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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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you are not dumb i do not know if you can go back to it or not. >> everyone has just pulled together and it's one big family. everyone is watching out for everyone. >> shannon: in the meantime we will see you back here tomorrow night, are of secretary pompeo. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlso* tonight." there isoo a loud debate going n in washington right now, one that we participate in, about border security, whether it's build a wall, how much funding ice should get, whether our detention centers are big enough to hold everyone the need to hold. april argue about these questions every day. if you watch it on tv, so it seems like the parties are divided on the matter but on a deeper level there really is no debate. there is instead consensus. virtually everyone in our political system knows as an article of faith that mass immigrationn is good for our economy. immigrants make us richer. the chamber of commerce tells us
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that often. liberal think tanks have studies claiming to prove it's true. in the democratic party is a bedrock principle. america would collapse without a steady torrent of new arrivals from the developing world, that's what they tell us. immigration doesn't just improve the economy, who wouldn't have an economy without it. >> i want us to be a country where hardworking immigrants who pay taxes and, by the way, one half of undocumented workers pay federal income taxes. >> these people are just waiting. waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully. and by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already americans, in my view. >> we can't continue to grow this economy unless we grow more diversity. >> our history and the facts show that immigrants are a net plus for our economy and our society. >> tucker: half of illegals pay their taxes, says hillary clinton, you should be impressed and grateful. this is not a new talking point, as you can tell from the aging
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video we just showed you, but like everything in this country it is accelerated dramatically in the past couple of years. the left's new position is that immigrants are just good for america, they are better for america than you are. if they don't complain, they don't file hr complaints. if they don't get expensive long-term diseases like diabetes or opioid addiction, they just do what they're told. they're the noble workers are leaders always wanted. just two days ago senator kirsten gillibrand of new york, who by way is running for president, explained that every single immigrant in america is good, no matter how they s got here or why just by virtue of the fact that there immigrants. ever heard anyone say that about american citizens? know. and don't hold your breath. but gillibrand clearly meant about immigrants. watch. >> if there is no such thing as an illegal human. you have immigrant populations acrosshu the state, refugee populations that make your economy stronger, that make your city and states stronger, that
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make this country stronger. >> tucker: fall cyst person in washington. but she's saying something that everyone else believes, immigrants make our economy stronger. okay, that's the claim. is it true? in some cases it is true. plenty of immigrants have done a great job in this country, they are highly patriotic. they are successful in business, their great neighbors and friends. everybody most people like that and everybody is glad they are here. but notike every immigrant is le every other immigrant. don't tell kirsten gillibrand, but they are not all the same. our current immigration system treats them like they are. it treats people like widgets. our government does virtually nothing to separate the good from the bad. a system like that is not help america, it's designed for the benefit of foreigners, and by that measure, it has been wildly successful. a new study shows that just last year immigrants living in the united states spent at least $120 billion in remittances to the country they came from. even in an age of expanding
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costs, 120 billion is a lot of money. it's more, for example, then we spent on themp first gulf war. more than the entire russian military spends every two years. that's enough money to buy costco. not the stuff on the shelves, but the entire company, and still have $15 billion left over. that's a lot of money and all of it could be going to americans, many of whom badly needed. but instead, mexico received $33 billion in remittances just last year. own president admits the economy would go under without those payments. in guatemala remittances from the united states amounted to a full 11% of their entire gdp. in el salvador and honduras, that's 18 and 20%, respectively. in the past decades, those three countries have received a total of 120 billion in remittances from the united states. it's not just latin america that's benefiting from this. china, which hardly needs at, it gets $15 billion a year in remittances. india, ten and a half billion. the unum, 7 billion.
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nigeria five and a half billion. russia 300 million. we could go on and on. none of this is an attack on immigrants. in most cases they are just helping their families back home, and good for them. it's not their fault. it's our fault. much of this money has never been taxed at any level. moreon than 10 million illegal aliens are believed to be working in this country under the table. that's part of the reason that between 2012 and 2016 an estimated 39 million social security numbers were stolen from americans for fraudulent use, a fact that is rarely reported. but legal or not immigrants send their earnings are brought and pay nothing when they do it because remittances are untaxed. it's a pretty good deal for mexico and guatemala. when was the last time you made a financial transaction that wasn't taxed? can you even remember? at one point the trump administration proposed aa remittance tax. lobbyist for mexico didn't like the idea, the idea wentos nowhe. we can't fix that on the show. what we can do is be honest about what isha happening. immigration is good for our
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economy. sure.grat it can be good. immigration is always good for our economy? more immigration is always better for our economy? no, that's a lie. there's nothing to support that claim. there's a lot of evidence to disprove it. anyone who tells you that, and that's pretty much everyone you see on television, either doesn't understand the subject orange lighting don't like lying to you purposefully, and maybe both, just so you know. the director of research for the center for immigration studies joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. $120 billion in remittances they are not taxed. i can't think of anything in america that's not taxed except remittances, why is that? >> at present except for the state of oklahoma, which does have its own tax, it taxes remittances sent overseas, money is allowed to flow out of the united states and very large dollar amounts and, no, we don't collect any -- >> tucker: i know for a fact that if i brought 100 grand in cash to an airport and was caught doing it they would seize it for me.
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>> they might come he is. >> tucker: if do. but i can send as much as i want to mexico and not be taxed on it. i guess i need better lobbyists may be. is that the lesson? >> it's true. you're right, it isn't just american businesses that don't like it or the mexican government but there are americans who handle these wire transfers. they charge a fee, they collect money from it, but not the taxpayer doesn't get anything from it, at least not right now. >> tucker: again, i don't begrudge anyone -- in fact i commend people who want to help their families, especially their aging parents. i'm totally for that but this does undermine universally accepted claimant immigration always makes the economy stronger. if immigrants are sending 120 billion out of the country, how does that help our economy? >> it probably doesn't. you're right. it's money flowing out of the united states so it can't be taxed in the way it would. it's not here for savings or investment, it doesn't spur consumer spending here and the other polyp that my problem is it's often flowing out of the many of the poorest communities in the united states.
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for mexico and central america, more than half of immigrants from those regions live in or near poverty in the united states and there still sending a large fraction of that money of those immigrants from there. so that is a big concern. in other words, it's poor people in effect making them somewhat poorer but they are joys of my choosing to do it but it's also flowing out of communities that really could use the resource and that's one of the disadvantages ofa immigration. >> tucker: i wish people would stop lying about it. thank you very much. jonathan harris is a democratic political commentator and we are happy to have them on the show as always. thanks very much for coming on. you often have a claim, the blanket claim, and as i said in the open, we are not making the claimant immigration is always bad, a lot of great immigrants, some of them are my friend but the idea that the more people you bring to this country, the poor people, the richer you get is a lie. there's no evidence tosp support it in the evidence outlined tonight shows why. so why are we still lying about this? >> i don't think that that's the claim. i don't think that everybody is saying that immigrants are all good. if they are all good, there's
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nothing by theig comes with the. people understand that there is sometimes crime, sometimes things that come with them but i think what they're saying is that by and large they are less likely to commit crimes. they take jobs that not only the typical argument here that americans don't take, but also jobs that specifically stimulate our economy. they take less and tax using programs. - >> tucker: clearly there are a lot of very successful immigrants and start a lot ofa companies. that stimulate the economy but i'm talking about immigrants -- and this is i think more than half who don't have a high school education and were working for the lowest wages that we pay in this country, what jobs do they take that stimulate the economy? >> they are service jobs their farming jobs, jobs and hospitality for example. hospitality jobs doing housekeeping services, things like that. these are jobs that actually stimulate thee economy because f americans were going to take those jobs they would have to pay far more. but what they would have to pay a living wage so instead they pay less than someone can live on and s off of the cost the u..
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taxpayer and social programs. >> that's a hold of the problem. >> tucker: no,at it's the same problem. if i'm an employer what i would rather hire you a college educated american two lives or what it rather hire someone you used to making $3 a day and encourage them to go on student don't have food stamps and get housing vouchers? >> if capitalism is contributed walmart does that with their workers, all companies, they pay them the bare minimum and then we get stuck. >> tucker: why is it capitalism to off-load my labor cost onto u.s. taxpayers without telling them? that's notst o capitalism, thata criminal scampered >> that's the way that our system works. >> tucker: that's not capitalism. >> how many openings paid workers, amazon, mcdonald's that pay their workers are less and have to go. get government assistance and would pay for it. that's not just something that happens with illegal immigrants. >> tucker:uc it's not just illegal immigrants, you're absolutely right. they make it much worse by flooding the labor market at thd lower end and businesses can do
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this because people will work for less. my question -- this is all supply and demand, econ 101. why is the democratic party making excuses for this and defending those people who that? why they defending jeff bezos and thedi big employers who are hurting the poorest in our society? >> that's not what they're doing. they are responding to a conservative republican party that demonizes illegal immigrants as if we are not all here because of illegal immigrants or immigrants depending on how you view history. >> tucker: is not an economic question -- there's always moralizing. i'm a good person. it's economics. there's a moral component but ultimately it's how much does it cost to employ somebody and if someone from a third world is willing to work for aom lot les, why wouldn't that shaft poor americans? they can't make that amount because they are not living -- they're not used to the same standards of living. to see what i'm saying? >> what i'm saying is this is not a problem that solely affects illegal immigrants. we are talking about is a problem with low wages overall which i actually agree with you one.
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low wages overallll are bad for this country because taxpayers get stuck with pain for the services that thehe workers go o the american -- >> tucker: we are in agreement on that but let's connect a few docs purity to ever wonder why nancy pelosi and kirsten gillibrand a cory booker and all the supposedly. liberal people are on the same side of the argument as all these big low-wage employers, the chicken plants, walmart, have you ever noticed how they are on same side of the debate? because they're all for transgendered bathrooms or is there something deeper going on? >> that's actually usually conservatives that support businesses likeat that. >> tucker: has been, right. >> what liberals are doing is they're actually countering conservatives who demonize immigrants, illegal and otherwise. >> tucker: this pony you're being mean. this moral stuff. >> the republican party, the president of the united states that spews lies about immigrant immigrants. they probably care. >> tucker: what i said is not a lie, it's real and has it ever occur to you that maybe you're doing the bidding of big
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companies? you specifically in your party a for sure the bidding of big companies that are lowering the price of labor. >> my party is specifically asking for these companies to pay a higher living wage so that these people do not go to the government for services. i don't know how we are doing that. >> tucker: because they are making it possible for millionst of poor people who will work for much less than americans will to live in thisis country. >> saying that we want illegal immigrants in this country to be document, to be verified so that we know that they arent here and we want people to be making a living wage, i can understand why you're making that that we aree fighting for -- >> tucker: or more people willing to work for less because of the price of labor to drop. overabundance of something, its value falls. that's why sanders t. this is supply and demand. >> the full picture. >> tucker: let everybody in. >> no, who gave amnesty? that was reagan. that you guys letting everybody in. >> tucker: in 1986. you're not going to get me to defend the reagan amnesty under saying if you want to take the side of amazon against normal people. >> that's not at all what we're
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doing. >> tucker: it's very much we'reor doing. >> asking for these people to be documented is the exact opposite of that. >> tucker: thank you very much. good to see you tonight. democrats are telling of the border is irrelevant, it's a fake crisis. the real crisis is global warming. it could end this world in 12 years. they tell you that every day on tv. does anybody really believe it? a new poll shows that literally not one person is not on tv believes it. we have the numbers for you. ws ♪ [peaceful acoustic guitar]
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democratic party has about as many presidential candidates as it has members but strangely there's not a lot of diversity of the viewpoint in my party. on a couple of topics, big topics everyone agrees. of the is integration in the view from the democratic party is no big deal, it's a fake problem and if you think otherwise you're insane. >> it is absolute fiction that there's a national emergency here. >> showing that this is not about a crisis, it's a political ploy. crisis, crisis and it's a crisis that doesn't exist. >> this national emergency is completely made up. >> a wall is a colossal waste of money for a crisis that doesn't exist. >> even if he declares a national emergency is lying. even if he declares it it will be a declaration of a falsehood. >> this whole idea of declaring a national emergency is ludicrous because there isn't one. >> tucker: 's people just get their talking points -- obedient
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little foot soldiers that they are and what they're telling you is that the border is fine. i don't care what's happening in your neighborhood, it's fine. do you know what the real threat is? it's something you can't see, but it's deadlier than godzilla and vladimir putin combined, it's global warming and it's going to kill us all. >> the biggest threat to our prosperity in this 21st century is climate change. a crisis that could, at its worst, lead to extinction. >> that climate change is real is an existential threat to our country and the entiree planet. >> we are running out of runway to be able to fix this problem. we need all hands on deck. >> on the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save earth? from the scourge of nazis and totalitarian regimes? we came forward. >> if you want to global climate change seriously, you don't care about the world in the country.
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you don't care about people. >> tucker: here's just a note, just because you string a series of unrelated cliches together doesn't make it a sentence much less than ideal. but they tell you this every single day. the border is totally fine, you're a racist if you disagree. the real problem is global warming. the question is, does anybody believe this or do people just write it off as the transparent propaganda that is? we have a new poll that answers those questions. the poll asked voters what issue was more important to them, the number one issue, immigration. what percent picked global warming? that imminent threat? 2%. so voters know which issue is radically changing their country in which is a totally abstract distraction and excuse for another power grab. author of the climate chronicles, inconvenient revelations you won't hear from al gore and others and he joins us in it. thanks a lot for coming in. is it surprising to you that after 25 years of really
9:21 pm
relentless propaganda beginning in children's cartoons on all the way up until theea moment of death that americans rate climate change at 2% concern, 2% are must consent to my concern about climate change are you shocked? >> i'm not really that shocked because i think -- my experience is a much greater percentage of people in their 20s that believe what's going on. i think it's because they don't look at everything. exit hundreds of times that of all he looked down and all i was told was the global warming issue i would say i believe it too. co2 is causing this but when yow start looking at the entire picture, the totality of the picture and you put some perspective into it, that the last 40 years of the equivalent of six seconds out of an 80-year-oldhe man's life, you realize that there is a very, very different story here. it's like one scene in the movie for five seconds determining the whole movie. that's not the case here.
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the foundation you stand on today was built yesterday to reach for tomorrow. it's the same thing with weather and climate, folks. what happens is you have to go back and look at the big picture in our business and what i do it whether bell is we need to supply accurate forecasts for energy companies. that includes wind and solar, retail companies and knowingni what happened yesterday and putting it in perspective and saying guys, this can happen again is something that we do. >> tucker: so i just want to be clear, i'm not denying -- i'm out and leave meteorologist tht climate change, it does change and it has from the beginning since the planet -- since more people were killed last year than t illegal aliens that were killed by climate change, why do you think they are so focused on scaring us and telling us we are all going to die? why do they need to tell us that? >> i think hl mencken, i quoted
9:23 pm
this in my book said t it best, practical politics always tries to whip up this kind of thing. most of them are imaginary and the urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rolle it. that was a democrat that said that, he passed away in 1956 but since i come from that kind of background, from an old democrat background, i knew that was. so i think that's what's involved here. i wrote that book because the purity of what i've loved since i was three, my dad is a meteorologist. this is all i ever wanted to do. i can't believe that this is what it's come to. it's turned into this political football or whatever. it's really bad. >> tucker: it is and it's clearly political, not science. thanks very much for that. i hope you'll come>> back. >> if you invite me back, i will be here. thank you. >> tucker: done. cnn ran anti-gun propaganda last year and the prime time and called it a town hall. giving some i kind of journalism
9:24 pm
award for it. a hilarious story after the break. ♪
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>> tucker: to punish america giving absolute power to years ago the democratic party has decided to undermine or crash every institution that stands on its way. one of the newest targets is the electoral college. center kamala harris of california says we must abolish it. >> senator warren, elizabeth warren had a town hall last
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night and she says that she thinks we should do away with the electoral college. do you agree withh that? >> i'm open to the discussion. there's no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who the president of the united states and we need to deal with that. >> tucker: so that would have been a pretty far out thing to say a couple of years ago but without question, the view you just heard will soon be mandatory on the left. if you disagree with it ort. question it you know what you will be, a racist. on tuesday, congress men steve: demonstrated exactly how that will work. watch. >> the country is different than it was when the constitution was drafted and when it was drafted a lot of it has to do with slavery. this is all conceived in sin and perpetuating slavery on the american people and on the african-american people directl directly. >> tucker: so if you are for
9:29 pm
the electoral college you are for "perpetuating slavery, you're a bigot." the freedom of speech, right to bear arms, due process, separation of powers, there were also created when slavery existed. in fact, so if the country. maybe that's why the left is trying to undermine them too. dana perino cohosts the five, one of our favorite people at fox news and joins us today. so i'm just struck by how quickly things j are moving. if barack obama had said two and half years ago really think we should get rid of the electoral college that would offend stop the presses moment but now it's become a consensus, when you say? >> is a litmusow test. now is there a democratic candidate who saying no? cory booker kind of tap the brakes on and said i don't know what he will get there. this is happening. and remember, eric holder also during the obama administration suggested this but the democrats didn't need to talk about this when president obama was president because he won the electoral college.
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so you know how the left talks a lot about the concerns with president trump that he isowow obliterating norms because he's not civil and also -- look, you know how i feel, the nicknames, and all that stuff but the institutions have held up but the democrats are not talking but actually dismantling thoseal institutions. and what's interesting to me is erat the reason that the country is set up this way with different states is because we are a republic, we have a representative government. if you do away with that and you just elect a president far by whoever lives in new york and california and you just erase all of those boundaries then you truly are for open borders. and you are no the united states ofth america. you are like the united people of america or perhaps not so united. you're just the people of america. >> tucker: it seems like it would be a massive drain of power from the weakest parts of the country, rural america, the interior of the country to the coast, which are arty brimming
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with power and wealth so why would you want to exasperate that? >> elizabeth warren, one of the candidates, she made her announcement about being for abolishing the electoral college in mississippi and you heard with the congressman from tennessee was going to go camping inss mississippi if all many to do is get the popular vote? t the other thing is, remember, we talked about this on your program, abraham lincoln only won because of the electoral college. he didn't win the popular vote. so the argument doesn't actually last. >> tucker: does that mean that is racist? >> i'm trying to be ironic. >> tucker: can i just asked really quick, i think is really a cost -- some things are racist and you should say it and people should be embarrassed to be racist but if you call everything racist, it really devalues the term. will anyone ever stand up and say just stop with that, without an adult conversation? >> let's see, will joe biden to that? i look at things from a key medication standpoint. i'm looking for the democrat whm would say i don't need to worry
9:32 pm
about talking about something that might happen in 50 years if we change the electoral college because the electoral college is not going to change for the 2020 election. and i think that they're wasting their time. where was president trump today? in ohio. what would he talk about? manufacturing jobs in the economy. what have we been talking about? this is wednesday. we've been talkingng about the electoral college for almost anh entire week so they are missing the opportunities. basically saying you want to talk about the economy, great, i'm here. he's ready to take the slings and arrowss but instead they tak about the electoral college and the green new deal. san francisco and new york city, it is not great in all the states that you have to win in 2020. >> tucker: tribeca, very popular. thank you so much. great to see you tonight. here are two more institutions that are under fervent attack in his country,, the second amendment and the objective press. this week cnn received something called a cronkite award you didn't win, butec they did and they won for a full blown
9:33 pm
propaganda event. it was a town hall on gun violence. it was a transparent excuse to ambush anybody who supports the second amendment and announce them on national television, which is what happened. >> i think we are asking about is the assault weaponsne ban. so let me be honest with you about that one, if i believed that that law would, have prevented this from happening i would support it. but i want to explain to you why it was not. >> can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra? in which the nra lady i could have talked to because i would ask her how she can look in the mirror considering the fact that she o has children -- >> let me answer the question. you can shut me down when i'm finished but let me answer the question. i would've done everything in my power to prevent that. >> you just told this group of people that you are standing up for them. you're not standing up for them
9:34 pm
until you say i want less weapons. >> tucker: such demagogues. dana loesch is the spokesman for the nra. she was at the town hall. you just saw the tape and she joins us tonight. it's upsetting to watch that tape because it is so unfair, it's a mob basically screaming at you, what was it like to be there? >> thanks for talking about this. we've learned so many things since that time, right? especially with scott israel on that stage. i don't know how to describe it. when we found out that the town hall was taking place i believe it was on a wednesday i found out that i was going there tuesday, i found out that i was going to be asked questions that afternoon while onas the plane d it wasn't until i got there that i found out that i was going to be on stage and then later on stage withou scott israel and actually queued me to walk out into the arena to a black-eyed peas song and that some of the footage -- that's after the cameras stopped rolling with cnn. at what cnn didn't tell people is that they allowed and invited
9:35 pm
politicians to come up on stage and election-year. scott israel was able to make a speech before the season began and already started deflecting blame by putting it on me, it was treated as this -- i think for ratings. they tried to stylize this to make it most emotionally impactful. i questioned the affects of them putting it on this way. thisin wasn't a journalistic endeavor. they had this town hall literally titled -- it wasn called stand up, the students of marjory stoneman douglas demand action. that's not a journalistic endeavor. that is not a journalistic enterprise. that's's advocacy. >> tucker: i wouldn't question the ethics. this is flat-out unethical, it's wrong.s can't imagine what it would win whatever dumb award they won. they should be ashamed of what they did. people were really hostile towards you. what was that like? >> i've never been in a
9:36 pm
situation like that. i've never been in a situation where i had someone rush me from behind and try to get me and a member of my detail grab them. i showed up in good faith to have a discussion about the issue at hand and it wasn't just this town hall either. you will remember even after this, that particular network allowed to stand unchallenged on their airwaves accusations about not just my integrity as a person and as a mother, but also millions of law-abiding gun owners all across the united states. their integrity was questioned, there parental genuineness was question. they were questioning the same people simply because they thought differently. what this town halted was that dialogue back by i don't know how much. it pushed dialogue back. it was an embarrassing display of bias and they should feel ashamed instead of back patting themselves for this. honestly, one last thing, for them to say that this advanced at the national conversation on gun control is like saying the
9:37 pm
salem witch trials advance the conversation on women's rights. that's exactly what this was like. it was an embarrassment and they should be ashamed. >> tucker: to this days after a mass murder to leverage that tragedy. if they should be ashamed, i agreera 100%. thank you very much for telling us what that was like. disgusting. >> thank you. >> tucker: is newst information tonight about marijuana, which all of a sudden is everywhere, it's totally cool, there's no problem with it except according to reputable study by physicians could make you schizophrenic, and no big deal. we will have details in a minute. google employees want to use their power to take away your freedoms. already doingle that. meanwhile they are empowering china on the worldan stage. that's just ahead. ♪
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>> so i'm all for legalizing marijuana. >> a call for the end of the prohibition on marijuana. >> should marijuana be legal? >> yes. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: of course they are. in the midst of the greatest and most fatal drug epidemic in the history of this country, marijuana is entering a golden age. democratic presidential candidates compete to show how cool they are and how much they love it. ten states in the district of columbia have legalized marijuana, most of the rest tolerate medical marijuana. every of the drug becomes more prevalent. nationwide legalization seems inevitable, probably just a few years away. a couple of companies will get very rich but as marijuana becomes more common, what will happen to the people who smoke at? we are not supposed to ask that question but we think it's interesting, so we do. a new study in the british medical journal finds that daily marijuana use substantial increases in individuals chance of having psychotic episodes or
9:42 pm
developing schizophrenia. no big deal, just schizophrenia. fox news medical contributor joins us tonight. doctor, thanks very much for coming on. i can't think of a disease more serious than schizophrenia. do you take this study seriousl seriously? >> this was an extremely well-done european study and it looked all across europe and it found three big cities, london, amsterdam, and paris all had upp to 50% cases -- new cases of psychosis were linked to marijuana use. now why would that be? let me tell you a little biology lessony here. marijuana is not what people out there think it is because the active ingredient that causes problems ins. the brain, psychiatric symptoms, is now 20 to 30 times more powerful than it was in the 1970s when we were teens. 20 to 30 times more thc in marijuana now and thc is what's causing all of this. it's causing depression, it's
9:43 pm
causing anxiety, it's causing psychosis and in places that have legalized pot, fullyy legalized it recreationally like colorado, lake washington, like those ten states he mentioned, likeke canada, the amount of cannabis induced psychosis has doubled or tripled. it's a real rampant problem. >> tucker: so i'm a little bit confused. so if this is really kind of beyond debate from a medical perspective is what you're saying, we know this isw happening? t >> first of all, it's beyond debate from a medical perspective. this study absolutely proves it. 50%, and that's just psychosis. were not even talking about anxiety and depression. a you mention schizophrenia. if you know what's really troubling, there are people out there who are at risk of schizophrenia, we give them a lot of regular use of pot -- regular heavy use of pot, they get a schizophrenic break, they may never come back. we may never be able to treat them out of it with antipsychotic medication. i don't want to scare people out
9:44 pm
there. you could stop smoking pot. you could use antipsychotic medication and in some cases the paranoiaic goes away, the suspicion goes away. you come back tooi reality. in some percent of cases, you don't come back to reality and to stay as a schizophrenic and this may be the reason. this is really, really a disgrace that this is not being considered and i'm really glad you brought it up. it's becoming a worse and worse problem, the more powerful podcasts and you know when it gets illegal that it gets more powerful. it's in foods, it's in juices, if in cosmetics even in its more powerful and what they smoke. >> tucker: anybody was overseen the tragedy of schizophrenia apples will know exactly what you're talking about. there's nothing more upsetting. dr. siegel, i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> a big morning, thank you for havingng me. >> tucker: an exclusive report tonight based on information from the white house. the trump administration is planning toor exist, issue an executive order designed to it to protect freedom of speech on
9:45 pm
college campuses. public schools are supposed to protect the first amendment by definition, it's in the bill of rights, but increasingly they trample on it with impunity in order to protect the sanctity of their dogma. now the administration's executive order will allow every federal agency to deny grants to public colleges and universities if theyer are found to contravee the first amendment, hostile to free speech, amen. the other half of the executive order will do something different. it will help protect students from economic explication. currently there are countless programs that charge students a lot intuition that offer no reasonable job prospects in return. schools know that, of course, but students don't know what a lot of thehe time. now the administration will require all public colleges to make that information public. every program will have to disclose what its graduates actually earn and students can decide whether a degree is worth it or it's a scam, as so many degrees are. student loans are still the biggest problem for young people in this country and more will have to be done to fix that. we will have more on that topic
9:46 pm
later in the week but this is a start. ♪ op >> tucker: google, as you know, is the single most powerful company in history of the world. almost every day there are new reasons to be suspicious of that much power concentrated in a few hands. tonight we can report an internal google email attend for this program. in it and employees of theil manager told him that the company fight so-called hate speech and fake news because he blamed hate speech and fakenesss for the election of donald trump, whom he hates. other leaked internal documents reveal that a google vice president band christian video from advertising on youtube because it promoted conventional marriage. so while google travels or freedoms here in the united states, google enhances the power of tyrants abroad. last week testified before congress, joseph dunford accused google of empowering china by doing research work over there while simultaneously refusing to support america's own department of defense. hard to believe that's true, but it is.
9:47 pm
thanks very much for coming on. to the second first, google g helping china, really the only global rival we face but refusing to help the department of defense. am i overstating that? >> not at all and it's actually even worse in that a lot of people don't understand that to do business in china you have to agree to basically be in bed with the chinese government. you have to keep your data entry business over there in china. you have to respond to their data requests and you have to have them looking over your shoulder and everything you do and perhaps taking a stake of what you have. so on top of that china has its own sort of government-run business operations and those are staffed with and owned by the children and b the princes f the people who are in power in china. there's no doing business in china without being intertwined closely with the chinese government and that's what google is doing. >> tucker: i can't control myself, if google really has a choke hold on all information, google has a demonstrated political bias, which is
9:48 pm
overwhelming. they are banning things don't like. howias can we believe that the 2,020 election is going to be fair to meg >> he would be naive, in fact i was a stupid to believe that. i think there is ample evidence even going back to a couple of years ago i filed this lawsuit, as you know against google. similar documents to the one that you mentioned in that email, google has been punishing conservatives and hounding them out and criticizing people who support anything conservative for a couple of years. ever since the election so it's been almost three years now. and now thatin they're openly -- twitter and facebook as well tor a certain degree openly banning and cracking, conservatives because they think it is dangerous and they want to protect people from these d conservative ideas, they are absolutely going to wield that in favor of democratic candidates. we've already seen google banning ads for the president on immigration issues, marsha blackburn on abortion issues and other issues like that. sometimes they are called on it and they i back off but that's
9:49 pm
happening. interestingly -- >> tucker: do think the president understands that he will not be reelected in a free and fair election unless somebody gets a hold of the schematic >> i'm not sure the whole establishment understands that. i'm not sure. i keep saying it. i think we were in crisis mode. so the old technology, the fcc doesn't allow sort of traditional broadcasters to ban ads for political candidates but the social media companies can and they do. we have evidence of that. so if we allow this to continue, if we allow this to happen in 2020 it is game over for conservatives in this country in the competition in our politics. >> tucker: they act like it's just let the free market do its thing. there's nothing free about this. this is somebody collaborating with our enemies, stifling political speech and we will not have a fair election unless someone does something. >> the think tanks in the conservatives who say that this is premarket, there getting contributions from google and big tech. >> tucker: it's disgusting and i don't think anybody has done
9:50 pm
more honest than you have and i appreciate that. the mueller investigation may soon claim its first democraticc victim. what did he do allegedly? and could more people follow? we will tell you after the break. plus the southern poverty law center has been completely rotten for decades, so why are people just realizing that now? we will be right back. ♪ (woman) candace, two minutes. too late for lunch. starkist saves the day. sweet and spicy tuna in a pouch! smart choice, charlie. (charlie) no drain, no pain.
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♪ >> tucker: according to a new
9:54 pm
report, former obama white house counsel greg craig may soon face criminal charges stemming from the mueller investigation. craig is one of those prominent democrats in washington and has been for decades. he is a lawyer in the clinton white house. and also an unregistered lobbyist for ukraine. he got that gig after being hooked up by paul manafort, who also worked ukrainian vegovernment. like so many foreign lobbyists in washington, craig apparently did not disclose his work to the federal government, even as he was making millions from ukrainian oligarchs. the foreign registration act 1939 law that until recently went essentially unforced. okay, so it looked like both sides will now have fara indictments. but let's not lie about it, feeling to register a foreign lobbying is a crime, there are a lot of felons walking free tonight in the nation's capital. and will any of them face elindictment? all of them should. virtually none of them ever
9:55 pm
will. that's not an argument against upholding the law, we should, but selective enforcement is not justice, it's persecution. that is true even when they indict someone you don't like. last week the southern poverty law center's founder was canned under mysterious circumstances and thee enemies of the democratic party as hate groups. racist, sexist, bigots who should not be allowed to speak in this country or make a living. they should be disappeared. it does seem fitting that apparently he was fired made allegations that his own organization was rife with racism and sexism. but it turns out this iss s nog new. all the way back to 1994, "montgomery advertiser," the paper in town, reported hostile racial climate inside the splc. this group has been rotten for years.c. why are people just now noticing?
9:56 pm
tyler o'neill joins us. tyler, thank you so much for coming on. i guess we've known for 25 years the southern poverty law center has racism in its own offices but we treat it like it's legitimate? >> that is an excellent question. the story is really, really bad. you had 13 black former employees of the splc interviewed and 12 of them said they witnessed racist incidents in their time there. and three of them called the organizationk plantation for its black workers. >> tucker: did the splc put its own list of hate crimes? >> no, but they did fire of the cofounder. the interesting thing it was not just "montgomery advertiser" in 1994. two years ago and in 2017, we ad former employees go onto the website glassdoor and talk about their experiences facing racial discrimination. there are apparently 100 lawyers and advocates of the splc and
9:57 pm
only five are black. black employees worked there 12 years and yet, none of them elevated to senior leadership. >> tucker: i'm not surprised. living accusing other people. what i am surprised by come witn fact news organization "new york times," cnn, msnbc -- and take press releases and reported as news. at this point, knowing what we know, can they continue to do that? >> it is a biased left-wing smear factor. it's gone back down and they sued the kkk and made life better for black americans. but today, they list conservative and christian organizations as hate groups, as you mention, and they had to pay him $3.375 million.
9:58 pm
>> tucker: obviously an anti-muslim bigot, actually a great guy and a valuable voice in this conversation. but how can news organizations get away with pretending they are a credible source of news? >> it is the liberal bias. they can't see it. that is one of the positive things splc hires more black leaders, there is a possibility because blacks tend to be more christian and believe evangelical beliefs at a higher rate than whites do. there is a chance new black leaders could know that christianity is not anti-lgbt hate. >> tucker: possibly and hard to redeem splc,>> both which are cited relentlessly by the press which really isn't trying. >> and companies, too. >> tucker: so nice to see you, tyler, thank you for doing that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: congratulations, the rapper zuby a major women's sports record and did it without training and without being a woman. a couple of weeks ago, he
9:59 pm
tweeted this, "i keep hearing biological men don't have physical filmic physical strength in 2019, so watch me destroy the british women's dead lift record without even trying." you know what he did? he did just that. why is that aa record? he explained, "i identified as a woman lifting the weight but don't be a bigot." prevailing wisdom, in fact, mandatory belief system that you must adopt or be punished, he is actually right. if gender is fluid, as democrats claim, zuby is a weight lifting champion. don't be a bigot, shut up where we will hurt you or laugh at it. which is exactly the right response. don't get mad. laugh in their faces. they deserve it.t. we are out of time. we will be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.
10:00 pm
we have a surprise and this is going up they are but a little early to do this but coming next in nine seconds. >> sean: if you want a real surprise, you are doing "hannity" with a couple of drinks. >> tucker: i hope i can do that. i want to be your fill in guy someday, serious. >> sean: okay, done. >> sean: thanks, tucker, great show, welcome to "hannity". breaking tonight, john solomon, we have major evidence of election collusion in 2016, real evidence to back it up, this collusion with hillary clinton and top ukrainian government official that wanted her elected. we will have all the details coming up with john solomon. but before we get to the top story, ask yourself a couple of questions, will this be investigated for three years? two by mueller and one by the fbi, and it mueller's case, that merry band of democratic donors?


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