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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 21, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> everything he has gotten you don't know if he is back there or not. >> it is one big family. everyone watching out for everyone. shannon: we will see you back here tomorrow night with mike pompeo. shannon: it is thursday, march 21st and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast effective immediately new zealand issues a massive ban on military style guns in the wake of the mosque attacks that left 50 people dead. it is reigniting the gun control debate here at home. >> there was a foreign power, us, ukraine, trying to influence the us election. heather: as the russia probe wind down a new investigation surfaces.
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why ukraine is putting the president's former family legal crosshairs. no instant millionaires which means the powerball jackpot just hit a new record but you've got to be in it to win it. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ hey ♪ laying my goods to the dirt ♪ holding it in for a while ♪ heather: good morning to you. we hope you wake up and feel like you are on top of the world this morning wherever you are waking up. we appreciate you watching "fox and friends first" on this thursday morning. thank you for starting the day
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with us. let's begin with news from overnight, new zealand banning high-powered military weapons days after the deadly mosque attacks, the government is working on a buyback program so police can destroy the guns. those who don't turnover their firearms could face fines and prison time. the ban is expected to start next month. thousands of people from all around the world in the meantime will attend a prayer service, that happens today for the 50 worshipers killed it two mosques last week. secretary of state mike pompeo is visiting holy sites in the new us embassy in israel today. he just met with benjamin netanyahu, supporting increased pressure on iran. in a few minutes he will attend a wreathlaying ceremony at the holocaust memorial and heads to lebanon on the middle east to a. next week netanyahu will meet with donald trump at the white house.
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donald trump in the meantime pools out a map to show the collapse of isis is imminent, you expect forces search for the remaining terrorists hiding out in tunnels. griff jenkins live in the nation's capital with the final push to wipe out the terror group for good. good morning. >> after 5 years of fighting in the caliphate that brutally ruled parts of syria, donald trump says isis is about to be defeated and he brought out maps to show. >> i brought this out for you because this is a map of everything, this was on election night in 2016. everything red is isis was when i took over it was a mess, now on the bottom that is the exact same. there is no red. >> he predicted isis would be, quote, gone by tonight. syrian democratic forces are in the final battle with the last
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remaining holdout in isis territory. reports have been conflicting. somatic news agency suggesting defeat while others say that news is premature. one thing is clear, the end is near and the complete fall will mark a significant point in the long-running war with the islamic state that at its height in 2014-15 controlled an area the size of britain and launched countless terror attacks worldwide and couldn't have done it without us support which has been so critical to their victory, namely superior airpower and the president announced withdrawal of troops in syria last year. he confirms a small force of 400 troops will remain in -- indefinitely as the battle is winding down in the focus as you mentioned on those militants dug
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in the final for the final fight across the devastated battleground littered with booby-traps and ieds. military planners thinking about whether isis could ever revive there. the commanding general for military operations in iraq and syria say extremism is a generational problem. shannon: member coming up we will have diane foley, the mother of james foley, one of the first people to be killed by isis in 2014 coming up later in the shirts talk about this. thank you so much. the man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent democrats is expected to plead guilty today. is accused of mailing more than a dozen devices to targets remember when this unfold? the targets included president obama, hillary clinton and cnn last october. none of the devices detonated. of convicted the florida man could face life in prison. the sheriff's deputy murdered in
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washington state shootout now identified. deputy ryan thompson shot and killed when responding to a road rage call. the suspect was also shot and killed, bonito chavez is recovering, he is one of three officers in his department. deputy thompson was a 14 year department veteran. he leaves behind a wife and 3 children. a new crisis hitting flooded cities in the midwest after a water treatment facility plant shutdown. people relying on iowa national guard and private companies to call in 300,000 gallons of water each day, the flooding is plane for 3 death across the midwest. anheuser-busch is sending 100,000 cans of water to nebraska. the company has donated 80 million cans of emergency drinking water since 1988.
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ukraine's top prosecutor now looking at whether his country tried to help hillary clinton when the 2016 election, this as the mueller probe wraps up reportedly. todd pyro joins us with new reports to the public. good morning. >> a new little twist is the prosecutor investigating acclaim from a member of the ukrainian parliament the director of that country's anticorruption bureau attempted to help clinton amid reports of an audiotape discussing manafort's alleged wrongdoing in ukraine. >> the director officially talked about criminal investigations with mister manafort and at the same time stressed he wanted to assist the company of ms. clinton.
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>> estate government spokesman telling hill tv host john solomon it is aware of the latest allegation. >> that is a profound statement from the top law-enforcement official in ukraine is why is it important? according ukraine has concluded ukrainian officials like paul manafort's records to sway the us election. you haven't heard anything about that in the american press. >> reporter: donald trump continuing to rail against the american press, the special counsel's russia probe, also saying it should be made public in a signal to many he is confident the investigation will find no clear evidence of collusion. >> i don't mind. i told the house if you want, let them see it. let it come out, let people see it. that is up to the attorney general. i think it is ridiculous but i want to see the report. >> is the president alluded the attorney general is ultimately the one who decides what if anything can become public. we have the ceremonial
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resolution that they do want to be made public but it falls to the attorney general. shannon: donald trump said all along, let him do this investigation and see what happens. depending when. >> it was supposed to be last week, then this week. shannon: and the week before. democrats in the meantime are hoping robert mueller's russia collusion probe will tie donald trump to wrongdoing. former us attorney for the district of columbia warns it could create an even bigger problem for the other 2016 candidates. >> it is quite obvious there were crimes committed by people associated with the clinton campaign with the democratic national committee, with fusion gps and other people.
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those for all intents and purposes, for all we know, have been ignored. they were certainly ignored by mueller and they have been ignored thus far by the department of justice. this is going to open up finally and we can have a nice second part of it by calling home the united states ambassador to ukraine for consultations and to answer a slew of questions about her conduct an assault on the president of the united states. shannon: there's been no official indication when the mueller report will be finished or if it will be released to the public but we will stay on top of it. donald trump in the meantime calling on general motors to reopen its assembly plant in ohio. >> get it going now and the uaw will help you. get it open, don't wait. what do you have to wait months for? get the discussions going. get it open. shannon: the president encouraging gm and united auto workers to hold negotiations during a rally in ohio. this as forward says he plans to invest $900 million at an assembly plant in michigan which
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will at 900 jobs making electric cars. today donald trump will sign an executive order promoting free-speech on college campuses. the move comes amid heightened tensions at universities like uc berkeley where a conservative was punched in the face. you remember this video. that happened at a recruiting event last month. donald trump says he wants universities to face costly penalties if they do not comply with the order. speaking of college and universities, march madness heating up. a pair of exciting first four game setting the stage for the first full day of the ncaa tournament. >> tournament victory from north dakota. masterful.
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shannon: north dakota edging north carolina central 78-74. next is top-seeded duke and arizona state taking down st. john 74-65 advancing to buffalo and today michigan state and fcc powerhouse kentucky, the defending tournament champ villanova hope to avoid upset against st. mary's, and we will have much more on this as this continues through the next week or so. the powerball jackpot, it would be nice to win this, $625 million after no one won last night. it is the fourth largest prize ever and it could get bigger but don't forget to check last night's tickets for small prizes, winning numbers 10, 14, 15, 53, 63, and the powerball, 21. the next drawing is saturday
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night. go out and buy a ticket just in case. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and democrats are rallying for a new bill supporting dreamers. >> up until now all the modern presidents have understood what immigration means to americans but we shall overcome. shannon: what does that mean? amnesty for millions. our next guest will break it all down including why she thinks it is all just for show. beto went to the dentist but kirsten gillibrand is hitting the gym. some are not so pumped about her return to iowa. ♪
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shannon: democrats pushing legislation to further protect dreamers and temporary protected status holders. the american dream and promise act could block deportations.
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will this open the borders even further? here to weigh in is the director of the center for immigration studies and we love having you with us. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> let's bring this up, the american dream and promise act, impacting dreamers, temporary protected status holders, individuals with deferred enforcement departure, protection from deportation and opportunity for permanent legal status so what are your thoughts on this? >> this if ever enacted would be a massive amnesty bill not only for so-called dreamers and people with temporary protected status but also tens of thousands of these kids who arrived at the beginning of this surge of people from central america and also anyone who claims to be eligible and all these people who say they were
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eligible for dac a but never applied and people who left on their own under the trump administration who might have qualified for dream amnesty so it is like ali ali income free, millions of people and their relatives who would be eligible for chain migration benefits afterwards. we are talking minimum 5 or 6 million people who would become heard by this and it would cripple interior immigration enforcement as well as everybody comes out of the woodwork claiming to be eligible. >> they are already having issues because border patrol going to start detaining illegal immigrants because there is nowhere to put them. democrats have to be aware of everything you mentioned so why are they putting it forward?
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>> it doesn't make sense from a policy standpoint because this is the kind of thing that inspires more people to try to get here illegally to take advantage of it. the reason the democrats are doing this is the promise to their base, people they want to come out and work for their campaigns in the next two years, to knock on doors and give money and support democratic candidates but it is not a serious piece of legislation, it is a messaging piece of legislation. i don't think it is a message that is going to be very workable for them but they want to set a market for republicans. if this were serious they would be trying to address the crisis at the border, trying to find something that would pass. shannon: this was set off by president obama in 2012. that's why we are where we are. >> we saw the numbers go up in 2012 after dac a was implanted. this bill could have the same
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effect. record numbers of people coming anytime there is talk of amnesty like this this happens but we shouldn't even be discussing amnesty until the border crisis is solved, until we have adequate enforcement in the interior and only then when those are working should we talk about amnesty and even then it should be in conjunction with other reforms to the legal system to offset the effects of amnesty. shannon: democrats were not willing to talk about it when the president wanted to include it with money from the border wall. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and bernie sanders praising new zealand's gun grab and wants america to follow but dana lash has a reality check for him up next.
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and what would the left idea to expand the supreme court, antonin scalia's son spoke out. >> something that could happen, maybe an argument worth taking seriously. >> carly shimkus has online reaction to that and more. stay with us. the game doesn't end after a walk-off,
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down two runs in the bottom of the ninth. because there's always another game on deck.
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with mlb extra innings on xfinity x1, you'll get up to 90 out of market games per week. and all of the body sacrificing catches, home plate heroics, and 6-4-3 double plays. plus, with x1 you can get every stat and every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. heather: new zealand's ban on semi automatic assault rifles sparking gun control debate in the us. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with online reaction from both sides. >> we talk about why gun laws need to take place in the united states and a passionate conversation.
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new zealand has the same deal about the guns, band semi automatic assault rifles and political opponents agree with her. this is not a debate in that country. it is here. one presidential candidate, bernie sanders is applauding new zealand for how they are responding to the mass shooting that took place last week saying this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. we must follow new zealand athlete, take on the nra and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the united states. and are a spokeswoman dana lash responding to that saying the united states isn't new zealand, they do not have an inalienable right to bear arms and self defense, we do. i want to get general reaction from other folks in the us. one twitter user says all humans have that right. that's light is inalienable. just a the government violates that right and a lot of countries. political pandering, people who
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don't, have no clue but new zealand is a very small country, 4.5 million people live there. it is half the size of new york city. removing guns from that country is different. removing it from a country the size of the united states would be different. >> we will see what happens. speaking of inalienable rights. the son of antonin scalia is talking about expanding the supreme court which a lot of democratic candidates are talking about. he says it is worth argument or taking seriously. >> the constitution does not say there needs to be 9 justices, there haven't always been 9 justices. theoretically that is something that could happen and maybe an argument worth taking seriously. >> people thought this was very reactionary conversation democrats are having but he is taking it quite seriously. carol on twitter says i find the fact the vote of the court is so
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often predicted based on the party of the president and nominated them to be disturbing. the law should be the law and not depend on political considerations. twitter user says too many cooks in the kitchen usually spells disaster and a lot of nominees are saying this is something they would think is something they would consider. >> a lot of candidates are throwing things out to see what sticks whether it is possible or not and everybody else's like that is the conversation today. let's talk about this. this microwave challenge. >> take a look, how are people doing this? the latest thing i am sure you will be seeing on social media, and instagram. you said you think they are sitting on something. >> it is called the microwave
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challenge. it is a mystery to us all. look at this tweet. what in the name of witchcraft is going on? how are people doing that by sitting on the floor? we've got to get todd pyro to try it. >> i think it is a microwave plate and a little motor underneath. >> that is impossible. >> i wrote todd take some time in the 5:00 hour. appreciate it. the time is half past the top of the hour. 41/2 years after james foley was beheaded by isis, do you remember that? donald trump declaring victory over the terror group in syria. james foley's mom joins us with her reaction and why she says there's work to be done.
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heather: a look at the top headline starting with a fox news alert. mike pompeo visiting the new us embassy in jerusalem. high-powe weapons days after the deadly moscow tax. the government is looking at a buyback program so police can destroy those guns. those who don't turn over their guns could face fines and prison time. today donald trump will sign an executive order promoting free speech on college campuses. the move comes amid heightened political tensions at universities around the country. donald trump is that he wants schools to face, quote, very
1:33 am
costly penalties if they do not comply with the order. beto o'rourke admits he has a learning curve as he campaigns for president. >> i am smart enough to know that there is so much more for me to learn. the only way for me to learn that is to show up in the communities i seek to serve. heather: a democrat from texas admitting this campaign is much different than his previous campaign book for the u.s. senate and the house. the former congressman toward all ten new hampshire counties yesterday. donald trump is standing firm on china vowing to keep tariffs in place. >> we are talking about leaving them, and we have to make sure if we do the deal with china, china wins by the deal, no president has ever done what i
1:34 am
have done with china. china has free reign over our country. we 20 the president put $250 billion in tariffs on chinese products. china retaliated with its own tax, donald trump said the two sides will meet in hopes of working out a new deal. the bridge by minister theresa may is asking european union to delay brexit until the end of june. eu leaders will only grant the extension if they can when parliament approval next week. british lawmakers have rejected her proposal twice. the uk is scheduled to leave the eu on march 29th, next friday! the former iraqi interpreter for american chris kyle is a brand-new american citizen. >> amazing feeling. i feel secure.
1:35 am
i feel tears, happiness, all of it in one second. >> reporter: he used the codename johnny walker and says he's living the american dream 16 years after the iraq war started. he received his certificate as an official us citizen so good for him. congratulations. donald trump touting the nearly complete defeat of isis in syria. this map showing how little territory the islamic state still has. >> 2016, and on the bottom the exact same. this is a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. >> this four years after the tragic murder of american journalists james foley at the hands of a group. has justice been served?
1:36 am
joining me is his mother, diana foley. appreciate your time. >> good morning, thank you. >> talking a little bit about your son. he was working as a freelance war correspondence. he is a humanitarian as well as was abducted on november 22, 2012, and that happened in northwestern syria, right? >> yes. he was held hostage nearly two years before he was killed. >> he was killed in august 2014 as a response to the american airstrikes in iraq. in terms of the president and what he mentioned yesterday and as he has the past couple months and the defeat of isis what do you think of that? is there more work to be done? talking about the specific territory they control in syria? >> i am very grateful for the --
1:37 am
i think we need to be very shrewd about how we deal with isis. out baghdadi, the leadership is still at large. they know how to hide and infiltrate our society. i feel we need to be very vigilant, and hold those who have been captured accountable. amid the hundreds held in northern syria are two british jihadists who allegedly tortured and kidnapped four americans and killed them so i am really calling on donald trump to see that they are held accountable
1:38 am
for these crimes against american citizens and i must mention that there are still hundreds of americans held hostage around the world, two i know of in syria. i am so grateful for the trump administration's leadership in making the return of americans a national priority. heather: back to what you said, you want those to be held accountable for their crimes, what would that mean to you? >> i would like them brought back to the united states and tried in federal criminal court so all their crimes can be brought out in the open, and they can be, if convicted, they can be held in prison for the rest of their lives. heather: we have someone like the american taliban fighter john walker lind who is going to
1:39 am
be released in may and he already promised he is going to continue spreading violent extremism. what about his release in may? >> i don't think he should be released if he is going to continue to so hate and terrorism around the world. i can't speak to his specific case because i don't know about him but cody and our shake who allegedly committed incredible human rights crimes should be put away for the rest of their lives if convicted. heather: thank you so much. we appreciate your insights, you know what you are speaking about, your family directly impacted on this and your son is always in our prayers. thank you. heather: thank you. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the arc of the investigation into the boeing jet disaster turned criminal, new development in the search
1:40 am
for answers ramped up. plus -- >> reporter: she did what she did. a member of the democratic party with us. heather: congresswoman omar's controversial comments forcing her colleague to apologize to his own jewish constituents. ♪
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print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! heather: two weeks after the deadly ethiopian airlines crash the senate is demanding answers, boeing coming under fire in the wake of two jet disasters killing 300 people. the latest on the developing investigation. >> before they get to boeing lawmakers will grill the ntsb, transportation department and faa as early as next week. they will find out why the faa
1:44 am
deemed these safe in the first place, there are clear similarities between the ethiopian airline crash and the lion air accident from last fall. we are learning, this is a terrifying picture, the pilots were actually scrambling looking through a handbook to stop the plane from diving. now the justice department announced subpoenas to gather information on how this plane was developed. they are focusing on the flight control software and pilot training portion of this. at the same time the fbi joining in on the criminal investigation into the faa's certification of the safety of those planes and lawmakers want to ask the same question. senator ted cruz says, quote, this hearing will examine the recent crashes, possible
1:45 am
contributing factors and how to ensure america's aviation industry remains the safest in the world, every flyer and every passenger wanted to know. boeing is promising a software update very soon but the company feeling the pressure when it comes to the dollars. boeing stock is down 12% since the ethiopian airlines crash. shannon: trying to flip through a handbook while crashing. appreciate it. the pentagon looking at claims that patrick shanahan used his role to help boeing. a watchdog group making negative comments about competitors. shanahan spent 30 years before joining the department of defense. we will follow up on that as well. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. march madness is heating up on the court but getting even hotter on the campaign trail.
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jim maclachlan joins us to reveal the final match of in the winter up next.
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>> democrat march madness, presidential hopefuls continues with the 2020 nomination. and final bracket matchups. thank you for joining us. heather: let's look at the latest poll.
1:50 am
and the likely support, joe biden coming in at 28% followed by bernie sanders, kamala harris and beto o'rourke, that matches up with your final four. >> makes sense from what we have seen, interesting stuff. they are staying the same. kamala harris doesn't look like she is strong but doubled from after she announced. heather: look at the movement as well. bringing up biden and beto carrying them up in. >> biden reestablished his favorite. lining up money over the next couple weeks, there's endorsements. i would say endorsements can be overrated, and over the last couple weeks.
1:51 am
>> the number of respondentss say they want the party to nominate a candidate who has a chance to defeat donald trump. >> the ability is very important to them like it was for the republicans. last time, there were a lot of republicans that didn't like the establishment and thought donald trump was great at fighting back and wanted to be hillary clinton. heather: we will see of democrats can follow suit. >> bernie sanders and kamala harris and a lot of folks, this is a tight matchup. it will be really close but bernie sanders has a following. when he does events people show up but also has to see the primary and going to be heard in the fact the democrats look at the new freshfaced.
1:52 am
heather: the democratic establishment did not back him the last time. a lot of influence on who the candidate will be. >> exactly right. there will be some of that anti-bernie, anti-socialist sentiment in the democratic primary voters, who want somebody who is not a socialist to go against donald from. heather: the championship matchup, biden and harris. >> the conventional wisdom of it, remember he has run several times before. he tends to falter in the actual primary and kamala harris checks a lot of boxes. she's a california liberal. and as a us senator, democrats looking for the freshfaced. heather: not quite as leaning left as some of the other candidates.
1:53 am
>> even though she has a liberal voting record in the democrat primary she is getting attacked by the more liberal groups because she was too tough as a prosecutor. that will be litigated in the general election. heather: the cinderella team taking it all. >> it is interesting because in three weeks we will know who the national champion is in basketball. we could go to next july and the democrats to the convention may not have done that. this could go on for a long time. heather: that is drastically different from the actual tournament. we know who the winner is and see if you are right. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. better check your fridge. we will tell you what is stopping this list of the most
1:54 am
dangerous vegetables. here is what happens when a beach photo shoot turns into a total washout. the video we can't stop watching this morning.
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heather: a new york times what apologizes for not protecting his jewish constituents from
1:58 am
congresswoman omar's anti-semitic remarks. max roads colin of the minnesota lawmaker during a townhall. >> the first member of the democratic party. heather: omar has come under fire for her comments. do you remember this viral moment with senator kirsten gillibrand on the campaign trail? the democrat turning that incident into a joke, reading, quote, can i get some ranch. good to be back in iowa. do you like my workouts shirt? got mixed reaction online. trying a little too hard. time for the good, the bad and the ugly.
1:59 am
former president george w. bush celebrating his first hole in one. the 43rd president hosting this picture from the warrior open tournament in dallas which benefits injured military members. he says his next golf goal is to live to be 100 so he can shoot his age. the bad. you may want to think twice before picking up kale at the grocery store, the environmental working group adding the veggie to its annual dirty dozen list. two or more pesticides, be careful. strawberries top that list with spinach right behind. finally the ugly. a tourist get swallowed up by a huge wave during a photo shoot. this was a popular spot in indonesia. despite being violently thrown by this massive wave the young woman escaped without any major injuries. very lucky.
2:00 am
thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> thursday, march 21st. turning the tables, ukraine launching a collusion probe of its own into our 2016 election. jillian: on live on the clinton campaign and donald from taking a victory lap over the defeat of isis. >> the caliphate is gone as of tonight. rob: has the administration done enough to declare this an all-out victory? $625 million for the powerball jackpot. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues.


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