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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 21, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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freedom, traditions and way of life. that is all the time we have. my new podcast, you want to listen, it is hilarious, culture, politics, everything in between, download and subscribe, take it all from here. shannon: it is a fun podcast, you lose your breath over that. let the people see it, that is what donald trump says about making robert mueller's forthcoming report public. taking center stage a feud with no end insight as the president unloads on john mccain for nearly 5 minutes during a visit to crystal battleground state of ohio to talk about us manufacturing and kellyanne conway staying loyal to the president but stuck in the middle as donald trump's feud with her husband takes center stage. breaking news from new zealand where the government has
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announced plans to ban all semi automatic rifles. we begin tonight with kristin fisher with the president's time in ohio beginning with an unexpected start to his remarks. >> republicans from mitch mcconnell to donald trump's though turned friend lindsey graham to arnold schwarzenegger are all defending john mccain. hard to believe they still have to defend him 7 months after his death but after what donald trump said today, they felt they had no choice. >> i endorsed him at his request and gave him the kind of funeral he wanted which as president i had to approve. i don't care about this but i didn't get a thank you, that is okay. we sent him away but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> donald trump made those remarks about the formal naval aviator in front of a military
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audience in ohio. the plant has been revitalized through his. to increase military spending, hundreds of manufacturing jobs have been created but that good news is drowned out by the president's comments about mccain. >> it is deplorable what he said. that is what i call at 7 months ago. it will be deplorable 7 months from now if he says it again and i will continue speaking out because there's one thing we've got to do. >> he torpedoed the repeal and replacement of obamacare and his role in handing the infamous steel dossier over the fbi. >> john mccain received a fake and phony dossier. did you hear about the dossier. it was paid for by crooked
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hillary clinton, right? and john mccain got it. he got it and what did he do? he didn't call me. he turned it over to the fbi hoping to put me in jeopardy. >> the mueller probe is on the president's mind as he left the white house for ohio this morning. the special counsel's report should be released to the public but the president said let the people see it. >> i don't mind. i told the house if you want to let them see it. >> ultimately that decision is up to the attorney general and during his confirmation hearings the age he would not guarantee the special counsel's report would be made public and we are waiting to find out when the report will be released to the attorney general. shannon: it is a game we play in dc. thanks. counselor to the president kellyanne conway caught in the middle as the president and her husband are feuding, locked in a battle of words. trace gallagher picks up the
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story with more. >> for critics who say this unit is a put on and george and kellyanne conway are the next james carville and jillian: one, george conway says rest assured he truly believes the president is incompetent and his many months of presidential criticisms i let it. donald trump reportedly wanted to attack george conway on twitter in the past but was talked out of it by age who argued it would embolden conway and cause unnecessary drama but this week george conway question the president's mental health quoting americans should be thinking seriously about trump's mental condition and psychological state including and especially the media, congress and the vice president and cabinet and that is when the gloves came off. >> he is a whack job no question but i really don't know him. i think he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife. kellyanne is a wonderful woman and i call him mister kellyanne.
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>> the president went on to call george conway husband from hell marking the first time he has weighed in on the conway marriage and he is known him for years. they visited trump tower in manhattan, kellyanne served, in the early days of the administration george conway was considered for a top job in the justice department until he pulled himself out of the running and conway admits wishing his wife did not work for the white house but says his criticism of the president might help his marriage because he gets off his chest and doesn't yell at his wife and what kellyanne conway has tried not to comment about her husband's comments today she told politico she was grateful the president supporter quoting the president is obviously defending me. he could privately say to me your distraction, we love you, you will always be part of the family but the kids need you, go
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make $1 million an hour, it is the opposite. he also said her effectiveness as the president's counselor has not been affected by the trump slamming her husband. >> thank you very much. that is what you saw. kellyanne conway staying loyal to the president. morgan ortagus and democratic strategists dave brown. welcome to all of you. i don't know what is going on. i want to read something trace alluded to. dodge conway said you are playing both sides on a matter what happens long-term you have somewhere to go with this. the president called her husband total loser, husband from hell and whacked. george conway said this to the new york times. i almost wish that were so. is my wave expect my views. i don't end of getting arguments at home about it.
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i would be getting arguments about this at home if the president were ripping my husband on twitter. and vice versa. >> it is a little awkward to say the least but everyone has their own marriage and the way they do things which is different from the way i do mine but it is unprecedented what we are seeing but that happens often in this administration and for me this is a slow news week and this is another distraction for the media. there are no policy things to latch onto so this is what we are focusing on. i think kellyanne has done amazing work on the opioid epidemic and there's someone close to me who has been dealing with it this week so as fun as it is for the media to get on twitter i don't think the average american is focused on
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this. i think viewers around the country are focused on what this administration is getting done and i hope kellyanne can keep a clear head and continue her work on the opioid epidemic because it is vitally important and serious and the rest of the stuff is not serious. shannon: is there some part of this couple that they have some kind of understanding privately about this because it would be hard to go home and be in the middle of this thing if you didn't both understand some of this is for show, maybe not. >> the guys don't want to touch this. >> i don't want to talk about someone else's marriage. i don't know. i do think the exchange i read on twitter from the president directed to george conway is further evidence how this president faces the office and talks on twitter, the way he talks about senator mccain. i don't know what is going on in their home. i wish the president would stop attacking people on twitter. i think mister conway is bringing up points he believes are important and take this to the american people. shannon: he said something that
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upset the president or got his attention, posting diagnostic manual descriptions of personality disorders intending this is what the president is. you think he shouldn't respond, when a non-medical professional accuses him of having a disorder, she's defending the president's response to her husband's tweets. >> you loyal to her boss and george conway has been almost displaying these characteristics himself in the level of how much he wants to keep himself in the media with this attention posting screenshots about narcissistic personality disorder. they are feeding into a loop which is keeping this going and i don't want to sit here and speculate about somebody's marriage. it feels gross. i will stick to the facts we know. shannon: i want to play something we talked about today. the president went on an important visit to a
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manufacturing area in ohio where he wanted to talk about the importance of what he's done bringing jobs back to the us and highlight the positive he has done but he spent several minutes in the speech going after the late senator john mccain and got a lot of attention. we want to play a few snippets from that. >> i have to be honest. i never liked him much. he turned it over to the fbi hoping to put me in jeopardy and that's not the nicest thing to do. he said two hours before he was going to repeal and replace. mccain didn't get the job done for our great vets in the va who were in a war in the middle east that mccain pushed so hard. i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> why do you think he still so engaged in this feud even after the senator of step? >> a lot of people don't understand the genesis of this,
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being upset about the role senator mccain and his aides played in the dissemination of the steel dossier. some of the advisors of the president are saying stop talking about his funeral and attacking him personally so we can talk about legitimate policy disagreement which was dissemination of the steel dossier having key aides brief reporters, handing those things over to the fbi and playing a big role in making sure that made its way to the fbi. that is the disagreement with senator mccain the president has right now. shannon: megan mccain had to relive a lot of this and she is still grieving, she thinks the president is still making headlines with his name. >> i'm trying to think about what president reagan would say in a situation like this, trying to conceive of any situation where president reagan whatever talk about a member of the
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senate, a public servant in the way this president has talked about john mccain, democrat or republican. i don't think it is conceivable. isakson calling deplorable, it is a tragedy. shannon: a lot of senators are siding with senator mccain. >> if you look back at the congressional testimony and records we have seen over the past couple years it looks like the fbi had this information, this dossier well before senator mccain gave it to them. i would take a little bit of issue with the record there, predicated on mccain giving it to them. they had this information for quite some time. christopher steel rightly or wrongly appears to have been a source for them for quite some time. there are a lot of unanswered questions i think the senate judiciary will get to the bottom of. shannon: bad blood between prominent republicans. thank you very much.
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good evening, lauren. >> reporter: is what senator gillibrand suggested, doctors should be limited when it comes to opioid prescriptions for acute pain, only allowing up to a 7-day. new york senator kirsten gillibrand who officially declared sunday tweeting last weekend repeating in iowa this week that no one needs a month's supply for wisdom tooth extraction and 30, 60, 90 day opioid prescriptions are stored in medicine cabinets. gillibrand telling in msnbc townhall that drug companies who contributed to the opioid crisis should be prosecuted. >> we have to take on the drug manufacturers who purposely made these drug stronger, more addictive and they did it because they wanted record sales. >> reporter: the philadelphia inquirer savoring a 7-day prescription rule takes decisions from the doctor and could have unintended consequences saying this is bad
12:19 am
policy that will not save lives it will hurt chronic pain patients including driving people to commit suicide but gillibrand isn't alone when it comes to taking on big pharma. beto o'rourke campaigning in new hampshire, a state right by the opioid crisis saying companies that recklessly pushed opioids should do jail time and suggested allowing access to marijuana could help ease the epidemic. >> prosecution and accountability for those responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of americans. we are 4% of the globe's population, we consume 85% of opioids. >> reporter: when it comes to marijuana former colorado governor in 2020 democrat john hickenlooper who was once against legalizing weed now says the decision over the criminalizing it should be a
12:20 am
state, not federal issue. he said he supports states deciding whether or not to provide addict's safer injection sites for drugs like heroin and cocaine. shannon: thank you very much. senator gillibrand saying illegal immigrants should have the ability to pay into social security to get the benefits on the back end. let's talk about this chatter today with the power panel, morgan ortagus and dave brown, so senator gillibrand saying there are no illegal humans, made a great changeover where she was on the issue of immigration. that's been noted by a lot of people including washington examiner saying gillibrand's comments are striking given her past as an immigration hock. in 2009 she voted increased funding for ice and said she believed english should be the official language of the united states. >> very different chatter. >> you are seeing the senate revolve her position.
12:21 am
politicians do. you are seeing her calibrate to where many in the democratic primary voting base are on the issue of immigration and seeing a pretty visceral and emotional response to the object tragedy and chaos caused by this administration at the border with the separation of families. shannon: we've got to stop there because customs and border patrol, we have all seen the numbers showing the huge spike in people coming with children, some not actually families, many of them are but they come as that unit, very unlikely they are going to get turned away and only a certain time they can be held. i want to read something from the wall street journal on this, starting this week hundreds of families caught each day in the rio grande valley area are being released by border patrol agents, officials say they making the change because of crowding and safety concerns as the volume of families is reached record levels in the past, months and authorities have struggled to make room for
12:22 am
them all. these folks are being released into the us, given a court date, many non-bonds, monitored by bracelet in any way so it fulfills a plan many people want for them to come here illegally and then be released into the us with no monitoring. >> that's why you pointed out at the beginning of this segment that we have seen such a makeover by senator gillibrand on this and many issues. she has a reputation in the senate for being immoderate for quite some time and the big difference. i see her in someone like elizabeth warren, elizabeth warren is known for the positions. you can disagree with her on a lot of policy but they seem very genuine, very sincere. when i see senator gillibrand it seems to be very hyper delivery like she's really trying to make all of us believe she is a liberal and i don't find it as sincere as bernie sanders or elizabeth warren, people i do not agree with but who held these positions for a long time. he has had quite a career
12:23 am
makeover. the question for me is as someone who used to be a moderate like senator gillibrand running to such extreme left positions what is any nominee of the party going to be forced to take as relates to the 2020 election? i don't see any chance for moderate survival at this point. shannon: this is a game, they will pool more to the center, at least we think that's what historically happens but after the primaries undecided on. >> they are fighting for a way to differentiate themselves among a progressive democratic base, senator gillibrand has social security for illegal immigrants, there is abolishing the electrical college, many of this packing the courts, these are ways to get different attention, blowup and progressive media, drive advertising dollars and that is how they generate income and generate fundraising for themselves. shannon: i want to ask about something you have been in the middle of this week.
12:24 am
you were accused by a reporter on another station of lobbing a softball question to the president and the president of brazil yesterday in the rose garden when you asked about the impact of socialism. i asked president boulton aro the same question because it is a fair question to ask. some folks took past interviews and questions from this individual in which they asked president obama about his best week ever. is that a double standard was a to come after you for the question? >> is a double standard. it is not news to ask the president of the united states about court packing, social media censorship and executive changes into ask a foreign leader what would happen if a socialist were to replace donald trump in office. some people get upset by that and would rather ask about best week ever, one of his colleagues wants to ask donald trump --
12:25 am
president obama how enchanted he was in the oval office. i can only aspire to the journalistic standard set by them. >> as that is asking me about someone else's marriage. >> got to keep it real. >> i whatever time you how to do your job and i hope everyone in the media asks the president hard questions, tough questions. shannon: regardless of party but a lot of people on twitter and social media love to tell us how to do our job and tell us what to wear and how to do our hair and earrings and everything but you are the best, no one can be you. my earring game is strong. i tried. i brought my earring game tonight. >> you were always beatable as i the gentlemen tonight, the power panel, we thank you very much. stick around, we have breaking news. we switched.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news >> this is a fox news alert, new zealand's prime minister announced a ban on all high-capacity magazines and, quote, military style semi automatic rifles after the daily mass shootings in multiple mosques in christchurch. the ban will be followed by legislation next month and added the man arrested for the shooting purchases weapons legally, enhance their capacity by using 30 round magazines. gun stores reported a spike in gun sales over the past few days with talking merging of so-called panic buying was one gun shop owner say he did not support a knee-jerk response from the government of the massacre. it is getting political at home. bernie sanders tweeting this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. we must follow new zealand athlete, take on the and are and been stale and distribution of assault weapons in the united states. the islamic state gone by tonight, that is what the president is promising while
12:31 am
showing a map pointing out how much territory the terror groups lost in syria since he took office. benjamin hall has exclusive access to the front lines of the battle for syria. >> battle weary and tired syrian democratic forces are still trying to finish off isis and the toll shows in their faces. it is thought that isis have been pushed back to the river edge on the far side of that city. fox news is following the story on the ground. >> we are the only news team to have come this far forward into this part of the village. the fact is although the sds every captured this area it is still believed to have booby-traps and ieds. that might take months if not years to clear. the scale of devastation is incredible. it is hard to imagine how they
12:32 am
survived the barrage. everyone acknowledges without us support it would have taken far longer. for 41/2 years isis rule over this territory with an iron first, this was their heartland and were so dug in that the only way to push them back, to get rid of them, was to flatten whole villages. distraction like this goes on for miles and it is a reminder of the critical role played by us air power. we can still hear jeff's overhead. sds fighters are so grateful to the us not just for their health in the battle but now for the decision to leave troops here when it is done. report suggests may be 1000 staying. but on the ground it is not over yet. isis continues to surprise. >> we just received intelligence that isis may be planning to counterattack, the fears they have tunnels that stretch behind us. they are telling us we've got to get out of there. we have pulled back a short
12:33 am
distance from the front line and now everyone is waiting for news that the offensive has ended but nobody wants to get -- guess anymore when that may be. shannon: thank you very much. secretary of state mike pompeo met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and promise to step up the pressure on iran which is regarded as an accidental threat. correspondent jillian turner reports from the state department about the danger from the iranian military. on day 2 of his tour across the middle east mike pompeo launched a major push to get one of iran's military branches, the revolutionary guard corps officially branded a terrorist organization. the group tasked with protecting iran's islamic heritage and has taken a role in every part of iranian society. this morning in kuwait pompeo compared the group to some of the world's most dangerous terrorists.
12:34 am
>> we have the same threats from al qaeda and isis and the islamic republic of iran and we all are working diligently to find a path forward. >> reporter: it has been 10 months since the administration pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and most of the international community remains fixated on the nuclear issue, sources tell fox news pompeo has been zeroing in on a different threat, what he says is iranian terrorism. this afternoon in israel pompeo and primus are netanyahu agreed kirby iran's influence in the region is a top priority. >> we just spent the first part of our meeting discussing how to do that and i think there are ways to intensify the pressure even more. >> iran's president has been playing the blame game. >> put all your curses on those who created the current situation for the country. americans did this. >> the trump administration says iran's terrorist activity doesn't stop at its own borders. for years and has been spreading tentacles ever deeper inside iraq and the secretary of state
12:35 am
has grown alarmed about iraqi militants taking orders from terror on. >> there is no doubt iran has its eyes set on taking control of the country. that's not good for the iraqi people or the united states of america. shannon: a terrorist information for iran's revolutionary guard would be a big deal and the first time the united states smacked a terrorist label onto a foreign government's military. some national security officials worry the move would put american troops and until operatives at risk. shannon: we will talk to mike pompeo tomorrow night on this program as he continues his travels through the middle east. don't miss this exclusive tonight at 11:00 eastern. deadly chaos in miami, riot police called into crackdown on out-of-control spring breakers. ben shapiro looks at how social media is helping to fuel the malay in miami. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome.
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♪ >> shannon: breaking news you want to bring in >> breaking news, editor in chief ben shapiro the daily wire has a brand-new book called the right side of the story. welcome. congratulations on the new book was i want your thoughts on this breaking news out of new zealand, there's a plan in place that will require legislative action. the prime minister met with her cabinet about putting together this legislation that would outlaw certain guns. alexandria ocasio cortez tweeting sandy hook happened six years ago and we can't get the senate to hold a vote on universal background checks, christchurch happened and within days they get weapons of war out of the consumer market. that is what leadership looked like. >> the united states has something called the second amendment. we have strong feelings why guns are to be available for people
12:41 am
to defend themselves and defend their liberties. new zealand does not have the same history and new zealand has 1.2 million guns and circulation that are not being mandated to be turned in, they can retain by the population at large, they are offering a cash buyback program, they tried something similar in austria, only one third of those guns were turned in. to correlate the number of mass shootings with a number of guns in a society seems kind of a failed. by data, norway is not a place with tons of guns for sale and yet we had enormous numbers of deaths in mass shootings so this attempt to make correlation equal causation the number of guns in society equaling sporadic instances of mass violence that doesn't hold. shannon: the ratio of studies in new zealand with guns related to murders and incidents their rate is exceptionally low. there's a lot of talk about the
12:42 am
fact they got these guns legally but he wasn't legally carrying them and murdering people is not legal but we will watch and see how this filters and the conversation. we have the second amendment which changes the conversation. i want to talk about miami where things in miami beach of gotten really bad the first 2 weeks of spring break and they are cracking down. this is what happened. brawls, a lot of them on social media. one woman knocked unconscious. a motorist serving drinks to passengers and another car while moving. another woman for a lot of the moving car and was killed when she was run over. local folks showing up an emergency meeting, ridiculous, out-of-control. now the police will start wearing riot gear to control the streets of miami beach during spring break. >> a lot of people are upset about this because they are afraid of the police and thing police showing up in right gear is an imposition. here's the reality. if you don't want the police showing up you shouldn't have public beatings, you want to cut down on the crime rate the police will stop worrying about these areas. the fact a lot of these areas -- in the name of college
12:43 am
fraternity nonsense is kind of insane. shannon: the miami times calling this crackdown potentially racist saying it represents another turn in miami beach's racist war against its reputation as a party town. city residents use currently which to disguise their distaste for large crowds of black and brown partygoers. is it racist? >> i don't see what race has to do with crimes being committed and police showing up. if you don't want the police to show up you shouldn't commit crimes. for several years it seems there weren't a lot of police and that is why police have raised their presence in the area. shannon: i missed the excitement, having bible studies on the beach, pretty tame compared to this. i want to talk about another incident that happened at the university of michigan. approach life group put together a permit to put together something they called the
12:44 am
cemetery of the innocent. we've seen this on other college campuses where groups put out crosses all along a public park or an area to commemorate they say the lives of children lost during abortions. there was a woman who picked up these crosses. >> is there a reason you are doing this? >> we know having a conversation isn't going to work. we realized -- you are telling us to leave it. >> do have a permit. >> they had a permit but once the police showed up she said picking up garbage and she threw the bag and left it. what do you make of this? >> there is a massive divide in the country that is resulting in people not taking into account that people are allowed to have other opinions. because you believe unborn babies are not unborn babies doesn't give you the right to
12:45 am
take away somebody's work or symbolism. it is bad activity and i assume the campus will crackdown on this lady. shannon: there was another campus in miami or somewhere in florida last fall this happened and within three days or within a day and a half three times a similar cemetery to the innocent set up was torn down and vandalized and is the conversation so offensive that it can't be had? >> a when i speak on college campuses very often flyers are torn down. i'm not the only one that happens to. this is worse in the sense they are paying tribute to unborn children killed in the womb and even that is too offensive for people, the fact that people disagrees means they're posting got to be 20. shannon: the president says he will take action on the idea of free speech on campus, something
12:46 am
you have brought up frequently. thanks for making time for us, good to see you. are the china trade talks unraveling. live next and bernie sanders goes on strike. that story in the western roundup. ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter]
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center stage today, the shannon: the president saying he wants to keep tariffs on chinese goods even if we strike a trade deal with the us and china. treasury secretary steve mnuchin heading to china for trade talks. let's turn to michael pillsbury, director of the hudson institute center for tiny strategy, author of the 100 year american and advice on conversation and talks with china. i want to play something the president said today about how this is going. >> they want to make a deal and hopefully we will make a deal. >> a deal fine, if we don't, fine. who stands more to lose if we don't get a deal done? >> china stands to lose a lot more. they know that. they having the biggest economic slowdown in 4 years.
12:51 am
they are not collapsing but they are aware, the prime minister made a speech, they are very aware of the slowdown. >> when the president says we could do a deal or not do a deal, fine with the see the way it is true that for the us, status quo is acceptable for now? >> know. status quo is really bad for us, large quantities, several hundred billion dollars a year lost by our companies. really bad treatment of our companies in china. a whole long list of grievances we had. >> even if we make a deal will they stop doing this? how do we enforce that? is it possible? >> in my personal opinion they will make a deal and not implement it. this is been their style. >> the president says they will stick around with tariffs. >> i support the president's comments, the tariffs need to stay substantially and not just be taken off, the chinese came
12:52 am
from washington three weeks ago with the idea that if they sign these in principle agreement then it should be dropped and now the president is saying no, while we see if you're going to enforce what you agreed to, this has upset the chinese in the last 24 hours. shannon: we understand too that what happened in vietnam with this, between the president and kim jong un, high-level trade talks are revealed, chinese leaders were unnerved by the decision to break off nuclear disarmament talks with kim jong un in february. what did they take from that? >> the chinese misled themselves, they thought they had donald trump's number, they thought they had this worked out and do nothing. when he walked out on chairman kim they thought this could
12:53 am
happen to us. shannon: they don't want to see that. what does this uncertainty due to farmers who plan to invest? what does it do to folks on the us side? >> give donald trump a strong incentive to get a deal done and there will be stability. however the problem is going to be friction in the future. the deal is signed now and they still don't implement it. we get it friction for the next several years over what they promise to do. what donald trump is doing is saying let's lock in these enforcement mechanisms now and reduce the friction later. heather: we will see. they are scheduled to come back to dc following that. we have a lot of questions, thanks for coming in. tonight's midnight hero hails from the midwest where we know
12:54 am
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that gives you your choice of top-tier entertainment. buy a new galaxy s10 plus, and get one free. more for your thing. that's our thing. >> shannon: bernie sanders goes on strike. that leads to nice western roun round. 2020 candidate joining >> bernie sanders goes on strike. the 2020 candidate joining 40,000 university of california employees in a statewide strike. he touted his support for organized labor, rallying for 1000 striking workers and students outside the campus of ucla. officials in texas say a massive tank fire reignited this afternoon 24 hours after they announced the fire was finally extinguished. it was put out in less then an hour and they are monitoring that area. a new proposal in san francisco to man e-cigarette. any sales not under fda review
12:59 am
would be prohibited. new tobacco products are required to have fda review before hitting the market but they have yet to approve any e-cigarette. you can call this a move in the san fernando valley flourished when a driver exited his vehicle and started dancing. a little michael jackson. he's been charged with reckless driving. nebraska governor says they have never seen this widespread devastation, swollen rivers, failed dams and levees, so many farms are flooded that 70% of the state is under the umbrella of a disaster declaration. iowa hit hard, 48 counties with an emergency declaration, loss of life minimal so far, the damage is staggering. federal resources reserved for time like this is on the way. are you local heroes, national guard and civilian standing together digging in to help out.
1:00 am
>> everything he has gotten you don't know if he is back there or not. >> it is one big family. everyone watching out for everyone. shannon: we will see you back here tomorrow night with mike pompeo. shannon: it is thursday, march 21st and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast effective immediately new zealand issues a massive ban on military style guns in the wake of the mosque attacks that left 50 people dead. it is reigniting the gun control debate here at home. >> there was a foreign power, us, ukraine, trying to influence the us election. heather: as the russia probe wind down a new investigation surfaces.


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