine cellars at the e.u. again. biden has passed himself on ofs a foreign policy expert. i guess compared to cory booker and kirsten gillibrand and beto, he has some experience in international relations. the only problem is he served eight years in an administration that was marked by one foreign policy failure after another. this is summed up really well in a piece on foreign policy with this title "joad joe biden: forn
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policy." he had written a piece claiming that we are stronger and more secure today than when president barack obama and i took office in january 2009. it is a total delusion. let's do a quick review, shall we? number one, biden support for the hideous iran deal. >> if we can take the nuclear bomb off the table, it is better dealing with those bad guys then dealing with the bad guys and the nuclear bomb. this is a good deal, first and foremost for the united states, it is a good deal for the world, the region, and a good deal for israel. >> laura: who thought this could represent a nuclear weapo weapon? well, it was a horrible deal. but one that europe loved because countries like france
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wanted to keep making money doing business with the mullahs. it was shameful. let's not forget the palace of cash, $400 million, that was also sent to iran in the dead of night. number two failure, the rise of isis under obama and biden, as uncle joe defended, believe it or not, obama is farming of those syrian rebels. >> we are working hand in glove with turks, the jordanians, the saudis, and with all of the people in the region, attempting to identify the people who deserve the help, so that when assad goes, and he will go, there will be a legitimate government that follows on. not an al qaeda sponsored government that follows on. >> laura: one problem, the weapons were actually going to islamic jihadist. gold star, joe. number three failure, the rise of china accelerated under obama
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and biden. china's aggression stretched to the south china sea, stealing u.s. and electoral property, went virtually unchecked and unchallenged by the obama and biden administration. and let's not forget, benghazi, and the fall of libya. a total disaster, and a tragedy. we lost the u.s. ambassador, three fine americans, and then, the obama-biden crew lied about the reason for the attack at the time romney was nipping at their heels in 2012. remember, that was september /october, 2012. and finally, the failed russian reset. russia's annexation of crimea, it's moved to eastern ukraine, which gave lender put in power, and a much-needed foreign policy win. i could go on and on and on. obama and biden fully embrace this new world order, and they
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were loved because they embraced agreements like the trans-pacific partnership and the u.n. climate accords. trump comes in and rejects both. because he believes, rightly, they ceded to watch american power and decision-making too far-41 foreign bureaucracy. but biden, oh, he would return things to the old status quo. >> the trans-pacific partnership is another disaster. done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country, expect other countries to pay their fair share for the cost of their defense. americans will be the captains of their own destiny once again. >> laura: trump actually goes to brussels and he declares that the era of free writing from nato is over, the american taxpayer is fed up, and the foreign policy elites gathered,
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just bristled. you can't do that. well, he did. our economy is the envy of the world. their economies, in many cases faltering after decades of social welfare spending and high taxes. so of course, the old euro elites, they want to turn to the status quo when they had all of the power, and let's face it, nothing says status quo more than amtrak joe. he is the foreign policy establishment. and even members of that club, they say biden was a disaster, like former obama defense secretary bob gates. who wrote in his memoir "biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign foreign policy ad national security issue over the past four decades." ouch. oh, but none of that matters. council on foreign relations here, or progressive european officials abroad.
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spain's former foreign minister gave it all the way in an interview with "politico," biden is "deeply committed to the transatlantic community and the rules-based international order." here's a translation, okay? committed to empowering the global elites and swollen global bureaucracy is who made the rules and set the priorities for you, the american people. yay. no. but only 5% of american voters focus on foreign policy or national security issues. i would expect the electorate will focus on pocketbook issues in 2020. as memory serves, uncle joe wasn't too hot on those, either. and that is the angle. joining me now, delighted he is with us, nigel faraj is the former brexit leader from you kip and fox news contributor come a lot of news across the pond today, i watch what happened with corbin versus may all morning long, and we will get into that.
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these same european elites that you fought over there are now trying to dictate candidates here in the united states. your response to the angle? >> of course they are. i mean, look, biden is a darling, isn't he? of the international community appeared he is a big supporter of the european union, and that is under threat with brexit and rising populism across europe. and of course, nato. america is one of the very few countries paying over the 2% membership fee of the annual budget every year, so basically, they are welcoming biden because if he gets to become president, everybody can freeload off america, so it is not a surprise to me that the darling of the international community. but i have to say, as far as i'm concerned, someone that believes in the nation-state and is fighting this great battle against the national bureaucracies, he would be a disaster appeared to be one biden speaks quite highly of
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himself, as he did a few years ago, and how the world sees him as a true leader. let's watch. >> world leaders look at me and say, can you deliver? those of you who travel around the world are from other parts of the world, you know. the world looks at the city right now as dysfunctional. and that's a problem. >> laura: so that was in march of 2016. eight years, almost eight years, the time of obama and biden, and he is like well, they look at us as dysfunctional. whose fault is that? now he wants to claim all of the credit, for what? i don't see any great period of peace and rousing prosperity for the eight years of obama and biden, but he is trying to rewrite history on all of that piece that was bursting out all over it. >> yeah, the comment he made in
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munich when he said america will be back, unless you haven't noticed, mr. biden, donald trump has got the north koreans to the table to start talking about denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and it is donald trump that actually helped with the campaign that has defeated militarily, isis, on the ground in syria. the truth of it is trump's foreign policy achievements are beyond what obama and biden achieved in their eight years. >> laura: we would be remiss to not mention the massive crush of humanity out of syria, especially, iraq, as well. you can't put it all on obama and biden, but it is not like that didn't create a huge wave of problems for europe. so the european elites i mean, that wasn't trump, trump didn't create a massive crush of refugees into europe come with instability in the middle east, obviously from bush keeping it going all the way through, we've got millions of people, new
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european citizens of our residents because of that. >> that is changing european politics fundamentally. immigration now is the dominant figure, right across the european union, just because of the sheer numbers of people that have been left incoming from cultures that are very different. assimilation proving to be a massive problem. and the global elites, including biden, completely in denial that actually is an endless series of wars that they launched that directly lead to this problem. olivia in 2012, qaddafi may not of been a good guy, but getting rid of him actually made the situation worse and not better. people like biden need to carry some spots ability. >> laura: we have to talk about brexit. i want to play this clip. theresa may fighting for her political life post-brexit vote two years ago, still not implemented, this is a moment from today's ongoing debate.
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>> it is time for this house to determine that it will deliver on brexit for the british people appear they deserve better than this house has given them so so far. >> shortly, after two big rejections by the house, she must have noticed there isn't much support for the deal that she negotiated. so who is downright reckless right here? the prime minister piling on with an unachievable, unsupported deal, or others in this house and want to achieve something serious and sensible? >> laura: nigel, explain it real quickly for us. >> what is going on here is the british people voted to leave the european union and we are due to leave it next friday. the 29th of march, at 11:00 p.m. the prime minister has put forward what she calls the withdrawal agreement, but it is actually a new, international treaty for the european union which takes us out in name, but keeps us trapped inside e.u. rules. the failure of brexit should be
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made at the prime minister's door. it is her that is betraying brexit, and it is her today that wrote a letter to the european union begging for an extension for a few months so that we don't leave on march the 29th. >> laura: they don't want to give up power, goes back to biden, they want to get power back yard and brexit disempowered the elite. it disempowered the international bureaucrats in brussels, they hate that, they want to go back to the old status quo, that is like they like joe biden, want to get rid of the populists who care about the sovereignty of their own countries. nigel, thank you. they don't care if there is an actual vote, they want a revote until they get the answer they want. nigel, thank you someone for staying up with us. while uncle joe likes to talk about president trump's family enriching itself in the white house, don't forget, this is a really important, biden's son, hunter, allegedly tied to the chinese government but what's that all about? author peter schweitzer revealed us in a book last year that a
7:16 pm
private equity firm managed by the son of former vice president biden stuck a deal with china's state-owned bank in 2013 at the same time that biden was in the country to meet with president xi jinping. here now is peter schweitzer, author of the book "secret empires" comes out in paperback march 26. what do you believe the chinese were trying to accomplish by doing business with hunter biden? >> well, i think, laura, they accomplish what they set out to do. that was to curry favor with joe biden. you talked about it in your introduction, joe biden was criticized in the latter parts of the obama administration from going soft on beijing on the south china sea come on trade, and on human rights. look, it is very simple, december 2013, hunter biden flies on air force 2, to beijing, china, with his father. his father meets with chinese officials, he is very soft on
7:17 pm
beijing, the most important thing that happens happens ten days after they return. that is 100 biden's small, private equity firm called rose mont partners, gets a $1 billion private equity deal with the chinese government, not with the chinese corporations, with the government. and what people need to realize is hunter biden has no background in china, no background in private equity, the deal he got in the shanghai free-trade zone, nobody else had that appear to goldman sachs, bank of america, blackstone, nobody had this deal deal. so it is very, very clear, that is the first of a series of deal that hunter biden strikes with the chinese government, so there is no question, when you charge what joe biden is doing with china, the meetings he is having, and the deals that his son is procuring at the same time, they are buying off biden through his son. i think it is crystal clear.
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>> laura: they spent the last two years trying to say, well, you had a hotel that he wanted to build in moscow does nothing came of that! and they are making such a big deal -- this just gets buried. if you didn't write about this in your book, and my memory wasn't jaunt the other day, i looked it back up, people wouldn't even be talking about this. this, in and of itself, is like a disqualifier. >> well, look, laura, this is the tip of the iceberg. it was a court case last year, hunter biden's business partner went on trial on an unrelated case, we got access to the financial records, the morgan-stanley financial records of rosemont seneca bo high, a pass-through going out of that account, the most money going ot to hunter biden. the money going into the account, there are $3.1 million from corrupt ukrainian oligarchs. if there is $1 million from the chinese. there is money from the cause lack oligarchs.
7:19 pm
there is $1.2 million from some loc from a swift bank that has been in duplicated implicated y laundering. exactly, this is all going on while joe biden as vice president steering foreign policy. >> laura: it's stunning lack of curiosity on the part of cnn, nbc, abc, cbs, "washington post," "new york times," or i missed all of that of reporting. awesome work. you are going to keep reporting on this, correct? >> absolutely. >> laura: okay, peter, thank you so much. next, and "the ingraham angle" investigation into the lax immigration policy and the deadly impact on your communities. we are not going to stop talking about the murder of bambi larson and other americans, despite the fact that several states and localities are trying to make it easier for these criminals to continue living in america. i will break it down next. all money managers might seem the same,
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♪ >> laura: what is your message to those local officials tonight? >> i'm happy to speak for bambi. shame on you. you have blood on your hands. >> laura: the sanctuary policies that allow the kind of things to continue in the state of california.
7:24 pm
>> are you kidding -- of course. my message is, please, president trump, i beg of you, keep us safe. this is insane. >> laura: that was diane coleman, a friend of california woman, bambi larson, who was brutally stabbed to death, allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien. "the ingraham angle" expose the disgusting policies and the officials that allowed this man, carlos carranza, to roam free after he came into the country illegally, claimed asylum, and then went on to commit a host of other crimes. in 90 trainers were issued against him, none were honored. bambi larson son deserves justice. and we're not going to drop her case or any others like it around the country. in maryland, police say a 16-year-old was stabbed as many as 100 times and his body was set on fire by five of his fellow ms-13 gang members.
7:25 pm
daniel horowitz at the conservative review spoke to i.c.e. and was told three of the five suspects came into the country illegally as unaccompanied alien children. and then treated as refugees. and we settled around the country. in north carolina, mary cruz carmona, an illegal alien from mexico, pled guilty after a hit-and-run that decapitated jamar beach, the father of a 2-year-old boy. he will reportedly be eligible for release in just 14 months. >> he never stopped. he decapitated my son and kept going with his body lodged in the side of the van. he doesn't deserve the opportunity to live in the land of the free. >> laura: and the state of new mexico is becoming ground zero for human smuggling. the albuquerque journal is reporting this week that i.c.e. and border patrol identified sed criminal groups that have been smuggling immigrants across the
7:26 pm
southern border to destinations in alabama, new jersey, tennessee, and elsewhere. there are dozens of these stories that we had "the ingraham angle" come across each week. and yet, despite all of this, we see this night after night, there are politicians who care more about the place of illegals than their own american citizens. we can highlight scores of these cases on a daily basis, but we will just focus on a few tonigh tonight. in new jersey, illegal immigrants are now getting literally a free pass. seven new rules were just handed down, essentially handcuffing believes from assisting i.c.e. or even asking questions about immigration status. in new york, wisconsin, leftist politicians and advocates are pushing for illegal immigrants to our drivers licenses, even though voters in those states overwhelmingly disapproved. and in massachusetts, the town
7:27 pm
of brockton, a battle is raging over at sanctuary laws. a local paper there is reporting that a new proposal would block police from cooperating with i.c.e. and in north carolina, yet another sheriff is saying his officers will no longer hold i.c.e. detainees, leaving more dangerous criminals on the streets. it isn't all bad news, though, there are folks fighting back like north carolina house speaker tim moore. he and other republicans are now trying to force sheriffs to cooperate with federal agents good speaker moore joins me now, along with former acting kavanaugh injector tom homan, also a fox news contributor. mr. moore, i'm reading these quotes, and we actually have a sound bite from cher quentin miller, i have to play it for you because it drove me crazy ad on the other side. let's watch. >> would you not enforce immigration laws? >> that is not part of our
7:28 pm
law enforcement duties. that would be a directive by i.c.e. a detainer request is not a valid warrant. >> laura: mr. moore, what you say to that sheriff tonight? >> respectfully, i say that sheriff is wrong. that is why we filed a legislation that we have, demanding that sheriffs must honor these at i.c.e. detainees. this isn't about illegal immigration. what it is about is about criminals who happen to be here illegally. and making sure we honor these i.c.e. detain orders because it is about public safety, and when law enforcement officers refused to do so, we've seen real instances where folks are murdered and injured. >> laura: tom, witty situation in new york where an illegal alien released by mayor defazio and his policies actually bit off the finger of a i.c.e. agent.
7:29 pm
i think we have a picture. we have to blurt out because it is so gross. he is out on the street, apparently. >> i've been saying for three years, sanctuary policies by i.c.e. officers i greatly risk. rather than getting the bad guy, the i.c.e. agents have to go on their turf to arrest them, access to who knows what weapons. he never should have been out of county jail. but new york is a sanctuary city. look, i.c.e. agents were kicked out of rikers island. the most heinous terrorist attacks on illegal aliens, ms-13 members running out of rikers island daily. >> laura: is there something that can be done right now by this administration? that would help with the crash of the border? people are coming in, we don't know who they are, they don't have room to detain them. >> we definitely slow down the crash at the border.
7:30 pm
i think i.c.e. needs to go out and seek the family members and the adults that enter this country illegally, due process, great taxpayer expense, and murray removed by a federal judge. those orders mean anything if we don't execute them? >> laura: how many of those orders are out there? 200,000 or 300,000? >> we had a national operation i looked at the family units that had orders. order numbers decrease because we show that there is deterrence with consequence if you come ct immigration fraud. we have to show that you can't commit fraud and expect to stay forever. >> laura: no repercussions or! shouldn't you stay? >> they don't see family units being returned bitmap to execute those orders. >> laura: then they have kids in america, there's that whole narrative that calms. >> they become fugitives, everybody says don't separate
7:31 pm
families. >> laura: mr. moore, north carolina used to be a conservative state. now it has changed a lot over the years for a lot of reasons, part of it as there was a "washington post" piece not too long ago about the demographic changes in the country across the board. and it has changed a lot their love north carolina, it is a beautiful state, but are the people really clamoring for sheriffs not to cooperate with i.c.e. a? is that really a priority for the north carolina voters? and if it is not, i would say republicans, insane democrats better get their houses in order here, or they are all going to be thrown out of office in north carolina -- and they should be. these sheriffs should never be elected again. they should be thrown out if they are elected officials. >> fortunately, republicans control the state legislature. and i predicted that this bill will pass overwhelmingly. it is just irresponsible for any official, particularly a law enforcement official, to in any way advocate releasing someone who is a criminal, who
7:32 pm
has committed a crime, back on the streets who should not even be here. and this is having real results that i will give you an example. some of the folks that we have seen already in north carolina and the counties were some of these sheriffs have done this, people who have assaulted law enforcement officers, have committed sex offenses. to be aware of a graphic, let's put that up on the screen, please. and i will narrate some of this. 22-year-old arrested for assault on a female, two assaults on government officials, a 19-year-old arrested, tom homan is not surprised by this, for manslaughter. 22-year-old arrested for drug smuggling, 20-year-old arrested for kidnapping and first degree rape. these are people released by the sanctuary sheriff like the one that we just played. >> exactly, and on top of that, guess what? when they are released, they are very difficult to find. imagine that. >> laura: shocker. >> they go down the road, and who knows what other crimes they committed before or commit
7:33 pm
after. >> laura: we are being run by radicals. these are radicals in law enforcement positions, and they are just activists. these are not sheriffs, they are activists. i don't care what he said -- what does he mean by a warrant is not proper? what is about? >> some jurisdictions have said detainers are unconstitutional. the sheriff doesn't need to read the detainer, you can simply call i.c.e. before release them. don't hold them a minute passed you normally would -- call us! call i.c.e., let us get a hand on the criminals. >> a very simple process. >> laura: we have to go. thanks so much. up next, a bizarre family feud at the white house, goofy crooks caught on camera, and when you take a honeymoon without your spouse? raymond arroyo here to break it all down. "seen and unseen" next. than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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>> laura: time for "seen and unseen" segment where we expose the cultural stories of the day. we have a very public family feud over at the white house newlyweds honeymooning without of their spouses. raymond arroyo, president trump, kellyanne conway versus jordan conway, what is going on? >> for months, white house counselor's husband george connolly has been trolling president trump on social media. kelly an end the president have remained mom, but that changed the day when the president called conway out on twitter and asked about the controversy at the white house. >> reporter: george conway? >> i don't know, he is a whack job, there is no doubt about it. i think he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife
7:39 pm
good kelly kellyanne is a wondl person. >> he answers the question he wants to answer, and kellyanne conway had to come out and defend the president, but here's what is so awful. george conway is putting his wife in a terrible position, and i feel for any spouse who is a public figure, and your spouse is basically attacking your boss or attacking your company. >> laura: keep it in the family, what does the godfather say? >> he should be called out for this. speaking of honeymoons being over, laura, there is a new movement to do away with them all together it is called uni-moon, getting a lot of coverage appeared you just have your marriage, and the spouses separate, they go off with their friends for a vacation. i took to the streets of d.c. to see what people thought about this new concept. watch. >> uni-moons.
7:40 pm
>> i just read about this. >> it is a new movement to do honeymoons alone. they are calling them uni-moons. is that a good idea? >> to each their own, i guess. >> that is not about me and my fiance are going to be doing. >> if you want, i feel like yeah, that would be cool. >> does it allow for them to just go for it with other people? men and women? >> i don't know if it involves that. >> are you married? >> no. >> would you like to be? >> yeah! of course. >> both together? >> maybe. >> i love playing cupid. there is a movement now to get rid of honeymoons and go on something called uni-moons bit >> i love it. you can get that last thing out,
7:41 pm
you know, the last shakeout. >> that's called a bachelor party. >> well, the honeymoon happens, right? >> there is no honeymoon. just a night out -- no, you are leaving the night of the wedding to go with the guys. >> i take that back that >> great idea. >> turned this into a miniseries. i love you all. [laughter] >> laura: they are the winners. >> i love how they reversed their position. this is called selfishness, it is called selfishness on a personal vacation. i don't like the idea. if you can't come to an agreement with your spouse on a destination for a vacation and you can't compromise on that, kids, dogs, schools are going to kill you all. get used to compromise, go on the darn honeymoon. >> laura: that's about the dumbest thing i've ever heard. all right, raymond, tell us about the hapless criminals. these are my favorite segments. >> you thought that was the dumbest? no, no, you can't make this up.
7:42 pm
in arkansas, two drunken patrons tried to steal a statue of al capone from hot springs bar appear the two robbers, there they are, in full view of the other patrons, made off with the statue. eventually dropping the thing. now, they broke al's fedora, arm, and leg. they were apprehended by the bar owner and have been charged. you see them carrying them off. the bumbling robber of the week goes to this fellow. he stole an atm machine and tried to use new jersey transit to make off with his loot where the problem is the bus driver would not open the door. >> laura: i don't think he is doing the rotation thinker that's what i do when i moving heavy furniture thing. >> the lesson is if you are going to steal something, don't use public transit they are not a good idea appear to have a getaway car, or if the loot is bigger than a bread box -- >> laura: i still like it when they go to rob a house and they say don't a sandwich.
7:43 pm
you don't have the mustard i like, they are complaining. >> something serious i have to mentioned that after the christchurch shooting in new zealand, we are not hearing anything about a spate of church desecration's in france. in the last week, 12 churches have been decimated. altars destroyed. it's one of the major churches in france. they burned it hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, and this is going on all over the country. there is an anti-christian bias here, and guess what, the government and ecclesiastical officials -- >> laura: is the pope talking about it? >> no. >> laura: that's disturbing. thank you for that reported on the 2020 democratic candidates are the gifts that keep on giving. we will take you through the absurd moments of the past 24 hours. i'm going to push you off the thing again -- longino and han will debate the highs and lows next. ll's back needed a vacation from his vacation.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for "the ingraham angle"'s 2020 on 2020, and the more we learn about these candidates come of the stranger they all become. take beto. after leaving a senate bid to accompany ted cruz, "the washington post" writes "oe
7:48 pm
didn't write about in his blog eating new mexican dirt, said to have regenerative powers." he brought some home for the family to eat, too. dirt eaters. my son did that when he was three. it gets worse, the post adding "one time, according to a friend, beto accepted and especially burnt -- do i have to say? turd and put it enable, telling his wife it was an avocado. it sounded like something he would do. here now is dan bongino, host of the dan bongino show podcast, fox news contributor chris hahn, radio host. a senior aide to chuck schumer. the more we hear about beto, forget past, pretty recent stuff, the weirder it becomes. >> yeah, you know, laura, the most damaging political narratives in the world are those that change pre-existing
7:49 pm
notion of who the candidate was. before, at least liberals, i didn't think he was cool, but they thought he was this edgy, hip, cool guy, skateboards, whatever. now we find out he slips a turd -- by the way, i thought often you can get the word turd on fox news. we find out he was playing the guitar and some kind of animal outfit or something, dressed up as a sheep. then we find out he is a third eater -- literally. listen, that's not cool, that is straight up weird. the guide is a weird dude, and people have figured it out. >> laura: chris, look, there probably is regenerative powers and dirt if it is healthy dirt, i guess, you can make that argument, but it is a little odd. we've got to move on to the democratic fanatic number two, senator kirsten gillibrand, posted this video today on twitter of her lifting weights wearing a shirt that says "just trying to get some ranch." that's an oma's to a woman who
7:50 pm
interrupted her at a campaign stop last month to get some ranch dressing. chris, what is this obsession with all of the candidates trying to outdo each other? they are trying to do the aoc in the kitchen routine. when aoc does it, it is kind of fun, but when they do it, it seems like an older person trying to be cool, which is never cool. >> well, aoc is great at it. so are a couple of other people. look, i remember laughing, laughing, laughing in 2020 at the candidate coming down an escalator. boy, was i wrong. boy was everybody else wrong. we never know what outlandish candidacy will latch onto people appeared to be on why was that outlandish? >> it was hilarious, watching a guy running for president come down an escalator! now you are seeing people talk about eating dirt on working out and doing other things on twitter and instagram. god bless them. we don't know what is going to catch on, we don't know who is
7:51 pm
going to rise to the top. >> laura: okay. >> no one ever looks good working out either. >> we agree on that. >> laura: speaking of beto, he has been in key primary states since he announced last week, and he was talking to voters and reporters, and he ended up getting the toughest question i think from a student. watch. >> what are we going to get actual policy from you instead of just platitudes and in my stories? >> i'm going to try to be as specific as i can. the end of the prohibition on marijuana and expunge ing of the arrest records. >> laura: a big weed crowd, really happy about that. what of that? >> beto is an interesting guy. i call him the marshmallow man. remember ghostbusters? he becomes anything you think he
7:52 pm
is. the media refused to define beto, so he becomes whatever you want him to be. you think he is a moderate? is a moderate. you think he is a liberal? he is a liberal. obama ran as a moderate, people forget that they are governed as a far left liberal. >> laura: and finally, guys, hold on, joe biden hasn't announced he is running yet. even though we know it is just a matter of time. now there is this headline from "new york magazine," "could joe biden and stacy abrams form in early dream ticket for 2020?" yoga filled gubernatorial candidate has the right choice for biden's running mate? what is the point of floating and running made? >> but for voter suppression in georgia, she would be governor of georgia right now. i think she is a fantastic candidate. and there are a lot of failed candidates that have gone on to win, including abraham lincoln, so let's not count her out just yet. >> laura: going back a little
7:53 pm
ways. >> you got to go back, but it did happen, and it worked out okay for america. look, i think joe biden has to do something extraordinary because joe biden might be yesterday's news for a lot of democrats. he is going to have to excite the base and excite the party, so he might have to be thinking out of the box, and this is one way to do it. >> laura: we got to get out, guys. fantastic segment, i feel we will bring you back a lot. next, my message to president trump about his feud with george conway and john mccain. stay there. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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♪ >> laura: finally tonight, a message to president trump. sir, you are presiding over the strongest economy in the world. due to policies and priorities that you campaigned on and are now implementing. manufacturing is back. wages and optimism are up. opportunities are boundless.
7:58 pm
this is truly one of the best times ever to be an american. you are doing a great job on judges, and you are doing the right thing on trade. but for the past few days, you've stepped on your own message. and given need the needless father to your enemies by talking about john mccain and george conway. on key issues i disagree substantively with both of them, as well, i get it. but there is just too much left to be done to waste a moment on score settling. you are the leader of the free world. in his 1981 speech to see pack, ronald reagan reflected on the treatment he received in the campaign from his critics. >> we were the subject of much indifference and oftentimes intolerance. that is why i hope our political victory will be remembered as a generous one and a hard time power will be recalled for the tolerance we showed for those with whom we disagreed. >> laura: well, that is a good
7:59 pm
reminder for all of us. myself included. as democrats embrace socialist policies and talking about it for weeks now, you, mr. president, have an opportunity to not only build on your record of amazing success, but expand the conservative movement to new generations of americans and save the united states from the feed currently but falling europe. the mueller investigation is outrage and it has been in all the albatross, unfair, and the media horribly biased against you, i understand the frustration. but keep your eye on the prize. being unconventional is great, we love it, using twitter to speak directly to the american people, that's terrific. have fun with that. but keep the focus on the horizon, on what counts. the american people. preserving our freedom, our traditions, and our way of life. that's all the time we have
8:00 pm
tonight. don't forget, my new podcast drop today, you want to listen, it's hilarious. culture, politics, everything and believe. go to open our or itunes. shannon bream and the phenomenal "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: it's a fun podcast when you go out to ron, laura. you might be laughing i lose your breath over that. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: to begin with a fox news alert tonight, let the people see it. that is it president trump says about making special counsel robert dollars upcoming report public. also taking center stage tonight, a feud with no end in sight. as the president unloads on deceased senator john mccain for nearly 5 minutes in a visit to critical battleground state of ohio, to talk about we thought u.s. manufacturing. that too appeared on kellyanne conway staying loyal to the president as president trump feud with her husband take center stage feared breaking news from new zealand, where the there has announced plans to


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